"Arranged Marriage"

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Apr 4, 2017

"Arranged Marriage" (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 82 times)

P‘’It is not same as previous Arranged Marriage ‘’ hope u guys like it……..


Khushi did u completed preparing dinner , ur dad will be coming in 15min …said Revathi khushi : ah amma its done im setting the dining table

Revathi : ok then call everyone

khushi : ok she went to upstairs then went inside a room their she was her sister is chatting in her mobile

khushi : priya dinner is ready come and have

Priya : u go di I will have it later

khushi : but maa is calling everyone

priya : ok u go I will come

khushi : ur wish she left to another room their 18 yrs old is going something in laptop khushi : Rishi come for dinner

Rishi : ok di I will come u go

Khushi : what so important u doing ah

Rishi : im chatting with my old friend u go di

khushi : fine im leaving khushi left to dinner table

Revathi : where are they both khushi : they told they will come

Reyansh : ok u have yours beta

khushi : ok dad 3 of them having their dinner then came both Priya and Rishi at a time . Revathi : cant u both come and have at once

Priya : mom plz I have lot of assignments khushi gave a weird look

Revathi : and u

Rishi : I have tests tomorrow so preparing khushi rolled her eyes then had hers and left to complete her project …

Next day

Revathi and khushi both preparing breakfast later she went to get ready to her work place . yes khushi is working in GK Company from past 1year ,

Priya is 21 yrs old medical student in a repudiated top college in Delhi ,

Rishi is studying Engineering …..Reyansh is a Production Manager in a repudiated company , Revathi is Home maker …..

khushi's dress


Khushi is taking her Scotty keys and about to leave but


Priya takes the keys and says sorry di I will take ur scotty today Rishi left early today leaving me

khushi : but how can I go its getting late for me

Priya : even for me di u go in auto ok bye she left leaving behind a hurt khushi for her behavior Revathi saw everything and said : its ok khushi u go by bus or auto khushi just nodded and left ….priya once didn’t ask me properly I have presentation today for the first time but now im running late , she didn’t say because after getting the deal she want to surprise her family but now ……. Khushi stopped an auto then left in it already many people gathered in conference room , Khushi was late so another employee did from GK company then got the deal ….

In GK company

Karen (CEO): what is this khushi cant u be on time

khushi : im sorry sir this will never happen again

Karen : do u think I will give u again a chance…. khushi looked shock….. NO not any more u many continue in same position now leave khushi got tears in her eyes she left to washroom and cried a lot she was just 10min late …….

She went to her place and doing her work suddenly someone closed her file its Maya

Maya : hi khushi

khushi : hi

Maya : so sad ur first presentation went very bad

khushi : that’s ok but u got it na

Maya : ofcouse I have save our company name na

khushi : I know

Maya : don’t feel bad ah

khushi : y should I may be some other time I may a chance

Maya : ya but now I got promotion too see how lucky na if u came early u got the chance never mind work hard bye

khushi : bye

khushi (to herself ) u telling me to work hard very funny ….day went like that ….khushi didn’t say anything to anyone just kept quite…….

other side


What the ….wthats this Aman cant u do any work properly said ARNAV

Aman : sorry ASR our designer was in leave so couldn’t complete it Arnav : do it fast man no more excuses

Aman : sure ASR he left phone ring eco in his cabin so he looked the ID its ‘’ASHA MAA ‘’his mother

Arnav : hello

Asha : what so angry

Arnav : nothing mom

Asha : be calm arnav

Arnav ; ok mom how r u

Asha : im fine how r u ? and ur health

Arnav ; im fine mom how is dad

Asha : ya he is fine too come back to INDIA arnav

Arnav : ya I will bye Asha :bye TC

Next day

Khushi is going to market their she saw a mad girl rooming around while tearing her cloths in frustration. Khushi went near her but that girl got scared and started to run away then to still khushi took her to a orphanage this was seen by a person who got impressed then left .

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Apr 10, 2017

PART - 2 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 92 times)

Khushi is working in her laptop suddenly someone came to her , she saw the person its PRIYA .

Priya :di Khushi :ah what priya

Priya: di plz complete this drawings plz

Khushi : sorry priya I have to complete this file

Priya : di plz

Khushi : plz priya even u understand me priya angrily went from their ….

khushi (to herself ) she will vest her time in watching tv and at the end comes to me for help always same ,…. Revathi came to khushi’s room and told to do priyas work with no option khushi did it , at the end priya told thank u …….khushi just smiled and left ……

Next day its Sunday

Morning reyansh told khushi to get ready as grooms family is coming ,khushi shocked but couldn’t say no to her dad . The family liked khushi and left , revathi told as groom is now in London so he didn’t come …

Revathi : take this cover and see ur would be husbands photo , she took and left to her room Other side

Dadi : beta we have seen the girl now we r sending u the girls photo in email so check it

guy : dadi u seen no its fine

dadi : not fine u just see her photo even u will like her

guy : fine dadi bye

dadi : bye Both have no interest to see so keept quite ,

Khushi wanted to talk with her parents and say no to this marriage so she went near their and heard …

Revathi : reyansh we didn’t ask khushi’s wish at all

Reyansh : revathi I know my daughter will never say no to my choice , he is just perfect to her u relax she will be happy in her married life ……she nodded ………khushi just left from their without saying anything .

Next day

Reyansh asked about khushi’s opinion she said ok , other side to said same to his family ……….without seeing the picks ……..

At night Khushi saw the cover of photo so thought to check she opened slowly first thing is his eyes …….

later she opened out of the cover and saw him …….. he is so handsome ....but i dont know how he is ...

Other side He opened the emile for his dadi , it started to download but something went wrong so stopped at eyes itself ……..

as if those is trying to say something to him. He cant ask other photo now as he already said yes , …..with that he went to sleep …..in dream too her eyes started to come ……

Next day

Khushi had party in her company then she came to home , priya came to khushi’s room………

Priya :di how was the party

Khushi : it was good and maintained clean venu

Priya : that’s good but u know u should have wore that green saree it looks more pretty on u Khushi :no priya its too exposing u know right I don’t like to expose much

Priya : ya hiding for ur husband ahh

Khushi : priya now a days u became too shameless girl

Priya : ohh come on di im talking to u only not with someone

Khushi : ok tell me how ur classes going on

Priya : its ok di

Khushi : u know what happened in party today

Priya : what

Khushi : that Maya came in saree and its too reveling I don’t know what happened to her now a days , after getting the project she becoming too modern and showing attitude to everyone ….khushi is arranging her wardrobe she felt no response from priya so turned and saw priya is chatting with her friends here she simply telling to walls like a fool ….

priya :di y did u stop tell im listening

Khushi : that’s ok u talk with ur friends I will tell later

Priya : ohh di come on tell

Khushi : nothing I was telling about Maya that she ….phone rings its priyas Priya : di just 2min this riya is absent today ………khushi nodded …..priya is talking khushi is sitting on bed and waiting for her sister but she took half an hr ……..khushi is hurt here she was talking to her now a days its hardly we get time in this also she want to talk to her friends who can meet even in college ….khushi left to watch movie……..

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Apr 20, 2017

PART - 3 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 85 times)

Today RM is filled with happiness because the elder son is coming back to home after so many years . asha is making arrangements to welcome arnav , anush is happy and proud of his son. Akash and anjali to very happy……. Arnav entered the house and asha welcomed with arthi. He entered inside with smile ,

Asha : how r u arnav

Arnav : im fine maa, how r u?

Asha : im fine

Anush : how the journey arnav

Arnav : good dad

Dadi : arry arnav I missed u a lot she hugged him even he

Arnav : im fine too dadi , how is ur health

Dadi : its good beta even he wished akash and anjali then went to his room to get fresh . Asha told hp to arrange the food for lunch , then everyone had with arnav happily …….later arnav went to his room for taking rest . Evening Arnav came down and having coffee , anush looked his mother, dadi nodded

Dadi : arnav do u have any work now ,…Arnav looked confused

Arnav : what dadi Dadi : ohh I just want to know whether r u going out or not tell na

Arnav : no I don’t have any work outside now

Dadi : that’s good then we r going to yours in laws house for dinner so get ready

Arnav : what the …today only I have to meet them

Dadi : ahh plz arnav go , she pushed him ……..then others to got ready to go and left

In khushi’s house

Khushi came to know from her dad that her would be came to India today and will come here for dinner . she is a bit nerves , scared and what not ….every girl will be feeling like this same with khushi too.

Revathi : khushi were some nice saree

Khushi : ok maa

Priya : maa u go I will help di

Revathi : ok make it fast she left ,

Priya : what di r u nerves

Khushi : no y would I be

Priya : ohh really then y ur hand is shivering ……..Khushi looked here and their

Priya : ohh come on di he will not eat u ok ……khushi got ready Raizadas arrived and revathi, reyansh r talking , even priya and Rishi r sitting with them except khushi ,…

Arnav felt someone is gazing at him so he looked up and saw her eyes which he saw on email not face , khushi is standing upstairs beside a pillar and gazing her arnav but he caught her so she went back . arnav looked at others then again he suddenly looked up khushi saw him staring at her so again she went back …

Khushi : ohh khushi what u did , what he will think of u ideate, its better I see him from other pillar so she bended down and went to other pillar same happened again arnav caught her looks ….

Arnav (to himself ): dammit y cant she come down I just want to see her face once but she is showing her eyes only which is telling something and now im seeing her kid dish act to see me from their . Dadi saw arnav staring up so she looked but no one there ,

Dadi : revathi where is khushi

Revathi : I think she is in room , priya go and call her . priya nodded and left …

priya told to khushi to come down , priya went first then


khushi came in saree , arnav just admiring her, finally he could see the owner of those eyes …..

khushi's looks

Arnav looks like this

even she saw him. Khushi wished everyone and took blessings from elders , she sat with her dad .

Dadi : see khushi finally I brought ur future husband ….. she smiled inside …Arnav was like what the …….. anush : hm reyansh let them talk know

reyansh : ya sure khushi take arnav to ur room

khushi nodded and went arnav followed her khushi entered her room arnav too , he looked around its clean and neatly arranged everything ….

Khushi : plz take ur sit

Arnav : ya even u sit both sat opposite to each other Khushi is nerves and arnav confused what to talk

Arnav : hmm lets introduce our self first ….she nodded He continued ...........................im ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ceo of AR COMPANY , I studied MBA in harward and stayed in London from past 3-4 years . and u……..

Khushi : im khushi Sharma studied MBA in Delhi , now working in KK company from past one year after ….hmm do u have problem if I work after marriage

Arnav : no its ur wish to work or not

Khushi : thank u ….she looked down

Arnav : hmm y u r doing arranged marriage Khushi looked confused then he continued

Arnav : I mean in this generation everyone goes mostly with love marriage , any love affairs khushi shocked

Khushi : no I didn’t love any one nor I m interested that time , I just want to build up my career Arnav stunned with her answer and happy too…..

Khushi : and I have trust on my DAD he will choose a right choice to me ,then y u rdoing arranged marriage ,arnav looked angry khushi got scared

Arnav : I don’t belive in this marriage and love and now im doing for dadi that’s it Khushi shocked she was about to say something but a knock was heard , priya came inside

Priya : everyone r calling u both for dinner

Khushi : ya we r coming both left with priya.

Dadi : come arnav lets have dinner he nodded , everyone sat on dining tables…….khushi and revathi r serving them

Dadi : ary revathi , khushi even u guys sit everything is on table itself na come sit

Anjali : then who will serve dadi they don’t have maids right Khushi became upset , arnav got angry

Arnav : anjali think before u talk anything

Anjali : what wrong I told bhai

Arnav : just shut up anjali , anush looked at her angrily

Anush : have manner anjali ,behave ur self

Asha : ary leave it y u shouting at her Revathi and reyansh looked each other ………dadi saw that and scared what if they cancel the marriage …

Dadi : ok leave it now everyone have dinner , khushi and arnav r glancing at each other without knowing others …….. later raizada’s left to RM.

Prom : y did u agree for this marriage khushi said by a lady

Apr 22, 2017

PART - 4 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 82 times)

Next day , it’s a holiday for everyone because of some jayanthi .

in sharma’s house Early morning ,

everyone r having their breakfast and enjoying the movie …..but khushi told she need some books so going to mall

Revathi :take priya too

Khushi : only if was awake till now

Revathi : what she is sleeping after having breakfast

Khushi : ah maa she is sleeping its ok I will come early relax bye , bye dad                     Reyansh : bye drive slowly

Khushi : ok she left to mall

In mall

Khushi is checking new scarf so she tied it and looking in mirror, suddenly girl mistakenly pushed khushi and her bag fell down and opened .her new ring went out of shop so she went out without removing her scarf . That ring hit a man shoe and fell their only , khushi took it and smiled at ring

Sales boy : madam plz pay the amount for scarf

Khushi : ary im not running away ,didn’t u see I came take my ring

Sales boy : whatever before pay the amount and go wherever u want

Khushi : how dare u talk like that ah

Sales boy : mam plz don’t shout and create a seen here

Khushi : im creating its u not me

Sales boy : then im sorry plz Khushi : ok how much

Sales boy : 500/-

Khushi : what 500 its too cost do u know outside it will be 200

Sales boy : then buy there only

Khushi: u then


she saw a person standing and shocked to see him , ok take it she gave and turned to leave but someone was holding her hand , so looked back and saw him…



Arnav : how can u leave like that khushi Khushi shocked how he came to know its her as she is covered her face and only eyes r visible

Khushi : how u know its me

Arnav : I know it now come with me

Khushi : where

Arnav : lets sit and talk for some time after all we r getting married right

She nodded and left with him. Both sat near a some place and ….. Khushi removed her scarf and kept on her bag

Arnav : so u came to buy a scarf

Khushi : no no I came to buy some novels but saw a scarf so thought to see it                 Arnav : ok then u came alone                                                                                           Khushi : ji and u

Arnav : came to buy a gift

Khushi : gift

Arnav : ya my friend birthday party so

Khushi : oh ok

Arnav : what u will like to have

Khushi : hmm cold coffee ,

arnav ordered his body guard and told bring with black coffee too Both shared few things with coffee too and left. after shopping the things which they came to buy

Both exchanged contact numbers too……. He told he will drop her but she told she had a scooty so …. After 2 days its Sunday ………arshi r in contact but arnav never spoken more then 5 min …..

Its Sunday

In sharma’s house Khushi is watching movie in TV along with her family except revathi who is cooking , there was a calling bell ring no one is opening

Revathi : what is this here 4 members r there but no is opening the door

Rishi : mom u r lucky charm so u only welcome whoever it is

Revathi : ah u better me and u think I will fall for it , others stared to laugh Revathi opened door and saw family then welcomed them.

Revathi : how r u guys everyone I am fine di , how r u ? said by SUDHA KAPOOR Yes sudha is revathis younger sister who is married to Rakesh kapoor who is also from DELHI but in different area. Everyone welcomed them and wished too then told to sit … Revathi gave water to everyone ,

revathi : how r u varun Yes varun is 14 years boy and Ananya(Anu) is 12 years old who r childerns of sudha and rakesh .

Varun: im fine bade maa even anu told Revathi and sudha went to kitchen and talking something. Khushi left to room as her phone is ringing . Later she came to lunch time and had with bit fun of Rishi and other kids ….

After lunch revathi and sudha r in kitchen only as revathi is arranging Sudha : di is khushi’s marriage is fixed

Revathi : ah sudha In 2 days we r keeping the muhurtha for engagement

Sudha : di r u happy

Revathi : I know what u want to tell

Sudha : then y u didn’t stop it

Revathi : I tried many times to make reyanshji understand but he is not listening

Sudha : but di how can u be quite its about khushi’s life right

Revathi : I know

Sudha : then did khushi liked him

Revathi : ya she is ok with this marriage I asked many times and she said yes Unknown to them there a person heard everything and left with hurt …..

Sudha went to khushi’s room and saw her reading some novel , khushi looked the person

Sudha : so khushi how is life going on

Khushi : what is there to tell chachi its routine work right

Sudha : ya till now its routine but now u going to get married na so I asked about it

Khushi : I don’t know about it now chachi how can I say

Sudha : y did u agreed for this marriage khushi

Khushi shocked at this sudden question

Khushi : what do u mean chachi

Sudha : don’t take me wrong I am just worried for u that’s all .

Khushi : y u worrying so much as if I m going to some war …

khushi laughed even sudha

Sudha : crazy girl I am worried because u don’t know the guy properly and I came to know his in laws behavior too from ur mother

Khushi : I know its new but its ok I TRUST IN DAD , he can never do anything without thinking in his children’s life matter so u relax

Sudha shocked with the replay from khushi

Sudha : but still u have time to think khushi

Khushi : leave it chachi I am not in mood to talk all this

Sudha : ok I will check with di she left …….khushi saw her till she leaves the room.


May 20, 2017

ARSHI engagement Part-5 (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 76 times)

After 2 days its an Arshi’s Engagement so only relatives and close friends r invited ….. 

arnav came with his family and reyansh welcomed them with smile … Priya servied juice to them

Priya : hi jiju, how r u

Arnav : hello , im fine

Priya : what jiju looking for someone

Arnav : what the

Priya : what did I do now , rishi came

Rishi : hi jiju

Arnav : hi

Rishi : what u doing here go and help khushi di

Priya : oh ya see a big MAN came

Rishi :  shut up

Priya : u shut up ,    Arnav was feeling irritated so he left from there

Khushi came to hall , she took blessings of arnav’s parents then stood beside arnav

Both of them feeling awkwardness but still managed to smile to each other

Pandith : ok exchange the thambula ‘s so both khushi’s and arnav’s parents exchanged it later ARSHI CHANGED THERE  RINGS TOO  …..

everyone clapped

Few people gave gifts to them and left

Then everyone went to have lunch leaving ARSHI alone in the hall , not completely but everyone will be roaming like taking food , water, plates , etc……

Khushi : hmm arnavji

Arnav : ya

Khushi : I heard that u r leaving to LONDON again

Arnav : not exactly but I have see if it is important I have to go

Khushi : oh with low voice

Arnav : y u don’t like me going to LONDON

Khushi : no no I just asked that’s it

Arnav : so r u happy if I go

Khushi : no when did I say like that

Arnav : so u will not like me going far away from u

Khushi : ah how can I let u go far away from M…E…. she stopped by realizing what she is speaking , arnav some where felt happy

Khushi got up to leave but stopped as he holds her hand

Arnav :so bad khushi u leaving me alone here

Khushi : ah I am sorry

Arnav : that’s ok come and sit

Khushi : no we will go to garden as everyone r working here

Arnav : ok lets leave then

Both stood in garden and glancing each other

Khushi : hm can I ask u one thing , he nodded …….oh  I asked already but still I wana ask u again r u ok if I work after marriage

Arnav : as I already said I don’t have any problem in it

Khushi : thank u

DI…….DI …..DI………priya came while shouting

Khushi : y r u shouting

Priya : where I have to search for u

Khushi : now what happened

Priya : oh Dad is calling u both

Khushi : ok lets go , come arnavji , he nodded


Khushi : dad u called me

Reyansh : ah u both also come and have lunch know

Arnav : ya uncle

Reyansh : go khushi with arnav , she nodded both sat together with other members and started to have ………


After lunch arshi is sitting in garden sudha came with her husband Rakesh

Sudha : so khushi had ur lunch

Khushi : ah chachi we had

Sudha : khushi introduce us know

Khushi : hmm arnav ji she is sudha my mother’s sister and her husband Rakesh

Arnav : Namaste

Sudha and rakesh : Namaste

Sudha : so u stayed in London

Arnav : yes

Sudha : then y u still didn’t marry anyone

Arnav : I am not much interested that time

Sudha : so u r interested now ah

Arnav : ya I trust my dad so I agreed to it

Sudha : means r u forced to it

Arnav : what the …

Sudha and Rakesh looked each other , khushi felf bad , how her chachi is interrogating her fiancé

Sudha : what happened

Khushi : chachi maa will be worrying so go and help her

Rekesh : khushi here she is talking know , relax their r many to work ,   Khushi got irritated

Khushi : ah but I want to talk with arnav ji alone something so will u guys ….. both looked each other and left

Khushi : I am sorry arnav ji for their behavior

Arnav : khushi u no need to ask sorry that’s ok leave it and ah no one forced me to marry u its purely my decision. she felt happy ...

Rishi came there ,  jiju ur dad is calling u

Arnav : ya coming , he got up and looked at khushi

Arnav : bye

Khushi : bye

He moved 2 steps then turned towards her

Arnav : u looking pretty today , he left leaving a shocked khushi

Anush : wow food was really taste reyansh

Reyansh : thank u and if u want I will send parcel too

Dadi : ary no reyansh that’s fine

Anush : what arnav  r u coming r not

Arnav : dad

Anush : ok ok

 Everyone said bye and left …………….

Next day

Arnav came to mall for purchasing some suit but shocked to see the person in corridor who is talking in the phone with smile ……only one name came KHUSHI

He went and stood beside her so she looks at him with shock ,

Khushi : aap

Arnav : ha me

Khushi : what u doing here

Arnav : same question

Khushi : no I asked first

Arnav : oh really

Khushi : ah tell me know , seeing her pouting face

Arnav : ok I came for buying some novels

Khushi : I , before she say

Arnav : I forgot u will always roam here na

Khushi : what who said u like that

Arnav : who else, u will be here na whenever I come

Khushi : stop it arnavji I came with my siblings

Arnav : liar then where r they

Khushi : Rishi went to get tickets and priya went to get some scants

Arnav : oh same time both came

Rishi : di tickets then saw arnav , ary jiju aap 

Arnav : hi

Priya : oh di called u

Khushi : no no I didn’t call him . he came to buy books ok

Arnav : ok relax ya I came to buy books and saw khushi

Rishi : that’s fine now join us for movie

Arnav : me

Priya : ah u only come know jiju it will be fun

Khushi : ah arnavji come and join us know

Priya : rishi get one more ticket

Rishi : ok he left

Arnav : but khushi

Khushi : plz come know

Arnav : ok so they four left inside the theater

Rishi took corner seat and right side priya then khushi at last arnav. so girls are between the boys …..

In whole movie arnav is observing khushi and her smile ……later they came out of movie as it is ended

Khushi : ok lets have lunch then we will go home

Rishi : ok

Priya : ya even im hungry

Khushi : ok lets go come arnavji

Arnav : ya y outside not here as they moving to exit

Khushi : no we will have outside ok

Later all left to and had fun , arnav is observing their bond with 3 of them which he missed a lot ……and all left 

PROMO : unexpected ....

Jul 24

Part-6 "Arnav reaction" (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 63 times)

Next day

Khushi and maya came to AR company for submitting the file which is given by Karan . both girls went inside the ASR cabin , arnav shocked khushi too

Before arnav can ask her she

Khushi : good morning ASR , arnav shut his mouth now

Arnav : good morning

Maya : good morning ASR , he just nodded she got angry

Arnav : u guys here

Khushi : oh Karan sir gave us a file to give u sir 

Maya gives it

Maya : if u like it we will present it too sir

Arnav : ya do it maya pulled the laptop from khushi’s hand then she started , khushi upset arnav angry

Maya gave the presentation to impress him , but

Arnav : stop it miss

Maya : its maya sir

Arnav : whatever and u do it let me see

Khushi nodded and left to do , arnav can see she is a bit nerves but doing as well 

Arnav : I will inform later u guys may leave

Both nodded and left …….

While going maya was talking about arnav continuously which irritating khushi a lot ….


Arnav calls khushi’s number …….khushi picks without seeing ID

Khushi : hello khushi here

Arnav : I know that khushi

Khushi got shock by hearing arnav voice so looks at ID to conform

Khushi : ah…ar..nav

Arnav : without seeing  ID u will pick call ah

Khushi : no actually im in busy so didn’t see sorry  

Arnav : busy at 10 ‘ o clock ah

Khushi : oh im writing record so

Arnav : record with confusion

Khushi : ah biology record

Arnav : what u writing biology record but y

Khushi : oh priya is studing so she asked me to complete her record

Arnav so were got angry but controls …..

Arnav : oh ok had dinner

Khushi : ji and u

Arnav : ya I had  and  I didn’t expect u will come to AR today

Khushi : ji even me , Karen told at last movement

Arnav : oh ok and who is that girl came with u

Khushi : maya y arnav

Arnav : nothing simply I asked  ……so both talks sometime and slept

 In café

Khushi : arnav ji I am going to my village on Saturday

Arnav : y

Khushi : oh there is marriage so whole family is going

Arnav : hmm then when r u returning

Khushi : my be on Monday or Tuesday

Arnav : y so many days

Khushi : because maa wanted to spend some time with her parents so

Arnav : fine then when u people decided who am I to stop u people 

Khushi stunned with his sentence

Khushi : arnav ji y r u getting angry

Arnav : nothing lets go

Khushi : but …..arnav got up and started to move even khushi follows silently . he drops her at her home

Khushi : will u not come inside

Arnav : no I have work will come some other time …….he left

Khushi is confused at his behavior now …..never mind went inside ….


After 2 days finally khushi family went to marriage . arnav is restless because he can’t see khushi, even khushi is confused about her feelings ….


Jul 25

Part-7"Arshi marriage" (By Lasyalasya) (Thanked: 119 times)

After a month it’s a precious day for both khushi and arnav because its their  marriage day. Finally arnav khushi the day as come ….

Arnav is already waiting for Khushi in mandap , Khushi was brought by her mother and sister  beside…

They made Khushi to sit beside arnav who is already looking her but Khushi is looking down with shy or nervous …. Both exchanged garland

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Finally arnav tied the knot to Khushi ………

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both took sathpere ........

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Pandith : now u both r wife and husband …… they took blessings from their parents ……...

Khushi cried a lot hugging her parents …..arnav unable to see her like that….

Dadi : its getting late lets move ….others nodded so khushi arnav sat in the car….arnav gave hanky to her 

Arnav : khushi relax we r staying in delhi only know u can visit them whenever u want , I will bring u here ………khushi felt happy . they came to RM and did gruhapravesh too..

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Khushi is sitting on the decorated bed , 

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arnav entered after some time and looked at his bride

He moves slowly towards her and sat opposite to her …….

Arnav : Khushi

Khushi : hmm

Arnav : r u ok

Khushi : ji

Arnav : what happened today u r silent ah

Khushi : hmm nothing

Arnav : really

Khushi : ah

Arnav : ok tell me one thing r u ready for it

Khushi nodded her head ,that’s all arnav needed from her …..

Both went to her own love world ………

After hours , Arshi slept .……

Next day

It’s a new beginning for arshi , Khushi prepared breakfast for everyone ……….

Everyone liked it and gives gifts to her …….

Arshi left to meet Khushi ‘s parents …. Afternoon they returns ……..


 reception of ARSHI

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khushi dress

Image result for arnav singh raizada in brown suit  ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA 

it was a grand reception everyone r invited to this , Khushi got so much surprise to see it ……..arnav enjoing her expressions

Image result for reception hall decoration

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Image result for reception hall decoration

Khushi : arnav its so big hall na

Arnav : ya Khushi did u like it

Khushi : like ah I just loved it , the decorations r awesome

Arnav smiled at her

Arnav Khushi started to give poses to media ……..later guests started to come with gifts to wish them…. arnav introducing Khushi to everyone …. Even to her ………

After an hour

Khushi : arnav still how many r their

Arnav : what happened tied …..she nodded

Arnav calls aman and tells some thing , he came in few minutes

Arnav :Khushi have this juice

Khushi : ji

Arnav : r u alright now

Khushi : thank u

Khushi ‘s parents r happy for their daughter ……. Because arnav cares Khushi a lot

Other corner in the hall

Guy : man ASR is so lucky he got a very beautiful lady and he have fame every girl just falls for him…….

Other guy is angry to hear this …….

Priya friends near priya

Nisha : priya ur sister is so lucky yar

Riya : then what look at the arrangements they r mind bowing

Nisha : and look at Khushi di dress its very pretty

Ramya : look at her jewelry its very beautiful

Nisha : it will some lakhs I think

Ramya : really priya ur sister got an bumper offer in her life

Priya : so what even I can buy that  one

Riya : ya u can as u r ASR’s wifes sister na

Nisha : but not like ur sister gets even  u get priya    

Priya never expected ASR is this fames and her sister got most powerful person in her life ……..

Priya looks at her sister , arnav is holding her waist and she is leaning on him …..

PROMO : arnav angry on khushi

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