Always yours (completed)

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Jan 27, 2017

Always yours (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 59 times)


To the on lookers he appear to be one who is under some deep thoughts.

But in real he under great turmoil. He can't understand what's going on around him. Everything around him seemed to be fake. His eyes were red as blood. His eyes never left the file before him. He just can't believe that his Kushi who never hide anything from him had hid this big thing from him.

It has been an hour but he didn't moved even his little finger. That's what the time she entered unknown to the Strom on her way. 

She saw him sitting on the sofa and came running to him. She sat beside him and hugged him tight. Still he remained unmoved. But not getting the seriousness she started her blabbering until her eyes caught the file lying on the table. She became still. She felt like something struck in her throat and some heavy weight put on her heart. Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. The thing that she never wanted him to know atleast in this life time is lying all open before them. Her mind clouded completely with dark clouds she don't know what she is going say to him. 

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Mar 4, 2017

Chapter 1 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 40 times)

Chapter 1

I hope you remember this story. I'm really sorry for being this late. I was little busy. I will try to give  regular updates. Thank you for your comments and likes. 

Arnav returned back from the college hell tired. It's semester time so he is putting extra effort for the students. 

He massaged his temples with closed eyes resting back on sofa. His head is hurting like hell. Soon his hands replaced with soft hands. He sighed and felt more relaxed. 

She has that magic in her. Whatever the situation may be, her presence will give him some unknown strength.

"Why are you stressing this much Arnavji?"she asked applying little balm on his temples.

"What to do? I have to kushi"he said still closing his eyes.

"Atleast give a break"he heard her usual dialogue. It's not he is always working but she is too concerned for him.


"Can I ask you something arnavji?"she asked with little hesitation. 

He opened his eyes and pulled her to sit beside him.

"From when you started taking permission to ask me something?"he asked raising his eye brow.

"Woh woh...."she stammered.

"Ok leave it what do you want to ask me?"he asked holding her palms in his.

"Can you take the vacation leave now"she asked with hope.

"What?"he asked shocked. Because its only few months before they went to Pune for vocation. 

"Yes, I want to spend some time with you"

"But kushi we went to Pune just before 2 months and I planned to start coaching for new batch"he tried to explain her. He too like spending time with her but he can't take leave unnecessarily.

"Please..."she pleaded. The thing that Arnav hate the most is her tears and her pleas. He don't want her to plead him for anything.

"Ok as you wish. Now tell where you want to go this time?"

"I don't want to go anywhere. we will stay here itself"she said placing her palm on his cheeks.

"What? But why?"he don't know why she is asking like this. She always like to visit new places but now she is asking him to take leave just to sit in home. What happened to her?

"I just wanted to. Can't I ask for this?"a thin layer of water formed in her eyes.

"No no not like that. I asked just like that"he  hurriedly said before she spill a tiny drop that will surely stab his heart thousand times.

"Ok, You wait I will bring your coffee" saying this she went to kitchen to prepare his coffee.

He stared at her retreating figure. Now a days she is behaving weirdly. She is not in her usual self all joyful and crispy, she smiles but that is not reaching her eyes. Whenever he try to ask about it she escapes giving some excuses. He left her to open up by herself. She never kept any secrets from him. But now? He hoped she will come by her own soon.

He sighed and waited for her leaning back on the sofa.

Arnav works as a professor of xyz college. He is an orphan. Kushi was his student. She is also an orphan Both struggled a lot in their lives. They found a unknown peace with the other. With the passage of time both fell in love with each other. After kushi completed her studies they both got married. Now they were happily married couple for a year. 

And friends this is not show based story. But "you are my everything" the one I said I will post in blog was show based.

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Mar 6, 2017

chapter 2 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 35 times)

She didn't even blinked her eyes for once for the whole night. It's became her routine from the day she met the doctor. She is filling his serene sleeping form to her heart content. Because she knows she don't have much time in her hands. She don't want to miss even a single second with him. 

Next morning

Arnav is getting ready for the college. Kushi is following his every moves. She wanted to say something but nothing is coming out of her mouth. 

Arnav came before her and he lifted her chin to face him.

"Kushi what happened? What's it you know you can say anything to me?"


"Hmmmmm say it kushi" he encouraged her to continue.

"Get the leave na please.."she asked him with a puppy face. 

He sighed deeply and kissed her forehead.

"I will kushi don't worry" he gave small smile to her and left to college with disturbed mind.

After sometime 

Kushi sat before doctor with tears.

"Kushi I'm sorry but I can't do anything in this. All the reports are right there's no mistake in that."

"Why doctor why this has to happen with me"she started sobbing badly.

"Kushi please control yourself"

"How can I doctor? Doctor.. doctor isn't there any other way some medicines or anything?"she still hoped to get some positive response from doctor even after knowing that doesn't exist.

"Kushi I already told you that it's rare type of disease and it can't be cured. But I can give some tablets that will reduce the effects of the disease" doctor said atleast to comfort the poor girl before her. 

She know this girl for quite sometime. She also know what she had gone through. She really wished this couple to led a peaceful life. But destiny is playing it's game we can't do anything against that. 

Kushi is all lost in her thoughts resting her head on the headboard. She hoped she will get some good news from doctor but nothing changed the reports are correct there's no mistake. Her all hopes vanished in thin air. 

How happy she was after meeting Arnav in her life. Her desert like life turned to a beautiful garden but that too is slipping from her hands now. A lone tear fell from her eyes. She never kept any secrets from him but how can she say this too him. He will be shattered. No no she never ever can see him like that. Whatever happens she will keep this as secret still her last breath. 

Arnav came back from college and searched for her. But she is no where to be seen. When he reached bedroom he saw her sleeping in sitting position. He made her sleep properly. Her face is pale. He could see her worry lines. It's killing him to see her like this. But he can't do anything until she opens up by herself. He tried many times but nothing happened. He too slipped beside her taking her in his arms. 

I don't know how it came. Please forgive me if I disappointed you. Thank you very much for your likes and comments. 

This is my blog address I just posted the prologue of "you are my everything" that I already posted here. The next part will be updated soon. 

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Mar 7, 2017

chapter 3 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 43 times)

A week passed

Arnav took vacation and is spending all his time with kushi. Most of the time they stay at home except the evening walk to the nearby park and some shoppings. After he started to be with her 24*7 she seems bit relaxed. If not completely but a little bit. She tries a lot to show him that she is alright but who is she kidding he can read her like a open book. But this slight improvement gave him a little relaxation. 

Arnav sat on sofa and is surfing about the new technologies in his mobile. Kushi went to market. He offered her company but she deined it. 

After sometime his mobile beeped indicating low battery.

"What the" he sighed and searched for his charger but he couldn't find it. Then only he remembered that it's in their bed room. 

He walked into the bedroom and connected his charger. When he turned he accidentally dropped the keychain from the table. Kushi like collecting cute key chains this one was gifted by him before some days. Smiling at her crazy liking he bent to take that. When he was about to get up he saw something red hidden under the bed. He placed the keychain back in place and lift the bed to take that thing. It's a file. 

"Xyz hospital" he read. It's the same hospital he and kushi used to donate blood. But wondered what's there in that that kushi hid that under the bed. 

He came back to sofa and sat comforting himself and opened the file to know the matter. 

When he read the contents in that his heart stopped beating literally. His eyes became red tears started pooling, but not a drop crossed the lashes. Now he came to know what bothered kushi all these days. She never let him know a glimpse of it. What would have been if he did not found that accidentally. She would have kept that away from him all her life. 

He felt dizzy, everything around him started rotating. He can't think anything clearly. His throat chocked. It became hard to even swallow his saliva. He kept on looking at the file on table that dropped from his hand few seconds before. 

It has been an hour but he didn't moved even his little finger. That's what the time she entered unknown to the Strom on her way. 

She saw him sitting on the sofa and came running to him. Dropping the bags on the sofa. She sat beside him and hugged him tight. Still he remained unmoved. But not getting the seriousness she started her blabbering until her eyes caught the file lying on the table. She became still. She felt like something struck in her throat and some heavy weight put on her heart. Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. The thing that she never wanted him to know atleast in this life time is lying all open before them. Her mind clouded completely with dark clouds she don't know what she is going say to him. 

The whole room filled with silence. Even clocks every strike of next second heard clearly. Neither she nor him attempted to open their mouth. Both are battling with their own thoughts. 

After like ages he asked in small voice remaining in the same position.


" vji....."she can't even take his name.

"Why did you hide this from me dammit" he stood instantly shouting taking the hell out of her. 

She just stood there lowering her head tears flowing freely.

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Mar 9, 2017

chapter 4 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 40 times)

He stormed out of the room, Kushi ran behind him. But before she reach him he was gone. She collapsed on the floor crying her heart out.

Putting the file in the pouch he drove his bike to the hospital. He very well know that she will not tell him the truth when she was the one who hid that from him. If he ask her she will be hiding more or will cover up with some fake stories. 

No, he can't live in mirage anymore. He want to know each and every detail so he thought its better to clarify with the doctor than asking her.

He entered the doctor cabin not giving any ear to receptionist's calls. He threw the file on the table. 

"Arnav......"Doctor was too shocked to react. 

"Sorry mam he didn't hear my words" said the receptionist.

"It's ok you may leave" sending the receptionist out she looked at Arnav, she knew she has to answer all his questions now, there is no other way to go. She sighed and asked him to sit.

"Please sit Arnav" she said politely.

"I don't come here to sit" he gritted out. She know he is angry for hiding this from him but what could she do when Kushi got promise from her not to reveal anything to him.

"Relax Arnav, I will tell you everything first sit"

He sat opposite to her, anyway he has to know everything. 

"Arnav this is a rare type of leukaemia and it can't be cured" his eyes got moist. His all dreams shattered in a second.

"No treatments or medicines"he hoped a little but that to crashed by her next words.

"No Arnav there's nothing we can do. Adding to it you have diabetes to make it worse." 

"Why didn't I never came to know about it"his voice drained.

"Because it doesn't show any different symptoms like other diseases but common symptoms like tiredness, headache,etc"she explained.

He started sobbing silently. Every moment spent with kushi flashed before him. 

The Doctor can't see his broken form. she reached him. Patting his shoulders she whispered sweet nothing in his ears. He suddenly hugged her and broke down completely. 

Being a doctor she had seen many deaths almost every day. But she can't stand this situation shed too tears along with him. She tightened her grip on him believing that it can make him relax a bit but nothing of that sort happened. He broke down more.

She wished she could help him in any way but she very well know that is impossible. 

After sometime he composed himself and came out of hug. Looking at her eyes he asked.

"How many days I have?"hoping atleast he will have some time to spend with Kushi. He want to spend his each and every minute with her to the fullest. 

And something hit his brain what will she do after him?no no he can't leave her alone in this cruel world. He have to do something fast before he release his last breath.

"May be 2-3 months"she said. Few more tears rolled down his cheeks. He only have 2-3 moths to live with her. When everything sank in his brain he can't take it and he just passed out. 

"Arnav.... Arnav......" She pattered his cheeks.

Sorry for being late friends. I just read some type leukaemia don't  have treatment. They written some r- leukaemia like something I couldn't understand that concept so I just wrote it like that. Please forgive me if I written anything wrong. 

And the one who is having disease is Arnav not kushi. 

Worry is the bigger disease than any other. It will kill us. That's what the reason for kushi's state. 

Thank you for your comments and thanks.

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Mar 13, 2017

chapter 5 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 42 times)

It has been four hours. After returning from hospital he locked himself in the room and is crying uncontrollably. Kushi tried all ways she could, but he is not showing up. 

Exhausted both physically and mentally they both fall asleep where they were. 

Next morning

She woke up and realised that she fall asleep near the door waiting for him. She wanted to speak to him but he is not even showing his face. She don't know what should she do now. How is she going to convince him? 

She looked at the door still closed. She know he will be broken but she need to know how is he now. She want be with him, sharing his pain, supporting him in this hard time. She hid his state because of this she can't see him broken, but now when he already know that she just want to take the pain away from him forgetting the future and live the time in hand. 

When she was lost in her own thoughts the door opened. Arnav came out getting ready for the day like nothing happened. Even though he acted normally she can clearly see his eyes which lost its life. It pained her more. She hurriedly stood up and ran into his arms. She hugged him tight and broke down once again. The things she wanted to talk was all forgotten.

She stepped back not feeling his arms around her. He didn't show any reaction in his face. Before she could ask anything he told her to be ready and moved away from her. His ignorance just increased her pain ten fold. She don't know what's running in his mind but she is sure that he is up to something that's going to be terribly wrong.

After getting ready she came to him but he didn't even looked at her for once. He moved out and started his bike waiting for her. She slowly hopped behind him holding his shoulders. As soon as she touched him he became stiff she very well can feel that she took her hands away immediately. Everything between them changed within matter of hours. 

It's been some minutes they are riding without any talks like strangers. She just can't take this distance any more. Everything is hurting her like hell. She don't want to lose this little time being with him. 

She slowly sneaked her arms around his waist resting her head on his back. Again he became stiff. He closed his eyes letting his tears to touch his cheeks. Its very hard to ignore her. Maybe this was his last drive with her so he let loose himself a bit to live the moment. She tightened her arms around him not to break the moment by any means.

Finally they reached their destination. Both of them stood before a small cozy cottage. Arnav rang the bell. A man of his age opened the door seeing them he smiled widely. He hugged Arnav and let them in. Kushi was confused by the things happening around her. She don't know why he brought her here. 

The man came with three coffee cups after serving them he took his seat opposite to them. 

"It's been long I met you Kushi how are you?"he asked.

"I'm fine Arjun" she smiled nervously.

"Arnav you said you want to say something important to me. What's it?"he asked sipping his coffee. 

"I want you to marry kushi" he said without any emotion. Arjun spitted the coffee while Kushi sat still tears flowing from eyes. 

Sorry for being late friends my neck got sprained. I couldn't move it for two days. You know my father started calling me robot seeing my condition. Seriously will anyone's father will call their daughter like this but my father will, because my family is totally mad that includes me too. Adding fuel to the fire when I said it to my friend she laughed at me. Poor me. I damn sure friends if I write my own biography it will be ridiculous. 

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Mar 15, 2017

chapter 6 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 46 times)

Arjun is Arnav's colleague. He too know Kushi from staring itself. He too had feelings for her but when he came to know both Arnav and kushi are in love with each other he backed off. 

He never let them know that he had feelings for kushi. He knows how both Arnav and kushi are madly in love with each other. He thought its better to be their friends as before hiding his feelings. And he succeeded in that and is now waiting for his girl.

When Arnav said he want to talk something to him he thought it will be about some random things. When Arnav brought kushi along with him he was little confused but never imagined he will drop a bomb like this. 

"Are you mad Arnav, do you know what are you talking?"he stood up shouting at him.

"Yes, I know and I want this to happen as soon as possible" he said determined.

"Enough.........."that's the limit, she exploded she can't digest the things that her husband is talking about. 

She rushed out of the house while Arnav followed her behind. She took an auto and went to home not listening to his calls. After saying a quick apology to Arjun he to got back to home. 

Never in her life she thought he would do this to her. He not even cared to ask her for once about it. Is that what he think about her? Moving on just like that after him. She didn't care to wipe her tears that is following without any end.

He entered inside hurriedly calling out her name. He found her sitting in the corner of the room crying like no tomorrow.

"Kushi"he stepped towards her.

"DON'T, don't come near me Mr.Raizada"she shouted at him.

He stood dumbfounded she never ever called him like that. It showed him clearly how badly he hurt her. 

"Kushi I"he started only to be interrupted by her.

"Just stop, I don't want to hear anything. What do you think of yourself Haan?am I toy for you, to just to pass to another person"she stood up, angry tears following from her eyes.

He came near her and tried to hug her but she started hitting him furiously.

"You are a monster I hate you............What do you think of me I will just move on after you..............Don't you know how much I love you" she pushed him away from her letting out all her agony.

"What if I had the disease will you move on? Will you just forget me and live your life with another woman? Tell me will you do that?" She pulled out everything that her hands found. 

He didn't dared to utter a word because he know that he can't do  that ever, then how can he expect her to. He hated himself for doing this to her. He is the reason for her vulnerability. He hugged her trying to calm down his and her aching heart.

"You stupid, idiot, devil.......I hate you.......... I hate you.......... I hate you leave me" she struggled to come out of his arms but in vain. He tightened his arms around her making her every attempt futile. 

"I'm sorry kushi...I'm so sorry I acted like a stupid. I thought by marrying you to Arjun I will make you safe and happy but I failed to understand I'm hurting you more. I'm really sorry. Please....... please don't cry I can't take it please..."he shed tears of guilt and pain. Both cried in each others arms. 

"Please never do this again I can't bear it. I will di....." she said coming out of the hug tears till rolling down her cheeks.

"Shhhhh don't... don't talk like that" he placed his finger on her lips stopping her from uttering that word. Both remained in same position only gods knows how long.

Ok that's all for now. Tell me hows it. This story will be ending within 2-3 updates. 

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Mar 18, 2017

chapter 7 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 36 times)

Arnav opened his eyes slowly. Now-a-days it's became difficulty to even open his eyes, he feel very exhausted without even doing anything. He turned sideways to see kushi sleeping beside hugging him possessively. He disentangled her arms without disturbing her sleep. 

He stepped out of bed and dragged himself to the washroom. He splashed water on his face again and again to get little freshness. He looked himself in the mirror. He became very lean his cheek bones are very much visible, dark circles were formed around his eyes he is looking like ghost. He gave a sarcastic smile to his reflection. He knew that his time has arrived he have no complaints about that but Kushi what about her?

He came out wiping his face he sat beside her caressing her hair. It has been two and a half months. After that day Arnav never talked about that. She never let that thought came across his mind again she successfully distracted him all the while. But he have do something, to let her go on in her life without any difficulty after him. He already transferred his everything to her name but he still feel something is leftover there. 

He sighed hard there will be no one by her side after him. He never felt bad for being an orphan but now he wish it would be better if she or he had a family. Atleast he will rest in peace that someone will be there for her. But they are unlucky they have no one other than each other.

She looked pale, how can she be fine after all she was the one who was looking after him all the time. And it's not easy to fake a smile when you know you are going to lose someone you love the most. But she did that too she is so strong. If he was in her place he would be broken beyond limit. 

When he was lost in his own thoughts Kushi woke up looking at his lost state she held his hand that was caressing her hair. He looked at her. She raised her eyebrows asking him what's the matter he nodded sideways indicating nothing. She knew what would he be thinking but she avoided asking anything when she herself did this much to not let him worry about her she did not wish to break that herself. But he is up to something.

He lied comfortably beside her. As soon as he lied back she kept her head over his chest hugging him. He was bed ridden these days due to exhaustion. Wrapping his arm around her he took a deep breath. 

"Kushi what you would have done if you were in my place?"he wanted to know, maybe she can give him some idea that would satisfy him.

She raised her head and looked into his eyes "anything but not what you did. You are always mine I will never let any chudel come near you. I will sure kill her becoming a ghost who dare to come near you. And get this in your head Mr. Raizada you are bound to me forever"

He chuckled "Yes, but we can't change the fate Kushi I will be going away from you leaving you alone in this world" he said with tears.

"No Mr. Raizada I will be following you everywhere not even fate can change it" she said determined.

"I too wish the same Kushi, being with you forever but nothing is in our hands"he said helpless. 

I don't know what I had written. Hope you like it. Even not checked for any mistakes forgive me if there's any.

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Mar 21, 2017

chapter 8 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 46 times)

Last part

After some days

Arjun stared at the two people before him. They were in the bed hugging each other and were in a peaceful sleep with a small smile playing on their lips. His eyes glistered. He ran out of the house and tried hard to compose himself but nothing helped, he broke down completely. 

He reached here a few minutes ago. He got a call from inspector to come over here for verification. When he reached here he saw many people outside the house and police doing their duty. Praying a thousand times not to get any bad news he entered the house only to be shattered to the core. 

He saw Arnav very lean and weak lying on the bed with kushi hugging him placing her head on his chest. Both are sleeping peacefully but forever and never to get up again. 

When Arnav said those things that day he thought there might have been some fight between them that's why they acted like that. He thought not to interfere in husband and wife matter. But never expected this to happen. 

He fell on his knees crying. He turned when he felt someone hand on his shoulder. He know her, she is the doctor of the hospital where Arnav and kushi used to donate blood. 

"What happened?"he asked composing himself a little. 

"Arnav had leukemiya"she replied. He looked at her.

"Last stage no other way to go"she answered his unasked question.

"And kushi?"he turned away again.

"She had taken slow poison"she said  her voice chocking with every word. 

"Mercury, she had taken mercury. A slight extra dosage will act as slow poison and it can't be treated. She had taken it for long maybe when she came to know Arnav had leukemiya" she cleared.

"You have to do the rituals right" he nodded not looking at her.

"They had none other than me" he replied slowly.

"I had never seen a couple like them" only silence prevailed after that.

This is not the end of Arnav and kushi. Their body only left this world. Their souls are still living somewhere together for eternity, even beyon"d eternity. 


Every love story can't have a happy ending but only some can be epic. And arshi is epic.


I know I know you will be scolding me like hell for ending like this. And I also know that it's stupid. Because I myself not satisfied with this update. But what to do I can only come up with this. I'm sorry if I hurt you in anyway.

Thank you so much to all the readers. Your support means a lot to me. I request you to give the same love and support for my upcoming stories. Thank you thank you So so much.

And friends be careful when you consume any mercury added content. I read in an article it will be working like a slow poison and it can't be treated.

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Mar 23, 2017

Epilogue (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 62 times)


"Mumma where are we going?"asked a cute little boy with deep brown eyes to his mother who is knotting his shoe lace. 

"We are going to see Garima aunty"she said picking him in her arms. He nodded encircling his little arms around her neck.

"Ratna come soon"Arvind called them starting his car.

"Haan Haan coming" after both mother and son settled properly at the back seat Arvind drove them to hospital.

Arvind hugged his friend Shashi congratulating him for his new promotion as a father.

Ratna entered inside the ward where Garima and her new born baby were kept. 

She sat beside Garima putting her son on her lap. 

"Mumma what is there in it?"he asked his mother pointing towards the white bundle in Garima's lap. 

"Arnav beta she is cute little pari like you, see see" she forward her infant a little towards him. He jumped on the bed to have close look at baby. 

"Pari..."he exclaimed clapping his hands seeing the baby. Both the mothers smiled seeing him.

He slowly extended his hand to touch her chubby pink cheeks. When he touched her cheeks with his palm the baby moved her cheeks close to his hands along with a small smile in her rosy lips which brought a huge smile on his face.

"Mumma see see she likes me. She is cute cute mumma" he is very happy seeing her reaction.

"Yes who wouldn't like my chotae" Ratna said pulling his cheeks. 

"Mumma...."he pouted rubbing his cheeks. Both again laughed at his antics and engrossed in their conversation.

And our cute Arnav was lost in his own world with his new found KUSHI. He tried to open her little palms which were closed from the time he saw her. He frowned when he found nothing in her palm but chuckled when she again closed her palm holding his finger. He started playing with her absorbing her each and every move. And a new story started from there.

Ok friends just thought not to leave you all crying. So written this small update. Meet you soon in "who is he?" Until then bye love you.

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love it
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