Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin...

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Mar 31, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 40 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 61 times)

Anjali and Khushi walked inside the old house, there was a peaceful kind of silence inside, the house was full of so many things, mostly the old furniture.

“It’s still as beautiful as it used to be” Anjali said with a smile on her face.

She walked around, it was for sure nothing compared to the mansion they lived in right now but it was something she could call a home, even after all this years, with all those childhood memories attached.

She stopped next to an old sofa and stared at it with the smile yet there.

“You know at those times, this was the only sofa we could afford and Arnav and I usually used to fight to sit on it and in the end, ended up sharing it…

And this table, we used to have our dinner here, and do our homework here… This was mom and dad’s room and that room on the other side belonged to me and Arnav… “Anjali explained as she rushed from one place to the other showing Khushi everything.

Khushi stood their listening to her as she told her about every childhood memory she could remember about herself and about Arnav and she kept on wondering why Arnav never told her about all this, why he never brought her here, was it because he had forgotten about all this things or there was a reason behind it.

They walked into the room and started searching for any of Arnav’s belongings they could find that could help and after quite some searching they found a pile of some of his old school books.

“Maybe we can find something here” Anjali said

They started opening each and every book one by one until Khushi found the one she had been looking for, his diary.

It was quite usual, she knew everyone in their lifetime tried to keep a diary at least once although eventually they all failed to maintained it but maybe this could help them with a bit of information and maybe she’d get the idea about this mystery girl that Arnav loved.

She was beautiful.

I knew it the moment she walked into the class and settled down on the bench opposite mine, she looked at me and shrugged and turned away from me.

I dint realize how the lecture ended because I spent the time staring at her and wondering how beautifully she was created by God.

I wanted to talk to her and greet her and be friends with her, but I was scared, I dint know well how to talk to girls that’s why all the friends I ever had were boys.

She used to look at me like I was a dream she’s been having for ages, but just like me, she never tried to start a conversation.

All we ever did was stare at each other, I had no idea what she felt for me, but what I felt for her was beautiful.

Khushi kept on reading and reading, but all she could find was how beautiful she was and how each and every day passed without them talking and with him regretting it at the end of the day.

She put the book aside and took a deep sigh, Arnav had been a complete different person when she met him, not the one she thought could have had a diary in his childhood days but people change and at that time he was just a teenager.

“This isn’t going to help… there isn’t even one place where he’s written the name of the girl… I mean if he really had such a big crush on her, he could have at least mentioned her name once, but it isn’t there” Khushi said

“What can we do next?”

“I don’t know… the only thing that can help us is finding a picture of her, but there’s nothing in this book” Khushi said as she picked the book up and threw it on top of the pile.

The cover of the book flipped open and to her surprise, a picture fell out, God answered prayers in the most miraculous ways at times.

She picked up the picture of a young beautiful girl… holding in in her hands she kept on staring at it, how was this picture going to help her?

“I feel like I’ve seen this girl somewhere… but I can’t remember… her face looks so familiar” Khushi said

Anjali took the picture from her hand and stared at it for a while, she turned to look at Khushi as Khushi looked back at her in surprise.

“****! How could I miss this?”

“Miss what?” Anjali asked confused.

“I’ll explain everything later, I have to go somewhere right now, please go home with this picture and keep it safe, if I’m right on what I thought, we’ll soon get answers to all our questions” Khushi said as she quickly rushed outside, got into the car and drove off.

How could she have missed the point, it was for sure no coincidence that the old man she met at the accident site recognized her and she couldn’t recognize him, it was fair because he recognized Khushi Oberoi and she was Khushi Raizada, she only had Khushi Oberoi’s face.

How couldn’t she think about it at that time? Half of her problems would have been solved by then…

She parked her car where she had before and looked around hoping to see the old man, but he was nowhere to be seen, she remembered before she left last time, she had seen him climbing the hill… maybe he lived somewhere there.

She climbed the hill and went on looking for any house she could sport or maybe if she could spot the old man again then maybe everything would get sorted right away.

“So you’re back, you finally recognized me” The old man said

Khushi turned around and found the old man standing right behind her.

“How do you know me?” She asked

“How do I know you? Of course I know you! I just wasn’t sure you survived after such a horrible accident.”

“Which accident are you talking about?”

“You were all over the news weren’t you? I mean after the accident, so many policemen came here to ask about you and they even told me you were dead but then when I saw you I was surprised and happy that you were alive”

“That’s all you know about me?” Khushi asked

The old man nodded positively as he walked away, every time Khushi thought she had figured it out things went wrong.

She remembered Mr. Oberoi had told her that his daughter had passed away in a car accident and because she looks like her now, the old man thought she was alive, there was nothing like she had been thinking all this while.

She sat back in the car angrily, all this was so frustrating now, this mystery wasn’t getting solved at any cost… what was it that she was missing out on?

She shut her eyes trying to remember everything that happened… She remembered the accident, then waking up with another face in the hospital, meeting Arnav in the mall, then buying his mansion and then getting to know about his engagement with Tara but there was nothing that seemed to be connected.

Her phone rang suddenly as Khushi quickly pulled it out of her pocket, it was Anjali.

“Did you figure out anything?” Khushi asked

“Yes, I mean we were so stupid we went to our old house to look for this so called girl that Arnav loved but how could I forget, Tara was in the same school as Arnav, she even loved him”

“But Arnav never loved her Anjali so obviously she isn’t the one”

“I know she isn’t the one, but she must be having some information about this girl that Arnav loved, and if she doesn’t she must at least be knowing this girl whose picture we found”

“Oh My God! Yes! Where can we find her? We need to talk to her right away”

“Just come back home, I’ve already called her here, she said she’ll be here in like fifteen minutes, I think this is going to help now”

Khushi sighed as she quickly drove away, she was sure about one thing now, she met with a dead end all this while but now she knew she wouldn’t, she could get so much information from Tara and that was going to clear all her doubts.

All she wanted to know was if Saanchi was the girl Arnav loved in school or it was someone else.

She walked inside the Raizada mansion and found Anjali and Tara sited there, she couldn’t explained how relaxed she felt knowing that at least there was something to move forward with now that Tara was here to help them.

Apr 1, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 41 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

“I hope I’m not going to get blamed for some crime I dint do again” Tara said

“I’m sorry Tara, I just thought you were the one behind Khushi’s accident and that’s why I did all that but we know now that it’s not you, someone else has been doing this and that’s what we want to find out” Anjali said

“So what do you want from me?”

“We need to know something, you were the only one we could find who had studied in the same school with Arnav” Khushi said

“Yeah, so what about it?”

“Did you know his classmates well, I mean by their names and all?”

“A few, I mean we weren’t in the same class and as for me I was interested in him and not his classmates so I dint bothers much about them.”

“And did you know that in school times Arnav had a crush on some girl? She was in the same class with him”

“Not really, I had no idea about it, who was she?”

“That’s what we want to find out, maybe if we show you her picture you can recognize her”

“Well yeah, let’s see I might be knowing her, do you have her photograph?”

Anjali nodded as she pulled out the photograph from a book she was holding and handed it to Tara.

Tara looked at it keenly while Khushi and Anjali got impatient, they really wanted to solve this mystery and they hoped Tara could help them.


Mr. Oberoi tried to keep an eye on Saanchi whenever he could, and mostly he kept an eye on her apartment, he knew there was something fishy going on and he had to find out what it was.

Since he knew Saanchi, she used to live with her old grandmother before and after her grandmother passed away she had been living all alone in that house, in fact he had never seen anyone going to her house except for his own daughter and maybe he himself at times.

So when he saw someone sneaking out of the house, it had obviously surprised him and he couldn’t be at peace before he got to know what exactly was happening.

There was nothing he could see that was unusual from his bedroom window so he decided to go around the apartment and keep an eye, the closer the better.

He walked towards Saanchi house and waited for quite some while but nothing was happening so he walked towards her door and stood there.

He pinned his ears to the door hoping if Saanchi’s not really alone, he could hear her talking to someone.

There was silence for a long while until he heard Saanchi’s voice.

“What would you eat?” she asked

There was no reply from anyone and he dint hear Saanchi’s voice again too, if the person was inside right now, maybe he could go inside and check, Saanchi wouldn’t be able to hide whoever it was from him right now.

Mr. Oberoi knocked at the door and what followed was a pin drop silence, he waited for a while until he knocked again when Saanchi opened the door.

“What were you doing? How long does it take you to open a door?” Mr. Oberoi asked

“I was cooking” Saanchi said

“Oh that reminds me, I was just about to knock the door when I heard you ask someone what they would eat, do you have a guest here tonight?” Mr. Oberoi said as he walked in.

“A guest? Oh yes, actually I was talking to a friend on the phone, she’s coming over for dinner tonight so I was asking her what she would eat, that’s what you might have heard” Saanchi said

“Are you telling me the truth?” Mr. Oberoi asked as he walked around the house hoping he would find the person.

“Yes uncle, why would I lie to you? Oh now I get it, you think I have a boyfriend and I might have invited him...” she giggled

“I dint think that, well it’s good to know you have a boyfriend” Mr. Oberoi said as he opened the door of the rooms one by one but yet he couldn’t find anyone.

Was Saanchi saying the truth then? Was she really talking to someone on phone?

He sat on the sofa after looking around the whole house and not finding anyone.

“What brings you here uncle?” Saanchi asked nervously

“Oh I came to ask you about Khushi… did you talk to her lately.”

“No I have been quite help up in a few things but I’ll go visit her soon and I hope this time I’m able to convince her to come back to you, after all she has to live with you for the rest of her life”

“What do you mean for the rest of her life? Her memory is back, she’ll surely go live with Arnav after she tells him the truth”

“Oh yeah, I forgot” Saanchi said as her expressions changed, it clearly showed that she dint like whatever Mr. Oberoi had said.

“Anyway I think it’s late, I’ll leave” Mr. Oberoi said as he stood up and headed towards the door.

Saanchi smiled and waved him a good bye as she shut the door behind him, she was surely hiding someone in her house, and he was quite sure it was Arnav.

He feared how hurt Khushi would be when she’d realize the truth, it was going to be heartbreaking for her.


“Well I did see her in school so many times, she was so bossy, spoilt little brat of a rich father” Tara said

Khushi and Anjali looked at her happily, finally they were moving closer to the truth, as soon as Tara tells them the name, the mystery will be solved.

“You knew her? Who was she? What was her name?”

“Oh yes I knew her very well, she was just the weirdest girl I had ever seen, even at those times she used to be so dominating I wonder how worse she would be now…

She used to boss around everyone just because she had a richer father, she used to come to school with new bags, new shoes and everything new and then boasted around showing off how rich her father was.

I hated her so much, I dint know she had a crush on Arnav, that’s why she never bossed around him and always behaved good, now I get it” Tara said

“If you could just tell us her name” Anjali asked

“That’s what I’m trying to remember… it was an easy one, I knew it, it’s just slipped out of my mind… what it was”

Tara kept on thinking while Khushi and Anjali stared at her continuously hoping she would remember the name soon and solve the mystery for her.

“Was it Saanchi?” Khushi asked

“You mean Saanchi your friend? Come on Khushi, how could it be her” Anjali asked

“That’s it!” Tara said excitedly

“You mean Saanchi?” Khushi asked confirming.

“Khushi… she was Khushi Oberoi” Tara said leaving both Anjali and Khushi shocked.

Anjali looked at Khushi in shock, she obviously had no idea that she wasn’t Khushi Oberoi but Khushi Raizada, while Khushi was shocked to know she had been staying in Khushi Oberoi’s house for so long, she used her room but then she never found anything that could even related this far.

Apr 4, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 42 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 64 times)

“Are you sure Tara?” Anjali asked

“A hundred percent” Tara said confidently

“Then why weren’t you able to recognize me? I am Khushi Oberoi” Khushi said

“What? Are you really? Well even if you are, how do you expect me to recognize you when you were in the school for just an year? We all grew up and changed, how come you dint recognize me too?” Tara asked

“That’s because I’m not Khushi Oberoi”

“What nonsense is this, at one moment you say you are Khushi Oberoi and then the other moment you say you aren’t her, is this some sort of game?” Tara asked angrily

“It’s a confusion anyway I appreciate your help, thank you” Khushi said

Tara stood up angrily and walked away leaving behind Anjali and Khushi confused, everything was so messed up, they couldn’t understand a thing.

“What did you mean by you are Khushi Oberoi and then you aren’t her again?” Anjali asked her

“If I’d tell you, would you believe me?”

“Depends on what you’re going to tell me, at this moment my brother is missing, I can’t trust anyone, the police aren’t doing their work either”

“And my husband is missing Anjali, I’m worried too and I have no one else to trust apart from you because I know you can’t get your brother kidnapped”

“What do you mean your husband? Since when has Arnav been your husband?”

“Anjali please listen to me, I am not Khushi Oberoi, I just have her face, I am Khushi… Arnav’s Khushi, your sister in law”

“You’re kidding me”

“No I’m not… please believe me. After my accident, Mr. Oberoi found me and he took me to the hospital, he told me my face was damaged so he had to do plastic surgery and through that he gave me his daughter’s face who had passed away in an accident.

I had a memory loss because of the accident and so he took me to his place, I lived there with him, he even gave me his daughters name… when I regained my memory back, I heard you talking to Tara at the café and thought you were the one behind my accident, I couldn’t afford saying the truth at that time, and then when I finally told Arnav the truth, he just disappeared suddenly without telling me if he believed me or not.

What was my fault in this Anjali, was it my fault than someone planned my accident and I lost my face and memory in it? I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but if you can’t, I’ll take you to dad right away, he would tell you the truth, he would show you my reports and if you still can’t believe me, we can even get my DNA test done”

“Why dint you tell me the truth all this while you’ve been here then?”

“Because I thought you wouldn’t believe me, I wasn’t even sure if Arnav believed me or not…”

“Okay fine let’s say you’re saying the truth and you are Khushi, then why are you up to digging his past, what do you want to get from there?”

“You told me he had loved someone and for a while I thought what if it was actually true? Maybe he met me and fell in love but his first love had always been there hidden deep inside his heart and then maybe when he found her he thought I was of no use to him and planned this accident.

I know I was stupid to think about all this but it was because I thought that girl was Saanchi. I really don’t know what’s happening Anjali, I don’t know whom to trust and who not to, and I don’t understand why all this is happening.

I just thought that if Arnav had really been kidnapped then we could at least get a ransom call or something but nothing has happened so far, even the police haven’t been able to find him and I thought maybe he dint get kidnapped, he just disappeared by his own wish.

You know dad told me he saw someone sneaking out of Saanchi’s house and I thought It must be Arnav and maybe all this was his and Saanchi’s plan.

But this is all becoming confusing now, I can’t think of a thing, I don’t know what’s happening, I just need to find Arnav, maybe he’s the only one who’ll solve this mystery for me”

“What are your conclusions so far?”

“Number one, I know that my accident wasn’t an accident, there was someone behind it but I don’t know who and why.

Number two, I know Saanchi is somehow related to all this, I don’t know if she’s the one behind my accident but I know she has some connection if she wasn’t the one.

Number three, I don’t know if Arnav is involved in this or not and I believe he isn’t but his sudden disappearance had created lots of questions and unless we find him nothing’s going to work.

From here onwards, I don’t know what to really do… my mind is all in a mess, everything is so confusing I don’t know whom to trust and whom not to.”

“I don’t know Khushi, I do believe whatever you’re saying is true but how is it going to help anyway, we don’t know a thing.”

“That’s what I don’t know, I’ve tried so much, I did all I could all this days but it seems like I haven’t moved a step ahead, whoever’s doing this has got a genius mind, I mean I’m just stuck where I began, it’s like I’m moving in a circle going ahead but ending up where I started from.”

“That’s because you’re running behind things you don’t know exist, if I were you Khushi I would have my eyes on Saanchi, you said you doubt her, so why are you trying to find everything else out? I mean just concentrate on her and she would lead you wherever you want to go.

She’s the only one we can keep an eye on and if we do that, I’m sure we would find out things soon enough”

“I’ve told dad, he’s been keeping an eye on her”

“But he could miss out on things that you would consider if you did it yourself. Listen to me, leave everything forget about everything just concentrate on Saanchi and I bet this would help you”

“Fine, if you say so, I’ll go back at dad’s place and try all I can” Khushi said.


Mr. Oberoi was yet doing his duty of keeping an eye on Saanchi whenever he was free, no matter how many times he failed, he was sure one day he would find a lead.

He was standing outside Saanchi’s house, his ears pinned on her door hoping he would get at least some clue or some idea about what she was up to.

As usual the house was in silence and Mr. Oberoi spend almost two hours there waiting for something but all he could hear were movements only.

“Next time I’ll have to leave something in your house through which I could hear anything going on, staying outside here is so boring” Mr. Oberois said to himself.

A phone rang and he snapped his pocket suddenly hoping it wasn’t his, he sighed in relief knowing it wasn’t his phone.

“Yes, I was waiting for you call” He heard Saanchi say.

“I think it’s time, we have to do it now… we have to kill her before things go wrong”

“I’ll tell you when and how, just let me decide”

“Make sure no one gets an idea”

Mr. Oberoi stood there in shock, he couldn’t believe the girl he’d known for so long, the one who was his daughter’s best friend, she was planning to kill someone?

Why would she do that? Who would she be wanting to kill?

He headed back to his mansion all worried, he had never had an idea that Saanchi could be this dangerous, it all felt scary now.

“Khushi!” Mr. Oberoi said in surprise as he found Khushi sited in the hall.

“Dad… I missed you” Khushi said as she rushed to hug him.

“Where are you coming from looking so terrified?” She asked as she broke the hug.

“I was at Saanchi’s place, I was at the door trying to listen to her conversations, last night I heard her talk to someone but when I went inside, I couldn’t find anyone so I wanted to see if the same happened today and you wont believe what I heard”


“She’s planning to kill someone, I heard her talk to someone on the phone, I don’t know who she’s going to kill but we have to stop her Khushi”

“She’s planning to kill me” Khushi said leaving Mr. Oberoi more shocked.

Apr 6, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 43 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 64 times)

Khushi was lying on her bed wondering what she was supposed to do now, time was ticking by and she hadn’t been able to find a single clue that could lead her to Arnav or even something that would give her the idea if Arnav was involved in all this or he was just a victim like she was.

She tossed and turned on the bed, stared at the ceiling, blinked faster, and tried everything she could to get some sleep but her mind kept on wondering, in the past few days she had become an insomniac, she couldn’t sleep at all.

“Can’t you give me one sign, something even small for me to move ahead, I feel stuck, I’ve used my mind as much as I could and now it feels tired, It doesn’t work anymore, please help me God” She prayed.

She knew the police weren’t going to help her, they had filed a missing complaint of Arnav and they had been just sited like that, they dint have any information that would help, for them to take her seriously she wanted to tell them the truth but then the truth was messed up, she herself wasn’t able to understand it well then how was she going to explain it and were they even going to believe her?

So telling police the truth was just a bad idea, she knew she was all alone in this, but she wasn’t going to give up, one or the other way she would reach the truth.

She was lying silently on the bed when the phone rang suddenly almost giving her a heart attack.

She picked it up and looked at the screen where Arnav’s name flash in a green color, for a while she couldn’t believe her eyes, was it really Arnav calling her or was she just dreaming?

She received the call immediately without wasting time in thinking, maybe this was going to be of much help to her, maybe Arnav was back safe and sound.

“Khushi” She heard his voice and her heart skipped a beat, she jumped out of the bed as tears rolled down her eyes in no time, just the mere sound of his voice made her feel too much pain and happiness, happiness that he finally called her and pain because she was so worried about him she just wanted him to be okay.

There was quite a long silence, she had her eyes shut, trying to soak in the sound of his voice, the way he pronounced her name, it meant more than a lot knowing that wherever he was he was okay, nothing had happened to him.

Hearing from him after so long gave her more strength, she wanted to fight and to win, and she would she just need to get things right now.

“Arnav! Where are you, I’ve been looking for you like crazy, how are you doing, are you okay? Please say something” Khushi said

There was some sort of a screeching kind of noise and then the call got disconnected, Khushi looked at her phone defeated, did he just call her to pronounce her name?

She dialed the number again but this time it was unreachable, she kept on trying for a while but it dint connect.

She sat back on her bed and wondered what had just happened, why would Arnav call her and then disconnect the call?

Why would he switch off his phone after that, for sure his battery wasn’t dead, there was something more to this…

Was this a clue, she had just prayed for a clue and maybe she got it… maybe what she had been thinking all this while was wrong, maybe Arnav always loved her and he had moved on from his childhood crush long time back…

Maybe he dint disappear by his own wish, he might have been kidnapped.

Yes! That made sense, he might have been kidnapped or else he would have called her before, maybe he got a chance today and called her but someone caught him and they snatched away his phone.

She sat there making all the theories possible and writing them down so that when the sun rose, she’d get to work, she’d start finding him.


Khushi dint realize when she had fallen asleep while working on her theories and deciding what she was going to do about finding Arnav.

A knock at the door of her room woke her up, and she when she stretched as she sat up, Saanchi walked inside with a huge smile on her face.

“I’m glad uncle convinced you to come back, I just met him and he told me he convinced you… you have no idea how happy I am to see you Khushi, I missed you a lot”

“Really Saanchi? You missed me so much that you visited me once only, you dint even bother to give me a call and ask how I was doing. You know you were the only friend I had, so I was expecting you to show a bit of care for me but I think I shouldn’t have expected it”

“Looks like you woke up with bad moods, I’ve been busy Khushi, I have work to do”

“Really? What work is that, tell me so I can help you finish it quick, maybe then you’ll have time for your friend”

“What’s wrong with you Khushi? Why are you acting strange so suddenly?”

“Don’t you think that’s the question I should ask you? Remember when I came here in the beginning, you were so good to me, you used to visit me and call me to ask me how I was but as time went on things changed, our friendship isn’t the same anymore and I don’t understand what my fault is”

“Your fault is that you aren’t the one… Mr. Oberoi’s daughter was my best friend and you aren’t her, you can’t be her! I was still trying to be your friend, I even got you this but you are just impossible” Saanchi said as she threw a tin on Khushi’s bed and walked away angrily banging the door behind.

Khushi picked up the tin and opened it, it had her favorite pasta, they smelled so good she wanted to eat them right away but as for now she knew she couldn’t trust Saanchi and anything related to her, so she dint want to take a chance.

She stood up and headed to take a shower, she had to visit Saanchi’s place after that which was the biggest mystery as of now according to what Mr. Oberoi had been informing her lately over the calls.


She stood at the door of Saanchi’s house nervously, she knew what she had to do and had planned everything well in her mind, she just hoped it worked, because if it did, she was soon going to get close to the truth, many of her unanswered questions were finally going to get answered.

Saanchi opened the door and looked at her with plain expression, it was for sure there was nothing exciting about seeing her here after the conversation they had had a while back, but anyway that was a part of her plan.

“Can I come inside?” Khushi asked

Saanchi nodded positively as she walked inside followed by Khushi who finally settled down on the sofa.

“I just came to apologize, I know what I said wasn’t right, it’s just that my mind had been messed up for quite a while now, I am really sorry Saanchi” Khushi said

“It’s okay, anyway will you have anything?” Saanchi asked with a smile

“Sure, tea please”

“I’ll get it for you in a while” Saanchi said as she walked away.

Khushi waited until she had disappeared into the kitchen as she stood up and rushed towards her bedroom, she was surely going to find something there.

She searched the wardrobe, the drawers, and everything else but she couldn’t find a single thing that could hint on anything.

She spotted a bookshelf in a corner as she rushed there and started pulling out books one by one checking if she could find anything.

She was on the second row when she pulled out a book with a red cover and heard some noise around, the bookshelf moved aside opening an entrance to a hidden room.

She was just about to enter in when Saanchi called her out.

“Khushi how much sugar will you have?” She asked

Khushi placed the book back as the bookshelf returned to where it was and she rushed back to the hall, she had found out a lot more than she was expecting, she knew all her answers lied in the hidden room, she just need to find a chance to get in there when Saanchi wasn’t around.

Apr 8, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 44 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 59 times)

The next few minutes after she returned back to the hall were a bit awkward, although she was really glad that by the time she arrived back, Saanchi was still in the kitchen, she dint want to give her an idea about her knowing things.

Saanchi walked back with two cups of tea and placed them on the table while Khushi looked at her nervously, she couldn’t believe the same girl who had helped her so much after she lost her memory was now actually going against her.

Had she been against her the whole while or things changed later? Because she remembered very well how she helped her in the beginning and at that moment she couldn’t have even thought she would do something like this.

They both sat staring at each other sipping their tea and saying nothing, there was silence until finally Saanchi decided to speak.

“So how have you been?” Saanchi asked

“I’ve been okay, just stressed about a couple of things… I don’t know what’s happening in my life”

“What happened about Arnav?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care, I guess I’ve moved over him and that’s why I even decided to return back here… I’m so done with everything I had with him” Khushi said

She saw a smile curving up on Saanchi’s face but she quickly hid it behind her cup of tea.

Khushi finished her tea quickly and stood up to leave, she couldn’t sit here longer pretending that she was actually happy when her mind was all in a mess trying to figure out things.

“Thank you for everything” She smiled as she turned to walk away.

She took a step forward but stopped, she was really curious about the hidden room she wanted to ask Saanchi about it but she knew she couldn’t do that, she had to wait until Saanchi left to go and have a look.

“Do you need anything?” Saanchi asked

Khushi flinched as she clutched her dress in her fist suddenly, she took deep breaths to calm herself down, she reminded herself to behave completely normal.

“No, I was just looking around, a lot of things have changed in your house since I last visited, did you renovate or?”

“Yes, I did a bit of renovating, doesn’t it look beautiful now? I love it more, at least looks much better than before” Saanchi said

“Yeah, it’s beautiful, anyways I need to go, I’ll see you later” Khushi said as she quickly rushed out of the house.

She headed back directly to Oberoi mansion and locked herself in the room, everything about Saanchi’s house felt so strange and so weird, it had never felt like this before.

If she had really renovated how comes Mr. Oberoi had no idea about it, how come she dint see any workers coming and going or dint he hear any noise that could make him believe there was actually some renovation going on.

Saanchi had so many secrets hidden and they all were somehow hidden in that house, there was surely something about it that felt strange and fishy, she just needed to find out what it was exactly.

She sat there wondering what Saanchi might have hidden in that room, and why she’d never mentioned about that room to her when they had been so close or maybe she got it made recently and that’s why she said she had renovated the house.

Could it be that she kidnapped Arnav and kept him in there? But that was stupid, what if things went wrong, she would be caught easily. This mystery dint seem to be ending at all.

Maybe she knew all the answers she needed were hidden in that room and unless she went there, she would never be able to find out the truth or find Arnav.

She sat next to her window her eyes stuck on Saanchi’s house waiting for her to leave so that she could rush in there to check what was being hidden.


The whole morning passed by and Saanchi dint seem to be leaving her house actually, she just kept herself inside as if she was guarding something precious.

Khushi had almost given up when she finally saw the door to Saanchi’s house opening as she stood up quickly to get a clear view.

Saanchi walked out as she looked around for a while making sure no one was around, she said something but there was no one around her, maybe she was talking to herself Khushi thought.

A few seconds later she walked away leaving her house unlocked which left Khushi wondering why she would do that if she really was hiding something inside. Or maybe she was confident because she knew she was the only one who had an idea about the hidden room.

She remembered Mr. Oberoi had told her that last time she left, she had left the door opened and then some time later, someone had sneaked out of her house.

Yes! It definitely made sense now! She left it open for the person to sneak out, but who could it be? If Arnav was really kidnapped then she couldn’t leave the door open for him to sneak out and go back again, so was he doing all this on his own will or maybe it was someone else inside the house?

Khushi waited for a few more minutes just to be sure that Saanchi had really left and then she rushed towards her home once again this time hoping she was going to find answers.

She stopped at the door and looked around making sure no one was watching on her and then she quickly walked in.

She rushed to the room where she had found the hidden room and looked for the book that opened the door, as soon as she found it, she picked it up and the door opened up.

She took a deep sigh, here she was one step closer to the truth, maybe things were going to change from now onwards, but the only thing she dint know was whether they were going to change in her favor or not.

She stepped in slowly and looked around, the whole room was covered with silence and darkness, she couldn’t see a thing.

She pulled out her phone and quickly put on the flash light, it brightened up the room a bit and she took another step forward.

The room seemed empty mostly, only that the floor was scattered with lots of clothes and utensils which was quite odd.

It smelled like something had rotten inside or it hadn’t been cleaned for too long.

“Hello… is anyone in there? Arnav… Arnav are you in here?” Khushi asked as she looked around.

She heard some sort of screeching noise and it all went silent at once scaring the hell out of her, all this was so scary.

“So we meet again!” A voice echoed around the room leaving Khushi all frozen, this was like watching some horror movie and finding all the ghosts around you.

It was scary as ****!

Apr 11, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 45 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 67 times)

She turned around trembling with fear, her hands and legs shook terribly, she could see a figure standing a few feet away from her but it was dark, she couldn’t see the person’s face and she dint even know from where she could switch the lights on.

The figure moved towards her making her feel numb, as much as she knew there was nothing like a ghost in here, she was nervous about whom she was going to face.

The person was standing so close to her now but yet it was so hard to recognize the face, she ran her hand on the walls looking for the switch, by now she had an idea who it might be but still she wanted to confirm if it was true.

A sudden light flashed in while Khushi looked at where it was coming from realizing, it was coming from the phone the person in front of her was holding.

“You want to see my face don’t you? To see how different oh wait, how much alike we look” she said as she held the phone close to her face revealing her identity.

“Khushi Oberoi!” Khushi said in complete shock.

All this while she had an idea that it was all related to her, but until today she never thought she could be alive, hidden in a room here planning against her, but why would she do so? Like Saanchi told her, she was always a fan of her, in fact she was going to visit her when she met with an accident and passed away, then how come she was alive? What the hell was happening?

A lot of thoughts ran in her mind and for a while she wanted to believe this was just some bad dream and she was going to wake up from it so soon.

Khushi Oberoi walked a bit further and finally switched on the lights while Khushi looked at her in complete surprise, she looked exactly the same as her, there was nothing about her that was different, they both had almost the same height, the same body and the same face!

“Too smart weren’t you?” Khushi Oberoi said

“Well you yet don’t know what an Indian wife can do to find her husband, tell me where Arnav is” Khushi said

“Oh be patient my dear, or let me say don’t be patient because you aren’t ever going to meet him, I mean I dint plan all this to go in vain just because you were going to turn up here and ask me where your husband is, and do you really think I’m going to tell you where he is? Don’t be so stupid Khushi”

“What the hell do you want from him? Or me? Why are you doing this? I mean you’re alive and everyone’s been thinking you are dead? Leave all this, your own father thinks you are dead and you are enjoying this? What do you think you are going to get out of all this Khushi?”

“Why do you think I’ll answer you? I did what I wanted to and I don’t need to give anyone any explanations but let’s see, I think I can make an exception for you, I mean you’re going to die so you shouldn’t die in suspense, you need to know what’s going on”

“I’m going to die? Like really? Who are you to decide that?”

“Well I am the one and only Khushi Oberoi… what do you think Khushi? You’ve been living your life the way you want or something? Oh please come out of the dream world, from the day of your accident till today you’ve been living what I wanted you to live, you have my face because I wanted you to have it, you lived with my father because I wanted it to be so and well oh Saanchi too was only your friend because I wanted it too so before you feel too proud of yourself remember you were just a puppet who was dancing on my tunes.”

“You mean even Mr. Oberoi was with you in this?”

“Oh no, you know my father is a hell of a good person, he doesn’t like anything wrong and that’s why he never got to know his daughter was alive, if I knew he was going to cooperate then I would have told him the truth but anyway that’s not important, what’s important is how I manipulated him to do things like I wanted.”

Khushi just stared at her in complete confusion, there wasn’t a thing she could understand and on top of it she was worried because she couldn’t see Arnav here, she had no idea where Saanchi and Khushi had kept him, how was she going to find him?

“Well I am polite enough to offer you a seat if you want to sit down, because you aren’t getting out of here anyway, not at least after you’ve seen me here and I also have plans for you, and just if you are thinking about escaping, I’ll like to tell you it’s impossible, because while you were planning to come here, Saanchi locked all the doors and windows.”

“But she left”

“How stupid of you to think she left… that was our plan, I mean did you think yesterday you opened this door and then closed it back thinking no one would know? I was in here, I saw you, and when you ran away Saanchi and I both knew you would come back to solve the mystery so we definitely had a plan, and you see you dint let us down, you are here and now you’ll never be able to get out of here”

“We obviously dint make this plan like stupid people who had no idea what they were doing” Saanchi said as she walked in smiling.

“What do you want from me and Arnav? Why are you doing this? You’re going to get nothing from this come on” Khushi said

“Who said we aren’t getting anything out of this? I’m going to get Arnav, and that’s why this plan was made at the first place” Khushi Oberoi said.

“So it was true, you had a crush on Arnav when you both were together in school”

“A crush? I was in love with him, don’t make it sound like simple stupid thing, I madly and deeply in love with him but you, you snatched him away from me and now I’ll take him back from you”

“I dint snatch him away from you, if you loved him you should have told him, it wasn’t my fault that you kept quiet and right now he loves me and only me so if you think you’re going to get him, I better tell you otherwise, Arnav loves me, he always has, he always will” Khushi shouted back.

“No he dint, he loved me on school days, only if I knew”

“He dint love you, he had a crush on you and that was over long time back, since he’s known love he has loved me only”

“Shut up! Shut the hell up! Arnav is only mine… I’ll kill you today and then he’ll be mine completely”

“And you think he is stupid enough to be with you when he doesn’t love you”

“Oh you just said he loves you and remember we both have the same faces, oh and yes you’ll be happy to know that when you told him the truth about your plastic surgery he believed you, he was coming to tell you that but I couldn’t let that happen you see, because he can’t love you, he has to love me.

Why do you think my dad gave you my face? It was me who put that idea in his mind through one of his nurses, and he just made it better for me by taking you home after your memory loss.

Saanchi only helped you at those times as a friend because she dint know I was alive or else maybe today you wouldn’t have had your memory back and in a way she helped me, because I had to make Arnav believe you were Khushi Raizada, and that happened and when it happened, we kidnapped him and now when he comes out, he’s going to see me and take me as his Khushi.

I am going to kill you and then I’ll free him and go back to him and he’ll think I am his wife and we’ll spend the rest of our lives with each other, and your existence will be forgotten, what a perfect plan” Khushi Oberoi boasted.

“So be ready to leave the world, I am sorry you wouldn’t even get to see Arnav for the last time” Saanchi said pretending to be sad.

Khushi stared at the both for a while and then suddenly started laughing out so loud leaving both of them shocked.

“Have you ever played chess Khushi?” She asked as Khushi Oberoi looked at her like she’d gone insane.

“What do you mean?”

“I just mean you’d have understood this better if you played chess”

“Understood what?”

“Check Mate!” Khushi said as she continued laughing.

Apr 13, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 46 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 59 times)

Both Khushi Oberoi and Saanchi stared at Khushi in confusion wondering what she exactly meant by check mate, was she a step ahead of them or had they committed a mistake somewhere?

“Surprised? Or confused about what I just said? Sit down, I’ll explain, we’ve got lots of time anyway” Khushi giggled

“She’s just trying to fool us, don’t listen to her” Khushi Oberoi told Saanchi.

“But what if she isn’t? All we’ve been planning all this days would go to a complete waste” Saanchi said

“You! Tell me what you meant” Khushi Oberoi said as she got hold of Khushi’s neck and pinned her to the wall angrily.

“You know the thing about doing wrong things is you know you’ll not get anything good out of it, yet you do it, this is one logic that I don’t understand” Khushi said

“Come to the point” Saanchi said

“Well my point is, number one, Saanchi you’ve been with me all this while, you were there when I met Arnav and fell in love with him again, and you know what, despite the fact that he loved his wife Khushi Raizada so much whom he thought to be dead, he still had no control over his feelings and ended up falling in love with me once again without knowing I was actually his wife.

We dint get married thinking it’s some kids game if that’s what you thought Khushi, we loved each other, we still do and no matter how hard you try there are some things you can’t change, for example Arnav’s love.

You can’t change the way he feels towards me and let’s say you’d even kill me and go to him as Khushi Raizada his wife but what about the feelings? What about the touch? He would notice it in a moment that you aren’t his wife… and one or the other time he would definitely find out the truth”

“Shut up! He loves me, and only me. You came in between us and once you are gone he will love me” Khushi Oberoi shouted angrily.

“And who says I’ll be gone, do I look stupid to you? Now here comes reason number two, I am Khushi Raizada, and just so that you know, my husband is one of the most powerful people and I have been with him for so long, don’t you think I’d have got a few of his traits?

Or you thought poor Khushi will come here to investigate and fall in our trap? Bull****! I dint come here without a plan, so if you both think you had a plan, I had one too” Khushi smirked.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on, I knew this place was creepy, there was surely something about it so don’t you think I would have gone back home and at least thought about why Saanchi had this room and if she had it why did she have to hide it?

And by the way, dad, I mean Mr. Oberoi had seen someone leaving the house once after Saanchi had left so I obviously knew Saanchi wasn’t alone here so how come there was no one in her house but dad saw someone leaving?

I had answers to my question, I knew there was someone and when I found about the room, I knew there was someone inside there too just that at that time I dint know who, but I knew whoever was inside would definitely have noticed me opening the door and if they were hiding in there, Saanchi would get to know about it and she’ll plan to trap me.

It’s all common sense you see, who told you I was stupid enough to come back here without a proper plan or without thinking about all this?”

“I’ll kill you right away then let me see how your plan works” Khushi Oberoi said angrily as she pressed her neck tightly with both her hands.

“Let go Khushi!” Saanchi shouted as she came in between.

“Leave me alone Saanchi, I won’t spare her today” Khushi Oberoi said angrily.

Saanchi kept on trying to pull Khushi back until she finally managed to as they both fell down on the floor.

“Are you crazy? We have no idea what her plan is and what if by killing her we get ourselves in trouble?” Saanchi asked

“How clever Saanchi, at least you know that I don’t play the kid’s game, this is very much real” Khushi said

“What have you planned, tell us” Saanchi asked

“As if she’s going to tell us, how stupid of you to ask her that Saanchi” Khushi Oberoi said

“Of course I’m going to tell you because you should know, if you try to harm me, things would go against you and all this hard work you’ve done to get Arnav in your life will all go in vain.

Number one, I came here after informing Mr. Oberoi, Anjali and Tara that I’m coming here to find out something and I told them, if in any case I don’t return back or anything happens to me the blame would all go on Saanchi

Now as for you Khushi Oberoi, if you think maybe you’ll kill me because the blame will still go on Saanchi and you’d be safe with Arnav, there’s nothing of such sort going to happen because you see this camera?” Khushi said as she showed the chain she had been wearing on her neck to both Saanchi and Khushi.

“This has a small camera here” She said as she pointed at it.

“Mr. Oberoi, Anjali and Arnav are watching this right now”

“What nonsense, we kidnapped Arnav and no one has an idea about his where about” Khushi Oberoi said

“You think so, right now both Anjali and your dad are with Arnav, if you don’t believe me you can go and check” Khushi said

Khushi and Saanchi looked at each other in complete shock but they knew they couldn’t trust Khushi, who knew if she was faking it and maybe they never found Arnav?

“Stay here with her, I’ll go and check on Arnav” Khushi Oberoi said

“No, I’ll go, you should stay here” Saanchi said

“Fine, call me as soon as you reach there” Khushi Oberoi said

Saanchi nodded positively as she rushed away leaving them both alone.

“Isn’t it weird someone who used to be my fan actually planned my accident and tried to kill me?” Khushi asked

“Your fan? Like seriously? I hated you the most, you snatched Arnav from me, I just lied to people that I was your fan because I wanted to find out everything about you, each and every damn detail” Khushi Oberoi said

“And how did it help anyway? Nothing changed, Arnav and I are still going to be together despite of all that you did, I just don’t quite understand yet how you did it”

“So now you want me to explain it so that you can get evidence against me through this stupid camera, in your dreams sweety” Khushi Oberoi said as she pulled off the chain from Khushi’s neck and stepped on it trying to destroy it completely.

Apr 19, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 47 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 71 times)

It had been half an hour since Saanchi had left and there was no feedback from her yet, did that mean that Mr. Oberoi and Anjali had actually managed to find Arnav?

Khushi Oberoi was walking from one place to another worriedly when her phone rang, Saanchi’s name flashed on it and she dint even waste a second to pick it up.

“What’s the news?” She asked

“She was lying, Arnav is right here, I guess she was just playing safe” Saanchi said

“Great then come back, we’ll deal with her very well now” Khushi Oberoi said as she disconnected the call and looked at Khushi angrily.

“You think you’re funny trying to play games with us?” Khushi Oberoi asked

Khushi looked at her and started laughing at her which really pissed her off, she walked towards Khushi and gave her a tight slap on the face but that dint help, Khushi yet couldn’t stop laughing.

“You planned everything so well Khushi, I was just two steps ahead of you” Khushi said

“What the hell do you mean?”

“All this days no one of us had an idea that you might be alive or you might be the one behind all this, we just kept on looking for the culprit whom we all thought was dead, I was clever because I came here with the camera, your father and Anjali watched everything.

I mean how could you have doubted your own plan? We obviously dint know where Arnav was, but by sending her there, you already gave us the direction” Khushi said

Khushi Oberoi was just about to say something when her phone rang, she looked at Khushi angrily feeling like she wanted to kill her right away.

“Take that, it’s for you” Khushi smiled

“What is it Saanchi?” Khushi Oberoi shouted as she received the call.

“Your dad’s here, with Anjali and they are accompanied by a few policemen, I can’t do anything, they’ve got Arnav” Saanchi said in a nervous voice.

Khushi Oberoi threw her phone on the floor angrily as it broke into pieces. She got hold of Khushi’s hair and pulled her out of the room with her.

“You think you are smart? Well guess what, I’m smarter, if Arnav can’t be mine, he’s not going to be yours also, let me see how he manages to find you now” Khushi Oberoi said

She opened the door of Saanchi’s house and started pulling her outside. They both stepped outside when Khushi suddenly kicked her and then punched her on the face as she fell down on the floor and she managed to run away from her hold.

Khushi Oberoi uttered curses to her as she tried to stand up and follow her, she wasn’t going to let her escape so easily, only if she would have thought of tying her up before leaving but her mind had stopped working after she got the news about Arnav from Saanchi.


“Arnav! I had been so worried about you, Khushi and I tried so much to look for you but every time we met with a dead end. You have no idea how happy I am to see you safe” Anjali said as she hugged Arnav tightly.

“I am okay Anjali don’t worry, but where is Khushi? Why isn’t she here?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“We have to get going before anything wrong happens, we need to find her, I’m sure Khushi must be having something else in her mind” Mr. Oberoi said

“What’s happening? I don’t understand a thing? Why did Saanchi kidnap me? What is Khushi having in her mind? I’m so confused” Arnav asked

“Calm down, we’ll explain everything to you in the car, for now we have to leave, inspector you can take her with you” Mr. Oberoi said as he looked at Saanchi angrily and then headed towards the car followed by Arnav and Anjali.

“Care to explain now?” Arnav asked as they got into the car.

“Remember you had a crush on one of your classmate in school?” Anjali asked

“Yes, so what about it? I mean it’s been ages, and it was something childish, I got over it, I don’t even remember the girl very well now or even her name” Arnav said

“Well she was Khushi, Mr. Oberoi’s daughter”

“What? But I mean his daughter is Khushi, my wife right? We talked and she told me the truth, she had an accident and got plastic surgery done, I know she is my Khushi and I believe her because what I feel for her is very different” Arnav said

“Yes she is your wife Arnav, but I also had a daughter named Khushi, she used to study in the same school with you but then I had sent her abroad…

After she returned back, she met with an accident and passed away, well actually that’s what we thought until today, so when I found your wife Khushi after the accident, her face was damaged so I gave her my daughter’s face through plastic surgery, she had lost her memory too so she stayed with me” Mr. Oberoi said

“Yes I know that, she told me about it”

“So what happened now?”

“It turns out that Khushi, I mean Mr. Oberoi’s daughter was never dead, she faked her death to get you… for you maybe it was a childhood thing you forgot about but as for her, she grew up loving you and her love for you had turned into dangerous obsession when she found out you were married to someone else.

She wanted you at any cost so at first, she faked her death and then planned Khushi’s accident, I saved Khushi and gave her my daughters face but then when Khushi told you the truth, she kidnapped you, all this while she had been planning to kill Khushi and then to let you free so she could come to you as your wife because they had the same face” Anjali explained

“Oh my God! That’s insane! Where is my Khushi right now? Is she safe? I am worried” Arnav asked worriedly.

“She’s been held captive by her, but we know where so we are heading there right away, don’t worry I’m sure she’s okay” Anjali said

“But I don’t understand how you got kidnapped from your own mansion?” Mr. Oberoi asked

“I remember, I was going to talk to Khushi and tell her that I believed her, I was so happy about it, about having my wife back but then I met Saanchi at the door, she called me out telling me she had something really important to tell me.

I knew she was Khushi’s friend and thought she wanted to tell me something about her but as I went outside with her, I don’t know who hit me on the back of my head with something heavy, and then I fainted, after that I remember waking up here, I mean where you found me.

They kept me locked in a room, I tried to escape but there was no way, no one ever visited me apart from Saanchi who came once or twice, I tried to ask her why she was doing this but she never told me.

They gave me food and everything else, they took good care of me even though they had kidnapped me which was quite surprising but now I understand why they took care of me” Arnav said.

The car turned on the road that led towards the Oberoi mansion when Mr. Oberoi who was sited in the front seat spotted Khushi running on the road.

“Stop!” He shouted the driver stopped the car suddenly.

He stepped out of the car and rushed towards Khushi followed by Arnav and Anjali, Khushi stopped running when she saw them and rushed towards their direction in a hurry.

Her eyes were filled with tears as soon as she saw Arnav running towards her, she ran the fastest she could towards him and jumped on him hugging him so tightly.

Apr 21, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 48 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 59 times)

Arnav broke the hug as he stepped backward and looked at Khushi while she stared back at him.

“What happened Arnav?” She asked as she tried to get hold of his hand but he pushed her away as he looked at her angrily.

“You aren’t my Khushi” Arnav said as both Mr. Oberoi and Anjali looked at Khushi in shock, wasn’t she Khushi Raizada? They all thought she was the one.

“I am your Khushi Arnav, what’s wrong with you? How can you not recognize me?” She asked

“Your voice is completely different from hers, although you had just hugged me, I know the feelings, I know the touch, I can just differentiate.

The touch isn’t of my Khushi, the voice isn’t of my Khushi, she’s not the one Anjali, tell me where my Khushi is?” Arnav shouted angrily.

“So she was right when she said I dint need to have the same face as hers, you’d know I wasn’t her just by touching me, but I’m so sorry Arnav, if I can’t get you I’ll never let Khushi have you” Khushi Oberoi said.

“Khushi! What are you trying to do?” Mr. Oberoi asked as he walked towards her angrily and got hold of her arm, pulling her to face him.

“I’m trying to get back love from the person I love, is it wrong my dear dad?” Khushi asked

“No, it’s not wrong to try, but it’s wrong to force it, love isn’t something you can force and if you think by doing all this or by separating Arnav and Khushi you’ll be able to make a space for yourself in his heart then you are very wrong”

“I have been the one who’s been always wrong, why is it so dad? Was it my fault that you sent me abroad far away from Arnav? Because if you hadn’t, I would have been with Arnav today. Now that I’m trying to get him back you’re doing the same thing again. You know what I’m tired of your lectures and I’m tired of everything else, so this is what’s best.”

She turned to look at Arnav with moist eyes and got hold of him again as he tried pushing her back.

“What is it that she had and I don’t Arnav? Dint you also have a crush on me in school? Then why can’t you just leave her and be with me?

I am pretty and now we both have the same face too, everything is same, you just need to love me like you loved her, that’s all I ask for.”

“Are you out of your mind Khushi?” Arnav said as he pushed her away.

“I don’t love you, what we had in school was something stupid and after you left I even forgot about you, I dint even remember your face very well and you want me to call it love? We were kids, we did all we saw in movies because it was beautiful but that doesn’t mean it was true.

I love Khushi, she’s my wife and she’s the only one who’ll get my love so please stop all this drama for heaven sake and tell me where the hell my wife is” Arnav asked.

“No! You have to love me and only me, I’ll do everything she does, I’ll be like her if that’s what it takes for you to love me but please love me Arnav”

“Dint you dad just tell you? Love can’t be forced? I have always loved my wife and I always will, there’s no girl that would ever take her place”

“Fine, if it is so then remember my words, if you can’t be mine, I’ll not let you be hers either” she stamped her feet angrily and walked away.

For a moment Mr. Oberoi, Anjali and Arnav looked at each other in confusion and then followed Khushi hoping she was heading wherever she had kept Khushi Raizada hidden.

“I’ve lost her once, I’ll not let this happen again, I’ll not allow anyone or anything to take her away from me” Arnav shouted at Khushi Oberoi.

“Well then, all the best, try all you can to keep her safe, let’s have a bet Arnav, I give you twenty four hours, in this twenty four hours, I’ll not even touch her, do all you can to find her, if you find her save her or else I’ll kill her, and that’s a promise from me, and Khushi Oberoi keeps her promises”

Khushi walked inside Saanchi’s house and sat down on the sofa while Anjali, Arnav and Mr. Oberoi walked inside as they started searching for Khushi all over the house.

“I’ll call the police right away and get you arrested, let me see how you’ll harm her” Arnav said as he asked Anjali for her phone.

“Oh you can even try that, but don’t think I’m alone in this, I have people guarding the place Khushi is in, and they have my orders, if I’m arrested or anyone tries to harm me, they’ll shoot her at the very same moment” Khushi Oberoi smirked.

“Please get her out of my sight, I might end up doing something I shouldn’t” Arnav said angrily.

They checked all around the house and even in the hidden room, everything was messed up all over the house but Khushi was nowhere.

“Tell me where she is” Arnav said as he pushed Khushi to the wall and pinned her there looking at her with bloodshot eyes.

“Oh, how much I love it when you touch me like this”

“Shut up! Shut the hell up!” Arnav said as he moved backwards and walked away, he knew there was no use of talking to her, she was insane and she wasn’t ever going to tell him where she had kept Khushi.

“Arnav we need to think about this with a calm mind, let’s sit inside the mansion and decide where we would look for her” Mr. Oberoi said

Arnav nodded as they followed Mr. Oberoi inside the Oberoi mansion and sat in the hall while they kept on thinking.

“Is there any place you have an idea about? I mean she’s your daughter you know her better than us, so maybe a place where you think she might have kept Khushi?” Arnav asked

“I don’t know, let me think”


Arnav walked from one place to another as they all tried to think about all the possible places but nothing seemed to be working.

“What should we do now?” Anjali asked

“It’s been more than an hour we are sited here trying to figure out things, we can’t waste time like this, we have to do something as soon as possible.” Mr. Oberoi said

“Then there’s only one thing we should do” Arnav said


“We have to keep an eye on Khushi Oberoi, whatever she does wherever she goes, we have at least weakened her a bit my getting Saanchi arrested, we just have to find Khushi now, and I’m sure she will go to visit her once, so either of us will kept an eye on her while we continue finding something else that could help us” Arnav said

“Or I’ll just hire someone to keep an eye on her, you know some professionals would help us better” Anjali said

“Great then, get someone, I’ll try to figure out something else meanwhile, I’m heading to the mansion” Arnav said as he bid Mr. Oberoi a goodbye and walked away.

“Found her yet?” Khushi asked from the gate.

Arnav ignored her, he knew there was no point talking to her, she was here just to test his patience.

“You know I don’t like seeing you like this Arnav, I love you so much and you’re so helpless… let me help you a bit, I’ll give you a clue, I haven’t kept her hidden in another town or some fifty kilometers away, she’s just around, don’t look too far…

You say you can feel her right, so try and feel her around and then if you can, go find her before the deadline comes to an end” Khushi said as she walked away leaving Arnav behind in thought, if she’s around, then where exactly?

Apr 25, 2017

Bhool Paana Mumkin Nahin... Part 49 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 59 times)

“You know you’ll get nothing out of this, then why are you doing it Khushi? This is not the way I brought my daughter up, this is not what I taught you” Mr. Oberoi said as he walked out of the mansion just when Arnav left.

“It wasn’t my fault you sent me away from him, if you dint, today I would have been his wife”

“No you wouldn’t, because that was never your destiny, Arnav and Khushi were meant for each other and no matter what you’d never be his wife, why is it hard for you to understand such a simple thing?”

“Because I love him, and that’s the only thing I exist for, why don’t you understand dad? Arnav is my life, without him I’m nothing, I better be dead if I have to live without him”

“That’s not love Khushi, love is all about sacrifice and if you really love Arnav, you’ll bring Khushi back to him”

“Hell no! I dint plan all this so that at the end I’d act to be so selfless to hand over Arnav to her. Do you even have an idea about all what I did to get to this? It won’t go to waste.”

“It’s strange how you actually did it all, even lied to me, I mourned a daughter’s death not knowing she was alive out there planning someone else’s murder”

“You know dad, unlike everyone else, I was clever… you know the first accident wasn’t actually planned, it just happened, and if it weren’t for the old man who saved me, I wouldn’t be alive but then that’s when the plan came up in my mind and I knew this was the only way I could get Arnav.”

“So even Saanchi knew from the beginning?”

“No, it was my plan only, the only thing that worked in my favor was I had lied to Saanchi that I was a huge fan of Khushi Raizada and that had put the doubt on everyone else but not me for so long you see… I included Saanchi in the plan after the news of Khushi’s accident started doing round again claiming that it wasn’t an accident but murder and Khushi took Saanchi’s help to find out the truth.

That was the time I met Saanchi and like a true friend she helped me, she was the only one who helped me dad, if you want to know the truth the let it be so, yes I was the one who planned Khushi’s accident, it was my car that hit hers and I was the one who stepped out and threw her down the cliff and made it look like she had fallen down because of the accident, I thought she would die but my very own dearest father saved her.

If you dint save her today I would have been with Arnav, but anyway what if my plan dint go the way it was supposed to, I had other plans… I made sure that you gave her my face after the surgery and it was really a plus point knowing she had lost her memory.”

“Then why did you stay quiet for so long? Why dint you do anything? Why did you let her regain her memory back?’

“Because it was important, I saw how Arnav was falling for her and I wanted that to happen so that when the right time comes, I would switch places but then she went and told Arnav the truth that she was his Khushi so I had to get Arnav kidnapped, and now everything is as per my plan, just some hours and if you don’t manage to find her, she’ll be gone forever and Arnav will be mine”

“Arnav will never be yours Khushi, so please listen to me and tell us where you’ve kept her”

“And if you want to listen to me, stop wasting your time and go find her” Khushi said as she walked away.


Arnav made sure to check each and every room of the Raizada mansion but he couldn’t find Khushi anywhere, he tried to think all he could but nothing came up in his mind.

He pulled out his phone from the pocket and dialed Anjali’s number.

“Yes Arnav, please tell me you found her” Anjali said as soon as she received the call.

“I wish Anjali, I wish I had found her but she isn’t here… Khushi Oberoi told me she’s just around me but where do I look for her? I’ve check the whole mansion and she isn’t anywhere here… Are you yet at the Oberoi mansion?”

“Yes Mr. Oberoi and I were just discussing places, we searched a few but dint find her”

“Do this, tell Mr. Oberoi to search the whole mansion, each and every place, might be she’s been kept there, and do call me back as soon as you are done, I’ll try other places meanwhile”

“Okay and get back to as if anything”

Arnav disconnected the call as he rushed down to the parking area, it could have been possible that Khushi might be in the cars, he needed to check.

“We have to search the mansion, you daughter told Arnav that Khushi is just around so he doubt she might have kept her tied somewhere here” Anjali told Mr. Oberoi.

“Let’s begin then, we don’t have time, we’ve wasted like two hours already, we need to find her as soon as we can” Mr. Oberoi said as he stood up.

“I’ll start from upstairs” Anjali said as she ran upstairs while Mr. Oberoi checked the kitchen and other places down there.

They searched the whole mansion twice for half an hour but found no one, there were no signs of Khushi anywhere.

Anjali called Arnav to inform him about it while they kept on thinking of other places.

“Yes Anjali, did you find her?”

“No, we checked the whole mansion twice, she isn’t here”

“I also checked the parking lot and every possible place I could think of but there’s nothing, listen I’m going to check the office just in case, you can tell Mr. Oberoi to get his hospital checked too, please keep on looking for her”

“Don’t worry Arnav, we will try our best ad I’m sure we’ll find her” Anjali motivated him.

“I hope so, I can’t think of living without her once again” Arnav said as he sadly disconnected the call.


The day came to an end while the search was still on, neither Arnav nor Mr. Oberoi and Anjali were able to find Khushi, they searched all the places they thought they could find her, the Raizada mansion, the Oberoi Mansion, the Raizada office, and the hospital and even Saanchi’s house once again.

They even checked the place where they had kept Arnav after he was kidnapped but still they couldn’t find her and now it was all becoming so frustrating.

“Where is she if she’s really is around me? We’ve searched all the places” Arnav asked angrily.

“Or maybe we are forgetting about something, we need to relax our minds a bit and think” Anjali said

“Where else could she be? Or it might also be that Khushi is lying to us and she’s hidden her somewhere far away, I can’t trust her anymore” Mr. Oberoi said

“Oh how sad is it to see you all struggling so hard to find that good for nothing Khushi, Arnav why don’t you just accept me, see everything will be easier, I’ll let her go, she can go far away from our lives, and we both could live happily together” Khushi Oberoi said as she walked in.

“Shut up, shut the hell up and get lost from here before I lose my temper and do something I shouldn’t” Arnav said as he stood up angrily.

“Relax Arnav, why so much anger?”

“You know why I forgot about you so easily because you never deserved my memories, you deserved to be forgotten, you are a psycho and you need help, if anything happens to my wife, I swear I won’t spare you” Arnav said angrily.

“What the hell is it about her that makes you talk to me like this Arnav? If you could have given me even one percent of that love you have for her, maybe then things would be different right now wouldn’t it?”

“Please take her out of my sight, I might just kill her” Arnav said as he turned away from her just when his eyes fell on Khushi’s photo that was hanging on the wall, it was the phot of the day when he had told her to stay away from her and they were going to be stranger, how beautiful she looked.

“I know where she is” Arnav said as he looked at Anjali.


“The only place that belonged to us” Arnav said as he ran out of the Oberoi mansion in a hurry and got inside the car as he drove off.

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