Dulha ko hum pata lenge!!

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Mar 22, 2017

Dulha ko hum pata lenge!! (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 42 times)

It was fine morning in the RM . Morning rays of sun is increasing it's beauty. The gardener  is watering the plants.Two  luxurious cars are parked in front of the house.  Servant hariprakash is rushing inside the house in different directions in a hurry to make sure if everything is ready.

“ hari prakash… arnav roared out  from inside,

 Hp(himself): lo hp,  lagi tumare chutti”

Hp : mere bhai ne bola da, yaha  math job lena.. lena, mere behakhoofy ki wajah se aaj tu  yaha hu..(hp you gone today.. your bhai advised you many times don’t take job here, now look because of your stupidy.. you here)

“ hari prakash” arnav groaned out calling his useless servant second time..

“ ji bhaiyya” hearing hp’s voice arnav turned around in anger

“ what’s is this??? Arnav asked pointing out his half burned suit, meanwhile hp stood there like a statue

Arnav: goor kya rahe dammit… answer me??


“ sir, wo.. jab humne breakfast banarahe de, apne bola apki  kapade issthiri karni hai, jab mey karrahe de apne bola  pani nahi hai motor on karo gelthi.. toh mene motor on kiya, toh phir yaha issthiri kar rahe de , apne bola car wash karni hai ,.. toh mey…(sir,wheni am preparing breakfast, you call me to iron your clothes.. when I am doing it,you said to switch on the motor as there is no water.., after that I went on ironing your clothes , you said to wash the car.. so i..)


“ job kadam karke jaane ko kaha da… dammit!, such a useless” arnav roared in full range


Arnav was going to shout again,meantime anjali  came there for rescue, hp mentally thanked anjali* went from there


Anjali: chote, tum ithne chilla kyum ho, dekh  pura ghar tere avaas ki echo hai..dekh dargaye bichara( chote, why you are making such noise, your sound is echoing whole surrounding.., look he is so scared)

Arnav: oh really great? Yeh dekh..

Anjali: yeh kisne kiya??( she laughed)

Arnav: di…, I have a conference* also have to receive my client from the airport.. this use less idiot..spoil my suit, what will I wear now..

Anjali: chote, apni client ko receive karne, suit pe jane saroori hai kya.. kamse kam yeh pehno sara.. you will  look great!!( anjali said while handover a black shirt to him)

Arnav: di, mey yaha ghoomne nahi jaaraha hu..

Anjali: acha, teekh hai toh tum pehno ki kya?( meantime arnav snatched the shirt from her& wearied it, she smiled)

Anjali: acha, chote yeh client koi personal hai..

Arnav: di…

Arnav: I wonder how did nani appointed this idiot for job.. he is such a dumb useless.. anyway, I can’t tolerate him anymore..

Meantime nani  caming towards them, heard the convo..

Nani: aise kaise chote, he is good at work..

Arnav: right nani.. he is really good, look at this??

Nani: yeh kya hoyi gava

Arnav: yeh who bewakoof ne kiya da..

Nani: chote, iss liye hum kehte.. ki..

Arnav: nani, end of the conversation..

Nani: arey sunno toh sahi..

Arnav: I know what you are goiung to say..& I am least interested in it.. Ok, I am leaving (nani sighed)

Anjali: hum.. app tension math lo nani, uss  patane ko muje patha hai..

Nani: kya sach,  sab log aaraha hai..

Anjali: sab log nahi nani, bus dulhan.. aab toh dulhe ki doli udne ki deeri hai..khushi must be perfect for our chote, she is modern aur sanskari bhi hai,

Nani: acha kiya tu bitiya , nahi toh ithne ache rishte haath se kyum jaane de?

Meantime anjali ‘s phone  ringed..

Anjali: acha, nani  mey nikal raha hu, mene usse bathaya nahi mey yaha hu, parishan ho rahi honge..(nani, I am leaving.. I doesn’t informed him that I am here.. he must be  worried)

Nani: acha, teekh hai bitiya


“ toh tum Mumbai jaa raha hu.. apni honewale in- laws ko impress karne  asked payal khushi’s best friend while helping her in packing)

“ in laws ko impress karne nahi.. apni dulhe ko pata ne”


hey guys.. i will give correct intro of all characters in next update....

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Mar 28, 2017

Entry of mrs. right!!! (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 40 times)


Aman: (On Call): No,, no  ,no…. ASR has no time for attending your conference this month.. Lets schedule it for the next month. I will send you the date and time details by end of today.

Saying that Aman dropped the call and answered the next one which was ON WAITING.

Aman (To the Caller): Hello Aman Mathur here.. (PAUSE..) What?? Okay fine.. I will come there in few minutes..


Saying that Aman dropped this call too and walked hurridly outside his Cubicle towards the Cabin of their Boss Mr ARNAVSingh Raizada. He knocked the door and then came inside..

 Aman: asr, clients didn’t reach yet!

Arnav: what?, I informed ankit to  pick them up.. but where is he?( meantime lavanya  entered the Cabin with a Heap of files.. The files were about to get dropped from the lav's hands when aman managed to get  the files from her hands..)

Lav: oh, thanks aman, asr.. that files you have asked me for!



Ankit  was busy admiring the Anklet and remembering the Flashbacks. YESTERDAY, he was sent by his mother madhu  to the Chandni Chowk Market  to get the Special Mehndi Cones from a store there.. How he accidently hit his hand in that crowded street to a girl dressed in a simple Green chudi.. How she was about to fall and he balanced her.. That little eye lock and how she hesitated and saying a Sorry continued walking away from him towards the next store.. How he kept admiring that girl for some more time and then realised someone was stamping his feet., .” ahh, my leg..”he was going  yell at the person..”

“ uh.. umm sorry sir” I thought someone… you look so different

“ what the…. “ “ ankit  what the hell you are doing here??? I  informed you right?!( arnav shouted)

“ what???.. oh!!! I am sorry sir… I am leaving to airport right now… sorry  sir.. I totally forget about… sorry”(arnav sighed)


Mumbai airport:

Now , view of Mumbai  airport. Fully staffed, airplanes waiting to take off, cargo is being unloaded, luggage trucks driving across, a plane in a distance gently taxing into the runway. a small half-closed gate- the guards exchange peanuts/snacks chat facing away from the half open gate, leaving the entry easily accessible. Now focused on girl.. who  is hiring a taxi with full of luggage.


At  Raizaida mansion at 8:30 am

A taxi comes to halt outside of raziada mansion as we hear a girl’s giggle. As the girl turns to the taxi driver, we reveal khushi singhaniya  (23) Big naughty eyes, her natural beauty accentuated by a bright toothy smile.


TAXI DRIVER:Thank you didi, allah lambi umrbakshe tumhe (The taxi driver waves and drives away, as khushi enters in.)

 *********** “ sir..   tyagri’s  file.., today is the last date to mail it ” said aman

“ oh.. I didn’t sign yet??

“ no sir.. you have taken it to home yesterday.. reminded  aman

“ what?!, oh ok,  aman let me check..

Arnav forget the important file to be kept in purpose for conference, so he make call to anjali.

Arnav: hi dii. it’s me, I forget an important file at home, could you please  bring it , while you take a leave from  home

Anjali: oh, chote I am not in home.. I left earlier,

Arnav: oh! , you left?!

Anjali: chote, you wait for a minute, let me tell to shyam, he was starting now for work.

Arnav: oh, no.. no dii, it’s fine I will take it!

Precap: RABBA-VE...

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Apr 9, 2017

Mrs. right-2 (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 42 times)


Khushi entered in walking through the entrance of garden ,surrounded by lovely green bushes she spotted in unique  picturesque of the house..she ring the calling bell.

Devyani(nani):” hp…patha nahi kaha gayi voh.. chal ke dekhta hu..”nani hurridly walked towards the Main door to open it.(hp.. don't know where he gone.., let's have a look)

Khushi:” nani..surprise!!( she hugged her)

nani(really happy seeing her): arey khushi bitya aap,  patha dete to  tum ane vale toh  anjali ko bheja dete humne. Aur yeh address kaise mila?(oho, khushi bitya,, if you say me you’re coming today, I will send anjali to receive you.but.. how did you find this address)  

Khushi: oh nani, it’s alright..the taxidriver well known with this place , so without much trouble reached here..(she said looking around).

Nani:pasand aya apni naya ghar..(she nodded), chote ki kamara uppar hai..( likes your new home.., chote’s room is in upstairs)

Nani: chalo, tum doti aram karlo, hariprakash , khushi ki saman guest room pe do.(come, you take  a rest,and hariparakash place her things in guest room.)

Khushi: I am fine nani, I just need badly a shower& will be alright.


Aman was re-checking AR’s conference room. Today, there is a board meeting to be conducted with board members &, Major stake share holders, , with Ceo ArnavSingh Raizada. So there is no option of any mistakes.

ASR : Aman, I want everything perfect and complete. Is everything set?

aman: yes asr, I’ve kept all necessary files according to their reserved seats. Just their right hand- side..&   fixed all microphones and projector as well..You have a look.

Arnav: good..

Arnav: aman..

Aman: yes sir,

Arnav: aman, you just do one thing, you start the presentation, and meanwhile I will reach with the file.

Aman: sir.. Indeed you need here..

Arnav: yah.. I know, I will reach here by the time.

In the meantime, other members have to started to enter CR, and with no choice arnav left everything in aman’s hands & went outside and hurriedly walked across the corridor almost reached the lift.. One by one all members of today’s meeting have arrived and took their respected seats.


At shanivan.

After having the shower,khushi was brushing her hair in front of the mirror. she thought to look around the house, so she went downstairs..

Nani: ha, agayi khushi bitya, ye loo garam pakode lo, avo

Khushi: no no.. nani yeh chay khafi hai..( no no.. nani  This tea is enough..)


Khushi:” yeh kon hai nani( she asked while having tea, pointing out the large picture in the corridor)

Nani: ha,voh hai  arnav ki bade dada, aur yeh hai usski maa yane ki tumare sasuma.(ha, he is arnav’s grand-father* the other one is his mother,& your mother –in- law)

.Meantime a ball rushed inside the corridors

Nani: hum.. phir se shuru hogaya, hp.. hp ( ya.. starts again, hp.. hp)

Hp : naniji, mey kahi baar kaha unn bachaho se ki deevaar ki peeche se nahin khelne, par..(yes naniji, I have said that many times tothem, to never play besides the wall, but they..) Khusho :kya hua nani?, baath kya hai?( what happen nani?? What’s the matter?)

Nani(smiled); arey kuch nahi yeh bache log,hamare ghar ki ke bagal mein nursery school hai, toh kahi baar bache log vaha khelne toh kabhi kabhi aise ball yaha atha hai,,(oh.. It’s nothing  our next-door there is  an nursery . so when the child’s plays sometimes besides the wall,ball cames to our compound) 

Khushi: really?? There is nursery.. Wow!! I love kids 

Nani: but chote is nearly opposite 

Khushi: what? Really?!, (nani nodded) 

Khushi  ( thought) – such a laad governor he is..


Here arnav was speeding up his wheel to reach fastly as he can.. but damn it, with the traffic. Meantime his phone started ringing, flashed the name-“ aman” 

Arnav: yah , aman.. I am on the way, will reach soon!! 

Aman: sir, I am going to switch –on the presentation. 

Arnav: yah, you carryon with it,.. I will there in a minute,(sayin he dropped the call) 

Arnav: god damn with his traffic.. please clear it out fast.. 


30 minutes later.  


Arnav parked his car  at the right time at the parking and rushed inside. He had left the office on right  time.. But the heavy Traffic of Delhi City made him late.he saw the time it shows 10.30, damn it..Cursing the time, he rushed inside his room& starts to check the files in his drawer. Nani was quite surprise seeing him at home, during office hours. 


Nani: chote, I have to say something. 

Arnav: you can say everything in the evening nani,  here I am so busy..(Arnav said while checking the drawers) 

Nani: but chote,  

Arnav: nani.. please.. ha got it…! Thank god!!( he called aman)


Arnav: ha, aman did the presentation over. 

Aman: no  

Arnav: thank god! ok, you continue with it, I am one the way..   

When he was about depart back, stepped up back only to find an unfamiliar figure of a girl who was skipping with a rope with kids. As due to sudden rush, he never notice the girl in the garden



Khushi: “ aise nahi” aise..” (not like this, here like this..)   When arnav was in all lost indeed , his phone buzzed with click sound taken him back to reality,


after completing the presentation.. aman was constantly  looking in his watch, as time is running out...Two minutes passed away, ARNAV hasn’t reach yet. damn where the hell is asr

 Rajeev: aman, where is asr??

Other members, all are passing glances to each-others.

Aman(with a sheepish smile): he is will be there in few minutes..

Suddenly they saw Arnav walking in, slammed the door of CR.  When ASR was passing by  ,every single pair of eyes were set up on him, … With heavypanting and dry throat,he said.

arnav: oh, I am sorry for keeping you  guys , waiting.. 

arnav: so,  what you decide??


 In shantivan at evening

 (Phone rings)

nani: hello, 

payal: hello, khushi 

Nani: ji, aap kon? (Who is speaking?)

Payal: uh, mey payal khushi ki dosth hai.(I am payal, khush’s friend)

Nani: mey abi bulathi hu..(  just aminute,Hold the line, let me call her)

“{ Khushi bitya,  … khushi bitiya.. »

Hp: nani ji, khushi bhabhi bahar hai, bachoo ki saath( naniji, khushi bhabhi is in outside,  ,with kids)

“ khushi bitiya..” nani called


Khushi : ji nani.. acha mey abi athi hu ok, tum log  kelo( yah nani coming, ok guys play.. I just come)

Kid: teekh hai dii..(ok, dii)

Khushi: kya hua, nani??( what happen nahi?)

Nani: tumareliye call hai, bath karo..( there’s a call for you beta,)

Khushi: hello..

Payal: khushi, yeh kya, vaha jaa gayi tum toh muje bulgaye( khushi,what’s it, after you went there ,you forgot me)

Khushi: payal… kaise ho

Payal: mey kaise  teek hogi, tum vaha chale gaye na muje ****ke.(hum, how come I be fine when you went there, leaving me)

Khushi: payal.. 

Payal: hum, acha tum bathavo, tum khab ane vale hai muje pick karne?( ok, tell me when you come here to pick me up)

Khushi: kya?? Matlab tum..(what?, that mean’s you!!)

Payal: ha ha, baba mey airport mey hu, mey suddenly socha agar tumko koi help chayiye hote toh..

Khushi: acha, tum rukh mey abi athi hu..( you.. wait there… I am coming..)


Otherside,  in lucknow.. Wedding ceremony is going to take place, all are in preparations. 

 manorama: yeh mere sar pe rakho ki kya...  rakho vaha, hello hi bye bye( are you going to put it my head..place it there, hello hi bye bye)

Manorama: wait, let me check first…umm..bahuthi badiya hai..(umm.. so tasty)

Manohar: mano,   where is akash.. 

Manorama: he is in his room

Manohar: no, he is not there.. I checked

Manorama: what??



It’s an easy driving from lucknow to delhi, since everything happened so fast, when his wedding fixed on, he was not interested in it, so he escaped ..  he was arrived at raizaida guest house nearly 2pm. Even though there are some problems b/w their families but akash is always arnav’s brother, he is always welcomed. So out this escape also we can sense the hand of mighty ASR.






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Apr 20, 2017

dulha ko hum pata lenge -4 (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 33 times)

AR Office, evening

Ar is usually quieter at this time of evening, only few members were left a round,” Asr” aman called, arnav lifted his head from the laptop which he was buried in, squinting at the slight head ache starting to thump against his temple, he wondered what had brought aman here,

Arnav: what?

Aman: asr, it’s late..

Arnav: oh ,for a moment I was completely disoriented , you can leave  Aman, i’m also leaving in five minutes. Well what’s in your hands?


Aman: oh, these  are the photographs of the new models,for our  winter fashion.

Arnav: yah,place it here.. I will check it, later..

After finishing up his works, it was time to leave, he fixed up his desk& picked up necessary files that needed to looked after, shoved into his bag &grab down his keys,ready to take off. Meantime akash cames there.

Akash: bhai, wait I am also coming,,,

Arnav: hey.akki,. when you landed??(he hugged akash)

Akash:i reach   guest house at 1,” bhai  I tried many times in your cell. But you never pick up?

Arnav: oh, I’m quite   busy, maybe not noticed.. day by day, works load is increasing..ok, get in..

Akash: now onwards, when I am here no fear, so  don’t worry…

Arnav:I have to fear, when mami find out you ‘re here with me,& I helped you with this.. she will kill me, sure!!

Akash: “ bhai, don’t make me scared.. only me knows how I escaped from there.. hu..( he sighed)


After 20 minutes, both of them reached the gates of raizaida mansion, gates are opened& they drove  inside

Arnav was fully exhausted; he walked wearily up to the steps to the front door& rang the bell. A moment of silence passed as he stared at the door, he rang the bell again, assume may be  they don’t heard it, at the first ring  , but no one came to opened it, it was more than 10 minutes he is waiting outside, he rang the bell once more. He wondered what happen to the people around there, usually nani,or hp opened the door for him; but today there no sign of anyone. Akash  looked through the window,the hall was empty.

Akash: bhai, there is noone

“ nani…,  hariprakash...” he called out

They  heard someone’s laughing & giggling sounds, it cames from the terrace. Both of them Heads towards the terrace, the scene which them had witnessed makes them  shocked. nani was dressed in like a man with aturban&moushache, and there is beer bottle in her hand.

Arnav: what the!! Nani???

Nani: kon nani??, mey hu.. v ,,, veeru

Akash: what? Veeru.. who is it?

Nani grabbed akash’s collar& start saying: agayi tu. Gabbar sigh,. mere basanti se muje door karne.. kabhi  nahi..(she slapped him)

 “ Ghav valoo, dekh yeh basanti hena, basanti.. iss se mera lagan hone vala da, aur yeh peeche baite bude massi ne ..palti mardi.. (she said while looking payal)


Arnav : nani what you doing?? It’s akash, nani, are  you drunk??, come let’s go down.. yeh stupid hariprakash kaha gaya?

Hp: mey ether hu sahib…(I’m here sir..)

Akash: great!..he is  also drunk!!

Arnav:  Dammit what’s happening here??

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Apr 26, 2017

Arnav-khushi ki RABBA -VE& Akash-payal ki heart attack (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 31 times)

Flash back

At 5:30, khushi was in all set to go airport, to receive payal” ok naniji, chal ke athi hu”..said khushi

“ ok, beta sambal ke jaana… teekh hai said nani( fine, take care … drive carefully ok..)

“ hp.. hp.. nani called

“ ji naniji..he replied

“ mey mandir jaa kar aathi hu.. tum yeh sare hall saaf  karo.. teekh hai” ( hp.. I am going to mandir, will come after a while, before that complete your jobs ok, clean this hall room” ok..”)nani said

 ji” hp nodded

**** After nani went to mandir, hp started to do his works.after sometime, 

Hp’s p.o.v 

“ um, naniji toh aab tak nahi avogi, kyunki pooja hena, voh kadam karke deere aathe hogi, aur yaha bhi koi nahi hai.. jab dekho kaam kaam subh se tak raath se, .. “ yeh toh mein doti deer bath hi kadam karlungi.. aab doti relax muje chahiyiye.. haila, joh bottle mene magvayiye hamari kitchen ki cupboard mey hai, bhagvan, laal laal badayiyo apka, samb log yaha se jaane keliye, toh inn mey mein aram se pee sakh hu..” , he had taken the hidden bottle from the cupboard .“ aww.. mere raja..aaja..”.( um.. I think nani willnot came this hour, she must be late, after completing pooja, it will take time. There is no one here, so I want to relax sometime..i have only works here from morning to night.., wait, let me finish this later, let me relax sometime, haila, I forget, about my bottle.. which I borrowed& hidden in kitchen cupboard.. thank a lot god, for your help.. so, I can drink it without any disturbance”)  

********At airport*******

Payal p.o.v 

“Ithne, deer hogayi hai khushi ko aajana chahiya da na, uss ko patha nahi mey kaise mushkil mey hu.. baath toh sahi hai, uss ko patha kaise chale ga, ki mere sagayi hogayi.. aur yeh shaadhi se muje pasanth toh nahi toh mey bag ke agaya da.. “ patha nahi..  ghav valo kya sochenge, aur mere maa aur bavuji mere shakal bhi nahi dekh bhi nahi dekhonghi aaj ki baath, mere maan mey aise idea aye kyum? ..aur patha nahi, sabh kuch jaane ki baath khushi kaise react kare ki..”(it’s late.. I think it’s time for her to come, but.. she doesn’t even know.. I am so trouble, yah right!, how did she knew about this all, she doesn’t even knewed about my engagement.. then shaadhi, from there I escaped, I don’t even to get married.., don’t know how my mom& dad  facing it.., they must be searching for me whole house.. Don’t know how all react, I don’t know where this crazy idea came to my mind that time!, don’t know how khushi react after knowing the whole truth.. god, did I done right or  wrong??)  Meantime payal kept thinking, someone tapped her shoulder” khushi singha reporting madam.. khushi said 

“ kya t um sapne dekh rahe de , kitne time mene wait kiya tut oh hosh mey aane ki, par na..( payal, are you dreaming?!, I waited so long here.. but you are in your own world.. ) 

“ oh mey toh bas .( no, nothing like that..i..).

 “ toh chale” khushi asked.(can we move on) 

“ khushi, muje tumse kuch.. saroori baath karni hai.. ki.. muje nahi patha mey sahi hu ya galath” payal said(khushi I want to say something.., don’t know am I right or not..,) 

“ arey.. arey relax.. sabh kuch baath karenge, hum.. ab chalo, ghar pe nani.. ithazar kar rahe hey tumara” khushi insisted( hey.. hey.. relax.. we will discuss later, come let’s go, nani must be waiting for us)

 “ par yaar .. mein” , “ shh.. relax hum baad mein karenge, ab chalo.. khushi said( but yaar,.. i..)( shh.. relax, we can discuss it when we reach, come)

   ********At rm,

 nani returned after completing her poojas, when she entered in hall, she become shocked.. “ hp..hp..” she called out, but hp is full form due to intoxication ,didn’t heard her calls..

“patha nahi kaha gayab hogayi hai yeh… ithne kaam yaha pada hai, voh dono ab aathe hoge..,khude jake check karthi hu..”( don’t know.. where did he gone without completing his works.. I have told him  to complete it early, .. they must be here any time, let me check..)  

At kitchen corner, hp was sitting in floor* having one more sip, when nani entered.. he become shocked& immediately hide the bottle. 

“ ither kaha kar rahe tum” waha ithne kaam pada hai , aise hey toh tum ko chuti dena hi padega.. 

“ aise math kar naniji, dekh mey aabhi bhi kadam karthi hu.. dekh muje do minute chahiye..” hp said& rushed in..nani smiled 

“ chal jab takh who yaha aathe hai.. mey mitayi banathi hu..”( ok, let me make some sweets by then..)  nani thought 

 She started preparing jelebi”S.. meanwhile” hp…” she called out” ha, naniji” he replied while doing his works.” Wo sakar ki pani kaha rakha hai tumne” (where did you kept the sugar syrap hp…?)she asked. Woh naniji, woh bottle second kamare  mein bottle pe hai” he replied back.

But  poor hp forget to say the colour of bottle.this is same cupboard he had  hidden his liquor bottle . nani  had taken the bottle,pour it bowl& she started to put one by one fried jelibi’s. *******Someminutes later, payal* khushi reached there, nani welcome them by circling  pooja thal.payal things kept in khushi’s room as khushi said.  Nani sat with them  while talking. Meantime in kitchen, after finishing his work.. hp started searching his liquour bottle, but he could find it, he wondered where it gone. Meantimenani said” acha tum dono bathe karlo mey neeche jaathi hu”  


“ hp” kya dund rahe ho tum” nani asked;

 mene kuch nahi.. kya apko laga mey kuch dund raha hu” hp asked while nani nodded

“ wo kuch nahi naniji, woh rasoyi pe chuha aarahe de na ..toh usse”( nahi naniji, in kitchen, I found a rat so…) hp said

“ ha, teekh hai.. tum yeh chak ke bathavo, kaise hai”( ok.. you take one* tell me how is it?)nani insisted

“ aww.. mitayi, lavo nani, hum abi bath ate hai”(wow, mitayi, give it to  me nani, I will check* tell)Hp eat little&find out there is no sugar init, there is also strange taste. 

 Hp” naniji, iss mey toh sakar bhi nahi hai” aur kuch ajeeb sa taste aaraha hai”

“ kya? Aise kaise ho saka te hai, mene toh sakar ki pani mey daal diye hai isse.., mey check kar dete hai..”(what? How? I filled it in sugar syrup.., let me  check)


Payal yeh tumne kya kiya hai.!. aapni shaadhi se baag  ke yaha agayi tu.. par yeh nahi socha ghar valom ke takleef ki bare mem.. tere maa bavuji, tere buaji.. sabh log.. tumne bahout galathi kiya hai yaar..mene socha tum muje milne arahe de, par yeh nahi socha tum kahi apni shaadhi se baag ki  ayi huwa he.. tum ko ho kya huwa payal, tum hosh mey hu yahi nahi.. ( payal.. what you have done!, you escaped from your own marrige.. you never thought about your parents.. your family, buaji& all.. you done very wrong,.. I thought you came here for visiting me as you felt so alone but I never thought that you..) 


Muje kuch nahi patha da khushi, voh uss samay pe muje kya hogaya da.. pehlese muje inn riste se mana kar rahe de, tume patha hena mere bavuji ki bare mem, kisi ki baath nahi sunn the voh.. mene kahi baar koshish ki unne samjane par.. na. Khushi muje yaha job milgaya hai.. yeh baath bathane keliye mey jaa rahe de par, bauji mere shaadhi thaai kar diya, toh.. mere pass koi raastha nahi da…toh mene soch baag loo  sabh logon se.. apni naye zindagi keliye, woh toh mey kiya , mantha hai mey galath hai.. par unnlogon ne mere bare mem ek baar socha hote toh..(i don’t know anything khushi..what happened to me that time.. I don’t like this proposal , even earlier I denied it..but you know about my father right, he didn’t hear anyone. I tried many times to make him realize that, I never want marriage right now.. but I failed.. khushi, I got an appoint ment letter as an fashion designer post, here, I am so excited& thought to say to my father but before that he fix my marriage.. I don’t find any other way..so I escaped , escaped from all.. to start , to live my life as I wish.. I know I done it wrong but.. if they think me about once.. it may not been happen)  

Ok.. ok.. tum ro math.., kisi ko patha toh nahi chale na , tum yaha hai..(ok..ok.. don’t cry, noone knows about  it right, that you are here) hum khushi asked 

” Nahi” payal said 

”Toh teekh hai, aise rahte, chalo tum freshn hojavo.. aur phir hum challenge mandir, arey tumko patha nahi.. voh ek special mandir hai.. chalo uddo” 


When Khushi& payal returned from mandir, payal spot someone outside RM,she get shocked. She dragged khushi from there . Both of them hide at the back of bushes

“ tumko poora yakeen hai ki voh ladka hai” khushi asked

“ ha yaar, ha.. yeh wahi hai.. damn, agar yeh yaha hai, toh sath bavuji aur sabh log honge..unn logon ko patha chal gaya  mey yaha hu..” marr gayi yaar.. tumare pass chaku hai toh yaha katt do muje..” mey vaha nahi jaa sakti” (yah, yaar,he is the one, damn if he is here then my dad will also here.. everyone must be  here.., they find out,that I am here,  god!! Khushi doyou have knife, then cut me here itself.. I don’t want to go there) 

“ arey tum tension kyum le rahe ho.. wait,patha lagthe hai wo tere dunke agaye hai kya nahi( hey, relax  don’t be so tensed yaar, wait let’s have a look, may be you got confused , it willnot be him) 

“ no yeh vahi hai, muje dund the   aye hai bilkul sach mey.. mey mar gayi..khushi muje bachale bachale yarr”( no.it’s him.. he came here to find me, I am dead..khushi, help me ..help me please) “ shh.. payal”khushi said

precap: "khushi in arnav's room.. akash& payal.. samne" chal ke dekhiye aage!!! 

"akash-payal ki hogi Heartattack  while arnav -khushi ki hogi "Rabba ve:::!!!





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May 9, 2017

"Arnav khushi ki Rabbave& Akash payal ki Heartattack" (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 27 times)

After few hours arnav akash sat up straight on sofa looking at the nani coming to conscious,

Arnav: nani ye lo ye piyo”…( nani here take it, said arnav while passing curd to her)

Nani:” muje.. nahi chahiye.. muje basen ki laddo chahiye.. abi!(no.. I don’t want.. I want besan ladoo .. now)     

Akash: ha, ha nani hum lekhar aathe hai.. pehle ye piyo.. said akash

Nani: paka.. jhoot nahi bolrahi hena.. tum logon ne.. she asked( promise.. you are not lying right..)

“toh mey pithi hu,, lavo do (give it.. I will drink) “ she said ;Arnav sighed, while akash nodded

Akash: bhai muje sach mey nahi patha nani aise peethe!?(bhai, I didn’t know  that nani drinks)

Muje bhi,  pehle baar aise dekh rahe nani ko aise..said arnav (I don’t even know, it’s first time; I’m seeing her like this)

«  tum log.. nani ..nani muje kyun bularahe ho.. mere shaadhi bi nahi huyi hai..( why you cakking me nani again.. i don’t even married yet)

Arnav*akash : kya?!!!(what?!) akash*arnav looks her atmost shocked

Akash : bhai, lagtha hai, nani poore hangover pe hai..(I think bhai.. nani didn’t get over with it..)


Arnav& akash sighed with a relief, lied in sofa after leaving nani in her room..

Akash: kya hai bhai, ho kya gaya hai?!

Arnav: I don’t have any idea.. any way it’s already late!,  good night!

Akash: ha, good night bhai,

Arnav: akash, all your things are in guest ouse right, I will tell mohan to take down here!

Akash: but bhai

Arnav: it’s ok, be here..


Meantime in outdoors, khushi* payal were peeking in through bushes.

“ khushi, aab hum kya kare yaar, dekh voh yaha rukne vale hai..voh nani se bolkar “ ha” bhi karvaya. muje kuch samj mey nahi aaraha” said payal( khushi what do we do now yaar, look he is going to spent the night here.. look nani also agreed, i don’t know what’s happening?!)

“ hey payal, tum tension kyun ho rahe yaar, mey kuch sochti hu wait said khushi(hey payal,  don’t worry.. let me think ..)”


Akash was sitting outside thinking about his broken marriage, he felt that he cheated the innocent girl.. he felt so ashamed of himself..he felt sorry for his parents; even though his parents put forward the proposal without his consent…



“ aye, hum yeh room ki window pe aise kyun chalrahe yaar, yeh arnav ki kamara hena,(aye,why should we gone through this window yaar, it’s arnav’s room right!)

“shh.. payal..  ander jane ki yahi ek rasta hai.. chal(shh..payal it’s an easy way to enter inside.. come)

“ no.. khushi.. mey nahi( no, khushi.. I am not)

Off ho.. dekh pehle mey jathi hu..(off ho!, ok , look let me in first)


In arnav’s room

  • Arnav was standing near the poolside watching out the moonlight, seems like he lost in some thoughts..Meantime khushi peeped in throughout  the widow, as the room is so dark so she didn’t notice the man standing near the poolside. Meantime arnav noticed a hand peeping through the widow, so he kept quite to know who was it!.  Khushi was struggling to enter inside meanwhile someone gives her a hand& pushed her inside. Khushi become shocked with sudden pull.





Meantime payal was standing at the ground , couldn’t find khushi.. it’s more than 20 mintues khushi entered in through the window..  she started calling her name,. mean while akash who was sitting in bench outdoor  to seek fresh air as he could get sleep... heard someone’s voice.. so he went forward to look who is it..

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