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Apr 9, 2017

ARSHI - POSSESSIVE MRS ASR - OS (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 47 times)

In this OS, Anjali is already divorce and is working in AR Fashion as a Designer. NK is also working there as a cameraman, so is Khushi as Arnav PA as he wants his wife with him all the time.

There has been some new recruits in AR who did not know that Khushi is Arnav's wife and Natasha, one of the new staff had a crush on Arnav and was misbehave with her.

One morning, in the office, Natasha cornered Khushi during lunch in the canteen, not knowing that Arnav was also around along with the other staff members including Akash, Anjali, Aman and Nk.


Natasha (Attitude): So, Mrs. Whatever, Mrs. Arnav's PA, I don't understand, why he is giving you so much attention!! Just look at you!! My Gosh!! Your clothes and dressing sense give me a migraine!! And Please!! Bear this in your mind that you are already married and that ASR will never be yours as you aren't not to his standard. Ooofff!!! Your dressing style, OMG!!!


Khushi: Miss Natasha!!! For your kind information, I come here to work as a PA, not to dress up for the ramp walk, well, there are Models appointed to do that, so, please my dressing style is the least of your concern. And let me remind, if you don't have a good memory that I’m your superior so it will be in your best interest if you could please behave yourself instead of being a bully, as there are lots of laws and regulations established by both AR Fashion and Workers Rights, if you are ignorant about them. And please remember that my personal life is none my business. 


Natasha: Whatever Missy!!! You!!! My superior!! And Working Rights!! My foot!! Just remember, ASR is mine, I was not able to approach him before because of that Lavanya, but now as she is gone, no one can come between ASR and me.


Khushi: Don't you dare, whatever me, Missy!! You have no idea what I can do to you, so please don't mess up with me, else you will be sorry. And, where Arnav is concerned, he is already married so please mind your gap.


Natasha: Arnav!! Woah!! How dare you call him, Arnav!! No one call ASR that, except his family members. And for your kind information, who told you that ASR is married. HA!! HA!! HA!! That’s the biggest joke of the year!! Time to wake up, Missy!! Wakey!! Wakey!! Miss PA, it’s high to come out of your dreamworld, welcome back to the world, ASR is still one of the most eligible bachelor in India, if you are not aware, please read some newspaper.


Khushi: Enough is enough!!! Miss Natasha, why do you need newspaper when you can see the person himself, haven't you seen his ring finger, which clearly shows that he is married. You need to wake up from your dreamworld!!


Now, Khushi is really upset and cannot take it anymore, while Arnav is enjoying every moment of this fight, seeing his feisty wife in action, along with the others: NK, Akash, Anjali and Aman were laughing, as they are very much aware, what’s going to happen; they are actually waiting for the volcano to erupts. While the other staff was confused and shocked, looking at the sight before them. ASR is actually smiling, no… no… The Great ASR is in fact laughing, looking at the fight going between Natasha and Khushi, instead of being angry.


Natasha: Woah!! You seem to know a lot about ASR, I feel sorry for your husband. Who knows what you have been doing with ASR.


Khushi anger was now reaching the rooftop.


While, in the background:


Akash (laughting): Miss Natasha!! Sorry, to say, but you are so gone!! 


Aman (joining in): I have to agree, with you, Akash, she will be burn soon if she continues!!


NK (worried): I’m with you, guys!! This Missy’s ship is sinking deep at great speed!! Mr ASR is bad news enough, but Mrs ASR is even worst and where her lovely Arnav is concern she turn into a vicious Ostrich running after whoever is trying to harm her egg.


Arnav (laughing uncontrollably): NK!! Are you serious!!! Did you just compare my Lioness wife to an Ostrich!! Do you want to join Miss Natasha’s Club too!!! And, did you just call me an Ostrich Egg!! Seriously!! By which angle do I look like an egg, to you!! Ostrich Egg!! LOL!! 


NK: Luckily, your lioness did not hear me, Nanav!! Now, don’t you turn into lion!! Okay!!


Anjali: Stop it, all of you!! Chottey!! Go Nah and control, Khushiji!!


Arnav: Are you for REAL!!! Di!! Do you want me to join the Natasha’s Club!! Just look at my Khushi, in action, isn’t she amazing!! Chill!! Di!! Just enjoy!! I wish we had some popcorn!!


Akash: Seriously, Bhai!! Popcorn!! 


Aman: ASR!! Do you want me to organize some popcorn for all of us!!


Arnav: Shut up, Aman!! Do you want to get both of us, killed!!


Anjali: Shhh!! Everyone!!


Khushi: Look Missy!! Now!! You have crossed your limit, I did warn you, didn't I?? I had warn you tme after time that my personal life, isn't your business, but you didn't listen!! Arnav!! Can you please come now!!


Knowing that Khushi is very angry, Arnav came forward immediately.


Arnav: Yes, Khushi!! Why is so many noise, here?? Everything okay!! Is there any problem!!


Khushi: Arnav!!  You know that I'm already extremely angry, so please don't make me angrier because I know that you’ve listening everything, from the beginning, so stop acting!! Please, show her your both hands, she want evidence of your marriage.


Hearing Khushi talking to the great ASR like this, in such a tone, everyone was surprised!! And they were shocked to see ASR following her orders silently without any comments. Surprised and Shocked!!! Was just an understatement their faces expressive were sight not to miss!!


Showing his ring fingers to Natasha, Arnav asked Natasha, is it enough evidence for you to know that I'm married.


Natasha: But ASR, anyone can wear any rings, but that don’t mean that they are married.


Arnav: Woah! I have to admit, you have much more guts than I thought, Miss Natasha!! Well!! How about, I’m personally admitting that happily married before all of you…


Akash and Nk together: Yeah!! We admit too that our brother, Arnav is married. Natasha, we feel sorry for you. Just an advice, you better stay quite from now on, else the volcano will erupts any minute.


Khushi: Enough you two!! So Miss Natasha, what kind of evidence do you want!! Let's see!! How about, I personally informed you that I am Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada, I'm Arnav's wife and we been married for nearly one year now. Let's get some witnesses, now shall we!!


   So, Arnav who am I? 

Arnav: Khushi, is my legally wedded wife. It isn't news, because we didn't want it to be. But, I think it's time for everyone, to know that we are married. That's why we want to marry publicly again, to make it official as I don’t want to be address as the most eligible bachelor anymore!!


   How about his two brothers, NK and Akash. 

NK and Akash: Yeah, our Brother, Arnav is married happily to Khushi.


   How about Arnav's Sister, Anjali Singh Raizada.

Anjali: Yeah, Khushi is married to my Brother Arnav.



   Eventually, how about Arnav's best friend, Aman.

Aman: Yeah, Khushi is married to my best friend, Arnav.


So, Miss Natasha Arora, is these enough evidence for you, or you need more. Oh!! Yeah!! Let's see!! You like reading newspaper right, don't you. Don't worry!! By tomorrow, our official marriage will make the news front page and all social media, be it TV, Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others and the credit goes to you especially. Missy!!


Miss Natasha, you are going to be transferred to the Mumbai branch. Sorry, I won't be able to work with you, I did warn you not once but many times. And, one more thing, Missy, Arnav is only mine and will always be mine. And, where my dressing style is concerned, I believe that dressing style is deceiving, but look at the person heart.


Arnav!! She is all yours!!!


Saying this, Khushi went to the Model Changing, to change into a formal three piece, wearing a black pencil skirt, a lovely blue vest with a black suit jacket. She also changed her shoes into high heels.


On seeing her, everyone was surprised. Arnav’s mouth was opened, even Natasha was shocked to see her transformation, Khushi was looking really beautiful. Khushi, walked straight towards Arnav, taking his hands in hers and asked, so what’s the verdict??


Arnav: Khushi, as you said, i'm transferring Natasha, to Mumbai AR where she will start working from tomorrow.


Khushi: That's great, Arnav!! Thank you!! I’m sorry Natasha!! I like your work, you are a good worker but I know you won't be able to see me with my husband together.


Actually, I'm not a worker in AR, in fact I'm one of the Board member in AR, I'm just here to help you all, wherever help is needed and my husband, also wanted me to stay with him as his Secretary. And as I don't like when people give me too much attention, hence like to stay low-key. Now, that you all know that I'm his wife, I don't want any special attention, I want you to call me Khushi, please. Sorry for taking your time, please enjoy your meals. You have an extra 20 minutes break just for today. 


Arnav, come with me please we have an important meeting to attend. If any of you need him, please call on my phone, because his phone will be off from now, (personally switching his mobile off in front of everyone). See you at home, guys!!!


Arnav: But, Khushi!!


Khushi: No buts, Arnav!! Now, stop Khushing me and let’s get going else, we’ll be late. I have transferred all your call to Aman and every members of our family know my number. Di, please call me if you want to talk him.


Di (smiling): Ok, Khushiji. 


Khushi: Arnav, let's go now.


Arnav (in the car): Khushi, where are you taking me!! Baby!!


Khushi: Arnav, It's a surprise. You must be in cloud nine (extremely happy), now that everyone knows my true identity.


Arnav: I'm very happy, because I can hold your hand anytime I what, even stole you whenever I want… And….


Khushi: So now you are going to make me happy, because you have a special appointment with me.



Arnav: Woah!!! My wife is becoming so possessive. Oh!! So i have a exclusive appointment with you!! Interesting!! So where are you taking me.

Khushi: Oh!! To the Farmhouse, Baby!!

Arnav (Surprise): Farmhouse!! Woah!! I love that Idea!!



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