Arshi SS: Hamesha & Forever

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Mar 27, 2017

Arshi SS: Hamesha & Forever (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 138 times)

Hello everyone...IT'S FINALLY OVER! Tomorrow is my final exam and after 12 long years, Ill be officially a 12th pass out (Officially because I'm sure I won't fail :P) So here's the new story that I promised!

Thank you everyone for their suggestions. Everyone had different plots and I have decided to combine many plots together which Sheetal plot as main theme.

Special mentions to @Arshi, @Kitty, @_Aishu, @Kasr_Sd_Asr_Lg, @Lily30, @Spriya, @Monarsh, @Irene whose ideas (Sheetal track) are selected as main themes. Sorry if i missed others but that's because the remaining plots are SECRET! Shh....






Raizada Mansion

11.30 pm


The loyal security guard of RM stood up as he saw his boss and his wife walking to the gate with their luggage.

“Saab?” he asked looking at their tear strained faces and stood shocked. He had never seen his boss crying.

“Open the gate Ramlal” Arnav said in his hoarse voice.

Ramlal opened the gate and Arnav walked out clutching Khushi’s hand with his one hand and the luggage in other.

“Where are you going saab?” Ramlal asked not able to hold it.

Arnav and Khushi turned to him and just smiled. “Thank you for everything you have done for us till now Ramlal ji” Khushi said softly and they both walked away with Ramlal standing still.


Mar 27, 2017

Chapter 1 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 151 times)

Chapter 1



Toronto, Canada

9.30 pm


He walked into the luxurious apartment of his and closed the door. Placing the bag on the couch he walked to the kitchen in hope of finding her.

She was there cleaning up the kitchen.

He licked his lips not knowing how to start. But before he could speak she said in her stern voice, “Late”

He looked at her back wide eyed. How on earth did she see him?

“You definitely made a noise when you opened the door Arnav ji” she said turning to him as if reading his mind.

He chuckled and walked to her. “Sorry. Got held by work!” he said softly.

“Apology not accepted” she said and turned back continuing the cleaning.

“Khushi” he cooed and hugged her from back. Placing kisses down her jaw line he whispered, “You know how much I love you. Don’t you?”

“Now don’t use your tricks. Won’t work on me!” she said pushing him and said, “Sit down. I’ll serve you dinner!”

“I had my dinner at office!” he said.

“YOU WHAT?” she screamed.

“Err...I had....”

“Then for who the hell am I waiting to have dinner with?” she screamed.

“Wait a minute you didn’t have?” he asked and she nodded no.

“Khushi” he groaned, “I have asked not to wait for me na?”

“But I want to eat with you” she pouted.

He laughed and said, “Come. We’ll eat together!”

“But you ate na?” she asked.

“Second trip!” he said and pulled her to dining table.



He fed her rice and she looked at him. “What’s wrong Arnav ji?” she asked him.

“Nothing!” he said and stuffed her mouth full of rice.

She whined and he chuckled.

She gulped it down and said, “You can’t lie to me. Something is bothering you. Tell me or else I....” she couldn’t complete when he placed his lips over her for soft kiss.

“You look so beautiful” he whispered as he kissed her cheeks and down her neck. She closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around his neck when she suddenly opened her eyes.

“Don’t change the topic” she pushed him.

“Aww...Khushi you need to write a book on how to ruin romantic moments” Arnav said.

“Tell me what’s wrong!” she demanded.

“Okay fine” he said, “We’ll have to go to Delhi for a while”

A dead silence prevailed in the dining room.

“Why?” she asked after a long silence.

“Akash had called. Nani is not well. She wants to meet us!” he said.

“No” she said.


“I said no” she stood up.

“Khushi she wants to meet us both!” Arnav said standing up.

“I won’t step a foot inside that house” she said firmly, “I won’t come! That’s final!”

“Fine. Don’t come! You know what, I’ll go alone! Because I cannot abandon my grandmother because my so called wife is adamant that she’ll not step her foot in Delhi!” he said angrily.

She said nothing but took the plates and walked to kitchen.

“Fine. Don’t say anything” he said angrily and stormed to the bedroom.





She slipped into the blanket and switched off the lights.

Lying flat on the bed she whispered, “Angry?”

No reply came and she sighed, “It’s not like I’m not interested in meeting Nani ji. You know the real problem!”

She felt a movement beside her and soon felt an arm wrapping around her waist.

“Even I have the same problem! Even I don’t want to meet them!” Arnav whispered as he shifted close to her, “But I cannot turn down the call. She is my Nani! She had always stood by me, right from Ma’s death to the mishap that happened 2 years ago.”

“I know. But...” she said.

“We’ll go there, visit her and take the next flight back home!” he whispered, “I promise!”

“What’s the status of RM members now?” she asked.

He sighed and said, “Well Shyam and Akash handling AR. The business is crumbling down. Mami and Anjali wasting money as usual. NK is at Sydney working with as a wildlife photographer. He never went to RM after we left.”

“And what about her?” she asked with venom spitting through her words.

“Sheetal and Aarav are still at RM. They have accepted him as my son!” he said.

She took a deep breath controlling her anger. “Wait what about Payal jiji?” she asked.

“She is at Lucknow with Amma, Babuji and Buaji for a while. Don’t know if anything’s wrong!” he said.

“You should give Aman a raise” Khushi said chuckling, “Poor fellow. He came with you to Toronto and works so much day and night collecting information of them for you! I wonder whether he sees his wife anymore or just sleeps in office!”

He laughed.


Mar 28, 2017

Chapter 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 146 times)

Chapter 2




7.00 pm



“Hi Preeti” Payal said hugging her friend. Preeti smiled and hugged her back. “Come in” Preeti invited her inside her apartment.

“You live alone here?” Payal asked.

“No. There are three more. We share the flat!” she said, “What about you? It’s a long time we’ve met!”

Payal smiled tightly and Preeti asked, “Is there anything wrong Payal?”

Payal sighed and said, “Can you help me in finding a job?”

“Job?” Preeti asked, “But you said that after marriage you won’t...”

“That marriage won’t last long!” Payal cut her in.

Preeti fell silent and Payal said, “I’m thinking to get a divorce Preeti. I cannot take this anymore!”

“What happened?” Preeti asked and Payal kept mum.

“It’s ok. You can tell me when you feel like. Now, what kind of job do you want?”

“Anything that gives me a good monthly salary” Payal said.





New Delhi

7.00 pm


We’re coming. Will reach there by 6 am tomorrow. – ASR

Should I pick you up? He messaged back

No need. Aman have arranged everything - ASR

Akash sighed reading the message. The designation written as ASR didn’t escape his eyes. He uses ASR only in business world. ‘I’m now a distant acquaintance I guess!’ he mumbled reading the message.

“Well you should be.” His heart screamed. “You didn’t support your brother in front of your sister. For you her tears valued more than the truth.”

“But she was so weak then. You should not let di down!” His mind said.

“Di my foot! Are you talking about that fragile glass doll who cannot even walk without her spineless husband paving a rose path for her?” His heart shouted.

“Shut up! It’s his sister!” Mind screamed.

“Then who is Arnav? Dog? Who is Payal then? Didn’t he marry her promising in front of the holy fire that he would protect and love her during odds?” Heart screamed.

“SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!” Akash shouted.

“What?” he heard 2 voices and opened his eyes to find Anjali and Sheetal sitting before him and talking something.

“Err...” Akash stammered. How could he tell them that he was shouting at his mind and heart who was pestering him?

“Sorry Akash! We disturbed you!” Sheetal said and stood up.

“Sheetal ji sit down!” Anjali said, “Akash can’t you see we are talking here. Go upstairs!” and the ladies continued their talk.

He stood up.

His heart is right but he chose his mind. Like always!





India Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

6.15 am


Arnav and Khushi walked to the exit dragging their luggage. They saw a sign board with Mr. And Mrs. ASR written on it.

“Hello sir, I’m Ayan!” Ayan shook hands.

“Aman appointed you right?” Arnav asked and Ayan nodded. “This way sir, mam, we’ve the car ready!”



“Sir, we’re going straight to hotel right?” Ayan asked and Arnav hummed. He looked to his left and saw Khushi leaning on his shoulder sleepily. He wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled into him sleeping peacefully.

“Where you do work Ayan? Definitely not under my company since I don’t have branches here in India!” Arnav said.

Ayan chuckled and said, “Sir, I’m Aman Mathur’s cousin. I own a travel agency and often help top companies in making travel arrangements for their clients!”

“Top companies? Like?” Arnav asked.

“Jaiswal group, Mehra Corp, yeah Ryder Constructions...”

“AR?” Arnav asked.

“Nope! It does not come under TOP Company’s sir!” Ayan said chuckling. He turned to Arnav and said, “I know it’s your past company but no offence sir....your brother and brother-in-law sucks in business! AR is dooming!”

“I know” Arnav said smiling sadly.

AR is past hurts seeing it fall! After all it was his baby company!




Mar 30, 2017

Chapter 3 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 143 times)

Chapter 3



7.00 am


Payal walked to her room drying her wet hair when she heard her phone ringing. With towel in one hand, she picked the call with other not even bothering to check the caller.


“Payal it’s me!” a familiar voice said.

“Bye” she said and was about to cut when he cried, “No...please don’t cut the call...”

“What do you want Akash? I told you...I’m done with you!” Payal said angrily.

“I’’s dadi!” Akash said.

“Dadi?” she frowned.

“She is ill. Very ill and she wants you here! She asked me to call you!” Akash said.

“And you think I would believe you?” she scoffed.

“Please...” Akash pleaded, “Dadi asked me to call you and I did. Bhai and Khushi ji are also coming!”

“Wait a minute...Khushi? She is coming and Arnav ji?” she asked shocked.

“Yes. I called them!”


“No I called their company and....”

“Forget it” she snapped and cut the call.

Seconds later she received a text.

Please don’t delete this before reading. I know we’re over but we cannot tell this our family yet. Dadi is so ill and she really wants everyone near her. Please, come Payal. I’ve sent a flight ticket to your mail. It’s in three hours. Please...for dadi. Just some days....when she recovers we’ll tell her the truth that we’re soon to file divorce.

Payal closed her eyes and sighed.

Nani ji’s smiling face came to her mind. “She was the only one who loved me in the whole Raizada Mansion. And now she needs me!” Payal said to herself.







1.00 pm


“Hey this is cool stuff dude!”

NK smiled at the appreciation.

“I’ll make sure that this is the cover page of my magazine!” the editor of Global Geographic magazine said and NK said, “Thank you sir!”

“Collect your pay check from my assistant NK. And yeah, your work is always welcome here!” he said and NK smiled nodding.


He walked out of the office selling out the photos he had taken from Amazon rain forest at a price no one can imagine. Smiling at his victory he sat inside his car when his mobile beeped.

The contact showed Akash.


A past acquaintance whom he always wanted to forget.

Why, after 2 years?

He opened the message and read,

NK bhai, its Akash. Please don’t ignore this message. Dadi is seriously ill and she wants all of you here. Please come home.....


He scoffed.

When did that “ashantivan” become home?

But dadi......






Everyone was enjoying their tea in living room when Arnav stormed downstairs in anger with dragging Aarav along with him.

“Arnav? What are you doing?” Sheetal stood up seeing him dragging Aarav.

Standing before Sheetal, Arnav said in anger, “What the hell is your son babbling Sheetal? He is saying that I’m his father!”

Everyone gasped and Sheetal looked at Aarav who held his head down.

“Hello hi bye bye” Mami said, “Arnav bitwa’s son?”

“Care to explain?” Arnav asked angrily.

“What is there to explain? This is the truth!” Sheetal said angrily.

Everyone stood shocked and Arnav shouted, “DON’T LIE SHEETAL!”

“Why should I lie? You and I both know that Aarav is our son! Why are you....oh yes, you have to uphold your image in front of your gawar wife!”Sheetal sneered looking at Khushi who stood in tears.

“Khushi...” Arnav ran to her, “Don’t believe her. She is lying. Aarav is not my son!”

“No...You’re my father!” Aarav cried.

“Enough everyone” Nani said, “Sheetal tell me everything!”


“Arnav, I’m talking to Sheetal!” Nani said sternly/

Sheetal said, “Nani ji, Arnav and I were together at Harvard and we were in a relationship for 3 years. On our graduation night party we both we drunk and.....” she sighed, “The next morning he was not there but just a note. It said that he was done with me and is breaking up with me! That’s it! Vanished in thin air! When I asked his friends, they said he went home!”

Everyone looked at Arnav in shock and Arnav said, “Lies. I never drinks nor did I go for graduation party. What the hell are you doing Sheetal? Do you want money? How much do you want?”

“I don’t need money. I just want a father figure for Aarav and I’m not gonna marry someone for him when his father is alive! Aarav is your son and I can prove it!” she cried.

“Prove it then!” he shouted.

“Chotte...” Anjali cried.

“DNA test!” NK shouted and everyone looked at him, “Let’s take a DNA test!”

“Fine” Sheetal said.

Arnav also nodded.



Next day


“This proves that Aarav is related to ASR!” doctor announced.




“Happy now? I have the proof!” Sheetal said showing the DNA test to the family.

Everyone gasped and Arnav looked at Khushi.

“Khushi please believe me...This never happened. Aarav is not my son!” Arnav cried.

“I believe you Arnav ji!” Khushi said calmly, “I know that Aarav is not your son! You’re not a man who goes sleeping around women! I know you!”

“But Khushi ji,” Anjali said, “The DNA report clearly states that Arnav is Aarav’s father!”

“Then the report is fake!” Khushi said angrily.

“Khushi ji” Akash said, “I know you love bhai so much. But you need to accept this that the boy is bhai’s son!”

“Shut up Akash, you also believe this cheat?” Arnav shouted.

“Yes because she is right!” Akash shouted and threw some photos to the desk.

Arnav stood shocked. They were photos of his and Sheetal.

“What does this mean Chotte?” Anjali asked, “Sheetal ji showed us this morning!”

“Di that could be photo shopped!” Payal said calmly.

“Shut up Payal. No one asked you anything” Akash said angrily and Payal rolled her eyes.

“Enough everyone!” Nani said and everyone looked at her.

“Whatever it is, I won’t accept Aarav as Arnav’s son!” Nani declared and Arnav looked at her in gratitude.

“But dadi” Akash began when mami said, “I also agree with saasuma. Arnav bitwa can never do this!”

“Fine!” Sheetal shouted, “I’ll go to court! I’ll demand justice for my son! I’m gonna sue you all!”

“No Sheetal” Anjali said and turned to Arnav, “Chotte, you have two options, either accept Aarav as your son or...”


“Leave this house, NOW!” Anjali shouted.

Everyone gasped and Arnav stood shocked.

“Di...” Akash whispered and Anjali said, “NO Akash. He needs to learn a lesson! Either stay here as Aarav’s father or leave this house as Khushi’s husband! What do you select Arnav?”

Arnav stood silent and then said, “Khushi, pack your bags!”

Khushi gasped and Mami said, “Arnav bitwa no...”

“No Mami....I can’t stay here where my own family doesn’t believe me” he turned to Akash and said, “AR is now under you and all other properties including Shantivan is under di! Collect papers from Mr. Roy!”

“Bhai you needn’t...” Akash began when Arnav said, “I’m not your brother Akash. You lost that right the moment you believed a doctor’s report over me!”


Mar 31, 2017

Chapter 4 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 192 times)

Chapter 4



Shantivan, New Delhi


Hari Prakash opened the door and stood shocked.

“Payal bhabhi?” he asked and Payal smiled, “How are you Hari Prakash ji?”

“Fine bhabhi. Come in!” he moved aside.

Payal walked into the mansion she had walked out a month ago. Yes, it was a month since she had left Akash and Raizadas in the excuse of her mother’s fake illness. They were getting divorce but Akash was waiting for the right time to tell their family. So according to other Raizadas, Payal was at Lucknow because her Amma is ill.

She walked to the living room to find the two ****es of the world sitting and chatting. Rolling her eyes she walked past them and climbed the stairs.

“Payal?” Sheetal called and she turned.

Anjali also looked at her.

“When did you come?” Anjali asked.

“Oh you did not know? I walked in right now and walked past you. Well how would you? You need to look up from your ****ty friend to see the things that’s happening around you Mrs. Jha!” Payal sassed.

“You...” Anjali began when Payal said, “I did not walk into this garbage mansion to hear your stinky words. Where’s dadi? She called me here!”

“She is upstairs in her room. And don’t think you can go without apologizing to Anjali!” Sheetal said angrily.

“Barking dogs must be quietened not pampered!” Payal said and walked away ignoring Anjali’s and Sheetal’s shouts.






“What?” Akash asked shocked.

“We lost the tender” Shyam said calmly.


Shyam shrugged and Akash groaned, “Who am I asking to? The so called lawyer who doesn’t know the alphabets of business!”

“Well I’m a lawyer who knows law. What kind of a businessman are you who don’t know how to manage a company even after working under ASR for years? Even Arnav’s assistant would manage a company better than you!” Shyam said angrily.

Akash sighed and looked down.

“Akash, we have to do something or else the whole company would crumple down!” Shyam said.

“Well why don’t you go and ask that wife of yours for a suggestion? Oh no, she is busy shopping with her ****y friend!” Akash said.

“My so called wife happens to be your sister Akash. The same **** for whom you walked away from your brother two years back!” Shyam sassed.

“Well you aren’t a saint either! You were her slave for the past 7 years! We all thought you were the villain but in real you’re just a toy of Anjali Singh Raizada! You just did what she wanted you to!” Akash shouted.

“I got money for that Akash! Money is everything!” Shyam said shrugging his shoulders.

Akash kept mum and Shyam asked, “When is Arnav coming?”

“I don’t know. He is here in Delhi. He must have reached by 6 today morning” Akash said.

It was then HP knocked the door.

“Come in” Shyam said and HP entered the study room.

“Payal bhabhi is here. She is in Nani’s room!” HP said.






Hotel Plaza

3.45 pm


Arnav woke up rubbing his eyes and looked around. It was the hotel room they had checked in and the luggage was kept near the dressing table as it is – unpacked.

He looked to his left and found Khushi sleeping like a baby. She had her arm wrapped around his waist and head on his chest with a cute pout on her face. Apparently jet lag had taken a troll on her and was crying the whole morning about it. He had to tuck her in bed, give her some pills and caress her hair till she fell asleep. After a while, he had joined her as well.

Gently removing her arms from his body, he made her lie flat on the bed and covered her with a blanket. Stepping out of the bed, he walked to the phone they had in the room and ordered for a coffee and some snacks.

Hearing some noise he looked at the bed to find Khushi sitting up. She was yawning like a cute kitten and looked here and there.

“Coffee” he said handing her a cup.

She looked at him and smiled sleepily. “Thank you Arnav ji” she cooed and took the cup. He chuckled and patted her head.

“We have to go right?” he asked taking a seat on the couch. She took a sip and nodded.

“What is the time now?” she asked and he said, “4”

“Haww....did we sleep so long?” she asked with her eyes wide. He chuckled and nodded.

“Will Payal jiji come?” Khushi asked, “She is at Lucknow na?”

“I don’t know. Something is wrong between her and Akash I think! According to Aman, she had been at Lucknow for over a month! She never does that!” Arnav said.

“Do you think....they have separated?” Khushi asked keeping the cup aside.

“May be. If it’s so then I must say, she took a good move!” he said and she chuckled.


 How many likes for Payal?

Apr 1, 2017

Chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 136 times)

Chapter 5



“Arrey? Khushi? Arnav bitwa? At this time?” Buaji asked rubbing her eyes.

Amma came to door and was shocked to see a tired and teary eyed Arnav and Khushi at their doorstep at midnight. “Come in” she said and Buaji stepped aside.

“What happened?” they asked and Khushi sighed telling them everything.



Khushi was asleep on the bed and Arnav sat near the window looking at the late night sky. It was then he heard a knock on the door and walked to open it. Buaji and Amma stood there and he asked, “Yes?”

“Is Khushi asleep?” Amma asked and he nodded yes.

“Here take it” Buaji said giving a packet to him. He frowned and took it. Opening it he found some gold ornaments.

“Buaji...Amma...” he stammered when Buaji said, “Dekho Nandikis****, I know that you’re innocent. You can never do that to any girl! Aarav is not your son, I’m sure that Sheetal is playing. Take this jewellery and sell it. And start your business or buy a home or do whatever!”

“ this is not needed!” Arnav said and Amma said, “If you consider us as your family members, then you have to take it!”





“So where are we going?” Khushi asked sitting in the railway station with a small bag of clothes.

“Mumbai” he said.

“Why Mumbai?” she asked.

“I have someone there” he said.

She kept mum and looked at him. “You’re hiding something Arnav ji!” she said.

He sighed and said, “Khushi I’ll tell you when we reach there!”

“What are we gonna do when we reach there?” she asked.

He shrugged. “I don’t know!” he said, “We’ll ask him. He may have some idea!”

“Who is this “he”?” she asked frowning. He kept mum and looked away.






Akash sighed and looked up from his laptop. The clock said 6 O’ clock. Arnav and Khushi didn’t come! They reached Delhi at 6 in the morning but still....why aren’t they coming? Nani ji had asked them twice and he had the same answer “They are coming”. When? He didn’t know.

The brief encounter he had with Payal was a tragedy. She smiled at him and behaved well in front of dadi but walked away as they stepped out of the room. He tried to ask how she was and got a wonderful reply with infinite % sass in it.

He looked into the laptop which showed him the history of “Ocean of Happiness”.

Ocean of Happiness is a Canadian based group handled by Arnav and Khushi (surnames unknown), also known as Arshi. It was established two years back and today they’re the owners of the most prestigious clothing line and hotel chains all over the world. Ocean of Happiness is divided into segments Happiness Corp. and Ocean Corp. each handled separately by Arshi. The fashion house Ray of Sunshine which one the best fashion house award this year is managed by Happiness Corp. and the hotel chain Foodies is handled by Ocean corp. The group donates a part of their yearly income to comic relief and are also the sponsors of many deprived children’s education.

Akash leaned back on the chair and sighed. Arnav had always used the name ASR in the fashion world and thus no one knew that the person Arnav of Ocean of Happiness was actually ASR of AR Fashions. He and Khushi never made a public appearance and thus the whole business world still assumes that ASR has gone from business field.

But the day he heard the name Arnav and Khushi during the fashion house awards last year, he had dug into the matter. Ocean of Happiness – Arnav and Khushi – matched perfectly. Looking into the history of the company, he was sure. It was his brother because no one and no one can take a company to heights in just two years, unless he is ASR.







Thanking the flirty airhostess who was trying to impress him, NK sat down in his seat buckling the belt. He felt the plane taking off and leaned on his seat closing his eyes.

He could hear a child crying in the seat back to him but his mind was busy with that day when he came to know the incident that shook the Raizadas.


“HP!” NK jumped onto HP who opened the door.

“Namaste NK bhaiyya” HP smiled.

“Where are others?” NK asked looking around.

“Nani ji is resting in her room, Mami ji in her room, Payal bhabhi in kitchen, Akash bhaiyya and Shyam bhaiyya in office and....”

“Wait...Shyam?” NK asked shocked.

HP looked down and nodded.

“NK bhai?” he heard a voice and turned to find Payal.

“What the hell is happening here? How come Shyam is back?” NK asked shocked.

Payal sighed, “Many things happened here after you left!”


“Arnav ji and Khushi have left the house!” Payal said slowly.

“WHAT?” NK screamed.








Apr 4, 2017

Chapter 6 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 151 times)

Chapter 6



“I was away for day and then I come back to hear that my brother and sister-in-law are kicked out of the house?” NK asked shocked.

Payal sighed and said, “After you suggested DNA test, you went away to your friend in hospital na? The next day Sheetal brought the DNA test and it said that Aarav is related to Arnav ji!”

“And?” NK asked shocked.

“Akash and Anjali believes her!”

Both of them turned to find Shyam.

“DI!” NK roared and Anjali came downstairs with Sheetal.

“Di what the hell is going on?” NK asked angrily, “First you kicked out Nannav and Khushi ji and now you have this scumbag back here!”

“Shut up NK!” Anjali said angrily, “He is my husband!”

“WHAT? After everything he did to you, you still want him back?” NK asked shocked.

“He is her husband NK. You can’t separate them!” Sheetal said.

“Shut up you ****. Don’t interfere in our family matters!” NK swore.

“She is not an outsider! She is family! Her son is a Raizada and is actually the heir of Raizada properties.” Anjali declared.

“WHAT THE HELL?” NK screamed.

Everyone gathered in the living room hearing the commotion.

 “Listen NK,” Shyam said, “I’m not here with a plan or something. Just need my pay check, that’s all!”

“Pay check?” Akash asked confused, “What is happening? Di you told us that he is here to help you with some legal terms!”

“Ask that to your sister Akash” Shyam said smiling.

 “Hang on” NK said, “What the hell is happening here?”

Shyam sighed and said, “NK I’ll tell you. You know something; your di never ever loved me. Nor did I love her. Then why did we get married? Simple, she wanted a slave and a loop to AR while I wanted money! We’re never in love. It was know for pleasure....that’s it!  And that miscarriage, it wasn’t planned by me like you believe. It was planned by her and she made me do that. She deliberately fell from stairs and got rid of the baby because the hospital didn’t allow abortion!”

Everyone gasped and looked at Anjali who stood smirking.

“Why?” Akash whispered.

“Money” Anjali said, “Shyam was my pawn who used to steal from AR every month. I got enough money from Arnav in the name of his needs. Then he started to have a liking towards Khushi so I played along. I didn’t want to lose my pawn so I pretended to be pregnant and that stopped Arnav from kicking him out. I got him kidnap Arnav and kill him so that property would come to me but Khushi intervened.”

“SO YOU ASKED HIM TO KIDNAP NANNAV?” NK screamed and everyone stood pale while Anjali nodded smirking.

“And then my plans started failing. Arnav kicked out Shyam and then I brought dadi. Shyam was back but then Arnav concluded that Shyam caused my miscarriage and kicked me out. And then entered Sheetal and the rest you know....” Anjali said smiling.

“So the DNA test was fake?” Akash whispered.

“NO” Sheetal said firmly, “It was not. Aarav is Arnav’s son!”

Everyone gasped and Sheetal said, “We’re a couple and Aarav is a result of our.....relation!”

“Sheetal didn’t want a father figure for Aarav or something. She wants money. I want money. So we joined hands, kicked Arnav and Khushi, got their properties under us so....that’s it!” Anjali said smiling.









Raizada Mansion

7.30 pm


HP opened the door for the nth time in the day and stood frozen.

“Arnav bhaiyya? Khushi bhabhi?” he asked shocked.

“How are you HP?” Arnav asked hugging him.

If touches could melt human body, HP would’ve been a memory today. After all it was his Arnav bhaiyya, the rude and arrogant Raizada, hugging him!

Khushi smiled at him and HP looked at her. The traditional housewife was long gone in her. Before him was a modern sophisticated young lady dressed in a casual navy blue evening gown.

“You look different bhabhi!” HP commented and Khushi laughed.

“Who is HP?” a voice called out.

Arshi looked at each other with disgusted faces. That voice!

Sheetal walked to the door and stopped on her way seeing the figures.

“Arnav? Khushi?” she whispered.

Looking at the young makeup-covered woman wearing a dress that barely covers her, Arnav said smirking, “Hello my son’s mother!”



Apr 6, 2017

Sneak Peek to Chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 103 times)

Sneak Peek to Chapter 7



“Now Nani, tell me why you’re faking illness” Arnav demanded.

Nani looked at him shocked.

“Please” Arnav said chuckling, “I’ve known you for years. This is not how you behave when you’re ill! I can’t believe none of mami, Akash or Payal spotted it!”

Nani’s lips curved into a thin smile.

Apr 7, 2017

Chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 139 times)

Chapter 7



“What are you both doing here?” Anjali who came downstairs asked angrily.

“My grandmother is ill Mrs. Jha. I have all rights to visit her” Arnav snapped at her.

Hearing the voices everyone came downstairs.

Mami and Payal smiled at them and rushed to hug Arnav and Khushi. Akash smiled at Arnav who nodded grimly at him. Arshi looked at Shyam who smiled at them.

“Where is Nani ji?” Khushi asked to mami.

“She is upstairs. Come” Mami said lovingly.

“NO. They can’t visit her!” Anjali declared.

“And who are you to say that? She was my mother-in-law even before she became your grandmother Anjali” Mami said angrily.

“Whatever, this is MY house” Anjali shouted.

“I invited them di” Akash said emotionlessly and Anjali looked at him.

“Why?” she asked him angrily.

“Because dadi wants to see them, NK and Payal ji” Akash said, “She is ill and deserves to be with her loved ones”

Anjali rolled her eyes.

“Seriously? Can you stop acting like a ****? Oops, you already are!” Arnav said and Khushi laughed.

“You...” Anjali couldn’t say anything more when Aarav came downstairs.

“Papa?” he cried happily as he saw Arnav. Everyone stood shocked not knowing what to do and Khushi looked at a confused Arnav.

They looked at Aarav. The boy has grown up. He must be in 3rd std now. His face has grown a bit broader and his jaw line has an amazing resemblance to Arnav.

“What is this? Why is he calling me that?” Arnav asked shocked at Sheetal.

“Aarav go inside beta” Payal whispered softly who nodded in confusion and ran away.

“What else would he call at his father?” Sheetal asked rolling her eyes.

“I’m not his father” he shouted, “You know that Sheetal!”

Akash scoffed and said, “Really bhai? The DNA test clearly states that you both are related!”

“You still believe her?” Arnav asked pointing to Anjali, “After everything she has done to get hold of property, why are you still here behind her wagging your tail?”

“How do you know?” Akash asked shocked on how Arnav know about Anjali’s deeds.

“I have my men!” Arnav said simply.

“But the test was not fake bhai. I found it out! It was not fake” Akash said firmly looking at Sheetal, “Out of every deed of these women the test was the only true one!”

Khushi rolled her eyes and said, “Can we meet Nani please?”

Mami nodded and led them.

“You’ve grown more beautiful Khushi bitiya” Mami said and Khushi giggled as they climbed the stairs. “I prefer phatti sari more mami ji” Khushi said.

Mami laughed and said, “Fine”

Sheetal looked at Anjali as Arnav and Khushi disappeared to Nani’s room. “Di look at that! Mami never said that I’m beautiful and now she complimented that ****!”

“Excuse me? She is 1000 times prettier than you. Inside and outside!” Payal said arrogantly.






“How are you?” Nani whispered weakly as she sat leaning on the pillow.

“We’re fine Nani. How are you feeling?” Arnav asked holding her palm.

“I feel better” she whispered.

Khushi said, “Mami ji, can we talk to Nani alone?”

Mami nodded and walked out of the room. Khushi locked the door and Arnav looked at Nani.

“Now Nani, tell me why you’re faking illness” Arnav demanded.

Nani looked at him shocked.

“Please” Arnav said chuckling, “I’ve known you for years. This is not how you behave when you’re ill! I can’t believe none of mami, Akash or Payal spotted it!”

Nani’s lips curved into a thin smile.

“Now tell us Nani ji! You literally gave us an attack when Akash phoned! Tell us why you scared everyone!” Khushi said.

“I just wanted to see everyone. I pretended to be sick so that Akash would get everyone here! See it worked. Payal bitiya came back, you both came and NK bitwa would come tomorrow!” Nani said, now with enough energy and tone.

Arnav sighed and said, “Nani, we would be leaving tonight”

Nani looked at them shocked and Khushi nodded, “We don’t want to be here”


“Nani please...we came here just for you! And we had planned to go back tonight itself” Arnav said.

“You cannot go” Nani said firmly.

“Nani...” Arnav began when the door burst open.

“NANI JI!” a voice boomed.

Arnav and Khushi looked at the door shocked.

“NK?” they both said.

“Nannav? Khushi ji?” NK said happily and ran to hug them.






“So?” NK asked, “You guys are gonna take tomorrow’s flight?”

“Yeah” Arnav said sipping his coffee as he sat in NK’s room, “Nani persuaded us to stay but I can’t stay longer. I got Aman book tomorrow’s flight!”

“Don’t you feel that you should prove your innocence and kick those witches out? I mean everyone knows that Anjali has played with us and then Sheetal claims that the DNA test is true!” NK said.

“I don’t have to prove anything NK! I just need those people who believe in me. And that’s my wife, you, Payal, mami ji and Nani! That’s all I want!” Arnav said, “I have cut myself from this property and AR 2 years back. I’m not planning a comeback!”

“But everyone around Delhi believes that Aarav is ASR’s son. Sheetal is now technically a Raizada!” NK cried.

“Sheetal can never be a Raizada. If she does I’ll go to court. If she or Anjali tries to claim any right on me I have the provision to file complaint!” Arnav said.

“But they are lying that Aarav is related to you” NK said.

“It’s true” Arnav whispered.

“WHAT?” NK shouted.

“Aarav is related to me” Arnav said, “I thought it’s obvious. Doesn’t he look exactly like me?”

“Nannav what are you saying?” NK asked.

“The DNA test was true NK. Aarav is a Raizada!” Arnav said.


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Apr 9, 2017

Chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 153 times)

Chapter 8



“So here we are” Khushi said hopping out of the train to Arnav who stood with bags. “We’re reached Mumbai. Now what?” she asked.

“He is coming to pick us!” he said.

“Who?” she asked.

“Someone really special” he said with a smirk.

She frowned.

“Do we have water?” he asked and she nodded no. “I’ll get some. Stay here, don’t go anywhere!” he said and walked to the mineral water vendor.

Khushi stood gazing at the passengers and vendors around when she felt someone picking up their luggage.

“Hey who are...oh it’s you?” she asked frowning seeing Arnav taking up the luggage.

“Where is the water?” she asked.

“What water?” he frowned.

“You went to get mineral water. Where is it?” she asked.

He smiled and said, “Khushi I’m...”

“Arrey when did you change your clothes?” she asked looking at him head to toe. The simple brown shirt and black pants he had worn was now a white full sleeved T-shirt rolled up to elbow and blue jeans.

“Khushi...err....” he began when Khushi heard a familiar voice, “Ah, you’ve met Aaron?”

Khushi turned to her left and to her shock saw a person dressed up in brown shirt and black pant looking exactly like her husband coming to her...holding a water bottle.

She looked at the man in white tee beside her and then at the man in brown shirt.



“Are you telling me that YOU HAVE A TWIN BROTHER?” NK shouted.

“Shhh!” Arnav hissed and NK calmed down and whispered, “What the hell is happening? Do you have a twin?”

Arnav nodded, “Aaron Payne. My twin brother.”

“I don’t understand!” NK said.

Arnav sighed and said, “It’s complicated. Actually it started from a simple mistake of doctors! When my mother was having delivery another woman was also in labour. She was Karen Payne, a Mumbai Christian who had come to Lucknow for a trip. She had a son and my mother had twins. But her son and my twin had complications so both the babies were in incubator right after birth. The mothers weren’t even allowed to see them once. And then doctors made a mistake. Babies got swapped. But the baby was not healthy and had some problems which I’m not sure of but the baby of Payne died just hours later birth. Doctors announced the news to my family that their second son is dead and gave my brother to Paynes.”

“Oh my god! Swapped!” NK said.

“It happens. There are many cases in this world!” Arnav said, “And years back I joined Harvard and bingo! I crashed into another person who looks exactly like me during my visit to a mall!”

“Then?” NK asked with wide eyes.

“We both were like....who are you dude and why are you looking like me? And then we introduced ourselves and then dug into the matter. He was studying in another college there for journalism. Within days we found out the truth!” Arnav said, “I met Paynes. They’re great people! But he didn’t want to come to our family, be a Raizada or something because for him Paynes are his parents. I respect that. We still remains as brothers but he prevented me from telling this to my family! Just thought of not digging into the past!”

NK sighed and said, “So....Aarav is...”

“Aaron’s son! There is something that you should know! At Harvard I was admitted for depression!” Arnav said.

“What?” NK asked shocked.

“I had never actually gone away from home and I was not over from know mamma’s death and...I used to have nightmares and many problems which I didn’t want Nani or mama to know. Aaron took me to a rehab but just two days later mama ji called me to know if I’m okay. My teacher at Harvard was mama’s friend and he had informed that I was on leave. So we could not took a risk. Aaron....”

“Got it! He took your place at Harvard!” NK completed, “No one suspected since you both look alike. You told him vital information he required to be Arnav Singh Raizada and then he got himself a girlfriend – Sheetal! Right?”

“Yeah. I returned and Aaron was back to his college. He told the truth to Sheetal and she was supportive. They both were like the best couple. So in order to convince her fronts I had to act as her boyfriend inside college premises. After graduation they both got married. Aarav was born. Aaron got a good job and they were well settled. But when Aarav was two years old Aaron lost his job and suddenly they faced a financial crisis. His dad, I mean Mr. Payne fell in debt. The whole family was at the verge of suicide and Sheetal showed true colours. She left him without a note and took Aarav with her. She then went to London I guess. I don’t know about her life there but when Aarav was six years old she returned to India, this time to me. She made Aarav behave like me. Anyone would say that he is my son! She told Anjali the truth and got the witch’s support! She wanted money and luxury and that’s what she got!” Arnav said.

“And didn’t Aaron try to get Aarav back?” NK asked.

“No because Aaron and family were still in financial crisis. I mean if Aaron had to get Aarav’s custody he should’ve a settled life or else the court wouldn’t allow. So the first step was getting Aaron and family out of debt and getting me and Khushi settled. Amma and Buaji’s jewellery found new owners and we started our new venture Ocean of Happiness. We relocated to Canada making our company base there. Got ourselves successful and last year Aaron registered for custody.” Arnav said.

“Really?” NK asked, “And then? What happened to that case and how come Sheetal didn’t know about it?”

“Of course she knew! But she cooked up story at court that it was not Aaron, it was in fact Arnav who she was in relationship. You see there is no proof that it was Aaron because he used my identity in Harvard! She had her friends, my friends and even Anjali to support her. Anjali denied that she had another brother and that mattered the verdict. Of course they kept it away from you all!” Arnav said.

“And didn’t you guys go to jail?” NK asked laughing, “I mean faking identity at institution!”

“We were almost to” Arnav said laughing, “God I had Aman run around for at least a month to get me and Aaron out of it!”

“Oh god!” NK said, “I can’t handle this much shocks in a day. You have a twin....Aarav is your twin’s son....of course the DNA test would be positive! God, I’m dead!”




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