Secret love (where are you?)

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Feb 11, 2017

Secret love (where are you?) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 22 times)

Hey guys! I thought it would be better if I write the past story separately from it's original story 'Selfless Love'. Yes Arnav and Khushi will be here in this story. It will be their part birth story which they have forgotten in their current life. I will reveal here why Yuvraj always care for Arnav even though they don't have any kind of relationship expect in business term.


At Marriage hall.

The whole hall decorated beautifully roses, lot of guests were there attend the marriage ceremony.

(Raghu Rathode weds Rashmi Khurana) were written at entrance.

Rathode family's second son's marriage is about to happen, all preparations are handled by his elder brother the famous businessman Aarav Rathode.

The ladies were start gossiping about the groom's father being absence on his own son's marriage.

At groom's room.

Aarav was teasing Raghu getting ready eagerly.

Aarav smiled and said.

"I wish you will always be happy like this.." 

Raghu gave a brotherly hug and said.

"Let's always be like this.."

Aarav nod at instant and said.

"Of course! Don't worry about your wife, I am become her best friend at instant." 

Their mother stand at door smiling seeing them, they always fond of each other.

Nothing can ever come between them.

Her elder Aarav become successful business, always respest her.

Her second son Raghu was work as professor at famous college but recently he resigned his job and start involved himself more into Aarav's business as per Aarav's wish.

This marriage will be unforgettable event in their lives.


At Bride.

"Jiji?" Reshmi the bride's unidentical twin sister look peek into the room.

She felt something is wrong..

Where is her sister? She said she wants to be alone for a while.. Oh god why did she listen her sister's words?

She hurriedly went out to search for her, she can't let sister go..


At Mandap.

"Where is the bride?" Pandit asked them.

The bride's mother sweats and look at her husband who coming toward them.

"Please forgive us Janani ji, our daughter is missing." He apologised to Raghu's mother.

"What?! How is this is possible? Missing?" Janani asked them in confusion.

He handed the letter his daughter left for them.

Janani took it and read it.

"I am sorry Resh (her sister Reshmi). I have no choice but to do this, I don't want this marriage. Infact I already love someone else. Since I not brave enough to tell babuji the truth since they're into this alliance as if they don't care about my willingness. I can't forget him.. He is everything for me, I still believe that he truly loves me no matter what you say Resh.. I belong to him then how can I marry someone else? I will die.. I am going Resh.. Don't worry I will care of myself , not just for my wellbeing but also for sake of my unborn child, goodbye."

Bride's look down in shame.

"I failed as a father, it's all my fault." He said.

Janani crush that paper in anger and said.

"This marriage can't stop at any cost, bring your second daughter Reshmi and she will be my Raghu's bride." 

"Sambanti ji?"

"This should happen!" Janani made her decision.


"Amma what are you doing?" Reshmi asked when she was dragged to mandap, she has to search Rashmi, she can't let her sister spoil her own life.

"Go and sit on altar." Her mother ordered her.

She look at her parents with shocked face, are they know what they're doing now?

She looked at Aarav who avoid her gaze.

Is he avoiding her eyes? Why? How can he let this happen? Didn't he told her that he loves her just a moment ago?

How could he? He sacrifice his love for his brother? Why? 

Please don't do this.. She plead in her heart.

Aarav look away, gritting his teeth.

"Stop this nonsense at once!!" She heard a loud voice echoed in hall.

To be Continue.  . .

Character sketch.

Aarav Rathode.

(Arnav) Elder brother of Raghu and a responsible son of Janani. Famous businessman and for his anger, hates his father to core.

Raghu Rathode.

(Yuvraj)Was worked as professor but  left the for unknown reason. Opposite of Arnav, always stay calm. Care a lot for his brother and mother.

Reshmi Khurana.

(Khushi) loving twin sister of Rashmi, forced to listen every words of her parents. She the truth about her sister love for long time.

Rashmi Khurana.

Smart girl, loving sister and daughter, seriously in love with someone. Currently pregnant.

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Sorry if there any mistakes.

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Mar 1, 2017

Suffering- Chapter 2 (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 16 times)

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Chapter 1.

"Stop this nonsense at once!!" She heard a loud voice echoed in hall.

They saw Raghu standing there, looking at angry eyes.

"Can someone explain to me, what is happening here? Why are you guys forcing Reshmi to sit on altar?" He asked.

Janani went to him and said to softly.

"Raghu beta, Rashmi ran away.. But don't worry, just do as I say. Go and marry Reshmi." Janani said in low tone patted his shoulder.

He shrugged her hand away and look at hurtful eyes..

"She ran away? Why?"

"Raghu, let's forget about shameless girl." Janani said in stern tone.

Khushi her lower head hearing such hateful voice..

"I need to know the reason!" Raghu demand.

Aarav look at him with concerned eyes and handed him the letter.

Raghu read it and smiled sadly at his brother.

Raghu sighed and said.

"Can't marry Reshmi. I won't." 

Janani look at angrily and asked him why.

"Why? Raghu, don't think about that Rashmi. She is unworthy of you.. Now please marry Reshmi." His mother almost plead him.

"I can't, she won't be happy if I marry her." He answered.

"No beta.. Any women will fall for you. You're perfect for anyone." His mother said.

"I can't.. Because she in love with Aarav bhai." He revealed the truth.

Janani look at Aarav in shock.

Reshmi's parents gasped.

"Is that true?! How could you such a thing?! You shameless girl!! You also betrayed us just like your sister." Reshmi's mother raised her hand to slap her.

Reshmi shut her eyes closed in fear.

"Stop it!! Right now!" Raghu shouted which made her mother stop.

"Why are being angry at her for being in love with my Bhai? It's not a crime but a feeling toward someone who close their heart. It's your fault to begin with for forcing your daughters to marry someone they don't love. If only you had asked about their opinion in first place, this kind of situation wouldn't be happening now." He said bluntly.

Reshmi's parents look down in shame.

"Reshmi.." She shiver as she heard him call her.

"Answer to my question, trust me everything will be alright." Said Raghu.

She look him up into his eyes with fill with sadness, pain yet something about him.. Is telling her to trust him.

"Do you love my brother? Still? Do you want to marry him?" He asked.

One word from her mouth changed everything.


Later Reshmi enter Rathode's mansion as Aarav's bride.

She said yes, she wants to marry Aarav. She can't live without him..

She can how important Raghu is to Aarav after all these times she spends with Aarav.

But sacrificing their love is really wrong.

She look at Raghu who stand silently in corner, after hearing her answer her dragged Aarav and made him sat on altar besides her and made him marry her.

It's her sister's lost.. Raghu Rat**** is responsible, trustworthy man unlike that Ashwin!

Mayba Raghu deserve better after all..

She glanced at her mother completely pissed off by Raghu's decision.

Why she wants Raghu to marry in hurry?

What is the reason?


(Reshmi Pov.)

As the times passed I entered Aarav ji's room.

Touched his shoulder behind and he slapped my hand away.

I look at in shock, completely speechless..

"Why are behaving like this?!" I asked slowly to calm him.

He back away from me and look at him at disgust.

"You know right?! You knew that your sister loves someone else? Why? WHY YOU DIDN'T TOLD ME ABOUT IT!!" He asked in rage.

I gulped.

"I..I.." I stammer in nervousness.

(Reshmi POV end)

"What? What lie are going to tell me now? After whatever you and your sister have done to my brother?" He asked.

"Calm down.. Why are behaving like this when Raghu ji and sister don't even met before?" She asked, knowing it's her fault for hiding such truth.

"Calm down?! You asked me to calm? When my brother is suffering of you guys?" He grabbed her by shoulder, digging his nail into her skin.

"Let go.. Why?" She whispered..

"Why? Because MY BROTHER LOVES YOUR SISTER!  More than you could even imagine! He.. Can't you see how hurt he is?" He asked.

She look at him in surprise.

He pushed her away said.

"Even if he forgive you, I won't because I am not a saint like him." He left the room.

She broke into tears, Raghu loved her sister?

Guilt hit her hard, he saved the one who has hurt him..

It's her who hiding the truth.. For sake of her sister..

Her sister is in love with a fraud, cheater.

Ashwin Eshwar..

But her sister believe in that man even after he left her..


At Raghu's room.

"Are happy with the one who you love now?" Raghu asked looking at Rashmi's photo.

Smiled sadly, unknowingly his touch her picture.. Her face..

"I hope you will be happy.. I.." He stopped.

"Why did you stopped?" He heard Aarav's voice behind.

Aarav snatch the photo frame throw it into trash bin.

"Bhai!" He shouted.

"This where there trash is belongs to." Aarav said bluntly.

Raghu tried to take it back but Aarav got it first.

He threw on floor and step on it.

"Please stop it and step back." Said Raghu.

Aarav step aside as he saw Raghu bent down picked her picture.

"Ow.." Aarav eyes Raghu's blood.

Raghu smiled at him hold her picture in his bleeding hand.

Stupid.. He took a first aid kit and clean his wound.

"Your hurt by her but.. You still wants her to be happy? Raghu just say one word, I will make her and her lover suffer more than you do." He said.

Raghu nod no.

"I love her bhai, that doesn't mean she has to love me back.. She never even have met me in person before because of that stupid rituals maa made me us to follow." He said.

"You have done a huge mistake Raghu, by making me marry Reshmi. From now every time you see Reshmi you will remember that woman." Aarav said.

"Do you regret it?" Raghu asked him.


"Do you regret marrying Reshmi? You didn't even fight back when I dragged you to the altar." Raghu remind him.


"You still love her but can't forget the fact she is Rashmi's sister." Raghu said.

Aarav nod.

Raghu sighed hard.

"You shouldn't punish her for her sister's mistakes.." He said.

"She knows that about her sister's love affair.. She hide it from us." Said Aarav.

"She must have a reason for it." Said Raghu.

"Reason to hurt you? As if.." Aarav rolls his eyes.

Raghu look at Aarav's eyes and asked him.

"Why did you tried to sacrifice your love for?"

"For you of course! I don't want you to be humiliated.." He answered.

"Then Reshmi might have done the same.. Did saw how her parent behaved when they find about she being in love with you? They start to blame her as if she has committed sin. May be she wants save her sister from parents and relatives ill behaviour.." He said.

Aarav glared at him.

"Can't you be selfish at least this time once for your own good?" He scold Raghu went out, ignoring Raghu's words.


Somewhere at Temple.

Rashmi sitted tired of walking this and scared of being alone at night.

She stroke her tummy and smiled.

"My baby is with me.." 

She close her eyes as she rest her back at pillar.

"Sir... Ashwin Sir.. Where are you? Do you miss me? I miss you so much." Tears dripped down her cheeks.

It's been  4 month since he gone leaving her left behind alone.

Her hand clutched her mangalsutra.

The things he left for me.. 2 lakhs money, mangalsutra and this baby..

Saying he will be back soon.. when will he come back? I'm lonely..

Do you love me Sir?

"I love you.. Rashmi." She remember his words again and smile of course he loves her.. 

The symbol their love is growing inside her womb.. He definitely will be back.

"Di, please don't believe that man's word anymore.. Can't see that he left you after using you?" Reshmi's words ranged in her mind, huh... what does she know about their love?

To be Continue. . .

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Mar 2, 2017

Chapter 2 (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 19 times)

Chapter 2

A month passed..

There is no development in Arshi's relation at all, they act like normal couple just before Raghu but it's just act after all..

Raghu became more silent, kept spacing out thinking about something often.

Rashmi settled in her friend Harini's house.

Harini's sister is a police officer, thankfully she promised Rashmi to help find Ashwin soon.

"Did you find him?" Rashmi asked her eagerly.

Rohini felt so bad for her..

"I can't.." Rohini answered.


"Ashwin Eshwar, I think that man has faked his identity to to you. The real Ashwin Eshwar is 54 years man. His features doesn't appear to be what you have mention to me. He is not that man." Rohini said honestly about what really happen.

"No way..  Did you see him?? Fair skin color, height about 6'1 feet tall... DID YOU MENTION MY NAME TO HIM? WHERE IS MY ASHWIN SIR?" She started to get emotinal..

"Rashmi please try to understand, that man is total fraud! Your sister was right." Rohini try to make her understand.

"NO! My Sir won't do something like that! He truly loves me a lot!" Rashmi mumbled to herself.

"Rashmi, please listen to he totally has planned everything perfectly. Look, You said You have married him right?" Rohini asked.

Rashmi nod yes, hold her Mangalsutra tight.

"He didn't register your marriage at all, you guys not even married legally. Basically you're still single. Can't you see it clearly he totally have played with your feelings" Said Rohini.

"Stop it, enough Didi." Said Harini.

She run into her room and lock herself in.

"There is no gain in still believing that in man, I hope she wil understand that soon.. For sake of her unborn child she have to become stronger." Said Rohini before leaving.


Here Reshmi handed coffee to Raghu in his Room.

She notice how thin he has became.. Somehow she bit worry and guilt for him.

"Bhai is still angry? huh?" He asked her.

She heard for some people about how a person will become cold hearted when they are heartbroken but Raghu has become silent, distant, unfocused, yet care for her and Aarav's relationship..

"No, nothing like that. We are really happy..." Her heart hopes that her lie will become true.

"Really happy huh? Then why that happiness didn't reach your eyes?" He asked her bluntly.

"Then how about you? Are you happy?" She asked him, expecting him to lie too.

"No, I'm not." He said with sad smile.

"I..I didn't mean to make you sad.."She apologised. 

"It's ok.." He replied.

"Huh! I totally forgot that Sasuma called you downstairs."She informed him.

"I will come." He said.



Janani was sitting facing pandit ji.

She smiled when she saw Raghu has come down.

"Arrey Raghu.. Look at these photos."She show him photo the of some girls which he didn't spare a glance at.

"What is this mean? Who brought these things here?" He asked.

"Shh, Pandit ji did for your good.. That man has start to spread rumor about you after that incident that woman. Love before marriage what a shameless family."She murmur at end.

Reshmi had a tears hearing that.

Raghu noticed it and said to his mother.

"Don't forget your own son, he also have love Reshmi and you didn't blame him at all. Maa, love is wrong.. Why everyone blaming a woman not the man? And why are you wanting me to marry this soon after that incident?" He sighed at end and asked a last question which made his mother's temper rise.

"Is because I'm not your son?"

Reshmi's eyes widen hearing that.

"Raghu!" Janani shouted.

"Don't talk about marriage to me again anymore.." Said that he went from there.

His mother stands there with tears.

"This all happening is just because of you and shameless sister. My family was so happy but now.. This is first ever my son have talk back at me like this."Janani blamed Reshmi.

Reshmi stood there controlling her tears..


Here Rashmi wiped her tears.

"You won't betray me, I know.." She mumbled.

Where are now, what are you doing?Are you in this endless sky?

"I miss you.." 

I realize for the first time that I've lost what has been in my heart until now,

How much you supported me,

How much you made me smile,

That I'd lost them was too much to consider..

"I know how much you loved me.."

Even though I struggled so desperately to reach out to them and take them back,

But like the wind, they slipped through my fingers,

Looking as though they would reach me, but did not..

"There is no resgistration our marriage nor photo's of you.. Fake identity, How do I find you?"

My chest was filled with loneliness and despair,

My heart felt like it would break,

But your smiling face remains in my memories,

Always encouraging me.

"Please come back soon, I and our baby are missing you." 

Let's return to those days once more,This time, I know it will be alright,

Always smiling by your side,

Close by your side,

Where are now, what are you doing?

Are you in this endless sky?

Will you smile for me like always?

Right now, it's all that I continue to ask for...

She start to cry again remembering their moment together..

Where are now, what are you doing?

Are you in this endless sky?

She slowly fall asleep and dream about him.

Their first met is still fresh in her mind..

It was her first day at college..

In a new Unfamiliar City to her, she is scholarship student.

She was totally nervous about people look at her, wondering is she looking weird somehow to them?

Of course she will, she from small town after all compare to them and this college student are mostly from rich families.

She lost,where is her class? who can she ask to? She almost about cry..

"Hello Miss?" Then heard an enchanting voice of him.

That's how she met him for first time.

Her heart beats so fast as she saw his shining attractive brown eye.

His smiling lips were calling her..

"Huh.. Miss?" He wave his hand before her.

"Yes." She come back from her own world.

He asked is she lost and answer yes.

He asked which class,  which answered back.

"Really? I'm going there too." He said with smile which made her heart skip a beat.

She smiled at him back, didn't expect him to be her classmate.

He leads the way and she followed him.


She finally settle on her seat, but why is he still standing?

"Hi guys, I'm your Professor from now on." He introduced himself.

Everyone gasped in shock hearing it, mostly girls, including her.

A Professor?!

To Be Continue. . .

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Mar 4, 2017

Chapter 3 (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 26 times)

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Chapter 3.

(Flashback continues..)

Later she got called by the principal.

Principal Ravidher Kundra welcome her.

"I received your apology letter for not attending orientation, let explain the college rules miss.Khurana. Our main rules is the student are forbidden to be in romantic with their teachers."


Rashmi walk out from the Principal office.

Just by falling in love with loving you,

I still want to say,

Because I'm happy by just keeping it as a secret,

Now it's only my secret love.

What a weird rules.. Who wants to fall in love the professor anyway?!

I'm not interested in you at all - that's a lie, you are my perfect guy,

I can't hide my heartbeat, the truth is I can't help but notice it,

I'm acting like a different person in front of you because of this fall-in-love clumsy style,

It stays as a secret I can't tell anyone.

Ashwin's face popped up in here mind.

"Argh! What a mess! If they don't want their student too fall love with professors then why did they appointed such a handsome man to work at in first place?!?" She scream in her head.

Even with that, I'm alright, no one can understand,

the origin of love, right?

Surely, I believe this love will come true one day,

Yet, it isn't the last chance for me.

Then later on she comes to know that not her but most of girls are thinking same thing as her.

Imagining lots of love stories in this heart,

But the these ideals are still very far,

I'm selfish - That's what I do know,

But is it somehow not good?

She sighed in defeat, as if her hope will come true.. This is just a attraction it will fade away as the time flies by...

Moreover her parent will never approve the romantic relation before marriage.


The days pass by but her feelings were no where to disappear, her attraction turn to love.

Just by falling in love with loving you,

I still want to say,

Because I'm happy by just keeping it as a secret...

Now it's only my secret love..

Ashwin Sir is so friendly and nice with student, the subject she become her favorite just because of him.

Just by thinking of you,

My heart beat won't stop.

It becomes fun, but also anxious,

At this rate, there's no good in being a coward,

Please give me even a bit of courage, God.

She sighed..

But I'm saying bye bye to myself who was here up to now,

I'm here to tell my love...

Just by waiting patiently, surely nothing will start at this point,

Yeah it is the best chance for me..

One-side love is so painful, yet beautiful.

Imagining lots of love stories in this heart,

But how long is it until I can reach those ideals?

I'm selfish - forgive me at least for that,

I want to be the only one for you.

Wants him to notice her, to smile at her, love her..

Just by falling in love with loving you,

I still want to say,

Because I'm happy by just keeping it as a secret,

Now it's only my secret love...


Then one day she cope up all of her courage and write him a love letter.

And placed it on his desk.

'Oh god, please make Ashwin love too.." Without know it will create a huge problem later on.


(Flashback Ends)

Rathode Mansion.

Reshmi knocked on Raghu's room and finds his standing by window thinking about some thinking.


She walk in and asked. 

"Are you sure? You don't have to do this for me." She said.

He shook his head no.

"I'm not only doing this for your sake but also for Aarav. He loves you but keep holding because of me.. I think it would be better for me to move out and go somewhere else. That's why I want go overseas. I don't like the way my mother and brother are treating you." He said honestly.

She looked at with teary eyes and fold her hands before him.

"Thank you so much, and sorry Raghu ji. From start it was my fault, my sister wants to tell you the truth but I stopped her and even tried let this marriage happen after knowing my sister is pregnant with some other man's child. It was me..." She confessed.

"My parent would kill her if they know the truth and her lover.. He is a fraud.. My sister is still believing that man even after left her and never came back.. I wants to good for her but I didn't think about you.." She said.

"Fraud?" He asked.

She nodded.

"Haan, He promised her that he will be back in 2 days but he never came back at all. He never even care to call her, I still can't believe how is she still have a trust on a man who leave on her next day he married her." Reshmi cursed him in heart.

"She is in love with such a man? Then she didn't runaway with him? But to search for him" He asked.

Reshmi nodded.

Raghu sighed hard, feeling sad for Rashmi.

"Shall I help to search for that man?" Raghu asked.

"No need to help that woman!" Both of them turn back and saw Aarav at behind.

Aarav claps his hands.

"Wah.. Wah.. That woman deserve that for what she have done to my brother and you finally confess the truth huh? You plan to get that pregnant woman marry my brother. Aren't you ashamed of what have done?" Aarav asked in rage.

"Bhai.." Raghu protested.

"And you? You asked maa is it because you're not her real son? Why? it's because of her too right? (turn Reshmi) Are you satisfy now?" Aarav asked her.

"Then listen! We both us didn't born from same womb! I am son from the legal wife of my fathe.. That man! And Raghu son of some unknown woman. But we both share same father!." Aarav said.

"For this society he is an wanted child that born of out of marriage. They look at him as a peasant, burden but I and mother don't. From our childhood he faced lot of problem by our father who treat him no more than a servant. He only gets to wear the old outfits and everything that used by me.. If I did mistake the one who will get punished is Raghu.. He beats Raghu.." Aarav said with teary eyes.

"My brother is not a garbage to throw the used things! Now he wants to go away from here because of you guys!" Aarav pour all that he have in mind.

"You're doing the same that done by him, he beats me for your mistakes now you're punish Reshmi for her sister's mistakes. What is the different?"

"Raghu? Are you saying that I'm same as him?" 

"No, But you are slowly becoming like him."

Aarav gritted his teeth and rushed out in anger.

"Stubborn as usual." Raghu muttered.

"Don't worry I'm not angry on you him. I want to be honest to you.." He said.


"I love Rashmi. I still do, even after knowing the truth. If your sister or you did told the truth before I still would willing to marry your sister, accepting that unborn child as mine. I still would do that." He said bluntly.

"Huh? ... HUH?!" Reshmi blinked her eyes.

"WWhat?!" She said in loud voice.

To be Continue. . .

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May 1, 2017

Chapter 4 A is Up! (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 19 times)

Chapter 4 A.

"Sorry, did my words surprised you?" Raghu look apologetically, but he just said what he thought right to his heart.

"Did you just meant what just you did said?" Reshmi asked him, but her question were never answered by him.

"Let's go down back Aarav and maa must be waiting for us.. Someone is here.." Said that Raghu went down with very serious look on his face for some reason..

Reshmi followed from behind in confusion.


They both heard a loud laugh soon as they come down.

"HAHAHAAHAH! In end his bride running without me doing anything huh? How lucky I am.." The man laughed in happiness.

"Shut up! And get the hell out of my house now!!" Aarav shouted with bloodshot red eyes.

"Wait Aarav before going shouldn't I introduce myself to your wife first?" That man grinned looking Janani.

That man stood before Reshmi and speak up again.

"Wah what great choice Aarav.. My bahu is so beautiful... (to Reshmi) I am your father in law, Abhilash Rathode." He introduce ignoring Aarav's glares.

Reshmi look down with uncomfortable feel.

Abhilash turned to Raghu who is beside Reshmi with mocking smile.

"I am really glad that your marriage was stopped, but still feeling bit sad that I wasn't there to see you stand there in altar facing all humiliation.. You did big mistake by coming back here.. You should just stay at that place teaching than coming here... (in low tone) Don't worry Raghu, I won't do same mistake by letting you go alive like before, I will strangle your neck by my own hands and your life for sake my own peace and my family.." Abhilash"s eyes were filled with hatred for Raghu.

"Stay away from my son." Janani shouted and pulled Abhilash from Raghu.

"Son? Who? This guy over here?! Your son only Aarav not him.. One day you will know that. And one last time I will remind you again, he is not my son! HE IS NOT MINE! Yes I did cheat on you but I swear he can't be my son." Abhilash roared.

Raghu stood still with blank face starring at Abhilash who was struggle to get out of securities holds.

"This guy over there is a monster! Haha!! He never shed a single tear huh? I make him too cry!! "


Later after Abhilash gone..

"Raghu? Are you ok?" Aarav asked him in concern..

Raghu just nod to assure Aarav.

"I will make him suffer, he will stand on road losing everything.. We will make him." Aarav said firmly holding Raghu's shoulder.

Raghu shrugged Aarav's hand off and asked him.

"You still want to take a revenge?" 

"Raghu.. After whatever he have done to our family, why are you still not wanting to take a revenge??" Aarav asked desparately.

"Revenge... Hatred.. Is what you feel for him? He is your father.." Raghu look down and sighed.

"Father? Is that what you think of him as?! Raghu? How could you?" Aarav asked in disbelief.

"Honestly unlike you I feeling nothing toward him because he don't even deserve my attention, brother..." Saying that Raghu went out and drove away his car.


Raghu parked his car near a children playground and settle down on the bench.

Clenching his fist and took a deep breath as he try to remember.

"Mr. Rathode, please don't strain yourself by trying to remember." He remember the doctor's words.

After that accident he can't remember anything from back then.. 3 years of his memories were vanish because of that accident..

No matter how hard he try, he can't remember it back again.

That's why he resigned the job he had as professor and joined his brother's company.

He hide it from his brother and mother about his brother.. 

His brother want to revenge his father but he never did feel like doing that to anyone in his like.

That accident, Abhilash mostly like the one who must been caused that.

3 years.. What if there important that he should not forget?

He pressed his palm his his face and sighed.

Then he felt as if someone touch his shoulder and called him.

"Ashwin ji?" 

To be Continue. . .

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May 3, 2017

Chapter 4 B is up! (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 11 times)

Chapter 4 B.

"Some says it's painful to wait for someone.. Other says that it's more painful to forget someone but for me, the worst pain comes when you don't even know whether to wait or forget." - Unknown.

"Ashwin Sir? I know that.. That you would come for me.." She smiled in relief as stood up facing her in confusion seeing Rashmi.

"Excuse me but I think..." His words stopped when got hold of his hand and place it against it her cheek.

"I miss you.. Thank for coming back again, there is something I need to tell you.. I'm.." His eyes widen Rashmi suddenly losing her conscious.

"Rashmi?" He caught her from falling on ground and patted her cheek.

"It's been long time since you called my name again Ashwin Sir.." She murmured slowly but couldn't understand what she is saying.



"Hmm? What is this? A letter.." Ashwin open the envelope and read.

"Sir.. You might be think that I am totally crazy.. You might also don't know how much you meant to me.. As your student I shouldn't say or even think of you like this.. But..

I like you.. I love you.. 

This feeling is killing me slowly.. Even by hearing your voice making my heart burst.. 

Sir, I been trying hard as much I can to control this feeling, I never have been feel something like this before. Not even in my dream I ever thought that would fall in love but now..

Please.. Please accept my feeling for you.

Your student.."

"Who's letter is this? Why there is no name in it?" Ashwin hold the letter in turmoil, one his student send him this letter. But from who really?

(Knock. . . Knock. . .)

"Sir may I come in?" Rashmi asked, but Ashwin didn't hear nor answer her back.

She entered in, worrying did he found out it is her who write him the letter?

"Sir? it that a love letter?" She asked him in surprised tone.

"How did know it is a love letter?" He asked her in suspicious.

"Woh.. That envelope color is pink and with heart symbol on it! Anyone can guess it in one glance, Sir." She made him believe.

"Oh.. Is that so? Alright.. But don't tell anyone about this." He requested slowly.

"Why Sir?" She asked him deliberately.

She saw him sighed hard.

"Actually it's from one my students.. I don't understand why she did this..  May be cause of her age.. I heard in this age they may experience some infatuation towards to their opposite gender.." He said and chuckle as if don't really care her feelings which made her really mad.

"Are you saying that her feeling toward is mere stupid infatuation that will fade away as the time pass away? Does she look like a stupid girl who stay up up whole night thinking of you? Waiting for you to call her name again and again? Even poured all of her feeling into that stupid letter so you will know there some stupid girl out there is in love with you? Why can't you take her feelings seriously? Why can't you..?" She burst out in tears.

"Rashmi? You?" He looked at in shocked, is she?

"It's me.. That stupid girl, who is love with you.. If you don't like me to say it in form of letter then I will say it face to face.. I Love You Sir.." She almost chocked her words in tears.

"No Rashmi, you're not stupid.. It's me for not knowing what you think of me.. I'm sorry but as your Professor, I can't accept this feeling of yours. If I did something that made you feel like this then I am really sorry, I will take the responsibility and resign from this job for not being a good example to you as teacher." He humbly apologized to her.

"No, Sir. It's not your fault.. You don't have to resign, please.." She plead but he still wasn't convinced.

She wiped her tears away and snatch that letter form him.

"Sir! I didn't say, I love you to hear it back from you. I said it to make sure to let you know. I know you won't love me in return, I will forget you after this so please.. Please don't resign.. My feelings in this letter, I will tear it apart by my own hands so.." She tore the letter before him.

"I will forget you.." Said that she run out, leaving him stood there in shock..

(Flashback ends)

She slowly opened her eyes, saw hospital room white ceiling.

"Rashmi?" Raghu called her name again to make sure that she is really awake.

She smiled softly hearing him calling her name again, nothing changes from past..

Her heart is still bursting in happiness, how will he feel he come to know that she is carring his child in her womb?

"I'm pregnant.." She finally said to him, thrilling to know his reaction.

"Oh? Yeah.. Doctor that baby is perfectly alright, you're the one how is so weak. Eat some food first then we can talk, your sister is on the way here to see you too." Raghu told her casually.

"You know my sister? Ashwin Sir?" She asked him.

"Ashwin? Why are you calling me Ashwin? I'm Raghu." Raghu said with frown.

"Are you playing Ashwin Sir? I was waiting for you to come back.. Our baby is waiting for you too.." She mumbled as took his hand and placed it on belly.

"What are you saying Rashmi?? Our.. (he back away from her.) Are you mistaking for someone else? I'm Raghu.. The one who was engaged to you before." Raghu try to explained to her she would stop mistaking him.

"No Ashwin Sir, Why are you doing this? Please.." She plead him to stop joking.. This is scaring her..

"I'm not Ashwin." His words made her to broke into tears.

"Didi?!" Reshmi who just reached there with Aarav run and hold her emotional sister.

"Resh, that is my Ashwin sir.. He is my Husband." Rashmi cried.

Reshmi gasped in shock hearing that and turned glared at Raghu who stood there in confusion.

"Is that really true didi?" Reshmi asked her and she nod yes.


Reshmi gritted her teeth in anger and wave her hand to slap Raghu but Aarav caught her hand in middle, stopping her.

"Let my hand go! I will teach this fraud a lesson for doing this to my sister." Reshmi shouted.

"Are you and your sister, both are crazy?" Aarav asked furiously.

"What do you mean huh? Aarav ji?" Reshmi asked him.

"My brother won't do something like that to woman! Not even in his dreams! I trust him!" Aarav said confidently.

"Say Raghu, do you her before when she is not even your fiancee?" Aarav asked Raghu.

"I don't remember meeting her before then.. Brother.." Raghu answered which broke Rashmi even more..

"Nothing hurts more than realizing.. He meant everything to you and you meant nothing to him.."- Unknown.

To be Continue. . .

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May 4, 2017

Chapter 5 is Up! (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 19 times)

Chapter 5.

"When it's rain, try counting the drops..

How much you count is how much you love me..

How much you miss, that much I love you."- Quote from unknown.

"Say Raghu, do you her before when she is not even your fiancee?" Aarav asked Raghu.

"I don't remember meeting her before then.. Brother.." Raghu answered which broke Rashmi even more..

"Ashw.. Ashwin ji?? No please tell them the truth.. Please.." She begged him with eyes full of tears, make Raghu heart hitched in pain for her.

He stood there, unable to understand his own feeling, why his heart is throbbing so hard? Is what she is saying is the truth? But..

She stood from bed, touched her stomach and said.

"It's your child.. Yours and mine, please tell them..." 

"I.. (winched in pain in his head) Don't remember.. I don't."Raghu breath hard, what if that child is his? His child... He can't abandon her just like that..

"Just stop your acting! Get out! We know that you won't take a responsibility for what you have done to my sister. She don't deserve a fraud like you so get out!" Reshmi accused him, couldn't bear to see her in pain crying like that for a man like him.

Raghu just kept looking at Rashmi as she avert her gaze from, still couldn't believe that he betrayed her. Thinking of it again made tears once again fall from her eyes.

"Reshmi! The one who acting is your sister! (Turn to Raghu) Let's go from, there is no need for you to be here.." Aarav try to pull  him out of the ward room.

Everything slowed for Raghu, for some reason his hand reach toward her ways as he wants to stop her from crying..

"I don't why but when I see you cry like this.. My heart is bleeding for you.." Raghu thought as he was pulled out of that room.


(Raghu's flashback..)

I went back home as discharged from the hospital, I couldn't remember the three years of my life.

Since my mother's health is in bad condition, I decide to hide about me had an accident.

I was injured bad but I recovered back faster.. I just found out that I worked at prestigious college in India, my brother and I did argue a lot because of it.. Since he wanted me to join his company and I refused it..

He wants to seek a revenge from Abhilash..

Aarav's father.. Mine too? I don't know because he never have knowledge as his son anyway.. He hate me for taking his family away from him.

For now I will resign from that job have as a professor, because people will know that I have lost my memories.


Days passed..

I lived my life in worry, uneasy that something is missing..

As if as part of myself is missing..

Feels as if someone is calling, where should i go? My mind go fuss as my heard is aching for something that I no longer remember..

I stop going out of my house and  rarely talk to anyone even my family..

"Something going wrong, very wrong..." It's bothered me so much..

My peaceful day or night have vanished somewhere..


Some days later my mother bring me a photo of girl and told that girl is my fiancee.. I was surprised to hear that.

"Fiancee? When did my engagement happen?" I asked in shocked, know that my family's weird custom to have groom not attend the engagement ceremony and  the groom's mother will put the ring on bride's hand. Since bride and groom are not allowed to see each other until weeding night.

"Two month ago it happened, her name is Rashmi. You both will look perfect as husband and wife. Sorry beta, even after you told that you don't want to marry for now. This is her photo, I'm sure that you will like her." Janani said confidently as she gave him the photo.

He look at the photo, after that accident for first time he smiled again.

Her eyes with full of life and her bright smile of innocents, his liked her at instant.

His hearts which was so hard weight until now, lifted just by look her angelic face for some reason..

"Maa, what was her name again?" Raghu asked his mother with an interest..

Janani almost jumped in happiness that her son is smiling because this girl, he is showing interest in her.

(Flashback ends.)


Here at ward after Aarav left with Raghu.

"He will be back for me.. and our child.." Rashmi smile as a lone tear escape her eye, she collapsed to ground crying, looking for answer, processing everything, realizing that the man she promised to spend her whole life with have left her saying he don't remember.. Why did he lie?

Reshmi hold her close and patted her back, let Rashmi cry her heart out.

"Don't hold it Didi.. Let it go and move on for your child, forget that cheater." Reshmi said.

"Resh,  I loved him, I believe that he also love me.. I know him.. I lived with (sob) with him even though it's just for a one day and one night as his wife. If he still love me, he won't leave me. He will come back.."

"Didi there is no way.." Reshmi stopped when the door dashed open and Raghu is standing there, breathing hard as if he running all the way back here.

Reshmi look at him  in shock rather than in surprise..

Rashmi smiled wiping her tears and open up her arms, inviting him to hold.


Outside of Hospital.

Aarav stood in anger and disappointment about happen a moment ago.

"No, brother. She is not acting! She.. I love her! I can't leave her, What I need to do is finding out the real truth!" Raghu shrugged Aarav away and run back to hospital saying..

"She must be waiting for me.." 

Aarav run through his hand over his hair and sighed hard.

"That Idiot! I know very well that you love her but you can't let her use you love to her advantage!" Aarav also decide to go back to where they are.


Here at hard Raghu kneel down before Rashmi and said as he look straight into her eyes.

"I trust you, so let's go to your college and find out the truth." 

Rashmi froze in shocked, no...

"You're my stress, my pain, my trauma, my disease, and my cure."- Unknown.

To be Continue. . .

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