Mamaji aur Buaji ki love story!!

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Apr 8, 2017

Mamaji aur Buaji ki love story!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 76 times)

" Haan Di, I like her.. " a man in his late twenties, was talking with his sister over the phone while going out of his huge palace..

" Really Chote! I just can't believe this. You reject all the girls I sent the pic to you, what's special about this one?" Anjali asked chirpily, Nani was behind her smiling and at the same time thanking DM, that her grandson finally accepted to see a girl.

" I guess she did some black magic then.. " Arnav said looking at her picture again.. " Isn't she strange? I mean what type of colorful clothes she wore here in this picture she looks like a clown, but I just can't take my eyes off her"

" Choteee.. " Anjali giggled with Nani, indeed Khushi, the girl in the picture was dressed in a weird way.

" I will come after two days to Lucknow, to meet her" Arnav said before hanging up the call.


* Two days later:

Arnav rubbed his hands together in excitement before ringing the bell of a simple house in front of him.

" Who is playing music outside my house?" a voice of an elder woman was audible to Arnav.

Arnav: What the.. Don't they know it's the ring of the bell here, of they own house?

Ignoring the doubts in his mind, he rang again only to hear shouts at him: Hey jobless I will break your face..

Outside, every person passing by were giving looks to Arnav, as if he was torturing the old lady..

" I and Jobless.. " Arnav shook his head in disbelief.

This time he decided to not ring the bell, but directly knock the door.

" Do you want to break my door now? " he heard the old lady once again shouting at him..

" Bin bulaye mehman.. " a kid shouted giggling at Arnav..

" Kyun Aisha?" another kid joined her..

" Khushi's Buaji is not opening the door to him but still he is forcing her too" the kid gave angry looks at Arnav..

" It's okay na. When she opens this door, she will make him run away.. " the kid giggled side hugging Aisha.

" And how is she going to make me run away?" Arnav asked putting his hand on his hip.

" She will beat you up with her broom" Aisha shouting showing her tongue to Arnav.

The kids went from there running, chanting: " Buaji will beat  batman.. Buaji will beat batman.. "

Arnav wondered why they call him "Batman", but soon cleared his own confusion when he looked at himself, he was dressed in black suit..

He immediately called his Di..

" They aren't opening the door Di" Arnav said irritated.

" Chote knock it na.. Don't you know basic rules? " Anjali said, signing some papers in her NGO.

" Diii what the.. I know, and I rang the bell two times, and also knocked it. But one old lady is shouting here to me.. And guess what, she is going to beat me with broom. Can you believe that? " Arnav complained to his sister..

" Hahahahaha.. Chote, you're scared of Khushi's buaji! Don't worry she is a sweet lady.. You will like her.. " Anjali said placing her palm on her mouth, to not laugh more at her brother's state.

" Dii don't laugh. I'm looking like bin bulaye mehman here, everyone is giving me looks.. " Arnav pouted looking around him.

" Owww chotee. Knock it again.. " Anjali said making a cute face to her brother.

" No way, if I beat again Buaji will beat me..I don't want to go to AR with a bruised face.. " Arnav said touching his face, and imagining an old lady beating him.. " NOOOOO"..

He shouted, making Anjali close her ears with her palm, and everyone giving angry looks at him.

" I will kill you useless" Buaji shouted inside.

He smiled sheepishly at everyone, then looked scared at the door.

Anjali: Chotee why are you shouting?

Arnav: Nothing Dii. It's better to call Khushi home only. I don't want to meet her here. Kya pata this will be our first and last meeting, and the last time you see your brother alive.

Anjali giggled: Why are you getting scared?

Arnav gritted his teeth: Di I'm not scared, its just I don't get along with some kind of people.. Only that..

Anjali: I will pretend I believe in you.

Arnav kept his phone on his pocket, and walked to go when he heard the door opening.

He gulped widening his eyes, but still didn't turn to see who is behind him.

" Beta tum.." a sweet voice called him..

" What the.. Minutes ago she was yelling at me, and now calling me beta!! What type of buaji she is" Arnav frowned.

" Are turn na beta, don't you want to see my face or what.. How will you enter in the house if you stay like a statue there?" buaji giggled.

Arnav faked a smile, then turn to her..

Arnav shocked: What the... Khushi??

Buaji: Heyy naughty boy.. First you say namaste, then we will talk about marriage.. Today's boys only want to go directly to the point..

Arnav: Khushi.. tum, why are you dressed like an old woman??

Buaji/Khushi raised her stick: You called me old woman! You're insulting Khushi's buaji...

A talking parrot accomodated himself on Arnav's shoulder: Buajiii .. Old woman.. Hahahaha..

Buaji/Khushi was left with open mouth: You brought your friend also.. I will cut his wings and your hands..

The parrot went from there flying. Arnav looked confused with the scene in front of him..

Arnav: Tum Khushi ho.. Your face is exactly like her, and the only difference is that you look old now.. I mean you're Khushi..

Khushi: Toh kya? Can't I look the same as my niece? She is beautiful like me when I was young. Come inside and stop eating my brain. I prepared delicious food for you to eat.

Arnav entered in the house still looking at Buaji to see what he was missing. Buaji is exactly like Khushi, was he dreaming? Can this be possible??

Arnav sat on the sofa only looking at Buaji/Khushi.

Buaji (Khushi) sternly: You will fall in love with me, instead of my niece if you keep looking at me..and I'm sure you don't want to fill sindoor in my maang, see there is a lot of white hair here. So look down now..

Arnav imagined himself with Khushi like this with white hair, he immediately looked at other side..

Khushi took the opportunity to look at her friends (Lav and Payal) she winked at them, who were rolling on the floor laughing now in her room.

Khushi cleared her throat: So beta where do you work? How can I be sure you will treat my bitiya well?

Arnav trying to convince himself that he is talking with Khushi's buaji who is exactly like her, and not her: I work in a fashion house.

Khushi: Ohh so you work for Fashion in Fashion's house itself? It's a strange name.. I've never heard anyone with this name.. It's cute name: Faashion.

Arnav raised his hand to explain her: Buaji Fashion is not a name of someone.

Khushi cuts him off: It's okay beta.. I understood what you want to tell me. I'm not that dumb.. Par beta, you said your work for Fashion but you didn't said what you do exactly? You and fashion are sweetmakers ahn? Or businessmen?  (shouting a bit) Tell me what you do? I'm not going to make my niece marry with Fashion, that you're telling me about Fashion..

Arnav: Buaji I work in my own company AR, and I design different types of clothes. I hope I'm clear now..

Khushi opened her mouth:  Aiyo.. Bitwa you're a tailor? Not bad, if my Khushi marry with you she will not need to buy clothes now, you will make it for her..

Arnav smiled trying to hide his frustation: Buaji I design the clothes, I'm a fashion designer, I don't this stiching and all.

Khushi smiled sarcastically: Beta you like giving complicated names to simple ones, I'm saying na you're a tailor, do you think tailors don't desing in a paper the clothes they are going to make. Do you think they only stich without knowing what is the final outcome of it? You're a tailor only, don't make me call you monkey's tail in frustration now.

Arnav sigh in defeat: Buaji I'm a tailor only (Arnav made a face, not showing to Buaji)..

Khushi nodded: Good. Behave like a good boy, then only you will have good points and I will let you marry my niece. Acha batao what do you like to do in your free time?

Arnav: Buaji...

Khushi cuts him off: Beta you start your every line with my name. I know I'm buaji, don't need to remind everytime that my hair is white.

Arnav breathed in and out, then continued: Reading..

Khushi cuts him off again: Boring bitwa..

Arnav continued ignoring her comment: Planting..

Khushi: Gardener bitwa..

Arnav glared at her, Khushi widened her eyes grabbing her stick: I said don't look in my eyes..

Arnav: What am I supposed to do then? Look at wall when I'm talking with you buaji? You're too much buaji, even my mami isn't irritating as you..

Khushi came near him caressing his back: Aree bitwa you're getting angry.. Sholly (Sorry) bitwa.. Good kids don't get angry like this.

Arnav looked at her, he felt attracted instantly to Buaji.

" No Arnav, stop it.. You can't think of Buaji like that.. " Arnav looked away scolding himself.

Khushi giggled silently. Khushi: Can I continue my questions bitwa?

Khushi asked caressing Arnav's cheeks, Arnav stood still trying to control himself to not feel anything for Buaji, he wasn't believing this, was he getting affected with buaji's touch?

Arnav distanced himself from Khushi(Buaji).

Khushi: I'm smelling good bitwa, why are you going away from here?

Arnav nodded sideways: Nothing. You can ask the next question buaji..

Khushi: Who live with you in London?

Arnav: No one.

Khushi laughed out loudly with a sweet old woman's voice: Bitwa your friends have strange names. First Fashion, then No one, what's next: Sandwich? (Khushi clapped laughing alone)

Arnav massaged his temples trying to control himself.

Arnav: Buaji I said Fashion, isn't a name of someone, I meant Fashion House: AR MY OWN COMPANY, where I am the CEO and also a fashion designer. And no one, means I live alone.

Khushi giggled shyly: Maaf bitwa, sometimes I take time to understand things. I'm getting old, (showing her hair to Arnav) see na my hair is getting white..

" What do I have to do with her hair, why is she showing me her hair all the time? " Arnav thought looking weirdly at Khushi, for him Buaji.

Khushi: Bitwa do you dance at night?

Arnav: Why this question buaji?

Khushi clenched his cheeks: Just answer yes or no.

Arnav sigh rolling his eyes, now this was more a pathetic meeting for him: No.

Khushi smiled: Good boy, you don't drink like others and get mad all night.

Arnav was like what-the: What kind of logic is this?

Khushi: Ohh bitwa you work in such big fashion house, still you don't get such meanings. What's the use of  working in big companies and dress like intelligent man, if you don't know common sense things. If you dance all the night, means you're mad or drunk, and since I know you're not mad. It's obvious you don't drink.

" But I'm sure you're completely mad Buaji" Arnav thought looking at her in disbelief.

Arnav: Khushi?

Khushi patted his back giggling: Why are you in hurry? Didn't you like me?

Arnav shut his eyes trying to control himself.

Arnav looked at her: Just tell me one thing? Are you sure you're buaji? I mean how can you be so slim like Khushi only?

Khushi widened her eyes: Oyeee what do you think buajis can only be fat women ahn? Can't they be fit? If we are fat, people like you like teasing us and now that I'm slim you still have problem..

Arnav: Okay. I'm convinced you're Khushi's buaji only.

Khushi smiled, then kissed his forehead: You're very sweet bitwa. Your cheeks are like laddoo.

Arnav felt something strange again.

Khushi: Wait here bitwa, I will arrange the table for us to eat something.

Arnav nodded. When Khushi entered in the kitchen. Arnav stood up from the sofa, and started passing around the living room frustrated.

Arnav: What's happening with me yaar? I can't feel attracted to an old woman. Am I getting mad or what? I, Arnav Singh Raizada felt affected with Buaji's touch.. No man, this can't happen with me..

Arnav's heart: Love doesn't see age Arnav.. Admit it you're in love with Buaji.

Arnav's mind: Shut up heart, can you imagine Arnav in his suhag raat day with an old woman? As soon as he lifts her pallu, he is going to faint right away..

Arnav's heart: Socho Arnav, you're in advantage because Khushi's buaji and Khushi are same to same..

Arnav's mind mocked: Yeah right. One has white hair, while the other black silky and soft hair. Think Arnav, do you want to wake up feeling the scent of that silky and smooth hair or that white and dehydrated hair.

Arnav's heart: Love doesn't see white or black hair.

Arnav shouted: Shut up!!

Khushi who was coming with a tray, stepped back shocked: Kya Hua bitwa? I didn't say anything and you're asking me to shut up.

Arnav tried to explain: No buaji..

Khushi smiled placing the food in a table: I see, you're sleep walking right?

Arnav couldn't control himself more, and said his favorite line: What the..

Khushi looked at him, he immediately covered his mouth.

Khushi: Complete the sentence bitwa. What were you saying?

Arnav in his thoughts: If she gets to know the meaning of "What the.." she will really beat me with her stick.

Arnav stammering: N..n..nothing Buaji..

Khushi held his hand, making him sit on the sofa again: Come, and try my food.

Arnav gulped holding her hand, it was so soft and tiny like a baby.. " What the... Baby no Arnav, she is an old woman.. Control your feelings"

Khushi filled the spoon, then lifted it to reach Arnav's mouth: Aaa mere bachhe, open your mouth.. Bua is going to feed you.. Say Aaaaaaaa..

Khushi showed him how to say “Aaa”, Arnav unwillingly had to do it.

She kept feeding him, and he was looking at her eyes.

Khushi slapped Arnav’s cheeks: Bitwa.. Concentrate on the food. If you keep looking at me like this, then I will be your dulhan instead of Khushi.

 Arnav choked on the food that was in his mouth. Khushi patted his back immediately: Bitwa..

Arnav: I'm fine.

Khushi made him drink water, worried for him: Bitwa you need to see what you're doing. If anything bad happened with you then?

Arnav nodded, but immediately stood up shocked making Khushi fall on the floor.

Arnav: Buaji what were you doing on my lap?

Khushi shouted: Ahhhhhh... I was making you drink water.. Ahhhh.. Is this how you repay me?... Ayee Devi Mayaa.. I'm going to die today.. Ahhh..

Arnav: But is it necessary to sit on my lap to make me drink water? You should have some respect too.

Khushi glared at him: What are you thinking? I'm trying to seduce you? Main? A 68 years old woman will try to get close to you??? I treat you like my baby..

Arnav shut his eyes " Dammit, Arnav stop thinking your things"

Khushi covered her mouth trying to control herself from laughing.

Lavanya and Payal were with pillows watching the scene laughing silently.

Arnav lifted Khushi: I'm sorry Buaji.

Khushi caressed his hair smiling: Its okay bitwa, since I liked you so much. I forgive you.

Arnav gulped getting uncomfortable with her touch: W..wh..where is.. your roo..m buaji?

Khushi: Nahin, I'm fine here. I still have a lot to speak with you..

Arnav nodded sideways vigorously: I'm getting late buaji now. I have to go. Tell me where is your room? We will talk other day..

Khushi pouted: Okay. Leave me here only. I will manage..

Arnav immediately left her on sofa, and went from there as fast as he could.

After leaving the house, he sighed in relief: Uff.. Thank God I'm alive.. If Khushi's buaji is like this, then imagine how would Khushi be.

He sat on his car drinking water, then searched in his pocket for his phone.

" Ohhh noo. Dammit, I forgot my phone in this hell. Now I will have to go again.. " Arnav pouted leaving his car, he unwillingly went to Gupta house again.

He took slow steps, then frowned when he felt he touched something on the floor, he looked down only to see a wig.

Arnav frowned: Buaji's hair!!

" Hmm so something is really fishy here" Arnav entered inside the house, and saw Khushi there with two girls laughing and dancing around the living room.

" I'm hundred percent sure he will break this marriage now, finally I'm a free bird.." Khushi said smiling brightly.

" Free parrot Kuku.." the talking parrot Arnav saw when he was outside the house, was there.

" Hmm so he was helping her" Arnav thought.

Khushi: Haan haan KIKI.. Free parrot..

Lavanya: Your acting was awesome Khushi, you deserve an Oscar for it.

Payal laughed: Did you saw ASR's scared face?

Khushi laughed remembering the scene.

Lavanya: On a serious note Khushi, didn't you like him?

Khushi sat with a thud: This is the problem yaar. I liked, no love him but I want to continue my studies. I don't want to marry now. If buaji gets to know about this, she will not agree.

Arnav shook his head in disbelief and left from there..


" Khushi bitwa come hereee.." Buaji (real one) called her..

Khushi came running to her: Ji buaji..

Buaji smiled: Dress up well today okay. We're going to have dinner in Arnav bitwa house today.

Khushi did a happy dance in her mind " Hmm so they want to break off the alliance today.."

She nodded innocently, then went to her room.

" I should wear red today, when I cry they will see it's tears of blood, and not sadness or happiness.. Blood because their Arnav won't fill my maang with vermilion now and I will commit suicide.." Khushi said dramatically, then giggled going to the bathroom.


* Raizada mansion:

All Raizada family were waiting for the arrival of their bahu.

Khushi reached making a boring face.

Buaji looked at Garima: Tell your daughter to smile. Otherwise they will think she doesn't want to marry Arnav bitwa.

Garima glared at Khushi. Khushi forced a smile on her face.

Khushi joined her hands: Namaste. She took blessings from Nani, Anjali and Mami.

All smiled warmly at her.

They chatted for a while. Then Anjali patted Khushi's shoulder: Khushi come. Mamaji wants to talk with you. He is upstairs.

Khushi nodded smiling, she went with Anjali upstairs and slowly opened the door of Mamaji's room.

Anjali: Go on..

" Aree why are they making me meet with all the family, when we are here to break the marriage?" Khushi thought.

She faked a smile to Anjali entering in the room, Anjali closed the door giggling.

Khushi gulped feeling alone. Khushi looking around: Mamaji..

Mamaji (Arnav) came out from the bathroom.

Khushi looked shocked at him: Arnav?

Mamaji: Arnav's mama bitiya. Arnav is in his room..

Khushi gulped thinking: " Did he got to know about my plan? Or he is really Arnav's mama? But I saw going to his car that day, that means he doesn't know about it"

Arnav caressed her hair: Kya Hua bitiya? What are you thinking about?

Khushi was about to say something, but Arnav cuts her off: I see, you're playing that statue game with me?  Naughty girl (Arnav clenched her cheeks)..

Khushi shut her eyes: Mamaji.. You're hurting me..

Arnav left her, then kissed her cheeks: Is it better now?

Khushi shocked: Mamaji have some respect. How can you kiss me like that?

Arnav smirked: Bitiya why are you getting angry? You're like my baby.. Do you think a 70 years old man will  love you? Shii bitiya.. I didn't knew you think like that..

Khushi felt guilty: I'm sorry Mamaji.

Arnav pecked her lips making Khushi look at him shocked: Mamaji ko iss Buaji se pyaar ho gaya!!

Arnav winked at Khushi, taking off his fake white beard.

Khushi was shocked seeing Arnav in front of her: You knew it???? You were making fun of me?

Arnav shrugged his shoulders, wiping his cheeks: Tit for tat.. Tum buaji, main Mamaji..

Khushi: I.. I ..just did that because..

Arnav: Because you wanted to study further and don't think of marriage now.

Khushi nodded shocked.

Arnav: For that you need to do all this madness? Seriously Khushi, I doubt you work in a circus.

Khushi pouted. Arnav: Why do you want to study?

Khushi looked at him shocked: And why not? You all think only men can achieve success and not women. I didn't want to marry you because of this, but now I don't want to marry you after seeing the type of men you are.

Khushi was trying to open the door.

Arnav smirked: You're too old to study now buaji.

Khushi giggled. Arnav: I see my wife gets angry without even listening to whole conversation. I don't mind waiting for you Khushi. But I want you to pursue your studies in London, in this way you will be close to me.

Khushi widened her eyes: Sachi? You don't mind waiting for me?

Arnav nodded. Khushi ran to hug him making both fall on the bed.

Khushi smiling chirpily: I love you mamaji..

Arnav kissed her cheeks: I love you more buaji.



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