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Jan 28, 2017

Am I the one for her? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 43 times)

" Good morning Mrs.Raizada..." Arnav wished his wife who was checking emails on her laptop...

" Good morning Mr.Raizada" Khushi said with a smile on her face...

" Where is Anika?" Arnav asked looking around to see his daughter..

" Sleeping... Doesn't want to go to school..." Khushi replied...

" But she has to go... Let me talk with her..." Arnav said going towards Anika's room...

Khushi stopped him: Don't force her Arnav... She will go tomorrow...

" Khushi really? She has to face her fear... Saying tomorrow everyday will only spoil her..." Arnav replied..

" Arnav please don't start with your lecture... She is my daughter I know what's good for her... She is just scared slowly she will go to school we don't need to force her..." Khushi replied getting irritated with Arnav...

" She is my daughter too... And I know what's good for her..." Arnav said to Khushi then went upstairs...

Entering in Anika room:

" Anika... Aren't you ready?" Arnav said side hugging her..

" Daddy I don't want to go..." Anika made a face like she wants to cry..

" You're my strong Anika... Do you think it looks good when you say you don't want to go to school? Such a strong girl and is scared just because some friends tease you... Or you are scared of the teachers...

Anika if friends tease you, you don't need to reply them with the same... Just distance yourself from them and continue with your good deeds, you will see one day they will want your friendship... If teacher is don't need to get scared... If you do the exercises at school, homework, be a good girl in class.. Tell me why the bad teacher scold you? " Arnav explained lovingly to his daughter...

" You're right Daddy... I'm a strong girl" Anika said hugging her Daddy.." I will get ready and come..." ...

Arnav came downstairs...

Khushi: Did Anika agree?

Arnav: Yes.. She will go to school today... If you explain thing well to her then she will understand...

Khushi: Are you telling me that I'm bad mother?

Arnav came near her: No Khushi... I'm just saying that you shouldn't pamper Anika like this...

" I'm ready let's go..." Anika said taking her bag...

" Let's go my baby..." Khushi said smiling at her...

They all went to drop Anika at her school...

Khushi helped Anika with her bag...

Khushi: Study well, play with friends here and at lunch time do eat okay?

Anika nodded: Bye Mumma... Love you... Love you Daddy...

Arnav smiled at her and waved for his daughter...

Then they went to office....

Khushi was driving the car...

Khushi: I'm sorry... You were right I wasn't teaching Anika the right thing...

Arnav typing on his phone: Hmmm

Khushi looked at him then at the phone: Arnav I'm talking with you...

Arnav looked at her: And I'm talking with someone else...

Khushi: Arnav are you angry with me?

Arnav: No...

Khushi looked at him: I know you are... 7 years is a lot of time to know one person... Don't you think so?

Arnav: I'm worried about Anika... If you continue to pamper her then she will be spoilt... I know Khushi you love her... But it doesn't mean you have to do or give her what she wants...

Khushi nodded: I won't do it anymore...

Arnav smiled: Thanks for understanding me...

They reached office and Arnav went to his cabin, while Khushi went to attend a meeting...

When Khushi finished her work she went to pick Anika..

Anika came running to her Mumma...

Anika: Mummaaaaa

Khushi: My baby... How was your day?

Anika: Superb mumma... I enjoyed today at school..

Khushi smiled and lifted Anika going towards the car...

" Did you eat?" asked Khushi while driving the car...

" Yes mumma... Where is Daddy?" asked Anika

" Daddy has some work, he will come directly to home.." Khushi replied caressing Anika's hair...

Khushi's mansion:

" Anika go and rest for a while... Mumma will prepare some good food for you..." Khushi said leaving her bag on sofa..

" Mumma... I want to wait for Daddy... Anika misses Daddy.." Anika said cutely..

Khushi smiled: Okay...

Arnav reached home and hearing his princess made him very happy..

" Daddy is here..." Arnav said opening his arms to let Anika hug him

Anika run towards her Daddy giving him a tight hug...

" My day was awesome Daddy... " Anika said giving a big smile to her Daddy...

" Now let's rest my princess..." Arnav lifted her...

" What about me??" Khushi asked in disbelief after seeing the Daddy and Anika leaving her...

" Cook for ussssssssss" both screamed laughing...

Khushi laughed going towards the kitchen...

Arnav came back after making Anika sleep...

Hugging Khushi from behind: " I'm here"

" I didn't call you.." Khushi teased him

" Acha..." Arnav said tickling his wife who started laughing making efforts to get out of his hold..

" Arnav stop it... Please, you will spoil everything here... " Khushi said laughing...

" We don't even get time now to spend together..." Arnav said...

" Haan... It's true... With work and Anika.. We completely forgot our moments..." Khushi said caressing his hand..

" No problem Khushi... I have an idea... We can dinner together today aloneeeeee" Arnav said with a smile...

" No... I can't today... I have a lot of work which I want to finish as soon as possible" Khushi said reminding herself of work...

" But Khushi you can do it tomorrow na" Arnav said frowning..

" No... I have to finish it... I want to give my time to Anika then... She misses us when we are not with her.." Khushi said...

" Okay.." Arnav sigh


NK: Lav come to help your daughter..

Lav: Why can't you do it NK? You always leave things to me... I have work too.. KKG will not leave me if I don't finish this work..

NK angry: I also work.. And like you I'm not KKG best friend.. I'm just her employee and she will get angry with me if I don't finish the work and not with you...

Priya rolling her eyes: Pleaseeee help me in my homework... My teacher will scold me if I don't do it..

NK: Tell your mom...

Lav: Tell your Dad..

Priya became confused and frustrated, she knew with her mom and dad she will not be able to do the homework.. So she decided to call Arnav uncle who will surely help her..

She quickly called him...

Priya: Hello Arnav uncle...

Arnav: Priyuuuu baby how are you?

Priya smiled: I'm fine uncle... Just one problem..

Arnav laughed: I know what is it.. NK and Lav right?

Priya: Haan uncle... If I don't finish my homework teacher will be angry with me.. And will punish me also..

Arnav: Don't worry my princess.. Uncle is here to help you... Come here.. I'm waiting for you..

Priya smiled: Thank youuuuuuuu uncle you're the best..

Arnav smile and hung up the call, he turned then saw little Anika looking at him angrily...

Anika: Daddy you're all mine... You can't call anyone these sweets name you call me..

Arnav: Anikaa she is like your sister.. You, Priya, Arjun and Ayan mean the same to me..

Anika refused: Noooo... I'm special, you are just my Daddy...

Arnav: You know.. You look like your mother... When she is possessive..

Khushi: I'm not possessive...

Arnav smiled: Ohhh really... Shall I remind you what you used to do when you saw me with girls?

Anika giggled: Tell na Daddy... I want to listen the story... That one of the model who flirted with you, then Mumma pulled her hairs..

Khushi embarrassed: Stop talking about it... Anika Daddy already told you the story... Why do you want to listen it again and again?

Anika laughed: It's funny mumma..

Khushi smiled: Go and eat.. I already served your food..

Anika smiled: Okay mumma... Lets eat Daddy..

After eating Priya came in the house...

Priya: Hello Aunty.

Khushi smiled and kissed her cheeks: Hii Priya..

Arnav came and took Priya to Anika's room...

Khushi: I'm going to work Arnav... Will come late today..

Arnav: Yeah... I will come after helping Priya..

Khushi nodded..

* Anika's room:

Arnav: So tell me what's the homework?

Priya: Maths homework uncle... I hate maths... I can't solve a single problem...

Arnav laughed then pinched her nose: Little girl... Maths isn't that difficult... It's just we have seen people talking about it, and then we also think like that... Just put in your head that you love maths... Then you will understand it.. For now let me see the homework..

Anika: Daddy what about me?

Arnav: I will give you something to do princess...

Arnav explained Priya, and then he left both of them with some activities..

He went back to work...

Arnav: Lav where is Khushi?

Lav: She went out... Maybe some meetings.. Arnav did you explained Priya?

Arnav: Yeah I did... She is now with Anika doing some activities I gave them..

Lav smiled: Thanks Arnav...

Arnav: You're welcome... If you don't mind Lav I want to tell something... Clearing Priya doubts is yours and NK responsibility... I can do that but she is also expecting her parents to give her attention, a kid must feel protected by her parents... Its then she will be able to face her problems... Priya must be feeling alone when you both leave her and on top of that refuse to help her in little things..

Lav: But Arnav I work also.. NK can do that too... If I leave everything like that and spend time with Priya then how will we run the house? It's easy to speak because you're the boss husband... If you don't go to office its okay... If you leave the office without informing anyone it's still okay... Khushi will never scold you for that.. I'm just her best friend outside of the office... Here I'm just an employee like others..

Arnav: Sorry if you felt bad... I was just sharing my thoughts with you..

Lav nodded then went to her cabin leaving Arnav lost in thoughts about Priya future..

Khushi came back from the meeting and went directly to her cabin, Arnav came to see her...

Arnav: Where have you been? You didn't even informed me..

Khushi irritated: I was cheating you with another man... Arnav seriously... I went to some meeting where else would I go... Do I have to inform you about that too?

" Okay.. Sorry" Arnav replied going out of the cabin sadly...

He was so worried about her, and her reply was so rude... Was he being so good husband to her that she talk with him the way she wants?


Arnav entered Khushi cabin: Khushi let's go home... Everyone already went ..

Khushi: They are employees Arnav, their duty ends now, mine not.. You go home I will come after a while...

Arnav: I know that, but it might rain today... Let's go home now...

Khushi: Arnav go home.

Arnav irritated: Khushi why are you always stubborn?

Khushi: I'm not... You are, I'm saying that I will go back home after a while why don't you understand..

Arnav: Stay here then... I'm going..

Khushi: Go...


Anika: Daddyyyyy

Arnav smiled: Angel were you waiting for me?

Anika nodded then looked towards the door: Mumma?

Arnav: She will come back after some time okay? Let Daddy freshen up then Daddy and Anika will eat okay..

Anika nodded sweetly...


" Ma'am it's raining heavily now, there is a lot of traffic... I think you should stay here only ma'am " the driver told Khushi...

" What I can't stay here... Anika is waiting for me..." Khushi said getting worried..

" Ma'am may I go home? " the driver asked looking down..

Khushi nodded while thinking how will she go back home...

Khushi decided to drive alone... There was a lot of traffic in the usual way she goes back home, so she decided to take a short cut...

While driving the car it suddenly came to a halt... She got out to see what happened...

" Ohh no... This car tire had to be punctured now..." Khushi said angrily...

Now she was getting drenched thinking what to do... She decided to call Arnav...

Khushi: Arnav?

Arnav: Yeah Khushi..

Khushi: Please come to pick me.. I'm stuck here, my car tire got punctured and it's raining heavily...

Arnav: Didn't I told you?

Khushi embarrassed: I'm getting drenched ... Come na..

She explained Arnav where she was and he came quickly there...

As Arnav reached he saw Khushi drenched, he gave his sweater to her and they got in the car...

They reached home and Arnav lifted Khushi to their room...

" Go and take a shower with warm water... Otherwise you will get sick" Arnav said ...

Khushi nodded and went to the bathroom...

She walked out of the bathroom and Arnav was already waiting for her... He took her to rest in the bed and started drying her hair with a towel..

Arnav: When I say something it's for your good only... You should listen to me... You're not always right..

Khushi nodded: Sorry..

She rested her head on Arnav chest who caressed her back...

Arnav: It's okay... I'm not angry with you..

Khushi: Did Anika sleep?

Arnav: Hmm after hearing stories she fell asleep..

Khushi nodded and closed her eyes... Arnav kissed her forehead...

Not finding time for each other after years of marriage is the problem most married couple face... But will Arshi be able to overcome this problem? This is what the story is all about...

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Jan 30, 2017

Chapter 2 - Work come in between us... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 72 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it..

I woke up from my deep sleep and as usual Khushi was making breakfast for us, maid doing their jobs and Anika watching cartoons..

" Good morning Anika" I wished her and she came running to hug me..

" Good morning Daddy... I woke early than you today..." She wished me back smiling...

" That's good... Daddy is getting older now..." I said mimicking an old man and received a giggling from my daughter...

" Come to eat both of you" I heard Khushi screaming going towards the table..

I lifted Anika and we both went towards the table..

I was waiting for Khushi to give me a good morning kiss but seems that she completely forgot this rule and is busy on her phone...

Sometimes I really get tired of these clients of her, she works at the office and then at home... Then how will we spend time together..

We used to eat ice cream together when coming back from work but now... It's only work to home and vice versa... I don't understand the fun of living a life like this...

" Khushi come to have breakfast" I called her to eat otherwise she will keep talking on the phone..

" Arnav I'm talking with someone" she glared at me..

I sigh... She is very stubborn, always doing things as per her wishes..

" Mumma come to eat na...we will get late then..." Anika called her..

She turned and smiled to Anika nodding...

Now this is the part I don't understand, when Anika says something she does it immediately and when its my time she always ignore...

We went to drop Anika at school, and then as usual office...

I started hating this office, people here only work and nothing else... There is no fun here, and the joyful Arnav I was is lost somewhere now... I'm not the same anymore... Just living my life like that... I can only be the old Arnav when I'm with Anika.. She is the only one who I show that lost side of mine...

With Khushi my equation changed, we are no more the lovely couple we were... We look like parents more at home and at office she is my boss and I'm her employee... The husband and wife relation practically disappeared from our lives... Just don't know why... Its not that we don't love each other... We do... But I don't know what's happening in our life, and what can I do to change it...

I reached my cabin and engrossed myself at work... Nani calls me and I picked up the call...

Arnav: Hii Nani..

Nani: Chote how are you? Khushi and Anika?

Arnav: We all are fine... What about you Nani?

Nani: I'm fine... I just called you to invite for dinner with us... Everyone will be here... Your friends, Anjali, Shyam.. You come with Khushi and Anika..

Arnav: Okay I will come... Bye bye..

Ohh Shyam... Di forgave him for his mistakes as he really repented for it and now they are happily married and I just hope they don't turn out to be like me and Khushi...

I go to her cabin to inform about the dinner...

Arnav: Khushi Nani invited us for dinner today..

Khushi: Ohhh no Arnav... I will not be able to come...I have a lot of work... Please you go with Anika...

Arnav: Khushi you work everyday... Can't you just leave work for a while and come to the dinner? These moments are special for all of us... Family is important and always come in the first place..

Khushi: But I can meet them another day.. This work need to be done now..

Arnav: What work? You are the boss here no one will scold you if you don't do it... Just tell me that you don't want to go...

Khushi: Arnav it's nothing like that... Why are you irritating me early in the morning? I'm sure Nani will understand me...

Arnav: I'm tired of this life... You don't even spare time for us... Always work come in between us...

Khushi: Arnav you're exaggerating... Work is important for me and you know it...

Arnav: Yeah I'm seeing it... More important than your husband..

Khushi: Its easy to speak when you are only an employee here whose duty ends when office gets closed... I'm the owner of this company and I have a responsibility to maintain this company the best and successful...

I looked at her: No matter what the job position is, everyone should give importance to their family..

I went angrily from there...


I went with Anika to Nani house... Anika loves Nani a lot... Playing and hearing stories from Nani is what she loves to do when she comes here...

Anjali: Barbie doll is here...

Anika: Yes aunty...

Di looked at me and I know what's the next question is...

Anjali: Khushi?

Arnav: She has work Di..

Nani frowned: This is not fair... She is always busy with work..

I looked down sad.. Anika looks at me...

All were eating happily and chatting. I'm the only one who is looking at them sadly... How I wish Khushi was here with me... We would be teasing each other.. Like Akash is teasing Payal right now, do cute fights like NK and Lav... Or just look at each other smiling like Aman and Priyanka...

Anika comes to me and suddenly hugs me..

Anika: Missing mumma?

Arnav: Anika..

Anika: Daddy I'm here na...

I smiled and made her sit in my lap...

She comes near my ears and whispered: Nani made barfis, shall we go and steal them?

She looks at me mischievously...

" Lets attack them..." I said tickling her and we went running to the kitchen...

" Its the best food in the world..." Anika says to me the way I used to say to Nani when I lived with them... She is so much like me... Little ASR..

We went to the living room with a plate filled with barfis only for us...

Anika: Mummaaaaaaaa...

Anika screamed and I looked towards the door and saw Khushi smiling at us...

Khushi walked in and greeted everyone...

Arnav: Come to eat..

She nodded and we went towards the table...

Arnav: Anika go to play with your friends..

Anika nodded and went running...

Khushi: I came na... Why are you still angry?

Arnav: You didn't came because you wanted to..

Khushi: I had work Arnav... I finished them ASAP... Only for you..

Arnav: I don't need your favors... I was better with only Anika here..

Khushi kissed my cheeks: I'm sorry please...

Arnav: Do you think a sorry is enough?

Khushi: Arnav what do you want me to do? Sometime you are really annoying...

Arnav: You will never understand what I want...


After reaching home Khushi went to sleep as she was tired and I went to Anika to make her sleep..

Anika: Daddy why are you sad?

Arnav: Daddy is not sad Anika..

Anika: I know you are.. Don't lie..

Arnav: No I'm not... Now sleep, tomorrow you have school and you need to wake up early right?

Anika nodded: Yes... I'm a good girl...

I smiled and caressed her till she sleeps... I also fell asleep there...

Thank you to those who commented, pressed thank you button and silent readers.. A special thanks to: Londoner, Noordina, Spriya, Lily30, sasi, Khushisingh96, Ranisha Rambaran..


Feb 1, 2017

Chapter 3 - We are still close... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 63 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it...

As the sun rays are peeking in my Anika's room I woke up disturbed  but soon the frown that was in my face was replaced with a smile after seeing my Angel sleeping so cutely... I kissed her forehead, then realized that she is burning with fever... I tried to wake her up but she wasn't responding to me...

" Anika... Wake up... What happened baby?" I asked her worried...

She slowly open her eyes with difficulty but managed to look at me...

" I'm not feeling well Daddy.." she said to me then hugged me closing her eyes again...

I quickly called the doctor and went to inform Khushi about it...

Khushi came running to Anika worried as I was...

The doctor after sometime came and checked Anika, she told us that it was due to change of the weather that Anika got sick...

Khushi hugged Anika giving kisses all over Anika face... To which Anika smiled...

Khushi: Today my baby will eat soup specially prepared by mumma...Hain na?

Anika made a face like she doesn't like it...

" Anika and soup are like enemies right? But today Anika is going to eat soup so you will have to be his friend... " I said to her side hugging her...

Anika: No Daddy... I hate soup..

Khushi: Baby please... You will have to eat okay? Mumma will make a delicious soup for you... Mumma promise Anika is going to love it a lot...

Anika nodded: Okay Mumma...

Arnav: Now that Mumma is preparing food for our Barbie, Daddy and Anika will watch cartoons...

Anika said chirpily: Tom and Jerry Daddy...

I nodded and switched on the TV...

Anika: Daddy shall I tell you a secret?

I nodded smiling at her..

Anika came near me and whispered: Yesterday when I saw you were missing Mumma... I pleaded to DM to make you both stay together always and never separate... See today DM fulfilled my wish.. You both are together taking care of me...

I looked at Anika stunned, this little girl surprised me today... I smiled and kissed her cheeks

Arnav: Don't you think you're more mature than your age?

Anika chuckles: I'm smart Daddy... That's all...

I laughed and Khushi came in with a tray in her hand...

Khushi: What are you both laughing?

Anika: Nothing mumma... Its a secret between me and Daddy...

Khushi: Acha... Now finish this soup quickly, mumma will feed her princess today...

Anika went to sit in Khushi lap and Khushi started feeding Anika... I went near them...

Anika: Mumma today we will go to park...

Khushi: No Anika, you're not well..

Anika: Ohhh then what will we do?

Khushi: You will sleep only...

Anika: How much I hate being sick...

Arnav: I used to love being sick in my childhood... First because Nani would prepare for me barfis, Di used to pamper me all day and then I wouldn't go to school...

Khushi: You were a bad boy..My Anika is a good girl...

Arnav: And this bad boy is your husband now..

Khushi glared at me: I'm paying also for marrying a bad boy like you... Don't want to work at office, and at home only plays with kids... When will you grow up I don't know... I'm the only responsible of this house..

Arnav: Then you should have married a good boy...

I went from there angrily... I wanted to have a good conversation with her and Anika but she spoils everything...

I go to the terrace, the only place I find peace in this house...

How will I change everything here? I don't want Anika to grow up thinking that work and responsibilities come first then family... I don't want her to be like Khushi... I want her to live her life happily...

Someone hugs me from behind and I already know who is it...

Khushi: I'm sorry na... I didn't mean that I'm not happy with you... I wouldn't be able to love anyone other than you...

Arnav: You should think before you speak things then...

Khushi kissed me to stop me from taking more...

* Anika's room:

Nani Mayra: How are you my baby? Are you feeling better now?

Anika: Yes Nani... Mumma and Daddy fought today...

Nani Mayra worried: Really? Then Anika should help them patch up na?

Anika nodded: What should I do?

Nani explained the plan to Anika... Anika smiled nodding...

Khushi and Arnav came back to Anika's room holding each other...

Anika looked at them: Daddy, Mumma are you happy happy now?

Arnav smiled nodding: Your Mumma loves to tease me..

Khushi smiled: Now Anika you should rest... Go go to your bed..

Anika nodded thinking: Before I could do my plan they already patched up...

* Arshi room:

Khushi: Arnav... My friends are coming to dinner with us today..

Arnav: You know I don't like them... Still you call them here..

Khushi: Did I ever said something bad about Aman, NK or Akash to you? Why you always have to do this with my friends?

Arnav: Khushi you know very well Anika is sick.. Who will be with her then?

Khushi: I know.. And I wouldn't leave my daughter alone.. I will be with her...

Arnav: Fine then..

Khushi: Let it be... I will cancel it..

Arnav: I said okay Khushi...

Khushi: But you aren't happy.. I don't like to do things without your consent..

I felt guilty now... I made her sit in my lap: Khushi if you want call them... I have no problem...

Khushi: Are you sure?

I nodded smiling...

I'm really don't like her friends but what to do I can't see her sad...

At evening her friends came in and as usual I greeted them with my fake smile... I went back to stay with my doll who must be waiting for me...

Khushi stayed with her friends chatting for a while then she called us to dinner...

We were all eating the food silently.. Khushi was feeding Anika and also eating her food...

Lisa: Arnav are planning to stay as Khushi employee for all your life?

Arnav: I met her when she was my boss... When I was her boyfriend still I was her employee... Now that I'm her husband why should it change?

I replied angrily at her...

Samrat: But it doesn't look good now... Khushi looks like the man of the house..

Everyone laughed at the joke including Khushi... This time she disappointed me...

Anika: Uncle I don't see any bad in it... My Daddy is the best... He always supports Mumma that's why Mumma is a strong woman.. Daddy helps Mumma in her work, taking decision about deals, helps her to choose the best designs... Other things that I don't even know the name... wherever Mumma is, a big part of her success goes to my Daddy... And Mumma you shouldn't laugh at this so called Joke because you know this isn't true at all... Apart from working at that boring office and tolerating that workaholics, Daddy always makes sure to make me happy, eat drink with me, take me to parks, shopping  and Nani's home, plays with me with my Barbie dolls even though he is a man, watch cartoon and tells me stories everyday, helps me in my homework, share his barfi with me... Leaving my part... To mumma he never forgets to give her good morning kiss, cares for her, always buys mumma favorite juice when we go to shopping even though he hates that juice he stills drinks it for you mumma, decorated your room as per your likes, he knows that you always forget the car keys in home only that's why he always takes it with him so that you don't have to go back, he doesn't look at any girl other than you because you don't like it... He always buys a beautiful dress for both of us each month just to make us feel special.. We are his life... What say uncle? Can you do all this that my Daddy does? Mumma can be the man of this house, but my Daddy is the superman here...

Anika finished her speech and looked at me winking...

I smiled at her and went towards Anika, Anika released herself from Khushi coming near me...

I kissed her forehead with tears in my eyes...

Arnav: You're the best gift God gave me Anika...

Anika smiled: Really??

I nodded smiling and hugged her: I love you a lot.

Next day I was normal with Khushi as I know that yesterday incident is becoming normal in my life...

Arnav: We have to repaint Anika room wall...

Khushi nodded not looking at me...

Arnav: What's wrong? Are you angry because of yesterday?

Khushi: No... Sorry for letting my friends insult you...

Arnav: Its okay... I know how they are.. I'm used to this now..

Anika came there: Daddy my milkshake!!

Arnav: Anika didn't I told you to stay on your room?

Anika: Uhh no Daddy... Its getting bored there..

Arnav: I was coming na... Khushi Anika's milkshake?

Khushi: She doesn't want...

I looked at Anika confused...

Anika: I'm angry with mumma.. So I want you to do my milkshake..

Khushi: But baby I said sorry na..

Anika: Mumma you laughed at Daddy... Anika doesn't like it..

Khushi went near Anika: I won't laugh anymore... Pinky promise.. Now forgive your mumma... Please my doll..

Anika rubbed her chin as if thinking then looked at Khushi smiling: Okay friends...

Khushi hugged Anika tightly...


Anika: Daddy see my painting... Its beautiful hain na?

Arnav who was resting his head on Khushi's lap looked at Anika: Its beautiful doll...But mine is better than yours..

Arnav showed Anika his sketch...

Anika: Wow Daddy... I also want to draw like you... Please teach me to do this princess sketch...

Arnav: What will I get in return?

Anika: Big hug and lot of kisses..

Arnav: That's not enough Anika... your Mumma can give me that too...

Khushi laughed and kissed Arnav forehead: See now I gave him...

Anika frowned: Daddy I don't work now... I don't have money to buy a gift for you...

Arnav: I don't want gift also.. You're my biggest gift..

Anika: Daddy then tell me what you want...

Arnav: Think think Anika...

Anika went to the kitchen and came back running: Here is it... Ice cream..

Arnav smiled: You're very smart...

Khushi: She is exactly like me..

Arnav: No she is little ASR..

Khushi: No she is Mumma's girl right Anika...

Arnav: No way... She is my doll..

Khushi: My princess...

Arnav: My angel...

Anika giggled seeing her parents cute fight for her...

Khushi: Is Anika everything for you? Then what about me?

Arnav: You are my life...

Khushi blushed, Anika: Awww Daddy this is not fair...

Arnav: You are my heart Anika...

Khushi: And you are my everything Arnav...

Khushi and Arnav hugged each other after such a long time.. They are hugging like that...

Anika smiled and quickly took the phone to capture this moment... After such a long time she is seeing her parents the way they were...

Her sickness really helped them in getting close...

Anika: I want hugs also...

Khushi smiled and signaled Anika to come, Anika hugged them quickly...

And today there was no fake smile in Arnav face... It was a real one and from his heart..


NK: I don't like Khushi at all...the way she is behaving with Arnav makes me hate her...

Lav: Ohh really... Arnav is the one who doesn't understand her... Come on she works everyday for them..

NK: I don't agree Lav, Khushi practically stopped coming to family occasions and leaves Arnav alone..

Lav: She comes late at least in some of them..

NK: After leaving Arnav embarrassed...

Lav: You will not understand rich people lives NK... Arnav isn't rich that's why he still feels bad for little things...

NK: You and your friend are exactly same... Anyways I don't even want to fight with you today...


Arnav: Where is the juice Khushi likes Hariprakash?

Hariprakash: Ma'am gave to me sir.. She said she doesn't want it anymore...

Arnav nodded confused and went to Khushi: Khushi you don't need to stop drinking your favorite juice... I have started liking it...

Khushi: No more sacrifices for me now... You're only keeping me happy, what about you?

Arnav: Khushi...

Khushi kissed me then continued: I want my superman to be happy too..

Arnav smiled...

Anika came running to them: Mumma NM(Nani Mayra) wants to talk with you...

Khushi nodded and took the phone from Anika tiny hands...

Khushi: Haan Nani..

Nani: Completely forgot about your nani na? But I don't...

Khushi: Nothing like that Nani... Work makes me busy..

Nani: Just don't let your work come in between you and Arnav okay..

Khushi: Hmmm... Nani can we talk about other things...

Nani: Khushi you will regret it if you don't correct your mistakes in time..

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Feb 4, 2017

Chapter 4 - Realizing my mistakes.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 71 times)

Here is the next part... hope you will like it...

Nani is becoming like Arnav nowadays, always talking about giving time to family and all, it seems no one wants to understand my part. I'm very tired listening their complaints, don't I give time to my family? I'm always with Arnav and Anika, what more they except from me? I guess they want me to quit my work and become a housewife, that's when everyone will be happy...

" Khushi what Nani said?" Arnav came near me patting lovingly my cheeks..

" What you love to hear "Give time to your family" " I said rolling my eyes..

" Khushi she is just showing you the right way..." he said to me smiling, of course he will be happy since everyone is supporting him and refusing to understand me

" Arnav she isn't showing anything right... You know very well that being in my position it isn't easy to manage family and work at the same time... But still I give my time for you both... Not even taking care of myself, I only live for you both..." I explained him...

" Why are you talking like you're doing a favor on us? I also take care of you and Anika because I love you both... I don't need to take time for you all, because you deserve this time of my life." Arnav said to me, and I know this is the start of our fight..

" Its getting late... Dinner time now..." I said going away from the room and Arnav complaints...

We had the dinner silently... Arnav was only talking with Anika, ignoring me... No one understands me..Just because of a little fight, he is angry now..Like really??


I can't believe this now, he will sleep turning his back to me, he knows I hate it...

" Arnav... " I called him..For which he ignored me and I sigh.. What to do? I also fell asleep..


* KKG office:

Khushi: Where is Arnav?

Sam: I don't know KKG, he left without informing me..

Khushi angrily: What about the presentation? Did he left it with you?

Sam: No KKG, I even doubt if he completed it..

Khushi: What the... Does he even know I need it today? How will I do the meeting then? How unprofessional...

Sam sigh and went out of Khushi's cabin..

Khushi called Arnav.

" Where are you? I need you here now with the presentation ready.." Khushi said angrily at Arnav..

" Khushi I can't come now..." Arnav said..

" What do you mean Arnav? You're being unprofessional... Don't take advantage of being my husband..." Khushi said ready to kill Arnav now..

" No I can't come now.. Listen to me.." Arnav replied worried, which Khushi didn't noticed in anger

" Come back now, or else I will fire you Arnav.." Khushi gave the last warning to Arnav..

" Okay fire me then.. But I won't come... I'm trying to tell you something and you don't even want to listen... I'm at hospital XYZ right now, will talk with you later.." Arnav replied sad..

Khushi got worried and headed to the hospital praying for Arnav to be fine..

As she spotted Arnav outside of a room worried she came running to him..

" Arnav what happened? Are you alright? " Khushi questioned him worried..

" I'm fine.. Its just..."

Khushi interrupted Arnav talk looking angrily at him..

" Ohh don't tell me... One of your friends is sick .. Really Arnav.. Do you even know how much was I worried for you? Are you mad Arnav? I have a meeting right now, and you made me leave without informing anyone... And on top of that you were supposed to do the presentation and give it to me.. I don't even know why I trusted you on that... Leaving work like that.. Do you find it good? Do you enjoy doing all this? Now you're really fired Arnav... Even Anika is more matured than you.. " Khushi was about to continue her scoldings but Anjali and Anika came there...

Anjali: Sorry Khushi you had to suffer a big loss in your office because of us.. But Nani fainted today and I didn't know whom to call for help.. That's why I called Arnav.. Shyam isn't here...

Anika: Mumma why are you scolding Daddy? Nani is sick..

Arnav wasn't looking at anyone, he was just looking at Nani who was unconscious in the room... He loves his Nani a lot, she is the one who took care of him when he was a child, gave him the love of a mother and never complained or got tired of him and Anjali... Seeing her laying on the bed like that is killing him..

Khushi looked embarrassed at Anjali and Anika, she didn't even asked Arnav properly why he was here, she assumed her things alone and started bashing him...

Anjali hugged Arnav who cried a lot: Di please tell me na... Nani will be fine.. Nothing will happen to her, she still has to make barfis for me and Anika, she can't leave me like that.. Tell me Di..

Arnav cried more while Anjali was consoling him..

Anika also cried seeing her father state: Daddy don't cry... Nani will be completely fine... See I'm also getting fine now because doctor helped me, they are also helping Nani na..

Khushi went near Arnav and patted his shoulder to console him, Arnav shoved Khushi's hand, ignoring her..

Khushi felt sad, but she knew she was at fault this time...

Arnav: You better go and look after your work, latter you will blame me for your loss... The presentation is ready and I left it with Saurav, just go and ask him, he will give it to you... Now leave me alone...

Anika looked at at her parents sadly, she hears with her friends that their parents fight everytime, but she never witnessed her parents fight like that, this is the first time she saw it...

Anjali took Anika away from there: We will buy some juice for my Doll okay..

Anika: My mumma and Daddy will be happy happy again na?

Anjali nodded: Haan baby.. There is nothing to worry about.. They will patch up.

" I really don't know what's happening with Chote and Khushi, they never used to fight like this, and the way Khushi was talking with Arnav.. How can she talk with her husband like this?" Anjali thought...


Arnav: Just go Khushi, I don't want to see your face..

Khushi: Arnav I'm sorry.. I didn't knew Nani is sick...

Arnav: I already told you.. Think before you speak.. You know what.. Do me a favor, don't come here to hospital.. I don't want to see nor talk with you..

Khushi hugged Arnav: Why are doing this with me? I'm sorry...

Arnav pushed Khushi: I said go away... Your Nani kept warning you to correct your mistakes in time but you didn't Khushi, its late now.. Very late.. Because I'm tired now, I'm not your puppy who will live under your instructions, I'm tired of giving myself to you and get nothing in return, I'm fed up... And we will talk about ourselves other day, for now just go...

Arnav went to talk with the doctor, leaving Khushi with tears in her eyes..

Khushi went to home lifelessly... She needed someone to share what she is feeling or maybe help her to get Arnav..

She called Lav...

Khushi: Lav.. I want..

Lav: Khushi sorry yaar... Today I can't come to work.. Nani is at the hospital.. And I have to stay with them.. You know Nani is very dear to me and NK..

Khushi: I know Nani is sick...

Lav gasped: Really? You know it..

Khushi: It seems like you're mocking me..

Lav: Don't take me wrong Khushi, but these days you never know what's happening in the family.. So I was kind of shocked..

Khushi: Okay.. Keep informing about Nani health..

Lav was right, she doesn't know about her family, what are they doing, how they are... She only know about Anika, Arnav whom she thought she knows everything about, is the one who she doesn't have an idea what he thinks... She is  very far from him.. There was a time when she used to understand him without speaking with him and now even speaking she didn't understand what Arnav wanted.. Not only Arnav, Nani Mayra also warned her, but she gave no ears to them...

Khushi took Arnav's pic from her purse and kept looking at him as tears made their way to her cheeks then fell on Arnav's pic..

" I'm sorry... If possible forgive me.." Khushi mumbling hugging the picture, how she wish it was him in real...


Anika: Good boys don't cry Daddy..

Arnav hugged Anika: Your Daddy isn't a boy.. And definitely not a good one..

Anika: You are good.. And a boy also... You never look old..

Arnav chuckles, while Anika smiled seeing her Daddy: Now please eat something... Aunty give me food, I will feed Daddy..

Anjali smiled and gave it to Anika who feed her Daddy, Arnav also feed her..

Both hugged each other assuring themselves that Nani will be fine..

" How I wish Khushi was also here to comfort you Chote... I know you're missing her" Anjali thought..

NK: OMG... Arnav and Doll are here eating alone, what about us?

Lav caressed Anika: Doll will feed her aunty hain na?

Anika giggled: Aunty I will feed you if you tell Daddy to stop crying, because my Nani is strong she will be fine.

Arnav smiled at his daughter: You're really my angel..

Anika kissed Arnav cheeks...

Aman: Bro Anika is right.. Nani is strong...

Arnav nodded seeing his family care for him only made him feel better...

NK: But how did Nani fainted? I mean why?

Anjali: I reached home and went to her room, there I saw her ... Then I called chote... I don't know what happened. Maybe she isn't taking care of her health..

Anika: Right she isn't... You are all so busy in your lives that you forgot about Nani, she stays alone and excepting you all to come and visit her.. And in result she doesn't eat on time, keep working to distract herself which is not good for her health.. That's why she is weak today... Daddy my teacher taught me that we should give importance to all members of the family but we aren't doing that...  you know why Nani call us for Dinner, its because she misses us like I miss you when you go for work.. Then you come back and give me lot of hugs and kisses and I stop missing you... Nani also wants the same.... When I go to Nani"s home she always tells me to stay more time with her, but she doesn't want me only, she wants all of us together with her...

Everyone looked amused at Anika...

Arnav once again was surprised with his daughter: You're right princess...

Anjali gave a tight hug to Anika: You're really a mature kid... Chote you must thank god for giving such an angel to you...

Arnav nodded smiling: I promise to you, I will bring back the happiness in our lives..

Everyone: We also...

Anika smiled..." What about Mumma?" Anika thought.

Nani regained conscious and Arnav and Anjali went to meet her..

Arnav: I'm very angry with you.

Nani: Why?

Anjali: You're hiding things for us Nani, couldn't you tell us that you wanted us to stay with you?

Nani smiled: You have your own lives now..

Arnav: No we don't. Nani how could you? And you aren't taking care of your health.. Doctor told me that you are weak, which means you don't eat at time right?

Nani: Oh my God... Sorry sorry.. Sometimes I forget to eat..

Anjali: Really...

Nani nodded: yes thinking about you all, then I don't feel like eating alone...

Arnav cried: Sorry Nani... I'm really sorry... We promise we will stay with you always...

Nani raised her arms to hug Arnav..

Nani: Khushi where is she?

Anjali looked at Arnav: Woh Nani she was here a while ago... She will come back... Now you rest..

Arnav went out of the room with Anjali behind him...

Anjali: Chote I think you should call Khushi... Nani will be sad if she knows that you both fought.

Arnav: No Di, I don't want to talk with that woman..

Anjali shocked: She is your wife Chote..why are you speaking like that?

Arnav: I just don't want to talk about her..

Anika who was hearing everything went running from there crying...

" DM you can't separate my parents... I won't let you do it.. Please don't let them be apart.. Please..." Anika plead to DM crying..

A woman came to Anika and wiped her tears: Dear why are crying?

Anika: I'm scared..

Woman: Why?

Anika: I don't want my parents to separate... They are fighting a lot..

Woman: Really... You don't need to be scared. Everyone fights but that doesn't mean they will be separated from each other... If they love each other a lot, then nothing will happen...

Anika smiled: What's your name Aunty?

Woman: Meera and yours?

Anika: Anika Arnav Singh Raizada..

Meera shocked: Are you Arnav daughter?

Anika nodded: Do you know my Daddy?

Meera nodded smiling: Oh my God, you're so beautiful... You look like him... I can't believe it..

Anika chuckles: Everyone says so.. Come I will take you to Daddy...

Meera: No Dear.. I have some important work... Bye see you..

Anika smiled: Okay bye bye Pretty Aunty..

Meera smiled and went..

Anika went back to Arnav..

Arnav: Where were you Anika? Daddy was worried about you..

Anika: You know I'm smart Daddy... I won't get lost..

Arnav: You should go home.. Mumma is there now, you can stay with her now..

Anika frowned: Ohhh no Daddy.. I want to stay here please.

Arnav: Anika no.. I only brought you here because Mumma was at work na and you would be alone there. Now that she is back you have to go... You have to eat, watch cartoons then sleep... You are also sick... Daddy can't let you stay here...

Anika nodded: Okay..

Arnav: Lets go...

* Khushi's mansion:

Arnav: Bye bye.. Give Daddy a kiss..

Anika kissed Arnav cheeks and hugged him: Daddy won't you come in?

Arnav: No Dear, you go on..

Anika walked in, and Arnav went back to the hospital..

" Mumma... Mumma..." Anika called Khushi...

Anika went to the kitchen, but didn't saw Khushi there, then went to the living room still Khushi wasn't there, she went upstairs to her mumma room..

" Mumma... Mumma..." Anika was now crying not finding her mother..

Khushi walked in and saw Anika crying. She went running to Anika: What happened baby? Why are you crying?

Anika immediately hugged Khushi: I was not seeing you anywhere.

Khushi caressed Anika: Don't cry Doll. Mumma was on the terrace.. I didn't hear you calling me... Sorry..

Anika: Its okay Mumma...

Khushi: My Anika must be hungry now... Come Mumma will serve food to you..

Anika nodded: I'm very hungry..

Khushi chuckles and lifted Anika tickling her..

Reaching the table, Khushi sat and  Anika was on her lap, Khushi started feeding her..

Anika: Mumma you cooked Daddy favorite food today.. I wish he was here..

Khushi smiled faintly: I also wish the same Anika.. Tell me is Nani fine now?

Anika: Yes mumma, she regained conscious and Doctor told Daddy that she hasn't been taking care of her health.. That's why she fainted today..

Khushi nodded: Is your Daddy fine now?

Anika: Yes! I consoled Daddy..

Khushi kissed Anika forehead: Good girl..

Anika smiled: Mumma tomorrow we can go and visit Nani..

Khushi remembered Arnav's words: No Dear, if you want I will leave you there..

Anika: I know Daddy is angry with you... But you are going there for Nani... Nani isn't angry with you na?

Khushi: Anika you aren't understanding... Please dear.. Don't force Mumma to go.. Daddy will be angry..

Anika: No mumma... You have to go.. I can't see you both sad.. Daddy needs you...

Khushi thought for a while then nodded: Okay..

Anika clapped her hands: Yessssss.

Khushi smiled and touched Anika forehead: Hmm you don't have fever now...

Anika touched her forehead: Yes mumma... I'm fine now..

Khushi: Not fine, still weak.. You will rest now..

Anika: Mumma cartoons first..

Khushi: Okay.. Tom and Jerry right?

Anika nodded: Yessss...

They went to the bed, Anika hugged Khushi tightly while Khushi switched on the TV... Then hugged Anika back..

Anika: Mumma I met one Pretty Aunty today... I mean not pretty than you..

Khushi chuckles: Really?

Anika: Yes my mumma is the most beautiful woman in this world...

Khushi smiled: Thank you!!!! But I think my daughter is the most beautiful girl in this world...

Anika: Ohhh I see we are in a tie now..

Khushi giggles caressing Anika to make her sleep...

Anika: Mumma that Aunty knows Daddy..

Khushi: Acha..Now sleep Anika, its late now..

Anika nodded..

After Anika slept.. Khushi called Arnav..

Khushi: Arnav?

Arnav: Didn't I told you that I don't want to talk with you?

Khushi: I just wanted to ask if you ate or not..

Arnav: Does it matter to you?

Khushi: Of course it matters Arnav..

Arnav: I really don't think so.. Did Anika sleep?

Khushi: Yes.. Did you eat? Is Nani alright?

Arnav hung up the call not wanting to answer Khushi...

Khushi went to the pool side of their room... She sat there and started crying. Arnav never ignored her like that, even if they fight he is always the one who apologies first..

Anika looked at her Mumma crying.." I promise you Mumma, I will make our little family happy again.." she went back to sleep..

The next day as decided Anika and Khushi went to the hospital to visit Nani..

Anika: Daddy ... Daddy..

Arnav hearing his daughter voice turned smiling, he saw Khushi also with Anika...

He went near them..

Anika hugged Arnav, then Khushi kept looking at him..

Anika gestured Khushi to hug Arnav, Khushi did as Anika said..

Arnav was surprised, he hugged her back..

Khushi: Lets see Nani..

Khushi entered in the room with Anika who was holding her hand..

Khushi: Nani how are you now?

Nani smiled: Khushi... Better now.. Sit here beside me..

Anika: Nani you're forgetting me..

Nani smiled: You too come my princess..

Khushi and Nani chatted for a while, Arnav came in with food for Nani..

Arnav: Enough of chatting now... Eat this delicious soup now..

Anika: Is there any rule that sick people have to eat soup?

Khushi laughed: Pagli..

Khushi: Give it to me, I will feed Nani..

Arnav looked at Khushi amused, he gave her the soup and went near Anika...

Nani smiled: When will I get discharged?

Arnav: Very soon.. You just have to take care of your health ..

Anika: Daddy you know I watched cartoons with Mumma yesterday..

Arnav: Really?? I'm sure she was working and you were watching alone...

Khushi looked down sad but then composed herself...

Anika: No Daddy... We watched it hugging each other.

Arnav looked astonished at Khushi..


NK: Khushi is in the room with Arnav and Nani now..

Aman: She is shameless, after what she did she still comes here..

Lav: No yaar, she came to visit Nani..

NK: Ohh really.. Do you think she is interested in Nani? Of course she wants Arnav back to her.. That's why all this drama..

Payal: Maybe not.. You never know she might have repented for talking badly with Arnav..

Akash: Payal seriously.. She is the Khushi Kumari Gupta.. I doubt if she even say sorry to Arnav.. She treats him like a slave and nothing else..

Aman: If I was Arnav, I would leave her man..

Anjali: Don't talk like that.. We don't know about their lives.. We can't talk what we want about others...


Outside of Nani room:

Khushi: Are you alright?

Arnav: Khushi please... Don't think because I hugged you everything is fine between us.. I just hugged in front of Anika, so that she doesn't feel bad..

Khushi: Arnav I'm sorry..

Arnav took to Khushi with him to the car...

Arnav: I already told you that your sorry don't mean anything to me... Today say sorry, tomorrow you will do the same thing.. Do you think I'm here to tolerate this?

Khushi crying: Arnav I will change..

Arnav: Wow that's a new word I'm listening from you... But I don't need your change..

Khushi cupped Arnav face: I'm sorry Arnav please.. Give me one chance.. I will really change.. I will give my time to my family now.. Please.. I will take care of you all...

Arnav looked away: I don't want... I'm tired of giving you chances and you don't even use are a selfish woman only... You only take care about things that are yours: Work and Anika... Nothing else... I'm just your slave who had to be happy with whatever you give me..

But not anymore...

Khushi looked at him shocked: leave me?

Arnav: Maybe..

Arnav left Khushi alone crying in the car...


Anika: Where is Daddy?

Anjali: Maybe he went out, he will come back...

Doctor came and informed Anjali that Nani can go home now..

Arnav went to help Nani, while Akash went to take the car...

Khushi came there and also helped Nani to enter in the car..

Arnav: Aren't you late for work?

Anika: Daddy mumma will not go to work today..

Arnav nodded.. And they went to Nani's home...

Reaching there Arnav went with Nani to her room.. He told her to rest on the bed..

After making sure Nani was fine now. Arnav went downstairs...


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Feb 8, 2017

Chapter 5 - Family time! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 74 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it..

Khushi was in the kitchen making lunch for everyone...

Anika came towards Arnav and pulled him to a corner..

Anika frowning: Daddy Mumma is a good girl now.. You're bad boy..

Arnav raised his eyebrow: Why princess?

Anika: Mumma said sorry for her mistakes.. You didn't forgive her.. Now Mumma is sad.. I heard you talking badly about Mumma on the hospital with Anjali aunty..

Arnav bend to reach Anika: Daddy was angry with Mumma Anika.. Sorry..

Anika: You should say sorry to Mumma na.. She is sad.. I was saw her cooking while wiping tears..

Arnav nodded: Okay..

Arnav headed towards the kitchen..

Reaching there, he went near Khushi..

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi ignored him and continued cooking...

Arnav bit his lips: I'm sorry Sweetheart...

Khushi looked at door and found Anika winking at her showing thumbs up..

Khushi pressed her lips to suppress the smile..

Arnav: Khushi are you hearing me? Seriously I'm the one who should be angry with you..

Khushi went to the other side take some ingredients... Arnav went behind her..

Arnav confused: What's wrong with you?

Khushi frowning: I don't want to talk with you..

Arnav hugged her from behind: I'm sorry please.. I was angry.. You know I will never leave you alone.. What I said it's because I was frustrated.. And worried for Nani.. You know...

Khushi caressed Arnav's cheeks smiling: I know I'm sorry too.. I misunderstood you..

Anika outside the kitchen face palmed: Ohh no.. Mumma na.. Spoils everything.. I told her to ignore Daddy for sometime and she forgave him easily.. But whatever its done ... I'm happy you both are together again... DM don't separate them now..

Anika went from there running..

Arnav kissed his wife.. He was missing her a lot, he can get angry with her but they speak with each other everyday... This time he didn't even wanted to talk with her.. Was he taking out the frustration hidden in him in all this time?

They broke the kiss hearing Anjali voice..

Anjali reached there: Oops sorry for interrupting your time..

Khushi smiled: Its okay Di.. Do you need anything?

Anjali: Haan actually I wanted to talk with all the family.. Could you join us in the living room?

Both nodded and went behind Anjali..

At the living room all were sitting with their partners..

Arnav hold Khushi's hand and made her sit on the sofa, he sat beside her..

Anjali smiled: I called all of you to talk about " Family Time" ..

Anika: " Family Time" a time we  will create to spend with our dear ones..

Anjali: We all have our work, school life and others which keep us busy and we almost forget the ones who keep waiting for us..

Anika: "Family" they wait for us, for the sweets moments we leave behind at each step of our lives.. Imagine now I love spending time with Daddy watching cartoons.. If I grow up one day I will stop watching it.. But my dear one ( Daddy) will be waiting for his Anika to call him and say " Daddy lets watch cartoon" but at that time I will not give attention to these details... Something like that is happening with you all right now..

Anjali: Right... Chote who loved eating barfis from Nani's hand everyday.. Doesn't ask her anymore  but Nani is always waiting for her grandchild to come and plead her a barfi..

Arnav nodded smiling...

Anika: So we thought  a quick idea to give time to family... Every Sunday we will meet each other here.. Everyone has to come and spend the day here with the family..

Anjali nodded: No mobile, leave tension, problems and work in your home, just come with a smile on your face and enjoy the moments with dear ones..

Anika smiled: So Sunday no problems... Only "Family Time"!!!

Khushi smiled at her daughter and walked to give Anika a tight hug: You're such a smart girl..

Turning to everyone: I agree with the idea..

Arnav: Me too..

At last everyone accepted this awesome idea...

* Khushi's mansion:

Khushi massaging Arnav's head: I will really change Jaan.. I will give time to my family now.. What Anika taught us today was really important... I was so blind that I didn't even realized it.. I'm so glad we have our princess by our side.. She always show us the right way..

Arnav who was resting his head on Khushi's lap smiled: Hmm.. You know I feel so proud of being her father... She is a smart girl.. Innocent.. Only want her family to stay happy.. I think we didn't fail in her upbringing Khushi.. We didn't fail to make Anika a good person.. We didn't fail as parents..

Khushi smiled kissing Arnav's forehead: Are you alright? I mean you stayed all day in the hospital..

Arnav: Yeah I'm hell tired... My back is hurting.. You know I need my wife to pamper me...

Khushi smacked Arnav's shoulder: Acha...

Arnav went to close the door and the couple went to theirs love world..

* Akash's house:

Akash settling himself in his bed: Did you saw Khushi? " I agree" like she gives time to the family and we are the ones who ignore..

Payal who was arranging the clothes on the cupboard: Akash why are you talking badly about her? She isn't that bad.. She talked well with me few times..

Akash: Really? I think she talks well with people associated with Arnav.. She is obsessed with Arnav only..

Payal: It was years ago Akash.. She isn't now.. And by the way why are we talking about them? Its theirs life and we don't need to talk badly about them.. Right?

Akash looked away: Whatever..

* Khushi's mansion:

Khushi was standing at the door waiting for her husband to come out of the room..

Khushi shouting: Let's go Arnav we are getting late now..

Arnav: Yeah coming wifey..

Khushi smiled hearing " Wifey" such sweets words didn't reached her ears these days..

Anika came running to her Mumma: I'm ready Mumma...

Arnav came downstairs with a blue jeans and white shirt looking very handsome..

While Khushi and Anika kept looking at him: Seriously????

Arnav smiled sheepishly: Its needed you know... I have to look my best..

Khushi: We are just going to dinner outside...

Arnav: That's why.. If some pretty girl looks at me... Then she will say " What a man"...

Khushi went near him: Next day you won't be alive to marry her..

Anika giggled: Let's go..

Arnav: Khushi did you take  Anika's sweater?

Khushi nodded and they moved towards the car..

Arnav drove the car to a well known restaurant..

They walked in and the security guards looked at them with a smile.. As they already know this little family.. Arnav greeted them with a smile on his face..

They reached and were welcomed by a manager who called the waiter to attend the Raizada family..

They placed the order...

A little girl came with her mother and they settled themselves in a table near Arnav.. Both looked at Arnav smiling.. Arnav smiled in return and turned to look at his family.. He found Khushi and Anika glaring at him..

Arnav smirked: What? I said I'm handsome..

Khushi & Anika jealous: You're just my husband/Daddy..

Arnav chuckles: Yes I'm all yours..

They all laughed...

The waiter came with the food..

While eating Anika spotted someone: Mumma.. Daddy.. Look that pretty Aunty..

Arnav looked confused: Who dear?

Khushi explained Arnav: She met with an Aunty that knows you... Where is she Anika?

Anika pointed towards a table.. Both Arnav and Khushi looked at where Anika pointed..

Arnav & Khushi shocked: Meera...

Arnav looked at Khushi: What is she doing here?

Khushi: I really don't know..

Anika confused: Mumma you also know her?

Khushi caressed Anika hand: Haan baby.. Do you remember Mumma told you about my story? That aunty is the one who wanted your father..

Anika looked shocked: Really? But she was so good with me..

Arnav was still looking at the table..

Khushi looked at him fearing if he wants to bring Meera back in their lives..

Khushi: Arnav what are you thinking?

Arnav turned to Khushi: Look that man with her.. I think she is married now.. Whatever it is we should stay away from them...

Khushi sigh in relief..

Anika smiled cheekily: Lets eat... Because of that Aunty we forgot our delicious food..

Meera's table:

Meera sad: You don't need to return the smile every girl gives to you..

Asadwith a stern face: Why? Do you have a problem?

Meera looked at him in disbelief: Really? I'm your wife Asad.. Of course I will have..

Asad: I'm not your husband.. I was forced to marry you..

Meera: You really don't need to throw this truth in my life again and again.. I didn't knew your mother forced you to marry me..

Asad: Then don't talk much.. Accept the truth that I don't love you.. And didn't I told you to put some make up in your cheeks... You want everyone to notice that I slapped you..

Meera looked down: I forgot..

Asad sigh while eating his food..

* Khushi's table:

" You know Anika's holidays are approaching, so I was thinking she could go and stay with Nani.." Khushi said leaving the juice she was drinking at the table..

" Awesome idea Mumma... Wow Nani will tell me stories everyday now..." Anika said clapping her hands..

" I don't mind.. Nani also needs company with her.." Arnav replied with a smile..

Khushi smiled...

Khushi took Anika towards the car, and Arnav went to pay the bill...

They were walking but stopped seeing Asad shouting at Meera..

Anika: Mumma see na.. Why is that uncle scolding her?

Khushi looked at them confused: I don't know dear...

Asad was about to slap Meera again, but Khushi went running to stop him.. Khushi held Asad's hand angrily..

Khushi: What are you doing ?

Asad looked at the woman who dared to stop him: Who are you?

Meera who was crying looked at Khushi shocked...

Arnav came there and frowned seeing his wife with Meera.

He came near them..

Arnav: Khushi let's go..

Khushi: Arnav look this man wanted to beat Meera..

Arnav pulled Khushi to a corner: Khushi its their life you know.. We shouldn't interfere..

Khushi frowned: No Arnav, should I let him do that with a woman? She may have caused lots of problems in my life, but I can't see something like that happening in front of me..

Arnav: So what do you want to do?

Khushi looked at him: I don't know... Wait let me talk with him..

Khushi went again to Asad and Meera..

Khushi pointed her index finger at Asad: Look this is the last time you're doing this to her.. Next time you try you will be in jail..

Asad raised his eyebrow: Really? And you will send me? Who are you to her?

Khushi looked at Meera with a sad look then turned to Asad: Her sister..

Arnav and Anika looked shocked at Khushi..

Asad: What? You never told me about your family..

Meera: You never asked..

Khushi: Whatever... Meera if he again does this with you do inform the police..

Meera nodded still in shock..

Khushi walked out of the restaurant with Arnav and Anika..

* Khushi's mansion:

Anika was sipping her juice in Arnav's lap..

Khushi came to the room and directly hugged Arnav..

Khushi: I did the right thing na?

Arnav worried: Yes you did.. But you know I don't trust them... Maybe Meera is changed..

Khushi: I felt she changed..

Anika: Okay okay... Stop being worried Mumma.. You did the right thing.. After all we all are humans.. And we must help each other right Daddy? You taught me this..

Arnav nodded smiling..

Thank you for the comments and for pressing thank you button, silent readers...

Note: Asad and Meera aren't so important to the story... How will they affect Arshi life is what's vital for the story..

Feb 14, 2017

Chapter 6 - Happily ever after... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 116 times)

This is the last chapter.. Hope you will like it...

" Khushi this is a  new project and I want you handle it with Asad Ahmed Khan.."  Mr.Malhotra said..

" Asad?" asked Khushi confused..

" Yeah... You don't know him but I fixed your meeting with him at 3pm is it okay with you?" the old man asked patting Khushi's shoulder calmly..

" Okay" Khushi nodded..

" Uncle how are you?" Arnav came there smiling..

" I'm fine little boy.." Mr.Malhotra smiled..

" I'm a father of a 6 years old girl uncle.. How can you call me little boy?" Arnav asked pouting..

" Hahaha sorry sorry... When I see you, you still look the same for me.." Mr. Malhotra explained laughing..

" Okay uncle.. We get going." Khushi said holding Arnav's hand..

* Shopping XYZ:

Anika: Daddy let's eat ice cream..

Anika said running with her Daddy, but Khushi was fast enough to catch this naughty girl..

Khushi: No way!!! Be here with me.. . You have to buy clothes also..

Arnav and Anika pouted: So boring..

Khushi sigh looked at them..

They entered in a shop:

Worker: Yes ma'am how can I help you?

Khushi: Please show me clothes for this naughty girl..

Worker smiled: Yes.. Come this side..

The worker showed them clothes for Anika..

Khushi was busy looking at them, while Arnav was playing hide and seek with Anika in the shop..

Khushi smiled: Yes I like this dress... Anika.. Try this..

Khushi turned to give Anika the dress, she found no one there...

Khushi frowned seeing Arnav hiding behind her smiling then signaled her to keep quiet..

Khushi: What are you doing? We came here to shop not to play..

Arnav rolled his eyes: These shopping are so boring... I hate it.. Anika also hates it..

Khushi caressed his shoulders smiling: My dear husband... Your turn is coming soon.. After Anika, I will go and buy clothes for you..

Arnav eyes widened: What? Noooo... We will come another day na.. Today is Anika day..

Khushi giggling seeing her daughter and husband, both are same, hate shopping... For them it is a waste of time..

Anika came there trying to find her Daddy..

Khushi tapped her shoulder.. Anika hugged Khushi thinking it to be Arnav..

Anika cheekily: Found you Daddy!!!

Khushi: Not Daddy.. Mumma found you..

Anika broke the hug and looked at her mumma with a sheepish smile..Then looked at her Daddy..

Arnav gave her a What-to-do look..

Anika unwillingly had to try the dresses Khushi chose for her..

Now it was Arnav's turn..

Arnav holding his head: DM, I think my head will explode now.. Sweetheart can't we go back home?

Khushi smacked his shoulder: Noo.. Arnav..

Arnav pouted while Anika giggled: Don't worry Daddy we will play hide and seek again..

Arnav smiled.. Khushi: You both really think I will let you do this again?

Entering the shop.. Khushi choose some shirts and suits for Arnav..

Arnav also unwillingly had to try it.. 

After shopping...

Khushi: You both stop here..

Arnav & Anika rolled their eyes: Now what Mumma/ Khushi?

Khushi pouted: I wanted to buy ice cream for you.. Let it be..

Arnav smiled: Noooo... Let's buy it

Anika running to hug her mumma: 2 ice creams for me mumma..

Khushi: Let's go..

After enjoying Arnav and Khushi went to leave Anika at home, and they headed to work...

Entering the office:

Arnav was walking while talking with Khushi: New deal?

Khushi nodded: Yeah.. And I have to cooperate with some Asad.. Mr.Malhotra fixed our meeting today..

Arnav nodded: Okay then.. See you soon..

Khushi stopped Arnav holding his hand: Wait.. What about my kiss?

Arnav raised his eyebrow: Really?

Khushi nodded smiling: Hmm..

Arnav kissed her, still surprised with Khushi's request... Is she really changing?

At 3pm Asad came there. Knocking the door while tapping his feet impatiently..

Khushi: Come in...

Asad entered her cabin: Finally.. I thought I would stay the entire day outside your cabin..

Khushi looked at the man angrily..

Both looked at each other shocked: You!!

Asad laughed sarcastically: You're the fashion queen? KKG?

Khushi: Any problem?

Asad turned the chair to sit: Not at all... It will be fun working with you..

Khushi glared at him: We are here to work, not to have fun.. Do you get it?

Asad smirked: You will repent for the way you talked with me last night...your sister is already suffering.. Now your turn..

Khushi: Ohh really? And you think you will be able to do it? I'm KKG, its not that easy to take revenge from me..

Asad laughed evily: This is what you think.. KKG has a awesome husband and a little daughter.. If we harm them a little then...

Khushi almost jumped to attack him: Youuuuu.. If something happens to them you will die.. Do you get that?

Asad drinks water: Come on.. I'm not scared of you.. And calm down I will not do anything to your family.. But yeah in this fashion show, everyone will scream my name.. I will make sure no one gives you credit for that.. We both will work together but my name will be in everyone's mouth...

Khushi smirked: Let's see..

After the evil introduction, both kept talking about work..


* Khushi's mansion:

Anika was drawing in the living room while Khushi was cooking for them..

Arnav came after freshening up..

Arnav: Anika baby tomorrow you will go to Nani's house right?

Khushi came there: Hmm.. I already packed your bag.. So don't mess up your room now... And be a good girl there...

Anika smiled: Yes mumma.. I will be a good girl..

Khushi kissed her forehead: Now come and eat my angel...

* Arshi room:

Khushi resting her head on Arnav's chest trying to sleep..

Arnav: What happened? Aren't you sleepy today?

Khushi frowned: No..

Arnav caressed her hair: Sleep baby.. I will sing lullaby for you...

Khushi laughed: Arnav... Then she turned serious: You know today I had that meeting... Do you know who is going to work with me? Asad.. Meera's husband..

Arnav looked at Khushi shocked: What?

Khushi nodded: He told me that he wants to win from me as a revenge for last night..

Arnav frowned: Is he mad? Whatever it is.. You just concentrate on your work..

Khushi nodded..


The next day as planned Anika went to Nani's house to spend her holidays..

Arshi went to work...

Arnav reached the canteen to lunch with his friends...

As he reached there he frowned hearing his friends's talks.

Arnav: Seriously guys.. You're talking badly about my wife?

Aman turned to Arnav embarrassed: Woh Arnav..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Shut up Aman... Have I ever talked badly about Priyanka bhabhi to you? No right? Then who gave the right for you all to speak about my wife?

Akash: Not your wife... Boss.. You are just a mere slave in her life.. Are you blind bro?

Arnav: Whatever our relationship is .. You don't have to care about it..

NK: Guys stop this fight...

Aman: Why? When Khushi used to ill treat him, he would come to us everyday to complain saying that she treats him like a slave, he is not happy with her.. And we always supported him... Now suddenly " Don't talk badly about my wife" like really?

Arnav clenched his fist: It was past Aman.. And now she is my everything.. I don't want to hear bad things about her..

Akash: Go to your wife then.. Be a slave, and when you get tired of her you will remember us..

Khushi came running there as Lav informed her about the fight..

Khushi patted Arnav shoulder: Arnav it's okay... Let it be..

Arnav looked at Khushi: Why? They are talking badly about you

Khushi: Arnav this is a work place.. Please.. Don't create a scene here..

Arnav looked at Khushi in disbelief: Work .. Work.. Work.. You also only think about this hell.. I'm being at your side and you talk like this? Really... What's happening with you guys? No one seems my own.. All of you look strangers now... Why you all changed?

Khushi tried to talk, but Arnav left angrily from there..

Khushi looked at everyone then went to her cabin..

" Why you think me as a stranger Arnav? I'm doing my best to make this relation work.. Where am I failing? " Khushi thought as tears made way to her cheeks..

Asad came there: Hmm someone is crying..

Khushi wiped her tears quickly: I'm not.. Don't you know that you have to knock the door before entering?

Asad smirked: Sorry KKG... Forgot about it.. Next time for sure okay..

Khushi looked away angry..

Asad: Okay let's talk about work.. Here are few designs I already worked on it.. And others you will do.. But as I said.. Credit will go to me..

Khushi: And I will not let that happen..

They continued their work..

Arnav went home and locked himself in the room..

Looking at his parents pic: Now I'm really tired... Making people happy you don't get nothing in return.. Really.. Why you taught me to be like this? If I wasn't like this no one would treat me the way they do.. Aman, NK, Akash, Lav, Khushi everyone I know them for so long.. Why they are so strange now? Am I the only one who is still the same?  I'm not happy at all.. How many times I will try? Still I only get the same result.. Khushi is only in her work world and Anika, I'm just her husband.. .. I'm tired of faking this smile everyday to people... Why am I so good? Why? You know I really never expected my friends to talk to me like that.. It seems everything broke today.. My friendship, my love ...


Khushi came back from work and went directly to her room..

Khushi frowned: Locked? Arnav are you there?

Arnav: Leave me alone for a while can you?

Khushi: You're forgetting that this is my room also..

Arnav opened the door..

Khushi hugged him: Are you alright?

Arnav broke the hug: No.. I'm not fine.. I'm tired of this marriage.

Khushi looked at him shocked: Arnav what are you saying?

Arnav massaged his temples: Nothing... Khushi let's go out today..

Khushi nodded..

Arnav was driving lost in thoughts while Khushi kept looking at him sadly..

Khushi: Don't you want to go to a dabaa today?

Arnav: Trying to make me feel better?

Khushi: Arnav.. I really don't know what is making you sad..

Arnav stopped the car looked at Khushi: You will never know..

Khushi: But you can share with me right?

Arnav: Yes I can.. I'm tired of making people around me happy and get nothing in return.. I'm tired of having a wife who doesn't care about me, I'm the only one who cares about her, I'm tired of having a wife whose life is surrounded by work and her daughter... I'm tired of having someone who says that will change, and breaks my heart the next day..

Khushi looked at him: But I'm changing Arnav.. Just because I said don't create a scene there.. Doesn't mean anything..

Arnav: Ohh really? It was just the start Khushi.. I know it very well. You could have come behind me if you really cared for me, but you didn't... You stayed working..

Khushi: Arnav.. It was because I had  to work with Asad.. You know he would take advantage of this to show me bad in front of Mr.Malhotra and he would gain all the credit for this work..

Arnav shouted: I don't care about Asad at all.. I'm talking about us.. Don't put anyone in between us..

Khushi looked away wiping her tears..

They stayed in silent for a while.. Arnav started the car going to a restaurant...

Reaching there they ate the food silently..

Khushi decided to break the silence: What should I do then?

Arnav: Nothing..

Khushi looked at Arnav: Arnav are you tired of me?

Arnav didn't answer making Khushi scared of losing him..

They went back home.. Khushi phone rings..

Arnav went to pick it: Hello..

Asad: Hi KKG's husband.. I want to talk with your wife..

Arnav: She is in the bathroom.. And don't you think it is late to talk about work?

Asad smirked: Who said I want to talk about work?

Arnav frowned: Then?

Khushi came there: Who is it?

Arnav looked at Khushi: Asad.

Khushi frowned, she took the phone from Arnav's hand..

Khushi: We will talk tomorrow.. Don't spoil my night now..

Khushi hung up the call..

Arnav was still looking at her.. Khushi: Let's sleep..

Arnav: What will you talk with him tomorrow?

Khushi went to the bed: Work Arnav..

Arnav also went to sleep, he switched off the lights..

Arnav: Why can't you talk now?

Khushi: Arnav its time to sleep now..

Arnav: Really?? You work even now..

Khushi hugged Arnav crying: Please stop this Arnav.. I'm trying to keep you happy... If you talk like this with me, I won't be able to do it..

Arnav: Imagine when you did this with me.. Did I lose hope?

Khushi didn't say anything.. Arnav slept..


Next day...

Khushi: I'm scared Nani..

Nani Mayra: But I told you earlier Khushi..

Khushi: But Nani I'm already changing for him... He isn't really happy with me.. I don't know what's happening in our relationship..

Arnav came there, took the newspaper.... While Khushi disconnected the call..

Arnav: This is what spoil our relation..

Khushi looked at him confused..

Arnav: Telling outsiders what happens in our relation..

Khushi: Nani isn't outsider..

Arnav: Khushi what happens in our home, you don't need to tell others .. You never know when they give us wrong advises..

Khushi: You also used to tell our things to your friends..

Arnav stopped reading and looked at Khushi: You're very stubborn.. You never accept defeat even when you're wrong...

Khushi tried to explain: Arnav..

Arnav: Let's go to work..

Both went...

Khushi entered in her cabin..

Arnav was heading to his cabin when he spotted Asad there..

Arnav: Don't you have any other work?

Asad playing with his hands: This is an important project you know.. Mere employees like you won't understand..

Arnav confused: How do you know I'm employee here?

Asad: Your wife... Who else? And by the way you dress like a boss.. If she hadn't told me I would really treat you with respect..

Arnav glared at him: You..

Asad went from there smirking.. Meera called him: Talk dear wifey..

Meera: Asad what you want to do? Keep one thing in your mind.. I will not let you separate Arnav and Khushi..

Asad: Try to stop me then... You know first I just wanted to take revenge.. But now I fell in love with your sister.. She is so beautiful... I will make sure she becomes mine.. I will throw her useless husband out of our lives .. Then me, Khushi and Anika in our little happy world.. Aur haan.. You can marry again with this Arnav.. I really don't mind..

Meera: Shii you're so disgusting... You will never succeed in your plans... Your mother won't like all this..

Asad: Shut up.. I was forced to marry you do you think I like this? I only want a way to divorce you as soon as possible..

Meera hung up the call...


Arnav went to Khushi's cabin..

Arnav angry: It's lunch time now..

He looked around but didn't see anyone..

Lav came there: Looking for Khushi? She isn't here, went out with Asad.. They need to fix things to the fashion show...

Arnav: And she didn't inform me?

Lav: She was in hurry Arnav..

Arnav nodded and went back to his cabin..


Khushi's mansion:

Arnav and Khushi were watching TV..

Khushi tried talking with Arnav, but Arnav wasn't paying attention to her...

Khushi: Arnav? I'm talking with you.. Please answer me..

Arnav continued looking at the TV: Where did you go in lunch time today?

Khushi: Work..

Arnav looked at Khushi angrily: Is this the only answer you have always?

Khushi: Now you want me to lie?

Arnav: I'm already thinking you're lying... What you have to do all the time with this Asad? I really hate him..

Khushi caressed Arnav: It's just a fashion show.. Once it ends, we will not tolerate him..

Asad called Khushi, making Arnav looked at her in anger: At night time what kind of work you have?

Khushi sadly: You're talking like I'm betraying you Arnav.. I just work with him.. That's all..

Arnav went to sleep.. Leaving Khushi alone..


Days passed like this, Arnav was getting jealous at the way Khushi spend time with Asad in the name of work.. All day they fight over this issue.. Khushi cries all day trying to change Arnav's mood.. Asad slowly succeed in his plan, Meera wasn't able to do anything as when she tried to inform Khushi, Khushi said that she didn't want to talk with Meera..


On a fine day:

Arnav came to sit beside Khushi: I want to talk with you..

Khushi typing on her laptop: Not now Arnav please.. You know today is the big fashion show.. I have to check if things are on the right way.

Arnav sternly: I want divorce..

Khushi stopped typing and looked at Arnav shocked: What?

Arnav: You heard it right..  I can't maintain this marriage now.. I'm tired.. Live your life happily.. And I will live mine..

Khushi not believing what she heard: Arnav??? You're joking right?

Arnav nodded negatively: No.. I'm not.. I'm very serious, I'm not happy with you... Why should I live my life like that? When its not working.. Its better to quit..

Khushi cried.. She couldn't believe this after 7 years of their marriage, Arnav wants divorce...

Khushi: Please don't leave me.. I promise I will do anything to change our relation...

Arnav looked at her smiling sarcastically: Khushi don't force me.. I'm not happy.. How will I keep you happy? We will only keep fighting if we stay together..

Khushi looked down: Okay...

Arnav left the room...

Khushi broke down.. She closed the room and sat on the floor crying..

" Why? Why Arnav? You're ending our relationship like this.. Just because of fights, work... Why?" Khushi cried hugging herself..

She never wanted to lose him, she did her best to save their relationship but Arnav doesn't want it.. He isn't happy with her...

" He isn't happy with me? How will I live my life without you Arnav? How? I don't even start my day without looking at your face... Who will give me my good morning kiss? I can't even force you to stay with me.. " Khushi slept on the floor crying..

Arnav headed to Nani's home... He knocked the door.. No one answered..

" Where did they go?" Arnav thought confused..

Arnav waited for a while... Not seeing any response he got worried..

He called Anjali who told him that she doesn't know..

" Now where are you both?" Arnav thought..

* Khushi's mansion:

Khushi was still in her room crying.. She completely forgot the world outside..

Asad called her: Khushi are you ready? You know we have to be there before anyone..

Khushi answered wiping her tears that were continuously leaving her eyes: I will not come.. Handle everything there...

Asad smirked then pretended to be worried: But why?

Khushi closed her eyes: I can't tell you.. Just handle everything there..

Asad: So I win..

Khushi nodded: Yes..

Khushi left the phone.. Wiping her tears again..

Again someone called her.. She thought it was Asad again, but shocked seeing Arnav calling her..

She picked the call..

Arnav worried: Khushi I'm not finding Nani and Anika anywhere..

Khushi got another shock today: What?

Arnav: I came here, but no one opened the door, I asked the neighbors but no one saw them leaving the house.. I'm very worried..

Khushi: I'm coming there..

She quickly got up and left the room..

Reaching Nani home..She saw everyone there with worried faces..

Khushi came near Anjali: Di I think we should call the police..

Anjali nodded quickly..

They called the police.. They interrogated few neighbors there to get some information..

Khushi went to mandir..

Khushi crying: DM I don't know what's happening in my life.. But please let no harm reach my daughter and Nani.. Please let them be safe.. You can't do anything wrong to my Anika.. Please protect my baby.. Don't let anything happen with her please...

She fell on the floor crying..

Someone tapped her shoulder.. Khushi turned to the person: Meera?

Meera pulled Khushi to a lonely place: Khushi I don't have much time.. I just came here to inform you that Asad kidnapped Anika and Arnav's Nani... He is the one behind all this..

Handling a paper to Khushi: Here is the address where he kept them.. Reach there before he finds you..

Khushi nodded looking at the paper, while Meera went from there running...

Khushi went to where Meera told her..

It was a farm house..

She looked at the guards who where very alert..

" Dammit.. Maybe I should enter from the back side.. DM please be with me.." Khushi said praying then set to save her daughter and Nani..

* Asad's farm house:

Anika and Nani were in a room.. It was locked and they only opened it when they wanted to give food to them..

" Nani I'm very scared.." Anika said trembling in fear now..

" Don't be.. You're strong girl na.. Someone will come to save us.." Nani assured Anika hugging her tightly..

Khushi managed to enter in the house.. She hid behind a sofa seeing some maids there talking..Khushi waited there for a while.. She texted the address to Arnav..

The maids slept there and Khushi sigh in relief..

She went there and quietly went to look for Anika and Nani.. She checked all rooms.. No one was there, then her attention went to the guest room, she didn't check there, she went quickly to open it.. But it was locked..

Khushi whispering: Nanii.. Anika are you there?

Anika inside the room smiled happily: Mumma..

Khushi cried hearing her daughter..

Nani: Khushi we are here..

Khushi nodded while crying: Don't worry I will save you both..

Anika: Mumma.. I was very scared..

Khushi: Mumma is here na..Nani please wait for a while.. I called Arnav to come here..

Anika & Nani nodded.. While Khushi went to hide again but someone pulled her hair harshly.

Khushi screamed in pain: Ahhhhh leave me Asad...

Asad left Khushi: Baby you really think you can save them?

Khushi looked at him in disgust: What do you want? You said you will not harm my family..

Asad laughed evily: And you believed it... Fashion show was just a way to take your attention from your family... My real plan was this..

Khushi looked shocked at Asad: What? What will you gain from this?

Asad smiled: Plan very simple: First divorce Arnav, then marry me.. Anika will stay with us.. I loved this girl..

Khushi: Shii do you think I will marry you? Never... I will die but will never be yours..

Asad smirked: That's what you think... Look at the door..

Khushi did as he said, she Meera laying unconscious there..

Khushi: What you did with her?

Asad: Nothing much... But if you refuse my proposal I will kill her, then your sweet Nani, then your life Anika..

Khushi gulped her saliva scared now: What? c..can't do this.. Please leave my family..

Asad laughed: You are the one who will decide their fate Khushi..

Khushi was sweating now.." How will she save her family from this beast?"

Asad with evil eye: Yes or no?

Khushi closed her eyes tightly: please let my family go..

Asad pulled her by her shoulder: Yes or No Khushi?

They heard a voice: No...

Both looked at the door.. Khushi was smiling as it was Arnav, while Asad frowned...

Khushi went running to hug Arnav.. Arnav hugged her back: Thank god you came here..

She broke the hug: A..Anika and Nani are in that room..

Khushi pointed towards the room, while Asad laughed.. Yes.. His game isn't over yet.. He still has Nani and Anika.. Khushi will be his no matter what..

Arnav looked at Khushi: Let's go..

Khushi confused: Arnav?

Arnav: Nani and Anika are in the car, before coming here.. I managed to get in their room and save them before he can blackmail us..

Khushi smiled..

Asad looked shocked: Noooooooooo...

Arnav looked at Asad: Khushi will never be yours.. Treat the one who still stays with a beast like you.. Learn to love your wife..

Meanwhile police came there and arrested Asad..

Asad looked at both angrily: I will not leave you..

Arnav just ignored him and went towards the room..

Khushi came there also: Arnav? What are you doing?

Arnav: Nani and Anika are still here.. I lied so that Asad doesn't harm them..

Khushi: Ohhh you're intelligent..


Returning home, Anika was telling the horrible experience she had..

While Khushi was pampering her, by hugging and kissing her all the time..

Nani also stayed at Khushi house today..

* Khushi's mansion:

Khushi came in the living room: Nani and Anika let's eat something..

Nani and Anika nodded ..

All went to eat..

Anika: Mumma how was your day without me?

Khushi looked at Arnav: It seemed someone took my life away from me..

Anika scratched her head trying to understand what her mumma said..

Arnav looked away..

Nani noticed that something was wrong between them.. But what?

Anika looked at her mumma: Mumma please give me my juice..

Khushi went towards the kitchen to take it, but the juice was already on the table...

Anika and Nani looked at each other wondering what happened...

Nani shouted: Khushi the juice is here...

In the kitchen...

Khushi was crying, she wasn't able to be strong..

Wiping her tears: Okay Nani..

She composed herself and went there faking a smile..

She sat on the chair..

Arnav looked at everyone: I need to talk with you all..

Khushi closed her tightly " Why so soon?" ..

After eating Anika, Nani and Khushi went to sit in the living room waiting for Arnav..

Arnav came there with a serious face...

Arnav: Anika come here..

Anika came near Arnav confused, and sat on his lap..

Arnav: You know when two people marry each other, they should be happy in their marriage.. When one of them isn't.. Then that marriage breaks right?

Khushi looked down as tears once again made way to her cheeks..

Nani was looking at them confused.

Anika nodded: Yes daddy.. But why are you telling me this?

Arnav looked at Anika: Something like this will happen between your mumma and daddy..

Anika looked shocked at Arnav: What? Daddy you will leave mumma?

Arnav: Haan Anika, we will separate.. But don't worry I will always be your Daddy, and she your mumma.. Nothing will change..

Nani: Chote are you mad? Do you know what are talking? Marriage isn't a joke.. For god sake please think well what you're doing..

Khushi went running to her room..

Anika was crying: Why Daddy? I always pray to DM not to separate you.. DM is so bad.. She didn't listen to my prayers..

Arnav wiped her tears: No Dear.. DM isn't bad.. I have no choice. I'm not happy with your mumma.. I can't force myself to stay with her.. Please understand me dear.. I will never leave you..

Nani cried: Chote..

Arnav left Anika, and went out of the house..

Anika went running to hug her Nani: Nani I don't want this to happen... Please do something.. Naniiii..

Nani hugged Anika: I don't what's happening with your parents dear..


 Nani informed the family about the divorce, all were sad...

Nani Mayra also came there to support Khushi..

* Khushi's room:

Khushi sat beside Arnav not looking at anything in particular: Are you sure?

Arnav nodded: I'm..

Khushi smiled sadly: Where did I fail?

Arnav: You didn't fail Khushi.. But love isn't in our relationship.. If we still talk with each other its only because of Anika..

Khushi shakes her head negatively: No Arnav.. I love you a lot.. Please give me one last chance... Please.. I can't live without you.. Forgive me Arnav...

Arnav looked at Khushi who was crying..

Anjali came there: Khushi stop doing this.. He doesn't deserve your tears.. Come let's go outside .. Arnav all are waiting for you both downstairs.. We need to talk..

Khushi went with Anjali..

Arnav went behind them..

Reaching the living room, all were gathered there waiting for them..

Arnav looked at Anika who was sitting alone wiping her tears...

Nani: Chote.. Do you really want to end this marriage?

Arnav looked at Anika, then at Khushi.. Both were closing their eyes tightly..

Arnav looked at Nani: No... I don't want to end this marriage..

Khushi looked at Arnav shocked..

Anika smiled: Yesssssssss...

Nani, Anjali and Shyam also sigh in relief..

Nani Mayra smiled and went near Arnav: You did the right thing..

Arnav hold Khushi's hand and took her away from everyone..

He took her to the terrace..

Khushi hugged Arnav: Thank you..

Arnav cried in her embrace: You should slap me, not say thank you... I'm sorry Khushi for making you cry .. I'm really sorry... I don't know what came in my mind that I said those words to you... You are my llife.. I'm sorry..

Khushi cried more: Please never leave me alone.. I love you a lot.. I will change.. 

Arnav shakes his head negatively: No.. Don't change anything... Because of all this we were about to separate..  I don't want nothing now... Only you and Anika... I will be happy with you both... Forgive me Khushi, once again I was about to break the promise I made to you..

Khushi kissed Arnav, then looked at him: You're the one for me..

Arnav smiled: That's my dialogue..

Khushi smiled.. Arnav kissed her tears..

Khushi: It's my now...

Anika came there running...

Arnav and Khushi looked at her..

Anika smiled: I'm very happy!!! But still I'm angry with you Daddy.. How can you think of leaving me and mumma?

Arnav bend to reach Anika, holding his ears: I'm sorry my Angel..

Anika: Only on one condition..

Khushi looked confused: What?

Anika: You both will go to London.. Holidays for you..

Arnav nodded: I agree..

Khushi smiled and hugged Anika: Thank you my baby..

Anika smiled: Please never talk about separation...

Arnav nodded...

Akash and Aman also came there..

Akash looking at Khushi: I'm sorry bhabhi..

Aman: We were wrong.. We know it..

Khushi: It's okay.. I'm not angry with you both..

Then they looked at Arnav: Sorry bro...

Arnav looked at them for a while, then broke the silence: Come two idiots.. Where is NK?

NK: Someone called me?

All laughed... The trio hugged and Anika and Khushi hugged each other...


* Arshi room:

Arnav was busy pampering his wife.. While Khushi was enjoying his extra care for her today...

Arnav kissing Khushi's face: Did you pack your bags?

Khushi smiled: No..

Arnav: Okay I will do it for you..

Khushi was smiling brightly.. She went near the window looking at the sky: Thank you DM for giving me this chance.. I promise now I will be a good wife... And thanks for giving a husband like Arnav and my little daughter...

Arnav hugged her from behind: Thank you DM for giving me such a wonderful wife... And yeah you can give me any punishment for thinking of leaving her...

Khushi frowned: No punishment...

Arnav looked at Khushi: Then you give me...

Khushi nodded no: I only have love to give you...

Both smiled looking at each other... Sometimes when you're tired of a marriage you try to find flaws in your partner... Sometime you repent marrying them.. You get tired because you aren't happy in this sacred relationship.. But are you doing the efforts to keep the love in your relationship? Or are you just waiting for the other to love you? Work, jealousy, family problems... Everything comes in between a marriage, but not to destroy it, only to test if your relationship is strong.. If its weak it will break, if not you will face all the problems together... Just because of a small problem don't end your lovely relationship.. Because one day you will wake up and look at the other side expecting to see the person you love... And only words of repentance will come " How I wish you were with me..."

Arnav and Khushi managed to save their marriage...


Some months later..

Khushi hugged Arnav from behind who was working in his cabin..

Arnav turned to her smiling...Khushi: Aru is coming in our lives...

Arnav looked at her shocked: Khushi are you pregnant?????

Khushi nodded smiling: Yes yes.. 

Arnav smiled happily, looked at her for a while then pulled her into a tight hug: OMG, I'm so happy Khushi, thank you for giving me this gift..

Khushi: Now Aru will be mumma's boy.. ( Aru, the name they planned if they had a son)

Arnav and Khushi laughed then hugged each other...


 That's it.. the end of the short story.. Hope this message reaches to all ... It was really good writing this story for me, as some of the incidents here I witnessed with people around me.. I hope you all liked it, and thank you so much for the support and encouragements words...

A big thank you to: Spriya, Isabellaallan2108, Londoner, Lily30, Noodina, Swazze...

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