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Feb 18, 2017

OS "WIFE " (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 100 times)

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After basket ball match everyone are happy except khushi who is feeling like unwanted person in them. No one observed it except sheetal who is having a smirking look by seeing khushi. Everyone left to home their khushi prepared food for them and they all are enjoying with the guests. No one asked her to join them which is hurting deeply her not even her husband. So she  left to her room (arshi room).

Night after dinner

Khushi is sitting at French door and thinking why her life turned like this all of a sudden , how happy she was before even in contract marriage by seeing u her arnavji is infront of her but now being near ate fare why. Is I making myself fool by entertaining others not even thinking of my happiness . yes that’s why everyone are taking advantage of me and now I am suffering here.  How can they forget me cant they see my pain when I always look at them. Even jiji and di too not seeing my pain or suffer. Arnavji to not bothered weather im mingling with everyone are not,  While she thinking all this arnav entered inside the room and saw her who is lost somewhere ……so he neared to her and called her name but no response ..he kept his hand on her shoulder which brought her back to sense ….she her her husband came after enjoying games.

Arnav : khushi are u ok

Khushi : ji

Arnav : then where u lost

Khushi : nothing  while saying she stood up

Arnav holds her and turned towards him , she is just blankly sterring at him.

Arnav : no something is wrong tell me khushi is anything bothering u

Khushi (she wanted to shout and say yes she bothered about his clossness with sheetal )

Khushi : no  she left to room but arnav is straborn too

Arnav : hmm let me guess  are planning some prank on me to trouble

Khushi : so u think I will always trouble u with my pranks and talks right ahh almost shouted at him, he was shocked at her outburst

Arnav : khushi its not like that

Khushi : then what arnavji

Arnav : khushi  I just

Khushi : just  feed up with me know, so only irritated by my talks and things which I do

Arnav : khushi shut up u taking everything wrong

Khushi : oh I taking everything wrong then u tell me clearly I will understand , oh ya how come u have time to for me to explain or talk were u r very bussy from morning going to office then coming at evening then spending time with family and discussing work only  with sheetalji .,even listening to aaravs’s talks .after dinner playing with aarav and family encouraging u guys right then where I am for U .

Arnav was shocked to listen all this and never thought he was neglecting his wife.

Arnav : I am ..

Khushi : no need to be sorry arnavji  I know u are happy with them so only u are with them but still I thought I least u will spend some time with u in game , so only I arranged basket ball match but here to u proved u are happy with them only not with me.

Arnav was feeling more guilt by hearing all this

Arnav : khushi I am really sorry plz forgive me I didn’t mean to hurt u it just happened unknowingly , he Is holding her hand and saying

Khushi : its ok arnav ji I forgave u

Arnav : really khushi

Khushi: ah that’s what wife’s are made for, husband will hurt her when is in angry mood later one sorry leave it. Even he abuses sometime later again forgive her husband. even I will do the same like how u use to hurt me in contract marriage later sorry , I forgave u. U married for saving your sister and later I forgave u. u said biggest mistake of my life again I forgave u , u married me again I felt happy till now but now a days I feel why u married me .

U husband’s  want WIFE is for free maid who will do all household works and take care of yours family even like machine we have to produce babies for your family a right full hire . we don’t have any feelings emotions at all ..

Arnav : khushi y u thinking like this for a small issue

Khushi : small issue for u fine then listen your family says everyday that aarav is exactly like u and u said sheetal is your ex then what should I think

Arnav : khushi sheetal is nothing for me and u taking it wroung

Khushi : really will u be happy seeing me with my ex ……..arnav was blank

Khushi : see u only got the answer and how ur jealous of NK

Arnav remembered everything before marriage

Khushi : u know arnavji when u told ur mother committed sucide I felt bad and upset , like I know her husband cheated but y she left her 2 children . but now I got it because I can feel her pain how it will feel if her husband sees other women infront of her …even I am saling in her boat now …..

Arnav got fear of losing khushi but she fainted in his arms while crying a lot …..

Whole night arnav was thinking about khushi’s words only ……how hurt she is again I hurted her.  While seeing her he slept ….

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Next day  

Khushi opened her eyes and looked around where her husband is sleeping holding her , then she remembered  everything . she left to take shower and went down stairs ……

Arnav opened his eyes and saw beside which is empty then went to get fresh later went down stairs …..saw his wife in kitchen he have talk to her …….

Everyone sat on for breakfast

Khushi was about to serve but arnav holds her hand , she looked confusingly at him

Arnav : sit and have ur breakfast

Khushi: but

Arnav : come khushi  he pulled chair for her

Sheetal made a face which arnav saw it

After breakfast

Sheetal : come arnav fast its getting late

Khushi is sterring at floor , arnav saw it

Arnav : u go sheetal I have work

Anjali : why chote  u not well

Arnav : nothing like that di , u move sheetal . he left to room ….khushi felt happy and also confused. So she followed him

Arnav saw khushi entering , she went near him . before he speak

Khushi : I am sorry arnav ji

Arnav holds her shoulder and wips her tears

Arnav : khushi y u saying sorry it should be me

Khushi : no I shouldn’t talk about ur mother which must be hurting u na

How cutely she is saying but what about him. He made her sit on bed and he also

Arnav : it should be me who have to be sorry I made u cry a lot , I never meant to hurt u jaan . ur my life khushi after u came only my life is colourful u know , I am close to aarav because u like kids so in future we will have kids na so I thought to be understanding that’s it . then sheetal meant nothing to me she was a feak girlfriend to me so that other girls will not disturb me

Khushi : really

Arnav : ahh even lavanya was feak but later she started to like which I never cared too

Khushi : so he is not ur son

Arnav : no he cant be my son more over how come only what the, walking style , food , likes can be same not any of sheetals character is not heritage…. She must be planning something now I understood

Khushi : ahh ur right arnav ji

Arnav : khushi never think ur a maid here but ur the owner of this house ok and I LOVE U only , never go away from me like maa plz ,…….He slept on her lap …….plz don’t leave me

Khushi : no I will not leave u and go she hugged him 

Arnav : khushi any problem plz lets discus with each other first ok and i am not like my father who can cheat their wife and go. every husband will not be like that khushi plz dont think like that about me its hurts me alot ...ur my first and lost love ok ...

Khushi : ok I am sorry

Arnav : I am sorry , I LOVE U KHUSHI


Arnav : MY WIFE ……….MY LIFE ………

arnav sends sheetal out of their lives and they lived happily ever after ...



Feb 20, 2017

Thank you note (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 18 times)

Thank u so much everyone liked it, This concept is running from 2 days in my mind so thought to share it. I thought to write as ss or ff but i didn't felt it will be good. So short and sweet os... Thank u for ur support and encouragement.

 With love


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