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Jan 7, 2017

Unique devil Angel. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 33 times)

Hello everyone this is my another story I can't keep ideas with me anymore.so here something new.this story about a girl who have everything in her life.she is world famous everyone respect her.but know one give her love which she craving from her birth.she don't have anyone.she is waiting if someone come her life to love her pamper her.how will she get someone as her.did she get someone to love her?only time will say.

This story is dark story.so mush emotional and mature scenes have.in this story our khushi is hero.this story will tell so much emotional in one orphan girl.please tell if you all like this idea our not.please vote me and comment me about all of yours think.

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Jan 9, 2017

Unique devil Angel....devil Angel inro. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 26 times)

this is very beautiful night.december breeze hit every where in delhi.every people in this season feel very happy beacause this is love season.everyone love this season specially lovers.they will change this soft breeze to romantic breeze.honestly this month will give full of love and passion to this whole world.

in Delhi out skit.a bangalow looking very expensive and gorgeous.no one can say that's was bangalow.its looking like a luxury palace.inside the home every corner inch by inch smile with pride beacause of it beauty.there upstairs in an room a girl looking the star in siting on chair.she looking  the sky with lost in her thought.she thinking about her life.she thinking how she wished she also have a family like other girls.how much she want a person who will care for her.and who will give some peace when she is in sad mode.she want to have a beautiful and perfect family.but God is not with her side.he is not like that she having a family.thats why he made her born as orphan.she don't know what sin she did she is living like this.she have everything in her life.she is one of the best business women in the world.and on.1 richest women in india.she have five star hotels and shopping mahal so and jewels shops and most importantly fashion houses in all over india.she is the most wanted VIP in india.but she don't have any happiness in all of this.she don't have anyone to give single rupees from her money.to her all of this money any fame just nothing.for her who have a family they all is the most happiness person in this whole world.she have one wish only.she want someone who will love her dearly and pampers her for death.she is now 22 year old and have everything which a man want from a girl.now she is eagerly waiting for that person.distiny also waiting for that day who's will change the life of KHUSHI MEHERA.

Hello everyone thank for the comment and votes.i am very glad to you all.and noordia thank you for you help.its help me lot.this is my third story so my readers please vote me and comment me.when I read the comments I feel lit of happiness.happy reading

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Fabulous update.
Jan 15, 2017

Unique devil Angel.natural beauty. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 24 times)

In morning MEHERA mansion.khushi sleeping on her King side bed peacefully.then her sleep disturb by her phone.she attends her phone with closed eyes.


caller:khushi mam I called you to say you have a meeting with AA croup of compeny.you should have to come now madam.

khushi:(sigh)ok I'll come.you make the arrengment.

caller:ok madam bye.


she cut the call and get up from her bed and straight to go to washroom.after 15 minutes she came out from washroom.and start to dress up.she wear very stylish coat suit.she looking dead drop gorgeous in her attire.she she comb her hair amazingly.then she wear her brand new watch.nowshe is ready for her day.she don't do any make up.she just put some lop gloss and some eyeliner.her natural beauty add her beauty perfectly.she then come to living room and saw her maids doing their works.she slowly move to dinning table and start ready to have her breakfast.

she start to have her breakfast.then some women come to her and stare her silently.khushi sense someone staring her.she look front of her and saw her royel maid ranjana looking her keenly.khushi rise her eyebrows and asked her what,,

khushi:what happen nona?why are you looking me like this?its any problem?

ranjana:yes there was very big problem.

khushi:(confused)what's the problem nona?and I feel like a you are angry with me.

ranjana:(angrily)yes angry with you very much.whats is this khushi.

saying this she saw her some pills.khushi sigh seeing that.

khushi:that's not big deal.i just forget to take my medicine that's all.for this you are making this drama.

ranjana:(shocked hearing her)what I am making drama?khushi baba you are not take you medicine last night.what if happen it something happen to you.

khushi:(angrily)nona don't make my mind upset.you are seeing right.i am perfectly alright.just Close the chapter.i am going to office..

saying thatkhushi leave the house.ranjana looking her vanish figure with worried face.ranjana with her since khushi is 10year old.ranjanalove her very much.she know her past.she always worried for her future.she don't know what she going to do in future.ranjana is married women.she have one eight year old daughter.her husband In abroad.she is now living of MEHERA house maid cottage.she live there only for khushi.honestly khushi like a daughter to her.but she don't hear her words.but in the same time khushi don't consider her as maid.ranjana know khushi respect her.thats why she still with her.ranjana now worried about her future.she always say khushi to marry someone.but she always refuse her words.ranjana now have biggest fear that what if she will be like that always without do any marriage.she fold her hands and pray for to God.

ranjana:please devimayya.make my child life full of happiness.she bear lot sadness in her life.now also she bearing lot of sadness.please send someone to love her truely.and take care of her as protector.i can't see my child in hurt.please Devimayya.

ranjana pray to devimayya whole heartly.then she left to do her works.

KM compeny is India no.1 fashion house.in every year this compeny only take the no.1 position.every design there fabulous.no one can say any wrong in KM fashion design.khushi come to her office in her new BMW car.she came out from her car with arrogant and attitude style.her this arrogant style adding her beauty even more..

she very powerfully walking inside her office.every stuff in her office look her with amusing expression.their boss beauty increasing day by day.there in some models are looking her jealousy.and most important the mans are who present there looking her with dreamy eyes.how can this girl maintain her beauty this much perfectly.everyone wished her.she just nodded her head.she then strategy go to her cabin.she then engrossed in her works.

Shantivan.raizada mansion..

everyone in family running here there.everyone doing their works so much in hurry.maid also doing their works fastly.there a elderly women most be 30 looking after everything hurriedly.she is not standing in one place.she almost running everywhere.there a man who also look like a 30 come to that women and pull her to him and make her sit in sofa.

women:what are you doing Shyam ji.i have lot of works to do.why you bring me here.

shyam:anjali from morning other wards you are running everywhere in home.please take some rest.if you keep running like this you will feel tired .

anjali:what to do Shyam ji.after five years my brother coming here.to look after his business he permenantly settle in London.now he get time to come here.so I can't welcome him simply.we should welcome his grandly.

shyam:you are right anjali.but if your brother come to know you are tress this much he will not blame you.he will only blame me.you know about his angry right.

anjali:(laugh)you don't worry he will not do 

I keep that.becaouse now I am doing the works with full of happiness.so I don't feel tired.

shyam:(smile)yeah right.

they both smile each other.then Akashi come to that place and see the together.he smile naughtily.then he move towards them.

akash:oh oh Romance going on.wow.

shyam and anjali get shock suddenly here that voice.they both turn and look akash looking them naughtily.they both glare him

anjali:we both don't do anything like that.we are just talking about your bhai.

aksh:(smile sheepishly)sorry.so how is the works.everything ready to welcome bhai right?

anjali:(excitement)yes akash.now only thing left.you have to bring my brother.

she tell him with lot of excitement.shyam and anjali look her with smile.then akash leave to airport to reserve his one and only brother.

in home Nani and mami go to temple to pray for their elder boy.they both also very excited.after so many years they boy going to come.

after one hour.everyone in family gathering to living hall.now everyone waiting for akash.then after some time they all hear car sound.they all rushed to the door and saw  prince of their home coming out from car.they all smile widely seeing him after long time.he also smile seeing his family.then he slowly come to them.

hello everyone .thanks for the votes and comments.i glad to see those all.and please try to vote and comment to this update also.if anyone don't like to votes at lest press the thank you botton 

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Wonder full update.
Jan 25, 2017

Unique devil Angel..childish khushi. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 20 times)

He smile seeing his family members.then he slowly come to them.next second anjali take him her big hug.smile with happy tears.he also hug her back.then anjali broke the hug and cup his face lovingly.

anjali:how are you chote?

arnav:(smile)I am fine di.how are you?

anjali:I am fine chote.

akash:di you can talk to him later.but first let bhai enter inside to house.

she hit on akash head.and say hp to bring the thali.then she did arnav to aarthi and let him come inside.arnav look at the home amazingly .its been long time he come to his home.but the home is still like a same.then he come to living hall and settle in sofa.family members also sit with him.anjali take the sit beside him.

shyam:how is your life saale saab?

arnav:(casually)everything good jeejaji.my business life you know right.like a everytime first position.

shyam:(smile)yeah I know.i saw the news about you.i heard that this year also you are going to start new branch.

arnav:yes jeejaji.i am going to start a new branch.i already make the arrengment for that.

anjali:(sadly)that's mean you are again try to go some other countries.

arnav:(smile)don't worry di.to this branch I am not going to any country.i am going to do in India itself.

anjali:(happily)wow that's great.thats mean you are going to stay here.

arnav nodded his head.anjali hug him in excitement.then they all talk sometime then arnav go to his room for take some rest.

in evening after take good nap arnav come to living room.there everyone present.he also join them.

arnav:akash how is your business going on?everything set right.

akash:(smile)yes bhai everything alright.our compeny going very well.

arnav:I will join you tomorrow for office.are you ok with that.

akash:of course bhai.thats was your company.you give that to me because you start the business in London.that compeny still in your name.

arnav:(smile)ok then I will come office tomorrow.i have so many thing to do for blew branch.till I will come to our company.

akash:sure bhai.and we got new projects.if you want you can take that.

arnav:I will think about it.

akash agree with him.then he go to his room and get a gift boxes.then he give everyone to their gifts.he have very great time with his family after long time.its feel so good to him.

in night MEHERA mansion.after finish her works khushi come to her home.she enter inside the home and saw ranjana daughter ruchika watching tv in living room.khushi smirk seeing her antics.she is watching cartoon.khushi slowly move towards her and sit beside her.ruchika still don't notice her.ruchika watching Tom and Jerry cartoon.khushi near to her ear and asked her silently.

khushi:why Tom chancing Jerry ruchika?

ruchika:(still contraction on tv)Jerry drink Tom milk.thats wh.........

ruchika now only realise that someone sit beside her.she suddenly turn and saw khushi siting beside her.she hurriedly get up from sofa and stand front of her with fold her hand on waist.khushi smile seeing her respect towards her.she take her hands from waist and make her sit beside her.

khushi:why did you get up.you very interestingly watched the cartoon right.then why.

ruchika:you are owner of this house.the how can I watch cartoon front of you.you will get angry na.

khushi:(smirk seeing her innocence)who say I get angry with you.i will not get angry with a angel like you.next time don't do this ok.you can do anything and whatever want in this home.

ruchika:(happily)really thank you so much di.next time I will watch cartoons without get any scold from ma.you are so good .

ruchika happily start to speak to her.

khushi:(smile)ok now come lets watch the cartoon together.

ruchika nodded at her happily then she sit beside khushi.then they both start to watch the cartoon.next few minute they both engrossed in cartoon fully.ranjana come to living room after finish her work in kitchen.when she saw khushi watching cartoon with ruchika she get shock.when she come home she thought.then she come towards them and stand front of tv and blocking their view.they both get highly irritate.

khushi/ruchika:nona/mama move.

ranjana starlet by hearing their shout.she hurriedly move aside.then they both again engrossed in cartoon.ranjana admiring khushi with smile.khushi looking like a child when she watching cartoon.how much she wish she always like this.but she know this is not going to happen.she the came out from thought.then she ask khushi to have dinner.then khushi say to her she will have it later without stare her.ranjana sigh and left from there.then after 45 minute cartoon finally come to eand.then only khushi realise that she is still on her office suit.she left to her room for fresh up after fifteen minutes khushi come to dinning room and had her dinner.then ranjana and ruchika left to their cottage.and khushi also left to her room.now in that home khushi only living.

hello everyone and sorry for the late update.i just wait to see the response which I am getting .but I don't get that much response.please try to vote me and comment me.after arshi meet story turn completely new turn.there gave so many twists and surprise.please support me.

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Nice update.
Jan 29, 2017

Unique devil Angel.unkown feels. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 30 times)

Next morning in raizada mansion.arnav getting ready to go office.he felt excited after long time he going to his office again.he wear his coat suit and take his laptop bag and left to living room.

after take breakfast with everyone.arnav and akash left to office.they both reach to office.arnav stare the office keenly.thats was like that how he left that to akash.dont have any change.then he enter inside the office.every staff in there looked surprised seeing their old boss.next second their surprise turn to fear remember his temper.they all wish very badly to god don't make arnav as their boss again.they can't imagine anything like that..akash calls everyone and inform that arnav going to take part in office. again.everyone prayers broke intro million pieces after hearing his statement.but they can't do anything.so they all prepare their self to face the wrath of arnav from today itself.

in MEHERA mansion.khushi getting ready for to go office.she wear robin blue colour waist coat and dark blue colour coat.she put her hair to western style ponytail.and put some eyeliner to eyes.and put water colour lipgloss.she now looking like a fairy.now she ready for the day.she take her brand new handbag and put that in right hand.she left to her office..

in ar compeny.staffs are working energetically.thry don't waste their time for any gossips.there pin drop silence.they all know their boss don't like who wasting time unnecessarily.and also he don't like sound.they always in alert to the work they doing...

arnav in his cabin.he discussing about company Improve with akash.akash also don't do any mistakes in his work.he maintain the office very nicely.arnav reading the business score board and come to know they was in second place.he shocked to see that.how can this possible.AR compeny in always no.1 position in score board now what happen.which compeny more good then their compeny.he get little angry seeing that.he ask to arnav,

arnav:what is this akash.what the hell happened that our compeny come to second place.we are always come to first place na.then what happen.

akash:bhai woo there a some new company which opened 4year ago.and to shock that compeny reach to first place in starting year.their design are fabulous.now everyone in fashion world talking about that fashion house only.now that compeny only get a first place in score board.and the best awards also belong to that compeny only.

arnav amused and shocked gearing the news.he thought who is there to competition with him.who is the best business man more then him.he getting little jealous about that person.he want to know about him.

arnav:(curiosity filled voice)who is he?

akash:(smile)he is not bhai.she is.

arnav:(confused)what?what are you saying?

akash:yes bhai she is a girl.she is the owner of that fashion house.she not only have fashion house.she have many five star hotels.shopping mahals. and jewellery shops.ect ect.she is a one of biggest richest and business women in India.and few month ago her attention turn to forgeries.she now building her fashion house in world important countries.she is now most wanted vvip in India.

arnav get highly surprise and shock hearing about her.his big shock his how can a girl build this much fame in less time.he think other way.he thought she must be some famous person daughter or something.if she not like that then she must be very experienced women.

arnav:(confidence in voice)I think she must very famous daughter or wife.thats way she reach to this place in less time.or else who can come to this place this much fastly.i am right akash.

akash:(smile)no bhai you are wrong.to say she is orphan.she don't have anyone.she living in her house alone.and also she is not married.and don't have anyone like a boyfriend fiancé or lover.she is most eligible lady bachelor in India.

arnav feel something happened his heart when he hear she don't have anyone.next time he fell little excited when he hear she don't have any affairs.but he ignored that feel.now his mid want to know about that women even more.then he ask akash.

arnav:what's her name ?

akash:khushi mehera.

arnav feel us know happiness when he hear her name .his heart start to chanting her name loudly.he shocked to see his new change.he try to stop that.in the same time he don't want to stop that feeling.he getting eger to know about her more.his heart start to beat in rhythm.unknow to him his lips start to smile.akash left the cabin long ago get a business call.but arnav still lost in his thoughts.then his thought get broke by phone call.

arnav:arnav sigh raizada what happen to you.you are thinking about a girl.that to unkown girl.just focus on your work.

then he start to work.but his heart struck in one place.whe he hear his name that moment he lost his heart some where.

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Fabulous update.
Feb 2, 2017

unique devil angel.arshi meeting (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 27 times)

next morning in mehera mansion.khushi watching business channel in her room.she have some works which she have to do in home.she doing very big project in this month.and her forgeries work also going very fastly.she openings her new branch's in four countries.now those countries very eagerly waiting for welcome khushi mehera new branch's.she don't have any rest for upcoming months.she have some international trips. have to travel so many places.she get a call from her PA and talk with ................................................ in AR.arnav doing some works in his cabin. he take.two projects which he can do till his branch work finish.that's was some new design launching project.akash come to him cabin...... akash:hello bhai............. arnav:hi akash.come take a seat.............. akash:(take a seat)bhai woo I come here to inform we have some meeting in xxxx hotel.there many business tycoons going to come.and I get information that HOD going to announce something.I think we should leave now............ arnav:why this sudden meeting.without telling anything............. akash:don't know bhai.but this very important............... arnav agree to go.then they both left to meeting. after some minutes they both come to the hotel. hotel management inform them meeting going to held in fifth floor.then arnav akash went there. after reach to floor they saw many business man's present there.its almost 40 man's.they all saw arnav and start to talk with him.all of them surprised seeing arnav after long time.then they all talk about profession.after some time one man come there and tell something to one of the business man there.after hearing what he say that man tell that matter to everyone.then everyone in there hurriedly move to rest room and making their self good looking.akash and arnav wandering what happen to them.akash then realized something and smile to himself.arnav ask him what.akash say to him just wait and watch....then all of them came out from rest room and stand.front of lift. arnav some where getting irritating seeing their behaviour.without control himself he ask one of the business man..................... arnav:what's happening here man?why are you all behaving like this.and to whom you all waiting like this............. man:oh my god mr.raizada don't you know.fashion world queen.going to come here for meeting. it's very rarely she come to attend broad meeting like this.she always send her PA to attend.but today for our luck she herself coming to this meeting............. man2:yes mr.raizada.she is one of the most beautiful women in fashion world.she is meaning of beauties mr.raizada.in every way she is perfect. I have to say this.whole day will be not enough to say her beauty.she is god to beauties.its our luck that after long time we are going to meet her......................... man:and ha how much she have beauty.that much she have arrogance and attitude.she is very strong headed person.she don't give damn to anyone. ................... man2:I have to say honestly her way is high way................. the both business man's describe about her very much arnav amused seeing their praises. that to for a girl.he eagerly asked them............ arnav:who is she?.................... man:KHUSHI MEHERA................ arnav get highly excitement aftdr hearing her name.he suddenly start to get nervous.he getting excitement and fear both.from yesterday other wards he thinking about her only.yeah that's true.yesterday fully he think about her only. he get so much eagerness to see her and speak with her.now today he going to meet her directly. his heart jumping like it going to come out in few second.he try to hide his excitement.but he can't.but thankfully other person's are in their world.he turn other side and place his hand on his heart and try to relax that.but he hear the lift landing sound.he start to shake.he hear the high heel sound.he turn and look at the lift side. next second his fear look Chang's to dreamy look after seeing that sight.khushi fully in her black suit and and hair flying in air like swing.her blue eyes are shining with her eyeliner.her ****y smirk adding her beauty even more.arnav lost his.life after seeing such a beauty.he felt like he is dead. all of them enter to meeting room.arnav also enter to room silently.his eyes still fix on khushi.then HOD come meeting begin.arnav can't constrain in meeting.his eyes busy admiring khushi.everyone tell about their opinions and khushi turn comes she stand up and start to talk smartly and attitude. arnav very deeply hearing her voice.in her voice there lot of arrogance.but arnav just registering her voice.he accidentally turn and saw everyone in meeting hall drool over her even HOD also. expect akash.he get sudden angry and possessive seeing that.he thoughts how dare they all.I just feel like to kill them.he control his anger. then everyone finish their opinion....................... HOD:so now you all know right.we are here to discuss international fashion show which going to held with some other countries.this is like a competition.so many countries going to take place in this competition.and I want we also take part in that.for that we want one best company. and we all know that mehera company is on of the best company in asia.so I want khushi mehera take this show offer.and I am sure she will win this show.what's your opinion khushi mehera........... khushi:(smirk)I don't have problem sir.I will accept this.but I don't want to hurt other people's.so I will do partner ship with someone.so it's will be look good.so you select one company.who have capacity to work with me....................... after hearing her reply everyone get excited.even arnav also.then HOD discuss with everyone and take the decision.............. HOD:I do like want khushi mehera say.and after discuss with everyone.I think one company have quality to work with mehera company.................. everyone eagerly waiting for HOD reply.everyone think who must be that.even arnav akash also thinking.................... HOD:that company is AR company.congratulations mr.raizada........................................................ .............................................................................. .............................................................................. hi everyone I know this is boring but I am sorry. I got a very high hand pain.I can't type more then 10 minutes.sorry for that.after recovering from my pain I will give long update....

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nice update
Feb 11, 2017

Unique devil angel. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 26 times)

arnav and akash get shock after hearing his statement.they both very happy.other people frown thinking raizada luck.khushi arnav stand up shake hand each other.arnav held her hand softly and shake and with her.they both broke the shake hands and HOD give the project papers to them.after take project papers from HOD everyone congrats arnav khushi.many people congrats arnav for going to work with beautiful women.after everyone left the meeting hall.only arnav khushi akash staying in meeting hall.they three take the seat and ready to talk about upcoming project.arnav akash take the left side khushi take the right side.arshi now siting opposite each other.arnav feeling very excited.first time he feeling like this.he don't get this much excitement to talk with a girl.his mind say to him talk with her endlessly.now meeting room filled with pin drop silent.arnav keenly looking at khushi who reading project file.in looking her way arnav filled to notice his brother akash now looking him only.akash looking his bhai from meeting.he don't see his bhai like this who eagerly waiting to talk with a girl.he first think that was just his inner think.but after notice him some time he get shock.he feel dizzy.how can this possible.his bhai falling for a girl.he is 100% sure about that.his thought broke by khushi who calls them.

khushi:MR.raizada I read the project details.that show going to start in June that's mean after four month.that show mainly going to focus about country traditional styles.se we have to design our country traditional style clothes.in our India we have so many religions.so we have to give every religion coulture importance.its not big matter to make traditional dresses.but we have to make that in unique way.in upcoming months we have to select some new designer who is other religions.

akash:(confused)why MISS.mehera we already have very talented designers.its not necessary to appoint new people.

khushi:(smartly)yes I know about that.in fact in my compeny also have so many brilliant designers.but that's not my point.i am coming to say our country have so many religions.if we have that religion people then they know how to make their traditional dresses.for a example we have Muslim designer she/he know how to make that beautiful even more.we have designer but we can't design everything alone.we want other people help also.so that's why I am saying to appoint some new designer from their religion.

khushi say her idea very smartly.raizada brothers very impressed by her ideas.they both don't get any ideas like this still.arnav admiring her smartness with small smile.she now prove him how she comes to this position this much less time.

arnav:(smirk ****ily)I agree with you MISS.mehera.i will start that work.now tell me how we going to work.

khushi:(rise her eyebrows)what you mean by that mr.raizada.

arnav:(love seeing how she rise eyebrows)I mean in whom compeny we are going to work.you know usually everyone comes to my office and do their work.if you like that then we will do like that.

khushi:(little anger)no mr.raizada I don't like to work in some other compeny.i will feel OK in my office.if you don't have problem you can do work in my office.

arnav going to agree but akash cut off him.

akash:no miss.mehera we don't work in other office.

khushi look both of them.arnav state akash scolding in his mind.he get very nice opportunity to spend some time with her.but he spoil everything.khushi think sometime and say to them.

khushi:okay we do one thing.i will come and work in your company one week and next week you both come and work in my compeny.so this is will be equally to both of us.whats say?

Akash satisfied with her idea.arnav also ready for her idea.then khushi say to them.

khushi:so mr.raizada I will comes to your company next week.till that we will find the designers.if you both get designer then tell me.me to do the same.so now everything clear right.

they both agree with her.and they three get up and comes to the exit door.khushi shake hand with akash then arnav .when she try to take her hand arnav held her hand tightly.khushi look at him.then he say to her huskily.

arnav:see you soon miss.mehera.

khushi:same to you mr.raizada.

then they three comes out from hotel and arnav akash left in their car khushi left in her car.

in going way arnav thinking about khushi.her everything surprised him.she is the first girl who don't drooling over him.thats the main thing which attractive him.

arnav:(thought)she is very special.she doing everything smartly and perfectly.i am feeling very attractive towards her.i can't name this feeling.i don't know this is love or attraction.in long her face I can see she also have the same temper and arrogant which I have.in talking also I sense her arrogance in get voice.no doubt she is very arrogant and dangerous.but I know she don't have any pride about her beauty.she don't care about the attention which she getting from everyone.but one thing sure she is unique. UNIQUE DEVIL ANGEL.

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Amazing update.
Feb 16, 2017

Unique devil angel. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 41 times)

In nights MEHERA mansion.khushi siting on her private pool side.which she only can enter.she sting there and watching the stars.she thinking about today events.and specially about her partner.she don't know what happen to her that time when she saw him.her heart start to beat fastly.thst time she felt like there no one this world other then him.the way he state her she felt like a butterfly spreading on her stomach.she felt very new feelings.no one did anything like which arnav doing now.in meeting hall also the way he stare her she felt very nervous.she know everyone in meeting hall stare her only.but she don't feel anything.but there arnav did magic on her.she don't feel this much nervous in her either life.she work with so many mans and handsome boys.even more then arnav also.but she felt nothing for them.but arnav in first meeting itself make her flat.she some where getting little hopes.if he love her.if he give the love which she craves from her birth.if he makes her happy.if he give her the family which she craving for years.if he is the one who she waiting those years.but she know she can't comes to one decision.she have to wait to know if he right person for her or not.she can know that without his doubt.she always have emotions control.she have that talent.no one can judge her emotions.in thinking about him she fell to sleep.dont know what destiny plans for her.

next morning in raizada mansion.arnav sleeping with little pout.then he felt his soul caressing his hair softly.he smile in sleep.how much he love this feeling.he felt veryhappy when she cares his hair.he open his eyes and saw khushi,look at him with ****y smile.oh god how much he loves this.he cup her face and make her come close to him.their lips just one inch  gap.suddenly he hear phone sound.he get up from his sleep.he gorn with anger.`arrgh incomplete kiss'his phone sound now hit his ear strongly.then only he comes to his sense.he get shock remember that dream.first time in his life he dreaming someone like that.everything makes him surprised.his thoughts broke by the phone.his PA informed him that new designers comes to interview.he cut the call and get up from the bed and left to washroom.in shower arnav body felt some unknown feelings.his stomach filled with some things.he feeling very weird things.he know those all because of that devil.who don't let him sleep whole night.after coming from yesterday meeting his whole mind filled with her thoughts only.after lot of difficulties he sleep around 4 am.after sleep also he get her dreams only.many dreams like a kissing hugging almost love making.he felt highly sensual desire.he some where little angry on that little devil.shr doing everything which none girl did to him.she almost make him lost puppy to her.he gorn in anger `arrgh khushi you are making me crazy'after lot of difficult he came out from his cold shower.first time he having cold shower.that to because of that devil.he then get ready.he comb his hair looking st mirror.his eyes fell on his bed.he getting version like a he and khushi making wild love making.he close his eyes in anger.without bear her torturous he came out from his room.

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Mar 7, 2017

Unique devil Angel. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 29 times)

He come to living room.he take breakfast with everyone.after take breakfast akash and arnav left to office.

in MEHERA compeny khushi working on her cabin.today so many people comes for interviews.khushi tell to her PA take the interview.her phone start to ring suddenly.she attended.


arnav:hello miss.mehera.this is arnav Singh raizada.

khushi surprised hearing his voice.after composing herself she start to talk.

khushi:yeah tell me mr.raizada.why this sudden call.

arnav:woo that I call you to ask to know if you got new intern.you know here super fastly every works going.

khushi:(smartly)it's not depending how super fastly works are going.importent thing is is how perfectly we are doing the work.

khushi tell to him smartly and arrogantly.arnav shut his mouth hearing her true statement.

khushi:and for your question.my PA interview the people who comes here.after seeing progress I will tell you.

arnav:okay miss.mehera.and me also do the same.my PA and brother interviews the people.

khushi:okay mr.raizada.anything else.


khushi:okay bye have nice day.

arnav:(thought very bad day)bye same to you.

khushi cut the call.here arnav feeling very irritated.he thought lot of topics to talk with get.but after hearing her voice he forgot everything.he sigh.he know she is not like other girls who due to talk with him and get his attention.she is devil.UNIQUE DEVIL.so he have to be control.sfter coming from home his full mind filled with the dreams which he got yesterday night.he can't control himself.he so much craves to see her.and talk with her.but he know he have to wait.after one week she will be here.and next week he will be there.its golden chance to him talk with her and knowing about her more.he still don't know what kind of feeling he have on her.this is first time he feeling something on a girl.its very surprising thing to him.but he love this feeling whatever happening to him.he loves that feeling very much...don't know what destiny decide for him.

after one week...

this one week both AR and KM doing they works perfectly.khushi almost start the works for fashion show.other side arnav also do his works.and he don't missed to calls her daily with rondam topics.khushi also don't ignore him.whanever he calls she also answer him patiently.arnav thoughts she attending the calls because of professional.but he don't know she love that.whenever arnav calls she attended that happily.but she don't give any hints about that.truely she daily waiting for his phone eagerly.its feeling so good to her.she also waited for this one week to end.so she can meet him.so now today she gave to go for work to arnav office.she is very excited.but she don't express her emotions to anyone.then her PA and they both left to AR company.

in AR company...today arnav comes to office very early.how much early that he comes before akash get ready.he felt very exciting.in this one week he comes to know he have some other feeling towards khushi more then attraction.daily after talking with only he started his work.he will think night itself what reason to tell her tomorrow.now today she going to come here.he feeling very new feeling.he want everything perfect.he arrnged her cabin beside his.and he make her cabin wall with full of glass.so he can see her whenever he want.suddenly his cabin door opened.he turn and look saw akash standing front of him.arnav rise his eyebrows like what.

akash:miss.mehera is here.

arnav wide his eyes .he horridly came out from his cabin.akash followed him with little smile.he thought«love».arnav hurriedly comes to downstairs.and the site breath taking.khushi in dark blues colour full sleeve tight shirt without a coat.and long black colour slim fit jeans.she cut her hair a French cut.putting her French cut front .put other hair to high ponytail.she looking out standing.arnav look her without blink his eyes.seeing his lost state akash pat him on back.arbav then came out from his dream land.he move to khushi and greet her.

arnav:(huskily)welcome to AR miss.mehera.

khushi:(same tone)thank you mr.raizada.its pleasure to come here.

they both shake hands.khushi try to take her hand.but arnav held it Back little tightly.khushi look him.arnav take her to the cabin which arranged for her.khushi look at the cabin.she like it very much.she notice arnav cabin beside her.she look arnav who still holding her hand.she like that very much.but she sense that some other people also present there.she turn and saw her PA and akash standing behind them.she take her hand from arnav.he left her hand with disappointment.she then take her seat and tell arnav akash to sit her PA left from there after knowing her cabin with arnav staffs.then they three start to talk about upcoming fashion show.now designers are ready to design the cloths.after talking sometime akash left from there.now arnav only in her cabin.he look her intensely.khushi look him back.

khushi:(smirk)mr.raizada now we are finished our talks.what are you still here.dont you go to your cabin.

arnav:(look her eyes)don't you want to know about me.

khushi:excuse me.

arnav(relies what he say)I mean.here after we are going to work full of four months.so that's why I asked.dont you want to know about me.

khushi:(smirk ****ily)who say I don't know anything about you.i know everything about you.

arnav:(surprised)what!you know about me (guess)I think you know the things which media and others know.there more then that you should know.and I know you don't know about that.

khushi:arnav Singh raizada.age 27.now this October going to turn 28.born in Lucknow and studied in Harvard and finished  MBA fashion degree in bachelor batch.in studied itself no one have as friends.dont like loud music or sound.like to be alone.and you have little family like sister,grand mother,cousin brother,and mama mami..sister named anjali Singh raizada .after marriage with lawyer Shyam manohar jha.she is anjali jha.her age 30.and married last three years.now living in your house raizada mansion.and you have Nani named devayani Singh raizada.age 55.she only raised you both sister and brother after your parents dead.you changed your surname malick to raizada.because you hate your father.for what I don't like to hurt you saying that.and you have mama mami named manorama and manohar.you nami very crazy about make up.and very poor in talking English.but she always talk in her funny English.and your mama very silent and obeyed person whatever family members say.and your brother akash.age 24.now he is the charge of this compeny after you left to London for look your another branch there before five years.now you again come here to build another branch of yours here.and going to be here parmanantly.good mr.raizada.i appreciate you.

khushi look him with evil ****y smile.arnav look her without blink his eyes.from where the hell she knowing all this.no one in business world know about him this much.arnav ask her with highly shock.

arnav:how do you know about me this much miss.mehera.no one here know about me this much.how.

khushi:(smirk)not only this.this is just your family details.i know every single thing about you.so you don't have to say anything to me.

arnav look her silently.she then start to do works.arnav then left from there.khushi look his vanish figure with ****y smirk.

khushi:it's just sample for you arnav.you don't know how much I know about you.today this shock enough for you.still we have lot of time na.abd this coming four month I will comes to know the feeling you have on me real or not.and mine feeling also still nameless.me also have to search the name of my feelings.so just wait.

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Mar 14, 2017

Unique devil Angel. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 43 times)

In AR.khushi doing her works very sincerely.after the design from desingers.she attends some conference with her clients.she suddenly hear someone knocking her cabin.she call the person inside.then she saw akash coming inside her cabin with smile.she look him with confused.

khushi:what happen MR.raizada.whats the matter.

akash:nothing serious miss.mehera.now it's time for break here.so we are arranged lunch for you.so bhai tell me to bring you there.so please you have to come.

khushi:(smirk)yeah sure.just minutes.

khushi left with him after closed her files.akash take her to conference room.where arnav already waiting for them with arranged foods.akash khushi join him after wash their hands.they three serviced their selfs and start to have lunch.room filled with pin drop silence.arnav continuely looking her.she just construction on her food.akash look his brother who trying level best to get attention of khushi mehera.akash smile in inside.his bhai totally changed in those days.he always with some thoughts.he don't know what khushi mehera did to his brother in this short period.he thought in his mind he have to tell this news to someone very important person.if that person comes to know about his bhai this change.then that person jump in joy.akash then ask to khushi.

akash:miss.mehera.are you comfortable here.

khushi nodded her head as yes.arnav look akash with irritating reaction.here he try to get her attention from the time she come.but she don't give single glare to him.but akash easily talk and get her attention.arnav look her.sge again focus on her food.he ask her with little irritation.

arnav:miss.mehera why don't you speaking anything.

khushi:(shortly)I don't like to talk when eating.

arnav look her sometime.then they three finished their lunch.after washing the hands khushi say to akash.

khushi:thanks for the lunch mr.raizada..

akash:your welcome miss.mehera.its pleasure to have lunch with you.

akash smile to her.she also smile back lightly.arnav get irritating seeing this.first time he felt jealous for someone.that to on his own brother.khushi then left to her cabin.akash arnav also left to their cabin.

in evening now it's time for leave.khushi after finishing her works.she tell her PA to left.now slowly arnav staffs are leaving.she also comes to exit.she stop walking hearing arnav calling her.she smirk anyone noticed.she ignored him after their talk in her cabin.after that he many time try to talk with her.but she always talk with akash.she know that's made him irritates.she secretly watching his every reactions.she then turn and saw arnav coming with akash.

khushi:what happen mr.raizada.whats the matter.

arnav:nothing just thought to send up you.

khushi:oh thank you so much.but don't worry.i am now going to leave only.

arnav:(smirk)bye miss.mehera.see you tomorrow.

khushi:(same smirk)yeah bye.see you tomorrow.

akash Also wish her.she then left the office in her car.after seeing her car going arnav take his car.then they both left to raizada mansion.

in night raizada mansion.everyone now ready to have dinner.all of them comes to dinning room.with some chit chat everyone having their dinner.its arnav only who taking the dinner silently.anjali notice arnav silence.she looking him past some days.he is not looking normal.she don't ask him thought he is in work tension.she wandering what bothering him.then everyone had their dinner.arnav hurriedly left to him room.seeing his brother going akash signal anjali to wait.anjali confused seeing that.then everyone left to their rooms.after send Shyam to room.anjali comes to living room.where akash siting.she come sit beside him.

anjali:what happen akash.why did you ask me to stop.whats the matter.

akash:di I called you to ask something.

anjali:what's that akash.ask me.

akash:di did you notice some changes in bhai.

akash ask her with smile knowing that his di definitely notice his bhai changes.anjali look him with shock.she hurriedly say.

anjali:yes akash I noticing him past few days.he become very change.dont know what happen to him.do you know.

akash:yes di I know(she look him with eagerness)I know why bhai behaving like this.

anjali:(hurriedly)then tell na.why he become like this.what happen to him.

akash:bhai become like this because of an devil.because of that devil only he behaving like this.that devil tortuering bhai very much.bhai bearing very much torture di.

akash say all this with little serious tone.he try to control his smile seeing anjali panic face.

anjali:(panic filled face)akash what are you saying.who is that devil.why he torturing my chote like this.where is that devil..tell me akash..tell me..

akash:(laughed loudly without control)di...di...relax.calm down.and ha for your information.that devil not he but she.she is a women devil.

anjali:(confused)akash what are you saying.tell clearly.i am feeling scared.

akash:(smile)di the devil who I am say.her name is khushi mehera.our new business clint.we are three going to participate in world fashion show.so she going work fully four month with us.but the main point is our handsome bhai smitten by that khushi mehera.

akash put the real bomb and waiting to explore.and anjali explored very well.she look him with wide eyes with big opened mouth.anjali ragistered fully what he say.she can't believe her ears.for her this is 8th wonder.she move close to akash and ask him with excitement tone.

anjali:akash what are you saying.oh my god.i can't believe this.are you saying the truth.ohh akash tell clearly.

akash:(smile seeing her excitement)yes di it's true.our bhai have feeling for khushi.after meeting her only our bhai become like this.she making him crazy.i am to shock after seeing that.but after some time I relies that bhai very badly smitten by khushi mehera.

anjali broke into wide smile after akash reply.her happiness no bond.finally her kadoos brother in love.she hug akash in happiness.akash also hug her back.anjali then broke the hug look akash with smile.she them remember something and hit aksh shoulder.

akash:(shocked by her sudden act)do what happen why are you hitting me.

anjali:(little angry)or what.what did you say her as devil.i really scared the way you say about her.why you calling her like that.

akash:di that name really suit her.she is truely devil.you know di she is very arrogant and high temper person.and want every works perfectly on the time.have to say she is female version of our bhai.and I think she is more dangerous then our bhai.

anjali:(fear tone)what another ASR.oh god I can't bear that.i already lost my half life bearing this ASR.now someone coming more then him.please God protect me from their both.

anjali say the last line dramatically.akash giggle hearing her words.he then say to her.

akash:but di she don't talk or act arrogantly with us.she normally talk with us.she is completely professional when comes to work.and specially with me she always talk nicely.more then bhai.

aksh tell her naughtily.anjali open her mouth widely.she hit him on head.

anjali:akash don't think anything about her like that.who know she must be your would to be bhabi.so don't you dare.

akash:(laugh)di I just joking.and one more thing.you don't have to think anything di.i am damn sure.she will be my bhabi.who going to rule my bhai.

anjali smile in happiness hearing akash words.she wishing akash words comes true.it that happen then no one will be happy more then her.then they both talk about khushi more.


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