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Sep 21, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 40 times)

After having whole healthy milk..now everyone asked him to take some rest..he to agree with them..he feeling very tired..then khushi slowly takes him to guest room..everyone slowly followed him..they they all arrived to the room which arranged for him..actually he like the room very much..it's really simple and elegant.khushi carefully made him lay on bed and said to him..

Khushi:rahul for now you take rest..after that you can change yourself to comfortable cloths.. I already arranged dresses for you..

Rahul:(smile)thank you khushi..actually I am really tired..I have to take rest..I will change after get some sleep..

Khushi nodded at him then he slowly lay on the bed properly.then then start to left from there..now only arshi present there..when khushi try to go..Rahul called her..

Rahul:khushi where are you going..

Arshi got confused hearing his question..but arnav mind alerted already that he going do something really bad which he not going to like..khushi asked him..

Khushi:I am going out Rahul..you have to take rest right?

Rahul(pout cutely)if you go from here..how can I get relax..I will get sleep peacefully if you being beside me..

Khushi shocked hearing his statment..she never expected this..arnav tight his fist hearing his words..he closed his eyes to control the limitless anger he getting..Rahul softly hold khushi hand and make her sit on the bed..he slowly lay on her lap comfortably and hold her hand..arnav wide his eyes seeing that..he can't disgust the scene front of him..his whole body got weak seeing some other person laying on his khushi lap..how dare he..he look at khushi who very uncomfortable by Rahul act..she don't know how to react..she look at arnav nervously..she got scared seeing the killer look on his face,.she gulp her saliva..rahul smile warmly and said to khushi..

Rahul:it's been so long na khushi...in past its was my favourite hobbit...whenever we be together I always be like this na..(smile dreamily)and you remember the way you cares my hair whenever I lay on your lap..oh that's was heaven...

He closed his eyes and remember that beautiful memories..he just lost on their dream land..other side khushi shaking in fear..she don't know what to do..arnav boiling if uncontrollable anger..hearing Rahul words his mind running like a crazy..he can't disgust that..some other persons have sweet memories with his love..after knowing all whatever Rahul telling he just can't control himself..angrily he left the room..here in the room.rahul continuely talking about their old memories..in talking way his eyes are slowly starting to shut..after moment he drove off to sleep feeling khushi warmth after long time..

After make sure he sleep well khushi slowly made him lay on the bed..suddenly he frown on the sleep without feeling her warmth..khushi hurriedly pat his chest slowly..after make him sleep comfortably khushi rushed outside the room searching her arnsv...

Khushi hurridely enter to their room and saw arnav sitting on the recliner with closed eyes..he taking hard breaths..she wonder what happened now that he breathing hardly..it he do something in anger..then her eyes land on  poolside.she got shocked seeing destroyed plants and flowers..whole pool covered with cutt plants and flowers..she got complete shock..she truly not expected this..she know he disturbed by Rahul words..but never imagined this reaction to that..she slowly moves towards him..she don't know how to start..first time she felt awkward to face arnav..arnav already sensed her presence..but he don't say anything thinking maybe she will start..then suddenly he felt she hugging him from behind..both of them be like that sometime..then she said to him sweetly...

Khushi:I don't know what to said expect sorry..I am really sorry baby..very sorry about Rahul words..please Because of him don't hurt yourself..because how much you will hurt yourself..that much I will get hurt..so please..try to forget whatever rahul said..please arnav...

She said to him sweetly and softly..he don't said anything..just be like that..she slowly start to kiss his face and neck..she cares his hair and slowly kiss his whole face..arnav sigh in give up..she got huge relief sensed his relaxed..both of them be like that long time and try to feel the moment...

At afternoon.lunch time...everyone come to have lunch together like usual..all of them joined to dinning table..but today they all aware there someone in house..Nani ask hp to call Rahul if he awake..when he left to call Rahul arnav and khushi to join with them..now all waiting for Rahul..after moment he come to dinning area wading grey colour full sleeve body fit t-shirt with black pant..his hair have messy style...some of his hair falling to face..he looking completely dashing...he come there with most Charming smile..and his smile get more wider seeing khushi who siting between arnav and anjali..arnav frown seeing him..no doubt Rahul tough competitor for him in manly.he don't have single wrong to point out..in everything he looking perfect..then Rahul takes place opposite to khushi and said to her cheerfully..

Rahul:good afternoon my baby doll...

Arnav tight his fist hearing he calling his wife with such a names..khushi nervously smile at him..everybody already sensed the heat on place..so they just keep quiet..

Khushi:good afternoon Rahul..(try to divert)come let's start to have lunch..

Rahul nodded at her..then everyone start to serve their self..then start to have the lunch..but arnav can't have the meals peacefully..because it's khushi who always feed him first bite..after that only he will have his meals..it's changed to be his habbit..everyone knows that..not only that..it's was she who everyday used to serve him and always make some special food for him by her own hands..but today there nothing..he just hurt seeing all this..he angrily glared Rahul..it's all because of him..if he don't come back..like always they both happy on their life..his just one arrival scathed his every little little happiness..keep frowning on him he difficulty had the lunch..and thankfully lunch go very well without having any awkward moments..but that's not too long..

After had lunch..all of them joined to living room..khushi ask Rahul to join with them..and he agree for that ready..now all of them together.and having little chats with full conscious remembering again and again Rahul with them..now khushi sitting with Nani and payal who carrying pari..anjali Vijay together.,arnav and akash ..mama and Mami..nk and Rahul...all of them start to talk..but there a two people who not talking and just thinking about one person..they both was Rahul and arnav...one side Rahul admiring khushi deeply with soft smile..other side arnav growling in anger seeing Rahul admiring his khushi..honestly after he come arnav controlling his patience very much..but in bad way..when they all talking random things..suddenly all of their topics come to upcoming raksha bandan...they all discussed about that..actually Rahul don't know about which function they all talking..truly he is not giving ears to their talk..but accidentally it heard to his ears..he don't know anything about Indian culture and festivals..he never aware about that..he is pure Paris citizen..but hearing new names of functions he curious to know about that..he asked to Nani slowly..

Rahul:Nani can I ask you something?

Nani:(normal tone)ask me rahul beta..what you want to ask..

Rahul:about which functions you all talking about..

Nani:(smiles)you mean raksha bandan...(he nodded)beta raksha bandan function for siblings..every brothers and sisters celebrate this day..when day day come..every sister tie rakki on their brothers hands and bless them with lot of love..and as return brothers are will gifts something for their sisters..they will will be wish to be happy and bond as always..and this is also very important function for everyone..

Rahul smiles warmly hearing Nani explanation..he really felt amused to hear something like this..then they start to talk again..in mid way Mami asked to hp bring hot water for her.lafter moment hp return to them with hot water..when he try to give that to Mami..suddenly his foot got slipped..with a big splash hot water fell on Rahul...he screamed in sudden soreness..he start to scream loudly..everyone shocked to react seeing that..all of them hurriedly rushed towards him..Rahul eyes got tears feeling the hot..he called khushi in out of pain..he held her hand tightly and said to her..

Rahul:khushi...khushi....I can't bear this....my whole body buring.ahhhhhh.....please do something....please khushi..ahhhhhh....(khushi look at him helplessly.)

Nk:first let's remove his t-shirt..then we can sooth him..(shout)hp bring the ointment..hurry up..

Hp run to bring the ointment..till that khushi sooth him by saying calming words..he try to bear the pain..but it's really painful..then akash and nk try to remove his t shirt..it's little difficult to remove because of wetness...but both of them successfully remove that..next second hp come with ointment..nk fastly take that from him and put on Rahul buring places gently..in hurry none of them see Rahul chest fully..all of their focus on his current state,.so they don't notice anything..

After moment his pain start to lower little by little..he stopped his screams..now all of them sigh in big relief.and ladies take seats expect khushi..she still beside him..nk still soothing his buring places..suddenly his eyes fell on Rahul chest left side..he stop his act and look at the thing with big open eyes..akash and Vijay look at his sudden stop and look where he looking..they both to get shock..they don't utter a word..arshi don't notice this..already arnav sit on the sofa..and khushi left to bring warm cloths..after feeling much better Rahul said to nk..

Rahul:thanks nk..I am now feeling much better..it's enough now..you sit..

Nk nodded at him blankly and look at akash and Vijay..they to look at him with same blank look..now three of them look at arnav who sitting on sofa silently..they don't know how he going to react after seeing this..they three back to seats..now Rahul fully visible to everyone..when everyone's eyes turn to look him all of their eyes goes wide seeing Rahul..seeing family members reaction arnav to look at Rahul..and more then every single person.he got double triple shock..he can't believe his eyes..his blood are rush to brain seeing Rahul tattooed his wife name on his chest boldly...his eyes turn dark red ..he not only tattooed her name..her write her name with ”MY ONLY LOVE“words before her name..it's was showing very boldly and brightest way....

Next update:obsessed lovers....fight...

Tomorrow stories update:pyaar kiya tho darna kya and Ajeeb prem kahani..

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Fabulous update
Oct 18, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 43 times)

Little attention please;;;;hello guys..I just want to tell you all something ..please hear this out..so many readers maybe don't liking Khushi this behavior...everyone angry on her for this behavior..but guys please be patience..I will make all clear ..please don't stop reading the stories..I am already having less votes and comments..but still I am updating for you all..so please try to read this story without ignoring...and please try to vote more..my all stories have very less votes..please guys try to votes more..it's will give me energy to update regularly...thank you...

Arnav greets him teethes seeing that..his eyes turn in highly anger..he start to breath hardly..everybody got nervous seeing his anger avatar after so many days..they praying very hardly to not to happen anything badly..then Khushi reached there with warm cloth..she notice everyone being silent..she look Arnav who looking Rahul with deadly glares..she wondering why he looking him with this much anger..she look at Rahul who closing his eyes and resting his head on sofa..then she to got shock seeing the tattoo..she look at Rahul helplessly..she look everyone nervously..they to have the same tension and nervous reaction..she slowly call Rahul..he open her eyes and look at her with charming smile..she slowly sit beside him and put warm cloth on his chest..he left a relaxing moan..he feeling really nice now..Arnav left from there hurriedly without seeing all this..Khushi look at his fading figure with worried reaction..she can't be like this anymore..she have to do something..with those thinks she soothe Rahul burning places..maybe this is last time Rahul getting those clear attention from her....

At  night..dinner time..everyone came to dinner expect arnav..after morning incidents..he don't faced anyone..specially Rahul..everyone got worried thinking about him..they all had dinner silently and left to their rooms..

Khushi takes Rahul to his room and ask him to lay on bed..after that she gives him an pill saying doctor asked him to take this every night..he to take that without thinking anything..when Khushi try to go he held her hand..Khushi look at him silently..he make her sit on bed and told her with pout face..

Rahul:what is this Khushi..after very long time we both met..instead of being with me ..you are try to go away..what happened to you..don't you want to be with me..I am feeling like you are try to ignore me..

Khushi:(try to hide her uncomfortable)nothing like that Rahul..now you're weak..doctor give instructions to me make you rest how much I can..that's why..now you sleep..we can talk tomorrow..come on close your eyes..

He look at her sometime..automatically his eyes are start to shut..next second he fell to sleep..she hurriedly get up and rushed to kitchen..she make a plate of food..and rushed to their room..Arnav being long time without eating..he can't bear the hunger..and he have to take the medicine also..she came inside the room and saw Arnav laying on recliner with tired and sad face..her heart cried in pain seeing him like that..she rushed towards him..she cares his cheeks..feeling her touch he slowly open his eyes..he look at her with lost stare..he didn't say anything..Khushi to don't ask anything..she take one morsel from food and keep it near his mouth..he look at her for moment and open the mouth slowly..she feed him slowly with full of love...there no hurry..she feed him with lot of patience and love..after 20 minutes she finally finished feeding him..she gives him water to drink and wipe his mouth by her pallu..until now they both don't talk a word..after keeping the plate aside washing in washroom she was Arnav sitting on bed with lost state..enough now..she can't anymore..she move and sit beside him..after moment she felt she getting difficult to breath..Arnav hugging her very tightly...after composing herself she hug him back and cares his hair..they both fell on the bed and Arnav removed her pallu..Khushi close her eyes peacefully knowing what is coming..she hug him more and try to give him support on his act..he sucks her neck and pinch her nipple hardly..Khushi keft a moan and cares his back sensually..he removed her remains cloths and make her nude..he kiss and worshipped her body sensually.she moan in highly pleasure..he kissing her very deeply..today his kisses and touches saying some other things..his touches and moves showing very raw possessive and obsessive love..his touches not soft..in the same time not so wild too..she opened his shirt bottoms and cares his body ****ily..he goarn feeling her touches..he hurriedly removed his trouser and touch her pride with his male pride..both of them feeling so pleasure feeling the private connection..he bite her everywhere on body and fastly enter inside her..Khushi gasps in shock..that's was unexpected..he start to thrust so fastly..she scream in uncontrollable pleasure..it's so amazing..after 30 minutes he finally climaxed..he fell on her body breathing hardly..Khushi cares his hair to relax him..after few minutes he takes a normal breaths.,Khushi calls his name....

Khushi:Arnav woo..

Arnav:please Khushi don't said anything...

He almost asked her begging way..then Khushi keep quiet and continually cares his hair..after sometime Arnav fell to sleep feeling her caressing..but Khushi be awake long time..she thinking about her idea..she can't keep making Arnav sad..how much he try ..she know Arnav hurt by those events happening in this house..and she can't hurt him anymore...now it's time to show Rahul..that she is not the same Khushi who loved him in past..today or tomorrow she will surely tell him about her present life truth..but not openly..if she tell that fully..he will be fell on danger...so she gave to give him some strong hints..enough of Arnav sadness..she can't see him in pain because of her..

Khushi:(whispers slowly)enough of your sadness Arnav..I can't see you in hurt..for Rahul happiness I can't hurt you..I anyhow I have to finish Rahul chapter..(kiss his head)very soon my love..don't worry...

She hug him more tightly with full of love and left to relaxing sleep after kissing his head softly..she sleep thinking about tomorrow....

Next day...sun lite touched Arnav sleeping face..he slowly open his eyes feeling the light..he look beside and saw Khushi already left..he sigh seeing the empty side..this is first time after marriage he making without seeing her face.he sign sadly..how many changes happened after rahul come..he make annoying face thinking about him..yesterday event come flash on his mind..he angrily get up from the bed..after moment she remembers she not wearing anything..he take his short and wear that..last night love encounter came to his mind..he got relaxed bit remembering that..after that he left to Washroom for fresh up.

In downstairs..everyone in family present in living room..except Arnav and Rahul..Khushi PayPal making breakfast..after sometime everyone joined to dinning table..and Arnav to join there..now everyone set..and to Arnav surprise Khushi takes her regular seat beside him..she smile at him sweetly..he to smile at her back...then they saw Rahul coming there with charming smile..Arnav become quite seeing him and Khushi notice that..he smile at Khushi and great everyone..they to great him back normally..he takes the seats opposite Arnav both of them facing each other now..then everyone serve they self..then Arnav to try to serve  himself thinking there no chance Khushi will serve him..but most shock and surprisingly Khushi start to  serve him like early days..he look at her with wonder reaction..but she just just at him..she serve him fully and pour juice for him..everyone having the meals normally..but rahul notice Khushi special attention on Arnav..he don't like the way Khushi serving Arnav...and he notice everyone behaving normally seeing that..he try to broke his thoughts soothing his heart saying...they all like family now..so it's not a big deal..he chanting that continually..he take a one bite and asked to Khushi to take her attention towards him..

Rahul:baby it is you cook breakfast?

Khushi:(smile normally)yes Rahul..it's me who cook everyday..not only breakfast..lunch and dinner too..

Rahul:(smiles)have to say..meals are really delicious..you have magic on your hand doll!!

Khushi smile at him normally..Arnav grips the glass tightly hearing the way he calling her as his..Arnav like ready to blast..but he became calm fastly feeling Khushi holding his hand under the table..he look at her..but she eating silently..she slowly takes him hand towards her thing and place his hands between her legs..Arnav breath little abnormally feeling his hand on her thing..he hold her hand back..both of them start have the goods with playing with hands..Khushi cares his hands on her private part slowly..Arnav gasps feeling that..Rahul time to time talks with her something random..Khushi to replying him normally playing with Arnav.and he having his foods with small smile plying with her..with those naughty staffs arshi have their foods..other side Rahul to have his foods admiring his doll...

After having normal breakfast all of them joined to living room..and chats normally like usual..Rahul to sitting with them..they all talking ..khushi sitting with Arnav and Nani..she sitting between them...Rahul sitting with nk..he not seeing anything looking Khushi sitting with Arnav..he calm himself  saying Nani to sitting with her..then after sometime door bell ring it..hp opened the door and saw some mans standing out wearing same code dresses.they introduced they self as electrical..hp takes them inside ..everyone saw some people coming inside ..hp informed them they all electronic..then vijay said to everyone..

Vijay:it's me who called them Nani...last night I notice dinning area light not worked after we had dinner..I think fuse went..that's why I called the electricity..so they can check other lights to in home...

Nani agree with him..then hp takes them to dinning area..in living room everyone continually chatting ...suddenly mama start to coughs..he asked for water..Khushi went towards side table to get a water..the table middle of the dinning area and living room..she pour water in glass .suddenly little bit fell on table..she take the cloth and weep the table after giving the water to mama..

From living room..Rahul cooking at Khushi act..Arnav to following her every actions..Rahul looking her with soft smile..after moment suddenly his smiles got vanished..his eyes turn red in great anger..he tight his fist and get up from the sofa..everyone notice his sudden anger..Arnav rise his eyebrow seeing his angry face..Rahul rushed to dinning area and held on of the man by neck..he drag him towards the wall and lift him by neck..the man hanging on air..everyone gasps in shock seeing his unexpected act..all of them rushed towards him..the man on his grip struggle to breath..other mans just shocked to react..Arnav and Vijay rushed towards him and nk and akash try to free that man from his hold..

Rahul:Rahul what are you doing!!what he did..why are you behaving like this..leave him..leave him Rahul..

Rahul:(roar in full of beasty anger)no..no..I will not leave this badsterd.i can't leave him..I going to kill him..

He throw the man on floor and start to beat him very badly..everyone really got shocked seeing his anger..he very badly beating him..Arnav and vijay try to very hard to control him..but he is out of control..

Arnav:(angrily)but what the hell he did to you..he came to work..what he did..

Rahul:(pull the man by collar)that bloody badsterd takes Khushi pics wrong way...

Everyone now got the real shock..Arnav look at him without blinking..Rahul continually beating that man..Arnav look around and saw there one phone laying..he already controlling the anger which building inside him..if it true what Rahul saying..the man dead today..he takes the phone fastly and on it..and there a photos..Arnav grips the phone tightly..there a photos of Khushi **** ,navel,butt..he throw the phone in anger and directly punch that man face..everyone starlet by Arnav act..so it is true..both Arnav and Rahul beating and punching him to red to blue.lthat man fell on the floor lifelessly.akash vijay and nk trying their level best to tame they both..who attacking the man like beasty Lions..finally Khushi came out from her dilemma and moves towards Arnav Rahul..

Khushi:stop you both ..he will die..leave him..

Arnav:(roaring devil way)let him die ...how dare he..how he got guts to takes your pics cheap way..I am not going to leave him..

Khushi:(pleading tone)please I beg you both..please leave him...

Rahul:(same beast tone)Khushi stay out of this...I will not step back until he die..

Khushi:(threatening tone)you both have to leave him now...meri kasam!!!

Both of their hands stop in air hearing her statement..both of them look at her threatening expression..then they both throw that man on the floor..Vijay hurriedly ask other mans to take him from there..both Arnav and Rahul breathing hardly..they eyes still have the beast anger..everybody looking them silently..they don't know what to said..Khushi looking they both without blinking..she now don't know to whom she go first..both of them now in same mood..and she know she only can calm them..she slowly move a stood between they both..she held their both hands feeling her touch Arnav Rahul look at her..she drag their both front of her and face they both..both look at her silently..and try to calm their selfs.

Khushi:why are you both getting this much anger..it's over now..you both beat that man to dead line..come on now try to calm dos you both..

Arnav:(furious tone)calm down!!you are asking me to calm down..do you this its simple matter to forget and calm down..that's badsterd ..how dare he..how he got that guts to take your photos..I just want to kill him..

Rahul:( same furious tone)exactly..Khushi this is not small matter..that badsterd don't have a rights to live after doing this..I just want to beat him until he die..

Khushi:(calming tone)it's okay now..you both already punished him very badly..I have a doubt if he can move from the bed after getting that much beats and punches from you both..are you both thinking I am happy about this incident..I am to feeling angry and hurt..but it's all over now..he got punishment for his mistake..now don't drag this matter anymore..if you both really care for me..and wishing to see me happy..then try to forget this and try to forget that man..

Arnav and Rahul look at her silently..she looking them with expectations..specially from Arnav..then nodded their heads..Khushi smiles at them..everyone in family left a big sign of relief and move to living room..Arnav and Rahul look at her caringly.when Rahul try to said something..his phone start to ring..Khushi left his hand..he then left from there saying he will back in minute..now only arshi present here..Arnav slowly cup Khushi face and kissed her forehead..she look at  his care and love filled stare.when he try to ask something..Khushi said before him..

Khushi:I am okay Arnav..don't worry..

Arnav smile at her..then Khushi Kiss his hand which she holding..Arnav smile at her..then both of them joined to family members.they all talk normally. To forget the incident happened few minutes ago..

Next update:shocking ,sindoor,,Stefan arrival to raizada mansion...

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Fabulous update
Oct 24, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 45 times)

Next day ...today was Friday..all of family members joined  to mandir room early morning itself.seeing everyone in praying room..Rahul to enter inside the room..after yesterday event..he still upset and angry about that man..his mind just telling him to just kill that cheap man..but his hands are tied...he can't go against Khushi..after many attempts he finally controlled himself..he came to mandir and saw Khushi standing beside Nani wearing dark red color sari with full sleeve blouse..she keft her hair open and wearing lot of bangles on both hands..he totally mesmerized seeing her look..he looking her without blinking.she truly angel..the real angel..his mind and heart chanting like mantra she is mine,,,she is mine...she totally mesmerizing..no one can escape without falling from her..he completely lost on her..with the same lost state he move towards and stood front of her..Khushi don't notice his presence..after Moment she felt someone standing front of her..she look up and saw Rahul looking her deeply with his honey color intense eyes..she got uncomfortable seeing he looking her like this..she try to look away..everyone already saw he inside the mandir,,they all became conscious about his presence..Rahul came and stood beside her left side..when she try to move away..she bumped with another shoulder..she turn and saw that's was her only love Arnav..he looking looking her same way..she smile at him..Arnav hold her hand without anyone noticing way..Khushi strong the hold and held him back..one side Rahul looking her intense way..other side Arnav looking her love filled way..her both crazy lovers wing beside her..once was her dearest forever love..another way her moved on ex love....they three standing standing together with different emotions and feelings...then Nani announced to everyone pooja going to start...everyone stood properly..all start to pray with closed eyes..seeing Khushi actions Rahul copied her..this is first time he doing and seeing all this..he never attended any pooja or never entered any mandir his entire life..few times he went to church with mother Stella..that's all..he never followed any religion culture or be like that..but he know he is Indian..but he don't know any single details about Indian life...those all really new to him..seeing Khushi he copied her every actions.after long time everyone opened their eyes,.then after moment Rahul to opened his eyes..then Anjali start to distribute prasad to everyone..

after giving prasad to all..Anjali,payal,Mami,takes sindoor from the thaal and put on their foreheads..Khushi can't put sindoor because of Rahul..she takes the sindoor little secretly without nobody can see he put sindoor on forehead..it not visible to anyone..little bit of satisfaction came on her heart doing this..but she fully not notice Rahul looking the scene carefully with full of interest..he notice the way Anjali Mami payal putting sindoor on their foreheads..somewhere that red powder putting new glow on their faces.its looking really nice to see..he then look Khushi saw she not having that red powder on her forehead..it's not good..he want to see that glows on his princess face..if those ladies looking good then..his angel will look even more gorgeous with that red powder..he want to see her putting that red powder..he look around to search that silver color plate which had that red powder..he the same thaal was front of devimayya idol..he move forward and take sindoor on his finger..he saw Khushi just few feet away from him with Nani..he move forward and hold her hand..Khushi jerked feeling the sudden cold hold..she turn and saw Rahul looking her with deep emotions..she don't  know what  suddenly running on his mind ..his sudden act alerted everyone..he looking at her smiling way..Arnav's heart pumping widely wondering what he try to do now..Rahul then raised his hand towards her forehead..everyone gasps seeing he try to put sindoor on Khushi..Arnav's heart stopped beating seeing that scene,,if this scene happen..he will lose his breath on spot..his body shivering..Khushi look at him most shocking way..when he going to apply sindoor..she hurriedly stopped his hand..she breathing little fastly..everyone sign in big relief she stopped him right moment..Arnav to got his breath back seeing nothing wrong happened..

Khushi:(little angry shocking tone)rahul what are you doing?domyou know what are you try to do?how can you try to do that..

Rahul:(confused tone)what's wrong I did..I just try to apply this red powder on your forehead..I saw all ladies applying on their foreheads..it looking nice to see..so I thought it's would be even more beautiful to you..so I just want to Apply this on you...

Nani:(little strict tone)Rahul beta!!those things not like how you thinking.you are calling this as red powder na..it's not any normal power..it's called sindoor..it's was on of big witness for marriage..it's allowed only for married women..every married women put this sindoor on their forehead for them husbands with lot of love and care..it's was really special..and only husbands can apply this on their wives forehead..other mans not allowed to put that on their wives..that's was sin..and even mans can't put this to unmarried girls..that's was will be big mistake..

Rahul really surprised hearing all those things from Nani.he never thought this pinch of red powder having thus much importance and big meanings.he look at Khushi with some unknown emotions.everyone looking him silently and waiting for next..after thinking something very deep,y..he suddenly hold her both hands..and said to her with deep love and possessive tone..he put the blast..

Rahul:Khushi lets get marry!!!!!....I want you apply this sindoor telling my name!!..I want to became your husband!!..I want to show this whole world you're belong to me.land only to me..I want to said everyone loudly and prideful you're mine..Khushi belong to her Rahul only..lets get marry Khushi..

Rahul shivering when he telling all this..his eyes and emotions showing some kind of madness.looking like he not in his sense..Khushi looking him without blinking..she never expect he will put this much big blast now.everyone don't know how to react hearing his proposal..Arnav frozen on spot hearing him..his whole body become paralyzed..his whole body become cold too..after registering whatever rahul said..an raw possessive and obsessive anger build inside him..anger filled fully on Arnav ..he rushed like a dark beast towards Rahul to rip him apart.how dare he..when he try to move towards  him luckily akash and vijay hold him hurriedly.arnav  try to came out from their grip..but they trying they level best to hold him even more..Rahul not looking around,,his focus just on Khushi..he looking her with lot of hopes..Khushi then composed herself and take her hands from his hold forcefully...she look at him angrily..she said to him little angry to controlling her anger..

Khushi:Rahul marriage is not some joke or small matter..it's was biggest event of everyone's life,..you don't know fully about marriage..it's was matter of  next coming births.. Matter of trust,love,family,care everything..we can't take that as child play..do you think getting married was small work..no that's wrong..we can't do that very easily..so we can't get marry!!!

Rahul:(highly possessive tone)what you mean we can't marry..I accept and agree with your words..but I am completely not accepting last word..if we can't marry soon..that's okay..but that's not mean we not going to marry life long..we will surely marry..and I will definitely make that happen..if we can't marry today..very soon we going to marry..you don't know how many days I craved to be with you every seconds..after fully long eleven years I finally got you.(obsessive tone)this time if you go or try to go away from me..next second you will see my dead body..I will die next second if you go away from me..I can't live without you anymore..I want to live with you..and I want to grow old with you..if you go away from me..then remember the day will be my last day on this world..I really mean it..I love you Khushi..I truly madly blindly crazily love you..you're my soul..pleas understand this fully..you will marry me and only me..if you don't marry..mark my words...rahul khanna last day in this world when his love again leave him..and this is 100% true..

He left from there saying this shocking confession..all of them looking his facing figure with open mouth..thru never expect he looking Khushi this much deeply and madly.they all don't know what yo said..his eyes,body language,emotions,,everything clearly can they see..it's was most shoving scene for them..Arnav become lost hearing his words..what a big Jess came to their life..how he going to throw this mess from their life..Rahul day by day crossing his limits more..he can't do anything..someone deepLy and crazily loving his wife.and he can't do anything..and today front of him someone proposing his wife..but nothing we can't do..he never hear somethings  like this..no husbands maybe faced this horrible experience..he thinking all this really deeply..other side truly shocking  person was Khushi..she can't react for anything..Rahul almost blackmailed her..how she going to handle him now..she know he was loving her truly..but today he said how much possessively obsessively madly he loving her..she never see him like this..he just freak her out..she think deeply..he is not going in good track..day by day his madness for her increasing more..she have to do something really big..which Rahul can really sense and see..she is not loving him anymore..something very big..what can she do..her head paining  like a hell..this is biggest headache of her..she now regretting why she met him on her past..she think something and called family members..

Next update:::rahul sensing the wrongs..Stefan arrival...

First note for my reader uzzal:::hello uzzal I read your massages...I really sorry when the massages arrived I don't see that..my phone got broken..that's why..today only I see that..you very specially asked this story update.i don't know if I can update this story daily..but I will try to update regularly.....thank you....

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Fabulous update
Nov 20, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 63 times)

At lunch time..all of family members joined to dinning hall normally ..thry all behaved like nothing happened,,then Rahul reached to dinning table..when he greet everyone he notice the absence of Arnav Khushi.lhe confused to see both of them now where to see..somewhere he don't like that..he asked them about to Nani Ji..

Rahul;Nani Ji where's Khushi and Arnav..both of them now where to see?

Nani;(very casually)Khushi gets having lunch with chote on his room Rahul beta..

Rahul;(little shocked)what!but why..why they having lunch alone..

Anjali:(casually and keenly)it's not special thing Rahul Ji..because most of the time they both take lunch alone only..and they will take lot of time to finish their lunch..(smile)don't know what they doing that much ..and today it will be like that only..

Both mami and Nani smile hiding way ..mans are smirk seeing them..rahul just don't like that bit..whatever Anjali said..the way she told him..it's was hinting some other meaning..after controlling himself very hardly he take a seat on chair..after serving himself he try to eat..but he can't..the think Khushi having lunch with Arnav just burning his whole body..he grips the spoon tightly..he try to not to show his anger to anyone..but he don't know the whole family observing his every acts..they all looking his every moves closely..finally he give up..he can't eat..when he try to get up.mami called him out..

Mami:hello hai bye bye!!rahul beta where are you going..don't you eat.

Rahul:(try to talk normally)I am not hungry mami Ji..I don't want food..

Nani:(caring tone)it's not good to neglect foods Rahul beta..you should eat on time..even you taking medicine na.take your meals beta..

Hearing Nani caring voice..Rahul can't be rude to her..he again sit and start to have the meals..the meals not going normally inside his body ..his throat getting struck..he can't eat peacefully..his whole mind wondering what Arnav Khushi doing alone..why they have to eat alone..and from Anjali talk..he come to know its not new thing to them..what's all this mean..it is Khushi that much close with Arnav that she taking lunch alone with him..this is really wrong..he taking the meals angrily...family members looking him secretly..they can see how much angrily he having the lunch..thry successfully make him eat,,now there next step was khushi's...

After two hours..before two hours all of them had the lunch..but still Arnav Khushi not come downstairs..Rahul restlessly waiting to see Khushi..but she not come still..every passing seconds his anger limit passing fastly..he very hardly controlling his anger and furious..he passing around the staircase restlessly,,all family members are in living room chatting each other..this is what Rahul thinking..but they all only observing his every acts..how much restlessly he roaming around the staircase..somewhere they feeling sad seeing him like this..but they can't do anything..then he stop his walk in middle feeling khushi's presence..he turn and look up.next second the scene front of him make his blood boil..

Khushi coming down holding Arnav arm..she fully circle her half body around his left arm..both of them coming down talking with whole face smile..his best mood try to come out..he tight his fist seeing their closeness.his teethes making angry sound,..his both eyes getting dark red..then both come down and saw Rahul looking them angrily..but they behave like they not notice his anger..both of them joined to family members..they both greet everyone and family members to greet them..then Anjali said to them teasing way keeping eye on Rahul..

Anjali:finally you both come..I thought you will will come after finishing dinner also..

Arnav smirk hearing her tease..Khushi to smile little shy way..family members chuckle looking them..seeing all this Rahul burning in highly anger and jealousy..what the hell all this...why they all talking to them like this..don't they seeing the wrong in that..how can they allow this..didn't it's wrong..without controlling himself he called out loud..

Rahul:Khushi!!!.(she look him)baby what's all this..

Khushi:(casually)what you mean you what's all this..what happened?

Rahul:(try to control the anger,and try to talk cool way)I mean..today you take lunch alone..I don't know you this much close with Arnav..(try to be more cool)baby it's really shock..

Khushi:(circle her arms around Arnav's waist and smile)yes Rahul..you don't know na.we both really close to each other..close means more then close,if I have to said clearly to you..after you he is the guy who I am close very much..if more close more then you..

Saying that she smile at Arnav sweetly,,he to smile at her back love filled way..but Rahul looking them with shocking filled reaction..he truly not expect this from Khushi..he looking her with blank expression..after moment he feel like his whole body shaking in uncontrollable anger..his hands are shivering to kill someone..he looking them with angry filled eyes..family members and arshi looking him silently..Khushi can sense how much he try to control himself from lash out on her..she can feel that very well..he still control his anger and asked her with furiously..

Rahul:but baby..more then anyone it's was me na who close to you very much..and I know still it's me who close to you more..I am I right?

Khushi:(smile)it's true Rahul..early you be close to me more then anyone..but everything can't be same always right ..and also we both lost touch long 11 years..so everything changed..and my whole life changed very much..so I am not the same person who you met 11 years ago..I am changed very much..so like that my closed ones also changed..because Of all this I am not saying ,I not caring about you anymore..but I am saying..I am not the same Khushi you met in London 11 years ago..time change everyone Rahul..like that I am also changed..

She said every each words strongly and clearly to him..and she give more important for "changed"word..he hear all that silently with blank reaction..he take  all of her words to deep heart..but he don't like to react on that..because if he react on her words..now this second the whole house may burning in fire..whole family waiting for Rahul reaction..he slowly come towards Khushi and hold her one hand and cup her cheek by other hand..Khushi looking him silently,,but inside she hell nervous thinking what he going to tell..beside her Arnav looking him angrily with griping hand..his hands are aching to punch him..how dare he..family members stunned by Rahul act..without giving damn to anyone..he said to her with dangerous obsessive tone..

Rahul:you may changed Khushi..even your closed ones also changed..but I am not changed still..I am the same Rahul who you meet in collage..who you love..and who loved you crazily madly,who just gone insane after you left..these passed 11 years my love on you never changed..the every second my life for you increasing even more..and it's will be like this forever..I don't care who was your closed ones.but I will be your love..your first and last love..I will not let any other person win your or your love..you belong to me and only me..it's will be good if you keep that on your mind.you very well know right..I don't like some other person getting close to you..remember that always..

Saying to her strongly he left from there after giving sharp stare to Arnav,.all of them really shocked and surprised seeing him like this..now they clearly know..it's not easy to handle him..family members and Arnav getting really worried..more then worry he getting fear..somewhere he sense Rahul exactly like him..the was he show his possessiveness on Khushi..he feel like it's was him..Rahul behaving like Corbin copy of Arnav..he not fearing for anyone..Arnav getting really worry and fear..but Khushi looking Rahul fading figure angrily..she don't like the way Rahul try to dominate her.what he thinking on himself..this is too much..she look at Arnav who lost somewhere ..then Nani said to Khushi worriedly..

Nani:Khushi beta..I don't think Rahul will understand.now you're no more loving him..did you see the way he talk with you..day by day I am feeling really worry beta..when those all going to end..

Khushi:(determined tone)you don't worry Nani..soon I will show him his real place..in any how he have to accept that I am no more loving him ..I already moved on..he can't get me anymore..I am already belong to someone..soon he have to face the reality..and I will make him realize..I don't care what will happened as return..but he surely have to face the truth..

She said to Nani and everyone determinedly..Arnav feel really nice hearing her words..it's really good relief for him..Atleast now she thinking about them without worrying about that Rahul..early she did all works carefully without making him hurt..now she don't care about that..it's good for him..Khushi hold his hand and side hugged him comforting way..both of them really wishing to finish all this problems soon and go to their early peaceful life.

After sometime.lits almost evening time..raizada family chatting each other in living room..after argue with Khushi in lunch time..Rahul still don't come to home..and Khushi to not try to know where is he..it's good he don't come soon.but  after few minutes he arrived to home with very tired face..his was was become really pale..everyone saw his tired state..somewhere thry feeling pity to seeing him like this..but they can't help..he don't notice anyone..his eyes only catch Khushi who sitting between Arnav and Anjali..without saying anything he left to his room for fresh up..after some time he come back,.he take seat beside nk and look at Khushi without blinking..he ask coffee from her..Khushi to serve him..then all if them continue talk without letting any awkward moments happen..suddenly door bell ring..when hp open the door he saw an handsome good looking man standing out wearing glass on his eyes..hp take him inside the house..all of family members wonder who us that..when he come to inside Rahul surprised seeing the person..he hurriedly get up and call him out..

Rahul:Stefan !! What a pleasant surprise..what are you doing here..

Khushi:(confused tone)Rahul who is he?

Rahul:(smile at her)this is Stefan ...Paris no.1 deductive..I appointed him to find you eight years ago..but still he don't find a single details about you..and I know what he don't get any details about you..but never mind ..finally I got you..

Khushi wide her eyes hearing him..not only she the who,e family really surprised..Stefan smile knowingly seeing her scared face..Khushi don't know what she going to do now..

Next update:romance..truth or dare...anger..jealousy..fight..

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Fabulous update
Dec 19, 2017

Jab tak hai jaan (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 48 times)

Rahul smile at her.then family members ask stifan to sit,he sit with Rahul ..then Rahul asked him straightly,

Rahul;by the way stifen why did you come here.if I am it wrong you must have tone in Paris.

Stifen:RK did you forget.its was you who asked me to come here.i got a doubt.what is Khushi living I got India.when I told you my doubt.you to staying in India.after I reach here.i stayed with you on your apartment.

Rahul:(big surprise)really.how much happened.but why I don't remember anything.i totally forget what happened after I come to India..

Khushi got tension hearing that.thats was the big problem now.he don't remember anything,she can tell him the truth in second.but she can't play with his life.maybe there many reasons.but it's true that he being in this condition because of her.she can't play with his life.rahul and stifen talking normally.time to time stifen looking Khushi secretly.this notice by whole family expect Rahul.then stifen said to Rahul.

Stifen:okay RK.its time for me to go,(give some key)here this is your apartment key where you stay after come to India.today I am going back to Paris.you don't need he anymore.you already find your Khushi.so bye..

Rahul;sifen wait,I know.you tried very hardly to find my Khushi.because you don't find anything.i can't ignore the efforts you put these years.wait a second I will be back.

Saying that he left to upstairs to his room.now stifen with family members.he look at Khushi and move towards her,family members notice this.and wondering what he going to do.he then said to Khushi who being hell tension.

Stifen:Mrs.raizada! don't worry.i will not tell anything to RK.i know the truth about you,and very well know about RK current state,you're doing right thing in this situation.but I want to said some serious thing to you,please try to make RK better soon.because the love her have on you not any normal love,he loving from his deep soul.his every beats of heart breathing telling your name,and I surely know he will it react normally for the truth.please try to do the thing which you decided to do.because how much you delaying .thats much you will get more troubles and problems.so careful.its hard to control Rahul.

Khushi hear his advice silently,she know he is absolutely right.more delay .more trouble.family members to thing about stifen words.and Arnav thinking about that more deeply.whatever stifen said directly hit  Arnav's brain.the ASR inside him wake up fully after very long time.he can't let more dramas happen,it's time to take the matter to his own hand.he will deal this own way.he determined about that.this time he not going to hear anyone words.even khushi's.because it's was about his life,he can't watch some other  man claiming right on his love.he made a plan.now it's ASR time.he think about that deeply.then Rahul come back.he handed stifen to one  check paper.stifen try to deny .but Rahul give him as gift.then he accept and left the house.after some time Rahul got some official call and left to attend,when Khushi try to talk with Arnav,he to went telling have to call someone.khushi let him go seeing he being normal only,then family members start to talk normally,Atleast those family moments making them happy little,

On poolside...Arnav take his phone and dual a number.then he start to speak.

Arnav;aman.i want to know every single details about Rahul khanna.everything mean everything.don't let a  small detail to left.i want the details soon as possible.understood make it quick.. (He cut the call and look at the pool water deeply)I can't be control anymore Khushi..I can't wait until you tell him the truth slowly without hurting him..it's not just about him.its about my life also.i can't bear him near to you rightfully,now I will face my own.he wan win the Arnav.but he can never win ASR.i will not let any other  people take my love.your mind and always will be mine,

The true possessive and obsessive showing on his eyes.he start the mission to protect his love.to win over Rahul khanna.lets see.ASR or RK.

Night time,after taking dinner as usual all left to their rooms.and like daily .khushi give him the medicine,after few minutes Rahul fell to sleep.quickly she come to her room.when she look around for Arnav saw he sitting on poolside,she smile and hug him from behind.feeling her hug and Arnav and make Arnav come front of him and make her sit on his lap.she smile looking him.he smile back.when she look him slowly  she saw sine thing showing on his face,he not looking like the same way he looked past few days.today he being little bright.some sharp emoting playing on his face,like he determined to do something.she sigh and leave all the thoughts on her mind.in night time only she can be with him calmly.she don't want to think about anything expect them now,she hugged him tightly .and feel him closely ..Arnav to hugged her back.after sometime  he asked her slowly,

Arnav:can I ask you something Khushi.

Khushi:What you want to ask Arnav .

Arnav:how Rahul sleeping every night without get up until morning.i thought he will try to be with you ..

Khushi:(look at him;)I know about him Arnav.if he being awake.now we both can't be like this now.thats why I ask Doctor to give him some kind of sleeping pill.which will not effect his body that much.that pill had power until morning only.thats why he sleeping like this.i giving him that pill with other medicines..

Arnav surprised hearing that.he don't know about that  until now.but must said .she did a right thing.its good that she giving him sleeping pill.otherwise he can't get this time to spend with her.both of them settle to poolside and start to talk normally.after sometime in middle chat suddenly Arnav said to Khushi..

Arnav:Khushi I am sorry..

Khushi:why you saying sorry..

Arnav:(slowly)noe I fully realize that how you may feel when I be with lavanya.even front of you many times I close with her.make you sad many times.after she ,sheetal..she even acted like aarav was my son.to make that worst more me to got close with him..now I know in which state you face that days.how you bear my closeness with them.i am feeling really sorry Khushi..I think this Rahul matter teaches very big lesson to me.this is my punishment for hurting you in past.i am feeling really bad Khushi.i am really sorry.

Khushi:(smile)it's okay Arnav.i don't feel bad.i agree those all really hard times for me,but we know that na.whatever happened we both love each other truly.thats why after so much happened we still together..

Arnav:(small wonder smile)how can you take all this easily Khushi.if I am on your place.i will never forgive or forget that.i am hurt about my own behavior.but why you being like this..

Khushi:(smile)I have to be like this Arnav.(little playfully)because loving a person like you not a normal thing,you're really weird and kadoos person.so to maintain our relationship I have to do something,forgiving you the first thing.

Arnav:(jaw dropped)Khushi !what are you saying .i am weird person.thats not fair.

Khushi:(chuckles)it's fair.because I am saying the true..(smile softly)and you know what Arnav.why I been strong on those days.because I strongly believed you only love  me.i always make myself calm thinking this repeatedly.i believed on one can break our relationship.and I always believe thAt,I have trust on our love.

Arnav hugged her out of happiness.he truly blessed to have this angel as his soulmate.he don't know what he did to deserve a angel like her.its truly bless.both of them be like that long time.after sometime Arnav feel Khushi fell to sleep on his arms.he smile and carry her to room.after putting her to bed softly,he kissed her forehead.he promised to himself.like Khushi believes on their love.he to believe the same.he will never let anyone person break their love.from tomorrow.ASR mission start,he will face Rahul alone.thinking all that he fell to sleep taking her to his arms.he waiting for tomorrow eagerly.

Next day.after having breakfast all joined to living room.after Rahul cone Arnav not step out of the home.he don't have any trust in anyone in matter of Khushi.he can't left her home with him.thanks to akash and aman that office works going peacefully.and he doing the works in home itself,now all talking normally,suddenly Arnav's got a massage.after reading the massage he got up from the seat.after telling to family members he left to his room.after he went Rahul to told to Khushi normally front of everyone.

Rahul:baby I think it's enough I take ready.its going to be week I come here,.and after show end I didn't contact any of my professional works.i need to look after my office baby,so I need to go Paris.

Khushi:(happy but didn't show it)if you feeling you're okay now.you can gobs I to Paris.i know even works also need you.you can go Rahul.

Rahul:(smile)it's true I need to go.but I don't said na that.i am going alone.you have to come with me.i will not go without you.

Khushi:(shocked tone)what!no way..I am not coming..I can't come with you.if you want you can go from here.but I am not coming.

Rahul really not liked her reply.he thought she will come with him happily.but no,she is not ready for that.he feeling angry.but he try to not to show it.khushi clearly can see his he try to control his anger.but she don't care,how can she go with him.family members hearing their conversation silently,they not interfere on their talk.

Rahul:(try to talk normally)why Khushi,you feeling scared to come with me.let me tell you.i am your Rahul ,sweety.your only love,what's the problem in coming with me,baby you're safe with me,come with me na.

Khushi;(firmly)no Rahul,I can't come.not because I don't trust you.not because I am feeling unsafe with you.i can't come with you because .i can't leave my family .i can't be away from them.coming with you to Paris impossible thing.

Family members smile hearing her.they feeling really happy seeing she not just thinking ban out Rahul.more then him she fully giving important to them,it's feeling really nice to them,Rahul irritated by her talks.whats wrong with her.more then him she giving important to family.he don't like that.why she doing this,don't she want toco e with him alone and spend time with him.but he thought something.he can't force her.what if she get angry on him.he can't tolerate that.so he decided something very soon and strongly.

Rahul:okay Khushi.if you don't like to come to Paris with me .then me also not going there.if you want to be with your family,then I want to be with you.so let me do something.i going to open my on of branch here.so I can look after my office works from here itself.

Khushi disappointed hearing his decision.she thought to send him away from here,by he just turn for the situation.she hide her disappointment and smile at him.he to smile at her back.then they talk normally,

In arshi room.arnav sitting on recliner and looking the laptop closely.just now aman send him Rahul bio-data.and he reading that without missing a single word.in few minutes he come to know many things about him.must said that he is really successful and hard working person.after reading few lines about professional.he hurriedly move to personal side.which he need more.he very shocked seeing details about him.there many things about him.after reading his full bio-data Arnav think deeply.

Arnav:so that's mean.rahul taking treatment from psychiatrist.why he taking treatment for that.did he have some other problems .i gave to find about this.

After knowing which doctor giving treatment to Rahul he try to contact him,the first step of his knowing what is Rahul exact problem,there truly something about him which all unknown.he have to know,after making arrangement to contact Doctor he come to downstairs,

When he come down.he saw Rahul sitting beside Khushi.his blood boiled seeing that,without think anything he sit another side beside her,Rahul look at him silently,he don't like that.already many times he saw Arnav with Khushi.whenever he looking them.many negative thoughts coming to his mind,he don't like to see them together.not even in same sofa.he can't said the out loud.but arnavmust understand right.they both was lovers,after long time get reunion.cant his family and he understands that.they need time alone,looking like they all not taking their relationship seriously.even Khushi not showing any interest on be with him alone,what happened to her.somewhere he sensed she us not the same Khushi who loved him.she not showing that much interest on him.no.no.he can't let this happens.soon or possible he have to get her fully.its enough of waiting,soon he gave to take her away from here.thinking all that he looking Arnav silently.suddenly his thoughts broke by nk voice,

Nk:guys it's been long time we play some games..come on let's play truth or dare.i am getting bore.

Everyone agree with him.nani and mami left to their rooms to get rest.so now only youngsters present there.nk bring the bottle.everyone sit to circle.khushi sitting between Rahul Arnav.after place the bottle nk spin.bottle spin and slowly stopped to Vijay side.everyone smile .then akash asked him.

Akash:so jiju.truth or dare?

Vijay:hmm truth..

Akash:so jiju we know you going to be father soon.so which baby you want.boy or girl.

Vijay:(small smile)if I said the real truth.i want twins.and want both babies healthy.

Anjali open her mouth hearing him.she hit him playfully,everyone smile seeing them.then nk spin the bottle again.then this time it stop towards akash..after few spin.now It's stopped to Rahul side.everyone got curious seeing that.all of them want to ask him .but this is nk turn.so he asked him.

Nk:Rahul truth or dare?

Rahul:my first round.so truth.

Nk:so tell us .what is your biggest wish on your life.which you want to fulfill.

Rahul:I just have a one wish on my life.(smile dreamy way)I want to marry Khushi and live happily with her until I die.and want to have a adorable babies with her.whom I want just like their mother.two or three babies enough for me.but I anyhow I want to have a baby girl who was just carbon copy of her mother.its okay other two babies like me..totally I want to make a big happy family .this is my biggest wish.and I will fulfill that in anyhow.

Everyone become silent hearing his talk.all of them don't utter a word.khushi look at him wonder way.they all not speak a word.this time Arnav to looking him silently,all of them looking the man who dreaming a forbidden dream.somewhere all feeling sad and hurt for him.how can they told him that.whatever he dreaming not going to happen.khushi feeling very hurt looking him like this,she regretting very badly to giving him such a big hopes to Rahul.how can she tell him those all not going to happen .whatever she agree or not.she destroyed his life fully.thise years she lived happily forgetting her past.but he still living with their past.she did really big mistake to him.suddenly Rahul phone ring.he come back to his sense and saw its was some official calls.he left the place to attend the call.all of them look at his vanish figure.tears fall from Khushi eyed.she start to cry silently.all shocked seeing her sudden cry.arnav hugged her side way and asked her what happens .

Khushi:(crying tone)it's all my fault  Arnav.i did a big mistake .i unnecessarily give him lot of hopes.he still believe I am love him.he dreaming very much.i don't known how I going to say.whatever you dreaming not going to true.how will he face the truth Arnav.he will totally broken.i destroyed his whole life.i did very big sin.i am regretting giving him such a hopes.i am feeling so guilty Arnav,I am so guilty.

Arnav hugged her to calm her.they feeling sad for both Rahul and Khushi.they feeling helpless.dont know to whom they support.one side Rahul dreaming very much.other side Khushi feeling guilty.arnav can't bear her tears.he to,d her softly.

Arnav:Khushi look at me,I can understand your state.but there nothing your fault.when you left your redo self.you asked him to forget you.and you to forget him.and that's not your fault that he still thinking about you.thats was his own problems.so there nothing you do with it.so relax and calm down.we will try to find a solution for this.dont worry.leave this to me.

Other people to try to calm her.after sometime she become normal.snd Arnav promised her he will take care everything.

Next update:accident.outing.shocking revelation.

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Feb 18, 2018

Jab tak hai jaan (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 42 times)

Evening time..when all family members present in hall.they saw Rahul coming towards Khushi with happy smile.all wondering now what trouble he going to create..he come and sit beside her..

Rahul:(smile)baby I planned a dinner date tonight..be ready at seven o clock.

Khushi gulp her saliva hearing that.she look at the family members who to become silence hearing him.she finally look at Arnav and saw he have a serious look on his face.she don't know how to respond him.and Rahul don't asked her opinion.he telling about other things.she don't want to go dinner with him.but she didn't know how to said that ..family members understood her helpless state and felt pity for her.he already arranged everything.after telling the plans he went out for get something.khushi really tension now.arnav went and sit beside her knowing she now need his support.he held her by shoulder and give her comfy hug.she told him helplessly,

Khushi:Arnav I don't want to go dinner with him..

Arnav:I know Khushi.even I don't want you go with him.but how can we stop him.what reason you will give for stay back.and do you think he will agree with your lame reasons..no I don't think so..

Khushi agree with him.she know Rahul will not hear out any of her reasons to stop.her head spinning up because of all this..she don't know how she going to stop all this..

At night..it's time for Rahul and Khushi to go dinner.he happily getting ready on room.here Khushi feeling like to run away because of depression..she truly don't like all this.after many sighs she finally font ready and come to living room.all presenting in hall with grumpy face.and Khushi know why they all being like this.obviously they all don't like she going out with Rahul.but all now in helpless situation.controlling their emotions .now all waiting for him.after moment Rahul come to staircase and and keep steps looking Khushi.suddenly they all gasps in shock.all of them shocked to react.they all become statue.their visual got blur seeing Rahul lost his balance and rolling in staircase.then he fell on the floor with thud.khushi came out from her shocked state and rushed towards unconscious Rahul.the whole family surrender around him.quickly Vijay called the doctors.arnav akash carried him to room.all really restless now.hope he is okay..

In Rahul room.doctor checking Rahul.he still unconscious..family members waiting outside restlessly,after some moment Doctor come out and Khushi marched towards him quickly.family members move behind her.

Khushi:(tension)Doctor it's everything okay..he is okay right.there any problem.

Doctor:there nothing to worry.he is perfectly all right.he become unconscious because of sudden shock.thats why.soon he will get his conscious..just take care of him carefully.

All of them sigh in big relief hearing Doctor words.then Doctor take his leave.then All of them enter to room.they saw Rahul blinking his eyes to open.then finally he open his eyes.he look around give give frown look to family members.then his stare fell on khushi.he smile at her sweetly.she smile at him back.he try to sit.but he weak to do that alone.nani and Anjali helped him to sit.next moment he wide his eyes and call Khushi towards him,she sigh seeing that.he again started.she slowly move towards him.when she come close.he hold her hand and make her sit beside him.then he rest his head on her shoulder.family members don't like that sight.but still keep quiet because of her.then he told her apologize way.

Rahul:sorry baby because of me our date to got cancelled..I am really sorry.

Khushi:it's okay Rahul.its happened accidently.i am okay with that.now you should rest.you are really weak now,

He accept her command feeling truly weak.khushi make him lay again and ask him to sleep.soon family members left the room expect Arnav Khushi.after confirming Rahul sleep.both of them came out from room.

Outside the room.arshi move to their room after close Rahul room.somewhere they happy about this little accident,because of this only their dinner date got cancelled.other way no one know what kind of behaviors Rahul behave with her.its all for good..with little relief Arnav Khushi come to their room ..soon they both went to peaceful sleep for sometime.its really needed now.

After two days..after that little accident Rahul come back to his normal daily routine.and these two days Arnav getting little little details about Rahul.he got many details about him.but he not getting the details which he need.he really want to know more about him.somewhere his heart telling him that there really big truth about him hidden from everyone.he strongly believe that.he working for that really hardly,hope he will get any useful details about him.

Today day evening time..Khushi went out to for shopping..she come to shopping alone.anjali can't strain herself because of pregnancy..and payal have to take care of pari.so she thought to not disturb them.from half hour she doing shopping,when she looking for some things suddenly she feel someone watching her from behind.she turn and saw there no one looking her.she thought its was her humiliation.she again back to her act.after little moment she again feel the same feel.somewhere she don't like that.she getting little bad thoughts.she quickly purchased her things and came out from mall.when she try to enter to car..someone pat her from behind.she turn to look who is that.next second someone keep kerchief on her nose.she shocked to react.next second everything start to blur.slowly she losing her sense,she feel someone carrying her away from there.then she lost her whole sense.everything went blank.her driver scream seeing someone kidnapping his madam.he try to stop them.but they hit him on head and quickly take Khushi from there before anyone notice them.driver hold his bleeding head and quickly take the phone..

In raizada mansion.living room.all of them present in hall expect Khushi Rahul.and talking to each other.arnav waiting for Khushi arrival.suddenly his heart not feeling well.he feeling like Khushi need his help now.he try to clear of all his negative thoughts.suddenly his phone ring.he saw the caller id its was their driver.he feel sudden fear to answer the saw call.controlling his unwanted thoughts he answered the call.next second his heart stopped beating hearing the horrible news from other side.he become emotionless..he can't utter a word.without wait a second he rushed out of the house.family members shocked to see his sudden shocking act.all of them wondering what happened exactly.

After half hour.the raizada mansion filled with police officers.family members silently crying in hall.arnav restlessly roaming around the hall.he is in hell tension,he don't know what to do.its been 30 minutes Khushi got kidnapped.still there no information about her.he is not showing out.but he was feeling very scared inside.his mind giving many negative thoughts.he don't want anything to happen wrongly.if something happen to Khushi.he won't spare the person who behind this..there many emotions running on his body.he can't become calm.he don't know who kidnapped Khushi.still there no calls from kidnappers..he don't know what's their demand.he thinking in different ways..suddenly senior officer approached him.

Officer:mr.raizada..it's been half a hour your wife kidnapped.but still We don't get any calls or threaten from kidnappers..if they want any money or some other demand.they maybe called.but looking like they not need that.its look like they did this for personal problem..maybe some of your business rivals..do you suspect someone.if you suspect someone please inform us.

When Arnav try to deny something sink his mind.he wide his eyes and look around like searching for someone,he look around and saw Rahul missing.he try to connect the dots.rahul missing from past two hours.and he didn't return still.he know that Rahul must be know about Khushi kidnap this time,then why don't he come still.if he have any connection with Khushi kidnapping.he tight his fist in anger.if it's true.no one can save rahul from him.

Khushi blink her eyes..try to come out from her unconscious state..she feel very big pain on her head like someone sitting on her head.she try to open her eyes..finally she success greeting her conscious state..she look around and witness a very unknown place..it's looking like luxury room with every necessary things for a girl.she sense she sitting on very comfy big king size bed.then she Remember how she come here.someone pressed kerchief on her nose..after that what happened she don't remembers.next moment she got panic..it's mean she got kidnapped.her whole body shiver spalling the words itself.but who have a problem with her.why they gave yo kidnap her.but right now she just want to escape from here.she hurriedly get up from the bed and rushed towards the bed.but suddenly she stopped feeling a tight pull from her left leg.she can't take a one more step forward.she look down and saw her leg locked around a thick Chain.she felt helpless seeing that.she quickly bend down and try to free herself from the chain.suddenly she hear an very familiar voice from behind,.

          Did you have a good sleep my love....

Khushi frozen hearing the voice..she cant believe if she truly hear that.she hurriedly turn and got shock of her life looking the person front of her..


Next update:the shocking revelation..Rahul's obsession towards Khushi..fight.

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Mar 19

Jab tak hai jaan... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 71 times)

Rahul giving her evil smirk.he slowly come towards her..she got nervous seeing the way Rahul looking her..she never see him like this.his new avatar making her scared.he now just two feet away from her..

Rahul:(smirk)do you have good sleep my love..hood nothing disturbed your peaceful sleep.even I don't disturbed you.everything comfortable for you right..

Khushi:Rahul what is this..I never expect you will do something like this..why did you kidnapped me.everyone in home must be worried for me.let me go.remove the chain from my legs..it's hurting..

Rahul obeyed her commend and removed the chain from her legs..when she try to go.he hold her hand and bring her close to him.she shocked by his act.she try to free herself from his grip.he holding her firmly.she asked him angrily.

Khushi:Rahul what the hell is this..you behaving wrongly.you can't do this to me.its wrong..leave me..leave me Rahul..

Rahul:(firmly)why?after freeing yourself from me.are you try to go back to your so called husband!!!!..(she look him shockingly)what!!you shocked..you may wondering how I know about your marriage with that Arnav..or you wondering how I know that when I lost my memory.let me tell you..the memory I lost come back very long ago..do you remember my slip on staircase three days ago..surprisingly I got my memory back because of that slip.when I opened my eyes.everything clearly registered on my mind.and I remember what happened that day I meet you after years..I remember everything..

Khushi don't know how to react after the revelation..she never dreamed this..Rahul looking her with firm expression,she look at him and let out a sigh..

Khushi:so you come to know about everything.so  there no use for hiding all..yes Rahul..it's true.i married to Arnav and living a happy life with him.i forget all of our love in past.i very late realized.the feel I felt for in past not love..it's just attraction,,infatuation..I misunderstood my attraction as love.its will be good if you also move on in your life.you should forget me Rahul..I never love......

Before she complete Rahul pushed her to wall and held her neck.she blowed by his shocking act.she never thought Rahul will behave with her like this.he hold her neck hardly.and told her in dangerous tone..

Rahul:don't you dare to complete your sentence..how dare you Khushi.how dare you to say such a kind of things to me..do you think it's any child play to forget and move on..it's my love looking like play thing to you...do you know how much I suffered those years...do you have any idea how I lived without you ..I lived like dead man...my heart never best truly after you went,I searched you whole world like mad man.finally when I got you.you asking me to forget everything and move on easily.how could you..how could you forget me that much easily..(angrily)how can you let another man take my place on your life..how could you damn it..

He grip her neck more hardly,but leave immediately seeing she struggling to breath.she start to cough breathing hardly.he looking her with angry filled corners eyes..she got normal and look at him with guilty face..

Khushi:Rahul I am sorry for whatever happened in past.i don't did anything with intentions ..that's my helpless state.lwhen my father ordered me to forget you.that time I truly feel hard.even I fight with him for you.but I can't do anything when he threaten me emotionally.how I fight with him back when he threaten to kill himself,.i am really helpless that time Rahul.thats why I take that decisio..but I know you loved me truly.but I am not strong for fight with my father for you.after my parents died shashi uncle take me from there.i thought to do Atleast one good thing for you.thats why I transfer my share on your name.i thought just like me ,you will forget everything..but I never expect you will come to me one day..Rahul it's not my faults you still thinking about me..don't I told you to Forget me.why you still thinking about me..now I can't do anything Rahul.i already belong to someone.i lost all emotions to him.i can't give anything to you Rahul.please Rahul...please forget everything ..please forget me..forget whatever happened between us..I want to see your good life Rahul.please move on from our past.please Rahul.

She told him almost Begging way..her eyes got moist ..she feeling both pain and guilty.rahul looking her hurtfully..

Rahul:it's so easy for you to say na..how can you ask all this so easily.you maybe got attraction towards me..but i feel pure love on you.i know my love is true.thats why after you left too.i can't think any other girl in your place..it's true...you asked me to forget everything.but my love not that much easy to forget or write like your latter..I can never forget whatever happened between us..(become hard)and I won't let you forget anything which happened between us..thanks to God that I don't did anything to you after knowing your marriage with him.you have a know idea how I ranged knowing your marriage..it's enough you lived with him.from now other wards you should live with me,(obsession tone)this time life long...don't try to escape from here.i have my eye on you every single second.if you still try to do something..mark my words.i won't do anything to you..but I will surely cause damage on your so called hubby.now he maybe come to know about the kidnapping.and must be searching for you.but no one knows where are you.be with me like good girl..just like my Khushi...(after pause)I am going to bring food for you..don't do any stupidity until I come..

After patting her cheek he went from there..Khushi fell on knees and start to cry silently.why all this happening,how she going to save herself from Rahul.she can't even try to escape.what if he cause something danger to Arnav.no she can't bear that.but right now she just want to be with her love,she really need him now..she look around the room carefully...she don't find any clue where's she now..hope Arnav reach her soon.she can't be here without him.

Khushi:(whisper painfully)please Arnav come soon.i really need you..please get me from here,your Khushi really need you now..please  come soon..

Arnav cults his heart tightly.he closed his eyes and feel the emotion clearly.he feel like Khushi calling him from very far.she asking him to come fast..he sense her painful state..he cares his head snd told on mind..

Arnav:don't worry Khushi..I will come to you very soon.li will reach you very soon.i will do anything to reach you my love..don't worry..be strong,...

Khushi cults her head feeling Arnav's comfort..she know he sensed her state.her heart beating fastly,she lay on bed feeling her love comfort zone,..she want all these finish soon..she really need her husband back....

In raizada mansion.officers try to track Rahul..after Arnav share his doubt on Rahul.everyone try to locate Rahul..

Officer:mr.raizada..considering your doubt we are now fully focusing on Rahul khanna.what if your doubt wrong..our all effort to waste if he don't part of the kidnapping.think about it..

Arnav:(determine tone)there nothing to think officer.i strongly know.its Rahul who behind my wife's kidnap..just track him soon.he is kidnapped my wife..

Officer nodded at him.Arnav sitting on sofa with hard fact.other side family members being worried and sad about khushi's kidnapping..they all praying to God for show them  path.when all engrossed in prayer.suddenly on if officer told everyone hurriedly,

Officer:sir..I tracked Rahul khanna last location..55 minutes ago his phone signal showing some forest area out skirt of Delhi..one incoming call reserved by him that time.after that he switch off the phone..

Arnav quickly get up from the sofa and told officer firmly.

Arnav:it's confirmed..I am sure he keeping my wife somewhere in forest..otherwise there no need for him to go forest area....try to get details of that forest area..We can't waste time anymore..

The officers node at him,then he try to track the location.after two minutes he give the details..without wait more arnsv left the house with police force.nk and Vijay join with him.family members pray for Good end of their searching..

Kyushu opened her eyes hearing Rahul voice..she saw he standing  front of her with smile.he holding a big tray on hand.he slowly please the tray on bed and take a seat beside her closely..Khushi move back little without letting him touch her..he told her sweetly..

Rahul:look Khushi..I bring your all favorite foods..aloo paratha,,pav bajji,,vadapav,,and your most favorite jelebi..all these made by me.li made all those items with lot of love for my queen..come on tastes all this,and tell me how is my cook..come on..

He forward the food towards her.she turn her face other side stubbornly..he groan seeing her behavior.he asked her annoyed tone..

Rahul:what is this Khushi..what I did that you behaving with me like this..see how much lovely I make all this for you..why can't you eat this..are you try to be hungry whole day.if you then leave that idea,,I won't let you be without eating..(after pause)or I am seeing you're not healthy like in past..you being very weak..you need lot of energy...if you be like this..how can you carry my baby..you should have to be strong and healthy to bear our baby..

Khushi wide her eyes hearing his words..she gulp her saliva hearing his shocking comment..she never expected this..baby,...seriously..Rahul smirk seeing her shocked state..

Rahul:what you think..I always just keep talking with you like this..no baby..I will not be fool like last time..this time only action,.i just waiting for night to come..today we both going to have our first night..today we going to become one naturally..after spending a night with me..I cannot go even I ask you also..because that's was Indian culture..after that our baby will come to us..after that we both live a peaceful life without anyone..just you me and our little joy...

Tears start to fall from khushi's eyes hearing Rahul words.she  don't know how to react.lwhat if everything happen according to Rahul wish..can she save herself from Rahul..can she save her dignity which only belong to Arnav..will she ever going to meet her love back..she so lost on all thoughts..she don't notice Rahul slowly coming Close to her aiming lips..when he almost went to join.suddenly both jerked hearing a loud bang from downstairs..seeing Rahul being so close to her Khushi quickly move  back..he got up from the bed and breath violently knowing who is must be..

Rahul come down and saw roaring Arnav standing front of him with full force.he greet theeths seeing him again..somewhere she expected Arnav will reach here..but never expected he will come this much soon.anyway one day this is surely have to happen.lets end all this today itself..soon after finishing Arnav's chapter..Khushi never think about leaving him again...now it's he who was trouble between them..after his chapter finish he can start a new life with Khushi..

Arnsv looking Rahul with beast anger.he felt to attract him without wait more.how dare he to do such a act.for few hours he just took his breath away..he now very sure Rahul must be knowing their marriage now..but right now without do anything before.he have to reach Khushi..then Rahul asked him wicked casual tone.

Rahul:so finally you come Arnav singh raizada..I know you will reach here..but never thought this much soon..you are really intelligent..must said I am impressed..

Arnav:(hard tone)Rahul where's my Khushi..you don't did good thing Rahul..tell me where's my wife.if you caused something to her.l swear ..you are dead..

Rahul:(causally evil smirk)woo woo...why Arnav Singh raizada barking like this,las far I know..ASR is really silent type..be cool ASR..(become hard)and what you think .li will give my Khushi back to you after taking this much effort..no way..I give you a free advice ASR..forget my Khushi..it's will be good for both of us..go back from here..I won't let you take my Khushi..if you try. You are dead.

Next moment Rahul felt strongest punch on his face..blood start to come from his nose..he angrily look at Arnav who breathing hardly front of him..when he try to punch again.rahul hold his hand and punch him back..soon both start to fight violently..officers shocks seeing them fighting.they all try to stop him their fights..they try to pull them apart..but it's went wane.they both really strong..it's hard to control them..both of them rolling in floor beating each other..Arnav grip Rahul by collar and make him stand.soon Rahul punched him.both fighting like two lions...but both of them stop in middle hearing a melodious voice from behind which mean world to them.both saw Khushi standing on staircase with tear filled face..when she try to step forward..an gun shot arch everyone in hall..whole hall become stunned hearing that..Khushi look at the horrific scene front of her..she stopped breathing...

Next update:climax of fight...baby,but whose?...pregnancy..

Hello hai everyone just little note for you all..I asked you all which story I should finish first..and you all voted for that..now I want to said jab tak hai jaan neared  the end...I thought to finish pyaar kiya first..but there many things wait to come on that story..so I am ending this story first..maybe next update must be last update..I can't tell clearly...but I will give perfect ending of this story without any miss..hope everyone okay with this..I know most of the people don't like this story that much..I don't know why is that..hope all happy about it..after finishing this story I will start my new horror/mystery story after week....hope all give me the same love for that story too..

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May 24

Jab tak hai jaan (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 34 times)

Rahul looking her with deep stare..he looking her without blinking..there a line of blood pouring out from his chest..next moment he clasp to ground...

Afte a month...Khushi sitting on chair out side the hospital ward..Khushi and tensions filled on her whole face..Arnav sitting beside her with same tensions..ward door got opened..Khushi quickly get up and marched to wards Doctor with hurry...

Khushi:Doctor how is he..what's the result of your treatment...is there any progress...

Doctor:(small smile)thankfully our treatment worked for him he is now out of the come..you both can meet him now...

Arnav Khushi let out a relief sight which they holding from a month..both happy about Doctor reply..after hearing some advice from Doctor..both enter to with..closed eyes...both slowly move towards him..opened his eyes feeling her presence..next moment line with tears...out from his eyes...soon his eyes filled he asked her with chocked voice....

Rahul:why !!why Khushi!! In which way I am not suitable for you..why can't you accept me Khushi..don't you understand my love...

Khushi:(hold his hand)I am sorry Rahul..I am really sorry.. I am sorry for causes you this much big damage..my attention and your love take really your whole life..I am really sorry Rahul..please forgive me..please rahul..lets star everything newly, freshly..lets forget about all past things..I can't leave a normally life when I am seeing you like this..you need life Rahul..you don't deserve to live like this please Rahul..l want you start a new life please.. Rahul please...

All time Rahul hearing her talks with blank expression..he don't show any emotions to her words Arnav Khushi waiting for his reply..they don't know what he going to said..they he take a big sigh and told Khushi with determine tone...

Rahul:okay Khushi.. I am ready to move on I am ready to forget your all memories in my life...I am ready to go away from here....

Khushi smile with tears hearing his reply..other side Arnav also very happy about Rahul decision looking like their treatment worked perfectly..their one month prayer don't went wasted but still...

Rahul:but!! I have a big demand from you if you accept to fulfill my demand.. I am ready to move from here....

khushi :(alert fully)what is the demand? Tell me...

Rahul:(firm tone)I need our baby....

After one month..Arnav standing outside the operation ward with folded hands to chest..he standing with deep thoughts of face...then operation room door got opened..he saw  Rahul coming out with casual look..they both look each other ..both didn't said a word..then both took a seat on chair...  Now they both waiting for one person..after few minutes Khushi come out from ward room..they both look at her..then she take a seat middle of them..no one speak ..the place filled with pin drop silence..this is not supposed to be ..after 20 minutes door opened again..an lady Doctor come out..she call out the name.....

Doctor:Rahul khanna ,,Khushi Singh ratore ..come to my cabin now...

Both look each other..then both get up and follow the doctor..Arnav to join with them..

They three come to Doctor cabin..and take a seat..Doctor take some reports from table and place front of Rahul...

Doctor:here your both baby's  scanning report..now the baby three months..being very healthy.. There no complicate in pregnancy..just follow the diet chart correctly..like you wished every month we will do checkup for baby..I suggest you to bring her for months checkup correctly..

Rahul smile looking the scanning reports of their baby..he look at Khushi who smile at him back..then after taking much advice from Doctor..they three come out from Doctor cabin after come out Rahul told happily to arshi...

Rahul:I am very happy about baby Heath being..I got very nervous when thinking about baby Heath..thankful all good..now we just have to take care of baby Khushi..hope you ready to take care of baby...

Khushi:of course Rahul.. I am fully ready..in fact I am excited about baby arrival..don't worry we will take good care of out baby...

They tree smile each other then both turn and saw an blonde girl early twenties coming out from ward she smile at them..they three move towards her Rahul told her normally...

Rahul:elena  !everything is normal as per Doctor report..for next nine months you have to come here for check up.. I already arranged your stay here..you will get all things..you just have to delivery my baby Healthily...

Elena smile at him..she know for next nine months she will have a queen life.or what she being surrogate  mother of Rahul Khanna baby..she don't know anything about their decisions to surrogate  mother..but she highly paid for delivery  the baby without any Problem..then they four come out from hospital and board to car...after 20 minutes Rahul parked the car front of on medium size guest house..he dropped Elena there after settling her property..it's was Rahul rest house:after dropping her there they three drove off to raizada mansion....

They three enter inside the house and saw whole family present in hall..they smile seeing them..soon they three join with family..after moment Nani asked Rahul sweetly...

Nani:Rahul beta ..it everything went smoothy in hospital..there no problem right???

Rahul:(smile)yeah Nani..everything went smoothy according  our plan..everything good in baby Heath..just have to follow the proper diet.....

Everyone smile hearing that he look at Anjali who sitting on sofa with her six months pregnant belly very soon his baby to began to show up..he eagerly waiting adoring baby arrival..there already arranged everything then all chatting each other.....

At night....Rahul come to arshi room and saw both sitting in bed..they smile at him he smile back..after taking seat on bed..he directly come to point..

Rahul:guys I decided to move Paris after baby turn three months...

Arnav Khushi surprised hearing that..they shocked by Rahul sudden decision..Arnav asked him...

Arnav:why this sudden change Rahul .. You planned to go after baby born right..now what happen suddenly..is there any problem here.??

Rahul:(smile) i don't have any problem here Arnav..your family members are really sweet to me..they all forget whatever happened in past...(sigh) but somewhere I felt little uncomfortable here..how much I try to avoid.. I can't stop feeling jealous whenever I see you with Khushi ..actually it's little  hard..that's why I took this decision.. I plan to move soon.. But knowing pregnant ladies can't travel until three months pass.. I don't want to make any trouble again..that's why..please don't try to change my decision.. I took this decision for your own good..(when Khushi try to said something he cut off) I know what are you try to said.. But I am telling you I am really very fine..and I going to start a new life with our baby...i don't know if I can love someone again or not.. But I will love our baby whole heartily.. I will pour all my love to our baby..don't worry about anything I will be touch with you...we need to do this Khushi..or else it's will ever effect our baby..so please let me do this.....

Khushi look at him with deep emotions then slowly node her head..Rahul smile seeing that..Arnav to agree with..then he share a few..talks with arshi and left the room..after he went Khushi slowly move towards pool side.....

Arnav know what she thinking about..he slowly move towards and hug her from behind..Khushi let out a deep sigh..both stood like that sometime..after some time Khushi told him with deep voice.....

Khushi:where this life taking us Arnav..how much happened such a short period..it's all looking like some dreams..(big sigh)don't  you upset about all this....

Arnav:no Khushi..actually I am relief about the fact..finally everything come to end.. I don't expect Rahul will agree to leave you so easily..thankfully he understand our love and decided to move on..that's why I either agree for surrogate  baby..somewhere I still not accept it..that whatever he did in past because of the sickness..now he fully cured..here after nothing to worry..don't think about past anymore...

Khushi sigh deeply hearing him..everything ended now..but she can't forget whatever happend past 2 month..Rahul's depressing..Rahul demand..family members against to surrogate..Arnav's disagree..those 2 month she totally fell to depressing ..Rahul so firm on his demand..she recall the day how Rahul put him demand..


Rahul: I need our baby Khushi ..(arshi shocked) but don't worry.. I don't want to get physical with you.I need our baby through surrogate ...if you agree to this.. I will go away your life fiver with our life.. I want interfere your both life.. But I won't go away from here and keep trying to woo you..

Flash back end..

That day he told his decision cut and rightly..after that she got into heated argument with Arnav .he angrily against this demand..he totally not like the fact she joining her blood to some other man instead his..she know he is right on his state..no husband agree to let his wife make baby with another man..even it is surrogate and specially husband like Arnav..after whole week argument finally he agree to surrogate..after that her big task  taking family permission..even they totally against this..specially Nani and Anjali.. But after lot of effort they agree to surrogate..soon she told her decision to Rahul..who was very happy about it..soon after fully recovered  he arranged everything for surrogate..he bring a girl from Paris..after checking she healthy enough to carry their baby..finally today operations happened..somewhere even she not like this.. But when thinking about Rahul state..she can't deny him..already he went through much because of her..at least she can do this to him..now finally everything going smoothly..now Rahul decision also somewhere makes her more relief..just two month..after that Rahul....fly away from there..she thank devimayya for ending everything smoothy..

After two months..whole raizada family waiting outside the operation room with tension..two hours ago Anjali got labour pain..soon all bring her to hospital..her loud screaming making Vijay restless more..Rahul and nk trying to comfort him..other side Khushi comforting worried Arnav who passing around in tension..after something finally their wait ended..all hear new born cry sound from room..everyone eagerly rushed toward door..after moment Doctor came out with smile and told Vijay happily..

Doctor:congratulation mr Vijay..your wife give birth to beautiful baby girl..

Everyone smile happily hearing Doctor announcement..Vijay yell in joy..everyone very happy about the news..little pari don't know what's happening around her..seeing everyone s,idling she too smile with them..soon all went inside the wardroom to meet the new arrival...

After two days..today Anjali returning to home with her new born.both new parents standing on doorstep to welcome by baby's masi..Khushi bring thaali and start to do aarthi with happy smile..then Anjali enter home with baby..all settle on living hall..then mami told.

Mami:(happily)hello hai bye bye!!finally our Anjali's rajakumari come..so what name we going to keep our princess..Anjali beta..tell tell..

Anjali:(smile)mami ..just like to pari,.i want Khushi to choose name for my baby..(to Khushi)you will select name na khushi ji..

Khushi smile hearing Anjali request..everyone liked her idea..she nods smiling way..then Vijay asked her..

Vijay:so Khushi,,tell us what name you chooser for my princess..

Khushi:(smilies) she bring so much happiness to your both life..so her name should have meaning of happiness..so I giving her name as mushkaan...mushkaan Vijay meheta..

Everyone indeed loved the name..and new parents liked the name more then all..soon all got busy on mushkaan..Rahul saw all busy on baby,,he slowly went to his room..after few minutes all saw Rahul standing on staircase with suitcases..everybody get up surprised seeing that..he slowly come towards them..Khushi asked him shockingly.

Khushi:Rahul what is this?where are you going?

Rahul:(smile little)I am going back Paris Khushi!!!

All shocked hearing him..they never expect this..but arshi know he already told them.but never expect he will go today itself..Nani asked him.

Nani:what happened beta..why are you going back suddenly..are you feeling any uncomfortable here..is anyone treated you badly?

Rahul:(smile)there nothing like that naniji..here you all treated me like own family..I experienced the feel of being with family,,I can't thank you all enough for it..I took this decision two month ago..(sigh)how much I try ,I can't forget Khushi Nani Ji..after getting the treatment too it's hard,..but I know I have to move on..so let me do this..it's will be good for all..specially for me..(smile)I need to prepare myself for my new life..my baby on the way..there many changes I need to do in my life..so I have to leave Naniji...please understand my point of view..

Nani nodded understandingly hearing his reply..other to understand his situation..Khushi told him.

Khushi:okay you go..we can understand your point..but let me come till airport..I will sendup you..

Rahul:(smile)that's was bad idea Khushi..if you come till airport,,I can't leave from there alone without you..so it's will be good if you stay here..

Khushi look him with pity expression..he assured her saying he is fine..then he bid bye to everyone..all trying their best to give him wonderful farewell..now he ready to go..he come towards Khushi and told her..

Rahul:(smile)bye Khushi..thank you for all memories here..maybe we both Doesn't have happy ending..but because of you.i experience the feel of love..our past brought love inside me..you will be my angel Khushi..forever..no one can change it,now I am not sad about leaving you..actually I am happily going back with part of you..our baby..you give me new life Khushi..thank you very much..it's enough for me now..I am no longer orphan because of you..you fulfilled the promise you give me on past..I promise you..I will give best life to our baby..he/she will be symbol of my love towards you..

Khushi with moist eyes hearing his talks..he already have tears on eyes..then he try to go.but stop suddenly and turn to Khushi again and asked her hopefully..

Rahul:I am going from here forever..before that..just once..just one last time..can you give me a tight hug..just once..

Khushi hugged him tightly hearing his request..Rahul hugged her back tearfully..more tears fall on his eyes,.all felt sad about him,.she hug him long time,she was so guilty for making him like this.lafter long time they broke the hug..she wipe his tears slowly..Arnav come to them..Rahul smile at him,then they both shared a small hug..then slowly he move away from Khushi and took step towards door..if he be there some more time..he maybe can't go away from there..after looking Khushi last time he forever went from there..Khushi slowly hugged Arnav and let a deep sigh..he hugged her back and smiling seeing all happened very well..now he no more have to worry about anyone..now no one claim Khushi as them..he is happy...

At night,.after long tired full day,finally Arnav Khushi enter to their room..today Arnav really happy..reason is obvious to everyone..he took a relaxing bath..after that he came out wearing night suit..he searched for his wife..then he saw she sitting on poolside looking the stars,,he smile and went to her...he hug her from behind and asked her softly..

Arnav:what are you thinking..there nothing to worry anymore.all ended very well.now there no one will come between us..I am so happy Khushi..

Khushi:(get up and told him with small tone)no Arnav you're wrong..there again someone going to come between us..

Arnav:(shocked to core)what!!what the hell are you saying ...again...(angry rising)no Khushi ...don't tell me there another boyfriend of yours coming..I can't bear it again..and I won't tolerate anyone again..this time no clam.

Khushi:(smile)you can't do anything to him Arnav..because I love him very much..in fact if you know about him..you too love him like me..I am very sure..

Arnav:(anger rise more)love him,,my foot..how dare you to confess your love to him..I am warning you Khushi..don't play with me,,where's he..if I meet him.he will finish next second..

Arnav fuming in burst anger..just now he feel relieved thinking Rahul chapter closed..but here she again frying him.dare if someone give entry again..Khushi smiling softly hearing his furious words..she slowly held his hand and placed on her flat belly.arnav  notice her act.he don't know what she is doing..she told him love filled tone..

Khushi:I chase you Arnav..you won't do anything to him.because he was part of you..maybe junior of you..(smile)or what..will you do any bad thing to your own baby..your own blood..who past two weeks growing inside me..

Arnav look her shockingly like he seen some ghost..he opened mouth widely..his breath stopped for seconds ..he under mind blowing shock..he try to speak something..but just air coming out..

Arnav:(whisper)what !! Baby..Khushi you...me..up I mean we...our baby..mean my baby..it is true?

Khushi:(cup his cheeks and say joyfully)yes mr.raizada..you heard right..I am pregnant...you going to be papa!!

Next moment Khushi got herself to bone crashing hug..Arnav hugging her tightly..there no gap between them..she smile seeing Arnav reaction..he broke the hug and kiss her whole face without letting single place miss..finally he take her lips for big wet kiss..both kiss each other deeply..after few minutes he broke the kiss..

Arnav:(deep happiness)Khushi..you pregnant...I am going to be papa..you don't know what I am feeling right now,,my god..thank you Khushi ,....thank you so much...you give biggest happiness to my life ...you complete me Khushi...our baby..my blood..I love you Khushi..I really love you..

He again hugged her with same happiness..truly it's million dollar worth news to him..its biggest moment of his life..he never expect today he will get something like this..baby..he never told this out..but he always had a wish to have baby with Khushi..he never told this to Khushi..now he is out of the world..his life complete now..he cup Khushi face and kissed her forehead..

Arnav:because of my baby I forgive you for make me restless few minutes ago..do you know how much I restless hearing your words..I thought again there someone going to trouble our life..but here someone going to make our beautiful life even more beautiful...I eagerly waiting for our baby arrival Khushi..thank you once again love...

Khushi smile and hug him more..both hug each other and dreaming about their new life which going to give them limitless happiness..both looking forward about their parenthood...


                                                                                                                 Happily ever after??????

So here again..one more story complete..I don't know how you all take the climax..but this is not what I planned..I planned some other end..but because of some reason I took this climax..hope no one hurt because of this..now importantly happy late Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims readers of mine..it's was special month to all..so guys I want to say.if my stories update got little delay don't get angry on me..you know na guys it's was busy month.,but I will try my best to give updates regularly....and once again sorry for not updating pyaar kiya tho darna kya..actually there big coming on that story..so I need to prepare myself to write very perfectly..if I can I will update after two days..

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