OS: NK's...Car Ride

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Mar 17, 2017

OS: NK's...Car Ride (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 15 times)

Nk was standing on the side of the road, hitchhiking in the middle of the thunderstorm on a dark and moonless night. Time pass went by and no motors went by.. it was raining so hard, so he could hardly seen anything..

Nk: ghosh, this nannav won’t pick  his phone??(nk was continusly dialing his cousin arnav’s no. but it shows  “phone you are dialing is unreachable this moment”

Nk: damn it!.. How will I return now…, there no sign of vehicles’ nearby..

Suddenly he saw the headlights of car approaching over nearby hill , the car was moving slowly very slowly approaching and appealing in the stormy rain..


Lav: khushi, it’s all because of you ,now we are like this( lavanya said while pushing the car)

Khushi: maine kya kiya, it’s in good condition before..

Lav: haw, really?, this car is 1980’s  old ….how many times I suggest you two by new one

Khushi: hey don’t blame this car, this is my grandpa’s ..

payal:oh, god khushi, we know your quite bit attached to it, but  look it’s condition we have to repaired it..


The car slowly and silently crept towards  him& stopped. Nk who badly want a ride, jumped inside the car without thinking..and closed the door.he wanted to thank the person who have given a ride, then only he did realize that there was nobody behind the wheel, no sound of engine heard over the rain..


Again the car crept slowly and nk was terrified, he too scared of juming out& running,nk  saw the car was approaching a sharp curve and ,still too scared to jump out, he started to pray for his life, but just before the curve a shady figure appeared at the driver’s window, and the ghostly hand reached in& steering wheel, guding the car safely around to bend.then,just as silently the hand disappeard to the window.


Paralyzed with fear, nk watched the hand reappear each time when they reached a curve.nk was scared , near to death..he took his all courage& jumped out of the car& ran fast he can..

 Meantime they find a guy just run out from their car

Lav: yeh kaha se aagayi…(Lav, khushi&payal looked bewildered)

Wet& in shock he went to nearby dhabha and told everybody about his super natural experience. A silence enveloped the room and everyone got goose bumps when the realizing te guy was telling the truth about the lonely car& ghostly hand guiding it on its way.


After the constant of pushing&pulling they reached near by workshop.

Khushi: guys, dhabha

Payal: chal kuch ghathe hai..( let’s go & eat something)

Lav: ha, I am so tired..


When they  walked into the dhabha,they were dipping wet,they took off their coat. They looked around to find a seat suddenly some one caught their attention

“  Guys,look” said lav  “ there’s the idiot who jumped into our car,when we are pushing it in rain”

Meantime, nk was sitting there having a cup coffee.

Lav: guys, let’s see him..

Payal: what, lav..spare him

Khushi: are aise kaise…what if he steal something?. lav I am with you ,let’s see him..

Nk was  now dialing  arnav’s no. meantime someone place a hand on his shoulder, seeing the hand he become terrified seeing the same hand again..nk with most scared turn back only find the three girls staring at him..

Lav: hey , you why you jumped into our car??

Nk:  car??...

Khushi: ha, car don’t you know we are pushing it?, did got in to steal something???

Nk( ashamed of his stupidy):  uh.. sorry uh.. don’t know that you are pushing it, just need a lift badly so..

Payal: are you blind or something.. Huh?.

Lav: and you why you suddenly ran off?

Nk: I thought you’re ghost!..uh.. I mean ghostly hand!

Lav: what?(nk explained everything, meantime three of them went on laughing)

(Here arnav was searching for his stupid cousin nk, only find him smiling& chatting with the three girls near the dhabha..)


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