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Feb 4, 2017

YOURS AND YOURS ONLY (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 60 times)

It is just a try. i hope it will not bore you guys

Ahana  : Arnav ... beta …Khushi … she …hospital…beta …

Arnav : Aunty , what happened to Khush ? please tell me ? is everything ok ? where is she

Ahana : Beta.. please come to city hospital

At hospital

Ahana is sitting in one of the lobby chair with her younger daughter Kaashi looking tearfully towards the operation theatre and then the letter in her hand where her elder daughter is getting treated. Arnav came running towards them and kaashi seeing him ran and hug him.

Kaashi : Arnie …. Di…..

Arnav : Hey choti don’t cry . Let me talk to aunty . Ok ?

                Aunty hua kya hey Khush ko ?

Now helping Kaashi to a nearby chair and hugging Ahana

Ahana : How can I say to you all that. No.. I can’t explain how and why my baby tried for suicide

Arnav : Aunty…! please tell me everything and by the way where is uncle

Ahana : No that man can never see my daughter ever again . He …he is the whole reason why my

 daughter is here today.

Arnav : Aunty please tell me everything clearly . I have done everything in my capability so that her

Wishes are completed and now why she done this ?

Ahana giving the letter to him

Ahana : Here read this you will get all your answers

Arnav carefully taking the letter and tears came to his eyes as he read his khush’s heart


   The great Arnav Singh Raizada who always like to be called as the ASR like this name the most but I don’t know can I call you like that anymore. And I don’t think I can after I broke your heart this easily. I am sorry yaar. I know my one sorry would have melted you if I would have said that before signing the divorce papers. But we were best friends before we started this journey right. I was forced to do what I did. Please believe me when I say that I the Khushi Singh Raizada (Hope even now I can say my name like that because you haven’t signed the divorce papers) who always wanted a chirpy life does not want to live anymore because when I signed those papers I have actually signed my death certificate. Aru…I just wanted to tell you a good news that is why I called you that day to come home fast. Not to say those hurtful things. But … then papa came …I…I couldn’t say no to him not because he stood by me every time it is just because I can never put mumma’s   and kaashi’s happiness at sake. You at sake Please say how can I when she had done everything for me in my entire life and then put her marriage at sake? Aru he said me that I have to divorce you otherwise he will divorce maa. I was ok with that just to save mumma’s marriage, Kaashi’s life because we never needed any paper’s support for our love, but he then told me I have to marry his business associate’s son. Aru the swear was not to kill you, to kill me in front of you. You know I always says to you that I am not afraid to die but when I am killed in front of you and you are the reason, then you can never tolerate that. Aru, I am not doing this to prove anything to anyone. I said I was ready to go away from you but then I have to just say you that you are going to be a papa. But he denied that too. He…. He told he will… will…stop choti’s study… choti, Arnav he even said that. I am sorry yaar I wanted to give at least your child to you but he never gave me nine months. I don’t know why he hates me this much. He…he created the entire drama of a rape by Karthik when he thought that I love him. Then maa found you for me our Friendship, love, marriage everything was just as a fairytale. I am taking our baby too with me, don’t worry he will protect his maa.I……………I am ……….I am sorry Aru I can never forgive myself for breaking your heart. Your tear stained helpless face is something that I can never tolerate, but I myself put you through that. I am a **** right? Just know this I and the baby loves you sooooooooooo much. Aru I know the surprise you planned for me to gift me when I will get pregnant, the beach house “OCEAN’S HAPPINESS” through Aman. That’s it the name itself state it that I am always yours, you can never be a burden for me. Bye Aru, Hope we can again meet in next birth. Tell maa that her choice was the best, Kaashi to never accept defeat and don’t be angry on dad, this decision is solely mine.Take care of everyone.and   I love you……Aru

                                                                                                                                                Yours and yours only


Arnav was in tears after reading the letter. The thought of Khushi divorcing him was painful for him but now, knowing the reason he was ready to kill Keshav Khurana, but when his Khush says something ,he can never go against her.

Ahana : Beta……please forgive me that man will never come in her visibility again

Arnav : Aunty, why are you sorry? It is not your fault, but she will be alright na ?

Ahana : She always says that she want her happy ocean. For you to be happy she is needed right? So she will be fine

Arnav nodded understandingly.

Kaashi : Arnie…Di …for us…

Arnav hugged her to himself

Arnav : Choti, Bacha, don’t cry Khush will be fine and we will take care of everything right? You are Di’s strong sis right?

Kaashi aryingly nodded hugging him. Doctor came after operation

Arnav : Doctor, How is she? Can I meet her?

Doctor : The mother and baby is out of danger now, yes you ,only one person can meet her

Arnav entered the room determinately to not forgive her soon. His tears filled seeing his baby doll in that state. He sat on the stool and caressed her face and she slowly opened her eyes

Khushi: A..Aru

Arnav : Khush….sh…sh… baby doll, everything will be fine .

And then hugged he. Khushi sobbed into his chest and after a lot of time

Khushi : I …….I am …………

Arnav put his finger on her lips and nodded negatively

Arnav: I know.

 He was determined to not forgive her. But how can he when she done everything for others. He smiled looking upwards, thanking god for bringing her back

Khushi : Maa………….choti……….

Arnav : Sh… iam here . I will make everything alright.

Khushi : I know.I love you Aru.

Arnav : I love you khush and kissing her stomach papa love you too baby.

Kaashi and Ahana smiled looking through the glass door, and sighed thinking  now everything will be alright.




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