"Married to an Stranger"

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Apr 4, 2017

"Married to an Stranger" (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 86 times)

            “ Married to a Stranger”

PART - 1

Khushi  is standing near a window and looking at sky with tears in her eyes . she wish any earthquake should come and take her but nothing is gone happen now as her life is going to destroy in few days..tears started to flow like a ganga river but no one is bothered for her . Tomorrow she gone get married to an stranger  …

Next day

Everything is going fine but the bride is all pale , dried out ..and her parents cared less …  pandith asked to bring  bride ….as she  sat but 

“THIS MARRIAGE CANT HAPPEN “ said the groom father

Reyansh : y what happened  prathap ji    prathap : how could u do this to us  reyansh : what we did  prathap : u hide ur daughters love affair from us  reyansh : plz don’t do this now , my daughter life will be spoiled  sudda (groom mother ): for that I cant spoil my son’s life   revathi : plz sudda ji understand us she is not like that   sudda : sorry we cant do this prathap : lets go the groom side and all left  ….revathi : now who will marry my daughter

Khushi is sitting like a staute no movements ……

“If u people don’t have problem means MY BROTHER will marry her “ said ARJUN SINGH RAIZADA    revathi  and reyansh got some hope ……..but the person who is still now sitting quite got biggest shock its none other then our ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA who came with his elder brother for marriage . But now he is the groom, arjun went near arnav

Arjun : I think I am doing good chote because she is innocent arnav looked at khushi even khushi so both left totally out of world then arnav agreed to it .

So both got married …with confusion …..

sharma’s are happy , arjun felt proud of his younger brother , he felt an hand on his shoulder and looked beside it is his wife Meera who smiled happily for her devar .

Arshi took blessings from elders and other raizadas are called to come immediately to xyz venu …who came with jet speed and shocked to see their chote got married without them.


Anjali : chote what is this ? with anger

Arnav : di oh

Anjali : stop it chote I didn’t expect this from u with tears

Mami : ahh arnav bitwa y run way marry

Nani : chote y u did like this

Arnav : nani I didn’t mean to hurt u people it just happened suddenly

Anjali : y suddenly

Arjun who is still quite got annoyed by their nonsense questions

Arjun : will u all keep quite so that we can explain

Ladies looked each other then arjun and nodded ,  Arjun told everything

Anjali : but bhai what is need of chote to marry her when her family will take care of their daughter

Mami : ahh who knows what status they are

Nani : y u did this at least u would have talked with us first

Sharma’s got fear by their talks whether they accept her or not even khushi 

PROMO : khushi upset 

Apr 20, 2017

PART - 2 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 82 times)

Reyansh : see I know u people are for not seeing ur son’s marriage but the situation was like that so even we agreed to it

Mami : I know u people are behind our money so only married without asking his family

Revathi : plz don’t talk like that we are not like that

Mami : ahh I know

Revathi : u don’t even know us  properly then how can u say like that

Arjun : enough of this talks please

Mami : but

Arnav : mami please marriage is done so lets go from here no more talks here .. almost shouted

Everyone started to move towards car , khushi is crying silently …

Revathi : khushi take care beta ,  khushi just gave a look . nisha hugged her and left from their were her husband is waiting near car  …

In whole car journey was silent because of sudden things happening in their life,  finally came to RM . meera did arthi and welcomed new couple ….others just stood silently

Arshi entered inside , khushi is scanning the house which is very big compare to her house . Arjun : meera take khushi inside , she nodded and left with khushi

Nani : what is this arjun we are talking right

Arjun : what is there to talk nani

Nani : u forced chote to marry her right , arjun was hurt by hearing it

Arnav : please everyone listen I married khushi with my own intrest not by any force so let me give a chance to this relationship.

Anjali : but chotty ..  before she complete her sentence arnav left even arjun .

Anjali : nani see how chotty left

Nani : we will talk  later now go and rest

In arshi room

Both khushi and meera entered inside,

Meera : this is ur husbands room now yours too

Khushi : ji

Meera : u can call me di

Khushi smiled and nodded her head

Meera :don’t worry arnav is very nice person , he will keep u happy

Khushi smiled

Knock at the door, both turned and saw arnav and arjun

Arjun : khushi r u alright

Khushi : ji jijaji

Arjun : fine u both take rest , arnav take care of her .we will leave so both left

Arnav and khushi looked each other with unknown feelings

Arnav : u go and get fresh

Khushi : ji  she left with cloths to change

Arnav sat on sofa with unknown worry and tension .

After sometime khushi came out and arnav went to get fresh later both went too have dinner.

Khushi is scared to meet other family member except arjun and meera.

Chachi came a voice side , so khushi turned and saw a cute baby who is 3 years old daughter of arjun and meera .

Khushi smiled at her , she came rinning to khushi who takes her in arms and kissed .

Baby : hi chachi

Khushi : hi sweety

Baby : chachi my name is thanvi

Khushi : oh that’s very nice name

Meera : tanu come and have dinner even u come khushi

Khushi : ji  arnav is observing everything

So arshi went near dinning table were already others were sitting , they looked khushi with irritated face

Arjun : come and have u dinner arnav and khushi both nodded

Mami : ah ah new bahu come and have or else we will feel so bad with sarcastic manner

Arnav : mami

Mami : what I told arnav betwa that u shouting , I didn’t say to cook or serve ok hhbb

Arnav : mami just stop it

Anjali : chotty is this a way to speak

Arnav : di plz , khushi u sit and have

Khushi is upset with their talks as well as their behavior …

Without a word everyone completed dinner and left to their rooms.

In arshi room

Khushi is sitting on bed and thinking how her life took 360 degree…..arnav entered and saw his wife who is in deep thinking ……

Apr 22, 2017

PART - 3 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 86 times)

Arnav : khushi

Khushi who is in deep thinking came out of it and looked at the person. He locked the door and came near her then sat opposite to her.

Arnav : khushi I know its hard to accept the things that happened today

Khushi : yes its confusing me

Arnav : just relax  no need to confuse yourself ok now sleep

He got up and tried to move but khushi holds his hand , so he turned and saw her

Khushi too stood up and went near arnav then folded her hands ….

Khushi : arnavji thank u so much for what u did to me today , I don’t what was happening around me . everyone telling that I have an affair so they r breaking the rishta but I m unable to prove them.

But my parents r begging them to accept me who never heard a word and left. Then u married me even without knowing about me and I will be thankful to for saving my parents and mine reputation . she started to cry then fell on her knees …

arnav was shocked and hurt by her words …..he just sat near her and holds her hand , she looked at him.

Arnav : khushi I don’t think so I did some big thing that you are thanking me

Khushi : no arnavji don’t say like that you saved my reputation and honor today

Arnav : I know but still khushi

Khushi : arnavji please don’t say that u did nothing , if u didn’t marry me today means I don’t know what I would have done to myself

Arnav shocked hearing that thoughts in her mind so he shouted

Arnav : khushi what u telling

Khushi :   arnavji if u not married me means I would have ended my life today

Arnav : r u mad khushi to take such decisions just for the marriage

Khushi : its not just a marriage arnavji , for every girl it is very important in her life .u will not understand now

Arnav : whatever now just stop all those things and sleep

Khushi smiled and went to sleep even arnav ..

Next day

Khushi got up early and arranging everything for pooja  and breakfast …..

Meera : good morning khushi

Khushi : good morning di

Meera : y u got up early

Khushi : oh I didn’t sleep properly as its new place na so

Meera : oh its ok u will adjust soon khushi nodded ………

Both went to do pooja khushi took the thala and about to start but,……

Stop what do u think u doing …..said anjali , both khushi and meera saw her

Khushi : oh I was going to start pooja

Anjali : and who gave u the permission

Khushi looked shocked and confused y she need permission as its her first day so she can do . more over now she is DIL of this house

Khushi : for doing pooja I need permission

Anjali : yes because only I do the pooja its my right so u better stay in your limits ok next time be care full

Mami : ya u need it

Meera : but anjali she is new  DIL of this house

Mami : hey u shut up ok no rise voice to anjali betiya

Both khushi and meera became upset by their disrespect behavior ..so they stood silent

Nani : y the pooja not started still  asked nani who came now

Mami : we r waiting for u sasuma

Nani : then start now I came know

Mami : ah  anjali betiya start

Anjali : ji mami with that they started and completed

Khushi is shocked as nani didn’t even as me for pooja,….

They all moved to have breakfast were mens to starts to come and sat……

Meera and khushi came with bowls and started to serve everyone …

Arnav : babhi and khushi both sit and have your breakfast

Mami : then who will serve us

Arjun : hp he shouted who came running , serve here

Hp : ji bhaya

Mami : HHBB

Khushi went and sat beside arnav and meera beside arjun .

Arjun : hmm nice food today what special

Meera : khushi prepared it

Arnav looked at khushi surprised and smiled …

Arjun : wow its very tasty

Khushi : thank u jiju

Arnav  finished his breakfast and left to room …..later khushi to went room

Arnav saw khushi and said food was very tasty I liked it

Khushi : thank u arnavji

Arnav : ok get ready we need to go

Khushi : where

Arnav : where else to your parents home

Khushi : how u know

Arnav : bhai told me

Khushi : ok but is it necessary to go , arnav looked at her with surprise because which daughter will say no to meet her parents

Arnav : y u don’t want to go

Khushi : oh here no one is ready to accept me till so I want to win their love first so

Arnav : I know it takes time for them even for us so u no need to be like this just go with flow ok. Now get ready more over your parents will be worrying for u

Khushi : ji

Both came down and saw them

Arnav : nani I am taking khushi to her parents home and will return evening

Anjali : when u decided y u telling us

Arnav : di plz

Anjali : what plz am I troubling u now  then go who is stopping

Arnav : di its not like that

Anjali : then what

Arnav : di her parents will be worrying for her know so

Anjali : y worrying are me harassing her or torturing her

Arnav : not like that

Arjun : arnav its getting late lets move

Arnav : ji bhai , bye di  they left leaving an angry anjali ……


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