Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th March 2017 Written Update

Mar 16, 2017

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th March 2017 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Dev panics hearing about snake in Suhana and Sona’s room and asks guard to get the snake out. Guard says it is poisonous snake and he cannot take risk. Teacher says they have called animal squad and they will come by morning. Sona says they all will cancel the camp and return home. Dev says no, they cannot do that, he will catch snake. Sona says not to be a fool. He says he missed a lot for 6 years and will not lose more. Another parent says let him catch snake. Sona asks why is she interfering, it is between her and Mr. Obodro…then says Dev. Dev says he does not care and will get snake out. Suhana asks how will he do it. He says he will get snake out in 30 minutes. Another parent says he will accompany Dev, but others scold and stop him.

Vicky and GKB travel in

car after leaving snake in camp. GKB panics and in her broken English and overacting hopes snake does not bite Golu. Vicky says until Dev is there, nothing will happen. GKB continues her drama and asks what will they tell at home where they had been. He says they will lie something. She asks what if snake charmer is caught. Vicky says they will deny they know him. Their drama continues. They then see Ronita and her mother standing near Sona’s house, stop car and offer them lift. Ronita’s mother says their car broke down and they will take lift. GKB insists in her broken English. They get in. She asks what were they doing there. Mother says they had been to meet her daughter’s fiance’s family. GKB comments even obese people get alliance and asks what the boy does, her Vicky is a big business man and has office in a big building. Ronita says even her fiance is a businessman and has office in a big building, he and his sister run a nutrition company. GKB asks what is the boy’s name. Mother says Sourav Bose. Vicky and GKB fume.

Dev leaves saying he will catch snake in 30 min. Suhana stops him and gives helmet saying it will protect him. She says she will wait until he returns. He says she will wait outside until he returns. Dev smiles and says it is unsafe here, so she should wait with others. Sona warns him again not to be childish. He says he has decided and walks into room.

Dev nervously searches for snake and finds it on floor. He throws cloth on it and it escapes. He panics seeing it missing and jumps on sofa shouting. Sona thinks Dev is taking risk to be with Suhana, so she has to help him. She walks into room. Their nok jhok starts. She panics seeing snake on bed and jumps on him. He holds her. Their nok jhok starts again. Suhana enters hearing Sona shouting. Sona holds her. Suhana says she is very afraid. Dev sees snake descending from AC, throws cloth on it and catches it and drops it in bag and tells Suhana she does not have to worry now, he caught snake.

Precap: Dev tells he will leave snake into jungle. Suhana suggests to take mamma. Dev and Sona then walk into jungle and leave snake there. Dev then walks in opposite direction. Sona says they came from other direction. Dev says he will go where he thinks he came from and she should go where she thinks she came from. They both walk in opposite direction and Sona slips and falls.

Written Update by MA

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