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Jun 2, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 37 times)

Neha cares her hair and crying silently.everyone become so broken hearing her words.garima hug her daughter and try to console her.both mothers trying their best to comfort her.but nothing worked..

shashi hug arjun without bear his daughter state..arjun to hum him back tightly.even he to lost his son.ladues are showing their sad via how they both show their two families bearing so much pain..the importance person of their life leaves them can they bear this..why this god this much cruel.before their children start their life.its end it this much painfully.cant that God see their's true that God always punish good people.

because of continued crying..khushi got unconscious.everyone panicked seeing that..akash quickly takes her to his arms..shash call the doctor immediately.

khushi room..everyone waiting outside checking her inside..,all if them worrying what happens to her.guests are already members in great side khushi state..other side arnav dead..they all stil didn't go to accident spot.their don't have that guts.police doing every formalities.abd giving them updates time to time.....after some moment doctor came outside after checking khushi..everyone rushed towards sAy to them slowly..

doctor:her pressure are really low..she don't have any energy on her body..her mind fully stressed out..make sure she got get stress or sad..

everyone become silent hearing her.its very impossible thing to do..then doctor left from there..all of them enter inside the room..khushi slowly open her eyes.she look around.whole family present there..neha slowly make her sit.she looking like lifeless doll.who don't feel any emotions.she not speaking a word or showing any reaction.she not speaking a word.just looking the floor without any emotion on face..neha cares her hair slowly and tell her controlling her tears.

neha:don't be like this khushi beta..we can't change whatever happens.he leave us..he will not come back..please try to accept the reality.we can't see you like this..please atleast for us..please beta.

khushi hearing all that without showing any reaction.she just looking the floor.everyonr feeling scared seeing her like this.garima sit beside her and cup her face.

garima:khushi please say are scaring something...why are you not speaking any thing.

garima shake her.but she still not saying anything..they all now really scared..after long time..khushi look everyone..say say to thrm with emotionless tone..

khushi:I want to be alone..

everyone not like her request bit too.they all try to say something..but khushi cut off them.

khushi:if you all want me become okay..then leave me alone..I want to be alone..

after this they can't say anything..everyone left from there..shashi cares her hair last time he to left from there..then room become silence..khushi slowly get up from her bed and move towards door.and close it slowly moves to wall with baby step.where arnav big photo frame hanging.she looking his family e with fully hurt..what a big major incident happened in their life in such a short time..few hours ago she very happily get ready for their all eagerly they both waited for start their new life..they both planned their perfect little world.those all dreams just faded like dream.she still can't believe that he left her alone in this world..she cares his face slowly.tears all start to fall from her eyes..she place her head on his photo.

khushi:(tears filled voice)why did you left me arnav.dont you know.i can't leave without you..don't you want to llive with me forever.i am feeling hard to breath arnav..I want you back arnav..I can't breath without you.why you left me what to see me suffer..enough arnav..I can't bear this anymore..I need you arnav..I need you so badly.pleas come back to me..cuddles me to your chest..and say to me everything fine..nothing happens to you..please arnav say to me..please arnav..I can't bear this anymore..please come back to me arnav..please...

she fall on the floor and crying very much she wishing those all just an prank.those all not true..her arnav completely fine..but nothing all going to happens.her arnav not going to come back..he left her..left her in this world alone..she hits her head in his photo crying loudly..

khushi:why this happens to us arnav..why we got separated.why we can't live together.why God made us apart arnav..don't he know.we can't live without each other..why he did to us..I want you arnav..I want you back arnav...

she continues crying hitting her head on his photo frame..

in arnav photo.litte bit of tears comes from arnav eyes.......

living room..everyone sitting with tears filled face..they don't know what to silance is only mean for them..finally arjun say to shashi garima..

arjun:(broken voice)I think we should go back now..(gulp)have to do arnav last rituals..

anjali neha cry hearing him..shashi say to arjun..

shashi:wait we also coming with you..

arjun:no be both have to look after khushi..I am not feeling good leaving her alone..we will take care other things..

shashi agree with him..then raizada ready to much happily they come here..but now everything turn to upside..then they all left to finish their son last rituals..

after some time in raizada mansion..everyone sitting on living room wearing white dresses..pandit doing the rituals.anjali neha crying silently hugging each other..arjun akash sitting numbly without saying anything..pandit continues doing the rituals..after that he gives family members to flowers petals and say to them..

pandit:all of you all pray whole heartily for your son to get peace  his soul..

all of them take the flowers petals to hands..when they try to throw that on his pic.suddenly gust of breeze spread everywhere in home..everything shaking fastly because of that wind..the petals from their hands spread everywhere.its looking like almost some typhoon.they all can't see anything..hawan kund Fire blow off.then the wind got stopped..everyone just wondering what just happened now.from where that wind come from..everyone looking each other with puzzle reactions.they look at pandit who looking the blow off hawan silently..

arjun:what just pandit ji.from where that wind com from.

pandit look at them silently.he then take arnav photo from there..he look at that silently..

pandit:I can't say what happen now..but I can say one thing..this is not good time to do your son last rituals..we should do some other time..this is not right time..

everyone look at pandit with confusion..then they agree with him..pandit then got hurry to go from there.after talk with them few words.he came out from the home..he look at the mansion with hiding meaning..

pandit:your son don't like to go from this world..he have something here which very close to him..before get what he want..his soul not going to get a peace..something going to happens in your all life..

after looking the mansion last time.he left from he say..arnav soul not going to leave this world..without get what he wants may be never going to leave the world..lets see..

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Fabulous update
Jun 29, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 29 times)

Hello hai darlings sweeties......first of all for my Muslim readers wish you all have great late eid Mubarak.....sorry for not wish early...I went outing with family members....and for my readers happy news...from today other wards everything that's mean I can update you all can get stories be happy happy reading...

at gupta mansion...khushi sitting on her recliner and looking the moon with tears filled eyes..she thinking about today events...everything happens in 180 degree fast...just like some drama...can't imagine anything...she turn towards arnav's photo side and looking his pic with full of love.she looking his photo so looking the photo she don't notice an blue colour smoke appearing behind her little by looking like it coming from bed...before it appear fully someone enter inside the room..smoke got disappear fastly..garima come inside of the room with food plate..she saw khushi looking arnav's photo without blinking..she sigh sadly seeing her like this..she slowly move and sit beside khushi..garima cares her hair softly..she still don't notice garima precence...she very deeply looking arnav photo..

garima:(caring way)khushi beta....(khushi look her mother and again look at arnav photo)

garima:(sigh)you don't eat anything from evening's not good to be like something.l(khushi still looking the pic)you can't be like this for your who,e life have to move have you own life khushi..please try to move away from his memories...try to forge.........

before she completes her sentence with loud sound side lamp broke into countless pieces.they both shocked to see that..because it's was happens without happens anything..garima got little scared seeing that..she gulp her saliva...khushi don't care about that..she again loat in arnav thoughts..after composing herself garima look at khushi..

Garima:please khushi have will fall in sick if you being like this without having anything...

khushi:(broken voice)let me fall in sick..I don't care..I want to be alone...please leave from her..

garima:but beta...

khushi cut off her and ask her to go out...garima sigh sadly seeing her and move from there..when she came out.she saw shashi standing there..

garima:(hurt tone)sge not having anything shashi ji..she completely lost on arnav's memories..I am feeling so hurt to seeing her like daughter completely broken..I don't know how to bring her out from arnav's memories...

shashi:(sigh sadly)that's was very impossible thing garima..they both not loved each other for time pass..from childhood other wards they both are in deep love..they both maybe had it two bodies.but they both loved like on soul..don't you know without seeing each other both of them can't suddenly all this you think it's easy to bring her back to normal stage after all that's very impossible think..our khushi incomplete without her arnav..we should not have to build fake hopes..because we ourselves  know..she can't forget him that's much easily..

Garima:I can understand what are you saying shashi ji..but how many days she will be like this..she have her own life shashi ji..she can't think about arnav to her life long..she should have to come out from this....

shashi:do you think..I don't like to see my daughter living happily..but I am saying..her whole happiness is arnav..more then him other happiness are just useless and wastes for her..we can't gives him back to least just let her live with his memories..for now more then us that's was giving her atleast little peace..don't make her sad even more..

garima agree with him.then they both left from there..

Inside the room..khushi looking arnav's photo deep,h..suddenly her phone start to ring..she don't gives her ears for continuesly ringing..when the time passing ringing sound increasing loudly..she sigh and get up to take the phone..when she got the phone she got highly shock...there no calls in phone..not even a massage.she thinking then why did it rings that much loudly...she confused seeing that..she sigh and throw the phone in bed..when she try to sit back.again phone got ring..she got angry for the disturbance..she takes the phone from bed and try to throw that on the floor..but suddenly something catch her attention from phone screen..she slowly look at the phone clearly..she shocked to see the visual front of her..her eyes got tears..she grips the phone's was their VILLA HOME...she take the photo when she come from there..her whole phone covers by villa photo..she look at the  photo with she knows what she have to do....with phone she slowly lay on her bed...from her behind the blues smoke lay beside her...lights got off automatically....

next update:villa....unknown old lady..

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Fabulous update..
Jul 2, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 42 times)

Next day...khushi sleeping on her bed..her face looking really pale..her daily glowing face today surrendered by sadness..suddenly her little sleep disturbed by .someone pulling her bedsheet..she open her eyes..and slowly up from bed..she saw puch puch pulling her bedsheet .she smile lightly seeing that..she lost somewhere looking puch puch..seeing her sad mood puch puch slowly moves to her..he lay on her lap..and try to get her attention..she comes to sense and look at puch puch who try to get her attention...she sigh sadly and slowly cares his head..she then get up to fresh up..

lshe enter to washroom and stood front of sink..when she try to wash her face..she notice something..she touch her neck..when her hand touch neck part she isss in pain..she surprised seeing her neck had a mark..she move closer and look at that clearly..she shocked to see's was ”BITE MARK“she wide her eyes seeing that..she don't know how she got this mark..because it's was looking really fresh..she wondering how is this possible..she hurridely wash her face and came out from bathroom.

when she came out from washroom.she saw puch puch looking arnav's photo with little scared moan..she watch the silently...she look at puch puch keenly..he looking like scared..she calls puch puch slowly..

khushi:puch puch what happen!why are you looking scared...

hearing her voice puch puch turn towards her second she rushed out from room with shout..she shocked to see his behaviour..she wondering what happen to her pet..untill today puch puch never behaved like this..then what happen...DID HE GOT SCARED SEEING SOMETHING?that question rise big doubt on her..automatically her eyes turn to arnav's photo..she look his picture keenly..last night how much she cried seeing his photo..but today she don't know why..she don't feeling any sadness..she was feeling like its Was just normal day..nothing bad happens...

khushi:(mixed emotions)how can I feel like I can feel good..I lost my only love..untill yesterday he was with me..we both very happily planned out future..but today..I am alone..I can't see my arnie..he being very far from can I feel good..what happens to me...why I am feeling like....why I am feeling like...MY ARNIE JUST BESIDE ME...I was feeling exactly like that only..he just beside me...

with mixed emotions she moves to balcony side...from her beside an blue smoke enter inside to arnav photo...little bit of blood appear from arnav mouth..

in downtairs....garima and shashi sitting on sofa..both of them in deep thoughts..both of them thinking about yesterday events..still they all under the much happily they all prepared wedding for their children..but today all going to upside..when they lost in thoughts.they hear calling bell ringing..their maid open the door and saw raizada family standing outside..all come inside ...seeing them coming inside shashi garima stand up...anjali neha hugs garima..and Arjuna akash shashi hug each other..they both made raizada family sit and ask maid to bring coffee for them..

shashi:you all here this much early..anything serious...

arjun:(sigh sadly)nothing serious shashi...we come here to look after khushi..we really don't like to left hery yesterday..but our situation like that...

shashi:we can understand arjun..we know how much pain you all facing..

neha:we come to meet khushi..I know how much broken she is she..

garima:(sadly)there nothing improvement on her state..she still like that..she don't eat anything from yesterday..whole nights she just cried looking arnav photo..we both feeling very hurt to see her like that..don't know when she is came out from this..

raizadas sigh sadly hearing her words..they all know how much khushi is broken state..when their become silent they hear khushi voice from behind.they turn and look khushi coming down wearing still the same cloth..she looking really pale..her beautiful green eyes covered with dark.circles..her face turned to be dark red because of continued cry..their feeling so hurt to se her like this,.she slowly comes towards them..neha held her hand and make her sit beside her..other side arjun sitting..he cares her hair with affection..khushi ask her slowly..

khushi:ma when you all come?

neha:just now beta..we come here to meet are you khushi beta..

khushi:(broken voice)nothing there to say I am being good ma..I am just breathing that's all..

everyone become broken hearing her statement..neha feeli like to cry..arjun say to her with broken voice..

arjun:you can't be like this for your whole life should move on your life..I know it's very difficult to forget arnav..but this is the fact..we can't change that..

neha:yes beta how many years you're going to be like or Tomorrow you have to forget arnav definitely..

khushi:(chocked voice)it's so easy for you all to say that in words ma..but it's very difficult to do..did you all thinking its so easy for me to forget my's impossible...I lost my arnie ma..I just feel like someone take my heart away when I am alive..he is my better half ma..from choldh I just lived keeping him in my heart..then suddenly he is no you think it's so easy for don't know ma..I am very difficulty living...the life I am living just useless without my's so hurt ma...

she hug neha with tears..everyone cry hearing her words..their fully agree with's not easy to forget arnav from their arnav's parents even they can't forget him..then think about her state..she just lived for him..he usher soul.then how can she forget him that much easily...akash weep his tears and try to change her mood...

akash:hey khushi where's you pempar pets..

khushi:(weep the tears)I think they both playing in garden..

they al talk some other things to change her mood..she just be silent..she don't want to make them sad..then they all had little breakfast..khushi remember something and thoughts to tell everyone about that..

khushi:I want to tell you all something very important...

garima:what is thatt beta..tell us..

khushi:(firm tone)I thoughts to shift to my VILLA...


khushi:yes! A arnie build that for I want to shift there...

garima:(shocked tone)khushi are you can you take this khushi we can't allow you to go...

shashi:yes khushi beta we can't do can we send you somewhere khushi we can't..sorry...

arjun:yes beta your mummy papa saying right..we can't let you go..

khushi:can I ask you all something...

all of them:what?

khush:(adamant tone)if you want me alive..

everyone gasps hearing her words..they all got big shock..they all don't know what to say..

garima:khushi what are you saying..

khushi:if you not let me go to my villa..then tomorrow morning you all will see my dead body...

all of them gasps in highly shock..they don't know what to do..what she is saying..shashi slowly get up and moves towards his daughter..he ask her slowly..

shashi:beta what are you can you say such a big words..

khushi:((broken voice)please papa don't think me wrongly...I don't have any other options..I want to go there all can't give my arnie back..atleast gives me his memories..that villa had very big special moments of ours..if I go there.i will get some peace..I can live with me arnie memories...please papa I beg you..

she told her hand and try to touch shashi leg..he hurridely stop her..he cup her face softly..

shashi:go beta go....if you want to go then I will never stop go..

khushi hug shashi with happiness.other just shocked by shashi words.shashi hug her back and cares her hair slowly..

khushi:thank you don't know what you give it to me..thank you very much..

shashi smile hearing her..she then left to pack her bag.garima ask shashi with little anger..

garima:shashi ji what you did..what happen to you..why you accept her decision..

shashi:then what can I have to do..did you hear what she you like to see our one and only daughter dead..she already living like a you want to see her real very well know how much stubborn she is.if we don't agree with her decision..she will definitely do what she just you want that happen.already she bearing so much pain..atleast my this decision gives her little peace..we can't gives her arnie back..atleast let give her his memories...that's all we can do for her..

everyone got what shashi saying.they know he is right.for now this is the best medicine for her limitless pain..they very well understand her pain..but there a one person still don't like this decision..that's was garima...she don't like that her daughter spoiled her life for someone who don't exit in this world..she have only one daughter..which mother like her daughter like getting soil.she went from there to her room..other notice her mood off..they all know what she is feeling now.raizadas face fell seeing her behaviour..they know because of their khushi in this state..shashi try to comfort them.

shashi;don't take her wrongly all know na khushi is our only daughter..our both family how much happily arranged marraige for our suddenly all this other mothers..she can't see her daughter broken state..don't worry after sometime she will come around..

neha:you don't have to say all this bhai..because we know about her state very well..after all I am also an mother.i can feel her sadness very well..don't worry we can understand..

shashi smile at her..then they all talk something...

garima sitting on their room..she thinking about something deeply..

garima:in any how I have to stop khushi from going to that villa.because arnav died I can't let my daughter spoil her life..I know she loving him very much..but because of that..she can't do can she live alone in some no I can't let this any how I have to make her forget arnav..

she talking to herself very deeply when she don't notice at ceiling a chandelier rope tripping's was ripping to fall..garima exactly sitting on it direction.suddnly whole rope ripped it's falling..

next update:khushi in villa....unknown old woman..

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Jul 13, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya...... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 46 times)

Garima jerk from her thought hearing on of her maid shout..before she do anything someone pulled her from the before she react she hear loud cracking sound coming from her behind..she turn and look chandler fall to floor..she gasped seeing that broke Into countless pieces..she got frighten highly seeing that..what if it fall on her...oh god even that thought brought high fear on members rushed to room hearing the loud sound...they all shocked seeing the scene front of them..everyone wuickly rushed towards garima who looking really frighten..shashi quickly takes her to hug..she hug him tightly in huge fear..he sooth her saying comfort words...

anjali:oh my god!how this happened...

maid:we don't know madam..when I enter to room..I saw chandler rope ripped..and it's going to fall on I quickly pulled her to this side..

everyone got shock hearing the maid reply..all of them thanked the maid whole heartedly..then akash notice blood coming from that maid hand..akash say to maid quickly..

akash:look at your's bleeding..lets bendage your hand..come fast..

akash held the maid hand take him from going way so much blood fall from his hand..blood start to spread everywhere..neha calls the servents to clean the room..shashi still soothing frighten garima..she got very much scared by that scene..khushi hurridely enter to room after hearing the news from akash..she quickly moves towards garima..she hurridely moves to khushi arms...

khushi:ma are you okay..did you got hurt?you alright na?

garima nodded at her hurriedly..khushi sooth her softly..then she try to take her from there..everyone slowly left the place..only garima khushi left..when khushi try to take her out..her mobile fall from her hand..she takes that and saw it power off..she try to on that..the exact moment..garima eyes fall on the blood which on the floor..she wide her eyes seeing that,.her heart stop for the moment..she stood like a statue..she can't believe her eyes..there words appear of the blood..she read that with shock...there words appear like”SHE IS MINE “she become like a stone reading that..she calls khushi loudly,,

garima:khushi look there..look ...look..khushi...there..

khushi jerked hearing her shout..she shocked by garima sudden shout..she held her arms..

khushi:ma what happen?why are you shouting..

garima:(scared filled voice)khushi...look..look...there a blood...blood..

khushi:yes ma I know there blood..what happen to you..

garima:(fear filled tone)in that blood ..I saw..there words...words written on that..look khushi...there words written like..she

khushi:ma what are you can words appear on blood...I think you got really scared by this accident...there nothing possible to happen like that ma..

garima:(helpless tone)please khushi trust me..I saw that words on this blood..there very clearly written like”SHE IS MINE “I saw that very clearly..please khushi trust me..I am saying the truth..

khushi:okay ma leave that!come lets go...

she hold her arms side way and slowly takes her from room..garima continuesly looking behind..then they both came out from the room.......inside the room..the blood slowly disappear from the spot..

pat night...khushi laying on the recliner and looking arnav photo with love filled eyes..she slowly start to talk..

khushu:this is the last night I am staying here arnie..tomorrow I will shift to our villa..where our beautiful memories living..(chocked tone)I can't get you back arnav..but I can leave with your memories..forgetting you very impossible think are my can I forget you..that's was very tough think to do..tomorrow I am going to start new life with our villa..(smile)where we planned our beautiful that's not going to I will start a new journey with your memories..for me you still alive one can vanish you from my heart..your memories will be live with me forever..

lshe look at face with love filled eyes..and looking his photo way she fell to sleep..

from arnav's photo little bit of tears appear from his eyes..then an blue smoke came out from photo and went from the room window..

next day early morning..khushi already wake up.she now getting ready to go..night itself she packed her staffs..and ordered every necessary things for villa..nothing much just kitchen going way she will get everything..after got ready..she look at the arnav photo which on her's was really big..almost his same height..she slowly takes that from the wall and wrapped that normally but safely for to take that along with her..she calls some of her workers and asked them to place that in car..after that she take her bags and moves to living room.

at downstair..khushi comes to living room..there already garima and shashi present..their looked her sadly..khushi sigh seeing them like that..she know their not like her this decision..but she can't do anything..she is helpless..she takes their blessings...then shashi say to her sweetly..

shashi:take care of yourself beta..first time you are going to be away from take good care about us whenever you need any help..because you going away from us.we can't forget you..we will think about you every time..

khushi:(smile)I know papa...I will call you both whenever I get time..and don't worry..I will take care myself..I am going from here to there get a both don't worry..I will never do something.which will hurt you both..I promise..

shashi smiles and cares her hair..khushi then look her mother..she notice the her mother still have that frighten look on her face..khushi sigh seeing her like that..she held her hand...

khushi:ma what happen..why are you looking you still thinking about yesterday event..

garima:(hurriedly) like that..(touch khushi cheek)take care of yourself well beta..don't forget to call us..if you fell in some trabble ..without wait a second just call us..

khushi nodded her head..then she board the bags to car..when she open the back door she saw angalina and puch puch sitting there with their necessary things on small bag..khushi surprised seeing their on the car like this..that time with their bags..garima shashi smile seeing those cute pets..

Shashi:they both can't be here without you just take their also..don't make then sad..

Khushi agree with shashi..she know her pets can't live without she decided to take them along..she load the bags..and take their both to passengers seat..after bid bye to her parents last time she start the car..and start her new journey...which going to bring so many events to her life...good or bad.,time only can said...

after two hours..she enter to the jungle..the moment she enters to Jungle now happened she got remember whatever happened her arnie surprisingly bring her they both become much lovingly their both spend that night..those all coming front of her eyes like some movie..she weep her tears which falling from her eyes..after go little she finally come to villa..

she park the car front of the gate and came out slowly..she look at the villa's still shinning like the way when first time she comes there with arnav...she smile looking the villa..and she try to open the gate to go inside....when she held gate someone held her hand tightly..she jerked by sudden touch..khushi quickly turn and look there a old lady who holding her hand..that lady looking little messy..she wading old white colour saree with messed hair..she having tree stick on her hand to stand porparly..khushi wondering who is she..where she come from..she got fear..what if something happens like past..she got really worried thinking about that..she ask that lady with fear filled voice..

khushi:who are you grand ma?why are you holding my hand..

the old lady slowly look her shaking way she slowly moves towards khushi..she touch khushi face..she gulp in highly nervous..then the old lady said to her huskily with cracked voice..

lady:don't go inside...he is waiting for you..if you go can't come outside...he will never leave you..don't go inside...he is very egarly waiting for you..don't go..with so much hunger he is waiting inside..(smile scaring way)if you go inside I don't know what will he don't go inside..

khushi shocked to the core hearing her..she under the great shock..she don't know what to said..she look at that old lady with scared face..she gulp her saliva..very difficulty she ask that women..

next update:khushi first night in villa....scaring crying sound..

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Fabulous update
Aug 19, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 45 times)

tThe old women still holding her shooting her head as no..khushi ask her difficulty...

Khushi:about whom you are talking granny?who is waiting for me..there no one inside..this villa is one can go inside..who's is that?

The old lady gives her wicked smile..and said to her with husky scary tone.

Lady:if I said who is that..then you will never believe me..he is waiting for he going to get you...don't go...

Khushi: I don't know what are you saying..there no one inside..please leave my way..this villa is only hope for me to arnie memories spread in this he is not with without him it's very difficult..I don't get a luck to live with him..atleast let me live with his memories...leave my way..

Khushi push her aside open the gate second an strong gust of wind appear everywhere..trees are start to shake violently..because of huge wind khushi can't see anything..then differently she step inside the villa entrance..wind are slowly become calm..khushi sigh in relief..she moves to door and take the key to open the door..then she slowly open the door...with little cracking sound door got opened..

She slowly step inside the villa...she Inhale the aroma deeply..their first passionate moments here come flash on her mind like much happily they both come here..that night was memorable..they both become one that night.they both naturally got connected for forever..she sigh sadly and switched on the lights..after on the lights whole villa bright like got whole happiness..everything still like the way they left it..nothing changed or mess..she got small smile on her face..she slowly cares the sofa and pillars..according yo her every single things of this villa have breath..because everything here have memory of arnav..she sit on sofa sometime..after moment she remembers her car still outside..she then get up to get her car..she come out from house and went to her car side..she enter to Car and drive that inside of villa entrance..she got down and open the back door..angalina and puch puch hurridely came out from car and run inside the villa..khushi smile seeing them and takes out her belongs..slowly slowly she place all that inside of villa..lastly she takes arnav big frame's still covered..then she takes that inside...

She come to living room and search a wall to hang the pic...then she choose a Wall..and to there..she remove the cover and look at his photo sweetly..she kiss the photo and hang the on looking prefect to her...after caressing his photo she went outside to lock her car the photo arnav's eyes slowly turn to her side..his eyes turn blue red..

She came out and lock the car door..then she remembers that old women..she look around and saw there no sigh of her..she then drop that thoughts and enter to villa...

She come inside and straightly move to her room..she slowly open the door and saw like house room also looking same..she look around and smile seeing their photos everywhere in room..she was feeling like she come inside of their memories...there nothing to miss..the every moments they spend in their childhood untill now every memories hanging in wall as photo..she felt so happy..she weep her silent tears and move towards cupboard to arrange her cloths..after complete her work she left to do her other works..she arrange everything things which she bring..after complete the task.she come to kitchen for make something...first of all she have to feed her pets..after making something  lightly for her..she come to living for search her pets..she called their names...

Khushi:puch puch....angalina...where are you both....come here's lunch time babies...where are you both...

She calls them continuely..but both of them now where to see..she got confuse..she search whole living room.but both now where to see..she the thought to check upstairs..

She slowly claim the stairs and come to upstairs..whole upstairs filled with dead full silence..she calls their names..she searched whole upstairs..but there no sigh of her pets..when she searching..suddenly her heart start to beat fastly...she stop her act and give ears to her heart beat was beating so fastly..its it beating Because of fear or some other was beating with some kind of hyper..some's was beating for something...she touch her chest and try to calm her heart...but it not claiming...she close her eyes and try to be relax..when she close her eyes she felt someone behind her..she open her eyes with jerk feeling that..she can clearly feel someone behind her..but she not feeling any fear or nervous...she feeling some other feeling..she slowly turn and look her behind...she saw there no one..she look at the empty place with deep stare..then her stare broke by puch puch braking sound...she hear the coming from downstairs..she hurriedly try to go from upstairs..when she try to step in staircase she felt something pulling her from behind...she got shock feeling that...she hurridely turn and saw there no one...she then rushed to downstair..

When she come down she saw her both pets sitting on sofa..both of them sitting very silently...khushi sigh in relief seeing them..she move and take seat beside them..

Khushi:where you both went?i searched you both whole house...

Her both pets being silent without saying anything...puch puch slowly come to her lap and circles like ball..he hide his face fully on her lap...she got confused seeing puch puch act...he never behaved like this...her both pets are really active and cheerful..then what happen now...she cares puch puch head and takes the dog food plate to her hand..she place that on sofa and said to puch puch...

Khushi:come on my baby eat your don't eat anything from morning..come angalina)and you angalina come with me..I will give your nut food come...

She place puch puch on sofa and left to kitchen..angalina go behind her by flying...

Here in sofa puch puch still laying like same..he whimpers slowly..he slowly rise his head and look at arnav's photo direction...he keep look there long time...suddenly he come relax..he get up from the sofa and moves towards arnav's pic..he bark little seeing the picture..he then start to lick the photo..looking the photo way he comeback to sofa and start to eat his food..

In the photo..arnav blink his eyes twice...he his turn blue...

At night...khushi laying on the bed after having dinner..her both pets roaming around the room..she arranged their bed to it's dark night..everything looking pin drop silence ...she looking their photos with lovely smile..this is her first night alone in their villa...last time she come here with this time both of them having passionate love much beautiful that night..both of them totally forget every da,n thing in the world that night..she sigh sadly and close her eyes and lost on their memories...

After some moments an slow breeze come from the directly hit her face..she open her eyes feeling the sudden breeze..she look around and saw room window open...she get up and moves towards the window to close that..she pull the window to close..when she try to close she saw someone shadow touching the window...she got shock and hurridely takes hand from window..she breath normally and put her head outside of window..she look Round and saw there no one..she sigh in relief and close the window..after closing the window she come back to bed..when she try to close her eyes..her heart start to beat fastly..she git statue for a was beating like early..she touch her chest and try to control that..but it increasing the fast..she felt sudden hyper and eagerness..she close her eyes tightly and try to be relax..suddenly she jerked hearing puch puch braking sound..she hurriedly turn and saw puch puch braking looking the room door step..but her heart stopped hearing angalina sound...


She look anjalina with great shock..she forget to words coming from her mouth..her thoart are got dry..

She look at her both pets keenly then sudden realize hit her mind....this is the same thing whenever her both pets do they see arnav coming..she wife her eyes remembers that..she start to breath's true that..they always shout like this whenever they see arnav..but why both of shouting now..what that slowly move to them..what is that slowly move toward them..both of them still shouting..angalina shouting excitingly..


Somwhere hearing the shout her heart feeling very happy..she can't hide her many emotions running on her mind and heart..she touch puch puch head and try to speak ..when she try to talk,.she felt someone behind her..that too very closely..then she hear an husky voice calling her name..she jerk hearing that..she true look her behind..the thing she saw shocked her to core?.

Next update:some third person...crying sound....

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Fabulous update....
Sep 27, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 33 times)

She saw an dark shadow visible on the dressing table mirror..she wide her eyes seeing that.. That showdow showing very clearly..and it very near to her..and she show the shadow coming close to her..her heart stopped for the moment..she got struck there like glue..her body and mind not supporting her to run or escape from it very close to her..she closed her eyes in fear..she try to move away but nothing working..she closing her eyes tightly thinking her life going to end now..but suddenly an long breeze hit her face softly..her body jerked with sudden excitement..she felt like she fell on bunch of petals basket..her body and heart got sudden kind of warm.she don't know what's happaning around her.she slowly open her eyes..but there nothing to see..everything blank.whole place covered with some kind of BLUE SMOKE..everything around her just stopped..she felt like she is in new place..the place giving like there no one except but she..she can't understand anything..everything and everywhere just surrender with blue smoke..but she is not getting scared seeing that..instead of getting scared her heart feeling very warm and happy...she look around expecting she will see something..but nothing working..then she give her attention to the blue smoke which surrender around her..she look at the smoke keenly.thats not any air smoke which will disappear in second..the smoke surrender around her very tightly and's was giving look like it covering herself fully from protecting her from something like shield..she can't think anything expect the smoke..suddenly she felt one strong pull from a soft feather she went to that pull..with soft thund she fell on something,.she don't get time to register anything..and she saw the smoke slowly roaming around her second she felt she closing her eyes..then everything went blank...but not fully..

Next day early morning..khushi open her eyes hearing birds chirping sound coming from outside..she look around and saw she was on her room..and laying on the mattress..she slowly rise from the bed and try to remember something...suddenly she felt her body aching..she left a irritation moan.then her mind got flash about last night smoke scene..she wide her eyes double widely remembering that..she completely get the flash of last night shadow,her pets shout..loud wind,lastly the blue smoke..she look around to check if something different on room..but nothing there like a different..everything looking absolutely normal..she can't calculate anything..somewhere she getting doubt it she seen some dream..argh she can't calculate anything...

Khushi:(slowly confused)what's all this's something really happened yesterday?but those all really weird and confuse..but why there nothing to see or some other thing..or did I see some dream..but what I am feeling those all really happend last night..(think more deeply)then what about angalina shout..she...she...just shouted arnie it's also some dream.(cares the temple)arghhh I can't think's real or not..

She rest against the wall ..she can't think anything..she still under the dilemma..then she hear her pets sounds,.she sit up and saw angalina puch puch entering the room with their shouts..she sigh seeing them..she can't think anything's will be good if she get up and make breakfast for them..she get up from the mattress but suddenly felt sharp pain on her lower back..she winch in pain..she hurriedly sit on mattress and touch her lower's paining very much..she take out the ointment and put the on lower back..when she caressing her back something catch her hand..something like lines..she cares there slowly and keenly..yes she can felt it very well..she wondering what's was that...something really on her back..she slowly get up from the mattress and moves towards mirror..she turn back and try to see the lower back..but she can't see properly..she try it very much..but nothing worked..she just notice her lower back turn red..she can't see fully..then she give up and left the room...she now felt little good..she left the room without seeing the finger marks on her lower back..

She come out from the room to living room...she admire the scene..the whole house shunning in morning's looking really nice..she slowly moves towards arnav photo and admire his face sweetly..she cares the pic sweetly and his it warm way..she suddenly felt gust of breeze touched her face slowly..she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment..her whole body jerked in shock..she just love the moment..she smile and slowly left to picture arnav's eyes slowly turn towards khushi long tear come from his eyes...

Somewhere in lonely place...some mans wearing black and red dresses sitting silently with closed eyes..they all praying very deeply with pin drop silence.and there a an late eighties old man sitting on floor and praying with closed eyes..other people sitting around him...the place filled with deep silence..then slowly the elder man opened his eyes..his whole face covered with white beard.and have very long hair..other people's to open their eyes and look at him silently..after moment the old man start to speak slowly with powerful eyes...

Man:today is very special the full moon day..this day very special and important for the people who having magic powers..(keenly)and apart from is very special for spirits..after dead every souls leave the bodies..but it never leave the world..every time every second everywhere so many people dying expected or unexpected night full moon day..after 12 clock every spirits get their own powers....

Another man:guru can every spirits get their powers..don't it's harm to normal people..

Guru ji:not every spirits...the spirits who have unfinished works or who have incomplete wishes.they will get special power today..importantly good spirits..they will get super power today..after getting peers they will get their own rules..many good spirits roaming around this world without getting their wishes completed.this will be good opportunity for them..we all good wishers..lets pray for all good spirits....

Everyone again close their eyes and start to ji close his eyes and went to prayer..suddenly some visuals appear on his mind..he try to see that clearly..suddenly he jerked from the visual..everyone sensed his sudden act and open their eyes..they all asks him what happend...he thinking something really deeply...

Guru ji:(whisper keenly)today good and bad going to do good spirits going to do war for his love..lets pray for him...

Another man:who is he guru ji..

Guru ji:(huskily)ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA......

Sorry small update..actually I thought to give long update..but it's will be good it's come in next update..because it's will be good if it go folly.

Next update:some changes....start of the new triangle..

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Fabulous update..
Oct 20, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 36 times)

At night was very dark and smoky night..outside fully covered by darkness..and it's looking little scary to..

Inside the villa khushi sitting on living room sofa with her both pets..they three had their dinner and Khushi reading some story book in living room..there none speaking or making sounds..her both pets playing without making any sounds..the whole villa filled with pin drop silence..Khushi very interestingly reading her book..suddenly power went..Khushi jerked seeing the sudden darkness..her both pets start to shout in fear seeing the dark..Khushi calm them saying soothing words ..puch puch came and lay on her lap and circles itself like ball.angalina came and sit on her shoulder..Khushi cares their both sweetly and get from the sofa taking they's really dark..she slowly takes baby steps towards her room..flyer sometime she reached to her room and search the candles..because of the darkness she can't see anything..finally after lot of efforts she find the candles..she late that fastly and lite the room got little brightness..she came back to living room and put the candle on the place has little brightness..she calm her both oats caressing them caringly..suddenly puch puch start to bark..angalina to joined with him..Khushi confused seeing their sudden change..both of them get up and rushed towards the door beside window..Khushi look at them wondering way..she notice them keenly..they not barking and shouting normally..puch puch almost start to whimper..she get up and try to move to them..suddenly an strong wind start to crash everywhere..the closed window door also got opened..every doors and windows make shutting closing sounds..curtains are start to fly's was really big things are start to shake..most of the things already fall..seeing all this Khushi got little scared..her heart start to beat fastly..she closed her eyes and try to calm herself..when she closing her eyes she saw some flashes on her mind..something like getting crashing..her version was try to show her something..she try to look that clearly..but nothing showing clearly..she just hearing some sounds and many unknown voices..nothing hearing or viewing clearly..she sign and give up..after moment she opened her second her breath went away..her heart stopped beating..eyeballs are came out..she looking the scene front of her..

She standing like a statue..fresh breeze hitting her body..after making sure she seeing the reality..her heart not ready to beat again..she blink her eyes twice and come to know..yeah ..this is true..she standing on LONELY HIGH WAY....she look around and saw there no one.lits was only she who standing alone in lonely High way road..she can't understand she come it this possible..she was on her villa..then how she here..lot of questions and confusions running on her mind..what's all this is all truly happening or she dreaming..or those all just her imagination..nothing coming to her mind..when she standing middle of the high way she hear an car sound from behind..she turn and saw black color SUV coming to her direction fastly..she surprised seeing that..then she hear another car sound from front..she turn back and saw its was same black colour car..she shocked seeing that..she look at both side and saw two cars coming in same brand..both cars nearing to her..first once was coming really fastly..and other one coming normally..and it's just few feet away from her..when it nearing she closed her eyes tightly..when she closing she hear another car sound..that's means three cars..she hear all the cars nearing to her very dangerously..suddenly she hear big crashing's was really loud..she jerked hearing that's much loud sound..she then felt some heart touching her body..she sense something burning..she opened eyes to see what happens..but she saw she standing on living room..she look around and saw she still standing on the same spot..and current already arrived..she takes a long hard's feel like after very long time she got her breath back..she look around to confirm she really on villa..she saw her both pets looking her innocently.she breathing very hardly..she sit on sofa and try to calm her pumping heart..she spoke out gasping hardly....

Khushi:what's all this mean..why am facing all this weird things, is true or not..what's happening around I went to high way...and that's cars,.voices,,crashes,,whats all this mean....what's all this try to tell me..something surely happening around me..(pissed out)why all this only happaning to me..

She lay on sofa fully tiered and worried way..she really tired seeing all this..what's all this mean..she close her eyes to calm herself..but she knows..whatever happens everything was true..those all not any dreams or imagination..but why all this is someone try to said something to her..she jerked thinking her own question..she sit on sofa and think about that really deeply..

Khushi:(thinking very deeply)what if it's really really someone try to said something..if it's true..who is that person..why he/she doing all this..who could be..this is not small matter..from the time I come here..everything happening weirdly..something was really fishy..I have to find out what's all this mean..

When she thinking all thus..her eyes automatically went to Arnav's photo direction..she look at the photo deeply...

Khushi:(deep lost tone)what's all this mean arnie..what's happening around I am going to solve all this..(eyes got moist)I wish now you're with me..I need you now very badly..I am missing you very much arnie..why God gives this much hurtful punishment for us..our life changed this much painful way,,I miss you very much arnie..I wish now you come back..I miss you..

Tears falls from his eyes looking his's so hurt to bear his lose..she still not came out from Arnav's dead fully...thinking about that now also her hear paining terribly..she wipe her tears fully and went to her room..she reached to her room and fell on the mattress..don't know from where that's much deep sleep came to her..she drove of to sleep in second..

In living room..puch puch and angalina looking at Arnav's photo with innocent eyes..suddenly his photo frame glass start to crack from the top..the both pets stand up seeing that..the photo frame crack around perfectly..the both cats looking the scene eagerly..finally every glass pieces crash to floor..puch puch start to whimper slowly seeing the photo hanging without any cover strong wind start to spread everywhere..air sound hearing very clearly..suddenly an two strong hands came out from the frame..angalina fly around seeing that..then two strong legs came out with big thund..outside bats are flying violently..owls are shouting dangerously...then slowly an blue masked face came the man fully came smoke around him slowly start to disappear..finally his face showed clearly..angalina shout out in excitement...


An small killer ****y smirk appear on his face..he look at the pets smirking way..he slowly stepped towards them..his eyes are shinning like dark blue ocean..he said in most ****y and dangerous way..

   «YES ARNIE AAGAYE!! Finally come!!this time came back with full of power to get his love back!!this time no one can stop him from get his love!!!i am back Khushi!!!your arnie is back!!!

He smile ****ily..yes he is back..ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA IS BACK..he back to get his love..he look towards the door air fast..he enter inside the room..he look at the mattress and saw his angel laying on that like magical creation..he look anther logging much he missed her..he slowly move and sit beside her..he cares her face softly..his soul crying knowing Khushi can't feel his touches..what a big punishment they both got on their life..both of them never did or think anything bad for anyone...but God only punished them,.his eyes turn dark black red remember about that tragic moment..which destroyed their life completely..he look at her painful way..he slowly up her from mattress and lay her on air..he cares her body slowly..he place his face on her chest..He spoke in dangerous obsessive tone..

"Very soon Khushi!! Very soon we can live the life we dreamed!!!you and me very soon going to be one!!!just some more days Khushi!!!after that no one can separate us!!!arnav and Khushi going to live life long!!!just some more days sweetheart!!!

His eyes are still black red..he slowly put her back on mattress and with slow motion he came top of her..he look at her with dark and raw possessive and obsessive love..because of this mad love for her..he come back after dead also..after some days no one can separate them again...he make the light dim and slowly take away her duppatta..

Next update::bite marks...foxes attack...arshi shocking meeting!!

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Fabulous update..
Dec 21, 2017

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 39 times)

Next day.early morning.khushi get up from her sleep hearing birds chirping sounds.khushi wake up with moan full tone.she feeling her body aching badly.she wonder why she feeling this much pain.she confused feeling the pain.what happen to her suddenly.why she feeling pain.then she try to get moment she feel sharp pain on her female pride.she yell little in sudden pain.she hurriedly sit back holding her lower part.she really shocked feeling hurt there.what happened suddenly.its she got her special dates.but there nothing happened like that.she don't know what's happening around her.after controlling her pain bid she left to bathroom.

After sometime she come out taking bath.she now feeling really better.she came out wrapping towel around her body.she select a dress and start to change her dress after remove the knot of towel.

Arnav laying on bed resting his head on bed board,he looking her dress change with ****y smirk.he admiring her beauty.she was looking like fresh rose.last night moment come front of him.after so long he make love with her.but without her knowledge.after so long both of them become one.he keep admiring her..

After changing the dress she comb her hair looking the mirror.but she felt suddenly someone looking her from behind.she feel that very well.she turn and saw there no one.then again she feel that.she ignore that and went out the room.

She come to living room and saw her pets already up and playing each other happily,she smile at them .then she moves towards Arnav's usual she kiss his photo love filled way and wish him.when she try to move .she feel gust of soft breeze touched her cheek slowly.she jerk feeling that.she look around and saw there no breeze coming.then how she feel that breeze touch.she stood there same way and thinking about something deeply.

Arnav just one inch away from her.his one cheek touching her other cheek.he looks her deeply.his dark blue eyes shinning looking her this much closely.he cares her face and slowly kiss her cheeks softly.he feeling like to hug her tightly.but knowing she can't feel him.his soul spirt crying in lot of pain.he look at her face deeply.

Khushi co,e out from her thoughts and look at Arnav photo last time and left to kitchen for make foods for her and pets.

At evening time..Khushi having coffee on her room.suddenly she hear some strong voice of some women outside of the house.she got really surprised hearing the voice.she rushed to hall to see who is that.

When she come to living room to .she saw an fat tall lady standing outside the house.she looking the house keenly.khushi look at the women with wonder reaction.she moves towards that lady.

Khushi:excuse me!may I know who are you?what are you doing here.

Lady:(smiling way)I don't come here leaders send me here.they send it me here to meet a girl who lost her loved one suddenly.she lost someone who too precious to her.on her own wedding day.i am I right.

Khushi shocked hearing her statement.she looking her with shocked reaction.that lady looking her with same smile.khushi looking the women she know her name.and how she know about her.

Khushi:(gasping tone)how do you know my name.and how do you know about my life.

Lady:(smiling way)you should believe that more then human power..there a some other powers also present in this world .because we don't trust that.we can't said there nothing something like will not believe me if I told I know about you.but today I come here to are now standing in puzzle circle,where many pieces still missing and hard to set.your life not going in normal track.

Khushi:(shocked)what are you try to said.whats that which circle I am standing.please be clear.

Women:(smiling tone)now your life surrender around fully trough another you're not connected to normal life.there many things you have to know about your life.there many things which can change your whole life.

Khushi totally not understanding this women puzzles talks.what all this mean.about which she try to tell.

Khushi:please try to said clearly whatever you're try to said.about what you're talking.whats all this is I am going to face any danger?

Women:(smiling )you will never face any danger.but more then dangerous there many things which can harm us.if you face any problems.then the solution also in the same that if you face any danger.there a shield to which will protect you always.(Khushi try to speak)I know what are you try to ask.but I can't answer your questions.i just want to said one thing to you.whatever happens.try to face that without any hesitation.if you feel something.don't ignore that.try to follow all of the things coming your way.try to reach that in anyhow.try to win the battle in have many things on your mind,if you follow that all without will find answers for your all questions.even you will face the real life of yours.whatever happened in your life definitely have a reason.try to find your true self.and try to find the secret of your life.and lastly try to get your love back..

Khushi shocked by her words.and last words shook her badly,she looking the women with shocked face.but the women looking her with same smile.without saying anything she went inside the home.but the women still looking her with same smile.suddenly she feel some strange.she turn and saw Arnav looking her with dark blue eyes.he looking her without any emotions.the women smile looking him.she blink her eyes smiling way and start to move from there.arnav look at her figure with tight expression and slowly disappear from their as blue smoke.the women stop on gate and turn and look the house with smile.

Women:I know Khushi very soon you will know the truth.and I am just waiting for that moment.when you come to know the need my help surely.and I am waiting to help anyhow I will make you get your love all support on all the gods of this will win will definitely win.and I will make you win.

She look at the house last time and left from she said very soon Khushi needs her help.that day not so faraway.

In room.khushi siting on mattress with really tension face.that women words sharply ringing on her mind,her puzzle talks really disturbing her.totally what she try to said.suddenly her mind went the past incidents happened to her.strange versions,weird feelings,fast heart beats,if she told all about this.she remind what she said"never try to ignore anything"what's that she try to hint something.and her last word "get your love back"what's that mean.whats all this mean.

Khushi:what she try to said.whats all this meaning.there something she try to hint me.she asked me to not ignore anything.but what is that.and what is my real life.there something really happening around me.i have to find out.there something surely happening around me,how I going to solve all of this puzzle.(grips her hair)oh god please help me.

She thinking all that with tension face.with thinking all this.she fell to sudden sleep.

Khushi got up from her sleep hearing some weird sounds.she look around and saw its already late night.she scold herself for sleeping like this.her pets must be starving now,then evening event come to her mind,that lady.her puzzle talk.she feeling really big headache.she leave all the thoughts and went to make dinner.

When she come to living room she saw the whole hall being pin drop silence,there no sign of her pets.she wonder where's her both pets.when she try to call them out.she hear some weird  sounds coming from outside,it's was coming little faraway from villa.she come outside to see what is that sound.its was really dark night.snd the sound coming very far.she start to go more inside the jungle thinking what is her pets facing some troubles.she start to run towards the the sound coming really near to her.she now come very far away from villa.she suddenly stop in middle seeing the lost jungle.she look around and saw there no one.because of the tension she even forget the route to go back.she now hell tension.she don't know what to do.when looking around nervously.suddenly she hear an growling sounds.she stopped on track hearing that.after moment she hear.some more growling sound.she gulp her saliva hearing that.she slowly turn and terrified seeing the scene front of her.she went to paralyzed moment,she felt like she going to die now..

Front of her an hungry faced white foxes growling at her dangerously.its all putting it aim on her.all of it slowly circle around Khushi.she looking all this shivering way.because of the tension she can't think anything expect the current situation.when she sense it's all ready to attack her.without think a second she start to run fast inside the jungle more.all of the foxes chase behind her more fastly,Khushi running  fast gripping her heart beats.she don't know where she going.but she running into on of lost mountain.foxes are chasing behind her without stopping,suddenly Khushi fell on ground hitting a big stone.her leg got injured.she can't run anymore,she saw all of the foxes come towards her.unexpectedly one of fox jump towards her direction.she closed her eyes seeing the horrible scene,she waiting for fox to fellow her.but suddenly an big wind lash out on fox in jet speed.and it fall very faraway from her.khushi jerked hearing the big thund  sound,she open her eyes and saw the fox which try to attack her now laying very far away from her.she shocked to see that.then she feel an bright Ray spinning around her like shield.other foxes coming towards her in jet speed.but when it's near to her.all of that got thrown to four directions,now all of it badly injured.after few seconds all of it die on spot.khushi sign in big relief seeing that.then her focus turn to the wind around her.she got nervous to be inside the wind.when she try to close her eyes.suddenly that women words come to her mind,don't ignore anything.khushi thought.this is also on of weird thing.what if it have some reason,after getting so much courage and gut she slowly spoke out.

Khushi:who are you.what are you try to said.i can feel that you're try to protect me.but who are you.why you protecting me.please tell me.what you want.

She ask all that slowly.somewhere her eyes got tears..she really want to know who is this.suddenly she jerked feeling a hold on her waist.she become stone feeling that hold.slowly she felt a breath on her left ear.she got electric shock feeling that breath.then an of dark husky voice boom on her ears clearly.


She stopped to breath hearing the's can't truly can't happen.its can this possible,it's she truly hear this voice.tears falling from her eyes.she cant believe it.this is real or dream.or she having a imagination.she hear the voice which she dying to hear.she hear the voice which Jean world to her.she hear the same voice.because whom she living.she hear her soul voice.she hear her heart beats voice,she hear her Arnav's voice.yes it's true.she hear her Arnav's voice.she very well know his voice.when she try to turn.suddenly she went to fall.but someone strongly hold her before falling.khushi clearly can feel a hold on her waist.and her soul guessed the touch very well.its was her love's touch.its was her soul touch.tears continually falling from her eyes.she don't know it's really true or not.but she don't want its to end.she want to feel his touch.she want to feel his touch forever.she try to see the face.but the brightness cutting her view.she can't see anything.her heart logging to see.its she feeling the correct is really true.when she try to touch the Ray.her versions start to blur.her body getting weak.lastly she fell to on of hard chest.then everything blur.

Khushi got up hearing puch puch barking sound.she look around and saw she was on her room and it's already morning.then last night event come to her mind.weird sounds,lost jungle,fox attack,lost mountain,then lastly the wind.she very well remember what happened.touch,hold,voice,faint,those words ringing on her mind like repeat tape recorde.she 100% know that's was Arnav's voice.and the hold also Arnav's.but how can this possible.he is no more.then how can be he come here.suddenly she remember that women words."more then humans powers,there some other powers also present in this world."and her statement perfectly matching to last night incident,the thing which protected her not any human power.thats was some other power.which was beyond to humans.then that's she truly saw Arnav last night.can anything possible like that.her mind not accepting something like that.but her heart wishing badly to make that true.if it's true,no one can be happy more then her.she sign and get up from be mat and left to washroom.but she decided strongly something. Whatever happened now and going to happened after this.she is not going to ignore anything.she will try to find the real reason behind those things.she now fully believe that.there truly something happening on her life.and she will find out that in anyhow.she determined about that.but she don't know there many unbelievable things going to happened on her life.and many hidden truths going to come out.maybe these truths can take her to get her love back who desperately waiting to get her back.lets see what's going to happened.

Little note:guys I want to said something to you all.already many people try to know the mystery ball.but I want to said that.keep little patience my darlings.soon I will revel what is the real truth of arshi Arnav died.and how the three cars come.who is the villain.i will revel just keep patience little..

Next update:hint dream,,full moon day,Arnav come front of Khushi..

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Feb 5, 2018

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 58 times)

Next day night..Khushi reading book on her room.her pets playing in hall.when she reading suddenly she hear loud sound from hall.she jerked hearing that.and rushed to see what happened.when she come to hall she saw the table lamp laying on floor as cracked pieces..her both pets looking her with innocent eyes..she shook her head seeing their naughtiness..the bend down to collect the pieces.she collect the glasses carefully.suddenly she sense the changes in air.and the house got little dark.she sense all this and try to calm herself to see what happening..suddenly she felt wetness on her hands..she look at her hands and shocked to core seeing her hands covered with full of blood.she fell two step back seeing that.then she saw the glass pieces are Turing as blood.she terrified seeing that.but she try to be relax.she remember the women words.she should not get scared.she have to find out.why all this happening.she calm her heart and look at her blood filled hands keenly.her focus start to change.she sense there some flashes showing on her hands.when she look at that deeply.she saw there some visual of open road,there a car coming..then another car,after that another car..but nothing showing clearly.she got frustrated seeing the same puzzles again and again..why can't she seen the view clearly.she spoke out in anger..

Khushi:why you showing this puzzle again and again..why can't you show me the things clearly.i don't know who are you.but I know you trying to tell me something.but please tell me clearly..

She was very angry and anxious can she find answers for her questions..when she angrily looking the blood suddenly she jerk hearing a tight foot step.she stopped for a moment.she sense it's coming towards her.she trying to stay strong.its hearing very hearing to her.then shockingly she seen a foot mark on blood.she gasps seeing that.then with a blood that foot step start to move towards the door.she get up and start to follow the foot she have to know who is this,.

She running inside the jungle behind the foot steps.she already come very far away from villa.the curious to know everything leading her to do she running on mountain.its was full moon day.the whole place brighting in moon light..suddenly she saw the foot step stopped.she knees down in tired.she breathing very hardly.she try to relax herself.after moment she come to know.she now top of the mountain..and the moon looking very near to her.its was blue smoky night.and she saw an tall shadow visible in mountain..she shout in breathing tone.

Khushi:enough is enough..I can't have to show me who are you.why you doing all this.let me see your face..come on.come front of me..I want to know who are you..come on..

She shout in anger and hyper.she really tired..she can't run behind all this anymore.she really want to know who doing all this,she looking the shadow with many emotions..suddenly ray of light flash front of her.she quickly closed her eyes.she can't open her eyes because of the light.its really bright.its was like the moon's light straightly touching her face.she try to look that shadow .but she can't because of the Ray.then suddenly some visual start to show in the Ray.she try to look.but she cat because of over brightness..then suddenly all the brightness point at one place.khushi look at that keenly.the the Ray Turing into something.and she saw pair of legs appearing from the bright.she gulp seeing that moment coming which she expected those days,she looking the scene with anxiously.soon the visual complete until the shoulder.she can see everything expect the face.which she dying to see.the face still covered with the brightness..she eagerly waiting to see the face.suddenly her mind went to Arnav's thoughts.and she look at the strong body front of her.she wondering why suddenly she got Arnav's thoughts.then she saw the brightness on face slowly starting to vanish.she gulp her saliva and waiting for the moment.then soon the moment come.khushi gasps and stopped breathing.dhe can't she truly seeing is real or dream.her body got paralyzed.she can't believe the truth front of her..

Arnav standing front of her with logging face.he looking her with pain and craving face.he slowly moves towards there only few steps gap between them.khushi looking him with shocked face.he smile sadly and asked her with low tone..

Arnav:you still don't recognized your arnie Khushi..I am your arnie Khushi!!!

Tears start to fall from khushi's eyes automatically it's really true.her Arnav truly standing front of her.tears continually falling from her eyes,she take two step towards him..

Khushi:(chocked tone)it is really front of me.its I am not dreaming right.(he shook his head)(she start to cry)arnie..where are you went those days,how can you go leaving me here .why you did this to me arnie.why you punished me like this.i am I so bad that you leave me alone in this world.answer me..why you leaved me.answer me..

She crying hardly..Arnav looking her painfully.she breathing hardly because of heavy crying.he come forward and cupped her face.he told her painfully.

Arnav:do you think I am happy about living without soul only know how much I am craving to be with you.and I never leave you.the moment I left..I am being around you every single second,it's was me who give you hint to come here.and its me saved you from wolves attack.then how can you say.i leave you.i am being with you every time.not as physical presence.but I am being with you emotionally..

Khushi:(crying hardly)why such a tragic event happened on our life arnie.why destiny played with us like this,we never thought any bad to anyone.then why God punished us like much I dreamed our beautiful future.whose bad eyes fell on our love.i can't bear your lose Arnav..

He looking her crying face painfully.the tears falling from her eyes just making him die again and again.he get close to her even more.and told her slowly.

Arnav;not any God or destiny separate us Khushi.(she look him)there some evilness separate us..

Khushi:(chocked tone)what you mean by evilness.what are you trying to said.

Arnav:(low tone)my death was not happened in unexpected accident Khushi.thats was perfectly planned plan to murder me!!!!

Khushi gasps hearing his statement.she under the great shiver spread her whole body.she look at him shocking way.he looking her with sad smile.them suddenly she remember about the visual she got past days.high way road,the car accident,it is related to Arnav's death.then he told her slowly.

Arnav:yes Khushi..whatever you thinking true..the visual you got regrading to my accident.

Khushi:(shocked tone)so these days you try to tell me this.but who did this horrible thing.who have that much big enemies  with you.who is that..tell me arnie.

Arnav:Khushi there not only my murder problems..there many more things which you need to know.thete many past event which related to this accident.i will tell you everything.first lets  go from here,.

Before she try to said something.he hugged her tightly and vanish from there..

Khushi breath out seeing she come to villa in air speed.she look at arnsv who looking her smiling way.she don't know what's happening around her.she still can't believe she met Arnav and now talking with him.she feeling like there dozens of things on her mind,she getting big headache.she really tired now.she when try to said something.arnav place finger on her mouth and told her sweetly.

Arnav:no more really tired more then anything you need rest now.come on sleep.

Before she said anything he cares her hair slowly..her eyes start to shut without her permission.she lost her sense.soon she went to peaceful sleep.atnav smile looking her sleeping figure and place her on bed..he cares her hair softly and told her huskily.

Arnav:there many things you need to know baby.and I will let you know all that.soon you will know the mystery behind my accident,and there big unexpected surprise waiting for solve all the puzzle you need my help.and I will help you..and I will soon come back to you.just some more days.after that we both again together..this time hamesha!!!

There a lonely dark forest.every corner of the forest filled with different sounds of's looking quite scary.khushi walking on the forest with alert steps.her face showing the expression of eagerness to see no..eagerness to see someone.her every steps on path for new adventure..finally she reached to the place here she want to go.there whole place filled with pin drop one can say there some place like this exit in this world.and she meet really new faces..she never all of them until today.they all really stranger to her.but to her great surprise.they all really behaving like.all know her from very long time.all of them looking her with smiling face.then an two women hold her both hands from both sides and take her inside an small hut.the people who present inside the hut really happy to see her.they all talking with her many things.but nothing reaching to her ears.she not hearing anything.all of them looking like mute scene.and her heart just logging for some other thing.she look around the hut.then suddenly her eyes fell on small wooly bed.and she saw someone laying on that.before she look at the person fully.and loud sound arch to her ears ..she jerk hearing that.suddenly all of them become blank and she fell to floor..and she winch in pain..wait what...

With a loud sound she fell from the bed.she winch in sudden pain.she look around and saw she is on her room and now laying in ground.she quickly get up and try to remember what she exactly see on those all happen on dream.but what kind of dream this.she never seen such a dream on her entire life,but she feel like that dream somewhere connected to her current life.there surely something on that dream.when she thinking about her dream deeply.suddenly Angelina shout in double excitement..

"Arnie aagaye!! arnie aagaye!! Arnie aagaye!!

Khushi turn happily hearing that.she saw Arnav standing on door step and looking her with his signature smirk.she smile happily and went to hug him.but he stop her in middle.she frown seeing that,he told her in small smiling tone.

Arnav:Khushi you need to know something..I can only touch can't touch me.

Khushi got sad hearing that.she try to touch him.but she can't.unknowingly she start to cry.arnav got hurt seeing her like this.he hug her comforting way.tears continually falling from her eyes.he broke the hug and she told him broken way.

Khushi:what a kind of life this're front of me.but I can't feel or touch you.i can't bear all this Arnav.let me die too.atleast then I can be with you.

Arnav:(got angry)shut up..don't you dare to say that you got that guts to say this to me.if you try to do something stupidity.i swear I won't spare you.

Khushi:(cry more)then what can I do.i can't live with my love won't understand my state.atleast this death can make us live together.and also what a use in my alive.i can't be with my love who I am loving deeply..

Arnav;(firmly)who said we can't live together if you alive.let me tell you something.i can be with you until you alive only..

Khushi looking him with unbelievable look.what he try to said.arnav sigh looking her dilemma state.she thinking deeply,Arnav look her keenly and told her slowly..

Arnav:I know you're may wondering what I am trying to say.i show you something..come with me..

He hold her hand and disappear from the's was first step of mystery path..lets see what he going to show her..

Next update:little revaluation..khushi's meet with that women again..

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Mar 4

Pyaar kiya tho darna kya.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 71 times)

Khushi blink her eyes seeing she standing on same high way where she always get visuals.she look at Arnav who giving her knowing look.he asked her in small voice..

Arnav:you know this place..don't you..

Khushi:yeah I got some visuals of cars,accidents in this road many times,I don't understand what's exactly happened here..

Arnav:you will get some of answers for your quietly look at the scene.

Khushi agree with him..then her focus fell on the road.then she saw an black colour car coming fastly from left side.and another black car coming from right side.then another car come from right three cars..this is what she looking from the beginning.she look at Arnav with curious face.he asked her to look closely.then her eyes fell on the car which coming from left side.she gasps in big shock.she cant believe this.she blink her eyes twice to see clearly.yeah it's true.its unbelievable..the car coming from left side not any unknown car.iys was her Arnav's car.abd it's was he driving that car now,she turn and look at Arnav with great shock.and he just give her faint smile.then she saw the opposite car coming towards him very fastly.she gripped her heart for a second the both cars got crashed very horrible way.she stepped back seeing that scene,tears start to fall from her eyes.then she saw the third car fall out from the bridge..she look at Arnav with thousands of questions..she look front of her saw the both cars now burning in fire.her heart bleeding seeing that,how can she bear the fact that she witnessed her Arnav's death lively.she asked him broken way.

Khushi:what is this

Arnav:yes Khushi..but this is the fake true for the world.the real truth exact opposite to this,.

Khushi:(restless tone)Arnav I can't anymore..please tell me everything from beginning.what is exactly happened..

Arnav:(smile softly)I will tell everything from beginning.we have to go little back to our past..(after pause)do you remember about your accident which happened three years ago when you're in collage..

Khushi:(thoughtful tone)yes I remember.the accident which happened on my first year in collage.i slipped from first floor right.

Arnav:no Khushi.lyou got into that accident not because of the slip.actually you got into something major then that..(after pause)do you know because of that you lost your one year memory.(she wide her eyes)you lost your past one year memory because of that.and that accident the solo reason for our this unexpected turn of life.

Khushi under the great shock.she truly stunned by all this.,this is unexpected..until now she thought,she got into that accident accidentally.but what Arnav reveal just shakes her completely.she lost her it this possible.she try to recall her collage memory.but shockingly she can't.nothing  coming to her mind.her first year collage life completely blank on her mind.arnav give her knowing smile.he hug her tightly and disappear from there..

Khushi gasps out seeing she now in villa,Arnav slowly make her sit.then Khushi give him demanding look.arnav look at her deeply and told her huskily..

Arnav:RUDRA!!!(after big pause)do you remember your first year class mate rudra Khushi.(she denied)do you remember how you befriend with him..(she shook head)so hear out your life hidden story..

That's was your first year in got well on collage.that time you come in clash with rudra.your soon got befriend with him looking his silence and innocent nature.and he is very soft become very close with him.when everything going day you introduce him to me..even I got well with him.soon we three become very close day you planned to go tour with your classmates to ooty for three days..but for everyone didn't return after three days.(sigh)then I come to know you got kidnapped in ooty....I reached to ooty for search you with police force.for two days we don't get any information about you.even not a call from kidnappers.after two days we find you in on of old house in ooty,when we get completely lost your mental being under the drug.after we admit you to got your conscious after full of one week.when we try to ask you about the kidnappers.we all got shock seeing you lost your one year memory.and Doctor give us strict instructions to not make you recall anything forcefully,.your brain got damaged because of the drugs.its wonder that you come out from unconscious state..then we lied to you saying you slipped from first floor in collage.after that we bring you to home and make everything back to normal.but this Is what we all believing.but the real truth not this..

Khushi:(helplessly )then what is the real truth.what you all hides from me.please tell me all Arnav.

Arnav:(sigh)you don't get kidnapped by some kidnap gang.its rudra who kidnapped you.(Khushi wide her eyes in double shock)yes Khushi it's was rudra who kidnapped you.after we bring you to home,I didn't stop searching who kidnapped you.then I come to know.the house we got you was belong to rudra.he is kidnapped you from collage tour.and soon I got enough evidence for that..

Khushi:(shocked tone)but why he need to kidnap said na we three become good friends.then why he need to kidnap me..

Arnav:(strong voice)because he love you!!!!!!..(Khushi wide her eyes in shock)(after pause)yes Khushi.he loved you.he loved you from the beginning,the attention you give him make him fall in love on you.he misunderstood your friendly gesture as love..the way you been close to him make him believe that you love  him.but his dream bubble break when you introduce me as your lover.that time we didn't notice the pain and anger on his eyes,according to him.he got betrayed by him love.he hide his pain and anger thinking right to get you..(anger start to rise)and he got that golden chance in your tour.before you go there he already planned everything perfectly,he broke his all contacts with one get doubt on him when come to investigation.even I don't get any doubt on him.i don't know what he did to you when you with him.but when we locate you .we don't find any bruises or marks in your body,expect the drugs..Doctor clearly give us the report the you don't got any pain physically or emotionally..he just keep drug on you earth five hours.but after I come to know he is the reason for your kidnap.i don't get single details about him.he disappeared somewhere without any clue.after that I changed  your collage put guards around you without your knowledge..for next two years we don't find anything about him and you too don't get any problems because of him.

Khushi:(tension and confused tone)but what his connection with your murder..(gulp)what are you try to connect Arnav.please tell me soon..

Arnav:(smile faintly)how will you react if I tell you he is reason for my death!!

Khushi's heart beat stopped hearing his statement.she looking at him without blinking.its was shocking revelation..she truly didn't expect this.she feel sudden pain on her chest.she can't react any can she disgust this.from where this revelation come.arnav looking her with deep emotions..he asked her huskily.

Arnav:do you know what exactly happened on our wedding day..(after pause)when I was getting into the car to reach venue suddenly I got a all from our company saying one work problem raise there.then......

Flash back.

Arnav driving the car with huge tension and frustration..already it's late to reach venue.his Khushi must be waiting for him in bridal attire.he irritatingly driving the car.he didn't expect some office problem with come today there little more long for narrative venue.thinking about his new life with Khushi.bring happy smile on his face.he driving the car with smile.suddenly he saw there a car coming from opposite side really fastly.arnav notice the way the car coming.its not coming in good way.suddenly he got shock seeing it's coming to hit him.he quickly take other side and car got hit on bridge.arnav got really angry.who the hell is dare he try to hit him.arnav angrily come out from the car.he saw the other car door got opened.and next moment he got truly shock seeing the person who coming out.

Arnav:(whisper tone)rudra!!!

Rudra looking him with dark anger.he looking Arnav like mad wolve.even Arnav got angry seeing him.he recall what he did to Khushi three years ago.he angrily marched toward second punched him on face hardly.

Arnav:how dare dare you to come front me you got that guts after did that much big betrayal to still have guts to come front of me.

Arnav beating him continually .suddenly rudra hold by neck and pushed him in ground.he groans in madness anger.he asked Arnav in dark tone,

Rudra:betrayal..what telling my act as betrayal..then what about the betrayal you both did to you know how much big pain  I suffered because of you both.what about that(eyes moist)you don't know how much I loved angel..I just considered her as my goodness,do you know how much happily I dreamed my whole life with small little heaven with my Khushi.i just dreamed a happy life with her.when I decided to tell my all feelings to her (angrily)just like dome devil entry you enter to my you know how much pain I beard  when she introduce you as her lover.i felt like to kill you on that spot when she did that confession.but knowing your background I stepped back.i befriend with you to get your you know how I feel whenever I see you both being so close.i felt like I don't have my heart with me anymore.the pain I suffered became of you just can't said by words.when I see you in that place where I supposed to don't have any idea how many times I try to kill you.but every times,you got escaped because of some reasons.then I changed my plan.instead of killing you.i thought to get my Khushi from you.(evil smile)and I got that perfect time too.when Khushi went to collage tour with us,I kidnapped her very don't know how much I been happy that four days..that four days best days in my Khushi with me very closely without anyone around us.thats was just our world..(angrily)but every time whenever she wake her mouth just spoked your name.her every single parts of the body called you only.she don't ready to accept me on your place.seeing all this.i thought to take her away from there very far,(bang on car)but again you moron take her away from you know how it's feel when someone take your love away from don't know that pain.i feel like someone ripped my heart to million's all because of you.if you don't take her away from her marriage supposed to happen with me,I supposed to be on your's all because of take my love away from apart my love from me.i lost my love because of you.i lost my Khushi because of you..

Angrily:(angrily get up)shut up you ****.do you lost your mind..when Khushi loved you idiot..she only loved me..and always I am only her love.from where your love come.its you who loved her.she don't have any feelings on you except misunderstand her friendship as love..did she ever look at you with love feel.and do you think you truly loving just obsessed about never loved her truly.if you loved her never think a bad for her.after knowing she loves me.dont you try to make us apart.loves means.we always wish to see our loved ones never try to snatch his love just obsessed about her..Khushi is your obsession not love.there nothing more then I am warning you..just stay away from my Khushi.she is mind and always will be mine,you will never get her.and I will never let you take her away from me,Khushi always belong to Arnav.and no one have any rights on them.stay away from my Khushi..

Arnav feel sudden pain on his head.he scream in pain holding the head.rudra looking him with some raw anger.his eyes showing kind of insane anger..he hit Arnav head on rode.his head start to bleed..Arnav looking him with beasty anger..

Next update:rest of the past..who's is third car..unexpected twist..magic..

Hello guys little note..after this flash back ends.there lot of twists waiting to come which you all never expected..I planned Many  things for this keep supporting my all stories.i noticing there many silent readers who just reading but not voting for update..I requesting for silent's okay if you all don't comment but Atleast press the thank  you or vote poll.its really needed for me..seeing the votes state only I will update my other stories.please try to understand it's all my hard work..Atleast give me a vote..please..

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