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Feb 18, 2017

My second love (By Spriya) (Thanked: 58 times)



"Life isn’t about first chance where if we fail to grab that, then our life is finished along with that chance. If one chance or our first choice fails then there will always be a second chance like if plan A fails then we have remaining 25 alphabets to continue. But we have to be enough cautious to grab that correct chance and know how to use it. Many persons feel their life finished after their first failure. Some persons prefer suicide when their love is denied or when they are not able to unite. But some persons come out of it and use their second chance that god have given them. We have only one life. So let's see what is going to happen when a second chance knocks on khushi door??? Will she hold that chance or crush it with her own hands???"


Character sketch


Arnav Singh Raizada: 28years old entrepreneur, CEO of AR Fashion house who have 4 consecutive best entrepreneur awards. Rich, handsome, arrogant to the world but not with his family. He is a soft-spoken, sweet, charming and caring son and brother at home. Believes in god. Can do anything for his little sister. He is surrounded by many beautiful models but did not give any damn to them, waiting for his true love. He is ok with arrange marriage. No bad habits, no girlfriend.


Khushi kumari Gupta: 26years old, beautiful, naughty, chirpy girl. But lost her chirpy nature due to some past which no one knows. Stubborn girl yet understanding. Working in an IT firm. Loved her family to the core. Do anything for her family. Has 2 little sisters. And not to forget she has sharp tongue.


 Rest characters are revealed along with story progress.

I'll continue this ss after finishing my another ff. until then tell me reviews about this concept..


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May 12, 2017

1.Marriage! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 69 times)

I was sitting in a car which is big enough to accommodate seven to eight people but here i was accompanied by my two sisters and my parents are coming by another car. Why can’t they all travel in one vehicle at least for some time? The car was sent by groom’s family, they are super rich while our family is a middle class one. I sighed and turned my gaze outside the window. The heavy dresses, costly jewelleries, the never ending rituals are going to end in few hours along with my freedom. I don’t know why marriage is necessary for a girl. Can’t she live her life like she wants? Why they have to be tied in a marriage? And why is it important for a girl to marry? Why women have to depend on men in the name of marriage? Why can’t she deny the marriage? Why fate is playing with her? Her thoughts came to halt by sudden brake. I noticed my surroundings and guess what? we reached the mandap which is in the outskirts of Delhi. Someone opened the side of my door. I see here and there, gulped my saliva to collect my thoughts. Soon i was standing before a beautiful farm house which is decorated like a bride. The house stood tall with fairy lights hanging here and there and it looks like a blissful environment. How irony it looks? Here bride is miserable but the surroundings seem ecstatic.


Before i let out a fake smile i was welcomed by my would-be mother-in-law. She circled a thali around me in return i plastered a smile on my face. I heard murmurs like, “Look how beautiful the bride is? She looks like she is descended from the moon. She looks like an angel. Arnav beta is lucky”


I ignored all their comments but i can’t ignore my mother-in-law word who is a sweet lady. “You are looking exquisite khushi betiya. Arnav will be gone case today” I smiled a little at first but it faded as soon as my name and beauty is joined with him. This is not the life i wanted. I want to shout aloud that i don’t want marriage, but alas my family members face come before me stopping me from doing that. I can’t even let out my sigh before this countless people whose eyes are glued to my each activities. My younger sister meera who was standing beside me nudged to smile. Biting my inner tongue i forced a smile. Soon i was escorted inside by my nanad anika and my sisters to a room. After one hour of torturous teasings and make up i was ready.


After another torturous half-an-hour, i was escorted to mandap. There my would-be husband is sitting doing rituals in front of the holy fire as per pandit instructions. He lifted his face as soon as i entered there. His face glowed brightly and he smiled at me. I must say he is handsome and breathtaking man, i came across. I started walking towards him, my sisters and anika made me sit beside him. He stared at me without blinking. I gulped my saliva seeing his eager face which is waiting for my reaction. But i don’t care at all. I turned my gaze to the fire in front of me. I was irritated by his continuous staring, why he is looking at me like this? Even after many cleared their throats he seemed unaffected. I gritted my teeth, “Will you stop staring me?” said in a low tone which is audible only to him. He comes out of his dreamland after hearing my voice and concentrated ahead on pandit. I am not interested in all these things, he too have idea about it yet, he decided to put his head in fire. Yup, i am like lava, if anyone dare to do anything with me against my will then they have to face my wrath. This marriage itself against my will yet, i can’t do anything. I was bounded by my promise which can’t be broken that’s the reason i am sitting here tolerating all the ****s.


Soon i felt a cold thing in my neck which is nothing other than mangalsutra. Yup he tied it when i was lost in my thoughts. Next, his fingers marked me by putting vermillion on my forehead, followed by exchanging varmala, 7pheres. I did all the rituals mechanically like i did in my other rituals starting from engagement. My sisters, cousins and his relatives also teased a lot during the rituals but i don’t give a damn at all. He was smiling like an idiot when all teased us, if i am not wrong i did notice a tinge of blush on his face. How much i hate that. I wish i’ll strangle him to death, but i don’t want to go to jail. We start to leave for his home for now but not before bidaai.


I don’t know for which reason i have to cry, be it for leaving my parents and home or for the life i am going to start unwantedly. But nonetheless, i cried for both. In between my cries i heard my father speaking to my husband of one hour,


“My betiya will be stubborn sometimes, but she is good at heart. Please don’t take her words seriously. Please forgive her if she does anything wrong. Please take care of her damadji” my father Sashi gupta requested my husband.


“Don’t tell please uncle. Now I am her husband, i’ll take care of her. She is my life more than my responsibility. You don’t have to worry about her. I am here for her” my husband replied. I rolled my eyes hearing his filmy words.


The same sentences are again repeated by my mother Garima to my mother-in-law Ratna singh raizada. She too replied same like my husband arnav.


After a lot of crying, me and my husband are made to sit in a decorated car which covered the remaining distance between the farm house and my in-laws. As soon as i sat beside my husband, he hold my hand gently and caresses the back of my palm assuring me. But i don’t need all this, i am capable of taking care of myself. I release my hand from his hold, he stared me for sometime before turning to other side. But it did not last long, within few minutes he handed his kerchief seeing my tears which i refused to take from him. He forcefully wiped my tears with concern.


“Khushi..” his voice reached my ears. I didn’t acknowledged though he continued, “You can visit your parents whenever you want. We both will shift to our new home like you wished after finishing the rituals which takes another three days. I called you to inform this but as usual, you didn’t attend my call” he finished with accusing tone. I shrugged at this. After that conversation we sat in silent till we reach his house.


Car stopped before a big mansion which is also decorated like a bride. I stared the mansion with my heart content not that this is my sasural, i liked the infrastructure. The mansion is not less than a palace. But my staring session came to halt hearing a click sound and i turned other side to find a hand held out for me from outside of the car. That’s when i noticed my husband is missing and the hand is none other than my husband’s. I decided to deny his help but because of my heavy lehenga i have to take his help. I stumbled at the door; he caught me by my waist. I felt new sensations in my body when his cold hand met my bare skin surprisingly i liked it. Immediately i stepped out of his hold, this is not what i expected. I have to keep distance between us. He stared at me in confusion seeing the distance created between us by me. But thank god his gaze was broken by loud voice,


“Bhai and Bhahi reached” i think it is anika voice.


I know this is small chapter, but i want to know about your opinion. This story is mostly in khushi POV and you all will get others when the story demands. I want to know whether i continue like this? It's my first story to be written in one's POV. I briefed khushi's thoughts more in this so that i can explain her stand in this marriage which is the root of this story. Hope i am not bored you with this. I am waiting for your reviews dears. Feel free to tell your opinion. constructive criticism is always welcome!

*And the update will be depending on the response!!!!!

Thanks for your votes and comments

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May 17, 2017

2.First Night! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 56 times)

“Bhai and Bhabhi arrived” i think it is anika voice. In no time we are surrounded by his family. Slowly we walked till the door. His mother circled pooja thali before them and she put thilak on each of us. I genuinely smiled at her, as i have no heart to hurt her, she has no fault in this and i feel close to her than my mother in just few interactions. My monologue came to halt by her,


“Kick the rice pot with your right foot betiya and dip your feet in red water and mark your entry in your home” his mother ratna affectionately said to me pointing the pot and red water in a plate.


I nodded and did what she did as that is the only option left for me. I really wished to feel like home in my new sasural like she said, but some things are never going to change, like this home will never be my home. I felt bad for this family, they are too nice people except arnav how dare he? Due to his one foolish decision they are all going to hurt. She is not planning to continue this marriage at any cost. She cannot give his place to arnav and not anyone too. Again my thought was broke by shout. I think i become too much into me from the time my marriage talk starts.


“Yey...Finally i got my bhabhi” anika shouted crazily like me. I was once like her, get pleasure and happiness in simple and small things and act crazily. But now all looks alien to me.


“Chup karo anika. Don’t frighten my bahu by your craziness” ratna scolded her daughter for me. Unknowingly my lips stretch into a smile. But that does not last longer,


“Arnie pick her up and take her in” his mother ordered her son making my eyes widen. “What the?? What is this?” I thought.


“What is this mom?” my husband asked. I can’t predict this time whether he asked in teasing tone or really he don’t know about this, but how is this possible? He is living here then obviously he must know about this. I shrugged the thoughts which are unnecessary for me.


“Are you planning to stand outside whole night or any plan for performing wedding night my boy?” his father arvind teased him earning a slap from his wife.


“What the?? What is happening here? They are so bold. Arghh...Why i am feeling nervous suddenly? Be strong khushi, you are fighter, independent girl you cannot easily get nervous by this talks” i thought and promised myself to be strong.


“Hann..Hann..bhai, lift bhabhi fast or else you will end up spending your first night here in doorstep itself” anika also teased him. I did not expect this from her, for god sake she is his younger sister and he cannot smile at her teasing. I conclude that this family is too bold in their talks. I wonder how arnav will be? True he tried to talk to me some times after our marriage fixed but i did not talk to him, i thought atleast he’ll cancel the marriage by my ignorance. But he???


After seemed like eternity my mother-in-law stopped their teasing session. She warned them not to tease.


Suddenly i felt i am in air and a cold sensation run in my back and waist making me gasped realising arnav picked me in his arms. I clutched his collar in fear of being lifted but i like his touch which is wondering me. I always keep distance from men after my heart break and i promised to not give anyone the chance of touching me even if it is a simple hug. I loved being only his but this equation starts changing the moment arnav married me. This is not good sign. I have to keep check on my emotions.


“Bhai you can put bhabhi down now” i heard anika’s teasing voice and met an embarrassed arnav’s face.


He slowly put me down carefully. Soon we are surrounded by his family, they are more than 10members. I guess i don’t know any of them. They said some post marriage rituals to be performed by us. I was irritated, how many rituals are there. This family has more traditions. I am not the person who love and follow traditions after that incident. I left all my fantasy and dreams of happy life due to my past happenings.


In short time, we are made to sit opposite to each other and a big bowl containing milk is placed between us. They said to search a ring in that bowl. Sighed i put my hand on the bowl he too did the same. I have no interest to entertain people who are shouting as if world cup match is going on. I carelessly wandered my fingers with a fake smile plastered on my face. Abruptly my fingers are blocked by hand and i realised it is arnav’s hand. He passed something to me, before i comprehend what it is he raised my hand along with him.


The group broke into cheers, at first i was frightened later calmed down and gasped hearing their words,


“See khushi betiya found the ring and she is the one who have upper hand in this marriage” someone said.


A cheeky smile adorned his face hearing this; i don’t know why he did this. Why did he push the ring to my hand when he is the one who found it? Is he want to make me win, it is not a serious game. By any chance, did he want me to rule this marriage but anyway why would i care when i not want to continue this play.


“Ok enough of this rituals, ratna take khushi betiya upstairs, they are tired of these rituals” my father-in-law said.


Soon i was escorted to a room correction his room, ratna aunty made me sit in the decorated bed by spreading my lehenga. I must have to admit that the room was wonderful and it carries a serene atmosphere. Decoration was indeed beautiful. They put lot of effort and love in this marriage, which i felt guilty. I know surely one day i’ll repent for hurting ratna aunty, but i can’t help it. For her i cannot kill my heart to live with her son. It is against my principle, my heart beats only for him and now it died, i cannot make it beat again. I lost in my musings when anika entered the room.


“Bhabhi don’t be nervous. My bhai is not vampire and he’ll eat you up! But i am not sure how he is with his wife” anika ended with mischievous smile. Gosh...Shameless family, i thought.


“Chup anika, she is your bhabhi. Don’t tease her; she is new to this family. You have to support her not to tease. Don’t make her nervous by your talks. If you are in teasing mood then go downstairs i am sure arnie will restlessly walking here and there rubbing his palms, tease him to your heart content” ratna aunty scolded her. From the time my marriage rituals starts this is like this, anika is such a tease and she will get scold from ratna aunty. Today also no less but today anika teasing was in peak.


“I am sorry bhabhi. Don’t take my words seriously. If you have problem in adjusting here and felt bore then give a shout i’ll be here before you. Take care bhabhi, don’t worry arnie bhai is not like i said he’ll understand you” anika apologised to me, i can’t help but smile at her words. “See now i asked sorry mom, bye” pouting herself anika left the room. Ratna aunty faced me,


“I know khushi betiya, it is not easy for a girl to leave her parents who nurtured you with love and care all these years. This marriage will be hard on you when it is a arranged one. I too have arranged marriage with your father-in-law so i know how it been feel. Don’t look me as your mother-in-law consider me as your mother. You are no less than anika for me. This is your home. Feel free to tell me your problems even if it is related to arnav; i’ll be always here for you. I’ll send arnav in” ratna aunty cooed and kissed my forehead before leaving the room.


“Girls always dream their marriage life should be like fairy tale. I too had the dream but it ended before it started. Now i have no dreams and no expectations from life. I want a peaceful life with no one around unfortunately fate planned this marriage” i sighed and changed my dress, before he come i have to sleep. I am tired and don’t have energy left in me to fight with him.


I lied in bed after pushing the flowers aside; before i close my eyes i heard door opening sound. I closed my eyes hurriedly, i felt him near me. He sat beside me, for some time i didn’t felt any movement. I thought to open my eyes but before that i felt some kind of wetness in my forehead, i inhaled my breathe realising it’s his lips pressing me. God he pecked me. I opened my opens hearing door closing sound. He is in washroom; i touched my forehead where he pecked me. I rubbed the place to erase his touch. Again i closed my eyes hearing him coming. I didn’t hear any sound after that, i felt the room light is dimmed. I guess he is going to sleep; slowly i opened one eye to see him lying in the green colour recliner with his back facing me.


I mentally thanked god for saving me from this situation. If he planned to start our marriage life then surely one world war could have happened here. No one has the right to touch me except him. I closed my eyes to sleep but my thoughts wandered into the past where i accepted this marriage.


Next update will be arnav POV. So cheers to all who wants his thoughts!!!!

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@Dazzling02: Thank you so much dear! You will come to know why khushi wants to live in seperate house in coming parts! I'll try to update frequently dear but i am not sure as vacations are going on my home is flooded with guests so i'll update weekly once for now.

@Archanasuresh: Wow Great! We have same thoughts Yup, why people curse the unmarried women, it's their wish. Society has no right to blame her, if she did mistake they have to correct her if she didn't change her thoughts then they can simply leave her according to her wish without cursing.

@Isabellaallan2108: Second chance is for khushi. Lets see how she behaves with him. Thanks

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@Angelinarshi: Yes, here khushi will be rude like ASR. I too hope she will treat him well. Thanks dear

Many of you liked this concept. I am so happy, keep supporting me like this. I'll try my best to progress this story like you all wish

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Jul 3, 2017

3. He's in love (By Spriya) (Thanked: 37 times)

Arnav's POV

I stood before the mirror in my room gelling my hair perfectly, adjusting the sherwani i looked at my reflection for umpteenth time from the morning. I wondered what happened to me; from the time i seen Khushi my mind didn't take account of my actions. Heart in his own accord creates some unusual feelings which he find difficult to understand. The one who keeps his face stern in office is smiling like an idiot from past month that too in important meetings which earned some weird glances. Once again, i checked my face in mirror; before a month his appearance didn't matter to him though many compliments him as handsome but today he want to look his best.

"Wow, these days am i dreaming or what? Someone has smile plastered on his face even in his meeting and sleeping, sometimes he blushes. Oh god this poor heart will not take it. If it continues i must say, surely he'll admit in hospital for jaw pain" my dad voice reached my ears and i turned only to bump into him.

"Dad..." I whined hearing his dramatic dialogue.

"What? Leave it. Arnie are you nervous? I know you'll be nervous,but don't be. I am here, i'll teach you all the ways to pacify wife and how to behave with ladies especially with your newly wedded wife. If she gets angry on you, there is only way to pacify ladies that is k.." my dad advised me precise he teased putting his one hand on my shoulder.

"There is a word called shame in English dictionary, do you know that arvind?" My mother entered the room interrupting my dad's words.

"Ratna..." This time my dad whined.

This was always like this, my family was always one of a dramabez family and my dad and sister was too bold according to my mom. Well, am quite shy to share my personal space not that i was reserved but i feel certain things to be in limit but looks like that is quite impossible with these father and daughter duo. From the time i agreed to marry khushi, these duo teasing me to death indeed they made me blush many times much to my dismay.

"Thank god, you arrived mom" i sighed in relief, if anika joined her hands with dad then no one can save me from them. They'll made me red without any facial creams. Before i relax i heard my nightmare come true.

"Looks like my bhai is desperate to marry. Bhai your favorite ritual is on night, what will you do oops.. how will you wait patiently until then?" Anika entered like a storm.

"That's like my girl. Leave it princess, if you continue this then it will be hard for us especially for khushi to find his face with this red colour sherwani of his" my dad laughed making me embarrassed if not less until now.

"Dad see his face, already its turned perfect shade of red" anika teased him more.

"Is anywhere written that a man should not blush?" My mom supported me.

"Hmphh....Here comes son's rescuver" says my dad and laughed little.

"Shut up you both" my mom feigned shouting and next instant she too joined with their laughing session.

I don't know what to do. If it had been some other in his family place, teasing him like this then they must be searching their teeth now.

"Aww...look at my boy. No more teasing, ok!" Finally, my dad showed some mercy on me.

"Agreed! Enough of teasing. Come down we have to start from here. Arnie come down, don't start your staring session again" my mom said dragging anika with her for help.

I nods and before i took next step my phone ringed. Dad gestured me to speak and he'll wait downstairs.

Confused seeing a private number, i swiped the green icon before i greet, the other side buzzed with wishes.

"Congratulations arnav...Happy married life bro"

"Who are you?" I asked annoyed.

"Hey arnie, sorry yaar. You know my job right, I cannot get leave easily. We're in main operation, i am calling you after lot of pleading from my officials" his childhood friend akshay pleaded and apologized from other side who was in Indian army.

"You're excused just because of your job. When are you coming? Do you have any plan to show your presence in my reception?" I asked calmly. Akshay is one of my closest friend who knows in and out of me and vice versa.

"I don't know arnie. By the way when's your reception?"

"Date is not decided for now. Lets see, i'll inform you beforehand" i replied and we chatted for few minutes.

"Bhai, it's time for muhurth. Come down" as soon as anika voice reached my ears, i disconnected the call and went down, obviously not before check my appearance before mirror once again.

While descending the stairs i roamed my eyes around the whole house. For an instance i thought i had entered mistakenly to someone's house. Entire house was decorated with fairy lights, freshly bloomed flowers, rainbow balloons. Close relatives are roaming here and there, as soon as they spotted me they came to me and did some last minute rituals. Finally, we started our journey to altar.

I left my house as single and will return back as couple, this thought itself give goosebumps in my skin. I felt unknown excitement, enthusiasm and somewhere nervous too.

After seemed like eternity, we reached our farmhouse where marriage is going to happen. My mother-in-law did aarti and welcomed me in.

I was escorted to the altar and made to sit before fire. I was impatient, desperate what not. I want to fast forward the time so that i can start my life with khushi. I did all the rituals hurriedly which earned some teasings.

I thought, clock stopped to rotate as the pandit took more time to call khushi. After seemed like eternity, khushi came down to altar accompanying by my sister. My eyes froze seeing her form. She walked slowly carrying an elegant white and red combination lehenga which obviously was designed by me.

That moment i realised, I was in love. Yes, the uncontrollable heart beats, the uninvited smile, the dreams which i had with khushi was the result of that. I like a fool thought, i just liked her. Her each and every breath important to me. It is not said that, true love come only after knowing each other fully. May be i fell in love at first sight and took time to realize my feelings. With this new realisation my eyes searched for her reaction which is none or say empty.

The excitement i had till now drained out of my body. The smile which never leaves my face left without invitation. The heart which beats erratically earlier was slowed down. An unknown emptiness occupied me. An unknown fear crept in my heart refused to leave. For each step she took, my heart pained seeing her expressionless face. For a moment i thought to stop the wedding which she is unhappy about.

Is she really unhappy with this marriage? Could it be her uninterest which lead her to put that condition of living in separate house? Did i rushed the things for my own selfish reasons which is nothing but love! I thought.

I jerked when a voice hit my ears "Arnie, she's going to be your wife in few minutes. So stop staring her, we all know you love her but it is not needed to embarrass yourself among the guests" I realized that's my dad voice.

Hearing the word wife, all my previous thoughts took back seat. New positivity run down my spine. I believed i can make her happy with my love. It would be a lie, if i say i didn't except anything return from her. I want her love, if not at least a feeling that i am her husband. My love is enough for both. But what if she behaves the same like earlier? Before i finish self debating she sat beside me.

I wandered my eyes on her face, this is the first time she's close to me this much. In previous rituals, she always find a reason to stay away from me which i don't know why, maybe she is shy. Is she looks like a shy lady? If a chance is given she may prove herself as iron lady, my heart chided otherwise which i pushed effortlessly.

I came from my dream land hearing her voice. "Will you stop staring me?" She chided with authority which is likely as wife. I averted my eyes from her face awkwardly.

Soon mangalsutra is given to me and i tied it around her neck happily followed by putting Vermillion on her forehead. Still she didn't look at my eyes. We took pheres promising ourselves as good partner. My father in-law requested me to look after his daughter which i obliged and promised him to look after her. After all she is my wife now.

In between we pose for photos. Photos are memories. Being from modern family i wished to do pre wedding photo shoot which she denied outrageously. I think she is reserved even after her family persuaded her she refused.

We are made to sit beside each other in car. Like i thought earlier we're going as a couple to my home. She cried for long time, i don't know how to console her. After a lot of hesitating i pushed my kerchief to her which she declined. That was one eye opening moment for me. The one who eager to marry is hesitating to console his newly wedded wife then how would he expect her to behave normally with him. It's totally an absurd behavior of him. I decided to take one step further. So wiped her tears forcefully.

"You can visit your parents whenever you want. We both will shift to our new home like you wished after finishing the rituals which takes another three days. I called you to inform this but as usual, you didn't attend my call" I consoled at the same time expressed my displeasure at her indifference towards me. Not that i am angry on her for putting that condition as i know why she put that condition but at least for courtesy she should answered my calls. She turned her head towards window and after that her eyes glued outside. I exhaled a sharp breath. It's going to be a long journey.

We reached my home. I helped her to step down from the car. Earlier she was so close to deny my help but due to her heavy lehenga she accepted my help. She stumbled a bit while descending, i balanced her by holding her waist. My cold hands came in contact with her bare waist. I felt a shrill run down my spine. I mentally patted myself for designing the lehenga a bit heavy and small blouse which gave me access to her. Anika shouting made her come out of her trance and obviously mine too.

Mom did arthi and Khushi entered our home by pushing the pot. Her red foot marked her beginning of our life as husband and wife. Her face still remains expressionless. I couldn't detect what she wants and what she wish. Anika as usual in her teasing mode.

Suddenly my mom said me to pick khushi. I stood flabbergasted, why not; but later got it that it was one of my family tradition. I hesitated for few minutes as i know khushi will feel uncomfortable but not more than my dad and anika teasing, which i realised later. I picked her and strode inside my house. It felt good taking her in my arms.

I don't know when i reached living room. Anika's voice stopped me and i realized i drowned into khushi and being her in my arms i was oblivious to the surroundings.

Soon we did post marriage rituals. They put a bowl of milk with a ring in it. The one who took the ring first will be the one dominate husband and wife relationship. Fortunately i got the ring first but that didn't give me satisfaction. I want her to believe me in our relationship. I want her to treat me as a friend first. So i pushed it towards khushi hands and raise our joined hands without delay. The shocked face of her give me satisfaction. The group around me cheers and they said Khushi will rule our relationship. I searched her face for any reaction which turned oblivious from shock. My face also fells. But however anika and my dad teasing keep me away my worries. My mom take Khushi to my room nope our room and ordered me to wait downstairs.

" bhai wait come to end" anika started again before i retort back my dad dismissed her saying she has to help her mom and bhahi. After anika left my dad turned towards me.

"Apart from teasing i am going to talk important arnav" i guess it must be something serious or else my dad will not call me as arnav. I gestured him to continue.

"Look, from the looks and expression of khushi i think she has second thoughts about this relation. If she behaves sternly then don't behave as a snob. Try to understand and help her to come out of her insecurities. Don't expect wifey duties from today itself. Hope you understand what i mean. Give respect to her feelings. I know you will" my dad finished and hugs me.

I reciprocated and bid bye to him when anika and mom allowed me to my room but surely not before losing my credit card to anika.

With these quick replay of today events i entered my room only to get disappointed seeing her sleeping form. If she is not interested in celebrating this night then at least she should've waited for me to arrive. I wanted to have a serious talk with her. I planned to erase some distance between us emotionally but for physical i'll wait until she is ready to accept me.

May be she is tired, my heart reasoned. I waited for few minutes before placing my lips on her forehead without making noise. "I love you khushi" i murmured within my mind. I dreamed to tell her this in person but seeing her sleeping like an angel i couldn't control my feelings. Before my lips finding its way down i rushed to washroom.

After get rid of my heavy clothes and entered into casual tracks i left outside.

There she is again teasing my senses. Gulped my throat i took my place in recliner and turned my face away. If i saw her my resolve will melt. Soon tiredness took over me and i went into dream land where only me and my wife exists.


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Marriage- Fake or fate!


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Jul 4, 2017

4. First day (By Spriya) (Thanked: 51 times)

Back to Khushi POV

"Argh...maa close the window. Don't make noise, i want to sleep" I snuggled more into the blanket. It hardly passed five minutes i heard some murmers.

"Will you let me sleep maa?" I asked raising my voice. "Why are you hell bent on disturbing my sleep" I murmured in annoyance.

Again i heard murmurs, my patience level snapped. What she thinks of herself? Before i decide to shout her, i get up abruptly hearing some voice.

There my newly wedded so called husband stood staring me. Realization dawned on me. I am in an unwanted relationship and now i am in this new house, sharing my room with my husband or precise a stranger. I lift my eyes upwards, as soon as my eyes met his he throw a charming smile at me which itself is enough for girls to melt but it'll not work with me but what she don't know was she herself started to note his expression keenly. I don't know when i slept, probably before thinking of my past.

"What?" I asked in annoyance but it came out rather harsh which made his face fell. Didn't he know i was not interested in marriage then why the hell he's trying to build a relationship between us with his so called calm attitude of his. I think he's still dreaming about our happy life. Come on khushi, he need some trailor of how our life would be or else he'll keep disturbing you, i thought and planning to piss him.

"Khushi, mom said we have to do rituals. So she asked us to be ready by seven" he said doubling my annoyance.

I turned towards clock and shocked to see the time as six. Never in my twenty five years of life i saw sun light before eight but today argh...The frustration in me reached the peak. First this unwanted marriage, second to see his face first in morning and last me khushi gupta waked up on six.

"I am sleepy. Don't wake me before eight" i said non-chantedly and covered my face with the blanket. He stood shocked with my reply that's what i want. He have to know how should it'll be to lead a life with me. I just consider him as my roommate nothing less or more. I shrugged all my thoughts and went into my beauty sleep.

"Khushi..." His low soft voice reached my ears but i acted as asleep so he went from there.


A shrill of ringtone disturbed my sleep. Another round of irritation, i thought. Why everyone hell bent on destroying my peace? Huffing, i silenced my phone and back to my work.

Hardly a minute passed again same ringtone ranged made my ear bleed. I cursed myself for not putting it into silent mode rather silenced one call. My sleep fled when again my phone rang.

"Who are you? Don't you know manners, disturbing others sleep early in the morning" I bit out with gritted teeth.

"Hey, Khushi. Is this way to behave with others? You are newly wedded, do you remember that. By now you should be in kitchen preparing breakfast for your in-laws. Do you even know it's your first day in your in-laws? Why are you like this khushi?" I checked my caller id and bit my tongue realizing the other side is none other my maa. Great morning, this day shouldn't be worse than this.

"I am feeling sleepy, so i am sleeping. What it have problem with my in-laws? Don't act like serial sanskari mom and don't order me to act like sanskari bahu. I am not going to do anything like that. And don't increase your BP by arguing with me" i finished in one breath.

"Why are you like this khushi? Is it because we forced you to marry, but they are good family and damad also a nice person. You know our situation right, please leave your stubbornness for some time and act as good wife and good daughter-in-law. They should not regret about this marriage. Please khushi, from your voice itself i know you're still not out of the bed. Get up, like a good girl go freshen up. It's already 9" my mother voice somewhat calm me a little yet am angry on my situation and did not want to abide her.

"When they have no problem, why are you fussing over it?" I get up from the bed slowly.

"If they didn't voice out that doesn't mean they have no problem with this attitude of yours. I am sure they'll feel bad, if anyone other family in that place, till now you must be crying in kitchen room hearing your in law taunts. Don't misuse the freedom they given you" my mom warned me. But she is too right, for my stubborn nature they should not suffer especially ratna aunty. So i decided to do what my mom said.

Will they all angry on me? Anyways, it's also a good news to you khushiIf i continue to behave like this, then surely they'll not feel bad when i leave this house and cut ties with this family, i mentally calculated my actions and start to get ready wearing a saree.

Another thing which i dislike is saree. How people manage to walk with this thing wrapped on their body. Whenever i drape saree, i always fear of it's pleats, it likes to come in my way. I always end up struggle in walking not that i trip and fall but will stumble a bit. Today also it is not going to be new.

I don't know for how many days i have to do the things which i dislike. After putting kohl and minimal make up taking in accordance of not to look good or say look like a new bride. Yes, i don't want to good look. I want to show them that i am least interested in this marriage yet the family should not get hurt my attitude. So i wore saree and one bangle on each hand, a simple stud, mangalsutra in my neck. My maa strictly warned me to not take of the mangalsutra. So i leave it in its place, who knows how many days it was going to be there.

With final look in mirror, i descended downstairs seeing the surroundings. Yesterday it was night so i didn't noticed the house. When i was in last step, my in-laws relatives came near me.

"These days there is no respect for traditions or elders. See we all already eaten breakfast, but this maharani decide to show her presence at nine" they spoke among themselves.

I grit my teeth, "It's none of your concern" i clearly shown my displeasure. I must say, they are shocked hearing my response. Who gave them right to criticize my behavior. If my in-laws don't have any problem then who are they to interfere in my matter.

" rude? You..." One of them started to say something before that ratna aunty came there.

"Beta, did you wake up. How is your headache now? Come have breakfast before that do some small puja. It's hardly take five minutes. Do you have any problem in sitting for five minutes?" Ratna aunty asked me with concern. I smiled for the first time from the morning.

But wait, what she is asking? Headache. Simple logic khushi, may be arnav said that to cover your absence, i mused in my mind.

"No problem aunty" i agreed to sit in puja for her though i didn't believe in all these. I don't have heart to hurt this poor lady. How many girls get mother-in-law like her? I again drowned in my thoughts.

"What? Aunty. Don't i loom like a mother to you?" She feigning angry.

"Sorry maa" i smiled and hugged her. She reciprocated both smile and hug.

"Ratna, mind this. This girl going to destroy your family peace" one of the earlier gossip lady said breaking our trance.

"Please don't speak about her like this. She is daughter of thsi family. We will not sit quite hearing your accusations!" Ratna maa yes she is my maa, supported me and scolded them for me. I am overwhelmed seeing her concern.

"At least tell her to make some sweet" one of the silent spectator in the group told to ratna maa.

"Ok jiji. Please you all take some rest. You should need it before depart from here" maa spoke and dragged me to puja room.

I did arthi and prayed for five minutes before entering into the kitchen. Well, maa too accompanied to kitchen.

This is the second time i am entering  into kitchen. My maa always pester me to learn cooking. But somehow i distracted her always. But today, what i am going to do, i started to bite my nails in confusion. I don't want to hurt ratna maa. Seems like i have no option.

"Khushi..." I came out of my musings hearing ratna maa's voice. I turned my gaze towards her.

"Here are the ingredients for kheer. Take help from kaka, i have to look after guests beta. They are returning to their home or else I'll help you here. Don't hesitate for anything" she said fondly cupping my cheeks.

I nods but sudden jolt of realization hit me, tears threatened to fall from my eyes. Gulped the lump in my throat, "Maa I don't know how to cook" i said lowering my head. I waited for few minutes, but getting no response i lifted my head only to notice that i am standing alone in kitchen; ratna maa is nowhere to be seen.

"Ratna malikin is looking after dadiji. She ordered me to help you. Tell me betiya, what can i do for you?" One elder man asked me. He looked like a servant.

Disappointed on knowing ratna maa is busy, i asked "Who are you?"

"I am working here from 40years beta. My name is raju, arnav beta call me as kaka" he said.

Seeing me stood still he continued, "Arnav beta loves kheer. He's waiting for you. He strictly denied to have breakfast without you" he finished and stood with unreadable expression, i think he expected a blush or happy smile from me.

Hearing arnav too likes kheer, my throat choked, vision blured, hands quivered. He too likes kheer. How will i cook kheer! First and last time i experimented was kheer because he liked that. I cannot make kheer this time, no way...My hands only cook for him.

"Beta...Did anything happen to you? Why are you crying? Are you ill? Malikin...malikin...arnav beta..." He went outwards shouting that's when i realised the tears which i controlled till now was out.

I took a glass of water from nearby counter. Gulping the whole content, somewhat i calmed my senses. Still shivering didn't stopped. My fingers found the end of my pallu twisting and untwisting it.

"Beta.. what happened to you? Kaka said your health is not well" ratna maa coming towards me tagging my husband with her.

"Nothing maa. Just feeling tired. Shall i take rest? But what about sweet?" I asked wiping the sweats from my forehead.

"Ok beta... it's not necessary to do. Have breakfast before going to room. Arnie what are you looking at. Help her and take care of her" she said dropping the bomb.

No, I cannot face him now. I don't want to spoil my already spoiled mood.

"It's ok maa. Why are you bothering him? If i take rest, I'll be fine" i tried to convince her.

"Noway, what is there to bother him. He is your husband, henceforth it's his duty to look after you" ratna maa didn't take my suggestion.

"Don't argue. Come khushi" my husband arnav said dragging me to dinning table by holding my hands.

I tried to withdraw my hand but his hold is so tight, "leave my hand" i murmured coldly as low as possible.

He turned and gestured me to kitchen by his eyes. Scrunching my eyebrows i turned my gaze to kitchen only to see ratna maa staring us with contented smile. After seeing her, i calmed down little and i allowed him to serve me breakfast and he too joined me.

"Feed her a little from your plate arnie" i heard ratna maa voice. Shocked by her sudden presence and her statement i looked her with wide eyes.

Without meeting my eyes he forward a bit of paratha before my mouth. Hesitant for a moment and seeing the excited face of ratna maa eyes i opened my mouth. He fed me and again ratna maa dropped another bomb. I am glad he didn't made move to touch me.

"Khushi beta, now it's your turn"

Gritting my teeth at the same time cursing my fate i forward my hand with big piece of paratha before him. He looked shocked seeing the size, i gestured him to open his mouth. He opened, i fed him without touching his lips as much as possible. I did not want to touch his lips even accidentally so i pinch a big piece of paratha and turned towards my plate. 

"Khushi shall i ask your parents to come later. You know there is pagphere ritual for which you and arnie should go to your house with your parents" ratna maa asked.

God, how many rituals are there. Who found these rituals? If they came before me, i'll...I gritted my teeth again but plastered a smile on outside.

"Ok maa. As you wish"

I get up finished my breakfast and started walking towards stairs. I sensed someone presence beside me. Turned my gaze i saw arnav walking besides me silently.

"I can go myself" I said without waiting for his reply and marched upstairs, closed the room door.


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Jul 7, 2017

5. Khushi in her home (By Spriya) (Thanked: 38 times)


"Khushi..Khushi.." someone called me from afar. "Hmmm..." I wandered my hands and grab the near by pillow to cuddle.

"Khushi.." again same voice echoed.

Angrily i stood up pushing the quilt aside. "What do you want arnav? Why are you disturbing me always?"

"Woh... it's past one in noon. You have to take lunch" he said calmly without let out his emotions while i was in my world.

I remembered closing the door, then how did he entered. Did he have spare key, but i locked from inside. My eyes searched the room and caught the opened poolside door. Oh, he must be came from there. Point to be noted, if you want to stay alone in this room then close the poolside door also, my heart said. It's not needed, you are going to another house, my mind jumped in. He cleared his throat making me aware of his presence.

Huffing i neated the bed and stormed inside the washroom. Standing before the mirror in washbasin i noticed my appearance.

Clad in weightless red silk saree, i looked awesome. I patted myself for draping it perfectly though it's only second time for me. Vermillion in my forehead screams his name so that mangalsutra in my neck. Now i realised why arnav stood speechless in kitchen. It is going in a wrong route. How to make it in right track? I lost in thinking forgetting that i am still in washroom.

"Khushi.." he called me and put full stop to my thoughts.

"Coming..." I shouted and washed my face hurriedly.

"Are you ok?" Again i heard his voice which held concern.

"I am ok, don't worry" i said wiping my face imagining his sad face.

Wait did i answered him politely without any anger and hate? What does it mean? Why did i assured him about my health? Where did my anger went? Why i imagined his sad face? My mind struggled with my own actions. The one who doesn't want to see his face is imagining his face. Relax khushi...Take a breath..., I went out after calming my nerves.

"Khushi shall we go downstairs?" He asked directly into my eyes. I averted my gaze to ground "Hmm.."

The minute we reached downstairs anika come to us and she dragged me aside.

Thank god, anika arrived or else it'll be more awkward to walk with him when i am already in dilemma.

"How's your health bhabi. Mom said you are not well at morning" she asked me.

"I am fine" i smiled at her. She is carbon copy of ratna maa with additional naughtiness. No one can hate her seeing her innocent face. Her happiness reflects in her face.

"Did you like your room? Do you need anything bhabi?" She asked me while walking.

I don't know what to answer her. What if arnav misunderstood when i say i liked the room only the ROOM.

Before i come up with answer we reached dinning table.

"I am very hungry. What's for lunch today?" I asked rubbing my stomach and did mental dance for diverting anika.

"Mom.. we're waiting. Mom..." Anika shouted like a child, i smiled seeing her antics.

Suddenly I felt someone gaze on me. My senses got alert, i roamed my eyes and came to stop with arnav. He is looking at me, even after i eyed him sternly he's in his daydreaming mode.

I peeked anika through the corner of my eyes. When i made sure she is not eyeing me, i pinched arnav's hand hard.

"Ouch..." He hissed.

"What happened bhai?" Anika turned her concentration on us.

"I bit my tongue while eating" he replied making me shocked with his excuse. I smacked my forehead mentally. Wouldn't he got another excuse. Food is not served here he is using food as excuse. What i am going to do with him? I gulped my throat seeing her questioning gaze shifted from him to me naughtily. Oh god, Khushi what did you do. Anika misunderstood the situation, i chided mentally.

"Bhai, at least let bhabhi have her food. She is fully your's. You can stare her as much as you want and please don't show your romance in living room. Children's are present here, they'll be spoiled" anika teased arnav and i lowered my eyes in embarrassment. It's all because of me.

"Children where?" I asked diverted the topic.

"Sitting beside you" she replied shrugged her shoulders.

I turned my head left and right and frowned seeing anika and arnav; there is no child throught out the dinning room.

My brows furrowed in annoyed when arnav laughed out loud.

"What is there to laugh?" I thought but somehow it come out of my mouth in irritation. Nothing is happening according to my wish.

"She is referring herself" arnav said controlling his laugh.

My eyes widened and turned my gaze to her. She sat as if nothing happened and she is trying hard to control her laugh.

"Enough of masti. Here is lunch" finally ratna maa came from kitchen rescued me from these siblings teasings. I should be cautious around them.

"How is your health beta?" Ratna maa asked me fondling my head.

"Fine maa" i replied, arnav looked at me rather stared me with his wide eyes. Now what happened to him? Argh...i need excess energy to wake him up from his dream land and staring state.

In no time my father in law joined us. He too asked about my health and sternly ordered me to call him as dad like arnav and anika. I bound to be obliged.

We finished the lunch without further discussion or teasings. Throughout i felt his strong gaze on me. Ignoring his gaze i stood up from my place and stand confused. I don't know what to do next and where to go. Already i slept half a day like a log so there is noway i am going to escape with sleeping as excuse.

"Beta, if you want you can take rest in your room. Your parents will arrive at evening" thankfully ratna maa jumped in rescue seeing my hesitation.

"It's ok maa. I'll be here, am perfectly fine" i replied by now anika also stopped eating.

"Come, we shall wait in living room and i did not see the house properly, you have to take me a tour" i said hold her hands to drag her from dining room. But, the one who came earlier for my rescue is the one trapped me.

"Anika, clean the table and put all the dishes in kitchen, my head is paining. Let arnav tour her house" ratna maa dropped the bomb.

I stood there not knowing how to convince this situation. It's too late to tell sickness as a reason. Holding the end of my pallu tightly in fist, i waited for all to disappear to their room, after that i'll deal with arnav.

"Arnav what are you waiting for? Take Khushi, see she is waiting for you" dad said fuel to my irritation.

From the time, my marriage talks started am always in helpless situation. Before i search a reason to refuse, arnav dragged me upstairs.

"Arnav leave me. I am not in mood to tour the house" i released my hands from his hold and strode towards the room.

"Khushi wait... Khushi..." He shouted following me. Before i close the door, he entered in a nick of time.

"Khushi, i want to speak to you" he said while i took my place in bed and he stood standing near recliner.

"Speak, who stops you" i shrugged non-chantedly.

"Khushi...I am serious" he raised his voice. If i am not wrong, i sensed irritation and slight anger in his tone.

"I am all ears" I ruffled the pages of magazine.

"Khushi..." He shouted making me jump from my place. First time i heard his angry voice. It really frightened me. But didn't showed outside, I'll not let him win.

"Why are you shouting?" I slowed down my voice. He looks astonished hearing my soft voice.

"We..." Before he start to speak, my mobile ranged stopped our conversation or rather say monologue of him.

He gestured me to take the call and i got busy with my call. The call is from my childhood friend maya. She and me were friends from kinder garden who fights for everything from single lollipop to acedamic topper and now working in the same company. She knows me in and out like viceversa.

"Hello maya, how are you?" I saw arnav leaving the room giving me privacy. Nice guy, but not for me i thought bitterly.

"What are you doing maharani? Did you told jiju about your past? What did he said? You behaved well with him right?" She throws questions at me without break.

I frowned "Nope, i didn't told him, infact i didn't had proper conversation with him"

"What, are you kidding?" She exclaimed in shock.

"Why would i joke maya? Seriously i didn't let him hold a conversation. He needs this. Because of him i am in this condition" came an angry reply from my mouth.

"Are you mad, where is your brain? I don't know your brain went a long vacation" her sarcastic comment reached my ears.

"Why are you getting hyper now?" I asked coolly even after knowing this question may piss her.

"You are asking me this. Why are hesitating to tell your past? This will help your relation khush. Forget the past, its already finished. Concentrate on your present and future. Henceforth, jiju is your life. Don't spoil your future because of some bad past. At least think about your family khush. Jiju seems good in person and likes you, please don't hurt him with your not-so-called attitude" she advised me umpteenth time from my marriage talks started.

"Don't start your lecture sasuma...what happened in office?" Somehow i directed our conversation to another topic.

"Nothing new, the mittal project is going on. Are you have any plan to join office or you choose to be house wife" she asked even though she knows the answer.

"Why i have to waste my carrer after marriage that too an unwanted marriage? I am joining? in two days hopefully as soon as we shifts into new home"

"Think again khush. Is it necessary to live in separate house? Don't your in-laws feel you are separating their son from them that too within few days of marriage" she again started.

"Maya, are you my friend or his?"

"You and your attitude khushi. I hope you realise the value of jiju before its late" sighed she cut the call.

I sat in recliner pondered over my thoughts. Someone tapped my shoulder make me come out of the thoughts.

Scrunching my brows in annoyance, what? I asked to arnav, he came back after sometime.

"I have serious issues to talk. Don't interrupt me" taking a deep breath, "Khushi why are you behaving like this? I agree this all is new to you like me. But you have to come out of it or else our life will be disastrous. Try to open your feelings to me. Same applies for me too. What say? Lets start as friends?" He said extended his hands.

"No thanks, i have enough friends already" i stromed out of the room as i need some clearance of my feelings and what i need from this life.


"Khushi beta, see your parents arrived" ratna maa called me when me and anika were seeing albums in anika room. She showed me her childhood photos and many family photos. I must admit it, arnav is very handsome if i had seen him before 5years, then surely i would be flattened by him now.

We reached downstairs. My parents are chatting with ratna maa and arvind dad. Arnav too sat there chatting with my papa.

My mom hugs and made me sit beside arnav. After lot of teasings, we departed to my home.


"Wait there jiju and you too khushi" meera, my first sister who is doing her second year in electronics engineering stops us from entering into home and run inside.

Within a minute she came out with arthi and maa surrounded it before us. And told us to step in by place in right foot.

"Wait..." Payal, my second and last sister who is in her 12th grade shouted making her way towards us.

"What, it's not time for your prank payal" i scolded her sternly.

"Wowoh...jiji. Jiju hold jiji hands before entering" saying this she took hold of Khushi right hand and placed it in arnav left hand.

Together as a couple they entered into Gupta house.

They are made to sit in living room. Garima gave them juice.

"Did you like the juice damaadji? I don't know what juice you like" my mom asked with hesitation.

"It's ok aunty. Actually, i love orange juice" he replied with a smile. One by one from my family started their conversation with him. I am in my own home became a silent spectator. Instead of asking me about my sasural they're busy on pampering their son-in-law.

Annoyed by their ignorance, i interrupted their conversation.

"Maa, what you planned for dinner?" I asked her gaining her attention.

"I want to know damadji favourite khushi. Tell me what he likes?" She asked me dragging me to kitchen.

She's kidding, didn't she? How the hell i supposed to Know about him in half day that too when i am not interested in all this? I cursed her in my mind but something striked on my mind. Maa looked confused seeing my grinning face.

"He likes karela soup, onion fry and do whatever you do for us, he'll eat" i replied and plastered a innocent smile on my lips.

"Khushi what did you cook today? Did they know you don't cook and don't know anything? Did they scolded you?" Mother's concern peek into her.

"They understood me maa. Don't worry" i assured her.

Evening passed with chatting, teasing and obviously cursing from my part. Maa called us for dinner.

We are again made to sit beside each other and again fed each other as if morning incident is not enough. And not to forget his reaction seeing the dish. My one plan succeed but another one backfires on me.

"Damadji why don't you stay here tonight? It's first time you came here, we will be happy if you sleep here tonight. But...we don't have air-conditioning" papa requested him and at last he is embarrassed or worry i don't know. What is the need to stay here tonight? If i deny then they may take it as something else. What to do? At least couch is there in rm but here there is only single bed. Ohno...khushi do something, my mind already entered into its idea mode.

Arnav agreed and called rm to inform the same. In that mean time i retired to my room saying i am sleepy.

After half an hour he entered the room only to get shocked.


Precap: Arnav's Pov on his first day with khushi.

Do anybody feel it's moving in slow pace? But it's concept itself includes each and every single thing. Khushi will not fall in love with arnav in a single moment. It take more time for her, so obviously in each update khushi will start to notice arnav's small moves and slowly fall for him.

If you noticed this update clearly, she just agreed he is handsome and have second thoughts on her first love. Like this she'll accept him little by little. Don't ask me how, coz am just writing in a flow anything will happen in coming updates.

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Aug 18, 2017

6. His first day (By Spriya) (Thanked: 41 times)

Arnav POV

Sunrays entered into the room making its presence, because of my tiredness whole night i slept peacefully ignoring the hard recliner. Slowly i turned my gaze to my bed only to get mesmerized seeing my newly wedded wife sleeping peacefully. She is looking cute in her sleep. I didn't lift my eyes from her until a knock distracted me.

Inhaling i went towards the door, before that our room state caught my eyes. For others, we are newly wed who starts their married life. So quickly i arranged my side of bed with the pillow which i used in recliner and hide the blanket in wardrobe.

Mom's smiling face invited me as soon as i opened the door. I smiled at her in return.

"Arnie, be ready by seven. You and khushi should have to do puja. Inform her to" said mom.

"Ok mom. Anything else" i asked in teasing manner seeing her standing at the same place for more than a minute.

"You've married yesterday only arnie, already you are throwing me out" She feigned sadly. In return, i winked at her before closing the door.

Sighing i strode towards khushi only to get drawn into her. Her calm sleeping face was enough for me to indulge in her. If only she is calm enough in daylight, they would have been comfortable in their relationship. And I that much knows she is anything but calm and innocent.

Thinking of the ways to wake her, i opened the poolside curtain and noticed her expressions whether she is awake or not.

She did awake but soon gone into her blanket saying "Argh..maa close the window. Don't make noise, i want to sleep" i didn't understand when did i make noise, i just moved the curtains aside so that it will fell on khushi. But then it strikes me she's thinking her being in her home. I thought to let her sleep for some time but the time didn't let me do so.

"Khushi.." i called her as a whisper.

"Will you let me sleep maa?" She asked raising her voice still thinking she's in her home. "Why are you hell bent on disturbing my sleep" i again her annoyed voice.

I don't want to create a scene among the guests, once they're out i'll let her according to her wishes. With this thought, i called her again.

This time i am succeeded in waking her, she stared me weirdly i think she got conscious of her surroundings. I want to start our first day with a smile, so throws one at her.

"Khushi, mom said we have to do rituals. So she asked us to be ready by seven" i said breaking our silence. Next instant her eyes searched for clock and her eyes widen as soon as she saw the time. I think she never seen sun rise.

But what she did next really shocked me, "I am sleepy. Don't wake me before eight" saying this she slept. Like seriously she didn't even acknowledge me, just slept like that. I stood astonished by her behavior. Nonetheless, i called her again as i want to try my level best but she slept so i went downstairs getting ready.

When i was in last step mom came running to me.

"Arnie, i said to bring Khushi with you. What's this behavior of yours? You're not alone, you should accompany her if she took time to get ready. She's new to this house, she came here trusting you. It's your duty to make her comfortable along with us. I didn't expect this from you" she said in a single breath thinking as if i wantedly left Khushi in room. If only she knows her daughter-in-law is sleeping selling her horses.

"Why are you standing like a wall? Say something" she scolded me more when i was thinking ways to reveal khushi's state.

"Your daughter-in-law was ill" i said calmly but she went hyper hearing that "Are you mad? Why are you saying this lately? You should have informed me the minute you came downstairs. Now move, i can see her myself as i guess how cool you're taking this issue" i don't know why she's freaking so much.

"Mom, just headache. Calm down. She said she'll be fine if she takes rest" i tried my best to stop her from barging to my room.

"She'll be fine right. If not take her to hospital. There is no need to do rituals being ill" said mom.

"Any other orders madam" i asked bending my head in teasing way.

"Badamash" she slapped me playfully.

"Ok mom. I am going to study room. Call me when khushi ate breakfast" informing this i marched to study room as i have loads of works pending due to marriage.

Two hours passed, i was busy in my work when i heard kaka's panicked voice calling me and mom.

Without thinking much i strode downstairs. There mom took me to kitchen along with her. Khushi stood in kitchen clad in a beautiful saree with simple stud, not too much bangles in hand. I was flat by her simple look. Even though she's standing looking nervous fidgeting with her pallu, she looks tempting for me. Breaking my stance mom asked her about her health.

"Nothing maa. Just feeling tired. Shall i take rest? But what about sweet?" Asked she.

Mom agreed and told her to take rest and asked me to help her. But khushi refused outrageously.

"It's ok maa. Why are you bothering him? If i take rest, I'll be fine" said she. I don't know why she's avoiding me.

"Noway, what is there to bother him. He is your husband, henceforth it's his duty to look after you" Thanks to my mom, she convinced khushi to take my help.

"Don't argue. Come khushi" i said without giving her chance to refuse further and dragged her to the dinning table by holding my hands.

She tried to withdraw her hand but i did opposite holding her hand tight, "leave my hand" she murmured and i can feel her cold voice.

I shrugged her words and gestured her to kitchen with my eyes where my mom stood looking at us. Seeing her, she calmed down little and i served her breakfast along with mine.

"Feed her a little from your plate arnie" i lifted my head from plate hearing mom's voice.

Obliging mom's words, I forwarded a piece of paratha before her mouth. She hesitated at first but seeing everyone gaze she accepted.

"Khushi beta, now it's your turn" said mom making khushi uncomfortable. I thought she'll excuse from this but surprising me she give me a big piece of paratha. I can feel her irritation by seeing the size of the piece. Seeing me staring her she indicated me to open my mouth.

"Khushi shall i ask your parents to come later. You know there is pagphere ritual for which you and arnie should go to your house with your parents" asked mom and i don't know how many rituals are left for us to complete. Thankfully she didn't fuss, she agreed and i am surprised hearing her calling my mom as maa. Is it mean khushi was ready to start our life? She accepted my family, will she accept me like them. A new hope entered in me and after finishing our breakfast i accompanied her silently.

"I can go myself" she said rudely making my new found hope fly in air.

Seeing her closing our room door, i changed my path to study room again. I don't know how i am going to manage family, am sure khushi will going to do opposite of what am saying.

When immersed in works kaka informed me it's past 1 and called me for lunch. From his talk i understand khushi is still in room.

I entered through poolside door as she closed the main door and again wake her like morning. Half of my life i am going to do this, i guess.

Unlike morning, she got angry "What do you want arnav? Why are you disturbing me always?" Asked she.

"Woh... it's past one in noon. You have to take lunch" i replied calmly hiding my expressions. Huffed she smoothed the bed and disappeared into washroom while i was pondering over her earlier words.

Seriously, am i disturbing her? Why she is always rude to me? I don't know or say i don't want to know it too. All i want is our togetherness along with happiness. I thought she is introvert that's why she's keeping distance from me, looks like it's not the case or am reading too much in between lines. Shrugging the thoughts i noticed she's inside washroom more than required time.

"Khushi..." I called her and this time she replied instantly "coming.."

"Are you okay?" I asked wanted to know her safety. What if she fell inside or something.

To my astonishment this time also i got an instant response that too her voice sounds soothing "I am ok, don't worry" shouted she from inside.

Her single reply lifted my mood and all the insecurities flied out of my poolside.

"Khushi shall we go downstairs?" I asked as soon as she came out and she replied politely to my surprise.

Anika asked about her health when we reached living hall. I decide to let them but anika question stopped me "Did you like your room? Do you need anything bhabi?" I was eager to hear khushi reply. Khushi being khushi diverted the topic and as usual, anika got into her nautanki mode. But that didn't caught my attention, my eyes glued to my wife face. She's enjoying anika antics and her smile which i missed from the time our marriage happened is heart warming. I'll do anything for this smile. Her simple stud suited her perfectly. Her cheeks, how it feels under my lips before i could imagine, i hissed in pain.

She pinched me, seriously she pinched me hard. I must be careful around her. If it was not enough anika jumped in to tease.

"What happened bhai?" She asked but i can see a mischievous smile hidden in her face. I stumbled a bit, what answer can i give that i was imagining to kiss her bhabhi. Horrible.

"I bit my tongue while eating" i answered the first reason came into my mind.

Seeing khushi face i got confused and it did not take more time to realise what i said. I can only bit my tongue and hide my smile. But whom he was kidding my sister is doctorate in teasing department. She didn't leave us until mom interrupted. And lunch passed without problem. She wanted to tour our house and like understanding my thoughts mom ordered me to accompany her. She stood searching for a reason to avoid this situation, i know if i let her in her own, then she'll never ever going to allow me into her life. So i grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs.

"Arnav leave me. I am not in mood to tour the house" she released her hands from my hold and strode towards the room.

"Khushi wait... Khushi..." i shouted following her. Before she close the door, i entered in a nick of time.

"Khushi, i want to speak to you" i started while she took her place in bed and i stood near recliner.

"Speak, who stops you" she shrugged non-chantedly and i could only control my raising temper.

"Khushi...I am serious" i raised my voice hiding my irritation.

"I am all ears" she ruffled the pages of magazine. That's it my anger level crossed it's boundary.

"Khushi..." I shouted. She jumped from her place, i think she got scared.

"Why are you shouting?" She slowed down her voice.

"We..." I start to speak, but her mobile ranged stopped our conversation or rather say monologue of me, i thought bitterly. I gestured her to carry on with call giving her space.

After some time i entered to room only to face with scrunching face of khushi and i tapped her to let her know my presence.

"I have serious issues to talk. Don't interrupt me" taking a deep breath, "Khushi why are you behaving like this? I agree this all is new to you like me. But you have to come out of it or else our life will be disastrous. Try to open your feelings to me. Same applies for me too. What say? Lets start as friends?" I speak in a single breath and extended my hands.

"No thanks, i have enough friends already" she stormed out of the room just like that. Can't she smile at me for courtesy? Can't she accept me as her friend? I didn't asked her to act as wife. Why she is like this? Hard like a stone. It's hard to understand her.


Khushi parents led us to their home. They welcomed us circling aarthi. And i would say i love her second sister payal. She let me hold khushi hands which is impossible task for me.

As a couple, we entered her house and after pleasantries, i mingled with everyone. It was easy to mingle with them than khushi, my wife. Such an irony! In middle of this khushi and her mom got into kitchen.

I must admit it i loved spending time with them. They're so different from khushi. I am wondered is there any specific reason behind her actions. Nonetheless, i decided to clear this doubt.

Dinner was served and i was shocked seeing the dishes because all was my favorite. I turned my gaze only got astonished seeing the eager face of khushi. Why is she eager? Something is wrong.

Fortunately, before i rack my brain, aunty said the reason.

"Khushi said you like this food damadji" garima aunty said.

I smiled at khushi's eager face and i know she's thinking i dislike my food. How could i let her happiness in vein if she is happy then i am glad to tell thousand lies at the same time i don't want to dishearten garima aunty who prepared foods for me.

"I love karela soup aunty but mostly i don't prefer onion fries" i said eyeing khushi from the corner of my eyes. Her face gleamed in joy at last. With this satisfaction, i had my dinner but not before feeding each other as per gupta rules.

"Damadji why don't you stay here tonight? It's the first time you came here, we will be happy if you sleep here tonight. But...we don't have air-conditioning" shashi uncle requested him and at last he is embarrassed. I felt bad seeing him embarrassed. I, not only want to be khushi husband but also son to her family.

Without delay, i agreed and called rm to inform the same. In that mean time she retired to room saying she is sleepy. I wondered in one day how many hours she could sleep!

I talked with meera and payal, they are so jovial. Meera is same age as anika and i promised to help her once she finishes her studies. Brotherly instincts kicked in, like anika they both are also my sisters and i don't want them to struggle in getting opportunities in career. If aunty didn't push us to the room we'll chat whole night.

Shock would be an understatement when i entered her room. Her room has one single bed in the center, one window in corner. She occupied the whole bed in such a way that i cannot lay beside her and safely she put one blanket and pillow in the floor. I guess it was for me. I stood few minutes thinking what to do, i cannot sleep in floor, can i? Never in my life i faced difficulties in my needs. And moreover, if i accept this type of treatment from her then she'll never consider to close the gap between us. So i did what i didn't want to do without her permission. 

Pushing her little, i took my place beside her. Before she starts struggling i put my arm around her waist and locked her with my legs. She opened her eyes in shock. I praised myself for making her speechless.




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7. Terrified khushi (By Spriya) (Thanked: 47 times)

Back to khushi POV

I freaked out from my sleep, when an hard hand fell on my waist and a leg on mine. What the heck? My anger raised when i found the source.

"Arnav what are you doing? Get up" i struggled in his arms.

How dare he to lay beside me and top of it he dare to put his hands and legs on me as if am his wife. A part of my heart screamed, indeed you're his wife and if he doesn't do this sort of things with you then with whom he does? I effortlessly erased that thought from my heart.

My eyes widened in shock, for my each move he keeps tightening his hold on me. I stopped struggling for a minute and gazed him. His eyes are closed as if i don't know he feigned sleeping and if i am not wrong his lips carry a mischievous smile which he was trying hard to hide. That's it i felt my anger and frustration reaching it's peak.

"Leave me arnav..." I tried again. This time instead of tightening his hold he snuggled me. His face was so close to me and his breath tinkling my earlobe. New sensation rushed through out my body, literally i felt electrified. His one leg was over mine making my lower body dumb and his hand captivating my waist in-between his torso. In simple half of our bodies are tangled.

"Arnavv..." I gritted and stretched if possible i'll swallow each syllable of his name.

"Shut up wifey. I am sleepy" mumbled he.

"Haan night everyone sleeps, it's not that i don't this basic..arghh..leave it.." i stopped realizing what he uttered few minutes back. He called me wifey. Jerk. Doesn't he know they're not lovey-dovely couple to call each other with this hubby, wifey sweet names.

"Whole world knows we're hubby and wifey, so there's nothing you can do about that" he said making my eyes widen in surprise. How did he know what i thought?

"Will you shut up arnav?" I seriously getting pissed off now.

"Call me arnie, that's what every loved ones of me call me" his husky voice reached my ears.

"Incase i should clear your misconception, i did not love you and never will" i stated bluntly and smiled victoriously seeing his silence.

"Lets see baby..." Came an flirtatious reply from him after a minute.

"Overconfident is not good for health Mr. Arnav and mind it don't call me with cheesy names" i warned sternly but looks like it doesn't affect him and it was proved by his next statement.

"Darling, is it ok, but wifey is not cheesy you know. Sweetheart, honey are cheesy according to me"

"Oops, i guess my husband is poor in language. Doesn't darling came under cheesy name in your dictionary" came an mocking reply from me. I really enjoyed giving him mocking replies, it gives me an unknown happiness.

"Nope wifey. Darling is for calling loved ones in sweet way. But sweetheart, baby, honey are used for buttering" i calmed down my nerves hearing his rubbish explanation. What the hell is he saying?

"Don't test my patience arnav. Sleep aside. And keep your hands and legs to yourself" i warned and tried to release myself.

"My hands and legs are with me wifey. What are you saying?" He asked as if he's confused by my words.

"Arnavv.. you're crossing your limits" said i trying not to lose my cool.

"That's what i said earlier. I am sleepy wifey. Sleep.." he patted my back as if i was a kid.

"Didn't you see the blanket in floor. It's for you. Go and sleep there" i ordered and pushed his hands.

"Husband place is where his wife stays" he replied locking me in his arms again.

"Argh...i'll kill you" indeed i stretched my arms like strangling him.

"Baby... it's bad to kill your husband" he pouted. Seriously pout, couldn't he come up with another reaction. But he's cute like a child with this pout.

Khushi you're crossing your boundary, i chided myself.

"You seriously lost it" i accepted defeat to control my body which started giving mixed signal with his closeness. And moreover they're in her home, if her parents had slightest idea of what's going between them it'll be hard.

"That's like my girl" he caressed my arms until i fell sleep.


I scrunched my lids hearing the knock on the door. "Who's ther..." Before i ask this i was terrified seeing the position of arnav and mine.

His face was buried in my chest, his hands and legs are in same position as night but this time he spread fully over me and the most shocking was my hands are circling his neck making him bury more deep into my neck, literally am hugging him.

Immediately I released my hands. Sudden heat rushed on my cheeks, my hands trembled a bit in nervousness.

How can i sleep hugging him? Isn't i am against this marriage and decided to stay away from him? I should feel disgusted by his closeness but Why i feel butterflies in my body when he's near me? What is happening to me?

Again someone knocks the door disturbing my thought process. I pushed him aside and opened the door.

"Khushi, it's 7 now. Come to kitchen after freshen up and help me to prepare damadji breakfast" maa said without pause.

"Maa we're going to have breakfast in RM" i said as i am getting warning signals from arnav. His actions changed totally in single night. So it's better to leave this place as soon as possible.

"No aunty, we are going to spend our whole day here" came an voice from behind.

Shocked by the answer, i turned and glared him. How dare he to decide without consulting me? Hell this is my house, i should be the one who rule him here but he's doing opposite of it.

"Ok damadiji. It's sweet of you. What you prefer coffee or tea?" Both mother-in-law and son-in-law engrossed in their conversation leaving me in distress.

I left to washroom stomping my foot. When i came back arnav and my papa was speaking, i don't understand how they got topics to talk for hours.

"Betiya, help damadji to take bath" said my papa.

Why, don't his son-in-law know how to take bath or his hands are tied somewhere? I thought to say it but decided to drop it as the questioner was my father.

"Don't run your horses wild wifey. What he mean is, you have to guide me through washroom and accessories as i am new here, it's your duty to make me comfortable" arnav murmured in my ears. That's when i noticed he was standing so close to me. If it's not enough he winked at me before papa. Papa face bloomed and he gave space to us exiting from there. He must be thinking his daughter is living happily, i thought bitterly.

Before i could remonstrate arnav dragged me to my room.

"What is this drama arnav?" I asked and released my hand as soon as we reached our room.

"What drama wifey?" He asked raising his eyebrow.

"The drama you're doing now, how can you decide to stay here without my behalf? How can you wink at me before my father?" I retorted angrily.

"Oh so that's your problem. Ok I'll do it in closed doors" he replied nonchalantly taking his dress from his bag.

How dare he? And from where did this bag land from? I thought to use it as excuse to send him from here but he is smart.

"Washroom is on right side of payal room" saying this i left without giving him a chance to speak or else again he'll start his stupid talks.

Five minutes later i heard him calling me.

"Khushi damadji is calling you. Go and check what he needs. I'll look after this c****s, anyways you are not doing anything here" maa effortlessly accused me with sugar coated words.

"You're speaking too much maa. I am seeing you from yesterday, you talk quite a lot from yesterday evening" she smiled in return.

"Why are you selling my name now?" I asked knocking the washroom door.

"Khushi, water is not coming" he shouted from inside.

"Open it fully, tank is full" i don't know why water is not coming. I myself loaded the tank and it was impossible to get empty within few minutes.

"Beta go and see" papa came there from nowhere.

"Papa..." I whispered in shock and couldn't digest what papa said.

"Go beta, he's your husband" he told again slightly pushing me to the door.

"Damadji, khushi will repair it" said papa and eyed me to get in when arnav opened the door.

What the hell is happening in this house!!!! For god sake he's my dad but looks like cupid for his daughter.


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8. Khushi in trance (By Spriya) (Thanked: 42 times)

"Papa, i'll call the plumber. I think there is blockage in connection. Last time he said our PVCs are getting old, have to replace it. Maybe that's why water is not coming" i said trying to convince my papa. I just wish to turn invisible now.

"It's ok uncle, i'll manage" before papa could retort there comes arnav voice from bathroom. I don't know he's saying truth or is it a way to embarrass me.

"Khushi, why are you thinking so much? Get inside, it's a bad manners to keep our guest unattended, that too he's our damad and your husband. What will he thinks of us? Go..." Papa mumbled before i know i was inside the bathroom.

Unbelievable man, papa pushed me and **** he locked the door outside. Is it a plan of arnav or whole family? I don't understand where i landed!

"Khushi..." I was brought back by that devil voice.

"What??.." i bitted out harshly in annoyance and turned around to face him only to get shocked. I smacked my forehead How else anyone take bath? He stood there facing me with only towel hanged low on his hips.

"Move.." i forcefully shifted my gaze from him to tap.

I opened the tap only to get shocked again, dare he...i wish i could strangle no i wish i could kill him with rat poison..or i really want to smack his head on the tap.

"What is this arnav?" I asked with gritted teeth showing the tap in which water is flowing without any block.

"Did i ever said, water is not coming from tap?" He asked coolly folding his hands.

I just stood what the!!! Wait what did he said, haan...water is not coming... ****...Did i misunderstood all or he's playing?

"Shower is not working khushi. Look at it" he ordered. From where he got guts to order me? His behavior changed drastically from the time he landed here.

"I am not your maid to take your orders" i replied arrogantly.

"When did i said you're my maid, your are my darling wifey" this time he directly flirted.

"You, stop calling me like that" i threatened pointing my fingers at him.

"Alright...first repair this shower" he said nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders.

"Why? Take water from tap?" I shrugged.

"No, i only took bath under shower and i need it now" he sound like child or i am imagining.

"Then wait until, it gets repaired" i said trying to escape from there.

"Uncle..." I closed his mouth from shouting as i know my family is not going to hear no from me so having no other option i obeyed his words.

Annoyed i opened the shower tap, indeed water is not coming. I removed outer case of shower with much difficulty as it was beyond my height. Hadn't it's his duty to help his struggling wife? you're his wife, came an mock from my conscience.

I blow air on its hole and washed it in tap, still it was stubborn enough to not let the water down.

"Give it to me" he grabbed it and did something before put it in its place. He eyed me as if saying now see how it works. I waited patiently until he opened the tap forgetting i was standing exactly below the shower.

The minute cold water touched my skin i realised what blunder i did and freaked out "ahh..."

"Shh...shut up wifey" he closed my mouth with his palms.

"Uhmuhmm...." I struggled to tell him to move as this cold water is making me chill and top of it, his closeness started irking my nerves.

"Stop struggling" he whispered near my ears. I felt my hair stood straight in attention, my hands trembled in chill and nervousness by his closeness at the same time heat aroused inside me.

His blow on my face evoke new feelings in me making me close my lids. Unknowingly my toes curled, breath laboured, my hands formed a fist in my dress.

"Khushi.." i heard his hoarse voice in my ears, his tip of nose was touching my auricle.


"Thanks" i snapped out from my dream land.

"What?" For a minute i couldn't understand anything, i felt as if i jump from other universe.

"Thanks for helping me" he repeated making me frown. When did i helped him to say thanks? Wait he took off his hands from my mouth, when did he took it away? What happened few minutes before? I came inside, he said shower is not working and i took it and checked nothing worked then he repaired it and water falled on both of us anddd....I felt heat rising from my cheeks, I couldn't keep my lips closed why it stretches itself wide? Am i blushing? Why my hands are trembling? Why couldn't i face him directly? Why i am looking down? Why i feel his body heat on me? Argh.. Khushi...get a grip... you're not a hormonal teenager, my mind chided which heart refuse to hear it.

"Go, change your dress or else you'll catch cold" he said gently holding my arms.

In trance i nodded and rushed towards my room. I still couldn't understand why he said thanks and wherever i go i feel him near me. Now also i feel him behind me and his breath on my neck.

You gone insane khushi, i reprimanded myself.

"Give it to me, i'll dry your hair" I jumped hearing his voice from behind. Whatever i felt before few minutes are real, he's behind me from god knows when.

I think my brain went for holidays or else why am not denying his advances. I handed him the towel in trance noticing each and every bit of his clean shaven face. He rubbed my head with towel, i was so close to him standing between his hands. My eyes travelled from his face to neck to his bare chest where top buttons are open again to his face. He sincerely doing his job as if his whole salary was dependent on them.

He put the towel down before moving the tendrils from my face which closes half of my face. My eyes closed automatically feeling his fingers on my sensitive skin.

I sucked my breath when his lips came an contact with my cheeks. My trembling hands found its place in his collar. He moved tendrils of hair on my right side and marked that side by his lips. Taking uneven breaths i leaned on him without having strength remained on me. His arms wounded around my shoulders, my hands in its accord went his backwards.

"Wifey, it feels warm na" he asked making me look at him.

"How?" I myself confused with my voice as it sounds so low.

"You in me and me in you in hug" his husky voice blocked my mind totally.

"Hmm..." I mumbled staring his directly. It carries love love only love...

Electrified i come out of my lala land and pushed him vigorously when i found what we're doing "How dare you arnav? Don't you ashamed of seducing your own wife? Chi... I thought you are gentleman. I am totally wrong. You're acting all these days, aren't you? I never thought under this gentleman face there's a man who have cheap thoughts. If you are so desperate for lust, there are places for it go there. Don't ever come near me!!!" I shouted without seeing his face and marched from there.

When i stopped i noticed my surroundings, i was in upstairs now. Slumped down near wall, How can i betray him and melt under arnav touch? Where did my resolve went? How can i forgot him and ready to accept arnav advances? How can i react to his touches? Haven't i promised myself i'll never let anyone touch me. Then how can i broke my promise? How did i let him kiss me? Wouldn't my reaction should be slap then what went wrong? Is it my resolve breaking? Is my heart is weak to fall for arnavI wailed silently cupping my mouth so that my cry will not reach to others. 


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Nov 7, 2017

9. Heart broken arnav (By Spriya) (Thanked: 44 times)

Arnav POV

I know if i put my hands and legs on her she may freak out yet i put mine or else i'll land on the floor. Like i guessed she struggled mumbling "Arnav what are you doing? Get up"

For her every wiggle i kept tightening my hold making sure not to let my lids open yet, i couldn't hold my smile imagining her irritating face. The moment i felt her gritting her teeth i snuggled to melt her frustration. This was the first time we're so close... Before i could feel her she gritted my name. This time her frustration transferred to me "shut up wifey..I am sleepy" i bitted out even though i am not all sleepy.

Instead of letting me in peace she argued with me but stopped abruptly, i am sure she just now realised I called her wifey. Knowing her thoughts i convinced her.

"Whole world knows we're hubby and wifey, so there's nothing you can do about that" next minute her eyes widen in surprise. Using this opportunity i proceed further, "Call me Arnie, that's what my loved ones call me" i desperately wanted to make her comfortable with me. But she being log headed turn down my spirit with her answer.

"In case i should clear your misconception, i did not love you and never will"

I consoled myself 'she'll be fine with me one day and love me like i do' and back answered her in a most flirtatious way and one lead to another which ended up in accepting her defeat temporarily.

I frightened when someone pushed me in sleep, after registered the surroundings i heard khushi voice who talking to her mother. What I observed by their conversation was khushi planning to depart from here as soon as possible. Yesterday events gave me a hope, i plainly understood only in the presence of her parents she's going to obey me or say pretend to accept my advantages and conditions. So I told my mother in law that we're going to stay here one more day, she's on cloud nine hearing this, unlike her daughter.

When we are engaged in our conversation my wifey stomped her foot before disappearing into washroom.

Soon my father in law also joined with us...Minutes later when she came out her father ordered her to help me in bath noticing my untidy state. Seeing her shocked expression a naughty thought popped in my mind. I let it out rather hiding.

"Don't run your horses wild wifey. What he means is, you have to guide me through washroom and accessories as i am new here, it's your duty to make me comfortable" saying this i winked and dragged her to the room.

When did my log headed stay quite, she started her usual ranting and i gave her back in her style as I already decided to give her back whatever she's giving. Presuming her mind i already ordered my driver to get my things from home.

Telling the way of washroom she easily dodged from the room. I smiled at her back admiring her restlessness, weird right? I loved being the reason behind her uneasiness if not love. This is my first success, somehow i forcibly entered into her heart...I am sure now also she'll be thinking about me and my sudden quirkiness.

Let's play more at the expense of my in-laws!!! Planning something i called out her name rather selling her name like she complained.

"Water is not coming" i shouted hiding my smirk anyways how could she know i was smirking behind the closed door.

She answered something which I effortlessly pushed out of my mind and perked my ears to hear what my father-in-law was telling. He encouraged khushi to enter the washroom and check what the problem was. But again my log headed argued with her father. What can I do with her?

"It's ok uncle, I'll manage" i told not wanting my father-in-law to worry. But he somehow pushed her inside the washroom.

Even after entering she stood stone-faced when i called her she harshly moved to tap and opened it only to get frustrated as water is coming smoothly.

"What is this Arnav?" She gritted her teeth eyeing as if she'll murder me if get a chance.

Whom she's kidding i twisted my words in such a way that she herself smacked for her stupidity "Did I ever said water is not coming from tap?" I raised my eyebrows in question and ordered her next instant "Shower is not working khushi. Look at it"

"I am not your maid to take your orders" there comes my log headed.

"When did i said you're my maid? You are my darling wifey" i throws a flirtatious smile at her.

She again points her finger at me, seeing her irritated face i decided to stop teasing her for a while; so told her to repair her shower.

She being stubborn refuses to budge which make me act stubborn "I only took bath under shower"

She again tried to dodge, if she succeeds in that then all my plans will go in vain so I pretended to shout for her father which got the desired result. She immediately closed my mouth before taking the outer case of the shower.

I got bored after few minutes of her repair process so without thinking much i grabbed it from her and cleaned thoroughly before putting back into its place. I know now the shower holes are perfect and water will flow smoothly and it'll fall directly on khushi as she is standing exactly below, yet i opened it.

The minute cold water hit her she freaked out, this time i put my palms on her mouth stopping her from shouting gaining everyone attention.

"Shut up wifey" still she struggled making me feel something on my body not to forget the closeness we're in.

Her trembling eyes, quivering body in cold water tickled my nerves. Before i could analyse i blew air on her face. The way her toes curled, her breath laboured, her hands fisted her dress in response made me proud of myself for creating this effect on her body even though she did not accept me. That last part did slap the truth on my face. 

Immediately i took my hands back and noticed her stilled form. Exhaling a breath i called her only to say thanks for repairing the shower which she finding hard to acknowledge as her mind was still on our moment of not a few seconds ago. I confirmed it seeing her red cheeks and her avoidance of seeing my eyes.

'Wow! This wifey of mine knows how to blush too' i astonished inwardly and told her to change her dress or else she'll catch cold in concern.

She in trance nodded and rushed outwards. I blushed like a teenager remembering our moments.

Even after i got ready she's still in trance. When i offered my help to her she instantly accepted without denying proving my earlier assumption. Not only she, seeing her response to my help i myself went into trance.

My fingers moved her stubborn tendrils from her face behind her ear which blocks my view. My fingers lingered there for few minutes before making contact with her red cheeks with my lips. In a daze, my fingers worked on other side of her cheek. She leaned on me for support which i accepted with open arms. Her arms went behind me hugged me tightly in her embrace.

It was stupid of me to voice out my thoughts rather enjoying the moment, which i regretted later.

"Wifey, it feels warm na" i asked not knowing this single emotion going to change everything between us.

While in a haze she asked how? i stupidly pointed out our hug the moment i answered her, the spell of love we tied in was broken to an extent of not getting repaired anytime soon.

She broke the hug as if electrified and pushed me vigorously "How dare you arnav? Don't you ashamed of seducing your own wife? Chi... I thought you are a gentleman. I am totally wrong. You're acting all these days, aren't you? I never thought under this gentleman's face there's a man who has cheap thoughts. If you are so desperate for lust, there are places for it go there. Don't ever come near me!!!" She broke me to an extent none can mend it not even me not she.

'What is that? Am i dreaming? It can't be, she can't...Why should i ashamed of myself? Did i seduce her? No, it's she encouraged me to proceed further with her reaction. Didn't she? Seduce! Did she know the meaning of that word? Why should i seduce her, she's my wife dammit??? Wife...' i laughed sarcastically.


'A wife who thinks her husband lusting over her...

A wife who told her husband to go to a place where he can fulfill his lust which is not in the first place...

A wife who failed to notice the love on her husband eyes for her...

A wife who didn't spare a glance at her husband from the time of her marriage...

A wife who doesn't understand her husband also have feelings...He also has a heart which beats for her...

A wife who doesn't want to share her feeling with her husband...

A wife who doesn't want to see her husband putting efforts on their relationship...

At last a wife who doesn't consider her husband as a human being...' my brain mocked me.


Suddenly i felt all my energy gave up. I felt numb, the word lust ringing on my ears again and again.

In no time my knees gave up resulting in falling on the floor with thud. Still, the word screaming inside my brain making my eyes red. I placed my both hands on ear to stop hearing that word time to time yet failed each time. I closed only to see the disgusting look khushi gave me. Couldn't able to bear the sight i opened my eyes only to get flashes of her stone hearted face.

'I destroyed her life along with mine..' I felt to scream my lungs out but no voice coming out. Had i gone dumb in shock? I asked myself...I suddenly felt anxious about something...what is it? My heart...It breaks...breaking...broke...

Finally, i understood the heart which i thought strong was just a fragile one..It just couldn't take her couldn't...couldn't...

Cupping my face in palms i felt wet..My tears...The dam broke...again the same words...i closed my mouth in order to stop sobs erupting like a volcano...

The shrill of ring brought me back. I left the call unanswered. Again it showed aman, my manager. There born a solution for all..all her problem...a beginning of his misery...

Wiping my tears, taking a deep breath i put my mobile on ear "Contact our lawyer and apply divorce for Arnav singh raizada and Khushi kumari gupta" without waiting for answer i ended the call only to hear some crashing sound. Turned i saw a lone figure standing there with tears rolling down the eyes.


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