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Nov 13, 2017

Unique devil angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 27 times)

She straightly went to her room and shut her room door with loud bang..she angrily removed her coat and throw that on bed aggressively..she was in really hell mood.She take her phone and dial to someone angrily..after one ring call got answered..Khushi:(furious filled tone)what the hell rockey!!you still not do the work which I told..how many days you will get to find that ****..he torturing me hell out..can't you find him..

Rockey:sorry mam..I am really trying to find him..but he was really mystery..whatever he going..he doing all that really smartly and perfectly..he don't let any small evidence also..he is really smart madam..

Khushi:(roaring tone)I don't need to hear compliment about him rockey..just find him..I don't know what will you do..but you only have two days..if you don't find him in those two days..then get ready to leave your job...

She throw the phone angrily and breathing hardly..she don't know how she going to came out from this hell table.she have to do something really quickly..otherwise that **** will not leave her peacefully..

Next day..today was Saturday ...means arshi outing day..Arnav was very excitingly getting ready to go their outing in raizada mansion..last night he already informed to family members he going to short holiday with Khushi..family members to agree with him..this is first time he going to trip for enjoyment..otherwise he only know to go business trip..it's good improvement from him..he now fully ready..he packed his few cloths and arranged his suitcase.now all set..he come to living room with his bag ..everyone already in living room expect Anjali..she went to mandir...after he reached to living room he notice Anjali absence..he asked to Nani..then she informed him she went to temple..now all ready..then they hear door bell sound..hp opened and saw Khushi standing there wearing long slick designed cape with half length whole white pand and with tigh body fit t.shirt..whole long neck covered with beautiful pearls design necklace..totally she looking gorgeous..she came inside and saw whole family surrender around Arnav and looking her with lovely smile..she passed cute smile towards them..then she saw yamini looking her admiring way...she sign seeing that..she now use of her stares and unwanted smiles..Nani made Khushi sit and take a seat beside her..yamini take other side..after sit first thing she asked her about her health..

Yamini:(caring way)how are you feeling now beta..how is your pain..are you feeling okay now..

Khushi:(normal tone)yeah I am fine now..

Yamini smile at her sweetly..Khushi feel little awkward seeing her over sweetness towards her..actually she don't like that..when someone looking her with pity and sympathy face..she only get angry..she don't like that..she controlled her emotions and get up to go..then both Arnav and Khushi get ready to go..after bid bye to family members both of them came to door step..when they try to open the door it opened by someone before them..when they look up and saw most shocking scene front of them...

Anjali standing there with fully tired face..her forehead covered by bandage..her saree have the blood stains ..family members really  shocked seeing her like this..Arnav hurriedly dropped his bag and rushed towards her..Khushi to followed him..both of them hold her by both shoulder and bring her inside the house..everyone really worried seeing her like this..she badly injured..Khushi Arnav made her sit on sofa and take a seat beside her..yamini bring water for her..after make her drink the water..Arnav start the interrogation..

Arnav:(really worried tone)di what happen to you..how you got hurt..why don't you call us.lwhere you got hurt..how this happen..

Anjali:(try to relax tone)chote!!..chote!!..relax..take a breath..nothing happen big that I have to inform whole family..it's just small accident..when I crossing the road..some car passed really fastly..because of the sudden shock I fall on road..nothing more happened ..then I went to hospital and put bandage for your sake..it's just small injure ..nothing more you please just relax..

Khushi:(little strict tone)Anjali di..you maybe say it's just small accident..but when looking your face..we can see how much you're tired and pale.Thats mean..you got really hurt ..maybe you got little cut on your forehead..but your body paining inside..so don't try to hide..anyway now you take rest..(to Arnav)Arnav I think it's will be good if we cancel our trip,know di needs your presence..we can plan this some other time..

Anjali:(surprising tone)arre babhi!!there nothing big happened that you both have to cancel your both trip..you both can see na..I am being very good..there not necessary to cancel the trip..you both go and enjoy your trip ..I am very fine..

Arnav ;but di..how can we leave after seeing you like this..it's not good..we both can go some other time..

Nani:(relaxing tone)chote..you go..we all here for Anjali beta..if she need someone..here many people present to take care of her..this is first time you and Khushi beta going somewhere..and I don't want that getting cancel..you both go..we all take care of her..

Everyone convince Arnav and Khushi ..after many talks arshi agree go..after talk little bit with Anjali..Arnav Khushi left the house..

Both of them landed to car and start the travel..Arnav driving the car hearing instructions from Khushi towards farm house..both of them going silently without talking anything..Arnav driving silently..and Khushi thinking about something really deeply..suddenly she takes her phone and tex a massage to someone..after bit she receive a massage..reading that..her blood boiled...she grips her phone tightly..she was Try to control her anger..she don't want Arnav witness her beast mood..after lot of try..finally she controlled her anger..now they both almost out of Delhi..Arnav smoothly driving the car..after 30 minutes Khushi asked him to stop the car..Arnav saw he stopped the car front of very big house..the home surrender around big garden..looking everywhere filled with different colors flowers..whole place surrender with some amazing aroma..it's was really nice to feel..soft smile appear on Arnav face seeing the amazing view of khushi's farm house..he never thought Khushi this much amazing designer..

Both of  come out and Arnav admire the whole place..then Khushi went forwards and open the house door..Arnav just gasps seeing the inside  beauty of the house..the inside house designed by full of wooden style..every corner of the house giving look of grace and elegance..that's really gorgeous..both of them enter inside..and Khushi takes him to living room..both relax on sofa after moment Khushi went to bring some drinks for Arnav...he to follow her behind..when she left to kitchen meantime Arnav take a tour around the farm house..he really impressed by Khushi taste..she very beautifully designed the house..after sometime he take a look of whole house and come back to living room..Khushi to return making apple juice for them..then both start to have the juice talking bit..Arnav really happy about being alone with Khushi for full two days..he really looking forwards about their short trip..after drinking the juice both of them went to their room for fresh up..Khushi takes him house main master bedroom.and arrange their cloths on room..after doing that first Arnav went to fresh up..after that Khushi went..then Khushi ordered their lunch..after that suddenly she pulled by Arnav to bed..she fall on his body with small thund..

Khushi:(surprised tone)Arnav what happened to you suddenly..you starlet me Arnav!!

Arnav:(cares her cheek)do you know how many days I craved to be like this with you..these all one of my dreams parts..now my dreams coming true..thank you so much..

He kissed her cheeks lovingly,.khushi closed her eyes and enjoy his kisses..he slowly make her lay on bed and slowly kiss her cheeks..she circle her hands around his neck and enjoying his kisses..then he slowly takes her lips for most Romantic kiss..she moan feeling his hit kiss and response his kiss even more romantically..they both kissing each other very deeply..Arnav completely came on her and rolled his tongue on her full hot mouth..he robe his body with hers sensually,.its was great pleasure for them..this is first time both of them getting cozy each other fully..he then broke their long kiss and start to lick her neck..he keep sucking licking her neck deeply.she grips his thick hair tightly and moaning sensually..she don't like bit too stop him..she feel it's so right..Arnav to feeling same,.he already considering her as his own beloved wife,,so he have full rights on her..he cares her waist romantic way and bite her chin ****ily...she moan in highly pleasure,,next second she gasps in double pleasure..she not expect Arnav will do this now..he place his hot mouth on her big boob..she start to breath heavily..he sucking her one boob deeply..her delicious **** giving amazing taste to his mouth..after their hot make out in rain..this is second time they both being like this..her slick shirt gown like second skin of hers..so Arnav feeling her body very well.then suddenly he opened her gown bottoms,Khushi surprised by his acts...after removing all that..her dark red net bra visible front of his ****y intense eyes..he gulp seeing that sight front of him..his mouth are getting watery looking her like this,.this moment ..no one can be lucky more then him..what a lucky man he is..today he was being with world most beautiful and gorgeous girl..the girl who was dream girl of every mans..the pride he feeling from the moment he got her..he not even feel that much pride when he got award first time,,he truly lucky to get her as his lover and soon to be wife..with all thoughts he slowly s

Cupped her one boob..it's feel so good to feel her milky soft boob..she cupped his face and observing his reactions towards her ****..when he touch her **** with mouth..100 Walt current pleasure passed her body..she feeling like he touching her naked body..it's felt so great..he sucking her boob deeply and slowly..then he give attention to other one too..he keep di King and licking them how much he can..when he try to remove the bra they hear calling bell sound..Khushi snap out hearing the ringing sound..but Arnav don't care about that..he keep loving her **** and trying to open her bra hook..Khushi try to stop him..but no..her love boy in full of Romantic mood..he not ready to stop ..she try to hold his face but no..he not ready..without any choice she pushed him from her body,.he fell on other side..he shocked by her act..he got both angry and irritation..

Arnav:Khushi what is this..why did you pushed me..you spoiled our moment..

Khushi:(Botton her gown)I know I spoiled our moment..but my Romeo...can't you hear the door bell ringing sound..looking like our lunch arrived..come on let's go..

Arnav goarn in anger and irritation..he throw the pillow in both irritate and anger..Khushi smirk seeing his anger..she pull him by collar and kissed his cheek soundly..his mood got okay bit..then both of them went downstairs...

Both of them come to living room..Khushi opened the door and saw delivery boy standing outside with their foods..she pay the bill and takes the meals..it's almost lunch time..so both decided to eat moe itself..so they can spend time easily,.khushi take him to dinning area and start to serve their foods..when she opened the rice box there a small red color paper placed..Khushi rise her eyebrow in confusion..she take that and saw there something writing on bond latters..she shocked reading that...

"Wish you have a great holiday period!!!hope miss.world holidays time go well!!your beloved well wisher!!!

Her blood rushed to south seeing that..she very well know who send this massage to her..that scoundrel!!she cursed the paper in great anger..then she saw Arnav try to eat the foods..she think something..she hurriedly stopped him..he look at her with surprised..she smile bit and before him she take a bites on all meals..she wait for a moment..after that she look at Arnav who looking her with confusion and wonder..she then told him casually,.

Khushi:don't think anything wrongly Arnav..I just tested it all food good or not...because I know you can't bear terrible foods..that's why..looking like all foods good..you can eat without any problems..

Arnav smile and believed her completely..Khushi to smile back ..then he start to eat ..Khushi to join with him..both of them eating silently..eating way she slowly stares him with deep emotions..

Khushi:(inner mind)I will not let any danger to near you Arnav..if some danger near you..that's have to face me first..I will always protect you till my last breath..soon that **** face going to show off..after that we don't have any danger on our life..very soon Arnav..very very soon..

With all those serious thoughts she having the meals..whatever she thinks..that's all purely honest thinks..she will not let any danger to near Arnav and his family..she will guard them like a strong shield..it's was her life time promise..she planned all this to do..but she don't know na what God decided and planned for them..we truly don't know..if God gives us happiness..other hand he will give the pains and hurt too..we can't run away without bearing that..like this..dong know what God planned for Khushi who dreaming very highly about her future with Arnav..maybe something big coming to her way..destiny only know what is coming...

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Fabulous update
Dec 3, 2017

Unique devil angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 23 times)

After having the lunch ..both of them left to their room and closed the door..both settle to bed and thought to watch some movie.after playing the movie.arnav cuddle Khushi tightly to his body and covers they self with warm bedsheets.then both of them start to watch the movie.

At late evening time..both Arnav Khushi have a walk around farm house..there no one except them..after roaming around both take a seat on bench.and start to chat normally..then suddenly Arnav asked to Khushi..

Arnav:baby what's your plans after our marriage..do you plan to do something after our marriage..

Khushi:(rest her head on his shoulder)I don't have any plan Arnav..I just want to live  happy and peaceful life with you..I don't want anything more then that..after you come..I can't be without you for a second..just be with me till I live..that's enough..

Arnav smile softly hearing her words..he kissed her forehead and cuddle her tightly..he to wishing the same..he want to live his full life with her.bith soulmates eagerly waiting to start their new life..

At night time..after having the dinner.bith of them having soft cool drink standing in balcony talking way..when they chatting suddenly rain started.khushi got excited seeing that..she run outside removing her long cape.arnav surprised by her act and run behind her and saw she already went out..when he look outside he just mesmerized by the view front of him..

Khushi dancing on rain interestingly forgetting everything in the world.she wearing short sleeveless black color slick nightie.after rain fall.her body parts start to show.she looking damn ****y on this attire..Arnav gulp seeing her beautiful ****y view..he slowly moves towards her..he now feeling the same way how he feel when he saw her on rain that day..the desire and passionate he got that day now again building on his organs..he come and hug her from behind.khushi jerk feeling his hot touch..he aside her hair and kissed her collerbone hot fully.she felt like electric shock passed her body.her whole body shaking feeling his kisses..he slowly turn her to his side and start to shake her waist to an ****y rhythm..both of them moving romantic rhythm..an intense romantic music booming on their ears..it's only hearing to them..he slowly start to kiss her neck..she grips his hair and support him to kiss her..he sucking her neck deeply.she moaning in deep pleasure..it's truly amazing pleasure...he cares her body sensually and sucking her neck..his hands touching her body clearly.both of them feeling really pleasure..he press her waist and bite her neck..she moaning in so much pleasure..ohhhh.he doing magic on her body..he slowly ruse her by waist and start to suck her cleavage..he fully on desire mood now..he lost his all control today,.feeling her skin with rain drops just amazing..he already hard and Khushi feeling that..she got shy feeling his hardness..he put her back and hugged her tightly..she to hug him back and cares his back..suddenly he broke the hug and take her lips for passionate over load kiss..both of them kissing each other deeply feeling other presence..he roll his tongue on her fully hot mouth..even nature got shy seeing this much romantic intense couple..in kissing way he take her to his arms and enter inside the home..

He bring her to their room kissing way ..he slowly place her in bed and come top of her..and start to kiss her more deeply..he caressing her body hardly..after long time he broke their long and deep kiss because of less breath..both of them breathing hardly...he looking her desire filled way..he cup her face and start to kiss her ****..now she getting the real pleasure..he kissing her deeply..in kissing way he try to remove her nighty.seeing he going out of control Khushi cupped his face..

Khushi:(huskily)Arnav what are you doing?you getting out of control..

Arnav:(intense romantic voice)I know and I want to cross all limits with you..please Khushi don't stop me.i really need you..

Khushi(same huskiness )but don't you think we should wait until marriage..we try to do this before marriage..

Arnav:;deep love voice)Khushi for me other traditions not important..you love me and  I love you that's important..our feelings important..we both know that we are soulmates.then why we have to wait till marriage..I love you madly.if you have a trust on me and my love.if you trust me fully..submit yourself to me now..

Khushi look at him deeply with lovely stare..of course she completely trust him..Arnav waiting for her approval..then Khushi hugged him tightly and said her and told her answer..Arnav smile and hugged her back tightly in happiness..that's mean Khushi ready to move their relationship to next level.he very happy seeing her trust on him..he cares her back and slowly switch off the light..now room fully dark..night lights giving some Ray on room..outside rain pouring heavily..it's making them desirable even more..he slowly rise the bed sheet above them and slowly removed her nightie..she shiver feeling the coldness..she now only on her underwears.arnav completely turn on seeing her like that..without cant control himself anymore he start to explore her whole body.soon the room filled with full heat..

After minute even the two piece dress of hers also land to floor.now both of them fully bare inside the bedsheets.arnav moans in unbearable pleasure feeling their prides connections..this is first time for both of them..the eagerness not letting him go gently with her..already many bite marks on her soft milky body..he kissing her novel deeply and slowly went to the peace where no one see or touched until today..she getting nervous feeling his close to her pride.she waiting for the moment..then slowly he place his hot mouth on her pride.khushi grasp in deep pleasure,,ohhh that's unbearable..he sucking her very deeply..even he to feeling the same pleasure..first time he experiencing such a pure pleasure..after 20 minutes ..he still keep worshipping her body.now his hard peek to high..he can't control himself anymore..he come top of her fully and look her deeply.lastly he ask permission from her.and she give that gladly..after making her relax her slowly enter inside her..Khushi held his shoulders tightly with closed eyes to bear the hard pain.its really painful..she feeling like someone pushing sharp knife on her female pride..Arnav stop his act and calm her..after moment he feel she got relaxed .he start to move slowly..tears falling from khushi's eyes..but she is really happy..she submit herself to her love..she is really happy .after some moment pain went away..only pleasure build on her..both of them moving to great rhythm ..Arnav keep thrusts her slowly and romantically..both moaning each other deeply..soon the room filled with only deep miss and screams..

Early morning..in arshi room..Arnav moaning in highly pleasure..both of them near to climax.because of  the continues love makings Arnav not getting the release quickly..after ten minutes he again filled her womb with his hot love seeds.he fell on her with big satisfaction moan..Khushi smiling with closed eyes and caressing his hair softly..he make her complete women now,,she is no more a girl..she now fully a women to the man who she loves crazily..she caressing his hair with lot of love..after become normal Arnav smile charmingly..today no one can be happy more then him..today he became one with his soulmate fully..this is biggest moment on his life..he look at Khushi face and saw she to having the same happy smile..

Arnav:thanks for believing me Khushi..this is really means to me..today I am very happy..thank you so much..

Khushi smile at him softly and sing in big happiness..then Arnav fell to other side and take her to comfort cuddle..then both of them fell to soft comfort sleep,.soon the tiredness take them to peaceful sleep..

At evening time..both if them watching on of romantic movie in living room cuddling each other..white bed sheet covering both of them..Arnav just wearing his jeans and laying shirtless.and Khushi not wearing anything expect Arnav's black shirt..both watching the movie romancing each other..Khushi totally into Arnav.both of them hugging each other like one body..it's was really blissful for them..both wishing to be like this forever..but the reality now they side..even their professional life need them..both of them decided to go office tomorrow here self .so both of them being close to each other how much they can..even they got news..day after tomorrow the business award ceremony going to held in grand way..it's really important to attend the function..after their love making till morning.both still don't make love..Arnav know Khushi was really tired..he let her take rest whole day..but already another romantic night today also..both of them mutually happy and agree about this..they not finding any mistakes on this..the love they both feeling for other person.encouraging them to do anything..after spending such a memorable night.their both loves increased even more for each other..now they just waiting for they marriage to happen..after that they don't  have to be with each other for temporary or planned time..after marriage Khushi will be Arnav's forever and same to Khushi..both of them eagerly waiting to do their marriage..thinking about their beautiful future both of them spending their lovely time together..

Next day..early morning ..Arnav sleeping on bed peacefully not wearing anything except an red bedsheets covers him till waist..he search Khushi sleeping way..but find empty side beside him..he open his eyes and saw Khushi not in room..he frown seeing that..where she gone..when he look around he saw small white paper tag on table vase.he take that and read out..

Arnav:(sleepy tone)sorry!!.going for really urgent meeting.we will meet in office.bye..love you..(smiley face)

He frown reading that..she left without meeting him..that's not fair.atleast she may said bid bye to him..workaholic mehera!!...no.workaholic Mrs.raizada..she already become Mrs.raizada..she is now no more any mehera..he smile softly remembering the two beautiful and blissful nights he spend with her..it's all like truly dream..his life going fastly and awesomely with Khushi..one month ago he meet her as partner..now he is her would to be husband..next month they both getting married..what he want more then this..life going good..with all those happy thoughts he got ready to go office and eagerly waiting to meet his love..

In AR company..Arnav reached to his office happily and rushed to meet Khushi..when he Open her cabin door.he make a face seeing the empty cabin..where's she??.he wonders about that..he then went to meet akash..

Akash:(hugging him)bhai how are you ?after full two days I am meeting you..how is your outing with my babhi.

Arnav:(smile and broke the hug)trip was fabulous..and I am very fine.but first tell me where's your babhi.she now where to see..

Akash:(confused)babhi!!.when babhi come here..she don't come here..I thought she will come with you bhai.

Arnav confused hearing that,if she don't come here..where's is she??

Akash:bhai is everything okay..where's babhi..

Arnav:(calming tone)hey relax ..everything okay..I think she maybe went to her office..let me call her..you don't worry..

Akash agree with him..then Arnav came out from akash cabin and he take out his phone and make a call to Khushi..but she don't attended the call..he irritated by that..then after few rings call got attended.

Arnav:hello Khushi!!.where are you..why don't you answer my calls ..why don't you come here..without informing where you went?

Khushi:Arnav relax.calm down..let me tell you..I am in my office..very important international calls come to attend.,it's about my branches in abroad..because of them I don't get a time to even give you a massage..still few calls remain to attend..after finishing the works here I will come there..okay bye another call coming..I will call you later..love you..

Arnav:(small tone)love you too.try to come soon..bye..

He cut the call after talking with her..don't know why ..somewhere his heart saying Khushi telling lie..but he try to clear all that thoughts..he have a strong believe that Khushi will never lie to him..she will never do that..after putting other thoughts away he beck to his works..

Lunch time..Arnav sitting on his cabin with grumpy face..Khushi still not come to office..already office time passed..after few hours office going to end..why she don't come still..he take his phone and called her..but line busy..voice massage announcing that..she is one meeting..he feeling really irritating..the whole day he don't meet her or see her face.his day being incomplete without her presence..can't she call him just once..with lot of irritation and anger he eating his lunch..akash came to his cabin and saw Arnav fuming in anger.somewhere he know the reason..he try to control his smile.his bhai completely changed now.in past he don't have second to think about anyone expect works..but now look at him..he don't have a time for works in his lovely khushi babhi thoughts..without asking anything he take a seat and silently start to have the launch..many times Arnav try to call Khushi..but no..she still out of line..Arnav mumbling silently looking the phone..without cant control himself akash chuckles..Arnav look at him with firm face..

Arnav:akash!!whats so funny to you?.

Akash:(calming tone)bhai relax ..calm down..babhi informed you na..she was attending calls..you know right.its not easy to finish business calls..so babhi maybe really busy on her works..let her do the work bhai,.after finishing the call.she herself call you..now eat the lunch without getting hyper..

Arnav become calm big hearing akash works..the know he is rights..then both brothers start to have the lunch with small talks..

At evening time..both raizada brothers come to home after if from the works..whole family present on living room..both joined to family members with living room and start to talk with them..then Arnav informed then about tomorrow function..whole family invited for the function..and everyone happy about that..then yamini told them..

Yamini:and tomorrow lavanya and sheetal father coming from his work trip..maybe he will join for function..

Nani:(smile)it's really good news..so mahesh beta coming ..it's been long time lastly I meet him..so we all going for tomorrow function..

Everyone agree with her..then all planned to go for tomorrow function..all really excited about tomorrow award ceremony..tomorrow all family joining to award function..even payal's family coming tomorrow and other side Khushi to coming..it's will be really amazing..with Loy of excitement all went to sleep after having dinner..

Next day evening..in raizada mansion ...all of family members getting ready to go award ceremony..payal's family also reached there..with payal both yamini daughters got ready..with less time the three girls got really close..both got really close..now both family ready and left to function with sashi and akash..Arnav already left to function..now all left to function..

Both family reached to one of big hotel in the whole Delhi.the whole business tycoons in India now presenting in the hotel..akash slowly take the both family inside..there many media ,reporters surrender around them and clicking they pics..they was the ASR family..of course they will get many attention..after lot of pics and talks finally they all enter to function hall..inside fully different from outside..here full of business tycoons and their families..when they try to sit they saw Arnav sitting with ranjana ruchika on some feet away..when Arnav saw his family,,he asked them to come to them..then family set with ranjana and ruchika .everyone hugged ranjana and ruchika in happy..and set on table..then Anjali asked to ranjana happily..

Anjali:Nona where's Khushi babhi..she now where to see..

Ranjana:(smile)your babhi still don't come.,she just send us here..it's good that Arnav baba already here..otherwise these reporters just take my energy away..oh it's so irritating..

Akash:(smile)they will Nona..because your are relation of the great business tycoon ,queen of fashion world Khushi mehera's.how can they miss the chance to meet you..it's wonder that you're sitting here peacefully..otherwise they may eat you..you will not get a chance to breath also..

Ranjana make a irritating face hearing him..but inside she feeling really proud.family members smile and fully agree with him..then ranjana informed them after sometime Khushi will reach here.then raizadas intro mahesh to ranjana..now three family chatting each other..

After sometime..now the whole hall just filled with people.now reporters inside the hall..it's was like some film fare..business tycoons are giving pose to media..there many dashing handsome boys ,beautiful girls..all of them giving pose to media..now it's time for ASR turn..all of them just looking him dreamy way seeing such a handsome hunk..how can he can be this much hot.they just crying for him..family members grin seeing girls hunt on Arnav ..he was truly hot on his grey Armani suit..his perfect jelled hair just giving him dashing look..after giving short interview to media.he again joined to family members..now all waiting for Khushi arrival..Arnav just restless to meet her..it's going to be two days lastly he meet her..now everyone waiting for queen arrival...

After few minutes..everyone start to whispers and mans are making they Self even more handsome..girls are sitting silently with grumpy face,,seeing the reaction Arnav understand that..now it's time for his queen to come..he eagerly waiting to see her..then after few seconds an silver colour BMW car parked front of the venue..all reporters just surrender around the car like a bees.all of them shouting in excitement fans are screaming loudly in joy and excitement.then slowly car door got opened.from inside,.wearing full white and white long full sleeve net wrapped gown khushi came out from car..she wearing long thin diamond earrings with big ring on finger..she wearing high heels and carrying silver purse on hand..she looking like some film heroine..who come for film fare..she truly stunning on her white code dressing style.she put simple fairy make up..just her eyes make up showing brightly..her blue eyes shinning in evening lights,,there no words to describe her beauty..today she was out of the world.everyone in hall don't like to take eyes from her.reporters don't miss a second to click her picture..she slowly come to carpet area..and give a pose to media..she was glowing like a star in hall..mans are gulping seeing her like this..she was the star today..after giving pics to media she come to family members..

Here everyone just looking her with open mouth..Arnav looking her without blinking.how can she beautiful like this..what she is doing for her beauty.she surely doing something to her fairness..she surely doing something..she slowly take a seat and asked them to sit..after sitting ranjana hurriedly put kajal behind her ears..

Ranjana:I don't want any bad evil eyes fell on you.do you know how much beautifully you're looking today..you're out of the world Khushi baba..I can't take my eyes from you..

She kissed Khushi forehead sweetly.khushi smile at her..family members smile seeing her like this..yamini and shashi looking her without blinking,,seeing her like this.they just feeling like to hug and kiss her endlessly..she was looking like some pari..their hearts longingly to hug her..yamini eyes just moist looking Khushi..she hurriedly wipe her tears..mahesh saw his wife sad face and asked her why..she just smile and said nothing..then family members introduced mahesh to Khushi..now all ready to stat the function..soon the HOD come function started..

Now all watching the function,.suddenly someone patted Khushi from behind..she turn and saw rethink standing behind with charming smile..she smile at him back,.

Rithik:may I join you with you miss.mehera..

Khushi:sure come..

He then take a seat beside Khushi..and smile at everyone..Arnav frown seeing Rithik sitting beside Khushi and a grumpy face..then now it's time for the awards..

First award was best designer on the year..and its win by on of khushi's designer..everyone start to clap.khushi smirk winning way ..then her designer got the award..Arnav happy for Khushi.lthen the function continue to..after few more awards .now the time for important awards.

hOd:now it's time to give the best business man of the year..so the award goes to (after little moment)ARNAV Singh raizada..congratulations...

Khushi smile happily besting the announcement..she clapped happily..family members happy about him..then he went to reserve the award..everyone clapped for him..then after getting the award he talked few words and come back to seat..everyone congrats him..Khushi smile at him proudly.now it's time for next award..

Hod:so now the time for next award..the best business women award..so here the results..(after moment)so the best business women award goes to (little moment)Khushi mehera congratulations...

Khushi smirk winning way and get up from the seat..everyone clapped loudly..family members really happy about that..shashi clapping proudly..he feeling really proud..but he don't known why..yamini to feeling the same.,then she got the award.just thanked her team..her office members really happy about  the award.they know she only get the award.but still ..they happy..then she come back..then next three awards to win by Khushi.best business tycoon of the year,best fashion house,best fashion team..family members truly amused by her..she truly best on her career..she even beat Arnav in business..but he don't sad or worry about that..Infect he feeling proud and happy about that she being this much great in business ..family members congrats her again and again..then next two awards to went.family really surprised by her achievements expect ranjana..she already know about her Khushi baba really well..they truly feel proud of her..specially yamini and sashi..then the function finally ended..now party time for everyone..it's was decent family party for everyone..raizadas and guptas enjoying the gala time..Khushi and raizada brothers are talking with some business clients..shashi to join with them..Rithik too..now all tycoon talking about their usual business talks..after sometime family members decided to go home..it's already very late...now only professional people present there..suddenly Arnav got a call from his on of client..he is urgent to go..with half heartily he left the party with akash after bid bye to Khushi..he don't got time to talk with her properly..it's really sad..now is party Khushi and Rithik and some other tycoons..

When they all talking suddenly Khushi got a call ..seeing the id she got serious and went some feet away to attend the call..after fishing the call..she is really disturb about the issue she facing those days..one of waiter offer her some drink..she take one and drink that on go in full of stress..after moment her versions getting little blur..she slowly enter inside ..suddenly she fell into someone..after that everything blank..

Next update:blast in relation..yamini sashi come to know about Khushi..the real self of Khushi..beasty anger of the devil angel..

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Fabulous update.
Dec 13, 2017

Unique devil angel (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 49 times)

Khushi slowly open her eyes and try to look where she is..when she look around ..that place really familiar to her..she get up and look around slowly..she really surprised seeing her on own bedroom..that's mean she is in her house..but how she come herE.she don't remember how she come to house.she try to remember what happened last night.but nothing coming to her mind.lastly she remember she have some drink served by the waiter.after that what happened she don't remember.her head paining like a hell..she get up from the bed.she still on same outfit..before doing anything she went downstairs..when she come to living room.she met really unexpected person..

Khushi:(surprised tone)mr.raheja!!what are you doing here..

Ranjana::(sarcastic tone)you asking him what he doing here..do you remember how you come here.

Khushi confused by ranjana question..she is right.how she come here.she look at Rithik who looking her with charming smile..

Khushi:Nona please.i am already in big confusion.please tell me how I come here..and how mr.raheja come here.

Ranjana:yesterday late night I waiting for you.rithik beta bring you to home unconscious way.when I asked him what happened..I told me you faint in party hall..and he stay here last night because his car broke down ..now can you remember what happened last night.

Khushi look at Rithik with surprised look.he then told her softly.

Rithik:last night you suddenly got unconscious miss.mehera..luckily I saw you in party hall back garden.so I bring you to home after asking address from my PA.when I try to go back.my car broke down.thats why I stay here.i hope you don't mind.

Khushi:(smile normally)of course not.such a big thing you did to me..thanks for that..

Rithik:(smile)it's my pleasure to help you miss.mehera..after all your my business partner..

Khushi:(smile)so many things happened..I think we should stop being professional..let be formal.you can call me by my name,.just Khushi..

He smile and agree with her happily.ranjana surprised by khushi's gesture towards.she never talked with anyone friendly like this expect Arnav.its truly new.anyway it's also good.she no more try to be hard to everyone,nowadays she being soft with everyone.its all because of Arnav.then Khushi left to fresh up asking Rithik to stay for breakfast..he to agree with her.thrn after sometime she come back getting ready.them both had a breakfast.now it's time to Rithik to go..but he don't know how will he go without a car..then Khushi give him one of her car key..

Khushi:here this is my one of car key..you can take this..after your car got repairs you can return to me..

Rithik thanked her..he then left the place after bid bye to them.Khushi look at his vanish figure sometime.after that she left to get ready for the office.

At ar company.khushi reached to office..when she enter to her cabin..first thing she saw Arnav sitting on chair,smile seeing him..he saw Khushi come .he got up and moves toasted her hurriedly..next moment he take her to bone cracking hug..Khushi starlet for some seconds then hugged him back.after moment they break the  hug and he start to kiss her face everywhere..she smiling and enjoying his kisses gladly..after giving lot of kisses he told her in romantic tone.

Arnav:I missed you very much baby,.after our that two passionate nights..I don't get a chance to spend with you.my whole mind just possess by you and your thoughts.after our consummate I can't be away from you Khushi..I need you beside me badly.i can't Khushi..

He start to kiss her neck..Khushi smile and cup his face..

Khushi:(love filled tone)it's just for four weeks talk Arnav..after this month end.we both can be together for life long.after this month passed..even you wished also.o will not go away from you..try to be patience..just for some more days,..

Arnav:I will never wish to go away from you Khushi.i just want to be with you until my last breath.please don't talk about leaving me.its really hurt..

She smile then both of them hugged each other tightly..after sometime Khushi asked him to leave,it's was office..after kissing her last time he lest her cabin.she look at his fade figure with soft smile and start to do works..

After some hours.in Arnav cabin.he doing work seriously..suddenly someone knocked the cabin.he ask the person to come,then on of his stuff give him some parcel which was arrived to him..he take the parcel and ask the person to leave..he thoughts to look at that later.but suddenly his inner self asking him to look this now itself.he take the parcel and ripped to see.when he open suddenly some photos fell from the parcel.he take all that and see what is that..when he saw the photos..his breath stopped..his body got paralyzed..his eyes not blinking.he become stone.he cant believe his eyes,.

There a many photos of Khushi with some man..her whole badly covered with bedsheet till shoulder..her hair are messy.her cloths are everywhere..beside her some boy sleeping hugging her..he not wearing anything,just the sheet covering him till the waist.there many pics like both kissing.having ****.he don't regonise the man..but he can see Khushi enjoying his touches.,she was fully wake..both of them mutually making out..both fully bare ..tears falling from his eyes seeing all this..he cant believe this..no..no..it's not true..it's was fully lie..no..he throw all the photos around aggressively..now his whole mind surrendered by the prices her saw now..he can't Control himself,,he bang his hands on table hardly..

Arnav:no..no..Khushi will never do something like this to me..she will never cheat me..she only love me..she will never betray me..I believe her..she will never do such a thing..no..no..

He scream in pain and anger..because of sound proof no one can hear anything.. He hurriedly take all the pictures from the floor and start to tear them to countless pieces..the way no one can see..he destroy all that completely..he breathing hardly in anger and pain..he don't know what to go.tears falling from his eyes continually.he blindly believe that Khushi will never betray him..she is not that kind of girl..she even purely Virgin when they consummate their love..yes it's not true..the photos all he saw not true..he chanting this repeatedly.but the pictures hunting his mind badly..he feel like to destroy everything in this world..his frustration passing the limit every second..he bang on the table hardly..he breathing very hardly..suddenly his phone start to ring..unknowingly he answered the call.hearing the caller starting.his whole self got hard..

Caller:I know you seen the pictures whatever on that parcel..now hear me out without stop in middle,,that's was your would to be wife true nature..she is not loving you truly.you just fell on her beauty and nature.but she just keeping you as time pass game..she just needed your body..that's why after English you .next day she left to enjoy some other body,,I am saying all this..because I am your well wisher..believe me..she is not loving you..if you still don't believe me..then try to know where she go after spending a night with you in farmhouse..she left the place early morning itself right..so try to search where she went..when you come to know the truth by yourself you can believe my words..best of luck..

The call got disconnected..but Arnav still thinking about the caller words..he don't know what to do..now his mind asking him to do something against the heart..he want to clear this out.lhe take his phone and came out from the cabin .he stop in middle.his deep heart still asking him to go to Khushi and ask her straightly about this to her..but the full ASR mind asking him to do this his own..he follow his mind.after send a massage to akash he left the office..

Arnav standing on some lonely place.there not many people..he thinking about the scene happened few minutes ago..he still can't believe that Khushi will do something like that.but the thing happened two days ago hitting his brain..the way she left the house without informing him.busy call line..absence in office..all of those incidents rising negative thoughts on his mind.he can't bear this anymore.he want to know the truth.its not that he doubting Khushi.but those working things making him to do this..he take his phone and type a number roughly.after two ring call got answer,

Arnav:(rough ASR tone)aman I want to know about Khushi mehera recent activities..take a full details of her this whole week activities ..what she did..where she went..who she meet.everything.understood.i want all the details soon as possible..

He cut the call and board to car.his mind wishing badly.whatever he doing.he just want the results positive way.he don't want any damage on their life..he start the car and left to house.

In raizada mansion..family members surprised seeing Arnav in home this time.this too early for him to return home.before few hours ago only he went to office.and looking his tired face everyone got worried,he don't speak with anyone ..straightly went to his room.they thought to not disturb him..maybe he is tired,so all of them let him sleep.

In Arnav room.he come to room and sit in bed with tired face..he can't to anything.emotionally and physically he weak right now..he don't have any energy to do anything.he close his eyes and thinking about this new mess deeply.he don't know what happened suddenly..everything went on correct track right.then what happened suddenly.he don't know who is right who is wrong.even he can't doubt khushi's love.the love he saw on her eyes truly pure.but the photos hunting his brain.the way she being happy with some other person.just burning his heart..even that caller told the same thing,he feel like to bang his head somewhere.he hear his phone ringing .he take that and saw its was khushi's call.his heart beating fastly seeing her name..he not in the state to talk with her.but still he answer the call.


Khushi:hello Arnav!what happened to you..akash told me you left to home..why suddenly..are you okay..is there any problem.

Arnav:I am find Khushi..I am feeling tired.i can't talk.i will call you later.bye.

Khushi:okay ..if you need anything just call me..take care if yourself..bye.

She cut the call.tears falling from Arnav's eyes..he don't know what to do..seeing her care towards him.how can he doubt her love.,if she don't love him truly why she have to care for him ..his mind struck with many thoughts.he weep his tears and decide to wait for aman results..if she is right.next second he will fall on her legs for doubting her..if she is wrong..he dong know how he going to bear the truth..no..he don't have that gut to face her truth.he fearing for the result.he hoping badly to everything go well.thinking all this he  fell to sleep.don't know what going to happen..

Next day early morning..Arnav get up hearing the alarm sound..he look around and saw he is on room.snd still on same office outfit..he remains now he take dinner in room itself..he don't meet anyone still.yesterday event fully come back to his mind..phone call,images,he feeling really weak..he slowly left to washroom for fresh up..after fresh up he left to living room.

In living room.family members saw Arnav coming down..he join to family members.then Nani asked him worried way.

Nani:what happened to you chote..yesterday fully you don't come down.is everything okay..

Arnav:(slow voice)nothing Nani..I am just tired because of works stress.thats why.

Anjali:(scolding tone)that's why I always asking you to take rest sometime.but you not like to hear our words..

Arnav:it's okay di.i am fine.

In Arnav's room..he sitting on poolside..he not have a mood to go office today.suddenly his phone ring.he take that  and saw its was aman call.first time in his life he getting scared to attend aman call.his throat got dry.he slowly answer the call.

Arnav:hello aman..did you find (gulp)the details..

Aman:yes ASR.as per my report..three days ago Khushi mehera booked one room in @@ hotel..management team said that.the whole day she not come out from the room or take any service from hotel.the whole day her phone busy.just few calls got attended.she don't go to her home or office.and even the report saying.she booked a couple room.and with her some man also stay on room.after that she come back to her professional life.and few time got call from some person which was private number..this is what I got ASR.

Arnav cut the call hurriedly without cant hear anything more.he shivering in pain and anger.he going to cry.he fell on the floor and cry his heart out..he can't bear this truth.he can't bear this..how can she do this to him..how can she,can she see his true love on her.he loved her whole heartily.but she betrayed him.he sobbing badly.what a big fool he is..he loving the girl blindly who not loving him.he feel so betrayed and hurt.he dreamed his whole life with her.he even planned their beautiful future,how he wished to give her the perfect life.but she destroyed everything to million pieces.why she give him this much big punishment..don't she feel his true love on her..he crying his heart out.he never feel this much hurt and pain in his entire life.he felt like he lost everything in this world.why all this happened to him.he start to breath hardly.tears are not stopping from coming.its so hard for him..

In living room.raizadas talking in living room.suddenly door bell ring.when hp open the door he saw whole Gupta family standing out..he welcomed them and take them to living room.raizadas surprised seeing guptas.akash got excited seeing payal..they both shared a lovely eye look.then raizadas welcomed them.then guptas informed them thry arranged some pooja for both couple tomorrow in their house..raizadas agree with them.anjali quickly called Khushi and ask her to come home with ranjana.after few minutes she reached to raizada mansion with ranjana..all of them really happy to meet her again.then she agree to come to pooja.when all going smoothly,suddenly everyone saw Arnav coming down silently.all of them smile looking him.but Khushi notice Arnav not looking good.his full face being pale.his eyes have a dark circles.she got worried seeing him like this.she hurriedly move towards him..

Khushi:Arnav what happened to you..why are you looking this much pale.are you okay.say something Arnav,.

But he being dead silent.his face not showing any emotions..he not reacting for her words.suddenly all of them got worried.all continually asking him what happen.what he not uttering a word.somewhere Khushi not feeling good about his silence.something not right.suddenly door bell ring.hp open the door and saw there some parcel placed in doorstep..he bring that to living room and give it to Anjali hand.she confused seeing sudden parcel.she open that and got shock looking the pictures..those all same photos which send it to Arnav,everyone notice her shocked state and asked her what happened.she passed the photos to family members.all of them gasps seeing the photos of khushi's.they all really shocked seeing such a photos.that to of Khushi's.they can't  believe their eyes..shashi feeling little hurt to seeing her like this.other hand yamini feeling like to cry seeing such a photos..ranjana take the pic from akash and shocked to see the picture.khushi don't know why they all getting this much shock...is everything okay..she take the photo from ranjana and stunned to see such a photos of hers.its not true.she never did all this..finally Nani asked her with strict tone.

Nani;what's all this Khushi beta..what those photos means..can you explain what all this mean?

Khushi:(calming tone)Nani don't get tension..whatever you all seeing.thats not true,these photos are not true.believe me,it's was work of some of my rivals.

"No Nani!!.whatever you looking the exact truth..it's not any rivals work.the photos all true."

All of them stunned hearing Arnav's statement.they can't believe that it he said that truly.or they hear it wrongly.thry all looking him with shocked face.khushi looking him without blinking,she already sensed something coming really big.arnav look straightly towards Khushi and walk towards her.he take the photo from her hand roughly and told to everyone in high tone.

Arnav:this is the real truth of the great Khushi mehera..her true face come front of us clearly.the photos which you all have on your hands true.and I am saying that strongly.

Khushi:(angry tone)Arnav!!!.what happened to you.what nonsense you're talking .are you on your sense.what the hell are you talking..

Arnav:(same angry tone)I am talking with my full sense.these days I lost my sense somewhere.thats why I failed to see your fake love on me.if I be on sense early too.today I may not faced this betrayal.but how fool I am.i fell on your fake love.i am feeling on own self..

Khushi shocked hearing Arnav calling her live as fake love.her heart broken to dead.she looking him without blinking.

Khushi;you calling my love as fake love.how can you said that.my love is fake to you.

Arnav:(aggressively)until I come to know about that truth.i blindly believed that.your love true.but when I come to know that you're love on mr not true.you cheated me.i feel like to die that moment.its wonder that I am still alive.

Khushi:do you think I will cheat you.. This is how much you know about me.don't you know about me.

Arnav:(aggressive increasing)I believed that I know you better..but no..that's not true.today only I come to know about you fully.today I come to know you not loved me..you just loved my body like other girls.but my bad lunch I fell on your trap.you just wished to enjoy me.when your desire fulfilled you went to look after another man..I feel so Shame to say I loved a girl like you.

The every words Arnav throwing just falling on Khushi broken heart deeply.she don't know how to react.she looking him without blinking.how can he think about her this much low way.family members don't know what's happening front of them.khushi told him broken way.

Khushi:watch your words Arnav.you talking too much..you maybe regret later.

Arnav:(arrogant sarcastic tone)what there left to regret more.already I am regretting many things..regretting meeting you first place.regretting loving you.regretting become one with you.i am regretting many things,.i am now regretting knowing I am bid hurry on my private life.i am regretting that two days badly..thinking about that .now my whole body feeling shame.how I spend my days with you.i am regretting that badly..

Khushi looking him fully hurt filled way..that's it..she can't heart anything more.he regretting spending such a memorable moments with her..that day they both surrendered their self to each other..how can he said that..

Arnav:(hate tone)it's good that your mother thrower you in trash without rising you.otherwise she will regret giving birth to you..it's really good.

Now family members got biggest shock hearing Arnav's statement..shashi and yamini become stone hearing Arnav's statement .they shacked by his words.khushi look at him blankly.he going to wrong side.ranjana got angry hearing him.

Khushi:(weak pleading way)Arnav please don't go there.

Arnav:(sarcastic tone)why!feeling shame to disclose your identity.let all of them know your true identity..(shout loudly)attention everyone (point Khushi)this is the great business tycoon and queen if the fashion world the great Khushi mehera..you all know her as just business women right.but this great miss mehera not only s orphan.but a founded baby in trash..her mother just throw her in trash after she born,her life started in a ugly garbage.she was unwanted baby on her own parents,I think her mother maybe come to know that after she grow up she will become characterless girl only..for her mother she just like some trash that's why she easily throw her in garbage.thats why her mother throw her in right place..not just that ..she even a mental patient..she still taking treatment for her mental state.if I have to said clearly then..SHE IS A PSYCHO!!

All of them just stopping breathing hearing such a big truths about Khushi..they all don't know how to react,ranjana looking Arnav angrily.she move forward to him.but she feel a hold on her hand.she turn and saw Khushi holding her hand firmly.she look at her deeply,her face filled with full of pain and hurt.ranjana feeling like to cry looking khushi's state.Arnav don't know what he is speaking out of anger and pain.he feel really betrayed.because of his wrong thinking.he not seeing that he hurting the same girl who he loving madly.he now just believing she betray him..out of the pain he speaking all this.he move towards Khushi and held her arms firmly.

Arnav:(aggressively)I am now also wishing to see all this as just lie.but the ugly truth never change.even you not trying to deny all this.you don't Know I am feeling right now.i betray by the girl who I love.to whom I give myself completely,.but all those not meant to her that much..now these all not mean to me.from this moment yours and mine relationship ended.you are no one to me anymore.i already throw you from my life.now I will throw you from my house.

He held her hand and drag her towards the door.all of them shocked by this..ranjana run behind him.he stop in doorstep and push her out from the house.khushi fell on the floor with thund.ranjana hurriedly move towards her,Khushi looking at him blankly..

Arnav:this us your right place.i made a mistake by giving you a place in my heart.but that's wrong place.this is your correct place.after all trashes always belong to road not to home.from now other wards don't try to show your face to me..good bye..

Saying that he shut the door with thund.rAnjana crying seeing khushi's state.she looking the shut it door with blank stare,so it's all over.she feeling like she again fell to the darkness where she lived whole life before Arnav come.ranjana slowly make her stand up and take her to car.she don't want to be here anymore.khushi walking emotionless way..she not reaction on anything,ranjana got scared looking her like this..she make her sit on car and quickly left the place. 

Raizada mansion..Arnav rushed to his room without looking anyone.all of them still can't understand what happened few minutes ago.how happily everything started.but now when they see their favorite couple ended their relationship and go apart .they can't disgust  anything.nani feeling sick.anjali and mami take her to room.pther family also don't know what to do..but there two people who not reaction for anything,yamini shashi..both of them being like a stone.they now feeling the dead line.they never thought their past will be come back to them like this.now they can clearly see the truth which they both keep running from those years.khushi was the baby who throw by yamini.and she was symbol of yamini shashi past love.this is the big truth if their life..she was daughter on shashi Gupta and yamini Sinha.both of them look each other and look at the damage they did on their life,

Ranjana slowly bring Khushi inside the house.khushi slowly moves towards the garden area.ranjana let her be alone.she slowly come to middle of the garden.suddenly rain start to pour,next second she fell on the floor with a thund.she start to cry loudly.she crying loudly hitting the ground,her tears getting mixing in rain.she crying loudly how much she can.she hitting the ground violently.

Ranjana sobbing hearing Khushi crying sound.first time in her life Khushi crying heart out.today she totally broken.she promised herself that she will never cry.but today she crying her heart out,ranjana can't bear khushi's cry.but she let her cry.because it's needed.ruchika come hearing Khushi crying sound.she try to go towards Khushi.but ranjana stopped her.

Ranjana:no ruchika.don't go there.let her cry.she have to cry today.she controlling these tears from her childhood..it's time to cry heart out.she not crying just for her lost love.she crying thinking about her..crying  thinking about her birth.every time because of some other person mistakes she will bear the punishment.today also she facing the same.her mother thrown her to trash that day.today her love thrown her from his life.its time for her to cry thinking all this..let her cry..

Ranjana saying all that will tears filled voice.khushi screaming loudly..today she can't control her tears,what tragic event happened on her life,why always something coming on her happiness.after spending a lifeless childhood.she just wished to have a peaceful life with him.but her all dreams just broke into million pieces.her breath getting struck because if the tears.she fell to floor fully.her whole life got destroyed.she no more can dream a family for her own.she can't be happy with a big family,all finished.she sobbing badly..her breath getting stuck more.shr getting difficult to breath..rain pouring on her fastly,.ranjana can't  bear this anymore,she hurriedly moves towards Khushi.she saw Khushi laying on floor.rain pouring hardly,she rushed and take her to lap,Khushi look at her with tears filled face.and asked her broken way..

Khushi:why all this happening to me Nona.what sin I did that I am bearing this much big punishment.i never thinks a wrong to anyone Nona.then why all wrongs happening to me.dont I deserved to live peacefully,don't I allowed to loved by someone.i dreamed my whole life with him.but see what happen to me,what a kind of punishment god giving me Nona.i can't breath Nona.please said those all just some of nightmare.he never leave me right.tell me na Nona.thise all not true right.say it Nona.

Ranjana hugged her tightly,she can't bear Khushi broken state.why God always punishing her child.dont that got have a pity on him.khushi crying on ranjana lap hardly,she totally broken today.ranjana try to take her to room.bith of them fully wet.and Khushi refuse to come.after lot of effort she bring her inside.she take her to her room and make her lay in bed.because of hard crying Khushi become weak.she mumbles in tiredness.she almost going to faint.ranjana changed her dress and give her a pain killer pill.mumbling way she fell to sleep.ranjana weep the tears coming from her corner of eyes .ranjana crying seeing her state.after covering her by bedsheet she left the room..she left the room without knowing from tomorrow other wards the real Khushi mehera going to come back.the real Khushi who hiding from everyone very long time.its time for the real devil arrival.angel lost on her love..but the real devil inside her will not lose on anyone..now the raizadas going to see the real anger.real.lioness.the real devil angel...

Next update:big revelation,,hurt.attempt to suicide.devil game..

Next stories updates depends on this story votes and comment..

Next stories:pyaar ki tho darna kya..jab tak hai jaan.kabhi Khushi kabhi gam..

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Fabulous update
Dec 30, 2017

Unique devil angel. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 31 times)

Next day morning..ranjana sleeping in living room sitting way.she didn't went to her home leaving Khushi alone in room..she don't know what will khushi's reaction after she get up.last night she lost her whole sense.ruchika sleeping on her lap.suddenly ranjana get up hearing heel sound.she robe her ey s and look at the staircase.next second her jaw dropped.she looking the scene with shocked face..

Khushi coming Cowan wearing full white and white stylish coat suit for to go office..she made her hair to gorgeous braid.she fully ready to go office.when she come down she saw ranjana ruchika present in living room.she look at ranjana who looking her shocked way.she take a seat on sofa and asked normally..

Khushi:what are you doing here Nona.dont you left to your house last night.see ruchika sleeping with frown face.go make her sleep properly on your room..

Ranjana looking her really shocked way.she don't expect all this.khushi normally looking something on phone after moment she asked ranjana.

Khushi:what is this nona..you still don't make anything for breakfast.already eight o clock passed.i have to go office also.you going to cook or not.

Ranjana starlet hearing Khushi .she hurriedly left to kitchen to make breakfast.khushi casually come to dinning table and check emails on phone until ranjana make breakfast.after few minutes ranjana come there bringing breakfast.she start to serve Khushi quickly.then Khushi start to have the breakfast normally.ranjana observe her keenly.she not finding anyway sad or hurt about yesterday event.she behaving normally. Ever more normal even usual.ranjana don't know why she behaving like this.suddenly something sink on ranjana mind.she wide her eyes in shock .she look at Khushi with terrific face.her heart beating fastly.she don't want whatever she thinking must not true.she gulp her saliva looking Khushi.she slowly asked to Khushi shivering way..

Ranjana:Khushi beta..you know right what happened yesterday.i don't think it's good idea you going to office..that to Arnav office.please don't go..

Khushi:(eating way)who is that Arnav..(ranjana wide her eyes)for some stranger person I can't stop going to office .i have lot of works to do..already the competition nearing.so please..I can't be here without going to office..

Khushi finished her breakfast .and it's time for her to go office.after bid bye to ranjana.she left from house.but ranjana still standing on same spot.she can't move from the place.her face showing the damn sacredness.she spoke out in terrified..

Ranjana:hey devimayya!!.please don't make this true..please don't do anything like this.i don't want that old Khushi come back.please devimayya..she was really dangerous.i don't want something happen wrongly.please devimayya..please Atleast hear my this prayer.i don't want that old Khushi mehera come back.who was very dangerous to everyone.

Ranjana begging to god badly.but she don't realized which thing she don't want to happen.thats already happen.now none of her prayer going to come true.

AR company..Arnav akash come to office like early..but both of them not like early..thry both really disturbed specially Arnav..he was totally broken from inside.he really shattered by yesterday event,he never thought those all will end like this.his love went in really beautiful path.he don't know what happen suddenly,he never thought Khushi will betray him.deep inside he still can't forget her.but because of the anger pain and ego he pretends like he hating her .his mind strongly believe Khushi betrayed him.she not loved him truly,his mind not ready to hear his heart.he is now being a ASR.he don't want to think about her.in fact he don't want to meet her.his ASR mind fully brainwashing him.he don't want get weak thinking about her.but he fully don't have any idea ..how much big mistake he did and doing now.very soon he going to regret very much..

Arnav sitting on his cabin looking the file .but his mind some other thoughts.akash come to his cabin and saw he lost somewhere.he sigh seeing him like this..he move towards him and take a seat on chair.

Akash:bhai! (Arnav look at him)for how many days you going to be like this.its was you who take this decision..you being lost.whats all this bhai..

Arnav:(low voice)you Won't understand akash..you do t know the pain of failure love.she maybe not loved me truly.but I loved her more then my soul.i just lived for her.but see.after she doing such a big thing to me.i can't come out from her thoughts.how can she do this to me akash.won't she understands my love.why she betrayed me.its feel so hurt akash..

Akash:(little confident)I agree bhai,,you was hurt.its maybe hard for to bear.even we all know how much you loved her.but bhai.do you really believe Khushi will do such a cheap act.

Arnav:what are you try to said akash.do you think I am wrong?

Akash:(confident tone)of course not bhai.you will never believe anything without a proof.even our whole family saw the pictures.and you got all information about her.but more then all this.we very well know what a kind of girl is..she is not flirty or seduce type girl.and more then us you know about her well right.how many times you got hurt seeing her ignores towards you.she was fully serious and hot tempered person.after knowing all this.do you believe she will betray you having extra material affair with some other man.i can't believe this bhai..

Arnav:(argue tone)okay!we know all this..then what's about that photos,booked room,disappearance in office,lot of lies,why she did all this..if she that much good person.what about the details I got about her activities ,do you think the details I got about her fake.no chance for that.thats was 100% true report.she having a affair with some other man.

Akash:whatever bhai..but until I witness all this through my own eyes .i will never believe all this.i still believe whatever you got detail about Khushi fully not true.my deep heart still saying this repeatedly.anyway.lets get back to works..it's time for Khushi to come..

Arnav:(challenging tone)do you think she will come here after whatever happen yesterday. Don't this she will come..she must be hiding on her room knowing I come to know about her.she must be feeling shame to come front of me,.

Akash look at him silently,suddenly they got a conference to attend.both of them came out from the cabin .when they try to go board room.suddenly they hear a powerful heel sound.they look behind and got big shock and surprise..Arnav look at her shocked way.akash looking her surprised way.then small smile appear on his face looking get.he look at his big brother who strongly believed she will not come.but now just look at her.she coming towards them like some powerful queen.her face having a tight stare,her face not showing any hurt or pain.she powerfully passed by raizada brothers and enter inside the cabin..

Arnav don't expect she will come.but look at her.she come to office like nothing happen.akash smile looking his brother lost face.his confidence now increase even more seeing khushi's presence in office bravely.he now know.there surely something wrong.both of them enter to board room thinking different  thought.

After sometime..Khushi working on her cabin.suddenly someone knocked the cabin..she ask the person come inside.its was akash.he smile at her normally.she look at him silently.he thrn said to her with smile.

Akash:woo miss.mehera!we have a meeting to attend now.its about fashion competition.so please come with me. 

Khushi get up and move with him.both come to board room.its going to be video conference.arnav already present on room.he look at her silently.but she behaved like she not even see him.thrh both take the seats.then they three started the meeting.after finishing the meeting they three discuss about show..

Khushi:mr.raizada !now we fully near to the show.our preparation already finished.now we just need to do other arrangements for the show.and I decided.from next week other wards.i full time going to work on my office.i will not come here from next week.you both need to come there daily until the show end.so be ready to come to my office..

Arnav:(little arrogantly)because you ordering us.we can't follow your orders miss.mehera.let me remind you even we also have the equal right on this project.so you just can't take the decision alone.

Khushi:(hard tone)it's true that you also have the equal right.but let me remind you.its was me who give that right to you.and even the company going to participate in my name.so before open your big mouth .try to understand the reality fully,it's not hard for me to throw you from this competition and get another partner.there many companies dying to work with me.so just shut your big mouth .do what I said..

Khushi told him with hard bossy voice.arnav automatically shut his mouth hearing hear tone,she get up from the seat and try to go out from the room.before going out she told him with full of arrogance.

Khushi:and before come to my office.try to control your big mouth.because I will not be patience like this every time.if you showed me your so called arrogance and angry behavior.then you will face the real meaning of the arrogance ,anger.so be careful.

She give him deadly warning,and left the room.arnav look at her vanishing figure with shock.he gulp hearing her warning.how much he try to pretend like hate and try to be arrogant with her.more then him she was angry type.unknown to him he got little nervous,he look at akash who looking him keenly,he try  to be normal front of him.he quickly left the place to calm his nervousness.

Next day evening..today was weekend day..raizadas present in living room.of course they all not in good mood.after that big fight.they all truly not happy on their house.they never expect Arnav Khushi will break up like this.how much dreams they all have about them.but all of them shattered to millions pieces.now they all don't know what to do.and even thry notice Arnav not in good state after that incident.they can see.he always lost somewhere.he not showing any interest on anything,he was being lost every time,they all can't see him like this.because of Arnav's state.no one notice yamini state..none noticed that after that incident she belong like completely dead body.she just lost her sense.she didn't talk with anyone..she was completely dead after knowing the dreadful truth..after knowing who is Khushi.she feeling like to kill her own self.now she can't forget what she did many years ago.everything finished now.she can't hide anything more.she lost on her past last two days..

All family members present in living room.Arnav to present there.yamini to sitting with her daughters ,husband,.they all talking normally.there only two people who not join to their talks.thats was yamini and Arnav.they both lost on their own memories.when they all talking.suddemly power cut it.all surprised by that.suddenly all of them hear some sounds.they all wonders by that.ladies got little nervous.mans try see what happens,but suddenly some gains enter inside the house with guns and before think anything they point guns on family members.ladies scream seeing this..mans shocked seeing the mans.on if the man point gun to Arnav .he asked them with angry.

Arnav:who the hell are you all?what you all want.leave my family.if something happens to them,no one can go out alive.leave my family right now..

"I don't catch your all for leaving Arnav "they all hear a dark voice from doorstep .all turn and saw an young man in same age in Arnav standing on doorstep smirking wicked way.he slowly come towards Arnav and smirking at him.Arnav asked him angrily..

Arnav:who the hell are you damn it?why you catch us like this.what you want from us.who are you.

Man:(smirking way)oh.ohh Arnav..you still not recognized me.don't you remember your own dear cousin brother?

Everyone shocked hearing his statement..all of them look at him shocked way.arnav look at him stunned stare and slowly asked him.

Arnav:dhruv!!it is you dhruv?

Dhruv:(shout loudly)yes it's me.dhruv Malik.your dear cousin brother.dhruv malik.its really big wonder that you still not forget me.its good.i am impressed..

Arnav:dhruv what are you doing?did you see what the hell are you doing?leave us..what you want?

Dhruv:I don't need anything from you all..I just want your all souls.just give me that.i will go from here peacefully.

All of them shocked by his words..they don't know what he try to said.Arnav really angry.he asked him angrily.

Arnav:dhruv!have you lost your mind.what the hell are you saying.are you mad?

Dhruv:(shout more violently)yes I am mad!i mad..because of you I become mad.you are the reason today I am mad.you are the only reason.my whole life spoiled because of you.my whole family spoiled because of you.if you not take sheesh mahal from my father.he will never commit suicide.my mother will never lost her mental state.i don't needed to lost my everything.its all because of you Arnav Singh raizada.you are the reason for everything.

Everyone just under the big shock..Arnav was really stunned.he don't aware about all this..his uncle died.he look at dhruv who looking everyone angrily..when he try to said something.he again shout loudly.

Dhruv:from that moment I put plan to attack your family..you don't know how many days I keep waiting for this moment,many times my plan failed..but not this time.today I will not move from here without killing you all.

Arnav:(blackmailing tone)dhruv you don't know with whom you playing!i can make you pay for this really badly.no one can escape from my cults if I target them.leave my family right now.otherwise you will face really bad end..

Dhruv:(laugh wicked way)look who is talking.the great ASR aka Arnav Singh raizada.king of fashion world,great Harvard brain.but what use in that..who can't see the truth fully.will believe whatever seeing and hearing..(Arnav look at him confused way)what!why you looking me like this.don't you understand what I am saying.okay.then let me reveal you the whole story..I don't want you die with lot of confusion..do you remember a girl in name Khushi mehera..(smirk)I know you know her..she was your love right,who you ready to get marry.not any more right.do you know how your love broken..

Arnav gulp his saliva hearing his words.he sense that something coming really horrible..dhruv smile at him wicked way and start to told him..

Dhruv:Khushi mehera!name of perfection!meaning of the beauty!!she don't come to my list until you put your eyes on her..unluckily she loved you back..from the second you saw her.next second I start to follow her .after knowing you loving her deeply..I waited until you both become lovers..my luck you both become lovers very soon..then I started my game..I called her first time and threaten her saying.i going to kill your whole family and you.she first don't believed me.but I showed her enough evidence to believe me.must said.she was really straight forward.she directly come to my demand..

Flash back.

In mehera company.khushi talking with dhruv in phone..

Khushi:what's your demand..what you want from me..

Dhruv:I don't need any money or wealth Khushi mehera..I just want that raizadas lives..and importantly your love Arnav's.i will not give up until I kill him.i just called you to inform..don't dream your future with going to die man..try to forget him now itself.otherwise it's will be hard for you later.

Khushi:(arrogant tone)even I inform you..until I have I am being with them.you can't touch their shadows also..they maybe Arnav's family.but when Arnav accept me to his life.now their was my family..until I am here.you can't do anything..lets see how you going to touch them..you can't touch my family.

Flash back end

Dhruv:I called her that day thinking she will do some stupidity and I can take any chances from that..but she was really sharp..without informing anything to you..she start to search me by her own.she even challenged me..she will not let anything happens to your family.she challenged me I can't do anything to your family.,

Arnav silently hearing all this.he already very scared.he know something coming really horrible thing..he looking dhruv nervously.family members to really nervous..

Dhruv:my times..(angrily)many times..I tried to prove her I can harm your family..but every time she come there to protect your family..(bang on wall)she always make my plans spoil.first I tried to hit akash by van on restaurant..second time I tried to kill Anjali by car.and even I tried to kill your Nani..but every time she saved your family..without your all knowledge she put tight protection around you all.just like some strong shield she protected your whole family.specially you.(more aggressively)my all plans got spoiled..I thought she will be pown to my game.but she turn as big enemy to me.24 hours she keep her eagle eyes on your family.she protect you all like her own family,then I realized her presence in your life never let me achieve my goal..she will not let me harm your family.(wicked smile)that's why I planned a fantastic plan.if I want to kill your all then she have to go away from you all lives.but knowing Arnav will never leave her.i take Arnav's weakness as my strong point.knowing very well Arnav was obsessive and mad lover.i started to build doubt on your mind..and I got perfect timing also..award function held very grandly,after you all leave.i just mixed half of sleeping tablet on khushi's drink.she become unconscious.and I don't didn't anything more.just take some photos of her in different angle.after that I photo shopped that with nude girl..you really idiot Arnav..because if the pain and hurt you even not notice the photos clearly..I thought you  will find out all of that was editing photos..but you completely believe the fake photos..I just thought to rise a doubt on your mind..but you take the matter really seriously much to my luck..you even arranged a man to get details about Khushi activities..but your biggest mistake is .you believed everything without think anything.its was me who payed the hotel management to lie about Khushi.and they did that really perfectly .you fall on my trap really easily..now my biggest problem went away..now there no Khushi to protect you all.you lost all of your power.arnav now there none present to help you all.i don't want to waste time anymore..it's time for the climax.

Arnav become paralyzed hearing the biggest truth.all of them don't know how to react hearing all this.arnav not show any emotions..he just standing like a stone.he can't disgust this.he feeling like all of them was some horrible nightmare..he don't know what's happening around him.he can't believe that.he be this much big fool.how can he believe all this so easily.dont he have a brain.his heart not responding.he being emotionless thinking about the biggest mistake he did on his life.he doubted his love who protected his family like a angel.without any expectations she did all this..but what he did to her as return.he blamed her for the mistake which she never committed.he doubt her so aggressively..he didn't hear what she try to said..how badly he hurts her that day..how he insult her birth..knowing very well she was effected badly by her past.still he hurt her by saying many terrible things.he is not reacting for anything.his whole mind now surrender around the mistake he did.his head paining like it's going to blast now.he don't know what to do now.even now his mind asking him to kill his own self.yes.he don't want to live.he don't need to live.he did a biggest sin which can't vanish if he die also..he look at dhruv slowly who take the gun to hand and point on him.arnav not reacting for anything.

Dhruv:it's time for you to go ASR.good bye..happy journey...

Arnav looking him with emotionless way.next second gunshot sound boom on whole house.family members gasps in shock.they look at the scene with terrific faces.all of them stop breathing for a second.they truly not expected this.all of their faces filled with lot of shocks.

Dhruv laying on floor with bleeding shoulder..an bullet pointed his shoulder sharply.he screaming in uncontrollable pain.other goons got alert they try to shoot family but suddenly police officers with black cats  come inside the house.and point gun on goons..they take dhruv from floor and keep him on structure.family members don't know what's happening around them.police takes goons on custody and told to family members..

Police officer;hope you all don't got any hurt.dont worry anymore..you all safe now..nothing to worry.we are around you all 24 hours,,so you all safe now..now we will take him from here.he will not trouble you all anymore..

Shyam:but officers,who called you all here.how you all know about him.

Officer:we all put protection for your family from very many long time.khushi mehera specially appointed black cars for your all protection..we being around you all every time .from many day we keep waiting for to catch him.finally we arrest him.so you all no more needed to get scared.he can't escape from us ..our mission complete now.we will inform this to Khushi mehera.we taking our leave now,if you all want any help.please contact us.

Officers take everyone from there.whole family being silent now.they don't know what to said.now house filled with dead silence.they don't know from where to start.all incident looking like really some dreams..suddenly they all hear a thund.all of them saw Arnav fell on floor and crying bitterly..he crying his heart out.family to got tears on their eyes looking him.they know why he is crying.because they to feeling the same..they all did big betray to the angel who protected them dearly.she just protected them like her soul.but as return they did big betray to her.arnav crying loudly.he can't bear this pain.he feel really hurt.how can he do such a big mistake.he throw her from his life saying she betray him.but now the reality is.its was him who betrayed her.he break  all promises he give her.how blindly she believed him.how much big betray he did to her.he was big fool.he can't forgive himself for this..he crying badly.other side family members to crying.they to feeling really hurt.somewhere they feeling guilty..they can't stop Arnav from doing such a big thing.thry let him insult her.they all can't do anything.all of them feeling really hurt,Anjali look at her brother who crying in pain losing his love because of his own mistake.she feeling bad looking him in this shattered state.but in the same time.she was angry with him.not only she.everyone angry with him.he don't did any small mistake.he broke the girl heart who was reason for they all Alive now.how much she loved him.but he broke her heart completely.but whatever happened.she still his his.she can't look at him like this.she slowly move towards him and cares his head.he look at her tearfully.he told her with broken tone.

Arnav:di look what I did.i spoiled my own life di..how can I be this much big fool di..how can I doubt her.i didn't believed her love di.how can I do this..she did all this to protect us.but what I did to her.i hurt her very badly.how I did all this..how can I hurt her.i very well know she was sensitive about her past.and she very deeply shared that with me believing I will never tell that to anyone..but I broke all of her trust on me..how can I believe a cheap photos.how can I di.she very blindly believed me..I promised her.until I live I will never leave her.but today because of my own foolishness I destroyed my life,why all this happening di.i can't breath properly di.my breath getting struck.my whole body become paralyzed.i can't bear this..please do something di..please di..please bring my Khushi back..I can't bear her absence anymore di..please bring her back.i want to beg her badly.i want to ask her forgiveness.l can't breath properly without her di..please do something.i want my Khushi di..please bring her back..

Anjali:(teary voice)I can understand your pain chote.but it's your fault that today you lost Khushi.you didn't  trust her.today you lost your love because of your own mistake.i can't help you chote..you destroyed your own life chote.we can't do anything now.you maybe my brother.but I can't support you for the mistake you did.i am sorry.i can't help you..

He look at her tearfully.he feeling so hurt hearing Anjali words.he was helpless now.no one there to help him,how he will face her now.he don't have anyone to help him because of his own mistake.he crying in deep pain.he now just want to meet and beg her for forgiveness..but he know that's was not possible.the mistake did not any small mistake.he will never get forgiveness for his sin.his heart already died,now he feeling like to fully die,he don't want a life without Khushi.he can't live without her.he don't want to live without her.yes he don't want to live..that's was only solution for his mistake..he got up from the floor firmly and rushed to downstairs.everyone starlet by his action.all of them got scared seeing his action.they all rushed behind Him.arnav enter to room quickly and shut the door in big thund.all of them start to bang the door.

Anjali:chote what is this..come on open the door.what happened to you.please chote.i am getting scared ..please open the door..

All of them bang the door.nani crying in nervous.thry all don't want something happen terrible more.mahesh asked akash to kick the door.then akash and Shyam hit the door.then door got opened.all of them rushed inside the room.the scene front of them just take all of their breath away.its really horrible scene.

Arnav laying on floor with bleeding hand,he cut his wrist through knife.anjali shout in shock.they all rushed towards him,he was laying unconsciously..akash and Shyam hurriedly carry him out of the room to car.they all don't know what's happening around them.how much happened in one day.now Arnav just give them big attack.all of them take him to hospital..

After one week.....

Arnav laying in bed with bandage on head..he thinking deeply looking the ceiling.how much happen in this one week.five days ago he come from hospital.after trying suicide cutting wrist.his family members saved him.after that he try to kill himself hitting car on bridge.still he got saved.he don't getting chance to even die.now all of them being fully alert by his actions.they all not letting him do anything without their knowledge.he now fully not on his sense.his mind always asking him to die.he don't want to live.he betrayed his love who loved him deeply,he can't live without her.if he need to live.he will only live with her.without her his life was useless.he is dead without her.his life meaningless without her.tears falling from his eyes thinking his memories with her.how happily they both dreamed their happy life.but those all destroyed because of his own mistake,even God will not forgive him for his mistake,tears falling continually on his eyes..he closed his eyes and got lost on her memories..suddenly he feel cares on his head.he opened his eyes and saw yamini sitting beside him and looking him caringly.he slowly sit on bed.yamini told him caring way.

Yamini:I can understand your pain Arnav beta.but because you being like this.nothing going to change.you really we know how much big mistake you did.so instead try to kill yourself try to find solutions for your mistake.there nothing going to change if you die.try to win your love back.if you really want your love back.you have to try hard beta.(low tone)it's not just  you who did a mistake.everyone do mistakes beta.many people still don't get chance to reset their mistakes..not everyone get that chance.death is not solution for everything.try to get her back.if you try hardly without give up you will definitely win her back.so please don't try to kill your self.i don't want you both apart like this.you both mean together.please try to get her back.you can't find a girl like her.you need her that's true.

She left the room lastly cares his hair.she very hardly controlling herself from crying.after came out she crying silently.atleast she can do this to her daughter.whose life today destroyed because of her.she can't reveal the truth to anyone.but Atleast she can do this.she very well know how much Arnav love Khushi.she really hope Arnav will take her advice seriously.she don't want them apart.thinking about Khushi she slowly went from there..

Arnav thinking about yamini's advice..somewhere he agree with her.because he died nothing going to change,instead of suiciding why can't he try to get her back.he know that's easy work.he very well know khushi's nature,she is not typical lover girl..who will forgive whatever her love do..already he create many damages.so it's really hard to get her forgiveness.but he can give a try right.he very aware that.expect she he can't love any other girl.she already take his heart fully.so if he want to live happily.her presence really need on his life.he can't live without her.he determined to get her back.he will do whatever to get her.he will not care if she kill him also.but without getting her back he will not give up.he got a big confident about that.with a big determine he get up from the bed and went inside the bathroom.he determined to win her back.but he don't know winning Khushi mehera not that much easy work..from today other wards his countdown started,he going to face the real Khushi mehera.who not less then a beasty lion,

Next update:Khushi attack on Arnav,the real story begin,beasty Khushi.

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Fabulous update
Jan 18, 2018

Unique devil angel (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 41 times)

Next day..fresh morning.in raizada mansion.whole family having coffee in living room.suddenly they hear a firm shoe sound coming from staircase..all turn and saw Arnav coming down wearing getting ready in perfect office outfit..thry all shocked seeing him like this.yamini smile happily seeing he take her advice seriously,he come and sit with everyone.anjali who came out from shock first asked him with big shock.

Anjali:chote!what is this..are you going to office again.

Arnav:(confident tone)yes di.i am back to work.but this time more then office work.i have some it her work.i realized very well that trying to suiciding not going to make anything alright.thats why I give up trying to suicide ..I am going to wing my love back.i know I hurt her lot.but I am still selfish.without her I can't live happily.i want her on my life in any how.and I will get her definitely..I know she is angry with me now.but I win her anyhow and keep trying until I have last breath on my body.sge need to accept me again di.and I will make her accept me..this is my promise..

Whole family completely stunned hearing his words.thry can see how much madly he loving Khushi.infact he is crazy about her.they all really happy about his decision..yamini smile seeing his determination to win her daughter back.she is happy about that..whole family support him for this.even they want Arnav Khushi to untie again.thry all bless him and wish him good luck.he got more confident after family support.he have a healthy breakfast with family.after full one week he was eating fully.he really exciting to meet her.even nervous too.after having breakfast Arnav and akash left to mehera company.both of them leading to lioness den..

At mehera company..both reached to office.after reaching Arnav feeling nervous to meet Khushi.he never ever felt nervous to face someone.after long one week he going to meet her.and after knowing all the truth he was very guilty to face her.he don't know how she going to react.with many emotions he enter to office.as a usual the office was working with pin drop silence,the presence of khushi's spread in whole office.both of them slowly went to khushi's cabin.thry knock the cabin,and her strong bossy tone call them inside.then they enter to cabin..

Khushi sitting on her seat with file on her hand.she wearing milky white coat suit.hair madden to stylish curl.the coat fitting her slim body perfectly.her perfect poster just killing to see.she still not looked them,and suddenly look at them hearing akash voice.arnav just lost his words looking her dreamy blue eyes after long time.all the past horrible incident flash on his mind.how he hurt her.the way he cut her relations with him and his whole family.full of pain and guiltlessly grow on his heart.he can't face her bravely.he feeling like to cry looking her.then she get up from the seat and asked Arnav with straight tone.

Khushi:it's good Atleast now mr.raizada decided to come to work.don't you want to work with me mr.raizada.you can tell me directly.atleast I can look for another partner.

Arnav:(quickly)no.no..miss.mehera..there nothing like what you thinking..sorry for my delay to come office,I just got sick.thats why I can't attend the office.i promise.this will not happened again.

Khushi nodded at him.then she asked then to go to their cabins.after looking her last time Arnav went out.he don't find her reacting for his sickness news.she was really normally take that.he hurt by that,he make himself comfort and went to his cabin.

At break time,after finishing all works,Arnav happily get up to have the lunch with Khushi.he know she can't delay this.because this is was on of business tradition..both partners have to take lunch together.with many expectations he went to khushi's cabin with akash.he opened her cabin door and saw she to getting ready to have the food.she rise her eyebrow seeing raizada brothers on her cabin.both looking her with soft smile..she look at them with demanding answer look.then Arnav told her sweetly.

Arnav:miss.mehera as usual I would like to have the lunch with you.

Khushi:(normal tone)yeah sure.lefts have the food.

Arnav so happy that she agreed without any argument.she just behaving with him formally.but somewhere he finding that little fishy.how can she behave with him so casually after all this happen,right now he leave all that thoughts.khushi letting him be with her.thats important for now.he can win her surely,with all thoughts he ready to have the food.when they three sent to take the first bite cabin door opened with rush.arnav akash starlet by that.they both turn and got really surprised seeing the person.its was unexpected guest.

Rithik standing on doorstep with charming smirk.he looking at Khushi charmingly.arnav opens his mouth looking him.and he really surprised the way Rithik behaving.suddenly his brain start to warn him about something.arnav gulp looking him.then Rithik rushed to Khushi and straightly hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek.arnav shocked seeing that.he don't know how to react.akash to shocked by the view.suddenly Arnav got uncontrollable anger.he tight his fist angrily,then Rithik broke the hug and sit on table near to her.

Rithik:(pouty face)Khushi it's not fair.you started to eat before I come.thats so bad.

Khushi:(casual smirk)I don't stared still.and I though you will not come today.thats why ..anyway.come lets eat together with raizadas.

He agree with her and take the seat beside Arnav.he put that beside Khushi closely after getting comfortable.

Rithik:I am sorry for the disturbance.you both maybe surprised to see me suddenly.but it's was our routing from a week.we both take lunch together.today I got bit late to come.hope you both don't mind.

Khushi:why they going to mind Rithik.they just our business clients.(smirk)apart from that.there nothing between us.then why they have to mind.and I know.mr.raizada was not professional in break time.so just chill.

Rithik smile at her charmingly.arnav looking him angrily.he feeling like to break his smiling face.khushi look at Arnav angry face with ****y evil smirk.she didn't show any reaction for his smirk.very normally she start t have the lunch with Rithik.he eat on her food.arnav blood boiling seeing them both eating in one plate.both of their hands continually get touching.he can't eat peacefully.akash feeling nervous and pity for his brother state.he praying to god not let any problems to happen.with hard gulps Arnav having the foods.khushi and Rithik having the food with little chats,and he pulling akash and Arnav to conversations.finally they all finished having the lunch.after washing hands they all standing now.arnav akash ready to go.but Arnav don't like to go from there leaving them alone.his heart already restless seeing their new found of comfort zone.he truly don't like that.then Rithik said to Khushi with lovely tone.

Rithik:okay baby.i am going now,I have some meeting to attend.i want to be with you.but my work pressure not letting me to do that.

Khushi:it's okay.even works need your attention.abd also it's Waste of time if you be here with me,I have lot of works to do.i can't give you the full attention you need.so now go do your works.

Rithik :(smile)okay boss.i am going.but one condition .you have to come Skype tonight after the dinner.promise me?

Khushi smile and agree with him.then he hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek soundly.arnav breathing hardly seeing all this.then Rithik left the cabin bid bye to them.arnav glare Khushi but she don't react for anything.she back to her seat and start to do her works.akash take Arnav from there with bid struggle.he bring him out.next second Arnav rushed to his cabin angrily.akash look at his vanishing figure with sorry face.he know what a kind  of situation his brother facing now.but no one can help him on this.because those all happening just because of him.he is the reason for all this happening.with sad sigh he left to his cabin.

After office end..all employees left the office.now only Khushi Arnav and akash present.after looking their cabins they three came out from the office.arnav saw Khushi moving to her car.he went behind her.she sense Arnav coming behind her,she turn and look him.he stop in middle seeing she glaring him.

Khushi:do you want to said something mr.raizada.why you coming behind me like a stalker.

Arnav:(lost his words)who..miss.mehera I need to talk with you personally..can we talk alone.

Khushi:(casual tone)sorry mr.raizada I can't talk now.it is about business lets talk tomorrow morning.now I am getting late.before he said anything she board to car and left the place.arnav look at her vanishing car with sad face and left the place.

In raizada mansion.arnav akash reached to home.they both join with family members.all sense Arnav not looking normal.his face showing lot of sadness.looking him like this Anjali asked him worriedly.

Anjali:what happens chote!is everything okay.do you talk with Khushi.it she shout at you.

Arnav:(low tone)Atleast I maybe happy if you fight with me.but she just behaving with me like completely strangers.her talk fully formal like a client.she behaving like there nothing happened between us.its very hurting to see her this behavior.

His family members look at him sadly,yamini look at him with pity and worried face.after taking long sigh he told everyone strongly.

Arnav:but I will not give up seeing all this.i don't talk with her still about the break up.how much she try to go away from me.that much I will go close to her.she can't forget me that much easily,I will not let her forget me.

All of the happy seeing his confidence.then he went to fresh up.all of them them just wishing to see them together again.they hope it's to happen very soon.

In yamini room.she come to her room after giving coffee to Arnav.she saw her both daughters talking about something seriously.after seeing her.they stopped the talk.yamini asked them normally.

Yamini:what you talking about this much seriously.

Sheetal:(little hesitant)ma I don't know how will you react after hearing this.but ma it's about our both happiness..

Yamini:(smile normally)without making delay .tell me what's the matter..

Lavanya:man we like Arnav very much.in fact he was our crush from many days.but we don't show anything after knowing Khushi going to marry him.now their relation got broken.why can't we both approach him now.

Sheetal:yes ma.its true we sad about their broken relation.but why can't me and lavanya take this chance.we both decided to approve him.atleast we can try this.what if he like one of us.its will be dream for us ma.we can't find a husband like him ma..

Yamini:(angrily shout)don't you both dare..not one more word.how dare you both..how can you both think about him like this.he is already engaged person.and he loves Khushi so much.do you think he will forget Khushi easily and select one between you both .never..he is always belong to Khushi.no one can take him away from her.(they try to said)shut up you both.now listen carefully.if I come to know you both try to approach him or look him wrongly.that day you both will see worst of me.i am warning you both.he was belong to Khushi.don't you bith dare to look at him like that..mind it..

Lavanya and sheetal got scared seeing their mother like this,she was very angry now.they both left the room quickly.yamini angry with them very much.how dare they think to take her daughter love away from her.she will not let anyone come between her daughter and Arnav.not even her selfish daughters.she shut her eyes and sit on bed.tears start to fall from her eyes remembering Khushi.she don't know how her daughter now.already she bearing lot of pain.atleast she wishing to give her daughter her love..but now the situation not letting that happened..she crying thinking about Khushi...she lost on her memories..

Next day.like yesterday raizada brothers reached to mehera company..after sometime they got a conference call to attend.so with Khushi they both went to board room to attend the call.its went fully 20 minutes..after meeting finishing.they three talk about some official things.suddenly the board room door opened with big hurry.they three turn and saw its was Rithik.arnav greet him teethes looking him again.khushi smile and call him inside.he come and hugged her tightly,Arnav controlling himself from punching him,it's was really intimate hug.she broke the hug and smirk at him.he sit on table very near to her.then Khushi said to Arnav with smugly.

Khushi:mr.raizada.i think you have works to do.you should go back to your cabin.actually I need some privacy with my man..

His anger peek to high hearing her last line..my man..really..he bang in the table angrily but Khushi don't react on that.akash got scared looking his brother anger and drag him from there.after he went Rithik circle his arms around her neck and told her with intense tone..

Rithik:sweety it's not good to work like this.atleast take little bit of relaxation.don't get over stressed baby..

Khushi:if I don't do all this.who will look after my companies..I don't have any trusted people to get help for my works.i just trust myself.and I need my all works happen perfectly.and I only can do that..

Rithik:(smile)okay miss.perfect.inagree with you.but right now I am in mood to relax you.so let me..

Saying that he come close to her .khushi looking his acts with victory smirk..he looking her romantically and nearing to her lips.before he join their lips board room door opened with Big Bang.rithk starlets by that.khushi look towards the doorstep with winning smirk..there Arnav breathing hardly looking their both like this.his blood just in highly temperature.khushi asked him with sarcastic tone.

Khushi:may I know what the reason for your bang entry..do you need something mr.raizada..

Arnav just looking her angrily,suddenly Rithik's phone ring.its was official call.he excuse himself from Khushi and went outside to attend the call.next moment Arnav closed the door with thud and marched towards her.khushi looking him with bored reaction ..he hold her by arms tightly and make her stand firmly..he asked her angrily.

Arnav:what the hell is this Khushi. What's all this mean.why he close to you like this.and you..why you letting him come close to you.you very well, know I don't like any other man nearing you.are you try to make me jealous,it is then stop this right now.and stay away from him.i don't like him nearing to you.and............

Before he complete the words an strong chilling pain rise on his left cheek.he fell on the chair with tumbled.he look at Khushi who looking him roaring way.her eyes showing really beasty anger.the slap she give him just paralyzed his whole body.even his eyes got moist.its really painful slap.she greet her teethes.she pull him by the collar and told him roaring way..

Khushi:don't you dare speak another word.who the hell are you to me damnit.you bloody raizada.how dare you to order me,who give you the rights to control me.why do you care if I go with him or sleep with him.you are just my bloody business client.don't you dare to cross your bloody limits.if you again do something like this.next second I will stop your breath.do you understand mr.raizada..

Arnav:(tearfully)how can you said that Khushi.i am I just business client for you.dont  we both loved each other.dont we both dreamed our beautiful future.dont you wished to marry me.how can you forget all that.dont you love me anymore.

Khushi:(roaring tone)just shut up..don't you dare said all this..you don't have that right.do you lost your mental state.dont you remember it's was you who finished all this and put full stop for our relation.do you forget how you throw me out of your house like a trash.don't you considered me as trash on your life.its you who finished all this.not me..after doing all this.you ordering me again.with which right you ordering me.don't you broke our relation thinking I slept with some other man.then why you reacting like this now.didn't I am characterless women for you.then why the hell you doing all this bloody things..

Arnav:(begging tone)Khushi I know I did mistake.in fact many mistakes..I am very sorry for all that.i even ready to fell on your legs for forgiveness.i will do whatever you said.but please don't take me away from your life.i really love you.i just need you Khushi.and I am ready to do whatever you say.please Khushi just give me one last chance.please give me a last chance to make everything alright.just one chance Khushi.i can't live without you Khushi.i really need you in my life.please Khushi..just one chance..I beg you Khushi..please.

Khushi:(arrogance filled tone)I am not some video game mr.raizada.after losing first time.trying to play again.i just let someone to enter my life only one time.if they go away.its will be for forever.i don't have habit to take them again.now you to like that.you moved away from my life.niw how much you try I will never let you enter my life again,you're like useless things to me now.so just go away from me.i am warning you ..you don't know about me fully.you know right I am psycho patient..you still not faced my psycho side..if you try to do something to get me.you only face my beasty side.just stay away from me..

Arnav:(chocked confident tone)no Khushi..I will not go away from you,until I have last breath in my body.i will keep trying to won you back.i will never leave you.and I will never let any other person take my place on your life.its my promise..

Khushi look at his confident face angrily.she harshly left his collar and went out of the room angrily.arnsv slowly get up from the chair and touch his cheek.next second he hisss in pain.he feel his cheek swollen because of her powerful slap,it's really paining.he look at his face on room mirror,and shocked to his cheek was truly swollen and turn into dark red.he remember about her slap.shiver run on his body remember that ..he quickly left to his cabin to do medi for his swollen cheek.its just the beginning..there more to come..he have many more things to face from Khushi mehera..

Next update:khushi's meet with raizadas...yamini's daughters  argue with Khushi..the big news..

Next stories update depends on this update votes and comments..

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Fabulous update...
Feb 14

Unique devil angel (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 34 times)

After two days.in raizada mansion.today gupta family invited for the dinner.in dinner time both families talk about marriage date and other functions of akash payal.arnav truly don't like to be there now.somewhere he hurt to see all this.if he not be that much stupid dump.today Khushi also present here with them.and they maybe talk about their marriage functions too.all because of him,he left to his room without being there.family members know about his state so let him go.after yptalking all.lavanya sheetal asked payal to come with them to out ..she too agreed.after taking permission from family,they three girls went out ..they three going for a short girl time.and family members asked them too come home soon..

After some hours...it's night twelve o clock..after having a girls time in mall.now they three going back to home.suddenly the car stopped on middle of the road.they three got tension..it's really dark night.and none present around them.the road looking quite scary.no one around to see or take any help.they really tension.even their phones battery dead.they don't know what to do..

Payal:(tension filled tone)sheetal lavanya..what we are going to do now..here no one present to help us..even our phones not working.now how we are going to reach home..I am getting scared girls.

Lavanya:payal relax..calm down.lets do something.there 30 minutes long to raizada mansion.if we walk fastly we can reach even more soon.now there just this option left.come lets go..

Sheetal and payal agree with her.after locking the car.they three start to walk fastly..

They three walking in road wishing badly not let any trouble happen until they reach to house.truly they three feeling very nervous and fear.the dreadful silence in road making them fear even more.chanting the god them continually they three walking in road..suddenly they hear group of boys shouts and voices..they three terrified hearing that.all three turn behind and saw few mans coming to their direction shaking way.looking like they all drunk.girl start to shiver seeing them.and start to walk more fast,unfortunately drunken mans eyes fell on girls.without wait they all start to go behind the girls..seeing the mans coming behind them.girls start to run..and the mans to start to chase them.girls really scared now.they don't  know what to do now.even they not reached to home still.breathing hardly they three running without looking behind,and the mans to don't have a idea to stop,they chasing the girls like mental dogs.when running from them,suddenly sheetal legs hit on stone and she fell on the road.she scream in pain,payal lavanya try to make her stand.but it's too late.the drunken mans reached and catch the girls.they look at the girls lustfully.one of the man cares lavanya cheek and told her in creepy drunken voice..

Man:you three chicks make us run very much.now you three have to pay the price..

Man2:yeah..from very long time we don't taste any tasty meals.so tonight you three have to satisfy all of ours hunger.dont worry just ten minutes..

Girls start to cry hearing their disgusting words.they threes bodies filled with only fear.then two mans held lavanya hands another two mans hold her legs..they make her lay on road.sheetal payal begging badly.

Payal:please leave us..please don't do this..we will give anything you guys ask.please don't do this.

Man:(wicked laugh)we don't need anything more then your three tasty body.its been long time we all tasted a fresh bodies.lets us enjoy baby.and very soon you guys will enjoy..I promise..

They three crying hearing him.lavanya try to free herself from their hold.but they all really strong..one of man look at her lustfully and open his trouser Botton..lavanya feel like her whole life going to finish now.she going to be destroyed..the man slowly near to her with disgusting smile.when he try to remove her top suddenly an black car stopped front of them with jerk..the guys stopped their acts and try to see who dared to interfere them.the man who approached lavanya get up and try to see who is that.the girls got lot of holes seeing someone come..the man shout in anger..

Man:hey you bloody hell..who the hell are you damn it..how dare you to interfere our act..

The door got opened and seeing the person who coming out not only guys even girls got big shock.khushi standing front of them and looking the guys with dangerous stare..she wearing full black suit..her suit fitting her body so perfectly and making her so ****y in night lite.now all of the mans attention turn to her.all of them look at her with wild lust..

Man:oh my goodness..now this is the real beauty...just looking you.i got hard..I just want to explore you body.just one..I even ready to die after having you fully.lets not waste time..

He talking even more bad way.khushi looking him with firm stare..and suddenly he try to touch her **** ..next second he fell on the ground with cracked hands..girls shocked to see that..guys look at her angrily and went to attack her.she just take two minutes to make them all fall on the ground with broken body parts..she beating all of them with beasty anger.girls really happy and relief about her arrival.now all laying on road with pain.they all can't even breath properly ..she look towards the girls sharply and order them in dangerous arrogant tone..

Khushi:get inside the car now!!!

They three shiver hearing her tone and quickly board to her car.after punching them last time Khushi enter to car and left from there.they four being silence on car.khushi driving the car with arrogant face..lot of anger written on her face clearly.lavanya sheetal sitting on back seat.and payal sitting beside Khushi..they three continually looking Khushi..have to said the truth.because of her today their life and dignity saved.if she didn't arrived to correct time.dont know what may happens this time,they three feeling like to thank her.but looking the danger look on her face,making them afraid to utter a word to her.they three coming quietly.

In raizada mansion..both families really tension now.its really late.and still there no sign of girls.gupta family really scared.shashi try to contact payal.and other side yamini and mahesh try to contact their daughters..but no answer..after losing the patience Arnav akash with shashi mahesh decided to search the girls..they came out of house to go.other family members to come behind them.when mans try to go.they all saw an black BMW car entering inside raizada mansion..so soon Arnav recognize its was khushi's car..but he really shocked to see she coming here..other people to surprised..before anyone thing more.she stopped the car front of them.next second their daughters came out from her car and rushed to family.their shocked to see they three coming from her car..yamini and shashi look at her with love filled eyes..knowing or unknowingly.they both seeing the four sisters together in same place..and they both only know about that.khushi looking all of them with hard look and finally her stare fell on Arnav..and without wait a second she take a U turn and left from there..family members can't understand anything..they take girls inside to ask what happens exactly..

Soon lavanya ,sheetal,payal told whole family what happened exactly in A to Z..they all really shocked hearing all this..and the most shocking part is.its was Khushi who helped them.finally garima cry and said in emotional..

Garima:hey devimayya..thank you for protecting my daughter life,if Khushi beta didn't come to right time.how much big destroy went to happen..please God protect that girl always..I a very thankful to her..

Garima pray for Khushi well being whole heartily.its was proud moment for whole raizada family.they all really happy about khushi's act.Arnav's face filled with lot of pride and happiness.but yamini and shashi facing some other problem..now they both really wishing to be with Khushi.yamini's eyes moist in pain and hurt.how much they both wishing to shout out loud and said.khushi is their daughter..but they can't.the circumstance not letting them tell.they both controlling their emotions really hardly.they both shared a painful eye look.its was so painful to bear this pain and guiltily..after sometime guptas left from there.raizada family sigh in big relief seeing all finished smoothly.now all of their mind just filled with khushi's thoughts..they really want to meet her.but what to do..now the situation not letting them do anything.with disappointment they all left to their rooms with full of khushi's thoughts..

After two days..in mehera mansion..today ranjana decided to go mandir.and she asked Khushi to drop her on temple.and she too agreed.after got ready they too left to temple..

In mandir,,Khushi reached to mandir.ranjana came out.when Khushi try to go ,ranjana stopped her.

Ranjana:Khushi baba..you're just few feet away from God.you came this far.why can't you come inside..please...please..

Khushi glare her firmly,ranjana pleaded her making pity faces.she sigh and came out from car and walk inside the mandir.ranjana really happy about Khushi arrival to mandir.she walk forward to mandir with Khushi happily,they both reached to idol and ranjana fold her hands and start to pray front of God.khushi just standing beside her without praying..

After praying pandit come to give prasad..but Khushi deny to accept..pandit give her strange look.and khushi look at him sharply.he went from there silently,.ranjana shook her head seeing her behavior..without saying anything Khushi start to move from there.when she try to step in staircase she saw the whole raizada and Gupta family standing front of her..they all to shocked seeing her suddenly.arnav got big smile on his face looking her.other hand yamini and shashi got happy smile meeting her.she look all of them sharply ..she try to walk future..but Nani stopped her in middle..

Nani:how are you Khushi beta..it's been many days lastly I meet you properly..how is your life going.

Khushi:(arrogant tone)my life going very well according to my wish Mrs.devayani raizada..you don't need to bother about my life..

Nani hurt hearing the way Khushi addressing her..all of their face become pale.and mami asked her upset way..

Mami: hello hai bye bye!!Khushi beta this is the way you talk with elders..she is your Nani beta..

Khushi:as far I know..I don't have any nani or dadi..so shut up,and also you don't need to tell me.how to behave with elders..stay in your limits mrs.manorama raizada..I don't like your tone..(to arnav)and mr.raizada this is your last warning .if again your family talk with me like this.then think that will be last time we both meeting.so careful..

Arnav gulp hearing her warning.he asked family members to keep quiet.after giving them deadly glare she left from there.both family move to idol with hurt expression..where they meet ranjana,.her expression turn hard meeting them.she turn her face other side seeing them.they try to talk with her.but she not ready to hear them out.without any choice Anjali blocked her way and drag her towards them.she was very angry now.she can't shout loud inside the mandir.she ask them angrily in low tone..

Ranjana:what you all want.cant you all leave me alone..what there anything left to talk.

Anjali:nona please..hear us out..we know we did wrong..in fact big wrong.but Nona.we are ready to accept any punishment from khushi ji.. Atleast give us a chance to ask forgiveness.

Ranjana:(hurt filled angry tone)don't call me like that.only my Khushi baba have rights to call me like that.and about the wrong you all saying.do you think that's was small mistake to forgive easily.(eyes become moist)your brother destroyed my child dreams completely..do you know how much hopefully she dreamed her life with you all.she loved your brother more then anything in the world.she just dreamed a family for her own.but what your brother did.your brother shattered her all dreams completely along with her.do you think it's small wrong to correct quickly.no..big no..

Raizadas hang their head down hearing her words..tears falling from Arnav's eyes hearing all that.he know whatever ranjana saying big truth.he create very big damage.his sin was not forgivable..but all he just want to beg her for forgiveness,the every second he living without Khushi hurting more then death.he truly need her back on his life.ranjana wipe her angry painful tears..she don't want to get weak front of them.arnav slowly come forward and hold her hands.he told her with broken tone.

Arnav:nona I know I committed a sin which can't forgiven until I die..I broke my angel's all dreams..I become big coward and throw the angel out of my life who reason for today I am being alive.,I misunderstood her very badly.knowing her unknowingly I betrayed her.i know no one can forgive my betrayal.but Nona please..please try to understand me.i am truly regretting my acts.please give me a last chance..I will prove myself as true lover.she maybe doesn't need me anymore Nona.but I need her in my life so badly,desperately...I cannot think a life without her.just one last chance.i want her Nona.please help me..I swear this time I will not hurt her..I swear on myself..I swear on your devimayya..please Nona help me to get her back..

Family members very hurt seeing Arnav vulnerable state..ranjana looking him keenly,she can see his eyes speaking full of truth.but she afraid to trust him once again.she still remember that tragic day when he broke her daughter completely..and the way her daughter break down front of her..her heart paining still thinking about that painful day..how can she trust him again.and again other side she can't forget that Khushi loved him dearly.he is the one who she dreamed to live life long.she never loved someone that much the way she loved Arnav.somewhere her heart asking her to give him another chance to prove him as true lover.other side she scared about her Khushi baba.what if she face another pain.and another side.the way now Khushi being totally danger for Arnav to get her again on his life.she is not in good state now.it any wrong move from Arnav make him suffer very much.she don't like to tell outside.somewhere Khushi have little bit of psycho mind.and no one can escape from her wrath if someone mess with her.and she witness that very well twelve years ago..she remembers that horrible happened like that's happened today.shiver spreading on her body when she think about that event..suddenly she jerk from her thought hearing Arnav call.she look at Arnav silently who looking her with so much hope.after giving last look to them.she went from there.they all don't know the meaning of her reaction ..and went from there hoping everything for good..hope she will help them..

Next update:the shocking news...Arnav shocking act..the sudden closeness..

Hi everyone big big sorry for late update..my iPad got little problem in system..it's take whole one week to get well..I am so irritated.my other stories update already ready ..after getting good votes and comment for this update I will update one of story update tomorrow..and if can I will start the new season of apk 2 after updating other stories update..keep showering your all love to me.thats will be big booster to me....and finally 

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To all the readers who have the romantic bless full love life..enjoy your all valentine happily..

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Fabulous update
Feb 24

Unique devil angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 47 times)

After one month..it's been one and half month after arshi fight.and one week ago the fashion show take a place in abroad..obviously Khushi won the show.there big celebration held for their victory..Khushi very happy.but Arnav really sad.because after the show they both no more needed to work together..Arnav really sad about it.atleast he haven the hope to win her back working together.now that chance to finished.three days ago he stopped co,I have to her office.he don't have any excuse to meet her again..he only know how it's feel.these one month.he many time asked her forgiveness.even begged her badly.but she didn't showed single bit of soft emotion towards him.she just considering him as waste thing,it's so painful days for him.he really missing the old Khushi who loved him dearly.now when facing her hate side.so painful..he don't know how to win her back.he begging to God to show him some ray of hope to win her back..without knowing God already arranged something precious  for him to get her back to his life..

After two days..in mehera company..Khushi sitting on her cabin and looking new designs on laptop..when she engrossed on work.suddenly her eyes fell on the chalk box on table drawer which silently open..she slowly take the box out and take piece of chalk to hand..very weirdly she feel sudden crave towards the chalk.unknowingly she bite the chalk and start to eat.the chalk taste really nice to her.she take another bite..all of a sudden her phone start too ring.she snapped from her unconscious state.she got shocked for her own behavior.what happen to her.she never behaved like this.why did she eat chalk.its never happened before.what happens suddenly.it she getting her old problem again.but that's not possible.she already having medicine for that.and eating chalk never on her psychological problems..suddenly she got really weird carve.that to on chalk..she throw the half bitten chalk to dustbin and try to get back to her work.but now somewhere she can't constraints on her work.her mind filled with the act she did few seconds ago..there surely something wrong with her..thinking about that she start to do her work..

At evening.after office end..Khushi come out from the office and went to car parking.there she saw Arnav leaning on her car..looking her with soft smile.her jaw tighten seeing him.after three days she meeting him.she really don't want to meet him again.but see..he already come back and making her day bad even more..already she have big stress.and she come to increase that even more.she marched towards her car.without paying attention to him.she board to car.when she try to go,he already get on car and sitting beside her.she got more frustration..she bang the wheel and asked him irritatingly.

Khushi:what the hell Arnav..can't you leave me alone..why are you irritating me like this.why can't you understand that.i don't like to see you.why can't your tiny brain understand that.

Arnav:(smile)I am sorry Khushi..but I can't do that.i can't do anything without seeing you,I know you're angry with me.let me sooth your anger.you will definitely become cool.i promise.

Khushi:(angry tone)the anger I have on you cannot be tame in small words.no one can blow the fire which burning me inside.don't try to make me anger even more.just go from here..

Arnav:no Khushi.i won't go.until you talk with me calmly.i won't step out of this car.if you want to push me out of the car.but let me tell you.i will again come back..

Khushi's frustration level rising more.she bang her hand on wheel.it accidentally hit on window glass and her hand got hurt.blood start to come from her palm.arnav shocked seeing that.he hurriedly take her palm bandaged with his kerchief..Khushi being silent without saying anything.after that blood stopped..he take the cotton balls from car locker and start to weep her blood.his eyes got moist seeing her like that.he asked her scolding tone.

Arnav:what the!what a kind of anger this Khushi.its even making you hurt.don't you feeling pain.dont it's hurting you..

Khushi:(emotionless tone)I already got very big pain more then this one month ago..comparing to that pain it's was nothing..

Arnav stopped his act hearing her statement.he look at her with painful face.he saw she controlling her emotions very hardly.she free her hand from his hold and start the car,Arnav coming with pin drop silence.he don't utter a word.silent tears falling from his eyes.she silently driving the car.she don't care about her hurting hand.finally she stopped the car.arnav saw she stopped from of raizada mansion gate.without saying anything he got down from the car.next second she left from there.his eyes still filled with tears ..her that one statement bring full of pain and guilt on him.he can't control his tears.weeping his tears he went inside the home.

In mehera mansion..Khushi laying on bed thinking about today event.and her meet with Arnav.how much she try to hate and hurt him.she can't forget that one upon time she loved him dearly.and she too a girl.she can't show her real rudeness towards him fully.truth to be Said.whenever she try to hurt him more.deep down something stopping her.and also she can't forget his betrayal to her.how much badly he hurt her.he broke her all dreams.the pain she bearing no one can feel fully.she didn't expect big thing right.she just hoped a peaceful life with him.which she craving from childhood..she just dreamed her own family.why can't she live a normal life which every girls leading.she just wished a little ray for her dark life.but looking like she don't deserve such things on her life.she think about that tragic day.how badly he misunderstood her.why didn't he trusted her.it is her love that much weak that he didn't trusted her.why always something destroying her happiness.will it never?can't she live a normal life?cant she ever get a release from her all pain.but whatever happen she will never give another chance to Arnav.she can't get weak on him once again.he was closed chapter on her life.she will never give him another chance..she was firm on her decision.she don't need him anymore.if he try to come back to her life.he will face only pain ..with those deep thoughts she laying on bed.suddenly she felt some funny feel on her stomach..she feel like to vomit.she quickly rushed towards the washroom.she start to vomit.she feel like dizzy.she hold the wall for support.finally her vomit stopped.she confused about her sudden sickness..she never experienced all this.what happen to her suddenly,then she remembers about her chalk eat on office..

Khushi:I think because of that chalk I vomit.i regret eating that stupid staff,it's all because of that..

She got fresh up and got back to bed.dont know why she feeling something happening inside her,she can't judge her feel..it's feel nice.in the same time she feel dizzy.she place her hand on stomach and cares it slowly.she feel so nice when she did that.then she broke all her thoughts and lay on bed to get some sleep,she already very stressful..she went to sleep without think anything more...

Next day early morning..ranjana sitting on living room after finishing her morning prayer.there many more hours to Khushi get up.so she thought to fold her cloths.but she surprised seeing Khushi coming down still wearing her night dress.ranjana got worry seeing khushi's face showing so much tiredness and stress.she get up from the sofa and move towards her.khushi look at her with there face.ranjana make her sit on sofa and cupped her face.

Ranjana:(worried tone)what happen Khushi baba..why you looking so tired.its everything okay..

Khushi:(tired tone)I don't know Nona.whole night I don't get a sleep.something disturbing me.i am feeling very weird.i am not feeling well.i can't go office today.

Ranjana:(sigh and told in knowing tone)it's natural na baba.before you get your special date you always feel tired na baba.then why you worrying about it..do you got your special date?

Khushi look at ranjana for a moment and think about her words..special dates..why didn't she think about this.she missed her date.she already passed her date.suddenly something sink to her mind.she feel little shiver on her body.what if it's true.it is true?is she really...she gulp her saliva .her hand slowly move towards her navel.she grips her navel tightly.she is not in state to think clearly,she under the big dilemma ..ranjana look at Khushi actions clearly.she don't know what Khushi going through.furst time she can't judge her emotions..she asked her worriedly.

Ranjana:what happens baba.why you not saying anything.what bothering you.

Khushi:(stammer tone)Nona..nona..I missed my date..I missed my date Nona..

Ranjana look at her confused way.she don't get what Khushi is meaning.after moment ranjana understood the meaning.she wide her eyes in great shock..she stopped moving for a moment.she don't know how to react.it is true?she cupped Khushi face and make her look towards her.she saw some raw emotion running on khushi's face.she don't know how to react .ranjana  quickly get up and rushed to her room.after moment she come back and handed something to Khushi..she told her with little nervous...

Ranjana:go and take the test baba.lets clear our doubts..

After five minutes.khushi clasped on floor holding the bed board.ranjana quickly support her.she don't know what to do..it's really shocking news..whatever they thought it's true..happiness sigh showing on Khushi face.she hold her stomach tightly.she smiling in huge happiness.she look at ranjana and told her happily.

Khushi:Nona..nona..it's true..it's true Nona..I am pregnant..it's true Nona..oh my god I can't believe this,I am carrying my baby..wow..it's amazing.i am carrying my baby Nona.my own baby.you don't know what I am feeling now.i am just out of the world.my baby Nona.can you imagine ..a baby going to come to this world resemblance of me..my own blood Nona..I just can't control my happiness.

She hugged ranjana tightly out of happiness.she hugged her Back happily.she saw Khushi smiling truly after long time.she agree it's was unexpected news to her..her Khushi baba become pregnant..she first thought she will be burst into cry or angry.but instead on that she smiling in joy,now she really happy about this news.then Khushi broke the hug and get up quickly.she rushed to take the phone.but suddenly she stop in middle and sit on bed holding her belly.

Khushi:no.no.i should not run around like early.(smile)now my baby growing inside me.what if my baby got hurt because of my quickness..from now other wards I should do my all works slowly.i don't want my baby get any hurt or disturbance because of me,I should be careful very much.(to ranjana)Nona.please call the doctor.i want to have full check up.we just did pregnancy test.what if I have any health issues.already there one..I don't want anything harm my baby.o call our Doctor.ask her to come immediately..

Ranjana smile at her and call the doctor.after cutting the call she sit beside Khushi..she saw how much big joy dancing on her face.she was so happy.how many days ranjana waited to look her looks this.today get Khushi baba on full happy mood.she can see how much she was happy about her baby arrival.suddenly Khushi hugged her tightly.

Khushi:(little emotionally)I am so happy Nona.i can't express my happiness just by words.finally there someone going to come as my own family.finally someone going to come to love me truly.i am not orphan anymore Nona.now no one can said I am orphan..I am going to get my own baby.who will never leave me whatever happens.i don't need to live alone anymore.my baby going to come very soon.his/her arrival going to be big Ray on my darkest life.i don't need to crave for someone love anymore.my own blood going to come and shower all love to me.i don't need to beg someone to love me anymore Nona..I just can't control my happiness.i feel like to scream loudly in happiness.

Ranjana caressing her hair carely.tears falling from her eyes hearing khushi's words.how much pain this girl keeping inside her heart.she thanking the god million times for giving this happiness to her child.atleast this new arrival keep her happy forever..she kissed Khushi forehead carely and told her sweetly.

Ranjana:I am so happy baba..I am really happy for your new found of happiness.i believe now this baby only bring happiness to your life.this time no one will snatch your this happiness.be happy like this always..

Khushi smile and agree with her fully.this time no one can snatch her happiness..and she will never let anyone think about that also.she was Determined about that.this time she swear on god.if someone try to snatch her this happiness.she will Sheryl destroy that person.she won't leave them..she got determine look on her face..

After sometime in khushi's room..one lady Doctor doing full body check up of Khushi.ranjana waiting outside.khushi still have that happy smile on her face.its don't like to leave her face.after doing full check up.doctor told her smiling way..

Doctor;nothing to worry miss.mehera..you and your baby absolutely fine.now you're two weeks pregnant..very early days of pregnancy..until the first three months you should be very careful.don't travel on vehicles long time.don't walk faster and don't do any work stressfully.you now just need complete rest.cut all of your stressful works..take full bed rest.after month I will give you your diet chart.after that you should follow that perfectly.you just need to be healthy.you don't need to do anything more..

Khushi agree with her all advice happily.suddenly she got doubt.she asked Doctor doubtfully.

Khushi:Doctor can I ask you something.(she node)it is possible to get pregnant in month after consummate..I mean as far I know ..it's atleast take three months to get pregnant..that's why.

Doctor;(smile)there nothing like that miss.mehera..it's possible to get pregnant in month after consummate..as far man and women enough healthy to produce a baby.there possible to get pregnant early itself.so don't worry.everything alright.

Khushi got relief hearing that.after suggest some medicine for her.doctor leave from there.then ranjana come inside.she got all details from Khushi.after sometime Khushi feel like to sleep.next moment she went to peaceful sleep.ranjana look at Khushi smiling face in sleep.this is first time she witness Khushi smiling in sleep.she fully understand how much she happy about her baby.she ready to do whatever for her baby...like that even she can wish for her child well being.thinking about her decision ranjana had firm look on her face..

In raizada mansion..all family present in hall.akash got ready to go office.arnav didn't go..finally his own office work finished.he thought to go his office tomorrow..family members notice he being full all day.there not single bit smile on his face.they all really sad seeing him like this.he always lost on deep thought.sometime they witness he cry silently some far away from them.his eyes always red.now days he lost weight a lot.he looking really pale.he don't pay attention on anything.its so hurt to see him like this..they all just praying  to god show him some way to win his happiness back.to win his live back,then suddenly the door bell ring.when hp open the door.the person come inside.all of them gasps in shock seeing the person.its was really unexpected guest.arnav quickly get up from the sofa and yell in shock and surprise...


Next update::Arnav come to mehera mansion..khushi's anger towards Arnav.shocking act..

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Mar 16

Unique devil angel. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 65 times)

whole raizada family shocked seeing ranjana present in raizada mansion.they don't know what to think..knowing their current relation state.they don't know how to start.seeinb their dellima state.ranjana slowly move towards Arnav.when he try to ask her something.she told him firmly.

Ranjana:I know you may wondering why I come here.let me tell you directly.that day in mandir you asked one last chance to prove your love na.that day I can't give you a answer without cant help you.and I feel hard to believe you again.but today I come here considering my baba life,she don't deserve a life she living now,she deserve to have good and peaceful life.unfortunately she dreamed that life with you.and she won't repent that with anyone again.(pause)today you got a chance to get her back again.if you use this opportunity.you can win her back.i can help you to win her back.

Arnav smiling happily hearing ranjana words..he feeling like he got a chance to live again after dead.nit only him.whole family smiling happily hearing her.its really good sign.arnav said to her happily,

Arnav:thank you Nona..thank you so much.you don't know what you given to me.you give my life back.thank you so much Nona..(eagerly )tell me Nona..how can I get my Khushi back..tell me what is that chance.what is reason for my chance..please tell me..

Ranjana:(big sigh)Arnav...Khushi going to be mother..she is pregnant..

Arnav become stone hearing her statement.he look at her without blinking.what is he just heard.its he heard correctly or not.or its was his humiliation..he truly don't expect this.it is true.khushi is pregnant...his Khushi is pregnant..that's mean..she carrying his baby..his own baby.his own blood..he recall the two magical days he spend with his love..that two days both give each other they love limitlessly.how they both explored the peek of love and passionate.tears start to fall from his eyes thinking about that.there many emptiness running on his mind.mostly happy.he don't know how to show his happiness out.the feeling his seed growing inside his love womb as baby asking him to scream loudly in joy,he was top of the world now,this is on of the best news he ever heard.without cant control himself he hugged ranjana tightly.she starlet by his act.tears continually falling from his eyes,.then he broke the hug and asked her impatiently..

Arnav:Nona..it is true..I am I truly going to be father?this is not any prank right..is my Khushi truly pregnant..oh my god..I am so happy.i feel so bless.my baby....my own baby growing inside my khushi's womb.what there to happy more then this..how is Khushi ..is she okay..is my baby okay..they both fine right..there no problem na..tell na Nona..they both fine right..

Ranjana:Arnav relax,,Khushi is fine,,and the baby too.there nothing to worry.she is now two week pregnant,and Doctor cleard there nothing to worry about her health.she is enough healthy to bear a baby.she is now sleeping after taking medicines.i come here without her knowledge..she truly happy about the baby arrival.(smile)she already planned many things for baby.after time I witness real happiness on her face..and I want to see that happiness on my child face forever Arnav..she deserve to be happy Arnav.i don't want she love that dark life anymore.now the talk just not about her.now another small life arriving to her life.and I don't want that baby to live a lifeless life..I want her to live a life like normal person.i believe you will give her that life.she wished a beautiful life with you.but you destroyed that dream.now again you getting this chance,your own baby helping you this time.don't waste this chance.and don't make me regret giving you this chance..I need to see my child happy.and I believe you will make her happy Atleast this time.don't hurt her this time..the way my Khushi baba need a life partner..her unborn baby to need a father.so do everything careful this time,come back to her life again.maybe this time she get a peaceful life,I just can support you.i can't do anything more then this.i am going now,think about it..

She left from there without waiting anymore..until now family members shocked by khushi's pregnancy news..they never expected this,but all really happy about this news..but they can't be happy fully,the current situation not letting them express the happiness..all really want to meet Khushi now,it's big news for them.if that problem doesn't happened.today Khushi must be with them.and she would shared this happy news to them along with Arnav.but everything upside now,but when all lost their hopes..suddenly like ray of hope and happiness arrived from the unborn baby who growing on their bahu womb.they saw Arnav lost in deep thoughts..but still happy smile adoring his fave brightly,they can feel how much he is happy.nani slowly moves towards him.and cupped his face,

Nani:chote!!those days you keep trying really hardly to win Khushi beta back.now devimayya showing you one last Ray path.dont miss this like last time..you should get Khushi beta on your life again in anyhow.because now talk just now about you both.there another soul connected with your both life now.whatever you going to do after this.even its will effect your baby too.so careful.we all with you.get back your love soon..

Anjali:ha chote...don't mess anything like early.this is your life matter..and you know very well.so careful..(smile)and try to change her soon.because I want my chote's baby born in this house..he/she going to be first grand child of raizada family,so move your act soon.

Arnav smile hearing her,he know whatever they saying fully true,he should make sure.this time nothing went wrong.its now talk about his baby.he have to find perfect reason to get intro her life back.thats must have to be really strong reason.soon as possible he have to go back to Khushi.he can't wait until to meet her.he want to hug and kiss her limitlessly for making him happy this much.thinking all this he left to his room to make a plan..

Next day morning..Khushi having coffee looking some file.today also she dong went to office.she sifted most of her works yo home,this is first time she being on house without going to office.suddenly an man almost six feet come front of Khushi wearing full office suit.he is little fat but good looking man.he must on late thirties..Khushi arch her eyebrow seeing her personal secretary after full of one month.she asked him surprisedly..

Khushi:khanna!!you come..why this sudden arrival.dont you tell me you will come next week..(teasing smirk)what happened is your new wife throw you out of the house..

Khanna:(shy smile)nothing like that madam..I already take lot of off because of my wedding.now all things finished,so that's why I return ..

Khushi:(smile little)it's good you come.lthere dozens of works to finish.and impotently I won't go to office next two weeks..so now it's your responsibility to look after the office works until I come..

Khanna agree with her.he is on of trusted employee of Khushi.he do all works given by Khushi.most of the time he used to be on mehera mansion.he almost like caretaker of mehera mansion.he being genuine person to Khushi.she can trust him in any works.more then office works he take care of house works.he is only employee who winner khushi's trust.soon khanna and Khushi start to talk about works..

When they both talking ,suddenly the door bell ring,ranjana opened the door with expectations.and it's not went waste..she let him enter inside the house.she got big curious and eager seeing his set up..she wondering what he planned..feeling someone front of her Khushi rise her head and saw Arnav standing front of her with soft smile,his eyes showing some kind of carves.she got up from the sofa angrily.then she saw some more people coming behind him.one was lawyer..she come to know by his look.another is police..she wondering what he up to ..

Khushi:what are you doing here Arnav..can't you leave me alone in my life..now what you up to.dare if you again do any troubles in my life.what you want now.and why they all here..

Lawyer:miss.mehera..we all here for mr.raizada..we come here to give his rights.we come with legal notice..

Khushi:what's right you all talking about..here nothing belong to him.and he have no rights on anything in my life or house..

Lawyer:(firm tone)miss.mehera..we got petition from mr.raizada..according to his petition.you are now carrying his baby..and he asking his father rights on his baby..

Khushi shocked to react hearing lawyer statement.she looking at Arnav with shock.how he come to know about her pregnancy..who informed him about her pregnancy..still know on know about that,,even her maids don't know this..expect...expect....ranjana...Khushi look towards ranjana sharply.who quickly lowered her head seeing her glare.she greeth her teethes seeing that.so it's ranjana who informed him.anger start to build on her thinking all this..but right now she have to focus on current situation,.she glare Arnav who still looking her with same smile,she told lawyer with hard tone.

Khushi:mr.advocate..let me inform you all something.we both not married couple..we never get into marriage.so I don't need to give him father rights on my baby.even that not in law also..

Lawyer:you're right miss.mehera..but it's true na that you both got engaged..and registered your both engagement lawfully,maybe you both not together anymore..but you both still engaged lawfully.mr.raizada have full rights on your baby.after all he Is father of baby..

Khushi:(angrily)what if I don't like to give him father rights to my baby.i don't want him in my baby's life.we both don't need him.i will not accept this..

Arnav looking at Khushi painfully,her every words stab his heart countless time.he can't bear her this much hate towards him.but he still firm on his decision..he have to do this to get his love and child.he need to be strong.then officer told to stubborn Khushi firmly.

Officer:miss.mehera..if you don't agree for this..we will take this case to court.everything will go out of our hands.we can't tell what will be judge order..your both side being strong..somewhere its will be not good for you.even its will go to media.but if you agree to this..we can finish all here itself,now it's your choice..

Khushi bang her fist on table.its cracked to pieces..everyone starlet seeing that.both lawyers officer gulp their saliva seeing her kali avatar..of course they know about her hot temper..witnessing that lively making them shake little.arnav still being normal.bevause he and ranjana used to see her this avatar..khanna stepped back in shock..Khushi breathing hardly ..she try to calm herself knowing it's not good for her baby..she sit on sofa clutching her stomach..she think long time.all of them waiting for her answer.specially Arnav..he really hope Khushi will give positive response.his heart beating fastly.then Khushi take a big sigh and told lawyer slowly.

Khushi:okay...I agree for this..

Arnav broke into happy smile hearing her single word.he start to shake in uncontrollable happiness.he feeling like to hug her tightly,other side ranjana to feeling really happy.she don't expect Khushi will agree.its really good.then lawyer told her with smile,

Lawyer:it's too good miss.mehera..we happy about your decision..you make our work easy.

Khushi:(sharp tone)but I have few conditions.if he accept all that conditions.i am ready to accept this.

Lawyer:what's your conditions miss.mehera..tell us..

Khushi:condition 1..I won't leave this house and stay on his house..condition 2..he should not force me for anything and he don't have any rights on me..condition 3 .he should not try to get close to me without my wish.he have to be only father to baby.he just have rights on baby..I have those conditions..if he okay with all this..I agree to let him take rights on my baby..

Arnav:(before he ask he told quickly)I agree for all conditions..I don't have any problems..she don't need to come to my house..I will live with her here..

Khushi looking him angrily..he looking her with soft smile..soon lawyer and police left the place after finishing other works..both shared a deep eye look..one looking with love.other looking with hate ,anger..

Khushi:(in mind)you think..you may win me back after entering to my life again..no ..I won't let this happen..I thought to let you go after my baby come..but you again come intro my den.now there no escape for you..this time you will surely face the real Khushi inside me..you waked the psycho inside me..after this you will surely regret why you come to me again..welcome to hell mr.raizada....

Arnav:(in mind)I know what you thinking Khushi..but this time I won't step back without winning you.i won't leave you how much you torture me..you will surely feel my love Khushi..I will make that happened,before my baby come to this world.i will again bring the same Khushi who loved me dearly..our baby feel our love equally,I promise you this...

The both looking each other with challenging face..now the real battle start..lets see who going to win..love or hate...

Next update:romantic kisses,,,raizadas in mehera mansion,,,family come to know yamini's truth..

Next story updates depends on this update votes thanks comments...

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Apr 5

Unique devil angel (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 64 times)

After they both went..two mans bring some bags inside,,Khushi frown seeing that.then Arnav takes bags from then and goes ups air go Khushi room.from now their room.khushi tight her fist seeing that.she saw nona coming towards her.before she near Khushi asked khanna to go office..after he went.she try to move from there.but Nona hold her hand..

Nona:Khushi baba please..let me explain myself..you can't ignore me without hearing my side of story..

Khushi:(frustrated filled tone)what there to hear more..you already finished everything na.after knowing very well how much big pain I suffered because of him.you still supporting over me.don't you witness my broken state after his betrayal.how can you still support him.is he became that much important for you more then me?

Nona:(scolding tone)Khushi baba never ever rise a question on my love for you.you very well know how much I love you.first hear me out why I did something like that.i very well know how much you suffered because of Arnav.i don't forget anything.either I can't forgive him still.but still I give him a chance for you.for your unborn baby.you both now really need his presence on your both life.you need a better half,,your baby need a father..that's why I take this decision..

Khushi:(became more angry)that's was useless logic Nona..what you think..I am not cable to rise my baby alone.do you think I am that much weak that,I can rise my baby without anyone help.being alone not new for me Nona.and you know that very well.and I know I can rise my baby without anyone help.i will give my baby all happiness in this world.

Nona:yeah I know..it's true you can rise your baby alone.you don't need anyone help..you will give whatever he/she want..but how will you give him/her a father love..after the child grow up.who will you show as father..do you want your baby to live a loveless life just like you.you fully know how it's feel when live a life without parents..do you want your baby crave for father love..you will be perfect mother for your child,there no doubt on that,..but you can never fill the father absence on your baby's life..you very well know how this world react when a child live without both parents.i don't need yo tell you that..because you already faced that situation many times.,don't lets your child to face the same situation you faced.nit for you.atleast you have to accept him for your baby's sake..don't be reason for your own baby lifeless life..I did this for your both well being..after this..it's your choice..

Without wait a moment Nona left from there..Khushi still standing on same spot..and thinking deeply about Nona words...with same thoughts she move from there...till now Arnav witnessed everything from upstairs.he saw the deep look on khushi's face..he can't guess what's going on her mind now..hope everything positive..

At night..Khushi enter to her room after long thoughts...she clearly saw Arnav completely settled on her room..he saw her cupboard now halfway filled With his cloths.and dressing table filled with his things too..she don't like to said loud..but now her bachelorette room looking like couple room..she don't like the fact that she can't change sudden twist on her life..but same time..she know whatever Nona said true..and due decided..she will not let her child to face the same situation she faced..that's why she agree for this..with those thoughts she enter to washroom with night dress..after changing to night dress she start to lotion her body..she notice Arnav now where to see..much better..she thought on mind...but it's not long lived until she saw he coming from her private poolside,,that's was her privacy pool which attached with her room..and no one allowed to go there expect Nona..she look at him keenly..he not looked uncomfortable or nervous.he being very normal..he casually settled to bed..and take out his laptop from side table and start to do something on it..somewhere Khushi got irritated by his normal behaviors.after lotion her body.she settled to bed after switch off the lights..now just both side tables lamp giving light to room.she lay on bed and start to type mails in phone,,whole room filled with pin drop silence..no one speak.even silence got fed up by this silence..suddenly Arnav asked to Khushi still looking the laptop.

Arnav:Khushi when your next checkup?

Khushi:(normally)next month first week!!

Arnav:don't forget to let me know..tell me about it when you go..

Khushi:(frown)excuse me!!why I need to tell my monthly check up..

Arnav:(casual tone)simple..I want to join you to check up..in fact I decided to accompany you every monthly check up..like you.either I want to know my baby health,and progress on your womb..

Khushi give him sharp look..Arnav still not looked her..she tight her first in highly frustration.she can't answer him back anyways..it's was his rights to come with her..she just be quiet without saying anything..after sometime she lay on bed fully to get sleep..bus suddenly she starlet feeling Arnav's hands on her waist..she look down and say Arnav facing her waist holding that..she asked him angrily..

Khushi:do you forget what is my conditions Arnav..you can't touch me without my permission..

Arnav:(charming smile tone)I don't forget any of your conditions love..in fact I am still following your conditions..but as per your conditions,I can't touch or near you without your permission..but I have full rights on my baby who growing inside you..now I am touching my baby,not you..so I never crossed my limits..

Khushi surprised by his shocking logic..he fully right on his point..he have full rights to touch baby..but still..

Khushi:(adamant tone)I agree ,,your baby growing inside me..but you have rights after the baby born only,,now telling baby name.you only touching me..so leave my waist right now,,

Arnav:(winning tone)no sweety!you didn't get it fully..I have full rights on baby ,even he/she born..so technically I am now touching my baby..so be quiet..let me kiss my baby..

Without hear her yell..he start to open he shirt bottoms..he fully open her shirt until cleavage..Khushi feel uneasy with his touch..now her full navel visible front of him..he slowly cares her milky navel..and place open mouth kiss on her belly bottom soundly..she closed her eyes feeling his kiss..she can't do anything to him..she felt paralyzed by his kiss.he place more kisses on her navel.all are so soft and romantic kisses..he slowly cuddle her waist and place his face on her bare navel..Khushi controlling herself so hardly to not show any reactions..he spoke out so softly..his voice filled with so much love and huskiness...

Arnav:hi baby!!i am your papa..I am very sorry for talking with you this much lately.i can't be with you when your mama come to know you going to come out life.but you know what..that's was on of memorable moment in my life..when I come to know you little joy growing inside my love's womb ..I felt like I sinned everything thing in this world..your coming news itself bring so much happiness in our life..thank you so much for your coming my baby..(kiss)now you living peaceful heaven life inside your mama's womb..and I promise you baby..after you come to our world..you will live the same peaceful life here also..I will not let any harm cross you both..you're reason for my rebirth my baby..you give hope to your hopeless papa who ready to leave this world..you're Ray in our life..come soon my baby..your mama and papa very eagerly waiting for your arrival..I love you so much..

He start to cares her novel softly laying way..until now Khushi hear his whole talk with baby.he can feel how much he happy about the baby arrival..but she not ready to share her happiness with him.whenever she look him.she only recalling the pain he cause her..she can't think a re life with him..it's impossible for her now..and she will not let him make her weak like last time.she will surely give him a lesson for make her cry..for break her dreams..he going to face tough time with her..she make sure of it..with those thoughts she fallen sleep..other hand Arnav to drooz of caressing her navel..he sleeping on her navel dreaming about their future...peace or tough only destiny and Khushi can tell..

After two days...Arnav arrived to raizada mansion..family members know about current state in Arnav's life..before going he told whole plan to family members..they all to support him on this..in all they just want Arnav Khushi to be together...importantly now..all want soon those tantrum to end and they both love happy life with their baby..but suddenly Arnav got news from family,his dadi reached there last night..it's really surprise to Arnav..he don't thought his dadi will come here..she fully settled on ashram after him parents death..he don't know the reason for her sudden arrival..and to give his all answers he saw dadi coming from mandir..he smile at her and soon take blessings from her...she bless him whole heartily and take a seat beside him..he asked her with slow voice..

Arnav:dadi what a sudden surprise..why don't you tell us about your arrival..it's really surprise..

Dadi:(firm tone)I come suddenly to surprise you all..but after come here,I got very big shocking surprise here..I don't know there many things happen on my grandson life..

Arnav became quite hearing her..he now aware dadi come to know about everything..family members bring silent without talking in middle..they don't have guts to talk with subatra malik..the strict arrogant women in raizada family..even Nani scared of her..mami already trembling in fear seeing dadi front of her..elders to youngsters all scared of her..but Arnav not scared of her that much..he just have huge respect for her.,when he try to said something she showed him hand firmly..and told him with hard tone..

Dadi:I don't want any explanation for past events..let talk about present..I come to know she now pregnant with your child..hope it's true...(arrogant tone)I want to meet her..and want to know what kind of girl she is..who know maybe she doing all this for money..nowadays girls do anything for money..ask her to meet me today itself..I want to meet her right now..call her..

Whole family totally don't like the way dadi talking about Khushi..little bit she know about whom she is talking..Arnav already angered by the way dadi talking ..he controlling himself from not lash out this old women..still controlling his temper he told her..

Arnav:dadi if you want to meet Khushi.its you have to go to her..she won't come here after whatever happens.and dadi she is not a kind of girl who do such a things for money..and do you know who is she..she is a multi billionaire..she is business tycoon like me..in fact more then me..reality is..comparing to her power and wealth we are nothing.i am nothing..her one sign enough to buy my whole wealth ..she is no.1 tycoon in whole India..do you think she will do something like this for money..no ways..

Dadi make disgusting face hearing Arnav reply..she don't expect all this..she don't know Khushi is wealthy girl like them..then she told to Arnav..

Dadi:alright!!if she won't come here..I will come to here house..give her the news..tomorrow morning I am coming there..ask her to be ready to meet me.i hate laters..

Arnav agree with her..he feeling scared..not for Khushi.but for dadi..hearing her tone he know tomorrow she will talk with Khushi in bossy tone..he hope dadi wouldn't create any trouble tomorrow..she don't know about Khushi still..just now he bringing everything to track.hope everything go well..then Nani told smiling way..

Nani:if you going there..why can't we all go to meet Khushi beta tomorrow..we don't meet her after knowing she is expecting..I really want to meet her..lets we all go tomorrow together..what said..

All really liked Nani idea.everyone agree with Nani ..then all planned to meet Khushi tomorrow..yamini and Anjali decided to make sweets for Khushi..Nani mami arrange gifts to give Khushi..all of them really can't wait to meet her..one side Arnav happy about his family arrival to mehera mansion..other side he scared about dadi meets with Khushi..don't know what's young to happen next..

Next day..in mehera mansion..last night Arnav inform about his family visit to Nona Khushi..surprisingly Khushi agree to meet them..and Nona make arrangements to welcome them..even Arnav inform about his dadi arrival ..Khushi not bothered about that much..she just behaved normally.

Now it's time for him family to come..Nona and Arnav waiting to to welcome them.khushi attending conference call in room..after few minutes raizada family reached..they both welcomed them..Nona make they all seat..she ask for their comfortable...dadi look around the house keenly..she have to agree..luxury and pride filled around the mansion limitlessly..this is not what she expected..every corner of the house screaming the richness..she still not met Khushi..she don't know how she look..first she didn't liked to meet her..but after seeing all this she eagerly waiting to meet her..it's already ten minutes she reached..but still there no signs of Khushi..her ego hurtled really badly now..no one make her wait this much..she asked Arnav angrily.

Dadi:Arnav!!this is the way that girl welcome me..don't you tell her I hate being waiting..where's she?

When Arnav try to tell something.all hear a sharp heel sound from staircase..all look up and saw Khushi coming down wearing half length full sleeve and and white combination frock..it's fitted on her body so perfectly..she made her hair to long curl.she having phone on hand ..totally she looking stunning..dadi rises her eyebrow seeing the model girl..she don't expect she will be this much beautiful..her blue eyes attracted her very much..and she notice very well..how much she bring beautiful.that much she have attitude on her face..

Khushi look at raizada with casual stare..and her eyes fell on the elderly women who sitting with lot of arrogance..she sitting on sofa with full of pride and attitude..it's not good...Khushi move forwards and sit on sofa front of her..she crossed her legs front of her..and place a attitude face..dadi tight her fist seeing this little girl sitting front of her with crossing legs.how dare she..till today no one sit front of her with this much guts..it's big insult for her..she asked Khushi in angry arrogant tone..

Dadi:don't you know the manners to behave with elders..this is the way you treat elders?of course how can I expect a manners and respect from a girl like you..who lost herself to my grandson before the marriage itself,.how can I expect such a things from you.

Everyone gasped hearing dadi lash out..they don't expect this..Arnav's jaw tighten hearing dadi words..Nona controlling her anger really badly..yamini tight her fist angrily.she boiling in great angry..everyone indeed angered by dadi words..but in all..it's Khushi who still silent..she don't show any reaction for dadi words..she maintain the same reaction..then dadi again started..

Dadi:I can judge your full character by this..getting before the marriage..do you know hoe much big shame is that,,you are making my grandson name Shane along with yours..I know girls like you..who trap billionaires for their beauty and body..I am sure you did same thing to my grandson..I know you're very rich..but who know how you got this much rich in such a small age..and I have doubt.is truly my grandson baby who you carrying ...because I don't like to give someone baby's to my family name..

This is the limit..all of them really shocked by dadi abuse words to Khushi..Arnav was feeling so much angry seeing dadi not just taunting Khushi..she even abusing his unborn baby..all of them boiling in pure anger..yamini and Nona ready to kill dadi...but till be so calm Khushi..suddenly get up from the sofa..she stood fron of dadi..she cross her hands behind..all scared about her actions..she looking dadi with calm face..she asked dadi slowly first..

Khushi:get up...( dadi look her) get up...(suddenly yell)I  SAID GET UP!!!

Dadi automatically get up hearing her tight yell..Khushi now looking her with beasty anger..till now dadi thought Khushi hearing everything with out of fear and scared..but she don't know she invited roaring lioness for party..now it's won't leave her without ripping..

Khushi:until now I hear your all talks calmly not because of fear for you..I just wait to anger peek my head high..but now you touched very wrong part..I can tolerate your insult to me.but I won't tolerate who insult my baby..what did you said..I am less mannered girl right..yes it's true..I won't give respect yo anyone expect my closed once..and I won't give respect for a elders like you..because I am boss for myself..I don't like when someone bossy me..and I want give a single bit of respect to you..who give you the rights to judge my character..what you know about me..what did you said..I trapped your grandson..do you really know I trapped your grandson..don't your grandson told you..how he begged to accept him again..he either ready to fall on my legs..I just thrown him out of my life like a trash when he hurt me..but it's was your grandson who still coming around me like a puppy..if you have this much problems with me.lehy can't you marry off your gem like grandson to some well mannered girl according to your wish..why can't you ask him..why he still roaming around my legs..and what you said..you doubt how i became this much rich in less time..that's was my personal..I don't need to tell all things go a oldy like you..my life only know how I reached to this place after big struggle..I don't give a damn about the people who think bad about me..no one know about my true self still..and I don't need to tell everything to you..if you think it's shame to give your grandson name to my baby..you most welcome to take your grandson from here...

Khushi marched towards Arnav and hold him by collar and drag him towards dadi..she pushed him to her side..

Khushi:here your grandson..take him from here...I am not keeping him on my lap..or I am not adamant to keep him with me..I don't need him on my life either my baby..I don't want anyone feel shame about my baby..I am very well know to rise my baby alone..living alone not new for me..Khushi mehera know to live alone..I don't need your grandson support to rise my baby..we both more then fine to live without him.you give perfect life for your grandson which you decided for him..I accept to keep him here thinking.i don't want just like me my baby to live without a father..I very well know the value of both parents..that's why I let him stay here..now I think it's good to live alone without the father who feel Shame to give his name to my baby..I don't like my baby to be burden to someone..now get lost from here before my hands speak with you..you know it's already aching to touch your face..

Whole hall filled with dread full silence..no one utter a word..they all can't believed the scene happening front of them..subatra malik standing front of Khushi mehera like scared soul..who scared to dead seeing the person front of her..they never dreamed,one day will come when subatra malik will get scared of someone..and this is first time they all witnessing khushi real angry avatar..no doubt all scared by her,expect Arnav Nona..no one dare to open the mouth..dadi shaking in fear..this is first time someone scared her..she never know Khushi this much short temper person..her every words still booming on her ears like drums..her heart beating fastly..Arnav feel right the way Khushi talk with dadi..she deserves this..he look at Khushi who shaking in violent anger.he hugged hugged her tightly..he cares her back and calm her..

Arnav:calm down Khushi..calm down..breath out..remember this is not good for our baby..don't waste your energy for her.think about our baby..calm down..

Khushi slowly start to Breath normally..after moment she broke the hug and told to other raizada members..

Khushi:I am not angry with you all..you all come here for to meet me..and you all still can do that..I won't ask you all to go from here..(point dadi)but if this women again speak a word I won't think a second to rise my hand..you all very well know I won't regret that..so ask her to be quiet until go from here..(to Nona)Nona serve drinks for all..

Nona nodded at her quickly..she quickly start to serve raizada family..they all really happy about her reaction.towards..after giving dadi last sharp look..she move to sit on sofa..dadi sit on sofa still shivering body..mami try to control her smile seeing dadi scared face..it's worth to see..Nani feel pity for her..if she keep her mouth in control.those all will never happened..Arnav take a seat beside Khushi..and hold her hand..for some reason khushi let him hold her hand now..other hand yamini smirking witnessing her daughter lioness avatar..it's so relief to her..she very perfectly give back to dadi..unknowingly her eyes moist seeing Khushi..she truly want to tell everyone that she is her daughter..but situation.not letting her tell..she look at her husband and daughters...how will they react if she reveal her dark past..it's will surely cause problem on her family.,other side shashi family also get in problem..that's why she still stepping back..bust till how long she will keep this..surely it's will came out..who know it's already start to leak.

Next update:truth..more about Khushi..khushi's real dark past..slap,.

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Next stories:ajeeb kahani phir se,,,jab tak hai jaan...

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Fabulous update
May 4

Unique devil angel. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 59 times)

After having the drink served by Nona..all share few talks with Khushi..she asked them to stay for lunch..family members gladly accept her invite..she very Normally treating them without telling old things..at lunch time whole raizada family had stomach full food with happy heart.they never expect Khushi will treat them this much nicely..after having full lunch all rejoined to living hall..dadi trying her best to be away from khushi's eyes.all clearly sense her sacredness towards Khushi..somewhere it's really funny..but other hand they happy about it..she truly need this lesson for hurt everyone without think anything..after talking big Nani suddenly touched the important part..

Nani:Khushi beta I know now our relations status not very healthy..i didn't have rights to ask you..but beta I really want you in my house...we want to take good care about you and your unborn baby..cants you shift to raizada mansion where are you actually belong..

Khushi:(little firm tone)I am sorry to say this Nani..don't take this rudely..I can't step inside that house again which have very bad memories of mine..I won't step inside the same house where I be throw out..I can understand your care..but I can't help it..you all most welcome to come here anytime.but don't expect me will come there.its wont happen.

Raizadas became sad little hearing her sharp decision..Arnav sigh hearing this..they all know she is absolutely right on her place..so they don't try to force her more..it's nice Atleast she allowing them to come here..for now it's enough..after spending much time there raizadas take their leave..

After some more days..Khushi working in study room..she managing her works in house itself..thankfully khanna doing most of the works without pressuring her..when she typing in laptop she saw Arnav enter to room with fruit plate..she give him sharp look..he take a seat beside her in table..he told her softly..

Arnav:you really forget everything when you working Khushi..did you see the time..it's time for your evening diet.doctor strictly suggest you to eat at least two fruits as per day..come on eat your fruits..

He cut the fruits with soft smile and bring towards her mouth.but she didn't open her mouth..but she didn't open her mouth.she keep look him sharply .arnav try to ignore her heated stare..but it's really difficult..she slowly get up from the seat and stood closely to him..he surprised by her sudden act but try to be normal..both facing each other..without taking eyes from him she take the knife from plate ..she pointed on his Adam Apple..Arnav gulp sensed her sudden dark act..she looking him with dangerous stare..

Khushi:how can you behave like there everything perfect on our life..don't you remember what you did to me..how can you behave so casual front of me..don't you feeling any guilty or hurt..

Arnav:(gulp hard)because I don't want to start our new life with past bitter memories..I want to create new memories with you Khushi..that's why even when I am hurt,I want to be happy with you..

Khushi:(bitter chuckles) wow!! I don't expect this Arnav..I never know you have this much big heart.(cold tone)but what will you do if I want to punish you for all act you did in past..I can't start the new life without finishing the past completely..will you accept any punishment I want to give you.

Arnav:(without think)yes Khushi..I am ready to beat whatever punishment you want to give me.i won't step back from this..give me any punishment you want..

Khushi:think twice Arnav!!because you don't know na what kind of punishment I am going to give you.what if you can't bear the punishment.

Arnav:(confident tone)there no need to think twice.li am ready to face anything ..even if you ask me die,I am even ready to do that happily..

Khushi look at him keenly.there so much confident on his face which she hate.she want to break his confident ..and she will.she take knife away from his neck and walk towards room corner..Arnav don't know what she going to do..he saw she coming back holding cane  on hand..she looking him with challenging stare..without break the eye look she open the cane ..Arnav gulp seeing her act,with a big splash she pour whole petrol over him.arnav gasps by her sudden act.he now wet head to toe.he looking her with many emotions..she take match book from drawer and placed on his hand.

Khushi:so Arnav,,it's simple..you just have to light the match box and burn yourself..I want to see how you burn yourself.,

Arnav looking her with deep emotions ..so this is end of him.but it's okay..if his Khushi want to see him die.he will happily do this for her..but he feel hard pain on his heart thinking he can't be with his baby when she/he come to this world..he wouldn't get chance to hold his baby.he can't be with his Khushi little more..it's okay..he deserve this..with determine sigh he take out a match from box and lite the fire with one crash..after looking his love last time he put the fire on himself..he closed his eyes,waiting for him body to burn in fire..he waiting for his end..but he didn't feel anything like that..he open his eyes and saw the fire blow off very long ago.he look at Khushi with shocked expression..he don't know what's happening..why he didn't get fire..suddenly Khushi gasps in fake shock..

Khushi:oh my god..how can I be this much big stupid..(to Arnav)how can I pour water on you instead petrol..see nowadays I can't see the difference between water and petrol.i really have to do eye check up..see because of my stupidness you missed the chance to die.i am really sorry Arnav..

Arnav blowed heating her words..she looking him with evil playful look..so this is a prank..for a minutes she took his soul out..he breath out a big relief sigh ..her smirk got more wide seeing his relief face..she asked him playful way.

Khushi:just for a act your face become this much dull.then what will your state if I indeed pour petrol on you..(challenging tone)just accept it Arnav.you can't do whatever I am saying..

Arnav:(same daring tone)and you too very well know.i like challenges..I will do anything to achieve my goals..from your this act.i come to know,I have to face very tough time..but I don't care.all I want your love..and my baby..I will do anything to get your unconditional  love back..and that's a promise..

Khushi look at him with frustration face..she don't like his guts..it's really making her angry..after giving him hard look.she came out from study room..Arnav look at her retreat figure with soft smile.how much she try ,he won't back up from his mission..he will definitely win this battle..he shook his head in disable looking his wet state..it's really tough to understand Khushi mehera..he then left the room to get fresh up..

After some more days..yesterday Khushi enter to her three months pregnancy..and it's been two months Arnav living in mehera mansion..there no progress in their relationship..Arnav trying  his level best to make her fall on him again.but she not coming out from her robotic state.sometime he get close to her saying baby name..but that to just for few minutes..sometimes he kiss her navel little intimately like making move to romance but there no special reaction from her ..she not letting him open her heart door again..she being very heartless to him.she don't know how many times he cry in middle of night thinking all this.in all one thing giving pinch of happiness to him..that's was khushi's normal behavior towards his family.she not giving cold shoulder to them.they all keep talking with Khushi daily..she never get mingle with him.just sometime he drag her to talk about baby..worst part his her ignorance towards him increasing day by day,,she behaving like he not exit on her life..it's really hurting to see.somewhere he scared about her behavior..he definitely have to do something about it..like those emotions and thoughts those two months fly away..

Today..Khushi talking with khanna in living room.arnav too present there..Nona  making lunch in kitchen..when they three present there suddenly door bell ring.khanna went to open the door.Arnav Khushi saw Anjali Nani with akash enter to living hall..Arnav smiling looking them.khushi give them a small smile,hearing calling bell Nona come to living room..she smile at them and asked them to sit.after making them comfortable..Nani told.

Nani:I am sorry beta..I don't come informing.actually because of the excitement I forget to call you.

Khushi:it's okay Naniji..there nothing wrong..tell me about your excitement arrival..

Nani:actually beta..we fixed akash wedding date yesterday..cards all already printing to send guests..but before anyone.i want to invite you specially.whatever happened you still his babhi..it's can never change..please beta,thinking about old wound don't be here without coming...your presence really important..please don't said you're not coming..please beta!!

Khushi being silent hearing Nani words..she don't show any reaction.everyone eagerly waiting for her reply.after taking sigh she told Nani.

Khushi:okay naniji..I will attend the wedding..(all sigh in big relief)tell me what is the date.so I can manage my work according to that..

Nani:(happily)marriage was after three weeks..before that there many functions going to held..you defiantly have to attend all function..(Khushi try to said something )don't worry beta..we arranged the functions in raizada farm house.i know you won't come to our house.thats why we arranged all in farm house for you..please beta don't said no..I really want you attend all functions..

Somewhere Khushi can't said no to her..it's difficult..after thinking bit Khushi nodded at her..everyone really happy seeing her approval.after spending sometime with Khushi Arnav..they all take a leave..hoping everything will go smoothly.

Few days later...last night Nani informed Khushi Arnav today akash payal haldi rasam.khushi indeed don't want to go..she know surely there someone will mess with her asking unnecessary questions..she half heartily agreed to come after hearing smash pleadings..he really want her to come.now she getting ready to go...

In downstairs..after making sure everything happening  correctly in farm house.arnav come to pick up Khushi and Nona,,because he being away he didn't be without doing arrangements for his brother marriage..as big bhai he fulfilling his responsibility correctly..he very well managing his both house between office works..he now waiting for Khushi to come.he talking with Nona in living room who already ready to go..after few minutes they hear heel sound..Arnav turn and got lost by the view front of him,he looking his goodness without blinking..Khushi coming down wearing long full sleeve yellow salwar kameez..she just wearing simple thin long earnings..there no loud makeup on her face ,,just kajal and eyeliner to eyes..she holding small hand purse on left hand..she putting duppatta side way.lshe make her hair to stylish braid,totally she looking simply awesome..she slowly come down keeping hand on her three month belly..she very conscious about her steps..Nona looking her daughter beauty with proud smile..Arnav totally mesmerized by her look..then they three board to car,..and started the drive...

In farm house.haldi rasam arrangements going with full swing.both families doing everything with hustle bustle..yes..both bride and groom haldi going to held same place..in work pressure also they all keep waiting for Khushi..they all being very restless ..hope she come soon..already both side relatives arrived to functions,just Arnav Khushi have to come..

Arnav stopped the car front of his farm house..he quickly get down from car to open khushi's door..she slowly came out from car and walk inside the house with them..seeing her arrival Nani Anjali quickly rushed towards her with happy smile..they both take her to happy smile.

Nani:I am really happy for your arrival beta..I just keep looking the doorstep ..finally you come..thank you so much.

Khushi smile at her..then Anjali Nani take her from there..Arnav smile seeing his family gesture toward khushi.he then take Nona to family members..and make her settle with them..

Yamini shashi smiling happily seeing Khushi after long time..she looking really beautiful..they see most of the guests stares now only on her..without can't control herself.yamini run toward her..Khushi got emotionless  reaction seeing yamini..soon she take Khushi to big hug..she don't know what to do..she broke the hug quickly.then yamini put kajal behind her ear..

Yamini:nazar na lage apko beta!!do you know how much beautiful you're today..you looking like some pari..you looking so beautiful..

Khushi don't show any reaction to her..she didn't said anything looking Anjali Nani..then after minutes akash payal take seat opposite to each other..soon haldi function started..after pandit did the pooja Nandini started the function with applying haldi to akash..buaji started payal haldi..when next person time come ,shashi asked Khushi with hope smile.

Shashi:Khushi beta,,you're elder bahu of raizada family.and elder to payal..so I want you apply haldi to payal as elder sister..it's will be really nice..please apply beta..

Khushi stunned hearing shashi request..she don't expect this..raizadas really liked shashi request..before Khushi deny Nani exclaimed..

Nani:arre wah!!this is really nice,of course she will apply..(to Arnav)and chote you apply haldi to akash..so it's will be nice..come on Khushi beta you start..

Before she can say anything Nani give her haldi bowl ..she don't know how to deny ..everyone now looking her.she don't want to do anything in anger.taking a big soothing sigh.she come front of payal who eagerly waiting to get haldi by Khushi hand..then slowly she take haldi paste to hand and apply on payal cheek..it's was blissful moment for shashi..his heart filled with so much happiness seeing his elder daughter doing rasam to younger daughter..unknowingly his eyes got moist..he don't know how to express his happiness.his eyes searched for only one person.and he saw she already looking him with same emotion..they both smile each other seeing Khushi.yamini quickly wipe her tears before anyone seen..then Khushi finished applying haldi to payal ,,Arnav to finished..soon other family start to apply haldi to them..without can't stand there anymore Khushi left the place to get a peaceful air..after few minutes Arnav notice khushi's absence,and frown seeing she now where to see..he went to look after her..

When Arnav reached to outside garden area ,he saw Khushi standing few feet away from him.he sigh in relief seeing her..when he move close to her.he sense the changes in air.she not being normal..he slowly turn her to his side.next moment he got shock seeing her state..he don't know how to react..he got really worried..Khushi looking him with dark red eyes..her ocean blue eyes now looking really scared with red shoot..she really hardly trying to control her raising anger,,but not just anger..there huge pain and hurt visible on her eyes..she trying to hide her pain..Arnav really worried seeing her like this..he quickly cupped her face and asked her worriedly.

Arnav:Khushi,jaanu what happened my love..why are you looking restless.what happened to you suddenly..are you feeling any uncomfortable here.do you want to take rest..are you feeling tired..tell me love what happened..

For a moment Khushi felt like to pour all her emotions and truths front of him..but next moment she stepped back recalling that horrible day..when he make fun of her past..how much he hurt her that day,,then what will he do if she tell whole past and truths to him..no..she can't get weak front of him..she pushed his hands from cheek and told him coldly..

Khushi:I am okay..don't need to pamper me overly.just go from here..

Arnav look at her worriedly,,he clearly understood she try to hide something big from him.he notice her red eyes showing kind of angry,,pain,,hurt..but what happened to her suddenly.she was okay till haldi..then what happened to her all of a sudden..he want to ask her many thing.but she not giving him chance to ask..when he try to touch her again she marched inside the house rudely..he look at her retreat figure with worry.there surely something wrong..

After haldi end,,most of the guests take their leave.now just close relatives present there.all having lunch with chatting.khushi standing corner of house window looking outside.she lost on deep thoughts..suddenly she felt someone present ,she turn and saw yamini standing beside her with warm smile.khushi turn cold seeing her again..without sense her dangerous heart yamini asked her sweetly..

Yamini:how are you beta.how is your babu doing..you know I always want to talk with you lot.but I never get that chance.(smile more)it's felt really nice to spend time with you.please be take care of yourself beta..you really need a good rest..you must be conscious about your diet..if you follow your diet correctly.its help you lot when delivery..


Yamini's soul died hearing her statement.she stepped back in unbelievable shock..her body turn ice ..world come end to her..she looking Khushi with complete shock.khushi giving her dangerous cold look.her inner beast try to come out seeing her heartless mother front of her..

Next update:truth..khushi's pour her emotions to Arnav..slap.

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