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Feb 5, 2017

Chapter 11 - Shyam's idea (By Angel23) (Thanked: 105 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it...

In the car Khushi was explaining her plan like a director explaining a scene of a movie, Arnav was looking amused at her..

Arnav: Tell me one thing.. When did you thought to do this plan?

Khushi: When I asked you if you will miss me, then you said yes... Then I planned everything...

Arnav smirked: Then basically I can understand that you didn't go because of me..

Khushi blushed playing with her hair then looked at the window side..

They reached home..

Anjali looked at Khushi shocked: Khushi you didn't go? What happened? Missed the flight?

Arnav: No, she ran away from there..

Khushi glared at Arnav: Woh Di.. I would miss you all.. That's why..

Anjali: Really Khushi.. I can't believe you did it.. What about your parents? Did you informed them?

Arnav was about to tell that Khushi only called them but Khushi placed her palm on Arnav's mouth and continued: Yes Di.. I informed them..

Arnav kissed her palm, Khushi looked at Arnav shocked with her big eyes.. She immediately left Arnav...

Arnav smiled: Go and rest.. You must be tired, after all running away isn't an easy thing to do..

Khushi went from there running before Arnav teases her more..


" Not bad Khushi.. " Anjali smiled alone in room..

Shyam came to her: Anjali lets go to the hospital..

Anjali worried: Why?

Shyam hugged her: We have to do your check up baby... You're smiling , dancing and talking alone these days..

Anjali rolled her eyes: Shyam I'm not mad... I'm happy that Khushi stayed back..

Shyam: What? She must really love Enemy, unlike you...

Anjali giggled: Like me.. I also love Chote a lot..

Shyam sigh in frustration..

Shyam: But it would be easier if she went with them, now Enemy will confess his feeling after years..

Anjali laughed: Stop teasing my Chote... He will confess..

Shyam: Will have to think others plans to make Enemy confess his feelings.. Otherwise my sweet sister will stay here waiting..


Arnav came behind Khushi in her room, Khushi looked at him surprised...

Khushi: You told me to rest..

Arnav: Yeah... But you can rest with me here no?

Khushi threw a pillow to Arnav smiling, and he caught it at time..

Khushi: No..

Arnav: Yes.

Khushi: No way you can't be here.. Go to your room..

Arnav smirked: Bye Crazy witch... I'm going to office..

Arnav turned to go but Khushi voice made him turn to her..

Khushi: Acha Laad governor I stayed for you... So you have to be with me now.. Don't leave me alone..

Arnav with a mischievous smile: Of course.. With you 24x7..

Khushi wasn't able to maintain the eye contact with Arnav now, she really has to think before speaking...

After Arnav left, Khushi was thinking on how to confess her feelings, she wasn't a girl who gets scared to say what she thinks, she can easily say to Arnav that she loves him, but the only thing that is holding her back is that she doesn't know if he feels the same, and it would be awkward for her... Imagine he tell her that he only looks at her as his friend, she would stay heart broken and also would spoil their friendship...

So her mission now was to discover the Mr.Raizada's feeling... Only after that she could easily pour her heart feelings to him..

* AR:

Aman was pacing around the room while explaining Arnav the details of their project.. He moved his hands all the while to make for a better explanation or say he can't explain someone without moving his body..

Arnav was looking at his friend knowing very well how Aman is, what irritates him is the fact that Aman speaks more than required when given a chance, and this is the only time he can't say " Shut up Aman", so he can only look at Aman and check the details himself..

Aman: I'm done ASR, what do you think? Any changes?

Arnav: Yeah.. Change the model dress..

Aman brows knitted in a frown: Really? But why.. I mean.. Everything is done..

Arnav pressed his lips : Aman I want it..

Aman let out a sigh: Okay.. You're giving us more work.. What is the problem with the red lehenga? You only designed it yourself..

Arnav playing with his pen with a smirk on his face: I designed it, so I want it for me.. Pack it, then give it to me..

Aman: I really can't believe this.. What are you going to do with the lehenga?

Arnav looked up at Aman: Gift someone.. That lehenga should go to the real owner..

Aman smiled nodding..

Arnav: Not Meera..

Aman was now confused: ASR you're betraying her?

Arnav shakes his head: No.. Meera was never in my heart...

Aman rubbed his chin as if thinking: Then?

Arnav smirked: Find out yourself.

Aman with a cheeky smile: Hint please...

Arnav grinned at his friend: Why did I took Meera to show the office?

Aman scratch his head trying to remember: Because... Because... Haan because Khushi irritated you, she was saying for you to show others also..

Arnav smiled, Aman looked at Arnav in disbelief: KHUSHI?

Arnav nodded and if Aman noticed well, he would see that the great ASR was blushing..

Aman took the water that was placed for Arnav and drank it in one go then  looked again at Arnav: ASR are you like in love?

Arnav: Aman go out of here.. You're making me feel awkward with your stares.. Go and do your work.. Don't forget the lehenga..

Aman chuckles and went out of Arnav cabin not before wishing "Good luck" to his friend..

After a usual tired day Arnav and Akash came to theirs home sweet home, for Arnav this house was a place where he only eats and sleep, now someone changed the meaning for him, now this is a palace where he will find his princess waiting for him.

Arnav walked in and went to the living room expecting to see Khushi but she was nowhere to be seen..

He found Mami looking at herself in the mirror, she was murmuring compliments for herself...

Arnav: Mami where is Khushi?

Mami shifted her gaze to Arnav: She went with NK to a pub..

Arnav almost got an heart attack: What?

Shyam came there eating popcorn: I gave the idea... Awesome na?

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Feb 7, 2017

Chapter 12 - Ra.One vs (By Angel23) (Thanked: 92 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Bad.. Very bad idea.. What's wrong with you guys? Khushi isn't that type of girl.. She will not be comfortable there..

Anjali came there scrunching her face: What happened Chote? Why are you shouting?

Arnav: Di you let Thief implement his crazy ideas.. I don't even know what Khushi must be doing there..

Anjali pressed her lips to suppress the smile: Woh Chote... Shyam only told me when they left..

Arnav looked at Shyam: Tell me..

Shyam shrugged his shoulders: What?

Arnav tapping his feet: Address Thief..

Shyam smiled: Ohhh go to XYZ pub..

Arnav went from there as fast as he could.. Anyone seeing him would compare him with a car..

Reaching there Arnav was literally pushing everyone there to see Khushi.. He kept looking for her but wasn't seeing her, neither NK..

He sigh in frustration..

Someone tapped his shoulder, he looked behind to see who is it...

He let out a sigh of relief seeing NK..

Arnav: Where is Khushi?

NK worried: I'm not able to find her..

 Terror overtook Arnav's face: What do you mean?  NK don't joke here.. Tell me where is Khushi?

NK cried: She was with me all the way.. But my friend came to talk with me and when I looked behind to her, she wasn't there anymore.. Sorry Nannav..  I tried looking for her every place but I'm not seeing her anywhere...

Arnav clenched his fist: Dammit..I will go and look for her... You stay here maybe she comes back..

NK bit his bottom lip nodding..

Arnav went from there and started looking for Khushi at her every place near the pub..

Not finding her was increasing his worriedness..

" Where are you Khushi? Please come back.." Arnav stopped in the middle of the road thinking where could she go..

NK called him, Arnav immediately picked the call..

Arnav:  Haan NK.. Found her?

NK shook his head negatively and settled himself in a place where the loud music could not reach to him: No Nannav.. I don't think she is here anymore.. Maybe someone took her.. I think we should call the police..

Arnav: Okay I will go to the police station... NK search once again..  I can't lose her..

NK didn't fail to notice how much his brother was worried, scared, sad for Khushi... He felt guilty..

NK: Yes I'm here only.. I will ask the security here to help me search Khushi.. Nannav don't worry... Khushi is fine..

Arnav nodded and after talking with NK, he headed to the Police station..

As he walked in, everyone stood shocked, they never expected ASR there alone, moreover in a devastated state..

The officer came near ASR: Sir, you here... Please sit..

Arnav glared at him: I'm not here to sit, I want to file a missing complaint.. Khushi is missing.. She went.. To a pub with my brother.. But got lost.. No.. I'm not finding her anywhere.. I mean I don't know where she is.. When I reached there she wasn't there anymore.. Find her.. I need her in my sight today..

The police officer looked at Arnav confused: Calm down sir.. Here is it drink water..

The officer handled a glass of water to Arnav.. Arnav glared angrily at him, the officer looked down then left the glass at the table.

Police: Sir do you have some pic of the girl?

Arnav nodded quickly and handled his phone to the officer...

Khushi's picture was already on Arnav's mobile lock screen..

The officer side glanced at Arnav surprised seeing him giving so much importance to this girl..

Arnav glared at the officer: Will you do your work quickly? I don't have time..

The officer nodded pressing his lips and they left looking for Khushi.. Arnav also went with them..

NK on the other side called Anjali to inform about the incident..

Anjali stood with a gaping mouth: What? Why this had to happen? We were supposed to bring Chote and Khushi close, but..

NK massaging his temples: I know Di... I'm very worried.. I just hope Khushi is alright..

* Arnav's mansion:

Nani with a typical worried face: What will we answer to Shashi?

Anjali sat on the sofa: I don't know Nani.. DM please protect Khushi..

Shyam: I just thought Arnav would be jealous seeing Khushi with NK, but everything got spoiled..

Akash: What? This was your plan.. If bhai gets to know he will not leave you guys..

Fear crept over everyone faces now..

* At some place near the pub:

The polices were doing their best to find this mysterious girl in ASR's life.

Arnav also was looking for Khushi.. Now he was losing hope.. It has been 4 hours now that they are looking for her but still no clue.. How can this be possible? Did someone kidnap her? But why? They don't even know her here.. What could be the reason?

Police came running to Arnav: Sir... Sir... Sir.. This man saw the girl..

Arnav looked at man: Where? Where is Khushi?

The man looked at Arnav: I saw this girl walking with a man here..

Arnav threw the questions at the poor man: What? Who was that man? Did he ill treat her?

Man: No sir.. She looked comfortable with the man.. They were chatting normally..

Arnav looked confused: Now who is this man?

Police: Sir.. One thing is for sure.. This girl isn't lost..

Arnav glared at the officer: I can see that..

Police looked down: Can we go sir?

Arnav gritted his teeth: Go..

Arnav called NK..

Arnav: NK did you saw Khushi with some man there? I mean her friend or something like that?

NK tried to remember but his mind was not by his side: No Nannav.. I didn't see her with anyone..

Arnav: Some man told me that she was talking with some man, who apparently is her friend..

NK: I think when  I was talking with my friends, she went with him..

Arnav: Okay let's go home.. I think she will go home with her friend..

Arnav and NK headed back to home.. Reaching there they heard laughter sounds..

Arnav already knew who was it...

NK looked at Arnav gulping his saliva, knowing very well the scene that was going to happen in Raizada Mansion today..

Arnav walked in and saw Khushi laughing with everyone at the living room..

With a deadpan expression, tight lips and crossing arms, stood Arnav looking firmly at Khushi..

NK whispered: Don't scold Khushi.. Nannav she isn't at fault..

Arnav glared at NK: She isn't? You, Thief and Khushi will face the worst of me now..

NK looked away praying for Khushi..

Khushi noticed Arnav and NK.. She came near them smiling: NK sorry.. You know I wasn't liking that place.. And guess what I found my college friend Samrat there... Look he is also here enjoying the holidays..

Arnav still calm: And you didn't care to inform him?

Khushi raised her eyebrow: You weren't there.. Still you know everything.. Such a gossipy you are..

Everyone looked at Arnav scared, they also forgot to inform Arnav that Khushi was back home..

Samrat came near them and wrapped his arms around Khushi’s shoulder raising his eyebrow: Who is he?  Ra.One..

Samrat said and laughed alone at his joke...

Arnav glared at him: Arnav Singh Raizada..

Samrat hide behind Khushi with a mischievous smile: Oh my God I'm scared... Haha..

A second laugh joined Samrat's and it was no one other than Khushi's..

Arnav clenched his jaw: Come to my room Khushi..

Samrat held Khushi's hand cutely: No, she will stay with me..

Arnav wanted to kill this guy.. He went to his room gesturing Khushi to follow him..

Khushi looked confused now..

The whole family came near her and started explaining her that when Arnav got to know that she went to a pub with NK, he went behind them and after not finding her he thought she was lost and called the police to find her..

Khushi looked shocked: Kyaaa? All this happened.. DM Laad governor will kill me now.. Why didn't you tell me earlier, at least I would know that I'm laughing for the last time in my life.... Let me laugh more..

She started laughing while making a crying face..

Anjali: I'm sorry Khushi... But you don't worry.. If Chote attacks you then you shout okay.. We will save you..

Khushi bit her nails..

NK: Go go..

Khushi looked at him: You also went with me .. Let's go.. I don't want to die alone..

NK ran away from Khushi: No way.. I'm too young to die..

Khushi cried: What about me? I didn't even confessed my feelings for him, and I will be killed by my lover only..

Surprise, shock, happiness were the feelings noticeable in everyone face: What???????

Khushi realized what she said: Woh..

Anjali was the first to come out of shock: Khushi you love him?

Khushi nodded while her face turned red.. Well she didn't planned to tell her feelings to them like that... What can she do now?

Nani and Mami high five-ed: Yesssss...

Shyam sigh in relief: At least you confessed.. Now Enemy will leave my Queen..

Akash on his dream land: Wow two marriages now..

Khushi looked at them who were happy while she was scared because she is the one who will face the beast now: Please help me guys..

Samrat with a relaxed tone: Heyy Khush why are you scared of him? He just a Ra.One.. Kill him like you're playing the game.

Khushi facepalmed: Shut up Sam.. You don't know him.. He is Laad governor.. He will scold me a lot today.. And I'm not G.One here who will be able to face him..

" Khushiiiiiii" came a shout from Arnav's room..

Khushi looked upstairs gulping her saliva then looked around her, but frowned not seeing the family around her.. She looked down and saw Raizada family hiding behind a sofa...

Khushi looked at them with a pout then waved as if it was the last time she was going to see them: Good bye..

NK: Kabhi alvida naa kehna Khushi (Never say goodbye Khushi)

Khushi glared angrily at NK, then went upstairs praying " DM help me.. Help me please.. Give me supernatural powers to face this Laad governor.. I know you can.. Please please save me" She was purposely climbing one by one stair slowly..

Khushi opened the door slowly... Peeked inside: Is Arnav here?

Arnav who was by now on another level of frustration looked at her: What the.. Come in now..

Khushi shakes her head negatively shivering: No... Laad governor is here, not Arnav..  So I won't come in..

Arnav walked from his king size bed to the door: And you did your madness as a Crazy witch... So you will talk with Laad whatever now.. Don't test my patience..

Khushi cried: What will you do to me?

Arnav gritted his teeth: If you continue in the door I will cut you into small pieces..

Khushi gasped: If I come in?

Arnav: Khushiiiiiiiiiii

Khushi screamed: Bachao (Help)... Help.. Laad governor is cutting me in pieces..

Arnav: What the..

Anjali came there running and sweating: Chote I will call the police can't murder someone..

Arnav glared: Di go away from here.

Khushi hugged Anjali, who looked at her muttering " Sorry" then went running back hiding behind the sofa...

Khushi left with no other option walked in and Arnav closed the door making Khushi flinched scared..

Arnav turned to Khushi: Didn't your parents taught you to inform them when you go somewhere?

Khushi stammered: Th..they di.did..

Arnav: Then? Why didn't you informed me that you're going out?

Khushi smiled cheekily: You aren't my parents.. Why should I inform you? Uff.. Thank you DM I'm not at fault this time.

Arnav: Khushi don't joke.. I'm serious.. Do you know I looked for you at every place when you were enjoying with your friend?

Khushi: Haan but I didn't knew na.. It isn't my fault... You thought your things alone.. And OMG you called police too..  I feel like a celebrity now..

Khushi said looking at the mirror of Arnav room adjusting her hair smiling already imagining her movie with Salman Khan..

Arnav: You still think this as a joke right?

Khushi shifted her attention from the mirror to Arnav: Sorry ji...

Arnav: I don't want your sorry.. Do you how worried I was? What would I answer to Shashi uncle? Khushi you like doing things like a kid.. Couldn't you inform NK that you're going with your friend? And on top of that you accepted going to a pub? Are you mad? You know you aren't comfortable in these places still you went... Pagli, Crazy witch.. Mad girl.

Khushi interrupted and started singing: I am sorry mere pyaare jaane do hota hai chhodo bhi jaane  do... I am sorry oh sorry jaane do hota hai chhodo bhi jaane do....

Arnav looked at her and shouted: Stop it Khushi...

Khushi stepped back closing her eyes tightly..

Behind the sofa of Raizada mansion..

NK: Diii call the police fast... Nannav  is ready to kill Khukhu..

Shyam confused: Khukhu? Do you a sickness of spoiling people's name?

NK: Sorry Khushi!! I can't even complete her in name in fear..

Anjali with a detective look: Look Khushi still didn't call us.. Which means she is still alive

Mami: Hello hi bye bye do you want to wait till Arnav kills her?

* Arnav's room:

Arnav went forward Khushi with anger all written on his face..

Arnav: Do you know I went to the police station for you? I..Arnav Singh Raizada.. In a time I should be at home resting.. I was looking for a girl... No KID.. Who was enjoying with her friend..

Khushi mumbling: Who told to look for me?

Arnav: What? I didn't heard what you said.. Repeat it..

Khushi looked at every place except Arnav’s face.. Who was scaring the hell out of her.. She was shivering in fear now..

Arnav held Khushi by her shoulders harshly: Didn't I told you if you want to go somewhere inform me first? Tell me Khushi.. 4 hours.. 4 hours I spent worried for you.. Worried about your safety.. Your life.. Madam had a phone with her.. But didn't think of calling me or NK to say that she was with her stupid irresponsible college friend.. Wow Khushi you should receive an award for that..Drama queen..

Khushi looked down.. her eyes glistened with tears that were threatening to come out at anytime..

Khushi tried to speak: Woh..

Arnav gritted his teeth shouting: Shut.up.

Tears finally came out of Khushi's eyes..

Arnav melted seeing the angel crying in front of him.. He really wanted to slap her tightly.. But can anyone scold such a cutie like Khushi?

Arnav came forward Khushi with a soft voice now: Don't cry Khushi..

"What the.. Do all people have this problem? When a person say don't cry.. They cry more.. I think I should say cry like there is no tomorrow .. Its then she will stop crying.. Urghh.. I never consoled anyone in my life.. How will I do it? Kiss her? No she will slap me for sure.." Arnav stood like a statue looking at a crying Khushi..

Realizing his stupid position he moved his body a bit...

Placing his hand on Khushi's shoulder: Stop crying... You know you look like a kid whose teacher gave a punishment..

Khushi sobbing: Toh? You're worse than that.. You're a beast who wants to torture the princess..

" Wow you console someone like Khushi and you get bashings in return.. " Arnav rolled his eyes..

Arnav: Acha okay.. But its your fault..

Khushi shouting cutely: But I said sorry.. I even sang for you..

" Urghh why do you have to be so cute.. If it was someone else shouting at me I would have beaten up that person.. But since its you.. Go on.." Arnav thought..

Khushi pointing her index finger at Arnav with a cute kid expression on her face: My parents never talked to me like that.. Papa ki pari hoon main  ( I’m my father’s angel)…

Arnav mimicking Khushi: I'm not your parents.. Uff..Thank you DM I'm not at fault this time..

Khushi mood changed quickly after seeing Arnav mimicking her... The room filled with her laughter..

" Are you happy now?" Arnav asked Khushi who was still controlling her laugh..

" Hahah.. Yes..hahah Laad governor you looked cute as Khushi.." Khushi  said while going on his recliner to sit so that she doesn't fall while laughing..

" That's because you are cute.." muttered Arnav going towards his closet....

Seeing him walking towards the closet.. Khushi happy face immediately turned in a suspicious one..

" DM is he going to take a gun to kill me? " Khushi thought peeking to see what Arnav is doing..

Arnav took his clothes.. Khushi sigh in relief..

Arnav: You're going to receive your punishment after I freshen up... Stay here.

Khushi looked confused.. She went out of the room..

Khushi: Diii I'm alive.

Samrat: You won the game like

Khushi: Haan.  He will not kill me..

Anjali: Then? Something he will do with you..

Khushi gestured with her hands: What?

NK: Lock you in the room?

Khushi covered her mouth in shock: What? In that dark room? Noo.. He seemed soft with me.. He was just scolding me..

Anjali: Oyeee oyee.. Soft soft.. I like it..

Khushi blushed and went back to the room before Arnav shouts at her..

She sat on the recliner waiting for Arnav..

After sometime Arnav came out, he looked around to see Khushi and spotted her sleeping on the recliner..

" Mad girl.." He murmured and went near her..

Arnav caressed her hair smiling: You give me a lot of trouble... Still I can't get angry on you... When you go away from me my heart aches.. I feel like I'm losing my life.. I want you all for me..

Khushi smiled a little hearing Arnav, she wasn't sleeping only closed her eyes...

Arnav realized that: Crazy witch you're awake...

Khushi open her eyes: Yes yes!! I heard everything.. You won't give me punishment to me now.. You said you aren't angry with me..

Khushi clapped her hands excitedly..

Arnav: I will give you.. You will not eat today.. No dinner for you..

Khushi: I'm your can't leave me hungry..

Arnav: I can.. And I will lock you in a dark room today..

Khushi screamed: Nooooooooo..


Nani said holding an imaginary knife: I think he is showing knife to her..

Mami continued her thinking: Then he will approach her..

Shyam: Like a serial killer..

Anjali: He will laugh devilishly.

NK hold the imaginary knife from Nani and killed Anjali explaining the scene in his mind: Khushi will scream then he will kill her mercilessly..

Mama: Then police will come running here..

Samrat: Breaking news: Ra.One in jail... He won the game... Poor G.One lost her life.

Akash facepalmed: Seriously guys... You're making bhai a villain now..

* Arnav's room:

Arnav: Let's go..

Khushi hugged him quickly in attempt to stop Arnav: What's wrong with you Arnav? You're behaving like Ra.One.. Do you want to torture me? Me? I stayed here for you, leaving my parents and you want to kill me? Please don't put me in a dark room please please..You're scaring me..

Arnav chuckled: You know that room is more darker than mine.. Let's go.. We are getting late..

Khushi: Noooo..

Arnav lifted Khushi and walked out of the room.. He took her to his car and started driving..


Anjali looked tensed: Was it Khushi's body?

Samrat bit his nails: I will lose my friend today..

Akash: Guys relax.. Have you realized that we are behind the sofa of our house like thieves?

Shyam: What a shame... Raizadas are scared of Chote hahahha...

Anjali with a sarcastic smile:  You're a lawyer and you are scared.. Hahahahahaa..

Shyam pouted..

NK: I'm hungry now.. Looking for Khushi, then handling this drama.. Uff... Let me eat.

Everyone nodded but their minds were worried for Khushi... where is Arnav taking her?

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For those who don't know: Ra.One (villain) and (hero) are characters from a hindi movie named Ra.One...

Feb 8, 2017

Chapter 13 - You're going to confess first!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 90 times)

Here is the next part.. Hope you will like it...

Arnav took Khushi to his farm house...

Khushi looked around: This is the place you murder people? That's why you were saying for me to stay.. You were already planning all this.. How fool I am..

Arnav shakes his head in disbelief..

Arnav: Come..

Arnav took Khushi to a garden that was at the backside of the house, it was very hidden, the first time she came she didn't even noticed it...

Khushi was amused at the sight..Beautiful garden with magnificent and wonderful flowers ... The lights illuminated the garden increasing its beauty, it seemed like a dream..

" Wow its so beautiful..." Khushi said with her gaze fixed at the garden..

" My favorite place... I love being here... My mother took care of this garden, and when she left the world.. I took the responsibility of taking care of it.." Arnav said looking at the Garden with a faintly smile..

Khushi patted Arnav's shoulder lovingly to show support..

Khushi: Acha Laad governor... This isn't a room, nor it is dark.. Were you lying to me?

Arnav chuckles: Are you that dumb? You really thought I would take you to a dark room and kill you..

Khushi pouted: You can do anything..

Arnav: I'm still very angry with you..

Khushi: Sorry.. My intention was not to hurt or leave you worried... I just wanted to get out of that place and in hurry I forgot to inform NK, which lead to all this confusion..

Arnav nodded..

Khushi caressed Arnav's cheeks: I'm really sorry... NK told me that you were very worried.. Sorry.. I promise I will inform from now on where I go..

Arnav liked the way Khushi touched him.. They went to sit in the bench that was adorning the garden...

Khushi: What's my punishment?

Arnav raised his eyebrow: You really want one..

Khushi giggles: I think today it was my fault... So you really can give me one... If Mumma was here she would have slapped me...

Arnav: Hmm really? Garima aunty slaps? She is so sweet...

Khushi: Sometimes when I do my madness...

Arnav smirked: I don't want to slap you... Just kiss..

Khushi looked at Arnav with wide eyes: Kyaaa? Kiss?

Arnav nodded innocently like he asked for something usual to Khushi...

Khushi looked down shy..

Arnav whispered: Can I?

" Laad governor first confess your feelings to me... Then you will kiss me.." Khushi thought..

Khushi: Noo... Why should I let you kiss me? What are you to me?

Arnav: The first person who made you blush..

Khushi smiled: That's not enough..

" Khushi I will make you confess your feelings to me..." Arnav smirked at his thoughts...

Arnav: Okay... I'm the first person who made you leave your parents.. I'm sure what you did for me today.. You wouldn't do it for anyone...

Khushi blushed more hearing Arnav...

Arnav held Khushi hand and gave her a gentle kiss... While Khushi closed her eyes feeling his touch...

Arnav left her hand...while Khushi looked away smiling shyly..

Khushi looked at Arnav side: Can I tell you something?

Arnav smiled: Hmmm..

Khushi grinned: Don't you think you're very Chote to do these things?

Arnav: What the..

Khushi laughed: Everyone call you Chote, instead of telling me that I'm a kid, you should see yourself first..

Arnav shakes his head: Di calls me like that since childhood... What should I do? I'm hate this name..

Khushi: What about Laad governor?

Arnav smirked: I also don't like it, still I let you call me like that... Because I love the owner's voice....

" What's wrong with this Laad governor? He is flirting with me... I think he loves me also, otherwise he wouldn't tell me all those things when I was sleeping" Khushi thought..

Arnav: Khushi make up..

Khushi looked at Arnav: This isn't make up today..

Arnav confused: Then?

Khushi playing with her hands: Ketchup..

Arnav raised his eyebrow: Make up means you're blushing.. Ketchup?

Khushi: You remember the day I splashed ketchup in your suit... What exactly was my mood that day?

Arnav thought: Angry...

Khushi grinned: Yes angry..

Arnav frowned: Why?

Khushi looked down while complaining  with a cute face: Because you're teasing me all the time.. And I have to put make up everytime.. Now I'm tired... That's why I'm  Ketchup with you now..

Arnav laughed looking at Khushi as his hand reached the bench to rest..

Khushi looked at Arnav for a while, then looked down and after realizing the scene she looked again at Arnav surprised: You're laughing!!!!

Khushi exclaimed as if she is seeing something impossible happening..

Arnav stopped his laugh and caressed the nape of his neck kind of embarrassed at the situation.. No one sees him laughing, even for him its awkward to laugh.. Seems like after ages he did what he left behind in the old Arnav.

Not to spoil the moment Khushi continued: It's okay Laad governor.. You look handsome even laughing..

Arnav smirked: Ohh really?? So now you find me handsome..

Khushi looked embarrassed as she remembered the day she said he isn't handsome: Woh I lied to you that day because you were my enemy.. Now its different..

Arnav smiled: Now I'm your friend right?

Khushi frowned: Noooooo.. Woh you didn't want to be my friend na that day.. Why you want to be now?

Arnav shrugged his shoulder: You forced me to..

Khushi came near Arnav interested in the conversation now: If I didn't force you? What would you want me to be for you?

Khushi blushed imagining what Arnav will say..

Arnav smirked: My...

Khushi eyes lit up in happiness: My????

Arnav smirked: My...

Khushi eager: My?????????

Arnav hugged Khushi who smiled more: My Sister...

Khushi widened her eyes: What???

Arnav chuckles: Yeah.. My sister..

Khushi pushed Arnav and looked away angry..

Arnav smirked: What's wrong? What do you want to be for me?

Khushi still angry: Do you kiss your sister like that?

Arnav was trying to control his laugh: Then tell me.. What you want?

Khushi looked at him: You should have said My...

" DM he is so smart... How didn't I realize that? He wants me to confess first.. Mr.Raizada you're not going to win this time... You're going to say that you love me... I will make you confess..." Khushi thought smirking..

Khushi: My mother..

Arnav look at Khushi not believing what she said: What the..

Khushi giggling: Yeah... I would call you Choteeee do this for me.. Chote mumma made your coffee.. Chote you're getting late for office..

Arnav shocked imagining what Khushi said: No way.. You're not my mother.. You will never be..

Khushi with a winning tone: You're not my brother.. You will never be..

Arnav smiled at Khushi's smartness...

As time passed by, both fell asleep while chatting...



Anjali finished her prayer and went out of the Mansion's mandir..

Shyam came there and smiled: Good morning Sweetheart...

Anjali blushed hearing one of her nicknames: Good morning..

Shyam: Feed me something quickly.. I'm very hungry..

Anjali nodded and they went towards the table where everyone were having their breakfast.. But.. Two people were missing... Where are them?

Anjali: Did Chote call anyone?

NK sipping his juice: No Di... I tried calling him but it was not available..

Shyam caressed Anjali: Don't worry Anjali.. If he really killed Khushi, I will fight his case..

Anjali playfully slapped him: You're always joking..

Mami: Hello hi bye bye.. Why do you think Arnav can't kill someone? He already kill people with his eyes.. When I ask him to buy make up for me.. You should see the way he looks at me..

Everyone laughed..

Nani: You know today is Sunday.. I think you all should go out.. Lets wait for Chote and Khushi..


Khushi woke up with a frown on her face because of sun rays that were disturbing her..

She felt something heavy on her.. Looking down she saw the great ASR sleeping so cutely resting his head on her shoulder..

She was shocked seeing him like that, then smiled... At last her face turned red imagining that they spent the night like that..

" Should I wake him up? " Khushi thought scratching her head..

After battling with herself she decided to let this workaholic sleep more.. He deserves it.. Caressing his hair she waited for him to wake up..

After sometime, for Khushi "so soon" Arnav woke up..

He rubbed his eyes like a kid.. Khushi expression was " Awww wish I could kiss you"

Arnav looked at Khushi: What the.. We fell asleep here.. Dammit..

Khushi frowned: Why? What problem you have with me? I'm sure if it was some beautiful model you wouldn't mind..

Arnav stunned: I don't mind with you Khushi.. It's just I didn't inform the family.. They must be worried..

Khushi embarrassed: Ohh okay..

She quickly got up: Let's go then..

Arnav smirked and went with Khushi to the car..

The driving journey was a silent one, because Khushi was embarrassed  with her outburst.. She wanted to hide her face somewhere..

While Arnav was smirking all the way..

Arnav: Did you like the night spent with me?

Khushi blushed.. "Why he has talk like that?"

Khushi: I should be the one asking.. You were the one who slept on me..

Arnav was quite impressed with Khushi: I loved it...

Khushi blushed: Aren't you ashamed? Talking like that..

Arnav shrugged his shoulders: Why should I be? I'm speaking the truth.. I loved sleeping with you by my side.. I love it.. Love it a lot...

Khushi smacked Arnav's shoulder: Arnav..

Reaching home both were with a pretty smile on their faces..

They walked in and saw everyone sitting in the living room already waiting for them..

Anjali came running to them: Khushi are you okay?

Khushi smiled: Haan Di.. I'm fine..

Arnav: You're talking as if I'm murderer Di..

Anjali smiled sheepishly: You know when you want you can be one..

Arnav rolled his eyes muttering: Unbelievable..

NK: We are planning to go out today.. Go and eat something fast..

Arnav gritted his teeth: You!!! I will not leave you and Thief..

Khushi giggling: Let it be Arnav.. Let bygones be bygones..

" Will not leave you both" Arnav thought..

They walked to table where food was already placed for both..

Khushi devouring the food: Laad governor you really didn't give me dinner yesterday..

Anjali, Shyam, NK and Nani came there to sit with them..

Arnav glared at them while they replied with a sheepish smile..

Anjali: By the way Chote..

Arnav interrupted his Di: You don't need to know where I went with Khushi yesterday..

Anjali pouted..

Shyam with a mischievous smile: My dear sister.. Tell us na..

Khushi grinned: Dear bhaiya.. Its a secret...

Shyam pouted: Why are you both so bad? Can't you guys share with us?

Arnav and Khushi high five-ed...

Nani: Won't you tell your sweet Nani?

Khushi & Arnav: No no no ... Secret..

Anjali, Shyam and Nani looked at NK indicating that its his turn now..

NK: If he didn't tell you all do you think I have a chance?


Anjali: Shall we go now?

Arnav came there: Wait Di... We aren't going out today..

Khushi pouted: Why? It's so boring to stay at home..

Arnav glared at Khushi: We are going to Lonavala...

Khushi eyes lit in happiness: Wow..

While others were about to faint seeing this ASR... The one who never ask them to go for a simple shopping.. Made plans to go to Lonavala..

Anjali: Haan haan... Let us pack something..

All went running to their room before Arnav changes his decision..

After packing, they went...

In Arnav's car were Khushi in the front seat, NK, Lav, Akash at the back seat..

In Shyam's car was Anjali in front seat..

The elders decided to stay at home only.. Because Nani wouldn't be comfortable with long hours of driving and camping..

While driving..

Akash: Woh bhai.. Actually.. I mean..

NK laughed: Akash stop stammering..

Akash glared at NK: Bhai..

Arnav concentrated on his driving: Haan Akash..

Akash: Woh I wanted to take Payal with us too..

Khushi laughed: What will you do with Payal (anklets) there? Dance sequence haan?

Arnav: Fool.. Akash's girlfriend name is Payal..

Khushi: Acha.. Ohh sorry Akash..

Akash smiled..

Arnav: But there is no space here in the car..

Khushi: Laad governor she can go in Bhai's car ..

Akash: Great idea Khushi.. I will also move with her to Shyam's car..

Arnav nodded..

Khushi smiling: Laad governor can my friend also go with us?

Arnav replied quickly: No..

Khushi pouted: Why no? Akash's Payal can come why Khushi's..

Before she could even complete the sentence Arnav would hate to hear..

Arnav: Because there is no space.. Should I keep him in my head?

Khushi pouted: You're lying.. There is a lot of space.. See if Akash moves with his Payal to bhai's car then his space will be empty.. Who will fill it? My friend: Samrat.

Arnav: No.. We are getting late..

Khushi arguing: We aren't going to a office meeting to get late..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Khushi..

Khushi looked down sad: Say it clearly that you don't want him to go with us..

Arnav sighs: Where is he staying?

After picking Payal, they went to take Samrat..

Samrat entered in the car with his cool attitude..

Samrat: Hello guys.. What's up?

NK smiled: Hi Sam..

Khushi also smiled brightly: Hello Sam.. How are you?

Samrat: I'm cool.. Thanks for inviting me Sweetie..

" Such smile doesn't come when she see me" Arnav thought cursing Samrat..

Samrat looking at Lav: Hi pretty..

Lav smiled..

Arnav: Don't even think of flirting with Lav here..

Samrat: Calm down Ra.One..

Arnav irritated looked at Khushi: What the.. What's this Ra.One thing?

Khushi laughed: Nothing.. Let's go..

Now they set for their fun journey..

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Feb 9, 2017

Chapter 14 - Oh my Darling... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 94 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it...

Arnav was driving the car silently while Khushi was speaking non stop with NK, Lav and Samrat..

Khushi rolling her eyes: Since Driverji doesn't want to play the music for us.. Lets sing..

Samray clapped: Good... I will start: "Ude dil Befikre

Ude dil Befikre

 Angaaron mein nikhre

 Ude dil befikre

Raat bhar jhoomenge

 Aasmaan ghoomenge

 Chaand ye choomenge

 Taaron ke maarenge phere

Ude dil befikre

 Ude dil befikre"

Samrat finished his song with a smile...

While Arnav rolled his eyes "Fool"

Khushi started singing looking at Arnav: Dil mera har baar sunne ko beqaraar hai (My heart longs to hear it time and again)...

 Kaho na pyaar hai... Kaho na.. Pyaar hai..  (Say... You love me..)

She looked angry when realized Arnav was still concentrated on his driving not even paying attention to her.. " Duffer"..

She continued: Kaho na.. Pyaar hai, Kaho na.. Pyaar hai, Kaho na.. Pyaar hai... 

Arnav frowned: Is this the only part of this music?

Khushi angrily: I want to sing like that..

NK sigh seeing the two who where about to start a fight: My turn.."Nachange saari raat soniyo ve...

Nachange saari raat soniyo ve....

Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve....

Karlo thoda sa pyaar.."

Lav smiled: My turn.."Jo dil se lage

 Usse keh do hi, hi, hi, hi...Jo dil na lage.... Usse keh do bye, bye, bye, bye....Aane do, aane do

 Dil mein aa jaane do

 Kehdo muskurahat ko

 Hi, hi, hi, hi"

Arnav: You sing so well.. Unlike three idiots here.. I think I will get headache hearing them..

Lav giggles: Thanks ASR..

Khushi fumed in anger, she kept quiet after that leaving NK and Sam singing..

Arnav smirked: Are you ketchup with me?

Khushi looked away..

Arnav: Why ketchup.. I didn't say for you to stop..

Khushi looked at the window side: I don't want to sing anymore...

Arnav smiled and held her hand bringing it near him: Sing... I'm gonna sing with you..

Khushi looked at him astonished: Really?

Arnav nodded..

" This is the chance Khushi... I should use this way to make Laad governor confess his feelings to me" Khushi thought smirking..

Khushi: Okay.. "Aaj ke ladke I tell you ..

Kitne lallu what to do..

Koi mujhe pooche how are you..

Koi mujhe bole how do you do..

Khabhi koi mujhse na kahe...

Oh my Darling  I love you..

Oh my Darling I love you.. "

( Today's boys, I tell you... 

They are so naive, what to do.. 

Some ask me how are you... 

Some ask me how do you do... 

No one tells me... 

Oh my Darling I love you)

Arnav smiled and continued: "Aaj ki ladki I tell you...

 Nakhre waali sun le tu... 

Na main poochun how are you.. 

Na main bolun how do you do.. 

Abhi yahi main kehta hoon..." 

( Today's girls, I tell you.. 

They throw so many tantrums, listen to this... 

I don't ask them how are you... 

I don't ask them how do you do... 

Now I just tell them...)

Khushi looked at Arnav eager to hear the three magical words..

Arnav smirked: Oh my darling I hate you.. Oh my Darling I hate you..

The three at the back seat were confused..

NK: Nannav its " Oh my Darling I love you"

Khushi pouted.. " How can he be so bad? Laad governor..."

Khushi looked at NK: He sing it like that purposely..

Arnav: Innovation you know..

Khushi angrily: Innovation my foot..

Lav, NK and Sam laughed as now they understood what Khushi wanted from this song..

Arnav stopped the car near  a shop to buy water for everyone..

After buying he came back to the car and handled it to everyone..

Arnav handling to Khushi: Take it..

Khushi took the water from him not looking at his face..

Arnav smiled: Here is it..

Khushi not looking at him: Now what you want to give me? I already took water..

Arnav: Look at it first..

Khushi refused: No, I don't want..

Arnav left it on Khushi's lap... She unwillingly had to look at it..

After seeing what Arnav bought for her, she smiled brightly..

Khushi whispered to herself: Chocolate!!!!!

Sam who was not seeing what Arnav gave to Khushi: What is it?

Arnav: Why do you want you know?

Sam sigh muttering: He is really Laad governor..

Arnav continued his driving, Khushi was eating happily her chocolate while the three were sleeping on each other which made Arnav look in disbelief..

Khushi looked at Arnav: Laad governor..

Arnav looked at her: Hmmm..

Khushi: Talk with me... I'm not sleepy at all.. You know I'm so excited to go to Lonavala.. Camping there will be awesome..

Arnav: Yeah..

Khushi looked at him in disbelief: Yeah? Seriously.. I can't believe it.. I'm trying to start a conversation with you and you only say yeah... Sam is better than you..

Arnav gritted his teeth: I didn't plead to be compared with your friend..

Khushi noticed he is getting angry: Laad governor why do you get angry on such petty things?

Arnav: Sleep.. It's better for you.

Khushi: Are you ketchup with me? Sorry Sam isn't better than you... If he was I would be singing for him, not you..

Arnav smiled hearing Khushi.. She is indirectly saying " If Sam was better than him, she would be saying Sam to say I love you to her, not Arnav.." ..

After some hours of driving they finally reached their destination..

* Pawna lake..

Arnav and Shyam parked the car..

" Now I have to wake them.. Wow.. ASR you really look like a driver now" Arnav said sarcastically..

Shyam, Anjali, Akash and Payal came near them..

Shyam: Let's go Arnav..

Arnav: First wake them up..

Anjali laughed seeing NK, Lav,  Sam and Khushi on a deep sleep..

Anjali opened the car's door: Guys wake up.. We have reached..

Arnav patted Khushi's cheeks lovingly: Khushi.. Khushi wake up..

Khushi woke up and saw Arnav's face near her.. She couldn't help herself but to get lost in his eyes.. Both kept staring at each other..

Shyam, Akash, Payal, Anjali, NK, Sam and Lav cleared their throats purposely glancing at each other with a teasing smile: Ahem... Ahem.

Arnav and Khushi broke the eye lock and looked at them embarrassed..

Arnav quickly got out of the car and went to talk with the manager for their staying..

Leaving Khushi alone to handle the teasing smiles..

" Urghh Laad governor.." Khushi looked at his disappearing figure angrily...

Thank you to those who commented, pressed thank you button and silent readers... A big thank you to: Lily30, Arshi95twilight, Candie, Merlin, Shah10, Spriya, $@n!@, Asu29494: Haha.. so sorry.. No punishment, Londoner, Noordina, Ranisha Rambaran..


Feb 11, 2017

Chapter 15 - This love has caught me! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 84 times)

Here is the next part.. Hope you will like it..

After talking to the manager Arnav came back and took everyone to the place they were going to camp..

A beautiful lake, tents already placed for them.. A beautiful nature sight.. Is what was taking everyone attention now.. Later on they would see everything in details...

The manager left them after seeing that they were comfortable..

Arnav came near Anjali and Khushi who were busy staring at the lake..

Arnav: Di go and rest.. You must be tired..

Anjali nodded and went towards her tent..

Khushi was also going but Arnav held her hand before she goes away: Where are you going?

Khushi raised her eyebrow: Rest, what else?

Arnav: You slept in the car... What's the need to do it now?

Khushi rubbed her chin thinking: You're right..

Arnav: Are you like this since childhood?

Khushi looked at him angrily: Youuuuu...

She started running behind Arnav, who was running faster than her.. Both were enjoying without even worrying about anyone..

Khush running: Stop running.. Enough.. I know I'm not going to win from you... Stop Arnav..

Arnav stopped and came near her panting: Are you that weak?

Khushi with a mischievous smile hugged him quickly: Caught you!!!

Arnav smiled: If you catch me like this.. Then I can let you win everytime...

Arnav hugged Khushi back, knowing very well that Khushi's face must be  red right now..

Khushi blushing: You never leave a chance to tease me right?

Arnav chuckles: Hmmm..

Sam and NK came near them..

Sam mimicking Khushi: Laad governor stop hugging me..

NK mimicking Arnav: Why Crazy witch? Don't worry you are with ASR.. No one will say anything to you..

Arnav and Khushi broke the hug looking at them in disbelief.. NK and Sam were hugging each other the way they were also..

Sam: Laad governor leave me... Someone will come.

NK gritted his teeth: No one will come Khushi..

Arnav raised his eyebrow: What the hell are you both doing?

Khushi laughed: Let them continue na.. I'm enjoying it..

Arnav folded his arms: Continue.. Show your madness to this mad girl..

Sam and NK giggled..

NK: Let me kiss you my sweetheart..

Sam covered his face with his palm: No Laad governor.. Can't you see Arnav and Khushi are here? They will see everything..

Khushi mouth shape was like a perfect "O": You both.. I will not leave you guys.

Arnav looked at her with I-told-you look..

Khushi pouted: Why are you always right?

Sam and NK laughed..

NK: Nannav let's swim..Shyam and Akash are already swimming.. We came here to take you..

Sam nodded and started taking off his shirt..

Arnav immediately covered Khushi's eyes with his palms and shouted: Heyyyyyyyyy are you mad? What the hell are you trying to do?

Sam looked at Arnav confused: How will I swim with clothes? I have to take them out na..

Anjali, Lav and Payal came there running hearing Arnav's shout..

Lav: What happened guys?

Arnav was still covering Khushi's eyes.. And she stood there quiet, not knowing what is happening..

Arnav with a complaining tone: He is taking off his shirt in front of Khushi..

Khushi smiled...

Lav smirked: So what? It's normal ASR.. Now you don't expect him to swim with clothes right?

Arnav frowned: Khushi isn't going to see any of you boys shirtless..

Anjali was trying to control her laugh: Even you?

Arnav: Only me..

Khushi blushed more: Laad governor stop covering my eyes..

Arnav shouted: What the.. You want to see him shirtless..

Khushi shakes her head negatively: No.. But I can't be like this na..

Arnav left Khushi: Go to your tent..

Khushi: No way.. I promise I will not look at any of you...

Arnav gritted his teeth: Khushiiiiii

Khushi pouted and went running from there before she faces the Laad governor..

Anjali, Lav and Payal went to stay with Khushi..

While the boys were enjoying swimming...

Arnav went to Khushi's tent before swimming to make sure if she isn't angry..

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi: What happened now? I can't see anyone here.. Do you want me to go and hide in the car?

Lav, Anjali and Payal giggled..

Arnav: Come out, I want to talk with you..

Khushi came out of her tent..

Arnav caressed Khushi's cheeks: Are you ketchup with me?

Khushi blushed and nodded negatively..

Arnav placed a kiss on her forehead: You're only mine..

" Then why don't you say that you love me Laad governor" Khushi thought..

Khushi looked down: Hmm..

Arnav: Your friend is so shameless.. How can he do this in front of you?

Khushi rolled her eyes: I wasn't going to look at him Arnav.. You know very well how I am.. And he was just taking out his shirt.. Which for now is something normal isn't it?

Arnav: Acha I know.. But I don't want you to look at them.. You can only look at me..

Khushi smiled nodding.. Arnav went from there..

After enjoying swimming in the beautiful lake, the boys sat on theirs camp chairs enjoying the afternoon cool breeze..

Arnav literally forced everyone to wear shirt... Because  " Khushi can't see boys shirtless" ..

Girls came to join them..

Anjali and Payal were whispering something to themselves and started giggling..

NK looked at them: What's wrong Di?

Anjali didn't say anything and continued giggling looking at somewhere..

NK, Sam, Akash, Shyam, Lav looked at the direction she was looking..

They also started laughing..

Arnav who wasn't paying attention to their conversation purposely.. Looked confused when he saw everyone laughing looking at somewhere..

Raising his eyebrow he also shifted his attention to where they all were looking....

Arnav smirked.. Khushi was ogling at him because he was shirtless and the drops of water running down on his neck were making him more handsome..

NK: Khushi... Khushi.. Are you here?

" DM how can you create such a handsome creature? He doesn't look like a normal person.. OMG he is so hot... More than Salmanji.. Sorry Salmanji.. " Khushi was busy ogling at Arnav that she didn't even realized that everyone were laughing at her...

NK tapped her shoulder.. Khushi looked at him startled.. Then looked at herself.. She was in a stupid statue position looking at Arnav..

She looked down embarrassed: Woh..

Arnav came near Khushi: Were you staring at me? Or at the lake behind me?

Everyone giggled..

Khushi turned red.. " How can she lose control like that? She practically forgot that she wasn't alone when ogling at him"

Khushi looked at Anjali: Let's eat something... I'm hungry..

Everyone nodded and went to arrange the food..

Arnav came near Khushi: I know I'm hot.. But you don't need to stare at me like that... I almost had to put make up with they way you were looking at me.

" Laad governor he stares at me all day.. I don't even tease him.. DM... Why did you me make look at him? Couldn't you me make control myself? " Khushi complained looking at the sky..

Arnav: Now stop blaming your DM.. Let's eat..

Both joined everyone to eat.. Anjali served everyone cold drinks and food..

NK teasing: I'm enjoying this new ASR...

Arnav who was about to eat his food stopped to glare at NK, who send him a flying kiss..

Arnav widened his eyes: What the..

NK shouted happily: I love you bro..

Khushi came and settled her chair near Arnav..

Khushi: Do eat your food.. Stop your " What the.." session..

Arnav: I'm not even talking with you still you find ways to trouble me.. Only God knows how am I going to handle you all my life..

Khushi excitedly smiled: Acha!!!

Arnav realized what he said: All my life means you will come for holidays right? In this way... Don't think other things..

Khushi pouted: I will only meet you in holidays now... Keep showing your attitude..

Arnav spilled his juice: What? Noooo..

Khushi looked away: Yesssss..

Arnav thought: " You're the only girl that will make me lose.."

Arnav: Eat your food quietly..

Khushi crossed her arms angrily: I don't want to.. You know I'm here for holidays only after that I will go away.. Then?

Arnav smirked: Then?

Khushi glared at him: Leave it...

After enjoying the delicious food...

Akash was roaming around with Payal, Anjali and Shyam went for boating, leaving Lav, NK, Sam and Khushi..

" Acha guys I will go and stay with Arnav.." Khushi said going to Arnav's tent..

" Uhuuuu... Love birds..." the three started teasing Khushi who in return glared at them..

" Laad governor.." Khushi shouted..

 Arnav looked at her with a questioning look..

Khushi smiled and sat beside him..

" You're really boring.. Seriously we are here to enjoy and you're reading a book.. DM what a boring person.." Khushi said rolling her eyes..

" And what you want with this boring person?" Arnav questioned..

" Don't know why.. But I only enjoy staying with you.." Khushi said playing with hands..

Arnav smiled..

Arnav: Do you want to go somewhere?

Khushi eyes lit in happiness: Yesss Akash and Payal went to see this place.. I also want to see..

Arnav nodded and both went for a walk to explore this place..

While walking..

" I love places like this..." Khushi closed her eyes smiling..

Arnav stared at her while walking..

" Aaisi lagan lag gayi hain yaar... Lagan lag gayi hain yaar... "

( This love has really caught my friend... Yes indeed this love has caught me, my friend)

Staring at the beauty in front of him, he didn't even realized when he bumped with a big stone and fell on the ground..

" Ouch.. Dammit..." Arnav said holding his feet firmly and closing his eyes tightly...

Khushi looked at him and quickly bend to reach him..

" What happened?" she asked worried..

" Dammit... Ouch... Man this hurts.." Arnav was mumbling thing to himself..

Khushi looked at his feet and realized he was hurt there..

" Let me help you.." Khushi said helping Arnav to get up..

They reached the camping place.. Anjali came running to Arnav..

Anjali worried: What happened Chote? Why are you limping? Khushi..

Arnav caressed her cheeks: I'm fine, just bumped with some stupid stone..

Khushi laughed: You really look like a kid complaining.. Come now I will help you..

* Arnav's tent:

Arnav was looking at Khushi who was bandaging his wound on his feet..

Khushi: That's it.. Tomorrow you will be able to walk.. It's a minor injury..

Arnav smirked: Okay my doctor..

Arnav started coming near Khushi who looked at him suspiciously...

He started caressing her face with his hands.. While Khushi closed her eyes.. Arnav kissed Khushi's forehead.. Then ****ed his head to kiss her right cheek...


At the right moment Lav came there... 

She saw their position and blushed: Sorry guys... Just came to ask if you want snacks..

Khushi pushed Arnav.. Adjusting her clothes she looked at Lav: I'm coming...

Lav went from there smiling..

Khushi turned to Arnav: Youuu... What were you doing?

Arnav smirked: Kiss you what else?

Khushi smirked: First change the name of the relation we share... You can't kiss your sister like that.. 

She went from there running muttering " Shameless" ...


At night time everyone were sitting around the bonfire..

Anjali came to sit beside Arnav: Chote..

Arnav nodded: Haan Di..

Anjali: You know everyone knows you love Khushi and she loves you..

Arnav looked at Anjali.

She continued: But the boys take the first step right?

Arnav shrugged his shoulders: Is there any rule like that?

Anjali face palmed: Choteeee..

Shyam came there: Arnav is right.. Why boys first?

Anjali glared at Shyam: Because it looks good when the boy say first..

Arnav looked at both rolling his eyes: Stop both of you.. Di for me the fact that she knows when I am with her and she is with me we both feel something different, we know that we share something that is more than friendship is enough... To say I love you isn't that important for me..

What we feel for each other when we are together is... They way we care for each other matters to me and, our talks, the way we tease, fight, smile with each other.. All this screams our love for each other..

If I say I love you to her without enjoying all this would mean nothing...  And don't worry she already drives me crazy in love, so it's obvious I will say those three magical words to her.. She was the winner in the first day itself...

Anjali looked at Arnav overwhelmed: Awwww Chote you're so cute..

Shyam warning: You're going my way... Welcome Thief to the world: " Only listen to your wife" ...

The three laughed..

Khushi came there smiling: Tell me the joke also... I want to laugh..

Arnav: Look at the mirror you will find a joke there..

Khushi cried: Diiiiiiii... Tell this man to stop teasing me..

Anjali laughed..


Everyone were sleeping on their respective tents...

Arnav and Khushi were still outside gazing at the stars..

Arnav looked at the sky: I love staring at stars..

Khushi also looked up: Me too...

Arnav held Khushi's hands: Look those two stars there... My mom and dad..

Khushi gave him a half-smile..

Arnav: We were so happy that day Khushi... Not just that day.. My life only had happiness until that unfortunate day of my life... I lost the persons I love the most in this world... I lost them..

Tears left Arnav's eyes as he was explaining the unfortunate day in his life: It was my Dad's friend birthday party.. We all enjoyed there... It was very late when we decided to return home, Dad was driving the car.. I was in my mom's lap and Di at the back seat.. We were singing happily when a truck came in front of our car... Dad was shocked he didn't knew what he would do, when you are in such situations you don't even think, that driver was  threw me and Di out of the car... But couldn't save herself nor Dad..

.. I watched my parents going away from me Khushi... I couldn't do anything.. I lost them...

Arnav cried and Khushi quickly hugged him tightly: Shhh Arnav.. Don't cry please...

She kept caressing Arnav's hair, Arnav rested his head on Khushi's lap and fell asleep..

Khushi kissed Arnav's forehead: Your parents must be proud of having a son like you Arnav.. Even tough you lost them, you worked hard to sustain you Di and your family, you didn't let your family suffer... I fell in love with the right man..

 Wiping her tears she whispered in Arnav's ear: I love you...


 Thank you to those who commented, pressed than you button and silent readers.. A big thank you to:

Lily30, Shah10, Arshi95twilight, Candie, Isabellaallan2108, Merlin, Khushisingh96: Thankiuu.. It's okay don't need to say sorry... I hope your exams went well, Noordina, Ranisha Rambaran..

Feb 12, 2017

Chapter 16 - I Love You!!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 100 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it....

" Guideji I'm tired of walking now..." Khushi said with an exhaustive look.. Drops of water running down on her head, that made her caress her head multiple times...

" Ma'am we are almost there.." the trek guide assured the almost dead body of Khushi..

" You said this when we started walking... And look I'm still walking .." Khushi sigh in frustration, this man is lying to her, does he think she is fool..

" All this will be worthy ma'am just have patience.." the guide once again tried to calm this restless woman..

After using their legs for a while.. Khushi stopped seeing a yellow card on the floor..

" Finally something interesting" Khushi said as her hands reached the card that was stuck with a stone..

The guide smiled.. Khushi opened looking at him: Ha ha ha.. You're enjoying seeing me like this right?

The guide who was tired of explaining her stood quiet..

Khushi read the note: Tum saanson mein (You are in my breath)...

Khushi blushed reading the sweet words for her..

" Ma'am shall we go? I guess you have more cards waiting for you.." the Guide said with a smile expecting Khushi to calm down now..

" Yes let's go" Khushi said chirpily and started running..

The guide who was the rabbit and Khushi the turtle in this race, has become the elephant and Khushi the horse..

Reaching another stone there was a pink card.. Khushi hurriedly picked it..

Khushi: Tum dhadkan mein (You are in my heartbeat)...

Walking more..

" By the way where are heading to? I mean where we are? " Khushi asked to the guide while re-reading  what was written in the card..

" Tikona fort ma'am"

Near a bunch of leaves there was another blue card..

Khushi: Tum nazar mein (You are in my eyes)

Khushi turned red, OMG when did this laad governor learned all this?

Khushi was now excited to reach to the main place..

While in the camping place:

Anjali confused: Where are the love birds?

Akash came running to them: Di I'm not seeing them anywhere..

Lav worried: I hope they didn't get lost here... Should we call for help?

Shyam: Not needed... Guys you're talking about ASR.. Do you really think that he will get lost? I'm sure he planned something.. Maybe today is the D-day..

Now everyone sigh in relief...


" Tell your sir that I won't go back walking now... Bring a car here" Khushi said complaining..

The guide chuckles: Ma'am are you mad?

Khushi looked at him with wide eyes while he covered his mouth with palms shocked about the sudden outburst..

" I'm not mad do you get that?" Khushi said pouting..

" Where is the next card? I'm not seeing anywhere.." Khushi said spinning to see if she didn't miss to see it..

The guide also started looking for it..

They finally spotted it in the tree..

Khushi mouth shape formed a perfect "O": Is your sir mad? Does he expect me climb  this tree now? I'm so tired DM.. Give him a punishment later..

Guide: Ma'am I can help you..

Khushi smiled sarcastically: Why? The card is for me.. He doesn't want to be your boyfriend.. He is doing this for me.. So I should see the card first..

She started climbing the tree, after numerous tries to catch the card without any help, she managed to get hold of it..

She looked down smirking at the guide: Khushi Kumari Gupta can do anything.. I'm very strong just like Salman Khan..

The guide face palmed.. It will not be that easy to handle this woman..

Khushi came down with a winning smile: Let's go...

Khushi reading: Tum jigar mein (You are in my heart)..

" Aww so sweet Laad governor..." Khushi said hugging the card to herself...

" Indeed" the guide said smiling..

Khushi: So you're reading my card..

Guide: Ma'am you're reading it loudly... It's obvious I will know what's written there..

Khushi glared at him: Let's proceed..

" Mumma see na what is your son-in- law making me do.. Just to say a simple I love you... Never mind... I'm loving all this.." Khushi talked with herself leaving the guide to look at her in disbelief.. " Crazy ma'am"

Another white card..

Khushi: Utar gaye (You have become part of)..

Reaching in the fort Khushi looked around smiling.. She saw now a big red card...

She went running to see it..

The guide helped Khushi to hold it, who had to accept his help, as she wouldn't be able to hold this big card..

Khushi read: The next line you will find out yourself!!!! Re-read all the cards again..

Khushi quickly started reading all the cards again: Tum saanson mein... Tum dhadkan mein... Tum nazar mein... Tum jigar mein.. Utar gaye.. Now what's the next line?

Closing her eyes tightly: I know this one.. It's a song.. Come on Khushi, you know it.. H..hum..

Yessss opening her eyes excitedly: Humko Deewana Kar Gaye ( You have made me go crazy in love)..

She looked happily and turned to the Guide... Soon a frown took place in her face not  seeing the guide anywhere..

" Guideji.. Where are you? Look you can't leave me alone here.. Come back.. Guideeeeeji.." Khushi looked around her almost crying..

She gasped when someone covered her eyes with a handkerchief.. The person hugged her from behind, feeling this familiar touch she automatically rested herself on him..

" Arnav.." Khushi said smiling..

Arnav made her turn, kissing her forehead, then her cheeks..

Khushi blushed resting her head on his chest..

Arnav smiled.. He lifted her to the top of the fort..

Uncovered her eyes.. Khushi slowly opened her eyes: Wow...

She exclaimed seeing the breathtaking sight..

Arnav: Do you know why I brought you here?

Khushi looked at Arnav..

Arnav: To confess my feelings to you... You said you love places like this... So I will make this moment special for you.. Whenever you come here you will remember me..

After sometime... Arnav knelt down.. : " I Love You Khushi" ...

Khushi's heart skipped a beat..

Arnav continued: I agree I didn't like you earlier because you used to irritate me, in fact we were enemies right from our childhood, but now I felt something different for you, why, when, how I don't know what to  answer you .. I just know I love you... Your love has made me crazy... I never imagined that I would be doing all this for a girl.. But now see what you made do.. I don't imagine myself with any girl other than you... I want you for me only.. I really love you Khushi..

 Finally Arnav said the three magical words to Khushi.. And her wait was over now..

Khushi looked at him overwhelmed... She didn't had words right now to describe her happiness... All this seems like a dream... All these days she was waiting for him to confess, and now all of sudden.. Wow it felt so good hearing " I love you" from him, his eyes revealed that he felt each word while telling her..

Khushi also knelt down and hugged Arnav tightly whispering: I Love You too Arnav...

Arnav hugged her back smiling: My crazy witch... Are you happy now?

Khushi nodded smiling: Yes very happy.. My Laad governor..

Arnav kissed her hair mumbling: I love you... I love you... I love you..

Khushi blushed and tightened the hug.. Arnav looked at her, then kissed her forehead, her nose, her eyes.. Then her cheeks.. Khushi tried to get out of his hold...

Arnav smirked: Now this is allowed..

Khushi looked down blushing...

Arnav: Let's go back.. I didn't inform anyone that we are here..

Khushi made a crying face: I will have to walk again?

 Arnav lifted Khushi and started walking: Why you troubled the poor trek guide?

Khushi pouted: He made me walk... No... He woke me up screaming: " Ma'am ma'am " all the time.. Then started saying " We are almost there" ... He troubled me..

Arnav sigh: Khushi I told him to do that na..

Khushi nodded: I know.. That's why I tolerated him..

Arnav shakes his head in disbelief: Where am I stuck?

Khushi kissing his cheek: With a good girl..


After their love confession, they came back smiling..

Everyone came to them: Where were you both?

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other smiling..

Arnav came near Anjali wrapping his arms around her shoulder and started singing looking at Khushi:  Hey, aaj ki ladki I tell you (Hey, today's girl, I tell you)

Khushi smiled at him and sings:  Aaj ke ladke I tell you (Today's boy, I tell you)

Arnav comes near Khushi:  Arre na main poochhoon how are you (Oh, I won't ask "how are you")

Khushi sings: Na main boloon how do you do (I won't say "how do you do")

Both sing at the same time hugging each other: Abhi yahin hum kehte hain, oh my darling I love you (Now, right here we are saying, oh my darling I love you)...

Everyone cheered for them when they realized what Arnav and Khushi were trying to say: Yaayyyyy!!!!! Yiiiiiiiiiiiipeeeeeeee!!!!! Yayyyy!!!

All hugged the couple in happiness....

NK clapping his hands: Wow we deserve a party.. Nannav is in love.. And that too with Crazy witch..


Thanks for your comments, for pressing thank you button and silent readers... They finally confessed their love for each other!!!! Now I want to know what are your thoughts about the story? Is it good? What do you think I should change? What you expect to happen in their lives? Share with me your thoughts!!!

Feb 16, 2017

Chapter 17 - Fake Lav has fever! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 82 times)

Next chapter..

Raizada mansion:

" What???" Nani shouted hearing what Arnav said to her..

" Nani you're overreacting.." Arnav said closing his ears..

" Hello hi bye bye.. You do your things very secretly and come to tell us like this now.. " Mami said teasing Arnav

" You love Khushi, I'm very happy beta.. Finally you liked someone.. I thought you will marry when you reached 50 years.." Mama said mocking Arnav...

" Mama.. " Arnav complained getting embarrassed now..

Khushi blushed hearing them, thank God they are teasing Arnav, and not her..

Samrat came near Khushi whispering: Ayeee meri heroine is blushing..

Khushi hit him playfully: Stop teasing me.. When you have a girlfriend I will also tease you..

Sam laughed..

Anjali came there wrapping her arms around Arnav's shoulder: You know Chote even san..

Arnav interrupted her whispering: Please no Di.. Don't tell them that I sang.. Nani will faint here.. Have some mercy Di..

Anjali whispered back: Nani will faint, or you will be embarrassed.. Don't lie.. Khushi was right.. Aaj ke ladke I tell you.. They lie to their sisters also..

Arnav: Okay okay.. I will be embarrassed.. Shut up now..

Anjali laughed..

Nani smiled: We are very happy.. For you both.. Khushi you have to inform your parents about this good news.. Ohh but let it be, I will give them this good news..

Shyam laughed: Nani don't say good news okay.. Shashi uncle will faint thinking that his daughter is pregnant..

Khushi widened her eyes, while Arnav glared at Shyam..

Everyone laughed..


At dinner Khushi was serving everyone, when it came to Arnav's turn everyone started coughing purposely..

Arnav raised his eyebrow: I think it's normal to be in love no?

NK mocked: Not for you Nannav..

* Laughs*

Arnav turned to Khushi who was blushing all the time, he rolled his eyes: Tomorrow you will be in hospital you know..

Khushi frowned and looked at Arnav: Why?

Arnav irritated: Why are you blushing so much? Your face is all red.. It will start bleeding now..

Khushi mouth shape was like "O": Laad governor.. Eat your food..


All were sleeping now, only Arnav was awake.. And guess who's sleep will spoilt because of him?

Arnav tip toed out of his room and went towards Khushi's room...

He opened it slowly..

And entered Khushi room smiling..

" ASR you're the best.. Actors should learn from me how to love chori chori chupke chupke.." he patted himself with a smirk..

Going near Khushi he saw her sleeping in a terrible way.. Is she a girl or monkey?

Arnav started patting Khushi lovingly: Khushi.. Khushi wake up..

Khushi was still in her deep sleep..

Arnav whispered more loudly: Khushi.. Khushi..

" What the.. Is she dead? " Arnav thought..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Khushi wake up na... Don't make me wait here..

Still no response from Khushi...

Arnav slapped her slowly: Crazy witch wake up dammit..

Khushi was still sleeping and pushed Arnav's hands that were disturbing her sleep..

Arnav was like How-dare-you..

Arnav slapped her with more force now expecting Khushi to scream, he already prepared his hands to cover her mouth in case she  screams..

" What the .. Arnav this girl is really dead.." Arnav talked to himself..

Arnav placed his head near her chest to her heartbeats: " Don't die now.. You still have to marry me.. If you die I will marry with your ghost okay.. I will never leave you alone.."

Khushi woke up to turn to the other side of her bed but looked shocked seeing Arnav close to her..

" What are you doing? Have some shame.. I'm going to be your wife soon.. " Khushi said pushing Arnav away from her..

" What the..." looking at Khushi.." Heyy thank God you're alive.." Arnav said hugging Khushi smiling..

Khushi looked weirdly at him: When did I die?

Arnav: You sleep so deep, I slapped you so hard but you didn't wake up so I thought you were dead..

Khushi attacking Arnav: You came here to slap me?

Arnav nodded in no: I came here to rom...

Khushi interrupted him: And for your bad luck I wasn't dead... What's your problem? Why do you want to kill me? Ohhhh.. Now I know you love someone else right.. This was your plan.. Kill me then marry other girl right?

Arnav rolled his eyes: No, I'm yours Khushi..

Khushi blushed..

Arnav: Make up Khushi..

Khushi: Why are you here then? Need something?

Arnav nodded cutely: Your love..

Khushi hugged him to hide her shyness..

Arnav hugged her so tightly as if she was a doll he never want to share with anyone else..

Looking at the sky through the window he smiled thinking: Found your daughter in law Maa, she is exactly like you..

" Hello hi bye bye ****roach.." Mami screaming running in the house..

" What the... Khushi go to your room fast.. " Arnav said taking Khushi out of her bed..

Khushi: Excuse me.. You're in my room .. Go to your room..

Arnav glared at her: My room is going to be yours after marriage, so go na to your room..

Khushi laughing sarcastically: Ha ha ha after marriage not now.. So you go.. Wait are you scared of Mami?

Arnav immediately refused: I'm not scared.. Good night..

He went taking baby steps to reach the door, opening it slowly making Khushi giggle..

Arnav opened the door then closed again going back to Khushi's bed..

Arnav frowned: Mami and Mama are downstairs searching for that ****roach.. If they see me.. Then they will start teasing me..

Khushi laughed: Chicken-hearted.. Hahaha...

Arnav: Khushiiiiiiii... If you're so brave then go na..

Khushi nodded accepting the challenge, she went to open the door but closed like Arnav and went running to the bed: Di and Bhaiya are romancing here near my room..

Arnav shocked: What? My time to revenge..

Khushi: Shii no Arnav.. Aren't you ashamed?

Arnav chuckles: No Khushi.. You know this is normal for me.. I kissed so many girls in London while in college..

Khushi fumed in anger: You kiss girls.. How dare you? Arnav I will not leave you..

Khushi started beating Arnav who was laughing at her..

Arnav: Khushi stop it na.. I'm lying I didn't kiss anyone.. Khushi..

Khushi stopped: Pinky promise?

Arnav nodded: Blue promise..

Both laughed.. While laughing rolling on the bed, Khushi pushed a vase that was near the bed with her legs..


In the living room:

Mama: I think the ****roach is in Khushi's room..

Mami with her magnifier: Yes yes... Let's go..

* Near Khushi's room:

Anjali: Shyam stop kissing me.. I think Khushi fell from her bed..

Shyam frowned: My sister bhi na.. She had to fall now..

* Khushi's room:

Arnav looked at broken vase: Khushi why? Now everyone will come here..

Khushi biting her nails: Hey DM what I did?

Arnav slapped her hand: Stop biting your nails...

* Outside Khushi's room:

Anjali,  Shyam, Mama and Mami were discussing..

Anjali: Khushi fell from the bed Mami..

Mami: No Anjali bitiya.. I'm telling you that ****roach came to Khushi's room and broke a vase there..

Shyam: Mami how will a ****roach break a vase? She is so small..

Mama: Then Khushi bitiya fell from bed and we hear sound of something breaking? Is Khushi made of glass? That she will break..

Anjali pouted: Okay let's call her..

 Shyam: Khushiiiiii

* Khushi room:

Khushi scared: DM bachao (help) ..

Arnav looked at Khushi then at the door: Answer him na.. Bachao bachao kya?

Khushi angrily looked at Arnav: Laad governor it's because of you I'm here.. Like this..

Khushi looked at the door: Haan bhaiya..


Anjali: Khushi are you fine?

Arnav: If she is..

Khushi quickly covered Arnav's mouth whispering angrily: What are you doing?

Arnav realized what he did..


Mama looked at everyone: Its not ****roach neither Khushi fell from bed... There is a thief there..

All looked shocked..

Mami: Khushi is someone with you?


Khushi looked angrily at Arnav: See they heard someone talking.. What am I going to invent now? Should I say DM is in my room?

Arnav gave her a What-the.. look..

He went near the door clearing his throat and speaking with a girl voice: Woh I'm Lav.. I'm with Khushi today.. I have fever so Khushi called me to sleep with her..

Khushi closed her mouth to control her laugh..


Anjali confused: Lav? Why is your voice so strange?

All nodded..


Arnav facepalmed then continued in girl's voice: Do you have hearing problem Di? I said I have fever, its affecting my voice..

Khushi fell on the floor laughing.. She was trying hard to control..

Arnav glared at her..


Mami: Hello hi bye bye then we should go to hospital right? I never saw fever that changes people voice.. DM what kind of diseases you create?

Shyam nodded: I'm going to take the car


Arnav in girl's voice: Shut up.. Be where you are.. I don't need doctor.. If I sleep with Khushi I will be fine..

Khushi was drinking water now.. Ahh she will die now..


Shyam was shocked..

Anjali: Khushi isn't a doctor Lav... She won't treat you..Hear what Shyam is telling you.. Lets go to hospital..


Arnav rolled his eyes and continued: Doctor will take time.. Khushi has her magic " Abracadabra" I will get cured in one minute..

Khushi pinched Arnav nose whispering: You're looking so cute in girls voice..

Arnav glared at her whispering: See for you what I have to do..


Mami: Hello hi bye bye Lav is this fever making you go crazy?

Mama: Lav don't behave like a child, let's go to hospital..


Arnav: Please leave me alone.. I said na I'm fine.. Are you my husband to take me to the hospital?


Anjali: Khushi please check if Lav is okay.. Is Chote torturing you a lot in work that you're becoming mad?


Khushi laughed then composed herself: Di Lav is fine.. Really you can go and sleep..


All family came there hearing sounds..

Akash: What happened Di? What are doing outside Khushi's room?

Anjali worried: Lav has fever, but she is behaving strangely..

Nani shocked: What? Did she informed her parents?


Arnav whispered to Khushi: Stop them.. If they call Lav parents they will know the truth...

Khushi nodded: Di.. Don't call anyone, she is better now..


Shyam suspiciously: By the way why don't you both open the door? Why are you talking with us like that ?


Arnav in girl voice: You should follow our example, instead of doing your things openly near someone's room...


Shyam and Anjali looked at each other shocked..

NK dramatically: Meri Lav.. What happened to you?


Arnav gritted his teeth: Didn't you hear from others that I have fever? Duffer..


NK pouted..

Shyam whispered to Anjali: Before Lav tells what we were doing its better to take all away from here..

Anjali nodded: Acha let's sleep everyone.. Lav is with Khushi right? She will be fine..


Arnav smirked and continued in girl voice: Acha ji now you're scared!!! Go go and sleep, let me sleep with my Khushi.. When I was saying I want to sleep you were busy sending me to hospital, now what happened?

Khushi laughed..


Anjali looked embarrassed, all went to their respective rooms not understanding anything... 

Thanks for pressing thank you button and silent readers... A big thank you to: Isabellaallan2108, Agnee, Spriya, Arshi95twilight, Candie, Lily30, Noordina..

Feb 18, 2017

Chapter 18 - My crazy doll (By Angel23) (Thanked: 84 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it..

" Lav are okay now?" Anjali asked Lav who came to the breakfast table with a smile..

Arnav realizing that Lav doesn't know anything that happened yesterday went near her quickly..

Arnav cupped Lav face making her look at him: Lav meri bacchi, you're perfectly alright hain na?

Lav looked at him confused then thought: " What happened to ASR? Meri bacchi? He is talking with me sweetly, then it means I did something wrong in office... Its better to agree with him"

Lav nodded vigorously..

Anjali smiled then looked at Arnav: Chote all of us were outside Khushi's room.. I didn't see you.. What happened? Usually you're the one who wakes up the first if you hear strange sounds... Are you sick also?

Arnav nodded: Loveria hua..

Khushi giggled..Anjali laughed: Choteee..



Arnav checking files: Come in..

Khushi entered his cabin with a smile: Hiii!!!

Arnav raised his eyebrow: What are you doing here?

Khushi made faces: What type of boyfriend you are? I came to lunch with you and you..

Arnav looked at his watch and realized it was lunch time..

Arnav went near her and took her to sit with him: Sit my princess..

Khushi smiled feeling pampered..

Arnav feed Khushi smiling and she also did the same..

Khushi: You know Mumma and Dad are coming soon.. Aunty is fine now..

Arnav nodded: Good...

Khushi blushed playing with his shirt button: You will talk with them for our marriage na..

Arnav laughed: What's the hurry? I still need to see if you're good to be Mrs. Raizada..

Khushi smiled: Acha.. If you do this, you will remain unmarried for all the life and I will marry Salmanji..

Arnav immediately frowned: You don't talk about this Salman... I don't like..

Khushi grinned: Breaking news:  ASR is burning in jealousy. Soon AR will also burn..

Khushi giggled at her thought while Arnav smiled at her..

Arnav cupped Khushi bringing her face near him: I don't want to lose you.. You know I'm the one who is eagerly waiting for the day you will be mine..

Khushi smiled..

Arnav kissed her forehead: I love you Khushi..

Khushi kissed his cheeks: I love you too..

She went running from there smiling...

Khushi stopped seeing Aman, NK and Lav chatting in a room.. She went there: Hii guys..

Lav smiled and went to hug Khushi: Hi Arnav's doll..

Khushi blushed hearing the name Lav gave her..

Kajal: Heyy who is she? Why are you calling her Arnav's doll?

NK smiled: ASR is our boss, she is his boss..

Aman nodded laughing: Indeed..

Kajal shocked: ASR's boss? You mean..

Khushi: Exactly.. His soon to be wife.. Who is she?

Aman: She is Kajal.. ASR's favorite model..

Khushi didn't like what she heard, only she can be Arnav's favorite.. Who is this Kajal?

NK eating his apple: Yeah.. And right now we have some problem.. The make up artist didn't come up, and we have shooting today.. Who will make up her?

Khushi grinned at the idea that came in her mind: I can do!!! I love make up.. I will do it..

Everyone sigh in relief..

Khushi: So you can leave us alone.. I will make her a princess today..

All went leaving Khushi with Kajal..

Khushi faked a smile: So lets start.. Close your eyes..

" You will see what I will do to you" Khushi thought grinning..

Khushi started by cutting Kajal's hair shortly, and doing a perfect horrible make up...

After sometime...

" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" AR filled with screaming sounds..

Arnav who was working in his cabin: What the... Who is screaming like that?

* In the room:

Khushi was laughing: Miss Kajal.. Don't try to put yourself in my Arnav's eyes.. He is a man, he doesn't use you ( eye kohl) ..

Kajal fumed in anger.. And left the room angrily to Arnav's cabin.. All the way everyone was laughing at her state..

Kajal entered Arnav's cabin leaving him shocked..

Arnav: Aman.. Aman..

Aman came there running: ASR.

Aman also stopped to look at Kajal: Oh my god who did this with you?

Arnav confused: Who is this ghost here?

Kajal was like "O" hearing Arnav, she started crying loudly: That girl made this with me..

Aman trying to control his laugh: She is Kajal ASR..

Arnav got shocked: My God.. Who did this?

NK and Lav came there, they also started laughing seeing Kajal state..

Kajal angrily: Your girlfriend..

Arnav sigh: Khushi.. Aman call her here..

Aman nodded scared of the consequences...

Khushi came there with a normal look as if she is innocent...

Arnav came near her: You did this? With my model?

Khushi nodded: Yeah..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Khushi are you mad? Like really? You know today we have photo shoot with her and you spoiled her look.. Who told you to cut her hair like that?

Khushi calmly: Find another model that is not your favorite..

Arnav got angry: Shut up Khushi.. What are you talking about? Our relation is only of work and nothing else..

Khushi looked down...

Arnav: Say sorry to her..

Khushi nodded in a no..

Arnav glared at her: Say sorry Khushi.. If you don't say it, I will not talk with you..

Khushi looked at him: Is she so important to you? Then go and marry her.. She will be your favorite model and wife also..

Arnav held her shoulders: What rubbish are you talking? Are you out of your mind?

Khushi started crying: Leave me.. You're hurting me..


Kajal looked at Khushi with a winning smile..

Lav: Let it be ASR.. The haircut isn't that bad..

Khushi cried more.. Arnav: I really don't know what you eat to be this mad.. You're not a child anymore, stop doing mad things now..

Khushi looked at Kajal and said in low voice: I'm sorry ..

She went from there crying...

Arnav looked at Kajal: Sorry for what happened.. Aman help her..

NK with a sad face: Poor Khushi, she was so happy today.. Ra.One changed her mood..

Arnav looked at NK: I didn't change her mood.. She is the one who does this..

As everyone left, Arnav was feeling guilty now.. He shouldn't have shouted at her like that, he even hurted her..

He left the cabin and went behind Khushi..

Khushi was sitting outside AR crying alone..

Arnav came there a sat beside her: You look ugly when you cry.

 Khushi shouted: Go away from here... I already said sorry to your Kajal.. Now what do you want?

Arnav: Khushi you have to understand what you did was wrong.. 

Khushi looked away: You insulted me in front of everyone.. You hurted me also just because of her..

Arnav: I don't have such feelings for her Khushi, I love you only..

Khushi wiped her tears: Leave me..

Arnav hugged her but Khushi pushed him  away and started walking alone, Arnav came behind her running..

Arnav: I'm sorry..

Khushi continued walking: I don't want your fake sorrys... Go and take care of your Kajal..

Arnav irritated: She is not mine Khushi.. I agree my way of dealing with things isn't so good.. I'm sorry for that.. You know I never said sorry so many times to a person.. You're the first one.. Forgive me na..

Khushi glared at him: Should I do a party for that?

" After marriage she is going to make me run behind her like this? " Arnav thought..

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi: What did you said? I'm mad? You loved me like this.. Now don't try to change me, I will never be like those models..

Arnav rolled his eyes: I know.. Neither I want you to be like that.. Sorry na.. I didn't realized what I was talking..

Khushi looked away: You're a liar..

Arnav kissed Khushi cheeks: I'm sorry my doll..

Khushi was still angry, she went from there walking..

Arnav thought for a while, what would he do now?

He looked around and saw an elder woman playing with her cute puppy..

Arnav went near her smiling: Hello aunty..

The woman looked at him smiling: Hii ASR?

Arnav nodded: Actually if you don't mind can I take this puppy with me for a while? Please my life is angry with me.. Only your puppy can help me..

The woman smiled: Of course.. He will be more than happy if he unites two lovers..

Arnav smiled taking the puppy with him..

Khushi was walking but found strange not seeing Arnav behind her " Where did he go? "

Arnav came there smiling: Khushi look I brought a friend for you!!

Khushi looked at him. Then at the puppy..

She smiled forgetting that she was angry: Awww he is so cuteeee..

Arnav smile: : He doesn't speak but he wants to you to forgive Arnav.. Who loves you a lot..

Khushi: And now you know what dogs want?

Arnav: Khushi you're so difficult..

Khushi took the puppy from Arnav's hands and started playing with him.. Arnav was lost in her..

Khushi looked at him smiling: You're forgiven..

Arnav sigh in relief: Uff.. Thanks puppy..

Khushi laughed: Where did you find him?

Arnav remembered about the woman: With a woman there, let me give it back to her, she must be waiting..

Khushi hugged the puppy and gave to Arnav, who went to the woman to give her back...

After that Arnav and Khushi went to  a garden nearby to spend time..

Arnav was resting his head on Khushi's lap, and she was stroking his hair...

Khushi: Acha.. I'm also sorry.. I shouldn't have that..

Arnav: Good that you know...

Khushi complained: I hate these models that work with you..

Arnav rolled his eyes: But I only said I love you to you not to them.. What's there to be jealous about?

Khushi: What if some day you find them more interesting than me?

Arnav smiled: That will never happen.. If they were interesting more than you, I would have been dating some of them.. But I chose you.. And I will always choose you over them, no one has the capacity to drive me crazy in love like you did..

Arnav's words left Khushi's eyes in tears.. She was so lucky to find a man like him in her life..


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Feb 20, 2017

Chapter 19 - She left me! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 93 times)

Here is the next part...

" I'm not seeing them.." Khushi said frowning trying to spot her parents and Meera at the airport..

" Khushi calm down.. We came here now only.." Arnav said irritated with her constant blabberings..

" Arnav!! There they are... Mummmmaaaaa... Daaaaaddd... Meeeeraaaa" Khushi started shouting while everyone started looking at them..

Arnav shakes his head in disbelief and went near them..

" OMG I missed you so much" Khushi said hugging all..

" Seriously? I don't think so.. You were busy romancing here.." Meera said teasing Khushi..

Khushi blushed..

Arnav smiled and helped them with the luggage..

Reaching home Khushi took Meera with her to share everything that happened with her..

" You know Arnav said I love you to me in Lonavala" Khushi said smiling brightly...

" Wow I'm so happy for you Khushi.." Meera said hugging Khushi..

" I can't believe Meera.. Soon I'm going to marry.. " Khushi said..

Shashi and Garima came there smiling.

" Khushi we are very happy.. Arnav is a good boy.." Shashi caressed her hair showing he approved her choice..

Meera went out of the room leaving Shashi, Garima to talk with Khushi..

Garima looked at Meera sad then turned to Khushi..

" Khushi don't talk much about Arnav to Meera.." Garima said looking at Shashi worried..

" Why? " Khushi asked confused..

" Meera also loves the man that is yours" Shashi said giving a big shock to Khushi..

" What? But... Meera never said anything to me... Dad.. I asked her.. " Khushi said not believing what she heard..

" When we were in Switzerland, I saw Arnav's pic in her phone. I went to talk with your Dad and we faced her she told us that she loves Arnav.. We both were very worried as you love Arnav too. When Arnav's nani called us saying that you both love each other, I talked with Meera, she is heartbroken Khushi, but she told me that she will not come in between you both.. So please don't talk with her about Arnav. It will hurt her more.." Garima said leaving Khushi with tears..

Garima and Shashi left the room also...

" Meera loves Arnav.." Khushi thought shocked..

Meera came there and sat beside Khushi on their bed..

Meera: Khushi.. Please don't be sad, it's not your fault.. You both love each other and I'm very happy.. Its just it hurts a little, but this pain will go away okay.. I will move on.. Arnav is yours... Now don't do melodrama here please.. I don't want to see your tears, only happiness do you get that?

Khushi smiled and hugged Meera tightly: I'm sorry..

Meera shakes her head: Sorry for what pagli..

Arnav came there smiling seeing both sisters, it reminds him of his relation with Anjali.

" Heyy stop crying you both.. " Arnav came near them..

Both broke the hug smiling while wiping their tears..

Meera excused herself and left the couple alone..

Arnav sat beside Khushi caressing her cheeks: Are you happy now? Your parents are here.. We will talk about our marriage now..

Khushi faked a smile: Woh I want to tell you something...

Arnav nodded gesturing her to continue..

Khushi: Meera loves you.. ( Arnav widened his eyes).. And I don't want to hurt my sister..

Arnav raised his brows: And what exactly you want to do? Don't even think of doing your stupids sacrifice Khushi.. We are not in a movie..

Khushi cried: But Arnav... How can I hurt her?

Arnav sigh: Khushi stop it okay.. I don't know anything.. We both love each other.. I will talk with her if you want..

Khushi: No.. She already talked with me about it, she told me that she has no problem with it.. But I know deep inside she is very hurt.. When we were kids and Meera liked my dolls she always used to cry and stay sad.. I used to give her to change her mood.. Now imagine you!!

Arnav: Me what? I'm not a doll okay.. And you will not give me to her.. If not you. I will not stay with anyone.. I will die but not marry Meera..

Khushi slapped Arnav: Don't talk rubbish..

Khushi hugged Arnav crying: I will not send you to Meera..

Arnav hugged her back: Good.. By the way.. Your slap hurts...

Khushi kissed his cheek where she slapped: Is it okay now?

Arnav nodded in a no: Give me more..

Khushi smirked: It was just one slap...

Arnav smiled: But I want more kisses..

Both laughed..  

Khushi promised Arnav that she won't sacrifice her love for Meera, but as days passed she started distancing herself from him, spending more time with the family more than Arnav, when she was the one who loved spending time with him...

She actually felt bad staying with Arnav while Meera was with them, so she started being different with Arnav..

Meera on the other side was doing her best to move on. Sometimes she breaks down in the room alone, because it's difficult to see the one you love with someone else, but she promised herself to be a strong woman..


" Khushi.. Khushi..." Arnav called her..

" Chote Khushi isn't here" Anjali said in the kitchen..

" Then? I'm not seeing her anywhere.." Arnav asked frowning..

" Maybe she went out.." Anjali said..

" Yeah, but she could inform me at least.. " Arnav said sad, Khushi's behavior towards him now is really making him worried about their future. She keeps ignoring him all the time..

Arnav waited for her pacing around his room impatiently..

He looked at the clock for the sixth time now, then left the room worried and went to Shashi uncle room..

" Uncle.. Did Khushi tell you where she went? " Arnav asked..

" No Arnav.. " Shashi got up from the bed going near Arnav..

" what happened? " Shashi asked..

" She went out but didn't inform anyone.." Arnav said, he heart was beating scared of where Khushi could go.. His heart was scared to accept what his mind was telling him as a possibility " Did Khushi left him?" No way.. She can't do that.. She will come back..

" What? This girl.. Always with childish behavior.." Shashi said sighing, he took his phone to call Khushi..

" I already called her uncle.. She is not picking up my calls.." Arnav said..

At last, Arnav decided to check in Khushi room just to make sure if she really didn't go...

He walked in and started looking around, he didn't find anything strange.. His attention went to her closet.. Could she really run away? No!!! He went near it with baby steps praying that Khushi didn't made this madness..

As he opened, he didn't find her clothes..

" What the.. Khushi I can't believe this.. " Arnav said in shock.. She really left..

" Arnav what happened?" Meera came in confused seeing Arnav there with a shocked face..

" You.. All this happened because of you only.. I hate you Meera.. I really hate you.. " Arnav said shouting and prepared to kill Meera..

Anjali came running hearing Arnav's shouts..

" Chote what are you doing? Leave her.. Chote.. Leave Meera.." Anjali said trying separate both..

" I will not leave her Di.. Khushi left me because of her.. I hate you.." Arnav said shouting on the top of his voice..

Meera cried: I didn't do anything... I didn't told Khushi to leave you Arnav..

Shashi and Garima came there, Meera went running to hug them: Dad Khushi left us.. She thought.. Because of me.. OMG.. I never said her to leave.. What made her.. She is really mad...

Garima shocked: What? What's wrong with this girl? ..

Arnav left the room devastated, he went to his room..

Reaching there he took his phone to call Aman, to find Khushi.. As he was about to call Aman. A letter placed on the dresser took his attention.. He took it and opened sitting on his recliner to read it..

" Dear Arnav..

I know you're hurt, you waited for me for a long time and when you realized I wasn't coming back to you, you got worried... Sorry for making you worried.. I remember I promised you that I would inform you before going somewhere.. So I will tell you.. I'm going to Switzerland to stay with my Aunty..

Why? Yes its because of Meera.. Don't take me wrong but before you came in my life, she was my life.. I can't see my sister sad.. Even though she may move on in life, I know she loves you a lot, and staying with you knowing that my Meera loves you too, somewhere breaks my heart.. I don't feel comfortable knowing about it, everytime I see your face, I remember that she cries alone at night in bathroom secretly.. Now tell me how can I be happy like that? How can I marry you knowing that my sister is crying, devastated and what not.. I can't even smile properly Arnav.. I'm really sorry.. Don't think I don't love you.. I love you a lot.. More than my life.. And you're the only man in my life.. I will never think about anyone other than you... I will not force you to stay with Meera.. Do what you want in your life.. But I will not be able to stay with you. I tried but it wasn't possible... Please if you love me, don't come to convince me.. Please let me live like this...

                          Yours Khushi.. "

Arnav finished reading the letter with tears running down his cheeks..

" Khushi kyun? What your sister has to do with us? .." Arnav cried..


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Feb 21, 2017

Chapter 20 - Humko Deewana Kar Gaye!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 125 times)

Here is the next part.. hope you like it..

3 months later...

" Di I don't want to marry Meera, please don't force me.." I said almost shouting not only to Di, but my family who doesn't want to hear my explanations, how they expect me to give myself to another woman, when they know who is in my heart, I don't want to see Meera in my bed everytime I wake up, and the one I wanted to see left me.. She is a stupid girl.. I really hate her for leaving me, she turned me in that beast ASR I was, she left and stole the smile from my face too..

" Chote someday you have to marry someone.. Then why not Meera?" Nani look at me probably tired of listening my back to back rejects..

" I will not marry anyone.. I prefer to be like that all my life but not destroy a life of an innocent woman.." I said looking angry now, and they know this is my final decision, I really don't know what I feel for Khushi, is it more than love? I also know its important to marry, but my heart doesn't want it, I don't want to give my last name to anyone other than her..

" You will marry Arnav.. You have no choice.." I hear the voice responsible for everything that's happening here in my life, she really came here to Mumbai, does she think I will marry her?

She comes near me smiling and handle me tickets " Go and take your bride.." she said..

" What? You know very well she won't accept.." I was about to continue but she gestured me to stop with her hand..

" Before you start with your long lecture let us think for a while.. Khushi left you because I loved you and she wasn't comfortable with you right? She said for you to not come behind her if you really love her.. All this happened because I loved you.. Now what if I tell you I found my prince charming?" she asks me and my eyes lit up in happiness, I heard everyone laughing so this was their plan..

" Arnav beta go and take that mad girl.. You have to handle her all life.." Shashi uncle laughs hugging me and I smile..

" So you loved him Meera.." a unknown face came near Meera.. Ohh her prince charming..

" Haan Karanvir.. He was the one" Meera said smiling at Karanvir, she moved on.. That smile she kept when she saw him, is the same smile I have when I see my Khushi..

" Le jayenge le jayenge dilwale dulhania le jayenge.." my crazy family started dancing..

I went to pack my bags smiling like a mad man.. Ohh lehenga, that red lehenga I never gave it to her, will give her now..

I went running to the airport.. Now I will make you mine Khushi Kumari Gupta.. Yeah but I will not forgive her so soon, after what she did she deserves a tight slap.. I wonder after marriage what will she do to me.. It seems she like to run away, I will have to keep bodyguards now to check this mad girl.. You never know what she is up to..

Meera, I really should thank her its only because of her I'm here, she was brave enough to forget me in these 3 months and move on, its very difficult I know, I also know how difficult it is to forget someone you love a lot, yes my parents.. I guess even ma is angry with Khushi, how dare she leave me?


- Switzerland:

 Yeah this is the address Meera told me.. I went near the house but a sound of kids playing took my attention, I quickly turned to the side this sound was coming from, I let the sound guide me and reached near lake..

I see kids playing there while a woman, who I'm already having an idea who is she is singing while washing clothes there.. What the.. I'm sure this is Khushi..

" Aaj mausam hai suhana..  Kapde dhaune ka hai bahana.. Lalalalalala.. Kya dhoop nikli suhani.. Ho gayi kapdo ki safayi.. Lalalalala.. Hum to hai diwaane.. Masti ke dhoonde bahane.. What..

" What the.." I say loudly...

She stopped for a while, maybe shocked after hearing my voice..

" What the... What the.. What the.." she continues shaking her head, ohh she thinks she is hallucinating.. Pagli..

The kids looked at me and I signaled them to keep quiet, they giggled and showed thumbs up for me..

I went near her and sing: Ladki badi anjani hai (There is a strange girl)

 Sapna hai (She is a dream)

 Sach hai kahani hai (Is she for real or a story)

I look at the kids Dekho yeh pagli (Look at this mad one)

* Giggles*

 Bikhul na badli (She hasn't changed)

 Yeh to vahi deewani hai (She's still the same crazy one)...

The kids supported me by singing: Ohh hooo.. Ohhh hooo..ohhhh hoooo.. Hooo... Hoooo...

She turned to look at me shocked.. More than shocked seeing me there, I smile.. I know her heart must be beating so fast... After realizing that I'm really here, she changed her shock expression to an angry one..

Khushi: Ladka bada anjana hai (There is a strange boy)... Sapna hai (He is a dream)..  Sach hai fasana hai (Is he for real or a story)

 Haa..haa yeh pagla.. 

(Yes..yes this mad one..)

 Bilkhul na badla (He hasn't changed)

 Yeh to vahi laad governor hai  (He's still the same Laad governor)..

Kids shouted happily: Yess... Didi's prince has come... Didi's prince has come... Didi's prince has come...

I smiled looking at them, seems like they know me by the famous name " Laad governor" ...

I hugged Khushi closing my eyes tightly:  I missed you a lot..

She pushed me away: Didn't I tell you to not come here? I will not go back..

" Oh really? " I asked raising my brows..

" Yes!" she said determined...

" Your sister has found her prince charming.. Now if you want I can go, and live alone.. You also stay here washing clothes on lakes singing " Aaj mausam hai suhana" okay? Our life is set.. One mad girl has the capacity to spoil her family life.. Great Miss.Gupta.." I said angrily and went back, not my home.. Her aunty home..

She comes running behind me... " Arnav.. Arnav..." I ignored her and walked in the house..

In living room I found an elder woman resting there.. " Buaji?????"  I said shocked still smiling..

Khushi reached standing beside me: She is my buaji..

I glared at her: She is my buaji.. When you were in your mother's womb I was the one who played with buaji.. So basically she is first mine, then yours...

" Awww" Khushi wants to argue but Buaji woke up..

" Arnav bitwa.. You here, ohh came to take this sanki hain na? " Buaji asks me smiling then came near me clenching my cheeks with her long hands and I closed my eyes smiling a little at the pain still love she is giving me..

Khushi laughed looking at me..

" Come na.. Sit here.. You must be tired" Buaji makes space for me..

I sit on the sofa and Khushi quickly sit near me: What you said outside? I don't want that to happen.. I'm sorry!!

" Ohh now that you know your sister has someone.. You want me back.. I already told you I'm not a doll.." I said.

" I'm sorry.. I never considered you a doll also... That's why I never forced you to stay with Meera.." she said holding her ears..

" Then why did you left me? Why Khushi? Do you know what you did? You broke my heart, our promises.. Everything.. I trusted you and told you everything about me, and only for your sister you left me.. I agree she is your sister, but I didn't love her, even our family supported our love. You didn't have reasons to leave me Khushi.. You did only your mad things.. Not everyone gets what he wants... Meera had to understand that I couldn't be hers because I loved you, and it seems she understood it and you didn't.. " I said trying to put sense in her mind..

She looked down and few tears left her eyes..

I wiped her tears: I came here to take you with me.. But I want an assurance that you won't leave me for petty things like this.

She looks at me: I promise I will never leave you.. I do childish things but you also have to guide me to the correct path..

I nodded caressing her cheeks: That's why I'm here, I didn't move on..

She hugged me crying heavily: I missed you a lot Arnav..

I caressed her back calming her down: I missed you too...

Buaji comes and we broke the hug. I smile at Buaji as she showed me thumbs up...

Khushi smile: Acha you should sleep, you look tired..

I nodded and she guided me to her room..

" Now Miss.Gupta don't bring problems for me.. Directly to marriage now, I want to make you mine before you come up with crazy ideas.." I said leaning on the bed..

She caressed my hair nodding: Yes my laad governor..

She got up to leave but I held her hand, I felt strange that she was leaving, maybe I'm scared she leaves me like that day, I really got a shock now..

" Don't go.." I said and she nodded..

" You know I missed you a lot in these 3 months, I realized I love you a lot.. You have become important in my life Arnav.. I know what I did was wrong, but you know how I am na.. Little mad.. But don't think I don't love you.. I love you a lot, for me you're already my husband.. " Khushi said while resting her head on my chest...

" I know you're mad.." I said wrapping my arms around her..

" Hmm.. I brought something for you.." I said breaking the hug and went to near my bag, I took out the lehenga and went near her..

" This is for you doll" I said smiling..

She smiles and took it: Wow red lehenga.. Its beautiful Arnav.. Thank you..

" I deserve some gift from you too right? " I said smirking while she smile nodding..

Khushi: What do you want?

I smiled and went near her face bending to capture her lips with mine.. She blushed but accepted to give me my gift..

ASR's mind: What the.. What this girl does to you man? You were supposed to slap her but you're kissing her..

ASR's heart: Humko Deewana Kar Gaye   (She drives me crazy in love)...

                                                                                                                      THE END


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