Arnav khushi ki choti si duniya

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Mar 13, 2017

Arnav khushi ki choti si duniya (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 34 times)

It was a gloomy day with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. A boy sleeping lazily in a king size bed and the alarm beside the bed ringing to its fullest informing its 6 Am time to get ready for college. ARNAV SINGH RAIZAIDA, only son of a rich businessman and the next heir of AR Industries.

Looking at the watch he sprang up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom thinking, like other days even today he will be late…. He was speeding up so that he din’t miss the bus. He somehow gulped down the breakfast and rushed to the bus stop racing like  a breezy wind.

“ hey here comes our  hero…. Said aman with smirk

“Sorry, err I got late in the bathroom “, said arnav panting hard.

He checking a vacant seat in the front row for him but there was none so he moved back and found one at the end. He found out a girl sitting by the windows so he was making himself comfortable to the seat next to her .Meanwhile. it started raining heavily and the drops of water were trickling down through the window pane. He closed down the window and said, “it’s so beautiful outside isn’t it ?”

“Yeah, it is but it also shows the harsh reality of some people who doesn’t have a home for shelter in this rain”, said the girl softly without looking at him.

Arnav who was a self-centered boy for whom life was to party with friends, at once was amazed by her words.

“Are you new to campus ?  I mean  … I Haven’t seen you earlier “, arnav said.

“Yeah, but I have seen you earlier.”, said the girl.

Soon they reached the campus and were walking through the gate and the girl suddenly disappeared from his vision. He was searching here and there when his best friend akash called him from back 

Arnav!!! came a call from nearby, Arnav turned around to find his brother cum friend Akash. Akash came to him running ‘where the hell are you going?’

Arnav looking around ‘nothing, just looking around’

Akash looked at his cousin brother, raising his eyebrows in enquiring manner ‘it does not look like, going by your face it looks like you are searching for someone’

Arnav looked at Akash ‘nope nothing, I’m not searching for anyone here,

Akash ‘I know yaar , but looking at your face it doesn’t seem so….what caught your attention that you are going around this campus round and round,

Arnav: just looking around the campus..

Akash: ‘really arnav ? If I know you well & if so, why you are looking each& everyone’s faces rather than classes..”

Arnav looked at him as if caught, sighing ‘I saw a girl,I mean she is with me in bus, ….oh Akash I missed her…she was right here but then don’t know where I lost her sight…&..wish I get to see her once again….’

Akash ‘wow , you in love’

Arnav ‘don’t know about love? But I really like her’

Akash ‘hmmm so….’ He could not even complete his sentence when….lecture cames..

The next day arnav  was early to the bus stop waiting for the bus. The bus came and he got up and without searching for the seat simply went to the last seat making himself comfortable to the girl whom he was falling for.

“Hi, I am Arnav singh raizaida… Umm my friends call me ARNAV”, he introduced himself to her.

“Khushi ”, she replied with a stern voice.

“Can we be friends if you want ?”, said arnav.

“No thanks, “Why do u want to be my friend? I am unlucky for all, so stay away from me and let me be in my own”, she said( Arnav  was hurt,. So he moved to the other side without uttering a single word.)

Time passed away like this, even arnav din’t bother her after that day .

It was the final day of their class before the exams. Everyone was in a happy mood enjoying the last day of their campus life. when suddenly the host of the program called out khushi’s name to sing a song. Hearing her name arnav sat up looking at the stage eagerly . The listeners were speechless by her melodious voice andarnav  was stunned. After she finished the song it was silence and suddenlyarnav  stood up and clapped followed by others. 

After the program ended he walked up to her and told her, “you sing so well. this is the last day of campus and i came here to wish you best of luck for your future”, and he turned away.

“arnav” Hearing her call his name he stopped “I know I was harsh on you that day but I am sorry for that, please forgive me. I am accepting you as my friend forever”, she said.

“Are you serious ?”, said arnav.

“Yah”, and she smiled& nodded.

Arnav smiled and said, ” so can we go out for a coffee this evening ?

“where and when ?”, asked khushi.

“At 6 pm at Cafe Coffee. I will be waiting for you”, said arnav.

After their new friendship they parted away and went back to their respective places. In the evening at Cafeteria and arnav was waiting for khushi  to come. She came after 15 mins of waiting.

“Hey, sorry for keeping you waiting”, said khushi 

“It’s fine ,shall we ..arnav said (They took a corner seat and was enjoying the ambiance of the Cafeteria)

“I love watching sea and sea waves. It gave me internal peace instantly. This place would be perfect if there is not so much of crowd. She said..while arnav just smiled .

“Madam, tea”

Uh.. thanks”


 “Ya Ya, you should”. At that moment, I felt very light. It seems that I laughed so much after long time. A kind of burden which is on heart has melt down. They talked while walking along , don’t even realize that it already over 8:30 PM.

“OMG, It’s already late…”khushi said

“Wait, I will drop you..said arnav

“no thanks..uh, I will take an auto .”she left immediately without waiting for his reply.

“I am sorry. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.arnav said..

“ hey it’s not like that.. umm sorry..she said

“Do you know how to drive a bike” arnav asked

“No, why you are asking”

“So that you can drive and I rest on back seat. I am not used to drive so long” arnav  said slowly.

“What are you saying? You never came for long drive with your girlfriend? “ she asked little surprised.

“I don’t even  have any girlfriend” He said politely

Seriously, , lavanya  isn’t not your girlfriend?”, whole campus knows it”

“She is not my girlfriend. She is my very good friend …”said arnav

“ please take right turn from next signal. Stop near that black gate”khushi said.

“ well, thanks arnav, anyway it’s nice..said khushi


After 2 years..


The more you run from something, the more you get trapped … umm whatever is it… anyway, in this case Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is running from marriage, but his dear sister is not letting him… and today she was adamant that she will make him say yes…

“Chottey its time that you get married”… said Anjali…

“Oh come on di, I’m only 28”… said Arnav…

“Exactly Chottey you 28 years old, people who are in your age are fathers of small cute kids, but you, you even not married”look akash& nk,they are like you isn’t it?… said Anjali…

“So what Di, not everyone is Arnav Singh Raizada… isn’t it”… said Arnav with a wink…


“ I  don’t want to hear any thing, you are coming!!! Said anjali

“ no way di..”said arnav

“ yes you’re”  said anjali


“Khushi get ready… I want you to look your best today”… said Mr. Gupta

“why dad,..”… said Khushi…

“How many times should I tell you that don’t cut me in the middle”… said Mr. Gupta with anger…

“Sorry”… she said while looking down…

“You better be… the Raizada family are coming here with a marriage proposal for you… and I want you to say yes for this proposal… no matter what… even if you don’t like the family or the boy… got it”…


“Good… now leave”


Khushi Kumari Gupta… the one and only daughter of the Business man Shashi Gupta…when she was at 5, her mother passed away.., a child needs the love doesn’t get anything from her child hood.. her cousins usually start to avoid her when she was young….& Mr. Gupta, whose most priority was his business, other things just didn’t matter for him, even if that other thing was Khushi… so all these things her Dad not caring about her… got her into a state where she longed to get someone’s love, but she didn’t get this love ever, so this made her a quiet, lonely, scared and what not…

at first day of her school… she got really happy seeing lots of kids, she thought that maybe she’ll get a friend to play with, but no,everyone things her as bad omen.. as a child who’s mother passed away.. after view years she just got used to this loneliness, where there was no one to talk with her, no one to hear her, no one to take care of her, no one to love her, no one to Guide her, no one to share her happiness or sorrows…

and now after all these years, her father who didn’t care about her, is telling her to get married to a person who she even don’t know, just because this proposal will be good for her father’s business…


Some hours later


“Namaste uncle.. said anjali

“ ha, Namaste beta, bato …said shashi

Nani beckoned khushi to come near her ‘come and sit with me bitiya.’

Mami ‘Anjali bitiya you found the perfect Angel for our Arnav bitwa.’

Anjali then introduced her with everyone and last with Arnav ‘and Khushi he is Arnav Singh Raizada my brother for whom we bought proposal for you.’ Khushi first time looked up ,both of them got shocked

Arnav:” khushi.. tum”

Anjali: kya chotte, tum dono pehle janthe ho”

Arnav: ha, di.. hum..

Khushi:” hum dono  same university mey de”

Buaji offered tea, snacks and sweets for Raizada’s, Anjali ‘toh uncle aunty why don’t we let chotte and Khushi ji to speak.’ Khushi gulped which did not go unnoticed by Arnav whose eyes were only on her and others eyes were on him. They were smirking seeing him lost in Khushi but no one had the courage to tease him knowing well how he will not like the very concept of his leg pulling.

 “Khushi why don’t you show Arnav around so that you both get time to talk to each other ,said shashi

 Arnav and Khushi both camein, everyone were looking at them

“So you two’ what have you both decided”… asked anjali ..

“ ha, saale saab bolo” said shyam

Arnav had the pride of glow in his confirming everyone, he liked her. Arnav ‘it is a yes from us.’ Everyone cheered and hugged

“Shyamji pinch me please, I can’t believe it chotte finely said yes for marriage”… said anjali…

Nani ‘so tomorrow we will come with Shagun.’

soon from Shagun to other wedding rituals got over with Arnav making Khushi as his wife in front of the world. he stood by her side as her support and made sure she is happy always with her beautiful smile.



After meeting Arnav, khushi’s life changed forever… she got  cute little sister in the form of anjali,& elder brother in the form of akash& nk,& A best friend cum best husband in Arnav who loved her endlessly, and used to irritate her all the time with his stupid pranks, like he hitting her playfully on her head… or pulling her hair… and she just used to chase him all around the house till she get a hold of him and pull his hair till he won’t say sorry to her… and then after view years of their marriage they got a cute little baby girl in their life who just completed their world… and then they lived happily ever after...

 “ Arnav aur Khushi ki  chotti si duniya”


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