Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - Completed

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Mar 13, 2017

Chapter 21 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 76 times)

Arnav who was going out, stopped looking at Lav...

Arnav: Lav kya hua?

Lav smiled: You're very handsome Arnav...

Arnav widened his eyes: Lav are you mad? Please stop this, you will spoil all the relations if you do this..

Arnav went to his office angrily, he reached his cabin still thinking about Lavanya, she was never like this.

NK entered in Arnav's cabin: Hi Nannav..

Arnav looked at NK: NK I need to talk with you..

NK nodded: Haan bolo...

NK sat on the chair opposite Arnav. Arnav cleared his throat: Woh.. Lav is very strange these days no?

NK: Haan toh?

Arnav looked at NK in disbelief: NK??? Do you know she told me that she wants someone like me to her.. That you treat her like a doll, and you don't love her..

NK: What??? Lav told you this?

Arnav nodded, NK started laughing like mad..

Arnav looked at him confused: NK I'm telling you something serious and you're laughing..

Nk laughed more: OMG Lav is really crazy.. I can't believe she did this..

Arnav: What the...

NK stopped laughing: Its just we were fighting and she told me that I should be like you, more understanding. But I didn't pay attention to her words. Now she is doing this to make me jealous.

Arnav made a ohhh-look: Thank God! I thought Lav really loves me..

Both laughed, Arnav thought Lav is like Khushi, while Lav used Arnav to make NK jealous, Khushi would use her Salmanji to make him jealous..

Akash came there talking over his phone: But Payal. How can I leave work like that? You go na with Bhabhi to Mandir... Payal I work na.. What? ..

Arnav and NK looked at him, then at each other smirking, another wife problem now..

Arnav: What happened Akash? Fight with wife?

Akash sigh: I'm telling her that I'm working, and she can go to mandir with Khushi bhabhi but no.. Madam wants to go with me..

Arnav and NK laughed, NK was also sharing the incident that happened between him and Lav..

Now it was Arnav's turn, Arnav smiled: My wife is just perfect. We don't have these problems..

Akash and NK laughed at him, Arnav: What the...

Akash: This is just the start bhai.. Lets see what will happen next..

NK chuckles: Haan now only you're starting your married life.

Arnav looked at both confused, can Khushi be a trouble maker?

* Raizada mansion:

" Khushi I hope you don't mind na" Lav asked smiling..

" Hahaha Lav off course I don't mind it.." Khushi laughed hearing Lav telling her why she is behind Arnav..

" You know yesterday instead of NK, Zoya heard my fake conversation. This spoiled my plan. So today I had to show Arnav that I'm angry seeing you both, so that he talks with NK, and NK gives me attention" Lav said cursing Zoya..

" Haha Lav I will surely help you.." Khushi was laughing with Anjali who joined them..

" Men are big trouble.. After getting engrossed in their work they don't give attention to their wives" Anjali said supporting Lavanya..

Payal came there pouting: You're right Di, see na I just pleaded Akash to take me to Mandir, and he is refusing it.. He is telling me to go with Khushi..

Khushi giggled: Arnav is not like this at all!!

Anjali, Payal and Lav laughed, making Khushi looked at them confused: Why are you laughing??

Anjali: Chote is a workaholic, and this is just the start..

Khushi started thinking will Arnav ignore her after years of their marriage? Will he give importance to his work more than her?


The boys came back from work, Arnav's eyes were searching for Khushi, as he spotted her he smiled, his smile was only visible to her, she also smiled back!

Khushi served food for them.

* NK and Lav's room:

NK came near Lav: Lav I want a divorce..

Lav looked shocked at NK: Kya?? No.. Arnav told you about me.. Hain na? This is just my acting NK.. I don't have any feelings for him.. Please don't leave me... Please I will die without you... You can't do this to me..

NK laughed sitting on the bed, Lav looked at him, then realized he was just teasing her..

Lav took pillows then started beating NK: I hate you..NK.. Do you know how much I was scared? I hate you.. I hate you.. I hate you..

NK pulled his wife near him: I'm sorry wifey. We are fighting a lot na these days.. Sorry..

Lav smiled hearing him, she hugged him tightly: I'm sorry too, heyy I have to say sorry to Arnav too..

NK: That's not needed, I already explained him..

Lav: Ohh God, what he must have thought about me? The way he gave me water that day, I was pressing my lips just to not laugh.. But one thing is true, Arnav really loves Khushi a lot. I love their Jodi!

NK smiled nodding.

Arnav was resting on his recliner, Khushi came there she started massaging his forehead, making Arnav open his eyes, he smiled..

Khushi: How was your work?

Arnav: Good.

Khushi thought about Anjali's words: Arnav will you always give me attention like you're giving now? Or you will forget me after years of our marriage? Will you be like those serials husband who only work all day?

Arnav chuckles: Nahin Khushi. I will be a good husband.. And I also want you to be a good wife..

Khushi made a aww-look: Am I a bad wife?

Arnav nodded sideways: I mean give trouble to me..

Khushi: I give trouble to you now?

Arnav nodded sideways: No Khushi, I mean Payal today called Akash..

Khushi interrupted him: I know about Jiji and Lavanya also. Both are right NK should give attention to Lav and Akash its his duty to take Jiji where she wants to go..

Arnav nodded: Okay you're right..

Khushi calmed down hearing him agree with her. Arnav: But you will not be like this..I mean if I have work you will not disturb me..

Khushi: Okay, but if I have work and you are free, then its you who will not disturb me..

Arnav smirked: You're very smart..

Khushi smiled proudly: I have to be. I'm Mrs.Raizada.. I should match you..

Arnav made Khushi sit on his lap, Khushi rested her head on his chest closing her eyes..

Arnav: On a serious note Khushi, I don't want our relationship to change. I want to be the same Arnav for you and you the same Khushi for me. Nothing should change even after years. Even when we have our babies and all.

Khushi nodded, Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist.


Its was night time, all were in the living room watching news.

Khushi: Acha Rohan where is Ananya?

Rohan pouted: Her father didn't let me take her here.

Arnav shook his head:  You should ask her hand in marriage na.. How do you think a father will let his daughter go with any man like that?

Rohan pouted again: I'm her not any man. I'm her special man!

Akash was busy pampering Payal, she looked away angrily: Leave me..

Akash: Next time Jaan, I promise I will go with you..

Payal blushed hearing " Jaan", Akash uses less sweet words with her..

Anjali came to sit near Arnav, Khushi and Rohan: Actually I was thinking tomorrow is Saturday and we can organize a car racing like we did in London, remember Chote?

Khushi jumped from her sit: Wohhooo Car racing Dii..

All laughed seeing Khushi's expression. Arnav looked weirdly at Khushi: Is it the first time you're going to see it?

Khushi furrow her brows: You Laad governor stop answering me like that..

Arnav smirked: What will you do?

Khushi sat near him, then whispered to him only: I will put pillows in between us when we sleep..

Arnav widened his eyes then shouted: NOOOOOO...

Everyone looked at him, while Khushi giggled seeing Arnav's shocked expression..

Anjali closing her ears: Chote do you want to make us deaf or what?

Arnav whispered to Khushi: Never think of you doing that..

Khushi: Then stop answering me like that..

Arnav agreed. Anjali looked at the paper in her hand reading: So Dad, Shyam, Rohan, Chote, NK and Akash will participate in this race..

Ayan hugged Anjali: What about me Mumma?

Anjali smiled clenching his cheeks: My baby you're too small to play this..

Ayan pouted: Mummaaa..

Khushi pulled Ayan near her: That's not a problem Ayan. We will eat ice creams there watching them. It will be more fun than driving..

Ayan's eyes lit in happiness hearing this. 

* Arshi room:

Khushi smiled: It will be fun watching you in a race Arnav..

Arnav was sleeping, Khushi looked angrily at him for letting her speak and he was peacefully sleeping. After seeing his cute baby face sleeping, she ended up smiling, Khushi placed a soft kiss on his lips, covering him with blanket she slept beside him...


The boys were getting ready for the race.

" Best of luck bro. This time I'm going to win" Rohan said showing thumbs up to Arnav..

" In your dreams Rohan, I'm already the winner.." Arnav said smirking..

" Stop it both of you.. We aren't doing real competition. And you better drive well Arnav, this is just for fun.. Don't end up hurting yourself.." Khushi came there worried for her husband.

Arnav: Khushi I'm not a baby.. I've been doing this since years now..

Khushi: It doesn't matter, my heart is beating so fast. I'm scared if anything happens with you (Khushi almost cried)

Arnav hugged her tightly caressing her hair: Heyy calm down. I promise  nothing will happen to me. I will take care..

NK: Pagliii stop worrying. Your husband is the best in this..

Khushi smiled hearing this, but soon her smile faded seeing girls looking at Arnav. They were Anjali friends and some Payal's friends..

Khushi was cursing them who ogling at her husband, she purposely wrapped her arms around Arnav's neck kissing his cheeks: All the best!

Arnav was surprised seeing Khushi's bold move!

The girls were heart broken after seeing this scene. They have to remind themselves ASR is married now.

Khushi went back with a winning smile..

Arnav, Neil, Rohan, Akash, Shyam and NK started their race making the girls cheer for their husbands. And others were obviously cheering for ASR! Khushi was glaring at them.

" There is Akash, NK everyone to cheer for, they only choose my Arnav.. " Khushi thought angrily munching her jalebi..

Anjali came to her: Khushi is everything okay?

Khushi nodded..

Arnav was ahead of all the cars, making Khushi shout his name happily " Arnav.. Arnav..."

Now Akash was winning the race. Khushi face fell, Payal smiled: I knew it my Akash is going to win this race..

Khushi: Nahin my Arnav is going to win. I prayed to DM for him to win..

Anjali laughed: Shyam is going to win this time. Chote already won all the races..

Khushi smiled: That's why he is going to win this time too..

Ragini chuckles: My husband is winning now look (Ragini pointed to Neil's car)

Lav: Nahin Ma, dekho NK is going ahead now..

Khushi looked worried at Arnav: He is driving so fast ...

Anjali patted Khushi's shoulder: Relax Khushi, nothing bad will happen to Chote. He knows what he is doing..

The race was about to end, now everyone were looking eagerly to know the winner..

And....... " Yaaaaaaayyyy Arnav is the winner..." Khushi, Ayan and the girls cheered for him. Arnav got out of the car, sending flying kisses to Khushi. Khushi smiled brightly, she also sent flying kiss to him..

She went running to hug him.Khushi: You won the race!!

Arnav rested his hand on her waist: Only for you...

* Rabba vee... Rabba vee..

They stared at each other with so much love, that the family were looking at them with aww-looks.

Thanks for the comments!! Lavanya is not a villain, even I'm tired of villains now :)

Mar 18, 2017

Chapter 22 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 25 times)

After the race, the family went to a isolated place to eat something. 

 (Imagine a place like this)

Khushi went to sit with Arnav, both were eating the food together. Payal and Lav were smiling looking at the couple. Khushi was glaring at the girls, who were supposed to concentrate on their food, but they were ogling at Arnav. Arnav stopped eating his food, looking at were Khushi attention was, he chuckles shaking his head: Khushi you will never change right? 

Khushi pouted: They are looking at you, how can I accept other women to look at my man?

Arnav smiled: Someone is possessive about me, that's not a good thing Khushi...

Khushi glared at Arnav: So you are saying you are not mine?

Arnav: No Jaan, I'm just kidding.. I'm all yours..

Khushi blushed....


After somedays...

Khushi was talking alone, while Arnav was preparing himself to go to work rolling his eyes seeing Khushi blabber her things, he was not listening to her but when she turned to him he had to pretend like he is listening to all her talks..

Khushi: Haan so what was I saying? 

Khushi looked at Arnav, Arnav who wasn't listening to her talks: Huh?? 

Khushi shook her head: Arnav I was saying that yesterday I went to market, and I found a woman there first she smiled at me.. then took baby steps to come near me.. then..

Arnav irritated: Khushi shut up.. Can't you see I'm not interested in listening all this? How many time will you repeat the same story to me? And on top of that instead of going directly to the point, no you like making a big deal of little things..

Khushi looked sadly: I'm sorry. She went from the room, making Arnav repent to throw those hurtful words to her.. 

Arnav came behind her in the living room.. Placing his hands on her waist..

Arnav: I'm sorry. Khushi looked down: You are changing Arnav, now that everyone left I'm alone here I don't have anyone to talk with other than you, but even you're ignoring me now..

Arnav: It's not true Khushi, you know that. 

Khushi came out of his hold: Your breakfast is ready, come..

Arnav had his breakfast looking at Khushi disappointed face. Before going to office, he kissed her forehead: I'm really sorry Jaan, I didn't realize you're feeling alone here. I will come early today..

Khushi smiled a little: It's okay. I'm fine Arnav. Arnav nodded, then went to office. Khushi engrossed herself cooking. Now Akash and NK moved to theirs house, and Khushi is completely alone now. Arnav stays more at work, and only stays with her at night as he is very busy with his upcoming fashion show. He doesn't even have to lunch with her. 

After sometime she finished cooking, then went to Lav's house. Reaching there she found Lav talking with Payal. Khushi smiled seeing them. Lav: Khushi how are you?

Khushi: I'm fine what about you two?

Payal made a bored face: Akash stays all day in office now, he doesn't even make time for me. Lav nodded: Actually we a have a big fashion show coming, even ASR is very busy nowadays. Khushi nodded. 

Khushi excused herself after seeing that Arnav is calling her. 

Khushi: Hello..

Arnav: Where are you Khushi? 

Khushi: I'm at Lav's house, kyun?

Arnav: I'm home waiting for you, anyways I'm coming to pick you, stay outside..

Khushi nodded, then went outside waiting for Arnav. Arnav didn't made her wait much, she entered in the car smiling at him. Arnav placed a soft kiss on her cheek, and helped her with the seat belt. 

Both went to AR, Khushi looked at Arnav confused: Why are we here?

Arnav: I don't have time to stay with you at home, but I can stay with you here na? 

Khushi smiled happily, Arnav held her hand possessively walking to go to his cabin. The workers were busy looking at ASR's wife. 

Reaching his cabin, Arnav made Khushi sit on the chair opposite of his. He started his works: So tell me what you did today?

Khushi: Kuch nahi..

Arnav stopped looking at his files, then went near Khushi, cupping her face: I'm sorry Khushi. Please don't change yourself because of me. Are you scared that I will scold you like I did in the morning?

Khushi nodded innocently, then looked down sobbing: You.. never scolded me like that...

Arnav pulled her in a tight hug: I also don't like speaking to you like that my angel. Khushi hugged him back, wiping her tears with her palm. After calming her down, Arnav resumed his work, he did everything quickly so that today he can spend his time with only her...

After finishing his work, Arnav returned home with Khushi, Arnav sat on the sofa resting while Khushi went to theirs room. Reaching there she saw a packet, she went near the bed to check it, as far as she remembers she didn't see any packet when leaving the house. Opening it she saw an outfit for her, she smiled shyly knowing who is behind this act..

Arnav was standing on the door: I'm waiting!!! Khushi went to the bathroom blushing, after she wore the dress, she came out with baby steps, she was blushing heavily. Arnav didn't even wait, he lifted her sharing an eye lock with his wife..

Khushi: You can put me down now..

Arnav nodded sideways: Then you will run away from me..

Khushi giggled remembering that she makes him run behind her, whenever he wants to get close to her. 

Khushi pouted: Put me down na. I won't run now..

Arnav smiled mischievously: Kiss me first..

Khushi kissed his cheeks: Done. Arnav smirked: Not on my cheeks.

Khushi blushed, Arnav left her on the bed, switching off the lights Khushi hugged him feeling shy about Arnav's next step. Arnav went to close the door, and both love birds were in their love world! 

Mar 18, 2017

Need help!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 27 times)

Hii friends!! Actually I need your help in this story. I'm quite confused about what to do next.. Should continue this story? Or end it here?

If I continue I need you guys to tell me what do you want to see further.. Please give me ideas!!

Voting: (Total Votes: 87)

Continue (Votes: 41)
End the story (Votes: 46)
Mar 19, 2017

The End.... (By Angel23) (Thanked: 115 times)

Few days later:

Arnav reached his farm house and the screaming sounds he heard made him smile. How much he is feeling relief hearing these sounds, screaming for help, the same way he did.

" Ahh how much I loving seeing you like that Aman" Arnav smirked looking at Aman being beaten up by his men..

" Arnav.. Please.." Aman managed to say..

Arnav laughed: Of course I will leave you, I will not keep you in my farm house all the life. But you know today you and your friend will go to jail.. Your new house now.. Are you excited for it???

Aman glared at Arnav, Arnav was smiling all the way: I really just want to tell you that you should change Aman.. You think you're revenging your mother's death by trying to separate me and Khushi, but you're forgetting that your mother is a woman, like mine, like Khushi and she wouldn't like to see another woman like her suffer the way you made Khushi suffer without me for many years. She would disown you if she was alive today. But anyways police will be coming to take you away from our lives. Today I will start my life afresh forgetting all the pain you made me live with. You tried to recreate your father's one sided love story with me, but you failed miserably Aman, because my love for Khushi was true, and hers also. We both love each other so much, that's why all your plans always fail.

Arnav left the place leaving Aman and Zoya crying. He signaled the police to take them..


At night time he reached home to pick Khushi, he entered in the room and sighed in disbelief after seeing that Khushi was still in the bathroom.

" Khushi we are getting late.. " Arnav shouted leaning on the bed waiting for his wife..

" Haan haan, I know but I have to look beautiful today.. Today is your fashion show.. " Khushi shouted from the bathroom, adjusting her dress.

She walked out of the bathroom making Arnav stare at her, leaving his phone on the bed..

(After a pause) Arnav went near Khushi in his husky voice: You never fail to impress me..

Khushi avoided his invitations: Chalo we are getting late na..

Arnav chuckles, both went to Arnav's show..

Reaching there, media people gathered around the ASR and his wife. Arnav placed his hand on Khushi's waist helping her..

Khushi smiled seeing his care for her, he knows she isn't comfortable with all this media and all.

" One pic ASR with your wife.." a lady said..

Arnav looked at Khushi, asking her if she wants it or not. Khushi nodded her head.

Both posed for a pic. After that Arnav walked in with Khushi.

Making her sit with all the family, he left to check if the models were ready or not..

Anjali, Khushi, Payal, Lav and Ragini were busy talking about the decorations. While the boys were talking about their wives.

Arnav came back, and the show started, as usual everyone knew ASR's show was going to be a big hit!!

Khushi rested her head on his shoulder smiling..

Arnav whispered: My show is going to be a hit, because my lucky charm is here with me..

Khushi smiled: I prayed to DM for you..

Arnav kissed her nose quickly: Thank you meri Jaan..

Khushi blushed beating him playfully: Stop it, everyone is here..

Arnav smirked: Then you will give what I want in home right?

Khushi looked at the models ignoring Arnav's talks..

Arnav frowned: Khushi don't ignore me.

Khushi: Hmm...

Arnav: Hmm what??

Khushi turned red: You know it. Don't tease me now

Arnav giggled silently: I really don't know it sweetheart.. Be clear...

Khushi shook her head, then turned to watch the show. Arnav: Scared or shy??

Khushi looked at Arnav: I'm not scared or shy of you..

Arnav smiled: Then tell me will you give me what I want??

Khushi stammered: Haan.. I..will ..give.. you..

Arnav smiled: Hmm.. Then we can go home now..

Khushi widened her eyes: Wait na. It's your show, I'm always with you.. Why are you in hurry?

Arnav: I can't wait to make you mine..

Khushi blushed profusely..


Khushi rested her head on his chest smiling shyly..

" Khushi what happened?" Arnav asked noticing her red face..

" I want to..tell you something.." Khushi said stammering..

Arnav nodded serious, Khushi: Woh..very soon.. a little ASR will fill this mansion with happiness.

Arnav at first was confused, but after seeing her caressing her belly.. He looked at Khushi smiling brightly: Khushi.. Khushi you're pregnant??

Khushi nodded smiling. Arnav caressed her belly still not believing that soon he is going to be a father..

Arnav smiled: I'm going to be a father Khushi.. OMG.. I just can't believe this.. I'm so happy.. Thank you.. Thank you Khushi..

Khushi smiled then hugged Arnav: Our baby will bring more happiness to our life..

Arnav nodded caressing her back: I love you Khushi..

Khushi: I love you too Arnav...

* Five years later:


Anjali knocked the door of the kid's room, she knows there will be a lot of confusion there..

Khushi opened the door smiling: Di come na..

Anjali entered in the room looking around the room,Ayan, Aarav (Arshi's son), Priya (NK and Lav's daughter), Sona (Anjali and Shyam's daughter), Arjun ( Akash and Payal's son) and the little one in the family " Kriya" Rohan and Ananya's cute little daughter..

All were on the bed playing with Khushi. Anjali was surprised seeing them behave perfectly without making noise or giving trouble to her..

Anjali: Khushi only you can put some sense in them.. Really if you weren't here then we would have a tough job handling these kids..

Khushi laughed, Aarav came near her: Mumma see my painting..

Khushi knelt down to reach her son's level: Its so beautiful my baby.

Aarav smiled a little, exactly like his father. Proud of himself!!

Aarav: Its for Daddy..

Khushi widened her eyes: I compliment you and you want to give it to your Dad?? This is not fair..

Aarav smirked again like his father: Everything is fair in love and war mumma. Your movies taught me that..

Khushi laughed with him, caressing his hair..

Khushi took the kids to eat something, all were fighting over who will Khushi serve first. Aarav was looking at them in disbelief. Khushi smiled trying to calm them down..

After sometime she did the impossible, serving everyone she sat with them watching them eat the food. She was feeding little Kriya, who was giggling and placing kisses on her aunty's cheeks.

Ananya came there: Are wah, Khushi you have magic in your hands. When I try to feed her, she doesn't accept but when its you she even kisses you..

Khushi smiled. Kriya laughed at her mother.

Payal, Lav, Akash and NK came back from the shopping, exhausted.

Neil came there: What happened?

Lav: I was trying to find a perfect dress for Priya. And after seeing it in so many shops, I didn't find anything of my choice..

Priya shouted: Mumma its should be of my choice!!

NK laughed, Akash: Arjun here it is.. Your toys now don't destroy it..

Arjun came running to take the toys from his father's hand: Thank you papa...

Rohan came caressing his daughter cheeks: Aww my baby is eating..

Kriya smiled at her father, but as Rohan was about to lift her, she pouted wrapping her arms around Khushi's neck.

Everyone laughed seeing this. Ragini: She looks like Khushi's daughter than yours..

Rohan pouted also: Whose daughter does this to her father?

All laughed again, including little Kriya..

Seeing her laugh, automatically brought a smiled to Rohan's face.

Khushi looked at Aarav, who was busy looking at the door..

Khushi: Kya hua baby??

Aarav made a sad face: Daddy??

Khushi also looked at the door sadly. Khushi: Daddy will come soon my baby, have patience..

Aarav frowned: Daddy said he will come today, then why isn't he coming?

Khushi: Aruu Daddy will come late. Wait for a while.

Aarav looked down, Khushi left Kriya with Rohan. Then cupped Aarav's face: You know your Daddy made a promise to you that he will come today.. Then he will come..

Aarav nodded. Khushi hugged him tightly, she is also missing Arnav a lot, he went to Mumbai because of his work for two weeks, and she doesn't even know how she lived these two weeks without him, maybe because Aarav was with her.


* Mumbai:

Arnav tired of his work, rested on the sofa of his old mansion..

He remembered his wife and his son. How much he is missing them right now.

He called Khushi, she answered as if she was waiting for his call..

Arnav: Jaan..

Khushi closed her eyes tightly hearing his voice: Hmm..

Arnav could guess she was crying: Don't cry..

Khushi: You are coming back today na?

Arnav: No Khushi. I still haven't finished my works here..

Khushi: But Arnav you promised Aarav that you will come back today..

Arnav: Haan Khushi. I know. I did everything that was in my hand to finish this work as soon as possible. But...

Khushi: Heyy its okay.. Don't feel pressurized. I will make him understand..

Arnav: That's not needed Khushi. I book tickets for you both, at night time you should be at airport.. I'm waiting for you both..

Khushi smiled brightly hearing this. He always find solutions to these little problems in their lifes..


Khushi and Aarav reached Mumbai. Khushi smiled remembering her moments with Arnav. Everything of them is connected to this place. Aarav smiled looking around: Wow mumma this mansion is so beautiful!!

Khushi smiled nodding, then held Aarav's hands walking inside the mansion..

Khushi went to the room, she knows Arnav must be sleeping now because its Sunday...

She opened the door slowly to not disturb his sleep. And her guess was right, he husband was sleeping like a baby..

She caressed his hair, placing a kiss on his forehead.

Aarav also came there carefully like his mother did..

He smiled seeing his father after two weeks. He was missing him terribly. For Aarav, Arnav is more than a father. He is like a friend, someone Aarav can't live without.

Arnav opened his eyes slowly, Khushi and Aarav looked at him eagerly to know what would be his reaction after seeing them there..

Arnav rubbed his eyes prepared to start a new day, but stopped looking at the two figures in front of him. After realizing that Khushi and Aarav were really here..

He smiled, Aarav came running to hug him: Daddy I missed you..

Arnav hugged him back tightly: I missed you too're my life..

Khushi: Acha.. Then what I'm for you? You both forget me whenever you are together..

Arnav and Aarav giggled. Khushi also hugged Arnav.

Aarav went to play outside, leaving his parents to stay together..

Arnav captured Khushi's lips, showing her how much he missed her..

Arnav: You don't how its difficult to live without you..

Khushi pouted: Same here.. Now of you want to go somewhere. Please take us with you..

Arnav nodded.


The three after having breakfast, went to roam around the city. Khushi was telling her story to Aarav for the seventh time now..

Arnav/Aarav: Mumma/Jaan we know the story..

Khushi held her ears smiling sheepishly..

Arnav stopped the car to buy ice creams for them.

He handled ones to Khushi and the other to Aarav.

Khushi: You know we have to go back home soon. Di is already calling me saying that the kids are giving trouble there..

Arnav laughed: And only you can handle those little devils..

Aarav pouted: I'm not like that Daddy. I'm a good boy hain na mumma?

Khushi smiled: Haan my baby is a good boy..

Arnav smiled: After all you are Arnav Singh Raizada's son.. You had to be like your father..

Khushi laughed looking at Arnav: Aarav only looks like you and some of his behavior also is like yours. But he is completely like his mother, because he loves Salmanji, jalebi and talks like me..

Arnav shook his head: Wrong.. He is like me, you forced him to like Salman and eat your jalebi..

Khushi: No, I didn't force him. Aru tell him. Did mumma force you to eat jalebis?

Aarav nodded sideways: No mumma..

Arnav looked at Aarav: I thought you're at my side..

Aarav smiled cheekily: I'm at both sides..

Khushi and Arnav smiled looking at him..

They went to the park..

Khushi was playing hide and seek with Arnav and Aarav. After playing they sat on a bench laughing happily...

Arnav: Oh my God.. I never thought I would play this again..

Aarav giggled talking with Arnav only, both forgot Khushi there. Khushi pouted, then walked to go angrily...

Arnav and Aarav noticed she got angry both stopped her by grabbing her duppata in their hands. 

Arnav/Aarav: SORRY!!!!

Khushi wanted to continue her angry act, but after seeing their puppy face she couldn't control but smile and pull them into a tight family hug!

This only marks the beginning of a new happy and colorful life ahead for them...



 Thank you for supporting me till the end of this story. Your comments and the thank you at every update I gave means a lot to me and encouraged me to write more. I hope you all liked this journey!!




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