Arshi SS: Hamesha & Forever

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Apr 12, 2017

Chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 139 times)

Chapter 9



“So when can we meet this Aaron guy?” Payal asked to Khushi who told her everything.

Both the sisters were out in the garden and Khushi said, “He is in Canada now. He is our PR head!”

“He sounds interesting. Is he married?” Payal asked sipping juice.

“Jiji!” Khushi looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“I was just asking...” Payal said laughing.

Khushi laughed and said, “Well he isn’t ready for another marriage or relationship after Sheetal’s betrayal!”

“So how is he planning to get back Aarav?” Payal asked.

“For that we’re gonna bring Sheetal to Canada!” Khushi said smiling.

“What?” Payal asked confused.

“Yep. Things won’t work if Sheetal and Aarav are here and Aaron in Toronto. So Arnav ji is gonna make Akash to transfer Sheetal to the Toronto branch of AR! I don’t know how but he said he’ll make sure of that!” Khushi said.

“And at Toronto?” Payal asked.

“Come on jiji, do you think Sheetal would stay quiet when she is in Toronto? We would get her fake friends; we would make her go parties, take pics of her wild partying and prove it to court that she is not a good mother. Then we’ve to collect proofs for Aaron and Sheetal’s marriage which unfortunately they do not have!” Khushi said.

“And Aarav?” Payal asked.

“Arnav ji said that somehow we need to talk to him. He doesn’t about Aaron. He still believes that Arnav ji is his father!” Khushi said.

Payal hummed and Khushi said, “You know jiji, why don’t you come to Toronto with us?”

Payal looked at her and Khushi said, “I know you and Akash are getting divorced. Staying in Delhi or Lucknow after divorce won’t be good. You’ll have the whole world pointing at you for a mistake you never did! People always blame women jiji!”

“I got a job in Lucknow. You remember Preeti? She got me a job in a college canteen as cook!” Payal said.

“Jiji” Khushi said laughing, “You think you cannot get a job? Hell did you forget that your sister now own a hotel chain all over the world?”

Payal smiled and said, “But Khushi I don’t want a job just because I’m your sister!”

“You’re a very talented cook! I know that. You deserve this. I won’t be offering you this if you weren’t worth of it!” Khushi said, “You’re joining us to Toronto. That’s it!”

“You sound like Arnav ji” Payal said smiling.

“Ha...I have to because controlling that laad governor sometimes requires being a laad governor!” Khushi said dramatically.





Next day


“Di!” Sheetal said barging into her room.

Anjali looked up from her magazine and Sheetal closed the door.

“Akash just informed me that he would like to transfer me to the Toronto branch of AR!” Sheetal said excited.

“So?” Anjali asked bored.

“Oh come on di. I could go to Toronto and could find a way with Arnav!” Sheetal said sitting on the bed.

Anjali scoffed and said, “And why do you want that?”

“Di, Arnav is not the owner of stupid AR now. He owns Ocean of Happiness!” Sheetal said.

“What?” Anjali asked sitting up.

“Yes, the Canadian company which rules the fashion and food industry now belongs to Arnav and Khushi! I heard Arnav talking on phone about the company. Who wants the luxury of Raizadas now? I’m gonna find a way to Arnav and then use Aarav to get Arnav’s property!” Sheetal said laughing.

“You ****! Now you got a new plan and I’m out of it huh?” Anjali asked angrily.

“How? Look, when I get Arnav’s property as his “son’s” mother you would also get if you act as his sister whom he had harassed and threw out of house! Got it?” Sheetal said.

Anjali smiled and said, “Yeah that’s right!”

“So now, I’ve to go to Toronto with Aarav and....”

“And lure Arnav Singh Raizada!” Anjali completed.

“I just hope he does not have Aaron with him!” Sheetal said.

“Even if he has, just make sure that Aarav doesn’t meet Aaron. He should meet only Arnav!” Anjali said and Sheetal nodded.








“What do you mean by going?” Akash asked angrily.

“I mean I’m going to Toronto. I’m joining Khushi’s hotel venture as chef!” Payal said.

“No” he said.

“I didn’t ask your permission Akash. We both have signed divorce petition. Out of court settlement. So that’s it. I had received the papers by mail yesterday. We’re legally divorced Akash!” Payal said.

“You can’t go. What will I say to ma and dadi?” Akash said.

“Your family, your responsibility” Payal said.

“Payal please. Give me a chance” Akash begged.

“I gave you chance you idiot. You had two years of your life as chance. You had a choice of voicing out your protest when your sister and that Sheetal insulted me due to my dressing. You had choice to support me when I had to be their servant. YOU HAD A CHANCE AND YOU LET IT GO Akash! YOU DON’T DESERVE ANOTHER!” Payal said angrily and walked out.

Apr 13, 2017

Chapter 10 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 146 times)

Chapter 10



“So jiji, we’re going to mall today then to spa. Today is a sister’s day out!” Khushi said clapping her hands like a child.

Arnav sighed from the front seat and Aman chuckled from driver seat.

“Kya hai?” Khushi asked the two men.

“No nothing!” Arnav said, “Just worried about our wardrobe tonight. Already it has passed its full capacity in holding clothes!”

Payal laughed and Khushi huffed.

“Payal, you wanna see Aaron na?” Arnav asked. Payal nodded.

“Why don’t we invite him for dinner tonight Khushi?” he asked and Khushi said, “Ha, call the Paynes also. It’s been long that I met uncle, aunty and Nicole!”

“Is Aaron exactly like you? I mean no difference?” Payal asked.

“Nahi jiji, when I met him for first I thought he is Arnav ji and was asking Arnav ji when did you change clothes?” Khushi said and everyone laughed.

“What about Sheetal?” Payal asked.

Arnav looked at Aman who nodded and said, “She will be staying AR’s employee apartment!”

Arnav nodded and said, “Aman, I had promised that I would help him in his sinking business if he sent Sheetal to Toronto. So I want you to take care of that. Help AR to complete its debt and yeah, we’ve to buy some of AR’s designs.”

“Why their designs?” Khushi asked.

“Because the designers of AR are the still the same ones I employed years back. I need them. Buy their designs, make a deal with AR and make sure that Sheetal will be their representative and will work in our office!”

“Are you sure?” Payal asked, “Sheetal in our office?”

Arnav nodded and said, “Even though it’s a risk we need her around us. And plus, she is good at work. The only problem is that she is a ****!”

 “So literally I have double work load from today, one is my usual work and the other is keeping an eye on the devil!” Aman said driving the car into Arshi’s apartment complex.

“WOW Aman, nowadays you understand your work even before Arnav ji commands you!” Khushi said and everyone laughed.









Everyone laughed and Payal smiled sheepishly. “Don’t worry dear” Nicole, Aaron’s step sister (Mr and Mrs Payne’s daughter) said hugging her sideways, “Even Khushi had the same reaction when she first met Aaron!”

“And that was in a railway platform in the middle of hundreds of people and she was like why are there two Arnav ji’s before me?” Arnav said.

Khushi pouted and served dinner.

“So Payal, can you spot any difference between me and Aaron?” Arnav asked.

Payal chuckled and looked at both the men. “Umm....your clothing senses are different. That’s the only way to differentiate you both.

“Ha Arnav ji’s is boring and Aaron’s is vibrant!” Khushi said. “That’s my bhabhi!” Aaron cried and hi-fived.

Arnav glared at Khushi and looked at Payal and Nicole, “At least you both support me”

“Whatever Arnav wears has a class” Nicole piped in.

“And it’s professional too!” Payal added.

“Majority wins!” Arnav said and stuck out his tongue to his brother and wife.

Mr and Mrs. Payne laughed at the kids.

“Waise Arnav, I thought of asking this earlier. When can I be a grandmother?” Mrs. Payne asked.

Khushi choked on her food and Arnav started coughing.

Aaron started laughing and pointed at Arshi. “Look at their faces!” he said and everyone started laughing at the red faces of Arshi.

“Ma....what are you...err...I’ll get some kheer for everyone” Khushi said and ran to kitchen.

“I don’t think they should have children now. Khushi is already struggling to manage Arnav” Aaron said.

“That’s my devar!” Khushi cried from kitchen and Arnav glared at his brother.

“See, he is a kid. Glares for everything. Cry baby!” Aaron said and everyone laughed out loud.

“What the” Arnav cried.

“Cry baby!” Nicole said laughing.

“Yeah and he is not Arnav Singh Raizada. He is Akdoo Singh Raizada” Aaron said and everyone roared in their laughter.

“And his humour sense sucks. Even a dead cat would come back to life and scratch him hearing his jokes!” Aaron said.

Nicole fell on Payal, laughing and Arnav started glaring more and more at his brother.

“And he....”

“Enough! You’ve slay me enough!” Arnav said cutting him.

“Thank god Arnav ji’s twin is not serious and boring like him!” Payal said.

“Yaaayyy! I got another follower!” Aaron cried throwing his hands in air, “Arnav dude. It really sucks right? I mean having no follower....even your wife is a die heart fan of Aaron James Payne!”

“Shut up!” Arnav cried, “At least I’m not lazy like you idiot!”

“Lazy me? Hey, I was the one who saved you from that party rumour!” Aaron said.

“What rumour?” Nicole asked.

“He is lying” Arnav cried.

“This guy went to a party two months back, got drunk. A woman was seducing him and someone got a picture of him. They threatened to use that against him and I saved him by back blackmailing them with a secret of theirs!” Aaron said.

“He what?” they heard Khushi from behind.

“You drank at a party?” she asked with her hands in hips.

“Khushi main...he is lying” Arnav began when Khushi stormed into her room.

“Ah, today Arnav has to sleep on couch!” Aaron sang.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Arnav cried and jumped onto him.

“Ah! Bhabhi, your husband is ****ually harassing me!” Aaron cried.

“****ually harassing? Seriously?” Payal asked laughing.

“ARNAV JI! LEAVE HIM OR ELSE....” Khushi shouted.

“I’ll sue you” Arnav said and ran to Khushi.

“Bye bye” Aaron sang.

Nicole smacked his head and said, “Poor guy. You always put him into trouble by making stories about him!”

“Means he didn’t drink at party?” Payal asked.

“No this guy love putting his brother in trouble” Nicole said pointing to Aaron.

Aaron laughed and shouted, “Bhabhi, I have some pics of Arnav when he drank in another party and....”

“ARNAV JI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Khushi shouted.

“AARON I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” Arnav shouted.



Apr 16, 2017

Chapter 11 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 147 times)

Chapter 11



Khushi sat up on the bed yawning and heard Arnav talking on phone.

“Laad governor, started scolding Aman early in the morning!” she muttered.

“I’m sorry NK” Arnav said in phone.

“NK?” Khushi frowned. Arnav cut the call and turned to see her. “Ah, so maharani got up? Look at the time!”

She looked at the clock and gasped. 8!

“It’s all your fault!” she shouted.

“What did I do?” he asked innocently.

“You didn’t let me sleep until 4 am!” she cried.

“Shh...Khushi, even walls have ears! Be a little more decent while talking” Arnav said chuckling.

Khushi huffed and said, “Are you making fun of me?”

“May be”

“Let me see Aaron and plan a prank against you!” she said.

“NO!” he cried.

She smiled wicked and then asked, “Why did NK call?”

Arnav chuckled and said, “He is angry that we didn’t invite him to Toronto!”

Khushi smiled and Arnav said, “Waise, today is Payal’s first day as chef. You’ll be with her na?”

“Yep. I need to introduce her to employees” Khushi said yawning.

“Thank god I’ll have peace today!” Arnav muttered aloud.

“That’s it! I’m calling Aaron!” Khushi leaned to take her cell phone but Arnav was fast to take it before her.

“No way. Aaron is gonna prank me...may be in front of my employees!” Arnav cried.

“That’s exactly why I’m calling him for setting up pranks!” Khushi said laughing.








Sheetal walked inside the Ocean and Happiness office with Aarav trailing her.

“This way Ms. Kapoor” a lady led them to a cabin. “Mr. Mathur would be in. Please go in!”

Sheetal walked in without knocking and found a man sitting on his chair working something on the laptop.

“Sheetal Kapoor here” she said sitting on the chair before him. Aarav stood beside her not knowing what to do.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Kapoor. Ever heard of knocking the door?” Aman asked tilting his head to her.

“Why should I knock the door? You’re just Arnav’s assistant!” Sheetal said.

“It’s sir for you Ms. Kapoor. Nobody gets to call him Arnav except for his closed ones! And plus, I’m not “just” an assistant here. I’m ASR’s PA as well Ocean of Happiness’ manager cum correspondent! So it would be very nice if you stay within your limits!”

“I’m sorry” Sheetal mumbled to stay in good looks.

Aman looked at Aarav who was standing awkwardly, “You can sit down on the couch young man! Do you want something to drink?”

He nodded no and ran to the couch inside the room.

Aman turned to Sheetal, “So Ms. Kapoor, you need to meet the PR head of the company to discuss about the contract!”

He rang a bell and his assistant came in.

“Take her to PR head!” he commanded and assistant nodded.

“Aarav come” Sheetal said and Aarav walked to her after passing a smile to Aman.

Aman smiled at the boy. He looks so innocent, Aman thought. He doesn’t deserve this!


“****” Sheetal muttered as they walked out of Aman’s cabin.

“Did you say something madam?” assistant asked although she heard what she said.

“Nothing” Sheetal said rudely, “Now stop talking and take me to your PR or HR whatever!”

The lady nodded and walked faster to the lift.




“Here you go” she led them to a cabin door.

Sheetal was about to walk in, not knocking, when she felt someone holding her hand. She looked and saw Aarav.

“What?” she asked angrily.

Aarav said nothing but knocked the door.

A Come in was heard.

“You needn’t teach me you son of a ****” Sheetal hissed angrily and walked in while the poor boy followed.

A man was sitting with his back turned to them and they had another lady in the room holding a notepad and pen.

“So mail them the details, got in Stephaney?” the man said and the lady name Stephaney nodded.

Sheetal frowned. The voice seemed so familiar.

Stephaney walked out and the man turned his chair to them.

Aarav gasped and Sheetal stood shocked. Shiver went down her spine as she looked at Aarav.

Aarav was about to call him papa but suddenly his eyes fell on the name plate kept before the man.

Aaron James Payne




Apr 21, 2017

Chapter 12 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 147 times)

Chapter 12



“Sit down Ms. Kapoor” Aaron ordered and Sheetal instantly sat down.

“Why do you look like ASR?” Aarav asked not able to hold his curiosity.

“I’m Arnav’s brother dear. Twin brother!” he said smiling.

“Aaron, it’s...” Sheetal began when Aarav asked frowning, “You know him mamma?”

Aaron said, “Yes”

Sheetal said, “NO” together.

“Aarav, go and sit on the couch!” Sheetal said and looked at him giving him a glare that meant you’re going to get it. Aarav gulped and ran to the couch.

Aaron noticed the exchange and said, “Ok now, give me your file!”

Sheetal forwarded him her file and he inspected it.

“Are the designers of AR ready to cooperate with us for the summer collection of Ray of Sunshine?” he asked looking at the file.

“Yes” Sheetal said confidently.

Aaron looked at her and said sternly, “I don’t want your answer Ms. Kapoor. I want the signed document from the head of AR which states that their employees are ready to work for us!”

Sheetal looked baffled and said, “Akash never gave me any paper”

“Your fault! I cannot accept you in this office without your employers consent!” Aaron said closing the file and throwing it to her.

“Come on Aaron, both of us know that this is lame!” Sheetal said taking the file.

“IT’S SIR FOR YOU MS. KAPOOR AND IT’S NOT YOUR PLACE TO DECIDE WHETHER IT’S LAME OR NOT!” Aaron shouted and Sheetal flinched. Aaron had never ever shouted at her, when they were together. Aarav sat in awe seeing an exact version of ASR before him.


“How can I get it now? Is a scanned copy enough?” Sheetal asked.

“We go for originals Ms. Kapoor!” Aaron said and eyed Aarav.

Sheetal gulped and looked at Aarav who sat oblivious to everything. It definitely had another meaning.

“But...I’m now here in Toronto...”

“Do one thing, take next flight to India, get the paper and come back!” Aaron suggested.

Sheetal looked at him wide eyed as if he has grown horn.

“Or else say bye-bye to the contract and the lakhs that we’re planning to invest on your stupid company!” Aaron said getting up.

“No...I’ll go!” she stammered.

“You may leave!” he ordered.

She stood up and looked at Aarav. Aarav nodded and walked to her but turned to Aaron and said, “You’re cool sir! I’m Aarav!” he extended his small hand.

Aaron smiled and took his hand. “Hey there big guy!”

“You’re so much like ASR. He also called me big guy when he first met me!” Aarav said.

Aaron smiled and ruffled his hair.

“What should I call you?” Aarav asked and looked at the name tag, “Mr. Payne?”

“Call me Aaron!” he said.










Both Aarav and Sheetal stopped at the entrance hearing a voice and turned to find Aaron coming to them.

“Aaron?” Aarav asked.

“No. It’s Arnav” he said smiling, “I know. I get it everyday. Employees always mistakes me for Aaron!”

Sheetal looked at him and Arnav said, “I’m really sorry for what Aaron didi!”

She nodded curtly and he said, “I cannot do anything. He holds the PR section. You must get the document to work with us Sheetal!”

“I know. I got two tickets!” Sheetal said.

“Umm....if you don’t mind, I can watch over Aarav while you leave!” Arnav said.

Sheetal looked at him wide eyed.

“Come on Sheetal, going back to India and then coming you think he can hold the jetlag? Even you would be tired like hell!” Arnav said.

****! NO! Sheetal cried in mind. How can I refuse Arnav in front of Aarav? But there is no way that I’m gonna let Aarav stay with him. He’ll talk with Aaron and then....NO.

“No thanks Arnav. Aarav would be fine with me!”

“No I want to stay with...” Aarav began when Sheetal glared at him.

“See....” Arnav said and pulled Aarav to him, “Happy journey Sheetal. Aarav will stay with me, right Aarav?”

Aarav nodded happily.

“Aarav, say bye to mamma” Arnav cooed.

“Bye mamma” Aarav cried.

“Right, let’s go young man!” Arnav said enthusiastically, “Have a fun flight Sheetal!” and he walked inside the company with a happy Aarav.

“Your bad time starts Ms. Kapoor” Arnav mumbled under his breath.


Apr 26, 2017

Chapter 13 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 144 times)

Chapter 13



Aarav sat with Arnav, Khushi and Payal to have dinner at their apartment.

“Why doesn’t Aaron stay here?” Aarav asked.

“Aaron? You call him that?” Arnav asked surprised.

“He asked me to!” Aarav said confusingly, “I called him uncle and he screamed no! Strange guy....but he’s cool!”

Arnav and Khushi looked each other smiling.

“No one ever told me that you had a twin!” Aarav said.

“That’s because Sheetal hid it!” Arnav said.

“Why?” Aarav asked frowning.

“She doesn’t like Aaron!” Khushi said.

Aarav nodded and continued eating his food.

“Waise Aarav, what’s the plan after dinner?” Khushi asked excited.

Aarav frowned and said, “Normal people go to bed Mrs. Raizada. I don’t know about you since you don’t belong to that category!”

Arnav and Payal hid their smiles and Khushi muttered under her breath, “Definitely Aaron’s son! Did he inherit that long tongue of his father?”

“Did you say something?” Aarav asked.

“Nahi Aarav ji, aap khaayiye” Khushi said.



Arnav went to his room and Payal was cleaning at kitchen when Khushi used the opportunity to go to Aarav’s room.

“Hey” Khushi said walking into the guest room they had cleared up for Aarav.

Aarav smiled politely.

“I wanted to talk to you” she said and he looked at her.

“Do you still hate me?” Khushi asked sitting on the bed.

“Why would I hate you?” Aarav asked frowning.

“You used to....back in Delhi! Remember, two years back you used to shout at me for each and everything!” Khushi said.

Aarav sighed and said, “Mamma said that you snatched papa from her. She said you’re a bad lady and I should not respect you. That’s why I shouted at you! But you’re nice. I realized it late! I’m sorry”

“It’s ok. What else did mamma say?” Khushi asked softly.

Aarav blurted out without second thought “That I should behave like papa in front of everyone so that everyone would accept me! I’m nothing like him. I love to jump around, play, be jolly, tease others but papa is different.”

Suddenly he closed his mouth with his palm and looked at Khushi wide eyed who was sitting with no expression. Oh god! What have I done? Aarav mumbled inside.

“Nahi main...” he started stammering when Khushi said, “No its ok. It’s really late. So Mr. Normal person, go to sleep while me, the abnormal mental woman, will go and irritate Arnav ji!”

Aarav giggled and Khushi ruffled his hair.

“My hair!” he whined and ran to mirror.

“God!” Khushi groaned under her breath, “Definitely! Aaron’s son!” she said to herself remembering her vain brother-in-law.







“Hey, it’s all set!” Arnav said as Khushi entered the room.

“What is set?” she asked bored and sat down on the bed.

“I told everything to Akash!”

“WHAT?” Khushi asked shocked.

“Yeah. About Aaron, about Aarav....Khushi, I need to because only he can block Sheetal’s return journey to Toronto!” Arnav said.

“What did he say?” she asked.

“Well shocked! Hurt that he didn’t believe! Angry that I didn’t tell him about his brother! And yeah, agreed to keep his mouth shut before family and also trouble Sheetal for some days!” Arnav said.

Khushi nodded and Arnav said, “And yeah, the Paynes are gonna leave for a vacation to Hawaii leaving Aaron alone. We should now make an excuse to Aarav and shift him to Aaron’s house!”

Khushi chuckled and said, “That, you leave it to Khushi!”

“No need. I’ll ask Payal to! She is intelligent than you!” Arnav said.

Khushi glared at him and he said, “Come on! You go to my brother for plans and I’ll go to your sister!”

“Oh so this is a payback?” Khushi asked raising an eyebrow.

“Just fair play! Me and Payal have decided to team against you and Aaron!” he said smiling.

“WHAT? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?” Khushi shouted.

“When you were busy scrubbing the floors!” Arnav said laughing.




May 5, 2017

Chapter 14 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 129 times)

Chapter 14



Four days later




“How is Aarav?” Khushi asked as she served Arnav his dinner.

“Good! He and Aaron have bonded well!” Arnav said smiling.

“And Sheetal?” Payal asked.

“Akash is troubling her enough. She had to go to the mayor for a certificate.  Then he made her go to factory to ensure the product quality and by the end of the day Sheetal was a living corpse!” Arnav said laughing.

“Thank god!” Khushi said, “And what about the witch? We need to do something!”

Arnav nodded and Payal said suddenly, “Why don’t we use Shyam?”

Arshi looked at her and Payal said, “Shyam is a leech who would do anything for money. If we offer him more money than Anjali does then he may support us right?”

Arnav thought for a while and said, “How would he help?”

“It’s nice to have a spy inside RM!” Payal said.

“Hmm...” Arnav said, “Let me see!”






New Delhi


“Now what?” Sheetal groaned submitting the papers before Akash.

“Go to the PR head and get him sign this!” Akash said throwing a bunch of files to her.

“Get some peon!” she cried.

“DO IT!” he shouted.

“I’m not your servant!” she retorted.

“Sheetal Kapoor, don’t forget that you’re a mere employee here. Your Anjali DI may be the head of RM but AR is under me! So don’t make me terminate your contract and also the visiting visa our company had arranged for you to Canada. That means you would be no longer able to step into Toronto and your son would stay there forever!” Akash said.

Sheetal looked at him wide eyed and Akash said, “Now, go to the PR head. And yes, after that you need to go to civil station and get some papers ready regarding the permit of our new factory.”

Noticing her not moving he shouted, “DO IT!”

She ran out of the cabin and Shyam, who was watching everything, chuckled and said, “You’re **** her Akash. What’s happening?”

“Oh yeah? Well I have some job for you too!” Akash said angrily, “Go to the court Mr. Lawyer regarding the debt we have with the Malhotra finances and yeah, you better win the case!”

“God! You’re becoming ASR!” Shyam groaned, “If only you had shown this enthusiasm before I wouldn’t have to attend debt cases like this!” and he left the cabin.







“But why am I joining a school here?” Aarav asked.

“Your mother have job here for an year. So you’ll be joining here!” Aaron said arranging Aarav’s documents.

Aarav nodded and then Aaron asked, “You don’t have your transfer certificate and also birth certificate in this!” he said showing the boy a file.

“Ha....they must be in my bag!” Aarav said and ran to get it.

“Here” Aarav gave him the file and Aaron nodded.

“Aaron, your phone is ringing” Aarav said hearing Aaron’s phone ringing.

“Oh yes, Aarav beta please arrange all these into a file will you?” Aaron asked and Aarav nodded.

Aaron walked away to take the call and Aarav started taking the papers when suddenly his eyes fell on one particular document.

It was his birth certificate.

Name: Aarav James Payne

Mother’s name: Sheetal Kapoor

Father’s name: Aaron James Payne

Aarav gasped and hurriedly took the transfer certificate from the Delhi school.

Name: Aarav S.R

Mother’s name: Sheetal Kapoor

Father’s name: __________

The boy sat frozen.
May 6, 2017

Chapter 15 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 149 times)

Chapter 15





“So all of you were lying! You, mamma, ASR, Khushi EVERYONE WERE LYING!” Aarav shouted.

Aaron sighed and said, “We didn’t have an option Aarav!”

Aarav scoffed and said, “You all were fooling me. Mamma said that ASR is my father while in real it was his twin brother! ASR said that he is not my father but the DNA test matched!”

“DNA test matches for blood relation Aarav” Aaron said softly, “Arnav is my twin brother. Obviously the test would match!”

Aarav sniffed and wiped the tears rolling down the cheek, “Who am I? Who is my father?” he cried.

“I told you son” Aaron said hugging him, “You know the story now. Sheetal is my wife and you’re my son. But she left me and came to Arnav for money!”

“How can she do this?” he cried, “She told me to act as ASR so that he would accept me. She is my mother right? How can a mother do this?”

Aaron patted his back and comforted him.






Two days later


New Delhi


“He is troubling me di” Sheetal complained to Anjali.

“Akash, what the hell! Why are you troubling her?” Anjali shouted.

“And who are you to ask that? I’m the head of AR and I know how to behave with my employee!”

“She is not your employee! She is your bhabhi!” Anjali shouted.

“Bhabhi? Oh yes, she is my bhabhi! She is Aaron’s wife after all!” Akash scoffed.

Anjali and Sheetal stood wide eyed and Shyam frowned, “Who is Aaron?”

Akash smiled and said, “Arnav bhai’s twin brother. He is Aarav’s father” Shyam gasped.

Akash turned to Sheetal and said, “Why do you think I’m delaying your trip back to Canada? Your son is enjoying his time with his real father! And yeah, he hates you to core now!”

“YOU ****!” Sheetal shouted.

Akash laughed and said, “Well Sheetal, Anjali, some people are waiting for you!” he pointed to the door and some police men entered.

“Arrest them” inspector ordered and Anjali shouted, “On what charges?”

“Anjali, you kidnapped your brother two years ago and attempted to kill him. You and Sheetal tortured a 6 year old boy and made him act like another person. Aarav have given statements against you. And I have submitted the proofs to court so you both will now rot in jail!” Shyam finished.

“YOU!” Anjali shouted and Shyam said, “Sorry ANJALI. Your brother Arnav is giving me more money than you. So why should I help you. Anyway it was nice working with you! Bye!”

Akash smiled and said, “Your times up ladies! Have a nice time in jail!”

Police dragged them both and Akash sighed, “Thank god! It’s all over!”

He turned to Shyam and forwarded his hand.

Shyam smiled and handed him the file.

Akash smirked and looked at the documents were Shyam had tricked Anjali to sign the property documents of Raizada Mansion and other properties back to Arnav’s name.

“Well, here’s the payment bhai had asked me to give you!” Akash handed him a cheque, “Thank you for your work!”

Shyam smiled and took the cheque, “Do call me for further work!”

“You’ll be good if you work for us, not against us” Akash warned.

“I know that Akash” Shyam laughed, “I won’t take a risk to go against Arnav anymore!”

Akash nodded and Shyam walked out of RM.

Akash smiled and took his phone and left a message to his brother.

All’s well! Witches are in jail and Shyam’s settled!

Reply came.

Thanks brother. We’ll be coming soon. Don’t break the news to Nani and mami. Let it be a surprise!

Akash chuckled and replied.

I can imagine ma’s face and her hello hi bye bye when she sees two Arnav.

His mobile beeped with reply.

Waise, call Payal. She wanted to talk to you.

His lips curved to a beautiful smile.

Finally things were falling back to its places. 


May 12, 2017

Epilogue (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 172 times)





Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and burst out laughing while Payal and Akash chuckled. Aarav held his palm over his mouth to stop laughing out loud and Aaron frowned.

“Err....Arnav, you said that your mami’s trade mark saying is hello hi bye bye!” Aaron said.

“Ha papa! It is!” Aarav answered for Arnav, “But looks like she swapped it into Buaji’s saying!”

Nani stood frozen beside a shocked Mami and mami asked, “Saasuma, two Arnav bitwas?”

NK laughed and said, “Mami ji, it’s not double role! I’ll explain!” and he said the story of Arnav, Aaron, Sheetal and Aarav.






“WOW! That was hilarious!” Arnav said lying down on bed. Khushi giggled and nodded.

“Ah! It feels nice to be back here in RM!” Arnav said spreading his arms and legs on the bed and Khushi pinched his nose laughing.

“FINALLY everything is back in its place” Khushi said sitting on the bed, “Aaron got Aarav’s custody, Aarav accepted him as father, Payal jiji got back with Akash Jeeju and witches are in jail!”

“Well it’s time don’t you think?” Arnav asked pulling her to him. She fell on his chest and looked at him. “Time for what?” she asked frowning.

“Well everyone is settled. So....why don’t we also settle down? Time for having a family...” he said smirking.

She widened her eyes and asked, “Already you’re eating my head and you want another one for a company to pester me?”

“Khushi!” he whined, “I’m serious!”

She smiled and said, “On one condition”


“If it’s a girl we would call her poori and if it’s a boy we’ll call him aaloo. And together they would be aaloo puri” she said clapping her hand.

Arnav sat up on the bed and looked at her as if she has grown a horn on head.

“What?” she asked.

“I think it’s not time for us to start a family. We would talk about it later but before that I need to admit you in a mental asylum” he said seriously.

“Haww Arnav ji” she smacked him and he laughed.





6 years later



“Aaloo puri!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Mamma STOP IT” “MOM PLEASE!” two voices cried as they ran down the stairs to breakfast table.

Everyone at the table was laughing and the 4 year old kids climbed the chair and huffed.

“Mom, for the final time. Call me Luke. That’s my name!” Luke, who had been named by his uncle Aaron, said to Khushi.

“Okay Loki!” Khushi said serving him paratha.

“MOM” Luke cried.

Everyone laughed and Arnav said, “Seriously, I really don’t like your name. I shouldn’t have given your naming rights to Aaron!”

“What’s wrong with Luke?” Aaron asked narrowing his eyebrows.

“Sounds foreign and beside Luke doesn’t match with Raizada. Hell I had to register his name as Luke S.R so that it doesn’t sound weird” Arnav said.

Aarav chuckled and Aaron asked, “What is it?”

“Nothing just imagining how Loki’s name would’ve been. Luke Singh Raizada” and Aarav burst into laughter and so did I.

“At least mine is Indian! Laya, Laya Singh Raizada!” Laya, twin sister of Luke, said.

“Who named you after all?” Arnav asked and lifted his collars.

“Laya is the dumbest name I have ever heard!” Aaron said.

“Better than Luke” Arnav said.

“No way Luke is the coolest name. Do you know a singer from a famous band Five Seconds of Summer has the name Luke!”

“Yaaayyy!” Luke cried and hi-fived Aaron.

“Whatever Laya is the best name!” Laya said and hi-fived Arnav.

“I agree with Laya!” Aarav said hi-fived Laya.

“And I agree with Luke!” Hima, 4 year old daughter of Akash and Payal, said.

“I think Laya is the best name” Akash said but Payal goes with Luke.

Khushi shook her head watching the crazy people before her fighting like 5 year olds over the names of two four year old children.



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