Dear Friends/Members please gear up and be active

Apr 7, 2017

Dear Friends/Members please gear up and be active (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 37 times)

Please support  each others otherwise what will be future of Myeduniya think yourself ..... if you love MED and then be active on the site......

I am observing in the stories there  are more views but numbers of thank you and comments  are very less, it is not your duties when you are reading a story then at least press the thank you button i also not doing comments in the stories but when i reading a story i am pressing thank you for encouragement of writers. It will be good if the writers leave their stories in middle and also leave myduniya because of less support ?  please be active and support the writers by comments and press the thank you button.

Haven't all of us have heard the saying, 'United we stand, divided we fall'? It's time to implement it, that's all!

What is the purpose of this thread?

A) To confirm your presence - Please confirm your presence - write proper comments and give your honest feedback to the writers.... Writer takes a long time to write stories and post and news article sharing like OCEAN and Telly News!! 

B) Brain storming Area - We all have mail IDs but we can never have a group chat for the simple reason, we live in different parts of the world and everyone's timings cannot be adjusted. 

This post will serve to be our discussion centre where we can brainstorm for new ideas to bring MeD as a whole to a higher level.

All you have to do is drop in your ideas here and everyone can check regularly. Every comment and new idea counts!! 

C) Members' suggestions - members if the forum can give suggestion to their admins and support them! Everyone needs to get involved in MED Better!  

thank you for your kind cooperation and making MED great again!!

Entertainment Redefined!! 

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