Just Be With Me... (Earlier named as Don't give up!!!)

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Mar 18, 2017

Don't give up!!!!!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 28 times)

Story Starts from the point where khushi refuses to come back home with Arnav unless he tells the truth of his forceful contact marriage to her and her parents.. And Arnav comes n blackmail khushi to return...

Gupta House kitchen

Arnav-unless you want your sister Payal to come and live with your family you have to come home with me!!!


Arnav-Good I’m leaving now for the office. Spend sometime with your family and return home by evening..

Khushi-No Mr Raizada you can do anything right then make me come with you to your so called mansion..

Arnav(gritting his teeth)- don't provoke me khushi I can do anything and now you being my wife gives me my right to take u back home..

Khushi- yaa your contractual wife that too for six months.. Who are you to say that my jiji will be returning here are u her husband??( Taunts him) you are her brother-in-law not her husband to send her here..

Arnav clenches his fist listening to her But anyhow retorts back saying-you know Aakash obeys my every command n if I say him to divorce your sister then he will definitely do it..

Khushi-No he will not do that..

Arnav-try me.. if I say him he'll not answer your calls forget even meeting you..

Khushi-he will answer my calls n even meet me as he is my jijaji

Arnav- let’s see.. you have four hours for yourself to make decision.. at 6pm sharp u should be at my so called mansion I mean my house or else at 6:45pm Payal will be at the door step of Gupta House with full luggage.. as u know Mami isn’t happy with this marriage she'll only do The honours to send your sister out of the house.. n storms out from there....

Now khushi some what got scared because she knows that Mami is capable of doing that n much more with her sister...

Here in the hall Garima n buaji gapes at the way Arnav storms out of the house in anger. Khushi comes there n takes her mobile n repeatedly dials Aakash’s number n mutters something to herself.. the two ladies stares at khushi n wonders what happened they thought that khushi is dialling Arnav s number as he went from there angrily... Khushi turns back n assures garima or to herself that Arnav will come n say the truth n storms out of the house for meeting Aakash saying her Amma that she is going to AR designs as she has some work Garima just goggle at her back...

Khushi reaches ARD everything happens according the show as security stops her from entering then Arnav comes there n says you are not allowed to meet Aakash then their water fight then the clients introduction then her correcting her name as Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada then aakash’s assurance on khushi’s insistence then khushi returning back home then manorama taunting Payal then Shyam trying to manipulate anjali n giving reasons for ArShi ‘s sudden marriage then Arnav sending divorce papers of aakash n Payal n saying khushi that he is always right n he can do anything ..

Hiii guyzz I joined med last year... Till now I was silent reader on med but now I’m trying my luck in writing.. just bare with me.. If u don’t like my writings then I’ll stop it.. I’m not good in English so forgive my typos....

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Mar 19, 2017

Don't give up!!!! Part 2!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 25 times)

When khushi reads the documents stating divorce of Payal and Aakash she gets enraged n Arnav on the line isn’t helping her either.. she hung up the call n returns the phone to the delivery man n storms of the house without listening to the delivery man for the signature n buaji’s Haye ‘re nand Kis**** (HRNK)..

Security guard at shantivan gets surprised to see always calm n smiling khushi huffing n puffing entering the gates of shantivan without her usual greetings n how are you bhaiyya??.. he calls her-khushi didi but khushi is no where to listen as she is very much angry on her laadgovernor to play with her feelings keeping her sister's marriage at bait...

Khushi goes on ringing the bell after four five times ringing it hariprakash opens the door..

Khushi(almost yells)- how much time it takes hariprakashji to open a Damn door??

Hariprakash is taken aback to see khushi in angry avatar just like Arnav bhaiyya

Khushi goes in living room n sees nobody is there n asks HP Where is jiji he replies she is in the kitchen Khushi directly enters the kitchen n sees Payal boiling the milk n calms down a bit..

When Payal sees khushi’s red cheeks puffing understands that she is angry n her sisterly concerns overpower her mind n ask her-What happened khushi why are u panting n are you angry?? N seeing papers in her hand asks her what are these papers ..

To which khushi replies-No jiji nothing happened n (thinks to herself can’t say to jiji that these are her divorce papers) and these papers are bank papers jiji..

Payal-What happened n why suddenly did you go to the bank??

Khushi-to settle the payment of your marriage expenses..

Payal-ohh then what happened that made u so angry? Khushi-woh this bank manager jiji he said without your signature I can’t break the f.d so now please sign these papers so I can do it and the deadline of the payment is today at six and bank closes at four now nor do it fast {gives the papers to her and show where to sign..}

Payal easily believes her n sign the papers wIthout reading as she trust khushi not knowing that they are her divorce papers...

Khushi happily hugs Payal n says thank you several times n leaves from there...

Payal just shakes her head n says “pagal”

Here in anjali's room:

Anjali is sitting on the bed thinking wherever Shyam said sometime earlier-

Shyam- don’t you think why did saalesahab n khushiji marry each other suddenly..are they hiding something?? By seeing their behaviour Any one could say that something is going on between them... (he start planting doubt in anjali's mind by doing this he can make her against Arnav if only he think..)

Anjali- why are you saying like this..they like each other..did you not notice how they were behaving during pre-rituals of marriage and chote’s behaviour changed drastically now-a-days he isn’t shouting much or scolding HP OP poor them.. I’m sure by now they started loving each other..
Shyam irritatingly thinks what a dumb women here I'm thinking how to break Arnav's marriage n here she is sympathizing OP n HP

Shyam-ok ranisahiba agreed with you that they like each other but why sudden marriage... if they have said openly about their feelings of their wish to marry each other to all of us before marrying were we going to object?? No na we will be the first one to who will agree for their marriage without the second thought...

Anjali-yes you’re saying right

Shyam(not looking at her n smirking)-why do you think they did this.. I’m sure they are not happy (at this point anjali turned to him n he quickly masked his face expressions lest she sees)don’t take me wrong I’m saying this for their own good I think we should not support them and oppose them till they did not give correct n genuine reason of their marriage.. we will not speak to them (seeing the shock n then confuse expressions of her added) they did wrong and we being the elders should not support their wrong doings n show them the right path...

Shyam sees anjali thinking something seriously smirks to himself n mentally patted for his great acting skills n said-don't think too much n stress yourself it isn’t good for our rajkumari n patted her belly.. I’m leaving for the court see you soon n take care of yourself saying this he leaves from there leaving a confused and thInking anjali..

Shyam smirks to himselfNow see salesahab I’ll not let your Di accept ur marriage if u marry I can’t get the whole property for myself as he knows 50% of it goes to his wife according to his will if he marries if not somethings happened to Arnav then all the property goes to anjali.. n somewhere he knows this sudden marriage is the result of his love confession of khushiji to his dear saalesahab....

In the living room::

Manorama reads tips to control your bahu in a magazine n thinks to acts them on her new bahu Payal Singh Raizada so she calls her and orders her to follow her.. she takes Payal to the kitchen and mocks sholay’s gabbar and orders Payal to peel off and cut 20 onions in 20 minutes..

When Payal starts cutting them she also starts shedding years due to onion..seeing this manorama says loudly-Hello Hi Bye Bye crocodile tearj(tears).. within the frame time she is able to cut only 16 onions and 4 are left..

Manorama as usual scolds her telling- Hello Hi Bye Bye can’t do this much work properly then how can we expect you to maintain this house and goes on rant about herself as how she was perfect bahu aNd perfect wife how she can cut these 20 onions only in 5 minutes so on...

Hearing her shouting n yelling all comes towards the kitchen to see on whom she is yelling.. Nani who was resting in her room comes first slowly as she is weak still... anjali;Aakash n mamaji who came just now from the office comes there too..

Mami stops her rants seeing nani’s glare

Nani asks Mami-manorama what happened why are u scolding Payal bitiya . Don’t you know it’s bad manners to scold new bride

Mami was going to say some thing but shuts her mouth lest she scolds in front of Payal then what will happen to the reputation of hers..

How was it guys???? Please do comment!! Both positive as well as negative comments are accepted Thanks a lot who commented..
Actually what happened is instead of clicking add my view I clicked add new myview so it got posted on new page sorrry guyzz... do anyone know how to delete a post if so plz tell me on the comment section thankyou...

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Mar 20, 2017

Part 3!!!!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 41 times)

Part 3

Aakash-What happened Payal why were you crying?? I’m seeing the amount of chopped onion why did you chop so much onion??

Payal-woo Aakash maaaji but shuts her mouth seeing the glare given by her oh-not-so-sweet-mother-in-law.... woh Aakash I was chopping the onion for dinner preparation but seen na these onions are rotten... Don't know from where dis HPji bought them.. you know we can buy fresh onion which are niether rotten n stale from market near laxminagar... These high class markets keep everything attractive from outside but from inside they are rotten and stale... (she indirectly taunts them)

She said this so innocently but others present there got the double meaning of her words...

All others present there understood that manorama had done it wantedly!!!!

Aakash-but why did you start the dinner preparation this soon.. There is still time for dinner see the time it’s only 5 u can start the preparation from 6-7 and you don’t need to do unnecessary work there are many people who are paid to do these type of work you just need to cook they will do the peeling n chopping all the vegetables... and calls HP.... 

All others present there smile seeing the new husband in action except Mami who twist her mouth as she was not expecting her so silent n gullible Aakash standing for his wife...

Aakash to HP-next time make sure you chop and peel all the vegetables and other things... Payal will only cook understand?? On seeing HP nodding his head said no go today you prepare the dinner...

Nani taking matter in her hands said-Ok enough!!! Aakash n manohar go freshn up n come.. manorama n anjali bitiya come with me..payal bitiya goo n see if Aakash bitwa need anything...

Aakash Payal n mamaji leaves for their respective rooms n Nani anjali n Mami goes n sits in the living room...

Here other side khushi takes the divorce papers signed by Payal n directly reaches ARD... while going out of the gates of shantivan she does not notice the security guard n leaves.... security guard gets surprised by her behaviour  (We humans have tendency to get surprised when one of our friends or acquaintances or the peoples whom we interact daily behaves contrary to their character same goes here with the security guard) n thinks something is surely wrong with her.. but thinks to himself shall I inform ASR but next second decides not to as he was given the order to inform when she reaches the house not when she leaves it as h was afraid of his wrath.....

Khushi gets enraged when again the two security guards tries to stop from entering the office now her anger n frustration reaches the peak...

Khushi(almost gritting the teeth)-just move out of my way...

SG-no ma’am we are not allowed to permit you to go inside.. 

Khushi(raising an eyebrow)-oh really!!! If I go what will you Do?? 

SG-We are given orders if you forceful try to go inside to drag you n throw out of the of the office..

Khushi-Do you know who am I??

SG-khushi (on seeing her glare added) ma’am..

Khushi-yes khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada (showing her mangalsutra around her neck *wink* I just love that how she shows it) wife of your boss Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR.. If you once again stops me I will use my power and throw you out of the house and make sure you will not get job anywhere (the way she was saying this in her angry avatar she was truly  looking Mrs ASR *wink*)

The guards seeing her anger gulps and the other staff who were leaving the office gets 100 volts shock seeing the silent n smiling khushi in angry avatar exactly like ASR or precisely Mrs ASR 

Khushi(almost threatening)-now move... they move of the way and allows her to enter the office fearing for their job...

The office staff just gawk at her audacity... All all the make staff ogle at her as she was looking Damn beautiful in red designer suit with her hair open as her anger cherry on the top making her extrabeautiful.. and female staff n Models were looking at her with envy as she got the title of Mrs ASR..

The receptionist and ASR’s P.A doesn’t stops her as they don’t want to face the wrath of her n ASR..

Khushi directly storms off to ASR’s cabin or lion’s  den not knowing that he is in an very important meeting.. earning a what the.. 

How was it guys??? Hope you all like it.... please do give your reviews it means a lot.. ..

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Mar 25, 2017

Part 4!!!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 49 times)

Part 4

Khushi entered Arnav’s cabin without knocking.. as soon as door opened Arnav who was in meeting looked up and uttered what the..  but seeing khushi he wasn’t surprised as he was expecting her but little early....

Arnav gave a knowing look to khushi  saying I know for what you are here for..but anyhow continued the meeting ignoring khushi which made her blood boil.... here clients got surprised as he did not shout on the intruder as they weren't aware that she is Mrs ASR... 

Aman hid his smile seeing their surprised look 

ASR-“ok guys you all saw the figures if you don’t have any doubts let’s wind up our meeting here....

Aman will let you know after the legal papers are ready for the signatures once it’s done we will start working on it” n goes on saying for next 15 mins....

Khushi waits patiently by the door by tapping her foot showing her impatience.... though Arnav notices it choose to ignore...

 BY seeing her standing by the door Aman gestures her to sit on the sofa which is placed in the cabin for which khushi shakes her head saying I’m fine.....

After few more minutes clients leave by shaking their hands formally with Arnav n Aman...  while passing khushi they gets confuse seeing her waiting for the past 25 minutes n Arnav not saying anything to her for barging in the cabin gets curios to know her....

On seeing their curios looks Aman introduces khushi to them by saying she is Mrs ASR for which khushi formally shakes her hand with them passing a tight smile clearly indicating that she isn’t interested in them n showing her impatience to speak Arnav....

After the clients leave from there Arnav turns to Aman n says in ASR tone –“Aman ask the legal department to make the documents ready n send them as soon as possible...”

By listening this khushi murmurs to herself but loud enough for both the men to hear-“only he knows how to send the legal documents n send them to others”(almost sarcastically) hearing this Arnav passes her glare to which she reciprocated equally,while Aman hids his smile....

Aftee Aman leaves the cabin closing the door Arnav presses a button by which blinds opens clearly indicating do not disturb...

Here in PayAsh’s room-

As soon as Aakash enters the room engulfs Payal into the hug saying “I missed you” 

Payal-“Oh really!!!” “achaa leave me and say how was your day” n comes out of the hug

Aakash(coming out of hug)-“not bad like always. But there wasn’t any work pressure but from tomorrow it will be hectic as I already took one week leave n will take 10 days for our honeymoon... so have to complete my work before leaving.....”

Payal (excitedly)-“achaa you did not say where are we going on our honeymoon”

Aakash (with enthusiasm)-“it’s a surprise I’m sure you will like it.. it’s so beautiful” 

Payal (smiling)-“It better be... what about Arnavji and khushi??”

Aakash(with confused look)-“What about them?? N common Payal stop calling Bhai as Arnavji n call him Bhai as me..”

Payal (hesitating )-“But Aakash"

Aakash ( not understanding)-“you call Di as do not anjaliji same goes with Bhai??”

Payal-“I don’t know how will he react when I call him Bhai.. n about calling Di as Di she only insisted me to call her di...”

Aakash(understanding her hesitation)-“leave it if you are not comfortable don’t call ok?? N what were you asking about Them??”

Payal (nods then says)-“What about their honeymoon,Are they coming with us??”

Aakash (on seeing her questioning look)-“I don’t know seriously,I never thought about them... tickets booking and reservations of hotel was done before our marriage n their sudden marriage leaves them nowhere.. then thinking something you don’t worry I’ll ask Bhai if he is willing to come with us or plan any other destination...”

Payal(faking a sad look)-“But you will not say the destination to me!!”

Aakash (smiles)-“no Payal it’s a surprise let it be as it is... you’ll come to know sooner or later”

There was a knock on the door by HP saying naniji is calling for tea..

ARD    ASR’s cabin

Arnav behaved as cool as possible because he knows the sudden reason khushi popped up in his cabin looking ravishing in red colour designer anarkali red colour with puffed cheeks due to anger n impatience...

Arnav (teasingly)-“Hii,how are you?? Ohh see you have time almost an hour to reach shantivan.. wanna come with me as perfectly  newly married couple??”

But khushi calmly comes n sits silently in the chair and keep the papers on the table n  ignores his remarks..

Now Arnav wonders what happened to her as she is behaving like Nothing happened... there was silence for few minutes Arnav staring at khushi n wondering n khushi looking at the changes of the cabin as she is coming here after almost 6 months.... Arnav first breaks the silence as he was feeling uncomfortable sitting with silent khushi as he was used to khushi who talks nineteen to dozen...

Arnav (exclaims)-“so you're ready to come with me to shantivan;good choice!!!”

Khushi(sternly maintaining her composure lest she feels weak)-“no Mr Raizada I’m not coming back to your house..”

Arnav(raises an eyebrow)-“so shall I send Payal to Gupta House..”

Khushi(faking a smile)-“gladly”

Arnav (not believing her)-“ohk.. After signing the D.I.V.O.R.C.E papers Payal will be at your house” (stressing on the word divorce)

Khushi(exhaling deeply)-“no need (on seeing his questioning look) Mr Raizada have a look at these papers you will get your answer”

Arnav takes the papers n gets shocked seeing the signatures of payal n stands abruptly...

Khushi(on seeing his shocked look)-“now I’m leaving Mr Raizada you take your time and send my sister back as you wish there is no hurry but I’ll not come to your house until and unless you say the reason behind this forceful contract marriage of six months...”n leaves from there......

Same time Gupta house:-

Garima- “why did she took such step jiji how can we answer them??”

Buaji-“this girl will never think before doing anything... first of all they don’t like us n now if they come to know about the sudden marriage they will think we forced her... HRNK they will not leave us..”

Garima-“what should we do now jiji.. I’m afraid they can do anything”

Buaji(keeping hand on in her head)-“this khushi is also not saying anything.. they can come anytime.. they diis not come on Payal’s marriage for unnecessary attention n noE they will come surely... how are we going to handle them?? HRNK!! This girl will drive me crazy..”

Just then door bell rings buaji goes n opens the door n stood rooted at the spot seeing the person at the door....

How was it guys???? Please do give me your reviews positive n negative are accepted....Thanks for the comments n whoever pressed thank you buttons....



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Mar 29, 2017

Part 5!!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 48 times)

Part 5

As soon as khushi leaves from the cabin Arnav sits on his leather chair with this crushing the papers i his hands as he was not expecting khushi to take the signatures of payal on the divorce papers... he was staring at the papers unbelievably... it was totally unthinkable that khushi will directly take the signatures from Payal n throw the papers a his face.. yes she did not throw the papers at his face but it was equal to it as the signatures on the papers were screaming his defeat ASR’s defeat... he is not the one who accept defeats easily.. . He need to act fast as he has to take khushi back home before dinner by hook or crook or else Nani or Di will start questioning the whereabouts of khushi......

Thinking something he takes his mobile laptop bag  car keys n leave from there dialling some number....

Here in RM living room :-

All are sitting in the living room drInking tea n having snacks except ArShi n Shyam suddenly Nani asks Anjali-“Anjali bitiya where is daamadji he did not return yet??”

Anjali(smiling mildly)-“don’t know nani I think he will come late as he was on leave these many days and today also he left late for office..”

Nan(understanding)-“ok bitiya”

Mami-What okayzz(ok) Sasuma before the marriage he was so busy travelling heres (here) n theres (there) n now hej (He) was there only for marriage n again got bijeej(busy) then agains (again) hej (he) travels what work does he do that he has to travel so much n can’t take care of his only wife hmpppphhh!!!!!”

Listening this Payal shifts un-comfortably in her seat as she has a idea what work does Shyam do being away from home these many days...

Anjali(trying to clear her doubt)-“It’s nothing like that Mami you know na he is a lawyer he haves many  cases to solve in different different courts n have to produce evidences from different different cities against the culprit so that only he travels so much n we all know that how hardworking n sincere he is n he solves many cases for poor people who can’t lay the money he is good n generous helps everyone who is in dire need of money n goes on praising him”

Payal just shakes her head listening this n thinks to herself how blindly she believes n trust that swine to this extent that she goes on singing his praises whole day but doesn’t gets tired of it n how Shyam easily fool not only her but also this whole family by his sweet talks especially the great ASR who has trust issues with every other person but trust this scumbag easily..

Mami-“but also Anjali bitiya now that you are pregnant he should atleast come home early to take care of you.”

Anjali- “but Mami he was there at home all the time during marriage preparations n today only he joined the work so let him finish all pending work then he will come home early w All know how excited he is to welcome our rajkumari (lightly blushes n gently pays her belly)”

Mami-“Hello Hi Bye Bye but also ...”

Mami was going to say something but was interrupted but nani-“Anjali what about Chote??” (on seeing her confused look asks) when will he return..

Anjali (smiling slightly)-“you know na Nani hE Will come by 8!!!”

Nani-“now he is married bitiya he has a wife n responsibility towards her...he have to come atleast with Aakash or by 7 for the sake of her.. he can't work 11-12 hours daily as he is newly married hve to spend some time with his wife..”

Before any one could say something Mami interrupts saying-“for thij (these) gupta sisters why My bitwas should come early lebing(leaving) therj(their) work to roam around them like puppets” n glares at Aakash who was looking at Payal lovingly...

Mama-“mano you always say damaadji to come home early n take care of Anjali bitiya n now when Amma is saying the same to Arnav n Aakash bitwa you have problem??” this shuts up manorama....

Mami-“but Anjali bitiya is pregnant waa Naa thatj whys (that’s why)..” but nani interrupts

Nani-“leave it manorama you Will not change n manohar you come to my room I have something to talk with you” n leaves from there

Here khushi returns Gupta House n Rings the bell.. as soon as the door opens she was engulfed into bear hug by a handsome young man in early twenties .. she was first shocked then realizes the touch n hugs him back...

Boy(with slightly moist eyes n with a big smile)-“I missed you!!!!”

Khushi(almost chokes but smiles)-“I missed you too!!!”

Boy (still in hug)-“How are you??”

Khushi(coming out of hug)-“first let me come in then let’s talk..”

Boy-“yaa come come..” n starts dragging her to her room n starts narrating his college life n all... khushi too listens patiently as sE knows he talks this much only with her to others he is silent boy...

The boy suddenly stops talking n stares khushi shocked face n asks-“What is this” pointing the mangalsutra  around her neck n sindoor in her maang!!!!

Khushi(startle by his sudden question)-“It’s nothing RUU”

The boy who according to khushi is RUU(aghast by her reply) -“oh really DINA this sindoor n mangalsutra are nothing (then thinking something) are you married??”

Khushi (wistfully)-“yes this is going to end now”

Ruu(still in shock)-“What do you mean?”

Khushi then explains what all happened in his absence from Payal’s first marriage fashion show releasing of tapes coming to delhi working in ARD then training lavanya Shyam’s deceit Payal marrying Aakash then atlast her forceful contract marriage of six months!!!!!

Ruu(enraged n shouting)-“WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING HERE N HOW DEAR THAT ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA DO THIS TO YOU...LET ME SEE HIM ONCE I’LL NOT LEAVE HIM..WHHAT WERE THESE GUPTAS DOING??” and stands upto go to lash out on the people who dare hurt khushi..... khushi stops him n says-“listen ruu..” but He is nowhere to listen..khushi on seeing him not listening to her shouts on the top of her voice 

Khushi(shouts)-“RUBEL AHLUWALIA WILL YOU STOP YOUR RANTS N LISTEN TO ME (calms down on seeing his attention on her)these Guptas don’t kW about blackmailing n all so calm down heck they dont even know the reason behind my sudden marriage not nor do I.. .due to me Payal’s first marriage broke n it was my responsibility to fix it which I did by marrying him understood!!!! It means nothing.”

Rubel(still enraged)-“but he did marry you!!”

Khushi(exasperatedly)-“no he didn’t marry me there was no proper marriage.. he just put sindoor on my partition n mangalsutra around my neck it doesn’t mean we are married , there were no pheres no pandit no mantras n neither we register our marriage nor we signed any contract papers n no was witness so in short we are not married...”

Rubel(calms down listening this)-“so you will not go now!?!?”

Khushi nods n say-“as Payal is married I’ll not go... if I did not listen to him at that time he may call off the wedding n I having no other option obeyed him..”

Rubel-“achaa leave it from where are you coming??”

Khushi-“woh I went to meet him saying that I’m not coming back to RM as he was forcing me to come!!!”

Rubel then thinks something n asks-“these people know that you are not going back to RM ?”

Khushi(nods negatively)-“no as they are very angry for my sudden marriage so they aren’t talking to me!!”

Rubel-“this explains why they were shocked on my arrival on seeing khushi's confused face explains what happened sometime ago..”

How was it guyzz??? Please do give me your reviews positive or negative are accepted!!!!

Thanks a lot for your comments @Sujesan61 @arshigeet @Arshisarunmoon @Londoner @Lily30 @Gouarshi @Noordina @Anonymous.. it means a lot!!!!

N thankyou guys who pressed thankyou button!!!!!

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Apr 4, 2017

Part 6!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 51 times)

Part 6

Sometime earlier

Gupta House 

When door bell rings buaji opens the door n stood rooted at the spot seeing the person at the door step it was Rubel Ahluwalia standing in his glory wearing white t-shirt blue denim n a black jacket looking handsome with luggage in his hands n a small smile playing on his lips...

“Hii buaji!!”Rubel exclaims n hugs her..

Buaji was shocked to react any thing seeing the shocked face of buaji Rubel pushes her n goes inside to see his maad standing there wearing a similar expression of buaji n sighs..

“Hii Maasi oh sorry Namaste!!!” Rubel folds his hands n bends to take the blessing of Garima..

Seeing her not reacting smiles knowingly n asks “what happened?? Are you not happy seeing me.. I know I came suddenly but see I missed Payal jiji’s marriage but can’t miss the reception so I came just in time..”

By then both the ladies masks their expressions n fakes a smile but this didn’t go unnoticed by Rubel Ahluwalia 

“Come sit bitwa wait I’ll get water for you!!” saying this buaji runs to the kitchen

“How are you bitwa??” Garima asks vehemently not sounding rude..

“I’m fine Maasi.. where is Dina??” Rubel asks excitedly..

“Ohh she went out... I think she will come by now...”Garima answers with a tight smile..

“no problem I’ll wait.. where is mausaji? n how is he??” Rubel asks formally as he is uncomfortable with them he is coming here only for his sweet Dina or else he may not spare a glance at their direction..

Garima’s smile fades away hearing his question-“you know bitwa few months earlier he got paralysis attack n now he is on the complete bed rest as he can’t move..” answers almost in tears..

“what are you saying Maasi how.. when.. what.. I mean is he alright??”Rubel asks shocked..

“but Dina did not say anything to me” Rubel thought aloud..

Garima was not surprised hearing this as she expected this from khushi but then tries to cover up-“yes we only asked her not to inform you..”

Rubel was about to say something just then door bell rang 

“Must be dina” saying this Rubel gets up excitedly to open the door n surprise his Dina...

Present time 

khushi's bedroom-

“Dina why did you not inform anything about him??” Rubel asks as he may comfortably in khushi's lap..

“I did not want you to be worried that’s why..” khushi answers smiling slightly..

“ok as I came everything will be fine” Rubel says coolly..

“achaa for how many days did you come? N how were your exams??” asks khushi smiling slightly..

“Exams were great as usual n I came for 1 ½ month..” answers Rubel thinking to plan a vacation with his Dina somewhere in india..

“Dina you are very bad” Rubel suddenly shouts startling khushi who was in some thoughts..

“What happened what did I do now??” asked a perplexed khushi...

“You are bad I just came to India not a day passed n you Are planning to send me bacl I did not expect this from you Dina.. I thought you will be very happy we will go spend some time together but you.. .” Rubel pouts childishly n gets up from her lap...

Khushi shakes her head seeing his drama n sighs 

“I was just asking so that we can plan according to your holidays..” answered khushi biting her lip to control her smile..

“Sach Dina..” asks Rubel innocently like a 5 year old child who was promised to give chocolate if he completes his milk..

Khushi nods seeing his adorable face then kissed his forehead and hugs him..

Just then Arnav enters the room seeing the lovely dovey  scene utters a what the..

Sorry sorry sorry sorry guys I know first I'm late then this short update was too occupied by my life...

I promise next update will we long hopefully in next two days...

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Apr 5, 2017

Part 7!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 57 times)


Same time nani’s room 

Mamaji knocks the door n enter the room to see Nani lost in her thoughts 

“What happened Amma why did you call me suddenly? N why are you so tensed??”asked mamaji concerned about his mother seeing the tensed look on her face..

Hearing the concerned voice of her son Nani comes out of her thoughts and asks-“nothing.. did they find about her n her family??”

“No Amma detectives searched whole Lucknow but couldn't find about them!!”answered manohar feeling bad as he isn’t able to find about the family his mother is so eager about..

“What are your detectives doing manohar it’s been more than eight months they aren’t able to find a small family in Lucknow??” asks Nani frustrated with his son as he can’t find the persons who were so important to her daughter..

“The detectives are working Amma some people said  them that they shifted to Mumbai some said Kolkata n some Delhi soon told them fist search Kolkata then Delhi then Mumbai.. . They searched Kolkata they did not find them n now they are searching Delhi if they did not find here then they'll search in Mumbai..” said manohar as he can’t understand why his mother is hell bent on finding them..

“There will be something or someone who should know about them as they can't disappear suddenly..” Nani thought aloud..

“what about the photo manohar did it not help to find them??” asked Nani

“Amma you gave the photo of 8-9 years old girl how can they find her now?? The photo is 15 years old it’s very difficult to find her” explained manohar patiently hoping that his mother understands how can detectives find a girl who is around 24-25 with her photo which was taken in childhood..

“But why are you suddenly interested in that girl n her family who is she to us?? to you?? What relation does she share?? I neither met her nor her parents earlier??..” asked a genuinely concerned n a confused manohar..

“You never met that family because you were in Delhi when Ratna met that little girl who was around  5-6 years old..” answered nani lost in her thoughts

“N about her relation with us Ratna wanted her to be chote’s wife it was her wish..” said nani who was thinking when she came to know about Ratna’s wish..


Some 17  years ago

When Devyani Raizada visited Lucknow to meet her only daughter after many months.. 

Ratna hugs her mother seeing her after many months 

“How are you Amma?” asks Ratna coming out of her hug..

“I’m fine bitiya how are you damadjii n children??”asks Nani settling in the living room

“All are fine Amma you say about you all.. how is babuji, manohar, manorama n Aakash??” asks Ratna thinking about her brother n Bhabhi who shifted Delhi with her parents recently..

“They all are fine bitiya.. Aakash is missing his bua.. where is Anjali bitiya n Chote??” enquired Nani not seeing her grandchildren who will be the first one to greet her whenever she comes to their house..

“Anjali bitiya went to Mandir with maaji n Chote is playing with Anaya bitiya in the garden..” said Ratna thinking that how her ever so naughty but silent son with strangers with mingled with Anaya so easily..

“Who is Anaya??”asked Nani listening to a new name which she never heard before..

“Anaya is a 8 year old girl Amma whom we met in the Mandir one day she is so sweet caring chirpy talkative selfless which won our chote’s heart you know Naa our chote who will be naughty with family members n silent type with girls n strangers but don’t know what happened to him when he met Anaya he is just playing only with her he even forgets his mamma when he is with her..” Complaints Ratna to her mother as her chote never forgets his mamma except when he is with Anaya....

“Ohh achaa n Chote made a new friend that too a girl the I have to meet her n see what speciality she has that won chote’s heart..” says nani wondering that her grandson never made any girl as his friends he doesn't even talks to girls in his class n now made a friend that too who he met in Mandir.. 

“N Amma you know she goes to the same school as his they both do their lunch together n play in recess...” Ratna said about her son to her mother..

 “N Amma I’m thinking to make her as chote’s bride she is good her family background is same as ours they are rich not that I mind but I think they will look good together like perfect match what do you say??” asks Ratna excitedly thinking about her son's marriage...

“How can I say Ratna I never met her n don’t get excited too much now only there is plenty of time for your chote’s marriage he is only 11 years...” said nani seeing her daughter's excited face...

“Ohh haa you never met her wait let me show her photos to you..” saying this she went to her room to get the photo of Anaya..

Nani just shakes her head seeing her daughter who is very excited for her son's marriage at the age of 11..

“See Amma she is Anaya she is so pretty Naa..” showing some photos of Anaya which she took some days back..

“Haan she is very pretty like a pari..” agreed nani seeing the photo of Anaya laughing with chote..

“What do her parents do?” asks Nani...

“Woh her father is a business man n her mother is a homemaker..” answers ratna..

“what is her full name n name of her parents??” asks Nani

“Her full name is Anaya ...” she was going to complete someone came in the living room shouting Nani Nani.... that was none other that Arnav with Anaya..

“Nani when did you come.. I missed you so much!!” exclaims Arnav excitedly seeing his sweet Nani after so many months....

“Just now how is my Chote??” asks Nani to her Chote.. .

“Not fine Nani I missed you so much n your methi aaloo..”Complained arnav..

“Achaa did Chote miss me or my methi aaloo??” asked Nani who know how much Chote loved methi aaloo made by her..

“Both but I missed your methi aaloo little more..” answered Arnav naughtily.

“Won’t you introduce me to her??” asks nani eyeing Anaya who was feeling left out..

“Ohh haa!! Nani she is Anaya my friend, Anu she is my Nani who cooks tasty methi aaloo..”introduced Arnav proudly for which Nani raises her eyebrows n Anaya smiles slightly saying Namaste to Nani..

“Mamma we are hungry..” said Arnav to his mother for which Ratna nods her head n goes to kitchen for preparing snacks for children..

“Anu come you said you were having doubt in the maths problem Naa come I will help you till mamma brings out snacks...” saying this Arnav drags Anaya to his room..

Ratna was right Arnav seems to forget everything when he is with Anaya thinks Nani to herself as she sees the disappearing figures of Anaya n Arnav as Chote did Not spent some time with his Nani as he usually does..

Flashback ends..

“What is the use of searching this girl Amma Arnav bitwa is now married to khushi bitiya n khushi bitiya is also nice girl she will keep our bitwa happy..” protested manohar who love khushi as Arnav’s wife..

“When did I say that khushi bitiya isn’t nice girl she is a perfect girl who has all the qualities of good dauther-in-law as well as good wife but I can’t accept her as chote’s wife.. only Anaya bitiya has the right to be the Chote’s wife n no-one else....” said nani sternly...

“But Amma we can’t forget that Arnav bitwa who doesn’t believe in marriage got married to khushi bitiya two days back..” said mamaji not liking the way Nani is ignoring the marriage of Arnav n Khushi..

“Manohar we can't forget the promise of Ratna who wanted Chote to marry Anaya bitiya..”said Nani who was firm on her stand..

“But Amma we don’t know were they are do we?? N from how much time we are searching..” said an annoyed manohar.. he isn’t understanding why can’t his mother accept khushi as Arnav’s wife..

“By now she will be of 24-25 may be sure is married or their family forgot about this proposal... or maybe they doesn’t want to keep any relation with us after that fiasco in Lucknow..  if they want to marry their daughter to Arnav bitwa they would have contacted us..” Manohar kept his point..

“Maybe you are right maybe not because they don’t know that Chote changed his name from Malik to Raizada or maybe they don’t know that we are in Delhi or they don’t know that Arnav Singh Raizada is only Arnav Malik whom they promised to marry their daughter at the right time...” Nani too kept her point..

“Anyway tell them to make their search patrol strong we have to find them as soon as possible..” said Nani dismissing the conversation she wants to end this soon..

“Okay I’ll see to it what can we do..”mamaji too accepted the defeat he can’t go against the women in his life be it his mother or his wife hello hi bye bye n leaves the room...

Nani sighs loudly n lay down on the bed to rest she can't take this burden anymore she wants to share this to someone if only she was there she thinks wistfully maybe she can be of some help...


Arnav stops his car infront of Gupta House he is sure khushi is here... he has to take khushi to RM by hook or crook thinking this he gets down the car n strides towards the door.. he was about to ring the bell but sees the door open n directly marches towards khushi’s room..

As he enters the room the scene there wakes up the green eye monster in him there he sees his wife of 2 days hugging a handsome man around twenties n he utters “WHAT THE..”

As soon as he utters what the khushi n Rubel move apart from each other...

“Who are you? N why are you hugging my wife??” asks Arnav gritting his teeth...

“Wife..” Rubel asks sarcastically... for which he earned a glare from Arnav...

“Hii!! I'm Rubel Ahluwalia..” introduces Rubel  for which Arnav raises his eyebrows thinking this name sounds familiar....

Seeing Arnav in thoughts Rubel waves his hand infront of him n says “back to earth.. you don’t have to think so much to introduce yourself as I know you already.. you are Arnav Singh Raizada..”

“Who are you??” asked Arnav frowning ...

“Just now I Introduced myself.. ok no problem I’ll introduce you once again only for you as you are the great ASR aka ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA..” joked Rubel....

Hearing this khushi chuckles to herself silently as Rubel was about to introduce himself  when he heard..

“I heard you once now I want to know what relation do you share with my Wife n her family..” asked Arnav controlling his anger..

“For your so called wife (sarcastically) I'm her world her life in short her everything her day starts with me n ends with me..” announces Rubel proudly hearing this khushi becomes emotional n hugs him saying “I LOVE YOU” 

“I love you too..” Rubel too reciprocates the hug with equal warmth..

Arnav gets jealous seeing the scene infront of him.. this helps him nothing but infuriates his anger to more heights..

Arnav just stands there silently as he can’t do anything seeing his wife openly showing her love to this man n this man reciprocating with same zeal.. .

They come out of the hug hearing a crash sound..

As Arnav was moving back helplessly his hand accidentally hits the glass kept on the table beside him thus dropping the glass...

Rubel n Arnav stare angrily at each other one for hurting his mother like sister n one for hugging n loving his wife...

Can't they leave my khushi to myself first that NK, then Shyam n now this Rubel or whoever... everyone is behind my khushi.. don’t they find anyone except her thinks Arnav wistfully to himself..

Rubel somewhat understood what Arnav is thinking...then turning to khushi asks her-“can you please get us one cup of coffee till then we will get familiar to ourselves..” khushi understood he wants to talk to Arnav alone so she left from there closing the door...

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Apr 9, 2017

Part 8!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 53 times)

Part 8!!!

Khushi was preparing dinner mostly Rubel’s favourite dishes as she was meeting Rubel  after a year as he is doing his MBA in Harvard....

“Khushi why did Rubel bitwa come suddenly (on seeing her sharp look added) he was having exams Naa...” asked buaji out of blue as she wasn’t expecting Rubel or anyone from his family....

“Yes his exams finished so he came to meet me n he can attend Payal’s reception too..” came a curt reply from khushi...

“Is he living here or going to Mumbai??” asked buaji as she knows come what may be Rubel doesn’t live with them unless khushi is living..

“Means??” asked khushi not understanding buaji’s questions..

“Is he living here I mean he doesn't live with us Naa without you so and you Will be going to RM so will he also go to Mumbai??” Asked buaji expecting Rubel to go to Mumbai..

“I don’t know.. I did not ask him his travelling plans or his staying arrangements.. now he is with Arnavji I'll ask him later... if he wants he will live here or in Mumbai.. but He was saying he will spend sometime with me..” said a confused Khushi not understanding the sudden questions...

“But where will he stay??” Asked Garima who was silently listening to the conversation with apt attention..

“He will stay here if he wants n I will also come n stay for some days..” said khushi sternly...

“You can’t stay here.. it will not look good if  a newly married bride stays at her maternity home for many days that too soon after her marriage only to spend some time with her brother...” said Garima fearing if khushi stays here may be it may effect Payal’s marriage..

Khushi groans inwardly thinking what a mess I have landed myself into can't stay at RM nor here but nonetheless replies-“I don’t know anything I’m staying here for some days n I’m not going to RM its final...”

But..” buaji was going to say some thing but was interrupted by khushi..

“If you all have a problem of us staying here then say it directly we will move from here.. don’t forget I have my house here in delhi..” khushi replies harshly. Which makes buaji n Garima shut their  mouths..

Then thinking some thing khushi says-“Maternity home really?? it’s only Payal’s maternity home not mine don’t forget it’s not my parents house that you are saying that it’s maternity home my home is in Mumbai n it will be till my last breath.. as now Payal is married I want this drama to end it was only for Payal’s  sake I did this Amma(sarcastically as they said her to call her Garima as Amma n Payal as jiji till Payal’s marriage so that No one should think that she isn’t their daughter n if anyone comes for Payal’s hand they should think that khushi is younger to Payal so first they will marry off her first as it happened once that one family came to see Payal instead liked khushi as she is more beautiful that her..) so now we are back to square, you are only my mom’s sister n you will be don't act like my mom.. I’m here only for Rubel’s sake so that no one can harm him n my family as soon as Rubel finishes his studies I’ll move out of your house my sweet buaji..”

After some time Rubel and Arnav comes out of the room looking relieved one for knowing that his sister is in safe hands and the other knowing that the person who hugged his wife was none other than her brother...


Dining Table 

“Anjali bitiya Chote n khushi bitiya  did not come yet see it’s dinner time..” asked Nani not seeing Arnav n khushi at dining table...

“Haan Nani Chote called a while back informing that he and khushiji will have the dinner at Gupta House as some guests arrived..” replied Anjali...

“Hmm it’s good he started bonding with Guptas as he is the son in law he has some responsibilities towards them same goes to you too Aakash bitwa..” Said mamaji 

“Aap shutzz up hi karlio.. bhy(why) My bitwas should shoulder their responsibilities they can do themselves.. no needzz(needs) to yous(you) to helpzz (help) them... my bitwas are nots theirzzz  (theirs) servantssaa(servants) understaanddzz(understand)..”  said manorama furiously not liking the fact that Raizada brothers married middle class girls n helping them...

“Manorama..”came a stern voice of Nani seeing the hurtful face of Payal....

“Rehne dijiye na mamiji see it’s your favourite pakode ki kadi n phulaao for dinner.. you enjoy it..” said Shyam in his sugar coated voice

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Thanks alot for your comments @Lily30 @Agnee @Londoner-khushi has only one name n I'll give you the explanation why Rubel calls khushi as Dina in coming updates. And about Anaya you have to wait. @Malarun @Fathimasumaiya19-you have to wait dear. @Noordina @Hemma marimoutor @Sarada Devarakonda @Ranisha Rambaren.. it means alot!!!!

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Apr 15, 2017

Part 9!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 70 times)

Part 9!!!

Gupta House 

After some time Rubel and Arnav comes out of the room looking relieved one for knowing that his sister is in safe hands and other knowing that the person who hugged his wife was none other than her brother.....

“Dina can we get a cup of coffee!!” shouted Rubel from the living room..

“No it’s dinner time. I know you did not have anything after coming here..” said khushi coming out of the kitchen..

Listening this Garima and buaji looked away..

Come now bitwa, wash your hands.. dinner is served..” said buaji changing the topic.

Arnav informed Anjali that he is having his dinner at TH as some guests arrived.. Garima went to her room to serve Shashi his food n medicine..

“Wow Dina I just love you.. All my favourite mattar paneer, Dal makhani, Sarson ka sag, Rasmali, Gulab jamb and jalebis..” exclaimed Rubel seeing the feast laid on Table by hi Dina exclusively for him...

“You all start eating I’ll just come..” saying this khushi goes towards the kitchen.

Arnav on seeing Rubel not his food asks-“what happened? Why are you not eating, you only said na its your favourite..” Arnav looks at Rubel confused while buaji look at him knowingly..

“You eat.. I’ll just start..” said Rubel seeing in the direction of kitchen.

Meanwhile khushi comes out of The  kitchen n sees Rubel not eating anything.. she just shakes her head, sits beside him and starts feeding him with her own hands..

“I don’t know when will you grow up.. how are you managing at your university without me feeding you??” Asked khushi..

Rubel smiles widely hearing his Dina and winks at her whereas Khushi shakes her head giving you-are-impossible-look and Arnav looks at them with amused expression.

“Same here Dina I also wonder sometimes that how I live in Harvard without eating with your hands..”

After dinner when Arnav was about to say something Rubel turns to khushi and says-“Dina come to your room as I Have something to tell you.” And drags her to her room..

When they enter the room Rubel locks the door so that no one hears them..

“Dina you know why ASR came here??” Asked Rubel.

“Yaa I know, he was forcing me to come with him to RM..”

“So now you have to go With  him.!!” 

“What are you saying Rubel!! You know its impossible, I’m not going back with him..”

“Yes, Dina you are going..”

“Why are you not understanding Ruu, I can’t go With him.. He forced me, blackmailed me, insulted me and what if tomorrow he may physically abuse me??” Asked khushi 

“You know him Dina better than me, he won’t do that.. I promise you he'll never do anything of such sort..” promised Rubel..

“You trust me right? (On seeing her nod) then understand Dina those people may have seen you in Lucknow n now the would have the idea were you are.. it doesn’t take much time to find you, Delhi isn’t faraway from lucknow. I have to speak to Chachu about it.. you have to go With him, he will provide you the security which you will not get living in this house.. it is the matter of few days or months, once everything is sorted out you can leave him n come back to Mumbai.. please do this for your safety for me Dina, if you will live with him I’ll not be worried of your safety..” pleaded Rubel 

“Ok!! Only for you.. achaa what did you speak to him that he looked so relieved and happy.”

“Woh just our family name and your need of safety..”

“Did you say my profession n all..”

“Nope not at all, I know if you want you will say I will not interfere in any of your decisions until and unless they don’t harm you or your safety..”

“I’m so lucky to get a brother n family who care for me so much..” said khushi getting emotional..

“Oh come on!! Stop your emotional talks and give a hug n a sweet smile..” saying this he hugs her..

“Go he is waiting for you.. and remember I’m a phone call away..”

“Ok baba I’m going.. are you staying here?”

No I’m not, I’m leaving to Mumbai I just confirmed my tickets.. actually I thought to take you with me for 2-3 days then leave from there for London, but this sudden marriage n all.. so I’ll meet with chachu and Chachi, come back spend some time with you n leave from here for Harvard..”

“Ok!! What is the time of your flight??”

“Its 12:30am.. I’ll leave from here after 10.. you don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself and call you before my departure.. I have to call Chachu n inform him that I’ll be there by 3..”then thinking some thing said-“no need I’ll surprise with my sudden visit..”

“then how will you reach home??”

“I’ll call ramu kaka n say him to send driver to the airport before 3.. ok?”

“Ok.. while coming back bring my iPad n meet Sneha, she will give you some files n a parcel being it with you.. convey my regards to chachu and Chachi..” 

“Ok n I’m going to say then about your marriage n all..”

“Now I’ll leave or else he'll start shouting.. Take care...” saying this she hugged him n pecked his forehead and leaves..

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Thank you for your comments dear- @Agnee:no dear khushi trained lavanya but Nani never accepted her, it was Arnav who announced the engagement without the approval of Nani only to hurt khushi. Hope I clear your doubt. I'll give you the flashback in coming updates if needed.. @Londoner @Maahiak @Candie @Lily30 @arshigeet @Sukanya74 @Noordina @Rama Srinivas @Ranisha Rambaran.. it means alot!!

Apr 17, 2017

Character sketch!!! (By Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg) (Thanked: 36 times)


Khushi Ahluwalia (known as Kay)- She is extremely beautiful, gorgeous, caring, headstrong and feisty woman.. Loves her little brother RUU. Lawyer by profession.. became a successful lawyer just in 2 years. Owner of Ahluwalia firm. Was living with Guptas for a year due to some reason.  In love with ASR but doesn't express or show him. Married to ASR forcefully  for six months.. doesn’t believe in this contract marriage and ready to break it at any cost..

Rubel Ahluwalia- A charming, sweet, caring young man doing his MBA from Harvard. An extrovert who loves his elder sister to bits and calls her Dina. Totally spoilt brat infront of Dina, he is well pampered by her. Ready to follow the footsteps of his dad n chachu in business.. he gets angry easily, the only person who can control his anger is his Dina...

Khushal and Roshni Ahluwalia (deceased)- loving parents of Khushi and Rubel. Died in a mysterious car accident when khushi was 12 and Rubel was 8..

Sahil and Kavita Ahluwalia- Chachu n Chachi of Khushi n Rubel. Lives in Mumbai. Owner of Ahluwalia group of industries. Has twin daughters Aabha n Pahel who are pursuing their graduation in London..



Aarti and Shekhar Rat****- badi bua n phuphaji of khushi n Rubel.. has one son n one daughter Yash n Samara. Yash completed his MBA n Samara is pursuing her graduation with Aabha n Pahel.. Aarti is a bit selfish lady..



Ragini Agarwal n Ajith Agarwal- choti bua of Khushi n Rubel. Ragini is sweet lady unlike her elder sister. Loves khushi n Rubel a her own children.. has only one son Ronith Agarwal who is doing 11th from Mumbai..


Raizadas n Guptas are same from the show..

Some readers were asking if khushi has Any other family?? Yes, she has her paternal family.. Garima is her mother's sister..

The above character sketch was of her paternal family..

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