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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 11. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 11 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 11.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 11.


Arnav: Khushi!! Please meet Jai Kashyap!!


Khushi: JAI KASHYAP!!  You mean he is Lavanya’s… 


Arnav: BROTHER!! Yes, Khushi!! Actually Jai is Lavanya's brother; their mum and dad are divorced. His dad was my father's best friend and in Lucknow they were our neighbors, before their parents divorce, we grew up together but after the divorce their Mum, Nandini went to settle in London with Lavanya and their Dad, Karan went to settle in USA, but Jai refuse to go and was living with us, until a little before Di’s first wedding.


Di and Jai grew up together; they were in the same class and were very close to each other, always share everything and never have secrets between them, they were Best Friend. Actually, Jai was always in love with Di but he never told her, as he was scared if she does not feel the same then he would lose his Best Friend forever. Maybe, Di also loved him but never said, because of the same reason. After there graduation, Jai was planning to move to USA to continue his studies in Harvard University and he wanted to be someone first before proposing to Di.


After he left, Dadi had arranged Di marriage with her friend son and Dad also agreed as he always obey whatever Dadi said and Di like a good daughter also agreed. However, MUM AND DAD committed suicide, Di marriage was broken, Dadi went to leave in Ashram, Chacha kick us out of our house and Nani brought us to leave with her. After my graduation I told Jai everything, he wanted to come to marry Di but by then Di had fallen for Shyam and got married to him so Jai never contact Di.


Jai and me were always in contact, in fact after Jai got to know what happen came, he got me, admission in Harvard University and Mami sold her Jewels in order to sent to USA for my Higher Studies. There, I was living with him.


Jai was always my inspiration, my role model, my big brother, my best friend and later my business partner, hence following his footstep I also did Fashion Designing and MBA. Khushi!! Many does not know this, except Aman, Akash and Lavanya, not even Di, that AR Fashion is the sister of JARK Fashion which were founded by Jai and me, during our UNI years, many people think that JARK FASHION AND AR FASHION are business rival, well they are in fact one organisation, JARK Fashion is more European Style based while AR Fashion is more Indian Style based.


And, one more thing Khushi, Lavanya was my best friend sister, she was three years younger than me, we grew up together that why I always respected her, didn't scream at her that much. She knew everything about Di and me, but Nani, Mami and Mama did not know her that she was our childhood friend expect Di, Akash and Aman. Lavanya was always Mama’s girl, love to dress up and playing with make-up and dolls, while I always loves reading, gardening and enjoy my own company.


Lavanya was seven, when Nandini Aunty and Lavanya went to settle in London, she became a fashion designer and did some Modelling work; she was also training other model. After I establish AR Fashion in India, Lavanya requested me if she could work in AR Fashion with me as my Organiser and Marketing Manager, knowing Lavanya and her experience I willing offer her the position.


Lavanya always had a crush on me, so she was always doing everything to please as far as possible. Knowing everything about me, especially my anger, she had a upper-hand in controlling situations where other fails except Aman and Akash. As she was the only girl that could approach me, everyone treated her like my girlfriend, and she was happy of that fact. But, that never affected me. On the contrary, it help me in keeping other girls away from me. 


On the hand, in your case, it's a different story all together, Khushi!! You affect me in so many ways that no one as has ever been able to, it's like Gravity, no longer holds me to the Earth, suddenly my whole centre is shifted to you, changing all my coordinates and forces. Khushi, you are my PERSONAL DRUG BRANDED FOR ME!!! Everything about you strikes something in me. However, if Lavanya didn't broke up with me, maybe, I'll have marry her, simply because I respect her.


Arnav (taking a deep breath, continues): Yeah!! Jai!! Khushi!! It is important for you both to know this, that I was not the one who broke up with Lavanya, but in fact she was the one who broke up with me. Actually, I think it was the time when you (looking at Khushi) came to know that Shyam was married to Di, and you were crying, when I saw you crying that day, I was so upset, broken inside; I never can see you crying, it break me inside and I want to do everything in my power to make you happy.


Therefore, I came looking for you but didn’t find you, so I went to my room was thinking looking at the pool, when I heard a noise, thinking that it was you, as most of time you are the only who one turn up into my room from time to time, I just started talking: telling how Sorry! I am for hurting you all the time, how I really feel about you, how bad I feel when you cry and in the mist of all these emotions, I didn’t even realize that I was telling all this to Lavanya as you was the only one in my mind.


On the other hand, Lavanya, was so touch by my expression of love and apology, until I said your name instead of hers that’s when she finally realised that I never loved her because I have always love you. At that time, I did not even realise that I love you. But, Lavanya knew!!! She even tries to give me some hints but as always I didn’t understand.


Khushi: Oh My God!!  Arnav!! I’m sure Lavanya must have been hurt!!


Arnav: Yeah!! Khushi!! I’m sure she must have been hurt!! In the short run, it must have hurt her, but on the long run it’s good that we broke up as I would never have been able to neither give her the love that she deserve nor share my true feeling to her ever…


Everything happens for a reason, you may not understand the reason at the time, but eventually you will understand the reason behind the journey of your hardship and trouble, given the time. Time Is A Great Healer!! 


Sometimes, in our journey of LIFE, we end up taking the wrong decision, we get distracted from the main road, taking Detour we change the course of our live, But you know what eventually DETOURS END UP IN THE MAIN ROAD!! It might take you longer to get to your DESTINATION!! But, at the end day, given the TIME, PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE, you will REACH your destination, objective and LAKSHYA. Press On!! Keep On Going


Jai: Oh No!! Arnav!! Bhabhi!! What have you done to My Arnav!! You made the Great ASR A PHILOSOPHER!! Unbelievable!!


Khushi: Offo!! Jai!! Arnav is right!! Really!! You are such a Drama Queen!!  By the way, have you heard from La, how is she?


Jai: Bhabhi, she is fine in fact she was working on a project in Sydney last time I talk to her, but she never mention about marrying Arnav.


Khushi: Jai!! Please!! Don't call me Bhabhi. Khushi, is fine. And you going to stay with us, in our outhouse, no need to stay in hotel and that's final.


Jai: But, Bhabhi!! Sorry, I mean Khushi!! I have already booked hotel for me.


Khushi: No buts!! Jai!! The booking can be cancelled. You staying with us at least until our wedding!! And that's final!!


Jai : Okay, Khushi Bhabhi!! Oopps!! Sorry!! Mrs ASR!!!


Arnav: One more thing, Jai!! Shaym is now in jail for life, because he was a womaniser, fraud, thief, killer and he was also stalking Khushi. He actually killed his own child by making Di have a miscarriage.


Jai (worried): What!! He killed his Own Child!! How is Anjali, ARNAV!!!


Arnav: Thank God!! Di is more settled in her life now; she is working in the design section as doing her apprenticeship while doing her studies online and she will be working with you on this project. And, she doesn't know that you are returning today.


Jai: OKAY!! Good thing that she trying to fulfill her dreams now. AFTER ALL IT’S BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!! But, why do you want her to work with me, am sure you have other Fashion Designers working on this project!!


Arnav: Offo!! MY DEAR JAI!! You are thinking too much!! Do you have a problem working with DI!! Yeah, I do have other Fashion Designer working on this project but you are the best of all with more experience and Di need to learn from the best!! Don’t you think so??? Afterall, I did my apprenticeship with you and who can train Di better than my own Mentor!!


Jai: Arnav!! Arnav!! My Little Arnav!! Do you think, I don’t know what you are trying to do!! I always knew that were good at arguments and debates, but never in my life I would have guess that you are also good at Matchmaking!! 


Khushi: Okay!! You two time-out!! I want to finish my story.


Jai: Oh!! Yes!! Khushi!! Please continue with you story!!! I’m all ears!! 


*************** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *************    







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Apr 3

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 12. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 11 times)


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 12.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ   STÖRY PART 12.


Jai: Oh!! Yes!! Khushi!! Please continue with you story!!! I’m all Ears, Now!! 


Khushi (continues): Okay!! So, eventually, I broke my engagement with Shyam. After our relationship was broken, Arnav and I came to know that Payal and Akash love each other, and their wedding was finally fixed. During that time, Arnav and I were acting civil with each other and we had both realized that we are in Love but did not proposed to each other. Seeing our closeness, on Akash and Payal’s wedding day, Shyam cornered me, and unfortunately that very same day Arnav wanted to proposed me but seeing Shyam hugging me and after hearing part of the conversation, Arnav was shocked and broken-hearted, eventually misunderstanding the whole situation, came to the conclusion that belonging from a Middleclass Family, I’m only after money and was destroy his Di's happy married life and playing with his emotion. Di was also pregnant at that time.


So Arnav, decided to contract marry me for six months on Akash wedding day, blackmailing me to stop Payal's wedding again if I don't marry him. And, I was forced to contract marry him, because I didn't wanted to be the reason for breaking Payal’s wedding again. But, I think I always wanted to be married to him, didn't matter, it means staying in hell with him for six months.


Jai: Oh!! No!! Arnav!!  How could you forced her, to contract marry you and that to for six months. What were you thinking!!


But, knowing you well, I think you really love her, didn't you!! Else, You wouldn't have taken such a reckless decision and if I’m not wrong you didn’t want to lose her, actually, if I really know you, I don’t think it was a contact marriage in the first place and even if it was it would not be for six months and my sixth sense is telling that Arnav must had put a little clause somewhere where even divorce would be near to impossible, isn't it!! Arnav!! 


Because, if it was someone else, in Khushi situation, you would have taken a different approach, making sure that she will never be able to come between your sister and Shaym, you would have sent far from India, making sure that she would not have been able to return back to India without your knowledge. Never the other way round as in Khushi’s case, whereby you made her come even closer to your sister and Shyam, forcing her to live under the same roof as them. Ironic, is it!!


As a matter of fact, you trusted Khushi more than anyone even yourself, because I’m sure after your contact with her, you never forced to do anything, never supervised her every action, never exercise your right on her, in fact you must have given her full freedom everything she wants. You believed her when she told that she didn't have any relationship with Shyam but you didn't want her to be far from you. You could bear the fact that she doesn't love you, but could not stay far from her. You love her more than anything, even more than your sister, isn't it.


Arnav: Actually, Jai!! You are absolutely right!! You are my True Friend!!You are the best, brother!! Thank you, for understanding me!!


Khushi: Oh my God, it never crossed my mind, that you could love me that much, Arnav!! I never thought like that, your behavior and mood swings always confused me. I knew you had feelings and care for me, but never in my widest dream thought that you love to this extend. I’m sorry, Baby!! I could not understand you!!


Arnav: Oh!! Khushi!! Don’t worry, it’s all in the past, it’s a new beginning now. Khushi!! I love you more than myself; I can't describe, how much I love you, how much you mean for me; I can't live without you. Without you; it's like I am not breathing. I can't see tears in your eyes.


Khushi: I love you too, Arnav. I can't live without you too.


Jai: Oh!! Ho!! Love Birds!!! We don’t have forever; please continue with the story… 


Khushi: Okay Jai!! So, during the first few weeks, we were fighting with each other, until Shyam Kidnapped Arnav and was about to kill him. He even tried to transfer everything in his name. Luckily, I was able to save him and had also change the Will conditions on time. This was how Arnav came to know the truth about Shyam, and he threw him out of the house but Di was contacting him in secret, as she did not believe us.


Then Shaym make Di have a miscarriage, by making her fall from the stairs, in order to gain entry in Santivan again. But, his truth was finally reveals to everyone with my brother's help. He in jail for life now and closely monitored.


Everyone came to know that we were only contract married for six months, so now we're going to marry in a month time. Arnav, only came to know about my true identity a week ago and that was when I finally been able to meet my family after two years.


Jai: Woah!!  Your life had been a Roller coaster, you been through so much!! Khushi!! You love Arnav very much too, don't you?? It’s good that you are finally getting married; you are made for each other and belong together. I’m happy for both of you!!


So, Arnav!! What’s the plan now!! Are you opening a new branch in Chandigarh??


Arnav: Yeah!! Jai!! Actually, since thanks to me, Khushi had been away from her family for so long, I’ve decided to move and settle in Chandigarh. I’m ready to start my family with her now as she need my time too; we’ve been through a lot already and it’s high time, that I change my priorities. After all, the Delhi branch is doing great, I think Akash should take his stand now, taking his own business decision and grow hence I will like him be based there.


Everything is now in-place here, ready for us to start on Monday. We're going to start from tomorrow, but you can start from Tuesday, if you want. We are going to recruit new staff from tomorrow; you, Di and Khushi's Bua, are going to be responsible for the designing department. We are also going to recruit some new models.


I will give you more information tomorrow, but I want everything to settle before our wedding, as I'm going to take about two months off and you will be in charge until my return or if you want you can stay here, I don't mind, actually I'll be happy.


Jai: Arnav!! I have to admit that you have changed a lot, you know. You became a better person. You more like my old Arnav, whom I thought died with Mum and Dad. It’s good to have my old Arnav back!! I'm happy for you, Bro.


Arnav: Yeah!! Bhai!! Thanks to Khushi, I'm now a better person; I'm change, Jai!! I know the meaning of happiness and love.


They finally reached the Vadhera's Estate. As it was already passed 02:00 am, Arnav and Khushi showed Jai to his room and went to bed.


******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *********    







Apr 5

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 13. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 10 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ   STÖRY PART 13.


Hi Guys!!! I'm back with more updates!! Hope you like it, continuing with Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 13.


They finally reached the Vadhera's Estate. As it was already passed 02:00 am, Arnav and Khushi showed Jai to his room and went to bed.


The next morning Jai finally came to the dining room at 08:00, Anjali was shocked to see him after so long and didn't know what to say, while the rest of the family was very happy to meet him.


Anjali (thinking to herself): Why does he have to show up on the wrong time? Why is he here now, when my life is finally getting on track? Why do I always feel different when he is around? Why is he looking at me like that?? And why is he smiling so much??


Seeing Anjali and Jai, looking at which other from time to time, Khushi and Arnav was smiling at each other, as if saying, Kuch To Hai!!!n


After breakfast, they had a small meeting in order to decide what they are going to do.


Arnav: Dadu!! Mama!! My PA, Aman will be waiting for you at 11:30 to start the interview session, he will have everything ready for you.


Virat!! NK!! Your training will start from today and next Tuesday, you will have to select some of the models that we're going to recruit. Don't worry!! Aman will be there to help you with anything. You will have one week of training, stating from today. If you want more training you are welcome, Aman will arrange it for you.


Di!! Swamni Bua!! Jai!! You are going to work together, you can start working on the design. Swamni Bua, it's up to you when you want to help in; and the wedding planner tomorrow, if you want you can look after them, Di and Jai, will manage.


Swamni Bua: Yeah!! Arnav!! I will prefer to look after the wedding planners. Thank you.


Arnav: Thank you!! Bua!!


Khushi!! Viren!! You are going to to help me with the legal things, we're meeting with the legal team at 11:30.


Khushi: Arnav!! Please until our wedding, I don't want anyone to know that I'm your wife nor Vadhera. As I said earlier, I will prefer to be know as Khushi Kumari Gupta for now.


Arnav: Ok Khushi!! Aman!! Is already aware!! Happy!! Now!! 


Khushi: Yeah!! Very!! Thank you!! 


Arnav: Anything for you, Khushi!! Di and Jai, you will have to join us for the meeting at 11:30 in the boardroom.


Jai: Anjali, we're going to leave soon, my driver is going to drive us to the office, as we need to find some new designs before the meeting.


Anjali: Ok Jai!! Give me sometime; I’ll join you shortly.


Everyone went to their room to get ready. While, Anjali was in her room trying to control her emotions, after waiting for a while, Jai, knock Anjali’s door; which she hesitantly open knowing well who is knocking.


Jai (smirking): Hey!! Anji!! How are you, my cutie pie!!! 


Anjali (angry): Oh!! So now, I’m your cutie pie!!! Where have you been all these years?? No Letters!! No Phone Call!! No Visits!! Nothing!! Oh!! Now!! I get it!! You were in contact with Chote, weren’t you!! Jai!!


Jai (sadly): I’m sorry, Anji!! Actually, when I went to USA, Dad had a heart attack and he did not told any of us!! You know he is, always I can do everything attitude. His business was actually suffering significant financial loss and he could to handle the pressure. So, I had to look after Dad, take care of his business and study at the same time. Some months later, Arnav contacted me and told me, you are getting married someone Dadi choose for you and everyone is very happy. Dadi never like me, Dad will never disobey her and you agree to get married, so where I’m in the picture!! Tell me, Anji!! I always had feelings for you, Anji!! But, You agree to marry someone else, so I thought, you’ve only see me like your best friend and decide not to contact you and disturb your married life.


Some years later, after finishing his graduation, Arnav contacted me and informed everything that happened in the past years; I was so heart broken after hearing that Mum and Dad, are no more!! I wanted to come in the very next fly to see you all, as I could never see tears in your eye. But, Arnav told me that you are happily married to lawyer named Shyam Manohar Jha, thus I choose not to contact you. And organized everything for Arnav to study at Narvard University.  Arnav was staying with and we started our business together; we are still business partners.


Anjali (with mixed emotions): Why?? Why?? Jai!! You never told me ho you felt about me. When I didn’t heard from you, I thought you forgot me, you move on, Dadi and Dad, were happy with the proposal so I agree. Then, Mum and Dad passed away, we moved in with Nani, I met Shyam, he was kind, sweet-spoken and caring so I decided to marry him as you were out of picture. But, he was a snake in disguise. I have lost everything!! Jai!! Mum!! Dad!! My Baby!! You!! (crying and hugging Jai)


Why are you here, now?? Jai!! You are the missing puzzle, which could make me complete, the one that I thought I lost forever; without whom I got used to live over the years. However, I will be lying if I say I didn’t miss you. Unlike you, with there was always hollowness, something missing and he was always unavailable so I start devoting myself in prayer and fasting. Over the year, your old Anji, is lost in transition.


Jai: Anji!! Please stop crying!! You know how I much I hate these tears in these lovely eyes, always has!!


Anjali: Yeah!! Yeah!! I know how much you hate my tears!! That’s why you have such a great contribution for most of my tears over the years!! Ironic, isn’t it!! Why did leave me, Jai!! I have no words to say how much I miss you, I have always trying to see some glimpse of you in Shyam, so just tend to believe his sweet-coated words. Sometimes, feeling guilty for missing you, I just try to devote myself more to him and blindly believe everything he said.


Jai: Trust me, Anji!! There has never been a days during the pass few years that I have not regret for leaving India to pursuit my Higher Studies!!


You know what, Anji there are a lot of, “IF ONLY!!” and ”WHAT IF!!” statements that we could make but at the end of the day, we won’t be able to change the past, no one can!! We can only wish, but it will never happen, so why don’t we forget the past, work on our present to built our future!!


I’m sorry!! Anji!! Can we please start afresh!!


Anjali: Sorry!! Jai!! It’s too late now!! I don’t deserve you anymore; I’ve been used and broken!! Look at you!! You can have any girl!! Please, move on, Jai!!


Jai: Anji!! I have only love and will always love you only; no one could ever take that place!! I will remain single my whole but I’ll never give your place to anyone!! And, Anji!! How dare you say that you been used and broken!! Look at you from my eyes then you will understand how beautiful you are!! How pure you are!!


Anjali (crying): Why are you so stubborn, Jai!! Why are you making it difficult!!


Jai (walking closer to Anjali): Anji!! Look at me!! Tell me you don’t love!! (holding her hand) Tell me I have no effect on you!! (moving even closer to her) Tell me!! Now!!


Anjali (trying to move back): Jai!! I… I… I don’t…


Jai: Yeah!! Anji!! What happen!! Now!!


Anjali: Jai!! I love you!! I always have!!


Jai (hugging her): I love you too, my sweet Anji!! So, do you want me to meet Nani and talk to her, about our relationship, if you want we can get married together with Arnav and Khushi. I’m sure, your chote won’t mind!! What say, sweetheart!! 


Anji (shyly): Hmm!! May be, we should to Nani and Chote!! And let them decide.


Jai (hugging her again): Oh!! Ho!! So, my cutie pie, is ready to become Mrs Jai Kashyap!!


Anji (nodding her neck): Hmm!! I’m ready to be Mrs Jai Kashyap!!


Jai: Great! So let’s talk Nani! Then we have to leave for the office else we’ll be later…


After telling Nani this great news by the time Anjali and Jai leave, everyone had already left.


******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  








Apr 7

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 14. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 13 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 14.

Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 14.


After telling Nani this great news by the time Anjali and Jai leave, everyone had already left by then.


Khushi, was dress as she used to dress as Khushi Kumari Gupta wearing a green Anarkali, she was also wearing a geeky glass, which makes her look a little bit older. 


Arriving at the office, Arnav ask Aman how is everything going.


Aman: Sir, everything is going according to plan. Mr Vadhera and Mr Raizada are actually interviewing some candidates at moment, Virat and NK, have already started with their training, Anjali and Jai are going for some new designs before the meeting. And Viren, is waiting for you in the boardroom.


Arnav: Great!! Aman!! We are heading to the boardroom then, please be present at the meeting at 11:30, and please remind Jai and Anjali, along with the two new legal staff about the same. One more thing Aman, Khushi doesn't want anyone to know that I'm her husband until our official marriage.


[in the Boardroom] Viren: Princess,  what's wrong with you, why are dress like this today.


Khushi: Bhai!! It’s because I don't want anyone to know that I'm Arnav's wife!! At same time, I also what does the other girls think about my husband, and what’s better way to find out than being the Chashmish PA of the most eligible bachelor!! 


Viren: Sometimes, I don't understand what you are up to, princess!! Ok!! Anyway!! Let's the chase starts, Arnav!! We have two legal staff joining us today, they will be working under Khushi. And, they will have to report to you or me, Princess.


Tia Sharma, had been working for me for two years now and was in charge of AR Fashion legal work and so was Natasha Arora, but Natasha was transferred to AR Fashion legal some months ago, thus both are familiar with AR legal work. They are both trained Corporate Lawyer Assistant, and they're experience in AR legal work as well.


All the big legal work have been sorted, we have already been approved to start operation, so Tia will be looking after the new Clients and Natasha will be responsible for the new Supplier, which means they will have to do their contact and agreements papers, but they will have to seek either mine or Khushi’s approval before proceeding and they also have to record all their details and do the filling, hence they will have to work along with the sales team, HR team and the Designer team.


Khushi: But, Bhai! I will be joining the research team of Cardiologist of Chandigarh Hospital, after marriage, as they want me to work with them.


Viren: That's okay, Princess. They will have to report to directly to me in that case. Chachu, is also coming back this Thursday and he also want to join us. Oh My God!! It was actually a surprise for you, now he is going to kill me!! I’m so hopeless with these surprise things at times!! Now, I’m definitely dead meat!!


Khushi: Woah! So Chachu is coming. Great! Don't worry, Bhai. I won't let him that you already told me.


After Sometimes, The Others Join Them:


Arnav: Hi Everyone, I'm Arnav Singh Raizada, welcome aboard in the new Chandigarh AR Fashion, let me introduce everyone, Mr Viren Vadhera, our Contract Lawyer, Mr Jai and Miss Anjali, our Designers in Chief, Mrs Khushi, my Personal Assistant in Chief and you will be working under her. You will need her approval before proceeding with any deals. In case she is not available, you will need to report to Mr Viren. Am I clear? And this is Mr Aman Mittal, as you know, he is my right hand man.


Tia and Natasha (together): Yes, ASR.


Arnav: Do you have any questions?


Natasha: Yeah!! ASR!! I was just wondering why do we need to report to your PA, doesn't she even know what is Corporate Law.


Arnav (angrily): Miss Natasha!!  Are you doubting my decision? Don't you think I know what I'm doing; your job is to follow orders, not to question them. And where Khushi is concerned, I don't want to hear any comments. For you kind information, she is much more qualified than you are when it comes to law in fact she is going to train you, if you need training.


Arnav told Viren to continue and left the boardroom, as he could not control his anger any more. Khushi, followed him to his office.


Khushi: Arnav, It's okay, Baby. You don't need to be so angry; she was just wondering why she needed to report to your PA.


Arnav: But Khushi, the thing is that I can't hear any bad thing being spoken about you, I just can't. It makes me very angry, if someone talks anything bad about you. I love you way too much, sweetheart.


Khushi: I know that, but you have to control yourself, because there are things that are not in our control, Arnav. You wouldn't be able to control everything, baby. I love you Arnav. Please, cool down.


Arnav: Ok, Khushi. But, I need some sweets to cool down, he said in his ****y husky voice, moving closer towards Khushi. 


Khushi: Arnav, we need to return to the meeting remember, I promise to give you your sweets tonight. Anyway, you have been having sweets every night.


Arnav: Yeah, but I need more with interest. Please.


Khushi: With interest, Huh!!! Mmm… Let me, think!! Hmm!! Ok, Baba!!! Now let's go, please!!


Arnav: Really, woah!!! How come you agreed so easily? Impressive!


When they enter the boardroom together, Viren was still talking to Tia and Natasha, about their work conditions. After the meeting, Arnav, Aman, Viren and Khushi, went to help Dadaji and Mamaji, with the interviews, by the end of the day, they finally finalised some good candidates that will be joining AR the very next day.


After a long day, everyone was tired!! They had dinner and was discussing about the day, when Nani said she has make and announcement. Nani inform everyone about Jai and Anjali, decision of marriage.


Khushi (excited): Oh My God!! Di!! Jai!! Is that true!!


Arnav (shock was understatement, he just couldn’t believe his ear):  Di!! Jai!! Are you sure!! That was quick!!


Khushi: Laad Governor!!  To think everyone has a big fat ego like you!!


Arnav: Oh!! HO!! Look who is talking!! The one with the biggest Ego!!


Khushi: Mind you!! Arnav!! I don’t have any ego…


Arnav: Khu…..Khu..shi!!


Nani: Chote!!


Varshika: Khushi!!


NK: Oh NO!! Not Again!! Iss War Ko Kya Naam Doon!! Nanav!! Khushiji!! Time-out!! Okay!! “Lambi Saas Andar Lo Aur Lambi Saa Bahar Feko,” you know Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahoo Thi!! Anyways!! How will you two know!! Only war all the time!!


Khushi and Arnav, were just shock, confuse not knowing how to react at NK outburst!! While, others could control themselves with laughter!! 


Virat: Woah!! NK!! Supurb Man!! Iss War Ko Kay Naam Doon!! Saas Kabhi Bahoo Thi!! Woah!! Impressive!! Ginus!! 


Madvi: NK, actually it’s not Saas, as in Saas Kabhi Bahoo Thi, but it Saans as in Jab Tak Hai Jaan Song: Saans Me Teri!!


Viren: Yeah!! Nk!! Saas is mother-in-law and Saans is Breath!!


Jeevika: So NK, it’s Lambi Saans Andar Lo Aur Lambi Saans Bahar Feko!!


Jai: Arnav!! Khushi!! Won’t you congratulate us!! Now, that you breathing sessions is finished!!


Khushi (hugging Anjali): OMG!! Di!! I’m so Exited!! Jai!! I can know call you, Jiju!! I'm so happy for you, both!!


Arnav (hugging Khushi and Anjali): Yes!! I’m very happy you both!! You deserve each other!! (Then, hugging Jai), so I can call you, Jiju now too!! Woah!! I can’t believe this!! Have you inform uncle and aunty yet!!


Jai: Not yet!! But, I’m going to call them now…


Nani: Yeah!! Jai Beta call them, I’ll like to talk to them too…


After an existing night, everyone went to retire in their respective bedrooms. However, as promised, Arnav and Khushi got cosy overnight, they made love to each other over and over till the early hours of the morning.


******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  






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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 15. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 16 times)



Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 15.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 15.


After an exciting night, everyone went to retire in their respective bedrooms. However, as promised, Arnav and Khushi got cosy overnight, they made love to each other over and over till the early hours of the morning.


The next morning, in the office, Natasha cornered Khushi during lunch in the canteen, not knowing that Arnav was also around along with the other staff members including Virat, Viren, Anjali, Jai and Nk.


Natasha (Attitude): So, Mrs. Whatever, Mrs. Arnav's PA, I don't understand, why he is giving you so much attention!! Just look at you!! My Gosh!! Your clothes and dressing sense give me a migraine!! And Please!! Bear this in your mind that you are already married and that ASR will never be yours as you aren't not to his standard. Ooofff!!! Your dressing style, OMG!!!


Khushi: Miss Natasha!!! For your kind information, I come here to work as a PA, not to dress up for the ramp walk while there are Models appointed to do that, so, please my dressing style is the least of your concern. And let me remind, if you don't have a good memory that I’m your superior so it will be in your best interest if you could please behave yourself instead of being a bully, as there are lots of laws and regulations established by both AR Fashion and Workers Rights, if you are ignorant about them. And please remember that my personal life is none my business.


Natasha: Whatever Missy!!! You!!! My superior!! And Working Rights!! My foot!! Just remember, ASR is mine, I was not able to approach him before because of that Lavanya, but now as she is gone, no one can come between ASR and me.


Khushi: Don't you dare, whatever me, Missy!! You have no idea what I can do to you, so please don't mess up with me, else you will be sorry. And, where Arnav is concerned, he is already married so please mind your gap.


Natasha: Arnav!! Woah!! How dare you call him, Arnav!! No one call ASR that, except his family members. And for your kind information, who told you that ASR is married. HA!! HA!! HA!! That’s the biggest joke of the year!! Time to wake up, Missy!! Wakey!! Wakey!! Miss PA, it’s high to come out of your dreamworld, welcome back to the world, ASR is still one of the most eligible bachelor in India, if you are not aware, please read some newspaper.


Khushi: Enough is enough!!! Miss Natasha, why do need newspaper when you can see the person himself, haven't you seen his ring finger, which clearly shows that he is married. You need to wake up from your dreamworld!!


Now, Khushi is really upset and cannot take it anymore, while Arnav is enjoying every moment of this fight, seeing his feisty wife in action, along with the others: Jai, NK, Viren, Virat, Anjali and Aman were laughing, as they are very much aware, what’s going to happen; they are actually waiting for the volcano to erupts. While the other staff was confused and shocked, looking at the sight before them. ASR is actually smiling, no… no… The Great ASR is in fact laughing, looking at the fight going between Natasha and Khushi, instead of being angry.


Natasha: Woah!! You seem to know a lot about ASR, I feel sorry for your husband. Who knows what you have been doing with ASR.


Khushi anger was now reaching the rooftop.


While, in the background:


Virat (laughting): Miss Natasha!! Sorry, to say, but you are so gone!! 


Viren (joining in): I have to agree, with you, Virat, she will be burn soon if she continues!!


Jai (worried): I’m with you, guys!! This Missy’s ship is sinking deep at great speed!! Mr ASR is bad news enough, but Mrs ASR is even worst and where her lovely Arnav is concern she turn into a vicious Ostrich running after whoever is trying to harm her egg.


Arnav (laughing uncontrollably): Jai!! Are you serious!!! Did you just compare my Lioness wife to an Ostrich!! Do you want to join Miss Natasha’s Club too!!! And, did you just call me an Ostrich Egg!! Seriously!! By which angle do I look like an egg, to you!! Ostrich Egg!! LOL!! 


Jai: Luckily, your lioness did not hear me, now don’t you turn into lion!! Okay!!


Anjali: Stop it, all of you!! Chottey!! Go Nah and control, Khushiji!!


Arnav: Are you for REAL!!! Di!! Do you want me to join the Natasha’s Club!! Just look at she in action, isn’t she amazing!! Chill!! Di!! Just enjoy!! I wish we had some popcorn!!


NK: Seriously, Nanav!! Popcorn!! 


Aman: Do you want me to organize some popcorn for all of us!! ASR!!


Arnav: Shut up, Aman!! Do you want to get both of us, killed!!


Anjali: Shhh!! Everyone!!


Khushi: Look Missy!! Now!! You have crossed your limit, I did warn you, didn't I?? I had warn you tme after time that my personal life, isn't your business, but you didn't listen!!  Arnav!! Can you please come now!!


Knowing that Khushi is very angry, Arnav came forward immediately.


Arnav: Yes, Khushi!! Why is so many noise, here?? Everything okay!! Is there any problem!!


Khushi: Arnav!!  You know that I'm already extremely angry, so please don't make me angrier because I know that you’ve listening everything, from the beginning, so stop acting!! Please, show her your both hands, she want evidence of your marriage.


Hearing Khushi talking to the great ASR like this, in such a tone, everyone was surprised!! And they were shocked to see ASR following her orders silently without any comments. Surprised and Shocked!!! Was just an understatement their faces expressive were sight not to miss!!


Showing his ring fingers to Natasha, Arnav asked Natasha, is it enough evidence for you to know that I'm married.


Natasha: But ASR, anyone can wear any rings, but that don’t mean that they are married.


Arnav: Woah! I have to admit, you have much more guts than I thought, Miss Natasha!! Well!! I’m personally admitting that happily married before all of you…


Virat and Viren together: Yeah!! We admit too that Arnav is married to our sister. Natasha, we feel sorry for you. Just an advice, you better stay quite from now on, else the volcano will erupts any minute.


Khushi: Enough you two!! So Miss Natasha, what kind of evidence do you want!! Let's see!! How about, I personally informed you that I am Dr. Khushi Vadhera Arnav Singh Raizada, I'm Arnav's wife and we been married for nearly one year now. Let's get some witnesses, now shall we!!


   So, Arnav who am I?

Arnav: Khushi, is my legally wedded wife. It isn't news, because we didn't want it to be. But, I think it's time for everyone, to know that we are married. That's why we want to marry publicly again, to make it official as I don’t want to be address as the most eligible bachelor anymore!!


   How about my two brothers, Viren and Virat, Vadhera.

Virat and Viren: Yeah, our Sister, Khushi is married happily to Arnav.


   How about Arnav's Sister, Anjali Singh Raizada.

Anjali: Yeah, Khushi is married to my Brother Arnav.


   How about Arnav's Cousin, NK.

Nk: Yeah, Khushi is married to my brother, Arnav.


   Eventually, how about Arnav's best friend, Jai and Aman.

Jai and Aman (together): Yeah, Khushi is married to our best friend, Arnav.


So, Miss Natasha Arora, is these enough evidence for you, or you need more. Oh!! Yeah!! Let's see!! You like reading newspaper right, don't you. Don't worry!! By tomorrow, our official marriage will make the news front page and all social media, be it TV, Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others and the credit goes to you especially. Missy!!


Miss Natasha, you are going to be transferred back to the Delhi branch. Sorry, I won't be able to work with you, I did warn you not once but many times. And, one more thing, Missy, Arnav is only mine and will always be mine. And, where my dressing style is concerned, I believe that dressing style is deceiving, but look at the person heart.


Arnav!! Bhai!! She is all yours!!!


Saying this, Khushi went to the Model Changing, to change into a formal three piece, wearing a black pencil skirt, a lovely blue vest with a black suit jacket. She also changed her shoes into high heels.


On seeing her, everyone was surprised. Arnav’s mouth was opened, even Natasha was shocked to see her transformation, Khushi was looking really beautiful. Khushi, walked straight towards Arnav, taking his hands in hers and asked, so what’s the verdict??


Viren: Princess, we think that we’ll transfer Natasha, back to Delhi AR where she will continue working from tomorrow. And Simi Sen, is going to join us from tomorrow; she has been working with Tia and has experience in corporate law.


Khushi: That's great, Bhai!! Thank you!! I’m sorry Natasha!! I like your work, you are a good worker but I know you won't be able to see me with my husband together.


Actually, I'm a qualified Lawyer, and my specialty is both Corporate and Criminal Law. That's why both Bhai and Arnav, wanted me to be your mentor.


I'm not a worker in AR, I'm just here to help you all, wherever help is needed and my husband, also wanted me to stay with him.


I was acting as Arnav Secretary, just because I don't like when people give me too much attention. Now, that you all know that I'm his wife and also Vadhera, I don't want any special attention, I want you to call me Khushi, please. Sorry for taking your time, please enjoy your meals. You have an extra 20 minutes break just for today. 


Arnav, come with me please we have an important meeting to attend. Bhai, if you need him, please call on my phone, because his phone will be off from now, (personally switching his mobile off in front of everyone). See you at home, guys!!!


Arnav: But, Khushi!!


Khushi: No buts, Arnav!! Now, stop Khushing me and let’s get going else, we’ll be late. I have transferred all your call to Aman and every members of our family know my number. Di, please call me if you want to talk him.


Di (smiling): Ok, Khushiji. 


Khushi: Arnav, let's go now.


Arnav (in the car): Khushi, where are you taking me!! Baby!!


Khushi: Arnav, It's a surprise. You must be in cloud nine (extremely happy), now that everyone knows my true identity.


Arnav: I'm very happy, because I can hold your hand anytime I what, even stole you whenever I want… And….


Khushi: So now you are going to make me happy, because we have a press conference in 20 minutes.


Arnav: What Press Conference? You mean Press Conference, with how many channels.


Khushi: With all of them, Baby!! Is it a problem? I want everyone to know that you are mine and only mine!!


Arnav: Woah!!! My wife is becoming so possessive.


Khushi: So Arnav, are you saying that you are not possessive!!


Arnav: Actually, when it’s come to you, I have to admit that I get very possessive too. In fact, I was enjoying you little discussion with Natasha!!


Khushi: I know that you were all having fun there in the background while I was ready to explode. But, jokes apart Arnav, I don't know, how to explain this, but I'm feeling very possessive, I'm having this strange feeling like a fear of loosing you, as if I'm going away from you. I don't know Arnav, why? I’m having this feeling. But, I can't live without you, anymore. Arnav!! Love you. Now, let's go, we need to attend the press conference.


******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  







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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 16. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 10 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 16.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 16.


Press Conference:


Reporter: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!! We are here with some existing news about our most eligible bachelor, the king of fashion, Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR.  I’m sorry to say that I’m going to break many hearts by announcing that Arnav Singh Raizada, is officially taken and happily married to his gorgeous wife Mrs Khushi Vadhera Arnav Singh Raizada, who are in conversation with us right now:


Hello Mr and Mrs ASR!! It’s an honor to have you both in our studio today!!


Arnav: Hello Everyone!! Thank you, for having us.


Khushi: Hello Everyone!!! Actually, the pleasure is all ours!!! Thanks, for receiving us as your guest today!!


Reporter: So, what’s the story behind your married being a hidden affair?


Arnav: My wife was not that keen to be the center of attraction. In fact she is not into the celebrity thing neither am I!!! We wanted to stay low-key as we did not see the point to be public as we like our privacy. However, unlike Khushi, her Family is very popular in Media, while my family is quite traditional and like their privacy.


Reporter: So, Miss Khushi, you are Vadhera, how come we never met you? 


Khushi: That’s because, like Arnav just said unlike my family members I prefer my privacy. And, yeah!! Viren Vadhera is my elder brother while Virat Vadhera is my younger brother!! And I did most of my schooling in Sydney and higher studies in Oxford University.


Reporter: So, are you a Lawyer? Oh no!! Your are in fact the model that fall into ASR arms two years back, isn’t it!! 


Khushi: Yes. I’m a qualified lawyer and I specialsied both Criminal and Corporate Law. However, I’m also a Cardiologist, a Housewife and a Businesswoman running a Catering Business. And Yeah!! I’m the same girl that had fallen into his arm in the Lucknow Fashion Show, but I am not a Model, actually that day I had gone to Sheesh Mahal for another work but they though I was a model and send me to the ramp, taken by surprise I was about to fall, just to be caught by my prince charming!! It was our first meeting!!


Reporter: Whoa! How did you manage so many roles and studies!! No wonder why you like your privacy. And you must be busy!! 


Khushi: Being on a fast-track educational program I had finished my study early as a qualified lawyer and did some work along with my elder brother Viren, when my Dadu had a heart-attack, I decided to became a Cardiologist did my further studies in Oxford University and was working in Lucknow Hospital, but after meeting Arnav my life was changed. And after our marriage, I became a housewife and later started a catering company.


Reporter: Impressive!! So was it love at first sight!! 


Arnav (laughing): Actually, it was War at First Sight!!


Reporter: Oh My God!! ASR!! Are you laughing!! This is the first time we are actually seeing you smiling, happy and laughing!! 


Arnav: Yeah!! The credit goes to my lovely wife; she is my happiness, my Khushi!!


Reporter: So, You were saying it was war at first sight!!


Khushi: Actually, Both of us had a big ego; never agree with each other, we keep on fighting whenever we meet. We were like cats and dogs!!


Reporter: So how did you fall in love!!


Khushi: Actually, my best friend, my Jiji fall in love with his Brother, when we were trying to help them to get together and finally we started falling for each other.


Arnav: Then, I realize that she is the one for me and I practically blackmail her to get married to me as did not want to lose her. I could not lived without her another day without claiming her as mine so end up marrying her on the same wedding day as my Brother, Akash and her Jiji, Payal, which was last Valentine Day. So, we are getting married again this Valentine Day, officially and all media are invited to cover whole event. 


(Arnav kneeing in front of Khushi with this rare Argyle Pink Diamond in a heart-shape adorning this lovely Platinum and White Gold Ring in his hand): Khushi!! I want to tell you today, before everyone that I am very sorry for stealing you from your family like I did, but the true is that I love you very much and can’t live without. Khushi, you are my smile, my happiness and my life. I had marry you hastily because when you love someone as much as I do, marriage is the only thing left to do, losing you was not an option and a day without making you mine was unbearable. And I want to marry you again for our family and for the world to know that you are mine and only mine. So, Mrs Khushi Vadhera Arnav Singh Raizada, do want to marry me again??


Khushi (Smiling with tears in her eyes): Yes!!  I’ll marry you again and again, Arnav!! Because you’ve changed my life without even trying, and I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me. I can’t imagine how my life would have been without you in it. You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning in your arms, knowing you are mine and I am yours. I love you, Arnav!!


Reporter: Woah!!! So romantic!! I must say who would have thought that ASR could be so romantic!!

Okay!! Let’s a play game to see your compatibility!! So, I’m going to say a word and you will each need to write whatever come into your mind in your given notebook without consulting each other. Ready!!

Arnav and Khushi (together): Ready!!!











Reporter: OMG!! Did you share you answer among each other you answer are exactly the same!!! Awesome!! It’s like you are reading each other’s mind!!! I’m a little curious here, did you first kiss this guy name, Aman!

Arnav (laughing): Oh!! No!! Never!! Actually, we nearly kiss for the time, but my PA, Aman call me before it happened, disturbing our moment!! I’m still waiting for Aman, to have a girlfriend!!


  Khushi (laughing): Well, I don’t think it going to happen any time soon though; as he is always so busy follow following your order, Laad Gorvernor!! Poor Aman!!


Arnav: Oh!! Ho!! So, now Aman!! Is poor Aman, Now!! And me Laad Gorvernor!!  But, last night, you wanted to sent Aman to Kenya!! And, now he is POOR Aman!!


Khushi: Of course!! I wanted to sent him to Kenya, who knows he might find his pair in the wildlife as his ASR, always keep him busy here and he keep disturbing us at the wrong time…


Reporter: OMG!! Kenya!! How hilarious!!  LOL!! You are such a lovely pair!! Okay, now some question time!!!


Ø So, Mrs Khushi, what his favourite dish!!

Khushi: He loves pasta, less spicy food and anything I cook


Ø What her favourite dish?

Anvar: She loves Jalebi, any sweets ad street food, spicy food and internation cuisine including pasta. In fact she love eating and food is my biggest completion.

Kushi: Aww!! Arnav!! And my competitor is his laptop, Bluetooth and his PA, Aman.


Ø His hobby when he is free?

Khushi: Gardening


Ø Her favorite Hobby?


Arnav: Cooking


Ø What does he do when he is Angry?


He cuts his plants when he is angry.


Ø What about her, what she does when she is upset?

Khushi cooks Jalebi when she is upset.


Ø Khushi: Does he have any favorite color, he like you to wear?

Actually, he does not mind what color I wear. But, he most like to see me in red as it’s his favorite color.


Reporter: Woah!! You are definitely made for each other!! Now, we are going to have a little gol gappa completion between you two. What’s say? Hope you love Gol Gappa!!


Khushi: Actually, Arnav can’t eat much spicy food, and he can at most eat Gol Gappa!! So, sorry we won’t be able to have competition, but I’ll definitely eat some.


Reporter: Oh!! Khushi!!! I must say you are so cute and caring!! You are very lucky ASR!! That’s why you married her quickly!!!


Arnav: Yeah!! I’m absolutely very lucky to have Khushi as my wife!! She is such a Gems!! And she is unquestionably Mrs. ARS in all sense!! My Perfect Match!! Despite, coming from such a well to do family, in spite having all these servants at home she likes cooking all my meals personally, by the time I wake all my thing are all ready from my shoe to tie, from files to my car key, from my tea to breakfast, my medications; everything, sometimes I wondered how would live even a minutes without her, she even brings me fresh lunch everyday and even personally clean our room. There is simply nothing I could ever asked more than her, in fact sometimes I feel I don’t deserve her.


Khushi: And sometimes I feel if I real deserve you, you know all needs and wants before me, you even know my pain before me. You always wipe my tears before it touches my cheeks!!


Reporter: Woah!! So profound love, simply make for each other!! 


Khushi: Woah!! These are really nice Gol Goppas!! Have some, feeding Arnav!!!


Reporter: So, this is the end of our Press Conference, we had a very lovely time with this two lovely couple today. Thank you, for this privilege of doing having this conversation with you today!! We had a great time with you, and all our best wishes are with you!!


Arnav and Khushi: Thank you, for such a great time. 


After dinner, they all watch Arnav's and Khushi's Press conference, which was the main news on TV.


Virat: Woah Sissy! Press Conference!! So possessive!! Aww!! That was so sweet!!


Madvi: So Romantic!!  Virat!! You should learn from Arnav!! Jiju!! You should also learn!! What say DI!!


Jeevika: Yeah!! Mannu!!  I was thinking the same thing!!


Viren: Kya Yaar!! Arnav!! All you taking revenge from your poor, Brother-in-Laws!! Control!! Yaar!! At least have some mercy on us!!


NK: Nanav!! Mere Bhai!!  You are giving love lessons!! Unbelievable!!! And I through you don’t even know the ABCD of the word LOVE!!


Anjali: Unbelievable!!! Chottey!! I’m impressed!!


Jai: OMG!! Khushi!! You turn ASR into Romeo!! I’m sure tomorrow ASR will make the Newspaper Front Heading THE ROMEO ARV HAPPILY MARRIED!! 


Khushi: Mum!! Can you please come to my room; I need to talk to you.


Arnav: Khushi!! Are you, okay!! Nah!!!


Khushi: Yeah Baba!!! Don't worry!! I'm fine!!


Jai: Khushi!! Before you go I need to make an announcement!!


Khushi: Okay!! Jiju!!


Jai (holding Anjali’s hand): Actually, both Mum and Dad will be coming to India in two weeks to talk to Nani about everything. And, Arnav!!! Anji and I, decided to settle in Chandigarh too!! In fact I’m looking at some properties with Viren’s help!! And we also decided since the AR is new in Chandigarh and I want to base here too, why do we make it JARK Fashion and show the world our association!!!


Arnav: Woah!! That’s a Great Idea!! Jai!! Are you planning to give us a shock, every night!!


Jai: Oh!! Ho!! Look who is talking!! Mr Romantic!! Who have been giving us Shock!! Shock!! Along with Fun!! Really!! Arnav!! Poor Aman!! You been firing him forever, now you two are planning to sent him to Kenya!! Serious!! Yesterday, he was asking me if you have any younger sister by any chance!!! So, I was thinking!!


Arnav: Yeah!! I think if I had a younger sister, I would have happily married her to Aman!! Hats’ off to him, Man!!! Working as ASR PA all these years is not an easy tasks!! Oh!!! Okay!! Now I get it!!

******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  









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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 17. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 10 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ   STÖRY PART 17.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 17.


After sometimes in her room, Khushi: Mum, I don't know. I’m just having a bad feeling. As if I'm going far, I'm living you all. I don't know, Mum. I can't tell Arnav that and my brothers are out of questions. You know how they will react. Mum can you make me sleep, please.


Varshika: Oh Beta, you must be exhausted, why are you thinking so much. You're stressing yourself too much. Nothing is going to happen to you.


After some time, Khushi was sound asleep, when Arnav entered the room.


Arnav: Mum, is she ok?


Varshika: She is ok, Beta. I don't know why she is stressing herself so much!! She needs some rest. Good Night, Beta!!


In the morning, Arnav was surprised to find Khushi still sound asleep, as she usually wakes up early. So, he had his shower and was ready to go to leave for office. He was worried to found Khushi still sleeping. Thus, he to wake her up but Khushi was too weak to open her eyes.


Arnav (Worried): Khushi, Please!! Wake up. Please, Baby.


Khushi (in very low voice): I have fever, Arnav. Don't worry I'll be fine.


Arnav call Varshika from the intercom: Mum, can you please come to our room quickly, Khushi is very sick!!


Everyone came upstairs quickly.


Varshika: Beta, what happen!! Are you ok? Oh my God, you have fever.


Khushi (in very low voice): I'm okay, Mum. It's just a little fever; just give me my hospital bag from that drawer.


Arnav: Viren!! Can you please give me your family GP number?


Khushi: Arnav!! Please!! Believe me!! I'll be fine!! No, need to call Doctor Uncle. Mum, please give the glass of water. And, please tell Maraj to make some chicken soup with noodles for me.


Khushi, took some tablets from her bag, self-medicating herself and was feeling better already after checking her BP and temperature.


Khushi: See, I’m feeling better already. I just need some rest, now. Don't worry! I'll be fine. Mum, please tell Maraj to make some freshly pressed orange juice with a pinch of salt, for me as well.


Arnav: I'm not going to the office, today. I'll be staying at home; with you if anyone needs me they can always call me.


Khushi: Arnav, you are not staying at home, and that's final. I need to sleep and there are so many people at home, to take care of me. And, you can always call. It's important for you to be in the office today. Please, go to office, for me. I'm fine!! I just need to sleep!!


Arnav: Ok, but please promise you will let me know if you are not well and you will call me at lunchtime, else I will leave everything and  come immediately home if you don't call at lunchtime.


Khushi: Ok Baba, promise!! Happy!!!


Arnav: Yeah, but I still don't want to go.


Everyone went downstairs for breakfast, leaving them to have their breakfast in their room.


Arnav: Are you Okay, nah!!! I'm very worried!! Khushi!! Have I done anything wrong?


Khushi: Arnav!! It's just a fever!! I'm fine!! And you haven't done anything wrong!! I just need some sleep. Now, have some soup with me.


Arnav: Woah!! This soup is really nice!!


Khushi: I love this soup, especially when I'm sick, they are very nutritious and high in vitamins and fibers. Arnav!! Don't worry!! I'm fine.


Arnav: Ok Khushi!! Have some rest; I'll call you later!! Please, take care, Sweetheart. Love you, Baby!!


Khushi: Love you, too!!


Arnav, return home early!! Khushi was still sleeping, when he came. As she slept the whole day, Arnav woke her.


Arnav: Khushi!! It's already 02:00 pm!! Please wake up, now!! You need to eat something. I brought some chicken noodles soup for you along with orange juice.


Khushi: Arnav!! Please, let me sleep!! I don't want to eat!! I'm not hungry!! I want to sleep!!


Arnav: But, you been sleeping since I left in the morning and you have slept the whole night. Mum, told me you haven't eaten anything, yet. If you don't wake in 5 minutes, I'm going to call the Doctor.


Khushi: Ok!! Arnav!! What do you want now!! Did you eat anything?


Arnav: How can I eat, when my wife have not eaten anything.


Khushi: What!!  You have not eaten anything, since morning. Why? What time is it? Don't you know that you need to eat, in order to control your blood sugar!! What's wrong with you??


Arnav: Khushi!! Don't worry!! I'm fine!! I just wanted to eat with you. I know you haven't eaten either that's why I came home early. Now, have some soup.


They feed each other and sleep together. They finally wake, on hearing some noise downstairs, as Khushi was feeling much better; they went downstairs together, as it was already dinnertime. They were surprised to see NK introducing everyone to a girl.


They were both surprised to see Nk's girlfriend, who was none other than Lavanya!!


Khushi: Lavanya!!  What a pleasant surprise!! So, you are Nk's girlfriend!! What a small world???


Lavanya was surprised to hear Khushi speaking so good English and wearing western.




Lavanya: Chamkili, is this you???  Woah!! You are looking so pretty!! It's good to see you again!! I did not know that you are related to Nk. And, what are you all doing in Chandigarh. And, Bhai, when did come to India!! You didn’t even inform me!!


Jai: Yeah!! Look who is talking as if you have informed me!! And I have been calling you but you were unreachable!! Even, Mum and Dad did not have any contact with you, Lav!!!


Lavanya: Oh!! Yeah!! Sorry, Bhai!! Actually, I forgot to send you my new number, as my other phone was lost!!


Jai (smiling): Yeah!! Of Course, you forgot to send mum, dad and me your new phone number, but I’m sure, NK must have your new number!! Isn’t it, Sis!! 


Lavanya: Of Course!! He has, Bhai!! But, what are you all doing in Chandigarh!!


Anjali: Lavanya!!! Actually, it’s long story!!



Lavanya (shocked): OMG!! Di!! Is this really you!!  You are looking so lovely!!


Actually, after coming to Chandigarh, Anjali, was encouraged to wear more European and other outfits, other than sarees, and her foot is also improving as Jai is taking for Physiotherapies, three times a week.


Arnav: Lavanya!! Actually, she is not your Di, anymore!! In fact, she is going to be your Bhabhi soon!!


Lavanya (excited): OH MY GOD!!  That’s amazing!! Bhai!! You are finally getting married!!! I’m so Happy!! (Hugging Jai, then hugging Anjali), OMG!! Di!! Sorry!! I mean Bhabhi!! I’m extremely happy for both of you!!


Khushi: Lavanya, please come with me to my room, I will tell you everything; it's a very long story.


Arnav: No way!! Oh!! Hello!! We are having our dinner first!! You can tell Lavanya everything later!! She will be staying with us any way!! But, you need to get some food into your system. If you are feeling better don’t mean that you got the license to do whatever you want. You need to take care, nah, sweetheart!! And, I'm sure Lavanya is hungry and tired too.


Lavanya: Oh!! Woah!! ASR!! You turn into such a caring husband!!


After dinner, Khushi told Lavanya everything and they were happily chatting. Everyone was happy to see Khushi doing fine.


Khushi: Lavanya, please join AR again, which is soon going to be JARK Fashion; we really want you on board, Yaar!! You will be our Model Trainer and you can also help Jiju and Di, in the design department, along with NK and Virat.


Lavanya: It's my pleasure to join you. NK was telling me that you're not too well, are you ok now.


Khushi: Yeah La, I'm much better now, it's just a fever. I will be going to the office with you all, tomorrow. Now, let's go to sleep as you must be tired.


The day went smoothly in the office, everything were going according to plan. The models were selected with Lavanya's help, NK and Virat are learning quickly and are working professionally, even the legal department are going smoothly under Khushi's supervision; Anjali and Jai are working great together. Even the wedding preparations were going as planned, Swamni Bua and the wedding planners, have come up with great designs with the help of Jeevika and Madvi, who being helping in and out.


******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 








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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 18. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 15 times)


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ   STÖRY PART 18.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 18.


When they return home after office, Khushi had a surprise, waiting for her, Chachu, Chachi and Shlok, have return home from their holidays. Khushi, was really as she has forgotten what Viren had told her.


Khushi: Oh my God!!  Chachu!! You are back. That's great!! Awesome!! 


Chachu: Is this really you, Princess!!  How have you been, Beta!! Is everything okay? And is he our Prince who had stolen our Princess from us. 


Chachi: Woah! Khushi, now I see why you had forgotten about us, isn't it Virat. I must say, nice choice. 


Khushi: I know Chachi. God, I missed you all.

Chachu!! Chachi!! This is Arnav!! Arnav!! Chachu!! Chachi!! And this is Shlok!! My little Chottu!! My Sweetu!!



Shlok: Hi Khushi!! Di!! I miss you a lot!! Yaar!! How are you? So he is my Jiju!!  Woah!! Di!! I have to agree with Mum, awesome choice!! Hi Jiju!! It’s nice to finally meet you!! I have heard a lot about you, unfortunately mostly complaints  but I'm very happy to finally meet you. 


Arnav: Hi Shlok, nice to meet you!! Bubby!! Thanks for the hints. You have to tell me everything, so that I can make some changes.


Shlok: Anything for you, Jij. 


Khushi: Woah! All my brothers are turning against me now. How unfair.


Di: Don't worry, Khushi, I'm with you.


We too, Madvi and Jeevika along with Jai, Lavanya and Nk immediately added.


Arnav: I didn't know that someone can be jealous, despite having everyone in my family supporting her.


Arnav (continues): Nice to meet you too Chachu and Chachi. 


The days were going quickly and everything was going smoothly as planned, with Chachu also joining AR to give them a helping hand while Khushi had to opt out after receiving a call the day after Chachu arrival from the Cardiologist team From Chandigarh Hospital requesting her to join them, the very next day, due to emergence. While Chachi and Shlok, are also helping out with the wedding as only two weeks are left now.


Since the day, Khushi join the Cardiologist team, she been so busy that she been leaving home early and returning so late than no one had seen her, not even Arnav, who will be waiting for her and end up sleeping with his laptop when Khushi return every night and will help him sleep properly without waking him up. They have only be able to talk on the phone during break time as Arnav were also busy attending some important meeting with new clients and setting up the new JARK Fashion.


While, Khushi was so busy in her new job, that she was always so tired and had feeling very week lately, that she forgot that it's only one week away from her wedding, since it was Sunday, she wanted to sleep. It was 07:00am when Arnav wake up, surprised to find his wife sleeping so peaceful and was very happy to see her lovely heart-shaped face after so many days, but he noticed something different about her, she looked so tried, pale and there was dark circles around her eyes.


Knowing that she would need her beauty sleep, Arnav got up, went to the bathroom, had a shower, got ready and went downstairs to spend some time as usual with Varshika, Swamni Bua, Jeevika, Madvi, Chachi and Di, who will be busy in the kitchen helping Maraj, while Arnav and Dadaji will read the newspaper, taking about the news and Viren, Virat, Lavanya, Nk, Shlok, Chachu, Jai, Nani, Mamaji and Mamiji will be playing with Janvi and Mansi.


Arnav was surprisingly enjoying this family moments everyday and is very happy to be part of his new family and will not mind staying with them, given the chance. He is no more the Great ASR, he is in fact a happy married man who always have a smile on his face. He is also very fun of Janvi and Mansi, and is ready to have a family of his own with Khushi.


Khushi, the one and only person that have change his world and eventually change him into a better person, who knows the meaning of happiness, now.


Varshika: Arnav beta!! Have you been able to talk to Khushi!! I don't understand this girl sometimes, I thought she changed, but no she still the same workaholic!! I'm sure she even forgot that her wedding is this week!! I really need to talk to her. Where is she? Now!! Please don't tell me that she is not at home.


Arnav: Actually, Mum, I also wanted to talk to you about the same. Don't worry!! She is at home today. But, she is looking so tired and pale hence I didn't wake her up, thinking she needs a good sleep, and I think she had not been eating well.


Varshika: Yeah!! Of course!! Why would she eat, then who will work then.


Before breakfast, Arnav went to see if Khushi is ready for breakfast, but seeing her sound asleep he didn't want to wake her up and decided to let her sleep some more before coming down for his breakfast, thinking that he really need to talk to Khushi.


Virat: Oh!! Ho!!  My poor Jij!! It's not fair!! Mum!! We need to talk to Sissy.


Arnav: It's okay, Virat!! Now, I’m understanding how she must have feel when I was not around before, when I was always working and busy with my meeting, but I agree we need to talk to her, because I don't think she is eating well and she looks so exhausted. 


It was nearly noon!! And, since Khushi was deep asleep, Arnav went to wake her up. He planted a soft kiss on her forehead, sensing that she has a temperature higher than usual, he immediately inform Varshika and told Maraj to cook some chicken noodles soup and freshly pressed some orange juice for them.


Arnav: Khushi!! Please wake up, sweetheart!! You need to eat something!! There is some chicken soup for you, so please wake up. 


Khushi: Arnav!! Don’t be a pain!! Please, let me sleep!!  I don't want to eat anything. I just want to sleep; my head is killing me.


Varshika: Khushi!! Beta!! Wake up now or I'm going to call our family doctor and I’ll call the hospital to tell them that you are not coming tomorrow because you are sick.


Khushi: What!! No way!!  Mum!! I need to go to work tomorrow, it's important.


Varshika: Oh!! So work is important!! And what’s about your health!! Isn’t it, important too. Now, get up, brush your teeth, have your chicken soup and come down, I need to talk to you. And you too, Arnav!! And I'm sending your lunch here too, ok.


Arnav: Ok, Mum. Thank you. 


Varshika: Ok Beta!! Please, take care of her. Let me know if she is not eating.


Arnav: No worries!! Mum!! I'll make sure she eats everything.


Come on!! Khushi!! Please wake up now or which is it, do you want me to call Mum or your family Doctor or do I call the Hospital. Your choice sweetie, so which one is it.


Khushi: None!! Don't worry!! I'm getting up!!


Before she could get up from the bed, Arnav has already been holding her in his arms and carrying her to the bathroom, laughing at her freely at her facial expression.


Khushi was so happy to see him laughing so freely that she forgot that she was upset with him for waking her.


Arnav: Khushi, I didn't know you are such a stubborn child to get up in morning sometime that Mum has to come to wake you. And, here I was thinking that we will be able to start our own family very soon.


Khushi: Oh!! Really!!! Arnav!! Do you seriously want us to start our own family now!!


Arnav: Yeah!! Khushi!! I’m serious!! After spending time with Janvi and Mansi, I feel so relieve and happy, despite being tired at time. With them I forget all my stress after hectic day. Khushi!! After coming into my life, it’s like gravity is no longer holding me to the Earth, but it’s you who is holding to the Earth, connecting me to the world, every shift in you have a direct impact in me. Having you in my life has make me complete, now I want our relationship to be complete, in other I want to take our relationship to the next level. Khushi!! I want to experience Parenthood, but only when you are ready!! However, I ready for a little Khushi or Arnav!!


Khushi: Arnav!! Actually, I think that I might be expecting, but I not sure, I have an appointment with a gynecologist tomorrow.


Arnav (excited): What!! Khushi!! Do you mean that you are pregnant!! Really!! Oh my God!! I’m so happy!! Thank you, khushi!!


Khushi: Arnav!! Yes!! I think I am pregnant because I missed my period for more than two months. If I'm not mistaken, that's might be the reason why I've been having these fever and temperature lately and yesterday I've also fainted at work. Moreover, I have been feeling so tired lately and not willing to eat. Yesterday I have also been having some severe pain in my lower abdomen and back.


Arnav (quickly ask, worriedly): What!! You fainted yesterday. How are you feeling now? I'm calling the doctor, now. No, I think we better go to the hospital. Khushi!! We are going to the Hospital Right Now!! I will help you get ready. But, you need to have your soup first.


Khushi (taking a deep breath): Arnav!! I'm fine!! Don't worry!! But, I need to tell something about my pregnancy.


Khushi (continues strongly holding Arnav's collar, not willing to let go): Arnav!! Frankly speaking, analyzing the symptoms that I have been having lately, I think there is a high possibility that my pregnancy might be a case of ectopic pregnancy.


Ectopic Pregnancy is a form of pregnacy where the embryo, which the baby, developed in one of the fallopian tube instead of the uterus, and in such a case due to lack of nutrients and space, the embryo, in 99% cases eventually dies, but if necessary action in not taken in their trimester, more harm could be resulted as the mother life will also be in danger.


Khushi (continues with tears in her eyes): Arnav, I'm sorry but I think in my case it has a high possibility that it's an ectopic pregnancy because I have been having excruciating abdominal pain and also some bleeding. If that's the case, I will eventually have to do an abortion. But, Arnav, I don’t want to loose our Baby!!! I want my Baby to be safe and sound, along with healthy!! Please save our Baby, Arnav!!


Arnav (shocked trying to assimilate everything, finally spoke, trying not to show Khushi his pain as he knows that how Khushi must have been suffering on her own these few days): Oh My God!! Khushi!! Is that's why you been coming home late and leaving early so that we can only talk on the phone. Why didn't you just told me? I love you, baby and please baby don't worry we are still young we have the whole life to try for a family. It's okay!! Baby!! I love you and can't see you like this please don't cry!! I will make sure that Our Baby is Safe and Health. Please believe me!! Please, don’t cry!! Let’s go to see a Gynecologist!!


Khushi: Oh!! Arnav!! I can't tell you how much I want... she couldn't say anymore as she fainted.


******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  






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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 18. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 19 times)


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 19.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 19.


Khushi: Oh!! Arnav!! I can't tell you how much I want... she couldn't say anymore as she fainted.


Arnav quickly called Varshika to come to their room quickly, he informed her everything and asked her if he can take Khushi to the hospital as he can't see her like this.


Varshika (crying): Why does my baby always have to suffer like this once finding her happiness. Beta!! Thank you, for being so supporting and understanding.


Arnav: Mum, I love her very much may be more than myself, but I can't see her like this she must have been crying and stressingherself so much and I didn't even know anything. I'm such a bad husband.


Varshika: No Beta!! You know you are both alike, you love each other so much that you can't see each other being hurt by each other even if it means hurting yourself, because you both love each other more than yourself. Let go to the hospital quickly!! Beta, before she wakes up because I know it will be hard for her to do it.


Arnav: Yes, Mum!! I think you're right.


In about thirty minutes everyone was gathered outside the operation room in the Chandigarh Hospital, as Khushi was definitely having an ectopic pregnancy, that in advance stage that can damage her fallopian tube and more delays can even endangered her life.


Khushi, was unconscious and under anesthesia, undergoing an operation before more harm could be resulted and as Arnav could not leave her side, he was standing at the corner of the operation theatre as he refused to be separated from his Khushi.


After two hours Khushi open her eyes to be welcome by a crying Arnav, that is silently fighting his own demon deciding not to put Khushi under this position again as he know how much she will be hurt, when she knows the truth.


Arnav: Hi Baby!! How are you feeling!! Are you ok? Are you in pain?


Khushi: Arnav!! Please tell me, why am here. And don't tell me that.... Khushi start crying so badly that it was piercing Arnav's heart.


Not being able to bear it anymore, he went out, sending Varshika inside, accompanied by Viren and Virat, who can't see their sister like this too. While Anjali was try to console her Chotey along with Jai. Settling down in a few minutes, Arnav went back to his Khushi, embracing her and both started crying in their lost.


In the evening they all return back home along with Khushi, she was given four weeks of approved leave from the hospital. She needed two days of complete bed rest and would be okay for the wedding.


Khushi was a little sore but she was doing okay, and since she has not been eating much this days and just undergo an operation, she was quite weak and was refusing to eat hence she was given Intravenous Saline (Saline IV), in order to rehydrate her body. An special nurse were also appointed to look after her during these two days. Arnav was always by Khushi's side as he was off from work, his phone was off, even Aman has been given strict order not to contact him for anything until further notice has been given, no matter how important the issue is. Akash, Payal and Dadi came to Vadhera Estate. Akash, Mamaji and the others, were talking care of the new Chandigarh AR along with Aman.


Dadi was surprised by the grandeur, elegance and luxury of the Vadhera Estate, she was shocked to learn Khushi’s condition, and eventually, happily accepted her as her granddaughter-in-law.


Khushi didn't talk much or laugh during this two days; she was always lost in another world. Nothing could make her happy, no matter what they tried. Everyone including Arnav couldn't believe that Khushi will be so affected, as it's been barely one week since she find out.


As Arnav, couldn't take it anymore, he decided to take her out to see their new home. Khushi was surprised to see their new home. The backyard had a playground, which Arnav had forgotten, but on seeing it Khushi started crying remembering her pregnancy.


Khushi (crying): Arnav, please promise me that you bring him back. Please, Arnav... Please bring my baby back... Promised me.


Arnav, not be able to see her cry anymore, reluctantly promised her.


Arnav: Khushi, please don't cry, I promise I'll bring him back okay. Now let's go inside.


Khushi (smiling): Thank you, Arnav. I love you. You are the best!! She softly said happy like a little girl, being rewarded an ice cream.


Arnav, was happy to see her happy finally. He showed her inside the modern villa features minimalist design and has been finished to the highest standard. The villa's total living area is 520m² and the house sits on a 1,200m² plot. There are open terraces with teak deck, a large pool 17 x 4 m and a Jacuzzi plus 100m² of covered terraces offering sweeping views of the surrounding landscape of Chandigarh along with a close view of The Vadhera Estate, which was only a short distance from there.


The ground floor comprises a spacious and light living room, a separate fully equipped kitchen with top of the range appliances and a double bedroom.


The first floor has 4 double en suite bedrooms with a 50m² terrace with stunning views.


This 5 double en-suite bedrooms plus a separate guest apartment with living room and bathroom this modern luxury villa for entertaining and family living were designed with great care and attention to all details by Arnav along with a bunch of Proffesional Architects having Khushi in mind the whole time.


All bedrooms have independent A/C system the modern villa features central heating and modern technology.



Arnav and Khushi New Home:




Arnav and Khushi Bedroom:



Arnav and Khushi Ensuite Bathroom:




Their Living Room:




Their Guests Rooms:










The Guest Room Ensuite Bathroom:






Their Kitchen:





Their Dining Room:





Their Private Patio Near to their Room:




Khushi was very happy with their new home, it was such a piece of art, just breath taking and elegant. Their bedroom was simple and well-designed; she was impressed by the colour combinations. It has an ensuite bathroom along with an enormous integrated walk-in wardrobe full of clothes for both Arnav and Khushi, which can be accessed via a central huge mirror similar to the one in Khushi's bathroom in the Vadhera Estate, in the bathroom. It also has an integrated office, with a section for both Arnav and Khushi.


Khushi (smiling): Thank you, Arnav. I love it.


She was so happy that she simply put her hands behind his neck, gently pulling his head towards hers until their lips touches and skillfully with her tongue she encouraged him to opened up to her deepening the kiss. They finally break the kiss in order to breathe.


Arnav simply thanks Khushi, for which she was confused.


Khushi: Why are you thanking me, Baby.


Arnav: For being happy again, for smiling and for returning my Khushi back. Thank you!! Please, promise me no matter how hard it is you will tell me everything, so that we can fight it together supporting each other. Please!! Promised me!! Khushi!! Because, I have never feel so vulnerable and loss in my life, seeing you in that state, and I would never be able to describe that emotion and battle I was going through seeing lifeless, Khushi, I love you way too much; I can’t afford to loss you. Khushi, you are my life, your smile is like oxygen to my body system, I can’t picture my life without you even for a second!!


Khushi: Aww!! Arnav!! I’m so sorry, Baby. Promised!! I will try to let you know as much as I can. But, I was just scared!! I didn't know how to tell you, as I was scared about your reaction.

Arnav!! After our wedding, can we try again please. Please Baby!! And where are we going for our honeymoon?


Arnav: Yes, we're going for a short one, for two weeks actually and it's a surprise, so you won't know until Saturday morning when we arrive there. And I'm sure you will love it. And I already applied for your leave for four weeks, which been approved by the board already.


However, Khushi!! I can't let you be pregnant again so soon, after what you just been through, please try to understand, I just can't see you hurting and suffering, I love you way too much to do that again to you. Sorry, I just can't. Maybe after six months, we’ll consider.


Khushi (crying badly, placing her on her belly): Arnav, please promise me that you will bring my baby back after six months. Please Arnav, I love him and I want him back.


Arnav: Ok Khushi, I promise, please don't cry now. I promise, Baby. But, I’ll need sometime. Now, let's go home, everyone will be worried and waiting for us.



Khushi (like a happy little girl just receiving her favourite Candy): Thank you, Arnav. I love you. Promised, Nah!!


Seeing his lovely Khushi, behaving like such a little girl, he smiled at her saying pinky promise, extending his little figure to her. Khushi, was so happy by his gesture, that she quickly hug him and started laughing and thanks Arnav. They stay like that for a while, finding comfort in each other.


The finally returned home, everyone was busy in the wedding preparations as they a big surprise for Khushi and Arnav, tomorrow will be their mahendi again, followed by their Sangeet in the afternoon; hardi on Thursday and Friday they are going to get married. They will leaving for their honeymoon on Friday night itself.


Everyone was happy to see Khushi happy and smiling after so many days.


Varshika could not stop herself, she quickly run towards Khushi to hug her. Finding comfort in each other, she simply said my little girl, are you ok!! Seeing this everyone has tears in their eyes.


Khushi: Mum, don't worry!! I’m fine!!


Varshika could clearly see in her eyes, how much Khushi is hurting, she knows that it will take sometimes before she will become the old Khushi again, so she quietly acknowledged.


Khushi (happily): Mum, you know Arnav has brought a house, it's very close from here actually it’s close to his office and the hospital. It's lovely, convenient, elegant, modern, luxurious; it's just perfect and I just love it.


Virat: Woah Sissy, That's must be a great house, that you of all people, run out of vocabulary.


Khushi: Shut up, Virat. Everyone start laughing along with Khushi.


Jai (entering the house, along with Anjali, Lavanya and NK): Arnav!! I have a surprise for you!!




Arnav (excited): OMG!! UNCLE!! AUNTY!! How are you!! Long time no see!! Aunty, you are looking beautiful as always!! Mami, you are going to have tough competition (Winking at others)!! And uncle, you are as handsome as ever!!


Khushi!! This is Nandini Aunty and Karan Uncle!! Uncle!! Aunty!! My wife, Khushi!!


Nandini: Woah!! Great choice, Arnav!! Nice meeting you, Khushi Beta!!


Karan: Nice to finally meet you, bitiya!! Be happy!!


Khushi: Nice!! Meeting you, Uncle and Aunty!!


After sometime a Pretty Girl, came running toward Arnav, hugging him with full force nearly knocking him down!! While, they were all shock by this except Jai!!

Arnav (Excited, hugging her back): Oh My God!! How is my Beautiful Girl!! How are you? I miss you so much!!!



******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  








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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ STÖRY PART 20. (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 15 times)


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 20.


Hi Guys! I'm back with more updates hope you like it, continuing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - AR§HÏ  STÖRY PART 20.


After sometime a Pretty Girl, came running toward Arnav, hugging him with full force nearly knocking him down!! While, they were all shock by this, except Jai!!


Arnav (Excited, hugging her back): Oh My God!! How is my Beautiful Girl!! How are you? I miss you so much!!! 




Roshni: Of course!! Bhai!! I can clearly see, how much you missed me, you even got married for nearly one year, now you are getting married again to your beautiful wife and you still have not thought of inviting me, how rude!! 


Luckily, my Jai Bhai still remembers His Little Sister!!!  And told Lotus and Jasmine to show me the Newspaper!!! And like a Big Fool  who blindly trusting her lovely Arnav Bhai, obviously I didn’t believe them and even refuse to look at the Newspaper!!  But, little did I know that actually my Bhai, had forgotten his little sister.


Do you know how shock I was when Lotus and Jasmine was fighting with me!!! Challenging me!! RSK!! Roshni Singh Kashyap!! Your Rosh!! That The Great ASR is officially MARRIED, and ME!! RSK!! His Little Sister, was not only unaware about it, but also was not invited to the wedding, can you believe it!!


Do you know, how funny I was looking, and that Lotus and Jasmine Snapchat my funny face posting it all over each and every social media I’m a member of, can you believe it, Bhai! You were mostly news in India, but I’m news worldwide, I’m now all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google + and what’s not, as The Goldfish Of The Year!!  And, it’s all thanks to you, Bhai!!


You won’t believe this, but after seeing that Newspaper Front Paper, TITLED: THE ROMEO ASR aka ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA HAPPILY MARRIED!!  I was just speechless and both my mouth and brain end-up betraying me, due to my shocking state, my mouth went on overdrive mode, developing a brain of its own, opening and closing on it’s own, disobeying my frozen Brain commands, giving my facial expression the Goldfish effect with my eyes happily contributing in perfecting the SNAPCHAT which Lotus and Jasmine choose to take at that exact time.


Virat and Viren (clapping the hand): Woah!! What a description!!! Impressive!! 


Nk: Woah!! That’s a Dhoom Machele Entry!!


Lavanya: Offo!! Nk!! Your Hindi, My God!! Give me, head ache!!  It’s not Dhoom Machele Entry!! It’s Dhamakedar Entry, means Banging Entry!! 


Nk (cutely holding his right ears): Sorry!! Same!!


Mami: Hello Hi Bye Bye, Sasu Maa!! Dhoka!! Dhall Blackwa!! Sasu Maa!! (Betrayal Mother-in-law)


Nani: Shut-up!! Manorama!! But, Chottey!! Who is Roshni!!


Arnav: Okay!! So Everyone!! Please meet Roshni Singh Kashyap, Jai and my adopted sister. Rosh, was only twelve when Jai and I legally adopted her as our sister, she has been living with Jai, Karan Uncle and me, until I return to India. Rosh came from a very Famous Influential Wealthy Indian-based Canadian Family, however her whole family was killed in accident and they were going to kill her too, that was when Jai and I, first met her running to save her life, so we both decided to declare her dead, legally transferring all her acquired wealth to a charity trust fund especially sponsoring her with the best educational program until her higher studies, eventually legally adopting her as our little under a New Identity as Roshni Singh Kashyap, whereby Singh is from my surname and Kashyap from Jai’s.


And Rosh, is also our Marketing Director, and was actually dealing with all YARK FASHION transferring process that why did not return to India earlier, so AR FASHION is now officially amalgamated with YARK FASHION with the headquarter now officially based in Chandigarh.


So, now our Rosh, finally came to India!! How is my sweetie pie?? Come!! Let’s meet our Family, now!!


Roshni: Bhai!! Stop SWEETIE PIEING… me, I’m still very upset with you!! Aren’t forgetting to introduce everyone to my two favourite people.


Arnav: Oh!! So my little Rosh!! Is upset!! That too with her Bhai!! Really!! And No, I have not forget your Lotus and Jasmine, where are they anyway!! Have they been taking good care of you!! But, are you really upset with me!! Really!! How come!!


Roshni (smiling, hugging Arnav): Of course, Not!! Bhai!! You know it very well that I can never be upset with any of my Brothers!! And can’t stop talking to them, ever!! Jasmine!! Lotus!! Come in, Bhai want to meet you, two!!


Arnav: Hi!! Lotus!! Jasmine!! How are you two? I hope you both been taking good care of Roch!! And hopefully she has been behaving herself!! Everyone!! Please, Lotus and Jasmine, they have looking after Roch, ever since we have been taking care of Roch!!





Roshni: Bhai!! I desperately want to meet everyone, but firstly I would love to meet my lovely Bhabs, who deserve all the credit for changing my Arrogant, Rude, Naughty, Angry and Villain Bhai!! Which used to be the perfect acronym of his name, in the past being the great ASR, into Adorable, Romantic, Noble, Affectionate and Vigorous.


Arnav: But, Rosh who is Bhabs!!


Rosh: Of course!! Now!! How will My Bubbhu Bhai, know, the meaning of Bhabs!! Offo!! Bhai!! It’s the short version for Bhabhi. The thing is that Bhabhi, sound so old and uncool while Bhabs sounds so cute and happening, just perfect!! So, Bhai!! Won’t you introduce me to my Bhabs!!


Arnav (hugging Khushi from behind): So, Rosh!! Please meet my raison-d’être, the reason of my existence, my all-in-all, my better half; my lovely wife Khushi!! Khushi!! Please meet my sweet little sister, Roshni…


Roshni (excitingly, hugging Khushi): Hey!!! Bhabs!! I’m So! ... So! … So! Happy and excited to finally meet you!!!  


Khushi (smiling): I’m so happy to meet you, my lovely Roshni. You are so cute and lovely, that I can’t even believe that your Arnav and Jai’s little sister!! And can I call you, Rosh!!


Jai and Arnav (together): What!! Why!! Don’t you believe that she is our sister!!


Khushi: Just, look at her and then look at you, two!! Look at her happy face, she is always smiling but sorry I can’t say the same about you two! However, nowadays I must say you do smile more frequently.


Roshni (laughing): Oh!! Ho!! LOL!! Well said!! Bhabs!! You are so funny!!


Everyone was happy to see Khushi and Arnav laughing freely and happily after sometime. After dinner Arnav, Jai and Roshni were chatting together in Roshni’s room, while Khushi were strictly ordered to settle in bed early, as she is still weak.


Roshni (concerned): How are you? Bhai!! Are you okay? I’m sorry for you lost!!


Arnav (surprised): So, you know. Then what was that, sometimes ago!!


Roshni (acting to pull her imaginary collar): Of course!! I know everything about brothers, you know I have especial spy monitoring my brothers everywhere!! But, jokes apart, Bhai!! Actually, Bhai had told me everything, and I did that in order to cheer up everyone, to bring a smile on everyone face as you know, hate sadness. Bhai, You okay, nah!! And, Bhabhi is okay, Nah!!


Arnav (sadly): I actually don’t know how I am, as I did not really have time to analyse my feelings, everything has been happening so quick. And Khushi, has been priority, I’m really worried about her while she has not been herself lately and no matter how I tried it seems like its been ages since I’ve last saw my old Khushi she seems to be lost somewhere!! I wish… Our Baby… (Arnav voice broke), but I can’t… loss my Khushi… I love her so much!! I can’t afford to loss her!! I can’t live without her!!


Roshni (crying, hugging Arnav): Oh!! Bhai!! You need to be strong for Bhabhi!!


Jai (hugging them): Yes!! Arnav!! Khushi!! Need you, please be strong for her!! Take care!! Go and have some rest, we’ll talk tomorrow.


Arnav slowly tiptoed into the room.  Even with the lack of light he could easily make out the pale face. The same face that brought immense joy to others. The smile that normally brighten up their room and his life was absent. He shuddered as the room was eerily silent and only heard the light sound of her breathing. ??He sat in bed next to her and leaned over to kiss her forehead. He tucked a wayward tendril behind her ear. Is she in pain, he wondered, with his hand rested on her forehead being transfixed by her pale face?


He rested his head on her pillow while remembering the past few days. He thought about the joy that he had experienced upon learning that Khushi was pregnant. The same man who never believed in marriage, who never liked kids, had actually donned excitement at the thought of a baby. A baby, a part of him and Khushi, whom they would have love and cherish forever. He wondered whether it was destiny or a curse that never let happiness to surround him completely. One moment he was over the moon and the next he felt like his world was crashing!! What would have happened to him if he had lost his Khushi!! He can’t even imagine one second without his Khushi!!



******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  







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