Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai?

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Apr 10, 2017

Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 67 times)


(Thank you so much Anonymous for this wonderful banner)

" Good morning Chote" Anjali looked at her brother smiling sarcastically. 

" Good morning my sweet Di" Arnav smiled cheekily at her. 

" Choteee.. what are you doing early in the morning here in the kitchen? Can't you see the state here?" Anjali finally left out all her frustration that she was hiding since she saw her favorite place, her kitchen in a horrible state because of her little brother..

" Dii sorry yaar.. Meera challenged me that I had to bake a delicious cake, and you know I'm not so good at cooking, so was just trying.." Arnav held his hear with a sorry smile. Anjali melt seeing his innocent face.

" Okay, but tell HP to clean this once you're done" Anjali said walking to leave the kitchen.

" Dii help me out na.. I have to win this challenge" Arnav pouted looking at his sister, who was leaving him alone, with something he was trying to deal with since so long, he even watched some videos on youtube to learn how to bake, but it was all in vain for him.

" Chote seriously. I have a lot of things to do, you know I have to prepare for the summer camp of my kids in NGO. I don't have time at all.." Anjali said throwing her hands on air, escaping from more work..

" Wow summer camp... really di? You're so cool, where do you get such ideas?" Arnav almost jumped in happiness forgetting about his cake.

"  Well, I get inspiration by you only Chote. In our house you only look like a kid" Anjali giggled seeing his reaction..

" Dii don't tease me. I just love living free to do everything my heart wants okay" Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

Anjali moved near him kissing his forehead: And I love you the way you are. Really Chote always be like this, you're the happiness of this house.

" That's right" Nani came near them smiling. Arnav smiled: Okay enough of dramas now. I will go with you Di to prepare things for the kids. 

Nani nodded, and looked at both siblings leaving, she smiled: DM please let our family be united like this always. 


Anjali was driving the car, Arnav was at the front side and Akash at back side. 

" Di stop the car" Arnav shouted making Anjali shocked, almost to have an heart attack. 

" What happened Chote?" Anjali asked, placing her hand over her heart.

" We're forgetting Meera" Arnav smiled sheepishly. 

" I will kill you Chote, was it necessary to shout like this? I'm going to her house only. Do you think we start any activity without her?" Anjali fumed looking at her brother.

" I love you too baby" both Anjali and Arnav looked behind the car as they heard Akash talking, who looked unaffected with the incident..

" Aree he is madly in love Di, didn't he felt anything? Like really he is in his own world.." Arnav looked weirdly at Akash. 

Anjali started the car giggling: It happens Chote. Pyaar aisa hi hota hai..

Arnav laughed: Really? Then I don't want to fall in love. I'm happy the way I am.

Anjali: But there's nothing wrong if you do. You're already crazy, if you fall in love then I will send you to a mental asylum, I'm sure there you will find a lot of friends..

Arnav pouted: Diiiii.. main pagal nahin hoon (I'm not mad). 

Arnav made a yuck-face remembering something: Di in this summer camp you're going to invite your friends?

Anjali nodded: Yeah, and this time we're going with our families also. That means mami, mama, nani, we're all going to enjoy with kids. It's going to be fun na?

Arnav made a boring face: Do you think I will have fun with your friends aka sticky chewing gums?

Anjali giggled: Who told you to be handsome? In fact I should be the one complaining because when they see or talk with you, I'm the one who has to hear compliments for you everyday, seriously you don't know Sheetal she is always repeating the same things to me: " Your brother is so handsome, his eyes OMG, can kill someone" and bla bla bla..(Anjali stopped the car ending her speech, at Meera's house)

Arnav laughed, looking at the side mirror with a smirk: I don't deny their compliments!!

" Ha ha ha.. if they knew you're monkey" a girl in her late twenties attacked Arnav through the window, laughing at his face.

" You're monkey not me, see your name starts with M for Monkey.." Arnav retorted, while Meera joined them in the car, glaring at him. 

" And you A for Arrogant, Di see na is this a way to behave with his best friend?" Meera pouted complaining to Anjali..

" Best friend? Meera baby tum meri slave ho, best friend nahin" Arnav laughed relaxing on the car. 

Meera beat his shoulder from behind. Anjali and Akash laughed. 


" Khush we have to prepare for the summer camp, hope you didn't forget right?" Lavanya looked at Khushi suspiciously..

" Yeah I didn't. I already packed some clothes and all" Khushi smiled.

" It's going to be fun na?" Lavanya smiled excitedly. 

Khushi nodded. 

" Khushi dear, did you pack your clothes?" Khushi's mother came near her smiling. 

" Haan ma, I did" Khushi smiled back. "That's good, we'll leave tonight. I already planned to leave with Anjali" Garima said.

" Wow aunty amazing. Now we will leave with Anjali's family, it means that her handsome brother will be there also" Lavanya wasn't believing her luck..

" Who Lav?" Khushi asked confused. Lav: Uffo Khushi, Arnav Singh Raizada.. 

Khushi shrugged her shoulder: I don't know. 

Garima roll her eyes: You don't even need to know, for God sake girls, we're going to a summer camp with kids and not to admire and flirt with boys there.

Lavanya giggled with Khushi. Garima left the room calling Anjali for more details. 


" Hello kids" Arnav shouted happily, and all kids came running to him: " Arnav bhaiya...Arnav bhaiya.."

" How are you all?" Meera asked smiling and hugging them. " We're fine didi" the kids answered in union. 

Arnav distributed chocolates for everyone, Anjali glared at him: You're spoiling their health Chote.

" Let it be na Di. Chocolates are kid's best friend, imagine a childhood without eating chocolates!! That's horrible man" Arnav said trying to convince his Di to let the kids eat, he knows when Anjali rejects something, her dear kids won't do it at any cost. 

Anjali nodded smiling to the kids: One chocolate only!

Kids shouted happily. Anjali, Arnav, Akash and Meera went to kids room to help them pack the bags and the necessary things they will need to camp.

" Meera isn't Ayan going to join us ahn? Or he is scared of me?" Arnav smirked.

" Excuse me, why will my brother be scared of you Raizada?" Meera threw a pillow to him.

" Because I locked him in the bathroom and his girlfriend had to wait for him for too long just to go on a date. Didn't he told you? His girlfriend was so pissed off with him, you should have seen how she scolded him in public.. haha that was funny" Arnav laughed remembering the meeting. 

" You're a monkey only. You don't have emotions right, always playing pranks on people" Meera said.

Arnav side hugged her: Heyy sorry yaar. 

Meera smiled: It's ...

Arnav cuts her off: But it was really funny (Arnav laughs again, Meera roll her eyes)

Anjali shook her head: I don't know when you will be serious in life Chote. 

Arnav rested his elbow on Meera's shoulder smiling: When my princess comes!!

Meera: Really? Now you want to fall in love?

Arnav shook his head: I don't want to fall in love, she will make me!

Akash: I will never understand you. It's the same thing na, you will in the end fall in love..

Arnav giggled. Akash: Now tell me till now you didn't find your princess?

Arnav nodded sideways: She doesn't exist. I mean, I don't find her qualities in anyone..

Meera: Tell me I will help you finding her..

Arnav dreamily: She must look like an angel, her smile should make me smile, her eyes should make go crazy just by one look, we both must be understanding with each other, and I should feel I'm in paradise when I'm with her, and the list goes on.. it doesn't end here and I know it's impossible to find a girl like her. She's only in my dream..

Meera laughed: Indeed.. seriously where will I find a girl that makes you smile, with her smile? You're crazy Arnuuu..

Akash looking at his phone: Di I've to go now, I'm going to pick Payal, so that we leave together at night okay. 

Anjali nodded. Arnav shouted at Akash leaving: Tell bhabhi, Arnav is missing her laddo. 

Meera and Anjali laughed, while Akash turned smiling: I told her to make it, especially for you!!


Around 8pm:

" Heyy I want to sit at the front side.. " Arnav shouted, to make everyone hear. His all family were busy discussing who will go in whose car..


" Shup up monkey, we're not discussing seats now" Meera shh-ed him.

Arnav pouted: I will go in my car alone then, or with the kids in their bus. 

Anjali face palmed: Chote go and sit in my car. 

Arnav smiled going fast to his favorite seat, beside his Di. Shyam looked at Anjali in disbelief: Where will I go now?

Anjali smiled sheepishly: Mama's car..

Shyam made an unbelievable face, then joined Mama, Mami and Nani. Meera, Akash and Payal went to Anjali's car. 

Arnav: Now it will be fun...

Outside the car, Mami was shouting at Mama to put her bags in the car. 

Mama: But manorama we don't need to take all these bags, we are not going to live there..

Mami: Hello hi bye bye, off course we need it. It has my make up and my favorite clothes..

While they were discussing a car stopped, making Anjali smile and step out of her car to greet them..

Arnav rolled his eyes playing games on his phone: Sticky chewing gums have reached. Meera and Akash laughed. 

Anjali: Garima aunty how are you? She is your daughter? (pointing to Khushi)

Garima smiled: I'm fine dear, haan she is Khushi, my daughter. How did you guess?

Anjali: Just by looking I guessed it (Anjali giggled) Hii Khushi, I'm Anjali..

Khushi smiled: Hi.. 

Arnav inside the car was getting bored: Why don't we leave man? Di wants to greet everyone here only, she could do that in the camping place too..

He peeped outside to see where his sister was, his breath hitched after seeing an angelic face: WOW.. (Arnav whispered) ... What the... 

Meera looked at him confused: WOW and What the..? why?? what's wrong with you now?

Arnav frowned, looking at mama and mami fighting and were blocking his view, impending him to see that face properly. 

Arnav looked at Akash who was near Mama and Mami: Akash tell mama aur mami, to move from there..

Akash shrugged his shoulder: Can't you see they are fighting? I don't want them to throw a chappal to me now.. 

Arnav signalled Anjali to make Mami and Mama to move from there. Anjali gestured with her eyes "Why??" 

Arnav groaned, then himself got out of the car to see that girl. He moved near Anjali: What the... where is she?? 

Anjali looked at him confused: Did you take drugs today or what? 

Arnav irritated: Dii where is that girl that was here talking with you along with a woman here?

Anjali realized who is her brother talking about: Why? Aren't they sticky chewing gum?

Arnav: Fine.. I will find out myself. Let's go now. Aren't we getting late??

" Ouch.." a chappal hit Arnav's forehead, he glared at mama and mami: Now only this was left, instead of Akash, I got hurt..

Anjali giggled rubbing his forehead: Who told you to get out of the car?

Arnav: I wanted to see that girl's face.. 

Anjali: Does she resemble the girl of your dreams??

Arnav pouted: I don't know, you guys didn't even let me see her face properly and also it's night now.. I didn't see her completely. 


Apr 10, 2017

Chapter 2 - What's vanilla ice cream name? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 62 times)

" Mr.Raizada can you explain now? Why did you got so hyper there?" Meera asked hitting playfully his shoulder.

" I saw an vanilla ice cream there, that's why" Arnav answered, lifting his sweater to cover his face, so that he gets a good sleep.

" What? Vanilla ice cream?" Akash and Meera said at the same time. 

Anjali giggled looking at Arnav's side: I'm not believing you're comparing her with an ice cream chote, what's this?

Meera: Ohh so you're talking about a girl? Did you like some of those sticky chewing gum?? I don't believe this man.. you're changing Monkey..

Arnav: You shut up.. let me sleep.. 

Akash and Payal were cuddling each other and watching the cute fight..


" Khush what happened? Why are you so silent?" Lav asked chirpily, she was enjoying even before reaching to the camping site..

" Nothing" Khushi simply replied, making Lavanya look at her boringly: " Why are you like this? I must make you drink someday" 

" Lav dare you make Khushi drink someday" Garima replied glaring at Lavanya. 

*Ring* *Ring*

Khushi looked at her phone ringing, Garima immediately looked at her: Is it Nikhil's call? (Garima gestured her to pick the call quickly)

Khushi nodded picking the call: Hi..

" Hii most beautiful woman of this world" Nikhil smiled looking at her picture on his room, he rested his head on the headboard. 

Khushi didn't say anything further. " Are you enjoying?" Nikhil asked. 

" We didn't reach yet" Khushi said looking at window side.

" Hmm okay. You know why I let you go out, don't you? It's only because it's an outing for kids. And I hope you keep that in mind, enjoy, play and do what you want with the kids and your friend Lavanya. Apart from that, I want you away from others.." Nikhil said smiling.

" I know" Khushi curtly replied, trying her best to end the conversation as soon as possible. 

" Good night. I love you" Nikhil said. 

" Good night" Khushi replied ignoring the "I love you" part..

" Heyy this is cheating baby. I want to hear my favorite part.. say it na" Nikhil giggled hugging his pillow. 

" I can't, Ma is here" Khushi said trying to avoid the topic. 

Garima: Khushi say it na. I, Lavanya and your papa will close our ears. (Garima and Lav giggled)

" I..I..Lo..ve you too.." Khushi said in a low voice, and immediately hung up the call looking away. 

" Behave like a good girl Khushi with Nikhil, you won't find a better guy for you anywhere in this world. Be grateful he loves you so much, that he doesn't lose patience with you" Garima gave a warning look to Khushi. 

" Garima enough all the time you keep reminding her all these things, everyday you fill these things in her mind. Let her enjoy now please" Shashi scolded Garima, looking at Khushi sadly. 

Khushi didn't have courage to look in his eyes now. 


" Wow.." kids shouted running here and there, they were so excited to play. Aansh was playing with his ball and unintentionally he hit Pihu... 

" Aansh ahhh what are you doing? I will complain to my prince about you" Pihu scolded him pouting while caressing her forehead. 

" Arnav bhaiya is also mine okay" Aansh glared at her.. 

" No Arnav bhaiya is only mine.." Pihu shouted on verge of crying now. 

Khushi who was sitting on a bench appreciating the view looked at both fighting. She approached them seeing the fight intensifying. 

" Hello baccho.." Khushi smiled brightly at both. They felt strange talking with an unknown person, but still smiled: " Hi didi" both said at the same time.

" Hmm tell your didi why are you fighting?" Khushi looked at both with a fake angry face " Do you know good kids don't fight.. if they fight then they will be called monsters!! Yuck do you want to be called like that?" Khushi asked making a yuck-face..

Both looked at each other. Pihu: No, but he threw a ball at me. And I said I will complain to my prince, Arnav bhaiya, now he is telling that Arnav bhaiya is his. 

" I'm hearing this name often now" Khushi thought: "Just because of Arnav bhaiya?" Khushi asked them in disbelief..

" NAAAAAAHIIIIIIIIII.." they heard a shout from behind. The three turn and saw Arnav closing his ears with his palm there.

 (Imagine Arnav)

" Pihu and Aansh I will kill you both, you made her call me bhaiya.. " Arnav scolded both, they started giggling at Arnav. 

" So he is Arnav bhaiya?" Khushi asked the kids, both nodded innocently. 

Arnav closed his hear with his palm: Don't call me bhaiya..

Khushi looked weirdly at Arnav: Excuse me.. I'm not talking with you, and instead of worrying about me calling you bhaiya or not (Arnav shut his eyes, hearing bhaiya again from her) you should make them patch up..

Arnav: I know how to deal with my kids okay..

Khushi looked confused: Are they your own kids? Why are they calling you bhaiya?

Pihu face palmed: Nahin, we are kids from Anjali ma NGO, and Arnav bhaiya is her brother, that's why he is very close to us. 

Khushi made ohh-face: Okay, Anjali is your ma, he should be Arnav uncle no??

Arnav almost fainted hearing uncle now. Arnav with a crying face: Don't call me papa next please.. 

 (Again Arnav :))

Pihu and Aansh were laughing all the way at Arnav's expressions. Khushi ignored him: So kids leaving this bhaiya-uncle- PAPA (Arnav was left with open mouth) confusion, lets be friends again okay.. 

Aansh hugged Pihu smiling: I'm sorry Pihu. It was unintentionally done. Please forgive me now..

Pihu also hugged him back: It's okay. But Arnav bhaiya is all mine.

Arnav knelt down and pulled Pihu near him: You're very possessive girl..

Pihu giggled clenching Arnav's cheeks: Because you're my prince bhaiya. Arnav hugged her smiling, then looked at Khushi, Khushi shifted her gaze to somewhere else.

" Yeh ladki, bohot arrogant hai.. I need to change her, and bring her to ASR's crazy mood" Arnav thought smiling mischievously..

Khushi was walking to go. Arnav pinched Pihu whispering: Ask her name..

Pihu nodded: Aunty??

Khushi turned behind: Haan?

Pihu: What's your name aunty???

Aansh gestured Khushi to not tell them. Khushi looked confused at Aansh, then at both: If I give you a paheli will you be able to solve it?

Pihu frowned: Why? Arnav bhaiya wants your name only, not paheli..

Arnav widened his eyes looking at Pihu, Pihu bit her tongue realizing what she did. Aansh laughed at them: You got caught!!

Khushi: Tell your Arnav bhaiya to learn manners. If he wants my name, then ask me directly.

Pihu made a sorry face to Arnav. Khushi left from there.

" Aansh aaja mere kiddo.. aaja.." Arnav opened his arms smiling sarcastically to Aansh, Aansh left from there running, Arnav ran behind him:" I will not leave you, since when you started betraying me?"

Aansh ran giggling: I liked that aunty, that's why..

Arnav pouted leaving him: " I will have to find a way to ask her name now" ..

Leaving Aansh and Pihu to play, he went near Khushi again. 

He smiled clearing his throat, then joined his hands: Namaste, mera naam Arnav Singh Raizada. With all the respect in this world, can I know what's your name??

Khushi rolled her eyes: You look like a joker... 

Arnav: Ayee meri maa.. I'm asking your name, not comments of my person..

Garima came near them pulling Khushi away from Arnav: Chalo Khushi. Didn't I say to you to stay with Lavanya??

Khushi nodded leaving with Garima. Shashi looked at the scene in disbelief, moving near them: Let her have friends Garima.

Garima widened her eyes: What about Nikhil??

Khushi left from there going with Lavanya to a place, where she has not to hear this name.

Arnav smiled going near his gang: " So iss vanilla ice cream ka naam hai Khushi..Khushii.. wah.. what a name and what a person, arrogant, full of herself, doesn't smile at all man, at least with me.."


Apr 12, 2017

Chapter 3 - Khushi's laugh coz of Arnav :) (By Angel23) (Thanked: 62 times)

" Monkey what's up?" Meera asked Arnav, who was walking towards them talking alone.

" That Vanilla ice cream talked badly with me" Arnav pouted.. " She is that ice cream that melts even before you can enjoy it.."

" Choteee.." Anjali glared at him " If her family hear this, they won't like it"

" Di relax yaar they won't find out. I never said her name.. " Arnav said sitting beside Meera in a rock.

" We will relax, what about you? What's cooking in your mischievous mind?" Shyam asked sipping his juice.

" I will not do anything" Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

" Ya ya we know you" Akash, Payal and Meera said sarcastically.

Arnav giggled: I'm going to do everything!!!!


" Khush yaar I know aunty is sometimes irritating, and all these rules on you aren't fair but Nikhil is a good guy. I mean he really loves you.." Lavanya said to Khushi, while they were walking around.

" Let it be Lav, you won't understand what I feel.." Khushi said sadly..

" But Khush, don't you like him?" Lav insisted in knowing the truth.

" Lavanya can we talk about something else?" Khushi stopped walking looking at Lavanya's side.

" Okay" Lavanya rolled her eyes.

" Aunty.. Aunty.." Pihu shouted running towards Khushi. Khushi smiled: Haan Pihu..

" Can you help us with our tents?" Pihu asked innocently.

" Yeah sure" Khushi held her hand going towards the tents side.

" Ayee Pihu, from all people here, you find her to ask for help?" Arnav frowned looking at Khushi.

Khushi glared at him. Arnav smiled: Never mind, we can change everyone na, Pihu?

Pihu nodded: We will make aunty crazy like us..

Aansh: Aunty nahin, she is too young. Call her didi..

Arnav chuckles: If you call her didi, what will I call her? (Rubbing his chin, then his face lit up in happiness) BABY..did you like it Khushi??

Khushi gritted her teeth: And I will call you Papa!

Arnav widened his eyes: Nooo.. My baby was not in that way..

Pihu and Aansh looked at him confused: Then?? Which way?

Khushi smirked: Haan batao na. If not baby in real sense, what you thought?

Arnav started arranging the tents, running away from explaining.

Khushi came behind him: Tell us Arnav Raizada.. What does baby mean for you?

Aansh and Pihu also came behind him: Haan bhaiya.. Which way??

Arnav stammered: Woh.. Aansh and Pihu.. You b..both are baby.. But there are small babies also.. That ones.. I meant..

Khushi: Ohh really!!

Arnav glared at her: Yes really.. Help me with the tents..

Khushi crossed her arms: If you're real man then do it alone..

Arnav still arranging the tents: I'm fake, that's why I called you..

Khushi couldn't help but let out a silent chuckle.

She was about to help him, but Garima glared at her.

Khushi looked down and left the place. Aansh and Pihu looked at Arnav: Bhaiyaa..

Arnav looked behind: Where did she go?

Pihu looked angrily at Garima: Bhaiyaa her mumma glared at her, then didi left silently..

Arnav looked at Garima, who was still looking at them, he faked a smile then looked at Pihu again: Pihu stop glaring at her, she will kill us. Yeh vanilla ice cream looks like a golden doll, no one can touch her..

Aansh: Yes, that's what I noticed. Didi doesn't mingle with anyone apart from that other didi who stays with her..

Arnav smirked: Don't worry Aansh, we will make her and her friend be like us.

Pihu smiled: Yessss.. But how?? Her mumma is very bad..

Arnav shh-ed her: Mumma nahin Pihu. Call her..

Aansh cuts him off clapping his hands: Devil ki ma..

Pihu and Arnav put their hands on their hips looking at Aansh.

Arnav: Devil ki ma, did you even realize what you said? You're saying your didi is a devil..

Aansh scratched his head in confusion: Sachii??

Pihu: Sasu ma..

Aansh giggled: Why this name Pihu?

Pihu: Arnav bhaiya will marry didi na. Then what he will call her mother, sasu ma, right??

 Arnav: No Pihu.. I'm not in love with Khushi.. I just want to be her friend, stop putting things in your brain..

Pihu pouted: When will I see your marriage?

Aansh face palmed: When bhaiya find his dream girl.

Arnav: What about the nick name?? For me we should call her: Mogambo..

Arnav laughed at the name with Pihu and Aansh.

Meera approached them: What are you three planning without me??

Arnav smiled pulling Meera to their group, they shared everything about what happened when Khushi was with them.

Meera: Ohh so her mother is not letting her enjoy..

Arnav nodded: And we will not let her mother enjoy now.

Meera smirks: I think I have an idea now.

Meera whispered it to the three, who high five after listening to it.


" Ohh bhabhi you're the best " Arnav said licking his finger, tasting Payal's laddoo.

" You will never change" Nani smiled to Arnav.

Nani: He is my grandson, Arnav Singh Raizada.

Garima smiled looking at Arnav.

Arnav: Namaste Khushi ki mumma..

Garima, Anjali and Nani widened their eyes at the way Arnav addressed Garima.

Arnav: Kya Hua? She is Khushi's mother right? Khushi ki mumma you're not eating anything. ( Looking at Khushi's family) you're all not eating, didn't you like my food?

Khushi: You made this food?

Arnav: This food comes from my house, so it's mine.

Anjali giggled: Khushi you just ignore this badmaash..

Khushi smiled: That's what he is worth..

Akash, Payal, Meera, Shyam cleared their throats purposely: Ouch.. Ouch.. This hurts..

Pihu came with two glass of water, smiling, she winked at Arnav and Meera before implementing her plan.

She took baby steps, then reached Khushi to serve her and Lavanya the water. Khushi smiled: Aww you're so cute baby. Thank you..

Pihu smiled excitedly and purposely she pushed the glass towards Garima's face..

Garima started shouting: OMG.. Bachao.. Bachaoo..

Shashi looked at her: Garima, relax na. It's only water that fell on you.

Garima nodded sideways: It's very cold..

Arnav: Oh my Devi Maya.. Bring sweater for Khushi ki mumma, she will fall sick just because a glass of water fell on her face..

All laughed, Khushi shook her head in disbelief murmuring: Bandar..


It was afternoon, and all kids were resting as per as Anjali's words.

Only Arnav's gang weren't resting. They were playing in the open place.

" Heyy naughty boy" Sheetal approached Arnav smiling.

" Hi badtameez ladkii.." Arnav smiled back.

" Aww what kind of name is this Arnieee" Sheetal pouted, going close to Arnav.

Arnav made I'm-trapped-with-this-sticky chewing gum look.

" Sunno Sheetal don't come near me.." Arnav said getting uncomfortable with her time to time touches on him.

" Kya Hua baby?" Sheetal whispered near his hear.

" Nothing mumma" Arnav whispered back..

Sheetal screamed in shock. Arnav and Sheetal looked behind when they heard a laugh sound.

Khushi was laughing loudly there, and this brought a smile on Arnav's face.

Arnav: Ayeeeeeee your smile can melt someone vanilla ice cream..

Khushi looked at him confused: Vanilla ice cream?

Sheetal looked angrily at Arnav for ignoring her and going near Khushi.

Arnav smiled: Hii..

Khushi: Bye..

Arnav pouted seeing her leave, he shouted: You will come to me one day to say Hii, (smiling) but I will not say bye.. I will say Hii hii..

Khushi looked back: Are you mad?

Arnav: I can be that if you want. You can call me anything..

Sheetal was left with open mouth: She can call you anything and when I call you baby you don't want?

Arnav thought: " If I stay here with Khushi and Sheetal, while trying to impress one, the other will kill me.. It's better to run away Arnav.."

Arnav went from there running: " Haan Pihuu I'm coming"

Pihu was coming behind him, stood there confused: But I'm here.. Where is he going?

Khushi shook her head smiling, understanding that he was running from Sheetal.

Khushi: Pihu come here..

Pihu came running chirpily to Khushi, Khushi knelt down.

Pihu: Haan didi..

Khushi: Is your Arnav bhaiya like this? I mean mad type?

Pihu nodded laughing: Yes. According to him, he loves to live free to do everything his heart wants.

Khushi: Doesn't he get sad?

Pihu nodded sideways: I have never seen him sad. In our NGO he is the one who makes every kid smile.

Khushi nodded, thinking: "How I wished my life was like this" 

Pihu: Chalo na Didi, you are all going to play now. It will be fun..

Khushi looked her her, raising her one eyebrow: You're supposed to be sleeping right?

Pihu nodded: I will, but after taking you all to Arnav bhaiya group.

Khushi: Me? Why?

Pihu: Arnav bhaiya said to me, that I have to take you there.

Khushi was thinking whether to go or not.


" Seriously ma" Nikhil laughed hearing what Garima was telling him over the phone " Arnav is a kid.. He will not do anything to Khushi, hahahaah.. I'm going to die just by laughing.. Arnav.. How did you think Arnav is going to like Khushi? He never thinks like that, he only likes to enjoy.. Haha.. Seriously.. I said for you to control Khushi in case some man come behind her, not that boy?? .. Arnav is my cousin ma. I know him well.. Let my princess enjoy a little now, with her friends" Nikhil laughed.


" Okay beta" Garima said embarrassed at the way Nikhil was laughing.

" Arnav will like Khushi..hahaha.." Nikhil laughed, then hang up the call.


" Pihu I can't go" Khushi faked a smile.

" Why not?" Arnav frowned hearing a no from her side.

" Let's go Khushi, we will have fun. We are going to the river side.." Meera said trying to convince her.

" If your mother rejects, we will complain to Nani. Don't worry" Anjali said holding Khushi's hand.

Khushi was quite shocked, knowing that they noticed this.

Lavanya came running to Khushi smiling: Khush.. I have a great news.. Aunty.. ( Lavanya looked around her realizing she was surrounded with Arnav, Anjali, Shyam, Meera, Payal, Akash, Sheetal, Priya(Sheetal's friend)).

Lavanya smiled sheepishly, then pulled Khushi to an isolated place.

Khushi: What happened?

Lavanya: Aunty accepted you to talk with Arnav's gang.

Khushi rolled her eyes: With only girls.

Lavanya nodded sideways: She told me you can speak with anyone in Arnav's family.

Khushi pinched Lavanya: Is it true?

Lavanya nodded: I don't know what happened with Aunty today.

Khushi and Lavanya decided they will go with Arnav's gang to the river side. Khushi sigh in relief, at least here her mother won't control her.


" What did your Fish friend told you that you agree to come with us?" Arnav asked raising his brows.

" Seriously you should visit at least one doctor to check you up, I don't think you belong from this world. First you see me as an vanilla ice cream, now my friend is a Fish to you?" Khushi looked at him.

" I'm that Jadoo from Koi mil gaya" Arnav said smiling..

" Really? Who found you? " Khushi asked arranging a cloth piece on the ground for them to sit.

" My mother.." Arnav giggled. Khushi: I'm sure your mother isn't mad to find a jaddo here.. What about your father?

Arnav's face turned white: I don't have a father..

Khushi: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked you.

Arnav: Heyy vanilla it's okay. I don't mind sharing my things with you. Your face tells me that you keep people's secret to yourself.

Khushi frowned: I'm not vanilla..

Arnav winked: Right, you're vanilla ice cream. But short form: Vanilla okay..

Khushi glared at him.

Arnav started singing:  Ankhiyon se goli marae .. Ladki kamal ree..

Khushi left him alone singing.

" Everyone come here..." Anjali shouted grabbing everyone's attention.

Arnav came running as he would lose something precious, if he didn't reach on time.

" We are going to do competition, let's see who can catch more fishes in one hour.." Shyam said smiling.

" Fish kyun? I want to catch vanilla ice cream.." Arnav smiled shyly..

Khushi face palmed. Anjali giggled.

" And where will we find vanilla ice cream here?" Lavanya looked at him weirdly.

Khushi patted her shoulders: Leave him, he isn't of this planet.. Jaddo haii..

Lavanya widened her eyes: Jadoo.. OMG..

Khushi looked at Lavanya in disbelief: Lets go..

They were in groups of two: Lavanya and Khushi, Arnav and Meera, Akash and Payal, Anjali and Shyam and Sheetal and Priya.

Arnav shouted to Khushi: Khushiiii good luck. You're going to catch your friend's siblings...

Khushi stood for a while thinking, after realizing what he said, she laughed out loudly looking at Lavanya.

" Kya Hua Kush?" Lavanya asked.

Khushi nodded sideways laughing: Kuch nahin..

All groups started preparing for the fishing competition.

" Relax Meera.. We're going to win anyways" Arnav said sitting relaxed, enjoying the sun.

Meera shakes her head smiling: Monkey yaar, you're unique piece..

Arnav raised his brows smiling.

Khushi on the other side with Lavanya, was trying to attach the fishing line to the fishing rod.

Arnav chuckled seeing her try. Arnav: Heyyy Khushiii.. Ice cream melt easily, do you think they can do works like this?

Khushi threw a glare at him, then continued her work.

Arnav: Want some help?

Khushi nodded sideways, not looking at his side, she was really concentrated in her work.

Arnav smiled: Cutieee..

Meera made aww-face: Thanks..

Arnav looked at her confused: I'm not saying to you. Cutiee is the girl at my right side..

Meera looked at the right and saw Khushi, then beat him: Monkey.. Help me, otherwise we will lose..

Arnav stoop up, taking the fishing reel from Meera's hand. Arnav: Don't worry, we will catch a lot of Lavanyas here..

Meera: I really don't know how I ended up being your friend..

Arnav: You wait here, I will bring the basket here..

He went to Khushi's side, to take a basket for them..

" Who let the dogs out?

 Who, who, who, who, who?" Arnav was coming back singing, and mimicking a dog.

Khushi gasped scared if it was really a dog behind her barking...

Arnav looked at her side laughing: Haaha did I mimicked a dog well that you got scared??

Khushi looked behind angrily: Bandar..

Arnav frowned: Heyy it should be dog, not Bandar..

Khushi raised her brows: So you don't mind being called a dog?

Arnav smiled shyly: Agar aap chaahen, to aap mujhe pilla kah sakate hain (If you want, you can call me puppy)..

Khushi rolled her eyes going back to work.

Arnav chuckles going to his side...

" Why don't you leave her in peace?" Anjali came to him smiling.

" Why should I leave her in peace? I will leave her in paradise.. " Arnav laughed with Meera.




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Apr 14, 2017

Chapter 4 - Enjoy your life before it's too late.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 65 times)

" Khushi.. Khushii.. One more fish.. We are winning it.." Lavanya exclaimed excitedly.

Khushi smiled giving the basket to Lavanya to fill it.

Arnav smiled: Wow Lavanya.. This fish is so biiig.. He can't be your brother, only your grandpa..

Khushi shook her head in disbelief.

Anjali rolled her eyes, looking at her husband: You're good for nothing. We still haven't caught one fish yet.

Shyam: Fishing isn't that easy, its not that I will sing here " kabootar aa aa" and he will come..

Anjali attacked him making Shyam step back in fear: The music is "Kabootar ja ja". And they are fish, not birds, that's why they are running away from you. You're singing for others.

Shyam pouted.

Meera side hugged Arnav: Yaaay we will win this competition for sure..

Arnav nodded sideways: We will not..

Meera: Why Arniee?

Arnav: Because I want to see a smile in someone's face.

Meera raised her brows: Seriously? Arnav Singh Raizada is accepting defeat..

Arnav laughed: Kabhi kabhi jeetne ke liye kuch haarna bhi padta hai ... aur haar kar jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hai..

Meera: What will you win in this?

Arnav smacked her head: You're such a fool (Meera glared at him).. See, if I lose and Khushi wins, she will be happy and I will get to see that ohh so pretty smile on her face and automatically a smile will appear on my face, it means I will also be happy, so I'm the winner!!

Arnav looked at Khushi's side smiling.

Meera looked shocked at him, then patted his shoulder. Arnav frowned: Kya hai?

Meera patted his shoulder again: Monkey.. You found your dream girl..

Arnav raised his brows turning to her: Pagal ho kya?

Meera nodded sideways: See Khushi is the girl, who smiling brings a smile to your face. Exactly the way you wanted. Remember??

Arnav looked at Meera, then at Khushi..

* Rabba veee... Rabba vee....

Nani shouted: Time's up!!!

After counting and checking the amount of fish each group managed to catch. Khushi and Lavanya were declared as winners.

Arnav clapped for them, Khushi smiled proudly looking at him: Dekha, this is the difference between you and me, I worked hard to win, and you were relaxing there..

Arnav raised his brows: Tell me one thing, do you only see me as your enemy or what?

Khushi: Haan you're very irritating. Bandar..

Khushi left from there, Arnav: I shouldn't let her win. Pagli.. She calls me Bandar, Meera calls me Monkey. I have to be careful, one day I will wake up with monkeys here..



" So that princess was being badly treated by her mother.." Khushi was telling stories to the kids, sitting on a open place with all of them..

" Ayeee you're teaching them history?? Teach us loveology too please.." Arnav came and sit with the kids, looking at Khushi as if she was a teacher.

Khushi glared at him: I wasn't taught that at school..

Arnav: Ohh but it doesn't need to go to classroom, loveology happens in school corridors only and college also.. You tell us, how many boyfriends you had?

Khushi: Excuse me, why should I tell you?

Arnav: You won't tell me?

Khushi nodded sideways.

Arnav came near her: Are you sure?

Khushi stood up getting scared of his moves: What will you do?

Arnav smirked: Tell me..

Khushi: No. It is my life, why should I tell you? Who are you to me?

Arnav: Mein tumhara Bandar hum..

Khushi looked weirdly at him: Mera nahin, tum sirf Bandar ho..

Kids laughed seeing their fight..

Arnav: Batao na.. why are you so silent type, can't you share such things with us? 

Khushi: I didn't love anyone, happy??

Arnav busted out laughing: Really? You never dated anyone? How can this be possible??

Meera rolled her eyes standing behind them: It can be possible, because you also never dated anyone Arniee..

Arnav turned to Meera cursing her, Khushi smirked: Bandar.. you only know how to lie right?

Arnav smiled sheepishly: Vanilla, it's just..leave it.. see na, our jodi is pefect, we never dated anyone till now. Awesome right?

Khushi remembered NIKHIL in her mind, her eyes reflected sadness now and Arnav felt it as soon as he shared an eye lock with her..

 She looked away avoiding his gaze, as if ignoring him he wouldn't notice that she was hiding something from him..

" Good night kids" Khushi looked at the kids smiling, before she could turn Arnav held her hand softly. 

Khushi gulped feeling his touch, apart from Nikhil, Arnav is the only man who could touch her. Although she hates Nikhil's touch but has to accept it.

" Don't touch me" Khushi turned to him, shoving his hands away.

" Are you made of gold that I can't touch you?" Arnav retorted, feeling bad the way she distanced herself from him.

" Heyy guys stop fighting now" Meera intervened, " Let's go to where Di is" Meera walked, expecting the both to follow her steps, but Arnav and Khushi were busy staring at each other. 

" Meera, you go" Arnav said, holding Khushi's hand again. Khushi widened her eyes: Leave my hand Arnav, now..

" Relax Vanilla, I want to show you something, chalein?" Arnav smiled.. 

" Haan haan" kids shouted excited to see what is Arnav going to show to Khushi. Anjali came there with a frown on her face: What are you all doing here?? It's time to sleep. let's go kids..

All children pouted going back to their tents with Anjali and Meera.

Anjali: Chote seems to like Khushi, right?

Meera nodded: Right, he even forgets his friends when he is with her..

Anjali smiled side hugging Meera: Don't feel bad, you know it very well, wherever he goes, he never forgets his Meera.

Meera smiled faintly. 


Arnav opened his palms smiling, indicating Khushi to look at his palms. The moments she looked, the frown on her face was replaced with a smile..

 " Firefly.." Khushi said still gazing at it. 

" Acha laga" Arnav asked happily, once again seeing that smile, that doesn't come out so easily. Khushi nodded: It's beautiful..

" Now look there.." Arnav pointed with his index finger..


 " Wow just wow.." Khushi exclaimed clapping, she was so excited like a kid seeing those insects flying there and bringing an awesome sight to watch..

" Vanilla, you're really strange. Who is the real Khushi, the silent one or the one I'm seeing now?" Arnav asked standing behind her with his hands on his pocket.

Khushi stopped, Arnav: No, don't stop enjoying. Let me see this side of yours too..

" This side of me, doesn't have any space in my life" Khushi turned to Arnav..

" Can I ask you why?" Arnav asked. 

" Why?? Because I'm living a life I don't want to" Khushi replied.

" You have everything Khushi, you're rich, you have parents and you're beautiful" Arnav said innocently, trying to figure out why isn't she happy even though she has everything a person would wish for.

" Let it be, no one will ever understand my situation. " Khushi sat on the ground, Arnav joined her.

" Okay, ek din I will understand you. Let me introduce myself in a better way now" Arnav smiled taking out  candies for both. 

Khushi took one, looking at him. Arnav: Arnav Singh Raizada, you know my name still I'm telling you just to feel the impact of my name (Khushi chuckled), Monkey and Arniee for Meera, Chote for Di, and dear bitwa for mami, mama and Nani. I lost my mother Ratna Singh Raizada because of my father, you know my father never loved my mother, he just married her because my Dada wanted that, and after marriage he started betraying my mother, had an affair with his lover, the one he wanted to marry. My mother knew it, but she never said or complained about anything, until one day I was returning from mandir with Nani, and we went to her room, only to find her dead body there (Arnav's eyes turned red, Khushi was shocked hearing his story), then it didn't affect my father at all, he continued living his life and married his lover, both are in London now, I guess. And he left us alone with mama and mami, Nani. They helped us a lot, you know, it's only because of them we are here fit and fine. We joined college, and I found that pagli, Meera. She is my best friend for a long time now. Meera and her family are very close to me, Di and Akash. Haan, there is Payal also, my bhabhi, Akash and Payal still didn't marry but I love calling her bhabhi, I know they are made for each other, they are together since college days. (Looking at Khushi) Do you know why I'm telling you all this? (Khushi nodded sideways) I lost my mother, and my father is less affected with that, at that time I wanted to be exactly like you Khushi, silent type, isolated from everyone but then I thought why should I let him win? He is happy in his life, I will also show him that I can be happy in my life without him. And there is you, I don't know what is happening in your life, but whatever you're doing, you're showing that person or thing that you're weak, you're letting them win and destroying your life. Do think about this, it's useless being sad because of someone else, we only have one life Khushi, enjoy it to the fullest..

Arnav left, Khushi was lost in thoughts now..




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Apr 16, 2017

Chapter 5 - Lost in a forest! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 62 times)

" Meera what happened yaar??" Arnav frowned seeing Meera ignoring him since she woke up. Anjali was placing plates in the table, they arranged for the kids, and other table for elders.

" You're ignoring her, that's why" Anjali said taking one more plate from Shyam's hand. 

Arnav smacked her shoulder: When did I ignore you Meera?? I'm always here..

Meera looked away pouting: Now that Khushi, came in your life you're always behind her, and forget about our group. 

Arnav giggled: You're jealous rabbit? Seriously, I just can't believe what I heard from you right now..

Payal folded her arms: But she is right, you were supposed to spend time in our group yesterday, how can you forget we always have a special-time for us??

Akash nodded pressing his lips. Anjali: Why are you scolding my chote? Let him enjoy with new friends..

Arnav smiled hugging Anjali: I knew it, you're the only one who can understand me. They all are bandars only. I have a solution to end this problem. We can bring Khushi to our group, right? In this way I will be with all of you.

Meera nodded: Now that's better...

Khushi joined everyone to have breakfast.  Arnav smiled and went to sit beside her: Good morning vanilla..

Khushi smiled: Good morning bandar..

Arnav: Shiii I gave such a nice name to you, and you call me bandar?? That's shooo bad (Arnav said in a baby voice)

Khushi giggled, then rubbed her chin thinking another cute name for him: I can call you laddo, right??

Arnav widened his eyes: Laddo, omg I love laddo.. perfect name. Ignoring this name topic, today you're all smiley smiley. Can I understand this as you're following my example?

Khushi nodded sipping her juice: From now on, you will see a different Khushii!!!

.......... Rabba vee.. rabba vee.........

Arnav was still lost staring at Khushi, Khushi whispered near his ear: Arnav are you imagining a new Khushi?

Arnav smiled faintly. 

Sheetal looked angrily at both. She purposely wanted to slip making the juice in her hand fall on Khushi's dress, but Meera helped her at the right time: Uhh hoo, Sheetal it's better you see where you're walking.

Sheetal faked a smile: Thanks for saving me. 

Meera nodded, Arnav turned to them: Heyy mumma good morning..

Everyone sited on the table laughed. Anjali widened her eyes: Choteee.. why are calling Sheetal like that??

Arnav innocently said: She called me baby yesterday Di. What will I call her then?? Mumma right..

Sheetal made a crying face being called mumma by her crush is the worst thing ever. 

Khushi raised her brows: But Arnav there is that another type of baby, you were saying that day. Maybe she is calling you that..

Sheetal smiled nodding vigorously. Arnav glared at Khushi, he whispered: Don't do that. I'm trying hard to make her leave me, and you're doing this..

Khushi stuck out her tongue: I know, that's why I'm doing this. 

Shashi smiled looking at Arnav and Khushi: " This boy will save my daughter from this jail"

Lavanya came near Khushi: Khush after breakfast...

Arnav cuts her off: Fish after breakfast your friend is going to stay with my group. And you're also invited.

Lavanya glared at Arnav: I'm not talking with you, and don't call fish every time. I will call you shark. (Looking at Khushi) we have to go..

Khushi nodded, making Arnav pout. 

" Where are you both going then? We can join you guys" Arnav's face lit up in happiness again. 

" Actually me and Lav,  love to give gifts to kids, and we packed some to distribute among the little ones here, so we wanted to do it after breakfast.." Khushi said.

Arnav chuckled: Fish is there some secret in this, how stupid, I would know it anyway, I stay with these kids all day now.

Lavanya sigh hard: Mr.Shark we like to do it alone. 

Khushi held Lavanya's hand: Let it be na, they are our friends also. 

Arnav nodded looking at Lav as if she is mad. 


Sare jahan se accha Arnav bhaiya hamara" kids were running behind Arnav chanting. 

" What the.." Khushi looked at them weirdly. Arnav stopped running and gazed at Khushi: What??

" It's not sare jahan se accha Arnav bhaiya hamara, it's hindustan hamara.." Khushi said, already her brain was informing her that only Arnav, can do such madness. 

All kids laughed. Arnav smiled: I do this to encourage them, and see they don't get tired at all, while running. My name inspires them..

Khushi giggled: Ohh really? It's you who don't get tired, not them. Leave this mad man kids, come with didi. we will play a lot today..

All kids went running to Khushi, Khushi raised her brows smiling at him. Arnav pouted, around him there was not even a kid!!

" Pihuuu you too" Arnav looked at her in disbelief. 

" Sorry, but I want to play" Pihu said sheepishly.. 

" Let's play hide and seek kids" Khushi said happily. Everyone hid, and it was Sheetal's turn to find them. 

Sheetal was cursing all of them: Monkey, Who plays such games now man? 

Khushi was running excitedly to hide from Sheetal, when she bumped with Arnav. Arnav immediately held her placing his hand around her waist, Khushi's hand found support around his neck. 

* Rabba vee... rabba vee...

" Woh.. I.. was.. running.. hmm.. sorry" Khushi mumbled her things unable to maintain the eye contact with Arnav now. Arnav was lost in her eyes, that he didn't pay attention to what she was saying.

Khushi looked around her, then frowned confused: Ahn??? Where are we? (glancing at Arnav) Arnav I think we are lost..

Arnav still was in his own world, Khushi's back started hurting now because of her position. Khushi tried to get out of his hold, that's when Arnav woke up from his dream land. 

Arnav also looked around the forest: What the.. what are we doing here? Where is everyone??

Khushi scratched her head pouting: I think we ran too fast, and in trying to hid from Sheetal we went this long. 

Arnav nodded agreeing with Khushi: Don't worry, I'm with you. 

" You're with me, that's the thing to get worried.." Khushi said. 

Arnav was left with open mouth: That's mean. Imagine if some animal comes here, I'm the one who will save you okay? 

Khushi: Let's go fast laddo, otherwise it will get late. I think we came from left side.

Arnav nodded sideways: It was right side. 

Khushi placed her hands on her hip: It was left side Laddo.. listen to me.

Arnav also imitated her: It was right side vanilla.. listen to me..

Khushi crossed her arms pouting: Fine, you go your way, I will go the way I think it's right. 

Khushi started walking towards the left side. Arnav stood there thinking: " If some animal comes and eats her, noo I can't let something bad happen to her" thinking this, he ran to reach Khushi.

Khushi placed her hand on her mouth dramatically: Ohhh DM.. Arnav Singh Raizada is scared of animals, Sheetal was right, you're a baby only..  

 Arnav glared at her: I'm not baby, it's just  I think you're right, it was left side only. 



3 hours later: 

" Anjali bitiya did you see Khushi?" Garima asked smiling.

" Nahin aunty, in fact Chote also is nowhere to be seen" Anjali frowned looking around her to spot both, she was thinking where could both go, when they were playing together hours ago. 

" Actually her fiance wanted to talk with her" Garima said, worried where Khushi could go, did she ran away?

" Kya hua Di" Meera came to them seeing their worried faces. 

" Meera did you see Chote? or Khushi?" Anjali asked resting her hand on Meera's shoulder. 

Meera nodded sideways: But why? They must be somewhere around playing with the kids. 

Anjali and Garima nodded. 


" I'm hungry" Khushi declared for the fourth time, and stood there looking at Arnav with a tired face. 

Arnav smiled sarcastically: When I said it was right side, you didn't listen to me, now pay for it. This place doesn't seem to have an end, pakka we are in a wrong side. 

Khushi angrily attacked him: Who said for you to follow me then??

Arnav shouted back: I was scared to leave you alone. What if something happened with you?

Khushi stared at him astonished with his words. 

Khushi pouted: But I'm really hungry..

Arnav shut his eyes tired of her complaints: Aree meri ma, eat me now, you only say I'm laddo. 

Khushi giggled, then made a baby face: Please find food for me..

Arnav sigh: Where?? 

Khushi smiled sheepishly looking upstairs, there was a tree that bears mangoes, but it only had two or three mangoes barely visible, but only Khushi could see that, since she was so hungry. 

Arnav was like what-the: Now I have to climb this tree. 

Khushi nodded, blinking innocently. Arnav climbed the tree cursing himself from going behind her, when they were hiding from Sheetal. " This Sheetal name only brings problems in my life" Arnav mumbled angrily. 

" It's good that you know it's Sheetal, and not me" Khushi added. 

" Hahahaahaa..." Arnav laughed trying to catch the mangoes. Khushi frowned looking at him: Why are you laughing??

Arnav: Hahha.. butterfly is tick..tickling my feet.. hahaahaahaha...

Khushi also laughed seeing his situation, she looked at his feet to watch the scene, but cried dramatically looking at him shocked: A..arnav.. niche dekho (look down)

Arnav: Hahaha I know it's butterfly Khushi, If I look down...haha.. your mangoes will fall..

Khushi: A..a..rnav.. it's a snake..

Arnav stood like a statue hearing this from Khushi, he gulped glancing quickly to see what's down, he immediately shut his eyes seeing a snake there. 

Khushi: Don't move Arnav.. she will bite you otherwise..

Arnav mumbled: Instead of calming me down, you're making me more scared Khushi. Please naagin (snake) go away from here.. please .. acha you want me to sing for you like in movies.. I will.. 

Before Arnav could continue, the snake left from there. "Ouch.." Arnav winced in pain. Khushi: Arnaaaav.. I said for you not to move.. come down now. 

Arnav came down, not able to bear the pain, as he reached, Khushi immediately helped him, making him lean on a tree to rest. 

" Ahhh that bad snake.. before listening to my song she left me.. ahhh.. I won't leave her next time.. ahhh.. Devi Mayaa.. I'm coming to you now.. yeh lo (take this) your mangoes, in order to make you alive, I will die now.. oyeee take care of my kids okay.. " Arnav was mumbling alone. 

Khushi slapped his cheeks, not so hard: Shut up. Stop saying such things, you will not die. You just hurt yourself in fear of that snake, (looking at his wound), it's bleeding.

" Of course, I sprained my leg also, because of the bad position I was in. That snake did not even bite me, but this bad tree hurt me" Arnav pouted. 

Khushi tore her duppata, and dressed his wound ignoring his comments every now and then. 

" I will really die today" Arnav sigh closing his eyes "For a vanilla what what I have to do.."

" Arnav shut up, for such a little thing you're making a big deal of it" Khushi giggled. 

" Little thing? A snake was playing in my feet, and you say it's a little thing" Arnav looked at her in disbelief. 

" Okay sorry, it's such a big deal.. " Khushi smiled, helping him walk. 

" Go to right side now" Arnav commanded. Khushi nodded chuckling, although she was feeling sad for him, but his way to deal with serious things, is so funny. Even with pain, he was making her feel happy and not scared of being lost. 

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Apr 22, 2017

Chapter 6 - Nikhil's entry! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 61 times)

" What?? Khushi is lost in a forest? And what were doing? I told you to take care of her dammit? Why didn't you look after her?" Nikhil shouted angrily to Garima.

" Woh beta they were playing. I didn't knew they were going to that direction" Garima said scared.

" I'm coming, it's useless letting Khushi go somewhere with you and your husband" Nikhil gritted his teeth.


" Sit Khushi, it's already dark now, and I will not be able to get out of this forest now" Arnav said looking at Khushi, who was glaring at him for resting on the tree peacefully when it was already late now for them to return.

" It's all your fault, if you didn't talk much then we would have reached.." Khushi said pouting, and then sat beside him with no other option for her.

Arnav giggled.

*Rrrr...*Rrrr... *Rrrrr...

They heard sounds, both looked at each other.

" No, I can't sleep here Arnav. I'm scared.. Please let's go back.." Khushi looked at him almost crying, she came close to him, to protect herself in case some dangerous animal attack her.

Arnav gulped as he felt her body near his, her hair tickling his arms and his face.  Her smell, intoxicated him.

He didn't respond to anything she was blabbering.

" Arnav? I'm talking with you.." Khushi looked at him in disbelief.

" Uh ho..ahn? What were you saying?" Arnav came back on earth.

" Let's go from here, I'm scared" Khushi said, resting her hands on his shoulder, and looking behind her time to time to see if there was any danger.

" Don't worry. I'm here" Arnav caressed her back calming her down.

Khushi nodded sideways: No, Let's go Arnav. I don't want to stay here.

There more she tried to convince him, the more her body collided to him, making Arnav have a tough time controlling himself.

" Khushi just calm down, if we go another place, then we will get lost again, do you want it? " Arnav asked.

" Please I don't want to stay here" Khushi cried clutching his shirt's collar.

" Okay, let's go" Arnav gave up seeing her tears.

Both walked trying to find a place Khushi felt comfortable to spend the night.

" I think it's safe here" Arnav said. Khushi looked around, she didn't hear strange sounds,and it was better for her.

" Now sleep please" Arnav said begging her to let him rest now.


" Shyam you can't go now" Anjali looked at him worried.

" Haan Shyam it's very dark now, and you will get lost there" Nani said.

" Hello hi bye bye everyone is rightz damadji, you better stay here" Mami looked at him with her big eyes.

" But, how can we let both there, alone? Without food?" Akash asked, worried for his little brother.

" I know chote can manage till tomorrow, and he will take care of Khushi, Aunty don't worry okay" Anjali side hugged Garima, who faked a smile.


" Arnav!!!!!! I'm not sleepy.." Khushi looked at him with a boring face.

" Toh? " Arnav raised his one eyebrow.

" Please" Khushi smiled cheekily "Talk to me, it's this is such an uncomfortable place to sleep, I don't know how are you managing here. I'm scared what if an ant bites me? " Khushi said everyone in one go.

" Ant is in your mind, sleep now" Arnav said still with eyes closed.

Khushi pouted and stood up, she looked around and took few steps away from Arnav.

Arnav pulled her back by her waist: Where do you think you're going?

Khushi was now with her back colliding with Arnav's chest, and his hand were around her waist.

She looked at him, Arnav also forgot everything when his eyes met hers.

* Rabba vee rabba vee..

Khushi realized their position, she composed herself: I'm bored, that's why I was walking here.

Arnav: Sit here. We can talk.

Khushi smiled and sat with him.

Arnav smiled: I will ask, and you'll answer.

Khushi nodded. Arnav: First question is: Don't you feel the need of having someone?

Khushi's mood was off now, as this question made her remember again of Nikhil: Next question!!

Arnav frowned: What's wrong with this one?

Khushi pressed her lips and looked at him, Arnav shrugged: Okay.

Arnav: Do you have siblings?

Khushi nodded: One sister, Anaya.

Arnav: Is she more beautiful than you?

Khushi gave him a sarcastic look. Arnav giggled: I know you're more.

Khushi looked at Arnav, he also looked at her. Both kept looking at each other forgetting the their talks..


It was early in the morning, Khushi was sleeping with her head resting on Arnav's lap. Arnav was leaning on a tree, with his one hand above Khushi's head.

She slowly opened her eyes, and gazed at him.

Khushi smiled staring at Arnav's innocent look while sleeping: " When he sleeps, he looks like a good boy" she chuckled.

After some minutes she realized her position, looking at herself in confusion: " How did I end up sleeping on his lap?" ..

Khushi composed herself quickly. Fear crept over her face, reminding of someone, who will get very angry if he gets to know she was this close with another boy other than him.


" Khushi kahan hai?" Nikhil glared at Garima.

" We still didn't find her NK" Anjali gritted.

" Ohh really, this happened because  of your stupid camping idea" Nikhil shouted at Anjali, Shyam clenched his fist, and went towards NK to beat him.

Akash came at the right time: Please stop fighting you both. We must find Khushi and Arnav now, that's more important.

Nikhil: I'm going to find her alone.

Garima walked fast to reach him: Wait Nikhil beta I'm going with you. 

As they left, Anjali threw a disgusting look to Nikhil, she looked at Akash's side: I don't believe he is Khushi's fiance. I mean Khushi is so sweet, how she end loving Nk??

Shyam shrugged his shoulders: You never know Anjali, such things happens.

Akash: Let's look for Arniee now. 

Meera nodded: Haan, we're losing time if he stay worried here without taking any action. Let's go!

Sheetal also came behind them, Meera glared at her. 

On one side, Garima and Nikhil were looking for Arshi, and other Anjali, Akash, Meera, Shyam and Sheetal. Alone Shashi also went!

The kids stayed with Payal, praying for their bhaiya and didi. 


"Arnav wake up..Arnav.." Khushi patted his cheek, and after her many attempts to wake him up, he finally opened his eyes. 

" Good morning" Arnav rub his eyes, yawning. 

" Good morning? Chalooo" Khushi stood up adjusting her dress. Arnav also stood up, then looked around: Well.. I think we're lost again!!!

Khushi looked at him shocked: Kyaaaa?? No, this can't happen Mom will be very angry now..

" It's your fault Khushi, I said for us to sleep there, but no, you wanted to go to a comfortable place, and see now we are lost again" Arnav said complaining. 

" I'm sorry but I was scared, what will we do??" Khushi pouted sadly. Arnav: Relax okay, this is just a forest, we will find a way out (Arnav held her hand, consoling her)

Khushi lips curved in a sweet smile. Both started walking, holding each other's hand. Khushi wanted to take off her hand from his, but her heart just wanted to stay like that with him, and this time she followed what her heart said.


" Khushiiiiii... Khushiiiii" Nikhil shouted looking around him, walking to left-right-left-right to see a glimpse of Khushi. 

Garima was walking behind him scared. Nikhil looked at her: Will keep walking behind me or will help me also??

Garima nodded: I will help you beta.


" Arnieeee ... " Meera and Akash shouted, while Anjali and Shyam were looking silently for Arnav and Khushi. 

Sheetal was making disgusting faces, as she was slapping her arms because of the insects that were touching her. 


" I must find Khushi.. I must save her. " Shashi walked determined to reach Arnav and Khushi before others. 


" Do you want to eat?" Khushi asked to Arnav, showing him one mango. Arnav nodded sideways: You eat. 

Khushi smiled: We can share it, I don't mind. 

Arnav: No you eat, I'm not hungry.

Khushi frowned: Why are you behaving so strangely today?? You're not like that funny laddo I know. What's wrong?

Arnav pouted: Right!! I'm also feeling something strange, like something bad is going to happen. My mood is off today, and this is something that never happens with me.  



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Apr 23, 2017

Chapter 7 - The kiss! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 63 times)

" It's better we stop for a while Nikhil beta, it's raining now" Garima said hiding in a tree, with her hands above her head, trying to protect herself from the rain.

" Even this rain, can't stop me from reaching to Khushi. I will take her today with me" Nikhil said angrily, ignoring Garima's shoutings for him to stop, he walked ahead. 


" Anjali stay here with the girls, I and Akash will look for them" Shyam said leaving them, and went with Akash.

" I just don't know why my Arnie had to go behind this girl, she only brings bad luck to me and for him" Sheetal said looking at her shoulder, that was red due to insects biting.

" Can you just shut up Sheetal?" Meera asked sarcastically. Anjali just ignored their fight, and prayed for her little brother and Khushi protection, she don't know why, but was feeling scared today. 


" I must find Khushi, I have to talk with Arnav, only he can save my daughter from Nikhil. He have to help me, please DM. you know Khushi is never friendly with anyone because she is scared of Nikhil, but now I'm seeing that my little daughter in her again, I know this happened only because of that guy, I heard their conversation where he was telling her to change. And Khushi smiled as he left. This means only Arnav can help Khushi.." Shashi prayed, and walked faster. 

Nikhil smiled seeing him: Ohh my father-in-law is also here ahn? Do you want to help me find Khushi? Or it is for any other reason?

Shashi gulped trying to make a normal face: I.. I came here to find Khushi also.

Nikhil smirked: You know I can trust sasuma and Anaya's words, but you are very suspicious to me, you still haven't accepted me yet right??

Shashi nodded sideways: There is nothing like that Nikhil. I already accepted you, I agree after what you did, I was angry but now I see you're the perfect man for my daughter (Shashi smiled)

Nikhil laughed: Shashi.. Shashi.. Sorry okay. I really want to trust you, but kyan hain ki my mind is very sharp, and innocent people like you can't play games with me. 

Nikhil approached Shashi, Shashi stepped back in fear, and the next moment, a shouting sound echoed around the forest.

" AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Shashi fell on a huge hole, that was behind him. Nikhil smirked: Sorry, but I can't let anyone come in between me and Khushi.


" Oh my Devi Maya, why is it raining now?" Arnav hid in a tree, cursing the rain. He loved playing with water but now he was getting tired of seeing this forest, he wanted to go out as soon as possible, and on top of that he was sad without knowing the reason to be.

He stopped talking to himself, when he saw Khushi smiling like a happy kid, with arms spread like she was accepting the rain, she breathed  in and out feeling the water drops on her skin..

  Mohabbat barsa dena tu savan aaya hai

Tere aur mere milne ka mausam aaya hai

Mohabbat barsa dena tu saavan aaya hai

Tere aur mere milne ka mausam aaya hai

(Shower some love, rainy season is here

The season for us to meet is here)

Arnav shook his head, waking himself from this dream, but again got lost at the beauty in front of him, he didn't knew how but in the next minutes, he saw himself walking towards her. 

Khushi sensed him, she looked at his side smiling, but soon the smile on her face faded as she saw his intense eyes on her. 

Arnav raised his hand, tucking her hair behind her ear, still not breaking the eye lock. 

Khushi's heart started beating faster, rain drops were falling on them, but it didn't made any difference for her, she was in another world now. 

Arnav tilt his head, staring at her trembling lips, he moved near him, Khushi's breath hitched thinking about his next move. If it was any other boy, she would have slapped him, but for Arnav she didn't even dare to stop him, her heart perhaps wanted this to happen. 

He touched her lips with his, Khushi closed her eyes.  

" Arnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvv" Nikhil shouted horrified with the scene. Akash and Shyam also reached there and were at the opposite side of Nikhil stood there shocked seeing both kissing scene. 

Arnav and Khushi broke the kiss, Khushi's eyes widened seeing Nikhil there, while Arnav looked angry and shocked seeing his cousin there. 

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Apr 28, 2017

Chapter 8 - Were we meant to be? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 57 times)

" Nikhil you??" Arnav asked with confused eyes. Shyam and Akash looked at each other, shocked that Arnav was close to Nikhil's fiance. 

" Yes me! How dare you kiss my fiance? Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, I guess you hate me and my things, then can I know why you touched my Khushi?" Nikhil shouted with eyes burning in jealousy. 

Khushi gulped shivering in fear while Arnav widened his eyes, he looked at Khushi questioning with his eyes if this was true. Khushi nodded looking down. 

" You lied to me Khushi?" Arnav asked in disbelief. 

" No, Arnav I didn't lie to you, I've never said that to you" Khushi looked at him crying. She badly wanted support from Arnav, but from his eyes she already had an idea that he was getting angry. 

" Of course you lied Khushi, I asked you earlier if had a boyfriend, you said no.. How can you do this to me? " Arnav shouted, while Shyam patted his shoulder calming him.

" Arnav this is not the place to talk about this" Shyam said. Nikhil approached Khushi, holding her by her arm harshly. 

" How dare you kiss someone else, other than me?" Nikhil asked, Khushi shut her eyes in pain, crying. 

" Leave her Nikhil, she didn't kiss me, I did this" Arnav said, and pushed Nikhil away from Khushi. Akash took Arnav with him before they could get into another fight. Nikhil threw an angry glare to Arnav. 

" Thief, this is your job, steal someone that is not yours" Nikhil said smirking. 

" I didn't knew she was yours, otherwise I would stay very far away from her" Arnav turned glaring at Nikhil, he clenched his fist and was prepared to punch Nikhil, but Akash held him, and Shyam, Akash and Arnav went from there leaving Khushi with Nikhil.


" Listen, didn't you all hear someone shouting here?" Anjali asked to Meera and Sheetal. Meera nodded sideways. 

Anjali walked a little, she was sure she heard someone shouting. Meera and Sheetal went behind her running. 

The three walked, and looked around to spot someone, but didn't find anything. 

" Ahhhhhhhhhh" Sheetal shouted seeing Shashi laying unconscious. 

" Kya hua Sheetal?" Meera asked coming near her, and stood shocked seeing Shashi there, Anjali also turned and gasped. 

" Shashi uncle here? What is he doing here?" Sheetal asked. Meera: Di, we have to take him out from this hole. 

Anjali nodded. Shyam came near them: What happened now? Why are you guys so shocked? We already have one problem here (Arnav rolled his eyes). 

" We don't have" Arnav said gritting his teeth, surprising Akash, who is seeing his brother like this after a long time. 

Anjali: S..sh..shashi uncle is there (she pointed with her finger to the hole). Akash and Arnav immediately went near the hole, shocked. 


The next day:


" Papaa.. Lav .. papa.. he will be fine hain na??" Khushi cried seeing her father through the hospital door, Lavanya caressed her back supporting her friend. 

Nikhil came near Khushi, hugging her from behind: Don't worry jaan, he will be fine. Look how I'm so good with you, you kissed another man, still I'm paying hospital bills of your father, and if I get angry, then I can...(Nikhil smirked at the last line)

Khushi nodded sideways: Nahin, please don't do this. I promise I will never be close to any man now, not even Arnav. Please don't kill my father, please have pity on me.. please Nikhil don't do this..

Nikhil smiled: Calm down Angel, when did I say I will kill him? You're making Lavanya think I'm a murderer.. 

Khushi looked down, while tears left her eyes. Lavanya smiled at him, but inside she was shivering in fear of this man.

Nikhil: You know who pushed your father to that hole? Why your father is in that condition (smiling) me baby! Now think if you start have feelings for Arnav, then what I can do. My wish was that your father stayed there only, but that stupid Anjali had to notice him.. 

Khushi cried more hearing disgusting words from him, Nikhil wiped her tears: Acha sorry, I'm scaring you hain na? I will stop here, but you know what you have to do. 

Saying this Nikhil left, Khushi buried her face on Lavanya's neck crying heavily. Lavanya stroking Khushi's hair: I'm repenting now for having called him a good man, Khushi he is mad, he can do anything to get you, I thought he would get angry or break up with you, but no he really wants to control you. And Shashi uncle is in this state because of him only, and he admits it, he is so shameless and cruel. 

*Raizada mansion:

" Hello hi bye bye, we went to enjoy and came with problems" Mami said, and looked at Arnav. 

Arnav was all silent and serious, surprising everyone. Meera: But what was the need to kiss her monkey? What's wrong with you? You only knew her for few days..

Arnav: It happens Meera, and how would I know she is Nikhil's fiance, she never told me anything about her life.

Meera: But that doesn't mean you have to kiss her..

Arnav got up from his chair, leaving his toast: I kissed her because I had started liking her dammit.. this what you want to hear right?? Then listen I wanted Khushi, a girl like her in my life. 

He left the living room angrily, leaving everyone shocked with his behavior.  

" We have to visit Shashi" Nani said, taking everyone's attention. Anjali came out of her shocked state nodding. 

Apr 29, 2017

Chapter 9 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 36 times)

" Monkey sorry yaar" Meera hugged Arnav. 

Meera: I didn't knew you started liking her, and I know how it must hurt knowing that she is someone's else now. 

Arnav hugged her back: Sorry for shouting at you Rabbit, I'm not well today, please leave me alone for a while. 

Anjali entered inside his room: Chote, don't you want to visit Shashi uncle?

Arnav nodded: Yeah let's go. 

The three left the room, and headed to hospital along with Nani, Mami, Akash, Shyam and Payal. 



Nani: Garima calm down, Shashi will be fine, have faith in DM. Khushi bitiya you also stop crying. 

Doctor came near them: Mrs.Gupta, Mr.Gupta is better now, but he is badly hurt, especially in his legs, so he won't be able to walk for a few days. And it's better you all don't meet him now and let him rest. 

Khushi and Garima nodded. 

Arnav was behind them with Meera. Khushi also saw him, but chose to ignore him now, otherwise it will bring problems for her if NK see them. 

Anjali came near Khushi: Did you eat something? (Khushi nodded no) Come lets eat something, now uncle is also getting fine, do you think he will like to see his daughter so depressed like this?

Khushi looked down, Anjali and Lavanya guided her to the cafeteria. Nani stayed with Garima, and Mami. 

Shyam: Guys let's stay with Khushi and console her. 

Arnav shrugged his shoulder: You all go, I don't even wanted to see her face, only for uncle I came here. 

Akash: You're being bad Arnav, how is she at fault? 

Arnav looked at Akash in disbelief: Great she lied to me, and I'm bad now. Because of her all this happened, I don't know why she had to come in my life, I wouldn't meet Nikhil then. I just hate everyone related to my father, and very soon she will be related to him, and I hate her also. 

Meera signaled Akash and Shyam to go, and she would take care of him. 

Meera: Excuse me Ayan is calling me. 

Meera left, Arnav was left alone, he peeked to see Shashi in his room. He stood there watching Shashi. 

Suddenly, Shashi pointed his finger to him making Arnav shocked, he wanted to call the nurse, but Shashi started getting agitated. Arnav himself entered in the room, sitting beside him: Uncle kya hua? Be calm, you will be fine. 

Shashi nodded sideways trying to say something: D..d...di...A...ar...arn...

Arnav caressed his forehead: Calm down Uncle don't say anything, doctors advised you to rest. 

Shashi cried, shutting his eyes. Arnav noticed it: Uncle do you want to say something to me?

Shashi got some hope now, he nodded vigorously. Arnav held his hand: Haan bolo uncle, I'm hearing you. 

Shashi tried: Di..a...r...r....

Arnav: Point something uncle. 

Shashi looked around him, then noticed a book, he quickly pointed there. Arnav also looked at that side: Book??

Shashi nodded sideways. Arnav thought: You were saying something with " diar.." , hmm diar.. diary!!! Is this what you want to say uncle? Diary?

Shashi nodded: G..g..ghar...

Arnav: Your diary right?

Shashi smiled. Arnav: You want me to read it?

Shashi nodded. 

Arnav: Okay, I will. Please calm down now. 

Shashi pointed to the door, Arnav also looked at the door side and found Nikhil there. 

" Something is not right here" Arnav thought, he left the room after assuring Shashi that he will go to his house. 

He quickly left the hospital, making sure Nikhil doesn't notice him. 


Outside Meera saw him running: Arnav where are you going?

Arnav held her hand: Let's go. 

Meera followed him and both went to Shashi's house. 

Meera: What are we doing here?

Arnav looked at the house: Look for a diary. Don't ask me questions Meera, just look for a diary here, please. 

Meera nodded. Arnav went to look in all the rooms, he entered in Khushi's room. 

He looked at her picture hang on the wall. 

Arnav: Kyun Khushi? Why do you love that man? Why did you got engaged to him? You're really stupid and innocent, you don't see people's reality. Why dammit? I know opposites attract but he is not the right man for you, neither for any girl. 

Leaving her thoughts behind, he focus on his objective, find Shashi's diary. 

He was about to go from her room, but stopped seeing her diary placed on her bed, and the pillow was hiding it. 

He took it quickly, and hid on his jacket. Meera came there: Found it Arnav, it was in his room. 

Arnav nodded and took it from her hand. Both sat on Khushi's bed and opened the diary to read. 


" Sir please help my father.. please.. he is in a very critical situation please.. pay his hospital bill, I will repay all your money later.. please" Khushi cried begging an unknown man, who for her looked rich and could help her sick father. 

" Who are you?" Nikhil looked at the innocent girl in front of him, she was poor and he hated people like that, but she was different, beautiful, his eyes shamelessly were appreciating her, while she looked at him crying. 

" Sir you don't know me, but my papa is very sick, my mother doesn't have any money to pay his hospital bills and I was fired from my work, please help me, my father will die, please help me" Khushi knelt down crying heavily making everyone in the hospital look at them. 

" Don't do this, I will.. I will help you" Nikhil helped her stand again. Looking at his PA: Nothing should happen to her father, I want him alive. 

Khushi smiled a little, while Nikhil caressed her cheeks smiling, she stepped back in fear, some unknown man touched her. 

*Days later:

" Khushi bitiya Sir is here" Garima shouted seeing the rich man who helped them, with bodyguards in their colony. 

Khushi came running there, Nikhil smiled taking off his glasses. 

Khushi: Sir you here??

Nikhil: I came to visit your father, is he alright now?

Khushi nodded smiling: Haan he is getting better now. 

The three went inside the house, after seeing and talking with Shashi, Nikhil called Garima alone and talked with her. 

Nikhil: I liked your daughter. I want her for me, and in return you will live the life you always wanted too, you won't have problems if your husband gets sick, you will enough money to pay his bills, and to have the day meal also. 

Garima's eyes widened hearing the offer: Khushi is yours.  

Nikhil smirked, Shashi who was inside the room heard everything and a lone tear escaped his eyes. 

Flashback ends. 

A lone tear escaped Arnav's eyes reading this, Meera looked at him shocked: She is forced to stay with him, Arnav your cousin is a monster, how could her mother sell her like this? I just can't believe such cruelty happens in this world. 

Arnav shut his eyes, more tears came out of his eyes: This cannot happen.. Nikhil will not destroy her life.. I will not let this happen..

Meera closed her mouth with her palms shocked: What will we do now?

Arnav looked at Meera: Take Khushi away from this mess, her father also wants that. I will take her out of this. 

Meera: Yes, but how? Nikhil is way too dangerous. I'm sure he won't let her escape from his eyes. 

Arnav: Meera do one thing, I will go to train station tonight, and you just have to take Khushi out of the hospital and bring her to me. 

Meera: Monkey!! What are you saying? You want to elope with her? Pagal ho kya? How will you do this? Di, Jiju, Akash, Nani, Mami what will you explain to them??

Arnav: Meera I don't know, but I know how my father's family is, and I don't want Khushi to spoil her life by serving them. I want to save her, no matter what happens in this process. 

Meera gulped: Okay I will do what you want. 

Meera hugged him tightly: Good luck Arnav. 

Arnav: Good luck to you too, please make sure Nikhil doesn't see Khushi leaving the hospital, we will have more time in escaping. 

Both left the room, Arnav went to pack his bag while Meera returned to hospital trying to behave normally. 

Meera approached Khushi: Khushi can we talk for while?

Khushi wiped her tears nodding: Yes. 

Meera held Khushi's hand taking her to an empty room, Khushi looked at her confused: What happened Meera?

Meera: Shhh Khushi, I know everything about your past, Arnav also knows it. Nikhil is Arnav's cousin. And we know he isn't a good person, he is blackmailing you to stay with him, isliye Arnav decided that he will help you. 

Khushi looked at Meera shocked: What are you talking Meera? Please forget you know my past, Nikhil will not let anyone help me. Do you think my neighbors and my uncle didn't try, no one can help me in this, I'm trapped with this man for all my life, please tell Arnav to not do anything. 

Meera: No one could help you because they weren't in love with you Khushi, Arnav tumse pyaar karta hai, do you think he would risk his life knowing very well how his cousin is to save you? And if I'm not wrong you also feel something for him, otherwise you wouldn't have let him kiss you. All you have to do is tonight go with me to the train station, from there Arnav will be with you, please Khushi let us help you. 

Khushi: Kya? When did you plan all this? I can't do all this please.. I don't feel nothing for Arnav, go away from here Meera please. 


Arnav smiled looking at her picture he took secretly from the summer camp: Sorry I thought bad about you, you weren't at fault, Thank you so much my Devi Maya, for showing me that Khushi is my dream girl, thank you, yessss... she doesn't love that cheap Nikhil, thank you so much..but how am I going to know if Nikhil harms Shashi uncle. 

Arnav thought worried, he called Akash: Bhai, please do one thing, call police to stay where Shashi uncle is abhi.

Akash frowned: Why Arnav? What are you talking about?

Arnav shut his eyes: Woh.. please just do this, Shashi uncle's life is in danger, please stay near him, and don't tell anyone about this please, let's keep it a secret. 

Akash: But everyone will ask me why police are there Arnav?

Arnav: Please cook up some story, say it's for his protection something like that but don't leave him alone, I beg you. 

Akash nodded: Are you alright?

Arnav nodded: Yes I am, don't worry about me. 


At night time:

Meera: Chalo Khushi, this is your time to live your life, please (looking at Shashi) uncle please tell her. 

Shashi nodded pointing to Khushi to go with Meera. Khushi nodded sideways crying: Papa he will kill you if I go.

Shashi made an angry face: G...G..GO...

Meera looked at her watch: Khushi we don't have time, Nikhil will get alert, your father has given you the permission to go, and see police are here, nothing will happen with uncle. Please let's go. 

Shashi tried to push Khushi, she understood it from his action, Meera held her hand and both left the hospital silently. 


Arnav was at the station passing around with his both palm on his mouth, he was nervous to do this, but to save her he would do anything. 

After sometime Khushi came with Meera, Arnav sigh in relief and went near them. 

Arnav: Thanks a ton Meera, love you. You're really my best friend. 

Meera smiled: Monkey dosti mein no sorry, no thank you. Just go, don't waste time, I'm trembling in fear of that Nikhil. 

Arnav held Khushi's hand and both walked to go. Meera went running back, wiping her tears. She turned again: Arnav. 

Arnav also turned, and she came running to hug him: I will miss you. I wish you all the best in the path you've chosen, and please come back home soon, after all this ends. 

Arnav: Please don't cry rabbit, otherwise I will not be able to go, do you know how much it's difficult for me to leave you all, that too without informing Di, she will get angry with me. 

Meera nodded wiping her tears: Just go, don't think about me, Take care of Khushi and you too, bye bye. 


Arnav: Don't worry okay, we just have to wait for the train to start, and you will be free from this life Khushi. 

Khushi looked at Arnav, without saying anything. Arnav: Khushi kuch bolo, are you scared? You know I asked Akash to keep police there, so that he can't harm Shashi uncle, everything will be alright. After all this ends, we will come back. 

Khushi: You think all this will end?

Arnav: Do you trust me?

Khushi looked away: Arnav, I don't think all this in result in something good. And moreover you didn't inform anyone in your family apart from Meera, what is this? Are you mad or what? Do you know what shock they will receive if they get to know?

Arnav: I don't know anything.. (both looked at the train, as it started)..

Arnav walked to go, Khushi walked behind him with fear. Arnav entered in the train, and extended his hand to Khushi. 

Khushi looked at him, then at his hand: I'm sorry Arnav, I can't do this..

Arnav looked at her shocked: Khushi give me your hand now. 

Khushi cried: No Arnav. I'm scared, I cannot let my papa life in danger, please forgive me.. 

Arnav shut his eyes in frustration: Khushi train is going, give me your hand pleasee, nothing will happen to Uncle.. 

Khushi stepped back whispering: Sorry.. 

The train left, Arnav looked at her sadly, she looked at him crying. 


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Apr 30, 2017

Chapter 10 - ASR's entry. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 76 times)

4 years later:

Anjali looked at her NGO two times, blinking her eyes.

Meera laughed seeing her: This is normal now Di.

Anika(kid): Ma you came today, you said you have work. Khushi didi is giving us company.

Anjali smiled pinching her cheeks: And what a company! Is this the way you keep your NGO. It's such a mess here.

Anika giggled: Yeh toh kuch bhi nahin hai. Come to our room. You will see real mess mama.

Anjali giggled with Meera, already knowing what's inside the room.


Outside the NGO, in a garden Khushi was playing with the kids and dancing with them..

" One chocolate for everyone" Khushi shouted distributing to them.

" Didi one more" all shouted to her happily, they knew Khushi would give one more to them.

" Okay, but don't say anything to Di, she will beat me otherwise" Khushi smiled.

Anjali twisted her ear from behind. Khushi winced in pain: Ouchh.. This hurt..

Anjali giggled leaving her: So this is why they like Khushi Didi more hain na?

Khushi smiled sheepishly. All kids showed their teeth to Anjali.

Anjali: Come everyone, don't you want to go the park?

Kids nodded and ran with Meera towards the bus.

Khushi smiled and went behind them.

Akash: Hi Kuku.

Khushi: Hi bhai. How are you? And Payal? How is your marriage prepations going?

Akash laughed: So many questions!! Let's sit, I will tell you everything.

Khushi nodded.

The bus started, Kids were playing and singing, Anjali was chatting with Meera, Akash, Shyam.

Khushi smiled sadly, unfortunately one person was missing here: Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi looked at the window side.

Khushi's POV:

Thank you and I'm sorry Arnav. If today I'm the old Khushi I was then it's only because of you, in order to save me you lost your own identity. That's something I will always regret in my life. I'm really sorry Arnav.

Today I'm free, I can smile, talk, play, eat, drink and do everything I want to do without even being scared of my mom and Nikhil.

I can roam around with my friends and my smile is a real one, not that fake, you used to hate. I so wish you were here to see this new Khushi.

Meera was right, the only person who could save me was you, because you were in love with me, and in love we even do the impossible.

I'm so sorry for not trusting you that day, for letting you alone, I was selfish, I only thought for my part. If possible forgive me.

When you were with me, I didn't realize my love for you, and now that you aren't, I want to scream to this world that I Love You Arnav, yes I Love You.. The only reason I let you kiss me that day was because I knew you're the man for me. And today I stay close to your family, because when I'm with them, your memories come to me, I get some hope everyday that you will come back, you will forgive me for what I did, you will be here to call me Vanilla ice cream and I will call you laddo, you will tease Lavanya by calling her Fish, you will make a smile appear on my face automatically, you will show me that firefly again.

And if you ask my name, I won't tell you to solve my paheli, but I will tell you that I want to be Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!

Khushi's POV ends.

Meera: Boom! What are you thinking Khushi?

Khushi nodded sideways smiling: Kuch nahin. I remembered of someone.

Meera smile reduced: Monkey..

Khushi nodded: If he was here, everyone would be happy na? Now you all seem gloomy to me.

Meera touched her hand: No Khushi, we're happy with you, you're like Monkey to us. Don't be sad.

Anjali's eyes got moist hearing their talks, how much she misses her brother, but she never tells anyone, otherwise Khushi will fell everyone is sad because of her, and she didn't want Khushi to think like that. She loves both a lot, and never blamed Khushi for being away from her brother.

Akash sadly: I just wish Arnav comes to my wedding. He cannot forget me Di.

Anjali wiped her tears: Of course he will come, if he doesn't come I will never talk with him then.

Khushi's eyes widened, her heart started beating fast: Di..Arnav..will..will he really come?

Anjali: Woh I told Nani to call him, and I know he will not refuse.

Khushi shock turned to happiness, all kids shouted happily: Bhaiya.. Bhaiya.. Is coming.. Yipeeeee...

Pihu: Bhaiya is coming Didi, now you won't have to sleep hugging his picture.

Khushi looked at Pihu glaring at her, Pihu bit her tongue, others cleared their throats smiling.

Anjali pressed her lips: Khushi. If you want Chote to stay here forever, then you have to make him yours this time.

Khushi turned red, Meera and Akash chuckled.


" Chote you will come na?" Nani asked talking with Arnav over the phone. Mami kept her fingers crossed while Mama was waiting to see a smile on Nani's face.

" How can I miss my brother's marriage?" the response came from the other side, Nani smiled a little, but her heart was sad, she knew if she talked with her real grandson, he would scream in happiness talking about preparations and his favorite food and dance.

Mami jumped in happiness: Bring laddo HP, Arnavz bitwa is coming back..

Nani smiled hanging up the call: Haan, this is something to celebrate.

Mama stood up: I will inform Anjali bitiya right now.

HP happily went to the kitchen and brought sweets to everyone.

Nani joined her hands praying: Thank you DM, now my chote is coming after 4 years. I just want to see him, then I can die in peace.

Mami frowned: Sasuma, don't talk like this. What's this you keep saying everyday " Die in peace", you will never leave us? Got that?

Nani raised her hands with a smile: Okay!

Laxmi came running to her owner, Nani caressed her: See your friend is going to come, are you happy?



" Aman, I'm going back home. " Arnav looked at Aman.

" Kya? Really? " Aman asked shocked.

" Akash's wedding, nothing more than that" Arnav said sternly, breaking Aman's thought.

" Okay, I will do the arrangements" Aman went out of his cabin.

Arnav's mind traveled to the past.


" Dammit, now what will I do to save Khushi?" Arnav thought, while looking at the people on the train.

He sat running his hand through his hair, thinking what to do now.

A man sat beside him: Any problem little boy?

Arnav looked up, to see who is talking with him: Big problem uncle.

Man smiled: You want solution? I can help you.

Arnav nodded: I want to save a girl from a monster. The problem is that she doesn't want to elope with me, and I don't have the power to save her from that monster.

Man laughed, Arnav frowned. Man: Make yourself more powerful than him then, use your brain and not your force or escaping to save her. Are you understanding me?

Arnav thought, then nodded: I'm getting you. Thanks.

Arnav jumped from the train, and called Aman.

" I need your help Aman" Arnav said.

" Arnav sir? It's been a long time I'm not seeing you in AR" Aman smiled.

" I don't work that's why. Now I will" Arnav smirked.

" Okay. What do you need?" Aman asked confused with Arnav's words.

"I'm coming to your house now" Arnav said hanging up the call. Aman shrugged his shoulder, thinking what Arnav wanted him to do.


Arnav: Hi.

Aman faked a smile: Hi.. To tell you the truth I'm scared. What do you want me to do?

Arnav: Aman I need your help. Only you can do this to me.

Arnav told him everything about Khushi and NK to Aman.

Arnav: So my plan is, you have to change Nikhil's dresses of his fashion show, and put ours. Then you will call the police accusing him of stealing our clothes.

Aman nodded: I can do it, but this will help Khushi temporarily, not forever.

Arnav: I know, the time he is in jail, will help me become ten times more dangerous than him. And then my game will start.


8 months later:

After Arnav's hard work towards AR, he managed to make his family fashion house, one of biggest in the world. His intelligent brain made him rich in just months, and his name had become everyone's especially girls favorite. One thing changed in him, he wasn't the sweet and cute Arnav anymore, he was someone he himself doesn't recognize, he was ASR, the one whose name was enough to make people shiver. He wanted to become like that, this was the only way he had to save Khushi. He had to be more powerful and more rich than Nikhil and his father.

* Nikhil's mansion:

" Choose one" Arnav smirked, sitting opposite of Nikhil.

" You? What do you want? You think you will be able to separate Khushi from me? Then listen Mr. ASR, you will never be able to do it" Nikhil glared at Arnav, breaking his glass in anger.

" I said choose one, Khushi or your money. If you choose Khushi, then be ready to accept the poor life you hate, and if you leave Khushi, you will get your life back. Think well Nikhil, your fashion house's reputation is already spoiled, all your clients are mine. Basically I'm the owner of this game now. I'm the one who has the right to blackmail you" Arnav leaned on the sofa, waiting for his answer.

" Guess what? You're trapped Nikhil, the same way you trapped Khushi.." Arnav laughed evily.

Nikhil gulped: My money..

Arnav smirked: Good choice. ( Arnav stood up to leave, then turned to Nikhil with a smirk) just to  inform you that your bank balance is zero, and soon your company will get closed, so you can go and cry to your uncle, Mr.Dev Malik.

Nikhil's eyes widened in shock, he held his heart with his palm, not believing that he had no money at all now, his life was destroyed now.

Arnav left the house: I did it Khushi.. You will never hear his name in your life. I did it..

Flashback ends.


" Buajiiiiii... Buajiiiiiii" Khushi ran to hug her bua, twirling her many times.

" Hey sanka Devi, you will make faint.." Buaji said breathing in and out.

Khushi giggled: Aye Nandhikis****.. Guess what? Arnav is coming back buajiii.. My Arnav is coming.. I'm so excited..

Buaji held Khushi by her shoulders: Kya? You're telling truth na? Arnav bitwa is really coming back?

Khushi nodded smiling. Buaji hugged her tightly, stroking her hair: Your wait is over bitiya, now Arnav bitwa is coming for you.

Khushi made a sad face: Not for me buaji, for Akash bhai ki shaadi.

Buaji smiled: But I'm sure he misses you. His vanilla ice cream..

Khushi blushed looking down. Suddenly went to the kitchen quickly: Buaji we have to make laddo for him. You know how much he loves it?

Buaji laughed going near Khushi: He isn't coming today Sanki. Wait for a while.

Khushi pouted: You're right.

Pihu came there smiling: Didi you're making laddo for me?

Khushi: No Pihu, I gave you two chocolates today and now you want laddo? Do you want Di to kill me or what?

Pihu giggled: You can make it for me Didi, in this way you're training to see how good you're at making laddo, then when bhaiya comes, he will get to eat your perfect laddo!

Khushi raised her hand: Pihuuuu I will not leave you..

Pihu started running laughing at Khushi's red face, Khushi went behind her wiping her cheeks trying to take out that red color!

Buaji laughed looking at both.


Two days later:

" ASR.. this name isn't new thing to anyone. Everyone is fan of this young man, who in short time made his family fashion house, the biggest in the world. Today after four years, ASR is in his hometown. " A reporter smiled looking at the camera, then went running to ASR.

" ASR how are you feeling returning to Mumbai now?" the lady asked smiling. Arnav looked at her without giving any response, left from there. While his bodyguards assured that no one comes near him or ask questions. 

He entered in his car, along with Aman. 

Aman mumbled: I miss Akash yaar. With him work was much easy..

Arnav looked at him: Really? I can fire you no problem.

Aman widened his eyes: No ASR, I'm fine with you. 

Arnav smirked: You think I'm going to leave you? Nahin na. 

Aman smiled. 


" Red roses for him, I hope you like my arrangements.." Khushi smiled smelling the roses. She closed her eyes thinking about how it will be seeing him. 

" Boom!!!" Lavanya screamed, scaring the hell out of Khushi. Khushi frowned: You. 

Lavanya laughed: Yes, what are you doing smelling roses Khushi? You're seriously mad. 

Khushi rolled her eyes: Why are you dressed like this?

Pihu and Meera came behind Lavanya laughing. Lavanya: I know you're missing him, so we planned to show how is ASR now. 

Khushi looked at Lavanya widening her eyes: No, Arnav doesn't have beard okay. 

Lavanya hugged her from behind: See me Khushi, he is exactly like me now. 

Khushi shut her eyes: Nahin, nahin.. stop teasing me. 

Nani came there smiling: Chote is coming. Let's go all of you. 

Meera, Lavanya and Pihu went running to the door where Anjali, Shyam, Mami, Mama, Akash, Payal were eagerly waiting for him. 

Khushi stayed where she was, her heart started beating faster, she was excited yet scared to meet him. 

 Breathing in and out, she went behind them. 

Arnav got out of his car with Aman. Nani was left with open mouth seeing Arnav, he wasn't like a chocolate boy now, but he was a man now. 

Anjali widened her eyes, Shyam looked at her then again at Arnav. Akash and Payal were equally surprised. 

Khushi was behind them, scared to see him. Lavanya pulled her, and finally she saw him. 

Arnav was coming normally seeing his family, after seeing Khushi, he slowed down his step. Aman noticed that. 

Khushi smiled a little looking at him. 

He ignored her, and went to take blessings from elders. Then looked at Anjali, Anjali quickly hugged him, tears left her eyes: Tum sach mein pagal ho, why didn't you come back home? You think we wouldn't accept you again?

Arnav: I don't want to talk about my past Di. 

Anjali nodded. Akash hugged him, while Payal smiled. 

Arnav smiled: Congrats! Payal will become officially my bhabhi now. 

Akash nodded smiling: Laddo everyday for you now. 

Mami: Hello hi bye bye, let Arnav bitwa enter now. All went inside with Arnav. 

Khushi was sad: He couldn't even smile at me, I know it's my fault, was it necessary to show me his anger in our first meeting itself. 

Lavanya side hugged her: Be patient Khushi. He must be hurt also, you left him that day alone, still he did everything in his hand to save you from that monster.


Arnav's room:

Meera smiled entering inside his room: Someone forgot me so soon..

Arnav looked at her side: You think so Rabbit?

Meera nodded: Why didn't you keep in touch with me? I waited for you Monkey. 

Arnav shrugged his shoulder: I wanted to be away from the place that brings her memory to me. I wanted to forget her. 

Meera: Your family also? Me and Ayan also?

Arnav looked away: I left you all for her, and she left me to her family. I didn't have courage to look in Di's eyes that time. And my mission wasn't over, I had to save her. 

Meera: You exchanged the clothes in Nikhil's fashion house right? You made him close his company hain na?

Arnav nodded: Haan, this all happened because of me. 

Meera smiled: You did the right thing. He deserved that!


" Chote what do you want to eat?" Anjali smiled looking at him sited with Akash and Shyam chatting. 

" Black coffee" Arnav said. 

Anjali looked at him shocked: Chote coke?

Arnav: Di coffee. 

Anjali nodded, Khushi was passing by looking at him, he ignored her once again making her irritated. 

" I booked movie tickets, today we're celebrating Arnav's come back" Meera said sitting beside him. 

Arnav normally said yes. And then went to his room. Khushi went behind him. 

" Hi, maybe you didn't notice me yet" Khushi said peeking to see what he was doing reading his paper. 

" I did notice a joker in my mansion, choose to ignore" Arnav said looking at her reflection. 

Khushi pouted: I'm not joker. 

Arnav: Out.. 

Khushi: Kaun? Are you watching cricket in newspaper?

Arnav gritted his teeth: I said get out of my room now!

Khushi: Look Arnav, I just want to say sorry..I..

Arnav left his paper, and turned to her, Khushi stepped back in fear. Arnav: Get out, or I will throw you out of here.

Khushi: I sleep here if you don't know.

Arnav frowned: What the..

Khushi: So..som..some times.. when.. I come here.. Please.. for..forgive.. me..

Arnav: You want forgiveness? (Khushi nodded innocently) don't show me your face, you will get it. 

Khushi: But.. how can ..

Arnav: Do you know why I have become like this? It's only because of you Khushi. I worked hard to see you live as a free bird, that was my love for you and you left me because you didn't trust me. Now that everything is fine with you, your father is safe, you want to talk with me? What do you want say? "Thank you" ahn? I don't even want your thanks neither your sorry. 

Khushi looked down. Lavanya came there: But Arnav, she waited..

Khushi pressed her hand, nodding sideways: Lavanya don't. Let's go. 


" Why didn't let me talk with him? You waited for him all these four years, and I know you Khushi, if he didn't came now you would wait more" Lavanya scolded Khushi. 

" He is hurt Lavanya, he will not understand anything now. I have to give him love now, and show him that I trust him" Khushi said thinking. 

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