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May 16

Unique devil angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 60 times)

Fire pricking on khushi's eyes seeing yamini..her whole horrible past playing front of her eyes..how much she went through because of this heartless women..she dangerously took step towards yamini..

Khushi:(deadly tone)what you think..I don't know anything about you..do you think I am that much fool..you underestimate me very much yamini..you don't know about me still ..is your luck I keeping quiet still after knowing the truth.if you again show me your fake so called corner,,you will face very worst side of me..don't wake the psycho inside  me...you won't bear it.l

Giving a dead line warning Khushi left the place..yamini fell on floor and crying bitterly..she don't expect everything will turn upside like this..how Khushi come to know about it..now everything finished..she can't face her daughter now..her worst nightmare come true..there no one to comfort her..all of sudden someone keep hand on her shoulder..she turn and saw shashi looking her with worried..her make her stand..

Shashi:(worried tone)what happened yami..why are you crying like this..what's the problem..come on tell me..

Yamini:(crying bitterly)shashi..Khushi come to know about everything..she know about our past..I can't bear her hate shashi..it's killing me..she not even like to see my face..my daughter not ready to face me shashi..her hate killing me alive..

He totally shocked hearing yamini reply..he never expected this.tears falling from his eyes thinking about Khushi..this is biggest nightmare..their past sin finally come front of their own daughter..he took her to comfort hug..she crying on his arms heart out..everything already out of hand..he don't know how to fix everything..

Khushi went out of the house angrily..he didn't wait for anyone..she board to car and left the place quickly..she can't bear this anymore..her whole body burning in pain.she controlled her self very much..but everything crashed her control sense..how can she be calm seeing the people who reason for her dark life..because of them all those hurtful events happened on her life..why they both give her such a lifeless life..why not they think about her before doing such a ugly act..with many emotions she driving the car speedily..

Arnav quickly enter to house with worried face..after come to know Khushi took the car alone..he was so scared..he got many bad thoughts..when reached to home he sigh in relief seeing the car..he quickly rushed to room ...there she sitting on bed with blank expression..her eyes are still dark red..she looking little mess..soon lover man overpowered inside him..

Arnav:(scolding tone) what the!!khushi do you have any single India how much I went through this short time..my heart just stopped after knowing you take the car alone..why did you do that..can't you want until I come..what's so hurry..(no answer)answer me Khushi..why you come alone..what if something happened..answer  me Khushi..

He shook her shoulder..but still there no answer from her..suddenly he got worried seeing her like this..she never behaved with hummocks this..he slowly near her..he notice very different Khushi front of him...her eyes not showing any anger or arrogance...but pain..full of pain written all over her face..he sit beside her slowly ..and calls her softly..next second she hugged him very tightly..he stunned by her act..and most shocking thing is he felt tears falling on his arms..he speechless feeling that..this is first time he seeing her crying..his heart paining hardly seeing her broken state first time..she told him sobbing tone..

Khushi:I can't Arnav ,,I can't bear this anymore..I totally broken now..I can't take this anymore..why always all bad things happening to me..why can't I never get happiness on my life..whenever I trying to be happy..always something destroying my happiness..don't I deserve any happiness in my life..why everything hurting me.(Cry more) if she didn't throw me away in past..today I wouldn't living such a lifeless life..why she throws  me away Arnav..she she didn't want me.why she didn't kill me on womb itself..why she killed me after giving birth..because of her I became orphan..because of her everyone called me trash..because of her I became crazy..she destroyed my whole life Arnav..why she give me such a horrible punishment..I am losing my everything Arnav..why I facing all this..can't I ever came out from this loveless life..I am totally broken Arnav..

Painful tears running on Arnav's eyes hearing her broken talks...he don't know what happened to her suddenly.but her broken state pricking his heart deeply..he totally hurt seeing her state..he don't know how to comfort her..to get her normal state..he hug her back tightly and cares her hair softly..

Arnav:no love ...don't think about such a thing..you truly deserve all happiness in this world..you will get limitless happiness on your life that there no place for sadness..you're angel Khushi..you're reason for my breath..I can't see you like this my love..just forget whatever happened in past..you have beautiful life with our baby.we three going to have blissful life love.lyou shouldn't cry cry thinking about past..I can't bear your tears baby..please don't cry..please love..

He almost bleeding seeing her like this..don't know what make her this much vulnerable..he never witnessed her like this.. Suddenly he felt weight on shoulder..he cares her face and saw she sleeping crying way..somewhere he felt relief seeing this..he slowly put her on bed and kissed her forehead so much card..after cover her with bed sheet he slowly came out from room.

Coming from room he faced worried Nona front of her..he know why she worried..he told her relaxing way..

Arnav:don't worry Nona she is fine..I make her sleep..let her take rest.(after pause)but how you come here..is anyone dropped you?

Nona:ha Shyam dropped me..but what happened to Khushi baba suddenly..(more tension)and she won't cry easily for something..there surely something big happened..she is not kind of person get emotional soon..there surely strong reason..don't know what happened to her all of sudden..

Arnav totally agree with Nona..he know about Khushi very well..like Nona said..she is not emotional person..there surely strong reason for her break down..he have to find out about it..he recall the way she told about her past..is there something happened regrading her past..his sixth sense telling this only..he sigh with determination..whatever is it..he surely have to find out..maybe he can help her somewhere..

Next day....Khushi on study room..she was totally on pissed mood..not on anybody..but on her own self,.she recall her yesterday act..how can she break down front of him..she strongly controlled herself from not break down ,that to front of him..but all her control fade away feeling his warmth beside her..she cannot controlled anymore..she pour her all feelings to him..what a embarrassing..she felt shame about her act..all time that scene hunting her mind..her fuel mood raising speedily.she bang the table out of frustration..but whatever happened.she can't ignore the relief she feeling after sharing all her sorrow on his arms..it's felt like big burden take out from her shoulder..it's feel good..but she can't accept this..she can't forget it he too hurt her like yamini..there no difference between them..she killed her birth..he killed her dream...again her memory went to yamini...she not thought to revel her that she know about everything..it's just come out of anger..she recall how everyone pampered payal on haldi function..everyone take care of her like doll..she have love of her whole family..but look at her..she don't have anyone to call her as relation..Nona to just her caretaker..she don't have big family like payal..it's all because yamini..she destroyed her whole life..and she can't forget about her so called father..shashi Gupta...how much she hate him..her whole body burned yesterday when she witness his love for his lovely daughter payal..he very happily did it her haldi rasam...but  he not ready to accept his past..they both totally forget and living happily on their own life with their children..but their symbol of mistake still being on that dark past..she can't came out from her past..if she tried too..everything stopping her come out from past..her life still not get the happily ever after..now her only hope is her unborn baby who going to give her new life..hope at least she came out from all bitterness..her new start fully depends on her baby..this time no sorrow or bitterness..hope at least God show mercury on her...this time...

When she lost on thoughts she felt someone caressing her hair..she open eyes and saw nona looking her with big corner..she sigh seeing her.she know what's coming next..

Nona:(smile)I know what are you thinking..but let me tell you..I am not going to start my daily tantrum..but just want to say something,,I don't know what happened to you suddenly..but I know this..you again thinking about your past..(sigh)it's waste of time recalling past baba..you making your present and future thinking about past..it's time for you to forget all bitter memories And start  over the fresh life..there many more to come Khushi baba..thinking about past ,,you only end up getting hurt..so forget all your painful memories..start a new life with your happiness..don't ever think you don't have anyone..you have me life long..(smile softly)I will even be nanny to your baby..please beta..at least for your baby sake..do you want your baby start life with your bitter past..

Khushi:(deep voice)you're right Nona..I should not think about old wounds..it's time for me move on from my bitter past.its will be good for all..now I should think about my baby..last 23 years I lived a dead life..it's time for new life..I promise you Nona..here after I will never get heart break thinking about the past..I promise...

Nona happily hugged her hearing promise..she really happy..finally she did it..finally her daughter decided to forget everything....now there happiness only..hope it is....

after few days..Khushi fully alright now much to Arnav relief..she back to her usual behavior..and very shockingly ,she behaving normally with Arnav..she not trying to be rude with him.her devil behavior towards him decreased very much..and even she not ignoring him anymore..last few days happiness days for Arnav..he fully noticed her normal behavior towards him ..it's not that she being so lovely with him..it's just her rudeness towards him very low..he don't know is she forgives him or not,.but her recent behavior giving him big satisfaction..it's good signs..he more confident about their reunion now..hope all this distance between them too vanish soon..he can't wait to start a happy life with her..he trying his level best to make her forget all their bitter memories....

At lunch time..Arnav Khushi having lunch with Nona,.all having lunch with little talk..today akash payal mehendi function..because of some rituals reason they keeping mehendi function little gap..after having lunch all went to get ready to leave Gupta house..yes Gupta house..both family arranged function there..this time Khushi don't try to step back..she decided to face her past bravely.,she is not any scared soul right..she ready to face anything coming to her path..she she got ready..she wear long blue colour designed skirt with sleeveless red color blouse..her milky navel visible bit out..she put designed net duppatta to side way and made her hair to long curl..she wear long thin earnings with elegant chain..totally she looking stunning..after looking last time she come to downstairs..Arnav as usual look at her dreamy way..she not miss to give him heart attack as always,.soon Nona too arrived with ruchika and everyone left to Gupta house..

At Gupta house..soon after they reached garima and buaji welcomed them respectively..raizadas very happy seeing  Khushi arrival..soon Khushi and Nona mingle with girls gang..after making sure they both completely fine Arnav left to look his brother..thanks to Nani..she agree to allow boys in function...

Khushi sitting with Anjali and payal..Nani mami compel her to apply mehendi..after lot of compel she agreed..now mehendi girl drawing design on hand..she normally talking with everyone...but she know one person really not good about her presence..she look at yamini who trying hardly to not cry ...her whole body shivering..somewhere she feeling good seeing her state..her scared state giving her dominate power...it's good..she mentally smirking seeing yamini condition..suddenly she snap out hearing mehendi girl question..

Girl:what latter you want to write on hand madam?

Before she answer her,an familiar voice reply her firmly..

write A on her hand boldly she turn and saw Arnav looking her with his signature smirk..she look at him sharply..but he least bothered about her look..he took seat beside her closely..raizada ladies and other girls smiling hearing him.already mehendi girl written A on hand..she asked him challenging way..

Khushi:how do you know that I want to write A on my hand..what if I want to write another person name..

Arnav :(possessive tone) if anyone have right to take place on your life,,,that is just me..I won't give my place to anyone.even it is on hand, 

Khushi raise eyebrow sharply hearing his possessive daring answer..she didn't talk back knowing all eyes now on them..she got back to mehendi..Arnav looking at her lovingly..he spend few minutes with her admiring the mehendi..when she talking suddenly her eyes fell on payal sheetal and lavanya..they three sitting together talking happily..she can see their bonding.,somewhere she don't like that scene..something happening inside her..technically they her sisters.but no one know about that expect her..she don't want to think unnecessarily..it's waste of time.she  should not get effected by anything..she broke her thoughts and focus on mehendi....

After sometime..all girls got done on mehendi..and most of the guest left..now just family members present..Khushi waiting for her mehendi to get dry..now all sitting on hall..finally after lot of nice and seek shashi faced Khushi directly...he truly don't have guts to face Khushi..her every stare killing him alive..both yamini shashi feeling like standing on burning fire front of her..she don't said anything to them..but knowing she aware everything..it's was deathbed..

Other hand Arnav telling some testing things to her time to time..somewhere it's being relief to Khushi.because of his presence she feeling relaxed..so she don't tell anything to shut him up..when everything going smoothly..suddenly someone yell in doorstep..

”arnie baby" everyone turn to see the person..there a girl in early twenties standing on doorstep wearing short sleeveless black dress which reaching till thigh..she made her hair straight..elders make disgusting face seeing her attire..and raizadas really surprised seeing her specially Arnav..an horrifying reaction raised on his face seeing her..Khushi raised eyebrows sharply seeing her visual..but not like other ,she wondering whom she called just ago..then the girl come running toward Arnav and hugged him tightly..both family gasps seeing her act..everyone eyes turn at Khushi direction nervously who looking the scene with expressionless face..Arnav pushed her away harshly..she told him ****y way..

Girl:arnie baby,you don't have any idea how much I missed you..it's horrible for me without seeing your handsome face..after full of one year finally I come..I missed you so much baby..

Arnav:(strict tone)Tanya stop calling me with such names..and don't ever do such act again..

Tanya:(frown tone)what happened arnie,,why you talking like this..I always called you like this na..even your family knows that..

Anjali:;(same strict)Tanya chote no more the person he be on past..he already committed with someone..and soon going to be father..so your clones behavior towards him not allowed..be on your limit..

tanya shocked to core hearing Anjali reply..Arnav already married..that is impossible..her whole dream broken to pieces..why not her mother informed this to her..being family friends of raizadas from many long..her family must surely know about this..anger build on her body..her whole plan destroyed..how much she desired to became mrs to hot billionaire of India..she glare Arnav angrily..

Tanya:who is she arnie..who you find more beautiful and perfect then me..do your wife gorgeous fashion icon like me..I am sure she is not..

Victory smirk appear on Arnav face seeing her challenging behavior...even everyone got that smirk on face..without make her wait more he point towards Khushi...Tanya lost her colour seeing the stunning diva front of her..heat of jealousy rise on her stomach seeing the perfect girl front of her..she damn angry and jealous..because of it she don't know what she doing,,she angrily marched towards Khushi..

Tanya:so it's you who took my arnie away from me..how dare you..do you know how much I love him..his whole family know my love towards him..you took him away from me on my absence.li am sure you trapped him showing your this beauty..I know girls like you who ready to wide their legs for billionaires...just Shame  on you..

Everyone boiling in anger hearing tanya hateful words..beast rise inside Arnav hearing disgusting about his love..he growling in beast anger..yamini shashi give deadly glare at tanya..she don't know that she waking the roaring lioness..Khushi slowly get up from the sofa and come face to face tanya..her face damn cool..she told tanya calming tone..

Khushi:I don't know that you loving him so much..He never told me that he have a such a crazy lover..if he told me early I swear I never accept his love..but what to do..it's already late..I am sorry for your lose..

Everyone confused hearing her words ..but Nona have terrific reaction on her face..she shivering thinking what going to come next..then khushi slowly took Tanya hand to like handshake..

Khushi:anyway nice to meet you Tanya!!!

Next second all hear bone cracking sound..all terrified seeing the scene front of them..soon an loud screaming sound followed ,,,Tanya crying loudly in pain holding her broken hand..Khushi twisted her hand to broke..everyone heart pumping loudly seeing that..dangerous look appear on Khushi face seeing Tanya.she told her deadly tone.

Khushi:it's for underestimating the Khushi mehera..I will never tolerate insult from anyone..you questioned my character,,so I give you the answer..run to hospital before you lost your beautiful hand..

Tanya run away from there holding her hand..Khushi sharply turn towards Arnav who already little scared by her killing act..she asked him coldly..

Khushi:who is she??

Arnav:(low tone)she is our family friend Khushi..she have crush on me from years..but I know it's for my fame and wealth..she proposed me many time..but I never accepted her..but she never stopped her behavior..but I never expect she will come today and behave like this..I am Sorry  Khushi...

Khushi:(warning tone)this is first and last time I am telling you..if again I faced any situation like this..then don't blame me for keep you away from my life..don't forget that your every act effect our baby too..don't let such s thing happen again..hope you understand..

Arnav nodded at her slowly..no one speak after that..Khushi felt it's time to go..after quick bye to all she tAke leave from there..all understand the situation and let her go..then they four take a leave from there..somewhere this Khushi mehera still being mysterious piece to them..and again grows scared on their heart for her..

After two days,.today no one in home expect Khushi..Nona went to ruchika school..Arnav went to attend urgent meeting.she just doing office work in living room..suddenly door bell ring.on of her servant opened the door..she thought its must be Nona or Arnav..but seeing the person she got both shock and surprise..

Next update::slap for past...khushi's full past..sensual dance..

Hello guys...enjoy the update and tell me which story you all want to read next after this update..so I will update that story update tomorrow evening..pakka wala promise...

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Unique devil angel (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 57 times)

Yamini and shashi looking her with nervous and happy smile..soon enough anger build inside her seeing they both front of her..how dare they both..after all happened still have guts to meet her..they slowly come and stood front of her.. Khushi stormily get up from sofa and lash out angrily..

Khushi: stop..who give you both rights to come here after knowing very well I know everything .you both still have guts come front of me..get out from here..( disgusting tone) I feel disgusting seeing you both front of me..go away..go away from here.

Shashi:(broken tone)Khushi beta we fully understand your state..no one can forgive us for the sin we committed..but please at least hear us out..give us chance to explain why we did something like that.

Khushi:(aggressive tone)I don't need your bloody explanations..I am not going to get anything hearing your explanation.how much you try to explain..it's can't change the fact you both thrown me on trash..you both destroyed my whole life.. every child look mother face after birth..but I faced ugly trash where everyone look me with disgusting..when every children enjoyed their childhood with family,,friends..I worked on hotel day and night to save myself.your explanation can't change my bitter past..so just get lost from here..

Yamini:(tears falling)beta..I am sorry for all pain you bear it in past cause of us..we really Sorry beta..I know no mother will do such a horrible thing to her child..I am a sinner beta..I throw away my baby who give me the feel of motherhood first time..who give me the experience on caring another soul..but Khushi beta believe me..I never thought to do something like that to you..because of bad circumstance we end up doing that sin..please hear us out beta..please forgive us..

Khushi:(chocked angry tone)you know what..if you ask my forgiveness after knowing I am your daughter from first place..there may chances for my forgiveness..but after coming to know the truth..what you did..you hide that from everyone..you both still don't like to reveal myself as your daughter..(broken smile)because I am your dirty past..you don't like to dig hand on your dirty past again front of this world..because of your both past so called love I am bearing the pain today..where you both already very well settled on own lives..(point shashi)I never expect you will be my father..but when I come to know..somewhere I hope at least you will accept me front of the world..(sad smile)but no..even you considered me as dirty thing..do you know how much I went through when I saw how much you both love your respective  children..why is that.just because they born proper way..because of your both one mistake today I am living lifeless life..maybe I am powerful person to outside,,but no one know what kind of life I am living  behind the four walls..I have ocean level fame money luxury everything..but there no one present in my life to share all those..my whole life I keep wondering why I am living such a life..why my parents ended my life like this..I don't have father name behind me when I went to school..I don't have mother to look after me when I am sick..I don't have any siblings to share my all memories..I don't have my own house where I spent happy childhood like other children..for me everything was trash to orphanage,,and orphanage to road..my only supporter was loneness..which still being with me..I never get a chance to live a normal girl life..my whole life I keep running and still not get track to stop.i fully destroyed because of you both..after doing all this..you both easily asking for forgiveness...not funny..

Tears falling from shashi yamini eyes without stopping..their heart already dead witnessing the damage they created on her life..yamini sobbing heart out..it's hard time for Khushi to stay strong without break down..her pregnancy hormones giving tough time to control her broken state..tears not stopping from shashi eyes hearing Khushi words.what a big sin they cursed in past..now they both living happily..but their daughter still bearing the past..he try to touch her..but Khushi stepped back and give him warning look..their heart breaking more seeing her hate towards them..

Khushi:please don't touch me mr.shashi..I am your dirty past..symbol of your dirty secret..it's not good for you to touch a dirty trash like me..you will feel shame..

Shashi:(tears more fall)no angel..you're not a trash..please never call yourself like that..you're a pure angel beta..it's we not deserve to be with you..we both sinners..you never be our dirty secret.you don't know how much I want to introduce you as my daughter..I want to scream out loud...want to shout in happiness you're my daughter..but I am helpless beta.l don't have that guts..I am scared of this society..please beta try to u dress down my situation..

Khushi:(sarcastic smile)you don't need to do such a thing out of your corner mr.shashi..there no need to announce anything..according to me.my parents already dead..I never meet them.never talk with them..and never ever called them as ma ,,papa..there no one..and it's will be like that forever..now I am kindly asking you both to get lost..because my anger level raising..I don't want two oldies face my worst side..

There nothing more to talk.they both dead-alive hearing her statement..when she said they dead for her..both truly died that moment,Khushi got back to her work like there no one present..both left from there with huge pain.they came out from house and not notice there another two people totally stunned by the revaluation..they rushed inside the home..

Arnav Nona saw Khushi sitting on sofa with closed eyes..when he try to go to her..Nona stopped him..

Nona:no Arnav..it's not good time to talk with Khushi about this..she already broken.lets talk about this later.

Arnav agree with her..next moment they saw Khushi marched to room and closed the door with bang.arnav really worried seeing her like this..past few minutes events still blowing his mind.he truly not expected something will turn on like this.he never dared to think his yamini maa will be khushi's biological mother..and shashi Gupta..he never thought shashi and yamini reason for all pain his Khushi faced in like..now more then anything.he wasn't yo ask many things to Nona..he recall khushi's words..

Arnav:Nona  what is this...yamini maa and shashi uncle..it's beyond imagination..I truly can't believe  this..

Nona:me to Arnav..even I don't know their are khushi's parents..Khushi baba never told me ..I am also shocked..

Arnav:(deep tone)and what's the meaning of khushi's reply..«trash to orphanage and orphanage to road)what's that mean..why she told like that.isn't someone called mega raised her well..then why she tell like that..

Nona:there many things you don't know about Khushi baba past Arnav..you won't believe If I say whatever happened on her life..shortly I can say.she faced all bitter and horrible situations on life which an girl shouldn't face..she not lived feather life..she passed many poison thorn path..there many painful wounds on her life..you cannot able to bear if I tell you all..(after pause)now her big relief was you and your baby..she may not forgive you fully.but I can see she trying to move on with you forgetting the past..so corporate with her..don't try to open her wounded pain..hope you understand what I am saying..

Arnav nodded at her slowly understand way..he got scared grip on heart hearing Nona puzzle words..what exactly happened on her life? Is there something big happened?what is that? His head spinning thinking all this..maybe right now he should concentrate on Khushi.if she got more close with him. There maybe chances for she herself tell everything to him..maybe he can help his angel to forget all bitter past..then slowly he move towards their room..

Today was akash payal sangeet day..Khushi Arnav and Nona ruchika getting ready to go Gupta house..after that day.arnav Nona little unsure about going there..but seeing khushi's normal behavior they thought to go..both getting ready in room.khushi wear baby pink long choli with side shawl..and Arnav wear stylish Kurta in same pink colour ..both wearing in dress code..she wear elegant jewels and made her hair to designed braid..both looking so perfect together..khushi's four month small belly showing little bit..she naturally glowing like a fresh flower..her beauty increasing day by day..after doing last touch both left to Gupta house..

Raizada and Gupta family welcomed them respectably..yamini and shashi shaking in pain and fear seeing Khushi presence..they don't have guts to face her..other side Khushi don't give a damn about their presence..she just took a seat with Arnav and Nona and behave very normally like usual..after sometime akash and payal come to greet her..they shared few talks with arshi.soon lavanya and sheetal too come and talk with her. they three girls still don't have courage  to talk with Khushi..but still they three talk to her with lot of respect and frighten.khushi too behave with them normally..yamini and shashi looking the four girls with moist eyes..seeing they four together their huge emotions threaten to came out..this is what they wishing to see forever..but they know this can never became true..both know about Khushi very well..she is not easy to tame..with lot of thoughts they both keep looking Khushi..then soon sangeet function started..everyone enjoyed the function..Arnav all time keep observing both yamini,,shashi..he can see how much pain,,guilty they going through..he still shocked by new revaluation..he need to know why they both did something like that to Khushi..why they spoiled her life.he née all answers from them..for that he need to talk with them.


Yamini doing some arrangements in kitchen ..suddenly she hear Arnav calling her from behind,she turn and saw he looking her with hard emotionless face..she confused seeing him like this..his facial expressions showing kind of hate and anger..she asked him normally..

Yamini:what happened Arnav beta..do you need something?

Arnav:I know you're khushi's mother !!!

She grips her heart tightly hearing Arnav's statement..she staring him without blinking ..she don't know what to say..Arnav glaring her with anger..she try to say something..but Arnav cut off her..

Arnav:no yamini maa..don't say anything..I never thought you will do something like this..how can you do such a cruel thing to Khushi..you don't know how much she went through the because of your both deed..her life became hell cause of your mistake..you make a sin yamini maa..I will never forgive you for it..you really hurt my Khushi..

Tears falling from her eyes hearing Arnav's confrontation..she know she deserve this..there no forgiveness for her mistake..her daughter spent darkness  life cause of her..she sobbing silently..then suddenly both hear shashi voice..

Shashi:Arnav don't scold her like this..not just she guilty..even I am part of that sin.(broken tone)you don't have any idea how much we both broken from inside when we come to know Khushi is our daughter..we just don't want to let her go away from us..we really need our daughter back..but our both side situation not letting us do anything..we don't know how will everyone react if they come to know about this..honestly we scared about it.But that doesn't mean we not care about her..I agree we not did any small mistake to forget or forgive easily..but the truth is ..we really need her..I need my baby...she is my blood..how can I hate her Arnav..we need our child back..that is the truth..please Arnav just hear us out why we took such a decision..give us chance to explain ourself..

”there no need for that"...they three turn with jerk hearing Khushi sharp voice..she standing before them with firm face..she looking they three sharply..she took step towards Arnav and told him with cold tone..

Khushi:if you want any improvement in our relationship..I don't want you talk with them regarding my past..they no one to me..if you need me forever..you need to stay away from my past..it's will be good for all..specially for mr.shashi and yamini..they don't like to open their dirty past again ..so close this chapter..

Arnav fully notice huge pain on her eyes when she say that..he can feel what she going through..after giving them last look..Khushi take Arnav away from there..shashi yamini shared painful eye look..both of them feeling so much pain now..

After spending sometime there..Khushi decided to go..Arnav ready to take her..Nona wished to stay more..so arshi left the venue..it's cool evening time..their driving going with perfect silent..in middle way suddenly Khushi asked to stop the car..she slowly came out and move forwards..Arnav follow her behind..it's lonely garden with nature touch..beautiful sun set visible little bit.she went to deep thoughts admiring the view..he silently observing her from beside..he can see she thinking about something deeply..he waited for her to speak up..and she did it after long time..

Khushi:first time in my life..I am facing this situation Arnav..finally I met my parents who reason for all bitter memories on my life..deep down I always wished to meet them.and want to punish them for all pain I bear it in my life cause of them..but now I think..there no need for that..I am not going to punish them..they both very well moved on..it's waste of time anymore..(turn look him)I want to forget everything Arnav..every single second I spent in past..I don't want that bitter memories anymore..I need a life Arnav..I need a normal life which everyone living..I want to stop running away from my past..I am very tired now..I need a relax Arnav..I don't want anything or anyone from May past spoil my present and future with my baby..I don't want anyone involve my baby on past..it's enough of running Arnav..I can't run anymore..

Arnav hugged her comfortingly hearing her chocked words..his heart bleeding in pain seeing his angel vulnerable state..he can't see her like this..he cupped her face and told her love filled way..

Arnav:I promise you Khushi,.our baby Won't get a pain we both bear in our childhood..not just you Khushi..even me faced huge pain on life..me to faced up and downs in my life..because of my father betrayal I lost my mother who everything to me..one tragic incident took my mother away from me forever..just in one day my who life destroyed..I don't know everything about you.but I promise..hereafter you won't live a darkness life Khushi..we both have beautiful life with our baby and me..I won't let anything happened to you both..this time I keep my promise Khushi..I won't break my promise again.please Khushi trust me..I won't break your heart again..I will be best lover to you..and best father to our baby..please Khushi give me a chance..I won't repeat my mistake..

Khushi:(invisible smile)whatever you did..it's so hard to forget..I still can't forgive you..but cause of my anger,.i can't forget about my baby,.he/she need you equally..and I don't want my baby live the same life I lived.i want to give peaceful life to my baby..for that I need your presence..atleast this time keep your promise ..it's okay if you don't be good lover to me..but please be good father to my baby. I don't need anything more then that..at least this time don't break my trust,.

He hugged her again..he take a vows whole heartily.,whatever happen he won't leave Khushi again for a single second on life..lets leave past forever..it's time to cheers the present..he will try his best to give wonderful life to his love and baby..there no pain anymore..only happiness..

But destiny won't do anything to our wish right..who know what is planned for them..maybe there no separation anymore..but maybe there still something there to came out from her past..her real past which have many hidden truths about her..lets see..

Next update::new entry...good news...wedding..or weddings...

Sorry sorry sorry for very very late update..(hold ears)I am really sorry guys..because of Ramadan season I truly don't have time to touch my iPad..every time prayers and guests shopping..I truly don't have time..I really miss you all..but what to do..this is very special month for all Muslims ..I can't ignore single day from this month..please accept my apologies..and be patience until this month end..after that I am very free..I will update my all stories one go..please darlings..don't be angry with me..and I will update my new two stories soon..I promise that two stories also take place on your all heart..sorry again..Allah hafiz..

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Fabulous update
Jun 26

Unique devil angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 60 times)

Next day morning..today was akash payal wedding day..every work going with hustle bustle..no one have time for chatting..arrangement  going with full swing..ladies arranging necessary things to wedding..it's time for guptas to send wedding dress to groom..after few minutes shashi reached to house..Nani and other welcomed him..

Nani: namaste shashiji..please come..( he come inside)we don't expect you will come to give akash dress..

Shashi: ( smile ) actually  my mother come here meet akash....she just reached home last night  from long yatra ... She wishing to  him..

Then an elderly women same age in Nani came inside the home  wearing pale peach color sari .she putting pallu in head... There no softness on her face...only attitude and pride...

She greet Nani and other with small smirk..soon shashi intro his mother Mohini to Raizada ladies .then ladies welcomed her inside... Nani and dadi took seat before her .then dadi spoke with her typical tone..

Dadi: we really happy to meet you mohiniji ...it's Nice to meet you 

Mohiniji:(attitude smile)same here subatraji... I don't got chance to meet you all before. 

That why come to meet you all to day suddenly .i won't to see my grand daughter soon to be sasural.

Raizada ladies smile at her..soon they shared few talks.dadi got very well mingle with mohini because of similar character..when all going smoothy.yamini come there with her daughters..

Soon mohini face changed seeing yamini presence..sashi also got tension..

 Till now yamini not notice her. But when Nani Introduce her.her whole body got paralyzed.she forget to react. They three now facing the same emotion.. Soon yamini and mohini face changed shock to Hate and anger. Yamini  tight her fist seeing the woman again who reason 

For her all Bitters memories in past.Because of her she lost her love.because of her lost her child.she lost everything because of this woman.mohini try to control her hate expression front of everyone .she don't want to create any drama front of payal sasural family..she suddenly got up from sofa..Raizada ladies surprised by her act.

Mohini:I think to leave now. There so many works in home..even you all have works.so we're leaving.lets meet in marriage venue..

Ladies smile at her.. After glaring yamini last time.she left the house with shashi..

Yamini try to control her hyper state..before anyone talk she left from there.looking like their past have no end...

In Gupta House..soon after reached. Mohini marched to her room dragging sashi.she closed the door and asked him angrily next moment 

Mohini:what the he'll is this shashi.. What that cheap women doing in payal sasural.dont you remember  what Happened in past..( more angry)I faced huge shame because of her..she make me shame front of her beggar family..how you accept payal relation with that family..i won't marry off my grand daughter to that gold digger house....

Sashi:(angry)Enough ma...that's the limit Enough.. Don't speak another word about yamini..

You don't have that right..Don't forget that.whatever happened in past..even me to have part of it..don't talk like just she responsible for all...in fact it's me who responsible for everything..she never did any wrong..(voice chocked)it's me who promised her to get marry...it's me make her dream about us..it's me make her do that act with me...it's me make her low front of anyone ...

If I'm scared of you that time.to day I'm living my life with her..with..with..my baby..(eyes moist)if I not agree with your threat.to day I'm living with my daughter..(more tears)I'm very helpless that time.i don't have courage to go against for my baby and love...just because of you we both separate ..because of you .i lost my baby..(more tears)my first child...you not even let me carry my child...what my child did to you.just for family respect.socity talk...you just separate my love and child from me....what my child fouls on it...before she look at this world fully..you just destroyed her whole life..she is just one hour born when you took that tragic decision  ... You took away my child from me and because of your that heartless act...I'm still beaning the punishment  the sin you did making me helpless never going to fade. away from my life.. You just destroyed my whole life..after that what you did.before I come out from my child love loss...you arranged my wedding with garima..for you just your pride and respect mattered..you never cared about my like and life..now I can't tolerate you're dominate anymore..now I am just your son shashi who bow down to your all orders without going against you.now am also an parent.i know what good for my daughter.you don't need to poke your nose on everything.just because you have problem with yamini presence I can't stop my daughter wedding.this marriage will happen.and that's it.( warning tone) and also.don't you dare to say anything to yamini.if I come to know you caused any pain or problems to her.i swear  maa..I will forget who you're to me.i am warning you..stay on your limits.

Mohini just freezes on her place witnessing shashi like this..she can't believe that is indeed her son who never go against her wish..his eyes filled with kind of aggressive and hate.there so much anger inside him.after giving her last warning look he left from there..mohini sit on sofa with thud.she don't know how to react..first time in life she feeling some kind of guilty..she don't know why but her past acts somewhere stabbing her heart now..soon she lost on past.

At evening time..in mehera mansion..both Arnav Khushi getting ready to attend akash wedding.surprisingly for Arnav wish Khushi agree to wear in same code dress.she wear dark brown colour traditional lehenga with designing shawl.and he wear coffee colour designer Shervani..both looking simply awesome..even they both looking like bride snd groom..her early four months pregnancy glow showing on her face so beautifully..she wear light elegant jewels..now both ready to go..as always Arnav totally flat seeing Khushi being so gorgeous..her beauty never missed to amaze him.he feeling huge pride seeing such a beauty as his wife..after few last touch both came down..there already Nona being ready with ruchika..after seeing Khushi next second Nona put kajal behind her ear.

Nona: nazar na lage meri bacchi ko..you glowing like a flower Khushi baba..(caring tome) you should be careful baba..there many evil eyes around you..please be protected always..

Khushi smile hearing her caring words.she hugged her side way and left from there with Arnav and ruchika.

Everyone arrived to marriage venue,.already there guests reached..soon after seeing arshi Anjali welcomed them with warm hug..raizadas looking really happy seeing Arnav Khushi arrival..and everyone in venue already speechless seeing khushi's presence..for a second they thought the bride just reached.same goes to Arnav.all thought bride and groom standing front of them..soon raizadas make Khushi comfortable in private room..that's was groom family room..they make her relax..and Nona join with them to help in little works..after knowing Khushi perfectly fine ..Arnav left to look after his brother..

After sometime.bride with family arrived to venue..guptas came to greet raizDas.no doubt both family flying in air out if happiness..even yamini join with them..she don't give s head about mohini presence,,she just behave like there no one called mohini..shashi well know what kind of heart spreading in room..but he bring calm knowing his mother not going to make any problems..but apart from all those their both hearts just need to see someone eagerly.they saw Arnav and Nona present there.thats mean even their daughter here..but the question is where is she?..why she now where to see..when their heart longing for her.they both saw Khushi coming out from rest room like a angel..her flawless attire just pumping their heart more..her full of bride attire just moist their eyes..their emotions are trying to come out seeing her like this..now much they need to hug her now..both of them looking her with longing eyes..but apart from them.there another person who just totally blowed seeing Khushi intro..her rare soft emotions try to came out seeing that angel front of her..mohini looking khushi without blinking...there so many emotions on her eyes,,she don't know why all her pride and arrogance getting lost front of that blue ocean eyes.she getting weak front of Khushi..then Nani introduce Khushi to mohini proudly..

Nani: mohini ji..this is my elder bahu.khushi..Khushi Raizada....and Khushi beta..this is mohini..payal's dadi...

Khushi surprised the way Nani introduced her..more surprising is mohini is payal's dadi..means shashi Gupta mother..she tight her fist seeing that women..she try to tame her raising anger..she saw mohini coming towards her slowly..she cupped Khushi face..

Mohini: jeeyat raho beta..it's really nice to meet you...you looking so beautiful beta..may devimayya protect you from all evil eyes..

She took kajal from her eyes and put it behind her ear..raizadas smile seeing her....but yamini and shashi totally shocked seeing mohini this behavior..this is not her personality..both of them wondering about her soft side..but mohini state was very different,,she thinking deeply staring Khushi.

Mohini: what's happening to me..why I am getting so emotional seeing her..what connection I have with her..why my heart pumping seeing her..

There thousands of questions on mohini mind..suddenly her state fell on Khushi little swollen belly..she asked Khushi surprisingly..

Mohini: are you pregnant beta?

Nani:(before Khushi)yes mohini Ji..she is four month pregnant..

Small adoring smile appear on mohini face hearing Nani statement..she caressed Khushi hair and wished her whole heartily..all the time Khushi just controlling her anger and try to not lash out on her..thankfully someone tell them pandit arrived..then all got ready for wedding..soon Khushi went away from their three..( yamini,shashi,mohini)

At marriage venue,..pandit chanting the mantra..payal akash sitting in mandap..family members surrender around mandap..Arnav Khushi also present with them..soon both took the seven phere ..and Akashi tied the mangalasustra around payal neck..and pandit announced them as husband and wife..everyone showered their bless through flowers thrown..Khushi truly don't like to be there right now..she just standing there for family.,there one person totally understand her state..Nona really worried seeing Khushi state..she totally understand what she going through now..if that tragic event not happened on her life..today even her marriage happening on same venue..thankfully marriage finished..both newly weds tools blessings of elders..all guests went to eat..now just family members present in hall..after taking everyone blessing they both come towards arshi..Arnav take him to brotherly hug..payal don't know how to react with Khushi..she still feel fear around Khushi..but she surprised seeing Khushi act..Khushi took her to warm hug..everyone surprised by her act..no one expects this..then she broke the hug and told her with small smile..

Khushi: wish you have very happy married life payal..I wish you both be happy like this always..(take a box from Nona) this is small gift from my side for you both..hope you like it..good luck..

Payal happily took the gift from Khushi and excitingly start to open..everyone can understand her happiness..because no one expect such a warm wish from the great Khushi mehera..payal eagerly opened the gift and next moment gasps in great shock seeing Khushi so called small gift..there a new brand one cores Rolex watch with a honeymoon tickets to island in Khushi own ship..everyone waiting to know her gift.then akash took the tickets and gasps like payal seeing the expensive honeymoon treat..

Akash: babhi..this...I never dream about this..honeymoon in island that to on your own ship..

Khushi: don't say anything akash..it's my gift for you both.specially for your wife..after day you both get ready and traveling to island..there my ship already decorated for you both.after next seven days you can't think about out world expect your wife..it's my order..

Everyone smiling seeing typical Khushi mehera style..after hearing this tone.no one dare to deny her..then Anjali told teasingly..

Anjali; of course he will not deny your orders Khushi..he won't go against his babhi orders..we all know how much he scared of you..

Akash feeling shy hearing Anjali statement..all smiling seeing his shy face..then payal told Khushi respectability...

Payal: thank you so much Khushiji..( shy smile) I never show it out..but I am always fear about you..now also I scared to come near to you..but you make my all fear and scared go away with you one hug..thank you so much for your this gesture..I will never forget this..

Khushi smile hearing her reply and patted her cheek..they both shared a small smile..all the time Arnav looking Khushi with wonder expression..he indeed not expect Khushi this behavior today..after knowing everything..it's really surprising...soon after that all got ready to other rituals..but Khushi told Arnav silently,,,

Khushi: Arnav I can't be here anymore..I am going back home..

Arnav: no Khushi don't go alone..wait I will drop you..

Khushi: no Arnav it's your brother wedding rituals..your presence here totally important..don't worry I will go home with your driver help..you bring Nona and ruchika home after everything end..

He agree with her after thinking bit..he called his driver and after telling family members he make her go with driver safely..

At night..Arnav thinking deeply looking  the bedroom ceiling..he thinking about all today events..he look beside and saw Khushi sleeping peacefully..he smile seeing her baby calm face..then his mind went back to the conversation he had with shashi in marriage venue..


After every rituals finished..finally payal went to Raizada mansion with her new family.arnav now ready to go..when he try to look for Nona.he stopped hearing shashi voice from behind.he turn and saw shashi standing behind him..somewhere he feeling awkward to talk with him after know what exact relation he sharing with him..controlling his awkward emotions he asked him normally.

Arnav: what's the matter mr.gupta..why you called me?

Shashi: Arnav beta..I know you don't like to talk with me.and you're right on your place.you don't want to hurt Khushi talking with me..but now I called you here to talk about Khushi only..I think I have that right bring her father..please hear me out for a minute..

Arnav:( sigh) okay tell new hat you want to say about Khushi..

Shashi: Arnav don't you think you should give a perfect life to Khushi..( Arnav look him confusingly)I mean look at you both..you two don't have any name for your relationship..now even your baby going to come..so don't you think you both need to enter on relationship which safe for your both child.,it's not for this society..it's fully for you both..maybe Khushi not ready to accept you out of anger..but now we all can see she step by step forgiving you now..(emotional tone) I know you will be with her forever..but she surely need her own family..her own husband..and a life partner who will protect her always.,being a just supporting lover won't give you both anything..it's will be more great if you became her husband..you both really need a life..I am telling all this for my daughter Arnav..she need a proper and normal life..it's enough of she hear taunts from everyone..please give her the life she deserve..please Arnav..please give my daughter happiness which she deserved on her life..we all hurt her lot..cursed her lot of pain.lets give her the happiness we took away from her..please Arnav...

Flashback end

Arnav took a deep sigh thinking all that..he completely agree with shashi,.they need a proper relationship..they can't be like this forever..even he need complete rights of his love and child..so there only solution is wedding,but the main problem is.will Khushi agree to get married to him again..??...that's the big question right now...


There a dark room with dead full silence..an young man sitting on chair holding a photo in hand..he spoke in deep voice dangerous voice..

Man: I am coming my love..I am coming to you very soon..it's enough of my waiting..lets meet soon..your deewana coming back sweetheart,..this time you can't run away from me..I am coming my love...

There a evil smile playing on his face looking the picture..he place the photo on his heart and whisper dangerously in obsessive tone..

”Khushi” ”Khushi”

Next update::: new entry..some past..surprise shock..

Next update depends on this update votes and comments..

life you all need a regular updates ..everyone need to votes me more..

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Fabulous update.
Jul 25

Unique devil angel (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 59 times)

After two days..everything going normal in Arnav Khushi life.now more then before Khushi behaving very normal with Arnav.her pregnancy hormones always asking her to be close with him.arnav on cloud nine getting positive vibes from Khushi,he now have full confidence about getting her back.after long time he smiling heart fully.and he can see she fully try to forget and past life and her relations with yamini shashi...they have to move on.now she is on her four month.her milky belly start to show out.he cuddling the huge happiness whenever he see her with pregnant belly..honestly he very impatiently waiting to see their baby.he always praying to god make everything okay between them like early.he really want his old Khushi who loved him crazily.

Morning time..in mehera mansion..all three with ruchika having breakfast with little chats.then ruchika ask Nona.

Ruchika: mommy when will Khushi didi baby come?

Nona:(smile) now baby is four month na.there five month have to go..after that the baby will live with us..

Ruchika:( excitement filled tone) I am eagerly waiting to meet the baby..first time some small baby going to come our house.i am wondering how will she/ he look.like Khushi didi or Arnav uncle..

Arnav:( confidence smile) of course the baby will look like me.handsome charming and beautiful..( teasing tone) not like your akkudu Khushi didi.

Khushi:(arch eyebrows)excuse me..akkudu? Me? Don't forget that even you also like me..kadoos akkudu lard governor.( smirk proudly) and you know what my baby going to be exactly like me.brave intelligent and powerful ..not like you pappu Raizada!!

Arnav open his mouth widely in shock hearing her tunts.nona ruchika giggling hearing their arguments..Khushi looking him winning way.even she surprised the way she talks with him.but it's feel nice.then he told her challenging  way..

Arnav: really Khushi..you have that much confidence..then mark my words.oohf baby going to be exact copy of me..he / she going to be next ASR.you will run around the house like mad because of our both torture.

Khushi:( sane challenge way) hmm..lets see till when you going to be on this dream land.we can see the reality after baby born.i am damn sure it's going to be next Khushi mehera..

Both of them look each other challenging way with smile..suddenly they hear some cracking sound from living hall.all jerked hearing that..with wonder all went to see what happened ...when all come to living hall saw table vase broken into pieces in floor and there some man sitting on sofa showing his back. All surprised seeing he sitting there without any announcement..suddenly khushi's deep heart got tension seeing that man,she indeed hope there nothing should go wrong the way she thinking.then Arnav move forward and stood front of him.

Arnav: hello mr.may I know who are you?without asking our permission how do you enter my house.

Man:( smirk) owner himself don't need permission for entering his house..this is my house..my empire.no one have rights to ask me anything.

Both Nona Khushi shocked to core hearing that man voice.both got higher tension.then the man slowly get up from sofa and turn towards Khushi side with killer smirk.he asked her challenging way.

Man: I am I right khushi !!

Khushi:( whisper) KABIR !!!

Kabir look at her with intense look.there a dangerous smile playing on his lips.arnav frown seeing the man front of him.truth to be say he is really dashing man in early thirties..have a dominate aroma..there something different about him..and specially Arnav not feeling good around this kabir.he really wondering what reaction he have with Khushi.importantly the way he taking rights on his Khushi..he indeed hope there nothing to go wrong anyway.his thoughts broke hearing kabir voice.

kabir: what happened my barbie doll..why are you not telling anything.are you shocked seeing you're kabir after longtime.wont you welcome me with lovely hug.

All the time Khushi looking him with silent mood..there on reply coming from her.she totally shocked seeing her dark past standing front of her..shaking her heart to liver.this is not what she expected..she never wished turn back to her past..then kabir slowly come towards her with intense smile and cares her hair slowly and asked her most huskiness cum danger tone.

Kabir: what happened baby..don't you like my presence in your life again.( pout) but sorry to say this.this time I won't go away in middle..that day you run away from me.but not this time.this time no one can take away you from my life.even you.

Whole hall being pin drop silence..there no one talking expect kabir.khushi looking him with emotionless face.nona shivering on her spot.there two people who totally clueless about current situation..that's was Arnav ruchika..both of them looking they three with confused reaction.then kabir look around the house with proud smile and told her proudly.

Kabir: wow baby!! You really became  success  women.i am really happy  about your hard work victory..you completely proved that you're not the same little girl Khushi.i really proud of you.( after moment he turn and look Arnav) and by the way who is this young man.from the time I come he looking me with surprised face.who is he?

Khushi:(emotionless) He IS ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA!! ( after pause) MY HUSBAND!!

The whole mehera mansion shaken hearing Khushi shocking statement..everyone staring her with ultimate shock..kabir paralyzed on spot hearing her unexpected reply..he never dreamed something like that.next moment his blood rushed to south seeing the reality..he glaring Khushi with dangerous red eyes..there so much anger showing on his face..he tight his fist angrily.there Arnav also facing the same situation..not because of anger.but because of ultimate joy ,happiness  unknowingly his eyes moist hearing her one expensive word.his body shaking to dance heart out.he dancing victory dance on mind...kabir angrily grabbed Khushi hand and asked her screaming way.

Kabir: what the ****ing hell you're saying? How can you marry someone..do your bloody mind forget the fact you're mine.you belong to me damn it.i own you..then who the bloody hell give you the rights marry some other man..( twisted her hand) I won't accept this..I won't accept this damn it..you're mine..only mine..

Khushi: kabir..don't forget that you don't own me anymore..I already settled your money..( rising anger) and you don't have any rights on me..this is my life..I don't need to ask anything before doing something..I am already married now and also I am four month pregnant..this is the truth..it's will be good if you forget whatever happened past..

Kabir got more shock hearing her new revelations..pregnant? Really!!...he glare her belly..he saw her belly little swollen..so it's true..how dare she..how dare she to carry another man baby,.so much anger build inside him.he angrily try to twist her neck..but suddenly an strong hand stop his hard face Arnav..he holding his hand with such a firm..his anger building more seeing the person who took away his Khushi from him..Arnav told him firmly..

Arnav: you both maybe have some relationship in past.but not anymore,.i won't allow anyone to hurt my love or my baby..it's will be good if you go from here without creating any problems...leave!!

Both kabir Arnav looking each other firmly..no one ready to lose each other..kabir glare Khushi challenging way and told her dangerously..

Kabir: just for now I am leaving..but I will be back..I don't care you married or pregnant..but I will get you..be ready to be mine again..

After looking her last time he walk away from there..whole place again got silence..after sometime Nona finally spoke..

Nona: hey devimayya!! Why such a things happening on ours life again..why can't you give us a peace..( to Khushi) what we now going to do Khushi baba..kabir again return to our life..we really well know what kind of person he is..he won't let us live peacefully..how we going to get ride of him..

Khushi: (emotionless)shayad kuch  bhi  ho Gaye ..is baar hum nehi bagane.. Now I have enough power and stamina to fight with him. Don't worry everything will be fine..

Nona look at her with many emotions..she know what kind of delima Khushi in now..she feel sad sheeing her emotionless face... This is exactly how  she witnesses her Khushi  baba eight years ago.. The same cold state ...then Khushi slowly left to room Arnav totally clueless seeing all this.there many questions on his mind ..he look at Nona for answers but she to lost on deep thoughts.. Now Khushi  only can answer him...with many emotions he went to their room..

He enter to their room and and Khushi standing on her private pool side with lost face .. He know there something big... The way she being so lost ...he can judge that very well .. He slowly move towards her. Feeling his presence she took a sing and told him lost way.

Khushi: you may wondering na. Who is kabir .. I know you a clueless now what relations I  share with kabir 

Arnav:yes Khushi I want to know...who is this kabir.. Why he taking this much rights on you.there something unusual on his behavior..who is he..why don't you take any action against him.

Khushi: I know he is very dominant..and after today he will definitely going to be problems for us.but I can't do anything to him..not because I am not powerful enough to take against him.that cause he did some good deeds to me.actually if he don't come to my life on right time.today I can't stand front of you like this..he is reason for my this life..if he not helped me in past today I am somewhere where I am living totally different life.i lender to him very much..

Arnav totally stunned hearing her reply..he never expect something like that.so it's mean he really did something big to him.but what?

Arnav:Khushi please tell me everything..what relation he have with you in past..

Khushi:( cold smile) he have big role in my past Arnav,.bad and good times..( sigh) eight years ago when I am sixteen years old..I lived with my neha maa and Nona in our "happy home" don't know whose evil eyes fell on us..we became very down on our life..we even lost our orphanage..neha maa used to do household works in homes to look after me and Nona..that's was really struggle time..( smile sadly) but my neha maa never let any harm or struggle near me..she still look after me like old days..but that's also not so long..one day when I return from school some goons kidnapped me..they all escort people who sell teenage girls for money to rich people..whole three days I got locked in dark room..( little chocked) there no one come to help me..Nona ,neha maa don't got any new about me..after full five days ,one day they all make me ready to sell myself to some bar people who try to give me as gift for their business partner..( fully chocked) I got dressed beautifully and ready to fulfill my first customer..( one drop tear fell) that time I completely thought my life going to finish that way..I totally died thinning about my new escort life..when I going to became prey to come animal.there come kabir..kabir meheta..he is a multi millionaire cum mafia gang leader..I don't know what he saw on me.he buy me for whole fifty cores..the gang willingly sell me to him..next few minutes I become his property..I thought even with him I have to live red light life..but surprisingly he took me back to Nona and neha maa..I am damn happy about getting my old life back..but there come another twist..he take me with him along with neha maa ,Nona...he didn't let any of us to go out or talk with anyone..he totally become my master..he dominated me very much..but honestly he never forced me physically..but I got more shock when he reveals  he loves me..I am just sixteen that time..he is 23 ..he totally own me..then we decided to live with him the way he want..( chocked voice) but even God don't want that to happen...one day some of his rival team suddenly come to attack us..there go a big battle..we don't know what's happening around us..everywhere dead bodies,,gun shots,,blood...( tears fall) because of that tragic incident I lost my neha maa..she got shot on head..I lost only one person who reason for my alive...when she taking her last breath she asked me to go away from kabir forever as her last wish..she give my responsibility to Nona and took her last breath..I am totally devastated that day..after lot of try I escaped from kabir..somewhere we reached to Delhi and started our life in platform..( smile sadly) where I started my life..we don't know anyone here..after big struggle I got a cleaning job in some local restaurant..we both runner out life on my little income..after big up and down we took a small room in some hotel for rent..for my luck I met a women there who is a teacher..I used to study with her help after finishing my works..that's was really bitter time..everyone look at me and Nona really wrong way..specially mans..( cold chuckles) many times I escaped from getting into gang rape..that time I realized how much it's dangerous to be very beautiful..every man try to claim me..then with that women help I got admission in local government collage..working way I used to study..then Nona also got some work in children day care..within three years I finished my studies and got job in one of fashion company..that time I started my fashion course..after that with help of my one close friend I reached to this place..now here I am front of this world multi billionaire the great Khushi mehera..but no one know who is real me..no one knows inside this powerful Khushi mehera there a little girl who totally broken losing her whole life running away from abuse..who lost her whole childhood..no one know me fully..

She complete her whole past...first time she sharing all this with someone..she saw there no moment from him..she turn and next moment she got big shock..

Next update: new entry..attempt to kill...surprise shock..

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Fabulous update
Sep 1

Unique devil Angel ... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 50 times)

Arnav crying bitterly fall on knees..today he crying heart out front of her.he hold her tightly and told her begging way..

Arnav: I'm sorry khushi..I'm really sorry..please forgive me.i truly never expect this much happened on your life..after facing all bitter situations you try to find peace on my arms.but like a idiot I again hurt you so badly..I broke your all dreams..I'm truly sorry khushi..please forgive me.i beg you.please forgive my sin..I truly deserve to punished khushi..I hurt you very much.i can't forgive myself for all deeds I did to you.my million times sorry not enough to forgive my sin.I'm sorry khushi..

Khushi hear all his begging with silent tears..she let him say sorry for all hateful deeds he did in past.then she can pacify her heart and mind saying he truly asked sorry for all his deeds..he crying really badly.after sometime she slowly make him stand sending he getting difficult to breath..his face turn really dark.his eyes are swollen because of huge crying.she wipe his tears softly and told him emotionless way.

Khushi:( dead smile) nothing going to change after you ask sorry million times.but I'm feeling little satisfied that you asked sorry honestly.its truly give some peace to both my mind and heart..I'm trying to forget whatever happened in past arnav..forget means everything.i won't do this if I'm not pregnant right now..I indeed want to punish you badly.i still do..but I can't be selfish without thinking about my baby.she/he needs you like me..your presence also very important in our baby life..that's why I'm trying to forget all hateful things happened between us..(sigh) now Kabir will be big trouble for me.he won't sit quietly after whatever happened..I have to be alert.you too..soon I will find some way to close kabir chapter.

He stopped his cry hearing her reply..he know she being normal with him because of their baby.but that's not what he wants.he want his old khushi who loved him dearly.she still do..but she not ready to open up her love on him again.she fully weep his tears and went from there after giving little pat on his cheek..he slowly sit on recliner and think about all events happened on khushi's life.she totally don't deserve all this..how much bitterness in such a young age..how much he wish to repair all wrongs happened on her life..now he also part of her bitter past.he went to deep thoughts thinking all this.

Next day..khushi sitting  on living room reading some of her office files..arnav went office to attend some urgent meeting.she secretly waiting for him to come..after sometime she saw arnav enter living hall with tension cum dull face..she confused seeing him like that.he not meet her eyes.without saying anything he took seat on sofa.khushi asked him wondering way.

Khushi: what happened arnav..why're you looking dull.is everything okay..

Arnav:(after moment) when I working in office appallo hospital doctor called me.he informed me that lisa got her conscious back..

First khushi confused hearing him.after few seconds she remember who's Lisa.she turn cold recalling that Lisa.she recall what she did to her..her thoughts broke hearing arnav question..

Arnav: khushi please don't mistake me asking you like this..but I want to clear my doubt.(after pause) is you behind Lisa's accident? or I got wrong information.please tell me.

Khushi look him with hard face..he looking her with expectations filled face.he really hope whatever he hear about that accident news turn false..but his hope went vain hearing khushi's reply..

Khushi: yes arnav! I did that accident..its me behind her accident..

Arnav make tired give up face hearing her confession,so it's true whatever aman told him.she is behind Lisa's accident,.but why..it isn't because whatever aman told him..is she did that because Lisa trying to get close to him on office..without troubling his mind more he asked her straightly.

Arnav: why khushi..why you did that.just because she try to get close to me..it's really horrible punishment khushi.she don't deserve that much big punishment for such a small issue..you well know those all often happens in fashion world.we can't punish everyone for just getting close to us..she totally paralysed from waist.she can't even sit her own..it's really bad khushi.

She smile hearing his sympathy words towards his model.she shook head unbelievably.she told him with smile..

Khushi: oh god arnav..you still didn't leave your this habit na..judging the book by just cover..don't come to a conclusion without reading the full story.just wait till climax..don't jump from cliff knowing the half truth..hear my side story too.

He look her confusing way hearing her reply..he waiting eagerly to hear her explanations..

Khushi: it's true I did that accident..but not just for she hang herself on you. I'm not that much foolish to do something like that..do you really know why she join your office as model.she is expensive ”keep” of your biggest rival..he send her to your office for steal all your business secrets and designs of your world fashion competition..not just that.when I decided to scare her I come to know some other plan of her which is very disgusting...


* Flashback..night club..

Lisa drinking alcohol with her friends..she already very high.suddenly she start to laugh like insane..her friends asked her drunken way..

Girl: hey Lisa what happened to you.looking like you lost your sense.stop laughing.

Lisa:(laughing wicked way) I'm on my full sense darling.thats why I'm fooling the great arnav singh raizada..he is biggest fool of the year.without knowing anything about me ,he made me his show topper..(hiccup) he don't know that I didn't come to do that show,instead I come to steal him valuable designs and business documents..(smirk evilly) from tomorrow other wards I will start my stealing section without that handsome hunk knows..

She again laughed loudly..her friends don't get fully what she is saying..then one of man come to Lisa and give some packets to her..her friends asked her what's that..she told them wicked way.

Lisa:this is for my bonus plan..you guys knows na I won't do any works where no reward for me..arnav's designs for my boss,and he is for me..oh my god my yummy arnav,he killing me every time..I just want to taste him atleast once,and not just that,I will give that spicy news to all media..for to get him inside me I need those tasty drug pills..after that I will taste him the way I want..

* Flashbacks end.....

Khushi:(firm face) when she blabbering all her dirty plans she didn't notice my Royal man rocky hearing all her plan.if I don't stop her on spot.next day you will be on all papers head lines.fans shocked ASR rocked..”the great arnav singh raizada found naked with his office model Lisa on bed in on of big hotel”..this is what everyone might be read if I don't did that accident,and honestly I don't thought to break her bones.but I lost my mind she arranged drugs to bed you..(smile silly way) you know right in past I madly loved you..so I can't bear her plan.thats why I did something like that.and I'm totally okay about it..but I'm sorry if you feel bad about your model accident..please accept my apology...

Arnav's mouth totally shut after hearing whole truth..he totally don't know all this..he curse himself for again think khushi wrongly.his heart continually thanking her for saving him from such a big trouble..she looking him with knowing smile..when he try to say something she cut off him smiling way..

Khushi: I know what you going to say now..sorry right?.but I don't need that.my ears are paining hearing your sorry every time..do one thing.take a recorder and record all your sorry in one tape..you really need that most of the time..specially on my case..

He chuckles hearing her..she smile back..she not get angry on him.its became routine for her..soon he hugged her tightly and say sorry softly on her ears..she smile and hug him back,.but suddenly both of them jerk hearing Nona call..they turn and saw nona coming towards them almost running,her face covered with full of panic and tears..khushi quickly rushed and hold her by shoulder and asked her worriedly..

Khushi:no what happen ? What's wrong?

Nona:(crying way) I went to pick up ruchika from school..when we both coming out some goons come and kidnapped ruchika khushi baba..I don't know what to do.they kidnap you child..please save my daughter khushi baba..please bring my daughter back.i beg you..

Arnav khushi totally shocked hearing Nani words.she hugged her comfortingly.she try to calm panicked nona..

Khushi: nona don't worry nothing will happend to our ruchika..I won't let anything happened to her..please calm down..(to arnav) arnav bring glass of water..

Soon arnav give water to nona and try to calm her..khushi thinking deeply with huge shock..this is new..who have guts to kidnap someone from mehera family..when she try to call the cops her phone ring and saw Unknown number..she quickly attend the call.next second she shocked hearing the caller voice..

Caller: looking like everyone hell tension in mehera mansion...I'm I right baby..what happen ,is your nona crying badly after witnessing her daughter kidnap lively.she must be really panicked na..

Khushi:(angry tone) you really played a dirty game kabir.your problem with me right.then why did you involve that innocent child between us..leave her kabir,I'm warning you.otherwise you face really worst side of me..

Kabir:(wicked ****y tone) hmm..I really love your this wild side baby..I just want to claim you now,,I don't did anything to ruchika.she is safe here.but not forever.if you don't agree to meet me in few minutes I will send her somewhere where you cannot find her..you know I able to do that..so what's your reply.are you coming or not?

Khushi:(aggressive tone) okay I'm coming..tell me where I have to come.

Kabir:(smirk winning way) good..you really intelligent khushi..I want you in my house next few minutes,,and my baby doll don't try to act smart with me.i have my eyes on you every time..if I find any wrong move from you.i won't responsibility for ruchika's disappearance..careful baby..

He cut the call.khushi aggressively shaking on her place out of anger..her mind out of control..it's almost going to explod..nona,arnav now aware kabir is behind ruchika kidnap..arnsv asked her slowly.

Arnav:what we going to do now khushi.is he say something? Where's he?

Khushi: I have to go arnav.he asked me to come his home..I'm going alone..

Arnav:(almost panicked tone) khushi listen to me..it's not safe..you can't go alone.that to in this condition..I'm coming with you.we will inform the cop.

Khushi: don't take any action out of hurry arnav.its may curse problem to ruchika..he already warned me..don't worry I will be careful.just do one help for me..

She told him something which beyond shocking for him.after planing the whole sketch she told nona confidently.

Khushi: I promise you nona..nothing will happen to our ruchika..soon I will bring her back.have faith on me..

Nona believe her completely..after telling arnav she went out from the house..soon arnav started the work khushi give him to process their plan.

Khushi reached to place out of skit hearing instructions from kabir,it's lonely p,ace with some building..she come out from car and saw front of her big house standing lonely..there no one around the house or area..after taking big sigh she slowly enter to house..honestly it's good house..but now all her thoughts about ruchika..she now standing on living hall.there no sigh of someone.suddenly she hear kabir voice from upstairs l.he slowly coming down looking her with winning smile,.

Kabir: finally the lioness surrender herself to me.I'm the most happiness person in the world right now..finally I got my khushi.

He dangerously come closer to her.she looking him with some challenging expression.there no give up sigh on her face..he softly cares her cheek and asked her huskily.

Kabir:why you run away from me khushi.in which way I treat you badly.i agree because of me your neha maa lost her life,,but I never expect that fight khushi.if I know about that earlier I definitely protected you three from them,,look I'm really sorry..I truly regret about my past acts..even ruchika's kidnap act..but I don't have any other option..you completely knows how much I love you..I love you blindly khushi..please understand my love..please come with me.i don't care you married or pregnant..I just want you.please come with me,I need you khushi..

Khushi: your all those lovely words won't change the fact you killed my neha maa..because of you she died..because of you I again lost my life,.you make me orphan again.and I promised to neha maa that I will never accept you again.you're too late kabir,,now I'm married women and going to be mother in few months.so all your those words not going to change anything..so just change your mind..

He angrily grip her waist.there demon anger playing on his face..her every words just waking the psycho inside him..same anger playing on khushi's face,.she trying to remove his hold from her waist..he told her angrily.

Kabir: you cannot come with me because of your this bloody baby na..what will you do after this baby died,.you definitely have to come with me.and I will get you..I thought to finish your bastrad husband first.but now more then him this bloody creation being trouble for me.let me finish this first..

He took a rode from down and try to hit her womb with such a force..but he only got hard punch on lower part..he fell on ground getting the hard punches..he witness completely new khushi front of him.she is not the same khushi he knows..she told him made aggressively.

Khushi: you did very big mistake kabir..you try to hurt my baby..now you have to face the consequence..

Saying that she punched him on abdomen hardly..he groan in highly pain,.she beating him really hardly..he don't hit her back because he can't..he beating on face most hardly..without can't bear the pain kore he hold her by waist and carry her on shoulder.she beat his back aggressively,but somewhere he little more stronger then her because his hard muscles body,,and she can't fight like early because of pregnancy weight..when she thought she going to give up suddenly she hear gun shots sounds...

Next update: after long arshi very hot bathroom intimate..new entry.surprise.

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Fabulous update ....
Sep 24

Unique devil Angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 49 times)

Kabir fall on knees feeling sharp pain on knees.smartly khushi escaped from his hold and lay on floor half closed eyes..she don't have any stamina more..when kabir again try to near ,again pain arch on other leg..now he can't move anymore..soon some men wearing bulletproof enter inside orderly..behind them arnav too come wearing bulletproof..first thing he saw unconscious khushi..his heart stopped breathing for second seeing her lifeless state..he rushed towards her with hell tension..without care about other he quickly took her to arms and rushed out..kabir shouting from behind aggressively seeing khushi again going away from him..his eyes showing huge madness..when he try to run behind arnav officers surrender around him and blocked him from moving inch away...feeling arnav touch khushi halfway open her eyes and breath out in relief seeing him..soon she felt comfy mattress like seat then she fully closed her eyes...

Khushi slowly open her eyes much difficulty..her whole body aching badly..when feeling the pain first thing she did,quickly touching her belly..and feel much relief feeling her baby heart beat..she look around and saw she is on her room..then she sit on bed with wondering expression..what's happend.where's kabir? Is their plan succeeded.is she reached on time?..with many questions she up from bed and rushed to downstair...

In downstair..she came to hall and saw arnav and nona talking with some girl..she know whose that..she slowly called her out..

Khushi: MAYA!!!

Slowly that girl turn with smile hearing her greatest bestie voice..she get up from sofa and look at her with smirking smile..soon khushi run and hugged her soul friend cum sister..both hugged each other with so many emotions..arnav nona smiling seeing them..after long time broke the hug and Maya asked her with moist eyes..

Maya: how are you khushi? have you ever remember your best friend? You completely forget about me..we almost met two years ago..

Khushi: hello madam it's you forget me completely..after joining the department you never contact me or recall me..it's me who always send you a email for every occasions..

Maya hold her ears and ask sorry to her smiling way..khushi smile and hugged her again..maya mehothra..deputy commissioner of police department..age 26..three years elder then khushi..they both best friends from childhood as she too grow up in neha maa orphanage..when they lose the home neha maa give her custody and responsibility to one of her trusted friend.but maya never lost the connection with khushi..they both always helped each other on their most hard times..both always ready to help each other in any situation..and of course she is most arrogant and lady devil in department..her one fire look enough to make all pees on pant...even some time officers too..she is exact Corbin copy of khushi..no one can say they both just friends..cause they both indeed looks like blood sisters.everything means from smartness to beauty,anger to aggressive...men just fall on her legs cause of her beauty like khushi..she is truly beauty with danger exactly likes her bestie..then both took seat in sofa and next thing khushi asked her..

Khushi: maya what happened to kabir..is our mission successful?where's he now?

Maya:(smirk) for you information..kabir meheta took his last breath  45 minutes ago..his dead certificate getting ready..he is no more now..

Khushi sigh in huge relief..finally his chapter closed..she no more need to worry..then she asked again to clear her doubts..

Khushi:everything okay na maya..I mean you did this mission privately..we won't get any problem right..

Maya: there nothing to worry about it khushi. Actually we did a lawful work..we didn't kill any innocent man..as you know kabir meheta most wanted mafia don in department file.we already have permission to encounter him where we saw him..this encounter mission is preplanned..everyone on department searched him many countries for years..and thanks to you..because of you we closed his file forever..(hold her)and you don't worry..I will never let your name link on his case..you won't get involved on all this..

Khushi smile with big relax hearing her..this is what she expected..now everything well ended,.

Khushi: thank you so much maya.you don't know how much big favour you did to me..you saved my life from falling on dark shade again.thank you..

Maya:;(slap her playfully) from when you start to thank me..don't you dare to thank me again..you're my sister..and it's my duty to save my little sister from problem..I will beat you if again you do such a formalities..you aware about police punches right.

She threaten her playfully..khushi laugh and nodded at her dramatically..both smile then Maya told all..

Maya: and guys after long time I come to Delhi..luckily I got some days off..so I'm going to stay here for weeks,,it is okay?

Nona:(smile) this is your house too Maya beta..you can stay here how many days you want,.actually we really happy about you going to stay with us after many years..

Khushi agree with her..then all talk about how khushi plan worked..when she left to meet kabir,she inserted GPS tracking chip on her bracelet,.when arnav contacted Maya as per khushi told ,she tracked her place with her team..it's really sudden mission..but Maya moved everything perfectly.she landed Delhi from Mumbai in police jet..before her arrival her team secured khushi safely..and she complete the mission by killing kabir..

At night..both best friends talking about all kind of things in khushi's private pool room..both shared some of their childhood memories..like khushi Maya too cornered by her parents..when she is two years old her parents left her on railway station leaving sorry note..somewhere both have the same childhood..maybe because of that both closed to each other like breath and heart,..when they talking suddenly arnav come there with her tablets,,both stopped their talks seeing him..

Arnav:(smile) sorry for interference girls..khushi it's your tablet time..you have to take this vitamins..

She smile at him and took the pill from him..he give her water after taking pills he went from their wishing them good night..she keep looking his retreat figure with hidden smile and jerk hearing Maya voice,,

Maya: you still loves him don't you?

Khushi look at her with shocked face..Maya look at her with winning smirk..she asked her surprised way..

Khushi: how you..when you come to know about this..

Maya: I'm police officer baby..I know everything..mean all things..your breakup love to surprising pregnancy...

Khushi sigh hearing her..may looking at her with investigation eyes..she can see mixed emotions playing on her face..she not ready to meet her eyes..

Maya: you can't lie to me khushi..I know everything..you still loves him deeply..that's why even after he hurt you badly ,you still give him a chance.and also I know that now you scared to give him full chance again..he enter to this house again telling baby name..you can't tell me you only accept him again just for the baby..somewhere you still needs him..you still needs him..you still needs his love..you can never hate him completely khushi..

Khushi: ( give up tone) I don't know what's happening around me Maya..still I can't came out from my past completely..(sad smile) I dreamed so much to start my new life with him forgetting the dark past.he gives me so much hopes Maya..he showed me some princess life..but himself destroyed everything believing some rubbish photos..you don't know how I broken that day...but soon I got full form to punish him badly..I plan to show him his end..but suddenly I got my pregnancy news...(cares her belly)this baby changed my mind completely Maya..I don't know why..I thought to give my baby such a life which I never lived..i thought to came out from revenge,hate anger world of mind...I don't want my baby turn as another khushi mehera..that's why I decided to live new life with my baby..but again he come back to my life..you're right..somewhere I can't let him go away from me..but still I have the same anger  and hate towards him.i don't know what I exactly want..he really confusing me Maya..even I'm scared to give him another chance,,what if he again hurt me..now I'm not alone.my baby also connected with me..I can't bear if he again hurt my heart..

Maya:(supporting gesture) I can understand your state of mind khushi.after facing big betrayal from our loved once it's really hard to forgive them again..it's really difficult..but baby we have to move on..just cause we faced a betrayal we won't stop there..we have to move ahead..and I don't need to tell you this.you already have experience on it..and you well know arnav truly regret his past deeds and begging for forgiveness..I think you already punished him enough hurting him many times..it's time to move on baby..you need a life..just give him a first and last chance..forgive him for his past deeds.everyone do mistakes khushi.some people do mistakes which can't forgiven in this whole life..comparing to all he did nothing sin.everyone need a chance to repair their damage khushi..give him a chance..not got him.,not for your baby,but for you,only for yourself...you have to live a beautiful happy life baby.not such a broken life.try to give him a chance...

Khushi look at her with thoughtful reaction..she thinking deeply about Maya advice..this is first time she share her heart feelings with someone..and she thought somewhere Maya is right..everyone do mistakes...no one can be perfect..and they need a chance to repair their mistakes..already her inner self forgives him..it's just her domestic mind not ready to forgive him..not anymore..like Maya said she have to move on..she let a deep breath and asked her..

Khushi: okay I'm ready to forgive him..but what if he again hurt me..

Maya:(smirk) you don't have to worry about it..your commissioner friend here..if he again hurt you,without second thought we will encounter him..you know na I'm expert on it..

Khushi chuckles  hearing her..then both smile..khushi feeling much relief right now..she felt like huge weight left from her heart..she got solution for her never ended questions..both continues to talk each other...

Next day morning..khushi open eyes from sleep hearing some water sound..she look beside and saw Maya already left..she sit on bed yawning way..they both slept on her private room list night taking way..she wonder from where water sound coming..then her stare fell on poolside and the view front of her just left her speechless...

Arnav having heat sensual open shower on her private pool. He just wearing his short underwear..his fully wet hard six pack muscles body just tempting to see..Unknowingly khushi get up from bed and move towards him with many emotions..the wild cat inside her desperately try to come out seeing  the god of ****iness .he looking deviously hot ..the shower water running on his whole body taking  it own time. He still not notice khushi presence beside him. She now standing very Closely to him..the water running on his body splashing on her ,increasing the heating sensual atmosphere more..her heart beating wildly with pregnancy hormones..then he feel his love presence behind him.he turn and saw she looking him with dark eyes..for some minutes he got lost seeing her morning appearance..he told her softly.l

Arnav: our room shower not working khushi..that's why I come here..hope you okay with it?

She nodded at him without blinking.he sense the different body language of hers..she looking different..she looking him with some new emotions..when he try to ask something.she did something which took his breath away..she pull him towards her by boxer and crash himself on her body..the aroused devil inside him wake up with jerk feeling her body intimately after long time..he hold her waist and waiting for her move..she staring him with lot of desire and argue..she cares his bare chest with her fingers sensually..he breathing hardly feeling her cares..now they both under the shower.she got fully wet head to toe..she ever slowly moves her cares to his lower waist..now it's getting high..she touching the wrong side..she slowly did circle around his boxer line..she near closer and sucked the water from his body..unknowingly he let a moan feeling her lips on his body after long time..he groan highly feeling she bite his ****..now it's over..he can't control anymore..he pull her by waist and pinned her on shower wall..she gasps at sudden act..before she react he start to suck her crock neck deeply..she let a long breath feeling his mouth on her sensitive spot..she tight her fist on his hair and give more across on neck..

He slowly move to her deep cleavage and drinking all water on her..now her cloth fully wet.her curves showing off to him amazingly..he licking her full cleavage..without able to control she moan his name loudly.and his little friend got more  hard hearing her moans ..it's getting more erotic.he cares her whole body and she took his lips for urgent and desire full kiss..he moaning in huge satisfaction feeling her delicious lips after long time,,both kissing each other with full of love,romantic,desire..their long ****ual frustration which they controlled from months just came out like tsunami..he chewing her lips really hardly..and both trying to dominate the kiss..he trying to enter inside her mouth,but she not letting him..shockingly she took the control by touching his little friend..he groan in huge pleasure and arousal feeling her hands on his pride..she took the chance and quickly enter inside his mouth and explore him completely..and it'd giving him more pleasure when she took lead..she slowly caressing his man pride ..passed the control line he removed her Kurta one go..now she wearing pant and bra..her little swollen belly look more arousing him even more..he pin her hands on wall and took her one **** to mouth eagerly..she become weak feeling his lips on her private parts..he licking her **** above the bra..but it's still giving the raw feeling..both gasping loudly and he place hand on her pant and let it fall on down...

Next update: intimate continue..shashi reveals truth to all..proposal..

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Fabulous update
Oct 19

Unique devil Angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 32 times)

Now she just on her inner wears..both totally lost on intimacy world.without any warning he scoop her on arms and lead the way to bedroom carefully..both reached to bed and continue kiss each other..cause of long intimate gap both in edge of climax..he broke the kiss for a second and place hand on her panty..both shared a desire filled intimate eye look..seeing she not took any action he slowly start to slide her inner wear..they breathing hardly..when he almost went to remove fully,harshly her phone start to ring.finally she snap out of intense world..she quickly move away and hide her body with bedsheet fully..he highly disappointed and ****ually frustrated as she move away from him..both shared silences moment for minutes..after getting the normal breath.he asked her with so much hope..

Arnav: you not regretting anything right.

Khushi look at his hopeful face silently..she can sense the nervous and fear on his face..after minutes she slowly shook her head with rare smile..he let out the breath he holding from minutes in huge relief at her response..minutes ago he totally scared about her reaction..then he remembers  something.soon he move towards her and caressed her belly with huge love and care..

Arnav: khushi isn't the baby okay? You feel fine na.is I hurt you?

Somewhere she touched by his care.she told him with soft smile..

Khushi: I'm fine arnav..and our baby also very fine..

He smile softly.then he cupped her cheek and told her seriously with husky voice..

Arnav: khushi you and me well know whatever happened between us not come out of any ****ually desire or horny feelings..after long time we explored our love..it's very clear that you still love me the way you loved me earlier..lets not run behind hate and revenge anymore  khushi..(smile) there many beautiful things waiting to come our life love..I know whatever I did still unforgivable..but Shona please let's rearrange everything again.we are not alone anymore Shona..our baby going to join our life.dont you want to give happy and peaceful life to our baby..(hopefully) let's forget everything khushi.let's start a fresh beginning..please baby forget all bitter past..

She hear all his talks with calm face..she can see hope,love,regret and many emotions on his face..her went went back to last night conversation with Maya..she thought whatever Maya said true and correct..everyone do mistakes and everyone needs to move on from past..she look at arnav hopeful face who waiting for her reply..without saying anything she hugged him tightly..an joyful tear passed on arnav's eyes hearing her unsaid acceptance..he hugged her back with happy tears..he crying with smile..finally..finally he got his love back completely..her won her back..he kissed her head continuely..she smile with same happiness..she feel huge warmth and relief on herself after long time..deep down she knows what's the reason for her calmness heart..cause it's rightfully untie with it owner..he broke the hug and kissed her forehead..suddenly she start to feel shy sensing his heating state on her after long time..he told her in husky voice..

Arnav:thank you khushi..thank you so much for accepting me again..this time I give you guarantee khushi..I will not let anything or anyone come between our life..you already fight very much for me and my family.now it's time for me to be perfect life partner to you and responsible father yo our love symbol..lets get tied together khushi..lets get married..(she wide her eyes) yes khushi I'm serious.lets get married..I want to give real name to our love..I want to make you Mrs.khushi Arnav singh raizada forever..

Unknowingly her eyes moistened..she got very emotional hearing him..they both look each other with so many emotions specially love..he asked her huskily..

Arnav: will you marry me khushi? Will you give me the honour to claim you as mine forever,hamesha?

Next moment she nodded at him quickly and hugged each other tightly out of happiness..both be like that long time..and feel the presence together..

Next day..mehera mansion getting ready like some bride..everyone rushing around doing all works..raizada family with nona arranging all things with million dollars smile..everyone in cloud nine today..why not they..today the day they all dreamed from many years and months..finally their dream coming true..today their beloved arnav khushi's wedding day..all doing everything with limitless happiness..it's all happens in rush like some movie.yesterday all start the day thinking like usual it's also going to be normal day..but suddenly raizadas got call from arnav who asked them to come mehera mansion quickly..his family got scared thinking is arshi again got to any fight..all reached to mehera mansion with tension.when they reached there.everyone got biggest shocking surprise..arnav khushi announced everyone in hall as they wishing to get married..for some moments everyone thought their seeing some dream..but no,it's indeed true...next seconds all takes arshi to bone crushing hugs..everyone damn happy.lnoma just danced out of happiness..and they got shock again after hearing arshi wishing for simple wedding with less guests as per khushi wish..they didn't any pre wedding functions..straight to marraige..all don't have any problems about it as they just want arshi to get married..now all arranged for marriage..there no huge crowd.just their really closed relatives.then after all ready..raizada brothers went to bring their brother to mandap..

Pandit chanting mantras..arnav sitting on mandap wearing dark brown sherwani with pant..he looking the staircase with eager face..he dying to see his lady love soon..abd the same time he really excited about all these things..being a groom in mandap doing some funny things inside him..his family giggles seeing his impatience face..after sometime pandit asked to bring bride..soon anjali payal with sheetal lavanya rushed to bring khushi..arnav looking the staircase like his whole life depends there..after feeling like million hours..finally that moment comes,,he got goosebumps on whole body seeing his bride entry..she coming towards him like some fairy angel.her delight entry just make him weak totally..she ravishingly gorgeous on her brown charming lehenga..she wearing heavy necklace on her neck and foot adoring with think payals..her both hands and legs covered with full mehendi,.he don't know how can she look this much beautiful..he don't know it is cause of her pregnancy or she naturally like this..she can sense his weak stare on her..then Maya nona make her sit beside arnav..everyone smile seeing the perfect Jodi..then anjali tied khushi lehenga with arnav's shawl..then they do the pooja rituals with pandit..both prayed for their beautiful future..then he tied mangalasustra around her neck with smile...and filled her forehead with dark sindoor telling his name..she closed her eyes and feel the moment deeply and captured this moment to her heart to forever...finally her dream comes true..she got her true soulmate back..he feeling the same happiness..then both get up and took phere..they took seven rounds around agnikund..all showering flower petals on them..everyone face showing the same happiness..tears falling from shashi and yamini eyes out of happiness seeing their daughter finally got happiness on her life..soon pandit announced them as husband and wife for next all births...

Then all come surrender around the newlyweds..everyone congrats them..arnav khushi face showing the real happiness..they both know now just happiness waiting on their life..

Now all present on hall..raizada family have hesitation expression on their face..and nona and Maya have tension expression..seeing everyone face khushi asked them..

Khushi: why you all looking like thid? What's the matter?

Nani:(hesitated tone) woo khushi beta..as per rituals after doing marraige,we need to do your bidaai and have to take you to raizada mansion..

Khushi got silence hearing her reply..all looking her with nervous face.arnav don't know what she going to tell.

Anjali: it's okay Nani.if khushi not wish to come.we should not trouble her..lets do everything here..

Khushi:(normally ) it's okay anjali..it's not necessary..I'm ready to come raizada mansion..

Everyone really surprised hearing her reply..all smile happily hearing her statment..arnav look at her with surprised cum shocked expression..knowing his and everyone question she told them softly..

Khushi: I agree to this marriage  forgetting all my past life..so I even forget whatever happened in that house..lets not dig the past anymore..

All really happy and respect her mature thought.then soon all make ready for her bidaai.then after sometime doing the rituals khushi left with raizada family saying she will come in two days..ranjana and Maya took care of mehera mansion until arnav khushi come back...

Arnav khushi reached to their room after arrived without doing anymore rituals as khushi already tired..both enter to room and surprised seeing the decorated room.then both remember technically it's their first-night..hiding their feelings both come to room and he make her sit on bed..her face showing the little bit of tiredness..he told her softly caressing her hair..

Arnav:you're really tired..change yourself to comfortable dress.then we can sleep..

Before she ask for a dress ,he took out a comfy night dress from his closet and forward it to her..then he helped her to remove the jewels..she went to change..he look around the decorations and gulp remember about their intimate moments..controlling his desire he changed to night dress..then he come out getting fresh..after making her comfortable on bed..he slowly start to massage her legs surprising her..she try to stop him.but he Stubborn do it.after sometime she start to enjoy the massage...feeling the comfort massage she soon fall to sleep..he smile seeing her sleep..he make her lay on bed properly and lay beside her taking her to his arms...both sleeping each other peacefully hugging way...

In Gupta house..shashi standing on his room balcony with smile..he really happy today..finally his baby life got settled very well.how much she suffered cause of them..when he thinking all this.suddenly he interrupted by his mother mohini voice..

Mohini: you're really happy na..finally your daughter got the life she wished!!!

Shashi beyond shocked hearing her statement he just speechless..how she come to know about khushi identity..it's not good..mohini looking him with firm face..he try to deny her but she cut of him..

Mohini: don't dare to deny me shashi..I know everything..I heard your conversation with yamini today...I heard how you both expressed happiness to each other seeing your both daughter wedding..

Shashi:(begging tone) maa..please maa..don't do anything to my child..please maa don't pull her back to that dark life she lived those years..after so many huddles finally she got her life..I beg you maa..please don't hurt my child again..

Shockingly mohini start to sob.shashi shocked seeing tears on her eyes first time..she crying really badly like she controlled that from so long..she crying out if so much pain and regret..he don't know what to do..she told him crying bitterly..

Mohini: please shashi.please forgive me.I really regret my deeds on past..I feel disgust on my own self..please forgive me..whatever I did on past now killing me alive after meeting khushi..for sake of my respect and society I committed big sin on past..I destroyed your whole life.and without knowing about yamini I disowned her badly.because of my all wrongs deeds.an innocent child life destroyed badly..khushi suffered so much on her life cause of me..I spoiled three innocent people lives..I'm sorry shashi..please forgive my sins.

She went to fall on his legs..he stopped her quickly..she hugged and cry on his arms badly..even he crying silently thinking about their dead past..other side he really happy about finally mohini start to feel regret about her deeds..she told crying way..

Mohini: shashi my grandchild khushi..I felt so much love and care for her first meet itself..I got so much affection towards her..now knowing she is my grandchild.i just want to take her on my arms shashi..she is my first grandchild..my blood..I want to shower my all love to her shashi..I did a sin to her..I want to correct my all wrongs shashi..please take me to her..I want my grand daughter..

Shashi:(chocked voice) maa we can't do what you asking..she really hate us maa..she just don't want mine or yamini shadow on her life..I already tried many times to take part on her life maa..but she not ready to accept me as her papa.i don't know to who I say all my sorrow..I really need my daughter maa..I want her back on my life..

Suddenly his talk cut hearing loud crashing sound from behind..both jerked and shocked to hell seeing garima behind them with tearful face...


next update: full past revaluation..family reaction..shocking surprise..

Hi darlings what you all thinking about this episode?

Do you all think is khushi decision to give arnav a chance is correct decision?

Or he need to suffer more to hurt her..

What you guys think about shashi yamini deeds on past..

Do they need to get punishment or let them lead the life the way they living now.

Tell me on comments..and next update and other stories updates depends on this update votes and comments...

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Fabulous update..
Dec 4

Unique devil Angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 37 times)

Morning raizada mansion...all present in hall expect arshi..everyone just woke up and chatting little about last night arshi's wedding..all still talking about that happily..talking way they waiting for newlyweds to come downstair...

Arnav's room... He slowly wake up hearing alarm sound beside his bed table..he slowly switch off sleeping way..he open his eyes expecting to get first morning glimpses of his darling wife..but he frown seeing the empty side beside him..he look around and saw she not in room,even bathroom..he wonder where did she went early morning..but he knows she is around the house only..so he thought to search her after getting fresh up..taking cloths he enter to washroom....

At downstair...arnav came down looking everywhere for his wife..but there sigh of her..he saw family members already sitting on dinning table and waiting for him to come..he soon come to dining area..everyone surprised seeing he coming alone..Nani asked him..

Nani: chote you come alone..where's khushi beta?

Arnav: ( confused tone) I'm also looking for her Nani..she is not in room when I woke up..don't know where's she went..

Anjali:( little worried tone) if she not in room where she went?

”I'm here"..all of them turn hearing khushi's voice from behind..they surprised seeing she coming towards them carrying food bowls..she all ready and looking very fresh..arnav for second totally mesmerised seeing her fresh newlyweds appearance..she is utterly gorgeous on her yellow transparent saree..her maang filled with dark sindoor and hands filled with bangles..she still wearing payals on legs..her mangalasustra shining on neck brightly..from head to toe she looking completely a newly wedded bride..he come back to sense seeing she pat his hand..then she placed the bowl on table..anjali asked her surprisingly..

Anjali: khushi what are you doing? Why you coming from kitchen?

Khushi: because I made breakfast for you all today !

Everyone highly surprised hearing her reply..she make arnav sit on chair and following that hp bring all the foods..all even more surprised seeing so many variety foods placed front of them.and all looking very healthy and delicious..she standing beside arnav and Nani asked her surprised happy tone..

Nani: but beta why make all this tiered yourself..you should not take stress such a time.

Khushi: nona called me today morning and informed me about some ritual  every daughter in law should do on their first morning after marriage..I don't remember that name but she asked me to make breakfast for you all.hope you all  like it..

Everyone looked her smilingly..they all so happy seeing she doing everything as bahu..yamini looking her daughter with satisfied proud smile..even she surprised seeing khushi totally changed as good bahu..when khushi saw no one still having anything she asked them wondering way..

Khushi: why are you all not eating anything? Is there any problem..or you all scared to eat the food made by me?

Nani:( surprised tone) khushi beta kese baat kar rahi hai aap..we all so happy seeing you doing such things for us..why we have to scared to eat..never think something like that again..

She smile hearing Nani words..soon everyone start to serve themselves with khushi's handmade foods..arnav hold her hand and make her sit beside him..she smile at him..them all start to have the foods..truly it's very delicious foods..everyone just fall in love with the food she make..everyone having the food appreciating her every time..shyam told her eating way..

Shyam: wah khushi ji kya baat hai..after so many years I'm tasting indeed delicious foods..now again I believe their still many excellent cooks exist in world..you're foods damn good..

Anjali:( fake angry tone) what you mean by that..you mean I'm not cooking good..then what about your appreciate every time I make you foods..

Shyam:( teasing tone) you know ranisaiba after marriage every husband tell that lie to their wives..just few of there turn to be true..everyone not lucky like salesaab na..but you're really good cook ranisaiba..

She hit him playfully hearing his teasing..everyone laugh seeing anjali grumpy face..soon they both patch up after Shyam showing his pacify charm on her...everyone having the breakfast with joyful chats,.everyone know after so long they all having such a happy breakfast time...and all because of khushi..

After having whole yummy breakfast everyone gathered to hall and all waiting to give their gifts to khushi..first Nani started..she slowly make khushi sit on sofa and give her a jewellery box..

Nani: this is something special gift beta..it's not from me..it's from your sasuma..she asked me to give you this when you come to this house as her chote's wife..now I'm giving you this..you should keep this forever..because it's not just a gift..it's her whole blessing on you..

Khushi slowly opened the box after hearing nani's statment...she saw arnav suddenly look broken when his mother name token..he try to be normal front of them..but she can see he totally sad inside..then she opened the box and she surprised seeing beautiful jewellery set on box..she can see its old but still looking new like ever..she slowly took out thick bangles .it's looking very Royal..she smile seeing the jewels..it's truly means to her..she touched nani's foot to take blessing..she blessed her whole heartily..then anjali Shyam come before her after Nani and give her another box..when she opened she saw its a diamond bracelet..she really love that..she thanked them happily..then akash payal turn..khushi sensed payal still afraid to stand front of her strongly..then they both present her beautiful necklace...she thanked them smiling way..payal jumped inside seeing khushi liked her gift.. Then dadi present her beautiful devimayya idol and blessed her truly...now it's time for yamini with her hubby..both arshi got silent seeing her standing front of her with gift..khushi try to control the situation.. she slowly took the box from her and saw its a Radha Krishna beautiful statue..she thanked her politely...then lavanya sheetal come front of her little scared way..both forward her her nicely designed saree...she took that from them and smiled politely...everything going amazingly..then Nani asked arnav smilingly..

Nani: chote where's your gift? Don't you bring anything for khushi beta?p

Anjali:(teasing tone) Nani chote can't give his gift front of us..he will her privately..haina chote ?

Arnav  passed ASR look on his sister..everyone chuckles seeing his look..khushi try to control the red passing on her face..Anjali told him bravely..

Anjali: chote now your this ASR look won't work here..we have someone here who more beyond you..now I have my babhi with me..you can't do anything..

He smile hearing her..everyone agree with her smilingly..everything start to chat happily..as per ritual khushi should go to mehera mansion for pheg phere rasam..but khushi thought to not go as raizadas wishing to spend day with her...when all going normally suddenly someone enter to hall with bang..everyone jerked hearing door banging sound and saw garima standing front of them with red eyes..everyone shocked seeing her unexpected entry..soon shashi with mohini come behind her..whole raizada family stand up seeing them like this..they can see none of them looking normal...khushi already sensed there something wrong...Nani asked them surprised way..

Nani: garima ji what happened..why this unexpected arrival? Is everything okay ?

But garima not spoke a word..everything sensed there something really wrong..she looking very angry cum hurt..behind her mohini and shashi don't know what to say..everyone waiting reply from guptas..payal move towards her mother and asked her worriedly.

Payal: maa what happened? Why you looking like this? What happen maa..tell us ..why you come like this..what's the problem?

She look at payal brokenly..everyone really worried seeing her like this..then her eyes slowly fell on yamini who looking her worried cum scared way...she already sensed there something big going to come..garima look at raizadas sharply and told something unexpected..


All just don't know what to said next hearing her biggest statment..everyone looking her like they saw some ghost..khushi tight her fist hearing garima's statment..it's not what she planned today..finally her ugly birth truth came front of everyone...controlling the shocking state Nani asked her shockingly..

Nani: garima ji what are you saying? Are you insane? what kind of statment this?

Garima:(firmly) it's 100% true Nani ji..ask my dear husband and sasuma if you have any doubt on this...yamini and shashi are parents of khushi mehera..(look at khushi) and even khushi know about this.. I am I right khushi?

Khushi look at her sharply with red eyes...she wrongly waking her beast side..right now she don't want to mess up everything with her uncontrollable anger..luckily arnav hugged her side way and giving her the comfort to control the anger..everyone looking yamini shashi with question face..mahesh looking his wife with mixed emotions..it's truly mixed moment right now..all got back hearing garima's shout..

Garima: why are you silent shashi..why you're not telling everything to them..it's already out of your hand shashi..tell them your ugly past truth..

Nani:: shashi ji what all this? Yeh kya keh rahi hai..why you being silently? Tell us what's the truth? ( gulp) kya yeh sach hai?

shashi:(heads down) ha Nani ji ...it's true !!! Khushi is my daughters!!!

Now this is the exact shocked moments for all members expect arshi..everyone utterly shocked..what the hell he just said?...everyone looking him with huge shock..tears start to fall from yamini eyes hearing his confession..now even her tears told them it's indeed true..this is huge truth to them..they cannot digest something like this...thus is beyond imagination..yamini and shashi,..oh my god...this is exactly what running on everyone's mind right now...now all looking they both with demanding face..it's time to reveal everything..this time dadi asked...

Dadi: we demand to know every single thing right now..what's all this? 

Mohini:: ( painful voice) I'll tell everything...there no use of hiding this anymore..today you all have to know this....

Everyone looking her curious cum demanding way..khushi closed her eyes thinking finally it's happening..right now she just want to vanish from this place..then mohini started..

Mohini: 23 years ago..I lived in Pune with my husband and shashi..we are very respectable and high society family there..everyone just respected us very much...and there everything happens according to status and family background..unfortunately even me too like that..then that time one day shashi told me he love some girl and wished to get married to her..even I agreed..then I come to know she is from lower middle class family..that girl is yamini..I totally against their relationship..but shashi very adamant to marry her..fearing for society and my family reputation I forcefully separate them..even my husband helped me on this..he blackmailed shashi faking his health condition...somewhere shashi fell on our blackmail and stopped seeing yamini..but when I'm looking bride for shashi we got news yamini pregnant with shashi's child..after that we can't control shashi as he just want to be with yamini and his unborn baby..our blackmail just went vain..(tears fall) but after that I did a big sin..I blackmailed yamini family and asked them to go out of village..but yamini didn't go leaving shashi..that time she is four month pregnant..some people already come to know about this..fearing for shame I decided to get them married..but it's totally lie..I shifted her to my house as I don't want anyone come to know about her..I faked arranging their marraige...two days before the marriage yamini fell from stairs and give birth to a child in seven months...(tears more fall) I just can't accept my family heir from lower middle class women's womb..out of my ego and anger I went to kill myself pouring petrol..but they both stopped me from dying and promised me to break their relationship for me..but even after that I did something so cruel...I asked them to throw the child..I just don't know why I behaved like that ,,that time...when they got against to do that I forcefully make them throw the baby on garbage lorry..forcefully even they got part of my sin..just for my pride and society I make yamini's family to left the village..I totally controlled their lives for my own selfish reasons...when shashi slipping to depression I soon make him marry garima...I thought he will not be happy with garima.by I saw he started to live new life with her...i thought he totally forget his past and living new happy life with garima....but today I know those 23 years he not lived a single day truly happily..I spoiled three lives because of my pride..

All being deadly silence after hearing her whole confession...no one know what to know..but everyone's eyes filled with painful tears..all looking khushi with painful tears..she standing there with support of arnav..she looking calm..but they clearly can see how much big pain hidden behind her calm face...her eyes totally read..she standing like statue..this is speechless moment...right now something so unexpected revealed front of them..suddenly garima come front of shashi and asked him loudly out of anger..

Garima: that's  mean those years you lived a fake happy life with me..(angry tears) how can you do something like that..why you don't tell me all this before..why you make me believe you're just mine..why you make me believe I'm the only women in your life..why you showed me fake happy life...why shashi why? Answer me..

Shashi:(yell out) that's because I don't want because of me you live a lifeless life..you don't know how much brokenly I married you..I just a body when I got married to you...when every time I try to tell you about my first life I saw how many dreams you saws about your life with me..that time I thought to give you the happiness you deserve..I don't got my happiness .I thought atleast to give you the happiness you want..it's true I'm not happy in my married life..but I never run away be a responsible husband to you..you're my responsibility after marraige..and it's hard for me to break your heart as you're very innocent soul who expected normal happy life with me..I don't know how to tell you my state of mind garima..but I care about you truly..and our daughter payal..I love her very much...but you don't know how I feel whenever I be with you both together..(tears falls) every time I seen payal I just remember my first child who first time bring the father emotions inside me..you don't know how many dreams I seen when she grown inside her mother womb..but when I remember how much big sin I did to my child I can't live a happy life with you garima..even I tried..it's too hard...in past I'm very weak person..that time I don't have courage to fight with my mother for my love and child..when after I become strong person every single day I cried thinking about my child and love..if I'm strong like this in past I wouldn't do whatever my maa forced me to do..even you wouldn't get me as your husband..it's just my fate..I weakly felled on her blackmail and lose my love and child...please try to understand my state garima..I never thought to betray you..it's all because of my fatal fate..

Finally he crying heart out today..it's enough he controlled himself past twenty three years ago..garima looking him crying..she can understand him fully..but right now she not ready to accept his apology..now everyone crying seeing him crying..it's really bad whatever mohini did..because of her so called pride three lives suffered..then all saw yamini movies towards khushi  and fold her hands front of her..she sobbing badly..today she can't bear anymore..she have to do this now..

Yamini: I'm sorry beta...I'm really sorry...please forgive me..we both did something to you which no parents do to their child..we just thrown you without fighting for you..we are so weak that time beta..we don't have anyone to support us..our lives totally controlled by our parents.,if I'm strong that time I will definitely went away with you..but that time not like this beta..I'm so poor person..and my family denied to accept me with you..when I try to left the village you're papa didn't let me go..when we thought everything going happily believing mohini words ..everything happens out of our control..we can't think anything with straight mind..without thinking about you for a second we throw you out of our lives...we really don't know how to tell our state beta..but whatever we did  not out of our consent..we really love you beta..you don't know how much I cried inside thinking about you..you're my child khushi..my first child who give me the happiness of being maa for first time..I know whatever we did simply unforgivable..but please beta please forgive us..please forgive your maa..please beta...

She slowly fall on khushi legs crying way..everyone totally broken seeing all this..khushi still looking straight with firm face..but there a lonely broken tear fall from her eyes..she not stopped yamini from holding her legs..arnav can sense her body shivering out of anger and pain...he trying his level best to  control herself..mahesh looking his wife vulnerable state tearfully..he won't judge her as he know how much she went through looking her right now...sheetal lavanya looking  the new revelation with mixed emotions...payal staring her father with tears..being matured on she can see there no fault of her father as everything happened because of her dadi..other side mohini looking khushi with broken longing eyes..she feel so overwhelming and pain seeing the child front of her who she thrown brutally without having any emotions..finally khushi hold yamini aromas and make her stand up..everyone don't know what she going to say..she look at yamini with dead calm and to,d her firmly..

Khushi: you're these countless sorries not going change anything yamini..whatever happens in past already finished..and how much you both try to justify yourself I can't forget the fact  whole  23 years I lived with a tag of disowned child of her parents..how much you both suffered you can't denied even after all that you both lived normal happy lives with your own families..but me..I just lived the life of orphan..everyone called me orphan because of you both..and I got into mental problems and everyone called me psycho because of you both..(after pause) I don't need your both apologies..I already moved on from my past and started a new life....you both don't need to address me as your child..let me be the disowned child forever...it's will be good for both of your family..I don't want any problems between your families..but...you and him never ever going to get the forgiveness from me..even after you both died..just forget about this to forever...

Everyone stunned hearing her reply..shashi yamini crying more hearing her current passing reply..they clearly can see pure determination on her reply..mohini looking her crying way..it's all happening because of her...she destroyed her granddaughter life completely..there nothing left to repair..without speaking future khushi left to their room..after giving last look to everyone arnsv followed her behind....family members standing on their spot and try to digest everything fully...


Next update; sweet surprise....punishment..something joyful...

Hello guys ...how is this episode?

I don't know why I cried whole time when I'm typing chapter..I indeed got emotional when I'm writing their past..

What you all think about shashi yamini past?

Is their both innocents on their state?

Do you all think whatever khushi said correct?

What is gonna happens in future?

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Fabulous update
Dec 24

Unique devil Angel.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 42 times)

All of them still under the spell of current situation..yamini weeping sitting on sofa..mahesh sitting beside and try to console her..shashi other side sitting brokenly with same state mohini..other side payal consoling her crying mother..right now raizadas don't know how to console everyone..whatever happened it's all already happened years ago..now no one can pint anyone for mistake as everyone totally wrong on their place..but still they need to control all..they can't see all of them crying like this forever..after composing herself Nani told everyone after taking a long breath.

Nani: we can't be like this forever..whatever happened in past we can't change anything..it's will be good if we all move on forgetting the past..even khushi want the same..let's forget all this..

Shashi: it's so easy to do earlier devayaniji..but now it's too hard to forget after hearing khushi's reply..I can't forget the pain and hate on her eyes..it's giving me nightmares..I don't know what I need to do to get her forgiveness..it's too painful to see her hate on me..

yamini weeps more hearing him..it's true..this is totally painful to them..seeing their own child hate on them burning them alive..she not ready to forgive them anytime..sadly to forever..

Nani: because of you're both ugly past she is the one who effected badly..it's not too easy to forget all that just in a minutes..she faced so many insult and pain because of you both..it's will be good if you both stop disturbing her future..she just started her new life after very hardly forgetting her past..let her live the life..I kindly asking you both to end all this..

she said all this little strictly..even others agree with her..yamini mohini shashi felt huge pain hearing her statment..it's too harsh for them..but  she said the right thing..it's time to khushi live..how much they try to deny.they cannot hide the big fact even after all happened they lived respectable life on their on lives..now it's time to khushi too move on from their ugly past..let her live her live she deserves..mohini silently weeping thinking it's all happening because of her..how much big sin she committed..garima look at shashi painfully..she still angry with him.but she knows there no wrong he did..she need to move on forgetting this past..her love on him making her forget all this..she slowly move towards him and touched him arm..he look at her brokenly ,she look him with support gesture..other side mahesh hugged yamini comfort way and said supporting words to her..soon guptas left the place...sheetal lavanya took their mother to her bedroom..she need lot of rest after all this..akash took payal to their room to give her comfort zone..she also effected by the truth..rest of the members don't like to talk about this anymore..so they all went to their own rooms..right now everyone just wish to keep khushi happy..that's what they all want..


After month..

khushi reading pregnancy contain book softly caressing her five month belly..she resting on her room in mehera mansion..after spending her first day in raizada mansion.next day itself she come back to her house with arnav..raizadas asked her to stay with them many times..but she more comfortable here..she really want to be away from all dramas of yamini and shashi..she want to constraints only on her baby now..she don't care about other people or things...it's been five month lastly she went to her office..obviously she misses her office badly..but she controlled herself thinking about her baby..doctors strictly asked her to not take any stress until delivery..now she reading pregnancy book relaxingly resting on her comfy bed..then she saw arnav enter room with fruit tray..he sit beside her with soft smile and caressed her belly caring way..

arnav: how is my babies doing..you both okay na..do you want anything love ?

khushi: we are totally fine..and I don't want anything..either your baby..

arnav: if all okay then.its time to eat fruits..

he slowly start to feed her fruits with love and patience..she eating slowly and reading the book..she too engrossed in book..suddenly she saw arnav smiling to himself..she arched eyebrow seeing him smiling like this..

Khushi: what's so great to smile like this arnav ? what's the matter ?

arnav:( still smiling) nothing khushi..I just recall our moments few months ago..you're anger,my foolishness,you're punishment for me..when I thinking all that now I feel so stupid about myself..I been big coward na..

khushi: (casual tone) of course you're big coward..not just coward but the biggest stupidest person I ever meet..zero IQ..

Arnav:( chuckles hearing her taunts)  I agree khushi..you're right about it..but I want to say thank you khushi..thank you for accepting me again..I still can't thank you enough for you're forgiveness..you just gives my life back..thank you..I feel so great that you give me second change forgetting all our bitter past..

khushi:( hiding smirk) who say I forget all that memories..I didn't forget that..and I will never forget that arnav..

his smile suddenly vanished hearing her reply..he look at her scared way suddenly..his heart beat loudly..he asked her scared way..

Arnav: khushi what are you saying..don't stop kidding..please tell you're kidding..

Khushi:( smirk) I'm saying truth arnav..and you know I'm not joke cracking person.

arnav: but don't we married forgetting all that bitter memories..you also said you giving me second chance forgetting all that..then why you speaking like this?

Khushi:( smile) it's true arnav..I forgives you honestly..I don't have any double plan on that..but I'm just saying I didn't forget all that memories..that's because bitter memories makes me stronger arnav..I get more stronger when I recall bad memories of my life..that's help me to control my emotions..it's help me to face the reality bravely..I don't know about others..but whatever I'm today that's because of my this habit..and I'll not stop this habit,.

For a second he feel like his heart came out in fear..she well know to hang him on cliff..she chuckles seeing his face and take a bite of Apple..but next moment put bomb on his head..

Khushi: you know what sometimes I feel you didn't get rightful punishment for your mistake..I feel I forgiven you so soon before giving perfect punishment..

arnav:( gulp saliva) khushi please don't start everything again..please don't talk like this..you rising my pressure..please don't...

khushi: but you know whenever I feel like that..I used to tell myself.now you going to spend your whole life with me.so I can satisfy my unsatisfactory feelings whenever I want.like if I feel like to beat you.i can beat you anytime ,haina arnav ?

arnav:( gasp out relieved way) khushi you just scared me..of course you can punish me whenever you want however you want..but small request..whatever you want to do just inside our room..I don't want to lose my ASR position..please..

she chuckles hearing his request..and continue eaten feed by him..he stare her with admire smile,.those few months he discovered many shades of her..behind her rough and tough Luna personality,she still have small child inside her..and he blessed to witness that sometimes..if he live him rest of his life with her,then he is more then ready to get whatever punishment she gives him..then both spend lovely times chatting about their unborn baby..

At night...

Both arnav and khushi sleeping on their room..suddenly khushi feel some uneasy on herself..she slowly got up..she went to bathroom..she come back,,when she try to near the bed suddenly she feel huge pain on her abdomen..she grip her belly and try to bear the pain..but she can't do as it increasing more..without able to control the pain she screamed loudly holding her belly..arnav jerked from sleep hearing her pain and utterly shocked seeing her yelling holding belly..he quickly got up from bed and rushed towards her..

Arnav: khushi..khushi what happend baby..why are you shouting ? Khushi tell me please..

khushi :( screaming tone) arnav...arnav I can't..I can't bear this pain..my abdomen paining arnav..please take me to hospital..

Without hearing more he quickly scooped her on arms and rushed out of the room..nona come out from room quickly hearing her yelling and shocked to see her state..she quickly run behind arnav and joined him on car..he carefully make khushi lay on back seat with nona.and quickly rushed to hospital..

Arnav stopped the car front of hospital...there already doctors waiting for them as arnav called them on the way..soon after seeing car reached they took her to ward keeping in stature..arnav holding her hand tightly and try to make her calm..his whole self covered with sweat seeing her this condition..she screaming loudly tithing the teethes..it's too hard to bear that pain..more painful then labour pain..soon doctors took her too ward and asked both nona ,arnav to wait outside..he passing around the restlessly..he don't have any idea what suddenly happened to her..it's not even labour pain.then why this sudden pain..he praying continually for his wife's and baby's safety..he cannot bear if anything happened to them..nona worried of both of arnav khushi..inside she yelling painfully..here arnav hell restless..she caressed his arm and told him supporting way..

nona: don't worry arnav beta..everything will be fine..khushi baba will be fine..don't get tension..both baby and she will be fine..

arnav: I don't know what happened suddenly nona..when I see her in that state.i just lose my mind..I don't know what to think..I'm really scared to get any negative news nona..I don't want anything more then they both safety..

nona agree with him..both keep counting the seconds and waiting for door to open..it's really nerve racking..every single second griping the aura..it's too much..he passing around the room keep looking the room..it's been 20 minutes they took her inside..her yelling sound stopped but still there no sigh on doctors...after much ticking time finally doctors opened the door..arnav soon bang them with questions...

arnav: Doctor everything okay na? Is my khushi okay ? Is my baby okay ? there nothing to worry na..why she got pain suddenly ? Is there anything critical? answer me damn it..

Doctor:( calming tone) calm down mr.raizada...calm down..we can understand you're worry..let us tell you..please come inside we want to tell you something..

Soon arnav nona enter to ward room with doctors..they saw khushi laying on bed with tiered face..she looking like on half conscious..he quickly move towards her and caressed her hair..she smile feeling his touch..he feel so relief seeing her all fine again..he caressed her baby belly and asked doctors..

Arnav: Doctor please tell me what happened to my wife..why she suddenly got that pain ? is there anything wrong on her ?

Doctor: there nothing wrong mr.raizada..first let me show you something..please look this monitor..

Arnav look where doctors showing him..it's a monitor with sonography and altar-sound view..he smile seeing his baby's visual.. But why doctors asking him too see this..

Arnav: that's my baby Doctor.. what's there to see..

Doctor: it's not baby mr.raizada...

Arnav wide his eyes hearing him..what the hell he is saying..he blare doctors angrily..before he burst out.on of the doctor asked him smiling way..

Doctors: can you hear the heart beats mr.raizada? ...heart beats of your both babies !!

first arnav confused hearing him..soon he realised what doctors saying..he look at them with highly shock..doctors smile at him and told happily...

Doctor: it's true mr.raizada ..you're wife carrying twins !!

Now this is utterly shocking moment..he quickly look at monitors keenly and give ear to sounds..yes it's true...he can hear two heart beats..he grip khushi's hand out of overwhelming shock and surprise...then soon happy smile covered his face..he came  out of shocking spell and smiling with so much happiness...oh my goodness..twins really...he cannot control his happiness...what a biggest beautiful new is this..he happily kissed khushi's forehead...nona also jumping in same happiness..she can't believe her khushi baba carrying twins..this is truly a moment to celebrate...

Arnav: (happily ) Doctor are you kidding me..twins really..oh my god...I can't believe this..I'm going to be father to twins..please don't play with me..

Doctors:( happily) it's true mr.raizada...Mrs.raizada carrying twins..even we are surprised by this..

Arnav:( little worried ) then what about her sudden pain..why she got that pain..is all okay na..

Doctor:( smile) it's also because of you're twins mr.raizada...like we are said it's even surprising to us.. those five months we never know she carrying twins..that's because on of you're twin hiding behind other one..that's why we never come to know about it..it's fairly happens with many people..she got that pain cause you're both twins don't have much space on their mother's tummy..and Mrs.raizada too young  to carry twins on her first pregnancy itself..but that's not a problem..now you're both babies growing together..those months she followed the diet of one baby..that why all this happened..other one fighting for more space on her belly..that's why she got that pain..now she need to double up her diet and soon as possible need to balance her health for other one..after balancing the weight and diet perfectly she won't get such a pains until delivery...that's all..don't worry three of them totally fine...

Arnav have big smile on his face hearing everything from doctors...it's truly need to celebrate ..he saw khushi looking him with same smile..he hugged her and feel the moment...nona thanked the doctor then she too went out to give some privacy to them..after that she can share her happiness with them..then she thought to thank devimayya for this news.she left to pray on hospital mandir...inside arnav slowly caressed khushi's hair and told her softly...


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