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Oct 3, 2017

Part 32 The pressmeet (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 87 times)

I am back guys, and I will try my best to be regular. I don't know what I have written so do tell me your views.

In the party hall

It was time for the press meet and Arshi entered together. The media was capturing the elegant couple and was all ready to dig about the 'secret person' in ASR's life.

Arnav: Please be seated everyone ...

As everyone settled the reporters started to fire questions at them from everywhere.

Reporter 1: Is she the special person your father wanted to introduce to the media?

Reporter 2: Who is she to you?

Reporter 3: Is she your girlfriend?

Arnav: Wait ... wait ... I am here to answer all your question if it isn't too much personal ... but yes ask one by one ... as of now, yes she is the person Dad mentioned ... and no she was my GF but not now ...

Reporter 2: If you two broke up why is she still with you?

Reporter 4: Yes and why are you introducing her to us now after your break up?

Arnav: Excuse me ... when did I say we broke up?

Reporter 2: You just ...

Arnav: Will you guys let me finish my sentence ... and I think I had just told you guys to ask one by one

Repoter 1: Sorry ASR ... but what are you trying to say actually? Err ... I mean you said 'was'

Arnav: Yeah ... I am coming to that. Khushi was my GF but not now ... because now ... she is my better half ... my wife ...

Reporter 5: What? ... wife?

Arnav: Yes ... that is what I said

Reporter 2: But how is this possible? ... I mean your impending marriage with Ms. Jha was not a secret ...

Arnav: Really? ... without my awareness?

Reporter 2: But ASR ... it was the latest rumor of the town and some of your relatives and neighbors too confirmed that the talks about your marriage with your BIL's sister were going on in your house

Arnav: Come on ... that's why we term them as 'rumors', right?

Reporter 2: But then ... why didn't you ever comment on it or denied it? ... I mean it hadn't just started yesterday ... we are hearing it from last few years

Arnav: I didn't find it necessary as I was committed much before that ... exactly saying almost nine years now

Reporter 2: Nine years? ... but then why wasn't she seen anywhere with you?

Arnav: Yeah you are right ... you hadn't seen her here ... but then I guess you guys hadn't done a hard work ... because we used to attend every event together in America  as she was there to complete her medicine at Harvard

Reporter 2: Harvard? That is were your cousin is doing medicine now?

Arnav: Yes ... and not doing but done because both my wife and SISTER are doctors already ...

Reporter 1: Okay so ... Mrs. Raizada was your sister's classmate?

Arnav: Not just classmates ... they are besties

Reporter 2: Just asking out of curiosity ... was it the attraction towards the wealthy hot brother of the best friend that lead to the marriage?

Arnav: Good story ... but sorry to burst your bubble because we didn't met through Lavanya ... no ... and the marriage wasn't the outcome of a mere attraction ... like I said earlier we were in a relationship from the time she joined as my junior and yeah was in love obviously. And after some years we were sure about us ... so got married ... end of the story

Reporter 3: Junior? But she studied in medical school right?

Arnav: Oh about that ... my Biwi here is a double graduate ... she was my junior in fashion school but joined medicine because that is what she was interested in ...

Reporter 2: Means Mrs. ASR hate fashion designing when her husband is the fashion king?

Khushi: Excuse me ... where did that came from? Becoming a doctor was my passion ... but that doesn't mean I hate any other job. It is true that when I can do something to bring someone back to life gives me immense happiness more than anything ... but I do love designing and that's why it was my second option

Arnav: Yes ... (Proudly) and that's why she graduated both course with flying colors

Reporter 1: Sorry ... our intention wasn't to offend you ma'am or sir ... so how much time it is to your marriage?

Khushi: Almost three years ...

Reporter 3: Three years? But then why kept it as a secret all this while? ... and now this sudden interest in introducing her?

Arnav: (With a sharp look) ... yeah it is right I hadn't announced it publicly ... but it was never a secret ... my close friends and family were surely aware about it and like I said she wasn't staying here. But now we are planning to stay here ... so I don't want anybody to have any fake ideas about our relation. And yeah the world should know who Mrs. ASR i, right?

Reporter 1: Of course ASR ...

Reporter 2: So Mrs. Raizada ... you know ASR from sometime now so you must aware about the news about his alleged relation with different models, colleagues and even with Ms. Jha for that matter ... so what is your reaction to it? Did you at least once felt it might be true ... you know what I meant?

Arnav very well know how topics like this may affect Khushi and thus was about to blast on the reporter. But Khushi confidently held his hand under table. He looked at her surprised but she just blinked her eyes assuring him and looked ahead.

Khushi: About such news ... the only thing I felt is ... anxious about the people who talk these rubbish ... because one thing I can never predict is that what (Looking at Arnav) he will do when he is angry especially if that is something which will hurt me. And about it being true (With a smile) being unfaithful towards our relation is the thing Arnav can't even dream ... if that is what you meant. And about knowing Arnav ... it is not from sometime like you mentioned... like he said we are in a relation from nine years ... so I know who 'Arnav' is inside the 'ASR' you guys are talking about ...

Reporter 3: So that means you guys were in a relationship from college days ... so didn't your parents opposed such affair and all ... that too years back?

Khushi: (Laughing) ... how much Indians they were ... we lived in America and these all were common there ... (Stressing on the words and faking a smile) that too years back. Also both our parents were fast forward ... and I guess they were sure about Arnav-Khushi much before us

Arnav and Khushi shared a small laugh and others looked at them curiously.Seeing that Arnav thought it is good if he share this news rather than they finding it from somewhere else.

Arnav: Oh about that ... Papa and Mamma ... that is Kabir Kumar Khurana and Gayathri Kabir Khurana was Dad's and Mom's best friends respectively ... and that made us childhood buddies as we were neighbors

Reporter 1: Meaning Mrs. ASR was your childhood sweetheart

Arnav: (Sharing a laugh with Khushi) ... not exactly though ... I mean as kids we liked to irritate each other but we were always together but yeah after we shifted to India only I realized how sweet those fights were

Reporter 4: So you are saying that your love story started from childhood?

Arnav: Well not entirely ... even though we used to fight she always had that special part in my life and I used to feel so lonely when we parted. Then I knew somewhere that I had some feelings for her ... but yeah realized it was love during our college days only

Reporter 6: So how was it to meet each other after a long separation?

Khushi: I must say it was really something ... (Chuckling) I still remember his reaction when he realized it was me as Kiran, my sister called me Kiya because I was nicknamed like that by himself

Arnav: It was one hell of a meeting I must say because it was really an accidental meeting in a jogging park and that too through the prankster Kiran was something. But when later on when I realized it was Kiya all along (Shaking his head with a small smile) I don't know what and all I had done in happiness

Reporter 1: Ma'am don't get me wrong but ... how is ASR at home? And as a husband? Because as far as we heard from you and seeing him when he is with you ... I think there is a different person inside this ASR

Khushi: (Smiling) ... yeah that's true actually ... but he acts like that only with the people who are close to himself. In fact "I am very close to few people ... but they mean everything to me" is what his policy is. So at home back there ... he is a normal person (Chuckling) not the arrogant beast you are talking about. He is the understanding son for Dad ... buddy-bro for Lavanya and Kiran ... best-st buddy for Nikhil etc. And as a husband (Looking back at Arnav who was looking at her curiously to hear her reply) ... I can call myself lucky because it is not every day we can see a husband cooking your favorite food for you ... scolding you for being careless about your own health ... looking after you like a father when you are ill ... supporting you in every second of life ... considering your family as his own ... and understanding you more than yourself. If these all are the requirements for the good husband ... then I will say Arnav is the best ever husband in the world

Reporter 4: So ASR ... now your turn ... what about Ma'am?

Arnav: (Smilingly) ... all I can say is she is the missing part of my life ... and as I have her now I can't even imagine my life without her. Yeah ... it may sound cheesy and impractical ... but then I will say 'Love is being impractical' because ... hadn't we heard about love winning over medical science and all? ... so that's it I guess

Reporter 7: One last question ASR ... what are your future plans? ... and what about ma'am?

Arnav: Future plans? ... hmm ... we are going to start our works for the winter collection soon ... and Khushi is going to join Dad and Lavanya in RH (Raizada Hospitals) ... (Looking at his watch) okay I think that's it for now ...

Reporter 1: Thank you sir ... thank you Ma'am for your lovely time

Arshi: Welcome

Arshi walked out and again entered the party hall in which Mr. and Mrs. ASR was still the topic.

(I know there where more chances for them to put finger on Khushi's character but I hope you guys remember that Anjali or Chachi hadn't heard Arshi's love story, whatever they had told the reporters were the things they had assumed themselves)

Arnav indicated Aman to come over as soon as they were out and said Khushi to join the gang. Khushi sensed he was up to something seeing the exchange between the friends so she asked holding his hand.

Khushi: Arnav ... what's the matter?

Arnav: Nothing serious baby ... you just join them ... I and Aman have to meet someone here

Khushi left as she realized he is not going to reveal it now and Aman came there immediately.

Arnav: Aman ... (Smirking) the one in red shirt and the one have specs ... we need to have some personal conversation

Aman: (Smirking) ... sure Arnie let me get them ...

Aman got them to a secluded place stating Arnav wanted to give a personal interview regarding their new collection. But what happened there actually ... only the four of them knows.

After a couple of hours the party came to an end and all left for home. Everybody directly hit to bed as they were hell tired.

Next morning

Today, only Arnav and Ravi were going for jogging as the 'kids' planned some competition in the gym. Arnav was coming out from the kitchen getting the protein shake but the scene he saw in the living room made him smirk.

Anjali and Chachi were frantically going over all the newspapers but what they saw wasn't what they had expected. Anjali wondered why her bribing hadn't worked and switched on the TV but the result was same. She became very frustrated and threw the remote on the couch after switching off the TV and stomped away to her room. Chachi too followed her Anju and gone to her room in ground floor.

Ravi who was coming down fortunately or unfortunately came face to face with one of his cousin ... the so called first love of his. And thinking about her being his love he felt pity towards himself. He had expected to meet her here but what he didn't expect was the abortive look on Anjali's face. He wondered what could have happened but shrugged it off thinking it to be one of her mood swings. Anjali who saw him glared at him and he would have ashes if looks could kill because Anjali Manohar Jha was boiling in rage.

He too glared back at her and descended the steps as fast as possible and once again came face to face with another cousin of his ... his brother from another mother Arnav. And from the looks on Arnav's face it was clear that whatever the matter which pissed of the great Anjali Manohar Jha exactly was done by none other than her one and only brother Arnav Singh Raizada. Ravi too smirked and quote.

Ravi: I guess it is Mr. ASR who is behind the pissed off mood of the Raizada princess?

Arnav: Princess my foot ... she is the devil, Big B ... hey ... don't tell me you still haven't gotten over her

Ravi: Do I look that mad to you? ... (Shaking his head) I asked out of curiosity man ... because it is not every day we can see thee great Anjali Singh Raizada oops ... the great Anjali Manohar Jha failing in something

Arnav: What to do Bro ... sometimes my so-called sister thinks that I am ASR just like that

Now they were outside and started to run. Hearing this Ravi laughed out

Ravi: So what's the matter?

Arnav: She bribed the reporters

Ravi: What?

Arnav: Yep ...

And Arnav started to narrate how he found out this.


Arnav was about to go to get Khushi for the press meet when he saw Anjali and Mami talking and handling over something to two men who he guessed as the media people. He shrugged it off considering it to be the reward for praising Anjali.

Ravi: Oh ... so she is frustrated because they haven't mentioned about her?

Arnav: No Big B ... I too thought she was asking for that and left the matter ... but I realized for what exactly was it during the interview only ...


Arnav was observing the two guys with gawk eyes and it wasn't difficult for him to guess what exactly they were doing. So after the press meet he and Aman met them. ASR approached them just like a tiger treating his prey and stated in a no nonsense tone.

Arnav: If you guys are thinking that you can outsmart ASR ... then you don't know me at all

Reporter 2: (Sweating) ASR ... what are you saying? ... we ... we don't get it

Arnav: Really? ... then what were you trying to do exactly? ... oh I got it ... It is very easy to defame someone if you have the power, right? ... so what about you two losing it?

Reporter 3: ASR ... we are saying truth ... we weren't trying to defame Mrs. ASR

Arnav: (Smirking) ... when did I took Khushi's name? ... so it is true ... that is what you were exactly trying to do, right? ... to defame Khushi?  ... so now bear the consequences

Reporter 2: ASR ... we are sorry ... we ... we became blind seeing money. Please ... please don't make us jobless ... we ... we have our families depending on us

Reporter 3: Yes ASR ... please forgive us ... we ... we won't repeat it ever again ...

Arnav: (Roaring) Repeat? ... if you even try to repeat it ... you won't be alive for a next time then ... got that?

Reporter 2: Yes Sir ...

Reporter 3: And sir please ... if needed we will apologize to Mrs. Raizada

Arnav: No ... no need for that ... but yeah if you write one word ... and I mean it one word offending my wife ... you will see the worst of me. And remember ... that nobody is lucky to see it twice

Reporter 3: No ... sir we will not write a single word other than what you told us ... please ... please forgive us ...

Arnav: Good ... and yeah ... make sure your colleagues are informed too

Reporter 2: Of course sir

Reporter 3: Tha ... thank you so much sir

Arnav: (Nodded) but yeah don't forget what I said. T

he two of them nodded their head fearing for their life and ran away from there while Arnav and Aman walked out and joined others.

Ravi: (Chuckling) that was hilarious buddy ... I can't wait to share it with others

Arnav just smiled and asked something Ravi hadn't expected.

Arnav: Big B ... what is your opinion about Tania?

Ravi: Ta ... Tania? Why?

Arnav: Hey ... nothing ... It is just that Rishi seemed very much comfortable with her ... so I was wondering if something is going on between them? ... I mean like a secret relation?

Said Arnav gauging Ravi's every reaction and inwardly smiling at the pale look on his face.

Ravi wasn't much comfortable in talking about her but he literally shouted as he heard about Rishi and Tania.

Ravi: What! ... Rishi and Tani ... I mean Tania ... no way ... what happened to you? ... are you mad Arnie?

Arnav: Why are you getting hyper Big B? ... I was just asking nothing serious ... or is there anything I am not aware about? I mean I asked like that because they were very comfortable with each other

Ravi: Oh come on Arnie ... being comfortable doesn't mean they are in a relation or something like that ... they can be just friends too

Arnav: (Shrugging) okay ... but what I told is also a chance, right?

Ravi: Rubbish ... what has gotten into you? ... I mean he maybe treating her just like I see Sheetal.

Arnav: Oh yeah ... I was coming to that only ... so what is it between you two? I mean ... you two were putting the dance floor on fire

Ravi: Hey ... don't put your guttural mind there ... she is just like a sister to me ... and most importantly haven't I told you how smitten Rishi was by Sheetal?

Arnav: That is what we guessed ... but it can be wrong too, right? ... I mean he may be seeing her like a sister just like you did ...

Ravi looked at him unsure and Arnav patted his back supportingly and then looked at the other side for not laughing at his face and mentally told ... sorry brother I had to do this ... I had promised Nani and Rudy. Then told out loud but more likely to himself

Arnav: I guess I should ask him about it ... I mean if that is the case then it will be very nice, right? As Tania seems perfect for our family ... and who knows may be he need somebody's help ... just like I had asked for you. Oh ... it will be a nice experience, right? ... to play a cupid ... I need to tell Kiya about it today itself

Every word Arnav was saying was pure torture for Ravi to even imagine and he decided to express his heart before it is too late, which he had kept guarded until then. As he very well can imagine what will happen if others too joined Arnav-Khushi in this cupid play. Then he will have to see Tania becoming his Bhabhi. That thought itself was terrifying and he shouted


Arnav: Big B... what happened? ... any problem?

Ravi: (Shaking his head) no ... nothing

Arnav: Shall we go in then?

He asked as they were before RM. Ravi nodded his head absentmindedly making some plans in his head.

And Arnav eagerly entered in his room to tell this to Khushi but she was sound asleep. He shook his head at her and was about to close the door when Kiran came there. And as he listened to Kiran about her conversation with Tania he was sure that 'Tanish' was set. He shared what happened with Kiran too and bid her bye. And then slowly started towards the bed to wake up his sleepy baby to share the good news.

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Nov 5, 2017

Part 33 A conversation with Shyam (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 78 times)

I hope at least some of you got to know why I was late in updating after the last update of 'ArHan'. Anyway, tell me how was it, eagerly waiting for your comments. And I am trying guys I am really trying to be regular but real life never according to our preferences.

At RM, New Delhi, India 

Arnav shared the news with Khushi and she too was very happy that finally, Ravi will express his true feelings.

Khushi: But Arnav ... don't you think we have to do something in Rishi's case now as the jealous factor won't work anymore

Arnav: You are right ... but Rishi is not like Big B ... he won't fall into our plans like this

Khushi: Hmm ... you are right ... Big B was easy to predict because he is exactly like you in character that you guys don't think before acting and ...

Arnav: And Rishi will ponder a thousand times before doing something ... I know ... hmm ... then what can we do? ... okay, let us do one thing ... we will ask the love guru ...

Khushi: Wait ... I don't think that is enough ... it will be better if we deal with it more seriously ...

Arnav: Seriously? ... what do you mean by that? Even though her name is 'Kiddu' she always gives matured ideas ...

Khushi: It is not that Arnav ... what I mean to say is that we need elder's help in this ... and why I am saying like this is because both me and Tania are independent women and took the decisions for ourselves but that is not the case for Sheetal ... she will never go against the family

Arnav: I know ... but Nani asked her to go with them ... and maybe staying together under one roof they will get to know each other better ... so what is the problem?

Khushi: And that's why I am saying you are dumb ...

Arnav: What the!

Khushi: Don't what the! me idiot ... I can guarantee you she won't go without elder's permission ... and do you think Anjali will allow for that?

Arnav: Then?

Khushi: (Thinking for some time) ... I think we should talk to someone else ...

Arnav: Who is in your mind?

Khushi: Hmm ... I think Shyam Jiju is the best option

Arnav: Are you crazy? ... I mean why do you think he will agree to our plan? ... after all, he is Anjali's husband

Khushi: Arnav ... didn't I tell you that don't measure everybody on the same scale? ... and see I was even right in Sheetal's case ... and like that maybe he will agree ... after all, we are trying to play cupid ... and he will agree if he values true love

Arnav: If that is the case I am afraid he will agree ... because then he wouldn't have left Prinku Di

Khushi: Arnav, please ... we don't know the reason behind all that, right? ... so let us not talk about it and concentrate on the problem we have now ... so tell me hubby will you come with me?

She asked stretching out her hand making him smile and he said in a dramatic manner with bowed head.

Arnav: Of course ... after all, when have I ever objected you, wifey?

Khushi rolled her eyes at his reply and caught hold of his hand. But he tugged on her arm

Arnav: But ... now?

Khushi: Yes now ... come

Saying this she dragged him out of the room and they both went in search of Shyam.

Shyam was in the back lawn reading a file when Arnav and Khushi got there and Khushi cleared her throat to grab his attention. That instantly made Shyam look up and he was really surprised seeing them there.

Shyam: You guys here?

Khushi nudged Arnav and gestured him to speak

Arnav: Uh, ... Jiju, she ... no ... I mean we wanted to talk to you

Shyam: Okay ... (Seeing them exchanging looks) hey ... is there any problem guys?

Khushi: Hmm ... Shyam Jiju ...

Shyam: Just Jiju is fine Khushi ...

Khushi: (Smiling a little bit) ... okay ...firstly we wanted to say sorry ...

Shyam: Khushi ... if it is related to Sheetal then you don't have to feel guilty at all ... because Arnav time and again told us that he won't marry Sheetal ever ... it was others who kept dreaming about something which is never going to happen. (Sighing) ... at least I should have understood that Arnav is not a person who keeps money above everything ... and that might not be the reason why he kept refusing just like he used to say. (Looking at Arnav) ... but if I have to be honest ... I will say you too were a reason for me to dream about the marriage ...

Arnav: (Bewildered) ... me?

Shyam: (Sighing) Arnav ... don't take me wrong ... it is just that ... even though you don't love Sheetal I knew you will respect the relationship with her if ever you have married her. Hey ... now don't look at me like that ... you are still looking after Anjali after whatever she did ... so I can interpret that much .... (Sighing) but yeah that does not mean ... I have any grudges against you two ... in fact, will you believe me if I say that I am very happy that your true love won because everybody isn't lucky like you ...

Khushi: Why we won't believe you? ... of course, we will ... anyway, leave all that ... let bygones be bygones

Shyam: I too was thinking that we should forget everything and move on ...

Arnav: That is really cool ... and the matter we wanted to discuss with you is

Before he could complete they all heard Kiran's weeping voice calling him 'Arnie' but it didn't make Arnav worried instead he sighed as he knew the reason was again a fight with Rudy. He just murmured.

Arnav: Oh no! ... not again

Khushi: Unfortunately yes ... Jiju I think we can discuss this later

Arnav: No ... Kiya you just continue ... I will come after clearing it

Khushi: But ...

Arnav: It's okay ... you talk to Jiju ... anyway, it will be better if you do that ... (Sighing) I am sorry I know I promised to be with you but ... you know ...

Khushi: I understand ... its fine ... you go and (Whispering) ... I will try my best to make it right for 'Sheesh' ...

Arnav: I trust you with that ... okay, so I will just check and come okay?

Khushi: Yes ... you go otherwise she will start her physical assault on Rudy

Arnav: Hey ... don't just blame her ... I am sure it will be him who started it ...

After Arnav gone

Khushi: (Sighed) ... this girl ... and he is all set out to spoil her

Shyam: (Chuckling) ... hey ... it is not spoiling ... he is just pampering her ...

Khushi: Now you too don't support him Jiju ...

Shyam: (Raising his hands in surrender) okay ... no comments then ... (Looking fondly at a complaining Kiran and consoling Arnav) ... Khushi ... can I tell you something?

Khushi: Of course Jiju

Shyam: He will make the best father ...

Khushi: (Smiling) ... I know ... but I am afraid what will happen if it's a girl ...

Shyam: What?

Khushi: Arrey ... see how he is pampering her and can't you imagine what will happen if he has a daughter? (Winking at a stupefied Shyam) ... just Kidding

Shyam: (Smiling a little) Okay! ... hmm ... Khushi you wanted to tell me something?

Khushi: Yeah ... err ... it is about Sheetal

Shyam: Sheetal? ... what about her?

Khushi: I hope Nani had asked you to send her with them and you agreed ... But then yesterday you said you are not sure about that after the Oberoi brothers have come ... is it because you still have grudges against them? ... especially towards Big B?

Shyam: Never Khushi ... never ... in fact, I am indebted towards them for whatever they did for Priya ...

Khushi felt sorry for him and Priyanka but chose to ignore the topic as she knows it is not a right time to discuss that. In fact, she has to concentrate on 'Sheesh'

Khushi: Okay ... then what's the matter?

Shyam: (Sighing) ... it is just that ... that I am afraid Khushi ... because I saw what you guys did in the party to bring Tania and Ravish together. Honestly speaking I am very happy for them ... but I am afraid ... I am afraid will all this hurt Sheetal ... it is not that I don't trust you guys ... but ...

Khushi: It's ok Jiju ... I can understand ... but do you think Rishi is not good for her?

Shyam: Huh?

Khushi: I think you are that much smart Jiju ... to know that we were actually trying to bring them close together too ...

Shyam: What? ... you guys were intentionally doing that? Khushi ... please understand she will never come between you two ... please ... please don't do that to her. Because she will be shattered if something wrong happens ...

Arnav after settling the dispute between Kiran and Rudy just reached there and was dumbfounded to hear that so was Khushi but unlike her, he instantly asked

Arnav: Is that what you think of us Jiju? ... that we will try to do something like this because we are afraid Sheetal will come between us?

Shyam: No ... no ... I didn't mean that ... it is just that as a brother I want my sister to be happy, even though I know I am a total failure ... (Sighing) ... I don't even understand what she wants ... ever ...

Khushi: Hey ... don't think like that ... you are a good brother ... (Sighing) ... okay ... what if she is happy with Rishi?

Arnav: Jiju ... I don't know how you will take this ... but we think Rishi likes Sheetal

Shyam: I understood that much from his looks yesterday but I don't know anything about him ... so it is obvious that I will worry

Khushi: I can understand your worry about your younger one ... but I can assure you ... Rishi is not a person who hit on every girl he sees ... in fact, it is the first time I am seeing him behaving like this

Shyam: (Suddenly remembering something) ... hmm ... Sheetal too seemed different around him ... I mean she was never comfortable around Arnav ... no, in fact, any other male like this

Khushi: Then what is the problem in trying? ... and don't worry Oberoi brothers will give their lives to protect their loved ones ...

Shyam: Who knows that better than me?

Before anyone could say anything they all heard someone talk from behind

Manav: Then I think you should think positive and let Sheetal do whatever she wants ... and let me tell you something Shyam ... she is already having an unbreakable bond with Mamma, Ravi, and Tania ... and I think she will be more than happy to be among them

Shyam: Papa ...

Khushi & Arnav: Dad ...

Manav: I heard you guys ... and I think you should give it a chance ... maybe you will see your sister happier there

Shyam: If it is about Sheetal's happiness I am ready to do anything ...

Khushi: Wow Jiju you are the best ...

Saying this she gave him a brotherly hug startling him and making both Arnav and Manav chuckle at her craziness. And later Shyam too smiled at her. Khushi breaking the hug told him excitedly.

Khushi: And now you are a part of our plan I have to say something to you ...

Shyam: What?

Khushi: Big B is finally going to propose Tania ...

Shyam: Really?

Khushi just nodded but all got startled as they heard a loud threatening voice.

Kiran: What are you guys discussing about without me?

Arnav: Elders talk ...

Kiran just twisted her face at that but smiled at Shyam when he caressed her head affectionately.

Manav: And you know what GF? ... he agreed to help us in uniting 'Sheesh'

Kiran: (Jumped on Shyam making him stumbled backward) ... wow ... you don't know how happy you made me Shyam

Arnav and Manav shook their head and Arnav mouthed to a perplexed Shyam making him chuckle.

Arnav: Genes ...

Khushi: Kiddu ... don't call his name on the face ... call him Bhai or Jiju

Kiran: I think I will go with Jiju ...

Shyam just nodded smilingly but Arnav interpreted.

Arnav: What the! ... you can't call him like that ... because I am your Jiju

Kiran: (Smirking at him) ... and you think I am going to call you that? No way ... you are always 'Arnie' for me

Arnav pouted but side hugged her, kissed her hair and whispered.

Arnav: And you know what? ... (Whispering) ... I too love it when you call me like that

Kiran: See I knew it ... by the way ...

Saying this she just looked around only to squeal in happiness seeing Tania and Ravi walking towards them with interlinked hands and happy face.

Arnav: What happened pagli (crazy)?

Kiran: Pagal your Biwi (Crazy is your wife)

Khushi: What?

Kiran: Sorry Kiya ... but the truth is always bitter ... hey ... leave all that and ... look there ... wow ... just wow ... finally ... finally, Big B did it ... yey

And others too smiled in glee seeing the blushing look on Tania. And then there wasn't any going back as 'Tanish' were getting teased and teased. Khushi took out her phone and messaged Rudy to come to the garden with all others. After everybody joined, all were glowing with happiness hearing finally Ravi decided to move on. And Nani was already planning their marriage making even Ravi blush.

But there was someone who wasn't happy about all these ... yes, none other than the heavy headed Mrs. Anjali Manohar Jha who had heard Rudy squealing to Nani about 'Tanish' and smirked planning something.

After a long series of teasings, everybody retired to their room but Anjali just blocked Ravi making him frown. Anjali just smirked as she saw Tania halting in her tracks and watching them confusedly.

Ravi: (In an angry voice) ... move from my way, Mrs. Jha ...

Anjali: Not until I am completing my talk with you ...

Saying this she held his hand which he immediately shrugged off and asked angrily.

Ravi: What the hell are you doing Mrs. Jha?

Anjali: (In a soft voice) ... arrey ... why are you calling me like that? Call me Anjali no ... in fact, call me Anjie ...

Ravi: (Frowning at the sweetness) ... I prefer Mrs. Jha ... anyway finish what you want to say fast and move from my way

Anjali: Oh Ravi ... you still care for me, right?

Ravi: And what made you think so?

Anjali: Arrey ... isn't it obvious? ... even after whatever I did you are ready to hear me out ...

Ravi: Look Mrs. Jha ... I don't know what you are planning in your crooked mind ... but yeah I am clearly not going to entertain you ... so move from my way

Anjali again held his hand with a satisfied smirk seeing the stupefied Tania and said making an innocent face.

Anjali: Wait, Ravi ... and yeah don't try to act, okay? ... because I know you like it when we are very close to each other

Ravi: (With gritted teeth at the creepy words) leave my hand ... I said leave my hand ...

Anjali: Why? ... is that because you are going to marry?

Ravi: Oh ... you got to know that? ... good ... and I hope you know why I am ignoring you

Anjali: But Ravi ... how can you marry her when you love me?

Ravi: Who said that I love you?

Anjali: Oh ... it is known by everyone ... that the great Ravish Singh Oberoi is madly in love with me ... so much so that you even tried to end your life to get me, right?

Ravi: (Roaring) ... stop it ... stop this right now Mrs. Jha. Yes ... it is true that me ... Ravish Singh Oberoi used to love you madly ...

Both of them heard a sound of weeping and turned around to see Tania crying covering her mouth. And Ravish Singh Oberoi broke then and there seeing his love like that. He wanted to immediately follow her and hug her to himself and explain everything but as he saw Anjali smirking he spat harshly at her.

Ravi: You did it purposely, right? to ... to hurt her ...

Anjali: Of course ... otherwise, why will I come close to you, Mr. Oberoi?

Ravi: Good ... it is good that you don't want to come near me ... because your presence really irks me ... so I am warning you ... stay away from me and my fiancé

Anjali: Oh don't say like that anymore ... I don't think she will be ready to marry you after whatever she saw ...

Realization dawned upon him as he guessed her intentions and shouted with eyes spitting fire.

Ravi: If anything ... and I meant it anything happens to her ... you will see the worst of me. And yeah hear this loud and clear ... I HATE MYSELF FOR EVEN FALLING FOR A WOMAN LIKE YOU

Saying this he ran towards Tania's room and even though his sentence hurt her ego Anjali smiled because she was sure that no woman will be happy after whatever she witnessed.

In the Living room

Akash was going out and Payal rushed down towards him.

Payal: Akashji ... my tablets are over ... will you bring some?

Akash: Which one?

And the answer she said really shocked Khushi who was going towards the kitchen to get some water. But she couldn't be that sure so she immediately rushed towards Lavanya who had done her specialization in gynecology.

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Nov 21, 2017

Part 34 The past (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 137 times)

Here is the next part guys, tell me how was it

RM, New Delhi, India

Khushi rushed towards the balcony since almost everybody was there. The youngsters were enjoying the time playing and all as Oberois will be leaving this weekend and elders were relaxing. She was panting when she reached there and all looked at her hearing the sound

Kiran: Hey careful ... no need to rush ... we are not playing your part

All laughed at that but one look at Khushi's face everybody knew it was something serious.

Arnav: Baby ... is there any problem?

Manav: Yes Kiya you look worried ...

Shalini: What happened beta ... you have gone to fetch water, right?

Khushi: Nothing ... I ... I just wanted to talk to Lavz ...

Lavanya: (With raised eyebrow) ... what's wrong?

Khushi: (Looking directly in her eye) ... nothing to worry ... Annie called and ... and asked some doubt regarding a medicine ...

Kiran even though felt something fishy shrugged it away as she wasn't very good at remembering people's name other than who is close with her.

While Lavanya and Arnav frowned hearing it because there wasn't anybody with that name at all but they know there will be some reason why she is doing it so they played along.

Lavanya: Is it? ... I think I have kept my phone in silent ... come we will talk to her

Saying this she pulled Khushi to the poolside. And reaching there she immediately asked.

Lavanya: Now tell me ... what is the matter?

Khushi: Err ... Lavz ... Rasmin is a contraceptive pill, right?

Lavanya: Yes ... but why are you asking this? ... I mean you are against using pills

Khushi: And Sprintec? ... that can cause imbalances in hormone right?

Lavanya just nodded not understanding why she is asking all this but hear Khushi talking to herself.

Khushi: But why will she take those?

I am nowhere related to medicines and I only have the knowledge, Google providing me, so bear with me if I am wrong

Lavanya: Yes ... but why are you asking about those medicines?

Khushi: Lavz ... you had told me Payal, Akash, and the whole family is longing for a child right? Then ... then why will she have Rasmin and Sprintec?

Lavanya: What?

Khushi: Yes ... I just heard she asking Akash to bring those ...

Lavanya: But ... Kiya ... they are trying for a kid for years now ... and that is the only fault mamma finds in Payal Bhabhi. Then why will she take those? And most importantly how does she know about those?

Khushi: Yeah ... you have a point ... but ... wait ... who is her gynecologist? Does she go to Raizada hospitals?

Lavanya: Yes ... in fact, both of them are taking treatment for years now ... but I don't know who treats her

Khushi: We have to find out who it is because he/she will surely have known about those medicines. Then we have to find out why the person is doing this? ... that too to the Raizadas itself

Lavanya: Yes ... I think you are right. Even if DR don't even acknowledge there are doctors in the family it is our duty as doctors. But I am afraid what will be Chachu's reaction if he gets to know this ...

Khushi: No Lavz ... don't tell him, no ... in fact, to anyone now ... we will tell them after finding the truth

Arnav: What truth you guys are talking about? ... and what are you two trying to hide?

Both of them turned back and saw Arnav standing there with folded arms.

Khushi: What are you doing here? ... I told right ... about our friend

Arnav: Cut the **** dude ... you don't have a friend named 'Annie'

Khushi: (Sighing) ... why do you have to know everything about me?

Arnav: Of course I have to ... after all, you are my better half ... so leave that and tell me what is the problem?

Khushi: (Without looking at him) ... nothing Arnav ... we were just

Lavanya: Kiya ... let him know ... he can help us ...

Khushi: (Sighing) ... Arnav ... I ... I heard Payal telling Akash to bring some medicines ...

Arnav: Okay ...

Lavanya: And as per the names it is some birth control pills and ... in some worst cases can even cause infertility ...

Arnav: What the ... then why the hell is he taking treatment if she is taking those pills? But ... he ... he so badly wanted to have kids ...

Khushi: That is why we too are confused ... maybe somebody tricked them

Arnav: But who?

Lavanya: Possibly the gynecologist ... because he/she will have understood this from the routine check-ups

Arnav: Perhaps ... but why to interfere in their lives, guys?

Khushi: Even if not as family but as doctors we have to make sure it is not any doctor's fault ... and yeah ... if it is I am not going to leave the person

Lavanya: Yes Bro ... especially when they are working in Raizada hospitals

Arnav: Hmm ... I guess you guys are right ... Raizada Hospitals is the result of Dad's hard work and I won't allow anybody to insult that. Okay ... let us do one thing I too will accompany you guys to meet the gynecologist

Khushi: Okay then ... let us act as nothing had happened for now

Arnav: You guys go ... (Showing his phone) let me finish the business call

Khushi: Oh that was your excuse ... okay then come, Lavz ... let us go

And they joined others smartly avoiding the topic of discussion.

Anjali smirked and walked away and Ravi ran towards Tania's room. He touched the door and was relieved to see it open but when he entered the room the scene inside was enough to break his heart. There ... his love was sitting in the bed hugging her knees and resting her head upon them, no doubt she was crying continuously. He slowly walked to her and sat on the bed near her but she didn't look up at him. So he whispered,

Ravi: Tani ...

But instead of looking at him she just turned around avoiding him.

Ravi: Tani ... please ... please look at me

Still, she didn't turn so he put his fingers on her face and made her look at him. The pain he saw in them shattered him as he was the reason for that. Because once she asked him whether he had any girlfriends in the past. And he had told her that he liked a girl but as she wasn't interested he left the idea and then as he got busy in the business he never had time for all that. At that time he wasn't ready to enclose the dark past to her but he should have told her ... at least after they confessed each other. Because now she would have misunderstood him ... of course, she will after the way she saw him with Anjali, who unfortunately happened to be his first love. But his thought process broke when he heard her whisper.

Tania: So it was Anjali? And ... and you just liked her? How ... how could you lie to me, Ravi? (Sighing) okay ... now I understood how important I am to you ... that's why I had to know this from others, right?

Ravi: Tani no ... please don't talk like that ... you are important

Tania: That's why you hid an important matter like this?

Ravi: Please believe me Jaan ... I don't have feelings for her anymore ... now and forever I love you ... only you. I know I should have told you it was Anjali but ... but at that moment I did not want to hurt you when you were so much happy

Tania: From where did that come from? Oh ... so you think that I am crying because you loved a girl before me or the girl you loved was your ****y cousin and seeing you with her was that hurt me? No Ravi ... never ... I know emotions like love can never be controlled ... and that is not what hurt me. What hurt me the most is you didn't consider me worthy enough to disclose such an important matter. It is true we confessed only today ... but for me, you weren't just my boss ... even in between all those silly fights I ... I considered you as a friend and I thought you did too. That's why I told you everything about me which I hadn't said to anybody else before. But you ... you didn't find it important to say to me that you were on the edge of losing your life back then ... even when you know what you mean to me. (Sighing) It is okay Ravi ... maybe I had expected too much

She wiped her tears and faked a smile but was stunned to see him in tears when looked up.

Ravi: (Hugging her tight) ... sorry ... sorry if I made you feel like that. But please ... never say that you are not important. You are the most important person in my life ... and you are right I shouldn't have hidden all these from you. And yeah you have always been a friend to me but when you asked me did I ever loved any other girl that day immediately after you said it is a special feeling to be someone's, first love ... I was afraid ... afraid to lose you. Yes ... I loved you even then also but I wasn't confident to talk about my dark past

Tania: Then leave it, Ravi ... I don't want to hear about it. But promise me ... promise me you will never think about ending your life

Ravi: (Kissing her forehead) ... you know when I think I can't love you more than I do now you will again do something that makes me fall more for you. And yeah I want to tell you about it from the time you told me you feel proud of yourself because the great Ravish Singh Oberoi fell for you only. But I wasn't sure how you will take it ... especially with Anjali around

Tania: It's okay ... leave it

Ravi: No today I want to talk ... and I insist ... so that I can feel free because I never had talked about it to anybody

Tania: Tell me if it will make you feel better. But hey ... I can't believe she rejected you and more than that drive you to death and still no regrets. Is she really Manav uncle's daughter and Arnav's sister? Or was that because she was in love with Shyam then too?

Ravi: (Chuckling) you will be amazed if you hear her capabilities ... and about Shyam, I don't know does she really love him even now. And you know what ... more than Manav uncle's daughter or Arnie's sister what I can't believe is she is Bua's daughter. I hadn't told you about her right? Hmm ... about her I haven't seen a more wonderful lady than her inside out ... always thinking about other's happiness ... helping the poor without thinking about money. You know she was even ready to leave Manav uncle so that Raizadas will be happy as they don't understand people by their personality ... all they can see is cast, society etc

Tania: Raizadas didn't like her just because she was Christian? (Seeing him nodding) ... then ... then how did they got married?

Ravi: Uncle made her understand that he can't live without her and then Kiya's parents ... Kabir uncle and Gayu Aunty helped them and after marriage, all of them shifted to abroad. But during vacations either they will come here or we will go there. And I and Anjali were best friends ... we used to call each other daily ... sending cards etc and she was this cute bubbly girl. But everything changed after Arnie and Rishi were born. While I was on cloud nine getting a brother she felt left out. No ... it wasn't Uncle or Bua's fault ... it was all Raizada's doing ... they filled her mind against the three of them. She used to complain to me and I tried my level best to change her opinion ... but what can I do when these people were hell-bent on breaking a happy family. It was simple ... they wanted Uncle to divorce Bua and marry their relative's daughter and they used Anjali as a pawn. But even then our relationship was always strong ... even though she won't obey me in case of Arnie she asked my opinion on every matter. And from our childhood, Bua used to tell that she wanted her Ravi to be her SIL and that engraved in my heart. But Arnie used to tell me that her behavior changed drastically after Bua's death. I took it as the after effect of that but she was changing ... day by day she became ruder and ruder. But she was always sweet towards me and with growing years we fell in love or that is what I thought. And you know the irony everything was a pretense ... a pretense to take revenge from Oberois who is actually her mother's family

Tania: What?

Ravi: Can't believe? ... but that was how it was ... Anjali started to hate her own mother after she started to live here with Raizadas. Arnie used to tell me that she seemed to be serious about the person with her marriage got fixed ... but the crazy lover inside me chose to ignore it as she wanted to keep our relationship with ourselves until she talks with her family. (Sighing) ... sadly that all was a pretense but I didn't know it ... then her engagement got fixed ... she called me and cried so much. But as I was abroad then I couldn't come ... and she told me to come with my family to take her with me before marriage. Again Arnie told me she seems very happy with the wedding preparations going on and that is what she speaks on phone every time she calls him ... but again I chose my love over my brother. I told my family that we were in love from long and her family fixed her marriage against her will and knowing the Raizadas everybody was with me. We reached here late and the scene here broke me ... she was happily getting married to Shyam while the other was expressionless. And the person who was with me before any other person was Arnie ... who just reached there from America equally shocked seeing the marriage along with Manav uncle. But composing himself he told me to go to farmhouse because he couldn't see me so broken seeing that as he knew I loved her. And also he didn't want us to get insulted but the broken trust and heart were so much in pain that I really wanted to know why she did all this. And when I asked her I got to know what my Anjie had turned into ... in front of the whole guests she made my love a mockery ... spat on my family name and told me it was all a revenge ... the last faith in my love broken there. Uncle told Arnie to take us out and we went to his penthouse. During the entire journey, I could hear Mom and Dadz crying ... Dad and my brothers looking me with painful eyes ... and all my thoughts were this all was happening because of me. I ... I found it too much to bear ... I couldn't even look at mirror due to guilt and I ... I chose the best way to end it all

Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes as he opened his heart after that incident for the first time and when he finished he felt a soft body hugging him. He looked down to see Tania hugging him in a tight grip. He hugged her back relishing her warmth and after some time he again started to speak.

Ravi: But I was immediately hospitalized so could save my life and when I was admitted to the hospital there was a commotion going on. Rishi and Arnie enquired the people there and got to know it was a rape case and nobody was with the girl ... and her mother was crying for help. They both were more than ready to help them so took their responsibility wholeheartedly

Tania: Who is that girl? ... do I know her?

Ravi: Of course you know her ... It was Priyanka Sharma or better Priyanka Singh Oberoi now

Tania: Prinku Di?

Ravi: Yes ...

Tania: But what happened to her? ... who? ... why?

Ravi: (Sighing sadly) ... do you know why Arnav hate Anjali so much?

Tania: Maybe because what she did to you ... because I had seen what you mean to him. Or maybe as she was against her mother ... because Kiya had told me what she means to Arnav

Ravi: Partly ... but it was another incident which made him loathe his sister and we all understood it wasn't Shyam who was manipulating her but it was the other way around

Tania: (Hugging his arm) what is it, Ravi?

Ravi: I and Prinku got discharged using our influence but we both weren't healthy to travel back so we went back to Arnie's penthouse. That night aunty thanked us and asked us can she leave as she can't pay all this back and don't want to burden us more. But Dadz and Mom scolded her for saying that and asked her to think us as their family. That night Aunty broke in front of us seeing our care when her own family disowned her. She told us how her daughter was in love with her childhood friend who too loved her deeply ... how happy they were almost planning their marriage ... how another evil lady came in their lives who was obsessed with the guy asked him to leave her ... got engaged to him lying that he had destroyed her dignity ... how he tried to break the engagement knowing the truth ... how the mad girl sent people to hurt them ... her daughter got raped and how her husband died witnessing all that ... how everybody blamed them for what happened with Prinku etc. At last Arnie asked who the hell that lady was as he wanted to kill her with bare hands ... we were also not less. But the answer shocked us again all it was none other than the Anjali Singh Raizada. He apologized to both of them and told everybody that he don't want to keep her anywhere near Anjali. So she became our sister and Aunty our Mami but after almost one year Aunty too left us and she officially became Priyanka Singh Oberoi

Tania: (Horrified and with tears) just to get him she did that with a woman being a woman herself?

Ravi: (Wiping her tears) what to do ... some people don't know even the 'h' of humanity. Now don't cry over them okay? And Tani you know what ... now thinking about all that I am happy all that happened

Tania: (Confused) ... what?

Ravi: Yes ... that's why I got you, right?

Tania: (Blushing) Ravi ...

Ravi: Oh my god you learned to blush too ... now that is news

Tania feeling flushed altogether hid in his chest and hit him on his back for teasing her. He just chuckled heartily after years and was feeling relieved. He sighed and looked up and thanked God for sending this crazy girl in his life.

In Payash room

Akash entered the room after the meeting and the scene was again the same which broke him knowing he can't do anything about it. Payal was again sitting in front of Devi maiyya and he knew as always she will be praying for a baby. He looked at the idol and wondered how she can turn her back to her hardcore devotee like this. He walked to her and sat beside her and touched her shoulder. Payal wiped her tears and turned around faking a smile

Payal: Akashji ... when did you come? ... wait ... I will bring your tea

Akash: (Holding her hand) ... Payalji ... please don't shut me out. I know you were again praying for a baby

Payal: No Akashji ... I was just

Akash: (Hugging her) ... please Payalji ... don't hide your sorrow from me

And she finally broke down with heavy sobs.

Payal: Why God is being this cruel to us Akashji ...

Akash: Please don't cry ... God will surely hear our prayers. One day we will have our baby

Payal: And I am waiting for that day

Akash: (Thinking) Me too ...

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Dec 29, 2017

Part 35 Tormented (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 96 times)

RM, New Delhi, India

Lavanya was sitting on the dining table waiting for Arnav to return from the office and her thoughts drifted to the events of last month.

Ravi and Tania had got engaged in Delhi itself as everybody was there only and Priyanka too came to attend that. It was very awkward for Priyanka and Shyam to meet each other after the circumstances they had parted ways. But with the constant encouragement and involvement of others, the childhood best buddies had cleared the misunderstandings between them and was back to being friends. After two more days Oberois along with Sheetal left for Mumbai leaving Rudy here as he was on his vacations. And as soon as they left Lavanya and Khushi joined the hospital. Later Lavanya, Khushi, and Arnav confronted the doctor regarding Payal's matter. And their suspicion was right, the tablets Payal taking were pills which can cause infertility in the long run. They were ready to sue the doctor but she revealed her helplessness as she was blackmailed into doing that. Even though Khushi and Lavanya lashed at her for forgetting her oath and doing the unbearable they couldn't completely avoid the helplessness of the widow lady because the threat was that they will harm her dumb daughter who is her only family. So Arnav Singh Raizada warned her and like everyone out there she too knows what ASR's threat means. She also revealed that she hadn't seen the caller in person and only through calls and messages from a private call or direct notes at her office, home or vehicle. But she told that she doubts an unknown man who she had seen in many suspicious situations. Arnav immediately asked her why to bend through such a threat which was not even in person or why she didn't inform the police.

Then she revealed that the first time she denied them as her conscience hadn't allowed her to do that, her daughter was kidnapped and gave her back only after she agreed to it. Understanding her helplessness Arnav asked her not to worry and he will be sending security persons to ensure their safety. Arnav decided to take Rahul's help to search for the person and decide to leave the room but Khushi had understood that there is more to it from the expression of the doctor. Later she informed them the matter hesitantly which came out as a shocking truth to all of them, that is Mrs. Anjali Manohar Jha had twice gone for abortion stating that her husband hates kids and if he gets to know this he will kill her. The doctor got suspicious about it thinking maybe she too was being blackmailed so revealed it to them. If they hadn't known Shyam from Priyanka they would have believed Anjali's words to be true and would have felt pity for her just like the doctor was feeling now. So now as they know all this were utter bull****, but what they couldn't understand was why she will do that to her own child.

Ensuring the doctor about her and her kid's safety the trio walked out. Arnav was about to dial Rahul's number but Khushi's low 'Dad' caught his attention. Looking up from the phone Arnav understood he had heard everything as Manav was in tears. And Arnav knew his Dad was shattered just like he was on the day he lost his wife. So they all immediately took him to Lavanya's cabin which was nearby. Later Khushi explained everything to him in a much calmer way as he was insisting to know everything. Later he had suggested that they should talk to Shyam regarding this to know the truth and they decided to keep it with themselves till they get proofs. So Arnav had contacted Rahul and briefed him everything and by the end of the discussion with him, Arnav's resolve about Anjali being behind all these got cemented considering the situation.

And then one day as per Manav's insist Khushi had talked to Shyam regarding the matter and from his expressions itself it was clear that he had no idea about it. And then Shyam revealed a truth which shook the foundation of her that is he had never touched Anjali since he still can't forget Priyanka or simply they hadn't consumed their marriage. Manav on learning that just hugged Arnav and cried asking 'Arnie ... is that our Anjie ... please tell me it is not ... how ... how could she stoop this low?'. They had witnessed a broken husband may time but that day they all saw a broken father. Khushi had briefed Shyam about the situation excluding Payal's issues and asked him to keep quiet until the right time. And the event which followed proved Arnav's doubt about Anjali being the culprit when Khushi slipped down the stairs and sprained her leg the very next day. But he was glad it was only a sprain and was waiting for proofs which Rahul had ensured to collect.

Then there came talks regarding Lavanya's marriage with Pawan and that day DR realized from where did ASR get his anger. That day Arnav saw his father expressing every grief, every frustration, and anger which he had kept inside him for years. That day everyone except Manohar, Manorama, and Nani was shocked to learn that Manav and Manohar had a younger sister Manisha who had committed suicide. Manav told the DR that he will never let happen anything like that to Lavanya and he isn't helpless anymore like in the past which cost him his baby sister. He had clearly explained to them that Lavanya will marry the person she loves, not according anybody's opinion and if they are planning to do stunts like emotional blackmailing or threatening he won't hesitate to take legal help.

Then Manorama, Anjali, and Payal started to explain the qualities of Pawan so that Lavanya herself will agree for the marriage. Arnav too didn't try to hold back and mocked them asking what quality he does have to marry his sister who is a Harvard graduate and a respected doctor. Manorama tried to argue saying it should be decided by Lavanya and her parents not by him, and for that one sentence Manorama is still suffering. Lavanya had lashed at her for talking like that about Arnav saying he has right on her more than anybody else and don't forget that she is an adult. From that day she hadn't spoken a single word to her mother completely ignoring her. The final blow was Akash and Manohar too agreeing with them, one in the grief of letting his sister die and afraid of a repetition and other trying to win his little sister's heart. In all these Madhumathy had to keep quiet fearing for Payal's life. Dadi who was repenting for her silence for a long time which took her daughter's life had announced that they won't be going with the proposal as Lavanya wasn't interested and even Anjali couldn't changer her decision.

That night Manav had explained the youngsters about his cute sister and her tragic story. Manisha was in love with their neighbor Arvind but her grandparents had refused that outright as he wasn't rich. Later without hearing her or Manav's protest, they married her off to a rich businessman. In the first day after her marriage when she came home, she cried her heart out in Manav's arms explaining how her husband had raped her in the name of the first night. But their Dadi scolded her saying it is a husband's right and nobody hadn't said anything against her except Manav which of course fell on deaf ears. Then after one month of her marriage, the news greeted them was her suicide. She had left a note for Manav which broke him further. She had thanked him for all his support till then and explained she no longer feel like a woman but like a piece of meat getting physically assaulted by her husband daily. The final nail in the coffin was her husband's friends raping her, thereby killing her unborn and her husband enjoying the scene. She had asked him to never let go of Arpita and ended her note praying to God to never give her fate to anybody else.

Everybody was crying as he finished the past and Akash promised himself that he will never let that happen to his sister and to protect her always, not that she needed him as she had Arnav but still, he will be with her whenever she needs him.

Then after a long silence from both end, everything was back to normal with Rahul collecting proofs against Anjali but they realized she was clever than they had expected as it was almost impossible to get any proofs.

With growing days Kiran got attached to the men of the house as they were very fond of her constant blabbering. Visible changes in Akash towards Arnav and Lavanya too was unavoidable. Then everybody got busy with Karvachauth preparations and DR ladies were for a series of surprises, they had expected Khushi to never fast, or Arnav to not agree with her considering the facts that he doesn't believe in these rituals. But their expectations broke when they entered the kitchen that day for Sargi.

Her thought process got broken as someone patted her head and she saw mentally and physically tired Arnav standing there.

It was past midnight when Arnav parked his SUV in the porch of RM. He sat with his head on the steering for god knows how much time and then sighing got out and walked with slow steps deliberately as he just hated to imagine the scene there. He knows he is being a coward but he just doesn't know to handle the situation. As expected Lavanya was dosing on the dining table while Rudy and Nikhil were shuffling through channels uninterestingly. Hearing him coming they both looked up with eyes mirroring his pain he tried to smile at them but failed miserably. Shaking his head he walked over to Lavanya and patted her head and she jerked awake and looked at him with puffy eyes clearly indicating that she was crying.

Lavanya: Bro ... you came ... come ... sit ... I will serve your dinner

Arnav: No Lavi ... I am not hungry ...

Lavanya: No Bro ... that will not work anymore ... why can't you understand you have to eat to care for others ... and don't forget you are diabetic. No ... now don't argue with me it is Kiya's strict instruction

Arnav sighed and sat down as he knows she won't leave him today. He started to have it but felt difficult to swallow as his thoughts were going back there again. He started to talk to avoid thinking

Arnav: You guys had food?

Lavanya: (Sleepily) Hmm ...

Arnav: (Sighing) ... Lavi ... you go and sleep

Lavanya: (Shaking her head) ... no ... no, I am fine ... you tell me what you were saying

Arnav: Did you guys had food?

Lavanya just nodded and he knew they too would have swallowed it just like him.

Lavanya: Chachu called ... he ... he will come a day after tomorrow ... it is safe to fly now ...

Arnav just nodded and was on his fifth morsel when they all heard the cry. Immediately his eyes filled with tears. He kept the spoon down and ran up the stairs taking two steps at a time. Others too followed him and Akash who was watching all this from upstairs too had tears in his eyes as he can't imagine the terror the innocent girl going through. He walked towards the room following Arnav, Rudy, Nikhil, and Lavanya, and Shyam too came there. Arnav halted at the door of his room and saw Kiran crying hysterically in Khushi's lap throwing her hands and legs and Khushi trying to calm her down.

Kiran: Leave me ... leave me you creep... leave me alone

Khushi: Kiddu ... baby calm down ... it is me ... Kiya ... you ... you are safe ... nothing had happened to you

Kiran: No leave me...leave me ... Arnie ... please save me. Arnieeee ... Kiyaaa ... somebody, please save me

Khushi: Baby ... calm down ... you will hurt your head like this ... you...

She couldn't continue as she had choked on that and gulped looking up and her eye clashed with Arnav's seeking strength. He came out of his trance and ran towards them. He sat beside Khushi and tried to hold Kiran's hands and legs but she was struggling to save herself just like that night. By now everybody watching the scene was crying and Arnav desperately tried to calm her.

Arnav: Kiddu ... Bacha ... I am here ... your Arnie is here ... nothing had happened to you ...

Kiran: No ... no ... no ... leave me alone ... please, I am begging you. Don't come near me rascal ... don't you dare ...

Arnav: Bacha ... please open your eyes ...

Khushi: Yes ... open your eyes baby ... nothing had happened to you

But she wasn't listening to them, so Arnav helped Khushi to make her sit and hugged her tightly. She was hitting him badly for sometime before she slowly lost her strength murmuring weakly to leave her. Khushi handed him a glass of water and he made her drink it slowly. After that, he placed her head on his chest and rocked her. He sighed seeing her snuggling to him like a baby. After some time he felt her even breath and placed her on the bed. All left for their own rooms not wanting to disturb her. Khushi sat there stroking her hair and Arnav went to freshen up.

He came out and saw Khushi sleeping in a sitting position leaning on the headboard and Kiran sniggling in her lap. He shook his head and straightened both of them and tucked them inside the blanket. Instantly Kiran had snuggled to Khushi's chest like a baby. Then he closed the doors and curtains and got inside the covers hugging both of them from the back. Khushi put her head on his shoulder in her sleep and he kept his head above her. He tightened his hold on them feeling their steady breath but sleep was far away from him. It is like this from past three days ... that is from the day of Karvachauth ... from the day his Bacha almost got molested. He sighed his mind going to that day despite all his attempts to not to go there.

His still remember their baffled look when in the morning the ladies entered in the kitchen to make Sargi. Khushi and Lavanya were sitting at the kitchen table chatting nineteen to dozen while Arnav and Manav were in aprons busy completing the dishes and placing them on the table before the ladies. After finishing the cooking they removed their aprons and joined the ladies.

Manav picked the Kheer and fed it to Khushi and instantly Arnav opened his mouth.

Manav: What? ... are you my DIL?

Arnav: What the! You will only feed your DIL and not son ... and as far as I remember this is prepared for those who will be fasting

Khushi: Really? ... but you denied eating it last year ...

Arnav: And I had suffered enough for that ... hey ... don't look at me like that, okay? Last year I hadn't had dinner on the previous night and hadn't even had this in the morning. (Sighing) ... only I know how I had held up until that stupid moon comes out ... (Shrugging) I don't want a repeat telecast of last year ...

He pouted at the end making the other three chuckle and Payal, Anjali and Manorama jealous, as all their husbands were sleeping selling the horse and here Arnav was keeping fast for Khushi. Having watched enough Anjali cleared her throat. Everybody looked up at her and immediately the laughter died to see them. Lavanya kept munching her fruits ready for another questionnaire session and as expected Dadi asked as she started working on the dishes.

Dadi: Manav ... Arnav ... what are you guys doing here?

Manav: Maa! ... we ... well ... we were preparing Kiya's Sargi (Sighing) ... even though her MIL is not here I and my son are here fit and fine ... and I guess it is our duty to fulfill that part ... especially since I can't expect anybody else to do that ...

That was like an indirect slap to Dadi as she understood it was directed towards her because she hadn't completely accepted Khushi even though she was behaving civilly with her. So she kept mum not having anything to say. Shrugging Manav turned towards Arnav, Lavanya and Khushi.

Manav: Anyway you guys finish it and go to bed ... I have to start packing as I will be leaving around noon ... the flight is at two ...

Khushi: No need for that Dad ... your luggage is packed and placed in the cupboard ... so now you go and catch some sleep

Manav: (Side hugging and kissing her hair) ... thank you beta ... and you know what this is why I was jealous of Kabir ... for having a daughter like you ... (Sighing) but now see ... he gave you to me leaving me all alone to take up the responsibilities

Khushi: Dad ... how can you say that you are alone? ... we all are there for you

Manav just smiled at her. Anjali and Manorama were fuming seeing the father-daughter love while others including Payal and Dadi were smiling at that. Anjali so wanted to wipe off the smile from Khushi's face and Arnav and Lavanya grinned seeing her expressions.

Khushi: And Dad ... is it necessary for you to go? ... I mean ... you could have sent someone else, right?

Manav: Kiya ... you know why I am going today ...

Arnav: But Dad ...

Manav: No Arnav ... I can't help it ... (Blinking away his tears) I am missing her terribly and I have to meet her today at any cost. Also ... the conference will be much productive. Don't worry it is just one week ... I will be back before you guys miss me

Arnav: You know what ... you are pretty stubborn ...

Manav: Agar Baap kiska hoon? (Whose father am I?) Anyway ... let me catch some sleep now

Saying it Manav left from there and the trio too followed his suit avoiding any conversation with others. Manav left at noon, Arnav even though was fasting kept teasing Khushi and Lavanya who was secretly fasting with food along with Kiran making them sulk.

Soon moon came out and everybody including guests broke their fast at the terrace while Nikhil was breaking Lavanya's fast at poolside. Rudy was busy recording everything on camera as it was new for him. And in all this nobody noticed Kiran was missing.

Throughout the Puja, Arnav kept teasing Khushi and finally when she broke his fast by feeding him and ate the remaining herself he told Kiran.

Arnav: What were you saying ... it is me who can't control hunger (Pinching Khushi's nose making her pout) we understood who is hungrier now ... right, Kiddu?

He turned around to high-five with Kiran only to frown as she wasn't there. He looked around to check whether she was with Shyam, Akash or Chachu but she wasn't anywhere on the terrace. Sensing his silence Khushi looked up and found him tensed.

Khushi: What happened Arnav? Where is Kiddu?

Arnav: That is what I was wondering ... where is she? Wasn't she here sometime before ... fighting with Rudy ...

Khushi: Hmm ... maybe she is in the poolside with others ... see Rudy too isn't here

Arnav: Let us go there then ...

They both smiled at the guests who greeted them and walked towards the poolside through the stairs. Reaching there they saw Rudy mercilessly teasing Nikhil and Lavanya but Kiran was nowhere to be seen. Which tensed them further and Arnav immediately asked.

Arnav: Rudy where is Kiddu? ... she was with you right?

Rudy: No Arnie ... I came alone ... she might be on the terrace

Arnav and Khushi shared a tensed look and Nikhil sensed something wrong.

Nikhil: Arnav? ... what happened?

Arnav: (In a tensed voice) ... she isn't there Nik ... everybody is on the terrace so there is no chance she will go downstairs ... and that too without informing anyone ...

Lavanya: Maybe something came up ... come ... let us check

Rudy: She ... she was with Shyam Jiju last I had seen her ...

Khushi: Then come let us go and ask him ...

She started towards the terrace.

Arnav: Khushi ... they would have been moved to lawn. You go ask Jiju ...I will check the terrace one more time. Nik ... Lavi ... Rudy please check in the rooms

Everybody ran in search of her. Reaching down Khushi immediately spotted Shyam engrossed in a talk with the neighbor but seeing her tensed form he asked her.

Shyam: Is there any problem Khushi?

Khushi: Jiju ... have you seen Kiddu?

Shyam: Kiddu? Yes ... she was with me before the puja started ... and then she told me she was going to poolside. And yeah she hadn't taken the poolside stairs was saying there she won't get the net connection as she wanted to post the photos.

But Khushi's eyes welled up as she wasn't there in the poolside and her gut feeling was saying something else.

Shyam: Hey ... hey ... why are you crying? ... she will be there only ...

Khushi: She isn't there Jiju ... I ... we can't spot her anywhere

Soon Lavanya, Rudy, and Nikhil too joined them saying she wasn't there in any rooms. Hearing the commotion Akash, Chachu, Payal and Dadi all got tensed and started to look for her while Nikhil and Shyam left to the security room to check the CCTV footage. Arnav came running hoping she will be there but one look at Khushi's eyes he got his answer. Soon Arnav got Nikhil's call stating she was in the corridor which led to back lawn before some time.

All ran towards there and searched every nook and corner, in between Manorama taunting her for making others tensed but Dadi shut her up with one glare. Kiran was nowhere in the visibility and it increased terror with every minute. When they had reached near the storeroom they heard muffled cries and sooner heard her crying for help to save her. The anguish in her voice terrorized them but they hoped it was just she had got stuck there. Arnav along with Akash had broken the door and there she was ... lying on the floor crying frantically for help. It didn't take much time to understand what had happened seeing her state but hoped nothing had happened to her. In the tension nobody noticed someone escaping through the other door. Arnav instantly took Khushi's shawl and wrapped Kiran and picked her. Just one look down at her and he was shattered seeing the anguish in her eyes.

Tears filled his eyes once again going through the terrific memories filling him with self-disgust, for not being able to protect her properly. He remembered Kabir's words on death bed 'Arnie ... I am trusting you with them ... please take care of my girls' and what he had done? He failed both of them ... first Khushi and now Kiran too on the verge of happening the forbidden.

Feeling Khushi cupping his cheeks he opened his eyes and realized what had woke her ... his tears. She pressed herself more into him silently expressing her support and he tightened his hold, praying the Almighty to help him if he is up there. With Manav held up there due to bad weather he doesn't know on whom to rely on. He just hoped somebody was there to guide him and as on cue, his mobile beeped with Big B flashing on it. He sighed reading the text which said 'I am coming tomorrow ... don't worry we will make everything alright'. He hoped like always his savior ... his mentor ... his Big B can help them out of this.

 I know I am very late, but exams! Please tell me how was it.


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Jan 15, 2018

Part 36 Is it true or an act (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 97 times)

It was morning and Arnav slowly blinked his eyes open and tried to get up only to realize he was holding Khushi around her waist and she was hugging his arms. He frowned as he couldn’t find Kiran on the bed and tried to free himself as he was going insane with the possibilities but startled as he heard

Kiran: Finally! You know what Arnie I think you are really gone upon Kiya

Arnav: Huh!

Hearing her voice he turned around to find Kiran sitting in the recliner playing with her phone ready in her jogging attire. He detangled himself without disturbing Khushi

Arnav: But I, I mean you

Kiran: What I, you? Go and change Arnie, you had promised me you will take me to jogging from today

He groaned inwardly as this is what he can’t understand her cool behavior but even then done what she told so as to make her happy. That day she had hit her head and she was in the hospital under observation for two days. Even though Arnav wanted to bring her home Khushi insisted she stays there knowing well that she won’t rest if brought home. But there too she was acting all cool as if nothing had happened, yes she will be having nightmares in sleep but it was like she doesn’t remember that at all the next day. Doubting whether she actually memorize it or not he insisted to act along with her least she had to go through those painful memories and thus Khushi had to emotionally blackmail her to get her sleep in their room. But sometimes he really thinks Kiran is doing it purposely, avoiding the incident

But what he can’t understand is why she is acting like this even with him as it was always him for her even before her own sister and she was a person who always talks it out without any compulsion, unlike Khushi. And as he thinks along that direction it is worrying him and now he really can’t understand what to do to relieve her from those horrible nightmares without hurting her. He definitely needed someone to guide him in this complicated situation and his hope is as always his BB( Big B). Not wanting to make it difficult for her he schooled his expressions while coming out and saw Kiran was impatiently waiting for him. Indicating her to walk out he walked towards the nightstand and took out the post-it note and wrote Khushi a quick message where they were going least she worried not seeing Kiran. Turning around he saw Khushi shivering due to cold and covered her with the duvet. She was looking pale with the stress she was in but surprisingly she was strong than him in this matter and seeing her handling Kiran very maturely nobody can say she was the same person who is still affected by those panic attacks. Kissing her forehead he walked out and saw Kiran who was laughing and talking animatedly to HP in the living room and that instantly warmed his heart. Choosing not to spoil her mood he decided to put his anxiety in the backseat for now and told in a cool voice

Arnav: Chal Kiddu

Kiran: Yeah (Turning to HP) Ok, so I will show you how many likes you got when I get back. Then only

you will believe me.

HP just smiled at her and she jogged towards Arnav

Kiran: What are you looking at? Come let us go.

Arnav: Hmm. What likes you were talking about?

Kiran: Oh Arnie you won’t believe it, I had taken his photo the day he wore the new Kurta and posted it. And you see now it has become one of the most liked photos I had posted in Insta.

Arnav: Looks like he is going to give you a competition

Kiran: (Shrugging her shoulders) Hey, hey nobody can give me competition. (Winking) But yeah maybe he will exceed the count of that Rowdy.

Both turned around hearing a ‘what the!’ and saw Nikhil and Rudy too were ready for the jog.

Kiran: Oye copycat that is Arnie’s dialogue.

Rudy: Is he got a patent on that.

And there they go again. Nikhil and Arnav followed them and Arnav chuckled forgetting everything for a second

Arnav: What I don’t understand is that how I become the reason for their bickering time again and again

Nikhil: (In a surprised voice) Arnav? How? I mean why you are

And his mask slipped hearing it and all the pain came back

Arnav: (Taking a deep breath) Nik, please I am buying time until BB comes. Don’t tempt me, I don’t know

Nikhil saw the agony in his eyes and his own eyes welled up

Nikhil: But she, why she is acting like this? I mean how can she? Kiya was almost withdrawn when

But stopped realizing how sensitive was the topic to him

Nikhil: No, no forget it; let us do what she wants

Arnav: Nik, I know what you are implying at and that worries me too but I really don’t know how to approach her. BB always know how to handle sensitive situations well, during that time also it was him who gave me the confidence and I thought

Nikhil: Let him come, Arnie and you try to talk with her. Don’t worry you know you can always count on me I will manage the office along with Akash.

Arnav: Thanks Bro

Nikhil: No Arnav it should be me saying thanks to you for always being there for my sisters. And you know what Arnie Kiddu is lucky to have you not as her brother in law but as a friend, as a brother, as a father and much more.

Arnav: Why are you talking as if I am some angel she is so lucky to have a brother like you too Nik, a brother who left his own parents for his sisters. I know it is not easy and you have always

Nikhil: (Chuckling) I guess it is better if we stop our praising each other section.

Arnav: (Smirking) I guess so too.

Their conversation got broke hearing Kiran laughing out loud and they looked ahead to see Rudy on the ground and again looked at each other and jogged to them and pulled him up.

Arnav: What happened?

Kiran: Didn’t you see that Arnie, he thought he can always win the race. See today not only I won the race but also he fell down.

She was again laughing like hell that she was in tears due to that and thus she failed to notice the raised eyebrows of her brothers at Rudy who was all lost and smiling looking at her.

Arnav and Nikhil really smiled happily hearing her genuine laughter after three long days and that too due to Rudy. But even then it wasn’t a surprise to them as they know that even though they always fight with each other they care for each other a lot. So they knew Rudy was doing all this purposely and as expected rest of the running was filled with their bickering and silly fights.

They got back home after almost one and half hour and walked to their respective rooms not noticing Khushi who was sitting on the swing in the front garden lost in her thoughts. Arnav entered the room but couldn’t spot Khushi and started to search for her, she wasn’t in the poolside or in the balcony. He was about to go and search for her when he spotted her in the swing. He was facing her back so he couldn’t clearly tell what was happening with her but she was in a relaxing posture. So he decided to leave her alone for some time deducing maybe she is gathering her thoughts and left to take the shower.

During the shower he heard her phone ringing and going off four-five times and wondered why she left it here. As the number of calls increased he speeded up his shower. He came out and got dressed quickly and again it rang, he rushed towards it and realized it was the call from the hospital. He took the call and the person on the other side spoke hurriedly

Person: Ma’am, ma’am please don’t cut the call, I know what situation you are in and how difficult it is for you. But it is really important, I would have managed if it was possible but it is the case of a life moreover her parents are being adamant that only you should handle the operation. Please try to understand Ma’am that she needed to be operated as soon as possible

Arnav: (Clearing his throat) Excuse me may I know who is speaking?

Person: ASR? ASR it is Niraj, Niraj Saxena

Arnav: The junior doctor?

Niraj: Yes ASR

Arnav: What were you saying, Dr. Saxena?

Niraj: ASR actually

Arnav: Yes tell me

Niraj: The matter is there is a sudden change in her schedule and an operation is planned at ten today.

It is a complicated case and we were in great dilemma without a suitable donor and her condition was worsening. But yesterday night surprisingly I had a call from the city hospital that there is a person with matching organ. The patient, she is a kid of merely ten years and her parents agreed for the transplant only upon Doc’s words. I tried to convince them realizing but they are being adamant that only she should attend it. I called her some time ago but she refused outright without even listening to the whole matter and then not taking my calls. I don’t know what to do anymore it is the matter of a life but she isn’t ready to even know who the patient. I understand her POV ASR but

Arnav: (gulping the lump) what operation it is Dr?

Niraj: It is heart transplantation; I don’t know did you know this that heart can’t be stored more than six hours. I don’t know what

Arnav: Let me talk to her Dr, don’t worry you guys prepare for the operation. She will be there.

Niraj: That would be good, thank you so much ASR

Arnav: No need for all that, it is a matter of a life like you said and please talk to the kid's parents and assure them Khushi will be there.

Niraj: Sure, bye.

Arnav: Yeah, bye.

Arnav walked out furious at her acting like this. Nikhil and Rudy weren’t down yet; Lavanya was gulping down the breakfast avoiding Chachi’s comments and Anjali’s smirks and Dadi was still in the Mandir. Shyam was reading the Hindi newspaper for Kiran, Akash was translating it and Mama watching them with a smile. He couldn’t help but smile at that he still can’t believe how the males of his family got attached to Kiran. Without disturbing them he walked out and saw Khushi in the same position as before. He walked to her and touched her shoulder

Khushi: Huh?

Arnav: Why are you doing this?

Khushi: What? And why are you angry, leave that when you are not. But when did you come? You are all ready; you told me you aren’t going to the office today and we will go with Kiddu to some park. So I got my schedule too according to that and here you

Arnav: Really? Is your schedule all clear?

Khushi: Yes why are you looking at me like that? I don’t understand?

Arnav: You don’t understand or you don’t want to understand? (Shaking his head) My Kiya was never this cruel

Khushi: (Shocked) What?

Arnav: What else do you expect me to say? How can you act so unprofessional?

Khushi: Really? You want me to be professional then what the hell are you doing? You are skipping work today, why? No, you don't have to tell me but then how can you expect me to be any different?

Arnav: Yes I agree I am skipping my work, (almost shouting) but it isn’t costing one’s life damn it.

Khushi: Don’t create a scene Arnav I am not going to the hospital for just one day that won’t kill anybody. (Seeing his expression) Arnav? What happened? Tell me

Arnav: Did you let Dr. Saxena speak?

Khushi: I, I

Arnav: What I, I? Kiya I understand you are worried and you are right, I too am. But that does not give you any right to play with someone’s life

Khushi: Arnav tell me what the matter is. What did Dr. Saxena say?

Arnav: (Sighing) he was saying that he got a call from city hospital that there is a suitable donor for the transplantation

Khushi: What? Sana got donor thank god. The operation has to happen today itself, heart can’t be

Arnav: I know Dr. Saxena told me, it is scheduled at ten and you are going to attend it. Now go get ready

Khushi: But Arnav how can I go today, last two days it was ok as she too was there. But today, don’t worry I will talk to someone else

Arnav: It will not possible Kiya, her parents are adamant that only you should do it

Khushi: But Arnav how will you manage alone, I want to be with you.

Arnav: (Sighing and taking her hands in his) I understand but we can’t ignore the situation of  that kid

Khushi: I know so you are saying that I should go

Arnav nodded at her

Khushi: (Not fully satisfied) Hm. (Leaning on his chest) Even then I am so happy for Sana Arnav, we were very afraid whether she will get a donor or not. But yeah I am little bit afraid

Arnav: (Gathering her in his arms) Hey don’t think like that, you will be successful.

Khushi: Hm. Arnav can I tell you something

Arnav: From when did you need my permission? Tell me what the matter is.

Khushi: Arnav I think we should consult a psychiatrist.

Arnav: (Breaking the hug) No Kiya, I already told you that is not necessary.

Khushi: Arnav try to understand, this is what you did then too. But then the panic attacks started and later we had to consult one at last.

Arnav: (Sighing) I know Baby but you were matured, you were ready for that. But she, she is a kid, she may think something else

Khushi: But her behavior Arnav, why she is acting like nothing had happened?

Arnav: Maybe she don’t remember at all

Khushi: But we have to make sure of that, otherwise it might turn into something else if she bottled up all these

Arnav: But

‘Kiya is saying right Arnie’ they both recognized the voice and yes they were right it was indeed Rishi who said that.

Arnav: Rishi?

Ravi: Yes Arnie Rishi and Kiya are saying right. She needs a psychiatrist and doesn’t worry Rishi is here right.

Khushi: Yes, that’s a good idea. She won’t even think anything else. She can talk openly if it is Rishi

Arnav: But

Khushi looked at Ravi with a pleading look. He instantly said

Ravi: No buts and ifs, first you come with me. We will have breakfast and then we all will go somewhere on the pretext of outing

Arnav: Kiya has to attend an operation

Khushi: I still think I will talk to her parents so that somebody else can attend it

Arnav: You can’t back off, you had promised me. And yeah I had promised Dr. Saxena that you will be there. Now no more excuses go get ready

Rishi: Kiya, you go. We will manage here. Don’t worry.

Khushi sighed as she knows she can’t win the argument.

At evening

It was a long operation and Khushi walked out completing it. She was exhausted but tensed as well thinking what would have happened after the talk. She walked to her cabin ready to call Arnav and opened it, but what she didn’t expect was the tear-stained Akash and Payal sitting there in the couch.

So how was it?

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May 16

Part 37 You are 'my pride' (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 131 times)

I know I am late, no in fact very very late so I can understand even f you guys are frustrated. But I hope the long update will do some repair. Enjoy reading and tell me how was it.

At Rahul's home, New Delhi, India

After breakfast, Rahul called Kiran on her phone and asked her to come over as he was feeling lonely. But she is not ASR's Sali just like that, to believe the rubbish Rahul told. But then Rahul told her he couldn't spend much time with all of them as he was very busy in his cases these days and as he is on leave today he will be able to use up some time with all of them. He then went ahead saying Naina's parents are coming and he wants her help in arranging a welcome party for them as she will have some spectacular ideas. And can K3 back off when someone praising her, this nicely? So she literally dragged Arnav and the Oberoi trio with her who was interested in workout suddenly. She has an idea that it might be their plan to cheer her up and was expecting something there.

But on reaching here she was confused seeing Ravi and Rudy running to the gym, making her jaw drop. Yes ... its right that she told them they can do it here but ... okay, she can understand Rudy ... he always does crazy things ... but Ravi? Sighing she turned to Rahul as she came over to help him after all, but again was amused as he said he has something very urgent to discuss with Arnav and pulled him to the study. And that left her and Rishi.

Kiran: Aren't you too going somewhere?

Rishi: Huh!

Kiran: Oh come on Bro ... do you think I am that dumb that I can't understand that you all are doing this deliberately ... nah it is K3 after all ...

Rishi: Hmm yeah ... how could I forget that?

Kiran: So what is it for? ... to cheer me up? But then why did everybody left?

Rishi: Cheer up? ... hmm ... sort of ...

Kiran: So why are you here then?

Rishi: Means? ... don't you like my company?

Kiran: When did I say that? Yeah, it is right that I don't get the meaning of your poems ... but you know I enjoy them as well as your company a lot ...

Rishi: Really?

Kiran: Of course! ... any doubt?

Rishi: Okay then, come with me

Kiran: Where to?

Rishi: Arrey ... won't you come with me even if I don't tell you the destination?

Kiran shook her head positively.

Rishi: Then what are you waiting for? ... come ...

Saying it he pulled her hand and Kiran was sure that anytime now they all will jump in front of her saying 'surprise'. She was looking back, again and again, to catch them red-handed but even when they reached terrace nothing of that sort happened. She frowned getting really confused and stopped in her tracks. Seeing her not moving and looking at the terrace door Rishi called out.

Rishi: Kiddu ... here ... hey ... who are you searching for?

Kiran: (Shaking her head) ... searching? ... no one ... I was just. Anyway, leave it ... and tell me why we are here ...

Rishi: Come here Kiddu ... I thought I will show you the actual Delhi, which you can't see around RM

Kiran: Actual Delhi?

Rishi: See it yourself ...

Being inquisitive she too joined him on the balcony and yes she understood what he meant. RM was situated in a lonely area where only such mansions existed but here she can see the different type of people ... from rich to poor, from lazy to busy, silent to noisy etc. After all, Rahul's apartment was situated in one of the busy parts of Delhi. Suddenly Rishi called her and she came out from her thinking zone

Rishi: Kiddu ... look down there ... what you can see there?

Kiran: What is this Bro, now don't tease me like Rudy ... I know they are vagrant ladies ...

Rishi: (Completely ignoring her first line) ... yes, you are right ... they beg for their livelihood. But have you ever thought what might be their mental condition when they will have to beg in front of someone?

Kiran: Hmm ... anybody in that situation will be dishonored as most of the people look at them with only disgust. So it might be a great hamper on their self-respect I think ...

Rishi smiled at the understanding the young girl posses and said with a nod.

Rishi: Yes ... you are right ... in fact, they might be feeling humiliated. But still, they are doing it, why?

Kiran: What type of question is this bro? Of course, they need money and as you can see them, they are extremely weak to do any work ...

Rishi: Money? ... why do they need money?

Kiran: Of course they need food, dress, accessories etc.

Rishi: But still can you see them having any of that appropriately? I mean many times I have even see them taking the food to home rather than eating it even if they are hell hungry. So why they are facing all this disgrace if they can't even have proper food?

Kiran: Taking food to home? Maybe to give their children and yeah the money too for them only. And for your next question you yourself said they will be hell humiliated so maybe to save their children from facing that. Yeah, that might be the reason ... yes, they are using the money for their children. Hey now, why are you smiling?

Rishi: (Shaking his head) ... no ... I got what I wanted. Okay now another question, do you know John Adler?

Kiran: Of course who don't know him ... he is one of the richest people in the world (Entirely my imagination) ...

Rishi: Yes, you are right. You know I have heard a story about him, I think it was when his daughter was around two-three years. Just like most of the kids chocolate cake was baby Adler's favorite, so Mrs. Adler or the Nanny used to make it for her. But one day Mrs. Adler was out of town for a conference and top to it the Nanny too was on leave. Mr. Adler had another deal but he canceled it as he was adamant that he won't leave his daughter with the maids. The baby, as usual, demanded the cake and as she couldn't spot her Mommy or Nanny she asked her father to make it for her. And you know the most astonishing fact ... he made it for her, even when he preferred hungriness rather than self-cooking. You know I still don't understand why he had to do that? I mean he is filthy rich ... just a phone call then food will be there from the best restaurant or even better world's best cook will come for him

Kiran: Arrey how can he do that? His daughter wanted the cake made by him

Rishi: Oh come on Kiddu ... she was just a toddler ... she wouldn't even know who had made it ...

Kiran: Yes Bro you are right ... she was just a toddler. But why he did that ... it might be because of two reasons one, waiting for someone else will waste more time and second he would have thought that can't he even do that for her? And what if she got to know it later? ... when she grows up ... eventually, it will hurt his daughter only, right?

Rishi: (smilingly) ... yep, again the correct answer. Now can you tell me why did I tell you these two stories?

Kiran: Hmm ... (Thinking deeply for some time) maybe you were trying to show me that parents, in spite of their financial status, can't see their children hurt. And that they will face anything, literally anything if it is for their children

Rishi: (Smiling broadly) absolutely ... so now my next question is ...

Kiran: Why have you turned into a questionnaire suddenly and how much more will you ask?

Rishi: Just two more ... so my next question is Kiddu ... have you ever ... and I mean it ever felt that your life would have been better if your parents were here. I mean just imagine Gayu aunty wasn't bedridden at all and was here with you then you would have been got a better childhood right? I mean she will do all the little-little things for you hmm ... like cooking your favorite food, bathing you, teaching you, playing with you etc. Similarly just imagine Kabir uncle was here then you would have got the best teenage days because he will teach you to ride a bike, he will take you to the sports club, will help you if you are stuck somewhere in studies and ...

Kiran: STOP IT ... just stop it, Bro. I don't know what has gotten into you. Yes, I would have been the happiest child if both my parents were alive today ... but not because of what you had said. If they were alive today I would have just got my full family with me and that's it. Other than that whatever you had told ... you and me... we both know it is utter nonsense. Kiya and Arnie ... both of them were always there for me whenever I needed my parents. And ... and Bro why are you talking like this suddenly?

Rishi: So you are telling me that you consider Arnie and Kiya equal to your parents?

Kiran: No Bro ... no ... I don't consider them equal to my parents ...

Rishi looked at her shocked as he wasn't expecting that.

Kiran: You heard it right Bro ... I don't consider them equal to my parents ... because for me they two comes before anything or anybody ... even before my parents. And you know why? The things you are told me earlier that Mamma-Papa will do for me if they were alive ... yes, they would have done all that. Every parent does, but you out of all people very well know I wasn't deprived of any of those things. You know Kiya was just eleven years old when I was born. But she ... she ... I don't know even Mamma would have looked after me like she did. Yes, Papa was the elder one, but he ... he was shattered with the situations that he couldn't handle the office, me and Mamma single-handedly. But my sister ... she took my responsibility on herself. So that Papa can concentrate on office and Mamma. And the things she had done for me ... you know me and Arnie calls her sleepy head ... but that sleepyhead was the one who used to stay awake whole night for her baby sister. You know for her, her board exams were nothing before my bedtime stories ... me eating food was more important even if she had to go to school on an empty stomach and no ... the list will never end ... and Arnie ... what can I say about him? Kiya was at least my blood sister but him? He was always at my side ... sometimes even going against my own sister ... who does that? You know for him my basketball training was more significant than his visit to India ... my parent's meeting was more important than his international conferences. (Sighing) ... they two have always kept me above anything else that sometimes I doubt even my parents wouldn't have done all these and ... and you are asking me ... do I consider them equal to my parents? I don't know what had gotten into you suddenly that you are speaking like this ... but yeah hear it for once and all ... (In a low but dangerous voice and pointing her forefinger at him) ... 'for me Arnie and Kiya matter the most, even more than my parents', understand?

Rishi who was initially shocked relaxed later on and then was rejoiced to hear her explanation and told in a calm voice.

Rishi: Yes ... understood. So now my last question then

why are you behaving like this?

Kiran who was high on emotion and breathing hard couldn't understand what he was talking about, and looked at him with a questioning face as if asking 'behaving like what?'

Rishi: Why are you behaving like you don't remember what had happened some days back? You are the one who told me that Arnie and Kiya treat you like their daughter. And it was again you who told me that parents can never stand their children getting hurt. So are you trying to tell me that seeing you shutting off yourself and hurting yourself by that like this wouldn't hurt them? (Seeing her looking at him shocked) ... why are you shocked? Tell me what the hell was you trying to prove by this behavior of yours? That we all will believe that you don't remember that incident when you are terribly affected by it at night. (Seeing her not speaking) ... And now, why are you silent? ... speak up damn it ...

Kiran: B ... Bro I ... I ...

Rishi: What I ... I? Wait ... let me show you something ... look at there ...

She looked at the entrance of the terrace and was shocked to see Rahul, Ravi, and Rudy holding Arnav in a death grip so that he wouldn't move. All their eyes were wet of course. But Arnav was looking at her with so much vulnerability which she has never seen in eyes before. She gulped seeing it and was about to go to them but stopped hearing Rishi speaking again.

Rishi: Just look at his condition ... do you know why they have held him like that? Because if they even lose an inch he will punch me ... square on the face for making you cry. He will forget that it was Kiya who wanted you to open up rather than bottling up everything inside. He will even forget the fact that I am his brother and I am doing this for your good only. (Seeing her looking at him) ... and Kiddu you were right he had again fought against Kiya realizing that it would hurt you even if it is for once. But seeing what your indifference is doing to him Kiya contacted us saying to do something immediately. You don't know what I and Big B had to say to him to let me speak to you so that you, he and everyone else will be relieved. But again he amazed me ... do you know what he told me? ... that he was ready to bear all the pain if that is at the cost of your happiness ...

A sob escaped her realizing how much her one simple act had affected them. And that's it, Arnav Singh Raizada had freed himself and was beside them in seconds, and as expected he marched towards Rishi punched him right in his jaw and then held his collar.

Arnav: Stop it ... just stop it dammit ... can't you see she is crying? (Shaking him) ... you ... you had promised me that you won't hurt her and this ... is this how your 'just speak' is? What is your problem Mr. Rishabh Singh Oberoi? It's ok if she doesn't want to tell anything ... but don't you dare to hurt her anymore ... what do you think of yourself that ...

But he stopped dead in his tracks as a soft body hugged him from the back and he could feel his shirt getting wet.

Kiran: Ar ... Arnie ...

He instantly turned around and hugged her tight to himself.

Arnav: Shh ... shh ... it is okay ... stop crying ... I am here, okay? Don't cry bacha ... you don't have to tell anything to anybody and don't worry nobody will question you anymore. Shh ... please stop crying, Kiddu ... you know I can't stand your tears ...

Kiran: Arn ... Arnie ... I ... I just ... I never intended to cause you any pain ... I just ...

Arnav: No princess ... it will hurt me more if you are crying because of me. So you don't have to tell anything if that is hurting you this much. In fact, you forget all these and come with me ...

Saying this he turned around and started to walk but looked back feeling a tug on his hand and was confused to see a new resolve on her face.

Kiran: What if I am saying that I want to let it all out ... I ... I am tired, Arnie. I ... I can't act anymore ... I can't put this act of indifference anymore ...

Arnav: Bacha? ... you ... you sure?

In reply, she just nodded her head and Arnav saw the little innocent face he had met at the park all those years ago and he just pulled her into his arms. And that's it ... the dam broke loose and she started to cry uncontrollably reciting that nightmare. She told him everything ... the fear, the anxiety, the helplessness she felt then, wrenching the heart of the five men present there.

They all were in tears when she was finished, and it is true that if the person responsible for all this was here they would have fought with each other to kill him. All the time Arnav was patting her slowly in a comforting way and after sometime felt her calming down and he called slowly

Arnav: Kiddu ...

Kiran: Hmm ...

Arnav: Bacha ... will you tell me one thing? Why ... I mean why you had to act that you don't remember anything? I mean you could have told me all this before, then why?

Kiran: I ... I wanted to be your strength ... not weakness

Arnav: What the ... where did that even come from?

Kiran: Th ... that day I was going to the living room when I heard someone talk ... from that, that room. I never meant to eavesdrop, but hearing my name I stopped there. I couldn't understand their whole talk but I could tacit that it was due to them that Kiya fell. And then they ... they were saying that they chose the wrong person to hurt because it was me who can make you more worried and that it was me not Kiya who was your weakness. I ... I never wanted to be your weakness Arnie ... in fact, I wanted to be your strength ... so I thought I will act more strongly and ... (Again a sob escaped her)

Arnav: Hey ... hey ... now don't start again and listen to me ... yes, it is right I get worried about you very easily ... even more than Kiya because ... she ... she had seen the actual world and its bitterness. But you ... you, my little kid, haven't. So it makes me more worked up if it is about you. But that doesn't make you my weakness, okay? No ... you never are my weakness, in fact ... you are my pride ... did you hear that my PRIDE. So don't you ever ... ever think it in the other way okay? And yeah I promise you ... (With gritted teeth) ... I will hunt down the persons responsible for all this and will punish them ... punish them so much that they will beg for death. But yeah you don't have to think about all these you ... you just stay happy ... rest all will be taken care of ... okay?

Kiran just nodded agreeing with him.

Arnav: Okay now leave this face and give me that beautiful smile ...

And she did, she smiled her thousand watt smile with that twinkle in her eyes which was missing all these days and unknowingly it lit up a smile on the every other face present there. Arnav couldn't help but kiss her forehead and whisper 'I love you' and he got the reply instantly 'me too Arnie ... I love you ... 'even before she could take a breath she was lifted up in the air who shouted 'we too love you a lot Kiddu'. She couldn't help the happy squeal left her and Arnav smiled contently after days.

Finally, they put her down and Kiran immediately turned to Rishi and kissed him exactly where Arnav had punched.

Kiran: I am sorry Bro ... but I think that will heal it ...

That caught Arnav's attention and he too came beside them and said looking awkwardly at Rishi.

Arnav: Rishi I ... I ...

Rishi: Oh come on Arnie ... now, are you going to apologize to me? You and I both know what made you do it ... so no need for this guilt, okay? In fact, if you want I can give it back to you ...

Saying this Rishi winked at him and smilingly they both shared a brotherly hug making Kiran smile at them and that's when she heard.

Rahul: But you know Kiddu you have to give the credit to me ... arrey ... you came here because of me only ...

Ravi: Excuse me! ... the biggest credit goes to me because the plan was mine ...

Rudy: But you know what Big B? It was me, who told Kiya to call you guys ... so the whole credit goes to? (Pointing himself) ... yes ... yes to me only (Turning to Kiran) ... and its okay Keer no need for any 'thank you' ...

Kiran: Who was going to thank you anyway?

Rudy: You ... you can't do that to me ...

Kiran: Excuse me!

Rudy: No ... you are not excused ...

Here they go again.

Rahul: Guys ... guys don't start now ... and Kiddu ... now come on. (Seeing her quizzical look) arrey ... did you forget the purpose I called you here?

Kiran: Oh yeah come ... I have some wonderful ideas ...

And then they all got busy planning for the party and at evening Arnav started to the hospital to pick up Khushi and Lavanya so that they can go directly to Rahul's home for the sleepover they had planned. Rahul had already texted Aman to come with Sruthy and Nikhil.

At hospital

Arnav got Lavanya's text that she will come on her own as she had some work and pick up Khushi only. So he walked towards Khushi's cabin acknowledging the people he knows as he got to know that she is there from the reception.

At Khushi's cabin

As soon as Khushi walked in Akash and Payal looked at her with hurtful eyes. She was tensed thinking whether they got to know about Anjali, so words came out from her mouth immediately.

Khushi: You guys here? ... what happened? ... did anybody ...

She was cut off by Akash and she was least expecting what she heard next.

Akash: (Angry and emotional voice) ... how can you do this to us Khushiji? ... and top of it acting as if you don't know anything ...

Khushi was really confused as she couldn't understand what he was referring to ... so she looked at Payal. But she too looked at her with reproachful eyes.

Payal: Yes Khushiji ... how could you do this to us? You yourself are a woman ... then how could you do this to me ...

Khushi: Look Akash ... Payal ... I really don't know what you are referring to. But I can say one thing that I hadn't done anything for which you have to behave like this with me ...

Akash: Cut the **** Khushiji ... no need for this façade anymore ... we got to know your true colors. And I have to say Maa and Anju were right about you. But I can't still digest that a woman can stoop this low ...

Payal: Yes Khushiji I have never expected this from you. I know initially I acted rude towards you but then you yourself cleared everything ... or that is what I thought. But this ... (In a choking voice) ... I can't believe you still have this much animosity towards us ...

Khushi: (In a shocked voice) Payal? ... what are you saying? ... what animosity? I always wanted the best for you guys ...

Akash: Yeah right ... that's why you have a problem with us being parents ...

Khushi: Akash! ... what the hell are you saying? ... what problem I will have if you guys become parents ...

Payal: That is what we too want to know ... what enmity you have towards us?

Khushi: Enmity? ... you guys have clearly misunderstood me ... I will never wish something like this for somebody ... definitely not for Arnav's brother

Akash: Is it? So can you please explain to me why Dr: Khan was assuring Lavanya that she had stopped giving the medicines to Payalji on your word? The medicines which she prescribed so that chances for Payalji getting conceived will increase

Khushi gasped in shock hearing the accusation but she can empathize their situation. So she thought she will clear the air but Akash cut her off.

Akash: No ... no need to make any story ... we had heard it with our own ears. (Sighing) But what I can't still believe is Lavanya ... my own sister helped you in this

Payal: Why did you do this Khushiji? ... why you wanted us to be childless?

Akash: Was it for money? ... if that is the case you should have told me. I would have given my whole wealth if we can become parents ...

Tears instantly filled Khushi's eyes, hearing them. She couldn't believe that they thought she will do something like this for money.

Akash: (Seeing her tears) ... why are you crying now? Oh ... I see ... now you are feeling guilty and that's why the tears, right? I wish I could put you behind bars for playing such a nasty game ... but I know I can't do that. Because even if you forget relations you are my younger brother's wife and I don't want to spoil the family image for a greedy woman like you. And also Chachu has a high place in his heart for you and I just don't want to hurt him by saying all this

Khushi: Akash ... you are saying that I ... I had done all this?

Akash: Yes ... sab tumhari galti hain ... it's all your mistake. And you know what ... I pity Arnav that he had fallen for a girl like yo ...


All looked at the door to see the fire-breathing ASR who was red in anger.

Khushi looked at him startled as she knows what will come next and it will only destroy the situation more. So she instantly ran towards him and held his shoulders to calm him down. But even when she was in front of him he was looking ahead of her ... no, in fact, staring straight at Akash. She forcefully turned his face towards her and whispered.

Khushi: Arnav ... please don't shout ... we can speak calmly too, right?

Arnav: (Coming out of her hold and shouted) ... calmly? ... you ... you are asking me to be calm. Kis mitti se bani hui ho tum? (From what you are made of?) ... they were calling you a gold digger and you are asking me to calm down? Oh yeah ... what else can be expected from saints like you? I told you ... I told you, again and again, right? ... that let them be on their own ... that we don't have to interfere in others life ...

Khushi: Others life? Arnav ... how many times I have told you that they are not others. How much ever you deny Akash is your brother and how much spoilt your relation with him be his kid will be your niece or nephew. And what do you mean by this 'not interfere'? So what should have I done? Should I have just sat down and watched the injustice happening (Pointing at Payash) to them?

Akash: Oh please you two ... now stop this drama. And Arnav I can't believe this ... you too knew everything but still you ...

Arnav wasn't surprised hearing him but Khushi couldn't help but gasp.

Arnav: (To Khushi) see ... this was the people you were trying to protect ... you wanted to bring justice. Even before hearing the whole thing he decided ... he decided that I would do that to him. Let me tell you one thing Khush ... these people na ... they will never understand you or me ... nor they will understand our true intentions. For them Arnav is always wrong ... so stop being altruistic. (Turning to Akash) ... and you ... what did you tell? This was all her mistake, right? Yes ... it was her mistake to get tensed hearing the name of the medicine rather than shrugging it off ... it was her mistake that she got confirmed it with Lavanya that they are the medicines which can cause not only abortion but can cause permanent aridity ... it was her mistake that she took the pain to get me to agree to help you guys ... and again it was her mistake that she fell off the stairs and hurt herself when the people who are responsible for all this got the vibe that we are trying to hunt them ...

Akash and Payal were stunned into silence hearing them and only could stare in shock at both of them hearing all these. They were ashamed of themselves to even look into their eyes and wanted to ask for forgiveness more than anything. In fact, Akash even opened his mouth but Arnav stopped him with his hand.

Arnav: No ... please ... I got it and yeah I am agreeing with you on this for the first time that I am wrong. No, in fact, I was a fool to go behind all these. And now thinking about it ... digging out the truth from the doctor ... ensuring her family's security ... investigating under Rahul's private agency so that nobody would get a vibe of it ... and not stepping back from it even after my wife got hurt (Shaking his head) ... and what did I get? (Pointing at them)... this? Then I am fed up of trying guys ... trying to prove that even if you don't care about me I consider all of you as my family ... that if somebody is trying to hurt you ... they are trying to hurt my people. But no ... you won't understand ... so I have nothing more to say to you. Yes, I will do what I can for saving this hospital's name ... but other than that don't expect anything from me.

Khushi: Arnav but ...

Arnav: You are still thinking about them? No, please stop this Khush ... even if you don't mind I can't stand my wife getting humiliated anymore for no fault of hers. And no ... we are not going to have any discussion on this anymore ... you got me?

Khushi knew how much hurt he was and that he was actually reminding all this to his noble heart, which will again act in reflex whenever they are in danger, rather than her. So she just nodded her head and he pulled her with him and left the place, not even giving Akash or Payal a chance to apologize. Soon Akash and Payal too came out of the cabin ashamed of themselves, only to come face to face with a tear strained and disappointed Lavanya.

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Part 38 ASR's agony (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 122 times)

At the hospital

Akash and Payal were even guiltier as they faced a crying Lavanya but Lavanya just turned around and walked to her cabin as she saw them approaching her. Seeing that Akash and Payal too ran behind her

Akash: Lavanya…

Lavanya entered her cabin but before she could close the door Akash stepped in

Akash: Lavanya…Lavanya please let us in

Lavanya: (Gritting her teeth) No, leave me alone

Akash: No Lavanya it is not what you are thinking, you got us wrong. The doctor’s words…it was like that…that we…

Lavanya: No Bhaiyya don’t make it worse by explaining and yeah I know that I hadn’t got you wrong, in fact I got you precise for the first time

Lavanya said ‘Bhaiyya’ tauntingly and Akash felt it would have been better if she had slapped him. One look at her and he could understand that he had wounded her beyond repair

Akash: Lavanya please I know I had hurt you by accusing you like this and it is unforgivable…but what the doctor had said, it was completely against Khushiji…

Lavanya: (Showing her hand) oh pleeease… it will be better if you don’t take the name of that pure soul from your filthy mouth. (Tears filling her eyes) I can’t believe that you doubted her… HER…her who had fought with her own husband and best friend for you guys and you… (Shook her head)

Akash: But the conversation Dr was having with you

Lavanya: Don’t blame others for your fault Mr. Akash Singh Raizada; I am sure you wouldn’t have even heard the full conversation (Seeing them looking down guiltily) what happened? Cat got your tongue?

Akash: But it’s just some days she

Lavanya: What? Oh it’s just a few days you have met her and thus you don’t have the courage to trust her, right? Then what about Bro? Did you meet him some days back too? You know him from the time he was born and that means thirty years and if I am right thirty years is not a small time and you haven’t still understood him. Okay leave him; have you ever understood me … ME, your own blood sister?

Akash: We…I…

Lavanya: And yes you had hurt me, hurt me a lot by thinking about me like that but more than that you hurt me by hurting the people who stood beside me when my own parents or brother didn’t, those people who wished nothing less than the happiness of you guys.

Akash: But we…we

Payal: (Crying) Akashji please no, not anymore. This time we are wrong, very wrong. Those people tried to help us, Khushiji even hurt herself for that and we (Sob) we… (Gulping) we did very wrong.

Akash who was trying to defend themselves was suddenly shocked as he processed Payal’s words yes Khushi had hurt herself as the culprits got to know that they were helping Payash and even then they continued the investigation does that means…

Akash: (To Lavanya) Do you guys know… know the cul…culprit?

Lavanya: (Gritting her teeth) and what made you think that I will answer that question after whatever you have done?

Lavanya was angry very angry and wanted to just lash out on them but she knows even then they are not going to change so she just held her tongue from saying anything more. Irritated she was looking for an escape from there and as if on cue her phone rang and it was Ravi. She picked up the phone and put it on speaker so that they won’t at least interfere in the conversation

Ravi: Lavu where are you guys? It is so much time Arnav has been gone and he isn’t even picking up his phone

Lavanya: (Clearing her throat) Big B, Bro and Kiya must have started now

Ravi: And you? Why didn’t you come with them?

Lavanya: I…I wasn’t sure when I can finish and I have my car with me

Ravi: Oh, so when will you come?

Lavanya: I am starting now as I have finished

Ravi: Oh ok so what about Manav uncle?

Lavanya: He started way before but wait … he is also coming? I thought it was just the youngsters

Ravi: (Chuckling) I know, but Kiddu is adamant in having her BF and hey, don’t let him hear you. You know the young at heart lecture

Lavanya: I know I know and if that’s the case he will reach anytime now

Ravi: (Hearing the calling bell) Oh wow what a timing … Lavu I think he is here, okay so come fast then

Lavanya: Yeah see you big B

Ravi: Lavz...Lavz wait Rahul here is asking can you pick up some light beer on the way. It’s just that, you know Rahul and his brand of drinks; they are way above your BF’s head and he is whining here

Hearing BF Akash and Payal gasped and Akash looked at Lavanya questioningly. But her one look shut him up

Lavanya: Ha…ha I know don’t worry I will get it. After all it’s for my sweet darling BF

Ravi: Sorry sweetie it was a failed attempt as the phone is not on speaker and I don’t think the beer will do this time… okay do one thing get him some chicken dish as he was crying that he miss it at RM

Lavanya: Oh…kay… if the Love guru is saying like that then okay. Anyway see you Bro

Ravi: (Chuckling) See you sweetheart.

Lavanya then packed her things and walked out not paying heed to Akash’s calls but came into a standstill at the parking lot. Akash and Payal too was shocked to see the scene

At the parking lot

Arnav dragged her to the car and Khushi followed him silently as she knows he was in a terrible state now. They reached the parking lot and heard someone calling Dr. Turing around they saw a security coming to them, who Khushi recognized as Mr. Shukla. He reached there but noticing Arnav hesitated a bit and seeing that Khushi asked

Khushi: Yes Mr. Shukla, what happened? And how is your mother, is she okay?

Shukla: Vo…Dr… I came to talk about her only (Seeing her nod) is…is that operation necessary doctor?

Khushi: Yes it is very necessary as I told you last time and it has to be done as soon as possible because I don’t think we can go for a long time depending on the medicines only

Khushi heard him gasp and looking down when he looked up his eyes were moist. Seeing that Khushi got worried

Khushi: Hey what’s the matter? Why are you crying?

Shukla: Dr the payment…you told me it is about two Lakhs. Hm…my colleague was telling me that Raizada corp. pays the whole fee if the patient is an employee and fifty percentages if that is an immediate family member. And it is my mother…

Khushi: Oh yes Mr. Shukla it is absolutely right and yeah since your mother comes in that category we will pay fifty percentages…hey what happened, any problem?

Shukla: Do…do I have to pay the balance amount before the operation? Can I…can I pay it la…later?

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) No you can’t because it is a hospital, not a charitable trust. And one more thing don’t you know the hospital rules? Is this how you meet a doctor? You bloody should take an appointment to meet her and not like this…

And that’s when Lavanya, Akash, and Payal came there but neither Arnav nor Khushi noticed them as they were engaged by the security

Khushi: (Gasping) Arnav?

Arnav: What? Did I say something wrong? That’s the rule and it is better if we follow it because how much ever we help someone … at the first chance, at the first freaking chance, he will blame us. So why waste time in nurturing hopes?

Akash and Payal stood rooted realizing they were the reason of his current state while Lavanya’s eyes filled with tears realizing the depth of his pain

Khushi: (Whisper yelling at him) Stop it Arnav that’s enough don’t vent your anger on someone for other’s mistake. No…now you will keep quiet (Turing to Shukla) I am sorry Mr. Shukla for the commotion, it’s…it’s just that Arnav was worried about something and he lashed it on you…so sorry

Shukla: It’s okay Dr after all sir was saying right I should have followed the rules

Khushi: Hey no … no that’s fine. Tell me what do you wanted to talk with me

Shukla: That …hm … I… I had pledged my home last year for my sister’s marriage. But due to my mother’s treatment I couldn’t repay last few months and the money lender was saying that we will have to leave the house if I didn’t pay this month too. I had talked with a broker and he was trying to find a home at rent in my budget. Yesterday he had found one but I have to pay some money in advance. I have some money but you told me the operation is urgent and… that’s why I

Arnav clenched his fist and closed his eyes in guilt hearing him and Khushi sighed

Khushi: Oh no so sorry Mr. Shukla, you should have told all this to me earlier then we could have avoided this situation. (Sighing) Anyway you bring your mother day after tomorrow morning as we need help from the specialist. And yeah please go to AR tomorrow with copies of your agreement and property papers and the details of the money lender. I will tell Aman, let us see what we can do to help you

Shukla: No, no Dr its okay…I just need time until I get next month’s salary so that I can use the money to pay rent

Khushi: I insist Mr. Shukla, please don’t make us guiltier. Please … please accept it

Shukla looked at Khushi’s pleading face and then cast a worried glance at Arnav’s face but what he saw there, left him dumbfounded. Arnav was standing there with his head bend down, eyes closed, and tight fist and surprisingly his expression was of regret rather than the usual haughty or angry look. He realized it was his silent apology and again looked back at Khushi and nodded.

Shukla: Thank you Dr, thank you, sir. May God keep you two always happy and together…

Khushi smiled at him accepting his wish and he was gone. Arnav slowly opened his eyes and looked at Khushi she looked at him accusingly and then started towards the car. Gulping down the guilt he walked behind her in long strides and embraced her around the shoulders. Khushi was mad at him for what he had done and thus kept quiet but after few minutes she heard him whispering ‘sorry’ and felt wetness on her shoulders. She turned around realizing he was crying and engulfed him in a tight hug.

Arnav: Khush ... they ...

Khushi: Hey ... shh ... sh ... it's okay

But he just cried on her shoulders like a kid sharing his disappointment, sorrow, guilt everything and saying thousand sorry for his irrational behavoiur. She soothed him patting his back and saying sweet nothings to him even though she herself was crying not realizing three other people saw that vulnerable and private moment.

Lavanya cried along with them as what she felt hearing Akash and Payal wasn’t anything different than Arnav’s feelings while Payash can only stand there hanging their heads in extreme disgrace.

After Arnav calmed down Khushi broke the hug and was about to wipe his tears but panicked hearing footsteps. She looked ahead and saw a man coming in their direction and not knowing any other way to escape she tiptoed and kissed Arnav pressing him to the car which she broke only after the man was gone. Akash and Payal were scandalized seeing them while Lavanya rolled her eyes. They broke apart panting and Arnav asked trying to catch his breathe

Arnav: What was that?

Khushi: Oh… (Catching her breath) caught ASR kissing a lady in the parking lot of Raizada hospitals is far better than caught ASR crying on lady’s shoulder as long as the lady is Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav: Really? (Smirking) Then can we do it again Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada

Saying this Arnav leaned towards her but before he can capture her lips she took out the key from his pocket and pushed him.

Arnav: What the!

Khushi: No ‘what the’ will work Mr. Raizada, I will drive today

Arnav: But…yeah you don’t know the route

Khushi: That you can tell me and yeah there is a thing called Google maps (Opening the passenger seat and pushing him down) so now sit

Arnav sighed as she closed the door and leaned back on the seat. Khushi settled behind the wheels and looked at him

Khushi: (Squeezing his shoulders) Hey it’s just me and it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes

In reply, Arnav passed a faint smile at her and looked out lost in his thoughts. They reached the gate and Khushi asked

Khushi: Left or right?

Arnav: Right… (Suddenly turning towards her) hey you know that

Khushi: I know (Winking at him) I was checking whether you are actually here or not

Arnav: (Shaking his head) you are crazy you know that

Khushi: (Grinning) from childhood, say something I don’t know

And as always her smile was a soothing balm for his gloomy soul. He shifted in his seat loosening his seatbelt such that his back was facing the window and folded his arms watching her blabbering nineteen to dozen. In between her monologue she looked at him and saw him staring at her intently and said which woke him up from the dreamland

Khushi: You know it’s creepy to stare

Arnav: Why? Biwi ho tum meri, haq hai mujhe (You are my wife and it’s my right)

He winked at her saying this but noticing something took out his handkerchief and started to wipe her shoulders with an apologetic expression for which she raised her eyebrows

Arnav: Er… I spoiled your new shirt

Khushi: (Shrugging) Oh its fine in fact I am happy that at you didn’t bottled everything inside you like every other time

Arnav: (Sighing) you know it’s just that

Khushi: (Tugging his head down at her shoulders and patting his head) you don’t want to worry me, I know and that may sound romantic to others. But for me you sharing everything with me be it your happiness, anger, grief anything sound more romantic and intimate.

He smiled as he knows whatever she said was right and why not? He can realize her feelings as he had been in that place plenty of times. So he kissed her nape raising his head and laid back on her shoulders hugging her arm. After sometimes something clicked him and asked

Arnav: Aren’t you going to ask me anything about Kiddu

Khushi: I know everything is sorted out; well at least that is what I deduced from your message

Arnav: (Sighing) you deduced it right Dr. Ma’am and yeah you were right she had held in so much inside her. And now she is really back into her original crazy self after crying it out

Khushi: Hm…did she told you the reason for why she decided to act?

Arnav: Oh yeah, she wanted to be my strength and not weakness

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Yep, actually she heard somebody addressing her as my weakness

Khushi: And she believed it … Unbelievable

Arnav: (Sighing) apparently she did

Khushi: (Sighing) anyway now you can think freely that your major tension got over

Arnav: (Dejectedly) Yeah…

Khushi: Hey… what happened?

Arnav: (Breathing out) It’s just that somebody was there according to her but … we saw the footage right and there wasn’t anybody there at that time

Khushi: That is also right but … if we think in the other way it is not difficult to hide from the visuals if the person is well aware of the reach of the camera

Arnav: (Tightening his hold on her and gritting his teeth) If she is behind this then I am telling you I will forget that I share the same blood with her

Khushi: (Parking the car and kissing his forehead) let us hope she won’t be

Arnav: Hm anyway Rahul was saying that he wanted to see the footage once again, this time with a speaker as he is hoping to get at least a whisper

Khushi: Hm … let us hope he get succeeded

Before Arnav could reply the driver side door was opened and Kiran yelled who yelled Arnieee … but stood shocked seeing their position.

Arnav: What the! I am here Kiddu

Kiran: (Recovering from her shock and sighing) Ho… thank goodness ... for few seconds I thought you two too swapped your body

Arnav and Khushi got out of the car and Arnav told bewildered

Arnav: Swapping bodies? … Seriously Kiddu! From where do you get these types of ideas?

Kiran: (Smiling sheepishly) Oh I was seeing a south Indian movie Rowdy had bought with that plot and seeing you two like this I thought …

Khushi: What? This exciting plot and you watched it without me?

Arnav: Exciting? (Shaking his head) Only you three can watch that type of unrealistic movies … by the way, how did you comprehend the language? I mean you hardly understand proper Hindi then how come?

Kiran: Oh … Rowdy know the language a little bit from his friend and moreover, it had subtitles … and then there was Google for the unsure words

Arnav: This much effort for watching that stupid plot? Unbelievable!

Kiran: Haw… how could you say it is stupid?  It is very interesting and for calling it stupid you will be punished

Arnav: Excuse me! I haven’t done anything wrong for that you have to punish me

Khushi: Of course you did, you called it as stupid and that is like accusing a bunch of people who worked on screen and off screen for that movie, only because you couldn’t digest the plot. So you will have to be punished

Arnav: (Sarcastically) and what the punishment will be?

Kiran and Khushi winked at each other and yelled together ‘you are going to see that movie with us’

Arnav: What? No… I mean … it might have finished anyway

Kiran: (Smirking) So what my Arnie it can be played again

Arnav groaned barging inside the house with his darling women giggling behind him.


Guys I just I tried to make the last part a bit stress-free as I am writing emotional updates back to back, hope you like it. Anyway tell me your views

And yeah I haven’t gone anywhere; I am here only it is just that I was a bit busy in finalizing the topic of my PG thesis.

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Sep 7

Important notice (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 68 times)

Hello guys …

I don’t know how many of you even remember me anymore as I am not updating for a long time. But what to do I was in a mental state where I couldn’t even think properly let alone write something and thus all my routine was disturbed. And then there came the flood along Kerala which I hope you all are aware of and it, unfortunately, affected some of my friends and relatives … anyway now I am back to my custom and am working on the stories and will try to update them as soon as I can.

And yeah I will update the stories in wattpad till I have updated here soon so that I can continue the story on both platforms at the same time.

With regards


Jan 14

Part 39 The sleepover (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 67 times)

Extremely sorry for being this late, guys

Rahul's home, New Delhi, India 

Manav who was sitting in the swing on the terrace in deep thoughts looked up startled hearing Kiran.

Kiran: There you are ...

Manav: Uh ... hi

Kiran: (Sitting beside him) ... hey ... wait ... what happened? ... why are you sitting here alone? And what were you thinking so deeply that you didn't even notice me?

Manav: (Shaking his head and faking a smile) ... nah ... nothing

Kiran: Uncle ...

Manav: (Sighing) ... no ... I ... I was just thinking about Kabir and Gayu

Kiran: (Narrowing her eyes) ... what about them?

Manav: (Shaking his head) ... arrey, leave it na ... and tell me what you guys were doing downstairs?

Kiran: Don't change the topic Uncle ... (Taking a deep breath) ... tell me what were you thinking about Mamma and Papa?

Manav: (Sighing) ... I ... I was thinking that how will I face them when I go up after ...

Kiran: Go up? ... what do you mean by 'go up'? ... wait were you talking about the afterlife? (Seeing his nod) ... what the ... (Shaking her head) Uncle ... you ... you believe in all this rubbish ... unbelievable ... I mean for Heaven's sake you are a doctor

Manav: So ... being a doctor can never change my beliefs Kiddu

Kiran: (Shrugging her shoulders) ... whatever ... and yeah ... (Pointing her index finger) ... don't you dare ... don't you dare talk about death ... (In a low voice) ... you are all we ... as in Arnie, Kiya and I have as a parent figure

Manav: (Hiding his smile) ... No need to butter up Ms. K3 ... Rishi told me your words about Arnav and Kiya ... (Twisting his mouth) ... you consider Arnav as your father figure ... not me

Kiran: So? (Pulling his cheeks) ... ha-ha ... you are jealous Mr. Raizada ... but hey ... how can you be my daddy?

Manav: (Frowning) ... why can't I?

Kiran: Because you are my BF ... (Shrugging) ... here I was giving you a youngster image but if you are adamant of becoming an oldie ... (Smirking) ... I have a better position for you ... (With a cheeky smile) ... my grandpa

Manav: What?

Kiran: Arrey ... if Arnie and Kiya are my parents you are my grandpa only, right? (Fake thinking) ... hmm ... so what should I call you then ... Dadu or Nanu? ... which one do you prefer?

Manav: No ... no ... you call me BF only

And with that, they both burst into laughter and Manav took her in a bear hug.

Manav: I missed you, my little prankster ...

Kiran: Me too my dear cute BF ... (Pouting) ... and I missed talking to you

Manav: (Smiling) ... and I missed your endless chatter ... so tell me what did I missed these days?

And that's all K3 wanted ... a reason to chat and it continued till everyone sans Arnav, Khushi, Naina, and Rudy reached there with dishes containing food items. And seeing that Manav asked.

Manav: Arrey ... why are you guys getting the foods here? There is only a small table here ...

Ravi: Today we will have Buffet service uncle

Kiran: Wow ... it will be fun

Aman: Yeah ... it's too boring to sit idle at one place and eat ... after all we are not in a military camp

Kiran: Absolutely ... you stole my words Ammy

Manav: Okay ... whatever you guys say ... by the way where the house's mistress is?

Rahul: She had gone to pick up Mummy and Daddy

Manav: Oh ... I thought they are coming tomorrow only?

Rahul: They will come here tomorrow ... today they are staying at uncle's sister's home ... Naina picked them up from the airport and dropped at Aunty's place ... and is freshening up now

Manav: Oh ... okay ... and Kiya, Arnav and Rudy?

Rudy: (From the entrance) ... here I am

Kiran: Speaking of the devil

Rudy: Excuse me ... did you called me ... me a devil?

Kiran: I think I did ... by the way why the surprise Rowdy ... haven't anybody told that to you already?

Rudy: Oh please ... it is only you who is blind... everybody else considers me as the Prince charming, okay?

Ravi: What ... don't lie, Rudy ... I have told that to you many times

Rishi: Me too ... in fact, I just called you that in the noon

Rudy: (With an irritated expression) ... argh ... are you my brothers or hers?

Ravi & Rishi: Why are you even asking that Rudy ... (Seeing his grin) ... of course HERS

Rudy: (Huffing) ... see Uncle ... see how they are treating their brother ... they ... they called me a devil

Manav: (Showing fake sympathy) ... what to do Rudy ... sometimes truth hurts

Rudy: I know ... but ... what ... Uncle you too

Kiran: What 'you too' ... he will take my side only ... after all, he is my darling BF

Manav smiled at her while Rudy twisted his mouth in distaste hearing her even though he doesn't know the reason. But then composing himself he said in a complaining tone.

Rudy: Wait till Arnie comes ... I will show you whose side he is going to take

Kiran: You don't have to wait till his arrival ... I can say it even before that ... he is going to take my side only

Rudy: No ... my side

Kiran: I told na ... my side ... why are you even arguing ... Arnie is going to take my side only

Rudy: No Arnie is going to take my side only

Kiran: No my ...

But she was interrupted as Arnav said from the door

Arnav: If you are not going to stop then I am leaving, guys ... I mean seriously ... is this the only job you two have?

Kiran: It is him who started this Arnie ...

Rudy: No she ...

Kiran: He

Rudy: She

Arnav: (Turing around) ... fine ... do one thing ... call me when you are done

Kiran & Rudy: No Arnie ... don't ... we stopped ...

Arnav: (Smirking) ... pakka?

Kiran & Rudy: Pakka

Arnav made his face normal before turning around and walked into the terrace while others shook their head at the easy way he handled them. Arnav sat beside other men around the table while Rudy and Kiran resumed their previous position around the table and in the swing respectively.

After sometime Khushi and Naina too came after taking bath. Then they all took out their preferred items from the table and had it along with talking and teasing.

After having food Manav brought his laptop and showed the new video games he had got for Kiran and they both got busy in playing it and resuming their position in the swing.

The ladies started to gossip sitting in a round on the bean bags with the light beer Lavanya had brought and the men sat around the table with their drinks sans Nikhil who preferred the beer.

Men's gang

Aman: (Smirking) ... by the way Arnie ... you didn't tell me how was the movie ... enjoyed?

Arnav: (With a disgusting expression) ... oh please ... don't even ask dude ... I have never seen a movie like this ... and it was not enjoyment but a punishment

Rudy: Why are you making faces like that ... it was such a good movie?

Arnav: (Looking at him angrily) ... you ... you shut up ... it's all because of you ... where did you find such ... err ... such movies?

Rishi: Such movies?

Arnav: Yep ... it was ... it was about ... yeah, soul reversal ... can you believe it?

Ravi: What the f... such a stup...

Arnav: Oh no big B ... don't complete it ... I had to bear that film just because I called it with the 'S' word ... (Shrugging) ... but yeah, you can say it if you want to see it ... I am sure Kiya and Kiddu will be ready to give you a company for a thousand times

Ravi raised his hands in surrender with a horrified look imagining that and Arnav said sighing.

Arnav: Good for you ... by the way how is everyone there ... Did Nani, Mamu and Mami returned from Goa?

Aman: (Horrified expression) ... Goa ... (Sighing) ... Uncle and Auntie are still okay but Nani?

Arnav: (Hitting Aman's head) ... pervert ... it is not what you think

Ravi: Yeah ... they went for a neighbor's wedding ...

Nikhil: Neighbor ... in Goa?

Rishi: It is a destination wedding ... and no they haven't returned ... will come in two-three days

Arnav: Okay ... how is Di?

Ravi: Yeah ... Di is doing well ... in fact super happy to get back her friend ... and you know what she even attended a wedding last week

Everyone smiled hearing it as she has never attended a wedding after Shyam except Arnav's that too with him threatening and others cajoling.

Rahul: And Sheetal? ... did she settle well?

Hearing Sheetal Rishi looked away with burning cheeks and Ravi said with a smirk.

Ravi: Of course she did ... she did settle well not only at home but also in ... (Seeing Rishi looking at him) ... the hospital ... and you know what Arnie (Looking at Rishi) ... our dear brother is not as innocent and slow as we think

Arnav: (Looking at both of them) ... what is it ... Big B?

Ravi looked at Rishi for his approval and Rishi just nodded and looked away.

Ravi: Rishi proposed Sheetal

Arnav, Nikhil, Rahul, Aman, and Rudy shouted a 'WHAAAT' together

Ladies' gang

Sruthy: Wow ... Kiya ... this nightie suits you well ... you should use it more often instead of your boring Pajamas ... why are you even using them ... hey ... is it because of Arnav?

Khushi: Arnav ... and a problem for this ... nice joke Sruthy ... the problem is for me only ... (Shrugging) ... you know my sleeping style ... the dress too will move according to my movements ... so it is better I keep it the way it is now

Lavanya: 'Dress too moves according to your movements' means ... when do you guys sleep with clothes on for that?

Khushi: Here comes the pervert brother's pervert sister ... shut up, Lavi ... there is nothing like that

Lavanya: Really? ... then why sometimes I knock your door during the morning shifts Bro don't open the door fully?

She asked with a raised eyebrow and hearing it Khushi's cheeks reddened. And seeing it Sruthy said with a laugh.

Sruthy: Leave it Lavz ... poor she can't blush more than this ... right, Ninu?

Now, all looked at Naina only to see her engrossed in her thoughts and Khushi who was sitting near her asked holding her shoulders.

Khushi: Ninu ... what happened? ... you seem tensed ... and I had noticed ... during the dinner too, you were just playing with food ...

Sruthy: And you haven't spoken a word till now

Lavanya: Yeah ... and haven't even touched your drink ... here drink this ... you will loosen up a bit ... and your tension will fly away

Lavanya held up the drink for Naina but she looked away covering her mouth with a nauseated expression making others perplexed.

Lavanya: What happened Ninu ... are you not well?

Khushi: (Checking her forehead and neck) ... no temperature ... but you look pale ...

Without saying anything Naina hugged Khushi and Khushi asked caressing her back.

Khushi: What is it, baby ... what happened?

Naina: (Taking a deep breath) ... guys ... I ... I missed my periods last month and this month ... and this nauseated feelings as soon as I smell some food

The other three exchanged looks and Lavanya asked with a smile.

Lavanya: Are you implying what I am thinking?

Naina: (Breaking the hug and looking at the floor) ... I ... I don't know ... observing me mummy had asked me to check and Rahul was insisting we should visit RH ... but I ... what if ... what if it is negative

Khushi: (Cupping her cheek) ... why are you afraid Ninu ... what if it is negative ... you will try again ...

Naina: (Worriedly) ... but

Lavanya: But what?

Naina: Lavz ... we ... (Gulping) ... we are trying for almost a year now ... last time I had a doubt like this was four months before ... when I shared my doubt with Rahul he was ecstatic ... but when we visited the hospital ... it came out negative and even though he assured me it was okay I know he was disappointed ... what if this time too ... I ... I can't do that to him ... and what if ... what if he gets bored of me

By now she was in tears and Khushi took her in a side hug and said wiping her tears.

Khushi: Shh ... shh ... calm down Ninu ... nothing of that sort will happen ... it will be positive this time ... and even if it doesn't Rahul loves you way too much to get bored of you like that ...

Lavanya: Yeah ... and if turns out to be negative ... we can conduct tests and find out what is the problem ...

Sruthy: Lavz is right ... science had improved so much ... why are you worrying unnecessarily?

Khushi: Yeah ... why are you worrying unnecessarily? ... Advocate Naina Rahul Arora is the strongest, remember?

Sruthy: And hey ... if it is bothering you too much don't tell anything to Rahul now do a test and we can decide what to do after that

Khushi: Yes ... Sruthy has a point ... okay ... do one thing ... Lavi ... you have your medical kit with you, right? ... okay then ... Ninu now go, with her and take a test ... then at least you don't have to be this uncertain ... and you know what ... by your these type of strange mood swings I am damn sure it is going to be positive only

Lavanya: I too was thinking the same ... anyway now come, Ninu

Saying this Lavanya stood up and that's when they heard a 'WHAAAT' from the men's gang and looked in their direction to see Ravi nodding his head and saying something and then all except Ravi was over Rishi hugging him and saying something to him with a smile. Manav and Kiran too looked up hearing the scene and Kiran shouted.

Kiran: What is it, guys? ... why are you making a sandwich out of my poor ... what you call it in Hindi ... yeah ... Shayar?

Rahul: Your Shayar is not as poor as we all thought him to be Kiddu ... do you know what he did? ... he proposed Sheetal

Kiran: What ... when?

Ravi: (Smiling) ... a few days before ...and you know what she even fasted with Tani

Khushi: Arrey ... that is such good news ... and she fasted means ... she accepted it already?

Hearing her everybody looked up at Rishi curiously as they all know Sheetal and her values. Rishi nodded his head and said with a smile.

Rishi: She did ...

Manav: But Shyam

Rishi: He knows ... err ... actually, I wanted to propose her but I was afraid of her rejection ... and Di extracted it from me ... she encouraged me saying she can sense that ... that Sheetal too loves me

Rudy: Loves you too ... means ... do you love her?

Kiran: Of course he does ... otherwise, why will he propose her, idiot?

Rudy: Why are YOU answering it ... I asked my brother, okay ... so tell me Rishi do you love her

Kiran: Oh my goodness ... you want him to answer that even now ... can't you even understand it yourself

Rudy: 'Can't you even' means ... are you saying that I can't understand anything

Kiran: Wow ... at least you understood that, very fast

Khushi: Stop ... Chup tum dono (Shut up you two) ... you continue Rishi

Rishi: But she was sure that Sheetal won't accept it without her Bhai's approval ... So Di called him and told all this ... he told he will talk to Sheetal ... I ... I don't know what he told ... but when I proposed her she accepted it and yeah ... she fasted with Bhabhi

Khushi: Wow ... wow ... wow ... so much had happened ... anyway, congrats Rishi ...

She said hugging him and then everybody else too congratulated him.

Seeing everybody engrossed in that Khushi whispered to Lavanya and Naina.

Khushi: Lavi ... Ninu ... you guys go

Naina: Is it necessary today ... I mean such good news we heard and

Khushi: I said GO

Naina nodded grumpily and left with Lavanya. After the congratulating and some teasing, everybody sat around the campfire as they were feeling cold. Looking around Arnav asked concerned

Arnav: Kiya ... where are Lavi and Ninu?

Khushi: (Murmuring) ... he had to ask that now ... what will I say ... hmm ...

Arnav: Kiya ...

Khushi: Hmm ... they are ... they are

Lavanya: Here we are

Khushi sighed in relief hearing Lavanya and everybody looked in the direction of sound only to get tensed seeing Naina's teary eyes. And seeing her like that Rahul's husbandly instincts kicked in and he was beside her in seconds and asked cupping her face.

Rahul: Ninu ... baby ... what happened ... are you alright? ... kya ... kya hua tume? (What happened to you?)

Everybody was looking at them expectantly while Khushi and Sruthy looked up at Lavanya. Lavanya nodded her head with a smile. The three of them exchanged looks and together hugged no ... better squeezed Rahul yelling 'Congratulations Daddy'. For a moment nobody told anything but then Rahul broke the hug forcefully and asked perplexed.

Rahul: What? ... (Then deciphering the words and smiling teary eyed) ... is it (Gulping) ... is it true Ninu?

In reply, Naina nodded her head with a shy smile and Rahul took her in a bear hug.

Rahul: Thank you ... thank you ... thank you so much, Ninu ... (Braking the hug and cupping both her cheeks with a teary chuckle) ... congratulations Mummy

Naina: Congratulations Daddy ... (Chuckling) ... and ... I ... I love you hubby

Rahul: I love you too my cute wifey

Saying this he was about to kiss her but others cleared their throat and they both broke the hug embarrassed.

Rudy: Daddy and Mummy matlab (Means) ... oh my God you are pregnant Ninu

Kiran: You know what ... no, forget it ... (Hugging both of them together) ... congrats guys ... and hey ... thank you for bringing a new member ... there will be someone smaller than me and I won't be the youngest one anymore ... thank you ... thank you ... thank you so much

Then it was again around of congratulations and hugs and Rahul and Naina were sent to their rooms while others sat discussing new plans and surprises for tomorrow's party and for the 'to be parents'.

They decided to go to their respective workplace tomorrow and come early for the party and then went to sleep.

Next day

It was just five in the evening but Arnav was returning from the office with Nikhil as they had to leave for the party. Akash too was with them as Akash's car was in the showroom for servicing and he too was invited for the party. Arnav just gave him a lift on Nikhil's insistence but was royally ignoring him. So Akash too kept quiet as he understood Arnav's anger was justifiable. He focussed on Arnav who was speaking with someone on the phone and from the one-sided conversation he can hear he guessed it to be Rahul.

Arnav: And Buddy ... I know your situation ... you are in a very happy phase of your life and it is not the time to say all this but ...

Rahul: Arnav ... from when did you need a preamble while talking to me? And yeah don't worry about the footage ... one of my acquaintances who works in the forensic department had agreed to help me

Arnav: Forensic department?

Rahul: Yeah ... he is a forensic video analysis expert ... he works for the government but helps me in some of the private cases of my detective agency ... so he can be trusted ... but the only problem is that he is out of town ... but will be here within a week ... is that fine? Otherwise, we have to go to other experts but the confidentiality ...

Arnav: No buddy ... I don't want to take any risk ... they are even guessing the moves that I haven't spoken out loud ... and I don't want to take a chance this time ... so yeah we will wait

Rahul: Okay then ... see you at the party

Arnav: Yeah see you

By now they have reached RM and they all went in. Arnav was in a hurry as he wanted to reach Rahul's home as soon as possible to help the O'bros to arrange the surprise and thus he was taking large strides to the house and even inside it. But his steps came to a complete halt as he saw a middle-aged couple and a young man sitting there along with Dadi, Chachi, and Anjali. He looked around and saw a tensed Kiran pacing in front of the stairs who sighed in relief as soon as she saw him. He heard murmurs from the stairs and everybody including him looked up and saw a very frustrated Lavanya with a sorry looking Payal and a teary-eyed Khushi coming downstairs. And that's it ... the volcano called ASR exploded with its full force as he roared.


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Feb 4

Part 40 Sister's happiness and wife's self-respect (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 77 times)

RM, New Delhi, India


Hearing the lion's roar the guests got up unknowingly but others cared less because it wasn't anything unusual. Mr. Modi looked and Mrs. Modi looked at each other in confusion not understanding who he is while their son wondered why he is here but soon understanding damn upon him and he thought nervously... so it was not just the name and surname matched ... the Arnav Dadi mentioned was actually Arnav Singh Raizada ... the ASR. He thought nervously but soon his ability to think lost somewhere as he heard Arnav again in his ever-dangerous voice looking straight at Dadi

Arnav: Dadi ... I asked what the hell is happening here?

Anjali: Arnav ... you please go, freshen up and come ... I will explain everything

Arnav: (Glaring at her) ... are you my Dadi? ... no, right? ... then shut up

Mrs. Modi: (Gasping) ... Maaji ... who is this?

Mrs. Modi asked with hopes building high in her seeing the young man all at once.

Dadi: You all please sit ... I will explain everything

Arnav: (Frustrated) ... Dadi I am in no mood for any of this now ... so tell me clearly who are they and what is happening here?

Dadi: (Sighing) ... this is Mr. Dev Modi, Mrs. Meera Modi and their son Dr. Vikrant Modi ... and Dev Beta ... (Pointing at Akash) ... that is Manohar's son .... my elder grandson ... Akash and this is (Pointing at Arnav) ... Manav's son ... my younger grandson ... Arnav ... oh ... and that Natasha ... Vikrant's sister

Dadi said as she saw Natasha coming back from the guestroom where she had been gone to use the washroom. Arnav showed no interest in knowing who Natasha was and kept waiting for the further explanation while Natasha let out a happy squeal as soon as she saw him and came running to him.

Natasha: Oh my God ... ASR ...

Arnav took a few steps back at first thinking she will get the point but she didn't so he simply moved away from her way causing her to fall flat on her stomach on the nearby couch. And seeing this Lavanya, Nikhil, Kiran, and even Akash and Payal couldn't stop laughing while Anjali looked away tightening her fist. Dadi was looking at her concerned along with Mr. and Mrs. Modi when she heard Arnav again.

Arnav: Dadi ... if your introductions are over tell me what is happening here?

He asked to make sure because now he had a fair idea of what all this was about.

But before Dadi could say anything he heard Mrs. Modi which boiled his head to no end.

Meera: Maaji ... if you don't mind can I ask Arnav's hand for Natasha along with Lavanya's hand for Vikrant? ... (Turning to Arnav) ... what do you say Arnav Beta ... do you like my daughter?

Asked Mrs. Modi as she helped her daughter to stand on her feet making her daughter smile and Anjali smirk while others looked at her horrified imagining what is going to happen. Before he could blast Khushi came to him and held his shoulders and said.

Khushi: Arnav ... no ... please calm down ...

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) ... you want me to calm down ... like really?

Khushi: Arnav ... please

Meera: Oh my God I can't believe this ... this girl has no shame ... just sometime before Anjali Bitiya showed her, her status and again ... (Shaking her head) ... let me tell you something Maaji ... you should fire this girl as soon as possible from her this servant post ... otherwise, she will be a bad influence on your grandson

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth and stressing on each word) ... Dr. Modi ... I haven't slapped a woman till date ... and if you want to be it that way ask your mother to keep her mouth shut

Meera: What behavior is this Arnav ... and you are insulting me for this ... (Looking at Khushi disgustingly) ... serv...

Arnav: Don't ... don't you dare to use that word again for her

Meera: Then ... I can call a servant, a servant only, right?

This time without saying anything Arnav walked straight to Vikrant and slapped him hard. And seeing it Mrs. Modi shouted.

Meera: What the hell ... how dare to slap my son?

Arnav: I think I just showed you that ... and Dr. Modi I am not sorry for that slap ... because I told you before itself to keep her mouth shut which you didn't

Vikrant: I ... (Gulping) ... I am sorry ASR ... I am asking sorry on her behalf

Meera: Why are you saying sorry Beta ... it should be him saying sorry for insulting us like this for some random girl

Arnav: (Shouting at the top of his voice) ... koi random girl nahi hain ... meri biwi hain yeh (She is not any random girl ... she is my wife) ... Dr. Khushi Singh Raizada ... and you should be thankful that I did nothing more after you have dared to call my wife ... Arnav Singh Raizada's wife with names ...

Arnav said arrogantly making the Modi couple gasp as it was clearly new information for them. Royally ignoring their surprise he turned to Vikrant again and asked.

Arnav: So Dr. Modi?

Vikrant: (Gulping) ... we are leaving ASR

He said hurriedly and left the house taking his embarrassed parents and frustrated sister who was still busy in ogling at ASR. As soon as they left Arnav turned to Anjali and shouted

Arnav: How dare you ... how dare you to introduce my wife like that to them?

Anjali: Like what? ... (Shrugging) ... oh as a servant ... then sorry to burst your bubble because I had no interest in introducing her to them ... neither as your wife nor as a servant ... but if they assumed it like that seeing her it is not my fault

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) ... you didn't correct them either ... so it is your fault only ... your bloody fault ... and ... (Turing to Dadi) ... and you too Dadi ... I had expected that only from Anjali and Chachi but you too

Anjali: I told you Arnav ... we had no interest in introducing her ...

Arnav: You shut up ... I am talking to Dadi here

Anjali: Dadi or me ... you need answers only, right?

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) ... don't you understand it in a single time ... I said SHUT UP ...

Everybody turned to look at the door as they heard 'what is happening here?' and saw that it was Manav who asked this standing there along with his brother.

Manav: What is happening here, Arnav? ... and what was the Modis doing here?

Arnav: That you should ask your mother and daughter only ...

Anjali: It is nothing Papa ... they came here to ask Lavanya's hand for their son Vikrant but your son broke the proposal just because they called his wife a servant

Arnav: What do you mean by that 'just because' dammit ... you bloody think it is a silly matter

Manav: Anjali ... Arnav ... you two stop it

Dadi: Manav ... no need to scold Anjali ... this time the fault was Arnav's only ... he broke the proposal

Manav: Oh please Maa ... don't use that 'this time' ... because for you it is always Arnav's fault ... and about breaking that proposal if he didn't I would have done that ... if not for anything else at least for insulting my Bahu ... but before all that I need to know what had exactly happened here ... Kiddu

Chachi: Wait, Devarji ... why are you asking her ... I will tell you

Manav: No, Bhabhi ... because I want nothing but the whole truth ... the unbiased truth ... which for a reason I believe only she can give me

Manav said confidently as he knows Kiran will never lie to him nor she had any reason to show partiality to belittle them by blaming the other like his family nor she will try to protect his family by hiding something like Khushi. And moreover, he knows that he can't believe Arnav or Lavanya in this matter as they both will only see what they want when they are angry or frustrated which he knows they are. But that hurt Anjali Manohar Jha's ego as she said offended.

Anjali: What do you mean by that Papa? ... that we will lie to you?

Arnav: If you know the answer yourself why bother asking?

Manav: (Glaring at both of them) ... I told you two to shut up, right?

Instead of staying quiet as asked to they both said at the same time.

Anjali: But Papa

Arnav: But Dad

Manav: Chup ... (Shut up) ... not a word anymore until I ask you ... and Kiddu ... tell me Bacha ... what exactly had happened here?

Kiran: I think you should ask what hadn't happened here, BF

Manav: Okay ... then tell me what hadn't happened here

Kiran: The only thing left was to Kiya apologizing to that good for nothing Natasha

Manav: (Shocked) ... what? ... tell me everything clearly

Kiran: (Sighing) ... okay ... so we ... as in me, Lavz and Kiya were discussing the party in my room when Dadi called all of us ... she asked Lavz to get ready as someone was coming to see her. Lavz instantly refused and even Kiya supported her ... the two of them got into an argument with your daughter and SIL and in between all this the guest came. So Dadi asked Lavz to go and get ready and Kiya to go and help in the kitchen. Not wanting to be rude in front of guests they both obliged. Then they all started to talk and they said they are going to fix the date for engagement. Kiya heard that and said they should consult Uncle, Akash Bro, Arnie, you or at least Lavz before taking any such big decision. Your daughter asked her to keep quiet and not to poke her nose in the house's matters as she has no right and blah blah blah. As usual, she took it into the heart and instantly tears filled her eyes and in her that vulnerable state before she could realize the tea in her hand fell on that stupid Natasha. She demanded an apology from Kiya calling her a servant but your family didn't say anything ... they kept on watching it like it didn't affect them. I wanted to slap that Natasha ... I really wanted to ... but before that Lavz called Kiya from upstairs and she went there. And your daughter asked her SIL to accompany her as she didn't want any more mess today so she too went there

She finished it with a sigh and looked up at Manav and saw that he was ready to blast anytime So she called him softly

Kiran: Uncle

But Manav instead of replying turned to look at Lavanya and she got the message and instantly started speaking.

Lavanya: Kiya was crying when she reached there ... so I asked her the matter but she brushed it off saying it was nothing ... but Bhabhi explained everything to me even though Kiya tried to stop her ... I was coming down to give them my piece of mind but before that Bro came ... he got into an argument with Mrs. Modi and slapped their son and the rest you can imagine

Manav nodded at her and turned to look at his mother who was looking everywhere but him. So he called her in a low but dangerous voice and she instantly looked up.

Manav: Maa ... (Gritting his teeth) ... I had told you that Lavanya will marry the person she likes ... and that you all will not force her ever for a marriage ... didn't I? ... then why?

Anjali: We didn't force her Papa ... and moreover Vikrant had everything Lavanya wants

Manav: What did I tell you ... (Gritting his teeth) ... only speak when I will ask you to ... so just do that

Dadi: But Manav whatever Anju told is true ... Vikrant Bitwa had everything Lavanya wants ...

Manav: And how do you know what Lavanya wants ... have you asked her ever?

Chachi: What is there to ask Devarji ... Vikrant is well educated, good looking and has a good job  ... in fact, he is a doctor like Lavanya ... what more she will want

Manav: Happiness ... that should have been the first item in your list Bhabhi ... which I know Lavanya will never get from him

Chachu: Manav ... I agree that whatever they did wasn't right ... to bring a proposal without informing anyone of us ... but how can you be so sure that Lavanya won't be happy with Vikrant

Lavanya: (Shouting) ... because I love Nik

Manav: There ... heard your daughter ... she loves Nikhil

Everybody in DR looked at him shocked including Payal and Akash as they only know that Lavanya had someone in her life.

Dadi: What ... but Lavanya and Nikhil Bitwa ... how can they?

Manav: How can they what, Maa? ... fall in love? They are two adults ... and they are not related by blood ... so there is no importance for a question like 'why?'

Chachi: No ... Lavanya can't marry him

Manav: And why is that Bhabhi ... just like you had said Nikhil is also well educated, good looking and have a good job ... and moreover Lavanya loves him and will be happy only with him

The only thought that came to Chachu then was his little sister's deadbody so he took a deep breath and said.

Chachu: I agree you have a point Manav ... and I personally like him too and will be very happy if my daughter marries a man like him who give importance to relationships more than the luxury of life ... but what about his parents?

Manav: (Confused) ... what about them?

Chachu: (Sighing) ... Manav I understand what his father did was wrong but what Nikhil did wasn't right too ... I mean he left his parents ...the parents who brought him up to this position just like that

Lavanya: Then what do you suggest, Dad ... he should have stayed back with them and enjoyed the wealth leaving his sisters in the street ... if that was the case I would have cut any relation with him that day itself

Dadi: Lavanya ... it is right from the point of view you are thinking ... but what Manohar said is right too ... how we can marry you off to a person who left his parents just because they did something wrong ...

Chachu: Yes ... instead, he should have stayed with them and tried to make them understand

Dadi: Exactly ... and moreover people will definitely ask for his parents

Nikhil: Dadi ... forgive me if I am being rude ... but if anybody asks about my parents ... tell them the truth ... I won't mind

Chachi: And destroy our reputation in society ... hello hi bye bye

Manav: Maa ... you are neither ready to hide the truth nor to disclose it ... then what do you suggest?

Dadi: (Taking a deep breath) ... Khushi Bitiya ... call your them here

Arnav: What ... no way ... Kiya is not going to call them ...

Nikhil: Nor they are coming here ...

This was the chance Anjali Manohar Jha waited for because she never thought Chachu or Dadi will agree for the marriage this soon so she said with a smirk.

Anjali: (Smirking) ... then nor this wedding is going to happen, right Dadi?

But before Dadi can reply Manav said

Manav: Arnav and Nikhil are right Maa ... I don't want them here ... (Side hugging Khushi) ... my daughter had suffered enough ... so I don't want to open the old wounds again and hurt her more

Anjali: She won't mind Papa ... (Smirking) ... after all, she will not like if she becomes the reason for the broken love life of her brother and best friend ... or who knows then even Arnav might leave her for his sister

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) ... shut the **** up Anjali ... neither I am going to leave her for anything nor she is going to call them

Khushi: No, Arnav ... it's okay ... I don't want to be the reason for their agony ... I will call Uncle

Arnav: No you will not ...

Anjali: Then like I said before forget about this marriage happening

Nikhil: Then be it ... stop this alliance ... Lavanya I am sorry ... but I can't hurt Kiya just for our togetherness

Lavanya: And I won't allow you too ... (Turning to DR in tears) ... and yeah then forgot about my marriage happening ever too

Khushi: No ... Nikhil ... Lavz ... don't speak like that ... I ... I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I become the reason for your separation ... and moreover, I had forgiven him long ago ... so don't worry I will call him

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) ... can't you understand it at once ... you won't, means ... you won't ... (Turning to DR) ... okay so what do you want ... you want Nikhil's parents here for the wedding, right? ... and they will be here ...

Anjali: And who will call them?

Arnav: That is none of your business ... you guys want them here and they will be here

Anjali: But ...

Akash: Arnav has a point Anju ... we need Nikhil's parents here and they will come ... who or when calls don't matter

Manav: Exactly ... so I think that problem solves here?

Dadi: Yes ... and now come ... we can have the evening tea ... Payal Bitiya ... go and get it

Manav: Wait, Payal ... I have to say something and everybody should be present here

Dadi: Now what is it Manav?

Manav: Everybody listen carefully ... I am going to say this once and for all ... if anybody ... and I mean it anybody have a problem with Kiya ... the door is there ... (Side hugging her) ... because I won't tolerate any more insult on my daughter

Anjali: What do you mean by that Papa ... that you will throw out your family from their own house for your Bahu?

Manav: I had told this once that day ... but since you guys might have forgotten it I am saying it again ... (Stressing on each word) ... this is not the ancestral property of Raizadas ... it is my home ... which my son had built for me ... so yes ... I will not hesitate to show anyone of you the door for my daughter

Anjali looked away huffing in anger while others let out a gasp at that. Manav sighed in relief as he got that they understood his word clearly this time and then turned to Kiddu and said with a smile.

Manav: Now we can have some tea ... right, Kiddu?

Kiran: Yes ... and after that, we have to leave for the party too ... we are already late

Manav: Yes ... yes ... come ...

Manav and Kiran left for the dining hall followed by DR and it was only Arnav, Khushi, Lavanya and Nikhil left. As soon as others were away Nikhil said to them.

Nikhil: You know I hate to call that man as my father anymore ... so you don't have to do this guys

Arnav: I have to ... (Side hugging Khushi) ... because just like Kiya said too I will not able to forgive myself if my anger become the reason for the sadness of my sister ... so don't worry ... we will manage this

Sighing Lavanya and Nikhil left them knowing his stubbornness and that left the husband and wife alone.

Khushi: (Holding his bicep) ... Arnav ... it is nothing ... we know Uncle's love for money from childhood, right? ... (Sighing) ... yes ... still, it hurt me at that time because I never thought that he will hurt me in that quench for money ... but the rest what happened was entirely my mind's problem ... so I don't blame it on him ... at least not anymore

Arnav: (Sighing) ... I know ... but still, it triggered that fear Kiya

Khushi: Leave it Arnav ... it was written in my destiny ... so if not for it anything else would have been the reason ... so leave it ... and moreover like you said that day there was no fault of Auntie in all that ... so we will be doing a huge mistake if we will snatch her right to conduct her son's marriage ... you know, right? ... that how much she loves him ... and thus don't you think she should get that chance ... (Acknowledging his nod and cupping his left cheek) ... so like I said before I will call Uncle ...

Arnav: (Cupping her both cheeks) ... and how do you think that I will allow you to bend your head in front of him ... (Sighing) ... Khushi ... my sister's happiness is important to me and I will do anything for it ... but not at the cost of my wife's self-respect

Khushi: (Shaking her head) ... he is elder to us Arnav ... so it won't belittle or make you weak if you bow down in front of him even if the fault was his ... rather it will make you powerful because only strong persons can forgive

Arnav: Whatever it is Kiya ... I won't allow you to bow down in font him

Khushi: But Arnav ... you said that they will be here

Arnav: I did ... but you won't call him ... I will

Khushi: (Shocked) ... you will?

Arnav: (Gulping) ... yes ... I will ... but you have to promise me something ... that you will keep your distance from him ... at least until I am sure that he does not mean any harm this time

Khushi: (Nodding) ...promise

In reply, Arnav hugged her tight and whispered after kissing her hair.

Arnav: I am afraid ... I ... I don't have the courage to lose you one more time, baby

Khushi: (Kissing his chest) ... you won't ... I promise ... (Breaking the hug) ... anyway ... (Sighing) ... shall I get you some coffee?

Arnav: No you go and have the tea ... I will have a quick shower and get ready so that we can leave

Khushi: Just wait for a minute I had to get my phone ... I too am coming ... what ... no need to get any guttural thoughts ... I meant to get ready

Arnav: (Innocently) ... when did I say something else ... oh ... you meant that ... (Smirking) ... by the way ... (Whispering in her ears) ... idea bura nahin hain Biwi (Idea is not bad Biwi) ... (Leaning back and looking at her face which had the three O expression he loved so much) ... so should I wait?

Khushi: Ewww ... don't you have any shame?

Arnav: what is so shameless in it  ... I asked my wife to join me ... no one else

Khushi: (Holding his collar) ... and don't you dare to ask someone else

Arnav: Oh ... mujhe itni himmat? (Do I have that much courage) ... Biwi maregi meri (My wife will kill me)

Khushi: (Tapping his nose) ... good, you remember that ... so now my lovely hubby ... go and take a quick shower ... I will take out the clothes before you come

He nodded his head with a smile and then left from there after kissing her forehead while Khushi watched his retreating back fascinated thinking how did she become so lucky to get him.

After sometime, the gang along with Payal and Akash got ready and went to the party. Everybody had a nice time there till late night welcoming Naina's parents and celebrating the happiness of Rahul and Naina and Payash really wished that soon this day will come in their life too ... which they can hope now, all thanks to Khushi. Everybody congratulated Lavanya and Nikhil too which made the universal tease Lavanya to blush in the darkest shades of red.

It was almost midnight when they came back and soon everybody was asleep. After some time making sure that Khushi is asleep Arnav went to the poolside, took out his phone and dialed the number after years. The call was connected in the fourth ring and he asked politely.

Arnav: Can I get Mr. Kunal Kumar Khurana?

Kunal: Speaking ... and you are?

Arnav: ASR ... or better Arnav Singh Raizada

Kunal: (Happily) ... Arnie ... son ... is that really you?

Arnav: Don't ... don't call me with that name Mr. Khurana ... you lost that right the day you hurt my Khushi

Kunal: I ... (Gulping) ... I am sorry Arnav... for stooping that low ... but that time my business was sinking and the only way I had was that property which Dad had given for Bhai leaving me nothing ... just because I didn't take up the job he wanted ... and (Gulping) ... please, Arnav ... don't be so formal with me

Arnav: Please don't give me that **** Mr. Khurana ... Because you and I both know that you just had to ask ... be it Papa or Kiya ... and the property would have been yours ... but what did you do? ... sending some ****s to threaten ... that too, the girl you considered as your daughter once ... (Sighing) I didn't expect that from you ... from you of all people. I ... I have always given you the love and respect I give to Dad and Papa ... but you

Kunal: I know what I did wasn't even a mistake ... it was a sin ... sending goons to threaten Kiya for the signature ... but trust me ... I know I have no right to say that after whatever I did ... but still ... trust me ... I just wanted the signature ... I never expected them to behave like that with her and ... most importantly I got to know that only when Nikhil blasted on me and left home ... and I made sure that those idiots will not go out of the jail in this lifetime. But still the fault was mine and I am really sorry for that

Arnav Sighed as he knows whatever Kunal said is true because he loved Khushi and Kiran just like his own daughters till that day and he is sure of it even today that he will not have done that if he knew the goons will behave that way with her. But that does not mean he will forget anything so he took a deep breath and said.

Arnav: It is too late for that Mr. Khurana ... too late ... because your single sorry can't erase that incident from her mind ... it won't bring back that happy go lucky Khushi Kabir Khurana ... it can't erase the days she had lived in depression nor it can erase those terrible nightmares or that constant fear from her ... so there is no use of this sorry now. (Sighing) ... anyway leave all this ... I called you to talk about something else

Kunal: What?

Arnav: Nikhil ... Nikhil loves my sister

Kunal: Sister ... ? ... oh ... Lavanya?

Arnav Yes ... and they want to get married

Kunal: That is such a great news Arnav ... tell him that I am happy for the both of them ...

Arnav: Tell what do you want ... money, property or business ... name it and it will be yours

Kunal: No ... no ... that is not what I meant ... I mean ... I thought he hates me and will be against my presence there

Arnav: (Sighing) ... he is ... he still is ... but my ... (Taking a deep breath) ... my family want you and Auntie here ... and moreover I think Auntie shouldn't suffer anymore by pining for her son for the mistake you did ... so ...

Kunal: I ... err ... we will be there Arnav ... when do you want us there?

Arnav: As soon as possible

Kunal: Okay ... we ... we will be there in the next flight we can get ... and Arnav ... will you tell Kiya that to please don't keep any grudge against Nandini ... because she had no fault in it ... she ... she had no idea

Arnav: Kiya? ... (Shaking his head) ... she doesn't even hold a grudge against you ... then how can you expect something like that for Auntie?

Kunal: (Smiling sadly) ... she ... she is such a gem, isn't she?

Arnav: Yes ... but you realised that too late

Kunal: I ... I am really sorry Arnav ... will you ever forgive me?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... I don't know ... maybe with time I will ... because more than anything I know one thing ... that how much greedy you were ... you weren't faking your love for any one of us all those years ... (Sighing) ... anyway ... right now you should be concentrating on getting Nikhil's forgiveness more than mine and be there for him

Kunal: I will try my best Arnav

Arnav: I hope you won't disappointment me this time, Uncle

Kunal sighed in relief as he heard that and said with a smile.

Kunal: I won't Arnie

Arnav: That only time can say ... (Sighing) ... anyway ... bye ... see you soon

Kunal: See ya

Arnav cut the call whispered lookingat the stars Khushi believe as their parents because in the heart of hearts he knows he can't still hate that person whom once he have loved equal to his father.

Arnav: Mom ... Mamma ... Papa ... I hope he will not break my trust this time

He turned around startled as he heard 'he won't'and saw Khushi standing at the French window with a small smile on her face.

Khushi: I have full belief ... he won't Arnav ... because it cost him his son and wife's cheerfulness last time

Arnav: (Sighing) ... I hope your belief will be true ... but let me tell you ... no promise you one thing now itself ... if he broke my trust once more ... nothing ... nothing and no one can save him from me

Khushi: (Nodding) ... I know ... so what did he say?

Arnav: They are coming

Khushi: (Smiling) ... really ... when?

Arnav: I don't know ... he may inform later

Khushi: (Hugging him) ... I am so happy Arnav .. now there will not be any hindrance to Lavi's and Nikhil's marriage

Arnav: I hope so

He said unsurely as he can't still believe the fact that DR agreed for it this easily.

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