She/he stole my heart

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Apr 7, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 26 times)

hi guys thanks for your comments, votes and thank you button....:)

here story goes..

arnav were working in his laptop a stone came near to his feet  by breaking his window glass, he saw someone was standing there he went there silently when he heard a girl voice he felt something as he already heard that voice but he can't see anyone there, but he can hear some payal sound near the well, so he went and stood there silently, he saw a girl hiding herself behind the well when she removed her palms from her face he startled "what the!" the same girl he felt some happiness...

khushi: aap!

arnav: haan main

khushi: app yahan kya karriyo?

khushi asked with horror look

arnav: Execuse me! i should ask u that question to you, not you. What are you doing here?

khushi: why should i answer you?

arnav: becoz u are standing in my garden, so i hope i have full rights to ask you both

arnav looked rohit who was hiding himself behind khushi

khushi: kya! is this you garden?

khushi asked with shock

arnav: yes this is my garden

khushi: you are working in this garden, but u were looked so rich that u had very big car

khushi asked with confusion

arnav: what the, i'm not working here this is my own garden, i mean i am the owner of this garden and that bunglow, samji tum

khushi and rohit looked arnav with horror

in husky voice

khushi: hey chottu you said the owner will not come to this bunglow, now see this laadgovernor came and ruling us

rohit looked arnav with horror he thoughts"what if he will punish us, what if he will inform to my parents they wont leave me"

arnav: what the! what did you called me laadgovernor

arnav asked with anger

khushi: keep your what the with yourself, till now you said four what the... dont you know anyother words to scold

arnav amused

arnav: so were counting my what the,/p>

khushi: haan nahi to kya

arnav: ok now why you came here and why you were breaking my glass window

khushi: wo..

arnav: kya wo.. ab kya hoga  words stopped in your throat

khushi: we came here for this mangoes

she said nervous what  she will do if he tied them in this large tree for these mangoes

arnav: so you were cam here for steal the mangoes, how dare you people has to stole something from my home, i thought you were not having manners only but now only i knew that you are good thief, character less you people proved that middle class people  are very cheap

he roared like a lion

a lone tear escaped from khushi's tear, how can he blame a person for a simple mango that to too much

rohan: stop it! you  are talking too much for a simple mango keep it with you, we dont need your mangoes but dont dare you to scold my didi, chalo ruhi didi i dont need any mangoes that too from this heartless man

arnav: what the! how dare you to talk to me like that you people dont have class to speak to me

khushi: stop it i  have beard a lot from you  but no more not even a single word, yes we are middle class, but not that we are not having sense look we came here for the mangoes only but we dont know this is yours, if we comes to know we wont till our last breath, yes middle class people does not having lot money but we having sense and common sense that how to speak with respect to others, we wont hurt others like this, we wont make cry like this, bu you people do, dont you

khushi replied with same anger how dare he scold her status

rohit: chalo ruhi didi

they went

now its arnav turn he looked so horrified when he saw a tear from her eyes,

is he hurt her? 

he felt some thing bad in his heart

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Apr 12, 2017

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 26 times)

sorry drz sorry sorry for late update

arnav stood there from long time

arnav: did i hurt her? but why i felt something bad? oh damm

he asked himself

rohit: sorry didi

khushi: tum kyun sorry bolre

rohit: becoz of me you got scolded from that angry man

khushi: offo chottu stop it i only insisted to go there na so you dont feel anything teek hai, dont worry we will not leave that laadgovernor like that he should pay for what he have done..ab chalo

next day morning

khushi went to mandir that was in near her house

after finished prayer she came out of temple there she saw a bunch of mangoes there, she saw her surrounding but no one was there.

khushi: who will kept this here

she tried to move from there without taking mangoes but suddenly a man came there and stopped her

that man: stop beta, i only kept these mangoes here, i'm working there as  security, you and your brother came to that bunglow for this but you got scold from our malik, i felt sorry for you beta, that is why i kept this mangoes for you beta take this

khushi was seeing  that security with shock, he looks so rough and motta but he is so good in heart but that laadgovernor looking so nice but there is no heart no kindness, she scolding him in mind

security: kya dekhriyo  beta lelo

khushi: ji nahi agar us laadgovernor ko jaante tho aapko choenge nahi yeh wo

security: nahi beta, he dont know about this take it beta, for me please take this

khushi: ji shukriya

khushi smiled at him

khushi: how good person you are, but your malik is like that , pata nahi, how his family managing him 

khushi blabbering herself without bothering her surrounding, but unknown factor is without knowing her a pair of eyes watching her

security: teek hai beta, i leaving now take care

khushi: ji

khushi smiled at him and took that mangoes she straightly went to rohit house

security came to arnav

security: saap, i gave mangoes to her as you said

arnav nodded and went to his room

khushi: chottu dekho,  mangoes

rohit : wow didi super, how did you got this , did you went again to that home

,p>rohit asked with little angry

khushi; arrey, no chottu, that gundas security haina he only came given to me and asked sorry for that laadgovernour

rohit: achcha wow super di give it to me

rohit pulled that mangoes from her hand

khushi: arrey chottu nahi come we can go to that pumpset and eat we can see the scenaries also na

rohit: haan didi chalo, maa me and khushi didi going to pumpset, bye

rohit and khushi went to pumpset

rohit: didi, is that laadgovernor know about this mangoes

khushi: no

she was so interested in devour that mangoes

khushi:we cant leave that laadgovernor like we should teach him a good lesson

rohit: yes didi,

while arnav came there for site seeing and morning fresh air

khushi and rohit saw him and smiled evily

sorry for short update dears....

but keep comments, votes and thankyou button bye

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Oct 8

She/ He stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 16 times)

hi guys here I'm continuing my story sorry for very late update......sorry...?? Here story goes....< br> When walking in the middle of the small way he is enjoying the climate and greenary as it's former land While walking he fall down in water which is using for the lands. Arnav was hell shocked.

Arnav: who the hell did this? ( He asked no roared)

For reply he heard some laughing sounds he turned to look where this sound from. In there Khushi and Rohit were laughing loudly holding stomach... As they can't control their laughing after seeing such a face reaction from laadgoverner (oops! Sorry arnav). Arnav was hell angry he tried to get up but he can't as it was very sticky...he looked them at frustrated.

Khushi: so Mr laadgoverner now you got punishment for insulting us

Arnav for hell angry and looked at them with same intension.

Khushi: don't look us like that we just repending for what you did...Chalo Rohit ham jaana hai...

Khushi went from there with Rohit before he start scolding them...

Arnav was very hardly trying to get up from there but he can't get up suddenly a hand came for help he looked up...

Khushi: I said don't look at me like that now give me your hand get up from this mud water.

But arnav is ASR know so he showed his attitude...

Arnav: firstly you pushed me to this mud water and then trying to help me . Is this new technique to trap a rich man.

Khushi was shocked for his behavior how can he say like this that too certifying her character...

Khushi: look mr you can't speak to me like that yes it was me who pushed you but in next second I came here to help you but you insulting me again. I don't want to drag this anymore... Now come get up..< br> She forwarded her hand and got his hand. He successfully came out from mudwater. But he literally pushed to other side of mudwater she fall down. Now it's ASR time to speak .

Arnav: titch titch...what to do now? U fall down suddenly....bolte kyun bandh hogay. Ab bolo just now gave a long lectures.. No one can escape from me after messing up with ASR got it. (Saying he went)

Khushi was shocked bcoz of his attitude...

After sometime...

A maid came to arnav room and she said someone came there to meet him. Arnav was confused no one know him in this place then who it will be?

He came to hall after seeing that person he was surprised!

How is the story... Please let me know how was this...thanking you guys...

Please don't forget to put votes and comments

Thank you friends

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Oct 9

She/he stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 17 times)

Hi guys thank you for ur votes but I'm not happy seeing this no this story getting bored

Any way here story goes....

Arnav came down from his room.

Arnav: hey lavanya you!

Lavanya: hai arnav how are you?

Arnav: I'm good. What a surprise u came to meet me. Is there any special?

Lavanya: Nothing arnav my Friends are went for sight seeing so I got bored that's y I came here. Why can't I come here?

Arnav: hey no not like that. Come and sit

They both sat talked about some random things... Arnav feel some uneasiness because lavanya sat with arnav very closely. That irritating him core but he can't yell at her as she is nice girl she don't have any bad intension (arnav thought like that ). But lavaya was in her own world admiring the beauty of home.

Lavanya in mind: hmm such a nice home very nice antique works looks like this person is very rich and handsome also if I get him I ll settle in my future. For that I should behave like a good girl in front of him. Wow!

Arnav: lavanya Kya hogay? Suddenly u became silent.

Lavanya: ah wo arnav much nahi. Just I thought we have to return next week to home. Im gonna miss u arnav.( Lavanya said very sweet manner)

Arnav: oh it's k I too gonna miss u lavanya.

Lavanya got excited after hearing his talk. Lavanya: really arnav ull miss me. If u then I ll so happy for getting such a nice person. Arnav just smiled .

Next morning....

Arnav woke up from his sleep and went to window side for open the window after opened the window he mesmerized the view of in front of.him.

Arnav saw Khushi praying in the temple with smile face. He amused how beauty she is like an angel look like so innocent with her blabberings. He himself dont know how many hours he was watching her. Then he came to real world when he heard the knock on door. He went opened the maid brought black coffee for him with newspaper.

He was confused why I'm feeling like im to going fall for her when she was insulting me whenever we met. Arnav: errr ASR what happened to you. You were thinking about mere girl get grip...

Payal: Khushi after you came here you totally forgot us. You always busy with your new friend rohit. You were going out with him, playing with him, chatting with him negating us hmmmp.

Payal chided with Khushi as she was busy with her work.

Khushi: offo payal nothing like that. He is small boy and he miss his did so much,I'm looking like her didi that's why he is so attached with me nothing more don't thing any more. Okay

Payal: anyway we are moving to our home in next week, I'm going to miss this place, such a nice place, isn't it Khushi?

Khushi was in some thought: oh ya I'm going to miss this place and Rohit too...

Payal sighed with her Rohit mandra. She won't change. Then payal went from there.

Khushi came to rohit' s place as he was not came for meet her.

Khushi: Rohit rohit, she called him several times but he is not coming so he went inside of his home then she saw an old lady was sitting in the chair. She asked about Rohit.

D lady: he went for his work. From today he is going to work.

Khushi was shocked. What!!! how can he go to work ? He is small boy, then how he can go to work, she asked to that old lady the reason.

Old lady: he is working in that bunglow.

Khushi: but what is the need that he went for work?

Old lady: our financial status is not good, his dad also got sick, his mom can't afford that much money to run house deeds, his sister studying higher studies in town, we can't manage his school fees , so we stopped his studies. That old lady said with crying face.

Khushi can't take it anymore, she went from there. How can he work at this small age. hey devimayya. Then Khushi thought something and went to that bunglow, but the security had stopped her and said you can't go inside without malkin's permission.

Khushi: bhaisaap why you are saying like that... See you know me already you gave me mangoes right. Khsuhi saw his face for some positive answer.

Security: no beta! It was not me who gave mangoes to you. It was our Malkin who said to give you. That's why I gave u.

Khushi: what!!!! Khushi was shocked that laadgoverner who gave mangoes to me...but he was scolded us on that day... Hey devimaiya hey Kya galti ki Maine without knowing this how I took revenge for him. How I pushed him in mudwater... Hame use saath maafi maagna hai.. She is biting her nails with tension face her mind was some where, security who was seeing this from past few minutes so he decided call her.

Security: beta Kya hogay.

Khushi startled . Khushi: woh nothing bhaisaap. I came here to meet Rohit you know him he also came with me last time. I came here to meet him as his dad was asking me to give something to him that's why....

Khushi gave some excuses enter inside.

Security was thinking sometime,then he allowed her inside.

Khushi went In side of bunglow she was amused by looking the view of bunglow.

Khushi: hmm it bada bunglow Kita Sundar hai, manengi padega iss laadgoverner ki badi achchi hai.

Khushi went inside as she heard some noise from the room, she thought maybe Rohit will be there. She went inside but no one was there when she heard door locking sound she turned to see but her legs get tangled she is about going to fall, she closed her eyes thinking to fall, but the pair of strong arms catched her before going to fall. Khushi opened her eyes as she was not felt the floor and she saw the two chocolate brown eyes. In Khushi mind oh God chocolaty is his eyes. I wish it could be chocalte then I can eat those eyes.

On the other side arnav was shocked when she going fall. With lightninng speed he catched her,?? she closed her eyes with her hands. Then she opened her eyes confused look. Owww how cute she is and her hazel eyes....oh God can anyone's eyes looks so beauty like that...

They were cherising each and every moment their eye sharing is continuing.... background music- rabba ve.

Hey guys how is this story please comment on this story and put vote iam eagerly waiting for your comments...

Thank you friends...

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Oct 11

She/ He stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 28 times)

Hi frnds how are you all...??
Here story goes....
The story starts from eye romancing of arshi...
Arshi they were in their own world but a knock sound disturbed them. They came to real world.
Arnav: tum??? What are you doing here? In my home.arnav asked with full fury.
Khushi: woh hum hum... Khushi mumbled don't know what to say..but again knock sound disturbed them.
Arnav went to open the door. Maid came inside.
Maid: Malkin breakfast is ready shall I bring to your room?
Arnav: no I ll come you go now.
Maid went .arnav closed the door and turned towards Khushi.
Arnav: now care you to explain, why are here? Arnav asked with full anger. But khsuhi still mumbing like woh hum hum...don't know why the words are struggling in her throat. Arnav get angry because she is standing still don't opening her mouth
. Arnav: tell me dammit!!! Arnav shouted. That sound was echoing all over bunglow. Khushi startled and get afraid, then started crying. The water fall from her eyes were not stopping. After seeing the Khushi's tear he again felt some pain in his heart which is not existed according to him.
Arnav in mind: damn! Why Im feeling I did mistake. I was shouting to many people. Many people were cried in front of me. But that is not affecting me still I'm not regretting for that. But her tear who standing like statue in front me who always igniting my anger that chit if girl's tears disturbing me hurting me.
Arna: why? He asked loudly.
Khushi: ahh!!! She confused his suddend behaviour.
Then he came to ASR mode.
Arnav: still you are not answering me. What the hell are you doing here.?
Khushi got scared but decided to speak.
Khushi: hum yahan Rohit keliye aaya.
Arnav confused: Rohit woh koun hai.? Yeah naye drama hai Kya hamare garme andhar aane keliye? Arnav asked sarcastically. Khushi: dekiye hum aapse koi baat nahi karni hai, hum yahan sirf Rohit keliye aaya, Kahan hai woh, aur aap , you looking like gentleman man but don't you know child labour is illegal. How dare you to appoint such a small boy as your maid. Don't you have shame.
Arnav: shut up!!!! Just shut up. How dare you to speak me like that. And who the hell is that Rohit. I don't know who is that. Arnav said silent but dangerous voice.
Khushi: aww how can u forget Rohit who always roaming with me. We came together to stole those mangoes from your garden. How you can't remember him.
Then only arnav remembered him. That small boy. Who is co partner of this girl.
Arnav: so what about him. He is not working here. I myself not appointed any child labour and I don't want too. Okay get that in to your peanut size brain. Okay.
While saying arnav pointed his forefinger towards her head.
Now get out I want to change. Arnav huffed.
Then only he and she noticed he is half naked. Omg.
Khushi can feel her face flushed.
arnav also in the same feeling. But after seeing the color changing of her cheeks he amused.
Arnav: oh God how it is changing the color white to
But again he came to normal mode after hearing the knock sound again. He was irritated by the knock sound. Don't know why he getting angry for this knocking sound. Maybe for disturbing his romance.??
Arnav wore a casual shirt which was kept by him. And went open the door, there a lady standing with a small boy. Our Khushi is still inside with blushing thinking how to face him again.
That lady: Malkin he is my son rohit. Can you please offer him a job in this bunglow. Because we can't able to afford his study fees. My husband also sick now. So we want to run our family. So can you please offer a job for him. It will help us.
Khushi also heard what she said. Before she come out and speak arnav started to speak.
Arnav : look it is very bad to get work from children and also it is illegal. So I can't appoint him. But I can help u in otherwise. He can continue his studies. I'll sponser him for his education. And about your husband's sick you can get charity from ratna charitable trust. So he don't need to work. This is age of enjoying life gaining knowledge.
Then he bend down to Rohit level and said
Aranv: be with your mom. Improve yourself. Whatever you want you can ask me.
arnav asked with concerned
Inside Khushi awwed. How can a person being a laadgoverner one second and nice person in next second. So strange. Khushi thought.
Rohit: I'm sorry uncle, I irritated you with my didi. We thought you are bad person. But you are very nice person . I like to study engineer and I ll. Thanks for your help. Here after we won't irritate you and I ll say to didii that you are not a bad person. She too will understand.
Then only arnav remembered.
Arnav: at least now can you come out or still you want to see more inside. Arnav asked teasingly. Khushi got embarrassed. Hey devimaiya!!!
Then Khushi came out from the room with blushing face. Arnav can't hide his smile.
Rohit: did aap yahan? Rohit asked with confused face.
Khushi: woh hum yahan..yahan... She is still mumbling.
Rohit: Kya did aapko Kya hogaya? Still confused don't know why she's struggling.
Arnav: she came to see you. But unfortunately She saw some other thing. That's why she is mumbling. Isn't? He asked to Khushi.
Khushi: nahi...woh...after seeing arnav' s look she again started to mumbling
Khushi in mind: offo Iss laadgoverner ki aakon Kya hain hamne kuch bhi nahi kaha sakte. Hmmph..
Khushi pouted without knowing arnav's gaze is still on her... He amused again her pouted. He get attracted by each and every movement of hers. They getting attracting by each other without their knowledge. This is what God's grace.
Rohit: didi!!!
Rohit shouted. Then only she came real world. After seeing that every one's eye are on her she again got embarrassed.
Khushi in mind: hey devimaiya raksha karna. Then she started to speak.
Khushi: woh actually I came to meet you as you were not coming this morning so I went your home there your granny said that you are here for work that too permanently leaving your studies then I got tensed. That's y I came here to talk with you. Okay.
Khushi said all this in one go.
Then breathed heavily.
Arnav laughed after seeing his face. Khushi again got embarrassed so she ran out from that bunglow
she can hear many of laughing sounds from her behind.
But she didn't turned. She went out.

So friends how is my today' s part. If you like it seriously please hit the vite button or please comment. Please...

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Oct 12

She/ He stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 20 times)

Hi friends....thanks for voting and @noordina as you asked I will translate Hindi to English. Thank you
Her story goes

Khushi came to her home. She is breathing heavily
Khushi: (still breathing heavily) how dare to that laadgoverner. How dare to teasing me In front of all. Mmphhh. I will not leave him.
Then she thought about rohit's education and arnav's sponsership.
Khushi: hmm he is not that much bad. He too have some kind of humanity in his heart, but he is covering over his anger. Laadgoverner.
Then she thought about his shirtless view.
Her face was now totally red. She is blushing hardly.. in the same time payal and other frnds also came and they saw her blushing.
Payal: Khushi what happens why your cheeks are so red. Did any insects bite you. Payal cupped khushi's face.
Khushi: Haan no nothing. It's just nothing leave it. Where we're you guys went without me
Khushi tried to change the topic. Hell how can she tell her this red because of that laadgoverner.
Payal: we went town for buy something. And you were busy with your Rohit so we didn't inform. We don't want to separate you siblings. Payal said sarcastically.
Khushi: offo payal how many times I have to tell there is nothing like that.
Surabi(she is another friend of Khushi in office): ok leave it yaar. If you started again you will not leave this topic then the day will end. Come on ya im so hungry let me eat something. Said surabi went to kitchen.
Lavanya: yes payal you said correct thing. Because she is from cheap middle class family her taste and her likes also will be in middle class. That's why she get friend from another middle class boy. She does not have any qualifications and class to be with us. We don't like her it's because of you we tolerating her middle class state. Because of her we are in this hell other wise we will be in Shimla. Enjoying the cooling climate. Because of her we are in this village.
Lavanya fumed. Don't know why she felt throw all the hatred today.
Khushi felt hurt. Her filled with tears any time it will fall. After seeing khushi's tears payal also felt bad.
Payal: lav why are you speaking like that. Why you always hating her. What she did? Wherever you go you can't see a gem like a Khushi. But you... You hating her because she is from middle class. Can't you see her innocence. It is waste to talk with you. Come khushi. Payal went from there dragging Khushi. Then suddenly she thought something and came back to lavanya.
Payal: And one more thing it's you, you are only one person in the earth who hating Khushi. We all like Khushi very much. If you are not like her you can't stay here you can go freely. No one will stop you.
After that payal went. Khushi is not getting chance to defend lavanya. She felt bad because of her payal scolded lavanya.
Here lavanya fuming.
Lavanya in mind: how dare you payal. You insulted me in front of that chamkili. I won't leave you neither Khushi.
Then she went from there.

At Raizhada Mansion:-
Panditji is seeing arnav's horoscope.
Anjali: Kya panditji, hamari chotte ka time kaisa hai.( What panditji how is my brother's time.) We are planning to get arnav married. But he is not listening us. When he will get married pandith ji. My elder another brother also getting older. Because of chotte he can't get married. As chotte is elder son of raizhadas. Anjali said worriedly.
Naniji: Haan pandithji(priest) we want our chotte get married soon. Is there any Pooja for that.
Mamiji: Haan Haan (yes yes) tell uz(us) bhat izh Pooja hamara bpore aakash izh getting old was( yes yes tell us what is the Pooja it is before our aakash getting old). Said Mami hi with her style.
Pandith get confused because of her speech.
Naniji: Manorama keep quite for some time. Don't confuse pandith ji.
naniji warned Manorama.
In that time shyam also came there.
Shyam: raani sahiba what is going on here. Why pandithji came here.
As shyam just now came from his so called business he don't know why pandith came there.
Anjali get excited: arre aap!!( You). When did you came? Why you didn't informed.
Shyam: just thought to surprise you. But you still didn't answer my question. Why pandithji is here. Are you going to conduct any Pooja or fastening for me. How many times I have tell you. Don't do that. Don't harm yourself for me raanisahiba. He spoke with sweet coated voice.
Anjali blushed. She don't know what to say she felt so shy because he is romancing with her in leaving area in front of all.
Then naniji said.
Naniji: nahi damadji. Hamari chotte ki Shaadi keliye panditji yahan aaya.
Shym get shocked what how can he get married. What if he get married? The all property will goes to his wife as Mrs arnav Singh raizhada. Then what I'll do. No I won't let happen. Before that I will get what I want by hook and crook. He smirked . Evil smile.

Thank you for reading my story. Please forgive me if I made any mistakes. Because I'm typing this from my phone. If you hit vote button and comments I will get happy.??

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Oct 16

She/ He stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 24 times)

Hi friends how are you all. Thanks fr comment @noordina. Thank you so much for votes and thanks button ??
Here story goes.....

At night
Arnav: what the Aman why on the earth that you are informing this now? Arnav was on the call with top of the anger.
Aman: woh actually ASR I'm sorry for that but...aman was cut by arnav
Arnav: cut the f**** of ur sorry session tell me the reason dammit why you are not informing earlier.
Aman: Actually ASR Anjali mam only ordered me that I should not call you untill it's very important. That's why. Said Aman with low voice. Hope that ASR will spare at least by using his sister's name. But good was not his side.
Arnav: what the?. Aman do you thinking this is reasonable. And top of that don't you think it is necessary to inform me before get serious. Arnav roared.
Aman: we thought we can solve this problem this come to your knowledge but...
Arnav: stop there. What you are thinking that is my company dammit. How can you thought that you can hide this from me. Leave it do you how it got missed .
Aman: we are on the processing ASR.
Arnav is on peak of frustration.
Arnav: leave it. I will deal you later and aakash for hiding. I cmng tmrw arrange meeting with Mr mehra. I will convenience him. Okay!
Aman : okay ASR.
Arnav cut the call. Aman breathed with sigh like escaping from Lion's den.

In Khushi chapter .
Here Khushi can't get sleep. She was hurt by lavanya word.
Khushi in mind: What I have done to her. Y she is getting angry on me. I even asked payal to leave me but she is so stubborn. What can I do? With this thought she remembered her morning incident with arnav. Her cheeks again again flushed.
Khushi in mind: hey devimaiya what happened to y I'm feeling so shy for him. I even saw Salman Khan shirtless. But I'm feeling like shy but y him. Leave it Khushi it is nothing. She consoled herself. But I should thank him and ask sorry what to do? I can't get sleep without asking sorry. How I pushed him in the mudwater. How cruel I'm hey devimaiya buaji week kehariye kitni sanky hai hum.( Aunty saying correct how naughty I'm) she is biting her nails. Ok I have to ask to him. Then she saw payal was speaking to her boyfriend in corridor. Khushi knew she won't come untill 10:30 now the time is 9:15 oly so I can go and ask sorry to him. Then I ll get good sleep. Wow khushu good idea. Khushi patted her shoulder. Now I should go without anyone's knowledge.
She took off her blanket and went out room without making noise as well went out from home. Her home is backside of arnav's bunglow. So she thought if she goes to straight definitely that security won't allow her inside.
so she planned to jump the wall of the bunglow as before when she tried to steal mangoes. She jumped to other side of wall successfully. Then she went inside she checked every room that she don't know which one is his room. First she went first roon which one she met arnav in morning. But that room was empty. So she went another room. There she saw some lights are still on she thought that must be last governor's room.( Khushi still don't his name as well arnav still don't know her name).

She knocked the door twice but she is not getting any response. So she went inside of room. But that room also seems empty. As none there. So she turned to leave. When she turned she collided with rock chest she is going fall but a pair of arms caught her. (Do u want me to say who it was).
Khushi opened and saw again the same chocolate brown eyes. Again there eyes met. His eyes shifted from her eyes to her chubby cheeks. Not is changing color. Is this not enough for getting flushed.? Then his eyes moved to her trumbling lips. Oh God how pink it is. His desire got erupted. Then Khushi remembered their position. She get released from his hold.
Arnav is not feeling good as she removed his hold. Then he put ASR mask.
Arnav: what the? What are you doing here that in my room. You came here in morning too. Are you trying to do something?
Don't why he felt good for seeing her. Her haiss are flowing in air. She looks like an angel in her night white suit.
Khushi: chillaye mat(don't shout). I'm not here to do something. I came here to ask forgiveness for my silly act. I can't get sleep before asking my forgiveness from you. Because I thought you were rude. But in real u r not. U r just masking this anger and rude behavior. I can see that. I' very sorry for my yesterday's behavior thatbi pushed you in mudwater. And thanks for helping to rohit's education. Arnav tried to speak but Khushi cut off him.
Khushi:(showed her hand like stop to him) I know what u r trying to say. Dont give that much imporatance to u. Isn't that?
Arnav just nodded.
Khushi: yes I know you will like that only but I won't bother about that. I'm not getting sleep so I came here. Now everything is clear. U forgive me and I too forgive you. Okay.
Arnav: what the? Y should i ask forgiveness to u. What the I did ? Arnav got angry that how can she assuming like he was asking her forgiveness. He won't ask any forgiveness to anyone even in dreams. Then how could she?
Khushi: what ? Don't u know what u did? U made me cry few days back for mangoes. And u also pushed me in the mudwater. Don't u feel it's is wrong.? Khushi asked no roared.
Arnav: see there was not my fault. U came to steal mangoes from my garden. And then you pushed me in the mudwater so I did not for tat. So there is no need to say sorry to u. Got it. Now get out.
arnav said plainly
Where khushi's face to worthable to watch. Her face made perfect 3 O shapes.
by seeing that arnav controlled him for not to laugh. Oh god how cute she is
Khushi: aww how can u said that. Just now I told u that u are so good person by heart. But u...
Arnav: Did I say anything about that like yes I'm good person by heart. And I'm wearing mask for rude and arrogant look.
arna asked casually.
Khushi just pouted her lips.
Arnav in mind: oh it's very tough to control my desires if she is here.
Arnav: okay if y finished ur dramas then get out or shall I call the security for pushing u out.
Arnav said in warning tone .
Khushi' ok I'm going it was my mistake for came here. Sorry laadgoverner ji
she folded her hand like praying dramatically
By saying she went.
he saw she is climping the wall and jumped to other side. He muttered himself 'crazy' then he went to his bed after some time he dozed off.
Here Khushi came to her room before payal come and slept but not before muttering hersef 'laadgoverner hmmp'.

hi friends how is the story. Spare me if I made any mistakes. Bcoz I'm texting this from My phone. So it took too long to text. So I can't able preview this. Please give comments or any suggestions. It will be most welcomed. Thank you and don't forget to hit the Cote button bye.


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Oct 17

She/ He stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 25 times)

hi friends thanks for comments@noordhina,@londoner,@kpoonam. And thanks for your vote dudes. I'm so happy for this.
I ll be happy if it is continues like this
Okay here story goes

Arnav woke at early morning because he need to go office today. So he is returning to Delhi. After getting ready he packed his things while talking with Aman via Bluetooth. There is a problem in AR. Someone leaked his upcoming business deals quotes. So the AR is in verge of losing the deal.
So he have to go there.
Arnav: ok Aman then make arrangements for the meetings. And don't make any mistakes in this time. I want everything to be perfect. And ask pd to find who is that culprit who dared to do this under my nose.
Aman: yes ASR the are already tracking the way. They will get them soon. And I made all the arrangements for the meetings with my direct eye. So there is nothing will go wrong.
Arnav: okay I ll be there around 10'o clk. So keep all things are good. Said he cut off the call.
Meanwhile a maid came there (ie rohit's mom) and gave him black coffee. She stand quietly there with hesitation. Arnav saw that then he understands. What she is trying to say.
Arnav: don't worry I ll make all the arrangements for your son's education and also your husband's medicals.
arnav gave her a card to her
here it is my manager number you call him and give your deatils to him he will do all the arrangements. Now u can go
Rohit's mom felt so happy.
tears are flowing from her eyes continuously. She bend down to touch his feet. Arnav startled for this sudden action and moved away.
Arnav: no don't do this. I hate this kind of thanks .
Rohit's mom: nahi Malkin ji, aapko hamari danyawad kehenake aur koi Rasta nahi. Malkin ji. Aap kitna aachi insaan Hain.iss mathat keliye Bahut danyawad Malkin ji.(no sir. I don't have any other way to thank you. You are such a good person. Thanks for this help.) Rohit's mom said with crying face.
Arnav felt weird.
Arnav: it's k if u want to thank me ask ur son to study well. Get. Good future. Now u can go
Rohit's mom went from there with satisfaction face.
Arnav then saw the time: oh **** it's getting late I have to leave now.
He went near his window for taking his laptop bag. When he went there he felt some cold freeze. He saw the temple which one Khushi regularly comes morning. He liked the view in every morning. When Khushi praying something in front of Ganesha. Now he is terribly missing that view. Because there is no sign for that girl. He disappointed. When he turned to move he heard the temple bell ringing sound as someone trying to get his attention. He suddenly turned as his wish Khushi came there for morning Pooja. He smiled unknowingly. Yes the great. Arnav Singh raizhada smiled. Seeing Khushi. He smiled. He liked her cuteness when she was angry when she was happy when she was irritated. but when she was cried he felt some weight inside of him. Don't know why?
When he was busy with his thoughts a knock sound disturbed. He turned to see driver was standing there.
Driver: sir car is ready. Shall I get ur luggages.
Arnav: hmm
Arnav is not in mood to speak so just hmmed.
Arnav in mind; she don't know about my departure. What if she comes again in night time for meet why she want meet u.
arnav's other mind confirming him.
But one side of mind told: no she is crazy she may come to see u with silly reasons like yesterday. I should intimate her that I'm going. But I can't do this directly. Then how?

Sry friends for short update. I will update tomorrow looonnng story. Please give comments and hit thanks button vote button. Thank you drz....and one more thing deewali is so near... So enjoy your Diwali holidays. Happy advance Diwali drz...????????

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Oct 18

She/ He stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 32 times)

Hi friends happy Diwali....I'm so happy to wish you all friendz...and thanks for comments, votes. Thank u so much.

Here story goes....

Arnav went outside towards temple I mean khushi. He is still don't know how know tell her about his departure. Then he saw rohit oming towards Khushi. He called him.

Arnav: Rohit come here. Arnav called him

Rohit came near to him. They are very near to Khushi. She can hear what they are speaking. She saw rohit going towards arnav. And talking with him. She don't but she too went near to Rohit.

Khushi: Rohit what are you doing here? Don't u hv school today? Khauhi asked him.

Rohit: Haan didi. I just came here to see u but this uncle me.

they both looked arnav with confusingly. Like Why he called him.

Arnav looked them.

Arnav: ya I only called you. That I'm returning Delhi today. So don't come to my home with out anyone's knowledge. I won't be here okay. And I gave my manager's number to ur mom contact him if u want anything regarding any help. Okay. !

Aranv said this all things. But some sentences for our Khushi.

Khushi knew that he is mentioning to her only. Haww laadgoverner can't he say to me directly. Hmmppp

she pouted unknowingly.

But it didn't went unnoticed by Arnav. He smirked.

then he bid bye to them as he get late.

(Lavanya too don't know about his departure friends.)

in AR

Aman: what are you saying? Please don't give any excuses. ASR won't accept any reason.

Private detective(pd): sorry Aman too know that ASR won't accept any excuses. But there is no evidence because you Know the CCTV camera is not working there from last week. And there is no finger prints.

so it will take time Aman.

Aman just sighed. Aakash too came there. He also what they spoke.

Aakash: it's k Aman I ll manage Bhai. U take care of meeting.

Aman: oh thank you Aakash sir. I don't know what to do now. ASR is on the way to Delhi. He will be here at any time.

Aakash: yes. Bhai told me about his arrival. When Mr mehra will come here.

Aman: yes he will be at 11:30 .

Aakash: ok then I'm going to my cabin. Said he left.

PD: Aman don't wry we will find who did this as soon as possible.

A pair of eyes were watching this with smirk.

That person: do whatever you want but you can't find me. Yes its me who behind of all things. Saying smirked.

In shyam's office

He is shouting at someone in phone.

Shyam: how much time u will take. U already wasted 6 months u idiot. Can't u find a small file from there. U r nothing for good. Said he cut off the call.

He grabbed his own to let out his frustration.

Shyam: don't know y he take this much of time I take a file. Here that dump women started to select bride for her chotte. Before he get married I should get that will otherwise all my efforts will go drain. No no no I won't let that happen.

in frustrating he swiped his table in one go. All his things were broke.

Arnav in car.

He preparing his new quotes for new deal. He is preparing with very difficulty. Because his mind is fully occupied by Khushi. He again and again thinking about her only. And her pouting. Oh cute she is when she pouting her lips.

He smiled.

from last two days ASR smiling.

In RM.

Anjali: naniji chotte aate hi honge na. ( Granny arnav will be on the way to Delhi. Isn't?)

Naniji:yes betiya he may come here at any time.

When she completed door bell rings. How went to open the door they saw arnav stood there.

Anjali: come on chotte. We are waiting for u only. Get fresh up and cm for breakfast.

Arnav while walking to his room: no di I ll get from office I need to rush out. Don't wry I will take.

Saying he went to his room and got fresh up went to AR.

The office is in now pindrop silence. No one dared to speak to their colleague. Even if it is necessary. Bcoz ASR is in peak of anger. His shouting sound echoing the whole office.

Arnav: what the hell how can u be so irresponsible. Is this what u r maintaining the office. Can't u maintain a CCTV camera properly. That too in locker room. Don't u know guys how it is valuable.? Arnav roared to all.

Aakash: Bhai sry to say this again but we were unaware of that. Aakash try to defend himself and Aman.

But arnav is not in mood to leave.

Arnav: what the Aakash can't you...

his talk were disturbed by knock sound. His PA was stood there.

Arnav after seeing her standing like statue he groaned with frustration.

Arnav: what you want now. Y are you standing there. Arnav shouted.

She was like verge of fall down. She cursed herself for came there. But she should inform Mr mehra's arrival.

Chandini:(hi PA): woh sir Mr mehra had arrived. He is waiting for you meeting hall.

she said in one go.

Arnav: you go I be there in few minutes.

Aman and aakash thanked to Mr mehra mentally for saving them from ASR s wrath for some time.

Arna gave last look to them and went to meeting.

Hi friends how was the story. I hope u will like. Please give comments and hit the votes.

and happy Diwali...

don't u wish me for Diwali...????????

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Oct 23

She/ He stole my heart (By Gitakmr) (Thanked: 28 times)

Hi friends how are you all. Sorry for not updating for last week. I was on deewali holidays. I enjoyed a lot as always. I hope u too celebrated well. And thank you for comments @noordina, @londener,@kpoonam. And thanks for votes and thank you button. Thank you so much guys..

Here story goes.

In nainital....

Lavanya talking with her mom.

Lavanya: yes Mom we are cmng tmrw.

Mrs kashyap(lavanya's mom): Oh good. Tmrw Rakesh family too cmng from US. For ur alience

Lavanya: offo no mom. I'm interested in this relationship. Actually mom I want to tell u something. That too important.

Mrs kashyap: no beta. Rakesh family are very nice. We planned this last month. And you too accepted that time. What Happened now. And what is the important matter. Do u like someone.

Lavanya: oh mom u r so nice. How did u guessing this all. Yes mom I like someone. He is so rich mom. U can't believe this how rich he is. I want him mom. I will get him at any cost.

Mrs kashyap: oh my baby. Listen to me. I agree whatever u say. But be careful. What if he cheating u. Does he know that you likes him.

Lavanya: no mom he is not cheater person. And he don't know about my crush. But soon I ll confess to him.

Mrs kashyap: ok dear as u wish. But I don't know how to convenience ur dad. He is so eager fix relation to rakesh family.

Lavanya: mom please do something.

Mrs kashyap: ok dear you come u I will handle that.

Lavanya: ok mom bye.


In meeting hall Mr Mehta: Sorry to say this Mr ASR but what can I do. It's a business. We are looking only profit. We gave this project to other company. Their price quotes will give lots of profit to us.

ASR: oh ok Mr Mehta I know it s a just business deal. But don't forget that ur child company I mean ur diomand factory is in under my control. Did u forgot that. I have maximum share on that. If u r fail to give this deal to me then forget about that company.

ASR said with trade mark tone.

Mr Mehta: are you threatening me?

ASR: assume whatever u want. But this is my final decision. I'm not interested in this deal. But it is matter of my company's reputation.

Mr Mehta: u cant do this to me ASR.

ASR with smirk: let me try.

said he called to his manager.

Aman came inside meeting hall.

Aman: yes ASR.

ASR: Aman what about the gem diomand factory progress.

Aman: yes ASR that we captured already 45% of shares from many share holders. And we blocked financial support to that company. I talked to obc bank manager they only giving loan to that company. He will not give any financial support to them until we say.

ASR with smirk.: See I can.

What u will do now.I want ur answer with in today. Now the meeting is finished. Said ASR went out from the meeting hall.

ASR: Aman I don't know what u ll do I want information who did this. That too today itself.

Aman: sorry sir they still in processing.

ASR : don't give execuses dammit. Do one thing check in which company changed their quotes after our quotes went missing. Okay...

Aman: yes sir. It will be in ur table before 6'o clk.

ASR: k now get back to ur work.

Aman: s sir. Said aman went.

Arnav sighed.

in evening RM

Nani came to leaving room with her Laxmi (pet goat).

While Anjali thinking something.

Nani: Anjali bitiya. What are u thinking.

Anjali: woh nani I'm thinking y can't we arrange a Pooja for chotte. For his well being. And also it was too long I did Pooja for shyamji... So can we fix Pooja for both.

Nani: Haan bitiya. U r right. Call pandithji ask time for Pooja.

Anjali: ok Nani. She left from there with smiling face.

in nainital.

Khushi her bags for leaving.

payal: Khushi pack all things don't miss anything. We can't come here again .

Khushi: Haan okk.

Payal: Khushi do u know our new boss will cmng to our company.

Khushi: for what?

Payal: for the annual function. And u know our technical manager said ur name too nominated for best employee ward of the year.

Khushi: seriously payal. Wow super. But I didn't do anything special then how my nominated? Khushi asked with confusion.

Payal: offo buddu. U gave technical support to our team for completing the last project. And u gave good presentation to clients. They all impressed in ur talent. So they gave good feed back about u. And also u gave 100% attendance. Is this not enough?

Khushi: ohh payal I'm doing my duties only nothing much. K leave it let's sleep we should get up early. Gud nit.

Payal: ok gud nit. Sleep well.

Khushi was just lying on the bed. She didn't get sleep. Her mind fully occupied by arnav.

She went sat on near to window. And watching the full moon.

she is thinking about arnav her heart is beating fast.

she kept her hand above her hand.

Khushi: hey devimaiya! What is this. Y I'm getting this acidity and heart beat effect. I was just thinking about him. But y I'm getting these effects.

don't know whether he reached safely r not. Laad governer. Mmphhh.

meanwhile in RM.

Arnav sitting in poolside watching full moon.

he was thinking about nainital trip. Not nainital he was thinking about Khushi.

Arnav in mind: why I am thinking about her. There is nothing between us. Then what happens to me. I even don't know her name. What must be her name? But she is so cute. He is smiling himself. Suddenly he felt his heart beat raising dhak dhak sound.

oh god what hpnd to me. Is this any disease? I should consult the doctor. Said arnav went to sleep.

Ok guys thank u for reading this story. I hope u will like this. Please comment about this story and hit vote button. Thank u drz...

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