OS: Crazy Dare and Confused Arnav

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Mar 19, 2017

OS: Crazy Dare and Confused Arnav (By V1184) (Thanked: 48 times)

After spending time with her friends from Lucknow, Kushi came back with a huge smile on her face.

It was a common sight for Arnav to see her smiling but today is different.

He couldn't point out the reason of her huge smile. He wanted to ask her but decided against it.

Whatever the reason is, he is happy to see his wife smiling.

A few days passed but still Kushi is laughing suddenly or smiling too much.

It was new. He don't know what to do. Whether to ask her or leave it because his wife is simply being happy.

Soon, a month passed.

Still Kushi's sudden outburst is going on. Worried that there is something wrong, he finally decided to ask her. Because, he knew that her heavy dose of happiness fades away after a week of meeting her friends,usually.

Whenever Kushi receives a message or phone call notification, she bursts into laughing. It was uncommon.

So, when Arnav asked her, she simply gave her phone to him and left the room saying she will return in few minutes.

A very confused Arnav unlocked her phone and didn't understand what to do.

He went to messages first but found nothing out of place.

He opened the call log and is shocked.

He went to the 'Contacts' immediately and scrolled through them.

He don't know what to do now. All the names made him angry, confused, shocked and sad too.

Here are a few names from the Contact list.

  • Lover
  • Loverboy
  • Moonlover
  • Sky
  • Honey
  • Sweetheart
  • Life
  • My Life (Arnavji)
  • Entertainment
  • Shadow
  • Indigo

He searched for his name, which Kushi kept as "My Life"

It was there but again, there are other contacts too with similar name.

When did this happen? What are you doing Kushi? Is this why you smile every time a new message or phone call comes? I need to ask her. How many lovers does she have?

These thoughts were running in his mind.

Meanwhile, Kushi came back and took her phone from him.

She asked if he is okay?

After getting no reply for a minute, she looked at her phone screen and burst into a laughing spree.

Recovering a bit, she turned to Arnav and told him to sit down first.

He asked her what's the meaning of all those lovey-dovey names?

She said that it is a part of a dare from her friends.

Each one have to do this and keep it that way until their next meeting.

The dare is to use Google Translate and choose one language. Using the translator, they have to keep the contacts' names on that translated language. I chose English because I am the first to accept it.

I am laughing all the time because my other friends got to choose between German, Spanish, Portuguese and Zulu.

So, they are having a tough time in remembering the names. They have the Google Translate open 24/7 these days.

My contacts list is easy because most of the names translated from Hindi to English only.

You know what Arnavji, my name is 'Injabulo' in Zulu language. The easiest from others names. For Akash name, it is 'Isibhakabhaka'

I am having lots of fun reading their stories in Whatsapp.

See it yourself Arnavji. I am sure you will have a good laugh.

And about those names, well, they are not my lovers' names Arnavji.

See, this is the original name's list.

Lover = Sanam

Loverboy = Prem Kumar

Moonlover = Prem Chand

Sky = Akash

Honey = Jaanu

Sweetheart = Priya

Life = Jeevan

My Life (Arnavji) 

Entertainment = Manorama Mami

Shadow = Chaaya

Indigo = Neel

Mami's name was auto corrected and Entertainment is translated Arnavji.

We are going to meet next week. They can't wait anymore. In fact, one of my friend's mother-in-law saw these names and thought they were some witches names her daughter-in-law is hiring to kill her.

It was a serious issue but now everything is resolved, thankfully.

I guess your doubts are cleared now. Arnavji, didn't you learn it the first time? Never to jump to conclusions or assume the worst case scenarios?

Anyways, I am going to temple now. Bye Arnavji.

Saying this, Kushi left.

Arnav, who kept silent till then, thought out loud to himself.

Idiot. Is it necessary to ask your wife why she is happy? Can't you just be happy for her happiness and enjoy her smiling face? When did I even become this doubting husband? I should trust her the most, out of all people and yet, here I am, getting angry by just seeing someone else's contact as Sweetheart. Stupid Arnav. Always jumping to conclusions and ruining your wife's happiness.

After some self lecturing, Arnav decided to bring back his wife's happiness by taking her on a date to her favorite place.

As soon as he is sure that Kushi won't be coming back for a few hours, he left to do the preparations himself.


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