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Feb 25, 2017

OS: I am also Human (By Spriya) (Thanked: 71 times)


The hall is fully filled with students and their families who came for graduation. Some were taking selfies, some were posting their selfies in their profile, while some group were posing for cameras with their degree in their hands. Suddenly she was hugged by her beloved family, dad, mom, and her elder brother. These three are her family now. Sometimes she wonders if she’ll be this much happy with her real parents, but the answer is a big NO. She is happy with her foster parents. Her thoughts are come to halt by her bro,


Aarush: Hey aanshi, common yarrr...what are you thinking? You remember we have to party tonight, said pointing to her degree in her hands.


Mom: No late night party aarush, said sternly.


Dad: Khushi leave it. One night won’t harm them. See our aanshi finished her graduation they have to celebrate na...But be in your limits aarush. Take care of aanshi. Don’t leave her alone. Strictly don’t drink overboard.


Khushi looked at arnav with big eyes, He is always like this. What is the need to say aarush to drink. He has to say don’t drink aarush but he’s encouraging his son to drink.... laadgovernor, muttered herself silently.


Aarush who was mamma’s boy catches what his mom says and jump to butter her, Don’t worry mom. You know your son na. We’ll be safe.


Khushi nods, after hugging their parents aarush and aanshi left for party.


Khushi: Arnavji did you notice aanshi. I think she remembers the past.


Arnav: Don’t worry khushi, she’ll be fine. I am here na, i’ll speak to her if she stresses herself.


Khushi: I hope she’s ok, said hugging him. Arnav to hugs her back. Later that night after dinner all went to their respective rooms.


In aanshi room,

Aanshi sat in a corner with a photo of her parents in her hands. Her eyes are continuously pouring tears.


Aanshi: Why did you do like that papa? What is my fault in this? Why you all did that with me? if arnav dad didn’t came there in correct time, then i maybe in some brothel. Don’t you love me mamma? Why you punished me when i am at no fault? Is the society is more important to you than me? Didn’t I am your child? And drifted into her past,


At her age 5,

Aakash: Aansh don’t run. Come here buddy, wear your pants. You are getting late for school.


Payal: Aansh please come beta, i can’t run behind you.


At her age 6,

Aansh: papa tomorrow father’s day function in my school. You have to come.


Aakash: sure aansh...How can i miss my buddy’s school function, said hugging his son.


Payal: Only papa have to come, not mamma. Too bad aansh now you don’t need your mamma, said faking her anger and turns her face other side.


Aansh instantly came out of his father hold and come to his mother, ‘No mamma too have to come with papa’


At her age 7,

Payal: Aansh what are you doing? Why are you putting my lipstick on your lips, asked shockly.


Aansh: Nothing mamma, i just like this color. So i thought to try it.


Payal: Hereafter don’t do like this, warned him.


At her age 8,

Aakash: Aansh why you bought this wig? What is the need for this? asked sternly.


Aansh: I just loved it papa. See it has longer hair than mama’s hair.


Aakash: Aansh, called sternly but phone call break their conversation.


At her age 9,

Aakash: Bhai..see aansh is behaving weirdly nowadays, said to arnav who came to India after 2 long years who has settled abroad for new branch with khushi and aarush.


Arnav: Leave it aakash....He’s child, soon he’ll change. Aakash hesitantly nods as he is not fully convinced.


At her age 10,

Aakash: Just leave from here aansh, shouting at his top of his voice at the same time dragging aansh to the main door. He pushes aansh harshly who fell directly into arnav who came after some party with khushi.


Arnav: Aakash what the hell are you doing? Do you know you are pushing your own son, asked angrily after lifting aansh in his arms.


Khushi: Jiji what happened? Why are you standing silent? asked to payal who was crying silently in the middle of the house.


Khushi shakes payal, jiji say something. Meanwhile, arnav carries aansh to living room with confused face seeing aansh dressing in jeans, a woman top and a shawl.


Arnav: Aakash what happened? Why are you pushing aansh out? For god, sake he’s your son.


Aakash shouts, he’s not my son or daughter either, that is the problem. Today only we came to know he is transgender. He’s not belonged here. Send him out bhai.


Arnav: What????asked shocked and eyeing aansh who was in his arms. Khushi too looked shocked. Aansh hugs arnav tightly by neck fearing for his father.


Aansh: I don’t know what they are saying bade papa. I just love to dress like this. Is it wrong? asked innocently with a crying face and a cracking voice.


Arnav came out of shock, no dude it’s ok. Now go eat and take rest. Khushi take him and feed him.


Aansh looked at his family fearingly. Khushi come forward to pick him but aansh did not go to her, after arnav assures he went with khushi to dining table along with aarush trailing behind them.


Arnav sternly eyed his family, ‘I want all of them in study after dinner’ and went to the dining room to join aansh. After dinner and children slept all assembled in the study.


Arnav: Now care to tell me what’s all this aakash?


Aakash: Bhai, we get a call from aansh school. They are complaining about aansh and insist us to take him to doctor as he seems have psychological problems. So I and payal take him to the doctor, they said he is transgender bhai.


Arnav: So you decide to throw him out. How mean is this?


Nani: We can’t keep him here chotte. What will society think? How will we face?


Khushi looked shocked at nani hearing what she thinks.


Arnav: What the ****? Damn your society. Aansh is our child. He’ll live here with his family only, said with final tone.


Mami: No bituwa we can’t accept it.


Aakash: Haan bhai, no way he is staying here. He will be shame for us, but suddenly his face turn to his right side with a force, yes arnav slapped him.


Arnav: You are educated right. What is his fault in this? In fact the fault is yours and payal’s. Where did your brain goes? He is your own blood. Don’t you have an ounce of love for him, and payal you don’t you love your son. You are hearing all this ****s silently.


Khushi continues, haan jiji for god sake he’s your son. You bore him in your womb for 10 months. But payal didn’t said anything other than hanging her head down crying continuosly.


Arnav: Tomorrow you are going to apologise to him aakash. He is going to live here only, this is his house. Mind it if anyone behaved harshly with him then you all feel free to leave this house, said warningly.


All retired to their rooms. Unknown to them aansh hear their conversation and went from their crying. He decide to run away from his house where his parents don’t love him. Don’t they want him? At midnight he ran away from his house after kissing his parents one last time. All guards are sleeping soundly so easily he escaped from there.


Arnav who has disturbed sleep due to this problem gets up and went to check aansh, but he is not there. He checks whole house but unable to find him. Arnav and khushi are restless by each passing second. He wakes all of them and uses full police force to find him. He too went in search of him. After 2 long hours, door bell rang HP opens the door to see aansh was been carried by arnav. Khushi reaches them instantly. Khushi tries to pick him but aansh cling into arnav tightly.


Khushi: What happened to him arnavji?


Arnav glares at his family who was silently watching all this not bothering about aansh as he didn’t exist for them. Payal tried to come forward but aakash and mami’s glare stopped her.


Arnav: He’s molested and forced into **** worker, he run away from our house after hearing our talks, said in a deathly tone.


Khushi looked at aansh wide eyes and start to check him. Later that night aansh stays with arnav. He didn’t even leave arnav a second. Two days passed aansh started having nightmares except arnav and khushi no one go near him. so after a lot of argument arnav put forth his decision to adopt aansh as his child while others outrageously refused to keep him in home. But he is ASR, so no one able to change his decision, khushi too fully supports arnav.


Soon he is changed into she, AANSHI SINGH RAIZADA, daughter of ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA and KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA with a lovable elder brother AARUSH SINGH RAIZADA and they settled in USA.


At first, she struggled to accept the fact whom she was, but with the guidance of her dad and mom she recovers from trauma and decide to fulfill her dream to be a doctor. Today she is what she wants. Suddenly someone taps her shoulder bring her back from her past. She turns,


Aanshi: Dad didn’t you sleep. I am sure mom throw you out of  your room right. I know today you gave permission to us for partying, so surely mom kicked you out, said teasingly. This one trait she develops after she starts to live with them. She is very talkative like khushi, arnav and aarush literally run away from there when these two started chatting.


Arnav smiled at her and hugs, ‘you know you can share anything with me’


Aanshi: Ofcourse dad. You know sometimes i starts thinking why they throw me out, just because i am transgender. Is it my fault? I am human too. Why don’t they understand it.


Arnav: Why are you spoiling your day by thinking them? Don’t you accept me and khushi as your dad and mom.


Aanshi: Dad...whinned....you and mom are my world, said smilingly and kept her head on arnav’s lap. She feels too good after sharing her problems with her dad. It is always like this, whenever she feels low or started thinking about her real parents he or mom is always beside her. He is a one true armour who saved her at a nick of time. She is indebted to both dad and mom. They gave her a new family with a lot of love which makes her forget her past.


Now Arnav, Khushi, Aarush, Aanshi- a perfect family.



This thought just came to my mind, so decide to pen it down...I am sorry if i hurt anyone unknowingly with this concept....



Apr 9, 2017

One more part!!! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 48 times)



Next day khushi woke up and started searching for arnav who was nowhere to be seen in vicinity of their room. She thought to check in the living room, but he is not there. Cursing him mentally she enters into aanshi room, there she witnessed a heart warming scene which she can cherish until her heart stops beating. In white colour king size bed, aanshi was sleeping peacefully placing her head on arnav’s lap who was half lying, resting his head on headboard. Arnav’s one hand resting behind his head acting as a pillow while other hand continuously patting aanshi’s head. Her lips curve into a small smile. Slowly taking baby steps without making noise khushi sat opposite to them. Her hand in own accord find its way to her husband’s forehead and flick his stubborn hair that keeps falling on his forehead. He shifted lightly sensing her touch. Her other hand found her daughter’s head start caressing her hair and resulted getting glowing dreamy smile on aanshi face. Suddenly khushi frowns sensing someone presence other than her and turned to face with aarush’s sleepy state in the door, his hairs are totally messed up with cute pout on his face just like his father. Slowly her son came inside at the same time gazing lovingly at aanshi and sit beside her. She can clearly identify the pride in his eyes for aanshi who face all the odds yet come with flying colours in whatever she does, be it competition in school or culturals in university now she is a proud medical graduate or precisely a OBGYN.


Khushi: Aarush, called silently.


Aarush: Shh....Mom, don’t disturb her sleep, he whispered in a low voice as much as he can.


Khushi stares at her little baby boy who was now grown handsome, tall young man according to him, but for her he is always her little baby who cries and getting angry, if she failed to give him her attention. At first she’s scared when they accepted aanshi, somewhere she thought aarush will not going to accept her easily and they have tough time to handle him because he is one possessive freak. He is always possessive for her and arnav. They are forced to keep theirs as nuclear family due to his over possessiveness. Arnav himself failed before his son’s possessiveness. But all changed the moment aanshi stepped in their little cocoon. Much to her and her husband’s shock aarush started acting like a big brother. It’s not that he is not her elder brother before, but that time aarush did not let her near them more than normal chitchat and pleasantries. He daily hold her hand from home to their school, if any one dare to mess with her then they all have to face the wrath of Aarush singh raizada. Slowly their bond became unbreakable. They have no secrets between them. Her all musings came to halt when arnav placed his hand on her shoulder.


Arnav raised his eyebrow asking “What??” as soon as he wake up by the touch of his wife he came to face with smiling khushi along with aarush whose face also reflects the same as khushi. Khushi shakes her head as “No” gesture him to get up. So without disturbing aanshi, these three left the room closing the door behind.


Khushi: Is she okay? asked desperately as soon as they are out of the room. She knows aanshi will be fine if she is with her husband though the heart of mother refuse to believe that and wooried for aanshi.


Arnav hugs her seeing her worried state, “Shh..She’s fine. She just remembers aakash and payal” and kiss her forhead to ease her worried lines.


Aarush clear his throat, “Ahem...Please spare me from PDA” said mischievously. Arnav hit his arms playfully while khushi gave a shy smile.


Khushi: Ok jokes apart, What is the plan for today?


Both father and son looks confusedly, “What plan?? Asusual in office, today we have back to back meetings” told in same time.


Khushi stares at them angrily and mutters herself, “Offo...these laadgovernors, no one can change them. What can i do with them? All they think about is work, work, work......”


Aarush quick enough catches her irritation and step forward to stop the war that is soon going to happen if he let the things unattended.


Aarush: Mom you have planned something for today right? asked sounding exciting.


Khushi face lit up in joy, “Yes...How about a full day outs with aanshi’s choice without your boring works. We have to celebrate aanshi success and give her surprise party haaina..” declared chirpily.


Arnav gave her a troubled expression as he has to be present in today meeting, it is important but surely not more than his family. He decides to try his luck one last time, but before he open his mouth, khushi stood with “If you deny today’s outing then I-will-kill-you” look.


Arnav accepting his defeat, “Ok you decide where you all want to go and how to arrange surprise party, we’ll go according to your wishes”


Soon they planned their destination and surprise for aanshi but not before their usual fights. They all seated in dining table waiting for aanshi to turn up. Aanshi came downstairs after getting ready.


Aanshi: Hi mom, dad, bhaiya...Good morning, wished chirpily.


Khushi: Good morning baby.....come eat, today we’re going out. You don’t have any other plans right?


Aanshi: No mom, i am free today. I am going to join in XYZ hospital as junior that too in Monday, so today i am free bird. But dad said that he has important meeting today, questioned without holding her curiosity.


Khushi: Your dad only planned for this outing, lied effortlessly making arnav shocked. Waisee i am angry on you, you didn’t even informed me about your job in hospital.


Aanshi: But already i told dad about this. He himself gave me permission after doing background check on the hospital, said and immediately bit her tongue realising she spilled the beans which is actually a surprise for her mom and bhaiyya. Chanting devimaiyya’s name aanshi slowly opens her eyes to see her bhaiyya staring at her angrily. Aanshi hold her ears by fingers and mouthed a sorry, aarush instantly smiles and hug her. Khushi too give them side hug.


Arnav: Hello guys....I am too in this family, said irritated as he is unable to hug them all, as they are seated in the dining table and he is sitting exactly opposite to them. Other three awed at his cute irritated face and went near him completes the hug.


Soon they passed their gala time in theme park which aanshi loved as she is one adventurous freak and movies as per khushi’s choice. The day ends up with a big party which was thrown by arnav for celebrating aanshi success. All their business associates and aanshi friends was invited. Aanshi joy bounds no end. She thoroughly enjoyed the day. Her family make her feel special today. But something made her overwhelmed. For the 1st time in her life she let out happy tears, the reason is her boyfriend cum fiancé lately. Elan smith who was also a doctor her senior, he is half Indian and half American. He proposed her at the second year of college but she denied due to her insecurity and degeneracy. But he didn’t accept defeat he always starts to find reasons to stay with her. Unknowingly he is succeeded in making her fall for him, but she didn’t admit it openly and her family also not aware of it. But seems like her family found out somehow and made him propose her in party itself. After a lot of assurance from her family’s side she accepts his sweet romantic proposal. They proved to be the best parents, now it’s her turn to make them proud with that thought she joined in hospital immediately.


Some months passed aanshi indulged herself in hospital fully. Like one such day aanshi was sitting in her allotted cabin checking patients report. Her intercom shrieks disturbs her.


Aanshi: Yes Dr. ASR here.....


Receptionist: Mam Dr. Jones redirected patient- P312R to your desk, the patients reports are already sent to your cabin.


Aanshi: Ok, Is the patient here today?


Receptionist: No mam, they have appointment for tomorrow. Aanshi collects some other details from her and cuts the call. At the same time reports also came to her. She finished her current work as soon as possible so that she will check the reports that Dr. Jones sent to her. Mr. Jones is one senior doctor in this hospital and she is doing her practice under him. After seeing her talent and dedication in work Mr. Jones started giving her critical cases, the new report is one of them. She don’t know why she feel weird feeling while reading the report as if someone close to her is in trouble, immediately she called her mother to assure herself all are safe. Her mind pushes her unnecessary thoughts; soon she finished her work and left for her home. Next day asusual her day started from hospital,


Receptionist: Mam patient- P312R is waiting, their appointment time is up!


Aanshi: Ok send them in....After knocking the door, the patients came in. She lifts her head from the reports to get shocked seeing the couple before her. Her eyes turned wide as saucers, her mind is just blank. She felt as if she is again drowning into her old memories. But soon her mind took control try to act normal, because the opposite person doesn’t know her or identify her. She nods her head not trusting her voice when they greet her. Her heart started beating loudly in nervousness and happiness seeing the persons but all vanished as soon as she remembered their deeds. Her tone changed into harsh,


Aanshi: Well Mr. Raizada, Mrs. Raizada reports are here, said at the same time go through the reports once again carefully. The couple looked at her hopefully.


Aanshi: Mrs. Raizada has uterus cancer and at stage 4. That means cancer cells spread to lymph nodes in groin areas and to distant organs like bones, lungs and further continues noticing the reaction of patients. For this case we have to do Hysterectomy. They confusedly stares at her without able to understand anything. Aanshi guess what they are thinking and decide to clear the doubts. Sighing she carry on explanation. In Hysterectomy we remove uterus along with fallopian tubes, upper part of ****, ovaries and infected tissues. Soon she heard a loud gasp,


Dont worry Mrs. Raizada it does not affect your health apart from some joint pains in bones due to lack of estrogen. We’ll give supplement for that. And the treatment has five phase I, first explain it to you later you decide when to start treatment.


First we would perform surgery to remove patients uterus followed by Radiation therapy to kill the cancer cells, Chemotherapy for stopping the growth of cancer cells then Hormone therapy to remove some hormones which let the cancer cells to grow and lastly Biologic therapy to improve patient’s immune system. Don’t get scared hearing all this. This is just a small process but will take more months. We are here for you. Soon you will be fit and fine like before. Stay happy keep your mind away from stress. The lady’s face instantly lost its colour hearing last words I’ll try she whispers slowly. Aanshi wonders what made her sad suddenly. She is so sure they are happy in their life, if only she know.


“We’ll take your leave then and informs you when we decide to precede the treatment” aakash informed politely. As soon as aakash and payal left, aanshi broke down in tears. Still now she is controlling her tears seeing her real parents before her after long years. She didn’t expect them to be here. Just now slowly she started taking steps to forget them but here out of blue they come before her. Every time she tries to forget them but end up missing them more, why not no children can hate their parents even if they are considering them as unwanted, that’s what happened with aanshi. Without waiting for day to end she take off and directly went to her home.


Khushi worried seeing aanshi’s rushing figure who was running towards her room as soon as she came from hospital. She is like this only in her birthday’s but what happened now? Without waiting for a second khushi called arnav and informed the same. He too rushed to home in no time.


Arnav: Where is she? asked hurriedly. Khushi pointed upstairs, he marched towards her room along with khushi. There she is sitting in her bed with aakash and payal photo in her hand. Arnav sat beside her. Khushi cups her check and make her look at them,


Khushi: What happened baby? Aanshi instantly hugs her tightly and started telling her meeting with aakash and payal, payal’s disease. Arnav, khushi shocked hearing payal’s condition at the same time worried for aanshi health. Five years ago she saw them in television and getting reminded of old things resulted in panic attack. Somehow they stopped her crying.


Arnav: Aanshi, say honestly do you want them to know about you? Don’t think about us.


Khushi: (continues) Take decision from your heart baby. What if they already understood your value?  If you want to share your present life and happiness with them then go ahead. We always support you whatever decision you take.


Aanshi: wiping her tears, mom dad how can think like that i’ll wish to live with them? This is my house, i’ll never go away from here.


Arnav: Ok calm down.....said rubbing her back up and down to control her irregular breathe.


Aanshi: But i want to show them, “I too can achieve things which i desire, I too live my life like others, I too gain some respect in the society, I am not some unwanted **** whom they can throw out whenever they like. The traditional, belief, obnoxious when any transgender crossed them these all are created by the society. We cannot always live for society, we have to live for ourselves” said eyeing nothing at particular.


Khushi: Ok but don’t forget we are always with you.


Aarush: What happened to aanshi? Why she’s crying? Why dad running from office? asked panting heavily. After finishing meeting he searches for arnav but he is nowhere to be seen. Later he came to know from his P.A that arnav cancel his schedule and hurriedly rushed out of the office. The next instant he know was he covered the distance between his office and home in jet speed.


They informed what happened in hospital and her decision. Aarush come forward hugs her.


Aarushi: Don’t worry, we’re here for you. We want your happiness only.


Two days later in hospital, payal was admitted in hospital and lying in the bed. Anjali and aakash was there with her.


Aakash: Payal you remember, the young doctor who handled your case two days back, payal nods. He continues, I made a quick research on her, all are praising her for her talents, Mr. Jones itself praised a lot about her. Her parents must be proud of her.


Payal: Aansh also same age of her, he is now grown up right. Did he remember us now? Did he miss us like we are doing? What must be he doing now? asked sadly. Aakash hung his head down, if he acted little sensitive back then he’ll here with them. But it is too late now he did not have the courage to face his own blood. After aansh left payal was depressed and undergone psychiatrist treatment. After that they tried for another baby but whom he was kidding they have to pay for the sin they created, payal was unable to conceive followed by stomach aches, unusual bleeding. At first they didn’t consider them big as she is too into the misery to notice this. But at one stage it becomes severe and here they are, she has uterus cancer.


Aanshi: Your blood is doing great, said out of blue after barging in the room.


Aaksh: What?? asked confusedly as he did not heard properly.


Aanshi: Nothing Mr. Raizada, just come to check Mrs. Raizada. After examined her she left the ward.


Payal: Aakash ask her name. I don’t know why i feel i know her before. I forgot to look the name board before her cabin.


Anjali: Go aakash, i too feel the same. Her face resembles someone to ours but can’t figure out whom. Aakash nods, he too feels familiar with her. He went to reception to know more about her. But they refused to give personal details except her name but that is enough for him to know whom she is.


Payal and anjali looks at aakash who stood dazed from the time he came from reception. Anjali put her hand on his shoulder to bring him back.


Aakash: whispers, her name is Aanshi singh raizada.


Payal: What?? asked shockingly. She heard what aakash said yet her heart refused to believe that.


Anjali: That means he is our aansh, but maybe we’re mistaken. What if she belongs to another family with same surname as ours.


Aakash: Nahi di, i am not mistaken. I asked one of her colleague, he said her father name is Arnav singh raizada. Before close his mouth he heard two gasps.


Payal: Aakash i want to see her, take me to her said hoarsely crying miserably.


Aakash knocks the cabin, after hearing a mild come in. The raizada family went inside. They stood at the doorstep imprinting the image of aanshi in their heart. They are seeing her after long wait. Obviously they are regretting but it is a small word for what they did to her. They are cruel parents in the whole world.


Aanshi looks directly at their eyes. The instant her eyes met theirs she know, they came to know her identity. Aanshi notices payal who was still in hospital gown. Payal rushed towards her cupping her cheeks while other hand tracing her features to confirm it is real not a dream.


Payal: How are you? asked after finding her voice. She cannot believe her last wish come true before she faces the surgery.


Aanshi eyes filled with tears after seeing her mother staring at her with same love in her eyes like before. “I am fine” she mumbled lightly. That’s it payal hugs her tightly and let out her pent up emotions which she buried within her from the time aanshi left RM. Aakash and anjali eyes also misted. Aakash dashed towards aanshi and hugs his small family tightly.


Aakash: We missed you. You know us from yesterday, yet didn’t speak to us, asked coming out of the hug.


Aanshi: I didn’t find it necessary, said looking away. Aakash shut his eyes in pain as reality hit him hard. He knows they deserve this, mostly he deserve this. Payal was pestering him from the time he left but he being the adherent follower of his family and society, he kept mum even when his wish also same as payal.


Aanshi: You need rest Mrs. Raizada. Please go to your room and take rest, said controlling her emotions.


Payal stood shocked hearing aanshi referring her as Mrs. Raizada. She somewhere expects her to call maa. But she deserve it?? No she didn’t deserve to be called as her mother who was a coward, who cannot stood before her family when they throw out aansh. If she would’ve more brave then now she is here with here happily. But someone barged in making all forget their thoughts.


Aarush: Hey Flamingo....but stopped seeing other occupants in the room. Aakash looked at him keenly and gasp realising whom.


Aakash: whispers aarush...anjali eyes watered seeing her chotte’s chotte who was now grown up handsomely like his father. She missed them so much yet her beliefs stopped her to reach them. But now after seeing all the kids grown up she herself feels silly.


Aarush: Aanshi we have to leave early, remember!!! Come, he came here to cheer her up who was upset from past two days but here the reason for her cheerless mood is standing infront of her.


Aakash: Aarush wait....we want to see bhai, said hesitantly. He is so ashamed to stand before aarush. He is matured compared to aarush who accepted aanshi with open arms even in his small age.


Aarush: sighs not here, you can visit him in home, informed them as instructed by arnav and gives their home address before he left with aanshi.


Aakash, payal and anjali reached arnav’s mansion at evening. All are sitting in the living room silently some with guilty while other with anger after exchanging pleasantries. No one dare to speak anything. Door bell rang khushi went to open the door. Arnav enters with usual smiling face but soon turned into stern after seeing the other occupants in the living room. Aakash gets up from sofa to greet him while anjali tries to hug by but arnav went backwards resists the hug.


Arnav: What is there left to speak?


Aakash: We’re sorry bhai. We understood aanshi value and regretting our mistakes, said with low voice and hesitantly continues can we all stay together like before?


Arnav: It will not going to happen. If you truly regret your actions then ask apology to aanshi. She is the one suffered most. If she wants to live with you then you all are free to stay here but surely not the other way around,


Payal: I am sorry aanshi. I got the punishment for abandoned you, the womb which carried you is affected by cancer. Aakash too open his mouth to ask sorry before that,


Aanshi: Stop there Mr. Raizada. Don’t ever say that bloody sorry of yours.


Payal: We’re sorry, intervened aanshi.


Aanshi: shouts angrily, “Will your one sorry bring back what i lost? Will your one sorry erase all the hurtful words you throw that night? Will your one sorry can stop the nightmares i am getting? Will your one sorry wipe out the days when i cried missing you on my birthdays and functions? Will your one sorry make me forget the night that i spent two hours outside the home with that monsters? If your one sorry make me forget all these then i’ll forgive you” poured her heart angrily while her whole body shivered in rage. Khushi instantly reaches her side to calm her.


Payal faints there not able to bear the mirror of their deeds. Soon she is admitted in hospital and started her treatment. After aanshi’s outburst no one touched that topic. Days passed, nothing changed much. Aanshi behaved as nothing happened and treated payal as her patient not more than that. Sometime she feels pain seeing payal condition but hide her emotions. But all changed when payal entered OT, before starting her surgery she pleaded aanshi to call her “Maa” once. Not able to see the broke down of her mother aanshi called her “Maa” and took care of her till her recovery until then aakash and anjali stays in arnav mansion. All behaved normally though somewhere they lost their bond once they shared which is unbreakable.


Aanshi called Aakash and payal as Papa and Maa though they can’t get in to their close books or say aanshi didn’t let them in. Aanshi shared all her memories and photos from school picnics, competitions, college cultural, training, and welfare programs. From that all they can see was Arnav, khushi, Aarush and Aanshi bond, they are happy in their own ways. Slowly aakash and payal started getting uncomfortable seeing aanshi’s indifference. Aanshi will share all her feelings with arnav and khushi either happy or sad before going to bed. They feel miserable seeing their own blood hesitate to start conversation with them. Without able to bear their burden that started killing them whenever they sees aanshi, left for India promising them to visit regularly.


“Doesn’t matter whoever you are, be good or evil the pain you inflicted on your enemy physically is nothing before your cutting words.


“The wounds of fire would vanish with time but the wounds caused by words never”


Like that aakash words imprinted on aanshi’s little mind. It cannot be erased maybe can diminish with time”


Dont hurt anyone by your words intentionally if it is by unintentional then don’t hesitate to seek apology that will make the wounded heart calm.



                             ***************THE END***************

*All medical terms credit goes to google

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