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Jan 12, 2017

Daughter (By V1184) (Thanked: 104 times)

It was a usual day for Khushi. She went to college as usual and reached home by 5pm.

It was a good day at college. She finally got the tour planned out and got the required holidays after finishing off the syllabus she is assigned to teach.

She is excited for the tour and wanted to share her excitement with her parents. But when she reached home, her mood turned down because of her aunts.

She never liked them at all. All they ever talked about is how a girl shouldn't be given so much education and how her parents should get her married.

She's 24 and a lecturer in a well known university. She's one of the youngest lecturers the university ever had. And her achievements are at national level. But that didn't seem to be anything but waste of money in her aunts point of view.

She ignored them most of the time but she can't totally do it. Out of courtesy, she have to talk with the guests and treat them respectfully.

As usual, it was the same boring routine whenever they visited.

"What are you doing now? When is your marriage? What's your age? You're growing too old that no one will marry you and you'll be a burden to your parents. You are not even good looking. How much money do you want to waste more?Where are you? Do you even cook or do any household works? By your age, my daughter have 2 kids."

Those are the routine dialogues or questions which she ignored. She can simply reply and it'll shut their mouths forever. But, out of respect she has for her parents and culture, she stayed silent.

Today, her father and mother, both are present. Usually the aunts start in her parents absence. Must've forgotten today, she thought to herself.

Well, it did end in her favor though. Her father nodded his head as a sign of permission for his daughter to reply. Finally, the time has come to show the aunts what the reality is.

Her parents were at the adjacent door, out of the view of these aunts. So the aunts probably thought to add more.

Before anyone can start again, Khushi started.

" How sweet of you to worry about my parents... Let me reply what I've been willing to say, from day one. Before you comment about someone having a daughter, think. You're a girl too. You are your parents daughter. Aren't you? What if your parents thought the same? That you are a burden or giving you education is a waste of money? What if they aborted you even before you entered Earth? What if they killed you or left you on roads after you are born? You suggested the same to my mom. Right aunty? And you should be ashamed to call yourself a feminist. You give a lot of powerful and deep speeches in TV. Don't you? Like how a girl is precious and how a girl child is to be treated. Is that only for public attention? Nothing else? And about your daughter..she is not interested in studies. She is failing in all subjects and that is the reason you got her married. Not because of any other reason. I am burden to my parents? Did they tell you? Did they ever complain about it? I'm a lecturer in a university. I've a respectable position in this society and I earn more than your husband's yearly pension in a month. Half of my salary is spent on helping poor students and the other half, I give it to my parents. I'm just 24 and I will get married when I find the right person. Not because someone like you said so. Your daughter might've  2 kids at  24 but remember, she is not happy. Her husband and in-laws treat her badly. She is living there just for her kids. She don't want to be a burden on you. She's too scared to come your house. She came to my college last month and is now staying with me, in my house near the college campus. Of course, you don't know that. How will you? After all, you are too busy in taunting me that didn't even bother about your own daughter's well being."

She turned to the other aunt.

" And you. You always say that a son is better. He is the one who will look after you. Is it truly right? Is your son here with you? Did he take you to your monthly checkups in the hospital? Oh yeah...he sends money right. A monthly cheque and a Skype call once in 2 weeks. How well he takes care of you. And me staying here, looking after my parents and taking care of their needs is a burden. Right aunty? I'm a careless girl who doesn't love her parents and spend all day outside. That's not carelessness. That is taking up the responsibility of giving your parents rest and doing outside work. I'm not wasting money or time. I'm earning for myself and my parents. When was the last time you hugged your son? Probably 1½ year back, when he visited you because uncle was in ICU. Am I not right? Just because you've a son doesn't mean he's looking after you and just because I am a daughter, it doesn't mean I'm a burden.

I still remember how you made faces of disappointment when my dad did he is willing to let me study whatever I want to. See what happened now.

I'm taking my parents on a tour of entire India and here you both are..

One unaware of her daughter's whereabouts and well being

The other.. No knowledge of the reason that caused her husband's sudden heart stroke.

It's a low blow but you need to know this. I'm not a correct person or if right age to say these but listen.

Your daughter is so scared of you because of your thinking. She thinks that you will send her back or kill her because of the importance you give to society and your so called respect.

Your dearest son sent him an email saying that he will visit only if either of you are dead or on the  verge of dying.

So please. Look at your own family before talking about my family.

Label me whatever you want to. A reckless girl. A disrespectful daughter or a burden. I don't care.

All that matters to me is my parents feelings and opinion.

My parents wouldn't mind you people leaving right now. So you may go now. And thankfully, not return with the same thought process at least. Goodbye aunts.

Mom, dad... I'm going upstairs to my room. I'll be down after an hour. Deal with our guests. Love you."

With that said, she went to her room to calm down. Years of cooped up feelings came out. Words that never left before came out of her mouth and she didn't regret saying them.

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