Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - Completed

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Feb 14, 2017

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (By Angel23) (Thanked: 52 times)

I look at the woman in front of me sternly, she knows I'm angry and her explanations won't make me feel better..

" Didn't I said to you? Or you purposely didn't hear what I said?" I ask her gritting my teeth..

" Arnav.. I don't want to wear such clothes.. I'm not comfortable with it.. Why are you forcing me now?" she tries to explain me for the second time now..

I left the comfortable chair I was leaning on, and went near her.. Pulling her near me " You're mine.. And you have to do what I say.. Am I clear?" I give her the last warning..

" Don't do this Arnav... Why you are always trying to find her in me? " she caress my shoulder making me remember my pain.. How much I hate when someone does that..

" Shut up... I'm not trying anything.. I already forgot everything about her.. She is nothing to me.." I look away trying to control the angriness that is soon going out of my control..

" Get out of here" I said before I kill her with my hands.. I wouldn't kill her.. I know, only hurt her which is enough for me to say that I'm taking her life away day by day.. But its her fault only, why does she make me remember things I don't want to? Why  doesn't she listen to me?

" Good morning ASR.." oh Aman, my PA.. Who comes to wish me everyday, he knows my life doesn't have the so called "Good morning", still he has the patience to wish me all day, so sweet of him but even this kind of care I hate now..

" Morning.. Aman give Akira some new clothes.. Make sure its the way I want.." I look at him, and he understood the message I want to convey to him..

" Let's go Akira.." Aman took Akira to change the dress..

And I was left alone in my cabin.. I went to sit in my chair and open my laptop before someone memories come in my mind again..


" Aman I'm tired of all this... I don't want to be her in his life.. " Akira explains Aman almost crying and why not? No one hears her..

" Akira you know very well how ASR is, for God sake forget her and don't make him remember also.. He  really loves you.. " Aman hold Akira firmly trying to make understand the situation of ASR..

" He doesn't love me, if he loved he would let me wear the modern clothes I like, but no... He wants me to wear this salwar kameez just the way she used to wear.. Are you blind Aman? Can't you see he wants her? " Akira said getting out of Aman hold..

" No, he is just trying to forget her.. Now tell me if he doesn't love you, why did he saved your life, why does he care for you, why doesn't he let any man come near you, keep doing surprises for you.. If this isn't love, then what is this Akira?" Aman drank the water placed in the table in frustration now..

" He is only obsessed with me.." Akira said taking the salwar kameez Aman gave her..

Aman looked at the disappearing figure of Akira...

* ASR's cabin:

Dammit.. Now who placed this coffee here.

" Aman.. Aman.." I shouted calling Aman.. I know he will come here running..

" Yes ASR" Aman opened the door almost sweating.. I knew he ran to reach here..

" Throw the coffee away from here.. Don't you know I hate it?" I look frowning at him and at the same time confused, why Aman placed this coffee here, when he knows I never drink it now..

" Sorry ASR, actually it was for Akira, the servant left it here because she was with you here... Let me take it out.." oh it was for Akira..

" Is she angry now?" I asked Aman, hoping that she is not, otherwise it will be tough handling her..

" She will calm down" Aman answer me and I sigh, still angry...

Aman left the cabin, but this time I couldn't run away from my thoughts... This stupid coffee made me travel to my horrible past again..


2 years ago...

" Haan di, I'm fine don't worry.. I reached well..." I tried to console my Di, who was extra worried for me, as I came to Delhi to handle a project.. First time in India, but I wouldn't get lost here, I know very well how to handle myself in places I don't know about..

" Di I will do my work, then will find some restaurant to eat something okay.." I did my best to convince but she didn't hear me, at last I had to agree with what she wanted.. I looked around to spot some restaurant or something like that..

Humm coffee shop, not bad.. " Di I'm going to eat, don't eat my head now.." I said fuming in anger, because of her I had to go to this kind of normal coffee shop.. Instead of a five star restaurant..

It was so full of people, man.. I don't believe this.. No class at all.. I quickly sit in table at the corner and ordered a black coffee...

Waiting for a while, looking at people discussing about their daily lifes..

I turned rolling my eyes seeing the way they are speaking so loudly.. Do they want all of us to listen to their talks?

As I turned my attention went to a girl coming near my table..

She was counting the tables with the help of a stick..

" One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.. Yes.. Here is your coffee sir.." I didn't even realized when she reached to me and placed the coffee in my table... I was surprised..

" Khushi how many times I told you to sit inside, I'm here na I will do this... You don't have to take trouble.." another girl came near her patting her shoulders..

" Jiji how many times I have to tell you that I love helping you all? Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't do normal things. .. Right sir?

Now I was kind of shocked, she is so young and beautiful, I felt sad seeing her condition..

I quickly nodded to make her feel better.. Fool..she can't see you.. Talk something...

" Yes you're right.. Being blind doesn't stop you from doing the things we all do.." I said giving her a half-smile..

" Okay but be careful.." her sister seemed convinced and left her do this job..

" Enjoy your coffee sir..." she said smiling and went away..

She went leaving my heart restless now...

Flashback ends..

" No Arnav, you have to forget her once and for all..." I typed angrily at myself for getting lost in those memories again... I hate you Khushi.. I hate you...

" ASR your clients are here.." Aman comes in and I look at him nodding seriously...


I'm inside my car looking at the house in front of me.. I breathe in and out, and got out of my car heading to this beautiful house..

Where my Akira lives, I rang the bell waiting for someone to open the door, I know her lovely mother would open it as usual..

" Hi aunty.." I greet her as she opened the door looking at me with a not so good smile, her husband must be home now.. I guess.

" Hi Arnav beta.. Come in.." she makes space for me to enter, indicating the way with her hands, sometime I think people are really fool, it's really not the first time I'm coming here, I know the way... Anyways let it be..

" What the hell are you doing here?" ohhh and I guessed right, Akira's father is really here.

" I came to see your daughter, not you.." I answer him as if challenging him..

" Akira is sleeping.. Get out of here.." he answers me angrily, if he wasn't Akira's father.. I swear I would give him a tight slap..

" Arnav what are you doing here?" Akira comes descending the stairs..

I go near her " This is for you" I handle her a bouquet of red roses..

" Thank you" she replies to me smiling..

I see her father sighing, then went back to his room and her mother went back to the kitchen...

" So.. Let's go out.." I said playing with her hair which is so soft..

Hair.. Soft hair.. Urghh I so much hate myself... Why do I keep thinking things  related to her?


There was sound of laughter from a beautiful small house..

Although small, the people living inside had a big heart..

Khushi was sitting with her sister Payal..

" OMG I can't believe this.." Payal looked at the TV screen with big eyes..

" What happened jiji?" Khushi asked sipping her juice..

" You know that man that came in our coffee shop.. He is..he is the big business man, fashion king in London, he came here to handle a project.. I can't believe he came in our shop.. He is so rich, why would he come to our place??" Payal asked lost in her thoughts

" Really? Wow.. Fashion king.. " Khushi said smiling brightly, how she wishes to have such kind of lifestyle.. Being rich, so that her mother and Payal don't suffer everyday.. They have so much bills to pay, and she feels so bad that she can't help them as she is blind.. And no one accept her..

" Come to eat dears.." Garima called them..

The next day, Arnav went again to the coffee shop just to see Khushi, he really doesn't know what this girl made to him..

Aman, his PA was shocked seeing the place his boss also best friend chose to drink a coffee...

" ASR are you sure? Is this the place you came yesterday?" Aman said while wiping the sweat beads that were forming in his forehead..

" I'm sure... I don't suffer from amnesia Aman.." Arnav said while walking to the coffee shop, Aman came running behind him..

Arnav walked in and went to sit, Aman also settled himself ..

He didn't see anyone there except her sister..

" Where is she?" Arnav frowned muttering to himself..

Khushi came in with kids that were helping her climbing the stairs to enter the coffee shop...

" Thank you kids..." Khushi smiled..

" Didi you don't have to say thank you... You're the best..." the kids shouted happily..

Khushi knelt down: Now give me your sweet kisses..

Kids came running to kiss her, some started playing with her hair: Didi you have such a soft hair... I love playing with your hair...

Khushi started laughing and playing with the kids, she let them play with hair while chatting with the kids..

Arnav was lost looking at the sight in front of him, he also now wanted to play with her hair like the kids..

Flashback ends..

" Arnav where are you lost?" Akira said waving at me, and I came back to the present... I hate this present.. Can't I go back and live in the past itself? I swear if that was possible I would go..

I took Akira out of her house, and we headed to NK house, my friend he works with me in AR as a photographer.. I met him in college like Aman.. I must say both never left my side, they always support me..

" Arnav is Lav also there?" Akira asks me smiling, Lavanya her best friend and also work in AR, not my friend but is also in the group because she is NK's girlfriend...

" Hmm.. " I curtly replied..

We reached there... Aman, NK and Lav were already waiting for us..

" Thank god you both came.. I was going to sleep now.." NK said approaching me to hug me..

I reciprocated and sat near Aman while Akira went to talk with Lav..

Aman switched on the TV and we started watching the movie together.. I'm just looking at the screen, my attention isn't in the movie..

Akira comes to sit beside me resting her head on my chest, I wrapped my arms around her..

Suddenly her phone rings, I grabbed  it from her hand and looked at the screen to see who is calling her... " Arjun?" I looked angrily at her..

" Who is he?" I ask her gritting my teeth..

" He is my friend, he works in AR.." Akira answers me normally as if she didn't do anything wrong..

" I said clearly for you that I don't like your closeness with boys.." I said looking at her in disbelief, seriously this girl just do things opposite of what I say, maybe that's why I let her be the woman of my life.. She is just like her.. Except her face and ways of dressing..Dammit.. Arnav forget Khushi..

" I can't live my life without friends, and by the way I work with men, so you can't except me to not be their friends.. You're seriously mad, if you ask me something like that.. Because even you talk with girls and I have no problem with that.." she said..

I look at her without any emotion, and she already knows who will lose his job tomorrow..

Akira looked away and continued watching the movie...

Khushi also used to stay angry with me like that, after making me hear her long lecture, she would look away cutely..

Tu safar mera..Hai tuhi meri manzil

Tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil,

(You’re my journey...And you’re my destination also

 O my heart, It’s hard to survive without you...)


 New story ... I hope you all like it, please share your thoughts in the comment section.. And do tell me if I should continue or not? And it's an Arshi story, I know many of you don't like to see Arnav/ Khushi with anyone else (including me)... 

Feb 16, 2017

Chapter 2 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 68 times)

Here is the next part.. Hope you will like it..

I look at everyone eating their food happily, then looked back at my plate.. I wasn't hungry at all, why? I just eat to survive it seems.. I pushed the plate away, and walked outside NK's house...

Grabbing my car keys with the guards, I ran away from everyone.. Akira calls me and I'm not in mood to explain my act now, today so many incidents made me remember that woman... I don't want to stay nor talk with anyone now.. Need my space alone..

I reached the place that gives me fake peace..

I enter in my farmhouse, a secret one, no one knows about this place except Khushi.. I only showed her this place, only if I knew what's going to happen in my life, only if I knew she would break my heart, she wasn't worthy my trust..

My room, a dark one with old furnitures .. I don't even want to change it, all the things here have been touched by her, it's the only place I feel she is still with me, the only place that makes me love her again, because when I leave this house I only hate Khushi, only bad memories of her surround me..

" Khushi Kumari Gupta..." I stare at her pic in my room, this room is filled with our pictures..


I look at the way kids were playing with her...

But someone blocked my beautiful view, I frown looking at the person who dared to do that...

" What the... " I look up and realized it was her sister..

" Sorry sir... May I help you?" she looked at me scared, she doesn't have an idea why did I said " What the.." frowning to her, she probably thinks she did something wrong that's why I got angry..

I quickly changed my expression to my normal one.. " Black coffee" , she nodded and went from there...

I looked again to see that angel, but to my bad luck she isn't there anymore..

" ASR what exactly you want in this coffee shop?" Aman asks me raising his eyebrow, at least he uses his brain, he knows I don't want to drink coffee here but I'm on a different mission..

" Angel.." I grinned at him..

" Angel? Who? " Aman once again ask me getting confused..

" Let it be Aman.. You won't understand .." I sigh, when I'm not understanding what's happening with me , what can I explain to him?

" And you can go now.. I want to be alone here." I said looking at him..

He looks at me suspiciously, then left the shop..

" Your coffee sir.." finally I hear her sweet voice..

I smile brightly, then seeing people looking at me, I reduced that bright smile from my face..

" Hi.. Remember me?" I know fool question.. She can't see me, so its obvious she doesn't even know a face like mine exist on earth..

" Huh sorry sir... But by your voice, I think you came here yesterday right? " she makes a confused face, then smiles after getting a clue of who I might be..

" Yes I'm the same one.. My name is Arnav Singh Raizada.." I said once again smiling, something I never do in usual days.. I did two times in nearly 2 minutes..

" My name is Khushi Kumari Gupta..Sir is it true you're the fashion king in London? Sorry, I was watching TV with my sister yesterday and we saw your news.. Ohh you must be wondering how I watched TV when I'm blind.. My jiji tells me everything that is showing on TV that's how I watch it.. " she says smiling..

" Yes it's true... " I said a bit uncomfortable with my truth, is she going to treat me the way everyone does? Is she going to talk with me well and with respect just because I'm ASR?

" Wow.. Congrats sir.. You're on top of the world... " she smiled clapping her hands like a baby..

" Please one autograph sir.." she says pleading to me, I didn't like it at all..

" I will not give you any autograph.." I say frowning at her..

She looks sad, her eyes glistened.. Oh my.. Is she going to cry? ..

" Khushi why are you crying?" her sister comes running to us..

I quickly got up from my seat..

" Nothing Jijii... Rich people are really bad.. " she said crying more, and I felt guilty..

" Look I just wanted to say that I want to be your friend.. And friends don't give each other autographs right?" I ask trying to calm her down.. Her sister is already looking at me with big eyes for making her angel cry..

" My friend? Really.. Jiji ASR wants to be my friend.. " she said smiling again, and I sigh in relief.. Uff..

" Haan Khushi.. Do you accept it?" her sister ask her smiling..

Khushi nodded happily making me smile for the third time now in a day.. Di won't believe this.. I smiled that too three times..

" Okay Khushi, now we are friends.. Have to go now.. See you.." I said then picked my phone to go.

" Bye bye.. ASR sir.. " she said smiling and waving to me, unfortunately she can't see me that's why she is not waving exactly to me..

" Call me Arnav .." I said while going away..

Flashback ends..

" Why did you leave me Khushi? .." I say almost crying.. How more will I be strong?

Urghh I'm supposed to hate her, now why am I wasting my tears for her? Just why?

I left the room, and head back to NK's house to take Akira back home..

As I entered the house, Akira came running to me..

" Where did you go?" she asks looking at me, to check if I'm alright..

Yeah, I look perfectly alright from outside, only inside me I can hear my heart breaking in pieces and I'm the only one who feels this pain, the pain of being away of someone you loved so much..

" I went somewhere.. No more questions, let's go back, otherwise your father will start scolding you.." I say holding her hand, then looked at my friends indicating that I'm going, they nod at me..

" Arnav stop the car.. Candy floss please.." she shouts excitedly looking at the Candy floss vendor, I was driving the car but had to stop to buy what she wants..

I went to buy and came back handling it to her..

" Thanks.. You know I wonder why you care so much for me? I mean you don't look like someone who has patience to do all this to a girl, but with me its different.." Akira says smiling..

" Then be happy about that.." I replied with my stern face, I hate explaining myself..

I stopped the car in front of her house..

" Bye Arnav.." she kisses my cheek and went away smiling..

I head to my house... Oh my house, doesn't look like one.. No one lives with me, and the owner only comes at night time, or sometimes I sleep in NK house.. I hate being in my house.. Yeah it only makes me go back to my past.. Whenever I stay alone, my past comes to chat with me..


" Khushi.. K...don't leave me...Khushi...Noooooooo" Dammit I woke up sweating, nightmare.. Worst nightmare of my life.. Even in my sleep she pokes her nose.. I drink the water quickly.. I won't be able to sleep again, what's left now?

Leaving my bed, I take baby steps and went to the poolside of my room..

I really wonder what she must be doing in her life now.. Must be really happy after breaking my heart..


" Hahaha.. Really Arnav.. Girls love you.. Wish I could see your face.." Khushi said to me smiling..

" They don't love me, are only interested in my money Khushi.. You want to see my face? Okay let me describe myself... I'm handsome, handsome, handsome.."  I said laughing with my friend, Khushi she has become very close to me in these two weeks.. I come here every morning to talk with her..

" Acha.. Handsome.. You must be an old man.. Like those rich men, fat with grumpy face.. Hahahaa" Khushi says laughing.. I also joined her..

" Arnav beta you're here... Areee Prakash bring coffee for Arnav beta.. Why are you delaying?" Garima aunty shouted at the worker.. She also is very close to me now.. In fact the three of them became my best friends.. I love spending time with them, this place seems heaven for me now..

" It's okay aunty.. I'm with your non stop talking princess.. I don't even know when time passes by.." I say smiling, which for now is something normal for me to do..

She smiles caressing my cheeks then went back to work.. You know Mom also get jealous of Garima aunty, she thinks Aunty will take her place..

" Arnav.. Why did you stop? Tell me what else happened in your office?" Khushi calls me and we continued chatting..

Flashback ends..

" Akira what is this?" early in the morning she makes me get angry.. Yesterday nightmare wasn't enough, that I had to find another nightmare in form of a dress design..

" Arnav its beautiful, everyone liked it.. What's your problem?" she ask with a lazy face..

" I have no problem with the dress.. Just change this color.." I said giving attention to my laptop now..

" Color? But why? Don't you like red now? Seriously its the best color for this dress.. People will like it.. " Akira says while showing me again the design..

" I hate this color.. Do you get that? " I replied shoving away the papers..

She looks at the papers scattered on the floor then at me: " Because its Khushi's favorite color right?" she asks me angrily..

" Yes its her favorite color, and I hate everything that has to do with her.." I said shouting..

" This shows you haven't forget her yet.." she also shows me her angry side..

" I already said to you that she means nothing to me now... Go back to work.." I say..

" Then why do you keep her pic in your wallet.. If she means nothing to you why do your every action proves the opposite?" she is now challenging me..

" Who gave you the right to check my wallet now? " I ask her clenching my jaws..

" I'm your girlfriend.." she replies to me as if I don't know..

" You're not my wife yet.. Don't touch my things without my permission... And I love you.. Khushi is my past.. I only care for you now.." I say taking Khushi's pic out of my wallet, then threw it in the dustbin..

" Happy now?" I ask her sarcastically..

" Very happy.. And I love you too" Akira says smiling and went out of my cabin..

I leaned on my chair closing my eyes tightly.. Shifting my attention to the dustbin, I went near it again taking Khushi's pic with me.. I wipe it and placed it again in my wallet.. My heart doesn't accept what I did..

Yeh rooh bhi meri

Yeh jism bhi mera

Utna meta nahin

Jitna hua Tera

(My soul, my body.. Does not belong to me as much as it does to you) ..

" ASR we have a meeting now.. Shall we go?" Aman comes in, and I nod..

After the meeting..

" Aman when am I supposed to go Shimla? " I ask Aman while walking out of the conference room..

" Tomorrow ASR.." he says looking at me..

" Do you want me to go with you?" he ask me again, now I don't understand why? Does he think I'm a baby who can't take care of myself?

" No need.." I enter in my cabin..

" Akira? Do you need something?" l ask her while closing the door..

" Yes, Aman told me you're going out tomorrow.. So I booked movie tickets for us.. You will go with me right?" she hugs me while inviting me to this boredom..

" Okay.." I say hugging her back...

" Okay then.. I will be come to pick me.." she looks at me with her eyes shining in happiness..

" No, change in my house.. We will go directly together.." I reply and she smiles nodding..

As she goes, I engrossed myself in my work..

By 6pm I took Akira to my house, I showed her the room to change..

While I go to my room to freshen up..

" Arnav why am I not allowed in your room?" once again!!

" Akira after marriage this room will be yours okay?" I said closing the door of my room angrily... This was a lie, this room is only for me and Khushi..

How can I forget?


" Guess what?" I ask her..

" What Arnav?" she replies me confused..

" I'm planning to settle here in Delhi.. So you will help me choose a perfect mansion to me right?" I say and close my ears.. I know she will scream in happiness now..

" What? Arnav you're going to stay here... DM thank you so much.... Yes you won't go back... Yess.. Yayyyyyyyy" she screams happily making everyone on the road look at us..

She spread her arms indicating that she wants to hug me.. I smile and hugged her..

" But how will I help you? I can't even see my house. .. " she said hugging me tightly, I can feel she is sad..

" Khushi don't cry.. You only said to me that day the fact you're blind doesn't stop you from doing normal things.. Then why are you losing hope now? I will describe everything to you and you will choose what house you like.. Simple.." I said breaking the hug to wipe her tears..

" I want to see your face.." she plead to me pouting..

" Okay caress my face with your hand.." I hold her hand bringing it near my face..

She does that smiling.. I know she isn't seeing me, but in that way she will recognize me easily now..

" Let's go..  I need to show you the mansion for sale.." I hold her hand and we went to my car..

The driver started the car, while Khushi was sitting with me at the back seat..

" Arnav you will buy jalebi for me later right? " she is literally ordering me..

" Yes I will buy.." I say smiling, the driver is giving us looks like " Aww so sweet" .. I glare at him and he stopped smiling and concentrated on his work..

After checking almost 5 mansions, Khushi didn't like anything..

" I liked the second one.. I think we should buy it Khushi.." I said opening the door of the car and making her sit first.

" No Arnav.. I want a perfect house for you.. Just like the way I dream mine to be.. Have patience we will find a beautiful mansion for you" she says assuring me, even though I was tired, for this woman I would do anything..

" Wow Arnav.. Buy this mansion.. I love it.. It has a poolside.. " she claps her hands excitedly as she found the mansion of her dreams..

I quickly nodded and went to complete the formalities...

Flashback ends..

This is your favorite room, how can I let someone enter here? This poolside has a lot of your memories... I don't want to give your place to anyone..

I quickly took bath and dressed up, called Aman and NK to joins us..

" Akira let's go.." I shouted, women take too much time to get ready, Khushi wasn't like this..

" What the..." I said looking at Akira.. How dare she wear this dress?

" How am I looking Arnav? " she said showing the dress to me...

" Akira who said for you to wear this dress? " I clenched my fist..

" I found it in that room.. Its beautiful more than the dress you kept for me.." Akira replies to me pouting..

" This dress only belongs to Khushi, do you get that? Now go and change it.. Fast.." I shouted losing patience with this girl now..

She went back running to change it.. Now she will blame for making her cry, when she was the one who did this mistake..


" Khushi try this dress.." I look at the dress which I think will fit perfectly for her..

" Arnav no.. How will I try? " she say trying to drag me out of the mall..

" I will say to someone to help you change it okay?" I patted her cheeks..

" No.. I don't feel comfortable.. Please let's go.." she said sad.. I really didn't mean to hurt her..

" Okay Khushi, I will buy this dress for you then you ask Payal to help you.."

She nodded immediately..

" Sorry Khushi.. I didn't mean to hurt you, just wanted to see you in this dress.. My intention was not to remind yourself of your condition.. So sorry.." I said feeling guilty, it would be awkward if someone helps her to dress up, as they would feel pity of her and she didn't want that..

" Arnav what are you talking? I know you're my friend.. You will never hurt me.." smiling at me she said those words that calmed my heart..

Flashback ends..

" Are you angry?" I ask Akira who was silent in the car..

" No" she curtly replied..

" Good.." I said, better for me..

" Arnav seriously.. Do you still love her? "

" How many times I have to say that I hate her? " I look at her furrowing my brows..

" No you don't... You still remember everything of her.. If you still love her, then leave me.. Let me live my life also.." she looks away..

" You will not leave me.. You're mine, only mine.." I said looking at her...

" You're obsessed with me.. Because love.. You only love her.." she smiles sarcastically..

" So what if I'm obsessed with you? And listen to one thing stop talking about her everytime.. And don't try to reach her place.. "

" I'm not trying to be her.. You're making me like her.. Tell me who told me to wear salwar kameez just like Khushi used to wear ahn? You right? " she fights back with me..

Reaching the cinema place, I stopped the car..

" Go.. "

" What? Now you will leave me alone with your friends? " she asks me in disbelief..

" Yes.. Lav is also there.. You already spoiled my mood, what do you expect now? Whenever I'm in good mood you bring Khushi's talks here.. Now spend time alone.." I said opening the car's door so that she could go out..

She goes away angrily..


I went back home to pack my bags.. Tomorrow will be a tiring day for me..

Leaving the bag near my bed, I leaned on my recliner switched on the TV and started watching some random shows..

A particular scene took me to Khushi's memories again!!!


I reached the coffee shop as usual in the morning, went towards Payal to ask where is Khushi..

" She went with her friends to play in the park.. Its near here Arnav.." Payal said to me smiling..

I nodded and went to this park.. As I reached I see Khushi running while playing with the kids from her colony.. I quickly went running to her as I noticed she was about to bump with a tree there..

" Khushi be careful.." I hold her while she looked confused..

" You were about to hurt yourself with the tree here.. What's the need to do all this?" I explain while scolding her.. If something bad happens to her, I will die..

" Ohh sorry Arnav" she said holding her ears cutely..

" It's okay.. Be careful please, I won't be here all time to save you right? " I said trying to put some sense in her..

" Why? You will be here with me everytime.. " she said while wiping tears that were leaving her eyes, now I'm wondering what did I said that is making her cry..

" Khushi don't cry.. Okay I will be here everytime.. Don't cry.."  I hugged her.. After sometime I smile, we have become very close to each other in these two months..

Flashback ends..

I hate you, but my heart still loves you a lot.. this heart will never forget you, it’s yours Khushi.. Arnav Singh Raizada only belongs to you…

Thank your for pressing thank you button, and silent readers.. A big thank you to: Asu29494: Akira is Arnav's girlfriend which he uses to forget Khushi, Lily30, Asyaarshi, Irene, Noordina..

Note: Khushi entry will be in the next chapter.. And why Arnav treats Akira like this, it has to do with his and Khushi past..

Feb 17, 2017

Chapter 3 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 45 times)

Here is the next part... hope you will like it..

The next day Hari prakash came to take my bag to the car, I went to have my breakfast..

After that I left the house telling him to take care of it..

He nodded looking down..

I started my car and headed towards Shimla..

* AR:

Akira: How much work these guys give me man.. I'm dying here..

Worker: Haha ma'am don't you think you should plead for some holidays to ASR, I think he wouldn't reject you..

Akira thinking: Yeah you're right...

Akira left her chair and went towards Aman's cabin..

Akira: I need some holidays..

Aman looked at her confused: What? Now what are you up to?

Akira rolled her eyes: Holidays Aman I need it... Tired of working here..


I was driving my car normally but wait.. What the.. Brakes are failing.. Man.. I try to stop my car but wasn't able to.. Dammit.. Sweating now thinking of the consequences, once again I try to apply the brakes.. Today you will meet an accident Arnav.. I try many times but the car isn't stopping and on top of that a car is coming in my way, I quickly escaped from it ...

As I left the car go on his own, I closed my eyes tightly and the next moment... * Thud*

I opened my eyes in the hospital, Aman by my side with his usual worried face when something bad comes to me.. NK enters the room and come near me..

" Are you okay?" he asked me worried..

" Yeah.." I answer him slowly..

" How did you get an accident?" Aman asks me, and he thinks I will explain him...

" Brakes failed.." I curtly replied him holding my head that is hurting a lot..

" You know there are lots of reporters outside this hospital.. They want to know about you..Its breaking news now.. ASR met with an accident.." NK say rolling his eyes..

Aman looks at me..

" No.. Are they coming?" I ask him in disbelief, I'm talking about my family.. Whenever something like this happens with me they come running here.. As usual they are coming now too..

Aman nods and I look away.. I hate being even with my family now.. I love my loneliness, only if Khushi was here still today with me I would be shouting to be with my entire family..

" When will I get discharged? " I ask with an uninteresting look..

" Today only, its minor injury" NK said and I sigh in relief, at least..


As I got discharged, I went to sleep in NK's house, Akira is already here talking rubbish for me.. God.. I hate these things..

" Why don't you check the car before going?" she scolds me worried..

" Next time.. Now let me sleep.." I said turning my back to her, I know she sighing in frustration now..

She went away, but seems today everyone is to disturb me..

My brother is calling me, I pick it up..

" Yeah Rohan.. I'm fine.." I say rolling my eyes..

" Hahaha I know, I'm not like mom, dad and Di.. You know here in the house me, Shyam jiju and Ayan are the most cool.." he said laughing, well that's true..

" Ayan how is he?" I ask smiling, Ayan that boy is my life.. He can manage to bring a smile on your face without you wanting to smile..

" Ohh your boy is alright .. Anyway I called to inform you that we will be in Delhi in two days okay.. A surprise awaits you.." he said very excited in his voice..

" Surprise?" I ask him confused..

" Bhabhi... I'm in love bro.." he said happily..

" Congrats.. Waiting to see my bhabhi then.." I said..

" Ohh she is very beautiful.. My God.. I'm madly in love with her.." he said making me remember the one I was madly in love, I used to talk like this..

" Good for you.. " I curtly replied..

" You will like her.. Just don't steal her from me" he said laughing..

" If she is so good, I might.. Be alert.." I said teasing him..

He laughs then hung up the call, I leaned on my bed trying to sleep..


" Arnav what is this? Don't you know how to take care of yourself? " Khushi scold me as I'm sick..

" Khushi..Ah-choo!.. You know... Ah-choo!.." I can't even explain her, damn my sickness..

" You know its cold nowadays still you don't wear sweater.. Do you think yourself as superman? " she said beating me..

" Khushi.." I try once again to talk..

" Shut up.. And sleep, no work for you.." she said angrily... She looks like hitler now.. Heyy and I'm really getting scared of her..

" Okay" I said covering myself with blanket..

She hugs me crying " If something happens with you I will die.."

I was stunned with her words.. I caressed her saying: Don't worry.. I will be fine..

And she calmed down..

Flashback ends..

If you were here today then you would take care of me all day..

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami..

Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi..

( Your absence tries me... You are necessary to complete everything that lacks in my life) ..


2 days later..


" NK fast na.. We are just going to a party.." Arnav shouted at NK who wasn't getting out of his room..

" We aren't going to party.. We are going to see Uncle, Aunty, Di, Jiju, Rohan and Ayan after such a long time.. Heyy and there is bhabhi also today... I have to look my best.. " NK said looking at his reflection once again at the mirror..

" NK lets go we are getting late now" Lav also comes there to take NK out of the room..

NK finally came out and they left to the party their family arranged to introduce their bhabhi..

In the car:

Akira smiling: I'm so happy for your brother Arnav..

Arnav didn't say anything he continued driving the car..

As they reached the place, they were aweed by the decoration..

" Is my family becoming mad? Just to introduce a girl they decorated this place like a marriage reception.. God.." Arnav rolled his eyes..

" Arnav" his mother came running to hug him..

( Arnav parents)

Arnav smiled and and hugged her back " My drama queen how are you? "

Arnav's mother slapped him playfully: I'm fine... Are you okay?

Arnav nodded and continued: What's the need to do this ma? Just for a girl?

Arnav's mother laughed: Ask your father, it was his and Rohan idea..

Looking at everyone smiling Arnav's mother continued: Please be comfortable.. NK, Aman you are family now..

NK and Aman nodded smiling..

Arnav's mother looked at Akira and Lav confused then at Arnav who understood she didn't recognized them..

Arnav: This is Akira,  my girlfriend and Lav she is NK's girlfriend..

Arnav's mother smiled: Akira is your   girlfriend? Arnav.. Huh.. You never told me..

Arnav: I'm telling you now.. Don't be angry.. Where is Di, Ayan?

Arnav's mother composed herself: They are there.. Go and meet them..

Arnav nodded and all went to the table Arnav's family was sitted..

Anjali screamed happy: Choteeeeeee...

She went to hug her brother, Arnav smiled a little and reciprocated the hug, after that Shyam also hugged h im and his friends..

Ayan smiled: Arnav uncleeeeee... Missed me?


Arnav knelt down to reach Ayan level: Missed you the most..

Ayan touching Arnav's forehead: Does it hurt?

Arnav rubbed his chin thinking: Hmmm I think no.. Ayan touched his uncle right? All the pain disappeared..

Ayan smiled: Yyyaaaaayyyy!!!!

Arnav caressed his hair then sat beside him, Aman, NK, Akira and Lav also settled themselves..

Arnav frowned: Where is the so called bhabhi?

Anjali: Dad made a big entry for her!! Relax..

Arnav looked away giving whatever look..

Rohan came there: Heyyyy guys..

Arnav looked at his brother: Hii bro..

Rohan also sat there: Ready to see my angel?

Arnav rolled his eyes now tired of hearing compliments for this woman: More than ready.. Just show her once and for all.. She isn't an actress that you are giving her so much importance..

Rohan laughed: Calm down bro... She is no less than the beautiful actresses..

All lights went off..

Arnav's father came in the center of the stage: Ladies and gentlemen I'm here to introduce my beautiful would be daughter in law.. Wooowooo cheer for her!!!

All clapped, Arnav also clapped in disbelief.. He was busy giving seriously- looks to his father..

Arnav's father: Rohan this is for you!!!

Rohan smiled giving flying kiss to his father.. 

All lights came on now..

Mr.Raizada started to sing: " Roop hai Tera sona.. sona.. Soni teri payal.. ( Your gilded beauty shine through, so do your golden anklets)

Arnav looked at stage and saw a woman dancing to the tunes of the music, she was facing her back to him...

His father was continuously dancing looking at the woman: Chhan chhana chhan aise chhanke, kar de sabko ghaayal ( They tinkle in melody, to wound the hearts of millions)

Some ladies joined Mr.Raizada to dance..

He continued: Keh raha aankhon ka kaajal, ishq mein jeena marna ( Your beautiful black eyes speak a mysterious language, the immortal language of love)

The crowd: Say shava shava maahiya, ay shava shava maahiya..

Now the woman faces everyone with a smile on her face.. They ladies came near to dance..

She continued: Roop hai mera sona, soni meri paayal, roop hai mera sona sona, soni meri paayal (My gilded beauty shines through, and so do my golden anklets)

Chhan chhana chhan aise chhanke, kar de sabko ghaayal ( They tinkle in melody, to wound the hearts of millions)

Rohan came and joined the dance: Keh raha aankhon ka kaajal, isqh mein jeena marna...

The three danced: Say shava shava maahiya, say shava shava maahiya..

 Color practically drained out of Arnav's face, his eyes widened in shock seeing Khushi.. His Khushi dancing there.. The smile faded from his face slowly.. His gazed was fixed at Khushi..

Ayan looked at his uncle: Is my aunty so beautiful that you're shocked Arnav uncle?

Arnav didn't respond to Ayan, he was way more than shocked seeing the scene in front of him..

Arnav didn't even realized when he reached the dance floor fighting back with his tears..

Arnav sings looking deeply at Khushi: Dekha tenu pehli pehli baar ve, hone laga dil beqaraar ve

(Ever since I laid my eyes on you, my heart beats faster every minute)

Rabba mainu kee ho gaya, dil jaaniye, haai mainu kee ho gaya

(What have you done to me, my dear)..

He looked at Khushi sadly..

Khushi went towards Rohan and started dancing: Sunke teri baatein sone yaar ve

(Your sweet words make me weak in my knees)

Maahi mainu tere naal pyaar ve

(I think I'm falling in love with you)

Haai main mar jaawa, dil jaaniye, haai main mar jaawa

(I will die without you)

Rohan, Khushi, Mr.Raizada started dancing with the crowd: Say shava shava maahiya, say shava shava maahiya


Rohan went towards his mother singing: In kadmon mein saansein waar de

(May my last breath be at your feet)

Rab se zyaada tujhe pyaar de

(May my love for you surpass that of the Lord)

Rab mainu maaf kare, rabba khairiya, haai mainu maaf kare

(May the lord forgive me)


Khushi came towards Arnav's father singing but her eyes were on Arnav as she singing for him: Tum to meri jind meri jaan ve

(You are my heart, you are my soul)

Meri tu zameen hai aasmaan ve

(You are my heaven, you are my earth)

Tujh bin main kee kara, rabba khairiya, haai ve main kee kara

(What will I ever do without you)

Arnav's father wiped her tears and nodded in a no, she smiled a little and joined everyone: Say shava shava maahiya, say shava shava maahiya

Arnav's father and Rohan: Ae, roop hai tera sona sona, soni teri paayal

Chhan chhana chhan aise chhanke, kar de sabko ghaayal

Keh raha aankhon ka kaajal, ishq mein jeena marna

Khushi, Rohan, Arnav's father and mother: Say shava shava maahiya, say shava shava maahiya ve

Arnav was just looking at them lost in Khushi's memories.. Everything is coming in his mind making it difficult for him to stare at the happy family in front of him..

He looked at Khushi, she didn't change anything... Her smile, eyes, her beauty, innocence.. Everything is same.. She is glowing in happiness now.. Only one thing that is shocking him right now.. She isn't blind anymore.. Yes, she is seeing now.. What happened? Maybe she did operation.. He wanted to do that for her, but unfortunately destiny had others plans, anyways he is very happy for her in this matter.. What he couldn't do, his brother did..

After dancing, they went to sit..

Ragini (Arnav's mother): Arnav come to sit with us.. Why are you alone?

Arnav looked at his mother: Huh..

Ragini: Come to sit with us..

Arnav nodded and went looking down..

All were eating happily and chatting.. Those happy talks were making Arnav more sad.. Why it had to be Khushi? Khushi loves his brother? Why?

Ragini came there serving the food to Arnav: I even cooked your favorite food today..

Arnav faked a smile..

Rohan serving more food to Khushi: How's my choice bro?

Arnav looked at Khushi: Very good choice..

Rohan smiled while Khushi looked at Arnav with an uncomfortable look..

Ayan clapped: Arnav uncle agreed.. So I also agree..

Everyone laughed..

Akira looked shocked at Khushi, she wasn't believing Khushi was here that too as Arnav's brother girlfriend.. The same state was of Aman and NK..

Lav was normally eating her food, since she doesn't know Khushi..


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chapter 4 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 59 times)

Here is the next part...

After eating, Arnav pulled Khushi outside..

Arnav: So... You loved Rohan.. My brother Rohan..

Khushi looked down..

Arnav smiled sarcastically: You know I never imagined the Rohan you loved is in my house actually... Wow you never know when life surprises you... Heyy but I'm quite confused how do you know my brother?

Khushi looked at Arnav then continued stammering: Woh.. I met him once when he came to India and we fell in love..

Arnav raised his eyebrow: And I don't know you?

Khushi: You never came to India.. He came once when he was a teenager.. We met and when I grew up I waited for him.. And he came.. He also loves me..

Arnav: Look this is very confusing Khushi.. You met him once, I agree he really came to India... And you fell in love? Really? You waited for him? So long time? And suddenly he remembers you... On top of that how did you knew he was really going to come back to you?

Khushi looked away trying to find answers..

Rohan came there running to save her: Bro so many questions.. I will tell you.. I gave her a ring making a promise that one day I will come back to her.. Simple and my princess waited for her prince charming.. Right princess?

Khushi faked a smile to Rohan nodding..

Arnav looked at both suspiciously, then went from there...

Khushi sigh in relief: Uff thank you DM!! You saved me.. He asks so many questions..

Rohan laughed: Thank God.. I came once in India.. Otherwise our plan would be flopped..

Khushi smiled looking at Arnav disappearing figure: My intelligent Laad governor.. You see he will find out our truth very soon.. We have to execute our plan before that..

Rohan nodded…


* Raizada mansion:

Everyone entered in the mansion making weird faces..

Ayan hid behind Anjali: Mumma is this uncle house? Or vampire house?

Shyam laughed..

Rohan looked at Arnav: Bro do you live here? Seriously this place needs a good repairing.. Old furnitures man..

Arnav rolled his eyes: If you want I can send you all to hotel..

Everyone: Noooo..

Ragini: At least tell me you made arrangements of our rooms..

Neil( Arnav's father): Haan.. You know I won't sleep in sofa if you haven't made.. I will sleep with you..

Arnav: I made.. You can go to your rooms.. Stop eating my brain..

Rohan: Let's go Khushi..

Arnav widened his eyes: Is she going to sleep with you? You both aren't married yet...

Khushi giggled seeing Arnav jealous..

Rohan: Bro when did I say I want to sleep with her? Do you only sleep in a room?

Anjali, Ragini, Neil, Shyam giggled..

Arnav sigh and went to his room..

Ayan came near Rohan and both high five-ed: Jealousy plan successfully done!!!!

Ragini: But this is not the main plan you both..

Rohan & Ayan: Nani/ Ma take a chill pill.. We know it.. This is just for fun...

All went to Rohan room to talk..

Khushi with a crying face: Akira is real..

Rohan: Calm down Khushi.. The misunderstanding isn't clear yet..

Ragini nodded: Haan we have to find the person who talked with you first..

Neil thinking: But Khushi is right.. Akira really exist..

Khushi made a sad face... Ragini beats Neil: Akira exist.. But Khushi is the one your son used to call us to talk about..

Anjali: But you never know Chote.. He keeps everything in secret...

Ayan: Mumma should I ask him to tell me the truth?

Everyone: Noooo...

Ayan pouted.. Shyam: But he even sang for Khushi there, I saw his shocked face in the party.. He loves you Khushi.. Not Akira..

Khushi smiled brightly: Now we to find out who wanted to separate us...


" What? " Khushi said shocked hearing what this person is telling her..

" Haan Khushi.. Arnav doesn't love you.. But tomorrow he will propose you because he is feeling pity of you, he knows you love him that's why he can't break you heart.. So he decided to break up with his girlfriend, whom he loves a lot.. Akira, just to see you happy.. Please don't separate two lovers.." the person said to Khushi crying...

Khushi cried hearing this. Yes it's true she loves Arnav a lot, but he already has someone in his life.. Why? He didn't even told her anything.. And he will confess fake feelings to her just because she is blind?

Person: Look Khushi, you have to make him hate you.. Make up a story.. That makes him leave you, only then he will go back to his love..

Khushi nodded crying...

Flashback ends..

Neil: Khushi did you recognized this voice today?

Khushi nodded negatively: No papa... I didn't. No one had this voice today..

Rohan playing with the pillow: This person won't come out so soon..

Anjali: Maybe this person loved Khushi.. Or something like that?

Ragini: Or is Arnav's enemy.. Maybe my son life is in danger.. How can that person say he loves Akira, and Arnav's girlfriend is Akira also? At that time how could he invent this name and it came out true?

* Arnav's room:

Arnav sat on the floor taking out the tears that he was controlling since he saw Khushi..

" Why Khushi? Just why you didn't accept my love for you? What Rohan has that I don't? Why don't you see my love for you? Only Rohan's love you see.. Not mine.." Arnav mumbled crying...

Adhura ho ke bhi Hai ishq mera qaamil

(Even though incomplete, My love is complete)

Tere bina guzara Ae dil hai mushkil


" Khushi calm down.. We are just reaching the place.." Arnav said smiling excitedly, and why not today he is going to confess his love to Khushi... He is taking her to their favorite park...

" Arnav stop the car.. Please.. " Khushi said serious..

" Khushi what happened to you? There is a surprise there... You will love it.." Arnav said smiling..

" I don't want fake surprises.. Please stop the car.." Khushi said getting angry..

" What happened?" Arnav stopped the car confused..

" I want to go home" Khushi said crossing her arms..

" Khushi you're spoiling my surprise.. Okay I will tell you here itself.. I love you Khushi..." Arnav said and was about to continue but Khushi stopped him..

" Arnav stop it..without even trying to know my feelings you're talking like that? I don't love you.. Nor I will .. I'm in love with someone else.." Khushi said trying to be normal

" Khushi what are you talking? ... What's wrong with you today? " Arnav asked her shocked..

" Look its better you leave me alone and never talk with me, because I'm not alone... I have my boyfriend.. Rohan.. If he see you near me again he will beat you up.." Khushi said angry..

" What the.. What are you talking about Khushi?  You have a boyfriend? Khushi.." Arnav asked confused..

" Yes I have a boyfriend, he isn't here now..but will come back.." Khushi said looking away..

" You're lying Khushi.. How can this be possible? Why didn't you told me about this? Why? " Arnav asked shaking Khushi, he wasn't believing this Khushi betrayed him..

" You're not so close to me that I will tell you my personal things.. Just because I smile, play or talk with you doesn't mean you're my own.. It was just to out of sympathy that I talked with you, but you started to come in our shop everyday.. What could I do? And by the way thanks you really helped my family a lot.. Because of you our coffee shop is very popular now, but I can’t love a man who fires an employee just because of a small mistake, you never know when will you fire me from your life.. " Khushi said without any emotion on her face..

Arnav left her shocked...

Khushi: I want to go back home..

Arnav wiped his tears and left her in her home.. " One thing I learned with you Khushi.." Arnav said looking lifelessly at her..

Khushi: Kya?

Arnav: I will never trust anyone in my life now.. You showed me that people aren't trustworthy...

Khushi looked away shutting her eyes tightly. " Sorry Arnav, I can't be selfish... I can't let you sacrifice your love for me.. I would really be happy if you loved me truly and not out of pity.. Sorry for lying to you about my boyfriend.. It was the only way I found to keep you away from me, and now you will go back to Akira, your love.. I wish you all the happiness in the world.." Khushi went to her home crying..

Arnav also went from there crying..

Flashback ends..

Arnav cried his heart out.." Why Khushi? Just why? Why you broke my heart? You left me.. You said I'm not your own.. I trusted you so much.. Things I didn't even shared with my mother, I told you.. And you told me those bitter words.. You broke my heart in pieces Khushi that day.. I loved your family like my own.. Garima aunty and Payal.. I loved them so much.. Why you did this with me? Why you love another man? Why can't you be mine..? Why God didn't made you for me? ...

* Rohan's room:

Khushi: What if he really loves Akira now?

Rohan face palmed: Uffo.. Khushi I haven't brought you here to do your crying scenes here.. Don't make me repent coming to India-London-India just for you..

Ayan: Haan Khushi Aunty... Don't make me repent missing my uncles just for you!!!

Khushi pouted: Okay okay!!


After seeing Arnav's condition after Khushi left him, Ragini, Neil and Rohan decided to find this girl and talk with her, maybe they could convince her to stay with Arnav.. They wanted to know how their friendship broke just like that.. Because Arnav refused to speak anything, he only used to stay alone..

They headed to India in search of Khushi..

Reaching the coffee shop Arnav used to tell them..

Ragini looked at the elder woman in front of her: Excuse me.. Are you Garima? Khushi's mother?

Garima looked at them suspiciously: Yes.. What do you want?

Neil: Actually we wanted to talk with your daughter for a while.. Could please call her?

Garima nodded: Payal go and bring Khushi..

Ragini, Neil and Rohan went to sit at a table waiting for Khushi..

Khushi came there and Payal helped her sit.. Leaving them alone..

Ragini smiled: You're very beautiful dear..

Khushi smiled still confused: Thank you.. Do I know you?

Ragini: No dear.. You just heard about me.. I'm Arnav's mother..

Khushi was shocked..

Neil: I'm his father.. We will go directly to the point.. Actually we wanted to know what happened between you both.. Why you separated? You were best friends, then what happened so suddenly?

Rohan: I'm his brother.. And by the way Bro talked about you it seems he loved you.. Don't you love him?

Khushi was crying now.. Ragini patted her back: Don't cry dear.. Please tell us what happened.. Maybe we can help you..

Khushi sobbing: I love him, but he doesn't... He loves Akira, his girlfriend..

Ragini, Neil, Rohan confused: What?

Khushi nodded: Yes someone told me one day before he confessed.. That he loves another girl.. He is just feeling sad seeing my condition that's why he decided to sacrifice his love for me.. Tell me aunty can I let such a good man sacrifice his happiness for a blind girl like me? I can't be so selfish..

Khushi told them about her lie to make Arnav go away from her..

Now the three were shocked..

Ragini: Khushi this isn't true.. He really loves you.. There is no girl called Akira in his life..

Neil: Haan Khushi.. He used to call us to talk about you and your family.. He never hides anything from his mother.. Believe us..

Now it was Khushi's turn to get shocked..

Rohan: This means someone did this purposely to separate you both..

Ragini and Neil nodded: But who? And why?

Khushi: I don't know the person.. I can only recognize the voice..

Rohan patted Khushi: Don't worry.. We will find that villain in your life.. Maybe that person hates Arnav..

Ragini and Neil looked at each other grinning then at Rohan: Rohan..

Rohan looked at them with a not-me look: No way.. I'm not going...

Neil interrupted him by placing some snacks on his mouth: You're already in the plan..

Rohan pouted: Couldn’t you invent some other name instead of Rohan?

Khushi: Arnav used to talk about you, and that day only this name came in my mind..

Ragini and Khushi chuckles..

Ragini: Khushi you have to go with us, we will introduce you to Arnav as someone we don't know.. As we haven't seen each other before..

You will be Rohan's fake girlfriend just to enter in Arnav's life again.. I'm sure if that person gets to know about this he will come out soon..

Khushi faked a smile: Can't we do this without me being Rohan's girlfriend.. Woh it will hurt Arnav more..

Ragini smiled seeing Khushi care for Arnav: No dear.. After all you said to him I don't think he will let you enter in his life so easily..

Neil: First there will be drama from his part saying "You broke my trust", you know today's boys are very emotional...

Ragini smacked his shoulder: Shut up.. If Khushi tells Arnav directly what happened, That person must be around him, and seeing Khushi might take a step in hurry.. We can't risk it.. If Rohan is there, then that person will think ways to not get Arnav close to Khushi, meanwhile we will do the opposite and will find this person also.. and what he would gain separating you both..

Rohan smiled: So are you ready to be my girlfriend to save your boyfriend?

Khushi laughed: Yes!!

All went to London again.. In London Arnav's parents decided to do Khushi's eyes operation after finding out that she wasn't blind from childhood, but an accident made her like that, Garima didn't have so much money to do the operation that's why she didn't take Khushi to hospital and Khushi had to stay like that.. Khushi's first wish after she gets her eyesight again was see Arnav pic... And the parents made sure of that..

Flashback ends..

Khushi smiled shyly: Woh I want to be close to my Arnav... I don't want to make him jealous..

Everyone: Oyeee oyeeee...

Khushi blushed more.. Rohan: For that I have my plan..

He whispered in Khushi's ear something and Khushi smiled showing her thumbs up..


The next day:

Arnav woke up from his fake sleep and headed towards the kitchen to take bottle of water..

" What the..." Arnav said looking at the view in front of him..

" How can someone look so hot early in the morning? That too in a simple red saree? No... Arnav.. No.. Turn your eyes.. She is yours brother girlfriend.. Look away.. Look away..." Arnav mumbled to himself..


Khushi was cooking normally but stopped hearing his famous " What the"..

Khushi: Do you need anything?

Arnav: Will you give me what I want?

Khushi smiled: Ask first..

Arnav went towards the fridge to take water, as he turned he saw Khushi crying..

" What the.. What's wrong with you? " Arnav asked getting confused..

Rohan came there peeking through the door he winked at Khushi, Khushi smiled while crying more..

Rohan gestured her: " Over acting" .. " Stop crying now"

Khushi nodded and turned towards Arnav who was giving her weird looks..

Khushi: Rohan is betraying me..

Arnav looked shocked at her: What the..

Khushi looked at him angrily: Stop What the.. What the.. all the time..

Arnav: What the hell...

Khushi rolled her eyes then continued: I saw another girls pictures in his phone..

Arnav smirked: Good for you.. Who told you to reject me..

Khushi: You also have Akira in your life now.. Aren't you the same?

Arnav: I'm moving on..

Khushi looked away controlling her tears..

Arnav knows that when she looks away she is crying.. But why?

Arnav: Why are you crying? Aren't you happy? You only said to me that I'm not your own, it was just out of sympathy you were talking well with me.. You're the one who broke our friendship and left me with one sided love..

Khushi wiped her tears: You know now I realize what I did.. I think no one will love me the way you did..

Rohan nodded and gestured her to hug Arnav..

Khushi went to hug Arnav crying.. Arnav stood still thinking whether he should hug her or not.. All memories from the past came in his mind.. He wanted to push Khushi away but his " Heart wasn't letting him"

Rohan left from there singing..

" It feels so good to hug you again Arnav, after two years.. I missed you so much.. Sorry for leaving you.. I'm so sorry..." Khushi thought while hugging Arnav tightly..

Arnav was about to hug her but Akira came and pushed Khushi..

Khushi looked at her startled..

Akira angrily: How dare you touch my boyfriend? Aren't you ashamed? You are his brother girlfriend..

Arnav stopped Akira from talking more: Shut up Akira..

Akira: Ohh you liked it also.. She is a witch.. Don't know why she came back in our lives..It would be better if you stayed in your place itself..

Arnav clenched his fist: Talk one more bad thing about her, I will break up with you..

Arnav went from there angry while Akira went behind him running..

Rohan entered the kitchen: Hmmm... This Akira is very mysterious.. Don't you think Khushi?

Khushi looked at Rohan: No, it was a man's voice Rohan..

Rohan face palmed: I'm saying that maybe she has some connection with what happened that day.. Did you see how she said that you're coming back in their lives? As if she knows something... If she was a normal girlfriend then she would be crying or insecure about Arnav, but she was irritated as if she knows you for so long..

Khushi nodded thinking: Akira.. We have to find out how she came in Arnav's life..

Ragini came there smiling: Good morning..

Neil also came there and looked at both: Seriously? Early in the morning you're already doing plans..

Rohan and Khushi smiled sheepishly..


Rohan whispered to Khushi: I'm betraying you Khushi.. Its not the opposite right?

Khushi stopped ogling at Arnav and looked at him frowning: When did I refuse?

Rohan attacked her: Then stop looking at him like that.. People will think you're betraying me..

Khushi smiled sheepishly: Woh.. He is soooooo handsome in real life.. I can't take my eyes off him.. You know I waited so much to see him, when he is with me I just want to look at him only..

Rohan rolled his eyes: First we should find the one who doesn't want this to happen.. That's why control.. Control Khushi.. Look at me I'm also handsome..

Khushi made a no-face: Arnav is more..

Rohan pouted: Nowadays you help someone.. They do this to you..

Both laughed silently...

Arnav wasn't liking this scene at all..

Ragini looked at Arnav: See na.. They are so perfect for each other na? You also had a Khushi but unfortunately she left otherwise today we would see two brothers with Khushis here..

Neil laughed: Are you mad Ragini?

Arnav continued eating his food not talking with anyone...


Thank you for the comments, for pressing thank you button and silent readers... A big thank you to: Asu29494, Noordina, Lily30, Spriya, Asyaarshi... Part of this mystery is revealed, now finding this main villain is what's left...who hates Arnav????


Feb 19, 2017

Chapter 5 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 49 times)

Here is the next part..

" Acha Chote, now that your brother is going to marry, you should put some sense in him, take him to AR today to work.. " Ragini said smiling..

" Ehhh work.. No work mom" Rohan said making faces..

" Take Khushi also with you guys.." Neil said indicating Rohan what's the purpose behind it..

" Okay.." Arnav said while going to his room..

" When I come back, I want to see you both in the car" Arnav stopped to look at them, then left to his room..

" Laad governor" Khushi muttered..

She was going outside with Rohan..

" Khushi" they heard a shout..

Khushi looked at Arnav's room then at everyone with what-happened? look..

She went running to his room, opened the door slowly..

Khushi: Dji?

" Change this saree" Arnav said sternly while taking his office bag..

" Kyun? " Khushi asked confused..

" Do you want lie or truth?" Arnav asked with his gaze fixed at her..

" Of course truth" Khushi said frowning..

" You're looking hot, and I don't want men to look at you the way I'm " Arnav said without breaking the eye lock..

Khushi's eyes widened hearing his talk, she went running from there to change it.. 

Arnav went to the car with Rohan waiting for Khushi..

In the car Arnav looked serious at Rohan..

" Do you love her? Or just playing with her?" Arnav asked looking deeply at Rohan..

" Woh.. Bro.. I thought I love her.. But you see.. Do you remember Anaya? My ex? She came back two months back in my life... " Rohan said pressing his lips to suppress the smile, he was enjoying making stories..

" What the.. Now why you introduced Khushi to ma? By the way you gave a ring to her? You're such a liar Rohan... You're playing with feelings of an innocent girl.." Arnav said getting irritated..

" Destiny bro.. Its not in my control.. After seeing Anaya I felt something.. I think I went back to Khushi because she is very beautiful. But love is for Anaya.." Rohan said placing his hand on his chest with a dreamy look..

" Rohan I will beat you up.. How can you do this? Dad introduced her to everyone.. Are you mad? Tell the truth to Khushi.. Don't play with her.. If you play with her heart, I will forget you're my brother .." Arnav said with a warning tone.

Rohan gulped his saliva scared: Okay.. What about mom? She is also going to beat me, she wants Khushi as her daughter in law...

" But Bro.. You can accept Khushi no? It's she will cry a lot after finding that I'm betraying her... I don't want to see her crying..

(Arnav remembered Khushi crying in the kitchen..)

Ohh but how can I forget.. You already have Akira in your life.. Khushi ka kya hoga?

" Nothing will happen with her... " Arnav said lost in his thoughts...

Meanwhile Khushi came there and they headed towards AR..

Reaching there everyone was giving looks to them..

Akira came there burning in jealousy: What is she doing here?

" Akira I pay you to work here, not see who comes or not with me... Okay? " Arnav looked irritated, neither in the past, nor now he will let anyone talk bad about Khushi, he was, is and will always be protective about her.. Only she betrayed him, otherwise she would see his attention only on her..

Rohan looked at the canteen with a bright smile: Foooooodd... Let's go Khushi..

" Mr.Raizada you're here to work.. Not to eat" Arnav said to his brother smirking..

" Aman explain him the work.. Khushi come with me" Arnav said heading to his cabin...

Khushi looked at herself " Now I'm looking normal.. Not hot.."

She went behind him running..

* Arnav's cabin:

Arnav leaned on his chair indicating Khushi to sit..

" Rohan really doesn't love you, as you said the pics in his mobile are of his ex girlfriend Anaya, he is dating her for two months.." Arnav said..

" Kya? When did this happen? " Khushi said confused, as Rohan didn't told her anything..

" What the... He said to me today, soon he will also break up with you... But that's not my problem... What I want to tell you is that my mother loves you a lot, and she would be heartbroken if she gets to know that Rohan doesn't love you, and also Dad introduced you as the daughter in law of the house, so not to spoil his reputation. I decided that I will marry you.. Only if you want.." Arnav finished his speech looking at Khushi..

" Woh.. I need time to think.." Khushi said while fake crying..

" We don't have time Khushi.. Decide what you want now.. And it's better you accept because I don't want to see my family sad.." Arnav said irritated..

" Will you love me after marriage? Or you're just doing this for your family?" Khushi said hoping to hear a good response..

" Some words you said to me years back still ring in my ears.. Impossible to forget.. So I'm just doing this for my " Dear own" " Arnav said stressing each word to Khushi..

Khushi looked down controlling her tears: " Wish I could tell you everything Arnav... But without proofs and knowing who is behind all this I can't."

" Okay I will marry you" Khushi said wiping her tears..

" Do you love Rohan?" Arnav asked..

" I don't know... Some words I said two years back.. Impossible to forget.. Now I'm repenting.." Khushi said looking at him smiling sadly..

" Even if you repent.. I'm not going to forgive you. And I'm loving that you're repenting, because choosing a man you met once over a man who took care of you all days is foolishness.." Arnav said not looking at Khushi.. 

" Laad governor.. I didn't betray you.. " Khushi thought looking angry at Arnav...


Rohan crying: Mumma they are really giving me work.. I thought I came here just to bring Bro and Bhabhi close.. But they made me work.. Why? They aren't letting me eat also..

Ragini: Hahaha good for you.. Keep working baby..

Ragini hung up the call laughing with Anjali..


Person: No.. No.. Khushi you can't get close to Arnav.. I will not let you.. Happiness will never in Arnav's life... I will not let you clear the misunderstandings I created between you both.. Never...

The person entered Arnav's cabin: ASR.. ASR... Akira.. Akira is trying to commit suicide..

Arnav looked shocked: What? But why Aman?

Aman: She is insecure of Khushi.. Lets go fast..

Arnav went running downstairs, while Aman came behind him smiling evily...

Khushi also went to see what's happening she stood outside the canteen so that Akira doesn't take wrong steps seeing her, Rohan came near her: What happened?

Khushi worried: Akira wants to kill herself..

Rohan rolled his eyes: Drama only.. She wants Arnav attention.. What a plan!!!

Khushi: But Arnav said he will marry me..

Rohan hugged Khushi jumping in happiness: Congrats Khushi...

Khushi looked around with a sheepish smile then whispered to Rohan: Someone is trying to kill herself and you're hugging me happily.. People will think we are happy because she dying you know..

Rohan stopped looking at the office staff that were giving them weird looks he entered inside the canteen: Sorry.. Let's continue watching the suicide drama.. Sorry for the disturbance..

* Inside the canteen:

Arnav: Continue.. Kill yourself.. Come on..

Aman: ASR what's wrong with you?

Arnav: If she wants to die, then let her.. 

Akira looked at Arnav crying with a knife in her hand: I will really kill myself Arnav..

" Go ahead then" Arnav said with a challenging tone..

Akira looked at Aman worried while he gestured her to faint..

She fainted expecting Arnav to catch her but fell on the floor..

" Ouch..." Akira opened her eyes slowly to see why Arnav didn't save her and was shocked seeing Arnav going away sighing..

Arnav: Come to my cabin.. I need to talk with you..


* Arnav's cabin:

" I want to break up with you.." Arnav said looking at Akira.

" What? But why... Ohh that witch right? I knew it.. She was going to come in between us.." Akira said wiping her tears..

" She is not a witch .. And I want to marry her.. " Arnav said trying to be calm while dealing with Akira.

" No!! What? You want to marry her... But why Arnav? She has a boyfriend.. Why is she doing this? She wants my pain only .. Shi I hate her, she is playing with you both.. But I will not let you fall in her trap.. You're not going to marry her..." Akira said determined..

" Listen I'm going to marry her whether you want it or not, so the question is you want to be my girlfriend after marriage? And I guess the answer is no right? So we have to break up.." Arnav also said with the same tone in his voice..

" I also didn't want to things happen like this.. I wanted to move on, but life is taking me back to my past.. And you weren't in my past, so sorry for that Akira.. You will find a better man than me.." Arnav said genuinely..

" No Arnav.. I really love you, please don't leave me, I'm even ready to dress up the way you want.. Please.. I will be Khushi for you"  Akira said hugging Arnav crying..

" I'm not marrying her out of love Akira.. " Arnav said..

" Then? " Akira asked confused..

" You don't need to know.." Arnav said breaking the hug..

Khushi came there seeing both close to each other she felt jealous..

" Sorry to disturb" she was about to leave again but returned " Mr.Raizada you asked my hand in marriage, please respect the relation we are going to share.." Khushi went from there angry..


" How dare he? I guess he wants to continue with Akira after marriage also..." Khushi said pacing around the room angrily..

" Relax.. Khushi, you know today only he talked about marriage to you.. I guess he was talking with Akira.. I know my bro.. He isn't like me who betrays girls.. " Rohan said laughing at himself..

" Heyy sorry Rohan.. Everyone will get fake angry on you because you're cheating me.. Really sorry.. I'm making you a villain, sorry to Anaya too, she is staying away from you because of me " Khushi said holding her ears..

" Heyy are you mad? I'm more than happy to help you.. There is nothing to be sorry about okay" Rohan said cupping Khushi's face smiling..

Khushi smiled, if it wasn't them she would be crying craving for Arnav..

" Let me tell Mom about this so soon good news.. She will be so happy.. And yeah will tell her to not over react when she gets to know.. You know mom will start doing K3G drama there.." Rohan said while calling Ragini..


Arnav was driving the car returning home to have lunch..

Rohan cleared his throat: Bro.. Since when do you know Akira, I mean when did you both started dating?

Arnav looked at Rohan: Tell the truth to your girlfriend, then come to know about mine..

Rohan turned to Khushi: Khushi I need to talk with you about something important.. Okay?

Khushi nodded then looked at Arnav sadly ( as she already knows what Rohan wants to talk about, she had to fake sadness in front of Arnav)

Arnav maintained his look..

Rohan: Now tell na..

Arnav: I met her one year ago, I liked her so we started dating..

Khushi looked at him angrily, Rohan smiled: Do you love her?

Arnav: Yeah..

Khushi: SHUT UP...

Rohan and Arnav looked at her while she faked a smile: I'm mean shut up you both. My head is hurting..

Arnav worried: Do you want water? I guess there is a hospital near here.. We will go there..

Khushi: No.. Its not needed..

Arnav: Of course you need it.

Rohan: Let it be Bro.. She is telling she is fine..

Arnav nodded still looking at Khushi.. Then continued driving..

They reached home..

Rohan took Khushi to his room..

" Khushiii I'm betraying you with another girl.. So sorry for that.." Rohan said laughing

" Nooo.. I'm going to die.. Why you did this Rohan? You gave a me a ring, with a promise... You're breaking it.." Khushi also laughed..

" I think it's done.. We already talked with each other now.. You can marry bro.. Just some family drama.. " Rohan said as both went out of the room with serious faces..

All were trying to control their laughs, only Arnav who wasn't aware of anything was serious thinking about Khushi..

" Bro.. We have decided to break up" Rohan said with a sad face..

" Haan.. I can't force someone to stay with me when he doesn't love me.." Khushi also said wiping her fake tears..

" Rohan you're really a child.. How can you play with a girls feeling? " Ragini came there scolding him..

" Your brother told us that you have another girl in your life? How can you do this.. I made such a big party for you and Khushi and next day you betray her?" Neil said trying to act, he isn't so good at it..

" It's not next day Dad, I'm with Anaya since two months" Rohan said with an innocent face..

Khushi cried more loudly..

" Shut up Rohan" Arnav signaled him to keep quiet..

" I had so many dreams to my daughter in law.. You're a fool really.. Now who is this Anaya? " Ragini said slapping Rohan, who looked angrily at her.. She made a sorry face to him..

" Don't beat him Ma" Khushi said trying to control herself, seeing the drama she really wanted to laugh... What was making her laugh more was that Arnav was the innocent of the story.. He really thought all this is happening for real.. He was the only one with a real worried face..

" Ma I decided to marry with Khushi, in this way your reputation won't be spoilt neither you will lose your daughter.. " Arnav said..

" Acha? Really Arnav.. You're ready to do this for me?.." Ragini said smiling..

" What about your girlfriend? " Neil asked..

" I broke up with her.." Arnav said..

" Wow so soon.. You did everything in just one day Arnav.. You're so fast.. " Shyam said impressed..

" I don't like wasting time" Arnav said going to his room..

All started dancing in the living room happily..

" Now that villain will come very soon after getting to know that I'm going to marry Arnav" Khushi said smiling victoriously..

" Bro helped us without knowing it.. " Rohan smiled, now their plan will be more easy now..

" Akira out, Rohan out... Arnav and Khushi closeness after marriage, and the villain will expose himself after getting the news.." Ragini clapped excitedly seeing their plans getting successfull..

" What Rohan out? I'm still in the family.." Rohan said pouting..

Ragini smiled and hugged him: Thank you my baby.. Because of your super acting, Arnav and Khushi will get close so soon..

Rohan smiled and hugged his mother like a baby..

" Khushi" the famous shout reached their ears...

Khushi went smiling upstairs..

" Dji.." Khushi walked in his room..

" We will do court marriage" Arnav said typing on his laptop..

" No.. I want traditional marriage, with all the ceremonies" Khushi said crossing her arms..

" You're not in condition to put your demands here.. You're the one who was betrayed, I left my girlfriend for you.. So you have to do as I say" Arnav glared at Khushi..

" Nahin.." Khushi looked away with an angry kid look..

Arnav let out a sigh " Stubborn woman" ..

" Then tell ma to do these things quickly" Arnav said making Khushi smile..


" Akira can't you do a simple job? " Aman asked getting angry..

" What do you expect then? He is ASR. Once he decides to do something, he doesn't change it.." Akira said sitting on the bed of a dark room angrily...

" They can't marry.. Khushi can't tell Arnav the truth.. " Aman said scared if Khushi succeeds in bringing happiness in Arnav's life..

" Let's kill her... In this way Arnav will be mine, and also be in pain.. What we both want.." Akira said smirking at her plan..

" Not bad Akira.. We will surely execute this plan" Aman said..


At night time:

" Tomorrow we will talk with the priest.. " Ragini said to everyone as they were watching TV in the living room together..

Arnav ignored what he heard and continued drawing with Ayan..

" Don't think I'm sad bro.. Enjoy your marriage" Rohan said coolly..

" I know you aren't sad at all.. But Khushi is.. " Arnav said glaring at him..

" Okay but let's forget this incident now.. We can't be sad like that" Neil said tired of the sad looks..

" What the... What's wrong with you all? Why are you behaving so strange? Rohan played with Khushi feelings, he breaks up with her.. And you're all just sad.. Ma doesn't Khushi mean anything to you? " Arnav asked getting suspicious of his family now..

" Haan I'm sad Arnav, but the fact you thought to save our reputation by marrying her made me very happy.. So what if she isn't Rohan's wife, she will be yours.. I know you both don't love each other, but believe me Khushi, you will fall in love with my Chote too.. Maybe you and Rohan weren't the perfect couple.." Ragini said trying to convince Arnav..

Arnav seemed convinced, Khushi came and gave him kheer..

" What the.." Arnav said looking at her weirdly..

" Desert Arnav.. Don't worry it's sugar free" Khushi said with a half-smile..

Arnav took it from her hand and  savored the food made by her..

Khushi smiled seeing him eating it so fast, it means he liked it..

After finishing his food, he went to his room..

As time passed by, everyone started going to sleep..

Khushi was the one who was still watching her daily soaps..

" Wow like in shows Arnav will also marry me.. But I'm sure that villain will do something to separate us.. I have to be alert.." Khushi thought..

She went to check Arnav in his room and saw him sleeping so cutely like a baby.. She went near him and pulled the blanket covering him properly..

She went close to him and her hands couldn't resist but stroke his hair.. Placing a soft kiss on his forehead she went to her room with a smile playing on her lips...

She went to sleep in her room..

" Hahahahaha" Khushi heard a sound of someone laughing.. She pulled the blanket more to herself..

" Hahahahahaa" Khushi started sweating hearing these sounds.. She turned to the left side of the bed closing her eyes tightly..

After sometime that sound stopped, she opened one eye slowly and was shocked seeing a shadow through the wall playing with knife..

" Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed not wanting to look behind her..

Arnav was sleeping deeply woke up startled hearing screamings..

He went running to Khushi's room, and found her looking at the wall breathing heavily..

" Khushi what happened? " Arnav sat on the bed..

Khushi recognized the voice and immediately turned hugging Arnav: Woh...that sha..dow.. Shadow..wants to kill

Arnav caressed her back to calm her down: I agree my house looks like a vampire place, but it isn't.. Okay..

Khushi shakes her negatively seeing Arnav not getting what she wanted to say: I ..heard.. someone laughing.. Arnav.. that shadow wan..ts to k..ill me..

" Okay stop talking, drink this water" Arnav said while handing her a glass of water..

Khushi refused and rested her head on his shoulder: He wants to kill me.. Listen to me..

" Who? Who wants to kill you? " Arnav asked confused..

" I don't know" Khushi said not looking at anything only crying..

Everyone came there..

Ragini worried: What happened Khushi? Why are you crying?

Khushi looked at Ragini crying: Ma.. There was a sh..shadow here.. He wants to kill me.. He was playing with a knife.. Its very scary..

Neil and Rohan looked at each other, then left the room..

They went outside the house to see if that person is still there..

Rohan: Dammit.. He was here today..

Neil: Let's ask the guards..

 They asked the guards but they said no one came inside..

Rohan massaging his temples: How can this possible? Whoever he is, very smart I must say.. Now he is planning to kill Khushi, to separate her once and for all from Arnav..

Neil nodded: And as we expected the news had already reached to him.. In just one day how can he know that Arnav wants to marry Khushi?

Rohan: Dad.. This means he is very close to Arnav.. I think this person work in AR, see Arnav talked with Khushi about marriage there maybe he listened.. We are very close Dad..

Neil smirked: He won't escape from us..

They went back to Khushi's room, Neil signaled Ragini that they didn't find anyone outside..

Arnav looked at everyone: You can go and sleep, I will stay here with her..

All left leaving Arnav with Khushi..

Arnav made Khushi sleep, as she was slowly drifting to a deep sleep, Arnav got up to leave, Khushi held his hand tightly: Don't leave me please..

" I'm here only.. If you want anything call me." Arnav said assuring her..

" No.. Stay here.. I'm scared" Khushi  said as if her life depended on Arnav..

Arnav stayed back with her: Should I sleep here with you?

" There is recliner there" Khushi said pointing to the recliner in her room..

" Really?" Arnav asked her in disbelief. She nodded innocently..

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The guesses were right: Its Aman the main villain..

Feb 20, 2017

Chapter 6 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 57 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you will like it..

" Aman we are going to Mandir.." Arnav said while driving the car..

" Chote stop talking on your phone, you're driving" Ragini said worried for this boy, he always drive fast and talking on his phone..

Arnav hang up the call sighing stopping the car as they reached the Mandir..

" Take out your shoes" Khushi said sternly to Arnav who was about to enter in Mandir with shoes..

" What? " Arnav looked angry at her..

Khushi gestured with her eyes to his shoes..

" I already taught you this.. Don't you learn once?" Khushi said raising her brows..

" Shut up" Arnav said taking out his shoes..

They went to talk with the priest...

After discussing the things for the marriage they decided to make Arshi marriage after two weeks...

All returned home happily..

Arnav went to his work, Khushi came running to him " Arnav... Arnav.." Khushi shouted and Arnav had to stop the car..

" What?" Arnav asked..

" Can't you treat me well? I'm going to be your wife.." Khushi said pouting..

" Not because of love.." Arnav replied..

" We will eventually fall in love.." Khushi said with confidence..

" You, not me.. I already love you a lot.." Arnav said looking away making Khushi look at him with a big smile..

" Why are you going to work? Stay at home.. We have to decide the decorations, everything.. Stay please.." Khushi looked at him with a pleading face..

Arnav looked at her wanting to smile seeing her face but controlled himself and walked inside the house..

" So haldi ceremony we will do here.. " Ragini said..

" I will talk with my friend here to decorate this house.." Neil said calling his friend..

" Arnav uncle.. There will be ladoo also in your marriage? " Ayan asked smiling..

" Haan haan Ayan.. There will be big big ladoos for you.." Khushi said pinching Ayan cheeks..

" He asked me.." Arnav said glaring at Khushi..

" Toh? I'm going to be your wife I know everything you want to say..  " Khushi said smiling..

" Acha.. We have to do shopping Khushi..Chote also.. " Anjali said coming near them..

" Okay Di.." Khushi answered while Arnav made a face, he hates shopping..

At night time Arnav was getting irritated, they don't stop talking about marriage man..

He went to his room, Khushi giggled seeing him..

She went to his room and went to pool side.. She knows he is there only..

" Aren't you happy marrying me?" Khushi asked..

" I'm.. This is my dream.." Arnav answered her honestly...

" You don't look like." Khushi said as her eyes were ready to cry..

" This is not the way I thought I would meet you.. As my brother's girlfriend.. then all this.." Arnav said looking at the sky..

" I had no choice Arnav" Khushi said crying for a while forgetting her mission..

Arnav looked at her in confusion: Why?

" Woh.. There is.." Khushi was about to tell him everything but a sound made them look at the door..

" ASR.. You didn't tell me about your marriage..Only today.. Is this your friendship?" Aman came there  smiling..

" Everything happened suddenly.." Arnav replied..

" Whatever you need I'm here.." Aman said..

Arnav patted his shoulder giving him a half-smile and walked out of the room calling Aman to come with him..

Khushi looked at the sky sadly whispering " DM please show me this villain soon.. Please.."

She also went out of the room..

" Aman beta.. You have to help us.. Give me details of your best friend choices.." Ragini said serving Aman juice..

" Hahahaha Aunty for sure I will help you.." Aman said...

Khushi stepped back in shock, this was the same laughter sound she heard yesterday.. So it was Aman?

Khushi tried to inform Rohan, but Rohan was busy chatting with Neil..

" Aman.. How can this be possible? Aman is Arnav's best friend..  What  he would gain doing this? But it wasn't Aman voice that day... DM I'm so confused" Khushi said in shock..

Arnav pulled Khushi with him to his room again..

" So you were saying something.." Arnav said curious to know..

" Kuch nahi.." Khushi said while still thinking about Aman..

" Khushi don't lie.. Your eyes don't let you.. I know you're hiding something from me.. Right? All this is so strange.. Don't think me as a fool.. " Arnav said furrowing his brows..

" Would you believe me? If I say what made me leave you that day? " Khushi asked

" Yes" Arnav answered quickly..

" Then listen.." Khushi wanted to continue but once again someone came there and it was Ragini..

Ragini: Khushi come with me for a while. I want to talk with you..

Khushi went behind Ragini..

" Are you sure Khushi? You want to tell him the truth..." Ragini asked Khushi worried..

" Yes ma.. I have found Arnav's enemy" Khushi said looking at Aman downstairs..

" Who is he?" Ragini asked curious to know..

" Aman.." Khushi looked at Ragini..

" Kya? Khushi Aman is our family.. I'm sure he didn't do this.. " Ragini said refusing to believe Khushi..

" Ma please believe me.. I heard him laughing today, its the same voice that laughed yesterday.." Khushi said

" No.. Was it the same of that day?" Ragini argued..

" No.." Khushi looked down..

" Then? Khushi you're talking without proofs.. Aman can't do this, I know him since Arnav's college days, he is also like my son.. You're saying for me to believe my son did this?" Ragini said frowning, now Khushi was scared, was Ma leaving her side? She was sure it was Aman's voice.. But seeing Ragini response it seems they will not believe her...

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Feb 20, 2017

Chapter 7 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 52 times)

Here is the next part..

" Aman my enemy.. What are they talking about?" Arnav thought confused after hearing Khushi and Ragini talks..

He went back to his room thinking..

" Something is really fishy here.. Think Arnav.. You have to solve this puzzle.. First I told Khushi that I love her, she leaves me because she loves someone else and didn't considered me as her real friend, then after two years Rohan came to India to take Khushi with him, and introduce her to the family, they came here to do their marriage but suddenly Rohan who seemed to be madly in love with Khushi betrays her, I decided to marry her.. What's missing here? " Arnav thought massaging his temples..

" Let's see the odd things now.. Rohan came India to take Khushi, but didn't came to meet me.. And just to introduce her, they could call me to London.. Rohan betraying Khushi suddenly and the family seems less shocked with this.. There is something wrong here... And Khushi is the one who will tell me everything.." Arnav thought smirking at his plan..

After sometime he descended the stairs and went outside the house for a while, then came back with a smirk..

" ASR where did you go? " Aman asked curious to know..

" Nothing special" Arnav said..

" I have served the food.. Come all of you.." Anjali said calling her family, who were busy with marriage planning..

Arnav walked fast to the table seeing everyone attention still on their talks..

Pouring juice on Khushi's glass, he mixed beer in it...

" Sorry Khushi, I know you don't drink but your secret mouth will open only after this.." Arnav chuckles imagining Khushi drunk..

All came there and started eating their food still in marriage talks, Khushi also didn't noticed that Arnav already served juice for her..

She drank it normally and Arnav looked at her...

" Shiii this juice is not good.." Khushi said making a yuck face..

" Drink it na... Its good, and apt for people like you." Arnav said bringing the juice near Khushi's mouth..

Khushi drank it unwillingly, she was feeling dizzy now..

And by her expression Arnav understood it, he finished his food quickly and took Khushi with him..

" Chote calm down.. Khushi didn't finish her food" Anjali said with a teasing smile...

" She is feeling sleepy Di." Arnav said trying to make Khushi stand properly who was dancing with her body left -right-left..

" Haan haan go" Rohan said also laughing...

Arnav went from there handling Khushi..

He reached his room and left Khushi to close the door but she fell on the floor..

" Mummaaaaa" Khushi shouted crying 

" What the.." Arnav closed the door fast and picked Khushi from the floor..

" I'm feeling dizzy Arnav .. I can see everything doubled.. What's happening? " Khushi said rubbing her eyes..

" Khushi I want to talk with you.." Arnav said..

" Are you mad? We are already talking.. I don't why people call you smart ASR.. You're really dumb.. So dumb.. That I said hurtful words to you and you believed it in a go.. You didn't try to find out why your Khushi said that words.. You're really DUMB.." Khushi said slapping Arnav..

" Then tell me na.. Why did you said those words that day? " Arnav asked patting her cheeks so that she doesn't sleep..

" I love you na.." Khushi said laughing like mad..

" I LOVE YOU A LOT LOT LOT.. " Khushi started shouting while dancing..

Arnav breath stopped.." Khushi loves me? "

Arnav held Khushi once again: Then why did you said you have a boyfriend?

" No boyfriend .. Khushi has no boyfriend.. Khushi only prays to DM for Arnav only.." Khushi said giving Arnav the second shock..

" Why did you leave me then?" Arnav asked..

" Villain.." Khushi said hugging Arnav frowning sad..

" That bad villain doesn't want us together.. " Khushi said closing her eyes to sleep..

Arnav looked down seeing her about to sleep,  he made her sit on the bed and patted her cheeks: Khushi don't sleep.. Tell me.. Who is this villain? What happened?

Khushi: A..A..A..

" A what Khushi?" Arnav asked eager to know...

" Aman!" Khushi said resting her head on his chest sleeping, leaving Arnav shocked to the core..

" Aman is the villain? But why he would separate us? Khushi had to sleep now itself.. No problem, at least now I know you love me.." Khushi said kissing her hair...

He made her sleep on his bed, pulled blanket to cover her then left the room..

" Chote today Aman will sleep here, in fact till your marriage happens okay?" Ragini smiled..

Arnav nodded looking at Aman to see his expression, Aman was smiling normally then looked down with a kind of an evil smile...

Arnav was more than shocked seeing things happen like this in his life..

" Should I believe in Khushi? Did Aman really tried to separate us? But Aman is my best firend.. Why would she lie drunk.. No.. Khushi is not lying.. I have to find out what Aman really wants.." Arnav thought determined to find out the truth..

 He looked at the Mandir in his house.. " Thanks for making Khushi for me" Arnav smiled..

He sat with Ayan chatting...

Ayan: Now who will you love more Arnav uncle? Me or Khushi aunty?

Arnav smiled: You of course Ayan..

Ayan clapped his hand jumping: Yyaaayy!!! Arnav uncle loves me..

Anjali laughed: Naughty boy..

Aman after talking for a while went upstairs, Arnav looked at him controlling his each step.. Aman looked downstairs to see if anyone is seeing him, Arnav immediately turned his attention to the TV, Aman entered in Arnav's room..

" What is he doing in my room? No.. Khushi? " Arnav walked fast to reach his room before Aman harms Khushi..

Reaching there Aman was with a pillow in his hands, Arnav looked suspiciously at him: Aman?

Aman looked at him shocked: ASR.. Woh I was checking for my ring, when I came here it fell.. So..

Arnav: Next time tell me.. I don't want anyone to enter in my room without my permission..

Aman: ASR don't you trust me? I'm your only friend..

Arnav smiled sarcastically: You know Aman.. I don't trust myself, how will I trust you?

Aman laughed: ASR you will never change..

Aman went from there wiping his sweat " I escaped today.. Will have to be more alert.."

Arnav went near Khushi " No trouble, pain, tension will touch now.. I will protect you from every devil that comes in our life.. You don't know how happy I'm knowing that you love me too.. I thought I would never hear these words from you.. I love you Khushi.. I love you too..I thought my love was one sided but no.. You also have the same feelings for me..You're mine, only mine.. Yes.. You don't love Rohan..  I'm so happy today but can't even show it.. As I'm seeing Aman wants to kill you.Yesterday maybe the shadow you saw was Aman, I'm so confused...but don't worry your DM united us after two years then it means only our love will win.. I just have to find out what exactly happened that day.." Arnav thought and placed a kiss on Khushi's forehead...

Arnav also fell asleep beside Khushi caressing her hair...


Thanks for the comments: Noordina, Lily30, Maahiak, Londoner..

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Feb 22, 2017

Chapter 7 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 65 times)

Here is the next part... Hope you like it..

" Ahhhh" Khushi woke up trying to open her eyes, she was having a terrible headache because of drinking..

After a lot of attempts to open her eyes she looked around.. " Arnav's room? When did I came here?"

She looked at the right side of the bed and found Arnav sleeping there..

" DM what am I doing here?" Khushi asked gasping..

Arnav woke up hearing her mumblings..

" You slept here.." Arnav said normally..

" With you? I mean I don't remember anything.." Khushi said scratching her head to fill something in her brain, but it was all blank..

" Relax.. And by the way you're going to be my wife.. There is nothing wrong in it.." Arnav said smirking...

" Okay.. " Khushi said suspiciously, what really happened with her? She doesn't remember anything..

She went running to her room..

Arnav smiled and went to freshen up..

Both walked out of the room at the same time, while Arnav was smirking at Khushi. She was embarrassed for sleeping with him..

" Chote today no work okay .. We have to shop.. Clothes for everyone.." Ragini said placing the bread on the table..

Arnav pushed back the chair to sit down: " Haan ma, I will not work today"

Khushi looked at Arnav with big eyes..


" Khushi Aman can't do this..." Neil said as all were in Rohan room chatting about Khushi's discover..

" Yes I don't believe it also.. You're misunderstanding, I know Aman and NK for long time.. There is no reason to doubt them" Rohan said serious to Khushi..

" Please believe me. It was the same voice.. " Khushi said, she was seeing no one was supporting her and why not? Aman seemed to have gained their trust..

" Khushi he has not the same voice of the man that said those things to you.. Maybe the laughter sound was the same, but Aman is not at fault.. " Ragini said harshly to Khushi, then left the room..

Soon one by one started leaving the room, and Khushi cried " Why is no one believing me? I'm sure its Aman... "

Aman came in the room after everyone left laughing: " So you found me!!! OMG Khushi you're very smart.. Just by a laughing sound you reached me.. Impressive..

Aman laughed evily clapping.. " Aww don't cry baby... Go back to your coffee shop, because like Arnav's family didn't believe you, Arnav is also not going to believe you if you tell him.. You lost Khushi.. You lost this game.. I'm the winner.. "

Khushi with sharp eyes: I didn't accept defeat till now.. I will show your truth to Arnav very soon. So what if my family doesn't believe, Arnav I'm sure he will listen to me..

Aman rolled his eyes: Oh come on.. I'm Arnav's best friend. The one who consoled him when you left him, so basically he will be at my side..

Khushi looked at him: Why are you doing this?

Aman laughed: What will do knowing it? When you already lost this game.. There is no need to know why I want my friend to suffer..

Khushi angry: I'm the winner do you get that? DM is with me.. And I will expose you in front of Arnav.. Mark my words..

Khushi left the room wiping her tears with determined eyes..

" Thanks God.. You're really at my side.. I can't believe it, all Raizada family trusted me instead of Khushi. Wow.. " Aman said smirking..

Arnav came near Khushi dressed up to go out: Are you ready?

Khushi nodded: Yes let's go..

Arnav looked at Khushi's eyes " Was she crying? Why?"

Arnav: Were you crying?

Khushi: Arnav if I tell you something bad about someone you trust a lot. Would you believe in me?

Arnav looked at Khushi: No, of course not.. What are talking about?

Khushi looked at him shocked: Don't you trust me?

Arnav: No.. Why should I trust you? You never did something for me to trust you..

Khushi looked at him numb. Arnav looked at her with a sad face " Sorry Khushi, Aman is behind us and I don't want him to know that I'm at your side otherwise he will harm you.."

They went to the shopping..

Reaching there they went to see sarees and jewelry to the ladies, and Neil, Arnav, Rohan, Aman, NK, Shyam and Ayan went to buy sherwanis for them..

" Arnav this one is awesome.. Try it" NK said smiling and handling a white sherwani to Arnav..

Arnav faked a smile, he was looking at the shop opposite where he saw Khushi sad alone, of course she wasn't in mood to shop after what he told her..

" I must change her mood.." Arnav thought..

He left the sherwani and went to the ladies shop..

" Don't you want to marry?" Arnav asked Khushi..

Khushi looked away: No.. Why should I marry you when you don't trust me?

Arnav smiled: Just because of that..

Khushi looked at him with big eyes: Trust is the most important thing in marriage, do you know?

Arnav nodded: I don't trust anyone... Teach me how to trust..

Khushi glanced at Arnav: If I teach you, will you trust me?

Arnav smirked: Only if my teacher is good, I will give her my good marks.. So don't let me fail..

Khushi smiled.. Arnav: Now go and enjoy!

Khushi nodded and walked to go smiling..

Arnav: Listen.. Buy something red okay?

Khushi looked at Arnav confused: Why?

Before he answered, she remembered and went running from there blushing..

He went to his side again, showing his sherwani to Khushi.. He asked her if she liked it..

She nodded showing thumbs up, Arnav went to try and it fit him perfectly..

Khushi chose a red lehenga for marriage day and others dresses for the rest of ceremonies..

After shopping, Arnav went to keep the bags in the car with NK..

" Wow bro.. You're really happy marrying her right? " NK asked smiling..

" Yeah NK.. I'm happy! And I'm seeing you're very excited (NK nodded vigorously) but Aman isn't hain na?" Arnav asked..

" Aman..yeah you're right, he is so calm. When he was the one who said that when you marry he would be the one who will dance in happiness.. " NK said confused.

" NK did you notice something strange in Aman? I mean his activities something like that.." Arnav hoped to get a response..

" No Nannav.. Just one day he came very late to home.. Seriously I wonder what he does in sleeping hours.." NK said closing the door of the car..

" When NK? " Arnav asked..

" I think before yesterday.." NK said while Arnav looked shocked, so it was really Aman who came to scare Khushi..

" Let's go" they went to a restaurant to lunch..

* Restaurant XYZ:

" Invitations cards!! I completely forgot about it.. " Ragini said holding her head...

" Relax Ma.. I will do this work.." Arnav said drinking his juice..

" I want to choose.." Khushi said smiling cheekily..

" Yes you will choose everything meri ma" Arnav said sarcastically..

Khushi pouted hearing him.. Everyone laughed..

" By the way Rohan are you happy? I mean doesn't it hurt to see ASR with Khushi?" Aman asked smiling only to Rohan, but it was loud enough for Arnav to hear..

" Khushi was written in my destiny Aman.. " Arnav said politely..

" No Aman.. I'm not hurt, I love someone else.." Rohan said smiling..

Aman nodded with a fake smile..

Arnav turned to Khushi who wasn't eating her food: Do you want me to eat your food?

Khushi looked at Arnav: Huh?

Arnav: Eat your food Khushi.. Isn't it good?

Khushi nodded: I'm eating...

Anjali: You both will not meet each other after haldi okay! So we have to arrange a place for Khushi's staying..

Arnav: What the.. No, Khushi can't stay alone.

Neil smiled: Why?

" How can I leave her alone when her life is in danger? Aman will surely use this as a way to kill her.." Arnav thought..

Khushi also looked scared..

Arnav: I have an idea.. Khushi will stay  at NK's house..

Khushi smiled..

Anjali: Good idea..

Aman looked at Arnav angrily " Don't worry Arnav even with her NK and Lav by her side, she will be scared.. Because my shadow will kill her.."

All went back, while Neil and Rohan went to see the place the engagement was going to happen..


Arnav: Yeah.. I want you to keep an eye on him, whatever he does everything I want to know... And send some bodyguards to protect Khushi.. No one should notice it..

Arnav finished his talks with his detective and went to Khushi's room..

" Hahaha stop tickling me Khushi Aunty.. " Arnav heard Ayan laughing, and the sound came from the bathroom..

" Khushi" Arnav called her..

" Come in Arnav..." Khushi shouted..

Arnav entered in the bathroom and saw Khushi showering Ayan who was playing with his toys in bathtub..

" Arnav uncle... Come to play with me.." Ayan called Arnav..

Arnav laughed looking at him " Naughty boy"

Khushi also laughed... Arnav came to sit beside them..

" So after two days you will be mine" Arnav said smirking while playing with Ayan..

" Hmm.. " Khushi smiled as her cheeks turned pink..

" Be careful Khushi" Arnav said serious..

Khushi immediately looked at him and his eyes revealed he was telling her something ..

" What do you mean by that? " Khushi asked..

" You know you love jalebi (Arnav) a lot, and jalebi also loves you lot, he knows it now.. But how can he tell you, jalebi doesn't speak right? Do you know why because Garima aunty keeps watching jalebi and Khushi all the time, that's why he doesn't tell you.. Garima aunty (Aman) will beat you up (kill you) if you eat Jalebi!!

Khushi: What are talking Arnav? I'm not understanding..

Ayan: Khushi Aunty .. Garima aunty is the villain in yours and jalebi story?

Khushi realized what Arnav was trying to tell her and looked at him shocked " He knows the truth?"

Arnav nodded to Khushi then turned to Ayan: Haan do you know Garima aunty doesn't let Khushi eat jalebi..

Khushi couldn't believe it, Arnav knows the truth.. She smiled with tears in her eyes and was about to ask him how he knows it, but stopped seeing Aman through the mirror.. Ohh that's why Arnav was talking like that with her.. That means they are being watched continuously by Aman.. She has to be more alert now.. Now that Arnav is by her side, she isn't scared at all..

Khushi wrapped a towel around Ayan and took him out of the bathroom, Aman immediately left the room..

Arnav went to close the door: He is watching us all the time...

Khushi nodded still shocked: How do you know it?

Arnav smirked sitting in the bed: You told me!

Khushi frowned: When?

Ayan looked at both confused: Whar are you talking about? I'm not understanding anything...

Arnav took Ayan's shirt from Khushi's hand and helped him: That plan you're hiding from uncle.. Uncle knows it now!

Ayan widened his eyes then looked at Khushi who was in the same state..

Ayan & Khushi: How???

Arnav smirked and told how he made Khushi tell him the truth..

Khushi started beating him: You made me drink.. How could you? That's why I was having headache.. I will not leave you.. How can..

Arnav stopped her: Haha.. You looked funny drunk..

Ayan also laughed with Arnav while Khushi was fuming in anger..

Arnav turned serious: Just one thing.. What Aman did that you left me? That you didn't tell me Khushi..

Khushi dressed Ayan and told him to go and play, closing the doors she turned to Arnav..

Khushi: Sit here, I will tell you everything..

Arnav agreed, and Khushi told him everything that happened 2 years ago..

Arnav looked at her shocked: So many things happened, who is that person then? Aman is trying to separate us.. This is a plan you made with my family to expose that person?

Khushi nodded: I didn't want to tell anything because I was scared if that person harms you.. So we decided to keep quiet and expose the person in front of you.. But you already know it..

Arnav: But Aman wants to kill you, not me.. And if he wanted to harm me he could do it long ago.. He never did anything of that sort..

Khushi confused: Maybe he wants something else.. And me, its because he doesn't want me to tell you the truth, but now you know it.

Arnav: But what? I don't remember doing anything bad to him.. What he wants from me? What would he gain separating us?

Khushi shrugged her shoulders: You never know..

Arnav: Okay we will find it out, I kept bodyguards in NK's house for your security, if you feel something strange call me immediately..

Khushi nodded then hugged Arnav..

Arnav hugged her back: Don't be scared.. I'm with you..

Khushi crying: I thought you wouldn't believe in me.. Ma, Papa, Rohan, Di everyone is refusing to believe me.. I know its Aman voice..

Arnav: Shhh don't cry.. Our love will win.. ( After a pause) Khushi.. Tell me those words you were going to say years back if that person didn't came in our lifes..

Khushi wiped her tears smiling: On our engagement day!!

Arnav pouted: I have to wait 2 days for that?

Khushi nodded giggling: Yes.. The day I will be yours..

Arnav went from there with a smile playing on his lips.. Khushi danced in happiness..


" Akira back to work.." Aman said talking on his phone..

" What am I supposed to do?" Akira said..

" I'm in Arnav's house these days, and Khushi will be at NK's house, I want you to go there and fill in her mind that Arnav doesn't love her, make sure she believes it.. " Aman warned her..

" Yeah I will do it, but how will you kill her now?" Akira asked confused..

" Don't worry about that.. " Aman said smirking...

 Akira hang up the call and turned to go but her father stopped her..

" Akira you're doing wrong" her father tried to explain her..

" Dad I'm right.. Arnav is mine.." Akira said furrowing her brows.

" Arnav was hers, you both stole him from her, aren't you ashamed of it?" her father gave her disgusting looks..

" I didn't stole him, Arnav fell in love with me.." Akira said..

" Ohh really.. Aman paid you to behave like Khushi in front of Arnav, and Arnav only accepted you because you were like Khushi and he wanted to forget her.. Are you dumb? If he meets the real Akira, he will not even look at you.." her father shouted..

" Dad stop it.." Akira said not wanting to hear the truth..

" Akira.. Akira.. You're spoiling your life.. I tried to keep Arnav away from you by treating him badly but he never left.. Now that girl is back. I'm scared what will you do.." Akira's father thought worried..


The next day as planned Khushi went to stay in NK's house with NK, Lav and Ayan..

" Welcome bhabhi.. " NK said smiling showing his house to them..

" And this is Nannav means your husband's room here, he loves sleeping here.." NK said proud of his house!!

" Okay! Thank you NK" Khushi said giggling..

" Don't say thank you now.. There is another surprise" NK said..

" Another? " Khushi asked confused!

" Surpriseeeeeeeeee" she heard Garima and Payal screaming to her..

NK smiled nodding: Your family!!

Khushi smiled happily and went running to hug Payal and Garima..

NK picked up the call he was receiving knowing very well who it is..

" Nannav Khushi is very happy seeing her family" NK said..

Arnav on the other side smiled..

" Make sure she only smiles in your house okay" Arnav said..

" Yes Boss!" NK laughed..

" Jijiiiiii DM, I can't believe you both are here.." Khushi said kissing her sister..

" You're going to marry.. And we don't see it, how is it possible?" Garima said happily.

" You don't how happy I'm Khushi.. You are seeing now, you're not blind anymore.. Thank you DM for bringing back the happiness in my daughter life" Garima said crying looking at Khushi..

Khushi also cried hugging her.. Payal joined them: Now you will watch TV alone..

Khushi giggled..

Lav: Heyy guys you're getting emotional.. I will also cry now..

Khushi smiled looking at Lav: Lavanya right?

Lavanya nodded smiling: Yes! This fool's girlfriend.

Everyone laughed while NK pouted..

Akira came there clapping: Congrats Khushi!! After destroying mine and Arnav's love you're happy laughing and all.

Khushi frowned: Look I don't have any enmity with you, so please leave me alone..

Lav looked at Akira: Come on Akira, forget everything now.. Not only you, everyone in the office knows that Arnav loved Khushi but for some unknown reason they separated, now that he found her again you should really forget him. Maybe he never loved you..

Akira laughed: What a friend you are!! Now that Arnav left me, you also want to leave me and be Khushi's friend right? I should have seen your real face earlier..

NK angrily: Stop it Akira.. You're talking nonsense..

Akira ignored them and went near Khushi: Arnav loved me a lot, because of you he is leaving me.. He will put a ring in your hand when he promised to put in mine.. Just because of you! You destroyed our lives Khushi.. Why did you came back?

Khushi with sharp eyes: Arnav is mine Miss.Akira.. You came in between us.. Not me.. He came first in my life, then yours..

Akira: But you didn't accept his love.. I did.

Khushi smiled: So what? I will fall in love with him now.. And the greatest thing is that he loves me already.. While with you he didn't love you..

Akira: Khushi stop it.. What's wrong with you? You have Rohan with you.. I'm not understanding why you broke up with your boyfriend and managed to get mine..

Khushi laughed: Use your  brain to find it out then and stop spoiling my happiness..

Khushi went from there with Payal and Garima to her room..

Akira stomped her feet on the floor fuming in anger..

* Khushi / Arnav's room in NK house:

Payal: Khushi are you sure Arnav loves you and not Akira?

Khushi blushed: Yes.. He told me..

Garima: What? Isn't he angry with you?

Khushi: I told him everything about our plan.. But his family doesn't know he knows it, so basically I'm with Arnav now in this mission!

Payal: So Aman is really the villain! Why doesn't Arnav expose him? Take him out of your lives..

Khushi: Because Aman has some reason for doing this.. First I though he wants to harm Arnav but no.. He doesn't harm Arnav, so I and Arnav want to find out why is he doing this..

Payal nodded: Be careful Khushi..

Garima hugged Khushi tightly: We are always here to support you..

Feb 22, 2017

Chapter 9 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 61 times)

At night time Arnav went to his pool side silently without anyone, no, Aman noticing it..

He called Khushi. Khushi on the other side seeing the person who is calling her smiled..

" Laad governor what do you want?" Khushi teased Arnav..

" Ohh really.. Now its like this woman pick up the call of their lovers.. Great.. In the old days they would blush and talk shyly.." Arnav grinned..

" Oh my god.. I'm marrying an old man now, he romanced girls in old days...  What's your age Arnav? " Khushi laughed silently..

" Khushi you're impossible.. Tell me is everything okay?" Arnav turned his smiley face to a worried now..

" Yes everything is alright.. Ayan, Ma, Jiji, NK and Lav are sleeping.. Do you know your chudail came here today.. " Khushi said pouting.

" My chudail? Haha Khushi.. You mean Akira right? " Arnav laughed..

" Shiii you know her very well.. Even I said her name in disguise, you recognized her.. If someone said happiness to you.. You would never know who it is.." Khushi said angrily..

" What the.. Khushi don't start jealousy drama here.. And Happiness is you only.. Khushi means happiness.. " Arnav said pressing his lips to suppress his smile, then looked behind him to see if anyone is there or not..

" You're so bad.. Do you have any feelings for her?" Khushi asked..

" No Khushi.. It's just she is a good girl and I used her to forget you, I also feel guilty about it.. I don't hate her, what I did was wrong.." Arnav said with a guilty tone..

" I know.. " Khushi replied..

" I love you, bye take care okay.. " Arnav said looking behind once again..

" Bye bye.. " Khushi blushed..

Arnav disconnected the call smiling, she isn't going to say it, he will have to wait till the engagement day..

Khushi pulled the blanket more to herself and leaned on the bed smiling..

But soon her smiled slipped from her face hearing strange sounds outside her room.. She gulped her saliva in fear, clutching the blanket she looked at the door..

She took her phone quickly to call Arnav.. " Ahhhhhh" the phone slipped from her hand as she heard a sound of someone shouting. She dropped the idea of calling Arnav and went outside her room shivering in fear..

" Who is it?" Khushi asked looking around the living room..

NK came looking at Khushi: What happened Khushi?

Khushi looked at him: NK.. Did you heard someone screaming here? 

NK nodded: That's why I came here.. If it wasn't you then?

Khushi sigh: I don't know.. I'm feeling scared..

NK: Don't be Khushi.. Must be someone outside there.. Lets go..

Khushi nodded and went back to her room..

She turned to go to her bed but there was something on the floor..

She picked the box scared and sat on the bed opening it slowly..

" Letters, what's this?" Khushi confused opened the letters..

" Arnav wrote them to Akira!! " Khushi thought as her eyes welled up reading those love letters Arnav wrote to Akira, not only that she found their pictures together very close..

" Shii.." she threw all the things on the floor crying covering her face with her palm..


* Engagement Day:

Arnav was smiling at his reflection on the mirror checking out himself..

" You're looking out of the world ASR" he chuckles at his thought..

" Arnav let's go.. Everyone must be waiting for you there.." Aman came smiling in Arnav's room..

" Yeah just coming" Arnav said looking at Aman..

" You are looking so handsome man.. I just wish Khushi doesn't spoil your day.." Aman smirked..

" Heyy why are you talking bad things?" Arnav said smiling, but deep inside him his heart already knew Aman has played his part.. But what? Khushi didn't call him to inform him that there was something wrong..

Arnav sigh and went with Aman..

Reaching the place his family arranged for the engagement day.

Everyone looked at him as he reached, Girls were busy ogling at the handsome man in black suit, unfortunately going to marry soon..

Arnav smirked at his effect on everyone and walked to the little stage where his family were..

" So here I am" Arnav said..

" You're looking handsome Chote.. I can't believe you are going to marry very soon.. " Ragini hugged as tears of happiness fell on her cheeks..

" Arnav as a father I wish you all the happiness in this world.. If you ever need anything to woo your wife.. Tell me, I will give you advices.." Neil winked at Arnav..

Everyone laughed.. Arnav: I love you Dad..

Arnav hugged Neil happily. His father is his best friend, both share a great bond..

Rohan also joined in the hug: I love you all..

" Where is Khushi?" Arnav asked not spotting his soon to be wife..

" Chote.. You're supposed to reach first, then her.." Anjali said..

" Okay sit here" Ragini made Arnav sit in a decorated big chair placed for them in the stage..

Some friends came to talk with him and time passed by..

Khushi reached the hall making Arnav stand up with his mouth open..

He stared at her till she reached near him, she was looking more than gorgeous in a white outfit..

" You're looking so pretty Khushi" Ragini and Anjali came there smiling and hugging Khushi..

Khushi smiled a little..

They made the couple sit for a while..

" My jalebi you're looking hot" Arnav teased Khushi smiling..

Khushi looked away without answering Arnav..

Arnav frowned: Aman isn't here Khushi.. You can talk to me, he is outside..

Khushi: Why don't you talk with Akira? Look there she is looking at you only..

Arnav: What's wrong with you? I already explained to you ..

Khushi: You're a liar.. You love her truly...

Arnav: What the..

Khushi: I saw everything, your letters and pics together..

Arnav looked at Khushi confused: What are you talking about Khushi? I don't love Akira.. Letters, pics what's this?

Someone tapped Arnav's shoulder, Arnav turned and his mouth curved into a smile seeing the person in front of him..

" Akash.." Arnav hugged him..

" Sorry came late.. Better late than never right?" Akash smiled..

" Right ( turning to Khushi) he is my cousin Akash.." Arnav said..

Khushi smiled: Hi Akash..

Akash smiled back: Hi bhabhi.. You're looking beautiful!!

Khushi: Thank you..

Akash took Arnav to the group of men ( NK, Aman, Rohan, Shyam) while Khushi stayed there alone..

Arnav was glancing every now and then to her, and she looked away angrily..

" Seems like my plan is working.. Good job Akira.." Aman thought smirking..

Ragini came to the group: Let's go to the stage. Its auspicious time now..

All smiled as the couple were about to exchange the rings.. The lights went off and only few lights were on..

Ragini handle the ring to Arnav, who smiled and turned to Khushi.. Khushi extended her hand to him, Arnav held her hand gently and put the ring on her finger..

All clapped except Aman and Akira..

Khushi also did the same not smiling.. That made Arnav sad.

" You were right Aman.. Khushi is spoiling my day.. But I won't let you be right.. I will clear this misunderstanding you are trying to create.." Arnav thought looking at Aman..

All clapped for Khushi too, after exchanging the rings the family blessed them and Ragini made them sit..

Khushi faked a smile looking at everyone..

Arnav looked at Khushi: I need to talk with you..

Khushi: I don't want explanations..

Arnav frowned: Look I don't know what really happened.. But keep one thing in your mind. Aman is our enemy, if you do things like this.. Our love will lose..

Khushi looked at him with teary eyes: Don't talk like that..

Arnav hugged Khushi: Then why are you doing this?

Khushi: I will explain you later. Now Aman is glaring at us.. We have to act..

They broke the hug..

Aman came near Akira: Did you really did my plan? I can see them hugging each other, Akira I don't want them close, Arnav can't know the truth..

Akira: I kept the box there.. I don't know why is she hugging him now..

Aman clenched his jaws: Maybe she know this is my plan.. And obviously she won't believe in nothing that separate her from Arnav.. Dammit, all my plans are failing why?

Ragini: Ladies and gentlemen can we have your attention?

The guests looked at Ragini.

Ragini: We have prepared a special dance sequence for the bride and groom.. I hope you all enjoy..

Arnav and Khushi looked surprised..

NK came on the stage and danced with Lavanya on the song " Nashe Si  Chadh Gayi ( Movie: Befikre)"

Khushi clapped excitedly then looked at Arnav who was busy staring at her amused..

" Arnav stop staring at me.." Khushi said blushing..

" I can't..My eyes only want to see you.. You know I can even put specs just to see you properly.." Arnav said smirking..

" Shameless.." Khushi looked at the dance smiling..

" You will tell me na.. Today" Arnav said reminding her what she has to say..

" Nahin.. Wait for the marriage day" Khushi pressed her lips..

" What? No way, you can't torment me like this.." Arnav widened his eyes ..

" Haha... I will. Have patience" Khushi said looking at Arnav..

" Say now.." Arnav demanded..

" No, acha okay.. But before that you have to do something for me.." Khushi said smirking..

" What? " Arnav asked..

" Think ASR, Think.. Impress me, only then I will say" Khushi said with a lopsided grin..

Akash was all the way smiling at Payal like a mad man, and she was giving glares at him..

He went to stage with a crowd of girls..

Akash: Banno ki saheli, resham ki dori ( The bride's friend, a silken tie)

Chhup chhup ke sharmaaye, dekhe chori chori ( Secretly and silently, she blushes and looks furtiverly)

Yeh maane ya na maane main to ispe mar gaya (Even if she believes it or not, I'm dying for her)

Yeh ladki haay Allah haay haay re Allah (Oh God, this girl, oh God... how fascinating she is) 

Payal came to the stage glaring at Akash and started dancing: Babul ki galiyaan na chad ke jaana

(I will never leave my father's house)

Paagal deewana isko samjaana (You crazy and mad one, understand that)

Dekho ji dekho yeh to mere peeche pad gaya (Look, look at this one who trailed after me )

Yeh ladka haay Allah haay haay re Allah (Oh God, this guy, oh God... how fascinating he is)

Arnav also went to the stage smiling near Akash and started dancing looking at Khushi: Lab kahe na kahe bolti hai nazar (Whether the lips speak or not, your gaze say it all) 

Pyar nahi chupta pyar chhupane se (Love cannot be concealed)

Khushi blinked two times not believing Arnav danced for her..  

Payal came to Akash: Roop ghoonghat mein ho to suhana lage

(If a beauty is concealed in a veil, then it looks pleasant)

Baat nahi banti yaar batane se

(It's not the right thing to do by the telling the name of the partner)

Akash smiled and danced: Yeh dil ki baatein dil hi jaane ya jaane khuda

(What the heart has to say, only heart and God knows)

Yeh ladki haay Allah haay haay re Allah

(Oh God, this girl, oh God...)

Khushi came to the dance floor dancing: Yeh ladka haay Allah haay haay re Allah

(Oh God, this guy, oh God...)

Mangne se kabhi haath milta nahin (Sometimes wishing is to no avail)

Jodiyaan banti hai, pehle se sabki (Everyone's match is predestined)

Arnav gave her a “Acha?” look: Oh leke baaraat ghar tere aaonga main

(O, I'll take the wedding procession and come to your house)

Meri nahin yeh marzi hai rab ki

(This is not my will, but God's)

Payal joined Khushi and started dancing with the crowd of girls: Are ja re ja yun jhooti muthi baatein na bana

(O go, go away, don't talk such nonsense)

Yeh ladka haay Allah haay haay re Allah

(Oh God, this guy, oh God...)

Ragini and Neil laughed: So cutee..

Rohan came there smiling: I never saw Bro dancing, looks like this wedding I will witness things I have never seen before..

Aman smirked: That’s true Rohan!!

Now Neil took Ragini and both danced on “ Itni si baat hain ( Movie: Azhar)” song..

Arnav smiled looking at his parents, Khushi: Aww they are such a perfect couple.. You’re so lucky Arnav..

Arnav shifted his attention to Khushi: We are lucky Khushi, they are also your parents like Garima aunty is my ma now and Payal my sister..

Khushi looked at Arnav as her whole face lit up in happiness…

Aman on the other side was hating seeing Arshi getting close to each other and he wasn’t able to stop them despite doing his plans..

 Payal came to Akash smirking: Not " Banno ki saheli (Bride's friend)", I'm "Banno ki jiji (Bride's sister)"...

Akash shocked: What the...

Payal went from there humming the song and smiling..


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Feb 23, 2017

Chapter 10 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 67 times)

All the guests also came to the dance floor to dance with the bride and groom.

A kid approached Khushi: Didi..Didi..

Khushi stopped dancing and bend to reach the kid smiling: Haan bolo.

Kid: Someone is calling you in the kitchen.

Khushi nodded smiling and went to kitchen side, she reached there with a confused face not seeing anyone there..

" Strange.. Where are the workers? " Khushi thought " Maybe they serving people outside, but no one is here"

Khushi looked back to go but realized she was surrounded with fire, she was left with mouth open..

" DM.. What is this?" Khushi covered her mouth because the smoke was making her cough..

She tried to get out of the kitchen but the fire went out of control..

She stepped back in fear, wiping the sweat beads that were forming on her forehead she decided to call for help: " Help.. Bachao..bachao..Arnaaaaaavvv... " she kept shouting but no one came for help, because the music was loud enough..

On the other side Arnav stopped dancing and went out of the hall to attend a call..

Aman came near the kitchen laughing at Khushi he shouted: Baby is on fire.. OMG.. What will you do now? I thought to say goodbye to you.. Its the last time we are going to meet, this fire will eat you up...

Khushi cried: Please don't this Aman.. Help me please.. Please..

Aman laughed: Bye bye Khushi.. Ohh this fire is going out of control.. Even if I want to save you it will be like risking my life.. Sorry..

Khushi cried trying to run away from the fire that was at every minute coming near her..

She sat on the floor hugging herself crying, the fire was hurting her eyes and the smoke now was making her feel dizzy..

" Ahhhhhhhhh... Help please....Someone help.. " Khushi screamed and threw her duppata that caught fire..

" Heeeelllpppppp..." Khushi screamed crying..

Arnav came back to the hall smiling, Ragini came near him: Chote where is Khushi? My friends want to meet her..

Arnav looked around: She was dancing ma..

Ragini nodded sideways: No.. She is not there..I looked for her..

Fear crept over Arnav's face he left Ragini and started looking for Khushi..

" Heeeelllpppp" Khushi screamed and finally a chef spotted the kitchen on fire..

He went running to inform Ragini about it..

" Ma'am fast... kitchen caught fire.. There is.. A girl.. " The chef came to Ragini shouting..

" What happened? " Ragini asked him worried and Arnav came running there..

" Kitchen caught fire ma'am. Let's go fast a girl is trapped there.." the Chef said..

Arnav went running there, while Aman groaned " Dammit, stupid chef.."

Aman, Akira, Anjali, Shyam, Neil, Rohan and Payal went running to the kitchen..

" Khushi don't worry.. I'm coming.." Arnav reached there and almost cried seeing his life in a situation like that..

" Noooo.. Arnav don't come in.. The fire is out of control.. You will hurt yourself.. Don't come.." Khushi screamed to him seeing that now there was no way one could save her..

Rohan looked at Arnav: Bro no.. We will call for help.. You will hurt yourself if you enter..

Arnav didn't listen to anyone, just was trying to figure out how will he enter there..

Garima cried: Khushi.. meri betiiiii.. someone help her pleaseeee….

Payal hugged her crying..

Arnav was about to take a step in but Rohan and Neil held him: Arnav calm down.. I called for help, they will come in a while..

Arnav tried to push them crying: Leave me.. Nothing will happen to my Khushi .. I will save her.. Leave me Dad.. Don't do this.. Leave me..firefighters will come later. Khushi will be hurt, please Dad leave me... LEAVE ME.. Khushi.. I can't see her like that.. Leave me Dad.. Nothing should happen to my Khushi..

Rohan refused worried for Arnav, he couldn't see his brother who was only thinking about Khushi and not seeing  that it was near impossible to save Khushi, he would hurt himself if tries to: No Bro.. Can't you see the fire there? How will you save her? Are you blind? You can't do it..

Ragini cried seeing Khushi crying and alone there: Call them fast na..

Akash tried to calm her down: Calm down aunty they are coming. Have patience..

Aman smirked standing in a corner outside: Keep crying Arnav.. I love seeing you worried..

Neil looked at Arnav who was trying to get out of his and Rohan hold angrily: Behave yourself Arnav.. Calm down.. Nothing will happen to Khushi..

Khushi inside the kitchen started coughing and held the almost burnt table for support: Arnav don't .. c..come

She lowered her eyes having no force to face all this now, her body was getting weak at every minute that passed by, and slowly she gave up, she knew today she would lose her life, letting Aman win and Arnav alone.. She really wanted to live her life happily with him and was really angry at DM for letting Aman win..

Arnav saw Khushi giving up, he quickly pushed Neil and Rohan with all his force and entered the kitchen ..

All screamed his name worried, now Arnav was also there, if something goes wrong both will lose their lives: Arnav.. Arnav...

Ragini almost fainted seeing her son playing with fire. Akash held her, while Payal and Garima looked at each other worried for Arnav, now they know that Khushi is safe now in his hands, but what about him? He saved many times Khushi years ago not even caring about his life, and they witnessed it that's why they were sure that Arnav will not let any harm come to Khushi.. But he will get hurt in this process..

Arnav walked in and took out his suit to cover Khushi, he was trying to jump the high fire on the floor, but wasn't able to..

Khushi shouted seeing Arnav there, she can't see him playing with his life again to save her: Arnav go back please.. Please.. Go back.. You will not reach here..

Arnav shouted crying: Shut up... I will reach you.. No one will stop me from saving you... I can lose my life, but will surely save yours..

Arnav managed after a lot of attempts to jump it and went near Khushi running, he covered her with his suit while she rested herself on him covering her eyes slowly scolding him: You're very b..bad.. Y.. You.. Wh..why save life ev..everytime? You k..know I c..can't s.see you hurt.. Why you do this Arnav?

Arnav patted her cheeks ignoring her talks: Khushi.. Khushi.. Don't faint.. Khushi.. Open your eyes.. Open your eyes dammit..

Arnav looked around thinking how to go back..

He lifted Khushi and started escaping from the fire, outside everyone were shouting and crying..

Arnav walked to go out hurting himself as there was no other way he could go without being hurt, every place and corner of the kitchen had caught with fire.. He chose to go by a corner that had less fire on the floor and smiled a little seeing him succeed..

At the right time he was about to walk out of the kitchen, the double wall cabinet that was almost destroyed with fire fell on Arnav's back, Arnav wanted to scream in pain but at the same time Khushi mumbled: " I love you" smiling faintly..

He smiled in pain and walked out of the kitchen saying: I love you too..

Rohan came running to him: Bro your back.. My God..Bring a shawl fast..

Arnav left Khushi on the floor and tried to take out his shirt that caught fire because of the cabinet that fell on him..

Neil wrapped a shawl around him to put out the fire..

Ragini came hugging crying: Chote what's the need to do this? Are you mad? I was dying seeing my son like that.. Your back Arnav.. Oh my God we need to go to hospital fast.. Neil bring the car.. We can't waste time...

Arnav fainted mumbling " Khushi" ...

Neil and Rohan came running to Arnav and took both to hospital..


* Hospital:

Khushi opened her eyes slowly and looked around confused..

" Hospital? " she asked herself, while leaving the bed and walked out of the room, Payal seeing Khushi came running to her..

Payal: Khushi.. Are you okay? How are you feeling now?

Khushi nodded: I'm fine jiji.. Arnav? Where is my Arnav?

Payal gulped her saliva, now she will have to explain what happened with Arnav: Khushi, when he saved you a cabinet fell on him and his back got hurt..

Khushi breath stopped hearing this, she looked at Payal with wide eyes: What? Arnav.. Arnav is hurt because of me.. No..

She closed her eyes and a long tear escaped her eyes thinking about the man who always risked his life to see hers safe..

" Why are you so good Arnav?" Khushi thought crying..

She went near his room crying...

Ragini and Garima came near her: Khushi..

Khushi hugged them: Nothing will happen to my Arnav hain na? Ma you will scold him a lot okay.. Tell him to not save my life always.. When he gets fine scold him a lot.. Now just give him a lots of love so that he gets better quickly..

Khushi told them crying and they stood there looking at her also crying now..

Doctor came out and Khushi almost attacked him: Doctorji how is he now? He is fine hain na? Nothing happened.. Please tell me...Kuch bolo please..

Doctor smiled seeing this girl concern for Arnav: He is fine now.. But his back got badly hurt, he will have difficulties while walking and has to take full rest to recover quickly, and he can get discharged today only..

Khushi shut her eyes smiling while tears fell on her cheeks: Thank you DM.. ( looking at the doctor) Can I meet him?

The doctor nodded..

Ragini and Khushi went inside the room..

Arnav already prepared himself to hear scoldings from them..

Khushi didn't speak anything she only looked at him.

While Ragini asked: How are you feeling Chote?

Arnav looked at his mother: I'm fine ma.. You don't cry, you know I can't see you sad..

Ragini nodded while wiping her tears to make him happy: Your back  is badly hurt.. My God..

Ragini looked at Arnav's back that was bandaged now..

Arnav: It will get fine..

Khushi looked at him speaking as if nothing serious happened: It will get fine? You think yourself as a superman.. Why do you save my life always? Do you want to prove me that you're the right man for me? Then let me tell you that I don't need this, I know you're the man for me even without doing all this.. If you hadn't saved me I would still love you.. I'm very angry with you.. Stupid. Mad. Devil. Laad governor. Vampire.

Arnav laughed at Khushi who was scolding him so cutely like a baby

Arnav: I will be fine.. And yes I'm your superman, I have to save you always Jaan..

Ragini left the couple alone and closed the door..

Khushi caressed Arnav's back: I'm feeling so guilty.. Its all because of me you are like this.. I hate me..

Arnav shook his head in disbelief: Khushi stop doing this.. Do you think I would watch you die and do nothing? I will always save you from every trouble..

Khushi looked at him lovingly..

Arnav angry: Enough is enough now.. Aman will face the worst of me now for doing this with you.. I will kill him..

Khushi worried: Calm down Arnav.. First we have to find out why is he doing all this?

Arnav: I'm not seeing a reason for this Khushi.. I've hired a detective to keep an eye on him, but even he is not finding anything..

Khushi: Maybe we can go to his house.. We will find some clue. After you get fine we will execute our plan..

Arnav nodded with sharp eyes: He will pay for it..


Aman reached his house smiling like a mad man: Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai..hahahahaha... I spoiled your moments Ragini.. I will destroy all Raizada family...

Looking at the picture on his wallet he smiled crying: Ma did you see what I did for you today? You are happy hain na? Maa. Maa.. See they destroyed your life, your son is doing the same with them.. I just don't understand what Dad saw in that woman (Ragini) in your college  days that he fell in love with her..

Dad bhi na, he fell in love with a woman who didn't love him and loved Neil, after leaving my Dad with a broken heart she married that man, and Dad was forced to marry you.. Because of her, Dad ill treated you made you his slave and never looked at you as his wife. At that time Arnav, Rohan and Anjali played with each other happily with their parents and I was locked in a room and kept crying all the time hearing shouts of my parents fight.

I was deprived of all happiness just because my Dad loved a woman who couldn't be his.. And Ma.. You left me alone in this world, so what if Dad didn't love you, I loved you so much..

When I grew up I decided that I will destroy Ragini's life, but then I thought what's the need? What would I gain when I already lost my parents? So I chose their favorite son Arnav Singh Raizada.. And with him I would repeat the same history.. Arnav would fall in love with a woman, but that woman wouldn't love him back.. And he would suffer all his life like my Dad and my Mom suffered..

Ohh but it was so difficult to gain your trust Arnav, the quiet boy who never talks with strangers and is more comfortable with his family, I had to wait all these years and finally you really fell in love and as I wanted you were so deeply in love with Khushi, that you risked your life to save hers everytime in the past, even today.. Hahah.. And I will take you away from your love..

So one day before he was going to propose you, I came to talk with you mimicking an old man voice.. And you're so naive that you believed it Khushi..

After separating you from Arnav, I paid my cousin to behave just like you in front of Arnav, Arnav fell attracted towards her but would never love her and seeing her doing things like you he would always remember you but with pain and not love.. And seeing him suffer, his whole family would never stay happy.. Just one son would destroy all family.. But see na Ma.. That Khushi had to come back in their lives, but I can't see them together.. That's why I don't mind killing her, I just want to see you in peace.. Don't worry Ma.. Raizada family will suffer in my hands.. Its theirs time to suffer now.. They will never see happiness in their lives..

Aman leaned on the chair laughing evily: Raizada Family will suffer...

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