The day I never wished to come

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Feb 11, 2017

The day I never wished to come (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 33 times)

I took a deep sigh leaning back on my reclaimer. It had been a long tiring day. 

Tomorrow is Valentine's day. It's one of the day I eagerly wait for. I will enjoy the whole day with my sweet heart. She is my life from birth. I never thought I would love someone this much. But the thought of tomorrow's dawn is not letting me to even breath normally. I don't know how I'm going to survive coming days without her. I never spent a single day away from her from the day my eyes laid on her. She is as beautiful as her mother. Her innocent smile make my day. The moment holding her in my arms were heavenly. There can't be anything more beautiful, pleasant and devine than being around her. She is my everything. 

But from tomorrow onwards she will be away from me. I can't be selfish and keep her with me all the time I have to let her go. But my stupid heart is not listening to me.

The sound of anklets got me back from my thoughts. I know it's her. Who else have the guts to barge into the great ASR's room without a knock. I tilted my head to take a look at her. There she stood with a sad face. The thing I hate the most is that. I want my angel to be always happy. I can do anything to bring smile on her face. But sadly I can't. Because the cause of her worry is me.

She sat on the bed without a word. Now I can't stay like this when I know she is going be away from me from tomorrow onwards. I stood up from the reclaimer and walked to the bed. I just laid my head on her lap closing my eyes. Like always I felt peaceful as a child who don't care anything about the world being  in their mothers arms. Indeed I'm a child before her and indeed she is my mother.

Tired? she asked me stroking my hair. It's a routine for us. I just nodded. Then none of us uttered a single word. And this not a usual thing. We will be taking about one or other thing till we get a good scolding from kushi who will be calling us for dinner.

After few minutes of silence she opened her mouth. "Papa you know na I love you and I will be your best friend always". 

"Yes princess I know" my words started shaking.

"Then why are you like this Papa? I can't see you like this". I sat up looking her eyes that held worry for me. 

She cupped my face gently "Papa I'm just getting married. And it will not change the relation between us" I chuckled a little as I remembered the same words once I told to di. 

It's not her fault I acted like that only. Stupid me. Even though I know she loves me so much. I acted like a kid with my son-in-law. He is nice man he understood me well and did not took my actions serious. He even assured me and I know my daughter is in safe hands and that gave me a little relief.

I held her hands that were on my cheeks. "Don't worry princess I will be fine". I said it to myself more than her. But my statement didn't erased her worry. How can it be when I'm the one who created a great fuss and literally shed silent tears on her first day of school. Not only that time evey time I created fuss when she got away from me for studies or trips with her friends. Kushi had a difficult time handling me.

And from tomorrow onwards she will not be just Raizada but Rathode too. Yes she doesn't want to leave her paternal name like her mother. 

She stood up and kissed my forehead lovingly and left my room after wishing me good night.

I don't know how I'm going to handle myself. But I know one thing I have to let her go with a smile.

Finally the day came. Every ritual ended smoothly. Everyone had their eyes on me. I know that they are afraid of what will be my reaction of the events. But I managed to smile all the time for my princess. After all I'm Arnav Singh Raizada who very well knows how to mask his emotions. 

My heart beat raised as bidai time arrived. She hugged everyone and she finally came to me. She stood in front of me with teary eyes.

She hugged me tightly saying those magical words "I LOVE YOU PAPA" which I never got bored hearing from her. I too hugged her repeating her words"I LOVE YOU too PRINCESS". She wept for sometime silently in my arms.

 I pulled her out of hug and wiped her tears.

"Princess Papa never like tears in your eyes. Come on give me a smile" I smiled at her acting perfectly as if I'm all fine but who am I kidding. She is not only my daughter but also my mother, my friend, my everything. 

She neared kushi and whispered something in her ears for which she nodded. I know what she said in kushi's ears. I can get her every action. Then how can't I know what she murmurs.

She said to look after me to kushi. It sounds funny right. I must be the one saying this to her husband to look after her. Instead she is telling this to my wife.

She waved at me sitting in the decorated car. She still worried about me. So I gave her a flying kiss and that brought the smile back that I longed to see in her face for past few days which only held that sad expression Worrying about me.

I took a deep sigh. It's going to be different but I have to do it. I can't give more trouble to kushi when she too share the same feeling like me. Fathers can't keep their daughters with them all their life time and that doesn't mean the love between them changes, it always remain the same. I wrapped my arms around kushi looking at the disappearing car.

Ok this is my OS for Valentine's day competition. I hope this matches the conditions for the competition. So how's it. Let me know your views.

This is my first story of my "Valentine's special package". There is more coming on the way.

I dedicate this OS to all lovely fathers and their sweet daughter.

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