OS-. Be my Valentine

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Feb 8, 2017

OS-. Be my Valentine (By Starlily) (Thanked: 80 times)

This is my first OS. I hope you all enjoy. Please tell me how is it.Both positive and negative reviews are welcome.
And advance Valentine's day guys. Enjoy your day with your close ones and spread love.

Here it goes-

A late thirties woman is slowly sneaking in to a room where a girl in her teenage talking in her mobile.

Girl ( on mobile): I want every thing should be perfect, did you get that. The place should be decorated with white lilies and yeah don't forget to add red roses.

She stopped for a while as the person is talking other side. But at the end a small smile came to her face.

Girl( with smile) : yeah you are right that's why I also like red roses. OK then I want all these preparations to be done by tomorrow.

Girl : I hope for whom im doing all these likes it. Bye.

She put down her mobile but the smile on her face didn't leave her face.

The woman who was secretly sneaking in the room silently came to her room.

Woman : hey Devimaiya! Is it true? Arshi have a boyfriend and she is going to a date tomorrow, on Valentine's day? What will I do? Let me tell this to Arnavji.

She dialed a number and waiting to be received.

Woman : hello Arnavji. I called to tell you that..........
Arnav : what happened again Khushi? Im busy now. I have a meeting in half an hour. Call you later. Bye.
Khushi : but Arnavji......

But the call is disconnected. She looked at her mobile with opened mouth.

Khushi( to herself) : he will never change. Here his daughter is planning Valentine's day date with her boyfriend and he? He is busy with his so called meetings. In his dream also he will attend meetings. What will I do with him? He is father of two kids and he? Wait.........Where is Aarav? Oh no! Maybe he too is busy with his girlfriend. What will I do with these Raizadas? ............Now I have to find out.

Khushi went to Aarav's room. She entered the room without knocking and saw Aarav hiding something under his bed quickly. She noticed that he is hiding something.

Khushi : Aarav. What were you doing?
Aarav : Mom th....that nothing. Some college project. Yeah project.
Khushi : oh it's OK. Well I came to tell you that tomorrow im planning to go to buaji's house. So will you like to come? She will be happy seeing you.
Aarav ( shocked ): what!
Khushi : offo.. it's OK if you are not coming but don't make me deaf. But do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Aarav : yeah.....I mean no. Why will I have any plans?
Khushi : no nothing. You take care.

She kissed his forehead and went to her room. She felt like crying. She don't have any problem with her children celebrating Valentine's day but why are they lying to her? Did she never gave them their freedom to live their lives of their wish? She remembers the incident which happened morning in Temple.


Khushi who was doing Pooja about to go but was stopped by her childhood friend Preeto.

Preeto : Khushi . It's long time yaar. How are you?
Khushi : im good. How are you? Everyone are fine na?
Preeto : yeah everyone are fine. You tell. How are your children? Arshi and Aarav?
Khushi : they are all fine. What about Arjun?
Preeto : what to say Khushi? He is in the relationship. He is planning something for the Valentine's day for her girlfriend.
Khushi : what! You gave permission?
Preeto : these generation kids doesn't even think to ask anything to their parents. They will do what they like to.

Just then Preeto's mobile started ringing. Preeto bid bye to Khushi and went from there.
Here Khushi was in tension.

Khushi ( to herself ): what if Arshi and Aarav also do something like this? No no Khushi. You are thinking too much. They will never do anything without telling me. But what if.....? I have to find out.

Flashback end.

Khushi went to kitchen doing her favourite thing, making jalebies. After some time doorbell rang but she continued her work. It again rang, this time Aarav went to open the door only to see Arnav standing there.

Arnav : what happened Aarav? Why no one opened the door?
Aarav : I don't know dad. Arshi is in her room and Mom.....
Arnav : mom? What happened to Khushi? Is everything alright?
Aarav : she is making jalebies.
Arnav ( shocked): what! ...Oh no . Maybe I didn't talk to her much as I was busy. OK you don't worry. I will handle her.
Aarav : hehe.. all the best.

Arnav gave a smile and went to kitchen only to get shocked. She prepared full mountain of jalebies. What happened to her? This is definitely not because of his phone call.

Arnav : Khushi.

He put his hand on her shoulder making her to startled.

Arnav : Khushi. What happened?
Khushi : nothing.

Saying this she went to her room. Arnav took some jalebies on the plate and followed her to the room. He saw her standing near the poolside. He went to her only to be hugged tightly. He was shocked by her act. He just moved his fingers in her hair to make her calm.

Arnav ( softly): what happened Khushi?
Khushi : Arnavji you will never hide anything from me na? Promise me.
Arnav : never. But will you tell me what happened? Why you are behaving like this?
Khushi : today I saw arshi talking to someone about the decorations.... For tomorrow.
Arnav : why ? What's tomorrow?
Khushi : tomorrow is Valentine's day Arnavji.
Arnav : oh yeah. Happy Valentine's day in advance.
Khushi : Arnavji you are not getting it. Arshi is planning for a date. And not only Arshi, Aarav is planning something for tomorrow.
Arnav : so that's great na. Oh now I get it. You are upset as they will go outside Tomorrow you will be alone. Don't worry. I will plan something for us. After all im Arnav Singh Raizada. Tomorrow no one will disturb us. ( He winked)

He tries to come close but to stopped by Khushi.

Khushi : it's not that I will be alone. I will be more happy if they are happy. But they are not telling me anything about it and are lying Arnavji.
Arnav : but Khushi you also need to understand right. How can anyone say something like this to their parents? Leave them. Did you told your Amma and buaji about your feelings? You didn't even mentioned about me to your Payal. And don't tell me that you don't have any feelings towards me then. I knew you too liked me. You too wanted me to be around you just like me in Akash- Payal marriage . Just be in their position and think.
Khushi : maybe you are right. Im thinking too much.
Arnav : OK then we will go for a date tomorrow. Will you be my Valentine?
Khushi: no Arnavji. I mean I don't understand this Valentine's day concept. Is it a only day to spend time with your loved ones? I don't believe in all these. We will go for dinner. Not because tomorrow is Valentine's day but I want to spend time with you.

Arnav just hugged her feeling overwhelmed. Indeed she is unique piece.

Next day-

Khushi was working in kitchen then Arshi came to her.

Arshi : mom. Actually I want your iron box.
Khushi : so take na. Why you are asking me for this?
Arshi : mom you go na. Im not in mood to search it. Please.
Khushi : lazybones. OK I will go.

Khushi came to her room to take the iron box but saw a gift on her bed.

Khushi ( to herself ): so Arnavji kept this gift for me. So sweet. But I didn't bought anything for him. Wait I have an idea.

She took that gift and kept it in her cupboard. She went to Arshi and gave iron box.

After some time Arnav who was in washroom came out after having shower. He saw that a gift placed on the bed.

Arnav ( thought ): so Khushi placed this for me. Cute.

He opened that gift and saw a black shirt. His favorite. He wore that shirt and stood Infront of the mirror.

Arnav ( to himself ): not bad Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. Your choice is not that bad. Just imagine... Arnav Singh Raizada in floral shirts. (Remember guys when Khushi put all colourful and floral shirts in Arnav's wardrobe to irritate him) ......... Noooooooooo..........

In Arshi's room -

Arshi : Bhai everything is going according to plan na?
Aarav : yeah doll everything is perfect.
Arshi : OK then you ask them about the arrangements there?
Aarav : let me call them.

After call ended , Aarav saw that Arshi is walking to and fro.

Aarav ( thought ): no doubt she had gone on Dad.

Aarav : OK stop moving. Everything you good. You don't need to take stress.

Arshi : wow..... I can't wait for the evening.
Aarav ( smiled ): me too.

Evening -

Khushi after doing work went to her room and opened her gift only to see a green Saree ( just like Teri Meri song).

Khushi ( to herself ): oh..... You want to recreate those memories. Not bad. Laad governor know something other than to crack deals. Now What's this.?

She picked a paper which had - " I want you to enhance this saree's beauty and and reach bubble orchid by 8 pm. Will be waiting.".

Khushi ( to herself ): hey Devimaiya! It's already 7pm.

She ran to washroom and came after 10 minutes. She opened hair just like way in Teri Meri song. She took her clutch and about to move but she has no mobile. She started searching it. Just then Aarav came to her room.

Aarav : what happened mom? What is you are searching?
Khushi : my mobile. Aarav can you please search there beta, im already late.
Aarav : OK.

They started searching. But silently Aarav took out the mobile from his pocket.

Aarav : here it is.
Khushi : hey Devimaiya, I got my mobile. Thanks Aarav. Bye.
Aarav : bye Mom.

Khushi reached bubble orchid at 7:55pm. She started searching for Arnav. And exactly on 8pm he made his entry. He was awestruck awestruck? seeing the beauty in front of his eyes. He noticed that she got ready exactly like that day. Khushi felt shy seeing him lost in her and Arnav smirked seeing his effect on her. They are parents of two kids but still Khushi feel shy.

Arnav : sorry im late.
Khushi : it's OK .
Arnav : Where's the table?
Khushi : I don't know. There are two tables here.
Arnav : let me check.

Arnav : what the.
Khushi : what happened Arnavji?
Arnav : these two tables are ours. This one is yours and this is mine.
Khushi : what. You booked two different tables?
Arnav : hold on. It was you who booked the tables.
Khushi : no Arnavji. I didn't booked these tables.
Arnav : I will ask the manager.

Manager : what happened sir?
Arnav : who booked these tables?
Manager : ASR.
Khushi : see I told you. You booked the tables.
Arnav : no Khushi. I swear. It's not me.
Khushi : then who did this?

A reply came from behind- " we did this " They turned to see Arshi and Aarav coming towards them.

Arnav : sorry Aarav . I thought Khushi arranged this. You guys enjoy. Come Khushi.
Arshi : wait. Where are you taking my Valentine?
Arnav: sorry?
Arshi : yeah dad. Mom is my Valentine. We made these preparations for you guys. I was the one who gifted that Saree to mom and the shirt you are wearing is from Bhai.
Aarav : this is our gratitude to show that how much we love you guys. I know that Im not your own son but you never differentiated me and Arshi. I don't know.......

But he couldn't continue as he felt a pain in his cheek. He saw that Arnav slapped him.

Arnav : who said that you are not my own son? I don't care about blood relations. Relations are made by heart...not by blood. I always saw you guys ( Aarav and Arshi) equally. I gave you all the facilities. I don't give any damn to this nonsense you are talking. You are the heir of Raizada. Do you get that?

Aarav : dad im sorry. I.....
Arshi : offo Bhai! Not again. We are here to enjoy right. And dad you guys ( Arnav and Khushi) don't need any Valentine's day as you always spend time together na. So today im gonna spend my time with mom. So mom, will you be my Valentine?

Khushi felt overwhelmed and nodded as yes.

With that she dragged Khushi to the table. Arnav stood confused seeing the two. Aarav brought his dad to reality by putting his hand on his shoulder.

Aarav : come dad. She will never change. Arnav : no doubt she had gone on your mother. And by the way All ladies Raizadas are crazy. Your mom, sister, bua, manu Dadi .every one.
Aarav : Badi Nani too?
Arnav : badmash... Come we will have dinner.

They both enjoyed with their Valentine.

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