" I Will Gain My LOVE "

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Jan 9, 2017

" I Will Gain My LOVE " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 41 times)

At present khushi is in mumbai and our ASR is in london.So let me tell about them and  there family .So khushi's mom and dad are REYANSH and REVATHI ,elder sister PAYAL SHARMA is the VILLAN of this story as she dont like even though she is khushi's own sister.They all will stay in delhi but khushi is in mumbai. Reyansh is a lawyer. Khushi has a dream of becoming an IAS officer (Indian Administrative Service).Even khushi knows that her sister wont like her so only she is staying in mumbai as she dont want her sister to get hurt because of her. Revathi wants khushi to stay with them but she is not ready for it.Payal is a bussiness working women and she loves AKASH KAPOOR and r going to get married but still not informed for their families.


Asha singh raizada and Manoarama kapoor are sisters married to Anush singh raizada and Manohar kapoor.Akash is the only son of kapoors. 

Anjali is the elder daughter of raizadas stays in RM with her husband Rahul singhania. Our important character Mr.ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA is in london a loving son and brother. A very good gentle man.He is ready to marry who ever of his mom's and sisters choice.Kapoors and raizadas are seperate but this matter payal doesn't know.


Now starts your episode





RAIZADA'S &  KAPOOR'S are here to ask payal's hand for akash


Reyansh : I didnt get y u are all here at our house may i know it wat is the matter and akash is their any problem in office because of payal?

Payal : wat r u saying papa i didnt do any thing and u r defending me without knowing any thing

Revathi : payal stop it y u r poking ur nose when elders r talking 

Payal got silent and she is very angry about their parents

Akash : nothing like that uncle everything is fine

Manohar : Actually we r here to ask ur daughters hand to our son

Revathi and Reyansh were shocked of this they didnt know that akash loves payal they thought they r just boss and employee

Akash : s uncle i love payal so i wanna marry her

Manorama : we all r ok with this my son getting married that's good thing for and payal is a nice even she loves akash

Reyansh : payal do u love akash? 

Revathi was starring at payal she was shocked that they about it she didnt know she felt very bad that her daughter didnt informed her 

Payal : papa woh..

Revathi : payal tel it do u love him?

Asha : payal its ok tel we wont feel bad

evry one started gigling

payal : haan mummy papa

Revathi & reyansh stared at each other revathi said ok with her eyes by blinking reyansh under stood it 

Anush : so wat u will say Mr.Reyansh 

Reyansh : if kids r ok with it we dont have any problem

Revathi : s we want their happines if they r happy with it we dont have any problem

Every one felt happy and akash was starring at payal but anju sawed imean our anjali

anjali : ooh wat akash u will eat payal with your eyes only control urself upto marriage

every one laughed loudly and payal was blushing.

Akash : dhee.........

Rahul : wat u konw about boys anju do u know it is how difficult to control even though our girl is in front of us also

everyone laughed still more louder.

Reyansh :but we will post pone the marriage 

Manohar : why is there any problem? 

payal was shocked of her parents talk

Reyansh : actually our little daughter is not here she has exams

Manorama : u have another daughter also ?

Revathi : YES see over there

Every one looked at the wall which had big photo hanging over there a girl with a charming eyes and beautiful smile 


Anush : she is very cute

Reyansh : thank u she is our younger daughter KHUSHI as she is in mumbai it takes some time to come her so if u dont mind shall we post pone it for some days

Payal was very angry with this

Manohar : ofcourse we dont have any problem with this but payal u didnt said that u have a sister 

Anjali :haan u didnt said it

payal : i thought akash said it so only 

anjali : ooh now a days this akash became a ghajini

akash : dhee........

Anush : ok then we will now

every one got up from their seats and started from their mens went farward and ladies were back

Asha : revathiji when is ur younger daughter is going to return?

Revathi : One week later after her exams completion

Anjali : wat she is studying?

Revathi : even she is bussiness 

Angali : ooh but she would have studied in delhi itself know like payal 

Revathi : ya but she like mumbai and her friends r over their so only 

Manorama : where she will stay in mumbai is it in hostel?

Revathi : No she hates hostel she will stay in a flat with her friend 

Asha : ooh but even though she is a girl knoe how u left her?

Revathi : i said her but she didnt listen if i say means she will say her papa can protect as he is a lawyer if  is their any problem she consult the police men over their 

Manorama : ooh ok then we will leave now 

payal and akash were standing at a corner.anjali sawed it

Anjali : akash stop ur talks and move its getting late 

akash came and everyone left from there.Revathi scolded payal for not informing them payal left from their without answering reyansh and revathi became silent of her act. Revathi called khushi and informed every thing, khushi felt very happy and sad also that her sister didnt even informed her.


TO BE CONTINUED................









Jan 10, 2017

"Entry of our PRINCESS" (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 15 times)

Actully raizada's and kapoor's stay in different houses i.e..RM &KM .They r related by asha and manorama as they r sister's married to raizada & kapoor so their sur name is changed their is no need to get confused just remember they stay in seperate houses this doesn't know payal  she thought they all stay in same house .

here goes ur part


After one week khushi came to delhi but not arnav he was still in out of state.Khushi talked with payal and came to know about their love story .Revathi thought of going for temple as khushi is back,everyone got ready and left for temple but already raizadas & kapoors were their.

reyansh : namaste manohar 

manohar : namaste

reyansh : namaste anush

anush : namaste by the way u r here ?

reyansh : i came with my family as my younger daughter is back from mumbai

anush : then where is she ?

every one r eagerly waiting for but payal was fully frustrated by this

payal : papa she went to bring thaala she will come leave we will go inside

manorama : its ok payal we will wait for her

asha : u r right manorama lets wait 

payal was damm irritated by this. every one standing on the steps of temple .there our princess khushi came having thaala in her hand.

every one saw her coming so as khushi .asha,angali,manorama were flat to see khushi.khushi came and stood beside her father before she would come angali took her pic.

reyansh : khushi he is manohar akash's father payal's maama

khushi took blessing from him

khushi : namaste

reyansh : his wife manoramaji    she took blessing from her manorama kissed her on her forehead .payal was fully jealous about this

reyansh : khushi he anush and his wife ashaji    she took blessing's from both and even they kissed on her forehead 

asha : khushi she is ...... pointed towards angali but before she complete 

angali : ma wait i will introduse myself (turned towards khushi) hai i am ANGALI w/o RAHUL singhania D/O Anush & asha singh raizada

khushi had a beautiful smile on her face

khushi : namaste u said that u r a wife and daughter know then wat about mother u r m/o ?

angali opened her mouth in 'o' shape and started blushing everyone laughed

rahul : dont worry khushi shortly she will become that also

angali punched him playfully and hided herself in his embrass

every one left inside the temple .pooja was fullfilled akash took payal back side the temple to spend some time 

and here asha,angali,khushi,revathi,manorama were chatting alot 

angali : so khushi how were u spending ur time in mumbai

khushi : i used spend with my friends alot in my flat 

angali &khushi became close to each other so as asha & manorama .after some time payal came & saw them talking & laughing she got very angry.

payal : papa its getting late i think we hav to leave

khushi : wat dhee finished talking with jiju?

payal : stop it khushi

khushi kept silent 

angali : y u r not at all here from that time 

payal : nothing like that babhi we r talking about some deal

every one at a time other than khushi & revathi : oooooooooooo

reyansh : ok manohar & anush we will leave now namaste

khushi said bye to evry one & left from their.

Jan 10, 2017

"MEETING OF ARSHI" (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 16 times)

Every one decided that akash and payal marriage will conduct after 2 months.payal was very irritated but controlled herself

Every one of raizadas were attracted to khushi and thought to ask her to marry their CHOTTE.




Anjali and Asha sended khushi pic to Arnav and he liked too.They thought to ask for khushi first before to talk with their parents.Asha called for khushi and asked her to come for temple to talk some important thing,khushi agreed for it.


Anjali and asha were waiting for khushi .khushi reached their and greeted both of them they completed their pooja and sat on the steps of the temple.

khushi : athyya(mother-in-law) wat happened ?is their any problem about marriage ?        she was talking in a tensed voice

asha : khushi relax their is no problem dont worry

anjali : we called u here to ask u something 

khushi was confused 

asha : khushi u know na i hav a SON now he is in newyork 

anjali : so CHOTTE should also get marreid 

asha took out the pic of arnav to show her but before she see

khushi : NO athayya i know wat u both r trying to say 

asha and anjali both were shocked they thought she will accept.

khushi : sorry athayya i cant marry ur son

anjali : but atleast see his pic

anjali took the pic but khushi stopped

khushi : no babhi i know if he is ur brother he will surely will be very good but iam sorry 

asha : but y khushi ?

khushi :i wanna still study and i cant marry which may effect to my career 

anjali : after marriage also u can study

khushi : but i am sorry babhi i cant marry try to understand but plzz dont make any problem with my sister marriage plzz i am begging u

khushi started to cry so badly

asha :ok ok dont cry we wont say this to any one 

anjali was so angry on her mother but she felt bad for khushi

khushi : thank u i am sorry once again i am leaving bye athayya,bye babhi


khushi left from their 

anjali and asha was very upset and said to anush and rahul and also said for our HERO ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ABOUT HIS REJECTION

arnav was shocked that a girl rejected him HOW DARE SHE ?               FIRST  REJECTION



The next day itself khushi left for mumbai informing her sister that raizadas asked her to marry their son but she rejected it .payal felt happy that she rejected it and was angry on raizadas 




 Arnav came to know about this and said to accept to his PA as he had collected complete information of khushi




Khushi came to AR  and cotacted the PA and they said to aman.Aman knows everything about khushi as he itself collected the information of khushi

aman came near khushi

aman : so u r miss.khushi sharma

khushi : s i think u know about my internship 

aman : s come and meet our CEO 

khushi : ok

arnav was seeing her from that time when she entered he was absolutely mesmarised of her 

aman knocked the cabin 

arnav : come in 

aman came inside so as khushi .she saw his back as he was sitting in his chair

aman : ASR she has come 

arnav turned around  that is when khushi sawed him

arnav : khushi sharma right

khushi : s sir 

arnav stood up from his seat and came out

arnav : so miss.khushi u can start ur work by the way do u know my name

actully khushi does not know his name she felt very bad of as he know her name

khushi : woh actully...

arnav : is not ur responsibility to know ur boss name 

khushi : sorry sir actully today only i got to know that i hav got internship to AR as i was not in mumbai for so many days 

arnav : its ok BTW i am ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA

he forwarded his hand for an shakehand so as she


while shaking their hands 

arnav : so u can start ur wrok from today onwards

khushi was irritated of this

khushi : wat today itself

arnav : y any problem

khushi :no sir its ok i will start 

arnav : u can call me ASR

khushi : ok ASR 

arnav : aman show her the cabin

khushi smiled at arnav and left with aman .


Jan 10, 2017

"SECOND REJECTION" (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 14 times)

Khushi started her work in AR but she didnt said to her family as it is internship.Arnav was very happy to see khushi as he knows she dont know who he is .Arnav called khushi to his cabin & she came by knocking

arnav : come in

khushi came inside & saw arnav with a light smile 

khushi : u called me ASR 

arnav : yes khushi as it is ur first day in i would like to give u TASK

khushi was shoked :TAAAAASSSSSSSKKKKKKKKKK................

arnav : yup watever i will dictate u should write but i wont repeat it again u have to write in first attempt itself

khushi was scared : OK...

arnav : so khushi u can sit & write 

khushi sat in front of arnav & he started to dictate her .Khushi was just writing not even lifting her head & she was succeeded in it 

arnav : that's it khushi 

khushi wrote that also .he saw her she is still writing

arnav : khushi 

khushi wrote that too & he sawed it ,he had smile in his face .There was scilence for som seconds .khushi lifted her head and saw arnav who was starring at her

khushi : continue ASR....

arnav : i said that it finished & ur still writing

arnav took the notes & showed her 

arnav : i said that's it u wrote that also and i called khushi u wrote that too 

khushi grabbed the notes and scratched it

khushi : sorry ASR i thougt .......

arnav : i am still dictating am i right 

khushi noded her head in yes,after that arnav told her some work and khushi left from there.


Like this the days passed khushi started liking arnav but was supressing herself.Arnav understood that khushi is liking him so he thought to PROPOSE her and that too on the last day of her internship.




Khushi as usual came to AR she was very sad that today is her last day.The day went in sad mood for khushi as she was only thinking about arnav that how sweet he is and a very well mannered ,very lovable and understandable person & that too so HANDSOME

Arnva was ready to propse khushi as he knows very well that khushi will accept him , he called her to his cabin & she came

arnav : so khushi today is ur last day right 

khushi : ya ASR 

arnav : then wat r u going to do after this

khushi : still didnt decided 

arnav came out from his seat & stood in front of khushi 

arnav : khushi as today is ur last day as ur a good friend to me i hope so dont u

khushi : yes ofcourse 

arnav : so i want u to come for the beach restaurent for the dinner just think it as a treat 

khushi : but treat was want to given by me right 

arnav : u r right but as i am boss and friend i am giving u the treat so will u......

khushi : OK as i am leaving i dont want to deny my boss order at the end ...............she said it with a smile so as arnav smiled & she left from their.






Arnav was at beach restaurent & was fureasely  waiting for khushi i.e., when she came in her red salwar suit & was searching for arnav,he sawed her and was mesmerized beauty 

arnav : khushi ......

khushi turned around & saw arnav who was in his blacksuit

khushi : hai arnav...

arnav : hai 

khushi : u said to come here for dinner but no one r here ....

Yes no one r there at beach only they both

arnav : come i will say u 

he took her a bit inside the beach which started with a rose petals path and she saw the design of heart with rose petals in a very big size ,he took her inside the HEART of rose petals and kneeled in front her with a huge amount of red roses in his hand.


            KHUSHI SHARMA I ...LOVE...U ...WILL U  MARRY ME  ?

khushi was shocked some where she was thinking about this only when she saw the rose path & rose heart she loved his proposal style and was about to accept but that is when she remembered something she........kept few steps backward ,arnav stood up and was confused 


Arnav was shocked by this reply he never expected this reply as he know very well that khushi loves he saw it in her eyes even now he is seeing.Khushi left from their but arnav was full on angry mood he just stoped her way

arnav : wat the hell khushi dont u love me ...

khushi : NO i dont love u 

arnav's angry was now on the peak  ,he holded arms tightly 

arnav : y dammit y u dont love me wat do u think of urself                      khushi was crying a lot 

khushi : u r hurting me arnav....

arnav : even u r hurting me khushi ,tell me y u r not ready to marry me        he tightened his grip on her arms

khushi : aaaaaaahhhhhhh

arnav by that left her arms that is when she ran away from their as he was facing his back to her 

arnav : khushi.........

he saw her running away from him he was break down again on knees                                                                       SECOND  REJECTION

Jan 10, 2017

"BACK TO DELHI AND FACE OFF" (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 14 times)

After that rejection arnav wanted the reason y khushi rejected him.So the next day he went to her flat to talk with her.He knocked the door i.e., when meera(khushi friend) came and opened the door

meera : ASR u r here ?

arnav : call khushi i wanna talk with her (he started to shout inside the flat)khushi .......khushi..........

meera : ASR khushi is not their

arnav : wat .......then where she is ?

meera : i don't know where she is ?

arnav's angry was now on the peak he was tring to call her but it was switched off

arnav : meera just tell me where she is or else i wont even think u r a girl i will drag u out off this flat i make u fall in that situation that u have never thought ( he was gritting his teeth and was moving towards meera like an angry bird) , meera was so scared of him


Arnav was stunned by this statement

arnav(to himself ) :how did i forget that she is payal's sister and the marriage is in 3 weeks

Arnav left from their




Khushi was welecomed by her parents.khushi talked with payal about her marrige and payal was again taunting her that wat was nessacity for her to come here so early

khushi : di actually maa called me to come early 

payal : maa called u r u wont show of urself infront my in-law's

khushi : di plz nothing like that i said u na i am not interested in them

payal : ya so only they asked ur hand right 

khushi : di wat is the fault of mine in this and for me my career is important

khushi left from their

payal(to herself ) :good khushi u just be like so that i can enjoy my beautiful life in my sasural happily if u come again i will lose my priority as like our home     (she had evil smile on her face)


After talk with her sister khushi felt very bad that her sister dont trust her and she was only thinking about arnav she knows very well that he will be searching and she dont want to switch on the phone as she knows their will lot calls from him.

Revathi was seeing khushi from long time & she understood that her daughter is disturbed for some matter if she asks she say nothing like that.The whole night khushi didn't slept nor she on her phone




Sharma's had arranged homa for the going to be wedded couple in temple and was invited evryone,khushi also knows this & she thought to ignore raizdas and his SON who will come for this function.She got ready in RED lehenga saree,they went to the temple and was arranging for the pooja i.e., when the raizadas and kapoors came their ,reyansh & revathi invited them.

anjali : hai khushi 

khushi : hai babhi,how r u?

anjali : i am fine

as they were moving a voice came from behind

a voice :di wait.......

That is when khushi & anjali turned around the direction of voice ,khushi was shocked( i think everyone guessed).......it is ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.

Khushi was stunned to see him here and calling anjali as di

khushi (to herself) : that means arnav is anjali's brother who asked my hand for him that means he itself CHOTTE omg......omg........omg.........

Arnav was just grazing khushi

arnav(to himself) : she is beautiful & i know khushi u r shocked to see me here wat do u think of urself u cant escape from me without giving the reason for rejecting.



Anjali was seeing both's reaction as she knows everything about them & she is not getting y khushi rejected

anjali : khushi she is my brother ARNAV

arnav : hai khushi(he farwarded his hand)

khushi : hai                           she also farwarded her for shakehand but arnav took a chance of it and kissed her knuckels,khushi was shocked with she just took off her hand

khushi : excuse me........                              she left from their

anjali : chotte now wat u will do 

arnav : i want the reason di

anjali : for that wat u will do 

arnav : just wait and watch........

arnav left from their anjali followed they sat for the pooja .

revathi : khushi go and see where is ur dad may be he is in backside of the temple with his friends.

khushi left from their and even arnav as he heared everything.


Jan 10, 2017

" THE KISS CONFIRMS " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 13 times)

As revathi said khushi went in search of her dad but as she was moving she was dragged by someone and was pinned to the wall .khushi was shocked to see arnav infront of her 

khushi : wat the hell r u doing arnav leave me i have to go 

arnav kept his finger on her lips and khushi was shocked by this and she was gulping alot

arnav : shhh......dont talk loudly khushi if ur dad sees us like this means he make our marriage first before ur di's , do u want that to happen ?

khushi nodded in no but arnav was nodding in yes 

arnav : yes  yes yes.......

khushi took out his finger from her lips

khushi : no arnav stop teasing me now just leave me now i have to go

arnav : no till u tell me 

khushi : wat i have to tell u 

arnav : y u left mumbai without even informing me

khushi : oohh really then y u didnt informed that ur my di's devar aahh

arnav : it is not the matter now u tell me first

khushi : y not now u know that who iam u didn't said me & ur saying this not the matter if it is not a matter means coming to delhi without informing u also not a matter 

arnav : so now u r angry on but i thought to surprise u khushi........

khushi (to herself ) : u r right arnav it is a surprise from me & also very problematic that u r my di's devar oohh god plz help me now

arnav saw her 

arnav : hey khushi where u have gone 

khushi came back to her senses

khushi : ya see arnav u r nothing to me so plz leave me now

now arnav has got very angry how can he be nothing to her he just grabbed her from her waist and she just hit him on his chest ,also shocked

arnav : dont u dare to talk with me like that ok remember one thing khushi clearly ''YOU ARE MINE....ONLY MINE ......AND IF ANYTHING MATTERS TO YOU IS ITS ONLY ME....ONLY ME.......''

khushi was just struggling in his arms and was completely freezed by his words

khushi : u r hurting me arnav........

arnav came back to his senses and just loosened his grip but not completely 

arnav : khushi I LOVE U , idont want to hurt u wat is the problem of ur's tell me

khushi : arnav plzz stop this topic we have to move from here if anyone sees means it will become a very big problem plz try to understand atleast for OUR sake

arnav was happy to lsten the word our from her mouth

arnav : khushi relax no one will come here

khushi : how can u say that 

arnav : trust me khushi i am saying u na no one will come here nor no one will see us just relax sweetheart

khushi was shocked to listen sweet heart from his

khushi (to herself ) : OMG arnav is so sweet i dont know when he changed like this he called me sweetheart omg......omg........omg........how chweeeeeeeeet.......arnie........

arnav saw her again who was lost some where

arnav : khushi r here r some where else......

khushi : ya.....

arnav : wat happened darling 

khushi had butterflies in her stomach listening all these words from her love 

arnav : khushi u know something .....

khushi : wat now....

arnav : red is my favourite colour and u look damn gorgeous in this dress

khushi was blushing,arnav sees that

arnav ( to himself ) : i know khushi u love so much when praise u & now i am confirm from ur blushing that U LOVE ME

arnav took a chance of it kissed her on her cheek and khushi was completely lost from this.He kissed her on her other cheek,forehead too .She was just closed her and was holding his collar

He was about to kiss her on her lips but........

a voice :khushi .........khushi..........

khushi came back to her senses and was shocked that wat she is doing with a gre a force she pushed arnav and was about to runaway but arnav caught her by her pallu khushi tilted her head and saw that




khushi : arnav plz leave me some one is coming 

arnav : khushi i want to talk to u we will meet soon

with that he left her and she ranaway 

khushi went and saw it was her mom.



Arnav came out and saw anjali who was hell confused

anjali : chotte i thought u will talk with her and instead of that u r romancing with her haan

rahul : ya even iam thinking the same

rahul also knows everything as anjali cant keep evrything in her stomch she said everything

arnav : i wanted know di

anjali : wat u wanted to know but u didnt asked her anything & even she didnt said anything

arnav : i wanted to know whether she loves me r not but i am confirmed now yes di she loves me but not ready to accept that

anjali : but she didnt said know than how u will confirm

arnav : if she didnt loved she would not been with me this much time & was not allowing me to kiss her sooooo KHUSHI LOVES ME di

arnav went away from their leaving his jiju and di.

After that arnav didnt got any chance to talk with khushi as was completely sticked with her sister.So with that pooja ended everyone left to their house.


After going to thier houses arnav called khushi and she saw that and was hesitant to pick the call but she did it

arnav : hi sweetheart........

khushi : just shutup arnav dont u dare to call me like that

arnav : now wat happened u rshouting again dont u remember wat happen at temple

he had beautiful smile on his face by remebering that

khushi : just stop it arnav y u r torturing me plz let me live my life

arnav : khushi u stop torturing me by not saying reason i know that u love me y ur hiding it from me khushi ,dont say me that u dont love me or else u woyld have not allowed me to kiss u tell me khushi wats hurting u so much i can see ur pain tell me khushi......................

khushi was just crying in her throat not letting her voice to come out 

arnav : khushi tomorrow their is a party akash is organising it so everyone r coming as it introductoin party of payal so i want u tell me the reason for rejecting plz khushi try to understand my love towards u I LOVE U KHU.....

before he completehis words the call was ended he was very much upset 


Jan 10, 2017

"KYUN KI TUM HI AB TUM HI HO " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 11 times)

Arnav didnt called khushi the next  whole day  and khushi was scared to say him the truth and that is when khushi,s childhood friends came to her house and they r JEEVIKA,GEET & RIDDHIMA,khushi was used to share everything to them and she said evrything first they felt angry on khushi for hurting him then understood that even she is hurt and it is all because of payal,they tried to convince khushi by accepting him and saying the truth but khushi didnt let them to do that but they r not ready to break arnav's heart as he loves her so much and so as khushi.




Akash,rahul,aman & arnav were receiving their friends as it was the party of only youngstars ,arnav was waiting for khushi and ajali saw that of curiousness to know the reason i.e., when Khushi,payal,jeevika,geet & riddhima came and arnav saw khushi who was in blue simple saree as always beautiful .



anjali saw khushi and her friends.

anjali : come na payal ,khushi BTW they r (pointing to 3 of them )

khushi : bhabhi they r my friends she is jeevika,geet & riddhima

3 of them : namaste........

riddhima : khushi who is our jiju..........

akash was slightly blushing

khushi : girls he is our akash jiju

akash : hello..........

khushi : and he is rahul bhai anjali bhabhi's husband 

rahul :hai........

and finally it was arnav who was standing beside rahul and khushi was hesitant to introduce him

khushi : and he is.........

anjali : y khushi wat happened ? 

khushi : nothing bhabhi .....girls he is ARNAV anjali bhabhi's brother

3 of them looked eachother and murmered that so he is arnav asingh raizada

3 of them : hello........

arnav : hai........

payal was hell irritated by this introduction and also observed arnav & khushi starring each other

payal : lets move na bhabhi..........

by that every one came inside 

khushi was talking with her friends as akash took payal with him to introduce her to his friends and arnav saw khushi he straightly walking to khushi and she saw that ,dragged her frinds and ran away from there.Arnav was hell angry as he didnt talked her whole day.

After some time khushi was coming out from the wash room and some one dragged her and pinned her to the and khushi knows very well it is and it is her love ARNAV

khushi : wat the hell arnav u r doing ?

arnav : just shut up khushi .......how dare u to ignore me 

khushi : y shouldn't i ignore u 

arnav : ohh....really before that tell me the reason for rejecting me .......

khushi knows that she is hurting him but she dont have other choice she should be strong now

khushi : because I HATE U .........u r just disgusting arnav ,u will never think about other's u r so selfish and u r not at all my type u will just force me to do things and u will never understand me.........

with that khushi pushed him and ran away with heavy heart and tears

khushi ( to herself ) : I AM SORRY ARNAV...... i cant say u the truth i know that u love me so much I LOVE U ARNAV SO MUCH but i HATE MYSELF for hurting you..........

this was completely seen by jeevika,geet & riddhima.

Arnav was completely shocked by listening these words from khushi he never thoght taht khushi may think about him like this and was very much upset.



Khushi ran away hugged her friends tightly and they consoled her i.e.' when thheard sound came to centre of the party hall and saw man in the dark light from and the spot light fell on him and it was arnav who was wearing a collar mike.

arnav :         Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte

                    Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)


                    Tujhse juda gar ho jaayengeToh

                    khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa


                    Kyunki tum hi ho

                    Ab tum hi ho

                    Zindagi ab tum hi ho

                    Chain bhi, mera dard bhi

                    Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

 (arnav came down from the stage and was starring khushi )

                    Tera mera rishta hai kaisa

                    Ik pal door gawara nahi

                    Tere liye har roz hai jeete

                    Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi

                    Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina

                    Har saans pe naam tera


                    Kyunki tum hi ho

                    Ab tum hi ho

                    Zindagi ab tum hi ho

                    Chain bhi, mera dard bhi

                    Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

 (arnav made circle around khushi and was very much scared)

                   Tumhi ho... Tumhi ho...

                   Tere liye hi jiya main

                   Khud ko jo yun de diya hai

                   Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala

                   Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala

                   Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda

                   Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..


                   Kyunki tum hi ho

                   Ab tum hi ho

                   Zindagi ab tum hi ho..

                   Chain bhi, mera dard bhi

                   Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (x2)


Everyone clapped for the song and without any talks arnav went away from the party and khushi was already ran away fro their and was cryimh behind a pillar ,anjali understood that somthing is wrong and the person who was happy is payal as she had doubt on arnav whether he loves khushi r wat but now its confirmed that khushi rejected him and he is hurt.After some time they everyone lft the party and arnav was roaming with his car driving so badly and even he didnt pic the anjali's call also.


Jeevika,geet & riddhima undrestood that how much arnav loves khushi and she will never tell the truth as she dont want arnav to think any thing bad about her sister nut they decide to say the truth for arnav without informing khushi .

Jan 10, 2017

" TRUTH IS OUT " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 18 times)

The whole night khushi was restless thinking about arnav whether he had reached his safely r not but arnav was roaming upto 11pm and stoped in lonely area thinking about khushi.Jeevika,geet & riddhima were upset seeing khushi crying so much,khushi was sleepinh on geet's lap and was crying bitterly.

geet : khushi plz stop crying arnavji will be fine...dont worry.......

khushi : u dont....(sobbing) know about him I KNOW HIM VERY WELL he is very much hurted by my words(sobbs) HE HATES ME GEET........(sobbs)HE HATES ME.....  

jeevika : no khushi he wont he loves u so much even u love him am i right.....

khushi : yes i love him more than my life but i hate myself for hurting him...(sobbs)..i am very bad na jeevika..(sobbs)..i am very bad..i hate myself...

3 of them helpless to console her,after sometime khushi slept on geets lap they made her sleep on bed and went balcony .

geet : riddhima DID U RECORDED EVERYTHING........

riddhima : ya geet i have recorded khushi's talk in my phone

jeevika : 2marrow we will meet arnavji and want to make him understand khushi's problem

they decided and slept



After so much drive arnav went to RM before he came anjali & rahul was in his room waiting for him when he opened the door they both got and went near arnav

anjali : chotte r u fine......

arnav : i am fine di u both go and sleep ,y u r waiting for me

anjali : wat happened chotte?what khushi said ?

arnav : di just dont take her name infront of me.....              anjali & rahul were shocked that he was the one who used to talk about her always

anjali : chotte tell me plz wat happened

arnav : nothing di u just go...

anjali : not until u tell me plz........            arnav just went near and kept his head on her lap

arnav : di khushi hates me........       anjali was confused and very much upset

anjali : no chotte khushi loves u........

arnav : no di she only said me......

anjali : wat r u saying chotte

arnav : di khushi said that she hates me and i am digusting itseems                     arnav sat straight and anjali her palm on his cheek

anjali : when......

arnav : in party when i asked the reason for rejecting me and said this she cried and ran away from me........              anjali understood that khushi lied

anjali : she cried and ran away.......

arnav : yes di.....

anjali : see chotte if khushi really hates u then she will never cry,she cried because she is lieing tell me one thing while saying this did she looked in ur eyes deeply

arnav : no di.......

anjali : because she dont want to show her love to u if she dont love u means she would have slapped u when u drgged her in temple as she dont wnt to hurt but i feel there is  something for which khushi is scared and hiding from us we should know that as khushi wont say but i can surely say u that khushi loves alot trust me chotte....

arnav was bit happy listening that khushi loves him,anjali made arnav to sleep and they both .






Jeevika took arnav's number from khushi phone and called arnav,arnav was in his getting ready to go for office as he saw unkown number he picked the call.

arnav : hello..ASR here........

jeevika : hello ..ASR its me jeevika khushi's friend...(arnav was confused that y she call him)ASR we wanted to talk with u if u dont mind will u meet us outside

arnav : wat u want to talk

jeevika : its about khushi plz its very important u to know y khushi rejected u (arnav was shocked that how they know) ASR we know everything about u &khushi plz....

arnav : ok u come to office....

jeevika : no ASR akash jiju will be their we will meet u in a coffee day i will msg u the address....bye ASR

she cutted the call as khushi came . 3 of them said khushi that they r going for shopping as khushi will be having work in home even she agreed for that and they left to meet arnav.So as arnav left for coffee day saying to anjali.





Arnav was waiting for them & they arrived and sat with him.

arnav : now tell me wat u want say.....

riddhima : ASR before we say anything u just listen to this recording         she played it and arnav was shocked to listen khushi's voice her sobbings,caring about him,say that she loves him & hates herself.Arnav was pissed off her words 

arnav : where is khushi ?

geet : she is in home but before u talk with her u should know the truth

arnav : wats that which is hurting my khushi.......

jeevika : PAYAL....          Arnav was confused

arnav : payal !!!!!!!!!!!! wat ru saying........

geet : yes ASR because of payal only khushi rejected u 2 times

arnav : but y payal dont want khushi to love me

riddhima : because u r akash jiju brother.......

arnav : so wat if him akash brother.......

jeevika : ASR actully payal hates khushi because khushi is so brilliant ,talented and evryone gives priority ,payal feels that she is not important for anyone so when she get married she will get priority in her sasural and everyone loves her if khushi will get related to her sasural she thiks that she will again loose her priority so payal has strictly warned khushi that she should not connect with u when she came to know that akash have a brother that's y she rejected u first time.

geet : & second time also becauz of payal as khushi gets married she will have a children beacauz of that her parents will not give preference to payal kids by remembering this khushi rejecte u second time

riddhima : because of all this khushi decided only to caoncentrate on her career but u made her to divert........

Arnav's angry was now on peak thinking about payal as he never expected this nature of payal..

geet : so ASR now u tell me wat khushi have to do when her own sister is thretening her to stay away from u means........

arnav : i want to talk with khushi.....

Riddhima called khushi and informed her to come for coffee day shae agreed and came their as they were outside khushi was shocked to see arnav and came infront him...

khushi : wat the hell r u doing with my friends.......           further she can say anything arnav lifted her in his arm's and made her to sit in car...

arnav : dont talk anything or else i will make ready for our suhaagraat ,so shut up and sit.....

khushi was shocked and he drove away ,3 of them knows and now they went for shopping.........

Jan 10, 2017

"VILLAIN ON THE TRACK " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 15 times)

Arnav drove with khushi to the garden and khushi was not knowing that y he took her here .Arnav holded khushi’s hand made her to sit on a bench ,khushi was just starring at him and they had cute eye contact and arnav was still holding her hand.

Arnav :khushi i came to know about payal......

khushi was shock hearing this and was hell curious to know that how he came to know...

khushi :whattttttt...r...u..saying ? 

Arnav :I came to know everything khushi is payal is opposing u to accept me......

khushi was just numb didn’t know what to  say and controlling her tears..

Arnav : khushi if payal is the problem then i will talk with her......

khushi: No,Arnav u wont say any thing to di plzzzzzzz..............

She started to cry bitterly and arnav  hugged her to console they were like that only for sometime when........

Arnav : I LOVE YOU KHUSHI plz don’t leave me i cant live without u...

She was just starring at him she can see the love in his towards her even she don’t want to lose this love from him.....

khushi : Arnav but di.....

He just kept his finger on her lips still in the hug.....

Arnav : we will sort it out in a calm way i know that u don’t want to mess this marriage with our problems we will talk with her slowly and tell her that she wont lose any of her priority and we wont say it for any one TRUST ME....

khushi can see the honesty in his eyes.....

khushi : I TRUST U AND...I LOVE YOU...

 Arnav was so happy hearing this from her he was now on the clouds now with full of happiness...khushi just pecked his lips and their kiss was so passoinate with full of love and trust on both of them.After sometime khushi said that she will itself talk with payal and will convice her after the marriage.They spent some more time in the garden and and they left to their respective houses by dropping khushi near the coffee shop and she left with her friendsand even they were happy  knowing that they have united.


After two days marriage was held ,khushi and arnav used to chit chatin the phoneand spend some time together outside with the help of khushi’s friends.Payal was just observing the happiness in khushi’s face and the chatting of khushi in the phone with someone.She just caught khushi’s phone and checked the call list when khushi was in washroom as her friends in kitchen and payal was shocked to see the call list with full of arnav calls in her phone and she understood that they are in relationship......


Finally tomorrow was Akash and Payal’s wedding the previous night khushi was called by payal in her room and khushi went to her and saw her di....

khushi : what happened di u called me......

payal : ya khushi i just wantd to know that y my little sister is so happy now a days ?.......

khushi was just shocked by this question....

khushi : Di because u r getting marriedna so only....                     she tried to hide her feelings on arnav......

payal : then u would have shared ur happiness with me na what so necessary to say this to ARNAV.....by calling him every day ,every hour,every minute haan..........

khushi was totally freezed by this that how did she come to know about arnav as she wanted herself to say her di......

payal : tell me khushi y u r quiet so ..now u r hiding with me right...........



 Payal slapped khushi so badly and khushi was completely shocked by this reaction.......

khushi : DI.......

Payal :Just shut ur mouth khushi how dare u to say this to me haan i have already told u that i dont want even ur shadow on my sasural and how u thought that i will accpt u to get married with ASR never ever u dream about this..y u always behind of my happiness..always u will snatch my happiness and priority..remember one thing khushi if u marry ASR then i will not marry AKASH..i don’t want u to get connected to my sasural in any way..decide urself if u want ur di’s marriage should happen tomorrow then u should forget ASR and leave away from here and i dont even want u tomorrow in marriage..if u want ASR means i will break this marriage now itself...and u get married with ASR and be happy with him..U r so selfish khushi...........

with that payal turned aside and stood in front of the window......khushi was just dumb founded and she knows very well about her di that what ever she will say she will surely do it ans khushi dont want that to happen.......

khushi with heavy heart stood up as she was on the floor beacause of the slap...

khushi : ok ..di..i dont want this marriage to stop i will..froget..ar.n..av..and now itself i will go back to mumbai plz..di..u don’t stop the marriage..and i promise u i wont marry arnav..i am leaving di..Advance HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.....

Khushi came out of the room with heavy sobs and directly went to her parents room..they were shocked to see her at this time and she informed them that she has very important work in mumbai and it is about her career,they tried to convince her but she made them to agree and without even informing to her friends she just packed the her bags and left for mumbai in the train........................

Jan 10, 2017

" THIRD REJECTION " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 22 times)

At morning everyone came to the marriage hall ,Arnav was searching for khushi .He asked to her friend’s who r hell angry on her ,informed him that she has left for mumbai without saying them ,they came to know from her mom.

Arnav was shocked from this that how can she go without even informing him .He saw payal’s face which was glowing like anything and the happiness in her face then only he understood that she is not even thinking about her sister .He asked Reyansh about khushi then came to know that for an important work she left but he very well know that nothing is important to her other than her sister marriage. He said for Anjali and the marriage hall and with his private jet he left for mumbai not even saying to his brother Akash.Marriage was done and payal knows arnav went to know mumabai but she was sure that khushi will not accept him at any cost and akash was upset by knowing that arnav is not their for his marriage.





Khushi came to her flat as staying with Meera,even though she asked many questions khushi didn’t say anything & asked her to apply a job for her in all companies.Meera did as she said.The next day khushi got the appointment order from AR without even attendidne the interview she was shocked that it was from AR & she asked meera that y she applied there & she smoothly said it was she who told her to apply in every company khushi thought that arnav will not be in mumabai so decided to go.





Khushi came & came showed the appointment order to the receptionist who was her friend once she guided her the cabin .Khushi knocked the door and heard the voice saying come in.She saw the person facing his back to her & she very well knows that who is the person & he turned around & she saw her love who is very angry on her & she knows that why.

Arnav :khushi i am waiting for ur answer......

khushi : Sir i have appointed as ur PA may i know the work......

Arnav understood that she is ready to talk anything about her return to Mumbai & being professional with him.

Arnav : fine....go & complete this file......He gave her the file & she left from their.

Arnav sat on the chair and closed his remembering the previous night of the marriage.....





After hearing from payal khushi came out from her room but was shocked to see Arnav coming from main door.He talked with Reyansh about the marriage arrangements &tried to talk with khushi but she was ignoring him & this was seeing by her friends.To bring some materials khushi & her friends left from their even arnav followed them,her friends asked her many times with frustration she said everything to them & they were all shocked by this with that a car came & stopped ifront of them Ridhima putted a sudden break & saw arnav coming out from his car even they came out from the car.

Arnav directly grabbed khushi’s arms .......

Arnav : Now ythe hell u r ignoring me dammit...

khushi : u r hurting me arnav...

Arnav : then what about the hurt which u r giving me

khushi..now tell me y u r ignoring me..

khushi just turned her head aside & he was hell angry on her he just graabbed her from her waist she just crashed on his chest ...

Arnav : u cant keep quiet khushi tell me y u r ignoring me & not talking with me .....with full force khushi just pushe him..... 

khushi : becauz i cant be with u if we both were together di will not get married with akash jiju,she wont let the marriage to happen & i dont want that to be done just becauz of us i cant let our families to be broken just becauz osf us.......

with that she just broke down on the road on her knees & her friends holded her.Arnav was shosked by this he never expected that this will happen he saw khushi who was broken he kneeled in front of her.....he was about touch her cheek but she pushed him...

khushi : dont u dare to touch me i dont want u infront just go away from here ......arnav :khushi plz dont say like that .....she just stood from their....

khushi : i am saying u na Mr.Arnav singh raizada i am not ready to be in any relation with u do u get that for me my di is important......

Arnav : what about us khushi.......

she just kept quiet arnav was hell angry and he left from their & khushi was broken again on that road arnav saw this by the mirror of the car he knows that how khushi loves him.............He stopped his car & came near khushi....

Arnav : now why the hell ur crying....

she just kept quiet....

Arnav : ridhima go back to home it is not safe staying here...

khushi saw & kept quiet they all left for the marriage hall,arnav decide to talk with her tomorrow after the marriage........

THIRD REJECTION......................

khushi leaving her mumbai........  khushi's situation is like this song enjoy.........


pranam lo pranamga maatalo mounam ga cheputunaa..

badaina edaina baaram ga duram ga velutunaa..

monna kanna kala ninna vinna katha repu raadu kada jathaa..ilaaaa ilaa... neeraasagaa...

dharidatutunna urumaarutunna oorukodu yedhaa aa..


pranam lo pranamga maatalo mounam ga cheputuna..

badaina edaina baaram ga duram ga velutunaa..

monna kanna kala ninna vinna katha repu raadu kada jathaa..ilaaaa ilaa... neeraasagaa...

dharidatutunna urumaarutunna oorukodu yedhaa aa..pranam lo pranamga maatalo mounam ga cheputuna..


sneham naade, prema naade, aa paina droham naadee..

kannu naade, velu naade, kanneru naade lee..

thappantha naade, sikshantha naake, tappinchukolenee..

yedaari lo tufaanu lo thadi aarutunna thudhi chudakunna eduredhuthunaa...


pranam lo pranamga maatalo mounam ga cheputunaa..

badaina edaina baaram ga duram ga velutunaa..


aata naade, gelupu naade, anukoni ootami naadee..

maata naade, badhulu naade, pransnalle migalanee..

naa jathakanne, naa chethi thone, nen marchi raasanee..

gathaanipai samaadinay, gathimaaruthunaa,stithi maruthunna, brathikestu unnaa..

pranam lo pranamga maatalo mounam ga cheputuna..


gathaanipai samaadinay, gathimaaruthunaa,stithi maruthunna, brathikestu unnaa..



Flash back ends....................

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