pyaar kiya tho darna kya.

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Mar 22

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 67 times)

Arnav fell on knees holding his head..rudra a asked him in danger tone..

Rudra:how dare you to said my love is could love for khushi pure like a snow..I will do anything for my khushi..then how can you said my love is not true.(obsession tone)no one can change my love on her.not you..not even khushi..I can definitely make her love me.but you're being struggle to that..if you not in  my path..very before I may settled with her..all because of that not going to happend I will e d your chapter in our both life.until you alive..I can't get my khushi you have to die..and I make sure you did right now..

Rudra raise rode again to hit him.but arnav got up and push him back ..he fell on road..arnav told him with possessive,obsessive tone.

Arnav:even I die also..I won't let you get my khushi..leave about getting her.i won't even let you near her shadow..I swear if you try to get will face worst end..

Rudra get up to hit him.but arnav take the rode and hit him strongly.he tell on pain..arnav beat him violently.but rudra not ready to give up..he hit arnav back.both start to beat each other violently.suddenly an car come there..its hit both of them..arnav's head hit on briged..rudra fall far away from him..

Flash back end....

Khushi looking arnav with shock..she don't know what to said..arnav looking her with soft stare..she asked him almost whispering way..

Khushi:that's mean you both fight..and a car hit you you didn't die in accident.but what happened  after that.whose is that in third car..what happened to rudra.

Arnav:(big sigh)you have many questions khushi..but I can't reveal all that now itself..even I have many questions regarding my death..without knowing all that.i can't answers your those questions..I am sorry..

Khushi:(frustration tone)then how we get answers for our's still being mystery arnav..we have to know the answers.from whom we take help one here to help us.god only know how I going to know this mystery..who will help us..

Arnav:(knowing look)there one person who can help us khushi...(she snapped)she can answers all questions of ours..

Khushi:(eagerly)really..why don't you tell me before..who is that..where's that can we reach her..tell na..

Arnav:do you remember that stranger women..who come here few days ago..she told all events in our life.she can surely unfold all the secrets of our life..I am sure about it..

Khushi:oh ha..even she told me to don't ignore anything.that time I don't understand what she say..but today I know what's all that means..I am sure she can help us..but how we going to meet her.we don't know where's she..can you find where's she?

Arnav nodded at her..she smile at him happily.she try to hug him.but she can't.she frown seeing that.but soon arnav hugged her tightly.she feel the hug deeply.she lost on his hug.but arnav have some other thoughts..he have winning smile on his face..

Arnav:(in mind)you being this much happy hearing this..then what will be your reaction when I told you that truth..I am sure you will jump in joy.but this is not time for that.before going there I have many things to know.and many things to do..just some more days sweet heart,after that you and me forever..we will bond to some kind of relation which no one can break..even God..just some more days baby..

Then he broke the hug..both turn hearing the pets sound,..puch puch barking front of them.angalina flying around them.arnav still have that winning smile on his face.but he quickly hide when khushi look him.then both move to kitchen..khushi arrange things to make breakfast.arnav  standing beside her closely.he looking her with adoring smile,soon she start to cook..

In hall..khushi having breakfast..arnav sitting beside her..he asked her suddenly..

Arnav:khushi I have to ask you did you decided to come here alone without anyone's true I asked you to come her giving signals,.but you know no one present around can't seek anyone help for any emergency..then how you take such a big step..

Khushi:(smile)I don't need anyone help or company here..and this villa not new for me..this whole place surrender with our lovely moments..(become low)and after you went..I thought atleast I can get some peace here.thats why without think anything I come see..because I come here.i even got you back.what I want more then this..

Arnav:(love filled voice)I know khushi..I heard your all thoughts  when you talk with my photo..I heard all that..and after my death..I never leaves you for a second..I be around you as's you took time to recognise my presence beside you..

Khushi smile at him sweetly.both look each other ..suddenly khushi recall something..she asked arnav quickly.

Khushi:hey if you bring with me all must know about the marks and pain I got here and my all that happened to you know how it's come,.

suddenly arnav looked away without making connection with her eyes,..khushi saw suddenly arnsv giving thief look.she try to understand that look..suddenly done thing sink on her mind..she opened her mouth to O shape..she wide her eyes in shock  and wonder..arnav give her caught look..

Khushi:(almost yell)that's's your caused all those marks to me..why I don't think about it before..why you give such a marks to me..and that lower pain..why I got that pain..

Arnav:you really naive khushi..don't you know..those marks all common in love behaving like you don't know anything.

Khushi wide her mouth and eyes more widely..she start to chase him..arnav run around the hall..for few minutes both forget their actual situation.they feeling like both now on their early day life..their pets shouting in joy seeing their moment..finally khushi stopped without caught arnav,who smiling admiring way looking her..she breathing hardly,..soon she smile back..both of them keep smiling looking each other..suddenly arnsv start to frown..khushi confused seeing that.when she try to ask something.he showed his hand and asked her to wait..after moment he told her seriously..

Arnav:khushi I come to know about that women place..we must go to her now..

Before she ask anything arnav hugged her and disappear from there..

Khushi shivering in cold..she look around to see where she is's really cold place..everywhere surrender around ice and snow,..everything looking in milky white..they standing front of an small cave...she look arnav and saw he being very natural.she asked him shivering way..

Khushi:arnav where are we now...why this place this much cold..argh...I can't handle the cold..

Arnav smile at her..he slowly hugged her side way..khushi feel sudden warm on her body..she feeling so warm.she smile at him..then both entered to cave.its really dark inside.khushi keeping her step with alert.when they moving forward..slowly lights Ray start to came to them.soon they reached to fully lighted place.that place surrender with different things..most of was colour powders,,pots,,..but there no one to see..khushi got confused ,but arnav looking around with knowing face..suddenly thry hear a voice..

"I know you both will come to me ..i waited for your both arrival" 

Both turn and saw the women.she not looking like the way khushi meet that day..she wearing black and red combination cotton saree..made her hair to high bun.,,eyes filled with dark kajal,,hands filled with lot of bangles threads..many chains hanging on her neck..she putting a big round vermillion on forehead..totally she looking like witch..she giving arshi knowing smile...she sit on floor and asked arshi to sit..soon they both sit front of between big bowl placed with red water..then she speak.

Women:I know one day you both will come to me for seek help..I am Durga..can said anything about future..can make impossible things to any  other powers can beat me on both can trust me without hide anything ..tell me everything from beginning..

Arnav take a sigh and told everything from beginning..Durga  hearing everything with same smile..

Arnav:after we both hit by a car..I don't remember anything..I want to know what happened after that..who is that third person.(lowly)and what is our ending..where's rudra he died with me..

Hearing all that.durga take a sigh and close her and place her thumb on perfectly straightly on her vermilion..khushi being worried about her answers..she don't know what going to happened  next...after done minutes Durga opened her eyes..and straightly look at arnav with knowing smile..

Durga:whatever you have answers for all own self know half of answers..but looking like you don't like yo reveal that now..I understand that..but apart from that exact matter..I will answers your other questions..

Arnav looked away..khushi confused by Durga words..she don't get what Durga saying,what arnav don't want to reveal..and looking Durga knowing smile..her curiosity become high..before she ask anything..Durga started again..

Durga:and for  you other questions..I will answers you..yes...rudra died with you that both lost the breath same time..because of some reason ,your both souls got tied together..until his soul get a peace..even you can't get a peace..this is fact of your both until that moon day...(after pause)that day you both get a chance to fight for freedom..who win the battle,that soul can destroy other soul..and that day you win the battle and destroyed his soul..but...he didn't leave this world still.he still try to get your love from you.he died with full of until he achieved his goal ,,he won't let you be peacefully..

Khushi blowed hearing her words..she don't know how to react.she never thought those all possible in life.but after witnessing many proof..she can't deny anything...big example is arnav..she thought about Durga words..suddenly she recall that dark moon day..that's day first time she got that high way visual..and she remembers about many times she unknowingly got scared for some bad evil person try to near that's mean that's was rudra..she not sure about it..she thinking all with deep thoughts..but suddenly she jerked hearing Durga words...she didn't expected that...

Next update:solution...shock...rewind..

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Apr 26

Pyaar kiya tho darna Kya (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 46 times)

Durga:but you can destroy him Khushi!!

Khushi wide her eyes hearing Durga words..she became statue for a seconds.isn't she telling the truth..Durga smile seeing khushi's shocked state..she told her with knowing tone..

Durga:I know you're shocked hearing this Khushi..but this is can destroy rudra's evil sprit..

Khushi:(anxious tone)but how can I do it's possible.i am just a human being.i don't have any supernatural powers to fight with Sprits..then how can I beat evil sprit that's can't do that..

Durga:(deep tone)it's true you're just a human being..but you have to understand something..sometimes human can do many things which can't even a sprit do..and you're not alone have support of all gods in this have to gear up to fight for your can do this Khushi..don't back up..can't you do this for your love..come on gear up..

Khushi got so much confidence and courage after hearing Durga boost up words..she look at Arnav who looking her with hopeful face..yes..she can do this..she can do this for her love..she look at Durga with much confident and told her bravely.

Khushi:I am ready to do this..I am ready to do anything to destroy that evil sprit..just tell me what I have to do..

Durga:(smile)you took the right decision Khushi..I appreciate your braveness..and Khushi whatever you have to do..we have to wait three more days..we have to do this on the day of holy  moon day..I will do every necessary customs  don't worry about if moon day I will tell you what you have to do..until the moon day don't go anywhere...just be with your Arnav how much you can..because how much you both be close to each other..that much your both bond get more be close to each other next three days.

Arnav Khushi nodded at her agreeing way..soon after taking her leave.both came out from her cave..Khushi again start to feel cold..Arnav hugged her tightly and disappear from there..

Khushi breath out seeing she came back to villa after long time..she look at Arnav who already settled on sofa..she move and sit beside him..both don't speak for a minutes..after sometime Khushi broke the dreadful silence..

Khushi:I can't believe what's happening around me Arnav..I am still doubting it's those all really happening or I am still on very deep sleep..other hand I can't deny the truth here sitting front of me.i can't believe that I am actually living a supernatural life..(lightly laugh)

Arnav smile hearing's one can believe  this..he move toward her more closely and wrapped his arms around her..he told her with husky love tone.

Arnav:whatever happening,,everything true Khushi..  And you don't confuse your brain thinking unwanted things..the next three days we have to be together closely...the moon day she will tell you what you have to you should prepare your self for that..not other thoughts ..

Khushi agree with him..then suddenly Arnav carry her bridal style and marched towards the bedroom..Khushi gasps by his sudden moment,,she didn't expect this,..after coming inside the room he placed her in mattress carefully and come top of her..

Khushi:(gasped tons)Arnav what happened to you suddenly?why you bring me here..

Arnav:(intense voice)Khushi do you remember durga's order,,we have to be close to each other how much we can ..don't you get her words meaning..we have to get along the way nature allow..we have to get intimate Khushi..this is only way we can be much close..can't you get it..

Khushi:(strummer tone)but Arnav how can we both get along like see we both very different now,,when I can't even touch we both get intimate..

Arnav:(even more intense)but I can touch you na..didn't i have cable to touch you.its more then enough to get intimate..(after pause)more more excuses..tell me frankly..are you ready to get intimate with me?

Khushi suddenly feeling shy hearing Arnav open talk..of course she is more then ready to get close with him ..he don't need to ask her about it..but the sad part is she can't touch him when he be close to her..otherwise she always ready for him..she slowly nodded at him with lovely smile..

Arnav's  face got satisfy smile seeing her approval..this is what he want..her whole heart acceptable..she don't know what Is the reason behind this approval..without make her wait more he slowly start to open her Kurta boutons.she felt shiver feeling his clod's been long time lastly she feel this much she carved for this touch..finally she feeling the touch again..very soon she is just on her inner wears...she look at Arnav who carrying same huge desire on his eyes just like her..he slowly start to kiss her long neck..she start to moan feeling his hot kisses..he kissing her full neck with so much desire and love..suddenly Khushi felt like she can't keep open her eyes anymore...she automatically closed her eyes and feel into Arnav's love land..she enjoying his kisses very deeply..soon his kissing turn as sucking..he start to such her whole body with so much's truly amazing feeling..soon her two pieces cloths to feel on floor..she now fully bare..there nothing to cover her body from his hungry eyes..he exploring her body the way he want..Khushi moaning so loudly out of uncontrollable pleasure..he sucking and licking her melons like there no tomorrow..sucking way he slowly move towards her milky white navel..he place countless kisses on her navel..his desires are on high level now..he slowly move lower even more..her female flower was indeed tempting to see..without wait more he place his hungry mouth on her soft flower..ahhhhhh..that's was heaven moment,..he tasting her flower like his whole soul depends on it..Khushi jumping in great pleasure..she cants control herself anymore..he making her really hard..she feeling like she going to explode in second..

She screaming his name in highest level.she try to stop him sucking her flower..but he not ready to stop,sucking way he grab her both big melons and pressing them much hardly..she felt ultimate pleasure building inside her body..she asked him in begging tone.. stop this torture..ahhhhhh..I can't bear this anymore..ahhh..please baby give release,,,please baby...

Hearing her continue pleading finally he stopped his torture cum pleasing..without giving a warning he enter inside her with hungry growl..khushi tight her fist in bed sheet because of his sudden entry..he don't wait until she get set..he thrusting inside her with horse speed.she screaming in top voice..whole room aching hearing her loud scream..there no any sounds expect her moaning screaming,..she burning in deep heat..Arnav take her lips for hungry kids and keep thrusting inside her..after 30 minutes he finally nearing to climax ..after few hard thrust finally he released..he clops on Khushi breathing hardly..Khushi let out a big relief breath..she didn't thoughts,,one day she will have this much wild making with her Arnav..he slowly fell beside her..after getting back to normal breath Khushi cover herself with bed sheet..she look at Arnav who laying with closed eyes..there a satisfied and happy smile playing on his face..she smile seeing him..suddenly an strong question pump on her mind out of somewhere,,she asked Arnav with wondering tone..

Khushi:Arnav how we did this(he look her)I're sprit..I am we both can have love making..even its feel very is this you make love with me,.

Suddenly Arnav got tension heating Khushi strong question..what he supposed to do now,.he look at Khushi who every waiting for his answer..he don't know how to escape from her question..when she try yo ask him again..she suddenly stopped..she smell something...there an strong unknown aroma hit her nose very forcefully..she inhale the smell's really new and weird smell.she never ever smell something like this..Arnav look at her deep face and asked her softly..

Arnav:Khushi what happened?what are you thinking?

Khushi:(deep thoughts)Arnav can you smell this's really strange and new smell..I can't judge what kind of smell us this..can you smell it?

Arnav got more tension hearing's going out of control ..he have to stop this..he hold Khushi and cuddle her tightly..he told her pouty way..

Arnav:Khushi this is not fair!when I am with should just think about me..but here you thinking about all unnecessary matters..we are near the jungle obviously we will get different smells of plants and trees..we can't keep investigation everything..just forget about that..come on take little nap for may tired from love making..come on..

Without key her speak more he hug her comfortably and make her sleep..soon Khushi fell on sleep out of tired..after making sure she is deep sleep..Arnav place her on mattress slowly and tugged her fully with bed sheet.he take a big relief sigh..

Arnav;thank god finally she sleep..otherwise i don't know how I will give her explanation..she is really tough I going to keep my secret surprise until full moon day finish..I really hope she won't get angry on me after I tell that..please god don't unwrap my secret surprise before anything..let he open that very patiently..

He slowly place soft kiss on khushi's forehead and slowly disappear from there..without knowing what's happening around her Khushi sleep very peacefully..

At night..Khushi opened her eyes finally after deep sleep.she let out a paining moan..her body still aching after getting relaxing sleep..she look around the room and saw there no sigh of her Arnav's or her pets..she grown seeing the empty room..she wrapped the bed sheet around her body till chest and came out from room..

She saw even living room empty..she now got little worried seeing empty hall..when try to call for Arnav she hear noise from kitchen..she quickly move towards kitchen..after seeing the view front of her she got her breath back with admiring smile..she fall in love the scene front of her....

Next update::hard task,,moon day..more supernatural scenes..

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