Note to my readers

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Apr 4, 2017

Note to my readers (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 5 times)

I'm really really sorry dears there won't be any update from me atleast for 7 days. I know already I didn't update for some days due to my health issues and now again I'm going to disappear for some days. What to do I'm little crazy no no totally crazy. And I'm extremely excited now because I'm going to hangout with my friends after a long time. It was for a week time. From the moment I came to know we are going to meet I'm over the moon. What can be more better than hanging out with friends. And I'm totally into it I can't write even a single word. Whenever I sit to write I will be flying back to dreams of our college days and the days we are going to spend now. 

I won't say I will miss you because I will be in another world when we four 'S' join together. Wondering what's that four 'S' means, well it's our names everyone's name start with S except mine but my nick name start with S which they kept unintentionally luckily that started with S. How sweet na? Ok enough of my blabbering if I continue I will not end in this life time. We friends had so so so much fun during our college days. we were very famous in our college because we four girls most of the time would be in principle's room. I even I thought I would be writing a book on our masti but ended up in writing arshi stories. Im glad that I started writing here. I got so many readers here and your comments, I never thought I would get such a response from you. Thank you for that. 

Ok before bidding bye to you I have one more thing to say. I deserve a punishment for making you wait all these days and coming 7 days too, so I have an idea you give some hints I will write an OS on that when I return back. If you like to be more kind on me cancel the punishment. Sorry just kidding. I like writing OS so thought to get some suggestions from you and it will be a compensation for my absence. 

Ok guys bye take care see you after 7 days. Love you all.

Apr 29

sorry readers (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 5 times)

Sorry readers for not posting anything. I know you are angry at me. But please forgive me dears. I'm traveling a lot this month. The schedule is still on. I'm visiting temple tomorrow because it's my birthday. Next day is our alumni meet I'm going to meet my college mates all together. Then a function of some relatives.

That's it the month ends. I hope next month won't be this tight. I beg your forgiveness once again. I will post my stories next month. Really really really sorry. Take care see you soon.

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