It's all my fault.

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Jan 5, 2017

It's all my fault. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 38 times)

Hey guys! From now on I'm going more active on this site and update regularly as I can, please keep supporting me.

This story going to just a three shot hope you guys will like it.

It's all my fault...

At Delhi..

Neighbourhood Park.

9 years Arnav look at his cute best friend Khushi Kumari Gupta, they always have been together as they are neighbours and their parents are friends too.

Arnav and Khushi fond of each others, though they have a three years age differences.

Arnav's parents Rajeev and Anjali both are busy at work so he spent most of his day at Khushi's place.

Khushi is a bubbly and cute girl and Arnav is an understanding and smart child, He never had complaint about parents absence at all because he grateful to have Khushi and her parents besides him.

He loves Shashi uncle and Garima aunty a lot.

He protective of Khushi a lot and often scold her for clumsiness.

He sighed thinking of his own situation now, Khushi was adamant to come the park and he can't help but to agree at that stubborn wish of his cute friend.

He saw Khushi was staring at something, he wonder didn't he told her stick close to close him? Then why she went that far.

Arnav always needed to keep an eye at her or else only god knows what will happen

Khushi's attention was caught by beautiful butterfly on the flower, she curiously try to touch it but it flew from there.

Khushi determinedly follow that butterfly and try catch it.

''Khushi! Where are you going?!!'' He shouted to get attention but failed.

He shook his head in disappointment and followed her, try to catching up to her, this is girl never listen to others when she focused on something.

She crossed the road while following the butterfly.

''Khushi wait don't leave me behind!'' He shouted while crossing the road.

Without notice the green signal.

And finally caught it within her palm, she jumped in happiness and turn behind to show Arnav her surpise.

Her bright smile dissappear, face paled like a ghost, her small eyes widen in horror seeing her Arnav hit by the lorry.

She stood there unable to move in shock seeing her best friend's right leg torn apart.

Nauseous hit her, her world started to crash down by seeing blood everywhere..

It's her Arnav's blood..

''Arnav..'' She whispered slowly with horrified face.


''Arnav!! Huff.. Huff..'' Khushi waked up from nightmare with sweat while breathing hard.

This nightmare again..

She covered her face with her palms and whispered.

''It's my fault..''

She got up from her bed and rush into bathroom after saw the clock, she had to make the breakfast.

After 30 Minutes she rush to downstairs..

It's been 12 years since that accident happened..

''Good Morning Amma, Babuji!'' She wished them when she the dining room.

Her babuji just nod and continue to drink his coffee.

Everything changed, her babuji is not an exception. He stopped talking to Khushi since a while ago.

''I'm sorry Amma, I woked late.. Let me make the breakfast.'' She smiled apologetically at her amma.

''Bitiya, I already finished prepare the breakfast. I made your favourite aloo paratha.'' Garima patted her cheek softly.

Khushi fisted her fingers in anger and said.

''But my Arnav don't like paratha! I promised to make a pancakes for him today.''

Shashi totally annoyed at Khushi but kept at silence.

Garima can't take this anymore, where is her real Khushi gone to?

Khushi ignore her amma and went into kitchen to make pancakes.

Garima stared Khushi who busy making pancakes for Arnav.

Khushi smiled in satisfaction after prepared pancakes.

''My Arnav must really hungry right by now, I wonder why he is late today..'' She muttered while looking her special pancakes, weird.. He always will reach her home by at time.. 

(Door bell rang...)

She ran toward door and open it.

''Arnav!'' She hug his arm and smiled.

''I was worried you know.. I thought something bad happen to you again.''

He slightly pat her head and walk in the house.

Khushi carefully hold his and smiled.

Khushi carefully hold his arm to support and led him to the dining table.

''Amma look Arnav has come home.'' She beamed happily.

Garima gave a forced smile.

Arnav sat down and look at Shashi in worried.

''Babuji still won't talk to me but it's ok I still have you Arnav.'' She assured him while serving him pancakes that she made especially for him.

''Has I promised you, I made this pancakes today.'' She said cheerfully.

Arnav smile and thank her.

Arnav and Khushi had breakfast together.

After that accident, Arnav was admitted in nearby hospital some kind people, they also called the police.

Arnav have been serius injuries in head and his right leg.

Doctor inform them that did an operations on Arnav's head and leg, there will be no problem in his head but.. Arnav's leg, Arnav won't able to walk properly in his rest of his life anymore.

Arnav's right leg has torn apart, Doctor just have attached it back but he won't able to walk with that leg again.

Till now Arnav still walk with stick for support, he can't walk without it

But he is still her Arnav, he is more silent than before though.

''Thanks for the breakfast aunty.'' Arnav said.

Garima can't help but smile at Arnav.

This child has been go through a lot of troubles everyday because their daughter but he still endure it all with patience.

Shashi decide to drop Khushi and Arnav at their college before going his office.

Yes, Arnav and Khushi are both attending the same same college.

Arnav always their college topper.

Some people used to envy Arnav's brilliance and try to mock him for his handicapped but Khushi's one glare is enough to make silent.


At college.

Khushi keep walking close to Arnav.

The whole college know about their friendship and Khushi protectiveness toward Arnav.

They silent named Khushi as Arnav's crazy girlfriend cause she never let go of Arnav anywhere alone.

''Arnav, make sure you call me after your classes ends and wait till come to you ok?'' She said.

Arnav nod in agreement.


Later in Khushi's chemistry class.

She kept biting her nails in worry while looking at her phone, why Arnav haven't call her yet? Did something happen?

Payal sighed seeing Khushi like that, she feel pity for both Arnav and Khushi as she know their past.

That accident changed both of their lives, Arnav lost his ability to walk and Khushi become overprotective of him.

But what Payal's fear is Khushi's possessiveness, she keep cling to him and following him all time.

Payal just doesn't understand how do Arnav is endure all Khushi's doing?

What will happen Khushi if one day Arnav fed up of her behaviour?

Khushi definitely will be broken...

After class..

Khushi rush to Arnav's class to see him, is he alright? 

She gritted is teeth seeing him nowhere in class.

''Here comes the stalker!'' She heard Akash said.

She look at him in annoyance.

''Where's my Arnav?'' She asked in cold tone.

''Hmm... Why should I tell you? Can't you just leave him be as he likes? He also need freedom just like everyone else. Just look Khushi I know what happen in your past from Payal and I also understand both of you.. But this is the high time you should understand that Arnav can't be always with you. Please realise that!'' Akash said desperately, he is Arnav's only friend, he is so sorry for Arnav by seeing Khushi snatching his freedom little by little because her trauma.

But Khushi doesn't seem realise any of Akash's words.

''I don't want listen to any of foolish advise! Can't you see?Arnav is happy to have me by his side! Now tell me where is my Arnav?!'' She grabbed him by his collar.

Akash sighed.

''You know what? You just out of your mind.'' He said in low tone.

She slowly let go of him in tears.

''Why? Why can't you understand that Arnav needs me.. Why?? Not just you even my parents don't understand us, the only one who understand me is my Arnav. Please tell where my Arnav is.. He needs me.'' She asked in anger and plead him at end.

Whole class are watching him and Khushi.

Khushi look at him for his answer desperately.

He lost at end.

''He gone with Nk and his friends to XYZ Hotel.''

She rush out in anger soon as she heard him.

Arnav went with them without telling her, something like this never had happen before, they must have force him to go with them.

She will show them what will happen if they take Arnav forcefully from her.


Next part will be update soon...

Please comment guys.

Sorry if there any mistakes.

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Jan 6, 2017

Part 2 is up! (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 36 times)

Hey guys as I told you before here is my update. Please tell me what you feel about this update in the comment section below.

And yes, as you can see Khushi is total obsessed with Arnav.

Part 2.

At XYZ Hotel.

''Hey Arnav! Why you look so worried? Aren't you supposed to be happy that you finally got go out with us?'' Nk asked Arnav.

Arnav smile bit at Nk and replied.

''It's nothing.. Actually I just Khushi.. She must be looking for me..'' Arnav seem worried about Khushi.

Nk patted Arnav's shoulder and sighed.

''You guys really worried about each other but what is the gain in it? You guys are just FRIENDS, she may be super clingy  with you but she had friend zone you dude.'' Nk said sadly.

Arnav stood there silently because he can't deny the fact that they just been best friends since before and still friends till now.

''Look Arnav, you guys can't be together forever like you guys are now. At some point of your lives will definitely get marry someone as you likes and have to consider that person's feelings. You might already know what will happen later.. Khushi is totally obsessed over you. You can't spoil your youth for her quilty feeling, can you?'' Nk asked.

''I guess you're right Nk.'' He agreed.

''Good. You're smart and looks good, only problem is your leg but it's ok, I guess. You can definitely get a girlfriend for yourself. I will introduce you some girls that I know.'' Nk said cheerfully without know the storm is coming.

Arnav just nod.

Then they had lunch with Lavanya, Sheetal and some other girl.

Arnav look how happy Nk and Lavanya together as lovers.

Then he notice that Sheetal is staring as if she going to eat him.

Sheetal smile at with bit blush.

He feel bit uncomfortable but he try to gave her at least a fake smile.

After having lunch Sheetal come up to him asked take selfie with her.

Nk wink at him, support him to go on.

Arnav sighed seeing Nk and pose beside her.

Sheetal slowly hold his arm and smile at her smartphone to take selfie.



Here Khushi just reach at hotel and rush in.

Then her eyes caught the sight of Arnav with Nk and some girls.

Especially one girl is holding her Arnav's arm and taking selfie with him.

She walked toward them, separate Arnav from that witch and snatch that smartphone from Sheetal.

''Hey! What are you doing?'' Sheetal asked in shock.

Khushi delete that photo and give Sheetal's phone back to her.

''Stay away from my Arnav! Or you will see the worse side of mine!'' Khushi threatened Sheetal.

Arnav stopped her by grabbing her hand.

''Khushi please stop create scene, everybody is look at us.'' Arnav told her in low tone.

''But Arnav they bring you here by forcing na?? How can I leave them just like that?'' She asked.

''Please be silent for a moment, Khushi.'' Said Arnav.

He turn to Nk and apologised for Khushi's rudeness.

Nk just nod.

''Now you guys please excuse us.. And you (Khushi) come with me now.'' He drag her out with him.

She just following silently like an obedient child.

He bring her nearby park.

''Arnav..'' She try to talk to him but he cut her off.

''Shh! Enough is enough Khushi Kumari Gupta! Now I will talk and you have to listen to me.'' He bluntly.

She pouted her lips.

''I went with them on my own not by anyone forcing me, listen Khushi.. I been silent for long time but I think I should let you know that.. You should be on limit with me. Khushi we are not kids anymore, we have grown up. You're a woman and I am a man. We can't be together forever, sooner or later you have marry some other man then you can't be close like you're now with me.'' He said gently.

Her eyes filled with tears.

''Arnav you also has become everyone else too.. I won't get marry, I have decided to care of you until my last breath.'' She said while crying.

He hold her arms and said.

''Khushi do you remember what happen with Shyam? Honestly you should've been in relationship with him if it's not for me.'' He whispered sadly.

Khushi shook head no.

''No Arnav! It's true that I was interested at him but he is jerk a who only care for himself. He still asked to come to date even after knowing that you got hurt. He tried to take me away from you but he didn't know about our friendship is not that easy to break.'' She said.

''So you won't get marry? Then what about me? I want my own family in future for sure but.. My leg.. That's right who will love or marry a handicap like me? Is that why you want to take care of me? Because no one will ever love me. Answer me Khushi is that why?'' He said sarcastically, almost in tears.

''It's not like that Arnav.. Any girl definitely like you for sure.'' She assured.

''Really?'' He said doubtfully. 

Khushi nod.

''Any girl huh? Then what about you?'' Arnav asked her.

''Huh?'' She confused.

''Would love me? And marry me?'' He said.

She froze hearing his words second, he is joking right?

He could tell by expression.

They are friends since childhood, they grow up together but she never had imagined her self to his lover or wife even her wildest dream.

''Huh.. You can't right? A handicap like me should never even dreaming being loved. If only that day haven't fulfil your adamant request, if only I hadn't chase after you, if only I haven't hit by that lorry.. I would be lived normal life everyone else..'' He said with sorrowful voice.

She felt as if someone slap her hard.

Everything happens in past comes again in her mind.

He is right, if only...

It's her fault that he is like this now..

Her old Arnav like basket ball alot and really good in it.

But now he can't even stand without his walking stick or someone to support him.

Everyone look at him pity.

''IT'S ALL MY FAULT...'' She shiver run through her spine.

She ruined the life that Arnav dreamed for himself for future.

She ruined his past, present and also future.

He gone through a lot because of her.

He lost his ability to walk and gone through a lot surgeries to make him walk again but all end up in failure.

The possibility for him walk again so small.

Then he gave up on surgeries and accept the fact that he can't walk anymore for rest his life.

He gave on his dream, his life.

She took long breath in and out.

''Arnav, I will marry you.'' She replied, there no way for her to give him back the life he dreamt of but she can make his current life better than now as his best friend, lover and wife.

Arnav look at her in shock.

''Khushi? Do you really understand what you just agreed on?'' He asked.

''I do. I will marry you and love you forever.'' She answered.

''No.. I am sorry(sighed) I just got bit depressed about my disability, I am really stupid.. Just please forget what I just said before. I can't ruin your whole life by marrying you, as I am already burden on you.'' He feel ashamed.

She hugged him tightly.

''You're not a burden Arnav, as I said it's not hard to fall for you.. One day I will definitely love you for sure, that's not the problem at all and we will always together if we got marry.'' She said slowly.

He stood silently in dilemma.

''I will talk about it to our parents and set our marriage date soon as possible.'' She muttered.

''And it would be better for you to be with me than with that witch(Sheetal)'' She added.


Next part will update soon.

Please leave your comments below.

Sorry if there any mistakes.

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Jan 7, 2017

Part 3 is up! (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 40 times)

Hey thanks for hitting thank and also for your comments. 

Part 3- The truth

At Khushi's Home.

Khushi's parents were glaring at Khushi after hearing just Khushi told them a moment ago.

''Arnav and me want to get marry.''

''Khushi! What are you talking about? Marriage? With Arnav bitwa?'' Garima asked in angry tone.

Garima glanced at the helpless Arnav and sighed.

This must be Khushi's doing again.

''Haan Amma, I want to be with Arnav forever.'' She said without any hesitation.

Shashi's face is clearly showing that he really had enough of Khushi's crazy ideas to be with Arnav.

''Shut up! I had enough! Just stop taking over of Arnav's life! Will you?'' Shashi is totally pissed off of her.

''Haan bitiya, marriage is not child play, it's a sacred relationship between a man and woman. You can't easy decided to do it as you please.'' Garima tried make Khushi understand.

Shashi agreed with Garima, Khushi and Arnav to be husband and wife? Is not like he won't accept Arnav as his son in law but is Arnav really ok with marry his daughter?

Of course they have affection for each other as best friend but as lovers?

He have always see Arnav as his own son, he also worried for Arnav's future.

Can his daughter keeps Arnav happy? Not as friend but as wife?

Shashi sighed.

''I'm sorry but I can't approve this.'' Shashi said bluntly.

Khushi gritted her teeth and asked.

''But why? Why can't you?''

Shashi keep stood in silence.

''Uncle, is it because  I am a handicap? (Sad smile) Of course all father wants the best for their daughter and (look at his walking stick) I am not the best.. It's ok uncle I understand.'' Said Arnav with smile.

Shashi feel bad for Arnav.

''Beta....'' Shashi tried explain the reason is he actually want the best life partner for Arnav.

Khushi cuts him off.

''Babuji! Look what you have done, my Arnav is depress again. I don't care whether you accept our marriage or not, I will still marrying Arnav.'' She got angry by seeing Arnav sad.

Shashi look at Khushi with narrowed eyes.

''Is that so? When you guys going to marry?'' Shashi asked her.

''Tomorrow?'' Khushi in unsure tone.

Garima gasped, is she crazy?

Shashi chuckled.

''Yourself aren't sure when you want to marry.'' Shashi said sarcastically. 

Garima look at Arnav in pity, is he really want marry their daughter or he was forced to do so.

Shashi turn to Arnav and asked him.

''Arnav, do you really want to marry Khushi?''

''Of course he do babuji..'' Shashi cut off Khushi's words.

''You just shut up and let Arnav talk.'' Said Shashi to Khushi.

''Yes uncle.'' Arnav replied to Shashi.

''Alright, let wait for you guys graduate first then we will arrange for your marriage. Until then you guys might also fall for each other and Khushi this is my final decision.'' Shashi said strictly.

Khushi forced to agreed because she had no choice since Arnav have same opinion as her babuji.


Five year later..

Garima hugged her beautiful daughter tightly.

(Khushi's wedding outfit)

''Hope you guys will always be happy bitiya. Make sure you keep your husband happy. It's my dream to see you as bride, just look how beautiful my daughter has became.'' Garima kissed Khushi's cheeks.

Khushi smile happily.

''My Arnav will like it na?'' She asked.

''Of course he will.'' Garima winked at her.

They both laughed.

In those five years, Khushi and Arnav became so close more than just friends.

They both got graduate and start AK fashion house together., Make their fashion become well known.

Khushi start to fall for Arnav really hard, she confess her love to him on his birthday.

Arnav accept her confession and that's how they start to date.

Their parents are really happy when the news of Arnav and Khushi are love each other reached them and blessed their relationship.

Shashi decide to accept their relationship was the right thing to do as long they love each other nothing else is a matter.

Now they are going to get marry and start their new life as husband and wife.

Garima and Anjali(Arnav's mother) bring Khushi mandap, made her sit beside Arnav.

Arnav totally forgot the whole world after seeing her in her bride attire.

(Arnav's outfit)

''Arnav you look so handsome in this sherwani, how do I look to you?'' She said in low tone.

''As usual.'' He said.

She pouted and said.

''How can you be so unromantic to your would be wife in few more minutes?'' 

Arnav suppress his laughter.

''You look so beautiful as usual.'' He said.

She blushed, is he teasing her?

''Oh, my Arnav has become so naughty haan?'' She raised her eyebrow.

''Just wait until tonight I show you how naughty I can be.'' He whispered.

''Shameless..'' She muttered shyly.


After all ritual takes place, Arnav finally put sindoor her on her maang and tie mangalsutra around her neck.

They glanced at each other with smile.

She almost in tears, if someone told her in past that she will marry Arnav, there no way she would believe it but now..

But now she is his wife, Mrs.Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada.

She is happy and proud of it.

They takes blessings of their parents.

Garima cried a lot while hugging Khushi, in sadness that her Khushi going away from her.

Khushi didn't cry cause they're actually neighbours, she can see her family often anyways.

But Garima seem has forgotten about it.


Then they get into the car.

They were sitting on the backseat.

Driver Mohan was driving the car.

She rest her head on Arnav's shoulder.

He hold her hands softly.

''Eh? Arnav, isn't it the wrong route? Aren't we going to your house?'' She asked.

Arnav smirk and put his finger on lips.


She frowned and saw drive also was smiling.

30 Minutes later...

''Sir, we have reached.'' Driver said.

''Alright, there will no need for you to be here so you go home.''Arnav said.

Drive nod.

Arnav and Khushi get out of the car.

''Why are we here? Who's house is this?'' She asked him.

"I bought it recently, let's go in.'' He led her inside the house.


Inside the house.

Khushi was mesmerised by the interior designs.

''I renewed it as per you liking, do you like it?'' He asked.

''I... I love it! Arnav.'' She hugged his arm and kiss his cheek.

He smiled at her.

"Do you know what I like most about this house?'' He asked.

"Hmm? What?" Khushi asked.

"There will no one here just you and me., for whole week.'' He said happily.

"For whole week?! Did maa(Arnav's mother) and dad(Arnav's father) know about this? They must already arranged everything for our first ni...'' She stop in embarrassment.

He smirked naughtily.

"For what?" He asked in teasing tone.

"Hmm.. woh.. Our first... Night." Said Khushi with red face.

He chuckled seeing her red face.

"Don't worry they already know about it and they arrange everything that you mention at here.'' He whispered in her hear.

"Come." He bring her to the bedroom.

The room was decorated with candles and flowers.

Arnav made her sat on the bed, he also sit beside her and place walking stick beside the bed.

"You must uncomfortable with all that jewelleries, let's take it off." He suggested.

She smiled, he understands her very well.

She sighed out of relief after getting rid of all thos heavy jewelleries and too much pins in her hair.

He helped her too.

"I like it when you let your hair open like this." He stroke hair softly. 

Khushi smiled.

He cupped her face and look into her eyes.

"I love you Khushi."He confessed.

She smiled, yes this is the first time he ever said it to her.

"I love you Arnav." 

She close her eyes as his lips is nearing hers.

Their first kiss was gentle, soft, beautiful.

She turn the light off.

The room still have a dim light of candles.

Soon their room filled with moanings.

They finally become one.


At midnight.

Arnav woked suddenly and feel so thirsty.

Arnav look at Khushi who is sleeping like a baby.

She was so worried about his right leg when they made love.

Ask every single minutes whether his leg is paining or not.

He look for the water jug it was at the corner table.

First he have to get up from bed to get it.

He glance again at Khushi, he can't wake up her anyway since she must be so tired.

He took her hand off from his and slowly get up from the bed.

He walked toward the table and drink the water.

He glanced the walking stick that still beside the bed.

And went slowly back to the bed.

"I love Khushi.. And you love me too." He smirked.

He keep stare at her.

Handicap? Who is handicap?

Oh yes, he was.

But not anymore.. 

17 years ago, I never had friend except you. You're my only friend that I ever had and wanted to have.

You're so selfless, cheerful and really friendly. You always get along with everyone, it was the first I start to fear that I might lost you to others. Of course I am the one who closest to you but I still can't get rid of the thought might loss you.

When that accident happened I did lost my ability to walk. I was really in pain it's all happened so suddenly. When I woke up I told by the doctor that I can't walk normally anymore, I was really broken because I am handicap so you might hate me and think of me as a burden.

But what did happen was, you came visit me with quilt in your eyes. I felt bad for you to happen to witness such horrifying sight. I was about tell you it wasn't your fault but that drunk lorry driver's fault but your words stopped me.

"I won't leave you alone again. I will always with you, it's all my fault!"

Your words stopped me, my selfish heart wanted to keep you always by my side.

I wanted to tell that it's wasn't your fault but what I really did said is.

"Yes, it's all your fault. I can't walk anymore because you leave me behind." 

Your fragile heart with quilt started to make you wanted to be with me after hearing that.

You became protective of me and avoid other guys.

Then I started to be mature and tried to free you from web of quilt that I made.

I realized that I love you so much that's why I did all this stupid things even after I know it's wrong.

I wanted free you and confess my love to you..

But you again stopped me from doing that by saying you're interested at that Shyam Manohar Jha.

Seriously can't you see that I really in love with you..

Again my selfishness over win, I can't afford to lose you to that Shyam!

So I act like I was happy for you and started to investigate about that Shyam.

He is from really from a problematic family, his mother leave his father and him for another man.

So I use it against him, you must already told I'm just your friend so he won't mind me at all.

When you about to go to date, I intentionally stepped on a nail and stopped you from going to him.

That pain is nothing compared to the pain losing you to another man.

As expected you didn't go to date and as per my calculations he called you and asked about why are you late.

You told him that you can come because you have to take care of me.

Then as I planned he became so jealous and argue with you in end you choose me over him and swear to never ever see him again.

But everytime I gain something I have lose something instead of it.

I gain your attention but I lost your real joyful self.

I'm aware of it that my way of loving amd keeping you by my side is really very wrong.

I never had my attention nor love of my parents, they are always busy earning money but you're the first who showed me what love is.

I know I may be never had parents love and that doesn't make what I am doing then was right either.

I tried to bring the real Khushi back but again the fate decided something else.

I met Shyam and he humiliated me before everyone at school.

He called me names and make fun of my disability, I wasn't mad at all because this happening because of my doing.

But he guessed that I might in love with you but he wasn't really sure of it.

He told that I am just a burden on your shoulder that you want to get rid of. You're perfect girl and I'm a handicap who can't even walk properly without support of stick.

What he said then was right, then you came and stopped that Shyam from humiliating me by slapping him.

You become more and more obsess of me.

I gone through lot of operation but it didn't work well, that's what everyone in our thought include you.

After operation I indeed couldn't walk but after gone through some physiotherapy after I started to walk again slowly.

After some months my leg recovered and I even can run again like before.

I wanted to tell you that I could walk again so I won't be burden on you anymore.

But the quilt that I planted on your heart have become worse than I expected.

There is huge possibility that you leave me after knowing that I am totally fine.

Because the source of the quilt, protectiveness and obsession that you have for all started because of this injury.

So I didn't tell anyone tell truth and act like the handicap me before the recovery.

And also I act like I had gave up surgeries so they won't get know that I had already recovered.

Then I got the scholarship at Harvard university, that my mother desired.

She planned to take me there to best education and treatment.

If I go there they will find out that I'm already fine and I also can't leave Khushi here alone.. Khushi might end up liking someone again when I wasn't here.

I don't care really don't which university I go anyway as long I have Khushi.

Then I used selfish options again without knowing the consequences that might come.

I was packing my luggage and you helping me as usual.

I intentionally told you that I might get so busy with studies so I couldn't call you often and might end up settle there after finishing my studies.

You who was already really sad that I'm going far away was really affected by it.

I thought that you might try to talk my parents but I never imagined that would.. Try to commit suicide.

I was shocked after knowing that and rush to hospital and came to know you had so many sleeping tables.

You blackmailed my parents to make me stay. It made me realise what I have done to you.

Shashi uncle became angry on you for stopping me getting treatment and good education, he stop talking to you because of me.

But no one know it that I was the real reason.. Not even you.

I had finally realized what will my words will do to you, I want you become my life partner not a mind slave!

Then after I get hold of every words I am saying, and think before saying anything to you.

We went to same college, just in one week everyone's thoughts of you is Khushi Kumari Gupta is controlling Arnav Singh Raizada, but the truth is opposite I am the who actually controlling you.

Then finally decided I can't leave you just like this anymore, no matter what! I have to free you.

So I went with Nk when said he will set me a blind date a girl that his girlfriend know.

I felt want to punch Nk's face everytime he mentioned that I'm just friend to you and nothing else.

And one girl seem interested on me, what was name again? As if I care remember anyway. I felt like some insects running over my body when she touched my arm.

I never imagined to be any other girl before nor will in future, it's just you..

As I know you had searched for me and definitely get Akash spill the truth.

Then I slowly gave you the idea of marrying me and you did as well.

You told your parents about it but I know Shashi uncle won't agree so easily as he care so much for me.

So I intentionally bring up my disability as wild card knowing that you will be pissed off, I really sorry for Shashi uncle but this my last chance to make everything right again.

But I didn't expect uncle to postponed our marriage for five years, I can use you again but I didn't want to... Everything that happened all because my impatience and selfishness, so I decided wait and give you some more time to accept me into life as your lover and husband.

When you confess your feelings I couldn't get myself confess my love to you after all things I have done to you.

But today I finally have what I want.. It's you. The real you.

It was a good decision that I decided wait for you.

You finally come out from the web of quilt slowly just by yourself.

After you falling in love for me, I told you that I accept your feelings. You slowly start understand that I'm yours and I won't leave you at any situaitio.n And I made you meet phycologist, even though you don't want to., you still did listen to my words.

I promise Khushi I will take care of you and love you forever.

But still I can't tell you about my leg.

Please forgive me..

This is may be the punishment for me, it kill me everytime when I'm lying to you.

I will live as handicap forever..

I know you want to hear this from me..

He smile at her and whispered.


She smiled in her sleep.

He kissed her forehead.


I hope you guys will like my this story.

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It's encourage me a lot the finish this story faster.

Please leave your thoughts about this story.

I might write more different kind of story like this again.

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Jan 25, 2017

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Hi guys! I need your help to decide to make an epilogue or not..

I'm totally confused now to decide.

Should leave this story to be with an unexpected twist as it is now or make a epilogue and change the end?

I'm feel little bit conflict.. So please leave your comments below and let me know.

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