Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa? - Completed

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Mar 19, 2017

Kyaa Dil Ne kahaa? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 48 times)

" Papa please I don't want to marry him" Khushi said to her father almost crying hearing his pleads.

" Dear please do this for me, soon I'm going to leave this world. And I want to see you in good hands before I leave, please listen to me" her father cried remembering that his daughter will be alone after he leaves this world, unfortunately he is a victim of cancer. This disease destroyed all his happiness and his Khushi too. Nowadays she isn't that bubbly and chirpy girl he knows, she stays more time taking care of him with her fake smile, but he knows deep inside she is very scared to lose him, since he is all she has. If he dies, his daughter will be called an orphan.. 

" But papa Arnav has a girlfriend.. how can I destroy their happiness??" Khushi asked, hoping her father to realize the mistake he is going to do..

" Don't worry about that Khushi.. I have already talked with him about that. He is ready to marry you" her father smiled a little understanding that his daughter was trying to escape from this marriage, using this argument. 

Khushi sigh in defeat, looking down she accepted this marriage by nodding. 


2 months later:

Khushi was sited on the right side of his king size bed, waiting for her drunkard husband to come home. She wasn't waiting for him because she cares or what for him, but if he again starts his drama, he will wake up everyone in the family that were peacefully sleeping and then they would blame her, saying that she doesn't care for her husband..

She shifted her attention to the man in front of her, he wasn't even able to walk properly after getting drunk, and she only questions herself why does he drink then? 

She walked to help him, only if it was possible he already fell on the the recliner sleeping there. 

The next day:

" Khushi you didn't cook well yesterday. Try new recipes okay" Payal said mocking Khushi. 

" If you know how to cook perfectly then do it. Don't try to make me your maid." Khushi said with a stern face.

Mami came there listening to their conversations: Khushi cook what you want, and if you don't want you can tell me. I will tell HP to cook today..

Khushi smiled a little to Mami, the only one who can understand her in this family. Payal glared at Mami: You support her a lot, but when it comes to me you know perfectly how to taunt me..

Mami sigh: Payal she is new here, and I don't taunt you, I just try to make you understand things a wife should do to her husband..

Payal rolled her eyes: Ohh come on, I know you're jealous because Akash only loves me and not you..

Khushi glared at Payal: Stop it okay, you can't talk to your mother-in-law like that. And Akash will never forget his mother. She doesn't have to be jealous of a woman like you..

Payal turned red hearing this, she was about to slap Khushi but someone held her hand tightly not letting her achieve what she wants. 

" Payal don't cross your limits" Arnav said with a dangerous tone. Payal shivered listening his voice, the only one she is scared of in this house, is the real owner ASR.. 

" I'm sorry ASR.." Payal said stammering, Khushi was looking at her stunned, its incredible that everyone in this house is scared of Arnav. Everyone shows their good face in front of him, and are always doing their best to be in Arnav's good books.

" And you (looking at Khushi) if you want to do something do it, if don't leave it okay" Arnav said..

" Don't talk rubbish, when you don't know what exactly happened" Khushi replied sternly at him. Mami who was behind Arnav, clapped silently for Khushi smiling. Khushi's attitude for Arnav impresses her, she never thought there would be someone who dares to face ASR like this...

Arnav went from there not before throwing a glare to Khushi...

Character sketch:

 (Arnav Singh Raizada- fashion king, ruthless and arrogant, married to Khushi Kumari Gupta)

 (Khushi Kumari Gupta - a simple girl who loves her father a lot. Now married to ASR, because her father wanted her to)

(Anjali Shyam Jha and Shyam Jha)

(Payal Akash Singh Raizada- a modern selfish woman, she hates Khushi because mami, her mother in law gives more love and attention to Khushi, she also hates when Akash talks or stays more with his mother than her)

(Akash Singh Raizada- a workaholic like his brother)

(Manorama Singh Raizada- a simple woman, doesn't like Payal much because of the way Payal behaves, she always wanted a bahu like Khushi. And she is very happy that Arnav found a woman like Khushi in his life)

(Sheetal Kumar - ASR's ex-girlfriend)

This story is about Arnav and Khushi who were forced to marry each other because of Khushi's father. But as she marry him, she discovers that this family is not a normal one, there is a lot of mystery and fake people here who are behind Arnav's property. Will she save him? Or let things go the way they are? Will both fall in love with each other in this process? 

Mar 19, 2017

Chapter 2 - His truth.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 81 times)

" Chote I don't understand what made you marry this girl" Anjali said making a disgusting face, walking with Arnav who was going to his office. He stopped hearing Anjali's words..

" You don't need to understand it either Di. What I do or not, you don't need to ask me" Arnav said without any emotion on his face. Making Anjali regret saying those words to him..

" Chote I don't have any problem with Khushi okay.." Anjali was about to continue, but stopped seeing Arnav leave without any interest to hear her.

She looked angrily at him...


Khushi gasped after sensing someone's hands on her waist, she immediately turned angrily to face who dared to touch her. 

" Don't you have any other work to do?" Khushi asked fuming in anger..

" What to do sweetheart, I keep thinking about you only every minute..." Shyam said placing his hand over his chest dreamily..

" Just shut up okay, aren't you ashamed of yourself? YOU ARE MARRIED.." Khushi said throwing a disgusting look at him..

" I don't love my wife, can't you see I'm here just for money, I really want a woman like you for me, you are so beautiful, so innocent and so simple Khushi... Anjali doesn't have such qualities.." Shyam said coming near Khushi..

Khushi stepped back looking at him weirdly: Then go and find some else for you. I'm already married and not in mood to cheat my husband..

Shyam: You love that Arnav?

Khushi: You don't need to know about our relationship, just go away from here before I scream here..

Shyam went from there, Khushi sigh hard clutching her duppata. First she has to handle Payal, then Shyam. This house looks like a place of villains, each one with their own interests..

Mami came there, looked at Khushi worried: Dear what happened? 

Khushi looked at Mami, and the next second she hugged mami tightly: I don't like staying here mami. People here are very bad..

Mami caressed Khushi's back calming her down: I know Khushi. People here are very selfish also, it will be difficult for you to get accustomed here but please try..

Khushi broke the hug: I'm trying mami. I promised papa that I will maintain this relationship no matter what..

Mami nodded: But do you love Arnav beta?

Khushi looked down, Mami already knew the answer, how will she love a man like Arnav, who married her, but till today never looked at her as his wife. 

Mami smiled looking at nothing in particular: This boy worked hard to reach where he is now Khushi. He worked hard everyday just to see a smile on his sister's face, just to buy books for Akash, just to buy medicines for me, just to make his sister wedding a memorable one, just to see this family united.. But...

Khushi looked at Mami whose eyes were moist now: But??

Mami wiped her tears: But everyone here is selfish Khushi, he worked hard to give them everything, but they forgot about his work and only want this everything.. 

Khushi placed her hand on mami's shoulder to support her: I never knew people are like this. 

Mami turned to Khushi: That's why I want you to stay with my Arnav, please be there for him. He doesn't have anyone to support him. If Arnav wasn't like this, I swear I would myself take you far away from this hell, but I want you to take Arnav with you too. Please Khushi only you can bring the happiness in Arnav's life again...

" Are wah ma, you're talking like this as if we don't love bhai here" Akash entered in the kitchen looking sharply at his mother..

Mami: Nahin toh, I just was telling Khushi to go out with Arnav..Hain na Khushi?

Khushi nodded: Haan..

Akash looked at both suspiciously then took the bottle of water and went from there still looking at both..

Khushi also looked at him as if challenging him, she isn't scared of anyone, her father taught her that she should be strong and never be scared of anyone, no matter who the person is, because in this world everyone is the same..

Mami looked at Khushi: I'm going to mandir, do you want to join me?

Khushi nodded smiling, both went to mandir, after praying mami called Arnav to come and pick them.

Mami (talking with Arnav over the phone): Haan but you know beta I like to go to mandir walking, but now its too hot, Khushi bitiya will be tired..

Khushi looked at mami signalling that she is fine, but mami didn't listen to her.

Mami: Okay we are waiting for you.

After sometime, Arnav came there, Mami and Khushi took their seats, he started driving with his usual stern face..

Arnav: I already said to the driver, next time you want to go to mandir or somewhere else he will take you ma.

Mami: Arnav you know that I won't listen to you. 

Arnav looked at mami: Do you want me to take you?

Mami smiled a little: No, I will go alone where I want. You know I like doing things on my own.

Arnav: But...

Khushi interrupted him: You are so stubborn, when mami wants to go somewhere I will go with her, happy?

Arnav glared at her: I don't need your help..

Khushi: By going with mami where she wants, I will be helping her and not you..

Arnav shut his eyes trying to control himself. Mami giggled seeing Khushi giving a tough time to Arnav. 

The car stopped at an apartment, Khushi looked around wondering where were they. Khushi frowned: This isn't our house. Arnav I think you're drunk now, that's why you don't know where you are..

Arnav gritted his teeth: What the.. I know where I am. 

Sheetal came there smiling, Khushi made space for her to sit in the car. Khushi was looking at Sheetal's clothes obviously to show Arnav.

Khushi looked away sighing. Sheetal: are you?

Arnav curtly replied: Fine. 

Mami: Arnav you're still dating with Sheetal?

Arnav nodded sideways: No ma, I'm not out of my mind that I will cheat Khushi. Di wants to meet her, that's why I'm taking you all home..

Khushi unknowingly smiled hearing this, while Sheetal fumed in anger. 

Reaching home, Arnav went to his room, Mami and Khushi engrossed themselves in other works..

Sheetal reached Anjali's room..

" Sheetal you here" Anjali smiled hugging Sheetal. 

Sheetal: I guess you're happy seeing me here. So tell me why you called me?

Payal who also in the room chatting with Anjali: Did you forget about Arnav so soon?

Sheetal smiled evily: Do you think so? I will leave a handsome rich boy!!

Anjali and Payal smirked hearing her. Anjali: Then why are you so quiet? Didn't you plan anything till now?

Sheetal: I will attack at the right moment. For now I thought ASR really cares for me, but after seeing that he is not even interested to know how I am. I think I will have to wait for a while..

Anjali face palmed: We don't have time to wait Sheetal. If Arnav falls for Khushi, he will ignore us badly and all his property will go to her. 

Payal nodded. 


" Arnav your coffee" Khushi said handling it to him. Arnav took it without looking at her face, Khushi pouted.

" Mami says for me to give a chance to him? Him? Arrogant Raizada.. urghh why me? Will I be able to love me?" Khushi thought making weird faces..

Arnav looked up giving a what-happened look to her. Khushi smiled sarcastically: Don't you know how to say thank you?

Arnav: Its your duty..

Khushi was left with open mouth: You know very well that I was forced to marry you and this isn't my duty at all..

Arnav shouted: HP...HP...

HP came running there: Yes sir..

Arnav: Bring coffee for me. Khushi shook her head in disbelief hearing Arnav, then she turned to HP: Don't bring it here. 

Khushi turned to Arnav: I have already made it for you, now drink it quietly. Don't need to waste worker's time here..

Arnav drank the coffee ignoring her, he started typing on his laptop furiously cursing this woman. The one who dares to talk with him like that and he doesn't know why he obeys her.

Khushi smirked in victory, then sat beside him on the bed: I want to talk with you..

Arnav not looking at her: Thank you for the coffee, now get lost from here...

Khushi frowned muttering "Laad governor" then continued: Its not about this, I want you to come home early today and don't drink..

Arnav shifted his attention from his laptop to her: And who are you to tell me these things and expect that I will listen to you?

Khushi sigh: Look drinking isn't good for health and you are so young to destroy your life in that..

Arnav: My life is already destroyed. Khushi looked at him deeply understanding the meaning of his words..

Khushi: My life is also destroyed but I don't drink na..

Arnav furrowed his brows: How come? You are living in ASR's mansion as my wife. This is like a dream come true for any girl..

Khushi glared at him: For me this is nothing okay. I'm also rich, and my father also has a big mansion. And my house is far better than yours, here everyone is so bad and selfish while in my house me and papa were like best friends.. (Khushi had tears in her eyes remembering her father)

Arnav looked at her not knowing what to do: Stop crying..

Khushi cried more, Arnav wanted to wipe her tears but something was stopping him, seeing her cry more, he moved his hands to wipe the tears on her cheeks making Khushi look at him surprised...

Both stopped looking at each other, after hearing sounds of someone crying, they looked at the door only to find Sheetal crying loudly there..

Arnav: What the.. Sheetal what are you doing on the door?

Anjali came there side hugging Sheetal, then turned to Arnav: You're moving on with Khushi, but she loves you truly Chote. How can you forget her like that?

Arnav maintained his serious look: So what should I do now? Marry with her also? Live my life with two wives? Tell me Di..

Anjali was about to say something but Arnav interrupted her: I'm married to the woman sitting beside me now. And I will not cheat or make her suffer as I promised to her father. Sheetal forget me and move on.. 

Arnav went to the bathroom, leaving Khushi stunned with his words. Anjali and Sheetal fumed in anger after seeing Arnav's behavior towards them..

They left the room, mami came running to Khushi smiling: Dekha Khushi how he supported you, believe me he doesn't do this for anyone. Only for special peoples!

Khushi smiled a little: But Mami its still very soon to fall in love with him or to accept him in my life.

Mami nodded understanding Khushi's feelings. 

Arnav left for office, leaving Khushi to handle the three evil women here. 

Khushi stayed in her room chatting with her only friend here mami. 

Khushi: They talk a lot hain na? 

Mami nodded laughing: They must be gossiping right now..

It was night time and Khushi was pacing around the room waiting for Arnav, she is praying for him to listen to her words..

She sat getting bored waiting for him, its useless he will drink today too..

After making Khushi wait for 2 hours, Arnav came back drunk he opened the door talking alone there...

Khushi came to help him. Arnav looked at her laughing: TUU.. what are you doing still awake???

Khushi rolled her eyes: I was waiting for you...

Arnav laughed again, rubbing his eyes: Waiting for me? Kyun? Just go away from here.. go..

Arnav pushed her out of his room, Khushi looked at him in disbelief: Look Arnav.. what are you doing? 

Arnav didn't listen anything and closed the door on her face. Khushi looked at the door, then around her not knowing what to do now...

She went to the living room sitting on the sofa still scared to be alone there. Shyam came there smiling: Hi meri jaan. What are you doing here? Its too late, go and sleep..

Khushi looked angrily at him. Shyam laughed: Ohh Arnav made you leave his room??

Khushi didn't say anything, he continued: No problem my princess you can come and sleep with me..

*Thud* Khushi slapped him hard on his face, making Shyam glare at her he wanted to pull her hair but seeing Arnav coming out of his room, Shyam went running from there...

Arnav reached near Khushi smiling: Come...

Khushi looked at him confused, Arnav held her hand: I was just kidding with you, come lets sleep, I'm very sleepy...

Khushi stood still, Arnav lifted her: OHHH MY GOOOD.. you're so fat..

Khushi: I'm not fat, you're drunk that you can't even balance yourself how will you lift me? Put me down now..

Arnav smirked:'re challenging ASR.. ahn? Just wait and watch...

Arnav with great efforts managed to reach the room lifting Khushi. Khushi at the end giggled at him. 

He left her on the bed, coming on top of her to sleep. Khushi shouted: Arnav go and sleep on your side.. you can't sleep on top of me...

Arnav closed his ears: Do you want to make me deaf or what? 

He moved his body a bit trying to go to his side but because of his state he wasn't able to. Khushi helped him sleep properly. He slept in no time holding her hand..

Mar 20, 2017

Chapter 3 - A Change (By Angel23) (Thanked: 97 times)

Arnav woke up with a severe headache, he looked at his right side and found Khushi sleeping peacefully there..

" What the... How did I end up here now?" Arnav thought touching his forehead as it would to reduce the pain..

Khushi also woke up, because of the sun rays that were disturbing her sleep. She looked at Arnav: Good morning Drunkard Raizada..

Arnav glared at her: I'm not drunkard okay. Khushi: Of course you are, I pleaded you to not drink yesterday but no..

Khushi hugged her pillow complaining: You pushed me out of the room yesterday...

Arnav smirked: Serves you right. By the way how come you're sleeping here?

Khushi was now lost in thoughts, the way he lifted her then came on top of her to sleep, her face turned red automatically: Woh.. You only came to take me back..

Arnav raised his brows: Really, I must be mad to do something like that. Khushi: That's why I tell you don't drink, you will not be mad..

Arnav rolled his eyes, leaving his bed and heading to the bathroom, Khushi looked at him thinking: You will leave this habit Mr.Raizada. I'm also Khushi Kumari Gupta.. I cannot accept defeat

After some minutes, Arnav came out adjusting his shirt button, Khushi came behind him, standing behind him she cleared her throat, Arnav raised his brows looking at her: What? m

Khushi: Woh if you want I can help you leave this habit..

Arnav: Khushi go and take a bath. Stop eating my brain..

Khushi looked at him sadly: I just want to help you Arnav, papa loved you a lot and I can't let you lose your life day by day. It will be another defeat for me, I already lost my father because of his disease, now please don't make me lose the only one he left for me...

* Rabba vee... Rabba vee...

Both stood there looking at each other deeply. Payal was passing by and saw them lost in their world, she clenched her fist seeing the scene " If Arnav really falls in love with Khushi, then our life will be destroyed..", she left from there thinking. Arnav broke the eye lock going to dresser he combed his hair. Khushi sigh in defeat, but after sometime she smiled hearing his response: " I won't drink from now on" .. She wanted to jump in happiness, finally she achieved something in this so called marriage. After two months, she at least talked something with him and he listened to her words..

Arnav left the room, only to find his sister coming towards him, he sigh knowing what she wants: Di tell Akash how much money you want, he will give it to you. Anjali face fell hearing this: You don't even want to know why I want this money Chote, you're talking as if I'm someone who only comes to you with interest. Arnav: What will I do knowing it? It isn't going to change anything in my life..

Anjali: It is Chote. Your brother is getting married after some weeks, and I wanted to buy new clothes for me.

Arnav looked at Anjali confused: NK?

Anjali nodded. Arnav left her, and descended the stairs calling NK.

Arnav: NK you stupid. You didn't tell me you're getting married.

NK giggled hearing this: Are yaar I didn't get time to tell you, but I called Di to inform..

Arnav: Next time call me directly or ma. Hmm tell me where is your marriage going to take place??

NK: Here in Switzerland, I hope you're going to come right?

Arnav nodded: Of course, how can I miss your marriage?

NK smiled happily, then hung up the call. Lav, his fiance hugged him from behind: Jaanu with whom are you talking with?

NK turned to her: My brother Arnav. Lav widened her eyes: The ASR???

NK laughed nodding: Yes THE ASR!! He is coming to attend our marriage. Lav gasped: Oh my God I just can't believe this. Arnav Singh Raizada is going to attend our marriage... I'm so happy.. A celebrity is coming in my marriage!!

NK looked weirdly at Lav: Baby calm down.. He is my brother..

* Raizada mansion:

Khushi came downstairs and looked at everyone busy talking about something which she wasn't understanding anything. Mami chuckles seeing Khushi face, she came near Khushi: Hello hi bye bye!

Khushi smiled: Good morning mami, what's happening here? Before mami could answer, Arnav came there with his stern face: Pack our bags. My brother is getting married and we will go to attend it in Switzerland..

Khushi smiled: Kya? Shaadi .. Your brother? I love attending marriages.. Yummy food, dance, masti..

Arnav interrupted her: No one asked you what you think of marriages. He left from there leaving Khushi pouting and mami laughing at both..

Khushi: Dekha how he is with me? How can I start a relationship with him?

Mami: But I also explained you why he is like this. Now it depends on you whether you want to help him or not..

Khushi nodded: I want to help him.

All this was being heard by none other than Anjali, who was standing behind a pillar hearing Mami and Khushi's talks. She fumed in anger listening to this, and moreover when Khushi told mami that Arnav will stop drinking because she asked him to..

At lunch time, Khushi went with the driver to AR to give Arnav his lunch, mami told her that Arnav doesn't eat home food and this is spoiling his health as he is diabetic. So Khushi decided to do the impossible today..

She entered in the office smiling at everyone that came in her way, after seeing ASR's wife everyone stand up making Khushi step back in fear at the sudden scene in front of her: Aree.. You want to kill me or what? Why did you stand up like this?

A lady answered: Its our respect for you ma'am. Khushi looked weirdly at her: You don't need to do this okay..

Arnav was descending the stairs talking with his clients, when he looked at Khushi there standing like a mad woman smiling at every worker..

" What the..." Arnav gritted his teeth.

" Kya Hua ASR? Did I said something wrong?" his client asked scared of him..

" No, I'm not talking with you.." Arnav said going near Khushi.

Arnav: What the hell are you doing here?

Khushi looked around where everyone felt pity for her, for having a husband like ASR, then turned to him: Talk properly with me. You can't shout at me like that..

Arnav held her hand tightly in anger, making her go with him to his cabin.

Arnav: What are you doing here?

Khushi caressed her hand, that he left now: I brought food for you. Its lunch time now if you don't know..

Arnav frowned: Who told you to bring it for me?

Khushi smiled sarcastically: I'm your wife now, its my duty to take care of you..

Arnav sighed, he took the tiffin from her hand: Did you eat?

Khushi nodded sideways, Arnav asked her to join him. The first morsel he had of her food made him remember the food prepared by his mother. He eat everything quickly licking his fingers, Khushi smiled..

Arnav asked: You prepared this food?

Khushi nodded. Arnav: Its delicious..

* Rabba vee.. Rabba vee...

Was it a new start for both? Will his family succeed in separating them?


Mar 21, 2017

Chapter 4 - ASR's first laugh! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 82 times)

After having lunch, Khushi left AR. She was descending the stairs and Arnav was staring at her through the his cabin...

She surely makes him remember of her father, Shashi a great man, if it wasn't for him, Arnav would be working in a garage right now struggling to earn money everyday. If today he is ASR, that everyone knows then it only because of Shashi.


" But uncle how can I marry your daughter?" Arnav asked confused, this was like a bomb Shashi threw to him right now.

" Arnav please. I only trust you, please take my daughter with you. Khushi is still very innocent, she wouldn't be able to survive in this selfish world alone. Please support her, I'm begging you Arnav..

" Uncle why are you talking like this? I can even give my life to you, I will.. I will marry Khushi" Arnav said hugging Shashi who was crying.  

" How is the treatment going?" Arnav asked changing the topic and also wiping the tears in his eyes, he can't believe he is going to lose his father soon.

" Nothing will change what's written in my destiny Arnav" Shashi smiled faintly.

Arnav looked at him and the next moment he hugged Shashi tightly breaking down: Please don't leave me. Uncle.. Why are going leaving me to deal with selfish people?

Shashi patted Arnav's back: Don't cry Arnav. See it doesn't look good, the great ASR is crying just because of this old man ahn? (Arnav broke the hug, glaring at Shashi, for having said those words) And about this world there are selfish and selfless people, you're the one who should have the capacity to see who is good for you.

Arnav nodded, Shashi continued: But my Khushi isn't selfish. I'm not talking like this because I'm her father..

Arnav shh-ed Shashi: I know uncle, Khushi is a good girl. I promise I will never cheat or make her suffer in the future. Your daughter will be safe with me.

Flashback ends...

Arnav went running behind Khushi, descending the stairs fast that made everyone glance at him.

" Khushiii" Arnav shouted, and Khushi who was about to enter in the car stopped for a while. Then looked behind her.

Arnav came there, after a pause he said: I'm sorry...

Khushi jaws dropped, but at the same time she was confused: Why are saying sorry?

Arnav: I'm sorry for holding your hand like I did inside.

Khushi remembered: Ohh, that's okay. I already know what type of husband I have. In fact not only me, with everyone you're like this. 

Arnav: I will not be like this with you.

Saying this Arnav went back, leaving Khushi stand there looking at his leaving figure stunned.

* Rabba vee... Rabba vee..

Khushi entered in the car, still lost in his thoughts.

Driver: Ma'am where do you want to go?

Khushi came back to earth: Huh.. Go to the nearby mandir here..

Reaching the Mandir, Khushi entered inside ringing the bell, she made her way to DM.

Khushi closed her eyes, joining her hand: Life is so strange hain na? Ohh why am I asking you? You know everything.. You took away from me, my Papa.. You knew I only had him in my life but you still did this to me. But I didn't complain because Papa said that you will be with him, and I hope you're taking care of my Papa. And I need you both to enter in the next stage of my life. For now I was a simple girl whose motive was to live with my Papa and always make him happy, but now I have another motive that Papa left for me: Arnav Singh Raizada, I don't know if I will ever love the man papa chose for me, but I will try to accept this marriage now. I will help him, and save him from his cruel family. I need your support DM..

She frowned when a piece of paper fell on her face, she opened her eyes slowly retiring the paper from her face she took a look at it, her eyes immediately widened seeing ASR's pic on that newspaper..

Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga

Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya

Na Kuch Bola, Na Kuch Tola

Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya

Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chau

Tu Hi Apna Paraya

Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun

She looked at DM idol smiling a little: So this is your sign.. You and Papa always want the same thing..


Anjali was combing her hair, smiling at her reflection on the mirror..

Anjali: Shyam am I beautiful?

Shyam without looking at her: Yes sweetheart..

He smiled remembering Khushi's face. " Khushi is the perfect example of a beautiful woman" he thought..

Shyam: Anjali have you talked with Arnav, that I need money..

Anjali nodded sideways: I forgot it, NK also called me informing about his marriage and I ended up taking money from Arnav to buy clothes..

Shyam shouted: What? How can you do this Anjali? I badly need this money..

Anjali: Uffo Shyam, you want it to buy a new mansion for us na. Its not a problem we can wait..

Shyam faked a smile, calming himself down..

* Akash's room:

Payal was pacing around the room confused what to pack and what to not..

Akash came out of the bathroom angrily: Payal what is this? You're spoiling our room

Payal rolled her eyes: Its for your brother's marriage. And if you want I can stay here.. Go there with your mother..

Akash sighed: Now don't start okay. I'm not in mood to hear your fights with mom..

Payal: Can't you ask your brother to take rest and let you be the CEO of AR?

Akash furrowed his brows: Do you think I don't try to get that position? I'm working there for years, but he doesn't even notice me. I'm tired of being goody goody with him now..

Payal: Jaldi kuch karo, or else Khushi Kumari Gupta will take everything or her baby will be the future heir of this property..

Akash: That's your work, make sure she doesn't get close to bhai..

Mami entered in the room making a disgust face: Shiii Akash, is this how you think about your brother? What's wrong with you all?

Payal sighed going out of the room.

Before Akash could say anything, Mami with a determined voice said: Do what you want to do. But mark my words Khushi will fall in love with her husband. I will make sure of it.. And their baby will be the heir of this property..

Mami walked to go, but Akash's next words made her stop: Sorry ma, but that will not happen..

Mami laughed: Only DM knows what will happen my son!

Mami left, Akash fumed in anger, his mother does always the opposite of what he wants.


Khushi reached home. She looked at Mami, who passed near her but didn't even noticed that she was there..

Khushi touched her shoulder: Mami kya hua?

Mami looked at her: Khushi you here?

Khushi nodded: Haan, I already had lunch with Arnav.

Mami smiled: Hmm I'm liking this..

Khushi blushed a little, at the way Mami teased her.

Mami turned serious: Khushi I need to talk with you..

Khushi nodded, both went to Khushi's room. Mami closed the door then sat on the recliner..

She told everything that she heard Akash talking with Payal..

Khushi shocked: They just want Arnav's money.. What a family..

Mami nodded sadly: We need to do something before they manage to get their hands on Arnav's money..

Khushi side hugged mami: Don't worry mami. I will do something..

Khushi smiled: Can I call you ma like Arnav does?

Mami rubbed her chin as if thinking: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Of course you can..

Both laughed...


* Airport:

Khushi was tired of waiting for their flight. She was making faces everytime Arnav glanced at her..

Arnav: What the... don't make your faces, its not my fault..

Khushi pouted rubbing her eyes as she was sleepy now..

Arnav shook his head. Khushi: I'm going outside..

Arnav held her hand: Stay quietly here..

Khushi furrowed her brows like a baby to him.

Payal, Anjali and Sheetal didn't like this scene at all.

Shyam was burning in jealousy seeing Arnav holding Khushi's hand. He clenched his fist and looked away..

After some minutes, they entered in the plane. Sheetal came to sit with Arnav, making Khushi frown as she was about to sit in that seat..

Arnav looked at Khushi, then at Sheetal: Its my wife place here..

Sheetal made a puppy face: Please ASR, I need to talk with you..

Khushi crossed her arms, tapping her feet angrily: I want to sit Miss Sheetal. You will talk later with him, and yeah only if I let you talk with him, actually he is my husband now, so you need to take appointment with me to talk with him, and since I don't like your face, it will take time..

Sheetal glared at Khushi leaving the seat, Khushi smirked then adjusted herself..

Arnav raised his brows: And what was that??

Khushi giggled: Its so funny na. I'm taking advantage of being your wife.. Everyone here respect you so much, as they see you it seems a Don is making an entry.. So I should take advantage of being Don's wife. See na I told her to get out, and she did it. Because she is scared of me now..

Khushi laughed alone at her explanation, while Arnav mumbled " Unbelievable"..

But he later smiled a little, after her father's death this is the first time he is seeing her back to her chirpy and bubbly mood.

As the plane was about to start, Khushi clutched Arnav's shirt closing her eyes tightly muttering to herself which was quite audible to Arnav: DM raksha karna. Let us reach in Switzerland, not more than that.. We don't need to reach till the sky okay.. I don't want to have a meeting with you now, not only me everyone here doesn't want it.. Even this laad governor, he must be praying in his heart to reach safely. So attend his wish.. Please..

Arnav tried hard to control himself, but looking at her stupid prayings he busted out laughing..

Khushi looked at him amused, she never thought being her real self, she would be able to bring a change in Arnav. He laughed for the first time today. 

His family were shocked to the core seeing this, Arnav laughed because of Khushi, an outsider? 

Sheetal didn't like it all, Arnav never ever smiled seeing her face and today he laughed because  of this woman. 

" What she has that I don't?" Sheetal thought burning in jealousy. 

" I have to do something about this Khushi" Anjali thought looking at Payal, indicating her that they have a kind of enemy now..



Khushi smiled brightly seeing a beautiful sight in front of her. She looked at Arnav: It's so beautiful hain na?

Arnav didn't say anything and continued walking to reach NK's house, Khushi looked angrily at him, then made a crying face to mami. Mami chuckled then whispered: Have patience, he laughed with you today, tomorrow he will talk..

Khushi: He does everything in slow motion. Only work is the only thing he does like a robot.. 

Reaching a beautiful mansion with many people working, decorating the house, others gossiping with each other or shouting at the workers, it really looked a big wedding was going to happen..

A man in his late 20, came there smiling taking out his glasses his in style..

" Hello everyone" NK said in a cool way..

Arnav smirked hugging him, then everyone greeted him and also congratulate him..

Lavanya came there smiling: Namaste..

Everyone smiled, Lavanya took blessings from mami. When she reached Arnav, she gulped her saliva looking at NK with big eyes, she wasn't believing it yet, the one she only see in tv or magazines was standing in front of her, and oh my he is more handsome and hot in real life.. 

Lavanya smiled: I'm a big fan of yours ASRji.. I love all your works, I'm not lying you can ask Nk also. He knows everything.. I dream of meeting you.. And oh my god you're standing in front of me... Please one selfie..

Arnav smirked. Nk came near Lavanya: Selfies later Lavanya, let them enter first..

Arnav: Let her Nk..

Lavanya wanted to faint now, he accepted it. She quickly took her phone, then stand beside him to take a pic. After that, all entered in the mansion, Arnav was about to enter in his room, but something was missing, Khushi? 

He looked behind him to see her, and found her right behind him trying to push their heavy bag..

" What the.. Khushi there are workers to do that okay.. Leave it" Arnav said..

" No ji, there are my favorite clothes here what if someone takes it? I can't bear to see anyone using my favorite kurtas, churidar and saree.." Khushi said pouting..

Arnav shook his head, crossing his arms: Lets see till when you're going to bear holding this bag..

Khushi glared at him, she continued pushing it, she wasn't going to accept defeat now. She pushed with more force, then more force and the next time she tried, she was about to fall but Arnav held her at time..


Jab jab tere paas main aaya, Ik sukoon mila

Jise main tha bhoolta aaya, Wo wajood mila

Jab aaye mausam gham ke, Tujhe yaad kiya

Jab sehme tanhapan se, Tujhe yaad kiya

(Whenever I came near you, I got a peace,

The one I had kept forgetting, I got that existence

When the weather of sorrow came, I remembered you,

When I was scared with loneliness, I remembered you)

Dil.. Sambhal ja zara

Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

Dil.. yahin ruk jaa zara

Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

Aisa kyunkar hua janoon naa

Main janoon naa

(O heart, be steady,

You're going to fall in love again,

O heart, stop here itself,

You're going to fall in love again,

How it has happened, don't know,

I don't know..)

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Mar 21, 2017

Chapter 5 - You're there for me! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 109 times)

Arnav: Dekha this is what happens when someone is stubborn, Shashi uncle used to say that you're very stubborn and today I'm witnessing it...

Arnav after realizing what he said, shut his eyes in repent. He looked again at Khushi who was adjusting her dress. 

Arnav: Khushi...woh..

Khushi smiled: Heyy it's okay. I don't feel bad if you talk about my father. He left me and now I will have to live with this truth hain na? I have to move on, that's what papa said to me. Now everytime someone takes his name, I'm not going to keep a sad face..

Arnav nodded, at first he was reluctant, but then let his body do what his heart wanted. He hugged her for support: That's true, don't feel alone I'm here for you...

Khushi completely broke down in his embrace, the truth is that she was really feeling alone after her father's death, no one cared, pampered or gave support to her. She had to cry alone in her room and the next day wake up strong. This is the first time she had a support of someone, that she least expected - her husband, he isn't that bad, Khushi thought. Maybe he is like this because of his family. And since he will support her, she will also be there for him..

Arnav broke the hug: Shh why are you crying? One day we will all meet, your father didn't go away from you forever.. 

Khushi wiped her tears quickly, plastering a smile on her face: You talk like papa only. Arnav entered in the room followed by Khushi. Both were silent, not knowing what to do or what to say..

Arnav broke the silence: Are you hungry? Khushi's eyes lit in happiness, she nodded: Of course I am. 

Arnav raised his brow with his smirk: Are you hungry or you want to eat the delicious food here? 

Khushi giggled: Both. Arnav left the room to take food for his wife, he saw Akash coming on his way.

Arnav with a serious face: Akash if it is about work, then we can talk later after the marriage.

Nk came there smiling: That's more like it. Akash tu bhi na, work everytime.. Can't you enjoy the marriage here? 

Akash rolled his eyes: Bhai you just have to sign these documents, that's all. I won't torture you anymore..

Arnav: Well I'm not in mood to sign any papers right now. Akash: But bhai, we will have losses in AR..

Arnav and Nk looked at each other suspiciously. Arnav: Leave it to Aman, he is the one who handles all this, if he finds I should sign it, I will..

Akash looked at Arnav in disbelief: Bhai don't you trust me?

Arnav smirked patting Akash's shoulders: Here is another advice for you Akash: In business world never trust anyone, moreover if he is your friend..

Arnav left from there, Akash tore the papers in anger. 

In the kitchen, Arnav was searching for food. Nk was looking at him: Nannav what do you want?

Arnav said: Food for Khushi. Nk smiled: HMM biwi ke liye.. 

Arnav glared at him: You know everything, don't tease me because you know there isn't love between us..

NK looked at the woman who was cooking food for the guests: Aunty please bring a plate here with delicious food for his wife. 

Arnav once again glared at him, Nk chuckles: There isn't love now, who told in future things will be the same?

Arnav shook his head: Things will always be the same Nk, because she was forced in this marriage and after getting an example of love, I don't think I will ever open my heart to anyone..

NK: Just try it Nannav, maybe things will be different this time. 

Arnav's eyes got moist: Darr lagta hai NK. I don't want my heart to be broken again. Di and Akash practically destroyed my life, if today I can't trust someone easily then its all because of them...

Nk immediately hugged Arnav: Stop it, forget them. Its time to live your life now, stop doing things for them...

Arnav wiped his tears breaking the hug, he smiled faintly at Nk: Monkey you're making me cry..

Nk giggled, the woman gave the food to Arnav. Arnav went upstairs, entering his room he frowned seeing Khushi standing on bed, hugging a pillow tightly..

Arnav: What the... what are you doing?

Khushi shouted: ****roach Arnav... ****roach.. come here, she was behind you.. come..

Arnav gritted his teeth: Niche utro Khushi abhi.. have you gone mad? 

Khushi nodded sideways: ****roach, she flies also.. I don't want..

Arnav clenched his fist: Niche utro..

Khushi made a puppy face: Please kill it, otherwise my heart will not be in peace..

Arnav looked at her in disbelief: Khushi where will I find ****roach now ahn? Does my face tells you that I'm someone who keeps looking for ****roach to kill it? 

Khushi cried more: Pleaseeeeee or else I will stay here only. 

Arnav massaged his temples trying to control himself: Where it is? 

Khushi jumped suddenly: AHHHH... behind you look there... she is going to the dresser.. quickly Arnav you can do it.. 

Arnav glared at her, she made a puppy face again. 

Arnav looked at ****roach he raised his foot to kill it but at same time the ****roach ran from there making Arnav run behind her..

Khushi who was till now scared, started giggling looking at ASR running behind a ****roach. Arnav stopped, Khushi: Don't stop, look she is there.. 

Arnav: How do you know she is she and not he?

Khushi: I just know it by her looks..

Arnav placed his hands on his waist looking at Khushi: Since she is a she, then you will get along with her well, I'm trying to kill but she doesn't want, maybe she wants to get killed by a she also, so you go on..

Khushi was left with open mouth: Awww this is not fair.. women don't get along well. And she is running away from you because you're trying to kill her, who likes to be killed?

Arnav: Exactly no one, so lets leave her, and tum come down and eat your food..

Khushi refused: Nahin, I'm not hungry now. Arnav sighed, he searched for the ****roach again, and finally managed to kill it.

Turning to Khushi: Now go and eat your food. Khushi smiled chirpily: Thankiuuuu

Both went in the balcony to eat, Khushi looked at Arnav: Do you love your family a lot?

Arnav: Haan I love them and you want to tell me that they don't care for me right? 

Khushi looked shocked at him: Arnav you know it?? 

Arnav smiled sarcastically: I see it Khushi, your father helped me in knowing the people's truth..

Khushi confused: Then why don't you do something?

Arnav looked at her chuckling: Do what? Hurt my family? Hurt my blood? See the persons I most love in this world in the roads ahn? Bolo can you do something like this? To your loved ones? 

_ Tomorrow I won't be able to update, or maybe this whole week. This is to compensate for it..

Mar 22, 2017

Chapter 6 - She is perfect! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 123 times)

Khushi looked down for a while, then after some seconds she frowned looking at him again: But you can't let them do what they want. Its true they are your blood, and if I was in your place, I would be hell confused on what to do, but at last I wouldn't tolerate all this.

Arnav didn't said anything only looked at the sight the balcony was offering him. Khushi placed her hands on his: Arnav abhi tum ne kaha ki you're here for me. I will also be with you for what you need. 

Arnav nodded hiding the surprised face he had after listening to her words. Was it possible, that someone would care for him and not his money? He didn't have enough reasons to doubt her too, she was rich and it was obvious she doesn't care for his money. She was the one he could believe was caring for him..

Kuch bhi nahi Jab darmayaan

Phir kyun hai dil, tere hi khwaab bunta

Chaaha ki de, tujhko bhula

Par yeh bhi mumkin ho na sakaa..

Kya hai yeh maamla, Janun na

Main janoon naa

(When there is nothing in between

then why does the heart knit your dreams only,

I tried for it to forget you,

but even that couldn't be possible..

What is this matter, don't know

I don't know...)

Dil sambhal ja zara

Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

Dil yahin ruk ja zara

Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

Dil sambhal ja zara

Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

Khushi: So who is the lucky person from your selfish family that will receive your property?

Arnav looked at Khushi confused: Property?

Khushi bit her tongue realizing that Arnav didn't had any idea what his family is planning behind him. She nodded sideways: Nothing was just asking if something happens to you, who will you hand over the responsibilities of AR?

Arnav: You. Khushi widened her eyes: Me? But why?

Arnav smiled a little: Whatever I have now its only because of your father, now if something happens with me, I will give my everything to his life, means you.

Khushi smiled after listening to his words, unknowingly she said lost in her thoughts: Papa was right about you, you're the best husband for me...

Arnav and Khushi shared a long eye lock... Rabba vee... Rabba vee...  

Mami came there disturbing their moment, she smiled: Sorry, but we are going out now. Chalo..

Arnav looked at Mami: Ma you go with Khushi, I will stay here..

Khushi pouted: If my swami stays here, how can I go out?

Arnav glared at Khushi: What the... who is swami now? 

Mami giggled, Khushi: You only. 

Arnav looked weirdly at her: Laad governor wasn't enough for you that you had to invent another nickname for me..

Khushi smiled cheekily: It depends on my mood what I want to call you. 

Arnav signaled Mami to take Khushi with him, Khushi sat there crossing her arms angrily: If you don't go, I will also not go. Ma you can go with everyone..

Mami nodded and walked to go. Mami and Khushi were counting so that Arnav stops them: One. Two. Three. Four (Both Mami and Khushi closed their eyes tightly praying " Arnav please stop us") ... Fi...

Arnav: Stop Ma...

Khushi's lips broke into a cute smile, Mami turned happily. 

Arnav: We will also go with you all. Khushi jumped from her seat dancing: Laad governor maan gaye.. 

Arnav stared weirdly at her: Chalo...

Khushi came out of the room, and headed to the hall with a simple top and jeans. Arnav bit his lips looking at her, this is the first time he is seeing her with modern clothes, and she was looking out of the world, he stared at her like there is no other beautiful woman in this world, only her.. 

Mami cleared her throat: Arnav beta enough now, you will give attention to your wife in your room..

Nk and Lav giggled, while others only gave angry looks to Khushi..

Arnav shook his head, Khushi blushed even though she doesn't share any romantic or special moments with her husband, but she believes that soon their equation will change for good..

She has now started accepting Arnav's image as her husband, which at first was very difficult...

Sheetal laughed: Khushi.. Khushi.. try as much as you want, but modern clothes are really not for you..

Arnav clenched his fist hearing this: An outsider comments doesn't really matter Sheetal, for me Khushi is perfect in all kind of clothes. And this my comment will last for years and years, and she will never forget her husband once said to her that she looks perfect in all clothes...but yours will not even matter because soon she isn't going to see your face anymore...

Sheetal, Anjali and Payal looked at each other shocked, why is Arnav giving so much importance to Khushi?

Khushi was lost in her world staring at Arnav..

A short update for you all :), thank you so much for the support and comments..

Mar 23, 2017

Chapter 7 - For your smile! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 118 times)

NK looked at all trying to cheer up everyone's mood: Okay guys. Lets go. Otherwise we will stay here only..

All left. NK was showing Switzerland most beautiful places to them..

Lavanya came near Khushi: Hi I'm Lavanya..

Khushi smiled: I know. How can I come to a marriage without knowing who is the bride and groom?

Lavanya giggled with Khushi, Arnav rolled his eyes: Can't you see she is starting a new relationship with you? And normally we start by introducing ourselves?

Khushi: Are wah, you did your introduction well to me hain na?

Arnav remembered their first night, he came drunk, scaring the hell out of Khushi.

Lavanya: Its okay... Actually we want to play a game. Could you both join us?

Khushi nodded, Arnav didn't even dare to reject, he knows the looks Khushi will throw at him.

Mami and NK came near Akash, Anjali, Shyam, Payal, Sheetal, Lavanya, Khushi and Arnav..

NK: So the game is we will make groups of two people to make a snowman. And the group who makes it in less time, is the winner.

Arnav was like what-the. Khushi clapped her hands excitedly like a baby.

Khushi looked at Arnav with eyes tinkling in happiness: We will win!!!

Lavanya smiled: Nahin Khushi, we (NK and Lav) will win, we have been doing this since years now..

Khushi: Arnav never accepts defeat, hain na? So I'm hundred percent sure that we will win this game..

Khushi winks at Arnav, who was looking in disbelief at her.

Anjali interrupted: Sheetal could stay with Chote, and Khushi you stay with Mami, because she will be alone.

Khushi face fell, she looked angrily at Anjali..

Mami: Aree no, let Khushi play with her husband. I will stay with Sheetal (mami made a disgusting face to Khushi, Khushi giggled)

Sheetal: What the.. I will play with mami?

NK looked at Sheetal irritated: Can we start the game?

All stood with their groups finding a place to start their art.

Arnav was just looking at Khushi, who was more than excited to play a stupid game for him..

Khushi with snow on her hands: Arnav come na.. We have to do this fast..

Arnav crossed his arms: I'm not going to do this.

The snow fell from Khushi's hands, she looked down sadly..

Arnav came near hear: What I have to do?

Khushi face lit up in happiness again, she explained Arnav how she is planning to make the snowman. Arnav, with his intelligent mind understood it quickly..

NK and Lav were trying to make it faster than others.

Anjali: Shyam you're not doing it well, see this snowman face isn't too good.

Shyam irritated: I don't know Anjali..

Payal on the other side, left Akash to do everything..

Akash glared at her: Aren't you going to help me?

Payal: I will get sick if I play with snow..

Akash shook his head..

Mami was having fun pulling Sheetal's leg everytime. Sheetal was making the snowman, and Mami was busy spoiling it. She only wanted Arshi to win this game, so it didn't matter to her to win it.

Sheetal smiled: Ma you're spoiling our hard work..

Mami giggled: Ma? Since when? Just because you heard Khushi calling me like that .. Sheetal bitiya you're such a copy cat..

Sheetal looked down embarrassed..

Khushi shouted: Yaaaayy.. we have finished it.. We won! Arnav we won!..

Arnav rolled his eyes. NK and Lav pouted, but they knew it, can they win from ASR? ..

Khushi: Don't make your faces. I also helped you in making this..

Arnav smirked: Oh really, you were just blabbering your things, when it was time to do you left it all for me..

Khushi giggled: But I helped you a bit..

After declaring Arshi as winners, all went to sit and chat for a while..

It was getting later, Khushi noticed that Arnav was feeling cold now, he didn't wear much warm clothes.

Khushi came near him, looking at his eyes, she wrapped her shawls around him, hugging his body..

(Imagine Arnav and Khushi)

Arnav looked stunned at her, he wasn't expecting such a move from her.

All looked at them, some happy and some burning in anger or jealousy!

Arnav was still looking at Khushi, Khushi smiled a little feeling awkward with his intense look: What? You're feeling cold, I'm just helping you..

Ek din kabhee jo khud ko taraashay

Meri nazar se tu zaraa, haaye re

Aankhon se teree kyaa kyaa chhupaa hai

Tujh ko dikhaaoon main zaraa, haye re

Ik ankahee si daastaan daastaan

Kehne lagegaa aainaa


Jo ho raha hai pehlee dafa hai wallah

Aisa hua..


(One day, if you sometime admire* yourself

from my eye,

What all is hidden from your eye,

I shall show you..

The mirror will begin to say an unsaid story

God is great,

whatever is happening, is for the first time,

O Lord..)

Khushi: Why didn't you put some warm clothes? You know its cold now..

Arnav: I forgot it..

Khushi raised her brows: Really?

Arnav nodded. Khushi: Then say thank you. Because I'm saving you now from getting sick.

Arnav: What the..

Khushi giggled: You and your what the..

They went back home..

At home Mami went to talk with her sister (NK's mom)..

The kids went to eat something. Khushi went to the kitchen to cook for Arnav the food of his like.

Shyam came behind her: Hi sweety!

Khushi looked away after realizing the owner of the voice.

Shyam moved near her, Khushi pointed the knife that was in her hand to him: Don't come near me. I will tell Arnav about you..

Shyam smiled: Ayee meri jaan, your eyes can kill someone..

Khushi looked at him in disgust: Shii just go away from me..

Shyam snatched the knife from Khushi's hand making her gasp..

Khushi stepped back, Shyam came forward smiling: My baby please don't get scared, I promise I won't hurt you..

He hugged Khushi, Khushi was trying her best to come out of his hug..

Arnav stood there gritting his teeth at the scene in front of him..

Khushi while trying to get out of his hold, stopped seeing Arnav looking at them burning already in anger...

She pushed Shyam with all her force, and went running to Arnav giving him a bone crushing hug, crying..

Arnav: Since when all this is happening?

Khushi cried more: Arnav please don't think bad about me, I don't like him, he keeps teasing me all the time.. A..Arnav..I..

Arnav cuts her off: Since when he is doing this with you?

Khushi didn't say anything only sobbed in his embrace, Arnav hugged her back, showing her that he supports her..

Arnav: Mujhe pata hai tum sach bol rahe ho (I know you're speaking the truth)

 Shyam came near them: Arnav don't believe her, you don't know what type of characterless woman she is..

Arnav gritted his teeth hearing this, the next moment he moved Khushi away from them and slapped him hard. Khushi closed her eyes tightly..

Arnav with eyes spitting fire: Who gave you the right to touch my wife?

Shyam once again tried to defend himself, Arnav slapped him on his other cheek: Just shut up..

Anjali came there running, she looked at Shyam with moist eyes: Kya hua Shyam? Chote why are you slapping him?

Arnav was still looking at Shyam angrily: Book his ticket, he is going back to Mumbai. 

Arnav walked to go, but stopped on the door: Back to Mumbai, and not to my house..

Shyam widened his eyes, Anjali looked at Arnav shocked: But what he did that you're punishing him?

Arnav turned to Anjali: Ask your husband he will answer you. After what he did, I feel like killing him right now, but I won't only because he is your husband..

Arnav  held Khushi's hand this time, walking out of the kitchen. In their room he made her drink water..

 Arnav wiped Khushi's tears: I know how my family is. Just never thought Shyam being married to Anjali could do such a cheap act. But I will do something about him..

Khushi nodded sideways: Don't do anything, you already have so many problems. why add mine in it? you should enjoy your brother's marriage..

Arnav: Khushi I'm not adding your problems in mines, instead reducing it, if Shyam goes out that means one selfish out of my family right? 

After thinking Arnav is right, Khushi smiled proudly: Dekha Khushi is the best!


 Arnav shook his head, but had a little smile on his face after seeing her well. By letting Shyam misbehave with Khushi he was breaking Shashi's promise, which he didn't like it all. Now he was only feeling guilty for it, if he cared or stayed more with Khushi, he would know what his family does behind him with her..

Anjali barged inside their room, Arnav and Khushi shifted their attention to her. 

Anjali shouted crying: Chote how can you believe this cheap girl over my Shyam??

Arnav: You said well Di, he is yours.. you believed him and I believe in what's mine, my wife..

Anjali clapped: WAH Chote, now that you have a wife you forget us. Is this how you pay all the love and care we gave you over these years? 

Khushi glared at Anjali: Kaunsa pyaar? He only loved you all while you don't even care to know how is he..

Anjali: Just shut up okay you characterless.. (turning to Arnav) I know very well Chote why are you supporting her. It's only because you're eying her property also, you want to get more rich than you are and earn more fame..

Khushi rolled her eyes: Arnav is already more rich than my Papa okay. Even though my father helped him, but Arnav build his own empire alone Mrs.Jha..You should look at your husband first who stays as a ghaar- jamai, and on top of that wants my husband's money..

Arnav looked at his Di sadly, he never thought she would throw such hurtful words to her brother. But at the same time Khushi's words made him feel that there was someone for him..

Arnav: Isn't Khushi's words enough for you Di? Do you want to hear more?

Anjali: Chote you're making a big mistake..

Arnav: ASR never commits mistakes. And if I'm doing it, I'm not repenting at all. Your husband is a cheap man, and I won't allow him in this marriage at all..

Anjali left from there crying, Payal came behind her with Sheetal to give her support. 


Everyone around the hall were busy talking about the marriage, having fun with the bride and groom except Arnav, Khushi, Anjali and Shyam

Arnav was looking at Khushi, he noticed she was sad, maybe because of Shyam, he really misbehaved with her today..

He thought to enlighten her mood, he looked around to see what can make her happy. That's when he noticed gol gaape there, he smirked at the idea in his mind. 

He took two plates, and came near Khushi. Khushi looked at him, then at the plate: I don't want to eat..

Arnav: I'm challeging you Mrs.Raizada. Let's have a competition of who eats fast all these..

Khushi pinched herself to make sure if she heard it right. Arnav waved his hand to her: Chaloo..

Khushi went with him outside..

Arnav gave her plate smirking. Khushi took it from here and their competition started..

Khushi ate her first smiling at Arnav, who was still trying to figure out how to eat it..

Arnav also eat it fast, Khushi started eating more: I will win in this..

Arnav eat his fourth gol gappe smirking: No way, I will win..

They continued eating at least two plates, Khushi was laughing now, her mood was way better than before..

Arnav smiled seeing her happy and back to her jovial mood again..

Khushi finished her plate: Main jeet gayi.. I finished it first..

Arnav: Na na, I won because I brought a smile on your face...

Khushi wanted to argue, but did she have reasons to do so?

* Rabba vee.. Rabbe vee

Mar 24, 2017

Chapter 8 - I want to live in your world! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 102 times)

Mami came there smiling: Arnav beta come and have dinner.. what are you doing outside?

Arnav gulped, he had two plates full of gol gappe, now to have dinner, he will not digest all this food. Khushi widened her eyes: Nahin Ma. I will not eat today, I already had gol gappe with Arnav. 

Mami smiled: Ohh, tik hai.. 

Mami left from there, Arnav sigh in relief, at least he didn't say no to Mami. 

Khushi bit her lips: Thank you for making me smile. I was such in a bad mood because of Shyam, pata nahin kyun but I feel guilty, I haven't done anything wrong but still I feel like that..

Arnav nodded understanding her feelingd, in his case is also the same thing, he didn't do anything wrong for his family still he feels guilty..

Khushi: I never thought a laad governor like you would believe and support me. Your slap to Shyam was awesome, you looked like my Salmanji fighting with devils in movies.. Wah.. you amazed me..

Arnav raised his brows: I don't need to be Salman, I'm ASR..

Khushi joined her hands as if praying: Ji ji app to God ho..God tussi great ho..

Arnav: What the...

Khushi: Do you work in your office or keep saying What the.. all day?

Arnav shook his head, ignoring her teasings, he asked: Do you want to go to a ride? I mean.. we are not doing anything and everyone is having dinner, so...

Arnav was quite confused with his behavior, he never invites anyone to go on a ride with him, he likes going alone to reflect over his life. This is the first time, and his heart often asks him, what is so special about this girl, that you let her rule your life?

Khushi nodded smiling, Arnav is changing day by day, and his acceptance to this change is what keeps her moving on and never lose hope.

Khushi walked with Arnav, in direction to the car. Her eyes were on him only, that she didn't noticed when she reached the car..

Arnav opened the car's door for her, then went to his side. The journey was quite a silent one, making Arnav wonder what happened with the chatterbox Khushi, was she still thinking about Shyam..


Anjali cried hugging Shyam: You don't worry Shyam, I will arrange a way to fix all this.

Shyam: My princess the way is to separate Arnav from Khushi. Did you see today she hugged me, tomorrow it will be Akash, then? 

Payal entered in the room worried: Did you find a way? We can't just keep quiet, today because of that woman, Arnav ousted Shyam from the house, tomorrow it will be one of us...

Anjali widened her eyes shocked with this thought: No, this can't happen. I will do something to convince Arnav. Shyam will live with me..

Akash also came there, massaging his temples: But Shyam what was the need to hug Khushi now? Why are you bringing trouble for yourself by messing with bhai's wife..

Anjali glared at Akash: Khushi was the one who tried to come close to my husband.

Behind her, Shyam signaled Akash to keep quiet, Akash sighed sitting on the recliner worried..


Arnav: Khushi kuch bolo, I'm not going to stop the car till you say something..

Khushi smiled: Kya bolun? I have nothing to say...

Arnav almost let out a laugh: Really? You, Khushi Kumari Gupta, the one who never stops talking today has nothing to say..

Khushi pouted, also feeling strange, this never happens with her, today her mind is all blank for other things, she is only thinking about Arnav..

Khushi placed her hands on her head in confusion: Even I'm not understanding what's happening with me..

Arnav let out a chuckle: You're really mad.. 

Khushi: Haan my name means happiness, normal people stay normal happy, I stay extra happy, that doesn't mean I'm mad..

Arnav: My name means ocean, that means I'm the ocean itself and other people are drops of water?? Khushi tu bhi na...

Khushi giggled.. (After some seconds) Drops of water..

Arnav looked confused at Khushi, she pointed to the sky: It's raining...

Khushi smiled like a mischievous child: Arnav stop the car.. Lets play in the rain, its so much fun..

Arnav made an unsure face, Khushi wiped her fake tears to convince him..

Arnav: Lets go..

He parked the car, Khushi went running to play with water. Arnav came behind her, he leaned on his car waiting for her..

Khushi signaled him to come and play with her, Arnav nodded sideways. Khushi went to dance alone in the rain, Arnav was lost in her, she was dancing not caring about anyone, Khushi was in her own world, while Arnav was only staring at her..

Khushi felt a pair of eyes looking at her direction, she stopped dancing slowly and met his eyes, her cheeks automatically reddened after seeing her husband stare at her shamelessly. 

She lowered her eyes, not able to meet his gaze anymore, her heart started beating fast making dhak dhak sounds, she was scared if he hears that.. 

Arnav on the other side looked away, to not make her feel uncomfortable anymore, when he noticed a car coming on her direction..

" Khushiiiiiiiiiii" he shouted and the next moment he moved her from there, making Khushi numb, she trying to register what happened and when she realized that the car would have killed her if Arnav hadn't save her on time, she hugged him tightly..


But who was hugging her more tightly was Arnav, his heart was beating faster and she could feel that..

Both stood there in each other's embrace. Arnav shut his eyes in fear to lose someone whom he trust once again, his parents left him, Shashi also, now he can't let Khushi leave him, she can't leave him to stay with cheap people. 

" Pagal ho tum, can't you see the things around you?" Arnav shouted breaking the hug, he pushed Khushi in anger..

" I didn't see the car Arnav" Khushi smiled a little at his concern.. 

Arnav faced his back to her angry. Khushi: I'm sorry, dobara aisa nahin hoga (this will not happen again)..

Arnav nodded, and held her hand possessively going towards the car, Khushi smiled, she was feeling secure with Arnav, feeling happy with him something she thought he will never give it her (happiness), feeling loved...maybe also...

They returned home, Arnav was still holding her hand, his hands were cold and Khushi could feel he was trembling also, she tightened her hold on him..

After freshening up, both went to sleep. 

Arnav in his thoughs looked at Khushi: Like others I won't let you leave me Khushi, I'm tired of living in this selfish world, I want to know your innocent world too now...

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Chapter 9 - Kal ho naa ho (By Angel23) (Thanked: 117 times)

The next morning Khushi woke up late, she looked around the room rubbing her eyes, she didn't see Arnav anywhere. 

Her attention shifted to the door being opened, she looked at Arnav who was coming wiping the haldi on his face.

Khushi: What were you doing outside?

Arnav: Something holi types..

Khushi laughed clutching her blanket: Holi ya haldi Arnav... Haha...

Arnav frowned: Its the same thing. 

Khushi raised her brows: Are you sure? .. But I woke up late, I missed the haldi itself..

She looked down bored. Arnav: You can apply it on me...

Khushi looked at him confused: Kyun? Are you planning to marry again? Let me inform you Mr.Raizada you can't have another wife till you are with me..We both are Arnav+Khushi=Arshi forever, do you get that?

Khushi in jealousy didn't even realized what she was blabbering, Arnav looked amused at her.. "Arshi", it felt good hearing their names in an unique way, he won't lie, he liked it..

Khushi immediately covered her mouth with her palms after getting conscious of what she is saying, that too in front of Arnav..

Arnav: We didn't apply haldi on our marriage, so lets complete this ritual..

Now it was Khushi's time to get surprised, she really wanted to marry in a traditional way but Arnav didn't want, he decided to make a court marriage breaking all her dreams..

She nodded slowly: But haldi?

Arnav came near her, sat on the bed, he brushed his cheeks with hers automatically applying his haldi on her..

Khushi closed her eyes feeling his touch, her breath hitched and she was trying to behave normally which was something impossible now..

Arnav caressed a nervous Khushi's cheeks with his fingers, he was completely lost letting his heart control him now..

Khushi: Arnav... 

The time Khushi mumbled his name, he immediately got up from the bed with a regret look. He left the room as fast as possible.

Khushi didn't like this at all, she looked worried: What happened with him? Why did he went away from me? 

The questions in her mind started haunting her...


Mami was passing by when she noticed Arnav walking out of the mansion, " Arnav where are you going?" Mami shouted...

Arnav didn't say anything, neither he looked at her, only left the mansion lost in his thoughts..

Mami shrugged her shoulders wondering what's happening with him, and went to Khushi's room. She waited for Khushi to come out of the bathroom..

As Khushi came out, she smiled: Khushi.. 

Khushi faked a smile: Ma, you here.. do you need something?

Mami smiled teasingly: Nahin I won't trouble you anymore. Arnav is there to trouble you now..

Khushi face fell, Mami noticed it: Kya hua Khushi?

Khushi: Pata nahin kyun Arnav is going far away from me. He stops himself from doing what he wants..

She narrated to Mami what happened till now that they are in Switzerland. Khushi: Yesterday he was scared to lose me, and today he stopped himself from coming close to me..

Anjali who was with Sheetal outside the room, smirked hearing this. Anjali quickly called Akash, Shyam and Payal to her room..

* Anjali's room: 

Anjali smiled playing with her phone: Arnav, my sweet brother will never fall for Khushi..

Akash looked at her confused: How do you know this Di? 

Sheetal smiled: Because we heard Khushi saying that Arnav stops himself from coming near her. So that means we don't have to worry about Khushi, just find a way to keep Shyam in the house..

Payal nodded: But still I want to hurt her, I don't like the way she behaves with me.

Akash: You can do everything with her Payal, that doesn't matter now. I'm so relieved bhai doesn't love her, now I can concentrate on my goal, becoming the new CEO of AR..

Shyam glared at him, everyone wants ASR's position, even though they are plotting against Arnav together, they still want all the money for them and don't want to share with anyone..


It was afternoon now, the haldi ceremony ended on a good note for the bride and groom, everyone were now playing or chatting around, only one person was very worried looking constantly at the door, it was none other than Khushi. She was waiting for Arnav since morning, tired to call him everytime but he didn't pick up her phone. Her heart was beating fast at every moment she thought of where he could be, she was still calm for everyone, only deep inside her she knew what she is going through. 

Arnav on the other side, was leaning on his car, thinking about what happened hours ago. He doesn't want to come close to her, but there is something that when he reaches near her, he can't deny her. His heart has started liking her, and he wants to run away from this truth. He doesn't want to give space to anyone to break his heart..

He sighed looking at his surroundings, he spotted a beautiful probably married couple looking at each other with so much love. If he wasn't like this today, he would be enjoying with Khushi like them, he would be giving his love to her all day, but unfortunately now he is scared of this word "Love"

Zoya smiled while blushing: Asad stop it na, can't you see that man, he is looking at us for so long? Have some shame..

Asad gave a look to Arnav, then turned again to Zoya: Biwi ho tum meri, why should we be scared of people?

Zoya stopped smiling after seeing that the man wasn't only looking at them because they were romancing, but he looked a bit lost and sad too..

Zoya: Two minutes Asad, wait for me in the car..

Asad nodded and went to his car, Zoya went near Arnav. She waved at him: Hi. 

Arnav came back to earth: Huh? Sorry.. I wasn't looking at you both.. I was just lost in someone's thoughts..

Zoya smiled: It's okay, I could understand it from your eyes. Doesn't she love you? Or are you scared to love her back? 

Arnav looked at her surprised. Zoya chuckles: Don't be surprised, by looking at you I guessed you're like my husband, stubborn, only like to listen to his mind and never tries to listen to his heart. But my love for him made him finally listen to both sides..

Arnav: My situation is different. Zoya nodded: Maybe they are, but you shouldn't hurt her. Maybe today she is tolerating all this you're doing with her, tomorrow she may move on. Iss liye listen to your heart, if you love her then don't hesitate, kya pata kal ho naa ho..

Arnav: Do you think a man who was betrayed by his own family, will ever be able to fall in love with someone else? I find it hard to trust anyone..

Zoya: But your heart trust her, doesn't it?

Arnav nodded, he couldn't lie his heart trust Khushi a lot, he could have blamed her for hugging Shyam and destroy his Di's marriage, but his heart alerted him that she was innocent..

Zoya: You know my husband's father betrayed his mother, and married another woman, he also started hating this love idea, but when he met me he couldn't deny love, no matter how much he was broken from inside because of his past, at last our love won. By going away from the one you love just because of the devils, you're letting them win. And this marks your defeat..

Zoya smiled: Okay my husband is waiting for me, sorry for the long lecture but I hope it helps you choosing the right decision..

Arnav smiled a little: Bye Mrs.?

Zoya: Opps, I forgot to tell you my name.. I'm Zoya Ahmed Khan...

Arnav: Arnav Singh Raizada..

Both waved at each other, Zoya inside the car hugged Asad tightly thanking him for accepting their love. Arnav was now thinking over Zoya's words..


It was night time now, everyone went to sleep except the young ones who were playing games, Akash, Payal, Sheetal, NK and Lav, and some of their friends...

NK came to Khushi, who was outside in the garden waiting for Arnav, impatiently she was literally crying now..

Nk patted her shoulder: Khushi come inside, its late now. Nannav will come. I will call him..

Khushi looked at Nk crying: Please call him now, he isn't answering my calls. I don't even have an idea of where he is, what is he doing? What if something happened with him?

Nk: Sshhh Khushi don't worry he is fine. He always do this, he comes late at home..

Khushi nodded in disagreement: Nahin, he comes late if he is working or drinking, he doesn't drink now and neither he is working, then...

Khushi called him once again, after seeing his phone was unreachable, a lone tear escaped her eyes as she shut them tightly..

Nk calmed her down, and brought her inside the mansion again, all were sitting on the sofa waiting with Khushi..

Sheetal: If he was with me now, I would have taken care of him perfectly, such moments would not even happened..


Payal smirked: This was exactly what I was thinking now Sheetal, you're the best woman for Arnav...

Khushi just ignored them, she wasn't in mood to get in fights with these shameless women. Nk: The best woman for Nannav is the one he chose for himself, sorry Sheetal but if you were good enough for my brother, I guess you would have been in Khushi's place right now, which is something I'm not seeing and I doubt will happen anytime soon..

Sheetal glared at Nk, while Lavanya smiled at Nk's reply. Since this family came here, Lavanya could only be friends with Khushi and Mami, the rest she hates them..

They heard the door opening sound, Khushi sighed in relief seeing her husband coming in. Lav and Nk also smiled, thanking God that Arnav was fine..

Khushi ran reaching near him, she started beating him with force: Where were you? Do you know how much worried I was? Just because of a small incident you leave like that.. you're very bad.. 

Arnav held her tiny hands, pulling her to a hug, Khushi tried to reject his hug, but at last Arnav won. She finally hugged him tightly assuring herself that he was fine..

Arnav whispered: I'm fine Khushi...

Khushi nodded still in his embrace. Sheetal was hell jealous seeing Arnav hugging Khushi. Lavanya sat near Sheetal with a winning smile: I think Khushi doesn't need to be the best, she is already his woman..

Khushi broke the hug looking at Arnav: Did you eat anything? 

Arnav nodded sideways, Khushi: I will bring food for you..

Saying this she left to the kitchen, Arnav smiled then walked to go to his room, maybe Zoya was right, he should give a chance to this relationship, kya pata kal ho naa ho...

Rabba vee... Rabba vee....

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Mar 26, 2017

Chapter 10 - My mehndi is special! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 125 times)

Khushi opened the door, with a plate with food for Arnav.

" Come" Khushi said placing the food on a little table..

Arnav sat there.

Khushi worried: Where were you?

Arnav: I was .. Let it be. But I'm fine Khushi, don't be worried.

Khushi nodded: I will bring water for you.

She went outside the room, heading towards the kitchen, she stopped near Anjali's room..

She peeked to see what are they talking..

" Shyam tomorrow I will speak to Chote, to keep you here. Don't worry he is very innocent, once I cry in front of him, he will get convinced and let you here. " Anjali said resting her head on Shyam's shoulder..

Shyam smiled: I love you Anjali. Anjali blushed profusely hearing this, while Shyam was smirking..

Khushi went from there silently, speaking to herself: Ab bohot ho gaya. I have to do something before they implement their plans. Now I won't let any bad touch my husband..

Khushi came inside the room with water for Arnav.

She sat beside him: Arnav..

Arnav looked at her nodding, indicating her to proceed.

Khushi: Shyam is still here, you said you will get him out of your house.

Arnav remembered: You're right. I completely forgot about him. Let me call Aman to check if his tickets are booked or not..

Khushi smiled. Arnav went to call Aman, after talking he came back: Shyam will go away tomorrow..

Khushi nodded: And if Anjali comes and convince you for him to stay here? Would you listen to her?

Arnav: Nahin Khushi, even if Di wants him. I will never allow him near you again..

Khushi smiled in satisfaction in her thoughts: One villain out of our way, I just need to make sure Anjali doesn't make any drama to convince Arnav. Now I have to deal with Payal, Sheetal, Anjali and Akash..

Arnav was going outside the room, making Khushi look at him.

Khushi: Where are you going now? Enough of going away from me. Come to rest now. Its already very late..

Arnav's lips curved into a sweet smile: I have eaten now only, how can I sleep now Khushi?

Khushi nodded, thinking he is right: Wait, I will come with you.

Both went to the hall, where NK, Lav, Sheetal, Akash and Payal and some friends were playing truth and dare..

Arnav sat with Khushi watching them..

NK: Nannav join us, why are you sitting alone?

Lavanya: Aree can't you see he is spending quality time with his wife!

NK and Lav giggled. Khushi looked at Arnav: Lets play with them..

Arnav: Okay..

Both sit on the floor joining everyone.

Payal spin the bottle and it turned to Khushi.

Payal: Truth or dare?

Khushi: Truth..

Payal smirked: So Khushi tell us if Arnav said that he still loves Sheetal, then what would you do?

Everyone's face turned serious hearing this.

Arnav interrupted Khushi who was about to speak: There is no need to such questions Payal..

Payal: This is just a game ASR. I'm sorry if you felt bad..

Arnav looked sharply at Payal: I know this is a game. But the truth is that I never loved Sheetal, then this question is not valid. Will Khushi answer for a lie? There will never be a day I will tell her that I love Sheetal, so there is no need to imagine a reaction for that..

Payal looked down, Khushi smiled proudly.

Sheetal wanted to break everything now in anger.

Khushi spin the bottle and it turned to Sheetal.

Arnav pressed his lips to suppress the smile on his face, he knew Khushi would use this opportunity to torture Sheetal.

Khushi grinned: Truth or Dare? I know you will not choose dare, because you're scared of me..

Sheetal gritted her teeth: Dare!

Khushi giggled silently: I want you to slap Payal..

Payal/Sheetal shocked: What??

Khushi imitating Payal: This is just a game Payal. But I'm not sorry if you felt bad..

NK, Lav and others: Sheetal come on. You can do it,.. Sheetal.. Sheetal.. Sheetal..

Sheetal gained courage to slap Payal, who was glaring at her, murmuring a "Sorry", Sheetal slapped Payal, Akash flinched.

Payal almost shouted to Sheetal: Sheetal this is a game man, it wasn't to slap me hard..

Sheetal smiled sheepishly, then spin the bottle this time it turned to Lavanya.

Lavanya gave angry looks to her: Truth..

Sheetal: What made you marry NK?

Lavanya: Pyaar what else? Like you, I wouldn't answer because he is rich..

Lavanya spin the bottle smiling, it turned to Arnav making her clasp happily: ASRji truth or dare?

Arnav smiled: ASRji nahin, Arnav. Hmm.. Dare..

Khushi looked at Arnav amused. Lavanya thought for a while, then said: Can you dedicate a song for Khushi?

Khushi widened her eyes, she didn't look at Arnav's side now. NK showed thumbs up to Lavanya, while Lavanya raised her imaginary collar..

NK went running to give the guitar to Arnav.

NK: Best of luck!

Lavanya came there: He doesn't need luck, he has love!!

Both left Arnav in the centre of circle made by them..

Khushi was wondering what song he would dedicate to her..

Arnav looked deeply at Khushi, before starting the song..

As they heard the sound of guitar, Lav and NK closed their eyes feeling the song..

Khushi looked at Arnav with a slight blush..

Arnav started: Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Why Did God Create You So Beautiful?

Aavan Javan Te Main Yaara Nu Manavan

Aavan Javan Te Main Yaara Nu Manavan

Enna Sona, Enna Sona,  Enna Sona

Whenever I Come Or Go I Convince My Beloved


Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Enna Sona Ena Sohna O

Enna Sona Kyu Rab Ne Banaya

Kol Hove Te Sek Lagda Ae

Door Jaave Te Dil Jalda Ae

Kehdi Agg Naal Rab Ne Banaya

Rabb Ne Banaya Rab Ne Banaya

When She Is Near I Feel Warmth

When She Goes Away Heart Burns

With Which Fire God Created Her?

Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Enna Shna Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Aavan Javan Te Main Yaara Nu Manavan

Aavan Javan Te Main Yaara Nu Manavan

Enna Sona Enna Sona Enna Sona O

Taap Lagge Na Tatti Chandni Da

Saari Raati Main Os Chirkaavan

Kinne Dardaan Naal Rabb Ne Banaya

Rabb Ne Banaya, Rabb Ne Banaya

So She Doesn’t Feel The Heat Of The Moonlight

I Sprayed Dew Over Her In The Night

God Has Made Her With Difficulty

Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya

Aavan Javan Te Main Yaara Nu Manavan

Aavan Javan Te Main Yaara Nu Manavan

Enna Sona Enna Sona Enna Sona

After the song, everyone clapped to Arnav..

NK: Nannav I never thought you could sing with so emotions. I mean fantastic, amazing, mind blowing..

Lavanya smiled: Haan, Khushi kaisa laga dedication?

Khushi was all red now, she just nodded, as she wasn't able to explain in words what she was feeling, the way Arnav sang for her, meaning every word. Today she knows she has an admirer!!

Sheetal rolling her eyes: Can we continue the game?

NK smirked: No, what I wanted just happened now. And its late, lets sleep. Tomorrow is my baby Mehndi ceremony, she can't wake up tired..

Everyone left, leaving Sheetal and Payal curse NK..


Arnav was sleeping peacefully today, he finally accepted something his heart was telling him since so long, and he was just ignoring it, making him stop himself from doing what he wanted, and now today that he finally accepted Khushi, his heart is going to give him peace..

Khushi rested her head on her hand, staring at him sleeping..

" Laad governor, sleeping like a baby and left me with his thoughts..urghh what's wrong with me? Why can't I take you out of my mind..  and my heart also? (Khushi pouted) " she looks at him thinking..

The next day, Arnav woke up rubbing his eyes angry because of the disturbing sun rays..

He was heading to the bathroom, when he saw his wife coming out, wiping her wet hair..

Some drops of water made way to his face, making him blink but still he was lost in her...

* Rabba vee.. Rabba vee...

Khushi smiling: Good morning.

Arnav still looking at her, whispered: Morning..

Khushi left the room, to attend the mehndi function, while Arnav went to freshen up..

He went to the hall next, but stood there confused only seeing women there..

All women laughed at him. Khushi shifted her attention to him, she asked " What happened?" gesturing to him..

Arnav gestured her to come near him with his eyes..

Dolly Aunty (a guest): Ayee ayee a husband can't live without his wife, even Arnav bitwa..

Mami and all ladies giggled, making Khushi blush..

Khushi went near him: Men are not allowed here..

Arnav whispered: What about my breakfast?

Khushi: I left in the room for you, in the balcony.

Arnav: Pehle kyun nahin bataaya?

Khushi came near his face, whispering angrily: Kyun ki ab bata rahi hoon.. ( Because I'm telling you now)..

Arnav smirked: I will kiss you if come more near me..

Khushi realized her position, if she move more to him, their lips would have touched, she immediately step back with her big eyes in shock..

Arnav went from there, to his room.

Sheetal and Payal came to the hall smirking..

Sheetal: When Arnav drinks that coffee, there will be a worth watching scene for us..

Payal: Haan, only because of my intelligent idea of adding sugar on his coffee, made by his wife.. Lets see till when he keeps supporting her..

The Mehndi designer was applying Mehndi on Lavanya's hand. Lavanya was blushing seeing NK's name being written on her hand..

Khushi smiled looking at her, she remembered when Arnav applied haldi on her cheeks..


* Arshi room:

Arnav drank the coffee and the next moment his smiley expression changed..

Sheetal came there smirking, she couldn't control herself, she wanted to see ASR burning in anger for Khushi..

Sheetal: Kya hua ASR, is the coffee that bad?

Arnav wanted to spill the coffee, but he gulped it, remembering that this coffee was made by Khushi and if he spill it, Sheetal would use this way to insult his wife. Something he is not in mood to witness..

Arnav: It's the best coffee I've ever had in my life..

Sheetal looked at him in disbelief: What?? It has sugar in it ASR.. How can you drink this?

Arnav raised his brows: You know it even before drinking? Sheetal are you becoming a magician or what?

Sheetal was shocked at her sudden outburst..

Arnav stood up, and pulled Sheetal harshly by her arm: It seems you want to give company to Shyam right?

Sheetal nodded sideways scared.

Arnav: Be thankful to Di, that you're here. But stay in your limits, if you plot against my wife again. I don't even need to tell you that you will face the worst of me, you know it very well what can I be..

Sheetal nodded shivering in fear. Arnav left her in a harsh way, she was about to fall but Anjali held her at the right time..

Anjali: Chote what's wrong with you?

Arnav interrupted her: Did your husband packed his bags? His flight is in the next two hours..

Anjali cried: Chote please, let him stay here..

Arnav: Di what will he do here? Enjoy a marriage, then go to back to Mumbai and start finding a house to stay? Its better to do it now..

Anjali: Are you saying that we both should leave your mansion?

Arnav: I never said for you to leave Di, but as a wife you know you have to go where your husband is. Am I right?

Anjali crying: You don't love your Di anymore..

Sheetal:ASR why are you being bad to your own sister?

Arnav laughed sarcastically: I'm being bad? My sister only comes to me smiling when she needs money, she only looks with love in my eyes when I gift her something of her interest, my sister is only interested in making her husband happy, and like a fool she doesn't even understand that her husband only wants money from her too. On the other side, my brother (Akash) also is a money minded, his wife is only with him because she wants power, and all the luxury life.. Are you seeing the kind of connection we have in our family? We are united only because of money Di.. And you're telling me I'm bad?

Anjali looked at him shocked: C..chote this isn't truth..

Arnav: I may ignore all you're doing with me, but I'm not blind Di. Shyam has been torturing my wife for two months now, and I can't let him stay in my mansion anymore..

Anjali hugged Arnav: Chote please I can't live without my husband..

Arnav shut his eyes tightly, he wanted to accept his Di pleadings, but Khushi's face flashed in his mind..

Arnav: Then go and live with him. I never stopped you from doing so..

Anjali: Why can't she leave our mansion Chote? Why only my Shyam?

Arnav shouted: Di are you blind or what? Can't you see that man is only using you? I have made the biggest mistake in my life by letting you marry him, agar yeh shaadi nahin hota, then you would never be like this..

Anjali: Chote this isn't truth, Shyam is the best man for me. Khushi is a characterless girl, she comes from a rich family, never had a mother who could give her a good upbringing. She is not good enough for you..

Arnav shouted on top of his voice: Diiiiiii.. Don't you dare utter such words again in your life. What Khushi is or not for me, its for me to think and take the decision. For now just tell your husband to never show me his face..

Anjali: I hate you Chote. You are not my brother now. Khushi is making you dance on her tunes..

Arnav pointed to the door: Leave both of you..

Anjali and Sheetal left from there. Arnav sat with a thud, he covered his mouth with his palms as tears made way to his cheek..

" Why Di? Just why have you become like this? " Arnav cried..

He wiped his tears, and went inside the room, he frowned seeing a note  placed on his bed and Mehndi beside it..

He sat on the bed, and took the note on his hand. Opening it slowly he read: " If haldi was an unfinished task in our marriage, Mehndi was too. Write my name in your hand..

I know this is supposed for me to do right? But yesterday you applied haldi on me, today its your time..

                                                                                                                                                - Khushi "

Arnav smiled looking at the note, then looked at the Mehndi on the bed.

He took the Mehndi from the bed, and wrote " K " on his hand..

Khushi who was watching it from the door, smiled brightly seeing him accept what she said. As Arnav was about to look at the door, she left from there running..

At haldi, the boys invaded the the hall singing, Lavanya looked shocked at Nk..

Nk danced with the crowd of boys: Yeh kudiyan nashe diya pudiyaan (These girls are like sweet poison)

Khushi with the crowd of girls: Yeh munde gali de gunde (These boys are troublemakers)

Nk: Nashe diya pudiyaan (Sweet poison)

Khushi:Gali de gunde (Troublemakers)

Lavanya giggled seeing them, while mami and Nk’s mom shook their head in disbelief at Nk crazy doings..

Nk danced coming near Lavanya: Mehndi lagake rakhna

(Make sure the bride's hands are painted with henna)

Doli sajaa ke rakhna

(Make sure the bride's palanquin is ready)

Lene tujhe o gori ayenge tere sajna

(O beauty, your beloved is coming to take you away)

Khushi also came near Lavanya: Sehra sajaake rakhna, chehra chupaake rakhna

(Make sure you come with your face hidden behind the bridegroom's sehra)

Yeh dil ki baat apne, dil mein dabaake rakhna

(The secret of love is hidden in your hearts)

Lavanya blushed receiving their teasing. Arnav came was going to Nk’s room to spend time with boys, but stopped looking downstairs seeing all the boys dancing there with the crowd of girls too..

“ What the.. when I went there men were not allowed, now what’s happening?” He thought going downstairs..

Khushi was hiding in the crowd from Arnav, she was still blushing by seeing him really writing her name on his hand, now she doesn’t have courage to face him..

Arnav frowned seeing her hiding, he entered inside the crowd looking for her, everytime he was about to catch, she pretended to be dancing and moved to other side. Arnav smirked..

After sometime, Khushi frowned confused not seeing him anywhere, when she felt someone pulling her out of the crowd to a lonely place..

 Khushi's heart was beating faster, she stammered: You're.. spoiling.. my mehndi Arnav...

Arnav smirked in his husky voice: Your mehndi isn't that important as mine, mine has your name in it..

Khushi furrowed her brows: My mehndi also has your name in it, okay..

Khushi widened her eyes realizing what she said. Arnav smiled: Let me see it..

He raised her arm and just by one look he spotted his name "Arnav" written in bold in her hand..

 Arnav: Lets see who loves who more?

Khushi widened her eyes at his bold statement. Arnav smirked: What? Elders say it like that, don't they?

Khushi nodded lowering her eyes, both returned to the mehndi hall who turned more like a party now.. 

Anjali and Shyam were there standing with bags crying. Arnav rolled his eyes in disbelief. 

Mami came near Arnav: Arnav are you sure of this? I mean Anjali is your sister, you can let her stay here, not Shyam..

Arnav: Ma I told Di, if she wants to stay then she can, but I will not tolerate her cheap husband near my wife again. But I guess she decided to go, I'm fine with her decision..

Akash: But bhai you can't be ruthless to your sister..

Arnav gave a ohh-really look to Akash: It's her decision Akash..

Anjali: My decision is that I will go with Shyam, my husband and I will prove it to you that I don't need you Chote, he can give me all the happiness in world..

Shyam gulped his saliva.

Arnav: I never said he can't, but I guess you knew he can't give you all the luxury, that's why even after being married you stayed in my mansion. Now don't try to make feel guilty Di..

 Anjali looked angrily at Arnav, then held Shyam's hand and left from there, making everyone mood's off because of the small fight in the family that happened now..

 Arnav turned to everyone: Don't stop the function because of this. Enjoy yourselves..

Khushi sigh in relief, not one now but two villains are out of her way. She looked at Arnav's eyes and noticed he was sad..

On the other side Akash, Payal and Sheetal came running behind Anjali and Shyam.

Anjali before entering in the car, looked at the three: Destroy Arnav and Khushi relationship, I'm leaving this mission with you three. Because of that girl today Arnav is changing..

She caressed Akash's face: I'm trusting you Akash. 

Akash nodded assuring her that he will do something. 

But, will it be possible to break a relationship that was already destined by DM?

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