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Mar 19, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ?STÖRY PART 1 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 19 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 1.

Hi Guys, I'm a big fan of IPKKND and EHMMBH, so I'm going to tell a story of Khushi and Arnav making a combination of both series. In this story, Shaym is out of picture, he is already in jail, as they have find out he already been married twice to two rich woman divorced them after having all their possessions in his name. Anjali was quite disturbed knowing this at first, she is now doing very well and is pursuing her dream by joining AR Design as an apprentice designer after her divorce. Today, Anjali is very happy about her Chote's wedding which finally happening in her presence along with the whole family which did not last long.... 

The story start from Khushi and Arnav second marriage, when Arnav came to know about Garima's truth from Dadi and Khushi is waiting for Arnav to show up. Arnav is now once again facing the biggest dilemma of his life and finally made his decision. He and Dadi, finally arrived to the wedding hall after three hours, while Khushi has been waiting and waiting impatiently and was on the edge of her breaking point. Seeing Arnav, Khushi immediately got up from the mandap and run towards Arnav just to be stop by Dadi, who started telling everyone Garima's truth and went to Khushi to remove their traditional bracelet from her hand saying that this marriage is over. Khushi along with all the Raizada's, Gupta's and Vadhera's, who was present there was shocked by this statement.

Everyone was waiting for Arnav decision, Arnav slowly walk towards Khushi and with his hands he gently lifted Khushi's head, making sure she looking in his eyes, he could see tears continuously coming from her eyes which now very red and so was her face. He finally say Khushi, I love you very much, even more than my life and I want to marry you but please give me some time to sort my emotions please, I hope you understand, why I'm doing this again please forgive me one last time. I promise you that I will make everything okay, please try to understand my emotions, SORRY... I need some time.

Khushi was just standing still after hearing this, she wanted to say so much but nothing came out. Payal, Garima and Buaji run to Khushi, telling her at least now tell them the truth, please.

Arnav: "What truth now, is there more thing that I don't know now. Khushi, what truth are they talking about. Talk to me dammit. Talk to me!!" I said. He is now losing his cool.

Viren Vadhera, is now very angry as he can't see his little sister broken and helpless condition any more so he finally shouted to Arnav, "Can't you see that she is broken by what you just told her. "

Arnav is very angry now: Who the hell are you to tell me how I should talk to my wife and by the way I don't remember inviting you.

Virat: Wife? Did you just said wife, if you don't remember you just told her that you need some time before getting married to her just a few minutes back. Now, she is your wife. Great!

Arnav is now losing all his cool and is very angry: Who the hell are you now? Don't you say one more words else...

Virat: Else what? What are you going to do??

Khushi: (finally gaining control of the situation) Bhai! Virat! please both of you! please stop! I know you care for me but it my life, I not your little Princess anymore. Please try to understand. Please, just for me. ( Khushi was speaking in fluent English with Viren and Virat.) 

All the Raizadas was shocked seeing Khushi speaking in English so fluent and was even more stocked by her statement as they could not understand anything. Even, Arnav was speechless.

Yep Guys! There are some twists in this story, Khushi is in fact Viren and Virat sister, Dr. Khushi Singh Vadhera. 

Actually, Vanshika Singh Vadhera has three children: 

 1. Viren Singh Vadhera married to Jeevika

 2. Khushi Singh Vadhera married to Arnav

 3. Virat Singh Vadhera married to Madvi 

Viren: Sorry Princess! Not this time.

Virat: Yeah! Not this time, Sissy. Sorry! I agree with Bhai.

Vanshika and Swamini Bua said together, we too.

Khushi: Mum! Bua! But! No buts, Jeevika and Madvi said together.

Khushi: Bhabhi and Madvi, You too.

Dadaji: Khushi! You know how much we love you, we took risk for you once not anymore. Sorry.

Khushi: Not you, Dadu... now of all people.

Viren: Princess, you now going to Chandigarh with us no arguments. That's final.

Khushi: Bhai! That's not fair. I can't believe this. I can't come with you, I'm married and I love him. 

Viren: No, you are not married to him. Not any more, he just denied to marry you even his family does accept it for heaven sake...

Khushi: Bhai! What do you means that I'm not married to him. I am still legally married to him.

Viren: No, you are not legally married to him. I have read your marriage contact and seen your marriage certificate, you are not legally married to him.

Arnav: That's impossible! How can that be? I know for a fact that we're legally married.

Khushi: Yeah Bhai! That's impossible unless you did something. I can't believe this. Did you...

Viren: I didn't have to! It is simple, not Rocket Science, your name is not Khushi Kumari Gupta as you been calling yourself lately, but Dr. Khushi Singh Vadhera remember. By the way how did you manage to be one of the top student Oxford University have ever known and one of the finest Cardiologist in India. I wonder... What were you thinking when you were signing those papers? You really love him, don't you? Do you think he loves you as much as you do. Do you? Does he know how much you sacrifice to be with him? That Shaym... creep will have killed you and no one would have known. Why do you love him so much? All the Raizadas was shocked to know that Khushi is actually a cardiologist and come from a very respectable wealthy family.

Khushi: I just don't know Bhai, I just love him very much, even when he hurt me. Sorry! Can't help it. The Raizadas was very surprised to see this side of Khushi as she expressing her feelings for Arnav in front of everyone confidently.

Arnav: I didn't know that you love me that you even left your family and career because of me. I have no words. I really love you but I don't know how to express my feelings for you. Sorry, for every thing. 

Viren: LOL!! I finally understand how you come to love each.... you are both weird. You are really made for each other....

Khushi: Bhai! Does that means that I can...

Virat: Not so easily, Sissy! I can't believe that you are really in love... ohho.. Never, seen that coming from our ice queen cardiologist. What was that you use to say, love is the cause of all trouble.

Khushi: Shut Virat! That's not true, Love is actually the booster and courage to overcome all trouble. 

Virat: Wooh! You have definitely change....

Vanshika: Now you three will you please stop discussing among each other pulling each other leg, walking towards Arnav, you are making everyone more confused by the minute. 

Vanshika: Arnav beta! I am Khushi's Mum actually. Garima used to work for us as Khushi nanny and Khushi is very close to her and call her amma. Payal and Khushi are very close too, as they grew up together and they more like sisters and share everything. They always like to sleep together as Khushi is afraid of dark, because of the accident in which I lost my husband. It was very dark that night and Khushi was in the car with my husband, lucky Khushi was safe sound but I lost my husband. However, since that time Khushi is afraid of dark and speeding car; she also reluctant to drive by herself at times so she has her personal driver. 

Beta, I know that this are little things but they are important in order for you to understand my Khushi. Khushi was always studious and top all her class. She never had much friends, Payal and her two brothers Viren and Virat were her best friend. She was always reserve type of person maybe because of the accident until she went to Oxford University, after her return I could hardly recognized her, she turned into a remarkable friendly free going independent woman; who enjoy life to the maximum as it comes to her, using the moto " KAL HO NA HO". She also developed a great interest for watching movies especially bollywood ones. She also started believing strongly on density and that everything happen for good reason. She always try to be happy and started making others happy, until now I don't know the reason why or how she changed, but I am happy to see the woman she become; I'm proud of her and I know that her father will also very proud of her. She always think her father became a star now and always look after her, I don't know where she got that idea from, but this is what she been believing since the accident. She was one of the finest Cardiologist in India, when her career was scattered due to the false publicity. Her life were changed again.

Actually, it was Payal wedding and bridegroom ask for dowries at the very last moment of the wedding, which she could have easily pay but wasn't willing to do so as it will hurt Payal and she also wanted to make sure that the man who could for dowries at the very last minute of the wedding, will be trustworthy enough for her sister to spend her life with. So she decided to go to meet him at his work place which was Shesh Mehal, but unfortunately or fortunately she walked into the room where your model getting ready for ramp walk and mistaken her for one of your model and send her to the ramp walk but by mistake she lost her balance and fall into your arms.

Hey Guys, I will be back with Part 2 soon. Please do leave your comments.

Thank you!!!


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Hey Guys, I will be back with Part 2 soon. Please do leave your comments. Thank you.
Mar 20, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 2. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 3 times)

Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 2.

So she decided to go to meet him at his work place which was Shesh Mehal, but unfortunately or fortunately she walked into the room where your model were getting ready for ramp walk and they mistaken her for one of your model and send her to the ramp walk but by mistake she lost her balance and fall into your arms.


Vanshika: (continues talking about Khushi) But you mistaken her for one of your rival bad intention to destroy your fashion show, so kept her in Shesh Mehal for the night, hence this end up cancelling Payal wedding and Khushi was not happy with that. According to her, she met you again by destiny; when both you got in a fight again and being very angry with her you send the picture of Khushi falling into your arms to be shown none stop on all the channel in Lucknow and as her practice were based there, she lost most of her clients and also the hospital didn't want her to work there as their reputation were also going downhill so her career came to an end in Lucknow. 

I don't know why, but Khushi always like to live a simple modest life hence choose to stay with the Guptas instead and live to their expectations, in terms of manners, dress code, food choices, language, culture and also lifestyle. She also developed a great liking of Indian food such as bol-gape, rasgula, jalebi and chanai and also enjoy cooking them.

After the television incident her living in Lucknow turn bad to worst, where people wanted to take advantage of her. That was when she meet Shaym who saved her life from some goons and later help her to get a middle class job in AR Fashion, as she did not want to practice medicine as she wanted to help the Guptas with a job according to their class as their daughter. She didn't know that AR was your office till she met you; let me inform you that if she had known its your office before signing the contract she wouldn't have come there ever.

On many occasions, we told her to come back to Chandigarh but she never listen, saying she is happy and I guess because she always love you but wasn't aware. If she wanted she could have gone anywhere on earth, in order to start a new life, money was never a problem for her all she had to do is use her bank account or credit card, but she always wanted to be independent. As for her career, like I said she could have gone and start again anywhere, but she chose Delhi from all which she always refers it as her destiny. 

After that even, in Lucknow she started referring herself as Khushi Kumari Gupta, instead of Dr. Khushi Singh Vadhera, in order to save our family reputation or to keep her Identity anonymous I think. Again, because of destiny as she says, she had to continue using the same name, because she started loving her new life and was happy to live among you all and you become more than family to her. She didn't know how to tell you the truth, and decided to do so today before her marriage, as it was her greatest decision and also happiness in her life but it didn't happen as she planned.

Today, her life is on the same turning point once again, which I'm sure she will blame on her destiny, but it's her life and her decision now, we'll support her, on anything she chose that her decision and we are taking her to Chandigarh with us now. That's final.

One more thing beta I know that she must loves you very much more than you can ever imagine, because it is impossible for her to miss raksha-bundan festival not once but twice, she never did that before no matter where she was or how important work she has and she even came one day before her exam one time before when she was in Oxford University. Only these two times she only send the rakki for her Brothers with a sorry note and gifts. We didn't even see her for one and half years, as she always say that she can't come and we have only communicated through Skype, email and telephone, even when she was in Oxford University, she will always come on especially event, but not this time, we'll only receive a sorry note and gifts. Even for her Brothers' wedding she only stay for sometime and left saying that she has to go. Now, truly tell me beta do you love her?

Arnav who was very shock by the whole event finally says, "Yes, Ma I love your bedi more than my life, but sometimes I find it very hard to express my feelings for her and end up hurting her, but I never ever imagine that she could love me that much. Why do you love me that much Khushi? Why... I don't even deserve you. Why did you sacrifice so much just because of me...The great ASR! Laad Governor! Who doesn't even know what love is? Why.. Khushi... Why... All you had to do was just tell me the truth, why did you go through all this... He says walking towards Khushi and lifting her head gently so that she could only look all in his eyes. Why... 

Khushi was shock to hear Arnav calling her mom, Ma and speaking so softly to her that tears was coming through her red eyes and no words. She just hugs Arnav and whispered I love you very much from the day I felt into your arms at the very moment I have looked into your eyes I have known that I'm yours and you are mine.

Breaking the hug, looking in his eyes Khushi continues: you change my life in so many ways, ways that I can't even describe, from that very first day I've known that no matter what I do I won't be able to change my feelings for you, no matter how hard I try and no matter where I go, so I decided to happily putting my life into the hands of destiny, and just decided to go with the flow. In the long run, I guess it's was the best decision that I ever made, looking at it from where I'm standing now I'm happy that I made that decision, but I'm very sad for all the sacrifice I had to make throughout this journey. I don't know how I've stayed away from my family for so long, I can't even imagine or describe that but I can tell you now that you was the only one driving force behind that. I just can't live without see you. I feel incomplete when you are far from me and I love seeing you angry, I know it's weird, but that's the truth. That's why I try my best to drive you nuts at times... I find you cute when you are angry, ready to break everything at times, as it's so remind me of myself when I used to be angry at home in Chandigarh before going to Oxford. You don't even have any idea how similar we both are in so many ways, only if you had known me as Dr Khushi Singh Vadhera you could have known. We're have both suffers lost in our younger age, I know that yours was much harder than mine, I had my whole family to support me on my every step, Mom I know that you didn't understand why I was so reserve, studious and angry person at that time until I went to Oxford University, it was only because I feel guilty that Dad is not with because of me, that I was the reason for the accident. Sorry Mom.

Vanshika was shocked to hear that and said hugging Khushi quickly, no beta that's not true. How could you think that... Actually, the car brake failed and that was the cause of the accident not you. I never thought that you felt responsible, I wish I had known before...

Khushi: I know that now Mom, don't worry. I understand that now. Mom actually when I was in Oxford University, one day when I was driving my car brake was failed and it was very dark that night and I was alone, it was as if I was reliving that accident with Dad and that was when I realized that I was not the cause of Dad's death, and that the car brake failed and also remember Dad telling me no matter what happened my little princess I will always be looking after you no matter where you are, even if I'm not here I will always look after you by being the brightest Star in the Sky, always remember that my lovely little princess. He had also told me that, always be happy no matter what and make those happy, that's why your mom and I called you Khushi because the moment the nurse put you in my arms, you brought lots of happiness in our life and I want you to do the same in your life. He also told me that everything happen for a reason maybe it does not make sense at that time but in its own time you will see that it was for the best. At the time, maybe it's hard, painful, terrible and unfair, but time itself will make it soft, painless, bearable, fair and fruitful. That was Dad's last words to me mom she cried out hugging Vanshika. All the Vadheras has tears in the eyes. Viren and Virat came to hug Khushi and Vanshika together, saying it's okay.

Khushi continues saying that luckily that night she was driving at 40 km/h and her car hit a tree, which stop the car and came out without any scratches and went she had looked up in the Sky, she had seen the brightest Star smiling at her. On that very moment Mom, I understand that Dad was looking after me and remembered everything that Dad told me that night. Hence, at that very moment I put everything Dad told me into practice and restart living the life, as Dad wanted me, his little princess to live and it proved to be the best strategy to live my life.

Arnav, Khushi says stopping in front of him looking in his eyes, Arnav shocked seeing Khushi looking into his eyes and addressing to him as Arnav with no ji, without saying anything he looked at Khushi in the eyes and listen what she is going to tell him.

Khushi: Arnav, the first time I had looked into your eyes I have seen my old self in your eyes. There is a depth in your eyes that speak more than words, you are only hard from the outside and once someone gets to know you only then they can know how soft and loving you are in the inside. And I can see that soft and innocent Arnav, behind the great mask of ASR that you always put Arnav! you are a great man who have lots of respect for me. You love me and care for me very much but can't show them and I understand that and also respect that. I don't know how I forgot that my name is Khushi Singh Vadhera not Khushi Kumari Gupta, and that I'm not legally married to you until Viren Bhai pointed it out. Really I don't know how I forgot that and keep on addressing myself as Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. I really want to thank you for respecting all my feelings and caring for me as your wife even though it was not legal and also during our contract marriage. I know you had a strange way of showing your feelings, care and love and I understand why you did what you did. I know that you are not proud of the decision you made before but let me tell you that I have forgiven you for all your wrong decision you taken; please forgive me for taking the wrong decision too. I know it will have been much better and easier if I would have told you the truth, but I could not bring myself to do so. There was times when I wanted to scream at you telling you the truth but could not. I really wanted to tell you the truth today before our wedding but didn't expect it to come the way it did. Anyhow you know the truth now, and I am very happy about that. I love you Arnav.

Arnav: I love you too Khushi. I have always love from the time you had fallen into my arms and at the very moment I have looked into your eyes, I knew that I love you but as usual my ego did not allow the great ASR to express his feelings but instead force him to challenge you, in order to see to what extent you can go before you come to the breakpoint, I have to admit that you are a very strong lady that is very hard to break. I'm sorry Khushi. I have always love you for the amazing woman you are, not for who you are. Really it never matter to me whether you are rich or poor, believe me I was only using that as a defence tool for myself. 

Bending down on his knee before Khushi, extracting a Diamond ring from his pocket, holding Khushi's right hand; he finally says will you give me the honour to be your husband, will you marry me legally this time.

Khushi: Yes, with pleasure.

On hearing this Arnav happily put the ring in Khushi's ring finger and hug her.

Arnav: I love you, Khushi always have. There are many times I wanted to tell this but, each time something bad happen even on that day on the terrace I wanted to propose to you however, I saw Shaym embracing you, and you telling him to give Di divorced, I was so heart broken thinking that you betray me and Di, Khushi in my life I have seen so many betrayal due to money that why I never believe in love before I met you. I used to think my parents love each other but on that day... Khushi, it was Di's wedding that day we were all very happy, I was teasing Di, Khushi, I never used to be that hard before, actually I used to laugh a lot happily and freely, suddenly I saw my Mum crying and running towards her room and my Dad following crying; then I saw them arguing for the first time and suddenly saw Mum killing herself with a gun followed by my Dad. While I was frozen with shocked not being able to save them.

Anjali ( crying and hugging ) : Chotey! You never told that you saw... Is that why you are so affected. 

Arnav (crying ) : I never been able to talk about it, Di, till today, sorry.

Khushi ( walking towards them ): Arnav, Di; I am sorry, I should have tell you the truth about Shaym earlier, I wanted to but could not because I didn't want Payal wedding to break again because of me. But, I don't know what was the truth about Mum and Dad, don't think you're to be blame. Amma didn't know that Dad was married.

Anjali : Don't worry, Khushiji, it's all in the past now. It's time to be happy now. Thank you for giving me my Chotey back, hugging Khushi and Arnav. I'm happy for both of you.

Arnav: Khushi! I was angry thinking you betray me and wanted to break Di, knowing you deep down I knew you can't do something like that, but my past keep coming in front of me laughing at me and I also could not afford to lose Di and you like I have lost Mum. I guess I love you so much that I couldn't accept to see you with anyone else. That's why I make you sign a contract marriage instead, on Akash and Payal wedding day, blackmailing you because that I knew that was my only chance to make you mine. But believe me that was only an excuse if you know me you must have known that I wouldn't have done that to Akash. When you sign the contract silently I thought you really don't know me well, you must love Shaym. I'm sorry forcing for the contract marriage.

Khushi : Arnav, Seriously, did you really think that I can love someone as boring as Shaym, really. Sorry Di!

Arnav (smirking): Boring, huh! So, does that mean that I'm exciting. Woah! That's a first. 

Khushi : Of course, you are exciting. More like a mystery that I enjoy solving, I guess. 

Arnav : Seriously Khushi, mystery?????? Huh!!! Is that why you had put juice in my shoes. 

Khushi ( laughing ) : Mango juice! Seriously, Arnav when you were putting your didn't you feel it was wet you continue and came downstairs.

Arnav : What do you think??? Who did that??? I wear it because I clearly knew it was your job. 

Khushi : Ohhh! So You wanted us to laugh, I guess. Aww!!! How sweet of you!!! My Cutie Pie!!!! But, you should have seen your face. 

Anjali: Really!!! Chotey!!!! Cutie Pie!!! Hihihi!!!!

Mamiji: Hello Hi Bye Bye!!!! Arnav Bitwa!!!! Cutie Pie!!!

Madvi : Seriously, Khushi mango juice. How hilarious... 

Arnav : But, Khushi... I'm still finding hard to believe that you was one of the best student of Oxford University and that you are a cardiologist. I don't know why, but I always wanted to marry someone who did her studies in Oxford University since I was studying in Harvard University, but after meeting you I forgot all about it that until Viren mentioned that you did you study at Oxford University. How was it.. there tell me, did you have many... 

Khushi quickly said smiling, I know what you want to ask, moving her eyebrows... What do you think? 

Arnav: I know you didn't have any boyfriend. But you must have broken many hearts, I'm sure. So tell me... 

Khushi: Making her mouth into O shape says, how would you know that I had boyfriend or not. Actually, I can't even count how many boyfriend I had... let's see. Khushi was acting as if she was counting how many boyfriend she had... smiling.

Arnav: Lol... I can tell you that you had none...

Khushi: Laad Governor! How would you know? 

Arnav: Khushi! You know actually I can assure you that you had none with fact if you want, Arnav softly whispered in her ears while Khushi was blushing. Arnav, enjoying this again whispered in her ears, Khushi you know you are blushing, what will everyone thinks what we're talking about... and one more thing last night was very special for me. 

On hearing this Khushi was more red than ever and open her mouth in bigger 0 shape. While, Arnav was enjoying very bit of that moment.

Khushi: Laad Governor!! I'm warning not to say one more word... Arnav continues to laugh at her. Okay... Okay... By the way how many girlfriend you had? Let see...

Arnav was shocked by that statement and said many. I'm sure you know one of them as Lavanya, remember... 

Khushi: Yep! Of course, how can I forgot, Lavanya, let me refresh your mind, if you can't remember, Lavanya was only your girlfriend for name just to stop girls to come near you, the great ASR and also to stop Di and Nani from getting you married. You never been able to love her or anyone because you always love me and your eyes was always searching for me. Am I right...What happened now, enjoying the look in Arnav's face...

Khushi (continues ): Yeah! For Lavanya, you were her boyfriend she tried very hard to keep engaged as much as she can, but fail to do so at times. As for the marriage, you only accept because you were angry with yourself as you could not control your emotions that Divali night, when you nearly end up kissing me. Khushi continues without realizing what she just said, and by the way last night... Khushi stopped suddenly realising what she was going to say in front of everyone, when she heard Virat saying Sissy, adult theme are not meant to be spoken before your little brother... and give my jiju a break will you... 

Khushi: Shut up Virat! Knowing that he is pulling her legs. You, of all people talking about adult, woah! I'm must say I'm impressed.

Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 3 soon, hopefully you enjoy. Please do leave your comments. 

Thank You!!!     


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Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 3 soon, hopefully you enjoy. Please do leave your comments. Thank You!
Mar 20, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 3. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 5 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 3.

Hi Guys, I'm back with Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 3. Thank you!

Khushi: Yep! Of course, How can I forgot, Lavanya. Let me refresh your mind, if you can't remember, Lavanya was only your girlfriend for name just to stop girls to come near you, the Great ASR, you never been able to love because always love me and your eyes was always searching for me. I'm I right...What happened now...  enjoying the look in Arnav's face... Yeah! For Lavanya, you were her boyfriend and she tried very hard to keep engaged as much as she can, but fail to do so at times. As for the marriage, you only accept because was angry with yourself as you could not control your emotions that Divali night, when you nearly end up kissing me. Khushi continues without realizing what she just said, and by the way last night... Khushi stopped suddenly realized what she was going to say in front of everyone, when she heard Virat saying Sissy, adult theme are not meant to be spoken before your little brother... and give my jiju a break will you...

Khushi: Shut up Virat! Knowing that he is pulling her legs.  You, of all people talking about adult, woah! I'm must say I'm impressed.

Viren: Okay,  you two not again.... One more thing princess, I was just wondering didn't you really read that marriage contact before you sign ... because I don't think so...

Khushi: Why Bhai?

Viren: Because, I really think that you didn't read else you would not have signed it, unless you had realize that your name was different which wasn't the case either.

Khushi: No Bhai, I have not read the contract before signing what was wrong with it ...

Viren: Princess of all people, I never ever expected you to signed any legal documents without reading it, regarding that you have a Degree in Law and came from a family of Lawyers am shocked to hear this...

Arnav: Viren, what was wrong in the contract?

Khushi: What was wrong, Bhai?

Viren: Here is the contact, please read it and tell me what was wrong yourself.

Khushi: Oh my God! Arnav, You never wanted to divorced ever, I would not have even been able to go more than 500 metres without informing you.  Woah! Bhai, you are right I won't have signed the contract no matter what, if I read it... Are you serious, Arnav who make a marriage contact for six months like that... Oh my gosh, Arnav actually you wanted me to be your wife forever, where I didn't even have the option of leaving you ever and cannot even asked for Divorce. I never would have guess that... Bhai! Now I understand why you have been so mad at me for signing that contact marriage. Sorry Bhai.

Viren: I have saw that contact paper before you sign and I wanted to change all the terms of the contract, but then I realized that it was not even in your name and that you will not sign anything without reading it and I know after reading that contact conditions you would not have signed. But, how wrong I was, it was than I realized how much you love this guy, that was one of the reason why I didn't go against your decision. But, truly princess the moment I saw that you have signed that contact marriage, I was shocked, but luckily you didn't use your original signature, else both of you wouldn't even have been able to marry each other again. Do you know that you are both crazily in love with each other but don't communicate well with each other about your feelings, and if I'm not wrong, despite of the fact you been living together for so long, you two have not been intimate with each other, until last night... I must to say I'm impressed...

Arnav: Woah! Viren, no wonder you are one of the best lawyer in India. By the way, Khushi are you sure you wouldn't have signed that contact marriage if you knew the conditions. I don't think so...

Khushi: Whatever!

Viren: One more thing, this Contact marriage is not relevant anymore because I have made it void, due to wrong name and signature. Otherwise, you two would not have been able to marry each other, as you were both equally abided by the same conditions.

Khushi: But, Bhai as far as I know you are neither Arnav private lawyer nor his corporate lawyer, so how come you know so much able his legal department.

Arnav: I'm also wondering the same thing.

Viren: I didn't become one of the finest lawyer in India, just like that...Simple, I knew that Arnav both corporate and private law firm was the BB Lawyers Association, so I bought the company but didn't change the name, and make sure that all documents are reviewed by me before and after being signed without any exception.

Khushi: What you bought a company just to get access to his legal documents. Are you serious...

Viren: Of course, I can't take any risk, where my princess is concerned, actually I bought the company just after the Shesh Mehal's incident. Since then I've been monitoring all his legal activities.

Khushi: Woah Bhai! By the way, did you have anything to do with Shyam life sentence.

Viren: Of course, how could I have leave that lowlife creature, live a luxurious life after making my princess suffered so much... Right after that Shesh Mehal incidents, I had appointed many special agents, best spies and detective to look after you everywhere you go, since we were not there to look after you. They were also appointed to gather as much information they can about anyone who come within your perimeter, and they had to report everything in writing to me via email every night. I wanted to kill that lowlife creature the moment, I came that he was already married two women before Anjali and wanted to marry my princess while he was still married to Anjali, but as he was a specialized criminal Lawyer, I knew I had to be very careful since I didn't have any evidence against him.

Hence, I offered him a job as a criminal Lawyer in my firm with a very high income, I have to admit he had a very criminal mind and was very good at criminal law. It was very hard to collect evidence against him. In order to protect you in Santivan and Gupta house as the agents could not come inside, I used to give him more work and always encourage him to do overnight. After he leaves the office for the day, one of the agents will always check his office for more evidence, office phone calls were always recorded, his emails and computer was always monitored by experts and all his movement was closely monitored.

We finally gathered enough information and evidence against him after Arnav's kidnapping incidents, actually we found lots of dvds from cctv camera of how he Kidnapped Arnav, made him signed all his property under his name - without knowing that was the final stamp for his life sentence, since you had made Arnav signed a new will that clearly stated that if anything happened all his property will be transfer to Anjali and if anything happened Anjali it will go to Akash. And the Will also started that the Will will only be able to be transferred to any other name, only if the Will were signed in the present of a contractor third party corporate lawyer and that it should be signed by four members of the family: Arnav, Anjali, Akash and Payal together, else the Will will have to be followed to a tee as established in this Will. Princess, that was a remarkable conditions. Since Arnav signed the Will alone proved that he was forced to do so. There was also some dvds of lots of pictures of you doing different actions, which didn't go very well with the judge who was none other than Dadaji, so basically his life sentence was a piece of cake after that.

Khushi: Woah Bhai! Thank you for everything. Virat don't tell me that you was involved too..

Viren: Of course Virat was involved, after all why fear when Virat is here. But Virat is Virat. He did help enormously, by sending ten of my special agents to the hospital as they were seen following his sister. And I end up losing ten brilliant special agents whose hospital bills, I end up paying along with their salaries and, I also end up  paying for his bail ten times. How helpful Virat... Truly, I'm very proud of you.

On hearing this Virat, proudly touch his shirt collar with both hands and said thanks Bhai. I'm proud of you too.

Khushi: Thank you Bhai and you too Virat, hugging her Brothers. Sorry, for not being there, when you needed me. I really missed you guys. Sorry for not being there for raksha-bundan... Seeing the babies in Jeevika and Madvi, she immediately says that, "Sorry for also missing out being the massi of Mansi and Janvi walking towards her Bhabhis, they are so cute just like my Bhabhis."

Viren and Virat said together, we understand your situation. Now, you are going home with us and that's final until your marriage.

Khushi: But...

No Buts, all the Vadheras said together, Khushi look at Arnav for help.

Arnav: You all can stay with us, and we can all talk and decide when and where to do the wedding as it's already too late now.

Viren and Virat together: Nice move Jiju!

NK: Impressive move, Nannav mere bhai. You naughty boy!!!

Anjali to Vanshika: What do you say Auntyji? Please, stay we have a lot to talk and home without Khushiji it doesn't feel good.

Khushi: Mom please...

Vanshika: Jeevika! Madvi! Is it Okay with you two?

Jeevika and Madvi together: Of course, Ma. Anything for our princess.

Swamni Bua: Now, Happy. I missed you Khushi hugging her.

Khushi: I missed you all. I'm very happy to see all of you. Thank you.

Khushi and Arnav together went to sink everyone blessing and hug Viren, Virat, Jeevika and Madvi. They both take Mansi and Janvi in arms.

After sometimes they were all settled in the living discussing about the wedding while the two love birds were busy in their room.

Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 4 soon, hopefully you enjoy. Please do leave your comments.

Thank you!!!

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Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 4 soon, hopefully you enjoy. Please do leave your comments. Thank you.
Mar 20, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 4. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 14 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 4.

Hi Guys, I'm back with Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 4. Thank you.

After sometimes they were all settled in the living discussing about the wedding while the two love birds were busy in their room.

In their room:

Arnav: Khushi I'm sorry, for being late again today, but it was Dadi's fault this time. She kept on telling me the same thing over and over again, till I was angry. I was even more angry when she stopped you from coming towards me, more when she removed our family traditional bracelet from your hands and much more angry when she stated that our wedding is cancel. When I told you, I needed some time I never meant that we are not going to marry today, I only met that I needed some time to cool down and I more angry when your brother shouted at me. Sorry.

Khushi: It's Okay, Baby! I do understand. Khushi says kissing Arnav on both cheeks.

Arnav: Woah! I really need to get used with this new Khushi; it's like, I hardly ever know you. I'm having shock after shock... First, Cutie Pie and now Baby. But, I love it. I was thinking that after marriage, we can move to Chandigarh if you want, we'll be close to your family as they missed you very much and love you very much. You're all very close and happy together. I know how much you miss them, and I never ever known that you were sad. I still can't think how many sacrifice you done for me. Even Di is more settle in her life now. I'm happy to move out and start our own family now. You can also continue with your career there if you want. So what do you say?

Khushi: Arnav, I like staying here, but I also miss home a lot and I know That I wasn't fair to them by away for too long without meeting them. However, I have one condition...

Arnav: So, you want to stay once in awhile, I'm okay with that...

On hearing that, how much her husband must know her, Khushi was very happy and kissed Arnav passionately on his lips, placing her hand in his hair encouraging him to deepen the kiss, Arnav immediately took control holding her waist. Their tongue were doing sensual fight, when reluctantly break the kiss in order to breathe.

Arnav breathing heavily said I'm not complaining but I really need to get used of the new you.  Woah! I have to admit baby, that was... AMAZING!!!

Khushi: Thank you for everything. Thank you... I'm sure you will love Chandigarh... But I will miss everyone here. Please promise me that will to stay here at least once monthly. Please.... Making puppy face...

Arnav: After such an exotic spicy kiss like that, I must be really stupid not to agree with you, don't you think... He softly whispered smirking at her... Anything for you baby... Anything. ..He says hugging her. I love you, he whisper in her ears before kissing near her ears following by trailing of kisses along her soft creamy neck.

Khushi: Enjoying the sensation, simply say Love you too...

Loving the effect he is having on her, Arnav continues his torture; moving his hands up and down her petite back. They were completely lost in themselves, when they heard a knock on the door. Holding Khushi in his arm, he simply said coming, it was HP telling them that they are needed downstairs.

Arnav quickly told HP to tell them that they are coming and whispered to Khushi, this why I telling you we need to move out as quickly as possible, there no privacy here...

Khushi laughing: Okay Husby, we'll move out after marriage, now let's go downstair please...

Arnav: Husby, huh... I like that... But where has Arnavji gone. How did you manage to speak so much hindi without any English in it, while for the last few hours you have mostly been speaking in English. I have to admit that I was shocked to hear you speak so bright English for the first time. You nearly give a heart attack there. Now I understand how you manage to do all the work assigned to you when you first started at AR Fashion and the mobile recording was not necessary just a trick. What a fool I was and you were enjoying the moment. I have to admit that you are a very good actress.

Khush laughing: Lol! I have to admit that was really fun, and I really enjoyed working at AR Fashion especially with La and her two buddies. You really had to work hard in order to win that challenge because I can assure you that there nothing wrong with report.

Arnav: I was impressed, but it never crossed my mind that you were this well educated. Now, I have to admit that appearance is deceitful at times and you are a very good actress indeed.

Khushi: I guess I just incorporate characters easily and go to such a depth that I forget my own personality at times, this what always happened to during high school when I was doing drama and I end up winning all the drama competition. I think that what happened to me when called myself Khushi Kumari Gupta, everything just came naturally and I just go with the flow and rhythm, I guess. But, speaking Hindi without any hint of English incorporated that was and I had to practice for hours with Payal at times. And of course, your eyes helped me a lot...

Arnav: My eyes... How come...

Khushi: Because the moment I into those depth in your eyes, I just become confident that I can do anything. It reminded me so much about my old self, the loner that I used to be even after being surrounded by some many people who love and support me in everything I chose to do. I don't know how, but deep down, I always knew that I was the only one person that can change those depth in your eyes and bring out that soft Arnav that you are which was hidden inside the solid steel hard rock ASR the great. I have always love your eyes, it tells me so much about you beyond any words and I have always seen the love that you have for me, no matter how much you fight to hide it, I can read it in the depth of your eyes, she proudly says placing her hands in his hair gently forcing him to look into her eyes. When they were disturbed by a loud Woah! They were surprised to see Anjali, Akash, Payal, NK, Viren, Virat, Jeevika and Madvi standing outside the the looking at them happily.

Virat: Woah! Woah! Sissy, I never knew that you're so romantic, you have really proven today that you are my sister.

Viren: I have to agree with you Virat, she most definitely our sister.

Jeevika and Madvi together: We have to agree  too...

Akash: I can't believe that... unbelievable!

Anjali: Yes, Akash Bhai,  unbelievable!

Nk: No way.... Khushiji is that really you....

Payal: Yep! That the true Khushi.

Arnav stepping apart: What the...

Anjali slightly slapping him: No, what the... Chotey...  We been waiting for you two for more than half an hour now.

Arnav: But Di...

Anjali: No buts, Chotey... let's go and you too Khushiji....

NK: Nanav mere bhai, I'm sure you are not going to like what the bure (old) have decided for you.

Akash: NK bhai... Not bure (old), bare (elders).

Arnav: Why? What's happening now...

Anjali: Let's go down, Nani will tell you what's they decided...

They all when together...

Nani: Chotey! Khushi Bitiya! We have all decided that your wedding will take place in one month time in Chandigarh in the Vadhera Estate, as Khushi Bitiya family want to host the marriage. And tomorrow, they are going back to Chandigarh and Khushi Bitiya is going.

One month! Arnav and Khushi said together.  And why should Khushi leave for Chandigarh tomorrow,  Arnav immediately exclaimed.

Vanshika: Arnav Beta, Khushi must stay in her parents house before the marriage and after the marriage she is going to stay with you forever, isn't it... It's just for one month.

Khushi: But Mom... It's not just one month. It's one whole month, 30 days, 720 hours, 43200 minutes and 2592000 seconds, for God sake... Khushi exclaimed.

Everyone including Arnav just looking at her with opened mouth in a big 0 shape...

Virat: Woah Sissy! Good Maths... But that's what been decided as you know, Inder Chachu and Chachi are overseas, will come back in one month time and they really want to be present in your wedding.

Khushi (very disappointed): Okay. But Mom is important for me to leave tomorrow, can't I come to Chandigarh some day next week.

Swamni Bua: Sorry Khushi! Not this time Beta, we know you too well, that you will keep postponing and will only come the morning of your wedding. I'm, I right... We know that you love each other very much, but we also want to spend some time with you without any distraction. You been away for too long and we miss you. I hope you understand.

Vanshika: Sorry Beta, but hope you understand.... She says hugging Khushi.

Dadaji: What can I say now, my grand-daughter doesn't know her Dadu anymore, I'm very sad...

Khushi: Oh Dadu! Okay! I'm coming with you tomorrow. But, you have to promise that we are going to play golf, chess and table tennis together, no work okay. Pinky Promise! She says extending her little finger towards Dadaji.

Dadaji extending his little figure too in gesture to make pinky promise: Okay Beta, Pinky Promise! But what will happen about the 30 days, 720 hours, 43200 hours and 2592000 seconds.

Khushi (laughing): It's okay, Dadu. It's only one month, he will have to manage because after that one month, he will have forever and ever. I think it's fair. I miss you all, she finally says hugging her Dadu...

Arnav: Khushi, one month. Really!!

Khushi: Yeah! Why not... I don't think it's that's bad after all. You need a break...

Arnav: Do you mean, you want me to come with you?

Khushi: Arnav, when did I say that, I never say that... You are saying that yourself. But, I won't mind if and I'm sure no one will mind if you come either...

On hearing this statement, Arnav just stare at Khushi with his mouth wide open in an 0 shape.

Virat: Woah! Sissy! I have to admit that was a nice move and a very intelligent one.

Khushi (to Arnav): What????

Arnav: Nothing! What can I say? You are way too advance for me... I really need to get used to you...

Khushi: Woah! Arnav! Is my ears okay, did I just heard the Great ASR, say that I'm too advance for him... Well, it's not my fault that you been reading between the lines either...

Vanshika: Khushi, enough debating for today. It's already 02:00 am, so I think we better go to bed now. Arnav Beta, you can come to stay with us any time, okay... it's your house too as much as it's Khushi's. You can also live in the outhouse if you want, it's up to you. She says to Arnav hugging him.

Arnav, who was not to maternal love, was shocked by this gesture at first then also hugging Vanshika, softly said, thank you, Mom!

Khushi was very happy by this gesture.

Vanshika: Khushi, you're going to sleep with me in the guest room. Okay, now no more excuses...

Khushi: Okay Mom! But, can I just refresh myself and come, please... Don't worry, I'll be quick.

Vanshika: Tomorrow, we are all going to leave for Chandigarh at 2pm. Khushi! Arnav! Don't worry,  actually it's been decided that everyone are going with us tomorrow and Akash, Payal, Dadi and the Guptas will be joining us in Chandigarh two days before the marriage. And also your marriage is in two weeks times, not one month.

Arnav and Khushi together: Really! But!

NK: Nanav mere bhai and Khushiji, actually we all decided to pull your legs...

HP and OP: Naniji, we already prepared the guest room and the outhouse....

Nani: OP and HP, can please show everyone their rooms...

Swamni Bua and Dadaji along with Viren and Jeevika, and Virat and Madvi, were given a room each with an ensuite bathroom in the outhouse.  Whereas, Vanshika want to stay with Khushi in the guest room which also have an ensuite bathroom.

Everyone went to their respective allocated rooms. Khushi also went to hers followed by Arnav, after informing Vanshika that refresh herself and will be back shortly.

In Arnav's and Khushi's room:

Khushi silently went to the wardrobe to get her usual white nightwear and was making her way towards their ensuite bathroom, when she feels Arnav's hands around her waist stopping her from moving any further.  She could also feels Arnav's breath on the back of her neck and she was loving the warm feeling of his body on her back.

Khushi (softly): Arnav! What are you doing? I need to go Mom waiting for me. Please let me go...

Arnav: No, I'm not letting you go.

Khushi: Arnav! Please! It's only...

Arnav: No. It's not only... It's 2 weeks, 14 days, 336 hours, 20160 minutes and 1209600 seconds...

Khushi: Ar...naaaav!!!!

Arnav: Hmm... Arnav said kissing her neck.

Khushi: Please!

Arnav: Khushi! I don't want you to go? There's so many things I want to ask you. There are so many things that I don't know about you. But, I know the person that you are and I love you for the person that you are.

Khushi: Sorry Arnav, for not telling you the truth before.  There were times when I really wanted to tell you but couldn't give myself to do so. I'm sorry....

Arnav: Don't worry Khushi, I can understand why you did what you did and I'm also to blame for that. Looking at where we are standing now, I can assure you that I'm happy about whatever happened in our life the way it did, I know it was not an easy path for both of us but I can assure you you that I am more than grateful to have you in my life, my life have never been better. I can't live without you anymore. I love you.

Khushi: I love you too Arnav and can't live without you too.

Arnav: One more question, did really wanted me to enjoyed my bachelor's party yesterday?

Khushi: Of course, Arnav. Why not? That was why I told NK to make sure that you enjoy your self.

Arnav: But, why will you do that?

Khushi: Because, I know that you care too much for me and will never-ever do anything that will hurt my feelings; I trust you, always have. And I also know, the great relation you have with Party....

Arnav: Is that why you came to crash my lovely party last night then...

Khushi: Actually, Payal wanted to come so I came with her and I was missing you; also wanted to see your party.

Arnav: But I knew you will come...

Khushi: Ah well! I have to admit, I'm very possessive of you, but I really wanted you to enjoy your Bachelor's Party, like I said, I trust you always has.

Arnav: I was very happy that you came yesterday, and I have to admit it was my best night. Thank you...I'm sorry if...

Khushi placing her finger on Arnav's lips: Don't worry, I enjoyed very moment of it, and like I said, I trust always has, never forget that. And I have no regrets... And mind you that was just trailer, the movie has yet to come so be prepared... Okay.

Arnav: Trailer, huh!

Khushi: Yep!  Now, let me go, Mom waiting, please...

Arnav: Okay! But promise you'll tell me everything single thing about you from now on, without any exception. Promise!

Khushi: Okay, Husby, I promise,now please let me go.

After some time, Khushi went to the guest room, finding Vanshika waiting she said I'm sorry Mom, it's just that Arnav wanted to know something. Sorry!

Vanshika: It's okay, Beta, I understand. How have you been my little princess, she asked placing Khushi's head on her lap and gently moving her hand softly straightening her hair.

Khushi: Mom, I'm okay now. I'll missed you all,sorry Mom, for not coming to meet you. I miss you, Mom. Love you Mom. How you been, Mom.

Vanshika: Now, I'm very happy beta, I miss you a lot. Love you, Beta. I'm proud of you, Arnav is a very good boy and he loves you very much. And so do you?

Khushi: Yeah Mom, I love him very much, I can't imagine life without him.

Vanshika: I understand Beta. Now, let's sleep it's already too late and it's going to be a long day tomorrow.

At 2 pm, the next day:

Sorry Guys! To be continued shortly... Thank you!!!

Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 5 soon, hopefully you enjoy. Please do leave your comments.

Thank you!!!

Mar 20, 2017

ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 5 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 14 times)



Hey Guys, I'm back with ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 5. Thank you!!! 

At 2 pm, the next day:

Everyone was already settled in their respective seats in the Vadhera's Coach  heading towards Chandigarh, waving bye to Akash, Payal, Dadi and the Guptas, who will be joining them two days before the wedding. Viren and Jeevika, Virat and Madvi, Arnav and Khushi, Anjali and NK, Nani and Vanshika, Swamni Bua and Mamiji, Dadaji and Mamaji, HP and OP were seated together along with the two little new Vadhera's princesses Janvi and Mansi, who was each seated in the car seats next to their Mums, Madvi and Jeevika respectively. Everyone was looking forward for this journey.


Arnav: Khushi, would you please start telling me more about you now...

Khushi: Okay, what do you want to know?

Arnav: I want to know everything. So, let's start with, why did you work for me despite the fact that I was making your life hell, why did not you just stop, I'm sure you would have find another job easily.

Khushi: Actually, I have always believe that life is a learning process, I don't know why I always wanted to understand what difficulty a poor person, has to go through. I wanted to be in their shoes in other to understand my patients from poor background better but never had the opportunity to do so; because after finishing my studies, my Internship and rotation, I was given the opportunity to work as a cardiologist in Lucknow hospital immediately.

Once started working, I got so busy, overloaded with cases due to which I couldn’t even go home, ending up skipping my meals; on one occasions I even fainted after a long operation and they instantly informed Mum about it.

Being so worried about me, Mum didn't want me to work in Lucknow Hospital, any more, but I love my work there. Hence, I was forced to abide to Mum condition of continuing to work there, only if I will stay with the Guptas; to which I readily agreed.

Soon, Payal wedding was fixed. Unfortunately, at the very last minute the bridegroom requested for a big sum of money. However, the Guptas refused my help being against their belief. But, I couldn't just sit there without doing anything thus decided to meet that cr**p, teaching him a lesson as it not a way to treat someone; hence, end up in Shesh Mehal where he used to work, but due to your fashion show that day there was some major changes there.

Well!! Being Khushi, always on the wrong at the wrong time, I found myself in the model’s changing room were getting dressed. Being forced to walk on the rump out of the blue, I lost balance and fall into your arms.

The moment I looked into your eyes, I knew that you're the perfect one for me that I have been waiting for so long, ending up making me speechless. Everything was going so fast, beyond my comprehension and I was so overwhelm with my emotion; unable to express myself.

I kept on trying to tell the truth but you, Laad Gorvernor!!! Didn’t even listen once, misunderstanding the whole situation; started blaming me for everything and did not allow to return home on time due to which Payal’s marriage was broken. I felt responsible for her broken wedding hence decided to help them.

In order to stay with them, I had to behave and dress according to their status, lifestyle and expectation. Gradually, I was so integrated in their family that everyone thought that I’m their youngest daughter. Even, you thought that I was poor and I did not bother correcting you because you were so arrogant as if, you own the whole world.

Then, Bang!!! Tom and Jerry met again, ending up fighting again!!!

Arnav: Tom and Jerry!!!!

Khushi: Yep, Arnav and Kushi!!! Tom and Jerry!!!

Arnav: Seriously, Tom and Jerry!!! Khushi, by which angle do I look like Tom to you!!!

Khushi: Oh!!! Ho!!! My cutie catty Tommy!!! I never point out that you are Tom!!! You accepted it yourself!!!

NK: OMG!!! Di!!! Look Look… Your Papad Ka Dukhda (sadness) Lal Lal So Gaya!!!

Virat: LOL!! NK!! Your hindi is a piece of word, Mike!!  

Khushi: Nanheji!! Papad Ka Dukhda nahi, Its Tukda means Pieces and Dukhda means Sadness aur Lal Lal So Gaya nahi, Its Ho Gaya... HIHI...HI...

Anjali: Nk Bhai!! Your Nanav is blushing!!! Oh!!! Ho!!! Chotes!!! You are Blushing... OMG!!!

Anjali: Thank you, Khushiji...

Khushi: Oh!! My Lovely Di!! Why are you thanking your little Sister...

Arnav (Smirking): Come on, Khushi. Tell me more.... Please!!! Baby!!!

NK: Woah!! Nanav!! From Khushi to Baby, what a Promotion!!! You Naughty Boy!!!

Khushi: Then, Tommy Tom was so angry that he decided to put the video of Jerry falling in his arm to be  boardcast from time to time over and over in all the TV channels in Lucknow, not only destroy my career, but also dramatically affected the life of the Guptas especially Payal; making me, feel more responsible, for me it was not a major issue as I could go anywhere and start again, I had the money, opportunity, Certificates and contacts.

However, I feel really bad for the Guptas so I decided to go to Delhi with Payal to live with buaji there and find a job according to their level to help them. It was also a way for me to fulfill my dreams of living the life of a middle class girl. Since I had many free time after leaving my job, I started learning how to cook, I was surprised to realize that my food was quite good. Since I always love eating Jalebi, I found cooking them fascinating, and it made me relax strangely, that's why I always cook Jalebi when I'm stressed after that. I was surprised that was enjoying my life as middle class girl.

Yeah! After the event in Lucknow, people were teasing me in Lucknow where I go, one day it was very bad, I was grateful that day that Shaym saved me, I thought he was a decent guy, since he helped me so we became friends, I told him I was going to live with Buaji in Delhi and I was looking for a job, so he gave me a reference letter to work in AR Fashion warehouse but I lost the reference letter and end up filling for La's assistant instead.

In AR Fashion, I continue to act as the middleclass girl, doing the silliest things just to get everyone annoyed and I was enjoying myself very much. But, I never did anything to that Ria's fur, I think it was La's assistant, Sim and Pam job.

Actually, I could have easily put that dress, you challenge me to wear that day, but I was scared as I didn't want anyone to recognize me as my family was quite famous in Media, I couldn't take that risk.

Arnav: So you are comfortable to wear dresses like that...

Khushi: Of course, Arnav! That's how I used to dress, I never ever imagine myself, wearing Anarkali and Sarees. I never comfortable with Sarees, Payal taught me how to wear them, but they are hard work, that's why I stick to Anarkali, after marring you. I like wearing jeans and sweatshirt with boots.

Arnav: I want you to wear jeans and sweatshirt tomorrow then. I don't mind what you wear as long you are comfortable.

Khushi: But, Arnav I can't.

Arnav: Why not...

Nani: Yes, Khushi Bitiya, I don't mind, because I know you have a very good upbringing and lots of respect for elders along with a beautiful heart and anyway Dadiji is not here.

Khushi: Didn't realize that everyone was listening to her, simply said Okay.

Arnav: One more thing, Khushi, I know you didn't like Shaym and was just friend with him, so why did you wanted to marry him when he proposed.

Khushi: Actually, I never would have marry him, I would have eventually break that engagement anyway, I just did it, because I wanted to know some things which he was hidden, he keep pressuring the Guptas indirectly, created situation for the most of the time so that the Guptas will be forced to encourage me to agree to get engaged with him; it was an awkward situation for them as it was the time when Payal was going to wed Akash, and I knew if this time something happen Payal will be broken, so I just agree to calm the situation and keep postponing the engagement, until you silly Arnav, decided to be the great ASR again and announced your engagement with Lavanya, just to make me jealous. I was so angry with this that I just told them I'll get engaged the following day.

The next day, I realized what I have done, I simply told Di I'm getting engaged and won't be coming to work from the following day, as I have decided to stay in Chandigarh for sometime before going to Canada. But, I came to give you your promised key that day when I knocked hands with the glass which broke and hurt myself in my right ring- finger. When you realize I was hurt you came to look for me, finding in the temple you bandage my ring-finger on the exact I was supposed to get engaged.

Actually, I was never engaged with Shaym, but I was technically engaged with you. I never wear the ring that Shaym gave me, I had thrown it the same day but bought a similar fake one and even lost it at your house, and didn't realize. The next day Di, told you that she needed me and after seeing everyone happy I couldn't go to Chandigarh, when I found Shaym with Di in the pooja as he thought I was not working at your place anymore. 

I just break his so called engagement with him by throwing his dreadful ring on his face. I was feeling very sad for Di and you because I didn't know how to tell you without hurting any of you and that was when you found me crying. You thought that someone hurt, but it made me more frustrated as I could not tell you the truth, I wish I could, but I was worried for Di, Payal and you. I also wanted to know his plan as I knew was only using Di, for money and I also had to be more careful because I never wanted him to know my true identify. So, informed Viren Bhai about it, as I needed all the help I could get and he told me he was already looking after your case.

Then I knew that I have to design a new Will, for you, since I'm a legally licensed lawyer in India, it was easy for me to get access of all your legal documents and after reading everything I designed a new Will for you similar to your old will but with additional conditions in your favour and send it to Viren Bhai for approval.

Arnav: But, how can you be a lawyer and Cardiologist at the same time, I don't think you are that old and both of these careers need lots of studying. How can you be both.

Khushi: Well, actually, it was quite easy because after the accident, I was not talking much and was only reading, I was reading all sorts of Law books, books that one will only read in University, I was always reading and researching. Everyone was worried about me, so they sent me to Boarding School in Sydney and I attended the Pymble Ladies College there. Even, there I continue reading and researching, I passed all my subjects with High Distinction so they put be in a specialized fast track program and by the age of 18, I had my first Degree, LLB with High Distinction and in two months I was a qualified registered Lawyer, so I returned to India and started working with Viren Bhai.

However, after some months Dadu, had a mini Heart Attack and had to undergo surgery. I was so inspired by the way they took care of Dadu, and decided to become a Cardiologist. I applied for Oxford University, as it was my dream University and wrote their Medical exam and passed with High Distinction. Since, I was their first students with such good marks in their Medical Board Exam, they put me in a specialized fast track program and after knowing I already have LLB, I was exempt from a lot of subjects. I complete my Medical Degree by the age of 23, along with my Internship and rotation, I was offered a job in a the Oxford University research department, which I refused. I returned to India and was offered a job as a cardiologist in the Lucknow Hospital, where I worked for one year before the incident. I'm nearly 26 years old now.

Arnav: Woah! I have to say I'm very impressed, that's my wife is so Intelligent.

Nk and Anjali said together: Woah! Khushiji...

Khushi: Anything else...

Arnav: Why did you agree for the contract marriage?

Khushi: Because of two reasons, actually: first, I did not want to be responsible for breaking Payal wedding again and secondly, I always wanted to marry you and I didn't might to be legally married to you, I like to have your name attached to me.

Arnav: So, you really wanted to marry me.

Khushi: Was not I clear?

Arnav: I always wanted to marry you too. So, what you favorites.

Khushi: Actually, I like non-veg food, especially chicken and eggs, because when I was in Sydney Boarding School, we didn't have much choices. I like Italian, French, Mexican and Chinese Cuisine. I like cycling, swimming, basketball and reading along with playing golf, chess and table tennis with Dadu.  Actually, I'm addicted to read, if I see anything written in English, I have to read it and I have to admit that I have read most of your files, you're a great business man. I can't read anything in hindi, I take ages to even read one line.

Arnav: Woah! Really, you can't read in Hindi. So, why did you buy me that mechanic book in hindi.

Khushi: Because, I wanted to see if you can read Hindi or not. That's, why I had organized that dinner date, sorry I know, I know it was much, but I wanted to know if you would be angry with me and what would you order. Sorry!

Arnav: So, you did that, just to know more about me. But, all you had to do was just asked.

Viren and Virat together: Jiju, our sister, don't like to ask but like to find out on her own, using her own tricks and you have to be very patient and careful because you never know when you are being experimenting upon.

Virat: One more thing, Jiju! All her secrets are in her phone and her dairies, as she fond of writing, everything.

Khushi: Shut up both of you...

Arnav: Thanks for the tips, Guys. That's helpful.  So, Khushi! Tell me what have you discover.

Khushi: Arnav! You can't read Hindi. You like non-veg and Italian too. I don't know about your hobbies though, because I was find you spend lots of time with your first wife and second wife and you never have enough time for me.

Arnav: Excuse me!!! But, Khushi, I'm only married to you.

Khushi ( laughing): No, you are married to your laptop before me then to your Bluetooth and sometimes I also doubt Aman. And everyone start laughing. So, tell me what's your favorite hobbies.

Arnav: Seriously!!! Khushi!!! Aman!!! Really!!! Sorry, I'm not going to tell, but I want you to find out.

Khushi: But, that's not fair. I told you everything about me.

Arnav: Khushi! If you wanted to know about me, you just needed to ask me; but now you need to find out. And, one more thing Khushi, I understand you well, you did not tell me everything about you, you only gives me some hints and want me to discover your likes and dislikes on my own. Am I right? So your hints are that our likes all mostly the same and if I'm not wrong, we like the same things.

Khushi(excited): So your favorite color, red; favorite sports: swimming and basketball, favorite food: Italian Pasta, favorite hobby: playing Chess, and favorite football team: Manchester United.

Arnav: Woah! Shot on. So, you really like everything that I like, unbelievable! Since, when do you watch football...

Khushi: Actually, I was the captain of the cheerleading team in Oxford University, so obviously, I have to be present in every sports events, especially football matches.

Arnav: You! Captain of cheerleading team! Really, I can't believe this.

Virat: Jiju, I understand ,we also didn't believe her until we saw all her pictures and she even have a certificate.

Nk: Woah! Khushiji, you are more like James Bond. And, everyone laugh.

Anjali: I'm very happy for you two, you are really made for each other.

Arnav: Yeah Di, I have to agree.  Actually, Khushi and me, we're going to move to Chandigarh after marriage, Di!! you, Akash and NK, are going to look after the Delhi AR and I have already organize a new office in Chandigarh which will be launched one month after our marriage. But, I have promised Khushi that will also live in Santivan at least once monthly. Do have any issues with that Di! Nani!

Nani: No, Chotey! Actually, I'm happy that you are taking your responsibility.

Anjali: Yeah, Chotey! I'm happy for you. I love you both. But, promised me you will visit us often.

Arnav and Khushi together: Of course, Di!

Khushi: But, Arnav why are you going to launch the office, after one month.

Arnav: Khushi, actually, I need a break. Aman, will need some time to organize everything, the staff and everything. As you know, I like everything well prepared before I start.

Khushi: Did I heard you right, you're taking break voluntarily, woah! And that's for one month and two weeks.

Arnav: Yeah, what's wrong with that, sometimes ago, someone told me that I need a break. Actually, I was thinking to make it two months or even three months, what do you say.

Khushi: No way, one month, is okay. So, one month, is it. Where are we going?

Arnav: Who says, we are going somewhere.

Khushi: But, you just said that you are talking one month holiday.

Arnav: Yeah, I am. But to spend some time  at home with my wife.

Khushi: Okay! I'm not saying anymore, because I know what you are doing.

Arnav: Clever move, Khushi! But, it's a surprise.

After two hours, they are finally entering the Vadhera's Estate.





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Mar 22, 2017

ss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 6 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 16 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 6.

Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HI  STÖRY PART 6.


After two hours, they finally enter the Vadhera's Estate. The big gates, which had THE VADHERA ESTATE written on, opened automatically, showing a magnificent ridge top estate set on one of the highest ridgelines in the Chandigarh hinterland, which has a commanding and stately presence on the landscape. The property offers 360-degree views of the surrounding rolling hills and the Vadhera's lake. A gently sloping driveway meanders past the macadamia plantation and reveals the home at the top of the hill. Surrounded by flowering plants and trees the gardens are beautifully landscaped and add another layer to the vistas from the alfresco courtyards that adjoin the home on all sides.


Offering generous proportions and wonderful finishes, The Vadhera Estate is an ideal view. There is an expansive dining room with a large double sided stone fireplace and a truly enviable kitchen with extensive cabinetry, bench space and every appliance imaginable including a Waldorf 8 burner stove & oven as well as a 4 burner induction cooktop. There are 2 sitting rooms, one in a octagonal room that takes in the Vadhera's lake views, the other beside the stone fireplace.


A more recent addition is one of the most beautifully built libraries one is likely to see. Parquetry floors, built in shelving, bi-fold shutters and a hidden TV are all incorporated in this space. There are 3 guest bedrooms with ensuite bathroom each in the guest wing. The use of timber and stone throughout this perfectly built double brick home is breathtaking.


The Vadhera house is a three floor building that has a massive kitchen, 2 sitting rooms,  a library, a massive dining room and a guest wing in its ground, followed by two upper levels of six master bedroom with ensuite bathroom each, followed by a top level that has two master bedroom, one kids room, a home cinema room, a gym and a big terrace; along with a huge garage underground.


The master bedrooms are something to behold each custom made according to their owners taste. Outside there is a large vegetable garden, various fruit trees, original dairy bales and a large farm shed. The west facing courtyard has a magnificent hand built stone fish pond as its centrepiece whilst the Eastern courtyard overlooks a newly completed swimming pool with the Vadhera's lake close nearby.


The Vadhera Estate, also have three separate and very well appointed guest villas, which have four master bedroom each with featuring vaulted timber ceilings and lavish marble ensuite bathrooms along with a well-organized kitchen. They are owned and designed by Viren, Khushi and Virat respectively according to their taste as their future home and are currently used as guest accommodations.


The Vadhera Estate, also have staff-quarters to accommodate its 50 staff members. It has it's own stable, farms, tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball court, football ground, golf course and a small playground.


Nk: Woah! Khushiji, is this where you grow up?


Khushi: Yeah!


Nk: Unbelievable!


When the Vadhera Couch, arrive at the entrance of the Vadhera Estate, there was about ten staff waiting for them, all well dressed in black and white suit as waiters and waitresses, waiting to helped them. Their respective staff member showed each family member except Arnav and Khushi to their respective rooms. All the Raizadas was shocked by the luxury of the Vadhera Estate, and were just admiring it's beauty silently, leaving Khushi and Arnav alone with the Vadheras.


Vanshika: Khushi! Please, show Arnav around and his room. Okay! And don't forget to show him how to use the extension phone, okay. See you both later.


Khushi: Arnav, come I'm going to show you around. Arnav start following Khushi silently, going upstairs to her room, which was on the top floor.


Khushi closing the door behind them: Arnav! Why are you so quiet.


Arnav: What do you want me to say? I feeling so guilty, I always used to tell that you are after my money, while you clearly come from a more wealthy family than me, I guess I am not worthy for you after all. Never, in my widest dream have I imagined that you are this wealthy.


Khushi: Please! Never say that again. Please, promise me that you will never say that again. Money never matters to me, but love matters. I love you, Arnav.


Arnav: Love you too, Baby.


Arnav looking around her room: Woah! Is this your room? Unbelievable! I never expect your room to be so simple with no star, no Salman pictures and no dressing table and where is your wardrobe. All these books, my God, no wander you are such a geek...


Khushi: Grrr!!!  Are you for real, Arnav!!! By which angle do I look like a geek… 


Arnav: Oh!!! Sweetie Pie!!! I must say you don’t look like a geek but I very sad to say this to you that!!!!


Khushi: That!! What!!! Arnav!! Cut the chase, now!!!! Speak up!!! You are making me angry… 


Arnav: Oh!!! Ho!!! My Tikhi Mirchi, is getting angry. Don’t worry, Baby. Actually, getting angry is part of the package…


Khushi: Seriously!!!! Arnav!!! I’m warning, you. Now, what package are you taking about.


Arnav: Package of being my wife, Sweetheart!!! You know being angry, arrogant, rude, ect… After all, you are Mrs ASR!!! Is not it??? Image!!! Image!!! Mrs Laad Governor!! It’s good you are maintaining my image… Portraying the picture: “THE ANGRY COUPLE: MR AND MRS ASR.” Thank you, my sweet GEEKY WIFE… 


Khushi: GRrrrr… Arnav!!!! It’s not funny!!! You are getting on my nerve now….


Arnav: Ok!!! Ok!!! I love to see ANGRY sometimes. Because of this (touching her Nose), your little red nose. Actually, I was saying that you don’t look like a geek… But, you are a GEEK!!! LOL!!!! Just look at your bookshelves. 


Khushi: Arnav!! Please, always be happy like this, keep on SMILLING!! You look so Lovely when you SMILE! Love so much!!




Light brownish yellow wall with a chocolate brown feature wall behind her huge Ebony wooden King size bed. She had a huge family picture, on the feature wall above her bed. On the right corner,  she had huge Ebony wooden studying desk with an enormous integrated Ebony wooden bookshelves: full of books, trophies and photo frame of families and herself, covering half of the room. On the left corner, she had a huge aquarium of salt water fish integrated into the wall, next to which was the door to her ensuite bathroom, which was white and had a huge mirror. On the other end of the Aquarium, was a huge glass door with a wide balcony that displays a great view of the whole Vadhera Estate. But, there was no wardrobe.


Arnav : Khushi, don't you have a wardrobe.


Khushi (laughing): Why do you want to see my wardrobe?


Arnav: Just curious!!! After all I'm a fashion designer...


Khushi: Oh really, I have not noticed. Okay, come! Khushi walk in the bathroom towards the huge mirror and slightly pushed the mirror which automatically, opened revealing a huge walk-in wardrobe with huge Window with blinds at the end. The walk-in wardrobe, had a lot of LED night lights on the ceiling which automatically switched on thanks to its sensor system. All Khushi's clothes were designers brand such GUCCI, D&G, DIOR, VERSACE, GUESS, BOSS and other. She had all types of dresses: backless, short sleeves, without sleeves, strapless, everything. She had a huge collection of jeans, pants, tops and skirts with a very little collection of Salwar Kameez.


Arnav: Woah! Unbelievable!


Khushi: Why?


Arnav: Because, if I compare these clothes to what you are wearing now, it's world difference. Why don't you change into this one, handing her a very short strapless red dress?


Khushi: Are you serious, I can't wear that and go downstairs.


Arnav: Who is talking about going downstairs, you are showing me around .


Khushi: But...


Closing the mirror, Arnav walks towards Khushi, putting his hands behind her back, he started lowering her zipper of her Anarkali, saying Khushi, I want to see you in this dress, please.


Khushi: Okay! Please, go outside, Arnav. Don’t worry, I still know how to get dress.


Arnav: No way! I am going to make you wear it myself. Arnav said continuing undress her, until she only have her strapless bra and panties on. Embracing her, Arnav whispered in her ears, you are very beautiful, Khushi. Then he helped her to put the dress. Where are your shoes?


Khushi pushed a button near the entrance and a door opened in the middle of the floor showing a set of stairs and both walk down into another walk-in wardrobe simple to the top one but much bigger in size. This one had a huge Ebony wooden dressing table with a huge mirror and a huge Ebony wooden set of drawers next which there were lots of shelves full of all types shoes.


Arnav: Woah! You have so many different types of shoes.  But, I want you to wear these knee high black boots for a change. Please, I want to make you wear them. So, Arnav helped her wear them. Woah! You do look different, just outstandingly gorgeous. Please, promise me, when we go for our honeymoon, you are going to wear these types of clothes.


Khushi: Okay, now please go outside, I'm going to change and come shortly.


Arnav: Okay...


Khushi change into D&G Jeans and a black GUESS sweatshirt, with a short black pair of boots. She only has a watch on right wrist and a gold Diamond bracelet on the other with her Dimond ring from Arnav. She also put some very light makeup and went to her to find Arnav, looking at her pictures on her shelves.


On seeing her, Arnav towards her and whispered you look pretty. Please, telling me about the pictures on the shelves.


Khushi showed him picture of primary school with Viren and Virat, pictures of them in High School, pictures of them as grown-ups, their wedding pictures with her, her High School Graduation pictures, her LLB Graduation pictures, her Oxford University Graduation picture, pictures of her with her Cheerleading team, pictures of her with her Mum, pictures of her with the whole family and some old pictures of her with her father and family.


Khushi: Tomorrow, we'll go through our family albums together and I will also get our family photographer to come and take some new pictures of all of us, because we need to create some new memories. Now, let's go to see your new room.


Arnav: So, we are not staying in the same room.


Khushi: Oh course not!! Arnav!! Aww!! How can we stay together in one room, sleeping in one bed, without being married. OMG!!! What will everyone think about us??


Arnav: What The!!! Khushi!! What do you mean by we can’t sleeping together, when we have already done so much more!!! Have you also forgotten with whom you been sleeping with for the last 6 months.


Khushi: OMG!! Did I just heard your famous What The, after so many days!! Oh!!! Ho!!! Pati Dev!!! Of course!! I remember it was the best moment of my life, which I would always cherish!! And I was just pulling your legs. I have a surprise for you.

Arnav: Surprise for me!!!


Khishi: Of course!! For you. Who else!! Buddhu!!


Arnav was surprised to see his new room, which had a similar feeling as her room with similar wall color, and feature he was surprised to see the Aquarium in the right corner of his room along with a similar glass sliding door that opened up to the same wide balcony.


The room was similar to hers, it has a big family picture of him and her along with the Raizada’s family on the feature wall above a similar Ebony wooden Studying desk with a similar integrated bookshelves which have some books on fashion design along with a similar professional Apple 27' I Mac as her along with lots of pictures of her and his along with his families; pictures of Payal wedding was also.


She then took him to a similar bathroom, walking towards the mirror, she asked him to open it, which he did and was shocked to see so many designers suits for him, there was also some collection of designer jeans and shirts for along with some designer track pants and jackets as he like to wear. There was also some collection of designer shoes and socks for him along with collection of perfumes, which he likes. After seeing all this he was just speechless.


Khushi walking towards him putting her hands on his shoulder, smile saying Happy Birthday, baby. Arnav was even more surprised to know that she knew it was his Birthday as no one has wish him yet.


Khushi: Happy Birthday, Swamiji!! This is your study room along with your bathroom especially design for you.


Arnav: Thank you, Khushi. I’m really touched. You are the only person that touch my heart so deeply, you know I have never celebrated my Birthday since Mum and Dad, passed away, but today I really wanted to celebrate my Birthday and you gave me the Best Surprise!! Thank you, Baby. However, Khushi!! You knew, how? I thought no one remembered. And when did you do all this...


Khushi: Of course, I knew my husband Birthday. And it’s not rocket science to find the Date of Birth of the great ASR but it was hard for me to stay silent, that's why I'll told Mum to tell you to let me sleep with her yesterday. And I had designed this room similar to mine when I was designing mine when I came back to India after during my LLB, I had designed it for my future husband and everyone knew about it, that's why Mum told me to show you your room, and the pictures, I had arranged them when I came for Virat wedding, along with the books and clothes and shoes.


Arnav: Okay! But, you came here for the day.


Khushi: Yeah! I'd only came here for the day, but I didn't have to do everything by myself, all I have to do is give orders and it will be done. Now, get ready we need to go down in an hour time.


Closing the mirror, moving more closer towards him, Khushi put her hands behind his neck, gently pulling his head towards hers until their lips touches and skillfully with her tongue she encouraged him to opened up to him deepening the kiss. They finally break the kiss in order to breathe.


Arnav: That's I have to agree, was really something. One more thing, does that mean that Mum doesn't mind if we sleep together...


Khushi: Of course, she doesn't mind actually none of our family members mind because they know I wouldn't do anything to hurt them. And besides we have been living together for more than eight months now. And in two weeks times, we are going to marry and Mum said she want Grandchildren, who will call her Nani soon.


Arnav: Doesn't that means you asked her.


Khushi: Yeah! I always asked everyone, specifically my Mum. I also did ask her permission before our contract marry you as she already knew that I love you and besides Viren Bhai did told her everything about our contract marriage. We are always close to each other and share everything freely.


Arnav: Okay!


Khushi: So did you like my gifts?


Arnav: Actually, I love all of them and I'm very surprised. I would like to continue the gift that you just gave can have a little more later.


Khushi: Okay, now let's get you ready she said, opening Arnav buttons.


Arnav's shirt were soon change into a black GUESS tee-shirt, showing his well-built body and his abs were slightly visible. And, his pants were replaced by D&G dark blue jeans. While, his shoes were replaced by a nice black Reebok runners. His hair was nicely comb and he was nicely shaved.


Khushi: Now, we are ready to go down.  You look dashing and handsome.


Arnav: Are you sure Khushi? I have wear jeans for ages.


Khushi: Trust me, you look great.


Then walking down the stairs together holding each other's hands casually, smiling at each other.


Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 7 soon, hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave your comments. 

Thank you!!



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Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 7 soon, hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you.
Mar 28, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 7 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 11 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 7.

Hi Guys, I'm back with Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 7. Thank you.

They then walk down the stairs together holding each other's hands casually, smiling at each other. Everyone was all gathered downstairs, in the grand sitting room which was well decorated with big cake sitting right in the middle of the table, waiting to be cut, they were all shocked to see them in jeans and shirts.

Everyone cried out: Happy Birthday, Arnav! And came to wish him. Arnav was very surprised and happy, and thanks everyone.

Anjali: Woah! Chotey! Khushiji! Is that really you. You both look lovely.

Arnav and Khushi together: Yeah Di! Thank you.

Vanshika: But, Khushi! It's also your engagement today.

Khushi: Yeah! Mum, I know, but it's just among us, isn't it.

Vanshika: Yeah!


Khushi: So, it doesn't matter what we wear as long as we know, we are getting engaged to each other, right? Moreover, our Roka is going to be a grand affair, isn't it.

Vanshika: Yeah, I guess it's fine by me.

Khushi: Mum! I want to create a new memory therefore I have organized our family photographer to come today. He will also come tomorrow, we really need some new pictures especially of my two little princess, Janvi and Mansi, along with my bhabhis. And, there will also be some wedding planner coming tomorrow, with their best designs, so I need everyone to be at home, okay Viren Bhai, Virat, Swamni Bua and you too Dadu, I need all your opinion. And I need to know how many people, you are all inviting and you too, Arnav. 

Everyone was just looking at her, as if they saw an alien, trying to process everything she was telling. The Raizadas were shock to see Khushi commanding nature, as they never seen this side of her. They never imagined that she had a commanding nature, which is worst than Arnav. Even Arnav was shocked to realize the same.

Arnav (surprised): When!! When did you organized all these.

Khushi: This morning! After all, we only have one week.

Virat: Ah well! Welcome back, Sissy! Nice to have you back, Sis! I have always love your old self.

Madvi: Yeah, Khushi Di. He always tell me that, he miss you as you were very close.

Khushi: Madvi! I know, why he miss me, because I was the only one who always let him do whatever he wants. Even, when he came to live together in England while we were studying there. If he wants to go to Night Club to work as DJ, I used to take him, but only after telling everyone that I was his girlfriend and the girls end up getting jealous of me, isn't it Bro.

Virat: But, the boys were always jealous of me and in one occasions they even end up fighting with m, isn't it, Sis.

Khushi: Yeah, but that's was because you were protecting your Sister and after all, I only went because of you and your silly DJ career. Don't worry, Madvi! He only had that one girlfriend before you, as you know and I hated her, because she only wanted status and was using him. But, as usual Virat never listen, does he. Luckily, you found each other. I'm happy for you two. Sorry,  Madvi! I came to know about your cancer last night, from Mum. Sorry Jeevika Bhabhi, Sorry Viren Bhai and Sorry Virat. But, my  two brothers never told me, lucky you are alright now. Why? Bhai!! Virat!! Why didn't you tell me?? I could have help you find to matching Bone Marrow for Madvi...

Viren: Well!! If you will get to know about this, you will come back, leaving everything behind. However, we didn't want to risk your life too as Madvi was already at risk. We didn't want to take that risk, we didn't want that Shaym, to know your true identity, after all we have the whole family with us but you had no one.

Virat: Sorry! And it was also the time when Jiju, was Kidnapped and you already had a lot in your plate.

Viren: And by the way, did you inform us about Arnav kidnapping? Why didn't you?

Khushi: But, Bhai! i didn't want to worry you.

Viren: Princess, this is the same reason why we didn't want to worry you...

Khushi: It's okay, I understand. It's all over and gone now. it's a new beginning, so let's go we have a party to celebrate.

Both Khushi and Arnav moves towards the middle of the dining table, they exchange rings and cut the sugar free cake together.

After talking and joking for a while, they all went to rest in their room after a long day. Arnav and Khushi, also went to their room.

Arnav: So, why don't we start, from where we left before going downstairs. What do you say?

Khushi: Actually, I think we should get some sleep as we have a long day tomorrow. But, we need a shower first, so what you say.

Arnav: So, shower it is then, let me go and grab my nightwear then.

Walking into the bathroom, Arnav were surprised to see the bathroom full of lighted with red roses essence candles along with a very soft relaxing music playing in the background and the bathtub was also full of water with rose bubble. But, Khushi was no wear to be found, so Arnav opened the mirror to find Khushi wearing a bathrobe and her hair nicely tucked with a shower cap.

Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 8 soon, hope you enjoy. Please do leave your comments.

Thank you.


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Hey Guys, I'll be back with Part 8 soon, hope you enjoy. Please do leave your comments. Thank you.
Mar 30, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 8. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 14 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 8.

Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 8.


Walking into the bathroom, Arnav were surprised to see the bathroom full of lighted red roses essence candles along with a very soft relaxing music playing in the background and the bathtub was also full of water with rose bubble. But, Khushi was no where to be found, so Arnav opened the mirror to find Khushi wearing a bathrobe and her hair nicely tucked with a shower cap.


Seeing this, his desire increase. He never felt such a pull towards any other woman it was not only raging desire but also intense love and fierce longing. He started kissing and nibbling on her neck. All the time his hands were caressing her waist going towards her bosom. While Khushi was working on Arnav's shirt buttons vigorously, until it was discarded somewhere on the floor followed by his pants and undies, and Khushi was appraising his ****y muscular body and his six pack abs with appreciating eyes.


Khushi could not help but touched his six-pack abs with her dainty hands. It created a stir in Arnav and he gasped at the little sudden assault in his senses.


He groaned and leaned again to catch her lips in a fiercely possessive kiss with his tongue roughly exploring every corner and crevices of Khushi’s hot and soft mouth. The kiss which went on like forever only to be ended when they were both out of breath.


After a moment of pause Arnav’s mouth continued its newly found exploration on his Khushi. His lips traced her creamy neck, her swan like throat which came to be ended in her chest. They finally enjoyed their spa together and get cosy in bed. They both poured their love into kisses and finally gave in to their desires. They made love the whole night. Always promising to be there for each other...


Khushi was up early in the morning; she wrapped herself in the blanket and walked out to the balcony. Arnav woke up while he looked for Khushi on the bed. He saw her outside so he got up, pulled his pants on and walked out. He smiled and put his warm hands around her body from behind and kissed her neck. Khushi smiled and pressed herself even more on him and sighed with content...


They finally went downstairs at 10:00 am, after enjoying a warm shower making love to each other.


Virat : Woah Sissy! What's wrong with your watch today. It was 08:00 ages ago, have you forgotten the breakfast rules. And what happen to the always following Khushi!!


Viren: Virat! Give Princess a break will you, can't you see how tired they look, they must be exhausted. Maraj, the cook, can you please get them a huge brunch, please.


Khushi (smiling): Thanks Bhai! We are really staving. Sorry, for being late for breakfast.


While, Poor Arnav was surprised by Khushi bold answer; looking at Khushi with an unbelievably look, processing everything. Thinking how similar Khushi to him.


Khushi: Mum, can you please gather everyone in the Sitting Room because Arnav and I are going to sign our marriage registration as I can't live another minutes without having Arnav's name with my name. Please Mum.


Arnav could only look at Khushi with his eyes wide open with surprise by her outburst to her. The Great ASR, for the first time, is having trouble to believe that he finally find his perfect match, his Mrs ASR!!!


Varshika: Ok beta. I think that a good idea. Khushi! Arnav! Actually, the pandi just call saying that we will have to postpone your marriage for one month as there have been some changes in the planet and moon position. Sorry Beta.


Khushi and Arnav look at each other: It's okay, Mum.


Arnav: Actually Mum, it's good in a way as we're going to see some building for the new AR Fashion that I want to setup in Chandigarh today, and may be we can get it to operate before our wedding. But, I will need some help and advice from all of you as I'm not familiar with this area.


Mum: That's great, Beta. We're all happy to help.


Khushi: But Arnav, you said that you will be taking holidays, and will only start operation after we return from our honeymoon.


Arnav: Yes Khushi. I did but since our wedding has been postponed so why not start and give it some time to grow while we go for our honeymoon. This will give it some time to grow slowly until we return. Don't worry, you are going to work with me on each step as my special personal secretary and I promise we'll be taking it slowly. Ok.


Khushi: Ok. But, I will be using Khushi Kumari Gupta as my name and no one need to know I'm a Vadhera and Raizada at all. Please, inform Aman about this.


Arnav: Ok, Khushi!!!


Khushi: Mum is it alright if I wear my Sindoor and Mangalsutra more visibly please, because from the moment I was married to him, I have only given him the right to be my husband. Therefore, I can't stay without wearing my Sindoor and Mangalsutra.


Varshika: Yeah Beta. After all, you are already married and I very happy to know that you still wear them. But, please don't wear them too visibly as many of our relative don't know that you are already married so be careful, ok.


Khushi: It's okay, Mum. I will wear them more visibly after our marriage then. Don't worry. Can we select the wedding planner today then, it's good they will have more time to organise.


Varshika: Yeah Beta, that will be great.


After signing their marriage registration in the present of everyone, the wedding planner were selected and some memory pictures were also taken. Many pictures of Janvi and Mansi, were taken and an album was made for each of them by their Khushi Aunty (Bua), who made them wear different outfits in most of them, which their Khushi Aunty have bought for them.


Later during the night, when everyone was watching TV together Arnav decided to include everyone to help him with his new Chandigarh branch of AR Fashion, as Aman has already finalised a building today, which is not too far from the Vadhera Estate.


Arnav have also bought a new house, which is close to the Vadhera Estate, new AR Fashion Branch and the Chandigarh Hospital, but that's a surprise for Khushi, as Arnav is making some amendments to the house so that it look more like the Vadhera Estate, mostly like Khushi's room with some more modern twist and innovation.


Arnav: Dadaji, Mum, Bua, Nani, Di, Viren, Virat, Jeevika, Madvi, Mamaji, Mamiji, Khushi and NK, I will need all your help as I want to start the operation of the new Chandigarh AR Fashion ASAP before our wedding. Will you all be happy to help me, please.


Everyone reply together: Of course, we'll happily help with everything.


Arnav: Thank you everyone. Actually, today Aman has finally finalised the new building of Chandigarh AR Fashion, which is a short distance from Vadhera Estate, by the end of this week all the furniture, painting, equipment and necessities will all be in place and from next week will be able to use the facility.


Arnav (continues): Here is some roles I have allocated for each of you, but please let me know if you want to exchange your allocated roles.


Khushi- you will be working with me as my personal special assistant.


Viren- you will help me with the legal and corporate aspect along with Khushi.


Dadaji and Mamaji- you will be interviewing the new recruits along with Aman, I will give you the set of questions and all the details later. The interview will start on Monday according to your suitable time. Then Khushi and me, will decide the final employable candidate from your short-listed candidates and based on your conclusion.


Bua and Di- you will look after the new designs along with one of my fashion designer partner, who is returning to India this Sunday from our US branch.


Virat and NK- you are going to select our new models, along with my camera-man and Event Manager. NK, I know you love to be a photographer, so you can be our new photographer and he is going to train you, but it is all up to you. And Virat, I know you love singing and entertaining, but if you like you can be our new Event Manager, you will get all the necessary training so don't worry, moreover, you already know the industry well and you can also work on your Music career at the same time, but it's all up to you and if you are interested in any other jobs, am happy to provide training. So, what do you say?


Virat: Thanks Jiju, I will love to give it a try. Thank you for believing in me.


Arnav (hugging Virat): It's my pleasure. Please, let me know if you want to change or if you have any questions. Okay.


Virat: Don't worry Jij, I will let you know. Thank you once again.


Nk: Thank you!!! Nanav mere bhai. Nanav can I get my friend La to join us too, she is ex-model and a model trainer, she is returning to India from Sydney next Wednesday afternoon.


Arnav: Yes NK. I think she can join us but Khushi and me, will like to meet her first. Thank you Virat and NK, so we have three jobs- Photographer, Event Manager and Model Trainer taken care of.


Nani, Mum and Mamiji- you will look after the wedding preparations only and both HP and OP will also be here to help you with anything.


Jeevika and Madvi- you will only have to take care our two lovely little princesses, Janvi and Mansi. If you need any help, Khushi and me are always available to help anytime. If you want to help you can always give us some new ideas with anything.


Arnav (continues): Thank you everyone for all your help. Is someone not happy with their allocated jobs? Any questions?


Everyone said together: Actually, we are all very happy with our allocated jobs.


Arnav: Great, here is a file for everyone, I'm open to any new ideas. Thank you everyone.


NK: Varshika Aunty, I forgot to ask you if my friend can stay with us, as she doesn't have any where to go until she found a place to stay. Please!


Varshika: Of course Beta, she can stay with us for as long as she wants... Not worries.


Nk: Thank you Aunty.


Everyone retired in their room. The busy week soon came to an end!!! 

Now, Arnav and Khushi were both at the Chandigarh Airport, waiting for Arnav's partner.


A tall man in a three-piece dark suit walk towards Arnav immediately giving him a bear-hug. His face was all angles with stubble, his hair was a bit long and wavy, his gaze was razor-sharp when he was checking Khushi and he raised an eyebrow questioningly.

................TO BE CONTINUED SOON!!!!!..............     





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Apr 1, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 9. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 13 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 9.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 9.


Now, Arnav and Khushi were both at the Chandigarh Airport, waiting for Arnav's partner.


A tall man in a three-piece dark suit walk towards Arnav immediately giving him a bear-hug. His face was all angles with stubble, his hair was a bit long and wavy, his gaze was razor-sharp when he was checking Khushi and he raised an eyebrow questioningly.


The man asked in deep husky voice with warm velvet undertone of politeness attached to it: Arnav, won't you be kind enough to introduce me to your lovely friend.


While Khushi stood there silently staring at him as revelation hit her! This man reminded Khushi of him, her husband, Arnav! Looks, voice, manners… He was Arnav's mirror reflection!!! Amazing!!!


As her mind finally process what this man just said, looking at Arnav confused, she quietly said FRIEND!!!


Arnav: Jai, please meet my wife, Khushi. And Khushi please meets my best friend since childhood, Jai. The Big J, as he like to call himself sometime.


Jai: WHAT THE!!! Arnav!!! She is your wife!!! You are married!!! And didn't think it's important to invite ME!! JAI!! Your Best Friend Forever!!! Your Brother From Another Mother!!! OMG!! Touché!! Je suis très touché!! I’m very hurt!!! Arnav!!! Anyway, Hi Bhabhi!! Nice to meet you!! Sorry I wasn't aware!! Thanks to my Brother who forgot my existence…


Arnav: What the!! Jai. Now, don’t be a Drama Queen too, or should I say Drama King!!! Stop being so Dramatic!!! Khushi and Di, are enough yaar!!!


Khushi: Har!! I’m Drama Queen!!! How could you say that, Arnav!!


Arnav (Holding Khushi’s right hand): Aww!! Baby, when did I say that… I was just pulling your leg!!! But, are you saying you are not a Drama Queen, Sweetheart!!


Khushi (Smiling): Whatever!!! Arnav!!


Jai: OMG!! ARNU!!! Did you just call Bhabhi… Baby!! Sweetheart!!! I can’t believe my Ears!!! My Arnu, is using endearments. Arnu, is that really you or have you been adducted by aliens!!! Oh!! Now, I get it that why you have forgotten your BFF and your brother from another Mother, along with your ANGER and you are not only laughing but you are in fact joking!!! That’s must be your effect, Bhabhi…


Khushi: Aww!!! ARNU!!! That’s such a lovely name, LOL!!! I’ll call you that from now on… Arnav! And Jai, please call me Khushi, you are elder that me.


Jai: But, Bhabhi!! Arnav, don’t like to be call like that… Actually, there is a story behind…


Arnav: Jai! Please!! No, you are not telling her… Please!!  Don’t Jay!!


Khushi: Jai!! Please, tell me the story. Actually, I want to know everything about him because sometimes I feel I barely know Arnav… One minute, it seems I know everything about him and the next minute I feel, I don’t know anything about him. One minute I feel so close to him and the next I feel I so far from him. I really want to know him in order to understand him better.


Jai: Actually, when Arnav was in College there was a girl named Sasha, she had a crush on Arnav and used to call him Arnu. She used to follow him everywhere but Arnav never pay any attention. She finally commit suicide, trying to write Arnav’s name in her arm unfortunately she cut her vein and by the time she was found, she had lost a lot of blood and eventually died in Hospital. That incident had a great impact on Arnav as he was already suffering after Mum and Dad death, and he started hating girls and relationship far more than before, so if today he is happily married to you, Khushi, that too without informing me, there must a great story behind your marriage.


Khushi (hugging Arnav): WHAT!!! She commited suicide!!! Oh!!! Baby, don’t worry its all in the past now.


Arnav (hugging Khushi): Don’t worry, Khushi. I’m fine, in fact I’m feeling great as if a burden that I never knew existed has left me. And, Baby from the time you have come into my life no one has ever affected as much as you do. Khushi, you are the centerpiece of my existence and my world revolve around you only.


Khushi: Oh!! Arnav!! That the most romantic line you ever told me. I love you, Sweetheart!!! 


Jai: AHEM!! AHEM!! Bhabhi!! Too much sugar is not good for Arnav…


Khushi (Angry): And, You!!! Jai!!! How could you call him that NAME, making my poor Arnav, go through that nightmare again… How could you, Jai!!! And let me tell you that, that stupid Sasha was a fool, and may be never love Arnav because if she knew what Arnav was already going through she will never have done what she had done. If she really loved Arnav, she would have understand that Arnav need time and care to heal and may be if she would have sacrifice her one-sided love for Arnav may be if she was alive today, she could have a happy family that love her. She did not even didn’t think about would have been her parents reaction nor Arnav when find her in that situation.


Life can be difficult, harsh, cruel and challenging, but you know what!! The interesting is that, that is what make it life and worth living because after the difficulty, harshness, cruelty and challenging situation comes the easy peaceful achieved accomplishment; that make you even more stronger that before. We are all human with different seasons in our life; the heating season where we are in pressure, the drying season where all our hopes run low, the wet season where tears does not want to stop, the cooling season where you need support of others, the harvest season where the fruit is ready to ripe and eventually the spring season where everything is happy and rosy. We all go through challenges but that does not mean all of us, are going to commit suicide, yeah some people challenges are greater than, in saying that I may also add that one facing that greater challenge also have the greater willpower and strength to sustain and overcome that challenge given the time. Time is fundamental, given the time any mountainous challenges will turn into a mustard seed. It is crucial that you believe in yourselves; that you are a conquer.


If Arnav did not go throughout all this situation and overcome them, today, he would not have been one of the best business of the Fashion world. If today, I’m standing here with Arnav, it's only after going through lots of challenges and overcoming them. We are also ready to overcome more in future. And, you are right, Jai, there is a great story behind our relationship.


Jai (Shock): Waah!!! Bhabhi!!! If only, I knew you are a Philosopher, I would have say that in the car and I’m sure we will have been home by now. Here, I was testing you!!! You’ve given an encyclopaedic description on life. Oh My God!! ARNAV!!  She is scarier than you!! She is surely, Mrs. ASR, without any doubt. 


Arnav (laughing): Oh!! JJ!!! My poor JJ!!! Didn’t I warn you!!! But, You, MR SMART, MR KNOW IT ALL, NEVER, listen to me!!


Khushi: What!!! You were testing me???


Arnav: Khushi, actually after that incident whenever someone is interested in me, Jai, always test them by telling them this story and by now that incident does not have any effect on me. And I’m sure after today; he would not test anyone again ever in his life, is it Jay?


Jai: Oh!! Yeah!! You are 100% Right there, ever if you pay I won’t do that MISTAKE AGAIN!! But, jokes apart, truly speaking that was the best reaction I have received so far!!! And I must say Bhabhi!! You are the true Life Partner for Arnav, his Prefect Match!!! You are the Best!!


Khushi: Oh!! Jai!! Thank you!! Sorry, for being rude, but I just get a bit little Edgy when it comes to Arnav. But, don't worry, you did not miss our wedding, actually it's in one month.


Jai: What!! That was A LITTLE BIT EDGY!! I wonder what will happen if you are REALLY ANGRY!! WHAT!!! You are not married yet!! 


Khushi: Actually, we are married, but only because of the situation and circumstances. It a long story, we'll tell you in the car. Do you want the short version or long version?


Jai: The longest version please, because I care a lot for Arnav, he is more than my little Brother, even if he forgot his Big Brother and didn’t find it important to tell me anything.


Khushi: Jai!! Please believe me, he will have informed you, but he feels guilty about everything he did. And I think he could not explain everything on the phone.








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Apr 2, 2017

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 10. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 4 times)



Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ   STÖRY PART 10.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 10.


Khushi: Actually, we are married, but only because of the situation and circumstances. It a long story, we'll tell you in the car. Do you want the short version or long version?


Jai: The longest version please, because I care a lot for Arnav, he is more than my little Brother, even if he forgot his Big Brother and didn’t find it important to tell me anything.


Khushi: Jai!! Please believe me, he will have informed you, but he feels guilty about everything he did. And I think he could not explain everything on the phone.


I'm Dr Khushi Singh Vadhera, and used to practice as a cardiologist in Lucknow Hospital. Sorry, to say I’m NOT A PHILOSOPHER!! Actually, I came from a well-to-do family in Chandigarh. However, as I was a busy career woman, didn't use to eat on time and fall sick, being very worried for me, my mum, only gave me the option to stay with my former nanny and her family, who were also living in Lucknow then, else she asked me to return home and practice there.


Since, I was brought up by the nanny whom called Amma and her daughter, Payal was my best friend, we grew up together and more like sisters and share everything, I agreed and decided to live with them as their daughter. After all, I always like to experience how does it feel to live like a middle class, so that was a great opportunity for me, I changed my dressing style, my eating habits, use of language and even my hobbies. Everyone was thinking that I'm their younger daughter who was living with grandparents. I even start calling myself Khushi Kumari Gupta using their Family name.


Since Payal wedding was to be held in one-month time, I was off from work for two weeks. But, on the day of Payal’s wedding, the bridegroom called demanding a huge sum of money, which they definitely could not afford, I was willing to help them which they decline, so I didn’t want to hurt their self-esteem. However, I was so furious with the bridegroom, thinking how can someone be so cruel so I decided to meet that bridegroom and teach him a lesson as it not a way to treat someone. I knew he was working in Shesh Mehal so went to meet him there.


However, unfortunately or fortunately, on that particular day due AR Fashion Show everything was re-allocated, and by mistake I end in the Model Changing room; where I was mistaken for a model and was forcefully send to walk on the ramp walk. Suddenly, being in the spotlight on the ramp, I lost my balance and was falling down just to be caught by the great ASR, who thought that I was sent by one of his rivals to sabotage his event therefore, he locked me in a room for the whole night.


Thinking I'm from a middle class family, he thought I was paid big to sabotage his event and no matter what I told him he didn't listen and didn't allow me to go home. As you know, ASR THE GREAT, is MR KNOW IT ALL, AND NEVER WRONG!! And would listen to Middle-class girl who is a gold-digger.


Jai: Oh my God! Arnav, I can't believe this. It was love at first sight, was not it. That means Bhabhi, you must have suffer a lot before he finally accepted the fact that he loves you, isn't it.


Arnav: Yes, it was love at first sight indeed, which I repelled and kept on battling with…


Khushi: Well Said Jai!! You do understand him a lot. Actually, because of the fact that he didn't let me go home until morning, Payal wedding was broken and I was feeling guilty.


And I met Arnav again; we end up fight with each other where his Big Fat EGO was so HURT, How can a MIDDLE CLASS GIRL TALK TO HIM, THE GREAT ASR LIKE THAT, which made him so angry that he finally releases the footage of me falling into his arms to the media. This destroy my career in a way as my client weren't relying on me any more and it also damage Payal reputation, I could have start my career again anywhere in the world, but what about Payal. That was not even her fault in all of this.


Therefore, as Payal was forced to move to Delhi to live with her Bua, I also move together with her in order to help her when needed. However, I was nearly rape by some goons when Shaym Manohar Jha, save me and we became friends. He gave me an appointment letter to work in AR Fashion, as I need a job according to the Guptas status. Shaym also started living as a paying guess in Bua's place saying he doesn't have any family nor a place to stay, and Bua believe his sweet-coated speech and was forever grateful to him.


And, I started working in AR Fashion, as Lavanya's Assistant, but little did I know that it was Arnav's company. Since, everyone at AR thought I was from a middle class family and uneducated, they were bullying me, in order to forced me to resign on Arnav's command.


Due to the circumstances, I finally resigned from AR. One day Payal's Bua, told to take some saris to an address, which turnout to be Santivan. In another occasion we receive a catering order which turnout to be Santivan again. Similar ways, Arnav and me keep out meeting from time to time, one way or the other and continue fighting with each other, call it destiny if you want.


However, thanks to my Big Mouth one day, Nani came to know about Lavanya, being Arnav's girlfriend, as she always wanted a traditional bahu, she employed me to train Lav. It was then, we both realized that we love each other, but we never express our feeling to each other because of our ego. And on one occasions, Arnav was so close to kiss me that he was upset with himself, for not being able to control his emotions, that he announced his engagement with Lavanya and that they will be marrying soon.


While, I was so broken and angry that I agree to get engaged, to Shyam, the very next day, as he kept on bugging me to marry him, from the time he came to live as paying guess at our place. That time, I didn't even know that he was Di's husband, even after working long hours in Santivan.


Jai: So, is Anjali divorced now!! And where is this rascal? And Arnav!! Didn't you, thought that it's important to inform me all this.


Arnav: Jai, you can't have done ANYTHING!! Just Headache!! Just stress and frustrated!!! Di, believe him more than anyone even more than me and she was pregnant at that time!! How could I break her heart at that time!! Tell me!!


Jai: Oh!! Arnav!! You know me but than that!! If ANYONE could handle Anjali, other than you then it will be me!! How could you kept me in the ignorance Arnav!! Only You Know How Important She Is Too ME!!


Arnav: Sorry Bhai!!! I was not sure if I should inform you or not!! And I was confused myself!!! I could not understand anything myself anymore, then how could I inform you!! Tell me, Jai!!!


Khushi: But!! What do you mean!! Jay!!


Arnav: Khushi!! Please meet Jai Kashyap!!


**************** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ***********    








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