Similarities between Ishqbaaz and IPKKND

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Jan 12, 2017

Similarities between Ishqbaaz and IPKKND (By Starlily) (Thanked: 23 times)

The regular viewers of Gul Khan shows are pretty much aware that the current popular show of Star plus, Ishqbaaz, another one of 4 Loins classic shows is mixture of all other shows till date.

It wouldn't have been hard for them to figure out the show's similarities with the producer's previous shows.

However this show certainly has many things in common and similar to Star plus's super hit show Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon's ( IPKKND) first season. Especially the regards to the characterization of certain characters.

Let's have a look at some of them-

1) The main lead makes an entry in a chopper, wearing shades. Showing off their status and richness.

2) The heroine ( Anika) is from a middle class family, travels in a scooter just like Khushi did.

3) The hero is angry young man, but loves his family and is very protective about them.

4) The heroine is loud mouthed, crazy , unique piece,who is working under hero out of sheer compromise and desperation.Is in need of money for her family.

5) The leads lives in a big Mansion and has a pool beside his room.

6) Both the main leads of the respective shows were on a " farak padhta hai" and" mujhe koi farak nahi padhta hai" tirade.

7) Both Arnav and Shivaay had/have hobbies that make them happy and relieve stress. Arnav loved gardening and Shivaay loves cooking.

8) Both the main leads love their laptops, mobile, Bluetooth and talk to an invisible person.

.9) While we had an understanding and cool Nani in IPKKND and her have a cool Dadi in Ishqbaaz.

10) We had Manorama Mami's " hello hai bye bye " in IPKKND and have Pinky's " oh my maata" in Ishqbaaz.

11) If it was Arnav's " what the" in IPKKND then it's Shivaay's " what the wack" here.

12) Both Arnav and Shivaay live and breathe in 3 piece suit.

13) While Anika call Shivaay " baggad Billa" , Khushi called Arnav " laad governor".

14) Both Khushi and Anika are orphan and afraid of darkness.

15) If " aaj mausam hai suhana" was khushi's song to irritate Arnav, " Billu ki shaadi hogi " is Anika's song to irritate Shivaay.

I don't want to defend any show as Ishqbaaz is also a great show but has lot of similarities to IPKKND. But guys I just wanna say that inspite of these similarities , no one can beat Arnav and Khushi. Barun and Sanaya are and will always the best.
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