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Jan 9, 2017

" LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 13 times)


ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA  is a rude in front of the world  but not in home so soft and talks a lot only in front of his dad ANUSH, MOM ASHA

and sister ANGALI married to RAGHUL, then his cousion brother AKASH who last his parents last year & staying in RM. 

AKASH in love with PAYAL KAPOOR.


After marring Akash leaves to mumbai with Payal.






Khushi is studing in college at mumbai leaves in relatives house.


but also doing job in AR company for one month.


Jan 9, 2017

PART - 1 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 11 times)

At present , Arnav is coming back to INDIA after 1 year. In this 1 year alot of happened in his family's life & Akash loved Payal then with in 3months he proposed her, she also accepted .then her family also accepted who talked them. Raizadas & Kapoors r now relatives.

Arnav knows that Akash loved Payal but never saw her nor her family.

Everyone r happy to see Arnav & talking a lot about the arrengments , marriage. then everyone left for work, as Arnav came today so office to him. now only present is Arnav & Angali.

Asha went temple to the long life of Arnav has he is back safly, Anush & Rahul went to office, Akash went to talk with payal.


Akash : Payal Arnav has come

Payal  : ohh that's great then wen u going to introduse

Akash : wait i ill inform has he came today

Payal  : ok no problem then is ur family ill talk about the marriage

Akash: relax i ill complet that deal & then enggement after marriage

Payal :ok make it fast

Akash : wat is ur sister doing , 

Payal : y r u asking like that

Akash : today mornning she called me & teassing  by ur name

Payal : ohh k 

Akash: ya  i ill let r come here first

Payal : ohh Akash relax she is just an kid 

Akash : wat she & a kid r u nuts

Payal : ya so wat

Akash : ok baba ok she is a child ok now bye c u later

Payal ; ok bye



Angali was talking to Arnav , then hp came and gave a photo album which sent by photografer to them.

Angali was too happy to see ,

Arnav: which one this

Angali: wen we  said na 1 week back their was an party of Raizada & Kapoor r going to condect that one

Arnav : ohh ok di

Angali : u also see na ,but Arnav not having any intrest.

But also sitting beside her, then Angali was telling him about new memmbers then shows Payal photo also Arnav likes not bad taste she is good looking also.

then suddenly Arnav stops right their not moving eye nor body .




NOTE: wat happen to Arnav alof a sudden , 

          wat did he see their ,


think over it,.................

Jan 9, 2017

PART - 2 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 7 times)

ARNAV had seen KHUSHI pic only in which she is wearing white dress, beautiful smile, cute looking heare it goes.

angali sees this & said she is khushi payal's sister who is stuyding in chandigar with her aunty & uncle.

arnav lisetens everything from his sister feelt happy & thought to meet her,

after that arnav didn't say anything & tinking about her only who is coming the image of her in maind.


after 2 days arnav unable to be here & thinking about her so he said to familly that he have meeting so going to shimla it is a lie angali knows about it but keept quite , so let him go & meet her, if he likes she will be her sister in law.


 nextday only arnav went to '' CHANDIGAR TO MEET HIS SOULMATE,LIFE , LOVER, WOULD BE WIFE  '' 

khushi is completed her studies but now vacations so thought to join any office to gain experiencs for 1month contract so for that she joined AR COMPANY only she didn't seen ARNAV at all not even photo of his ok but she know that angali has a brother who is in londan .


arnav was going to office on the way a dog comes but arnav puts breaks & came out to cheack but their un known shocked to see the person in his front that is none another KHUSHI SHARMA cheacking the dog already who is wearing yellow coloure salware suit





khushi : hello mr. don't u have eyes r wat

arnav was admireing her after hearing her voice came back to sence 

arnav : what the excuse me miss its not my mistake 

khushi : ohh really but u should have looked na

arnav : see don't creat seean here 

khushi : wat i am creatting sean here

arnav : ok relax wat u want money

khushi : wat money u keep it with u only just  say sorry  to this dog

arnav : wat to the dog r u crazy

khushi : excuse me it is also a living animal it have its own work to protect the house if any other outsiders not to allow ok 

arnav was like laughing inside but likes it also 

arnav : ok sorry 

khushi then was going but stopped by arnav calling by miss

khushi : wat now 

arnav : my i know ur name

khushi : i won't say to straingers ok bye then left

arnav(to himself ) so much attitude ahh but cut wait i will see u soon baby 


then arnav went to office then their everyone greeted him ,but he went away like that only

wen he was their in his cabine ,arnav sees every where to see khushi 

yes arnav collected every infromation of khushi & knows that khushi is working in ''AR COMPANY '' to his luck 


THE MD is scard that khushi is still not in office , wat if his boss comes to know this then the khushi came he relifes

md : u r late

khushi : sorry so problem so only 

md   : u know that boss is present now go and talk to him soon

khushi : ok but inside she is scared of boss

khushi went their & knoks the door arnav came to know that khushi is came so he turned his back to her & said come in

khushi sees that her boss but his back 

khushi : Hello ASR  






WHAT DID SHE SAW?............

THAT SHE WAS SHOCKED? ..................



WILL SHE ACCEPT ARNAV'S LOVE?...................



TO BE CONTINUED......................




Jan 9, 2017

PART - 3 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 8 times)

Khushi was shocked to the same person were she fought with same person on the road,

khushi : S...........I..............R............

Arnav :  no, call me ASR

Khushi : A.............S...................R.........  

Arnav :ya tell me

Khushi :i........a..m.. S..........O..............R..........R..........Y

Arnav : khushi come to the work

khushi :ok ASR ,  she went away

Arnav(to himself) : i ill make u mine khushi 


arnav & khushi both became close to each other day by day, one day arnav & khushi went to meettings.

khushi calls arnav has '' laad governer ''

khushi slipped by walking from meeting & arnav holds her like Raba vee moment, like this 2 weeks ends.


After that khushi started to like arnav but some were she know that he is very rich then how come he will love her so she kept quite. 

not to built hopes, khushi gets call from her mom , she said too come because payal's engagement have bean fixed , so tommore u should be here ,

khushi accepted then she went to arnav's cabine by knoking

arnav : come in

khushi : ASR i have to talk

arnav : ya tell me khushi , arnav knows y she came because now only anjali called & said to come for akash & payal 's engagement is fixed.

khushi : accually i want leave for 3 days because my sisters engagement so

arnav : but u r in internship right then how can i accept it

khushi : ya but plzz i will do overtime after coming 

arnav : but how can i khushi 

khushi is getting angry but controling then said if u will accept it r not ASR

arnav : wat u will do if i reject it

khushi : then i will leave this internship only, arnav was shocked how can she just say it.

arnav : khushi do u have any idea wat u saying

khushi : i know ASR for me first my family then ony my carrear

arnav :ok fine i will accept it give the letter, khushi is now happy.

khushi went out, arnav( to himself) wow khushi baby u make happy by ur bold step , now i am 100% sure that u will think about me first as i am thinking.


next day morning, khushi went to delhi , still khushi didn't know that anjali's brother is ASR, who is her boss

khushi 's parent's & payal r happy khushi is back then she talked to even RAIZADA'S.

but arnav didn't went delhi because of work .


next day evening at temple, khushi family came & arnav's family is present except arnav,

anjali :khushi how is ur work

khushi : ya good babhi but my hittler boss is the problem

anjali : wat did he do 

khushi : he not give a min to breath

anjali : ohh u know my brother came to delhi

khushi : then were babhi

anjali : he will come directly to hear

khushi : oh ok

anjali sees at steps their our HERO came  ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA who is looking at khushi only

anjali :khushi see he came

khushi turns her head then shocked to see arnav, 

khushi : babhi he he is my boss na

anjali : ohh really i don't know it , anjali just pretending like that accually she knows everything but kept quite

arnav came & whished anjali then rahul (anjali husband) who came to wish arnav.

arnav : khushi wat u doing here

khushi : same question to u

arnav : what the... khushi scared so she

khushi : ya  i am payal's sister 

arnav : ya i am akash's brother good then

khushi : i will leave ,then she run inside & sat beside childrens

arnav : wat is she said di 

anjali : nothing chotty , even she goes inside

arnav & rahul looks each other then moves inside , arnav greets everyone then stands near piller were he can see khushi clearly .

khushi sat behind her sister payal & akash has they doing pooja , she & childerns stoled ladus from plate were khushi mom kept , with out of seeing anything she eatting but no one can see but arnav is observing everything & kept laughing inside,

khushi this she getts angry but kept quite because of family, pooja finished pandith told to distrubute the prasada but it is missing , but khushi mom knows about her little daughter so asked 

khushi ; i don't know anything 

khushi mom ; kitty tell me truth by saying she holds khushi's hear ,for that khushi shoutted for her dad who can help her

khushi ; papa

khushi dad: leave revathi its ok

revathi : because of u only she became very misschive

asha(arnav mom) : aa leave it revathi she is a kid its ok

arnav(thinks)how can u say maa she is a kid but for me she is hot & ****y figure 

then everyone went near car but stopped by anjali says something everyone accepts then stopped to go for home now,



note : where they going?


Promo : khushi sleeps on arnav's shoulder


Jan 9, 2017

PART - 4 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 9 times)

Anjali said everyone to move for restaurant for dinner,all agreed.Everyone went to restaurant & anjali pushed khushi in arnav car.They all had dinner with fun and masti.Khushi was confused whether arnav know that she is payal's sister,but some where she felt that he knows it & the behaviour of her family making her feeling still more strong that every one r pushing to arnav & she understood that.After dinner asusual khushi sat in arnav's car with some kids of her family.

Arnav was driving & khushi sat beside of him

khushi : Arnav....

arnav : ya what khushi ?

khushi : did u know that i was payal's sister ?

arnav was shocked of this sudden question & he was confused wat to answer.khushi sawed him she felt that he know

khushi : u know right ?

arnav thought its time to tell her the truth 

arnav : khushi i have to say u something ?

khushi : wat u want to say ?

arnav : not now i will tell u tommorow & i will answer all of ur questions 

khushi : so their so much that u hided from me

arnav : i didn't wanted to hide but the correct time didn't came to say u & i think now it has come

khushi : ok........

after sometime both kept quite & khushi felt sleepy and slept on arnav's shoulder.Arnav was very happy with this.They left for their houses.




Arnav messaged khushi to come for a place and had sended a gift for her & everyone sawed it.khushi just took from the aman and ran away to her room.



Khushi came to the place in a saree which was gifted by arnav.She searched him every where but she didnt find him as it was very dark,as she came forward 

then she heard a voice came from her back, she turned then saw arnav who is standing with an RED ROSES , HE came forward then kneeled down in front of khushi . khushi was shocked to see this 


              i know u were confused that i was shoutting on u even though i was loving u because i wanted to know about ur feelings about men, then love .

after conform i wanted to propose u but sorry if i hurted u means plz forgive me khushi. plz i love u so much wen i saw u for the first time in photo that was my ''LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT'' to wards u khushi . so will u marry me

khushi : wen did u see my photo

arnav stood up then said i saw ur pic in party photos with payal & akash 

khushi : so u know me that i am payal's sister

arnav : yes

khushi : but u didn't said me

arnav : i thought before u know who i am atleast i wanted u to like me so i didnt said u

khushi : but my parents wont agree for this

arnav had a light smile on his face : dont worry they all agreed for for our marriage they all know that i love u

khushi was shocked : what r u saying ?

arnav : yes khushi after taking permission from ur parents only i came to chandigarh

khushi now understood everything that he came for her

arnav : so i think ur evry doubt is clear atlest now u can say me YES 

khushi was blushing & shy 

arnav : khushi plz say yar

khushi :yes

arnav : wat yes

khushi : u only said u wanted to listen yes right

arnav : that means u have to say i love u dammit


arnav : wat ok plz khushi

khushi :  I ................LOV..E .......................myself

arnav : wat the........

khushi laughed then said I LOVE U ARNAV ...................

Khushi hugged arnav then both r feeling each other.


arnav kissed khushi , she was blushing then both spended some time.







Jan 9, 2017

PART - 5 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 13 times)

After spending so much of time togther arnav draps khushi in her home then he talks to her parents then went to RM a smile on his face. he tells anjali everything that khushi accepted his love. anjali happy that her brother got his love, even his parents happy .

arnav went to his room then locks gets fresh again thought to call for khushi so he did,

khushi who went to her room after talking to her parents then sister payal, gets fresh then falls on bed and thinking about arnav how sweet he is ,how he proposed her , then her first kiss ofcourse she is blushing then hears her cell thinks who is at this time then see a smile on her face seeing the id its ARNAV picks the call

khushi : hello

arnav : hi 

khushi : hi y u called at this time

arnav : baby i am missing u so much

khushi : but u went now only then how can u miss so much

arnav : because i can't stay away from u 

khushi : o really

arnav : wat r u not missing me

khushi : no

arnav : wat u not missing me then go i am not talking to u, he cuts the call with angry

khushi didn't thought that he will take it serious then she calls but arnav cuts

khushi sends a message  ARNAV opens then reads ''SORRY I WAS JUST KIDDING PLZ PIC THE CALL '' LOVE U

arnav then picks the call from khushi 

khushi : sorry arnav 

arnav : don't paly like this i just hate it u get that 

khushi : ok baba sorry now stop this angry 

arnav : ok fine bye

khushi : arnav r u still angry 

arnav : no khushi 

khushi : then y bye

arnav : wat r not sleepy

khushi : no wat r u sleepy

arnav : no i thought u r tied so only i said 

khushi : arnav ...........

arnav : ya tell me wat

khushi : that i to be with u

arnav :wat romantic haa, so shall i come their 

khushi : no way wat if anyone sees u

arnav : its ok i am coming he cuts the call

khushi : arnav no but he cuts the call, she was scared now wat if any one sees him hear

arnav comes from window to khushi's room  but shocked to see the sight in front of him that khushi is in night that too short one untill her keens, she is sleeping on her yammy and thing something.

arnav went and falls on her bed then khushi shocked to see arnav as she was about to shout but arnav closes her mouth with his .

she kept quite then breaks the kiss

khushi : arnav wat u doing hear plz go wat if anyone sees u hear but he was not listing just admiring the beauty of her

khushi shacks him then arnav puts hand on her shoulder then drags her she fell on arnav 

arnav : sweetheart u r looking ****y in this nighty

now khushi realises that she is in nighty that too infront of arnav she was about get up but arnav rolls now khushi is under him, he was roming his fingers on her body she is losing her sence. arnav know this so he kiss her on her neck wet ones , khushi : ar arnav

arnav was liking his name now which called by khushi 


arnav knows khushi don't like this before marrage so he stops his act then hugs khushi tighty, then gets up khushi shocked wat happen to him 

khushi : arnav wat happen

arnav : khushi we still not married so its not right to do now

khushi shocked how is forgot this but keept quite

arnav kiss on her forehead then said bye went to rm.

khushi remebers their act then smiles and her love for arnav became more.



After that payal and akash  marriage completed both family happy , then they went honeymoon at that time arshi became more colse then after payash came arshi marriage is fixed both r happy.



after 1month ARSHI marriage completed with every phease.

after arshi marriage payal & akash went to mumbai.

khushi came to rm happily. both enjoyed a lot .


Like that both live happily...................


Jan 9, 2017

EPILOGUE (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 65 times)

After arshi marriage khushi entered RM asha & anjali welcomed her, after completing all rasams.Ladies took her to the arnav's room while she was blushing ,then they left her alone to send arnav.


After sometime arnav entered khushi was sitting in the middle of the bed



arnav sees her moves towards her , she was little bit shy & scared too he can see that on her face so , he sat beside her

arnav : khushi i am so much happy today u know

khushi : i know arnav even i am happy that we r married 

arnav : ya so i will make u happy untill i am alive

khushi keeps her finger on his lips says no never say like that we will be togther ALWAYS

khushi hugged arnav even he , then both talks about happy moments how they meet each other

He kissed on her lip ,




 khushi was getting ready , arnav was seeing her through the bed then he moves towards her, hugged her from back side

arnav : good morning beauty

khushi : goom morning 

arnav was about to kiss her but hears a cry voice from the bed and its none other their baby ARUSHI SINGH RAIZADA

of 6 months , khushi went to their baby to calm her even he

arnav : baby u will always cry when ever i will try to kiss ur mom ahh

arushi started to laugh

khushi : shut up arnav

arnav : wat shut up khushi she will always stops our kiss u know

arushi started her laugh more

arnav :see how she laughing seeing her dad ahhh

 LIKE THAT THEIR LIFE MOVED ON........................



 Small suggestion ,

for everyone will not get arnav like husband because its an ''LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT''

Some time it may attraction too, so try to understand is it LOVE or NOT OK 


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