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Feb 14, 2017

ARSHI OS: RAIZADA BOND (By Spriya) (Thanked: 101 times)

In RM after basketball match, all are chatting happily in the living room.

Arnav: Where is khushi?

Khushi: I am here arnavji. She distributes her handmade jelabies to all and tried to smile but her smile didn’t reach her eyes. No one noticed that except two persons who are watching all this from the start of the match. Their spying gets disturbed by sheetal’s voice.

Sheetal: I am so happy. How many years it had been we played like this arnav? You remember our awesome, twosome, threesome team, how much fun we had. Those days are golden days, said excitedly while often touching him.

Khushi blood boiled seeing that chudail touching her arnavji unnecessarily and recalling the way how that chudail purposely trying to get close to her arnavji while playing if arnavji didn’t back off last moment then that chudail would have kissed him that thought itself increased her anger 100folds. Damn that chudail...while she is engrossed in cursing sheetal she didn’t notice someone is watching her reactions.

Aarav: ASR will you play basketball with me this weekend?

Arnav: Sure big guy, said smilingly. Now, lets take rest and went to his room.

In night during dinner, khushi and payal are serving. Khushi is going to serve sheetal salad who is sitting next to the left of arnav.

Arnav: shouts Noo...

Khushi was startled by his shout and asks “Why?”

Arnav: She is allergic to peanuts that added in the salad.

Sheetal: You remember arnav? Asked surprisingly. Now she is sure her task for getting khushi place in arnav life is easy as arnav itself helping her unknowingly.

Arnav: Yeah why not when you took the whole college in your head just because you mistakenly ate salad that has peanuts during our dinner date.

That’s it khushi face lost colour and her appetite dead down. Again the same two persons watching these three keenly.

Nani: Khushi betiya, payal betiya you too sit and eat, Hp will serve.

Arnav pulled out the chair on his right side for khushi.

Khushi: I am not hungry naniji. I’ll eat later.

Arnav: What the??? You are the one who was hell hungry before 15 minutes and forcefully dragged me for dinner now you are saying not hungry. Come on khushi don’t be a dramaqueen eat. Khushi refuses saying lame excuses but arnav didn’t give ear to her words forcefully pulled her by hand and making her sit beside him and starts serving her. Meanwhile, all engross in pampering khushi except the two person whose gaze was constantly on sheetal who was fuming in anger.

Anjali: Sheetalji why are you not eating?

Sheetal feared what if she caught and instantly change her face with a forced smile and stammered says “It’s just I am full” saying this went from there. Arnav confusedly looks at her retreating figure thinking ‘why khushi and sheetal behaves like this? first khushi said not hungry when real she is hungry and now sheetal also said she is damn hungry but she went without touching food’ Am i missing something? Khushi’s voice broke his thoughts. The two persons eyes are now glued to arnav but he didn’t noticed that.

In arshi room, arnav was sitting in bed waiting for khushi. Khushi comes from washroom after changing, arnav was shocked to see the sight. There his khushi is glowing brightly in a red nighty which reaches her knees with a cute blush adored on her cheeks, waahh how much he loves her blush! Arnav smirked seeing her first time in a modern night dress and her blush increased seeing his intense stare on her. Slowly she walks towards bed before she climbs on the bed arnav pulled her she come crashing towards his chest. Arnav nuzzled her cheeks,

Arnav: What a change Mrs. Raizada! You know you look gorgeous with this blush of yours. Khushi shyly giggled. What made you change from your boring salwars?

Khushi: Hawww.....what you said boring salwar. You rakshas...

Arnav: sensing her anger mood and changes the topic, ok i mean you look damn ****y in this red nighty, who gave you this idea? Khushi anger melts hearing his flirting.

Khushi: Woh, i went for shopping with jiji. She insists me to take this so i thought to buy as you like this type of dresses na. Am i looking ok? asked after controlling her shyness and nervousness.

Arnav: You look out of the world khushi saying this captured her lips in a passionate kiss. After some time he broke the kiss and rest his head in headboard taking with khushi in his arms. 

After a minute of silence, Khushi what happened to you? I am noticing you from morning you seems lost somewhere. Is it anyway related to my anger on DNA test? Khushi remains silent how can she say she is not liking his and sheetal closeness. To forget that thought only she wore this nighty and thought to get close to him but here he is asking this same stupid question and remainding about that chudail.

Khushi: Nothing arnavji, said looking down making patterns in his shirt.

He lift her chin by his finger and directly sees her eyes started speaking calmly, “You don’t have to feel insecure khushi. You are the only one woman whom i love in this whole life. My hands did not touch another woman other than you, you are the first and last woman whom i touched and loved. You will be the only one always. In the past also i did not consider anyone more than my friend forget that not even my friend, i just casually hugged one or two that are meant nothing. So there is no chance aarav is my child. Please drop your insecurities it will affect our relationship. In near future, if you have any doubt you can directly ask me you have that right. You are the only one who has right to question me. One shyam is enough in our lives, i don’t want any third person in-between us. Already we suffered enough, will you?”

Khushi hugs him with a force and says, “I am sorry arnavji. Hereafter i cannot hide anything from you. I will directly tell all my worries to you. It’s just my stupid brain works overload and doubts you. You were always right i am pagal. Suddenly she becomes angry and continues ‘i will strangle kamalesh kabriji how dare he said bad about you’ hereafter i am not going to watch his shows”

Arnav mutters pagal and kisses her forehead, hugs her. Khushi suddenly said from out of blue “arnavji i am going to change”

Arnav asks bewilderedly asks “why khushi? And continues huskily You know you look ****y in this dress?”

Khushi blushed and started making patterns in his chest ‘woh i wore this to forget that chudail but now it didn’t matter’said this she get up before that arnav pulls her down and went on top of her “accha madam thought to seduce Mr. Raizada....ok lets finish this purpose of dress” said this start to kiss her and soon both immerse in their own land.

Next morning in living room,

Sheetal: Arnav will you please drop aarav in school? Woh kya haina i have one interview, so please if you don’t mind.

Arnav: Oh sure...and turns to khushi ‘khushi you said you want to go temple, get ready i will drop you along with aarav’

Sheetal face is twisted with anger not knowing two persons who love their arnav and khushi immensely keeping an eye on her each and every move.

Khushi face glows like 1000watt light, why not she is super duper happy today, her arnavji cleared her all insecurities and turns completely her rajakumar. Soon the day passes,

Person 1: standing in the centre of the room and thinking loudly, “Why i am feeling sheetal is here with a motive?”

Person 2: I am too feeling the same. Person1 jerked from thoughts.

Person 1: You scared me.

Person 2: You know you could have locked the door before speaking loudly.

Person 1: Leave it. I thought i am the one who is noticing the things too much.

Person 2: You are right. I had a strong feeling sheetal is here with a plan.

Person 1 : thinking sometime and says, we have to find out why she is here and really her house is not ready or she is lying. Did you notice the resemblance between aarav and chotte. How can aarav behaves same like arnav....

Person 2: Unless he is taught to behave like this...complete her sentence. You don’t worry i will keep an eye on her outside, but you have to keep her away from bhai and khushiji or else she will create misunderstanding.

Anjali: Ok aakash. I think khushiji doesn’t like sheetal, who likes when she is her husband’s ex-girlfriend and still trying to get close to him. you are right i have to keep sheetal away from them. We too did a mistake by comparing both aarav and chotte.

Aakash: Leave it di. Hereafter we have to be careful. We have to make sure no one come between bhai and khushiji. They always care about us first not bothered about themselves.

Anjali: Haan aakash, chotte is happy after a long time till now he care for only other’s happiness. Now it’s our turn to keep him happy.

Aakash: yes di, khushiji is the main reason for my marriage. Now it’s our turn to protect them from evil and keeping them happy.

Anjali: Ok then “MISSION CHUDAIL” starts.....exclaimed loudly.

Aakash: What chudail di? Asked confusedly.

Anjali: face palmed herself, you know sometimes you behave like chotte, don’t know anything other than business. Dumbo chudail means witch.

Aakash: Oh ok di.....don’t let sheetal doubt you.

Anjali: ok baba... we have to show her "what will happen when she mess with ASR’s".....said smirked like arnav.

Next morning all are having breakfast,

Anjali: Sheetalji when did your house get ready? Don’t mistake me i mean aarav feels uncomfortable here na, how long he stay in outsiders house. He too has a wish to live in his own home.

Sheetal: stammers, oh anjaliji house owner said house is getting ready. Maybe it will take one more week. I am sorry i am disturbing you all with my stay.

Nani: interrupts, it’s ok beta. You can stay here till your house gets ready.

Aakash: shouts dadi....all started by their ever silent aakash shout. Oh sorry i mean sheetalji why don’t you give me your house owner number. Maybe i can help you.

Arnav: yeah sheetal, give the number to aakash he will sort it out.

Sheetal not at all expected this sudden exit card for her from this family and thinking how to avoid this question and come out of this mess. She is so lost in thinking not noticing aarav already gave her phone to aakash. After speaking,

Aakash: sheetalji don’t worry. Your house is ready. He is fooling you, you know you have to be careful who knows the one who looks all innocent and we end up trusting them but later we came to know they are not at all we thought that they are much more than innocent, said tauntingly.

No one getting in what meaning aakash is telling all this except anjali and sheetal. Sheetal gets the indirect warning from aakash decide to leave ASR and his house they seem to be dangerous for her.

Anjali and aakash sharing a knowing smile promising themselves to throw away any thorn that pricks their family happiness like how ASR protect them from years. Soon sheetal left the house and all lived happily ever after.

This is dedicated to inaara_khan. I know i wrote it late but what to do now only i get time...Hope you like it inaara....


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