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Apr 4, 2017

SS: Weird Love (By Spriya) (Thanked: 67 times)

**Italics are flashback



All Tv channels, newspapers telecasted the same news which unexpectedly shook the business world as well as the very foundation of Raizada family,


“The most talented, hotshot handsome bachelor cum businessman Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada known as ASR in business circle passed away lately in a road accident in London. The 26 year old bags many awards for his sharp minded business tactics; he is most wanted bachelor and one of the richest Indian whose fashion house spread across the world. We extend our heartfelt condolence to his family. We pray for his soul to rest in peace”



Three years later,

The crowd cheers as soon as host announces, “The business man of the year goes to Mr. Advay Singh Raizada, C.E.O of AR corporations” We would request him to come on the stage and speak one or two words. Introducing Advay as,


Advay stood up from his place and strode towards stage to receive award. After receiving it he raised his hand to show his award to his family who was sitting in the first row. He raised his eyebrow seeing his twin sister trying to tell something. But before that the host interrupted, “Please have few words ASR” 

“One request, no it’s order don’t call me ASR, call me Advay. ASR can be only one person no one can take his place not even his own brother, said in stern voice. And yeah about this award, this is the second time i am receiving it that too consecutively I am happy about it. The sole credit of this award goes to my employees who accepted me and trusted me wholeheartedly with the company where my brother handled efficiently once. And I like to dedicate this award to my late brother Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. If he is here then he would have proud of me but I am not lucky enough... The very mention of ASR name is enough to make the hall silent and he stopped abruptly as soon as lump form in his throat taking his bhai’s name. Wiping his corner of his eyes he eyed his family who also wiping their tears. After composing himself, “I hope my bhai will be in peace after seeing my achievement. I miss you bhai” advay said one last time and step down from the stage as soon as he finished his speech.


As soon as he is out of the venue with his family, he’s surrounded by media but his trustworthy manager aman cleared the mess and escorts his family to the car. But media people start throwing their questions without caring how their questions affect the opponent. “How do you feel after winning the same award from past two years? How are you feeling about receiving the award in the same day as your brother’s death anniversary?”  Aman feels his boss mood greatly pissed off hearing their stupid questions, already he is in foul mood and to the top of it they are digging his old wounds, he somehow managed to send advay out with his bodyguards. The car zoomed out of the venue in high speed to be stopped near some highway where no car and no one are passing by. Advay send his bodyguards back as it is already midnight plus he hate them as he cannot get enough privacy.


Advay sit in a nearby bench with his hands rested on thighs, his sleeves are folded carelessly till his elbow, his waist coat was lying lifelessly next to him and he had a photo in his hands. Tears are making its way from his eyes while his hand tracing the smiling features in the photo. His mind automatically takes him back to his not-so-happy past which he thought that is his happy moments that time.




“Advay get up. You are getting late for your college” his elder brother arnav waking him patiently by tucking his bed sheet. But advay was sleeping like a kumbakarnan.


“Advay already your attendance is low, today you have to go for college. I can’t make excuse for you today. Get up lazybones” his brother again tried to wake his little brother who was sleeping after selling his horses. If anyone from outside saw the ever out bursting lava ASR now who is waking his siblings patiently then they will surely get heart attack.


“Let me sleep for some time. Don’t you have any other work other than disturbing me always” advay angrily muttered before changing his sides in the bed. If once he opened his eyes to see his brother eyes then he came to know how much arnav was hurted by his words.


But alas some people fail to know their closed ones true value when they are near them like advay. This is not the first time advay behaving like this with arnav. He always find faults in whatever arnav does for him, even if it is a simple dress which arnav designed with lot of love, he would throw them or dump in his wardrobe saying arnav has no taste. Isn’t it irony? Whole world wait for a glimpse of ASR handmade collections but his own brother didn’t even respect him.


Advay would always complain that arnav impose his decision on his siblings. But it’s not true arnav always let them decide whatever they wish unless they made bad choice, he’ll intervene them. Advay is truly one rich spoilt brat who gets what he wants. His wishes are fulfilled even before he voice out, that made him arrogant who can’t see his brother’s love apart from his money, status.


He was doing his final year graduation in one of the top university in Delhi. But he does not go to college regularly because it’s arnav choice of college. Advay wanted to study in some local college along with some of his ill-mannered friends. But being ASR who wants best in all enrolls advay in top most university which advay hates just because one of his friends did not get seat there. So he is either always seen in canteen or clubs.


“Advay beta get up! See arnav is waiting for you to drop you in college before he go to his office” his dadi subathra shouted at him coming from the door.


“See i am up now happy?? I don’t even get peaceful sleep in this house” advay bit out angrily after getting up the bed furiously.


Arnav and dadi sighed seeing his retreating figure. They don’t know how to convince him that they love him.


After an hour, cursing his family members, advay grumpily sit in the dining table for breakfast. Already his twin sister anjali, his dadi and his bhai are waiting for him. Hp serves all of them their respective breakfast. Advay pushes his plate forcefully which made loud noise seeing the heavy Indian breakfast.


“Why are you angry advay beta? You liked aloo puri haaina?? questioned, his dadi not understanding why he pushes his favourite food.


“I want my toast. This has high calorie you know, i am in diet then why are you putting this in my plate?” retorted angrily.


“Advay you are very weak due to your diet plans, doctor advised us to make sure you take healthy food” this time arnav answered him.


“To hell with your doctor advices. Admit it you are jealous of me seeing me enjoying my teenage days unlike you. Don’t try to dump your unfulfilled wishes on me. And keep your diet yourself, i know how to take care of myself” bit out harshly whatever come to his mind and gets up from the table.


“Hey advay, don’t leave for college with empty stomach” he heard his sister anjali shouting at his back.


Controlling his anger advay turns, “I’ll eat in college canteen. I am waiting in car if you want you can join in” shouting this he marched out of the house.


Anjali seeing his retreating figure thinking how to end the cold war between advay and their family sighed; she mumbled a sorry to her bhai and dadi she too left from there.


Some days later, advay was enjoying in one of the midnight clubs drinking and dancing with his friends. Suddenly out of nowhere arnav came there where advay standing and starts to drag him. Advay tries to escape from his grip but due to his drunken state he can’t even stand properly. As soon as they come out of the pub advay shrugs arnav hands started shouting at him,


Advay: What are you doing? How dare you to drag me here? My friends are waiting for me, i am going inside. This is my last warning don’t dare to interfere in my life, saying this he turns his heels to the entrance of the pub. Arnav stops him,


Arnav: Advay they are not your friends. They are waiting for a chance to backstab you. Why can’t you see the truth? let out his helpless state seeing his brother destroying his own life.


Advay: You have no right to judge my friends. I know how they are; they’ll die for me let alone betray me, retorted angrily little did he failed to know was his friends was arrested in drug case which they planned to trap advay in that but for their bad luck they came under arnav radar who kept secret security agent for his siblings owing to the fact that he has many rival. His friends are arrested and instructed to keep them in police lock up for one night and release them next morning as per arnav orders. Arnav did not want advay to misunderstand him again but it turned to be opposite. Distance starts grow between arnav and advay day by day leaving a crack in their family. A shrill of ringtone brings him back from his past.




Advay: Hello dadi....I am coming....Please sleep, don’t wait for me dadi....Hp kakka is there na he’ll serve my dinner. Don’t forget to take medicines dadi, said concernedly like a perfect family man who was once an irresponsible human who doesn’t even consider other’s feelings especially arnav.


After cutting the call, dusting his pants he gets up from the bench, pocketed the photo in his coat safely and sit behind the wheel ready to go home where once he hate to stand there for more than 5 minutes in past. Within good half an hour he reached his home which lost its happiness from past 3years. He don’t know how to bring their lost happiness back or say it’ll be never back. Without eating he went upstairs.


Next day evening a big party is thrown at RM for annual success party and advay success. All their close business associates attend with their family. Dadi sees advay talking with one of his clients. She drifted into her past,




As soon as advay and anjali left for college here dadi put her hands on arnav’s shoulder, “Don’t take his words seriously arnav. He’ll understand your value one day”


“I am not sad because of his behaviour dadi. I am afraid of his future, I know I am always there for him but what if something happen to me then who’ll look after you, anjali and advay. If he is little sensible then I’ll close my eyes in peace” arnav finished earning a slap in return.


“How dare you to talk about death arnav? scolded angrily. You are just 25 how on the earth you die before this old lady. Waisee...I have to see your marriage, children, their marriage, literally i need more than 25 no no 30 years for all my dreams. When are you going to married? Can i start bride hunt or you are seeing someone? If you like someone tell me arnav I’ll fix your marriage asap....” she continues her blabbering making her grandson shocked by each passing minute.


“I am not going to marry anyone dadi” he intervened her blabbering session earning a glare from her. He gulps his saliva, “I am not seeing someone and it is not time for my marriage. You can start your bride hunt session after some years, I’ll marry whoever you liked” he winked at her. Dadi smiles and hugs him thanking god for changing her favourite grandson mood.




“Your wish come true arnav, now advay behaves the way you want. If you are here then you will be proud of him” dadi thinks wiping her eyes to clear her vision which got blurred by her tears remembering her grandson. One of dadi’s friend sumithra taps her shoulder; she turns pleasantly surprised by her presence starts chatting with her. After a prolonged silence,


Sumithra: What do you think about making our friendship to next level?


Subhatra: I didn’t get you? questioned confusedly.


Sumithra: See i directly come to point i want to see my granddaughter khushi as your bahu.


Subhatra: What? whispers out of shock. But she is in abroad isn’t it?


Sumithra: No she finished her studies, she is here now. Wait i’ll call her, khushi.....khushi turns,




Four months later,

RM is decorated like a bride why not the son of this house is going to get married. Inside the hall, advay is sitting in the altar doing what pandit tolds him to do. While bride is getting ready on the guest room with no trace of smile on her face. After some time bride is escorted to altar and made to sit beside the groom advay. Advay flashes a smile at her in return to get disappointed. He feels something is wrong, he whispers, khushi....but again no response he called her one more time resulted in the same expressionless face. Their family members are confused seeing her blank face. The shy smile, stealing glances, reddened cheeks which explain the bride, are missing from her. Her family has no idea why she is like this when she herself agreed for this marriage, they didn’t even forced her. She is like this from the time of her engagement they thought she is shy but seems like all are wrong. Pandit instructed couple to exchange varmala. Advay turned his side to put garland in her neck. Before the garland touches her, she stood up abruptly as if she was electrified. She shakes her head in denial,


Khushi: This can’t be happen. I don’t want this marriage.


Shocked would be an understatement for all the occupants in the hall the most shocked was khushi’s family. Her family came near her,


Sumithra: Khushi beta what are you saying? This is not time for joke.


Khushi: Nahi dadi, i am not joking. I don’t want to marry him, said pointing towards advay while her cheeks are drenched by her tears.


Shashi: Why? her father asked. You accepted this proposal haaina then why are you refusing? You even dated him 4 months, after your decision only we fixed this alliance asked angrily.


Subhatra: Shashi ask her calmly, said dadi who was standing near advay who also don’t understand anything.


Shashi trying his best to control his anger before the guests grit his teeth, “Why?” but khushi stood silent, her mother shakes her, “Your dad is asking something? Answer us khushi..” khushi again maintained silence without able to control her erupting anger her mother slapped her, khushi hold her cheeks,


Khushi: “Because I love Arnav Singh Raizada” shouts at her top of the voice that echoed in the big hall.


The hall went silent, a loud crash echoed in the hall but who cares? All are shocked by her confession. No one can believe what they heard. Shashi stumbled backwards mumbling, “No this can’t be true. My khushi cannot fall in love with a dead man whom she didn’t even see him let alone know him”


Advay and his family members couldn’t digest the fact that their soon-to-be daughter-in-law fallen in love with their dead brother/grandson.


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Apr 6, 2017

Marriage!!! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 72 times)



Shashi: What the hell you are saying? Do you even realise what are you speaking? shouted angrily. His anger peaked seeing her staring somewhere instead of him. I am talking to you khushi, said with gritted teeth raising his voice.


But all his warnings went in deaf ear. Khushi eyes are busily staring at one person who made noise and stood with wide eyes and his looks show them how much he is horrified seeing the scene before him. khushi lift her heavy lehenga little bit which is till her anklets, started running towards the person. 


Khushi crashed into hard chest hugs him tightly, the person didn’t expect this hug fall down on his back taking her along with him.

“Arnavji...” khushi cried loudly hugging him tightly not believing her love is in front of her alive.


Arnav who was lying on his back in the cold floor is too shocked to react anything. His brain stopped working the moment khushi confessed her love for him whom he know from past ten minutes only. His mind calculating all the possible ways which lead her to love him but come up with none because this the first time they are seeing each other let alone know. While the couple lost in their own world one with confusion, other with love and happiness the other side their familes are too shocked. Raizada’s stood blinking their eyes not believing the vision in front of them. They are not believing their eyes The ASR whom they thought dead is alive in front of them or precisely ASR was lying in ground with khushi on top on him. Subhathra raizada let out a happy cry that brought all of them back to the world.


Arnav was trying to push her in order to break the hug. Khushi slowly lift her head from his chest and cups his cheeks. Her fingers traced his face to assure herself he’s alive in front her starting from wide forehead, chocolate brown eyes, sharp nose, stubble cheeks finally landed on his lips. Arnav grows uncomfortable by her touches, for god sake they are lying in the ground amidst of thousand people whose eyes are fully on them and he is never ever close to any girl like this. Without waiting for a second khushi placed her lips on him.


Loud gasps erupt in the hall making the couple aware of their presence but khushi didn’t hear any of it she is too in to arnav. She continues kissing him while arnav in shock trying to push her but don’t know from where khushi gain that much strength futile to all of his efforts. Dadi come out of shock went near them,


Subhatra: Arnav....


Hearing dadi’s voice khushi broke the kiss and give him a shy smile, she don’t know what had gotten into her to kiss him madly that too before guests. She quickly buried her face in his chest to hide her flushed cheeks. By then khushi’s family also come there seeing the little stunt their daughter put on infront of the guests. 


“Khushi...” her mother garima shouted making her aware of her position. Khushi eyes popped out of its sockets realising what she had done and in which state she is in.


Arnav pushed her instantly as soon as he heard garima voice. They both get up slowly, khushi hugs her head in shy while arnav stood nervously. Dadi hugs arnav tightly and let out her emotions rule her.


Subhatra: Arnav....How? When? Why? she mumbled disorientedly in shock not knowing how to speak. Still she cannot believe her grandson is alive, the happiness they lost is coming back. Advay and Anjali run towards him hugs him tightly.


“Bhai...” advay and anjali cried in happiness refuse to break the hug. “You both are choking me to death” arnav joked. Soon he heard a loud arnavji, arnav, bhai....His eyes misted seeing his family after three long years. He thought to surprise them today but it backfired on him and he received the most shocking news in his life that his brother’s bride loves him.


Garima pulled khushi harshly that made her stumble but arnav caught her.


Subhatra: Don’t slap her garima, requested garima seeing her raised hand ready to slap khushi.


Sumithra: We’re sorry on our khushi behalf subhathra, apologised by joined her palms.


Subhatra shakes her head in denial unfolding her hands, “Why are asking sorry sumi....khushi is gem we want her as our daughter-in-law. My house mandir is waiting for her to lit up lights” making shocked the other occupants except arnav who visibly relieved.


Khushi: Nahi...mumbled slowly.


Shashi who was silent till now, “I know you have big heart maaji. After seeing all this still you want khushi as your bahu. But sorry to say i don’t think this relation will work. No man can take his wife love another man but here arnav is his own brother it will create more problems in future” declared the matter of fact.


Subhathra: Who said advay is going to marry khushi? said making arnav shocked and khushi happy. I am talking about arnav and khushi marriage.


Arnav face formed perfect 3 O’s while khushi jumping in joy literally. Her dreams come true. Her happiness reached the sky. Subhathra looks at advay for his opinion he instantly nods his head agreeing her decision.


Arnav: Dad i can’t denied straightly as soon as he find his voice. How the hell he can marry his brother’s love? He didn’t even know her, his mind screamed at him but his heart wants opposite which is unknown to him.


Subhatra carefully ignored his pleads and asks permission from gupta family. “Please agree for this marriage shashi, khushi betiya also wants this. We can’t ignore our child’s happiness; i can assure you my arnav will take care of khushi like a princess. You have my word in this” she requested not having heart to loss a gem for her grandson arnav who kept running away if marriage topic arises.


Sumithra: If it is what khushi wants who are we to stop them? We agree fro marriage. Subhatra hugs her and mouthed a thank you.


Khushi instantly move next to arnav hold his hands tightly. Arnav tries to come out of her hold and turns to glare at her but taken aback by the look in her eyes that hold enormous love for him and shows that she knows him fully. He is bewildered at the thought of how he read her eyes who is no less than a stranger for him.


Shashi: But arnav accident???


Subhatra throws a glare at arnav side, “We’ll speak about it later. Auspicious time is going to end”


Arnav: But dadi how can i marry her when she’s advay’s love?


“But I am yours” came an instant reply from khushi. Arnav turn his face glares at her.


Advay intervened, “Bhai i did not love her, i just agreed for dadi happiness. So please marry her bhai”


Subhathra: Your questioned is answered, so now go get ready soon arnav. Khushi betiya is waiting for you and eyed advay to make him ready.


Arnav open his mouth to tell something but dadi intervenes, “It’s my order” said sternly.


Arnav throw a helpless look to advay and anjali but they also eyed him angrily gestured him to ready for marriage. Without having no choice he gets ready for his marriage which is still a shock for him. He feels as if he came in wrong time snatching his brother’s happiness.


Within quarter minutes again wedding rituals starts but this time the bride is giving shy smiles while groom sit silently doing whatever pandit told him do so. Soon varmala changed, arnav tied mangalsutra around her neck, pheres taken. During phere khushi holds his hands tightly he tries to shrug her hands but resulted in tightening her hold on him. During bidaai all expect khushi would cry owing to the fact that she is leaving her parents house but what happened is another story. Khushi console her crying family and bid bye to them happily. She is beyond happy that can’t be put in words. The newly wedded couple was escorted to advay room which is decorated for wedding night.


Khushi was sitting in decorated bed with a veil covering her face. Arnav came there shut the door angrily and strode towards her before he lash out on her, khushi jumps from the bed hold his hands started her blabbering,


“I can’t believe you are here really. I dream to be with you from past 3 months though i myself confused about my feelings at first. I know fully about you. You like red colour, your favourite cuisine is Italian and Chinese, you prefer silence and wants every work to be perfect. You love your family; you can do anything for them.....”she keeps on telling him how much she know about him while arnav stood gaped at her till now no one impressed him this much. He loved khushi’s chirpiness.


“Khushi” he called her to put an ending to her blabbering. Khushi stilled hearing him calling her name. This is the first time he called her by name, her name sounds so good from his mouth. Without getting any response arnav again called her...


“Haan...Are you tired? Where did you disappear before 3 years? Why all are believing you are dead? You purposely hid this news or you met with accident? Hey devimmaiyya you didn’t met with accident right? Did you eat anything before coming here? Arnav amused hearing her blabbering and her care for him.


“I am fine khushi” he assured her. Blinking her eyes taking deep breathe khushi continues, “I know you must be wondering how i know you and love you when we didn’t met before. You may be thinking me as a crazy girl. True i am crazy for you. I don’t know when i start falling for you, but my day start would start and end with your thoughts. I truly love you arnavji. Don’t mad at me for marrying you without your wish. I can’t take your ignorance, I got you which itself is a miracle for me. I’ll answer all of your questions” said leaning on his chest.


Arnav clear his throat, “Ok you change your dress. We’ll talk later”


Khushi nods her head went to washroom for change. Here arnav remove his shoes sat on the bed after pushing the flowers aside. Washroom door opens khushi came there after changing into nighty. Arnav feels something happening in his heart after seeing her form which glows brightly. His heart screams him to pull her and kiss her endlessly but his mind scold him for thinking like that. He gulps his throat seeing her nearing him seductively, he feels to run out of the room not to be caught by her. He is scared, she kissed him in front of everyone now they are alone in this room and the scented candles, decoration also not favouring his situation. But he is ASR he has to maintain his image so sat there silently yet nervousness is fully written on his face. His palms started sweating as soon as she climbs on the bed sat beside him. She sat on her knees before him and blows air on his eyes causing him to blink his eyes and stares at her closely admiring her features. She called him seductively in low voice, “Arnav....” “Haa....” came out of his mouth without his knowledge.


Khushi burst out laughing, arnav came out of his dreamland realising he was fooled by her.


“You should seen your face arnavji. Haha....You face is hilarious” said between her hiccups.


“Really....very funny” gritted his teeth, seeing her still laughing at him, he pounced on her making her fall in bed with her back. Now she is beneath him his hands blocks her in two sides. Khushi herself feels reddened seeing his intense stare. He slowly bend over her, their heavy breathe start dance on their own beat. Khushi feel his breathe in her chin which tickle her nerves. Without wasting a second he placed his lips on hers making her go crazy on him. Her hands automatically find the way to his hairs while his hands cup her cheeks. They broke apart for their much needed oxygen.


“Now where is your laughter gone?” he asked breathing heavily by the effect of the kiss they shared second time.


Khushi looked at him wide eyed, seeing her eyes he realised what he done. His mind chided, “What the hell you are doing ASR? You supposed to be angry on her for breaking your brother’s heart but here you already started your wedding night. Did you fall for her by any chance that to within a short period? Get a grip ASR. When did ASR start fall for a mere girl, his heart scream not a mere girl she is your wife....his mind denies, No no ASR can’t even fall for his wife...It is impossible” chanting this in his mind he rolled on his side turning his back on her not knowing his bechara heart is already head in heels over in love with his wife of few hours.


Khushi confused seeing his behaviour and pokes his back, “Why are you turning other side? I already told you na don’t ignore me, i can’t take it. Please speak something” a sob escaped her mouth.


Arnav heart overpower his mind hearing her sobbing, instantly turn towards her wiping her tears, “ Don’t cry”


“Then promise me you cannot ignore me” khushi asked childishly. Arnav sighs, “Ok i promise”


Khushi smiles and happily place her head on his chest hugging him by waist while his hands remain in it’s place. Khushi felt bad sensing he did not hug her back but soon understands he needs time. After a minute of silence,


Arnav: Don’t you think you broke advay’s heart? asked the question which is nagging from the time he married.


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Apr 11, 2017

Khushi's love!!! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 63 times)



Advay: I did not love her anju. I agreed for dadi only. If i didn’t love her in the first place then how come she broke my heart, answered unteempth time. Infact i had doubted she loves someone but today i got to know whom.


Anjali: But i thought you love her, said when they are sitting in their guest room.


Advay: For last time i am saying anju, i didn’t loved her. So topic closed. Don’t talk about this before bhai. He came here after 3 long years from god knows where and don’t forget to clean his room. Anjali nods, dadi also joins there.


Dadi: What are you chatting without me? asked playfully. Anjali shrugs nothing, dadi sat beside advay cups his cheeks, I broke your dreams na, you must dreamed to start a family with khushi. I am sor....Advay intervenes, “Dont ask sorry dadi, you did a correct thing. And besides i already know she does not love me so i just saw her as a friend nothing more than that. So you don’t have to feel guilty and khushi is perfect for bhai. Did you notice how she clings into bhai without leaving him for a second and bhai is in shock his face is worth watching. Bhai shocks bhabhi rocks!!!” chuckled loudly remembering his bhai’s horrified face during grahapravesh when arnav hesitant to pick khushi while she literally shut him up by threatening him if he didn’t pick her then she will kiss him right away which is less audible to others but he heard it as he is just behind them.


Dadi: You don’t know what you did, You reduced my burden advay. I thought you is heartbroken because the marriage thing is totally unfair from my part but i don’t have any other option knowing khushi loves only arnav even if she married you or other men she will not be happy and it keeps hurting whole lifetime besides whole Delhi sees the little PDA khushi shown seeing arnav. And i know she will be perfect wife for arnav.


Anjali: Haan dadi...thinking sometime, now all fell in its place. You know whenever khushi bhabhi come here she will either in bhai room or asking about bhai, how he is? What he likes? Once she even asked me, before his accident did he had any girlfriend or not. I didn’t take it seriously that time; i thought she is just asking casually. Aur from where did bhai turn out to be here out of nowhere? Where did he disappear 3 years before? Most importantly why did he faked his death or he met with accident? Oh no dadi why did you rush the marriage without clearing this things.


Dadi: Whatever arnav does is always right, maybe there is a reason behind his disappearance and we have to wait till morning to know this. Besides do you think we have time for all the confrontation? Before we sort out the issue it will reach the media and it’ll damage our family image most importantly they start creating stories around khushi betiya’s character. We cannot keep the guest unattended until we clear the misunderstanding in arnav death. And this is the perfect time to get him married or else we have to wait for more years. Don’t think anything now, our lost happiness is back. We’ll clear all our queries tomorrow from arnav itself. Sleep well betiya. Advay you too sleep.


Anjali and dadi leaves the room while advay stays in guest room itself. He gazed his room where arnav and khushi is staying now through the guest room window. It would be a blunt lie if he says he did not affect by khushi marriage with his own brother. As a groom he also has some dreams like a loving partner, happy family and all. But after knowing khushi loves someone he dropped his dreams yet in his corner of his heart he wants a perfect live with her. Yes he knows khushi loves someone before, some things are kept hidden without voicing out like this issue. Khushi directly didn’t tell this yet he knows she loves someone and she cannot have a life with him that much he know. Though his feelings are not that strong, he did felt bad when khushi refused to marry him even before arnav show up to the mandap. But he consoles his heart thinking some day she will accept him and he too love her back. But all his hope vanished the moment he seen arnav but at that time in his happiness seeing arnav alive infront of them made him forget all the things and the thing mattered was arnav happiness. So wholeheartedly he agrees for his brother’s and khushi marriage. Now he has hope soon he’ll forget this marriage thing and move on. The first thing he have to do was clear this marriage issue before whole Delhi create their own stories and called someone before drifted into sleep.



Arnav: Don’t you think you broke advay heart?


Khushi: No, he is not heartbroken because he already know i love someone infact he is the one who found out first.


Arnav: What he knows? asked lightly tilting his head.


Khushi: He does not know it’s you. I didn’t tell him, how can i tell him that i fall in love with your dead brother isn’t it sounds weird? asked with a pout. Arnav let out a chuckle unknowingly seeing her pout, his hands are itching to hug but he refrain himself until he hears her full story.


Arnav: How do you know me, i mean before you know advay or after marriage proposal? From when did you start loving me?


Khushi: I know you from past 4 months obviously after meeting your family. And for your second question i love you from past 3 months.


Arnav: What even after knowing i am dead?? Why?? whispers shockingly, he thought maybe she loved him way before seeing some of his interviews or through their families as his dadi and her dadi are friends.


Khushi: suddenly shrieks, How can i forget this topic? Where are you from past 3 years? What happened to you actually? Why no one knows you are alive? She keeps on ranting...


Arnav: Shh...You will come to know everything tomorrow. Sighed he continuous anyways all want answers from me, i’ll tell all of them tomorrow along with yours. Now you tell me your weird love story.


Khushi: Haa....What weird love story? How can you tease my love like this? asked with a pout.


Arnav: Then what you want to name your love, do you even realise you fallen for a dead person that time so obviously yours is weird love story and i am sure the person also weird, teased her seeing her angry pout. Khushi humps and started telling her weird version of love.





Four months before,

Khushi turned as soon as dadi called her, she introduced her to her friend subhathra.


Subhathra: How are you khushi betiya?


Khushi: I am fine dadiji. Aap? asked politely.


Subhathra: I am good...Wait betiya i’ll introduce you to my grandson. She called advay, advay she is khushi, shashi gupta daughter.


Advay: Oh gupta industries MD....Hi khushi....They are left alone now as both their dadi’s want them to spend time together.


Khushi: Hi Mr...., stopped abruptly forgetting his name.


Advay: Don’t be formal Call me Advay, chill..., smiled at her politely. If he was like before then till now khushi would’ve been literally in his arms.


Khushi: So...I must agree you are one smart man advay. Dad said you bagged two awards in three years span, said raising her eyebrow.


Advay: embarrassed, nothing like that. It’s all team work that’s it. Bhai’s workers are more intelligent and loyal, so i don’t have any problem. And by the way who has the guts to mess with Arnav singh Raizada company, said proudly.


Khushi: You have bhai...But he is not here it seems, i thought you have one sister only. She don’t know why suddenly she felt goose bumps hearing the name which advay said now. An unknown happiness spreads in her as soon as she heard the name ‘Arnav’ Her mind in her own accord started giving an image to the unknown, invisible advay’s brother.


Advay: He is no more, sadly said this and ordered cold drinks for them.


Khushi: Oh i am sorry...said sadly, her mood also off-ed hearing this particular raizada death.


They both instantly bond well as khushi too want to learn about business advay is ready to guide her. Two weeks later they are informed about the marriage proposal by their respective families.


Advay: Dadi you must be joking is it? I mean how can me and khushi? That too before anjali, asked bewildered by his dadi’s new found alliance for him.


Anjali: Hey i am not going to marry early. Atleast i need five years to finish my doctorate, finished hurriedly before dadi start talk about her marriage.


Dadi: Anjali betiya marriage can wait until we find groom for her and her kundali is not good right now. And i don’t want to lose a gem like khushi betiya. You talk to her, get know more about her. If things go well we can arrange wedding asap. Advay half heartedly agrees and called khushi to meet him.


In a posh restaurant, Khushi was sipping her cappuccino sitting in a two sitter table waiting for advay to come.


Advay: Hey khushi...greeted her from behind. Khuhsi beams at him and gesture him to sit opposite to her.


Khushi: What’s up? You told me you have important meeting today. As far as i know Mr. Advay cannot waste single minute, asked raising her eyebrow.


Advay laughed at her remark: oh come on khushi...don’t ask me as if you don’t know anything....ok jokes apart, i called you here for some serious talk.


Khushi: I also want to talk to you something important and i think we both are here for the same reason. Your family informed you isn’t it? asked while playing with her bracelet.


Advay: Yup...What do you think about it? You and Me in marriage asked pointing fingers at him and her.


Khushi: Well honestly, i am not in state to get married now. But dadi is adamant on marrying off me this year. So lets try it, but i can’t guarantee you that i’ll fall in love with you. We’ll start knowing each other better, if we feel we’re comfortable and ready to take next level then we’ll think about marriage. Until then we remain as friends like now...she put forth her decision straightforwardly.


Advay: I too want the same, seems like we both are sailing in the same boat. I too agreed for dadi only, after bhai’s death now only she is smiling from the heart. I don’t want to destroy her bubble. So let’s try it.


Khushi: If you don’t mind can i know something? After advay nods, How did your brother died?Is he the one who established AR? What is his name? She mentally apologised to god for lying, from past weeks this name keeps haunting her..she don’t know why she is asking this, but her stupid heart want to know about him from the time she came across his name. She even decided to search about him in google but withdraw the idea thinking she is stupid.


Advay eyes suddenly seems distant, “ASR that’s what everyone call him in business circle, the name itself is enough to bought fear for opponents. He is the one who started the company and bring it to top single handily in young age itself. Dad and mom died in accident when we are small, bhai is hardly 18 when the family responsibilities fell on his shoulders. We are not at all rich that time, dadi did some small business. He invested insurance for us, we studied with that money. Bhai did part time job to feed us. As soon as he finished graduation he start AR with the help of dad friends. Then there is no turn back for him. our financial status increases along with my arrogance. I started ignorant of others importantly my family. Money blinded my eyes. He gulps his throat trying to swallow the lump. Bhai always wanted me responsible not that he wanted me to be workaholic like him but atleast he expect me to act sensible which i failed that time. He died in accident. Leave it khushi. It is of no use now. He is not going to come back to see his wish fulfilled. And you know i am the most stupid person in the world to think that my brother is jealous of me”


Khushi: What??? You thought he is jealous of you? asked with wide eyes.


Advay: Yeah, it is foolish isn’t it? all he want was our secure future but all i thought was he’s controlling me.


Khushi: He must felt bad na when you ignored him, asked with sad face and her heart unknowingly wants to soothe him.


Advay: nods, he always feels miserable whenever i shout him but he hid all his pains before me.


Khushi: I want to go office advay. Bye. She hurriedly bid bye to him not able to stand there after hearing what advay said. Her mind scold her for acting stupid but as usual heart denies and her thoughts are fully occupied by certain raizada.


Days passed they both started meeting frequently, mostly all their chatting starts and ends with arnav. Bhai did that...Bhai bought that...Bhai do that if he is here....These are the things advay keeps chanting with khushi. Advay shared all his past with khushi unknown to the fact that he is slowly planting the seed of love in khushi’s heart not for him but for his brother.


Khushi don’t know when she started to love the unexisting arnav. Whenever she is with advay her mind and heart want to know more about arnav. Advay too giving enough information whenever they meet. According to him he is sharing his pain and regretting his previous actions. One day accidently she came across arnav’s photo, that day is the day she fallen in love with him totally. She felt as if his eyes are conveying something to her, his eyes caring pain which she knows is due to advay. She badly want to erase that worry lines on his forehead. Her lips curve into a smile tracing his facial features in the photo. Without letting others know, she stealed the photo of him.


She is still confused by her feelings. She often questions herself, Why her thoughts are always on arnav? Why didn’t even once she thought about advay in this who is supposed to be her groom? Why her heart always want to know more about arnav? Why her dream is always about happily live after with arnav? Why her heart want to know whether he had girlfriend or not? What she will do if he come in front of her? Is she love him? Sighed she decided herself to clear all her doubts. She called advay and tell him to meet her in her home.


Advay greeted khushi’s parents before settled in balcony with khushi. khushi looks ahead of the garden while advay sit silently.


Khushi: What is love? asked making advay looked at her weird.


Advay: I am not in love with anyone before to know khushi, replied jokingly.


Khushi: Don’t joke around advay. I am asking seriously, said with stern face letting him know how serious she is in this conversation.


Advay: Sighs, seriously i don’t know khushi. But according to my theories, love is weird. We don’t know when it will hit us. It will strike with the full force after that we cannot get our heart back from the person who stole your heart. Our heart knows when they are in trouble, that’s all i know khushi.


Khushi: How we can find out that we fall in love? asked curiously.


Advay: stares at her sometime and continues, If you love truly then the mere name of the person, itself create some new feelings in your heart. If they are sad you automatically you also become sad. Your hands will itching to tend their wounds. Day and night your thoughts are occupied by them. Your heart yearns to be with them. Their every emotion, be it happy or sad will affect you. Until you experience it you cannot describe it in words, finished dreamily. After a minute of silence,


“Whom do you love khushi?” asked  casually making khushi shocked.


“What???(stammers) I don’t love anyone” khushi replied nervously.


“You can lie to me khushi but not yourself. Think wisely” said this he left from there.


Khushi sat there pondering over his words and came to heart wrenching conclusion of realising her love for arnav who was nowhere present in the world. She don’t know what she is going to do. How come she’ll marry someone when she already lost her heart. There is no way she has chance to live with arnav. Such an unlucky she was. Like others she too want to experience her first love. At one point she even thought if she die then she’ll not have to go through the pain of marrying someone other than arnav. But she is khushi gupta who was a strong, straight forward girl and not a coward. So she erased the thought from her mind. She tried to cancel the marriage but her dadi is adamant on letting her marry this year. So she decided at least to change the groom which is less painful for her comparing to daily facing advay with arnav related talks. But later come to know her dadi wishes her to be raizada bahu though they did not force her. What is going to change? It is not like arnav is going to come one day and marry her. Let it be whoever the groom was, she cannot love him the way she loved arnav. First love is always special. Atleast now advay is her friend who understands her. She cannot expect all of them to be like advay. So she decided to get married with advay. By then four months passed, their marriage took place as soon as she declared her decision.




Arnav: Then why you stopped the marriage? asked as soon as she finished telling her side of story.


Khushi lift her head from his chest cups his cheeks, “I don’t know arnavji. I felt you as if you are near me. I felt i am doing a sin when advay is going to put garland on me. Somewhere in my heart i believed one day you will marry me by any miracle. She let out a laugh, weird haaina..I myself don’t understand how i changed like this. But one thing is sure “I Love You Arnav” once again she happily declares her love with so much of sincerity in her eyes which no one gets doubt.


Arnav himself feels as if he is drowning into the pool of her love. His heart and mind are debating themselves to prove their points. Somewhere he is relaxed knowing advay didn’t loved khushi. But one sudden thought made him restless, what if advay really love her which khushi don’t know. He cannot start his marriage life with khushi until he clears his doubt with advay. If advay loved her then he’ll wait until advay find his true love who will love him back with same intensity, with these thoughts arnav drifted into his much needed sleep. Khushi too sleeps in no time after going through emotional trauma, yet she had her peaceful sleep after 3 long months.

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May 9, 2017

Last Part!!! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 57 times)

Next day morning arnav was sitting in living room reading newspaper. Suddenly his eyes widened seeing some picture which is none other than his wedding photo from yesterday. Hurriedly he started reading the content,

“The business magnet Arnav Singh Raizada who was declared as dead before 3 years is alive. Our sources confirmed his presence in his brother’s wedding which in turn happens to be his wedding. We contacted them, Mr. Advay Singh Raizada manager also confirmed the news and he further told that ASR is in coma for 3 years which his family isn’t aware off as ASR is admitted in hospital which is far away from city in abroad. And his newly wedded wife Khushi Gupta is his secret girlfriend from the past who happened to be his brother’s bride due to ASR accident. But now all is well in the Raizada family. Soon we can see the old ASR back in business world”


“What the hell?” He shrieked loudly as soon as he finished reading. Advay who was sitting beside him asked, “What happened bhai?” After noticing the newspaper he continued, “Oh so this is the reason for your shout. I only informed this news. I know it is all lie but it will keep them shut without creating their own stories by destroying your name and family name. No harm in telling one lie if it keep our family away from stress and make them happy isn’t it bhai?” Arnav nods at him as he too did the same in the past. Their conversation came to end when gupta family entered their house.


After sometime of exchanging pleasantries and chit-chatting, dadi starts her interrogation.


Dadi: Will you care to explain where you disappeared suddenly? And where are you till now? She asked sternly trying to act angrily yet she failed miserably. The happiness she received due to his presence erased all her anger.


Arnav feels all their eyes on him, “Don’t stare at me like as if i did some crime” he tried to ease the tension building up and obviously trying to escape from the scolding.


“Bhai we are not joking here” this time anjali let out her frustration.


“Ok calm down. You all need answers right, first take a seat and hear me out without interrupting” he politely told them and inhaling a deep breath,

“It’s true i was met with accident in London and i was unconscious for two days which no one knows except aman. He hid it from you all so that you’ll not panic. At exact third day stay of mine in hospital i gained conscious and instructed aman to keep it as a secret until my recovery as doctor confirmed i’ll be fine in two weeks. But next day some papers published saying i am dead. It was quite shocking for us. Aman was ready to clear the wrong news. But i confined him and thought to use that opportunity to make advay responsible. I felt advay needs a blow to realise his mistakes so i use that fake news and keep a track on advay moves through aman”


“Then why you took three years to show up? You could’ve come here as soon as advay start taking responsibilities? ” dadi throws her next question angrily.


“I thought to give him some space” he mumbled slowly.


Dadi sighs and marched upstairs without saying anything to arnav but not before escorting gupta family who was ready to leave for their home.


Arnav was silently standing in a corner seeing all this. No one talked to him after that. He was sure now all are angry on him. But in all this one person is beside him from the morning itself that is khushi. She didn’t left him for even a second, she was there beside him when he was saying the truth. She is the one who is not angry on him. His trance was broken by anjali.


Anjali: Bhai tell me the real reason now. Don’t try to cover with your lie.


Arnav: I already told the reason anju. There is nothing to hide. Before anjali could retort advay interrupted.


Advay: I am sorry bhai, because of me you are away from family for three years. But you could have taken some other path to teach me, not like this. I am totally disappointed with you bhai, said this he went upstairs.


Anjali: Bhai don’t beat around the bush. Tell us clearly, asked annoyed by his lies.


Khushi: I’ll tell you, announced making two heads snapped towards her. One pair of eyes looked at her with shocked expression while other pair shined with curiousness.


“He hid it because of advay” anjali frowned hearing this while arnav throw a glare at her and ready to pounce on her in anger. Khushi easily ignored arnav glare before she continue she heard anjali’s irritated voice.


Anjali: That’s what bhai too said bhabi, said frustrated hearing the same line from khushi too.


Khushi: Well you don’t know what the exact reason is? Do you? anjali shakes her head as no. She further questions, “Do you remember before 3 and half years dadiji is admitted in hospital after suffered from heart attack?


Anjali instantly nods yes, “How can i forget that day? Bhai was in business trip and i am the only one in home with dadi. Suddenly she told me her chest was paining and i don’t know what to do. No close relatives are here to help me, i singlehandedly managed the hospital procedures until bhai landed here. And that was the first time, i was broken so much without anyone support” said with moist eyes remembering the horrible days of her life.


Khushi: Where is advay that time? asked non-chantedly. Anjali absentmindly answers, i don’t know.


“khushi...” arnav shouted trying to stop her from spilling the beans. He is too shocked to react anything after knowing khushi finds out the reason behind his fakeness. Khushi throws a glare at him,


“I’ll tell you..” khushi started to be cut off by arnav who pulls her harshly to his side and shouts, “Will you just shut up khushi”  But whom he was dealing she shrugs his arm angrily, “I cannot sit quiet when someone accuses my husband when he is at no fault. Mind it you cannot stop me” arnav was taken aback by her anger. Anjali too stood shocked seeing the angry avatar of khushi. khushi turns toward anjali with same anger,


Khushi: He’s in police lock up that night, said shocking anjali while aranv could only shakes his head in disappointment. Yes, you heard it right. He had been in lock up for one damn whole night arrested in drug case, so he couldn’t be there with you for dadi. Next morning they released him on the insistence of arnav. Yet he stayed in his friends home even after knowing dadi is in hospital. Shall you want more reason or is it enough? asked making arnav and anjali flinch hearing her loud authoritive voice.


Anjali stood dazed hearing the reason for arnav’s fake death. Even in her dreams she didn’t thought that advay could be this much irresponsible and spoilt brat. Without speaking anything she marched upstairs after apologised to arnav for her early behaviour. As soon as anjali went, arnav dragged khushi upstairs to their room. No one noticed the lone figure standing near the pillar wiping his tears. Advay dragged his feet to arnav’s room.



“Arnavji why are you dragging me?” khushi asked as soon as they reached their room.


“What the hell you are saying downstairs. Who gave you permission to speak about my personal secret?” he asked furiously.


“What i told is the truth. And don’t forget i am your wife, i have full rights on you and it’s my right to defend my husband when others point fingers at you” she too answered in the same tone.


“You know what; it is useless to argue with you” he muttered dejectedly and asks, “How do you come to know the truth?”


Khushi lifted her imaginary collar in proud manner, “Arnavji you have poor memory power. Remember i Mrs.ASR i have my sources”


Arnav amused hearing her, “How come you collect this information within a night. As far as i know, this truth is only known to aman other than me. But he can’t break his promise isn’t he?” he asked himself unsure of aman’s involvement in this.


“Yup! You are correct. Aman only told me all the details” Seeing arnav getting angry she hurriedly adds, “Don’t fry poor aman in hot oil. He is being faithful to our family and i know full details” arnav looks visibly confused, “I know your medical history. You are diagnosed with cancer and you took treatment for 2years that’s why you didn’t come here” said this she hugs him, “I know everything arnavji. Don’t try to hide anything from me” Arnav also hugs her back thinking his inability to put stern face before her. He don’t know why he obeys and hears her each and every words without getting angry. Maybe, from the time advay starts hate him he needs someone beside him to tell him all will be fine. Now he got it in the form of khushi, he is glad to receive so much of love from her. He is sure soon he too will fall for her. Their life will be full of roses. Their hug was broke by knock on the door.


Arnav saw advay standing near the door and gestured him to come in. Khushi left from there giving him a tight smile. Advay senses some coldness in khushi behaviour. He shrugs at the thought and concentrate on current mission. He holds arnav hand and made him to sit in bed, he too kneeled infront of arnav and request him to don’t interrupt,


“Bhai, i am sorry, because of me you are away from our family when you need us most. I know one sorry is not enough, but believe me i regretted a lot for my behaviour. I realised your value and your care when i was arrested. I came to know about true colours of my friends, that’s why i didn’t show my face while dadi is in hospital. I was ashamed i couldn’t gain courage to meet your eyes. So i decided to change myself into a person whom you always wanted. I joined training classes as soon as my studies finished, i know you all thought i was in friend house. But before i finish my training i was shocked with the news of your accident. That really changed my path. I am really sorry bhai, please don’t make us got through this pain again. We are nothing without you” he broke down as soon as he finished talking.


“’s ok advay. I am not at all angry on you. You don’t have to be sorry. You know i always want a strong advay who’ll stood beside our family when i was not here. You did it perfectly. I don’t need anything. And don’t tell about my illness to anyone” arnav consoled his brother.


“Bhai, till now you lived for us. Please atleast hereafter live your life, i am here to look after all. Start your life with khushi bhabi, she loves you a lot. I doesn’t see her other than my friend bhai” advay cleared his point before arnav. Arnav smiles and hugs him, he is relieved to see his brother not affected by marriage chaos.


“Dadi is angry on you. Can i talk to her?” Advay asked coming out of hug.


“No i’ll see her” he replied.



“Dadi still you are angry on me. It is not fair, i came here after three years. Here you are sitting sulking in room without making my favourite barfi” arnav complained entering her room.


As soon as dadi sees him, she turns her face angrily, “I lost my grandson somewhere. For whom i have to do barfi? For him only his sibling matters not this old lady. He cares only for his brother. He’ll do anything for him without caring about the hurt he gives to others. Whom i to get angry on him?” she finished sarcastically.


“Dadi i am sorry, don’t you talk to me? Don’t you forgive your favourite grandson? You are also important to me. If you are angry on me then how can i live peacefully? Until you forgive me i am not going to leave this room” arnav said stubbornly.


“Then stay here who cares, if your wife hears this then she’ll also shift here. So before she shift here i’ll leave” dadi also replied stubbornly.


“Dadi...” arnav whined cutely which melts arnav dadi heart, immediately she hugs him and made him lie on her lap starts caressing his hairs.


“I missed this dadi. When will you make barfi for me? i missed that more than you” he winked at her making her smile wide.



“Khushi i am wondering why are you angry on me?” advay asked blocking khushi. khushi in return shot a glare at him.


“Don’t you know?” she asked sarcastically.


“Are you angry on me for my behaviour towards bhai? If that is the reason i am sorry khushi”


Khushi was startled by his apology, true that she was angry on him for his past behaviour but she did not expect his apology that too this soon. Maybe she should have forgive him, because of him she came to know about arnav and now she is his wife. Somewhere this happened because of him only.


“It’s ok advay, i am not angry on you. It’s better we forget the past and concentrate on our present” khushi smiled little.


“Yes bhabhi. Hope you don’t mind, but it sounds weird to me” he said with frown. Khushi smiled walking away; it feels so good for her hearing anjali and advay calling her bhahi. It’s been only one day she is married but she felt close to arnav whenever they call her bhabi.



Few months later,

“Khushi why are you not visiting office? Uncle was saying you are not coming to office after our marriage?” arnav asked entering the room after finishing his hectic day.


“I don’t want to continue my work now. I want to enjoy my days with dadi” khushi replied taking his coat and giving him fresh pair of change.


“You can enjoy while attending office. Don’t waste the opportunity and don’t let it go. Dadi is going nowhere, you can spend time with her whenever you want. Uncle found it difficult to look after the office alone” arnav said trying to put sense in her.


“If you are so concern about dad being over working, then you look after the company, anyways i am planning to transfer my shares to your name. I am no more interested in going to office atleast not now. I want to live with you without any tension and responsibilities. Maybe after 8months i think about office, until then appoint someone to look after my works” she replied while preparing coffee for him.


Arnav sighs retired to washroom thinking it is futile to talk to her. She always does what she wants not that she go against his orders but somewhat in personal matters no one can win argument against her, if it is him then he is bowled within 10minutes. He learned it in few days of their marriage; he cannot object her decisions in the matter of their family. How much he try atlast he end up accepting her decision like he did for honeymoon. His family come up with honeymoon plan as soon as the problem solved but he is not keen on that plan, like now khushi adamantly argued with him. Finally, without having heart to deny her wish he too accepted and that is the best decision of his life till now. They come close to each other in both physical and emotional terms. He started understanding her better without even she voice out her wishes sometimes and by the end of honeymoon they started their relationship in true sense. It has been 4 months they are married, advay took half of his work inorder to give him some time with khushi. Anjali started speaking to him freely like before, she and khushi will tease him to the death. Not to forget khushi’s possessiveness, if any photoshoot occur in AR then it is must that khushi to be present there if his presence is needed or else poor aman will get the burnt. He totally loved that part, her being possessive of him, that day he will be showered with extra love, hugs, kiss and much more from her end. He did not confess his love till now yet she know he love her. But already he decided to propose her in her birthday which is next month. Life is going smoothly and he wishes advay to settle soon, but he strictly told he’ll marry only after anjali. Gupta’s was first reluctant and embarrassed to talk to him due to the stunt khushi pulled in their marriage but soon it fades when he took the first step in accepting them. His past illness is unknown to everyone obviously except khushi and always it will remain as a secret.



Khushi hugged him as soon as he climbed the bed, smiling himself he put a kiss in her forehead and patted her head.


“Tomorrow i am coming to your office. Don’t leave without taking me or else i’ll kiss you right away wherever i see you even if your clients are there” khushi threatened him dangerously. Arnav widened his eyes imagining her kissing him before his clients. That will be so embarrassing when he is not much keen on showing PDA but she is totally opposite she’ll kiss him without caring the surroundings. That happened in AR when she accidently come across to hear model talks about him, green with jealously she right away kissed him amidst of countless people as there is a photoshoot is rolling on and much to his embarrassment that was recorded in camera too and later that will be deleted. Coming out of his shock he replied, “I’ll take you with me khushi. But please don’t put your weird stunt there”


Khushi smiled at her scared husband, put her lips on his promising him to behave as a good girl which is not going to happen anyway. She’ll not stop showing her love on him openly. Soon they both drifted into their love land promising each other to make their weird love success by supporting each other, caring each other, loving each other till eternity.



“Love is weird it will happen anytime with anyone;

  Love will success only when, you can stand and fight for your love”


                                                           ***The End***

I am sorry for this late update dears, this update was ready by last week but due to network problems i can't post it. And i'll be inactive for most of the days in this month due to the same issues, so i can't able to read/write stories but once i am back i'll read all of your stories until then don't forget me. Take care, keep smiling And thanks for waiting for this update patiently

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May 14, 2017

Epilogue! (By Spriya) (Thanked: 67 times)

“Child’s bua should whisper the new name three times in baby’s ear, then this function will come to end” pandit announced eyeing the new parents who was immersed in their new found happiness while the child’s bua whispers the name in baby’s ear before announcing loudly.


“Aanaya Singh Raizada” anjali chirped taking little ananya in her arms and pose before camera.


“Don’t take too much photo anjali. My anu will get tired and evil eyes will cast on her” dadi said taking her from anjali.


“Dadi don’t shout near anu’s ear, she’ll get pain in ear. Talk slowly” saying this advay took ananya from dadi.


Like this the little doll was passed between the three. Tired of being moving from one arms to another, ananya let out a irritated wail which bring her parents in their toes.


Within no time, they reached nani in single step, arnav took his little princess in his arms. Sensing the known warmth ananya stopped crying and starts sucking her little thumb staring at her daddy.


“What happened to my princess?” arnav cooed pressing her more into his arms.


“Don’t suck your thumb baby” khushi said tucking her thumb out from her mouth making anu cry out loud.


“Khushi why are you making her cry? See how her face turned red” came an irritated reply from arnav. Recovered from his previous mood he consoled his crying creature in his arms, “Don’t cry princess. Daddy will beat mamma, she is making you cry haaina...”


“Haww...” khushi opened her eyes wide seeing his attitude. “Don’t think i’ll let you both free after hearing your remarks” khushi warned both father and daughter who were immersed themselves without caring her words.


Huffing, puffing she marched upstairs. The moment she left, the duo also followed her suite, one being so comfortable in arms. While others chuckled seeing the little fight which happens every day. In all this they even forget the panditji who was watching all this weirdly. He suppose to be left by now after naming the baby but this crazy family seems forget about his presence, shaking his head in disbelief he himself went near them.


“Khushi i was kidding” arnav defended himself entering the room. Slowly he put ananya in her crib which is placed next to the king-size bed. Khushi too joins him making the little one comfortable for sleep.


Steadily arnav’s hand found his way to khushi shoulder which is shrugged by her. He tried again but faced the same treatment. This happened two more times making khushi irritated. She pushed him with a force that he fell back on bed taking her along with him. Their eyes started melting by the passion that starts developing resulting in closing the distance between them. Before their petals touch each other, they heard a loud wail which broke them apart. Khushi let out a groan in irritation of being disturbed by umpteenth time from morning. Pushing khushi aside arnav jumps out of the bed and picks the little one from the crib.


“What happened baby? Are you missing daddy?” arnav cooed caressing her forth and back.


“Papa ki chamchi, give her to me arnav” khushi said picking her from him. But ananya let out a cry again making arnav grab her back from khushi. As soon as ananya come in the arms of arnav she stopped crying.


“It’s all your fault arnav. You are pampering her too much arnav. See now she starts crying as soon as she lost your touch. How can i handle her when you start leaving for office? And to the top of it she is not even allowing me near you. I highly doubt that she has an alarm clock whenever i come close to you, she starts crying. This is not fair arnav” khushi said with pout thinking the time from her birth she is always in the arms of arnav and even after one month she did not even steal a kiss from him.


“I’ll work from home until she starts her schooling. So no problem in handling her” he replied seriously making her horrified imagining him working from home for two and half years.


“What you’ll work from home until she starts schooling? Do you even realise what you are saying?” she asked shocked.


“I know what i am speaking. You go take coffee for me and milk for princess. We’re tired sitting in pooja” he dismissed her as he know soon she’ll lecture him being spoiling their baby.


“ you both don’t need me. I know she loves only you but now you too doesn’t love me” khushi cried dramatically.


“That’s not true khushi. She’s just like you, possessive of me nothing more than that. Infact she love you too but because i am spending more time with her you feel left out” arnav defended his daughter pecking her lips lightly.


“I know...i know...Do spend your quality time with your doll yourself” khushi said sarcastically and left the room kissing her both angels.


Arnav let out a chuckle seeing her retreating figure. He know she’s just annoyed and will come around in no time. At most of the times he is amused seeing her jealousy for her own daughter. True that he’s giving extra attention to his daughter but not that he is neglecting khushi but she feels so. He is trying his best to cope with his two possessive angels who wants him at same time. They both need his attention all the time. His life is content now. Being married to khushi for 3years is bliss. Now their little doll also joined them.


“Meera wait, don’t run. If i catch you then your punishment will be severe. Think about it” advay shouted running behind his girlfriend cum fiancee on the never ending sand.’


“I am ready for punishment, but for that you have to catch me” meera said sticking her tongue out and running fast as much as she can.


After seems like eternity they both fall in sand laughing, panting heavily and rolling in sand.


“See i caught you. Be ready for punishment”


“This is cheating” meera said pointing her finger at him.


“All is fair in love and war babe!” he announced raising his eyebrow.


“No...No...No...” meera shouted started running again.


“Yes...Yes...Yes...” advay too shouted followed her.



“Anju this is not fair! Who told you to promise that you’ll marry only after five years? Now how’ll we proceed our matter to your family” sid asked lying in anjali lap.


“How can i know i’ll meet a nerd like you and fall in love with you?” anjali pouted.


“Waisee...I have a doubt? Will your hitler brother allow us to marry?


“Haww...Don’t call my bhai as hitler, you moron” anjali said hitting him lightly.


“Calm down anjali. I am seriously speaking, your brother is one tough nut, i even feared to stand before him let alone ask your hand in marriage. Thank god, at least your younger brother is not like him though”


“Haww...Don’t worry, my sweet bhabi is there na. She’ll support us. Bhai will not cross bhabhi words”


“Your family is one unique one. Your elder brother looks arrogant to the world but joru ka gulam in home. Your another brother looks friendly from outside but in real he has eagle eyes. I am sure he know about us”


“Yup! Protective raizada brothers!!!! Anjali replied smilingly.



                         “Love only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy,

                                          and be with whoever makes you smile”  


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