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Mar 28, 2017

ME& MY NERD (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 44 times)

The beauty of the women is not based in the clothes she wears, no the figure she carries, or the way she looks like, Beauty of women can seen in her eyes, because it’s the door way to heart. The place where love resides, true  beauty of women is reflected in her soul, it’s caring that shows passion, it’s shows* beauty of women  only grown passing years””

****************show time********************

For generations of high-schoolers,You could only be a jock, a geek,a princess, a bully, or a basket case.But times have changed.Jocks play video games.Princesses are on antidepressants.And geeks basically run the country.I thought we were living in a brave new world,a place without labels. But every so often, there's that one moment in high school that changes your perspective on everything.

And for me, it happened senior year, about a month before homecoming.I was cruising the halls

with my two best friends.I would bang her so hard, we'd both need helmets. Oh sorry, i didn't mention my name yet right?!  hi , i am Khushi singhaniya.. basically every one call me as a nerd!!!

Life moves in patterns, patterns will keep repeating till you learn those lessons used to be scared of change. Now, there are so many changes happening all around me, I have no option but to accept them, that’s life. Keep changing& adapting, learn to be a survivor. Life continuous it’s journey and it doesn’t have a destination. Understanding that helps...


As the alarm ringed I wake up.The morning and start my day with the same old routine. Guess you may call It’s kind of OCD, but without it I genuinely believe my day is doomed.. it’s what I am! Crawling  out of the bed , I head across  to washroom. Standing in front of mirror, ignoring my messed hair. Start to make the same promise& began my affirmations, this is something what I learn myself last year. I do because it helps to visualize my goals,

 Taking my spects off, looking at my reflection in the mirror& began to say what I want to be:

"hi khushi, good morning,.. you are successful student, today you’re going to bright, be confident, caring*supportive., assertive when it’s necessary.don’t bother about other’s you’re good…

 this is how I wish to start my mornings,,"

people always thinks& calls me as a nerd.. but I don’t care. Up all here all I have my reflection talk to. All I know I am pathetic &broadly insane& some time I also feel like a bird who trapped in a cage all by itself. That’s why I always reminded me myself. There has to be happy ending for me at the end of this..


“I tamed my hairs, get ready.. time to hit in library& start preparing notes..This my life”- I do work, study,go to campus, return to hostal, sleep eat& reverse. 

As I walked in to the library, where I like to do my morning studies, passed the same old librarian miss. madhu. I head over my favorite study desk and spot someone over my corner of eyes..yes my good friends lav& payal.They waved their hands when they see me… 


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Apr 3, 2017

Campus- life (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 30 times)

Lavanya& payal become my good friends since I joined here,.  Ah.. about them what to say..

lavanya,oops.. sorry, she didn’t like to call her full name so shortly lav, she is the shining star of our campus, smart basket ball player, good looking, ambitious, her biggest aim is to become a model, 

then about payal, here she  have a silent altitude right ?! but obviously she is not.. she is the most talkative , charming person in our class..  her aim to become a fashion designer , then about me – an attentive student mostly a duff in our campus.


“ so .. what’s the plan?? Lav asked

“what plan…  ..just. preparing notes.. I replied

“ of ho, khush.. we are asking about the evening party  yaar “ payal said

“ party???

“ ha, you didn’t get it , party in farm  house”

“ I am not interested so, I am not coming? I said

What? He is your neighbor, he personally initived  us , right? Payal asked


 This is arnav whom we are talking about..


Arnav  our campus coolest guy, most of the girls are drool behind him, obviously me not; neither I am interested in any guys neither him.. Mostly the one is my neighbor.

“ payal , why you are wasting your time.. she will never come with us, she is anti- social “

“SADDIST” Payal said*went out..



Sheetal kapoor she is the one of the girl , who never grown up after high school, she is kind of fashion diva. She saw the world as popularity contest and believed it was her divine purpose to stalk around the campus grounds and point out every student fashion faux  to chose her own principal.. god I hate her!!

I always tried to avoid her like the bulbous plague.. but like always she was hard to avoid.

 I was trying quick escape from her sight quickly as possible , but she got me.

“ hey  khushi” she yelled.(so without having any choice I moved towards her)

“hi sheetal” I flash back, trying to injects the  same enthusiasm in my voice

“  I need your notes” she said

“ uh.. I haven’t completed it yet actually I came over for completing it!

In my head I thought I escaped, but sheetal have other plan. Flashing a smile at me she suddenly looped an arm around me& said” oh that’s alright.. we can do it together now!

Oh the hell No way!! damn,, I tried to pull away, but she is like a gum.. she sensed my temper* gripped my arm more tighter.Hence ,I got  trapped again..Miss:sheetal kapoor dead ahead. Even if you’re giving an intro of her, As she would tell you herself, she's the hottest girl in school. Even the very  guys wanna date her. I would totally bang the **** out of her.

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Apr 8, 2017

CAMPUS-LIFE -2 (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 31 times)

She pulled me beside the table like a predator dragging his prey,I relented& sat with her. when sheetal was about to start writing there comes her Gang mostly I call it” Creepy Carrie make up divas “ , they are pretty much to notice with their cooked make up trails, long manicured nails&designer clothes.

When they approached near the table, they stared at me coldly* called sheetal, oh god I thought at least she will spare me now, but na.

“ oh guys.. just wait a minute I just come, guys this is khushi..”

“Ok see you” they approved her explanation& went on with a fake smile

After half an hours waiting, she left me.  I thank god for that” Picking up my books, I head towards the corridor to my class room.

“Can you make sure you get an insert shot of them opening it?

Lav: Yep, on it.

Payal: Oh, yeah, I'm doing a video about the party for my YouTube channel.

 “there he is ,my cousin nandkishor chatting with my friends near the corridor.. he is  crazy sometimes but a good ,funny guy. Actually now we are not in good terms, Look, I'm an idiot. And idiots exactly accept the great advice from him. Oh my god I can’t forget  the mess!  My life is an audition for reality TV. So, yeah, indeed to chronicle everything.That was a good take for me.Get a wide shot too.

Just when we about to enter class room there comes an announcement

“Attention, students.

The halls of our prestigious institution have been compromised by the stench of cyber bullying, It is the stench of ones and zeroes,and electronic hardware will not be tolerated. Each student will be required to turn in their phones to teachers and retrieve at the end of the day until we have gotten to the bottom of this.” There will be no Vine,no Flickr, no Tumblr,no Tinder, no Facebook, no Hulu,Just say no Internet, we get it.No Grindr,no WhatsApp, no Instagram,no Pinterest, no wiki anything.That is all, thank you”

ha, this is our H,O.D lizin's announcement, she the one & only one H.O.D who try to renew new rules everytime .

we went to class now, it's like a '90s, didn't have emoticons.We had actual facial expressions.god damn rules,   lav said..


It’s was a lunch time at cafeteria. Actually we three went sit  together in cubicle but , today lav have to report some assessment, so payal accompanied her,so I left alone, to have meal.Our campus serves pizza-five days a week,paid by taxpayer money that is used to cover us against pizza-induced diabetes.Now that's a lunch story.Copy that, circle it,when I am concentrating on my food.

“Oh my god there he comes” don’t know why I getting  a acidity when he around me.. I don’t know what’s the trouble.”

Arnav:” hey can I join you???(he asked me pointing out all the seats are filled), he pulled the chair&sat besides me.

Arnav: hey, say hai yaar, atleast we are neighbors right?

“damn with his hai, here I am having trouble( unwillingly I said hai”)

arnav-. I Saw you watching some weird Japanese horror movie last night.

khushi- Were you spying on me?

arnav: Ah, don't leave your curtains open,and two, it's kind of hard to miss a bunch of Japanese people running and screaming for their lives.

Khushi: ok arnav, , I have little work to do ,so bye..

Arnav (thought) :She ‘s kind a childish sometimes . I hope she only like cats(he smirked).

You know those people you grow up with, them when you were little,but now they just annoy the **** out of you?. Damn in, You know what I hate him… I roared inside .Meanwhile,, he just keeping looking me with pukish smile, even his phone landed in bone white floor, impact’s sound echoing  the halls..

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May 3, 2017

me& my nerd-part 4 (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 23 times)

It’s an evening time, 10 days we have weekend leave, so all are excited, but am I excited? I questioned myself. I headed towards my hostel room, to pack my stuffs. While I am packing lav& payal came to my room.“ are sure, you are not coming??” payal asked. I know where this heading to, so I nodded “ no”“ khushi why you are like this ya, come” lav said. “ no” I am not interested you guys carryon.. I insisted. . But clearly I knew they don’t leave me like we went on for it..


Party it as much as I imagined, whole place is decorated with fairy lights..drinks&loud techno musics. Large bunch of persons ,,, jumping out here&over there with their dance moves. I mean seriously, where was the fun in all of this?there is nothing new! Nothing special about, Want to dance to the same heavy bass techno music week after week? Sure! Then maybe I’ll hit on this sweaty, Maybe we’ll have meaningful discussions about psychology while we bump ’n grind. Ugh. Yeah, right.

 Lavanya plopped down on the stool next to mine. “You should come dance with us, yaar,” she said, breathless from her booty shaking. “It’s so much fun.

” “Yah sure it is,” I muttered.


lavanya, running her fingers behind her ear, as if tucking back invisible locks. It was a habit left over from before she’d chopped her hair into its current edgy blond pixie cut. “khush, you should dance with us.“You just look so bored over here, I want you to have some fun, too.”

 “I’m fine,” I lied. “I’m having a great time. I’d be in your way. Go… live it up or whatever. I’ll be okay over here.lav narrowed her hazel eyes at me. “You sure?” she asked.” Yah” I replied lav frowned, but after a second she shrugged and grabbed payal by the wrist, pulling her out onto the dance floor. “Holy ****!” payal cried. “Slow down, lav! You’ll rip my arm off!” Then they made their merry way to the middle of the room, already syncing the sway of their hips with the pulsing techno music.

I sipped my drink, watching the clock above. The second hand seemed to be frozen, and I prayed the damn thing was broken or something. I forgot to ask lav and payal to leave any earlier and I’d be the party pooper. But according to the clock it wasn’t even nine yet, and I could already feel myself getting a techno-music migraine, only made worse by the pulsing strobe light. Move, second hand! Move!


“hey hello.”I rolled my eyes and turned to glare at the unwelcome intruder. This happened once in a while. Some guy, usually stoned or rank with boring, would take a seat beside me and make a half-assed attempt at small talk. Surprisingly, the guy who’d taken the seat next to me didn’t stink like armpits. In fact, that might have been cologne I smelled on the air. But my disgust only increased when I realized who the cologne belonged to. Yah.. the same one. Arnav.. of course he is

" hey neighbor" he called out


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Jun 18, 2017

me& my nerd-part 5 (By Madhu20) (Thanked: 20 times)

" hey neighbor can I join? He asked while taking a seat besides me

"What do you want?" I demanded, not even bothering to be's strange that a loud dhak- dhak voice came when he is around.. don't know..what's wrong in me! i muttered

" ho are you talking to yourself.. he said..

" if so? What you need I asked

"Aren't you the friendly type?"arnav asked sarcastically. "Actually, I came to talk to you."

"Well, that sucks for you. I'm not talking to people tonight." I slurped my drink loudly, hoping he'd take the not-so-subtle hint to leave. No such luck. I could feel his dark brown eyes crawling all over me. He couldn't even pretend to be looking me in the eyes, could he? Ugh!i sighed

"Come on khushi," "There's no need to be so cold." arnav teased.

" so when you 're going back to home? He asked.," why?" I looked him inquestion

" uh.., nothing hope we can catch up together even though we're heading for same place"he said

" well ,thank you.. I don't need any assistance, I know my way" I added

"Leave me alone," I hissed through clenched teeth. "Go try your charming act on some tramp with low self-esteem, because I'm not falling for it."I added

"Excuse me. Neighbor, Hello, I'm not interested in nerdy's ok.. and also I'm not interested in tramps," he said. "That's not my thing."he replied

" aww.. right, then why you here sitting besides me.. go-on to the dance floor, may be you got a company.. I said

" well hope you like to join me .. after all you're alone he replied

" sorry.., well thanks for the invitation but Not interested." I turned away and took another drink. But he didn't move. Not even an inch. "You can go now," I said forcefully.

Arnav sighed. "Fine. You're being really uncooperative, you know. So I guess I'll be honest with you. I've got to hand it to you: you're smarter and more stubborn than most girls I talk to. But I'm here for a little more than witty conversation." He moved his attention to the dance floor. "I actually need your help. You see, your friends are hot. And you, darling, their nerdy"he clarified.

"Hey, don't get defensive. It's not like you're an ogre or anything, but in comparison..." He shrugged his broad shoulders. "Think about it. Why do they bring you here if you don't dance?"

"Look," he said, "you have hot friends... really hot friends." He paused, watching the action on the dance floor for a moment, before facing me again. "The point is, scientists have proven that every group of friends has a weak link, a nerd. And girls respond well to guys who associate with their nerdy's."

"Crackheads can call themselves scientists now? That's news to me."I replied

Don't be bitter," he said. "What I'm saying is, girls-like your friends-find it ****y when guys show some sensitivity and socialize with the nerd .so Please let me assist you here, and just pretend to enjoy the conversation." I stared at him, flabbergasted, for a long moment. What a ****! i thought

With one swift motion I jumped to my feet and flung the contents of my glass in arnav's direction. drink flew all over him, splattering his expensive-looking white polo. Drops of dark red liquid glistened on his cheeks and colored his brown hair. His face glowed with anger, and his chiseled jaw clinched fiercely.

"What was that for?" he snapped, wiping his face with the back of his hand.

"What do you think it was for?" I bellowed, fists balled at my sides.

"Honestly, nerdy, I have no earthly idea."he said

Angry flames blazed in my cheeks. Just before I marched away, "You're a disgusting, shallow, womanizing jackass, and I hope that soda stains your preppy little shirt."I said looked over my shoulder and added, "And my name isn't nerdy. It's khushi. We've been in the same homeroom since middle school, you self-absorbed son of a ****.

I never thought I'd say this, but thank God the damn techno played so loud. No one but NK overheard the little episode, and he probably found the whole thing hysterical. I had to push my way through the crowded dance floor to find my friends. When I tracked them down, I grabbed lavanya and payal by their elbows and tugged them toward the exit.

"Hey!" lav protested.

"What's wrong?"payal asked.

"I'll explain in the car. I just can't stand to be in this hellhole for one more second."I replied& pulled them out into the parking lot,Lav curled up in the front seat and said, through chattering teeth, "Why are we leaving so early? khush, it's only, like, nine-fifteen."

payal sulked in the backseat with an ancient blanket wrapped around her like a cocoon.

"I got into an argument with someone," I explained, jabbing the key into the ignition with unnecessary force. "I threw my drink on him, and I didn't want to stick around for his response."

"Who?" lav asked.I'd been dreading that question because I knew the reaction I'd get. "Arnav" Two swoony, girly sighs followed my answer.

"Oh, come on," I fumed. "The guy is a man-****. I can't stand him. He sleeps with everything that moves, and his brain is located in his pants-which means it's microscopic."I replied

"I doubt that," lav said with another sigh. "God, khush only you could find a flaw in ARNAV always."she said.I glared at her as I turned my head to back out of the parking lot. "He's a jerk."I added.

"That's not true," payal interjected. "He's charming," lav said. "You're just being Little Miss impossible, as usual." She gave me a warm smile from across the cab. "But what the hell did he do to get you to throw drink at him?" Now she sounded concerned. Took her long enough. "Did he say something to you,?"Both asked

"No, nothing,He just pisses me off." ," I lied. The word bounced around in my mind as I sped down. I couldn't bring myself to tell my friends about the wonderful new insult that had just been added to my vocab list, but when I glanced at myself in the rearview mirror, arnav's assertion that I was the unattractive, undesirable tagalong (more like nerdy) seemed to be confirmed. payal's perfect hourglass figure and warm, welcoming brown eyes.lav's flawless complexion and mile-long legs. I couldn't compare to either of them... I so nerdy.. behanji type..


There is nothing more peaceful than quiet on a Saturday night-or very early Sunday morning

I locked the front door behind me and walked through the dark, empty living room. I saw the postcard lying on the coffee table, sent from our village where Mom was in now, but I didn't bother reading it. It would still be there in the morning, and I was just too tired, so I dragged myself up the stairs to my bedroom instead.

Stifling a yawn, I hung my coat over the back of my desk chair and moved over to my bed. The migraine began to subside as I kicked my Converse across the room. I was exhausted, but my OCD was totally calling. The pile of clean laundry on the floor, by the foot of my bed had to be folded before I'd ever be able to sleep.


After  the  cleaning  up,i landed into  my bed. Now  there cames  a phone  call..ya , my mom indeed. i take it down . before  i am going to answer  she started.

After  a while  speaking,  she started  to asked  about  the dishes which  i need when i reached  up.

i sighed  at her question; indeed  i know  my mon was the best  cook..before  i reach out..she would  cooked  most the dishes  ,including favorites.

"mom.. stop it.. you're  a great  cook indeed.  look besides  what you wanna  make it .do it okay.. i will surely  eat.

i can easily  guess  my mom's reaction now.

"okay, come soon..i will be waiting "my mother  conceded  with  an sigh.

"maa.. i have a little  work  to do, i will  call you  back.. ok bye..  i said sat relented back on bed.


At evening, i packed  my bags headed towards the station.  i know my mom is most excited  one to recieve me.

I stopped  at my tracks when i reached  out  my destination. As usual   my mom was was waiting for me.

Reaching out home, the first  thing  i done is laying  on my  king sized bed,feeling  so tired.  i don't  know  how long i laid.

"khushi.. ha here you are.., weren't  you suppose to change  your  clothes  &freshup.. came downstairs. ."said  mom straighten  her eyes brows.

"Ma..i am so tired,i will came back in a while.. i replied  and laid  back on bed.


"Arnav are you packing " said akash while entered in" ya.."arnav replied &resumed his work.

"you are so late man.. she left" aman said

"what??? when..?!


After  an hour  khushi followed  her  mother  to kitchenand quietly  took  a seat besides  her.khushi  was quite  for a moment  seeingher mother so busy in making out dishes. her eyes glued  to the table where her favourite s lying  with  freshly  baked.

"How are you  maa.."she asked with an affection.

"Good ...; & you?..

"Just fine" i replied back.

" is it  something  wrong? "my mom paused  for a moment & starred at  me. may  ne she caught my unsual gloomy  behaviour.  she knew i am  cheerful  one at  home.

"oh's  Nothing mom.. just  because  of Tests..   stress all that " i  just lied to  her.stood up pouring  the  water in glass drank it down,just to avoid  her further  questions and It worked!


" Arnav you can't  be  serious, Don't do  it  yaar..

"Akash, Don't dare to pull me back, she have to pay for it.. How dare she throw the drink at me.Dammit!!

Arnav barkedout in anger.

"akash..  who's she to you,she's  not yours  sister , so don't  be so concern about  it" aman replied  while  support  his friend  arnav.

" Damn, guys , are you  in your  senses.Arnav you just wanna take a revenge,but there are so many options.  Rather than it... just think about  it " akash mentioned.

" Since i know from her child hood she will fall of inour drama";i finalise  it..  arnav smirked.

" yaar she's  so innocent and look you guys are going  to playing with  her feelings. . it's  not fair. i mentioned  what i wanted to  say.. then it's  up to you .. said akash while leaving  the room .



so guys,what you think  arnav take down his revenge for  khushi... 

let's find out in next  update.. love you all ,who voted  this story.. thanks for your  support  ??

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