The Story of IPKKND

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Feb 23, 2017

The Story of IPKKND (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 24 times)

Khushi Kumari Gupta(Sanaya Irani) is a girl from Lucknow who was raised by her uncle Shashi(Sanjay Batra) and aunt Garima(Pymori Mehta) after the death of her parents when she was only eight. She is chirpy, flamboyant and the life of her family. The show starts on the day of her sister Payal's(Deepali Pansare) wedding. On the last minute, Payal's fiance Abhishek and his mother demand for dowry, much to the shock of the Guptas, as they are a lower-middle-class family. In order to complain regarding this and to end the alnce, Khushi goes to the Sheesh Mahal to meet Abhishek but is mistaken for a model as they are having a fashion show there. She falls off the ramp when Arnav Singh Raizada(Barun Sobti) catches her. Arnav is an arrogant, obnoxious and unkind business tycoon who owns AR, the design company which was having a fashion show at the Sheesh Mahal. Arnav, thinking she is a model sent by a rival to ruin his show, lock her up in a room and interrogate her, even though she begs him to let her go. Because Khushi was late, Payal's wedding gets cancelled.


After their first encounter they meet again at a religious place, where they have an argument. Khushi, Payal and Madhumati(Abha Parmar) are forced to move to Delhi, because of Arnav, as he had humiliated Khushi publicly in Lucknow's news channels in order to take revenge for her ruining his fashion show. There Khushi gets a job in Delhi to support her family, and meets Shyam, who starts living with Khushi's family as a paying guest. Later Khushi discovers that her boss is Arnav himself, much to her shock. After an initial fight, they sign a deal which states that Khushi will do every task Arnav hands her, otherwise she'll have to pay 1 lakh to him. She is often tormented by his westernized girlfriend Lavanya Kashap(Sana Khan) and her friends.


After being ill-treated by Arnav several times, dire circumstances force Khushi to quit her job. By this time, Khushi has met Arnav's family at the Raizada house when she goes to there as a door to door salesman in order to sell her handmade saris,Arnav's sister Anjali(Daljeet Kaur Bhannot and his grandmother Nani likes her a lot. When they hear that Khushi has quit her job they hire her to tame Lavanya into a traditional Indian girl, whom Nani(Jayshree.T) cannot accept unless she changes. The family is not very happy with Lavanya as they find out that she and Arnav are in a live-in relationship. While working at Raizada Mansion, Khushi and Arnav become much closer and learn to understand each other but they mutually don't declare their feelings.When Arnav comes to know about the engagement of Khushi he starts humiliating her by showing off some arrongant untruthful love towards Lavanya and always questions her about her not being happy on the declaration of her marriage.Arnav who never believed in marriage now accepts to get engaged to Lavanya and handovers the responsibilities of his engagement to Khushi. However, Lavanya and Arnav break up after she realizes that he's fallen in love with Khushi.


Meanwhile, it is revealed that Shyam(Abhaas Mehta), the Gupta family's paying guest, is actually Anjali's husband. Nevertheless, he slowly falls in love with Khushi after he starts living in her house and also lying to Anjali at the same time saying he is on a business trip.And when he realises that he is already married, he turns into a shrewd, cunning person who will do anything to get Khushi at any cost. He even went to the extent of trying to kill Shashi, when he finds out that Shyam is already married and is cheating on Khushi by trying to get engaged to her. Unfortunately, Shashi could not reveal anything to the family as he is left disabled after Shyam's attempt to kill him. Shyam impresses Madhumati, Garima and Payal with his tactics, and thus managed to get engaged to Khushi. Khushi is forced to accept the proposal because of her family.


As time pass, she eventually finds out about Shyam and Anjali, and she breaks all ties with him but does not tell the Raizada family because by then Arnav's cousin Akash(Akshay Dogra) had madly fallen in love with Payal. Payal and Akash get engaged, much to the chagrin of Akash's mother Manorama(Utkarsha Naik). The wedding brings Nand Kis**** a.k.a. NK(Karan Goddwani), Akash's cousin, who starts flirting with Khushi and causes Arnav to become jealous. Much to Arnav's anger Khushi also seems to like NK and they become best friends.


During Akash and Payal's wedding preparations, Arnav realizes his feelings for Khushi and decides to propose Her. Nevertheless, Shyam continues to pursue Khushi and on Akash and Payal's wedding day, he forces her into a hug and reveals that he still loves her. Arnav accidentally sees them and thinks that they are having an affair. Here Arnav goes through a real emotional turmoil, because he thinks the girl he loves is a home-wrecker and he cannot tell the truth to his sister because she is now pregnant with Shyam's child. To prevent any problems and to save his sister's marriage, Arnav forces Khushi to marry him, by threatening her to end Payal-Akash's alliance. They get married in a temple and come home to reveal this, much to the shock and horror of both their families.

Khushi, unaware of the reason of their marriage, has to go through a lot of problems-Arnav's ill-treatments, abandonment from the both families. Even though they declare that they hate each other, still Arnav and Khushi has feelings for each other, which comes out in various occasions, and Arnav starts to wonder whether Khushi really loves him. Many months after the marriage, during a fight, Arnav reveals Khushi the real reason for marrying her and insults her by saying that she does not have a character. Khushi tells him the truth but he doesn't believe her. While Khushi desperately tries to prove her innocence to Arnav, he leaves for a business trip to London. However, he is kidnapped on the way and held captive for weeks. A worried Khushi finds out that Arnav did not reach London and realizes that he is kidnapped. Bravely she goes to rescue Arnav with Manorama's help. They find a lot of evidence and this leads Khushi to finally finding Arnav. The couple flee and they reach a forest and spend the night in a hut, where they spend some romantic moments. Unfortunately the kidnappers trace them and Arnav surrenders himself in order to save Khushi.


Meanwhile NK returns and notices Khushi upset. When he questions Khushi she tells him the truth and that she still does not know who the evil mastermind is. NK vows to help her and with his help they find out that Arnav's kidnapper is Shyam and that shyam is doing all this for Arnav's property.Meanwhile NK also comes to know that Shyam loves Khushi and is deceiving Anjali. Khushi goes to rescue Arnav once again but ends up in Shyam's hands this time. Meanwhile, without anyone's help, Arnav manages to escape as well. Shyam leaves Khushi on the road, letting her get run over by vehicles. Arnav sees this and rescues Khushi immediately. He has a fight with the kidnappers when one grabs hold of Khushi and threatens him to stop or that he will shoot Khushi. When Khushi asks Arnav not to stop, the kidnapper throws her down a cliff and leaves the place smiling. Arnav searches for Khushi down the cliff and sees her badly injured. Arnav, now in tears, does every possible thing to save her life and finally succeeds. The two happily come home to reveal Shyam's truth to the family, and Arnav throws Shyam out of the house. The whole family is left in terror when they discover the truth whereas Anjali is left shattered and unable to believe it. Khushi and Arnav's relationship finally becomes stable.All the family members of Arnav believe in Khushis words and stay away from Shyam but Anjali still meets him in private and blames Khushi for her sad life and doesn't even like look at her face. Then enters Arnav's Dadi who left for ashram after the suicidal death of her son and daughter in law insults Khushi and rubbishes Arnav and Khushi's marriage by saying that they have not fulfilled the rituals and that their relation is illicit. Arnav agrees to marry Khushi abiding to the rituals. Khushi leaves for her marital home.Dadi then goes to Buaji's home and abuses her for bringing up their child without saying the importance of marriage for which Garima slaps Khushi.Arnav comes to meet Khushi and finds that she was beaten up by her mother for his mistakes so tonight he goes to their home and asks to forgive him for all his arrogance and hatred towards her and says sorry for the every mistake of his.


A new character called Aarav(Vishesh Bansal) enters; a 8 year-old boy. Khushi sees him in a tailor shop because his and Arnav's suits had mistakenly got exchanged because of their same initials. Khushi is bewildered that Aarav's character is exactly like Arnav's. Khushi then sees Aarav again and this time she saves him from some kidnappers. During this whole encounter, Arnav and Khushi meets Aarav's mother, Sheetal Kapoor(Madhura Naik), who was Arnav's ex-girlfriend in college. Circumstances forces Raizadas to meet Sheetal and Aarav again and as everyone sees the stark similarities between Arnav and Aarav, Khushi comes to suspect that Aarav is Arnav's son. Various incidences created by Sheetal increases Khushi's insecurities and finally, upon receiving a DNA report confirming Arnav to be Aarav's dad, Khushi confronts Sheetal and she begs Khushi not to tell Arnav as he will separate her and Aarav. However, Khushi does reveal this to Arnav, who for a minute does not believe Sheetal's story and sets out to find the facts by himself.


Meanwhile, Akash tells everyone that he is going to America for a business deal and Manorama tells Payal to go with him. Arnav plans a leaving party for them and says that he has a surprise to everyone. During the party, Arnav calls some people in and brilliantly proves that Sheetal was lying all along, and that Aarav in not his or Sheetal's son but an orphan who was adopted by Sheetal and was trained to be like Arnav. It is revealed that Sheetal was bankrupted and did all this to get money from Arnav. Khushi slaps Sheetal for fooling her and Arnav calls in the police. Finally, when Aarav is about to leave for orphanage, Khushi and Arnav decides to adopt him as their son.


Now, Khushi has decided to participate in Mrs India contest without telling Arnav so she can give him a surprise later. Now Arnav gets to know that Khushi has participated the contest because Arnav is one of the sponsors of Mrs India.At home Arnav explains to khushi that the fashion world is not for her its to cruel and shes not fit for it. with this Khushi says to Arnav that she will win without his help and that the she knows the fashion world as well as he dose.The next day Khushi goes to the studio where she gets told She has to maintain a healthy diet as in only fruits and veges, with this Kuhshi worries that she wont be able to do it. few days later Khushi helps one of the girls when the guy who started the show holds the girls hand,Arnav comes just in time to save Khushi from doing a swimsuit round. when the family round comes everyone goes but khushi can only take one person and she wants that to be Arnav. Arnav being the strict person he is says he cant so Khushi invites the whole family and get full points for that round. She wins the Grand Finale with a simple question and wins the title of Mrs. India 2012. The serial ends on a happy note with Khushi saying that Arnav was always her supporting pillar and will always be........!!! The show ends with the marriage scene of Arnav - Khushi thus marking a new beginning for their life...

Thus marking an end to the show on 30th November 2012 !!!


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