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Mar 13, 2017

JAB TAK HAI JAAN. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 30 times)

Hello everyone..this is my first story I written in arshi web before I got my own diary.i would like to write this story again in my own diary.i stop this story after seeing very less response.but now I thought to write that again with more editing and scenes.so I think my readers support my this story also.dont worry I will update daily........so here the story ........

this story about arshi life after khushi win the Mrs.india competition.how arshi lead their life.what if khushi past comes to their.that was very horrible past that it's very big problem arshi life............

its been three years arshi married.and live happily in their own little world.they both happily enjoying their married life.after Mrs.india competition khushi doing modelling in arnav's company.she doing modelling like bridal dresses,sarees.salwars,she is now very famous in doing such modelling.she do few ads also for arnav companies.so many companies offer her to do modelling.but she refused all that.she don't want to work for other companies.after all she is arnav Singh raizada wife.and also she know arnav don't like she doing modelling for other companies.so she drop that idea.she is now very mature girl.doing her silly antis very less.and also very dutiful raizada bahu.this three years she changed little.but her beauty increased even more.on one can say she is married women,she is looking like college girl..

other side arnav also changed very much.he is now calm and very soft with everyone.he shout everyone very rarely.he now laugh and talk everyone with nicely.join everyone with pooja and mandir.he have small smile on his face everytime.and also changed be very naughty romantic person.always tease khushi and make her embarrassing front of family members.going out with her in holidays.always do some naughty things with her.and take her for romantic dinners.after going office also he talk with her in phones for hours.he is now madly blindly and crazily love with her.front of khushi he is like a child.obey everything whatever she say.and also loves to get pampered by her.sometime khushi also treat him like a baby.she also loves to pamper him.they family members also happy about this change of arnav.all thanks to khushi.she make work boy arnav to live boy arnav.

anjali also moved on her life.she married her collage friend Vijay.who loving her from their collage days.now happily married to her.they both also staying in RM.vijay want to live in his own home.but for anjali and for family members he agree to live there.he love khushi lot as brother.always support her when she is in problems.he have few hotels and shopping mahals.very joyful nature.now anjali two month pregnant.they both eagerly waiting for their baby.

akash payal also return to India after two years.they both have cute one year old baby girl pari.she is really naughty like her maasi.she is very fond of khushi.always strikes with her.she like khushi more then her own mother.she also love arnav very much.for her they are her second mother.pari loves to eat jelebis like her mami.khushi also pamper her very much.pari also loves that very much.sometime arnav feel jealous for her when he saw she always being with his khushi.pari now junior sanka Devi in raizada mansion.for now raizada mansion filled with limitless happiness.and so many things waiting for to come,good or bad only time have to say.

sun light hit khushi face and disturbing her sleep.she open her eyes lazily and look down her cute husband who hugging her tightly and sleeping like child hugging his mother warmth.khushi smile seeing his cuteness.she still can't believe that he is the one who always fight with her.and forcefully married her for six month contract marriage.but now he loving her more then he loving his own life.always make her happy.she don't know how to tell how much she loving him.they both happy in their sweet little world.her think broke by arnav who hug her more tightly when he feel sun light disturbing his peaceful sleep.she also hug him tightly and start to stroke his hair.he smile in his sleep.he open his eyes and look his wife who caressing his hair with so much love.

arnav:good morning sweetheart.

khushi:good morning arnav.

arnav:when you wake up.

khushi:just now.did you have good sleep.

arnav:yeah I have very good sleep.(teasingly)thanks to you.you make my night beautiful.

khushi:(blush)chi stop it.i am asking about your headache.

arnav:hmm that's better now.you massaged yesterday na.so it's okay now.

khushi:(cares his hair)okay don't go office today.take rest.you are very week past few weeks because of your fashion show.you don't take proper rest.if you go like this you will fall in sick.take leave today okay.

arnav:okay my queen I don't go office today.i will be in home.and also I missed you past three weeks.i don't get my proper kisses and love makings.

khushi:oh really.they what you did last night.you don't let me sleep.you make me awake till morning five.i don't slee properly because of you.

arnav:what to do.i missed you very badly.you don't know how much I missed you.you know what last night I don't get enough time to loves you.i want even more.and also that's your fault.you look so ****y in your black saree.abd I can't control my self from loving you......and sorry you don't get enough sleep because of me.

khushi:hey don't say sorry.i just said that's all.and also I to missed you very much.and I know you missed me very much.(blush)and me to enjoyed last night.

arnav:(naughtily)ohh my baby really loves that.then I want to make my baby happy.

saying this he remove her bedsheet from her body.and start to kiss her everywhere.khushi blush and try to stop her naughty husband.but he don't let her stop him.he kissing her like a crazy.

khushi:oh ahh ahhhhh no arnav...I don't mean....that....ohhh ahhhhh oh baby..no baby no don't do that..

he bite her brea**.and stroking her female pride.he position himself on her.and next second go inside her.

khushi:arnav baby no I have to go downstairs.everyone must me waiting for us.baby no.........

her sentens cut off by arnav who take her mouth with his mouth to hungry kiss.she know he is not going to listen her.so she also responded to his kiss.then they both start to make love in morning itself.

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Super update.continue the story.
Mar 18, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 37 times)

In living room.everyone sitting on sofa and having their coffees.anjsli notice that her chote and khushi ji are missing.she ask to Nani.

anjali:where is chote Nani.

nani:he don't come still anjali beta.i think he don't wake up still.

snjsli:(surprised)really!chote don't take this much time to came down right.what happen to him.khudhi ji Aldo don't came still.

nk:di did you forget that nannav now finished his long week works.he don't get enough time to spend with khushi ji.so they both take little time to came down.(he wink)

anjali:(naughtily)oh I forgot about that.chote now free from his works right.so we can't get hope to see them now.

nk:yeah right.i think nannav don't let khushi ji to come down.

anjali:hmm you are right.

they both laugh and high five each other.vijay look anjali.he shook his head seeing his wife naughtiness.other also smile seeing them.and waiting for our naughty couple.

arshi room.arnav still keep loving khushi.they now in their second round.arnav don't have any idea to leave khushi.she also don't say anything.because she know about her husband.they both keep making love.and they love disturb by khushi phone .khushi try to take her phone.but he don't let her take that.he pushed her phone aside and phone answered.and automatically on to speaker.

caller:hi khushi how are you.what are you doing.

Arshi stop kissing hearing the voice.khushi come out from arnav hold and take the phone from down and talk.

khushi:I geet I am fine.hiw are you.i just woke up.(lied)

geet:I am fine.you sleep this much time.uou don't sleep like this na.

khushi:what's the time.

geet:now 12 clock.

khushi:(shocked)what 12 clock.oh my god.

geet:you don't know the time.wait let me guess.you are with arnav ji right.

she teased her.khushi blush.arnav smirked looking her shyness.khushi try to speak with geet.but before that arnav start to speak with her.

arnav:hi geet ..

geet:hi arnav ji.how are you.

arnav:I am fine geet.how are you.how is maan.

geet:I am fine arnav ji.maan also good.he is in office.

arnav:say hello to him by my side..

geet:okay arnav ji...

khushi:okay geet why did you called me..

geet:oh see I forget about that.i call you to say tomorrow I am going to shopping for upcoming Diwali.i hope you don't go shopping for Diwali still.if you don't go then we can shopping together.whats say.

khushi:wow that's great idea.i will come.and also I will tell this to jiji and di to.and they both also can join also.whats say.

geet:that's great if they both join us.its going to be fun.

they both talk sometime.and now going to hug up .

geet:(teasing)okay khushi bye.see you tomorrow.and get up enough your so called sleep.

khushi:(blush)okay bye see you tomorrow.

she cut the call and look arnav who look her with naughty eyes.he try to come near to get.she pushed him into bed and wrapped the bedsheet around her body.and try to go washroom.

khushi:enough of you naughtiness mr.raizada.we already very late.and ism very sure.di and jiji going to tease me to hell.

arnav get up from the bed.stand front of her without anything.khushi turn her head other side in shyness.arnav wrapped his hands around her waist and say to get with naughtiness.

arnav:why so much shy baby.you already saw me without anything many time.then why this shyness.and also they teasing us daily right.so that's not big deal.

khushi pushed him aside and run to washroom without bear her naughty husband shameless talk.arnav smile seeing her vanish figure.after fresh up they both came down holding hands.everyone in living room look them.they both come and wish everyone.

arshi:good morning everyone.

all:good morning.

anjali:(naughtily )chote why you both take this much time to came down.did you both sleep last night lately?

khushi blush .arnav know his sister teasing them.so he also replied with same naughtiness.he wrapped his arms around khushi waist and say to her.

arnav:yeah di.we both sleep last nigh very lately.you know I don't get time to spend with khushi past three weeks.yesterday I am free from every works.so I love my wife whole night.i have to say truth.i don't get enough time to spend with my wife last night.so I love her morning also.thats why we are Late.

saying this he kiss khushi cheek soundly.khusho open her mouth widely seeing her husband shameless behaviour.anjali blush hardly hearing her brother reply.how can she forget that her brother naughty more then she.not only she other persons also who present there blush hearing arnav reply.nani change the topic she say to arshi.

nani:chote khushi beta you both go.and have your breakfast.its already late.

they nodded at her.and left to dinning room to have breakfast.

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Amazing update
Mar 20, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 26 times)

Arshi take their breakfast.after had that they both join to family members.khushi say to anjali and payal.

khushi:jiji di I forget to tell both that geet called me.she say she going shopping tomorrow for upcoming Diwali festival.she asked me to join her.i say I will tell this idea to you both.whats your both answer.

anjali:oh that's great.i also want to buy somethings for Diwali.i agree.

payal:me to.i to want to shopping for Diwali.

khushi:oh that's great.then tell me tell this to geet.

khushi calls geet.and tell her about this .hearing this news she also very happy.then they both cut the calls.

khushi:di where is Vijay bhai.i don't see him.where did her go.

anjali:before sometime only he go to restaurant for some work.he left when you both taking the breakfast.

they they all start to talk.suddenly khushi hear very cute voice.she turn and look pari coming with mami from her beauty sleep.after seeing khushi pari start to jump in excitement.she laugh loudly and try to came out from her Nani hands to reach her mami.khushi smile seeing her excitement.she take her from mami hands.pari start to kiss khushi in excitement after going to her hands.khushi smile seeing this.

khushi:hey pari baby.you wake up.i missed you very much.

saying this khushi kiss her cheeks many time soundly.everyone smile seeing their bond.this is very beautiful sight which everyone love to see in house.expect one person.khushi's big baby arnav.he feeling very jealous seeing pari getting lot of kiss from his khushi.pari smile cutely seeing her chacha/mama sitting beside her.she smile to him and touch his rough cheeks with her cute chubby hands.arnav smile seeing this.he take her from khushi and start to play with her.pari start to play with arnav engagement ring.khushi remember something and ask to anjali.

khushi:di you have appointment today right.dont you go.

anjali:(smile)yes khushi ji.and you don't worry Vijay say to me he will take me for that.

khushi:hmm okay.

they talk sometime.then anjali left to hospital with Vijay.nani mami left to mandir.arnav take pari to his room.nk left outside.payal khushi making lunch in kitchen.after making lunch payal pack food for akash and left to office to give him.khushi left to her room.she saw that arnav playing with pari making her sit on his stomach.she also enjoying her mama company.khushi join with them.seeing khushi pari move to her hands.then they both start to play.arnav seeing them and smile seeing their acts.arnav loves pari very much.he know early he is not good with child's.he always feel irritating.but now he love their company.and one more baby also going to comes to this house from his di.he is very happy about that.

khushi saw arnav lost some where.she place her hand on his arm and broke his thoughts.

khushi:what are you thinking arnav.

arnav:nothing khushi just something.

he smile at her.they both spend some time with pari.after sometime they both comes to downstairs.everyone comes to home.payal khushi make dinning table for lunch.everyone comes to dinning room.payal take pari from arnav to feed her.khushi served arnav then serve herself.(there on aarav in this story.)all having their lunch.suddenly arnav phone start to ring.after talk sometime he turn to nk side.and tell to him.

arnav:nk there a photo shoot taking place tomorrow.you have to go there early morning.after sometime I will join you okay.

nk:ok nannav I will be there in correct time.

nk working in AR as photographer past one year.he also staying in RM.and everyone happy about that because their favourite nk staying in RM abd working in AR.sfter having lunch everyone left to their rooms for evening nap.khushi cleaning the kitchen.arnav comes to kitchen and look his wife working without bothering about him.

arnav:khushi come everyone left to their rooms.you are the one who still working.

khushi:just two minutes arnav I am almost finished every work.

arnav don't hear anything.he take her to his arms and marched towards their room.khushi shocked by his sudden act.she try to came out from his arms.but he don't let her free.he reached to room.abd lock the door with his leg.he place her in the bed and sit beside her.

khushi:(yelling)arnav why did you do that.what if someone see us.now days you are very careless.

she continuely yelling him without realise that he removed her saree and now opening her blouse.then bra.now she is half naked front of him.

khushi:arnav I am talking to you.did you hearing what I am saying.

she look him with confused reaction seeing his silent.and look at the place where he looking very keenly.she shocked to next second seeing her naked state.she don't know when he removed her dresses.she look st his desire full stare.

khushi:(strummer)arnav what you did..yo............

her sentens cut off by arnav who take her lips for passionate kiss.he don't let her breath.in kissing her way he make her lay in bed.he roam his hands on her body everywhere.he get up and remove his shirt hurriedly.and join to her.she don't know what to do.she try to cover her body.but arnav held her hands and shook his head as no.she don't want to disappoint him.she take her hands away..after remove her remind cloths and his pant he start to kiss her .then they both fell in their love world.

next update:-shameless shopping.naughty arnav.

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Fantastic update
Mar 31, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 24 times)

In evening everyone come to living room for evening tea.they all start to have tea with snacks.suddenly khusho phone start to ring.she take her phone and see the number.she smile broadly seeing the name.she answered happily.

khushi:hello Sam.howvare you after long time..

sam:hey khushi!i am very fine.how are you..

khushi:I am very good..why this sudden call.

sam:oh yeah khushi.i want to tell you very important news.i can't say that in phone.i am now in Paris.after return to India I will tell that.that really important...

khushi:(tension)why sam..everything okay right..it's any problems.

sam:no khushi there nothing problem.i will tell that after come to India okay..

khushi:hmmm ok.

sam:okay tell how is your life..how is your arnav...

khushi:(smile)hmm life is going very amazingly.arnav also being great.

then they both start to talk.after khushi Mrs.india competition.sam and khushi become very good friends.sam only helping her when she do modelling in AR.he always help her when she need model tips.khushi also very comfortable with him.and also she stop to call him as samji.much to Sam happy.after lavanya and nk he to become her best friend.they both talk sometime and hang up the phone.arnav ask her.

arnav:khushi what Sam say?

khushi:he say he want to tell me very important news.and also he say he can't tell that in phone.he is going to come India after somedays.then he will say to me..

arnav:(frown)what's that much importance news.

khushi:don't know.he can only say that..

arnav nodded his head.and they both start to have tea.they all chatting each other.khushi very freely talking with everyone.without knowing what going to happen to her..

next morning..all of them take breakfast together.then wife's make their husbands ready for offices.they all kiss their wife's and left to offices.then payal khushi anjali are ready to go shopping.payal left pari with mami and Nani.they three left to shopping.

after something they reached to mahal.and they meet geet who already present there.after greeting each other they all move to mahal.all of four start to shop their necessary things.khushi seeing sarees in ladies section.suddenly her phone start to ring.she take her phone and saw its was arnav.she answered the phone..


arnav:hello khushi where are you.did you reach to mahal.

khushi:ha arnav.we are in mahal.i am buying sarees for our family members.

arnav:(grin naughtily)oh so that's mean.you don't buy your private things still right.hmm that's great.now I can tell some my choice also.

khushi:(confused)what you mean by private things.in don't get you.

arnav:(casually)private things like your panties bras and your night dress.thoses things all.you don't buy that all still right.

khushi:(turn red)chi arnav stop it.now days you are very naughty.you don't get shame by saying all this.

arnav:I am talking with my wife baby.so I don't have any shame.and now comes to the point.did you buy all that or not..


arnav:(stubbornly)khushi tell me.

khushi:(blush)no I don't do that shopping still.now I am not going to buy all that..

arnav:you have to khushi.because I see every lingering of yours.thats all now old.buy some new designs lingering baby.like ****y spicy.

khushi:(blushing hardly)arnav please don't talk like this.i am not going to do that.

arnav:(casual tone)okay them evening coming to home I will buy some lingering for you..yeah that's good idea.

khushi:(hurriedly )no arnav don't do that.i know about your choice.okay fine I will buy new lingering.now happy.

arnav:(winning smile)oh that's like my wife.and now leave all that.now go to the undergarments section.come on hurry up.

khushindont know what to do.she know he is not going to leave her.if she don't buy those things now.thrn he will buy something really worst.that she can't wear.so she have to do this.she enter to ladies undergarments section.one salesgirl come to her for help.khudhi smile at her and start to see the lingerings.

arnav:khushi did you reach there.


arnav:(grin)okay then see panties in red khushi..


arnav:do what I say sweet heart.

khushi:(try to escape)here no panties in red arnav..

arnav:(smirk)ask sale girl about that sweetie.

khushi turn and ask sake girl to saw panties in red.sale girl look her then her phone.she know is talking with someone.and know that person only asking all this.she saw khushi red face.then she start to saw her red undergarments.khushi see all this and pick few of these.

arnav:you buy in red now in black..

khushi:(breath little fastly)arnav please it's enough.

arnav:(order tone)khushi..

khushi face turn red in blush and embarrassing.she look at the sale girl and ask her to saw things in black.that girl now know with whom she is speaking.she is very near to khushi.so she can hear arnav voice..she also blush hearing arnav statement.she start to saw black things to khushi.she select few things and saw to arnav.

khushi:arnav I am done.now it's enough.

arnav:(naughty tone)you only buy your panties baby.you still don't buy you bras and nights gowns.are you try to come front of me with only panties.if you okay with that I am very happy..

khushi blush very hardly.her face turn to tomato colour.that girl also hear what arnav say.she also blush.she don't know someone will be this much naughty and romantic.she start to saw bras to khushi before she say.khushi comes to know she headed their talks.she now feeling very embarrassment.she start to see bra.obvicly in black and red.arnav remember something and say to khushi.

arnav:(naughtily)and ha khushi don't buy bras with stones.you know I am getting hurt when I make love with you.buy somethings which comfortable to me.and impotently buy which can remove very easily ok.

khushi can't bear this much naughtiness from her husband.she quickly buy remain things and hurriedly comes to counter to pay the bill.that sale girl also follow her.she pack khushi bags and give it to her.she smile seeing khushi red face.she know arnav only make her to this condition.arnav still in line.

arnav:(seriously)you don't let me tell my choices in your things na.you will see what I am going to do with you tonight.

khushi get fear.she know about her husband.she know he going to do somt hing very naughty.she really getting fear.he cut the call.khushi look at her phone lost in her thoughts about tonight....sale girl broke her thought.she say to khushi.

sale girl:madam can I tell you something..

khushi:yeah tell me.

sale girl:next time when you come here you should come with your husband.so you don't have to turn red this mush.

saying this she smile shyly.khushi look her with shocked reaction.she turn more red even more.she quickly move out of the section.sale girl smile shyly seeing her state.

hello everyone ..sorry for the late update..and ha please try to comment me and votes me..this story is very serious one.if you all give me lot on votes then I can too update daily.and about this chapter.some people must be thought that this very mature scenes.but guys this is very importent for this story.those moments will take big place in upcoming chapters...so please try to support me.and you don't want mature scenes and you all can tell me....

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Amazing update
Write mature scenes and talk.
Don't write mature scenes and talk
Apr 6, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 22 times)

note for readers:hello darlings!i want to say that..some readers comment in previous chapter that.they already read this story..I think they not read the first post..but it's okay.i again say that.babies I already write this story before I get a own diary.but not complete fully after seeing less response.after I got a diary I again going to write this with new name and with lot of modifying.so relax and enjoy the story.dont confuse other readers

In evening.akash and Vijay are come to home after their day off.arnav still don't come.seeing this khushi ask to akash .he say arnav have some work.after finishing that he will come.she to nodded at him.they all start to talk.after sometime someone bell the door.hp open that and saw arnav standing there .he come inside and saw his family members  happily talking each other.he stare his wife and smirk thinking about  his plan.khushi saw him and see he have some bag on his hand.after greet everyone he hurriedly left to their room.after comes to rom.he keep the bag inside the cupboard safely and come down stairs to have evening tea with his family.they evening going very amazingly with nk funny Hindi and mami worst English.they all enjoy their evening.after sometime ladies are plan for upcoming Diwali.mans are talking about their business.khushi call geet and ask her to join this Diwali with them.geet like that idea very much.she tell this idea to maan.he to agree with that.he to very happy about this idea.its been so many days he meet arshi.the both arshi and maneet have very strong friendly bond.khushi geet childhood friends.because of them arnav maan also become good friends.then geet say khushi they will join this Diwali with them.they both start to talk..

in night..after prepare dinner payal and khushi call everyone.then everyone in family join to dinning table and start to have the dinner with little chat.after sometime everyone had the dinner and left to their own rooms.arnav left to to before everyone.khushi now getting fear to go to her own  room.she don't know what's going to come.from evening other wards arnav don't talk with her.but every time give her naughty smirk and wink.she know something.running in his mind.slowly slowly she come to their rom with baby step.she saw arnav working on the laptop..he sense that she come.he rise his head and saw she standing near the door with nervous reaction.he know now it's time to start his game.khushi slowly enter to room and open the cupboard.and take her night dress and try to go to washroom.but she suddenly stop hearing arnav calling her.

arnav:khushi come here.

khushi:(without turn)why arnav?

arnav:first come here.then I will say.

she turn and saw he standing front of her.he come near to khushi.she now getting fear.she start to fight with her duppatta.he open the cupboard and take that bag from there.he give that to her.she ask to arnav.he say her to open and see your self.khushi confused seeing this.she don't surprised.because arnav don't have any time to gifts her.whenever he felt he will give her anytime.she open the bag and shock seeing what's inside.he smile naughtily seeing her reaction.inside the bag there was red colour very short nightie.and and that by only net.and that nightie only till her hip.and don't have any inner things.her fear come true.she already know something really going to worst.seeing her silent state arnav cal her.and broke her thoughts..

arnav:(naughtily)where are you lost.come on its getting late.go and wear this.

khushi:(gulp her saliva)arnav I can't wear this nightie.you know know I doing like to wear this type of nighties.for you only I start to wear nightie leavening my salwars suit.now I can't wear this arnav please..

arnav:(casually)hey why are you getting this much shy for me.i already see you body many times.you don't have anything to hide from me.you are mine na.so why this much shyness....baby go and wear this.and ha this is your punishment for not let me choice your inner wears.come on hurry up.we have lot of works to do.tonight going to be very amazing.

khushi blush hearing his reply.her husband world no.1 naughty and shameless person.she pleaded him with her ****y eyes.but today he not in mode to change his mind.after sometime time khushi take the dress and left to washroom.arnav smirked seeing her vanish figure and thinking about today night.

inside the bathroom..after wearing the dress she look her in mirror.she know she is really ****y.and also know that arnav not going to let her sleep tonight.she don't know how to go front of him like this.she really don't have that guts.she wear her undergarments inside.she gear arnav calling her from outside.

arnav:khushi why are you taking this much time to come out.are you try to be inside full night..come fast..

after composing herself she open the washroom door.and step outside..hearing the door sound arnav turn and saw khushi standing there like a doll.he don't know how she maintain her beauty like this.she don't put so much make ups.and also not like to go spa or salon like other girls.but still she looking hell gorgeous.she is magical creation of God.and he felt very pride that this an angel fully his.no one have any rights on her.if anyone try to take her.then that person have to face him.because still he have that same ASR nature.for khushi and family members he is sweet and caring arnav.if someone Loki her in wrong way he will beast and devil arnav.thinking all this he move towards her with romantic look.she look him with little nervous every.she try to pull the nightie till her legs.but it's unsuccessful.he come towards her and pull her from waist.

arnav:(his signature husky tone)you don't know khushi how much you are beautiful.day by day your beauty increasing even more.i can't take this much beauties khushi.you killing me with your this gorgeous nature.

she blush and hug him in highly shyness.he to hug her ****y body and inhaled her unique aroma.his wife have so many things to turn on him.even her scent also killing him.he broke the hug and take her to bed.and make her lay comfortably.he start to remove his shirt.she blush seeing her husband perfect six pack hard body.he then start to remove his pant.after get fully naked he lay on her.she shiver feeling his naked body touching her body.she try to take the bedsheet to cover them but arnav stop her.

arnav:(huskily)no sweetie.today I don't want anything come between as.not even this bedsheet.

she look his intense eyes and leave the sheet.he then start to remove her nightie.snd got highly irritation when he saw she wearing inner wears inside.he hurriedly take of them.now their both bodies connected like a one.after that room filled with khushi high screams and moans.and arnav begging her to one more time.many time.

in morning..arnav still keeping love her..he kissing her blossoms and biting them.he slowly move to her core.her pride turn dark red because of endless love makings of last night.he start to taste her pride wildly.she try to pull him to stop doing that.but he held her both hand and continuely taste her core.she don't have any energy on her body.her whole body paining like a hell.her naughty husband very rough and wild last night.yesterday night he not leave her for single second.and all of their love making very wild and rough.dont know from where he got this much stamina.but she felt his endless love towards her in those wild loves also.he very clearly saw her how much he love her.and his madness towards her.in tasting her pride way he cup her both blossoms.and start to cares them.and pull her both nipples hardly.she moan in pain and pleasure.he come top of her and take her lips for passionate kiss.then he wide her legs fastly and thrust inside her wildly.he start to move fastly.they both not getting climax soon because of their continent makings.after twenty minutes he fill her womb with his hot love seeds.arnav fell on her after big relief.he breathing very hardly.she cares his hair to make him relax.after some minutes he become normal.he start to cares her hair and continuely smooching her face.and he repeatedly saying I love you on her ears.she close her eyes and feeling her husband endless love.suddenly someone nock the door and broke their lovely moments.arnav get really irritating and angry .always someone disturbing their moments.he turn his head to door side.and shout to that person who spoil their moment.

arnav:who is that?

hp:woo arnav bhaiyya its me HP.

arnav:(irritating tone)what you want HP?

hp:woo bhaiyya Nani ji calling you both for breakfast.

arnav:you go we are coming.

he look khushi who look him with shy smile.she is completely nude front of him.they do lot of time intimacy.but not like this.during in love making also she cover her body with sheet.but now she don't have anything.today only she saw him fully.she felt very pride.because this handsome hunk fully hers.he kiss her forehead and say to her with regret face.

arnav:baby I am sorry.i am very rough last night.i am totally lost my control.i can't control myself.i am so sorry.i should not so wild with you..

she cup his face and say with lot of love.

khushi:it's okay baby.and also you don't have to ask sorry.because my whole body and beauty belongs o you.more them me you only have right on my body.so you don't have to ask any  sorry.and ha me to me to very rough with you last night.see how many marks you have on your body.

arnav smile brightly hearing her reply.he takes her lips for passionate kiss.she also responding him equal passionate.in kissing her lips arnav place his hand on her pride.she remember that they have to go downstairs.she broke the kiss..he look her with confuse reaction.and try to kiss her again.but she stop him.he get irritate and ask her with sulky face.

arnav:khushi why are you stopping me.i want to kiss you.

khushi:enough now you got lot of kisses from night .now we have to go down.everyone must be waiting for us.come on get up.

she move away from his hold and cover her body with bedsheet.arnav look her with baby face.she can't see him like this.but can't do anything.they have to go.she kiss his both cheeks and left to bathroom..

next update:Diwali.new entry..

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Fabulous update
Apr 11, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 22 times)

After somedays...today is Diwali.everyone in rm very happy.mans are take leave today.then they all make diys with their wives.khushi only taking care everything.because anjali can't do any works.payal all the time taking care pari.mami Nani left to mandir.she only left to look after everything.after sometime they all left to their rooms for change.after that everyone ready to do pooja.then maan geet also join to pooja.everyone wish each other and move to mandir.everyone start the pooja.then one by one every couples are start to do aarthi to devimayya.after finish the pooja.everyone move to living room.couple are give gifts to mami and Nani.then couples are give to on other.and all husbands give gifts to their respective wives.vijay gift anjali new diamond bracelet.akash gift payal to new iPhone.then maan gift geet to diamond ring.lastly arnav gift khushi to 2 corse diamond necklace.girls are could nine.they all start to talking each other.after sometime they move to dinning table.everyone had the dinner with chatting.after take dinner maan geet don't have heart to go.so they decided to stay here tonight.everyone happy about that.after talk sometime mami and Nani left to their room for sleep.ma,I takes pari with her.so now youngest only.they move to terrace.geet khushi payal arrange the place to stay.geet make the mattress.khushi lights candles after switch off the lights.payal make drinks and snacks for them.now all set.they all start to chat.after sometime nk say them to lets play a game.thrn all start to decide play truth or dare.nk play the music and sat that to automatically mode.and now everyone start to pass the pillow.its stop to akash.then nk ask to akash.

nk:akash truth or dare?

akash:hmm dare..

nk:(teasingly)hmm ok then you have to do the proposal which you did to payal bhabi.

akash:(shocked)what!how can I do that.

khushi:ha jiju you have to do this.you know what jiju we all want to know how you proposed to jiji.come on jiju..

akash sigh and get up from the place.payal to get up from the place shyly.then akash start the scene.he did exactly the way he proposed to payal.arnav smile seeing his shy brother.he shocked to see his brother proposal.after that they both sit on their place.khushi anjali geet start to tease payal.she blushing hardly.akash hide his shyness.but Vijay nk start to pull his legs.then they all start the game again..this time pillow stop to khushi.arnav smirk seeing this.he got a idea.

arnav:(naughtily)khushi truth or dare.

khushi:(alert hearing his tone)hmm dare arnav..

arnav:(smirk)hmm khushi you have to kiss me front of everyone.

khushe get shock.everyone start to scream in excitement.mans are start to cheers arnav.she start to blush.she know she have to do this.she try to kiss him on cheek but arnav stop her.

arnav:khushi I say to kiss me.but I don't say na kiss me on cheek.


arnav:you have to kiss me on lips.

khushi get highly shock and start to blush.not only she other girls to blush hearing his statement.mabs are smirk seeing their wives face.nk smile seeing the couples.hr also want to marry.but he want to marry a perfect girl.he waiting for his soul mates.maan say to khushi.

maan:khushi if you don't do this you will get punishment..come on hurry up.

vijay:yes khushi hurry up..

girls are encouraging her.she then get done courge and move towards arnav.he start t get excited.boys are start to screen.then slowly she place his lips on him .they both start to kissing each other passionately.akash Vijay maan turn of seeing their passion kiss.they suddenly pull their wives and kiss them fastly.girlscare get shock then kiss them back.nk get shy seeing his brothers PDA scenes.he start to cough.then they all .comes to sense.they feel embarrassing to face each other.nk sense that he start to play the music and pass the pillow.they all start to play.its time nk.vijay ask to nk.

vijay:nk tell us about your first love.

nk:first love..

vijay nodded at him.he sigh and start to tell a story .everyone very interestingly listening his story.speacially girls.then he finish his story.

nk:so this is my first love.how is it.

geet:(smile widely)very nice nk ji.i like your story very much.and also first love is always best love.

maan:(bit angry)how do you know that geet.

geet:(casual tone)of course I know.i also have first love.

maan:(shocked)what!you have first love.why don't you tell me about that.

geet:you don't ask me right..

masn get angry and start to shout geet.she to get angry and start to fight with him.other try to stop them.but they not ready to stop.all of them trying very hard.but no one notice that khushi lost somewhere thinking about something.khushi get lost after hearing geet first love talks.she got some one memory.she start to thinking about that person.

in might night three a clock.everyone go to their rooms after have fun.maan geet get guest room.everyone sleep quickly because of tiredness.

in arshi room.arnav khushi go to bed after fresh up.abd fell to sleep fastly.in sleep khushi getting nightmare about her past.she can't sleep.she get up from the bed and move towards pool side.she start to think about her beautiful past.she got a small smile on her face.but her smile vanish remember about that day.the day which she lost her real self.thr day which change her either life.in thinking about all that she sleep on the recliner.....in early morning arnav try to hug khushi in sleep.but he don't find her warmth.he open his eyes lazily and saw his wife sleeping on the recliner he get up and move towards her.he carefully take her to his arms and place her on the bed.he lay beside her and hug her tightly.when he going to sleep he hear she mumbles something in sleep.he don't hearing what she is saying.but he hear she saying sorry to someone.he don't take that much seriously.aftercsometime she stop her mumbles.arnav kiss her cheeck and sleep peacefully on her arms.

aftercsometime they both get up from their sleep.then fresh up and left to living room.after have breakfast maan geet left from there.then khushi say to arnav she want to go buaji house.arnav say to her he will drop her on buaji home.after get ready arshi left from there.in mid way arnsv remember something and ask to khushi.

arnav:khushi today morning in sleep you say sorry to someone.to who you say sorry..

khushi get shock.dhe don't know what to say.she try to give some reason.

khushi:I don't know arnav.i think some dreams.i don't remember.

arnav nodded his head.she look arnav and thoughts in her mind.

khushi:I am sorry arnav.i can't say the truth to you.because this is truth about me.if you know thae truth I don't know how you react.sorry.

arnav stop the car front of big house.that house have very classic look.looking very beautiful.this is buaji house.khushi buy this house by her own Money.she gift this house to buaji to her 60th birthday.busji first don't accept that.then after accept that for khushi.niw Gupta family living here only.and she appoint a maid for them.khushi only giving her monthly salary.after shashi fully recover khushi give him a shop.now shashi like a old time he making sweets.now they shop going very well.as good daughter she looking after everything perfectly.arnav feeling very proud of her.she is not only God wife also very good daughter.he felt very pride to say that she is his wife.he then left to office after drop her.khushi enter to home and saw garima and buaji talking each other.she move towards them.after seeing khushi they welcome her.

buaji:(happily)haree nk.hey sanka Devi.you come after long time.we are now also talk about you only.

garima:ha khushi why don't you come here.you know we all miss you very much.

khushi:(smile)woo nothing amma.there I have lot of works.and I got bust in arnav company new photo shoot.that why don't get time to come here.but now I am free.sp here I am. 

Then they all start to talk.shashi also come to house.they all had some family time.then they ask khushi to take lunch with them.she to agree with them.then buaji garima left to make lunch.that time khushi 

Left to her room.

in khushi room.dhe comes to her room and open her cupboard.and take out a large box from the secret locker.she open the box and saw her so many diaries.she take one diary from there and open the middle page.and stare a photo.she don't know after yesterday event she continuely thinking about HIM.she don't know why.she many time got his thinks.but not like this.she feeling like something going to happen.but she don't know that good or bad.she take few diaries and put that on her handbag.then put the box to cupboard again.she then join to family members.after take lunch with them she left to raizada mansion.

after reach to home.she directly move to her room.she open the cupboard and place the diaries on her dresses.she cover them saftly.she then comes to living room and talk with everyone.little bit she know that person going to come to her life very soon.and going to bring her real self to front of this world.

next update:past love.new character.

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Wonderful update
Apr 14, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 29 times)

In Paris...an young man standing front of a large photo frame.he looking the photo with tears.if anyone saw him like this no one believes that he is very arrogant and dangerous and very powerful business man.and also he is the most eligible bachelor in fashion world.no one can beat him in business.he is no.1 business man in Paris.in working in fashion world he don't have any girlfriends or affairs.he is 29 year old.in this small age he reach to this high position.he is Paris citizen.he have everything in his life.money power everything.but the thing he want not with him.that is LOVE.no one give that love to him.he craving for that love for so many years.he know.the love he want only one person can give him.ge whisper painfully  Khushi“..he don't know where is she.she is medicine of his sadness.he move towards window and look at the peaceful Paris city.he close his eyes and think about his beautiful past.which make him smile.which make him laugh.which make him love that an angel.he remembers his past like yesterday happen.he look around his room.which covered with her photos.he have that hope he will find her..he say huskily «I will find you khushi.i will definitely do that.this is RAHUL KHANNA promise.he say that huskily and look her photo deeply..

in India..evening time everyone in rm having their tea and chatting each other.after some time in dinner time.after had dinner everyone left to their own rooms.

in arshi room.after enter to bedroom arnav hug khushi from behind.khushi smile seeing her husband acts.then he start to kiss her neck and shoulder.she moan in pleasure.in kissing her way he take her to bed and continue kiss her.he hurriedly take off her dresses and own dress and start to make love with her passionately...after one hour they both breathing hardly because of their heating love making.after get to normal arnav lay on khushi chest.he say to her huskily.

arnav:you know what khushi.every time when I make love with you.i feel like that's was our first time.

khushi smile hearing this and cares his hair softly.arnav feeling so peace feeling her cares.he always felt peace whenever she cares his hair.that time he always take one promise.that don't care what happen he will never let her go away from his life.he will keep her with him till his last breath.but his real wish is.she have to think about him only after his death also.he don't want to lose her for anyone.if he know that someone going to come to their life as his tough competitor.and someone very eagerly waiting for that day when which he will get his KHUSHI back...

after some days in Paris...Rahul working on his office.he get call from his PA about his latest fashion show.after talk with him he hang up the call.after that he call someone to his cabin.then that person comes to his cabin.rahul stand up to greet him.

rahul:hi SAM!after long time.come sit.

sam:hi RK how are you.

rahul:I am good.how are you.

sam:me to good.

rahul:so how our works are going.

sam:everything is going so well.for some work I have to go India.for bridal shoot.i have one modal in my mind.she is very famous in doing traditional section.and she is very good friend of mine.she will do that..

rahul:hmmm good you carry on your work in India.i will take care other works.

sam:hmm great so I am taking my leave.

rahul:hmm okay see you soon.

they both stand up and shake hands.then Sam leave the cabin.rahul sigh and sit on the chair.he got lost somewhere.he don't know why.after hearing about India he getting Unknown feelings.he getting some nameless happiness.he don't feel such a feelings before.but he like this feelings.he say huskily «khushi»and lost on her memories....

after two days in India.morning.after mans are lefts to their works ladies are start to chat.then they hear someone ringing the calling bell.and hp open the door and saw a handsome man standing front of him with ****y smirk.hp let him come inside.then the man come inside and saw ladies are talking each other.he saw khushi and move towards her.khushi notice that person and smile happily seeing him.she hug him happily.he to hug her back with smile.she ask to him happily.

khushi:hey Sam what a pleasant surprise.after long time we met each other.come sit.

after greeting each other.sam sit with khushi.and ladies are start to talk with him.after sometime payal mami left to kitchen for make lunch.anjali pari Nani left to anjali room for give anjali medicine.now Sam and khushi only in living room.they both start to chat.in talking middle way khushi ask to Sam.

khushi:Sam you say na you want to tell me something on the phone that day.what is that.

sam:ohh khushi I come here to say that only.you know after some weeks in India there one fashion show going to happen in grand way.there so many dressing collection going to launch.so I want you do some shoot.

khushi:(sigh)you know na Sam I don't do modelling  for other companies.and that to western dresses.i can't do that Sam I am sorry.

sam:(immediately)hey no no khushi.you are not going to do western collection.you have to do bridal collection.nothing like short dresses.and also that company owner is my good friend.i am working with him for years.and also you are the one who can do this perfectly.you have knowledge about this.i give promise to him that you will do this shoot.please khushi for me.

khushi:(smile)okay Sam from my side I am agree.but I have to tell this to arnav.after ask about his opinion I will call you okay.

sam:(happily)okay khushi now I am taking my leave.

khushi:what no way.you don't have anything propaly.and you come here after long time.you should have to take your lunch here.no more argument.just come.

he know she is not going to leave him.she then take him to dinning room.and everyone join with him.he getting special attention from raizada ladies.then after take lunch he bid bye to them.

next update:obsessed lover.

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Fabulous update.
Apr 21, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 17 times)

In night...after have dinner arshi comes to their room.khushi remember that she have to tell arnav about Sam proposal.after fresh up she set on the bed beside arnav.who working on the laptop.she tell him softly..

khushi:arnav I want to tell you something.

arnav:yes khushi tell me..what's the matter.

khushi:today Sam comes here..

arnav:(surprised)oh did he come what he say.he say to you na want to tell something after comes here.

khushi:(heisting)woo..woo..I will tell you..but don't get angry okay..

arnav:honey you know na I can't get angry on you..tell me.whats the matter.

khushi:woo he come here to say that some fashion show going to happen here.he want me to do photo shoot of that show..

arnav:(frowned )you know na khushi.i don't like you do modelling for other companies.and also I don't want you wear western cloths front of everyone.

khushi:(quickly )no no..it's not western collection.he want me to do bridal collection.he asked me very hopefully.please arnav agree.you know na he is very good friend of mine..please.

arnav:(after thinking sometime)ok the I agree.you can do this shoot.but this is first and last time.dont do this again okay..

khushi got a joy.she calls Sam quickly and tell him this news.he also very happy.he know she only do this shoot perfectly.then they both hangout.after cut the call she look arnav and hug him tightly in happiness.

khushi:thank you baby..you are very good husband.i love you..

arnav:(smile)I love you to...and ha I agree for your wish na..now I want something as reward.

khushi:what you want baby tell me..

arnav:(huskily)nothing much.just want to love you whole night..

khushi blush hearing his statement.then he take off his shirt and turn off the light.after that they both lost in their love filled world..

in paris..Rahul comes to his house after long day work.his house have very Royal and rich look.like some kingdom.his house not less then any palace.in this big house he living alone.he don't have anyone..after reach to his room.he go to washroom for bath.after that he comes to his bed.and he close his eyes.......then after sometime he felt someone caressing his face.he open his eyes and look at the Angalic face with gorgeous green intense eyes.he smile with tears.he know this is just his dream.but he don't want this dream to broke.he touch her innocent face and talk with her with tears..

rahul:(broken)why did you leave me khushi.what I did you that you leave me.you know na how much I loves you.your my heart beat khushi how can you do this to me.

he hug her and cried heart out..she hug him back and cares his hair lovingly.she then make him look her.and say to him with lot of love.

khushi:I didn't leave you Rahul.see now also you're thinking about me.i know how much you loved me.snd I loves you too.

saying this she kiss him on the forehead.then his checks and his chin.now I s eyes.then lastly she kiss his lips lightly.all the time he cried heart out.she make him lay on the bed softly and cares his hair sit beside him.he held her hand and make her lay beside him.and he place his head on her chest.and he clos his eyes with smile.she smile and continue cares his hair.he know this is just dream.but for now he is very happy.he then sleep peacefully with her.with her memories....

in morning Rahul hear phone ringing sound.he lazily open his eyes and see the caller id.thats was his doctor.he sigh and attend the phone.

rahul:hello doctor..

doctor:hello RK...why don't you come here yesterday.

rahul:I got lot of works.thats why.

doctor:you can't ignore your appointment like this RK you have to come here today...

rahul bite his lower lips in anger.and say to him okay.he sit on the bed.he thinking about last night dream.he sigh.he got this long dream first time.he many times saw her in dreams and everywhere.but this is too much.he wishing very dearly those dreams become true very soon.he missing her terribly.he then get up from the bed and get ready to go after fresh up.

after reach to hospital.he directly moves to doctor cabin.doctor saw him.they both shake hands.they both take a seat..

doctor:Rk you're taking your medicine daily right..

rahul:yes doctor I taking the medicance.

doctor:then come let's do the test and see the result.

then Rahul take his test.and after sometimes results are come.doctor see the report.

doctor:what is this RK.you don't have any improvement in you health after having medicine RK.what are you doing..

rahul:(sigh)doctor you know about my contrition very well.you know that those medicine not going to effect my health.this is was waste of time.

doctor:but you can't be like this.this is very important for your health.if you keep doing like this.your condition will be become worst.

rahul:(loudly)I don't care doctor.you are the one who strikes with me always with your medi.i am living with her memories.snd I am sure.one day when I find her.after that I don't want any single tablet of yours.

doctor:(sigh)your right RK.your health conditions like this because of her separation.but for search her you have to be healthy right.for her you have to be fit and fine.

rahul sigh.he know doctor is right.he should have to take his medicine.but he can't take all that.but for sake of his an angel he should have to be fit and fine...after tatalk with doctor some minutes he came out from the hospital.

in car he thinking about doctor words.he should be healthy.

rahul:yes doctor is right.i have to take my medicine and have to be healthy.i don't want after khushi comes me fall in any sickness.and also what if my this problem effects our future babies.no no I can't take that risk.i want my babies born healthily.for that I have to take medicines propaly.yes..in thinking all this he reaches to his office.without knowing he very soon going to meet his princess.

hello darlings...very very sorry for this much late..I am got busy with my birthday wishes and parties.but don't worry it's will not happen again.and also I will update my other stories chapters today evening.

and I want you all select the hero for Rahul chRacter.i select four Heroes tell me who will best for rahul role.i want my darlings choices.

1:arjun bijlani...

2:Karan Singh grover.

3:Paul Wesley.

4:Ian samerhalder.

tell  me quickly who will rock the Rahul khanna role.

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Fabulous update..
May 6, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 20 times)

In India.ladies are taking their lunch.then khushi got call from Sam about her new photo shoot..after cut the call.she tell her new photo shoot to family members.nk order cake to celebrate the moments.after spend some family time.she move to her room.she close the door and open her cupboard.and take out her diary...and open the middle page..

khushi:I don't know why..past some days.i always remember about you.i don't know where are you.and what are you doing .but now I want to share this news with you.and I hope you happy with your life.forget about our past.but one thing I gave to admit.FIRST LOVE ALWAYS BEST LOVE.

after that she close the diary and place that on the safety locker which she made few days ago.then she move from there...without knowing her FIRST LOVE going to return to her very soon.and going to be very tough competitor to her hubby..

after two days..khushi getting ready in her room to go for shoot.after she get ready she left to studio..

in studio.she reached to studio and saw saw standing outside to welcome her.they both hug each other friendly and enter to studio.then after come inside saw introduce her to everyone.then she start the work.she wear different styles bridal dresses.everything looking fabulous.she doing her work very energetic.shoot are coming so amazingly.after finish the half shoot she wear her casual cloth.remin dresses are have to shoot tomorrow.she saw Sam standing near the one puller.she move towards him to say bye.she saw he talking with someone.

sam:yes RK.today bridal shoot happened very perfectly...she did her work amazingly...yes everything fine.ha okay I will talk with you later..now I have to see her..yeah bye.

he cut the call and turn and saw khushi standing few feet away from him.

sam:khushi you here.uou want to say something...

khushi:woo yes I finished my work.so would like to leave now.

sam:(smile)oh okay khushi..then see you tomorrow morning.

khushi:(smile)yeah bye see you tomorrow.

sge then left from there.abd reachs to her home..then spend her time wIth her family.and her romantic husband.they both left to long drive and spend some romantic time out side...then after comes to home.her husband not let her sleep whole night.their life going very amazingly.without having any problems...

In Paris....morning time..Rahul doing work out in his gym.then he got call from his PA.he answer that.

rahul:(boss tone)yeah John tell me..what's the matter.it any important..

john:yes sir..we are going to do fashion show in India right.for to that there we have to do partnership with some company in India..we are doing first time there some show right.we should get help from someone..so then only we can do this perfectly.

rahul:(angrily)what the hell.you are saying this now.why don't you tell me this early damn it.we are almost going to finish this work.only fashion show remin.now you are telling this..

john:(fear tone)sorry for the late update sir.

rahul:(try yo control his anger)ok now tell me which company best in India.and remember it.i want best company only.

john:yes sir I know.and I get details about few companies.after get enough detail I will inform you sir.

rahul end the call.and continue do his work out.after 30 minutes he finish his wirk out.he go to washroom and get fresh up.after some time he came out from washroom wrapped white towel around his hip.he stand front of mirror and start to jell his hair.no doubt he is breath taking handsome.every girl dying to be with him.he controlling his fitness very perfectly.he continues jell his hair.then his eyes fell on his chest where he tatto her name in «textura prescius» style.he cares her name.how much he wish to be with her..only he knows.he thought.if she with him.they both lives happily in their little love world.and having babies like them.he know how much she loves kids.he felt tears falling from his eyes.

rahul:I know khushi I will find you in any cost.for to get you.i will do anything.if someone comes between us.i will destroy his whole life.i will get you khushi..I will get you very soon.

he think about her with dangerous obsession and possessiveness.in thinking about her he getting ready for office.after reachs to office he directly move to his cabin...he sigh and sit on his seat.after dome moment his PA comes to his cabin.

john:sir I get details about India top companies.each every company one company is world famous.that fashion house have so many branches in so many countries.thats was Asia no.1 fashion house.that house always gives big hits only.this month also that house did very big fashion show.and that to mega hit.so that fashion house perfect for our show.

rahul:(amazement)hmmm great..then we should do partnership with them.contact the company and talk about show to them.

john:but sir one problem.

rahul:(irritating tone)now what..

john:sir we can't contact them from call.to talk with them we should go there.

rahul:what.but how can we go there..we have lot of work here.try to contact them from here..

john:sorry sir.i try it.but filled.we have to go there.

rahul:(irritating tone)damn it..okay..then after two days we will go there.make arrangement for that.

john:okay sir...

rahul:and ha what's the name of that company.


rahul:hmm okay you may leave now..

john left from there.and Rahul start to work again.little bit he knows his most wanted happiness going to come back to him...his little dreams are going to become true.

In India.today khushi leave to her shoot very early...no one know why she left this much early morning...even arnav to don't know.but he don't take that much seriously.after take breakfast he left to office..

after reachs to office he start to do works.some moments later aman comes to his cabin.

aman:ASR I have something to tell you.


aman:woo I get some email from Paris one of the company..they going to do some fashion show here.for to do that.they have to do patner ship with some one.so they like to do partnership with us..what's your opinion.

arnav:what's the status about that company..it is have good status..

aman:yes ASR that company s one of the best company in Paris.i get details about that company.

arnav:hmmm good.so then we should do partnership with them.so when they coming..

aman:I got news that they coming two days later.

arnav:hmm okay them make arrngment for that.after they come we will talk about other matters.

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Amazing update..
May 14, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan.... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 107 times)

In evening.after finish his works arnav comes to home.and saw everyone present there .but his soul not present there.he saw everywhere.but she now where to see.he wondering where is he.he move to living room and ask to family members.

arnav:guys where is khushi.didnt she come still..

anjali:yes chote.she don't come still.but she informed us she will come lately.you don't worry...

arnav nodded at her and silently move to his room.he sit on bed sadly.whole day he don't see or talk with her.he want to see her.but she still don't come.he go to washroom for fresh up.after fresh up he come to living room.after 2 hour door bell ring it.hp open the door and saw his khushi bhabi talking someone in phone.she come inside continues talking.after end the call she comes to living room.she saw everyone present there.even her cute hubby.after seeing her arnav start to smile...but his smile vanish remember she come lately.he then ignore her..

khushi:good evening everyone...

all:good evening..

payal:khushi why did you take this much time to come home..see it's almost dinner time..

khushi:sorry jiji.i got some important work to do.thats why I can't come to home early.

she then start to talk with everyone.sometime she play with pari.she still don't talk with arnav.she completely ignore arnav.he got angry seeing her ignore towards him.after sometime they all move to have dinner....in dinner time also she don't talk to him.after serve him his food she take her dinner with everyone.arnav somewhere hurt seeing this.his khushi give importance to everyone more then him.she not caring about him.after had dinner they all left to their own rooms.khushi  go to their room before arnav.and she quickly change her dress and hurriedly sleep.arnav shocked to see her behaviour.he thought she wil talk with him atleast now.but she.he now very angry.he also change his dress and left to bed angrily.after some time khushi open her eyes slowly.she look arnav sleeping with sad pout.she smile seeing him.she know that he is hurt.but she have to do this.then only her SURPRISE PLAN work perfectly.

khushi cares his face.she look at the time.its 11.30.she look at him last time and kiss his cheeck.and she get up from the bed and left to pool side..her first task completed.now time is 11.45.she then go to washroom and change her dress.after make her last arrangement.now all set..now it's time.she slowly move towards arnav.he still sleeping with sad pout.she sit beside him and move near to his ear.

khushi:(whispers on his ear lovingly)arnav....(he hummed like a child)baby get up.i have surprise for you.

arnav open his eyes and saw his beautiful wife sitting beside him.he first thought it's just dream.but now he kniws this is not drea,.he slowly get up and sit.

khushi:(huskily)baby come with me.


khushi:just come.

she held his hand and make him stand.she take him to pool side.

after reach to pool that sight made him shocked to core.full place covered with canted candles and red roses.pool side looking like some heaven.he look down and saw rose petals spreading like red soft carpet.he amazing seeing all this.he look at khushi.now only he notice she wearing saree.that to red colour.he looking her with amazement and surprised reaction.

Arnav:khushi what's all this.

she come close to him snd wrapped her arms around his shoulder and say to him romantically.


arnav get shock hearing her.now only he remembers that today his birthday.he asked her with shocked reaction.

arnav:do you remember it..I mean.its my birthday.but I forget that.but you.

khushi:(smile)of course remember.how can I forget my soul birthday.

arnsv smile widely hearing her reply.his heart dancing in happiness.she then say to him.

khushi:now enough of your talk.come on

saying this she drag him to pool side centre.she take decorated troll from beside and move near to him.

khushi:come on cut the cake.

he smile and take the knife to cut.but suddenly khushi stop him.

khushi:baby first make a wish.then cut the cake.

he smile and close his eyes to pray.

arnav:dear god..I have everything in my life.i have one wish only.i want my khushi be with me till my last breath.every second in my life I want to be with her.please make that wish true.dont let anything happens to our this beautiful relation.

arnav open his smile and cut the cake.khushi claps happily.she was very happy.first time she doing something like that to him.after cut the cake he take one piece and feed her.then she feed him back.

arnav:baby thank you very much.you make my birthday night memorable.thank you.

she smile hearing his reply and kiss his cheeck lovely way.arnav smile.before she take her lips back he take her lips for passionate filled kiss.she also responded him .in kissing way he take her to his arm and enter to bedroom.then room filled with khushi highly screams and moans.

in morning..they both comes to living room.everyone already waiting to wish him.anjali come towards him and hug him tightly.

anjali:happy birthday chote.i wish you get every happiness in this world.

arnav smile at her.then everyone wish him.then the all left to dinning table.

next update down.¥ in few minutes 

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Nice update...
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