OS : Confusion, Hallucination and Realisation

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Mar 19, 2017

OS : Confusion, Hallucination and Realisation (By V1184) (Thanked: 39 times)

Arnav came back from office at 8pm as usual.

He thought it would be just another day where his wife will greet him at the door, take his office bag and asks him to freshen up. After which, they will eat dinner together and watch some movie as the next day is Sunday.

Earlier, he never felt like taking a holiday but Kushi convinced him to have a day away from office, relaxing at home. Even though he was reluctant at first, he somehow agreed to have a day-off every week.

It was a great decision as he gets to spend whole day with his wife alone and away from the noisy city life and busy office.

But, as he was approaching the door, something felt different. His Kushi was not at the door, welcoming with a smile.

In fact, the door was locked.

He opened the door using his key while worrying about Kushi's health. He thought something happened to her because not even once she didn't welcome him in the evening, even when she is not well.

He went inside the house after closing the doors. He did that because he knew very well if the doors were not closed after entering inside, he will get at least an hour scoldings about security and safety.

He entered the living room to see Kushi watching a Russian movie eating Chicken soup without any care about her surroundings.


He is shocked to see this. First of all, Kushi don't know Russian language and this movie is without subtitles. Secondly, Kushi is a pure vegetarian who can't even bear the smell of non-vegetarian food. And she never ignores her surroundings. She is alert almost all the times and even a tiny moment is noticed by her.

He called her name but she didn't respond. In fact, she was engrossed in the movie too much to bother about him. He decided to leave her and freshen up first.

While he was on the corridor leading to the stairs, he saw her again.

This time, she is clicking selfies in weird angles and in a dress he never knew she had.

He thought exhaustion from work is showing its effects and went to his room because he was sure his Kushi would never wear such a dress. He is sure because he already requested her once to wear one of his designs but to no avail. So he went to his room.

After freshening up and getting ready in his casual comfortable clothes, Arnav went to the poolside.

The sight there confused him a bit more. He thought it was his hallucination but there she is, Kushi, praying.

He closed his eyes and shook his head before opening them again hoping it is just his tiredness playing tricks.

But Kushi is still there unaware of his presence. He didn't want to disturb a prayer. So he came downstairs and went to the kitchen to drink some water. He noticed three presences in the kitchen after drinking water.

Two wearing same outfit and the other one in his Kushi's dress. He decided to try his luck and called Kushi.

Thank God, it really was his Kushi. She turned to him and smiled at him.

She said she was sorry to not welcome him at the door and that they have guests in the house for the next one week.

The other two turned to him and he was shocked to say the least.

Those identical twins are looking like his Kushi. He looked at his wife and then to the twins.

Before he could voice out his confusion, Kushi spoke to him, clearing his doubts.

Arnavji, I work for a "Find your Twin from other mother" organisation. I am the co-owner of it. We help people find their lookalikes and arrange a meeting. So far, I have found five girls who look like me.

These twins are Susie and Sarah from California. They are models.

And the Russian girl in our living room is a fashion designer. Her name is Olga.

Aliyah is upstairs doing her evening prayers.Aliyah is the HR manager in some fashion firm. The selfie addicted girl is somewhere in the house. She is from New Jersey and an aspiring model too. Her name is Christina.

See Arnavji, isn't this a great coincidence? I mean everyone of us are related to the fashion industry. I am married to a fashion designer. Olga is a fashion designer herself and the other three are models. Even Aliyah works in a fashion firm.

We have something in common other than just our faces.

Arnav took a few minutes to grasp the entire information. So this means he is not hallucinating. He saw everyone but his tired eyes didn't seem to acknowledge the differences in height and complexion, even the dressing style.

After finally understanding everything, he asked Kushi why she never said to him about this.

Kushi simply replied that she never got the chance and she wanted to surprise him.

She asked him to take a leave the next week so that he can know more about his wife's lookalikes.

Kushi also said that they found four lookalikes of him already and that they are on the way to their now.

Also that he is supposed to pick them up from the airport and bring them home the next day.

He reluctantly agreed to it.

Next day, he wore a mask to cover his face at the airport, to avoid unnecessary attention. After receiving all four of his lookalikes, he reached home.

To say the least, he had fun with his wife and both their lookalikes the following week.

He found a good friend in them all and at the end of the week, they all decided to hangout together once in a while.

In just this week, Olga fell in love with Adolfo, Italian lookalike of Arnav. She confessed on their farewell party and he too reciprocated her feelings.

So, their plan to meet in a while preponed and now, they are going to attend Olga and Adolfo's wedding ceremony in Paris.


I hope you enjoyed reading this.

This thought has been in my mind for a few years to say the least.

Thank you all for reading.

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